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Hi there. I'm Bomberman121890. I'm a recent Troper, but I've been able to help with a few articles here. I'm not going to say which since there is obviously No Such Thing As Notability. I really enjoy reading up on whatever I can, and if I find something wrong, you can count on me to help fix it. I mostly help to fix grammatical issues, but if there's a major continuity error, you can give me a call to fix it. Other than main tropes and work pages, I tend to add my own to any Wild Mass Guessing pages.

Outside of Tv Tropes, I am a writer and an athlete. I write a lot of original poetry, and you can see me at One Mic, a monthly open-mic poetry night at Ad Astra Books and Coffeehouse In Salina, Kansas. It's hosted on the third Friday of every month at seven PM.

As for my athletic record, I play tennis on my high school men's team, and I am in marching band. However, do NOT say that marching band isn't a sport in my presence, because it is, in fact, a sport.

Lastly, never let it be said that I would not use twenty words where only a few words would be necessary.

As a regular cast member of Real Life, these tropes apply to me: