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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk

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    Season 1 
  • Church wanting to get O'Malley out of Tex. Even if she is a 'rotten bitch' as he calls her, he still cares enough to help her.
  • Simmons asking 'Do you want to talk about it?' to Grif. Especially considering their antagonistic behavior towards each other.

     Season 2 
  • Lopez's loyalty to the Red Team was actually kind of sweet. It didn't last, but still it was nice.
  • They actually buried Church and Tex. Grave markers and everything.
  • Church wanting to go after O'Malley to specifically get help for Tucker despite claiming to hate him.
  • Donut telling Caboose that even though they're on opposing teams, they'll always be friends.
  • Sarge helping Grif by donating all of Simmons's organs to him, the guy he hates.
  • Donut not leaving Grif's side and stroking his hand the whole time he was out.
  • Caboose's perpetual attempts to woo/protect Sheila are kind of sweet in an insane, hilarious way.

    Season 3 
  • Captain Flowers may have just been intended as another joke, but in a world full to the brim with nothing but endless jerkasses, idiots, or both, seeing such a genuinely nice guy was really refreshing.
  • Church 'going into the future' to help the BGC.
    • Church: For better or for worse.
  • The guys continuing to work together, after the explosion and talking like friends.

    Season 4 
  • Shelia letting Simmons into blue base and helping him attack the Reds.
  • Church saving Simmons from Sarge. Especially since he knew it was Simmons all along.
  • Grif talking Simmons down from his anger and getting him to rejoin the team. Sarge ruins it, but it was still really kind.
  • Chrunchbite saving Caboose, Tucker, and Andy from a Red Zealot.
  • Church offering to read Caboose a book about pregnancy and childbirth when the latter expresses fear and confusion over the subject matter. It's the sincere and gentle tone that Church says it with that sells it.

    Out of Mind 
  • A small but noticeable one occurs in Out of Mind:
    Delta: York is now unconscious. Alarm—Target Alpha has reloaded!
    Tex: How bad is it, D?
    Delta: York will not survive.
    Tex: Okay, D—hop into me; I'll hold you until we get out of this.
    Delta: Thank you, Allison, but I would prefer to stay... with York. He will need me to maintain his pain medication.
    Tex: An A.I. can't fall into enemy hands, D; if you're in there when he dies, you know what the armor's protocol will do to you.
    Delta: ...I would prefer to stay with York.
    Tex: ...That's very kind of you, D.
    Delta: It's just part of what makes us human, Tex.
    • This little exchange is even more poignant with the reveal that Tex is an AI too.
  • York going to help Tex. Especially after what happened the last time he helped her...

    Season 5 
  • In the finale of BGC, whenever Caboose is killed, Church lets out a surprisingly sincere Big "NO!". Fortunately, it's undone by Wyoming's time loop, but Church never knows that and does think he lost a friend.
  • Tucker using his insight to prevent Caboose's death.
  • While hilarious, Tucker giving a father-son speech to Junior.
  • A bit of a roundabout one, but when Sister has been talking with Tex, she says that Tex said that everyone is stupid and a jerk, but that they're her jerks.
  • The lengths Church is willing to go to to make sure Tex is okay.
  • Sister saying that she missed Grif and joined the army to be with him, while stupid and dangerous, was still sweet.
    • Additionally, Grif's gruff affection for his sister. He immediately tells her to go home because it's too dangerous, threatening to actually put effort into doing something for once. When they find out she's a Blue, he sends her over to their side because he figures if she's the Red's enemy, he can't keep an eye on her but at least he can keep the other Reds from shooting at her. He also shows great concern when he thinks she's dead. Even before her joined the army, Sister mentions that he had taken care of her after their mom left.
  • This exchange between Grif and Simmons, while actually pretty funny, comes across as rather sweet if you remember that they use the word hate as a synonym for love most days.
    Grif: You know what? I hate you.
    Simmons: Yeah. (choked up) I hate you too, buddy.

  • At the end of Reconstruction. After spending six years fighting each other, it certainly is something to see the Red team actually expressing concern for Caboose and urging him to get to safety:
    Sarge: Go, go, go!
    Grif: Get Epsilon out of here, don't worry about us!
    Caboose: Okay! I'm scared!
    Simmons: Watch where you're going!
    Grif: Caboose, no!
    Caboose: (as he drives over a cliff) Eeeeeeyaaarrrgghhh!
  • Church actually shows concern for Caboose when he gets shot.
  • Sarge insisting on retrieving Simmons and Grif to complete his 'mission'.
  • Church actually staying behind to help Wash. He knows he'll die, but he does it anyway because it's the right thing to do.

  • "They say you're never completely dead if someone still remembers you."
  • The Reds going after CT to retrieve Church. Especially since he's the 'enemy.'
  • You have to look a little closer to see it, but in this season, Sarge is subtly a little more appreciative of Grif. Between actually listening to Grif's reasoning for holding off attacking the remaining member of Blue Team (and later helping him investigate Tucker's distress call), and granting him permission to go help Caboose, Sarge has acted in ways that no one would have expected him to.
  • Caboose being happy to see Tucker, especially considering he supposedly hates Tucker.
  • Caboose offering to share his base with Wash when he hears command didn't give him one.
  • Wash asking Caboose if he was okay. Sure he ends up betraying him but in that moment he was worried something bad had happened to him and the Reds.

  • In a small moment during "For Those of You Just Joining Us", Grif tells Tucker that Sarge told him to bury all the dead bodies of their enemies from when they were saving Epsilon, but he can't find them now because the wind buried them in sand where he had them piled up. Tucker points out that just means his job has been done for him, and when Sarge comes to check on Grif's progress Tucker covers for him, saying he already buried them. Shows how despite being on opposite teams and only having just reunited recently the two of them are pretty close friends.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in "Drink your Ovaltine," but Sarge doesn't explain how he worked out that Doc's been involved in Washington's plot because "it's so obvious," and he "doesn't want to insult [Grif's] intelligence by explaining every little detail." He doesn't want to insult Grif.
    • Another subtle moment, before Grif asks how Sarge figured out Doc was at the base, his first reaction to finding out his friends were being held hostage by Washington and The Meta were "We have to help them!" Instead of snarking at their fates, wanting to avoid conflict for his own health, or asking to get a snack and nap in first, Grif was willing to face two of the scariest people he knew to save his friends.
  • Another subtle one in "Upon Further Review," when Sarge and Grif put their plan into action - the latter acting as bait for Washington so the latter can run him down with the Warthog. Bear in mind, Sarge put himself in the position where someone was more likely to end up dead compared to Grif.
  • In "Recovering One," Grif tackles Sarge to safety to prevent him getting crushed by the crashing Warthog. Bear in mind that this meant putting his own life at risk in order to save someone who generally berates and belittles him.
  • In Season 8, Episode 14, Tex needs to know who she is:
    Church: I know who you are, you're my girlfriend.
    • Mind you, Tex is largely underwhelmed, but the fans loved it.
  • Sarge's speech in Episode 18 of Revelation was equal parts this and CMOA. He expressed that Simmons was smart enough to have his own unit, that Tucker is a good soldier, and that... it's good to see Caboose. As for Grif? He doesn't force him to go with him to save Tex and Church, and points out that could have left any time he wanted to. Just that he "do what he's got to do."
  • The finale of Revelation was full of these moments.
    • When Grif jumps on the Meta to grab his weapon, the others hold their fire until he’s off. Keep in mind, this includes Sarge, who has multiple plans that all start by shooting Grif, and yet the one time it would’ve actually been a legitimate (even borderline acceptable) strategy, he didn’t take it.
    • A small moment, but when Grif is dragged over the cliff by the Meta and apparently killed, Simmons sounds genuinely heartbroken. Sarge promptly ruins the moment, but even so... It's an even sweeter moment when you realize Tucker ran over too. He even suggested Grif might be alive.
    • Church telling Caboose to be in charge of remembering him after he's gone.
    • What the Blood Gulch Crew did for Washington was incredibly kind, considering that character's previous actions. When you remember that Church was Tucker's best friend and Wash's goal that entire season was to take his friend away again, it only makes it all the more heartwarming. Tucker has no reason to help Wash... but he does anyway. It's also a Continuity Nod, remember that everyone else Wash ever knew betrayed him. Now he betrayed someone who subsequently forgave him, and further offered him refuge and friendship with open arms instead of casting him aside.
      Washington: Why are you guys helping me?
      Caboose: You helped us, Wash. It only makes sense.
      Tucker: Yeah, plus we need to even the teams. And I couldn't put up with Caboose constantly asking "can we keep him? Can we keep him?"
      Washington: For whatever it's worth... thanks.
    • This exchange between Sarge, Grif, and Simmons, when things finally go back to normal again.
      Sarge: Come on, fellas, let's go home.
      Grif: Jeep's busted, Sarge. Are we gonna be walking?
      Sarge: That depends. You fellas gotten over your fear of flying yet?
      Simmons: (enthusiastically) Yes, sir!
    • Church's actions in Revelation's ending. Choosing to possibly trap himself forever to save Tex, and telling Caboose to be in charge of remembering him. Then it's shown he's waiting for Tex in a recreation of Blood Gulch. His final speech to go along with it is a perfect way to end the Recollection Trilogy, all while keeping in touch with the theme "Memory is the Key":note 
      Epsilon-Church: I'd like to say that I found her right away, that I just walked into the Epsilon Unit, and there she was, waiting for me. As you can probably guess, it didn't happen that way, but, I know she's in here somewhere, and I'll find her. We always seem to find each other, for better or for worse. I don't know why the Director did what he did. I don't know if he was trying to revive a memory from his past, or if he was just trying to get it out of his head. But I figured out something that the Director didn't. It took Alpha, Delta, and the rest to help piece it together for me, but what I've learned is that a great love is a lot like a good memory. When it's there, and you know it's there, but it's just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about. You can focus on it, and try to force it, but the more you do, the more you seem to push it away. But if you're patient, and you hold still, then maybe... Just maybe... It will come to you. I just need to make sure I'm somewhere she can find me. I think this place is a little different than it was before. See, out there, everything is based on the Alpha, but in here, I guess I'm the Alpha. And maybe this time through, things will be a little different for me as well. I guess I'll find out. And I mean hell... if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory... you might as well make it a good one.

