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  • One of the many potential ways to die is to be so startled by a ringing phone that Aki smacks her head hard enough on the wall to be killed. It's just so random!
    • Many potentially creepy deaths are ruined by limited default death animation. See Narm on the YMMV page.
  • When Aki has to help Yoshino in the Truth ending, if you try to use the salt to stop Misao, Aki decides that she "can't do something as awful as sprinkle her with salt". She apparently thinks using the baseball bat to stop her is perfectly okay, though!
  • While Ayaka is rifling through Sohta's desk, she finds a very silly letter from someone saying she wishes to wash his underwear. She immediately yells about who could write such a dumb thing... only to find out it was herself. Leads to Mood Whiplash when she finds out what else is in his desk, though...
  • Aki's face when she points out she "forgot" to help Yoshino after she is killed.
  • The "Truth" Ending's credits. Miss Library, Ayaka, & Tohma have to take care of the reincarnated babies of Saotome, Yoshino, and Kudoh. Tohma is less than happy about the fact.
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  • "DIE A VIRGIN!!!"
  • This gem when Fem!Aki is about to kill Mr. Sohta as a sacrifice.
    Sohta: Agh... The blood won't stop...
    Aki: Sir... It's alright. You'll be relieved soon. (starts smacking him with the bat)


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