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In Game:

  • After you kill the Enderdragon, you are treated to a conversation between two strange beings, who appear to be the true architects and creators of Minecraft. What they say, and what they say to you, is strangely heartwarming.
  • Parent animals surrounding their babies.
    • And some mods add more animals, and therefore more cute babies (and pets)!
    • Taking care of turtle eggs until they hatch into baby turtles, and protecting them until they grow into adults is a great source of Video Game Caring Potential. Especially with the very cute and tiny baby turtles.
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  • The Iron Golems handing roses to Villager children is quite touching.
  • Snow Golems. They have little health and no attack, and yet they will throw snowballs at monsters just to protect you.
  • The fact that despite the villagers getting menaced by zombies and possibly wiped out, you can step in and save them.
    • Even better, you can cure Zombie Villagers, even the randomly spawned ones. They probably faced A Fate Worse Than Death, and then you stepped in and helped them recover. To brew potions it's necessary to go to the Nether for supplies, so players literally go to hell and back to help zombiefied villagers.
    • As of 1.14, if the player defeats a Raid and saves the village, they get the Hero of the Village status effect. This results in the villagers treating them like a hero, throwing them free items and cutting their prices out of gratitude.
  • Even if a player told their pets to sit before leaving on an exploration, sometimes they will leave the house when the player is returning as if they heard them coming, much like real world pets will wait at the door for their owners to come home. If the exploration was bad, seeing a pet would cheer their owner up.
  • Wolves love you more than their own pack and their own lives after you tame them, they even let you injure them.
    • After a wolf is tamed their flat eyes become cute upturned ones and they raise their tail in happiness.
  • Cats are adorable and Creepers and Phantoms will refuse to come near one. Cats don’t attack mobs like dogs do, but they hop to attention and flock closer when their owner is being attacked within eyeshot. Having one with you can take off some of the pressure of being blown the hell up. 1.14 made cats even more adorable, too. If a nearby cat is standing while you fall asleep, the cat will jump up on the bed and sleep on top of you! It also gives you a random item, implying that it went out hunting just to give you something!
  • Most of the game's soundtrack is heartwarming, especially Subwoofer Lullaby, even more if it starts playing at night and you’re looking up at a starry sky.
  • Dolphins. Having such unusual friends to help you swim and find treasure is quite reassuring during a post-apocalypse.
  • If players stand behind their pets, the animals will turn to face the owner, as if they want to know where they are at all times.
  • Parrots dance to music and sit on their owner's shoulders.
    • They also mimic other animals, only it's high-pitched, so they sound like baby animals. This is cute but also helpful, as they can alert players that mobs are nearby.
  • If the shore of a lake or ocean is shallow, squids can get beached and die. It's possible to dig and make the shoreline deeper so they can't get stuck.
  • Sometimes animals will appear to be stuck out in bodies of water. Most animals can swim fine but if they are approached by a player in a boat they'll hop in and can be taken back to shore.
  • Mansions are dangerous and their inhabitants violent, but in some rooms players may find yarn structures of cats or chickens. The Illagers also seem to like flowers and trees and keep them in flowerpots and gardens. It could be said that Illagers enjoy the company of mobs and don't see a need to kill them, and in return, the mobs possibly protect the mansion. The mansions are dark and a haven for mobs. Illagers are also mobs so maybe that's why they aren't attacked but it's still kind of nice.
  • Seeing baby Hoglins and Piglins playing with each other is a very cute sight to see in the otherwise demented dimension known as the Nether.

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