    Season 9 
  • Episode 10 of Season 9 shows the incident which took York's eye, what makes it heartwarming is Tex immediately attempts to help him when he's disoriented only to have her armor short out, so instead she shoots him with quick hardening paint to help protect him.
  • Some find the scene where York and Carolina are falling to their deaths side by side while soft music plays in the background to be romantic and heartwarming.
  • Whoa, did Maine actually take a sniper's bullet for Carolina during the chase scene in 17? Awwwww
    • She even expressed genuine concern for him! Aww, Carolina really does care about the other Freelancers!
    • And at the end, the way York takes Carolina's hand to help her up after her "defeat" against Tex.
  • Did anyone else think Tex and Church's conversation in episode seventeen was kinda "d'awww" worthy? Sure, they traded snark, as usual, but near the end of it the two were getting along really well.
  • The end of Episode 19, with Tex and Church basically waiting for the end of the world together, and Church finally killing Tex forever by choosing to forget her, letting her have peace.
    • Becomes one hell of a Tear Jerker when he forgets her from existence, seemingly comes to peace with himself and prepares to Face Death with Dignity. And then it turns out the world wasn't decaying, it was the real Blood Gulch Crew hacking the unit to free him! To put this in perspective, he technically killed Tex for nothing.
      • Killing her for nothing is debatable. Regardless if the world was ending, Church realized he needed to let her go. It wasn't fair to Tex that Church kept dragging her into his messes regardless of how she felt, and as we later saw with the Director, holding onto a ghost wasn't healthy and was bad for the both of them. He loved her enough to do what was best for her, regardless of how heartbroken it made him.
  • The clip in the Season 9 folder showing a live action reenactment between two RvB community members in costume as Tucker and Sister, after which Tucker's actor removes his helmet, gets down on one knee and proposes to Sister's actress. (She accepts, obviously.)
  • While the feeling isn't reciprocated on Church's part, that the real Blood Gulch Crew stormed a military base to free him speaks volumes. The teams have become True Companions, through thick and thin, and they'll never leave one of their own behind.
  • Grif's reaction to 'Simmons' (actually Lopez in disguise) dying. He was genuinely sad. Sure he knew nothing about him, but at least he was mourning.
  • North pushing South out of a spray of bullets. It's sweet the Big Brother Instinct he displays towards her. Especially nice because she was concerned for him and helped him walk to safety.

