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Nightmare Fuel / Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

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  • Be advised: this game will not be kind to you if you suffer from acrophobia. The beautiful, somewhat realistic graphics will turn on you since the game has a habit of sending you on missions that require you to go to extremely high places with a clear view of how far down you have to fall. This isn't helped by the main threat during these missions are how easy it is to fall into a Bottomless Pit from the smallest, simple mistake and the fact that if you do fall the camera gives you a nice first person view of Faith's demise. It doesn't stop and take you to the loading screen after a few seconds either, noooo... it stays with Faith all the way until she hits the ground, giving you plenty of time to listen to her panicked last breaths. This is especially Egregious during the final stage, which has you ascending the tallest building in Glass with everything falling apart around and, sometimes under you. Have fun.
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  • Noah's rather drawn-out and violent death is very unsettling to witness.
  • When you're running around Kingdom, you can hear a prisoner begging the medical staff not to do... whatever they're going to do to him and them just brushing him off with cold, clinical apathy. To have no say in what's about to happen to your own body and no one in the room cares... brr.
  • The Reflection project. A series of nanites that permanently connects you to The Grid, a government-sanctioned mash-up of the internet and Facebook. It also helps regulate your body and health (and is able to compensate for chronic diseases), but it is also able to incite or remove emotions, presumably to force people to adhere to The Conglomeracy's policies and effectively remove free thought. Sweet dreams!


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