    Season 10 
  • After spending time on Blue Team, Wash has begun to make his way back to the attitude he had in Season 9. Considering all the horrible things that had happened to him between then and the present, it's truly amazing how Caboose was able to help heal his psyche.
    • Just hearing Caboose's one line about "singing happy birthday to him" is ridiculously heartwarming.
  • It's subtle, but Wash remarking how Carolina hasn't really changed since the old days is touching.
  • In a weird way, one of the Elite Insurgents has one when he pleads with C.T. to leave the base with him in Episode 3 of Season 10, even calling her "Connie", something she berated Wash for doing to her earlier with no adverse reaction at all. Even Morally Gray Have Loved Ones?
  • It's kind of cute how the Blood Gulch guys have the uncanny ability to win over even people who initially can't stand them. First Tex goes from being an aloof badass to defending them as being "her jerks and idiots" to Sister. Then Wash goes from being actively hostile and dismissive of them to defending them to Carolina as "Yeah, they're idiots, but, they're not that bad once you get to know 'em."
  • It's also cute how Wash seems to be in Season 10 slowly returning to his Nice Guy personality he had before his incident with his AI, thanks to the influence of the Blood Gulch guys.
  • North is really sweet with Theta, who's basically a child (and a shy one at that).
  • Theta has a holographic skateboard! With the Roosterteeth logo on it, evenI
  • Theta seems like a magnet for these, before North and York have a serious non A.I. discussion, Theta is busy showing off his new firework light show that he worked really hard on. So cute.
  • It's a little odd, but the "wingman" conversation between Tucker and Epsilon in Episode 8 really shows that while they might insult each other, they are great friends, and joke around like it to a degree.
  • Of all people, Carolina has one is Episode 10. Even after everything that has happened, she still considers C.T as an ally and is enraged at Tex for mortally wounding her.
    • Odd as it sounds, this same episode also underscores Tex's relationships with the Blood Gulch Crew. Even after all the crap and general idiocy they put Tex through, in Revelations she's still willing to let them off with just a beating, compared to how Tex treats her fellow Freelancers.
  • North stays up to walk the hallways to sooth Theta when he gets scared at night. He mentions his dad having to do something similar for South.
  • Along with a bit of Ship Teasing, the scene in Episode 11 where York watched over Carolina as she trained.
    North: Y'know you don't have to watch over her [Carolina].
    York: I could say the same to you about South.
  • The entirety of Season 10 Episode 12 is either this or Tear Jerker, including:
    • Epsilon showing Carolina the log entries of York saying how much he cared for her. Also how Epsilon relates to her by saying he knows what it's like chasing ghosts.
    • Caboose saying how he trusts Wash even as he's spying on him because they're friends. Wash's response suggests that he's hearing the word for the first time in years.
    • Later, Carolina reveals the motive for her Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the Director.
    Carolina: Not just for what he did to me. But for what he did to York, to Wash, to Maine, the Twins... to all of them. And for what he did to you, Church.
    • Subtle, but no less powerful: Carolina calls Epsilon "Church" for the first time since his rescue.
    • The music that kicks in here and lasts to the end of the episode just perfectly enhances the following feel-good moments:
    • Carolina laughing for the first time in the series and giving Epsilon a bit of friendly teasing. You can hear the smile in her voice.
    • Their return to the desert. Epsilon isn't by the Mongoose, he's next to Carolina. That shows that he's at least installed in her armor, showing that the two trust each other that much.
      • Pay close attention during that sequence while Church is talking. Their heads move in sync.
  • In Episode 13 when the group returns to Valhalla the Reds ask about the trap that Wash tricked them into believing was there. Carolina sounds...amused when she asks Wash to explain.
    • In the same episode we have Carolina deciding to get both of the possible AI's and Tex commenting (sounding almost friendly) with:
  • Episode 14 has York and the other Freelancers concernedly hovering over Carolina while she recovers, even Wyoming!
    • A meta example relating to the same episode—Shannon McCormick had mentioned a surprise to fans on Tumblr, and come the episode there were pictures of cats inside Wash's locker, a reference to a popular fanon: "Cat Lady Wash."
  • Tex's concern for Carolina as she suffered a nervous breakdown from the feedback of... whatever the AI did when the Director shouted Tex's real name.
  • Despite all the years of abuse they've taken, Donut and Doc were just overjoyed to see Sarge and Simmons again. Too bad it was completely one-sided.
    • In the same episode, Church commenting ont he creative ways the Reds find to screw him over. He doesn't sound upset, he sounds more like he views it as a fact of life at this point, and almost impressed and affectionate.
    Church: Motherfuckers.
  • Carolina was out cold for days after the Allison incident. York stayed by her side the entire time.
    Tex: But it's been days.
    • Tex and North conversing while waiting for Carolina to wake up, complete with Tex requesting to be called when Carolina woke up "or if she doesn't". Suffice to say, this entire conversation was as heartwarming as the situation would allow.
  • Donut and Doc decline to come along with the Reds, but they do send them some banana bread.
    Grif: That's so nice! I'll have to forget to send them a thank-you card.
  • The growing friendship between Church and Carolina over the course of Season 10.
  • For the first time since Season 8, Sarge shows genuine concern for his squad in Episode 17 of Season 10, deciding that maybe they shouldn't keep going to try to kill the Director, since there is literally no benefit for them whatsoever, and they could all easily be killed.
  • After Carolina pulls a gun on Tucker, Wash does the same to her and tells her that he's "protecting [his] friends." As in that is his word for it, showing the Blood Gulch Crew and Washington have become True Companions.
    • Earlier, we hear him bantering with the guys, like they're old friends. Just another sign of him finding True Companions after all he's been through.
    Caboose: Our team has more kills.
    Sarge: Team kills don't count, Bluetard!
    Caboose: You don't make the rules!
    Wash: Technically, Project Freelancer makes the rules. And I say, Blue Team gets to add my kill count to theirs.
    Grif: Lame.
    • The most amazing part of this is that Wash has given up revenge. He's suffered as much, if not more than any Freelancer, spent years digging through his allies' corpses, harboring those feelings about taking down the Project, and he realizes killing the Director won't change anything.
      • He didn't realize it just on his own, either. Even if he thought the Blood Gulch gang was incompetent, he knew wise words when he heard them.
      Sarge: (referring to the Director) He's a real dirtbag, all right. But even if he's six feet under, we'll still be in the same damn spot.
  • Despite being so far gone he doesn't even recognize her, Church still manages to make Tex give up a soft laugh as they converse in the AI storage on The Mother of Invention.
    Alpha: See you later, crazy state-name lady...
  • "This has to be the worst idea ever... but you can count me in."
    • Something that really stands out in that scene is that Tucker is the first one to go to Church's aid. Tucker, the laidback womaniser who's relationship with church has been rocky at best. And yet the second that Caboose mentions that Church is the only one among them that still hasn't found peace, he instantly goes to help his friend, even knowing it'll be suicide. He doesn't even say anything, he just stops, turns on his sword, and starts walking away. Why? Because his friend needs help, and by God he's going to help him. It really goes to show that beneath all the bickering, the two truly are friends.
    • There's something else, too: Tucker was the first to walk away after Church's "The Reason You Suck" Speech. And now, when it's clear that Church needs him and the others, he was the first one who was ready to come back.
  • Notice that one of the weapons Carolina takes to confront the Director is a shotgun, York's weapon of choice. It's her own way of honoring him.
    • Episode 20 in general is mostly just one big ball of heartwarming. Mostly.
    • Honestly, I thought it's more the fact that she commandeered one of Sarge's shotguns.
  • Episode 21 has Church apologizing to the guys, admitting that he's an asshole, and convincing the Tex copies to rest, a Call-Back to Tex's convincing Alpha to do the same in episode 19.
    • The moment Washington helps Carolina up counts as this—from the surprise in the latter's voice, it's clear that she wasn't expecting this after the terms they parted on.]]
    • If you also take the time to notice, you'll also see something else. Each of them are covering each other. Even Carolina, when she kicks three Texes away from doing a jump-punch into Grif.
    • Here's another little heartwarmer. Of all the guys Church could've jumped into to take part in the fight, he chooses Caboose, triggering his Berserk Button and reminding us that the resident dumbass of Blue Team is a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass. Caboose, the guy who's team-killed him twice, and generally annoyed him. Goes to show that deep down, Church DOES have a certain fondness for the lovable dope.
      • Plus, Caboose needs to get angry, and Church is definitely the expert on getting angry. He got to channel his anger into something useful.
    • Washington goes out of his way to rescue Donut, and gives a "OK, we're done here," implying he felt compelled to try to make up for shooting him.
  • A hard one to spot, but Grif's decision to use the Bruteshot, a weapon that was personally chosen by Maine before he became the Meta, is almost a way of saying that Maine was fighting alongside Carolina and the BGC too.
  • "You were my greatest creation." Taking into account what Carolina reveals at the end of the episode, it seems like in the last moments of his life, the Director finally realized that he should have focused on his daughter instead of chasing after ghosts.
  • During Church's rant against the Director, he takes the forms of his deceased AI siblings one after another, implying that he's doing this in their collective memory...even Gamma, Omega, and Sigma, who had broken his Alpha incarnation so thoroughly. Essentially, he's saying that even THEY'RE worth remembering.
    • Should probably be in the Fridge as well, but rewatch that scene and note which AI fragments Epsilon impersonates with each piece of dialogue. He remembers them all:
    Delta (Logic): He was brilliant...
    Theta (Innocence): and we trusted him...
    Gamma (Deceit): but he lied to us. He twisted...
    Omega (Rage): and tortured us! And used us...
    Sigma (Ambition): manipulated us for his own purposes! And for what? For this? This... shadow?
    Alpha/Epsilon (Memory): He needs to pay...
  • For her part, Carolina's choice. After spending most of this season planning to kill the Director, she finally ends up in the same room as him...only to show Sympathy for the Devil when she realizes that all that's left is a broken shell of a man. She even leaves him her service pistol at his request.
  • After their big confrontation with the Director, Church and Carolina take a moment to reflect on everything, and Church thanks Carolina for showing him a new side to himself. The feeling is mutual.
  • Episode 22's second half shows the guys going home to Blood Gulch. Carolina and Epsilon watch over them from afar, and then leave to redeem themselves. Finally, after all the shit these troopers have been through, Project Freelancer is truly over. They're home and they're happy.
    • And Wash is now fully integrated as the group's Only Sane Man, complete with anger issues. He really is Church mk.2.
  • With the revelation of Carolina's heritage it kind of puts her relationship and partnership with Church in a touching light. Word of God is that they're basically siblings. Judging by their decision to leave together they've seem to become Platonic Life-Partners and it's ADORABLE.
  • After credits scenes from the Blu-ray:
    • North congratulates South for doing so well in their fight. Their dialogue adds a bit of tear jerker when you see how they turn out, but in that moment...
    • Carolina returns to Club Errera.

    Season 11 
  • At the start of the Series 11 premiere, Washington comments that he's glad he's found a group he can trust... before getting annoyed at them, but it still counts.
  • The end of episode 2 ends with the words "in memory of David Dreger".
    • To clarify, David Dreger was an RT Community member who had recently been found dead after having been missing for half a month.
  • Wash's interactions with Caboose in Episode 3. When he interacts with Tucker, he becomes a Drill Sergeant Nasty Deadpan Snarker. But with Caboose, who is lamenting the disappeared Church, he ends up talking tenderly, calling him Buddy, and just being a real Team Dad. Probably because he also misses Carolina, and is going through a similar thing.
    • Wash isn't the only blue who cares about Caboose's well-being. When Tucker irritably asks why Wash isn't making Caboose do drills, Wash gently explains that Caboose is having an 'off-day', and Tucker's tone immediately changes to a very understanding "ohhh".
  • An easy to miss one in the beginning of episode 7, after Caboose finishes telling Washington and Tucker how he met Freckles he says now they're "best friends forever." Then Caboose turns to Freckles and asks him "Right Freckles?" and Freckles responds "Affirmative, Caboose." A nice moment of friendship acknowledge by a killing-machine like Freckles, and we can tell he's already attached to Caboose since he called him by his name instead of "master" like he did in the previous episode.
  • Episode 14. Wash's speech to Tucker.
    Wash: Did you know I was one of the worst Freelancer's in my squad? There was Agent York, our security specialist, Agent North, the sharpshooter, Carolina was an expert in martial arts, and Tex was...well, you know Tex.
    Wash: I was known for getting a grappling hook stuck to my balls.
    Tucker: Okay, where are you going with this?
    Wash: Church was your leader for years. You guys knew each other inside and out.
    Tucker: Dude, don't phrase it like that.
    Wash: But I'm new to all of this. I've never really had to lead anybody before, but when Church and Carolina disappeared, I didn't have a choice. I had to try.
    • On top of that, there's also Tucker openly calling Church his friend and even praising Church as a leader. In addition, Tucker warms up to Washington a little by suggesting that he's just been trying too hard to be the perfect leader.
  • In episode 15, Wash reveals that the thing he's been working on in the ship is... a new helmet, which looks just like one from Caboose's old armor that he missed. He tells Caboose that he's sorry that Church left him, and goes on to explain that the giant robot he's using as a Replacement Goldfish is too dangerous to treat that way. Caboose relents, and hands back leadership of Blue Team to Wash. Afterwards, Tucker compliments Wash on his sneakiness, while the former Freelancer admits that he meant every word.
    • On a similar note, Freckles standing down on Caboose's orders when the latter tells him to follow Washington from now on. Freckles does question him, but only if Caboose is certain with his decision. It shows that Freckles truly cares for Caboose and has absolute trust in him.
  • Also from episode 15, there's a rather subtle one—when Sarge brings their attempt at a Humongous Mecha of their own online, she declares multiple hostiles. Sarge corrects her by saying that there's only one enemy over at Blue Base, Freckles. Considering that he seemed willing to declare war on the Blues all over again a few episodes ago, it's nice to see that he still remembers the lessons of the previous seasons.
    • And later, when the Blues come under attack from Locus' men, he leads the Reds over to find out what happened, sounding a little concerned.
  • In Episode 16, as it becomes clear that the situation's getting serious, the Red and Blue teams' Let's Get Dangerous! moment—specifically, Wash asking Sarge to assemble their weapons inventory, who agrees to the Blue leader's request without complaint—can count as this.
  • In Episode 17, after getting his helmet's visor fixed by Tucker, Caboose thanks him, then goes on to admit that despite their less-than-stellar interactions in the past, he's starting to think that he and Tucker might actually be pretty good friends after all.
  • Freckles stepping in to protect the Blood Gulch Crew from Dos Point Oh - without being given any orders to do so, to boot, implying that he's starting to see the BGC as a family.
  • Episode 18, while a Tear Jerker Wham Episode on several counts, has some heartwarming moments too:
    • After taking over the now-vacant original body of Dos Point Oh, Lopez jumps into the fray to help out the Blood Gulch crew. For all the aggravation they cause him, he stands by them when things get serious. It's worth noting that he didn't join his younger counterpart on the latter's attempted rampage on the team earlier.
    • After the original Lopez gets gunned down by Federal Army snipers, Sarge goes on an incensed tear:
    Sarge: You bastards stay away from my men!! If anyone's gonna kill 'em, it's gonna be ME!
    • Tucker also shows noteworthy concern when Lopez is shot.
    • Freckles stepping in again instinctively to protect the BGC, this time from a volley of rockets.
    • Wash's Heroic Sacrifice at the end of Episode 18, ordering Freckles to collapse the cave so that the Reds and Blues could escape despite knowing he'd be left trapped with the Federal Army closing in.
  • In Episode 19 of Season 11, Tucker, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose are inspired to help the Resistance when it turns out that their friends are still alive. The kicker is the exact moment where their doubt and sarcasm turn to inspiration, with Vanessa Kimball's unwitting Meaningful Echo:
    Kimball: "...You just need to try."

     Season 12 
  • In the first episode of season 12, after an Oh, Crap! causes a training mission to go awry, Kimball breaks in and yells at Grif, Caboose, and Simmons. She then tells them to just tell their squadron that they'll do better next time.
  • Then there was Kimball speech to them during episode 3.
    Kimball: When I first heard about you four, I envisioned strong, daring, respectable soldiers.
    Grif: ...Buuuut...
    Kimball: But, now that I've come to know you, I found that you're something else entirely. It turns out you're all a bunch of-
    Simmons: Cowards.
    Tucker: Losers.
    Grif: Idiots?
    Caboose: Spacemen.
    Kimball: Misfits. You're oddballs that don't exactly fit in. Which is why my men all look up to you and why morale has been at an all time high; because they can relate to you.
  • Kimball may have threatened to break Tucker's arm when he tried to hit on her but you can tell from her tone that she was smiling when she said it.
  • In Episode 5, Tucker finally snaps at Felix for being so harsh on him and his comrades when he just wants to save his friends. Felix shoots back that the Reds and Blues are just idiots, and that attempting the mission is going to get people killed. After Tucker brings up that Felix previous statement about not caring if they die, Felix mentions that Tucker will. So the reason he's being so harsh on Tucker, is for Tucker's own benefit, in a round about way.
    • This is later subverted in episode 10, but at the time it was touching.
  • Tucker's speech about how they succeed even though they're screw-ups and they do it without being 'actual' soldiers.
    • Grif's response to this is "yes," because—among other reasons—he doesn't want to give orders that get others killed for something that he wants. Simmons even lampshades it as being unusually selfless of him.
  • Felix going after the guys, even taking back one of the jeeps he sold to Kimball, out of genuine concern for them.
  • In episode 9, Lopez is reactivated, and he identifies Wash, Sarge, and Donut as Idiot, Loud Idiot, and Agent Washington. It's nice to know there's someone he doesn't completely hate.
    • Note that before, Washington specifically asked where Lopez and Freckles were.
  • When Wash regains a bit of consciousness, the first thing he does is call out to Sarge.
  • When Locus comes to talk to the group, Wash steps in front of Sarge, Donut, and Lopez and readies his gun.
  • Locus of all people gets one when he reveals he salvaged Freckles' memory unit and gives it to Wash. Although it's subverted when it's later revealed that he also put a tracking device on it to track down the Reds and Blues should they escape.
  • The two halves of the Blood Gulch crew reunite. And all is right in the world. One minute and twenty-something-odd seconds in, and it's back to light-hearted banter as usual:
    Simmons: Something about this doesn't feel right.
    Sarge: Is it a false sense of superiority? That's probably a side effect of the false promotion.
    Grif: Minutes after reuniting, and you're already starting shit.
    Sarge: What'd you expect? Breakfast in bed?
    Grif: I hate you.
    Sarge: I hate you more.
    • It's the light-hearted way that Sarge says that last line that sells it.
  • Dr. Emily Grey has apparently started referring to Agent Washington as Wash sometime between their first meeting and episode 10. They must have become close.
  • Carolina and Church are back. And both of them are thrilled to see the gang again.
    • Adding to that is Tucker's reaction to seeing Church again. Showing that he really did miss him. One must ask, was Tucker about to try to attack Church, or hug him?
  • Episode 11:
    • Church talks with his memories of the other AI fragments while figuring out how to escape a minor firefight. He ignores Sigma, obviously, and declines help from Omega, but he talks with Delta, Theta, Iota, Eta, and even Gamma like they're all family. He even calls Carolina "sis".
    • related to that, when Omega freaks Theta out, he comforts him and says Omega can't harm them as long as they stay calm
    • Theta even gets excited when Delta sarcastically suggests that Church get a dog to help loneliness.
    • Church's reaction to hearing his friends are in danger is to immediately put their mission on hold to rescue them. Something Carolina agrees with wholeheartedly
    • When Carolina knocks out the guard at the console, her armor is camouflaged black. That, plus the orange visor, makes her look like Tex.
    • Church tweaking the numbers a bit on Carolina's accuracy to give her confidence.
    • When reviewing the possible outcomes of an impending firefight, Church selects the scenario that will result in zero fatalities... on both sides.
    • With all the A.I. fragments in her possession, Carolina has technically become The Meta 2.0. Yet where Agent Maine went insane and began butchering anything that got in his way, Carolina has retained her ethics and sanity, even taking pains to avoid needless casualties. Seeing the contrast between Carolina and The Meta showcases just how much both she and the A.I.s have reformed themselves.
    • Even though Church ignores Omega and Sigma, the fact that Omega whispers "I'm here if you need me" is pretty interesting. Combined with Church already relying on Gamma for help despite the latter's past deceptions, it proves that two of the show's greatest villains are now—in their own way—helping out the good guys, now.
  • Episode 12:
    • Felix lies to Kimball and the lieutenants and tells them the Reds and Blues have been killed. Jensen looks like she's about to collapse in shock. Smith's reaction? Pull her in for a hug. Meanwhile, Palomo covers his visor as though trying to fight back tears, and Bitters shakes his fist and strides away, obviously hurt by the news despite being a lazy slacker.
    • Grey's interactions with the guys are not only funny, but show that she's not irrevocably traumatized by what happened in Episode 10.
  • Episode 13:
    • Caboose doesn't care Freckles is just a flashdrive by this point; he's still overjoyed to get his Robot Buddy back.
      • Wash's attempts to break it to him gently are sweet too.
    • When Caboose happily welcomes Washington back, the ex-Freelancer admits that it's good to be back. It's nice to know he really feels at home with the Blood Gulch Crew.
    • Subtle, but it's telling of how much Carolina tolerates the gang nowadays when Grif accidentally fires his new laser weapon at her—she calmly announces that she's going to break his fingers, but doesn't actually go through with it. Bear in mind that two seasons ago, she was ready to threaten the whole team—at gunpoint—to make them follow her orders.
    • While funny, it's sweet that Lopez cares about Doc, considering that he's the only one that seems to remember that the hapless medic has been Put on a Bus thanks to irresponsible use of the teleporter cubes.
  • Episode 14
    • Grif and Simmons talk. No fighting or mocking, just Grif mentioning Simmons being less of a kiss ass and they talk about their old squads.
    • Before the guys split up, the interactions are sweet, like Tucker saying 'See you soon?' and Simmons telling them not to get kidnapped.
  • Episode 15
    • Wash gives Tucker advice on being a leader, assuring him mistakes get made and that Tucker isn't the same soldier he used to be.
    • It's kind of sweet when Church says Carolina is like her mother.
  • Episode 16
    • At the very beginning, Church is able to erase the tracking system data from Freckles' hard drive, as opposed to destroying Freckles completely. Caboose isn't going to lose his Robot Buddy!
    • It's revealed that Caboose has gotten over Church and Carolina ditching the rest of the team in season 11 to stop the space pirates from exploiting alien technology. He also encourages Tucker to do the same.
    • Church and Tucker finally make up.
      • It's a little sweet and easy to miss but even before Tucker arrives to try and apologize Church is already locked away with his other selves apparently going through the same thing Tucker did with Caboose. Theta even tells Church to just say he's sorry.
  • Episode 17
    • Sarge, despite his propensity for violence, self-interest, and conflict, expresses that he is most definitely not fine with letting the New Republic and the Federation kill one another just so that he can save his own skin.
    • Dr. Gray telling the Reds and the Blues that she's fine with them leaving Chorus and allowing the civil war to play out, because they did what they promised and it isn't really their fight.
  • Episode 18
    • Freckles still calls Caboose Captain.
  • Episode 19 has a bunch:
    • Doyle and Kimball working to settle things, even though they need a bit of help from Washington.
    • The banter between Carolina and Church just before the reveal about Charon Industries.
    • Church admitted it was time to have faith in their friends.]]
    • Kimball has no problem believing that Tucker came up with the plan.
    • In a Call-Back to the New Republic hearing the story of the fight with the Meta, Palomo tells the soldiers about the Republic squad's own actions in rescuing the Reds and Blues, to an equally awestruck reaction. It comes off very much like a Passing the Torch moment for these guys to have their own awesome adventures.

     Season 13 
  • From Episode 2, we have Tucker dancing and singing victoriously while Sarge backs him up. It's both funny and pretty sweet how well the two of them get along right there.
    • Even better, Carolina, who spent most of the last few seasons annoyed and frustrated, is audibly trying not to laugh when she tells them to get back to work and stop inflicting such cruel and unusual punishment on the captured "Space Pirates".
  • Tucker keeps on his person, apparently at all times, a physical photograph of Junior with his 5th grade basketball team. And regardless of the circumstances of Junior's birth, he's proud to be a dad. "They grow up so fast!"
    • On a similar note to the above, considering the fact that the last time we physically saw Junior he was on an exploding space ship, and he only had one brief mention in season 7 to assure the audience that he was alive. Its pretty heartwarming to see that yes, he did make it out okay. And now? He seems to be living a normal and happy life away from the constant crap the Reds and Blues have to face.
  • Carolina very nearly steals Tucker's line in jest. Coming from such hard times, she's really loosened up.
  • Episode 10:
    • At the beginning of the episode, one of the Feds is wounded, with his friend calling for a medic. The Rebel medic from Season 12 immediately rushes to the scene, ready to provide aid. After nearly every prior scene featuring Feds and Rebels interacting shows a blatant animosity between the two groups, this scene proves to be somewhat refreshing.
    • A small, quick, blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but after Tucker contacts Sarge to let him know that they've found Doc, Sarge ends the transmission with a "Try not to die!". That's right. SARGE told a Blue to take care and not die.
  • Episode 13:
    • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, Carolina admits that she considers the Blood Gulch crew her family now. It's a Tear Jerker because she saw them die in her vision in Episode 8, and she doesn't want to see it happen in real life.
      • It's also quite heart-warming to see how far she's come from that angry ruthless woman who hated the BGC when she first met them, didn't even bother learning their names (referring to Grif as "Hey, you, orange one"), and was even prepared to sacrifice the lot of them on the alter of her vengeance as cannon fodder to create a distraction. Now, she's so close to them that the prospect of losing them is pure Nightmare Fuel to her. You can't help but feel a little emotional to see how good Church and the BGC's companionship has been for her.
    • Doyle attempting to comfort Carolina with an inspirational quote. He attributes it to Shakespeare by accident, but the sentiment is still there.
  • Episode 14:
    • Considering that the Blood Gulch Crew more or less forgot about him, Doc has every reason to hold a grudge. But when they ask him for help counseling Doyle and Kimball, he agrees without much of an argument. O'Malley's still grumbling about it, though.
    • Doyle admitting that he admires Kimball's courage, and acknowledges his own shortcomings.
  • Episode 15:
    • Carolina apologizing to Sharkface for what she and the other Freelancers did to his friends (since she knows what it's like to lose family), and offering him the chance to leave now. Cue Sharkface's bewildered response, being rattled for the first time since we've seen him.
  • Episode 16:
    • When Simmons manages to extract Lopez from the Pelican's engines, Donut worriedly asks if the robot's okay.
    • After Washington and Kimball finish off Shark-Face, Carolina thanks them for their help. Considering how competitive she is, it says something that she's willing to thank others for helping her out.
    • General Doyle using his final words to encourage Kimball that she's better suited than him to lead the people of Chorus.
    • Kimball becoming visibly distraught as she realizes what Doyle's about to do. Yes, Doyle's death will give Felix access to the sword-key that can access the planet-killing superweapon, but she seems just as upset that Doyle's about to die, period. She even tries to offer to make the Heroic Sacrifice herself, so he won't have to. Considering that she had nothing but contempt for him before, it's rather touching.
    • Carolina's attentiveness to the distraught Kimball; putting a hand on her shoulder to pull her focus back to their surroundings, tugging her toward the ship when she was rooted to the spot, giving her a hand to help her aboard, and catching her gaze and nodding before letting go.
    • Wrapping up the episode, Carolina prepares to use her bubble-shield to protect not just herself, but the entire Blood Gulch Crew's Pelican from the explosion of Armonia. It also counts as one for Church, seeing as such an act is probably incredibly taxing for an old A.I. like him. Unlike last time, when he was trying to talk Carolina out of pushing him so far in her fight with Shark-Face, he just braces himself and overclocks the bubble-shield. It's to protect his friends, after all.
  • Episode 17:
    • Of all the people on the side of Charon's kill crew, it's Locus, the sociopathic soldier who presents himself to everyone as nothing but a living weapon, who objects to the idea of letting their comrades guarding the communication tower be killed by the planet-wide Purge.
    • Kimball's Rousing Speech to the combined Republic and Federal armies, where she admits she was wrong about Doyle and the Feds and encourages everyone to put aside their past grievances to make sure that they can all have a tomorrow. Even more heartwearming is that it actually works!
      Fed Soldier: Well, shit. I'll fight for that.
      (Cue the assembled Federal and New Republic soldiers opening fire into the air, cheering together.)
    • Palomo admitting his love for Jensen.
    • Despite seemingly remaining a True Neutral bystander, Santa seems to be less skeptical of Caboose's worth than he is of Felix's, and greets Tucker when he returns to unlock the alien arsenal by allowing him access without any resistance. Compare that to when he was trying to dissuade Felix from activating the Purge system in the Temple.
    • A small, hard-to-notice one, but as Church begins to regain consciousness due to the strain he suffered from activating the bubble shield, Theta and Delta are heard expressing concern for Church's mental state]], while Omega is heard swearing that Charon is going to regret the role it played in causing the scenario that required Church to activate said-bubble shield.
  • Episode 18:
    • Felix protecting Locus with his energy shield.
      • Subverted next episode when it's revealed that this was actually an example of cowardice, not loyalty.
    • Wash and Carolina only had to stall Locus and Felix in order to win, but the real reason why they won was due to the actions of General Doyle.
    • Wash, Carolina and Church's faith in the BGC and the people of Chorus to get the job done.
    • When Wash and Carolina duck under the floating platform, Carolina puts a protective hand on Wash's back.
    • After Carolina is struck down by Felix, she shows immediate concern for Wash and warns him. She's come a long way from being the Ice Queen she was in Season 10.
  • Episode 19:
    • Matthews rescues the nameless Fed heavy-gunner from a Charon assassin, with the two exchanging friendly praise afterwards. Considering that they were on opposing sides of a civil war for so long, it's incredible to see how far they've come.
    • Kimball sounds genuinely happy to see Wash and Carolina alive and well - a first for a person who's usually reserved and somewhat cold.
    • When Church delivers a galaxy-wide broadcast exposing Hargrove, we see Junior and Sister again!
      • And they're both genuinely surprised to see Tucker and Grif alive. They were probably told that they went missing along with the spaceship. Imagine how they felt at the news that their relatives are fine and on their way back home.
      • And just where do we see Sister? Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. Old friend, it's been too long.
    • Wash can't help the gang against the mercenaries but:
    Wash: I believe in you. All of you. You can do this.
    • While not totally redeemed, Locus realizes that he's a "monster" and is going to try to take steps to make amends.
    • As the dust settles, Carolina is impressed that the Blood Gulch Crew pulled through. Washington, for his part, never doubted them for a moment.
    • Think about this for a moment: whenever there's been a big climax at the end of a season, the BGC have banded together, but begrudgingly, throwing insults to each other as they fight. Here, there is none of that. Sarge doesn't try to kill Grif, Tucker shows caring for Caboose when Felix tries to execute him, and O'Malley puts all his rage towards Felix. There's no wisecracks, no attempts to do a Senseless Sacrifice, nothing. They're acting like a genuine military squad, caring for those in danger, supporting their comrades weaknesses, and more importantly, they act just like the heroes Chorus believed them to be.
    • This episode, and the last two seasons overall, have shown a marked change in the behaviour of the BGC - they've gone from being incompetent idiots getting by mainly on dumb luck and their opponents underestimating them to a genuine military squad, still goofy and silly and prone to acts of stupidity, but when the chips are down they're more readily able and willing to put aside their differences and actually do stuff instead of needing to coerced into it with an inspirational speech. They've even started using their main weakness, their general stupidity, to their advantage in what could be considered the military equivalent of Confusion Fu. Tucker especially has gone from a lazy, kinda dumb pervert into a semi-capable leader who is ready and willing to fight for his friends.
  • Episode 20:
    • F.I.L.S.S.'s reaction to the return of "Director Church". She is overjoyed for the chance to turn on Hargrove.
    • Palomo and Jensen holding hands at the ending.
    • During the battle with the Mantises, Matthews' Ghost gets blown up. Who's the first person to show concern for him? Bitters.
    • Lopez wants his parts recycled if he doesn't make it out alive, to which Donut responds "I love you too, buddy." Lopez doesn't bother to correct him or make any sort of remark about Donut not understanding him.
    • Epsilon's Heroic Sacrifice and final speech. Right as the BGC make their Last Stand he makes sure they know that out of all the people he's ever met, he "hates them the least". He then freezes time and prepares a message for them as he fragments, saying that he has faith that they'll succeed and bring Hargrove to justice, and thanks them for helping him create new memories on top of the Alpha's. He then dissolves completely, giving up his life to ensure Tucker can run Maine's suit.
      Epsilon: Hey guys. If you're hearing this then it means you did it. You won. You kicked the shit out of Hargrove's forces. I knew you could. But this is my last stop. See, when I came into this world, I was really just a collection of somebody else's memories. But with your help, these memories they, they took form. They became my voice, my personality. And, after a while, I, I began to make brand new memories of my own. All of these things are what make me who I am...but they're also holding me back. I can't run this suit as Epsilon, but if I erase my memories, if I...deconstruct myself, the fragments I'll leave behind will have the strength to get you through this. I believe that.
    • The post-episode 20 AfterBuzz interview with Burnie and Miles pointed out something about the final scene in Hargrove's trophy room. It's filled with things from past seasons, even though he really didn't have anything to do with the events surrounding them. He wasn't there when Epsilon went in the monitor. He wasn't there when Epsilon-Tex was contained. He took these things that were special to the BGC from right under their noses. Grif even mentions that the UNSC 'confiscated' the Grifshot, but then it turns out that Hargrove just took it for the trophy room. Then come episode 20, the BGC comes in and not only takes their history back, but uses the very things the Chairman claimed as his own against him. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Church still loves Tex.

     Season 14 
  • From the trailer, it feels damn good to hear Vic and the original Freelancer team (including Niner!)'s voices again.
  • In Episode 2, it's weirdly sweet to know that Simmons and Grif's dynamic has been the exact same since the moment they met.
  • In Episode 5, after Simmons finds out that he forgot Sarge's birthday, he tries his hardest to make it up to him. Even as Simmons is about to be killed in one of Malcolm's experiments, all he can think about is getting the perfect present for Sarge.
    • Overlapping with Moment of Awesome, he finds it! An explosive is just what Sarge has always wanted! It's actually the sweetest moment the two characters have ever shared, with Simmons getting some warm approval and genuine thanks from his father-figure. Shame it's in an Alternate Universe, really.
  • Caboose considers his 'best friend' Church to be the most important and valuable thing in Blue Base. Technically, he's right, though Church probably isn't an AI in this world.
    • He also took the time to make a birthday cake for Sarge, even if he used a firecracker instead of a candle.
  • At the end of episode 7, Turf defuses a mutiny and tells the rest of his Red Team that he appreciates them all. Too bad he accidentally sets of the self-destruct sequence.
  • In episode 11, the final part of the Merc Trilogy, Siris points out to the others that Lozano didn't know about him, and he has a family. Felix draws down on him, but Locus agrees that if Wu left, nobody needed to know. He stays anyway. Partners.
  • For two weeks following Siris's introduction, fans debated about how the new Partner would die in Episode 11. Perhaps Felix or Locus would kill him? Maybe he would betray them and be killed by Lozano anyway, cementing the Mercs' attitude of 'trust no one', beginning their Start of Darkness. The answer is none of the above. He survives to the end of the arc, remaining friends and partners with the Mercs. While this opens up more debate as to where he is during the Chorus Trilogy, it's nice to see a genuinely decent person not be killed for trying to do the right thing, a lá York, or Doyle.
  • In episode 12, Grif is confused when the cameraman refers to the Blues as enemies because he thought that they were all friends now.
  • At the end of the Death Battle crossover episode 13 , Sarge's and Boomstick's interaction with each other count as this. Quickly turns into the episode's Funny Moment as it's heavily implied Sarge is Boomstick's dad. Cue the sergeant backing away slowly.
    • The opening of the battle itself features Carolina running her usual practice drills, just as she would always do back in her Freelancer career. But instead of her futile practice routine she ran herself ragged from, instead Church immediately shows up when its done to toy with her about how he gets to choose what movie to watch. Regardless of the canonicity of this ep, it's telling how far Carolina's come; going from a pointless obsession to now having more healthy motivations, such as this casual competition over who chooses for movie night; as well as the bond between her and Epsilon-Church further resembling that of siblings.
    • Between Carolina and the Meta, one of the key factors that ended the fight in Carolina's favor was that, unlike the Meta, she made the effort to form a healthy, positive relationship with her A.I. partner.
  • The end of Episode 15, mixed with Tear Jerker. As a depressed Caboose lies surrounded by the husks of broken down machines, lamenting the loss of his friends, including that of his best friend, Wash arrives and helps him up. Tucker and his new friends, the rebels and the feds, gather around and throw him a wrench, and he gets to work fixing his old machine friends, surrounded by people he loves.
    Caboose: But you know, I think the very best thing about friends—well, the thing most people forget about, anyways—is that no matter how many friends you do lose, you can always make more. And... that's pretty neat.
    • Just the fact that Tucker is one of the first ones to come support Caboose at the end, considering that Caboose was badmouthing him only a few lines before.
  • In Episode 17 Epsilon meets a male version of Tex. After thinking about it for a second he comes to the conclusion that he would be ok being with him, because even if it's a guy it's still Tex. Even so he resets reality again to get everything back to the way they were.
  • In Episode 19, Caboose accidentally destroys Blood Gulch's only copy of Reservoir Dogs, Tucker's favorite movie. Church feels somewhat responsible for this (i.e. he feels kind of guilty) and tries to make it up to him by recreating the movie using the rest of the BGC as the actors. Tucker likes their remake.
    • Between the end of Season 5 and the majority of both groups getting reassigned, things between Red and Blue Base were decent enough that they had a weekly movie night. Granted, the only film they had was Reservoir Dogs...
  • A minor example, but before Church and Sarge's rap battle actually starts, and they're trying to figure out how it's going to work, Church says that since the show is "Red vs. Blue", Sarge should go first. Granted, Church eventually decides to go first anyway, but points for offering.
    • After Locus and Felix's rap, Church comes in and hits them with this.
    Church: "When I powered Tucker's suit, my tale came to an end. I know that's hard to explain to a dude with no friends!"
  • From Episode 21, this conversation between Iowa and Idaho. They're playing one of their Five Questions Games (Dungeons and Dragons: Five Things You Don't Wanna Make Saving Throws Against) and Iowa says Super Saiyan, which Idaho says wouldn't happen in his campaign anyway and doesn't count as a point.
    Iowa: I'm just saying it's not something I'd wanna make a savings throw against because if Super Saiyan Goku comes up it means I'm not playing with you anymore and that would make me sad.
    Idaho: Aww that's sweet. Point conceded. FOUR!
    • Really, the dynamic between Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho in general. Yeah, they're about as idiotic as the sim troopers spread throughout the galaxy (and probably only a bit more competent than the average one, too), but they always seem to have each other's backs. Hell, the Councilor himself says they work really well together, to the point that they came out on top of the rankings when it comes to working as a team.
    • When they're trying to play Five Questions with a gloomy Ohio (Five Things You'd Rather Be Doing). Her heart isn't in it at all, which Idaho remarks on. After a beat, she gives the answer: "Your mom!" Iowa responds "Oooh, snap! That's our girl!"
  • Episode 22:
    • Idaho levels with Ohio about how being called a loser makes him feel. Remorseful, she apologizes and assures him and Iowa that they're okay. He reminds her that they're a team and they agree that whatever happens next, they'll face it together.
    • The "triplets" and the ex-Charons almost become friends... before Iowa freaks out at a spider and starts a shoot-out. Even then, Ohio and Sherry just stand there in the middle of it exasperated, and even have a bonding moment when they realize their common ground... then Ohio ruins the moment by shooting Sherry. (In her defense, Ohio was doing this to give both groups a purpose and a reason for being there.)
    • At the end of the episode, Washington mentions to South Dakota and Connecticut that he was planning on having lunch with the triplets. This is after they thought he didn't want to be friends with them anymore.
    • Then resident Jerkass South Dakota and Connecticut decide to play Five Things. It's also nice to see Connecticut not brooding over everything for once.
  • Episode 24, the season finale, ends with V.I.C stating that with the previously mentioned Multiverse Theory, there are endless stories to be told about the Red vs. Blue universe and encourages for fans of the series to tell their own stories. Even if they are just one in a million, their story will still be their own. Essentially Rooster Teeth is telling fans of their work to create their own fanfics and works based on the show and make it their own story.
    V.I.C: Ladies and gentlemen, Reds and Blues, chicos and chicas... It's been fun, but as an old bald British dude once said, "All good things must come to an end". You know, I keep thinking back to this whole multiverse thing. If there's really an infinite number of parallel universes, then that means there's probably an infinite number of stories out there that still need to be told. Maybe some of them are funny. Maybe some of them are sad. Maybe some of them start off looking funny, but then they totally hit you with a bait and switch, and gets you all sad. I dunno, after all, I'm just one of an infinite number of V.I.Cs. Which is exactly why I'm here, why I've been guiding you this entire time. To open a window, to open your eyes to the truth. As long as there's stories, there needs to be storytellers.

    Tell your story, dudes or dudettes. It could be one in a billion others, but it'll be yours. Make it about the Reds. Make it about the Blues. Heck, make it about some other group of soldiers that no one ever heard about until you told them. Show us villains that tell themselves as heroes. Build entire worlds brick by brick. Teach the galaxy about friendship... But what ever. You. Do. Don't. Stop. Because a universe without stories, well, that's just empty space, amigo. Alright, well that does it for me, I'm out! Papapa, V-I-C-K signing off! Don't call me, I'll call you!
    • Even better is the implication that we will be having another anthology season in the future.

     Season 15 
  • In Episode 2, Dylan's new cameraman quickly begins grating on her nerves. But when she snaps at him and he seems genuinely hurt, Dylan is quick to apologize. She is even willing to try and use some of his less extreme camera shot ideas. Dylan may be a hard-hitting reporter who follows the story to the ends of the universe, but she's not mean about it when she doesn't have to be.
  • Sister doesn't believe for one second that Grif and the others have become murderers. She believes that, even if he tries not to show it, Grif's a big softie.
  • In Episode 4, we see that there's a hospital on Chorus named in honor of General Doyle.
    • In addition, Palomo, Jensen, Bitters, and Smith have become law enforcement officers, with Palomo and Jensen romantically involved (as Jensen addresses Palomo by his first name).
    • Furthermore, Kimball is now the president of Chorus, and apart from trying to seek a peaceful resolution with the UNSC, she has also become close friends with Santa.
    • We also have Jax opting to stay with Dylan, even though she shot him in order to see Dr. Grey.
    • Dr. Grey refuses to believe the Reds and Blues are actually evil, and even starts on a "The Reason You Suck" Speech on Dylan about the press's involvement with Chorus.
    • When Dylan calls James, one can see that she has him listed as "Hubby Boo", and is clearly feeling guilty about the rough patch their marriage is experiencing. Actions speak louder than words. Dylan loves her husband very much
    • There's just something very soothing and heartwarming seeing Caboose get shocked by Dylan's sudden appearance and fall off the cliff while Blood Gulch Blues. It gives off this feeling of: They're okay. Judging from how the team goes off to some unknown planet to be only like some crazy, weary space hermits, many people were worried about the Reds and Blues and how they changed. But seeing Caboose, one of the people who would be the most damaged by Chorus, act like his usual child-like self, our Blood Gulch Crew are okay.
  • Episode 5 confirms the above. They just wanted some time off. They are, in Grif's words, doing the same damn shit, with the same damn idiots.
    • Also, Carolina has finally succumbed and become just as crazy as the rest of them, which is both this and hilarious.
    • Simmons learning Esperanto over the summer, which he thought was spanish for Spanish. Seems he wanted to actually communicate with Lopez.
    • Both the Reds and the Blues have basically stated that they are retired, and have no intention of heading back into the fray, even though they are being framed as criminals by some unknown party. However once they get the message from Church, seemingly asking for help, all Grif can say is "Goddammit," with the implication that they are going to be heading back into danger once more to help their friend.
    • The Reds and the Blues reveal that they lost Church after the battle of Chorus. Dylan asks if they mean the Epsilon AI, but Tucker corrects her that they mean Church.
  • Tucker and Caboose rushing off to look for Church. They may not always get along, but they're more than willing to work together if it means finding their friend.
  • The dialogue between Tucker and Wash shows genuine camaraderie between them. Their mockery of each other is much more playful in tone than it was in Season 11.
  • A bit of a meta one, but the way that Rooster Teeth handled Grif staying behind. His actor was going through some troubled times in his life and decided to take a break from Red vs. Blue to recover. Rooster Teeth would rather temporarily retire a character than force its actor to continue working.
    • Also, during the scene where Grif says he quits, although it is mostly a Tearjerker due to him staying behind and claiming he doesn't like the anyone there, he says that they've known each other long enough that they should hear it directly from him when he says he is done. Grif claims he hates everyone, but it seems like he still respects them.
    • When Grif finishes his goodbye speech and starts walking away, Caboose desperately begs for someone, anyone, to stop him from leaving. Without missing a beat, Sarge steps forward and does his best to bring him back. Even if it didn't work, it really shows how their relationship has changed over the years, when before Sarge would have been perfectly okay with Grif quitting.
  • It's heavily implied that Dylan chose to take VIC with her as her personal AI instead of pulling the plug or abandoning him in Blood Gulch to deteriorate further.
  • In episode 7, Sarge is saying that the town they're in, a scary abandoned one, is haunted. Tucker tells him to knock it off, because it might scare Caboose. He's also furious when he thinks Spencer hurt "his friends", even though he was telling the reporters that he'd prefer to lose everyone on Red Team mere minutes ago.
  • Simmons and Caboose decide to search together because the town is scary. They have a nice conversation about death, and what happens after the fact.
    • Caboose also gives a nice speech about how maybe the people of the town never came back because nobody loved them, but he loves Church and that's why Church keeps coming back.
    • Simmons mentions that Grif would call this one of life's great mysteries. While it is a continuation of a Running Gag, it also gives the impression that Simmons still remembers the conversation he had with Grif all the way back in episode one. And Episode 20 shows that this is absolutely the case.
  • Although the situation is extremely ambiguous, episode 9 ends with Carolina admitting (and Washington agreeing) that the beach they are currently on "isn't completely horrible". But then again, "horrible" is the key word.
  • In Episode 10, Carolina and Wash have a nice conversation about how far Carolina has come in her Character Development and how she can be a better person without erasing her past that culminates with the two holding hands as they look out into the ocean
  • The description Carolina gives of Agent Illinois is rather sweet, how he didn't care about competitions or ranking, instead focused on what would come after the war was over. The idea that Project Freelancer didn't destroy everything it touched is good to know.
  • In Agent Illinois's house, there's a picture of a couple of the Freelancers at a bar, just hanging out and having fun; especially touching is that York and Carolina are cuddling.
  • Agent Carolina is confused by the Reds and Blues' distrust of Dylan, which is sweet considering how she used to have a 'trust no one' attitude
    • She even trusts her to help end the problem peacefully, getting the truth out and ending the conflict in a courtroom instead of at the end of a knife.
  • Episode 11 confirms that, yes, Dylan DID take V.I.C. with her.
  • A twisted example in episode 12. But when Temple is recounting his past with Biff, his tone noticeably changes when talking about his childhood friend. It shows that he cared a lot about him, and his possible death is the reason he's the Ax-Crazy sociopath he is today.
    • Biff and Temple's friendship. Gets props for being probably the most functional platonic relationship in the series, even with the series's usual use of friendly jabs. They didn't start off hating each other, in fact, they were friends since they were kids, probably the longest relationship in the series as well. It makes what happened to Biff all the more heartbreaking, and Temple's revenge seem all the more justified.
  • In episode 14, Loco's and Caboose's friendship is heartwarming in how, in all their idiocy, they find common ground.
  • When Sarge orders Simmons to arrest the Blues on Temple's orders, Simmons seemingly complies, despite knowing the absurdness of said-action, before secretly telling Tucker that he's just acting, explaining that a chance for escape would be better if he played along. The old Simmons would have followed Sarge's orders blindly. It comes to show just how much Simmons has developed as a man, and how far he's come to see Tucker as a comrade.
  • In episode 15, Locus manages to locate Lopez, and upon learning of the situation the BGC is in, immediately goes to recruit Grif for a rescue mission. He's certainly come a long way from his days as a cold-blooded killer.
    • Also, Grif learned Spanish during the interim. Lopez now has somebody who can communicate with him.
    • Grif is shown to have really missed the guys and is genuinely sorry that he abandoned them. The first thing he does when Locus tells him the gang is in trouble is immediately go to rescue them. When Locus says to expect a fight, Grif says there's no time to lose.
    • When chatting incessantly, Grif asks Locus if they can get a pizza. Not because he's particular hungry, but because he wants to bring one for his friends.
    • It's especially sweet that he asks specifically on Simmons being okay. They may be Vitriolic Best Buds but they do care for each other.
    • While it's crazy, Grif's insistence on bringing the "gang", a series of volleyballs with everyone's faces on them, is rather sweet; he won't leave his team behind again. Moreso, Locus actually lets Grif bring them along.
    • Grif easily accepts Locus, saying that people change, going as far to call him partner and declare that their mission can be a new beginning for both of them.
    • While minor, it can be heard in Locus' voice that he was pleasantly surprised to learn that Grif became bilingual.
  • Episode 16 shows Grif reuniting with Simmons, Tucker and Caboose, and apologizing at the expense of Temple's Breaking Speech.
    • One specific instance is when Grif apologizes to Caboose for not helping him find Church, calling himself a bad friend. Caboose instantly forgives Grif.
      • Furthermore, when Temple starts yelling at Caboose for the latter's inability to comprehend Church being gone, Grif is the first to jump to Caboose's defense, telling Temple to "lay off".
    • On a more somber note, Tucker does his best to console Caboose after Temple declares that Church's message was a ruse, and spelling out in no uncertain terms that he is permanently dead.
    • Also, Tucker threatening Temple after the latter's Breaking Speech to Caboose.
      Tucker: I'll show him a real world example if you unlock this fucking cell!
    • After Tucker swears vengeance on Temple, Grif assures Tucker he won't be alone in his pursuit.
      Tucker: [Temple]'ll pay for this. I promise. I'll make [Temple] pay.
      Grif: We all will.
    • Loco's visible regret for his part in constructing the fake message upon seeing how distraught it's made Caboose shows that he genuinely enjoyed his time with Caboose and come to see him as a friend. Doubles as a Tearjerker, due to said-regret.
    • For those who've been worrying about them since episode 10, it turns out that Carolina and Washington are still alive. And Locus - The Atoner - just found them.
  • Episode 17 continues with Locus getting them back up to speed, and insisting that they stay put and recover when Carolina expresses eagerness to get back at Temple.
    • Turns out that Locus was looking to get his mitts on the Blues and Reds anyway. They stole a generator keeping a colony of refugees alive. Unfortunately, without it powering life support, every last one of them died. Since then, Locus had been tracking the B&Rs. It's clear he has no physical incentive for this, which means that he's looking to damn well avenge those innocent refugees.
    • Afterwards, Locus points out that he refuses to lethally shoot anyone in their escape. True to his word, each shot he makes is to the kneecap of an opponent. He later passes up an obvious killshot the old Locus wouldn't hesitate to make, and opts to re-position for another angle so he could fire to incapacitate. He's really sticking to his promise to become a better person.
    • Locus may not have been receptive to it, but Caboose giving him a big hug for saving him and his friends is just adorable.
    • None of the Reds and Blues even stop to blink an eye at Locus suddenly helping them. The first thing Sarge does when he hears Locus is leading a rescue mission is to immediately treat him as one of his own by challenging him to rock paper scissors. It's almost like the Reds and Blues are used to former enemies helping them by now. The rest of the Reds and Blues are more angry at Sarge than distrustful of Locus.
    • Speaking of Sarge, his development this season continues to impress. When Tucker calls him out on his betrayal, his first instinct is to pin the blame on someone else (like always), only to stop halfway and admit that he has nobody to blame but himself. He takes full responsibility for his actions, apologizes profusely, and then promises to never pull that kind of crap on them ever again (probably).
    • Grif and Simmons have a heartfelt talk about how glad they are to see each other. No Vitriolic Best Buds, just straight-up, honest friendship.
      Simmons: Well, I'm glad you're back.
      Grif: It's good to see you too?
      Simmons: Yeah.
      Grif: Yeah.
      Simmons: Yeah!
      Grif: It's good to see you too.
      Simmons: Yeah.
  • Episode 18, while half-Tear Jerker, has a few moments:
    • Locus immediately coming to the aid of Washington after the latter was shot. The concern in his voice is too genuine for it to be faked.
    • Despite being essentially on the lam, Dylan has a few contacts who're still taking her calls.
    • While their exasperation at seeing him again makes this more funny than anything else, the Blood Gulch Crew has finally been reunited with Vic.
    • The one who snaps Tucker out of his Heroic BSoD? Of everyone, it turns out to be Grif. Not too bad for the guy who ditched everyone at the beginning.
    • At the very end, Grif gives props to Tucker's pep talk when the Blood Gulch Crew gets ready to move out. A nice Call-Back to when he admitted to Tucker that he, himself, wasn't very good with pep talks.
  • Episode 20:
    • Unable to tell Simmons and Gene apart, Grif resorts to asking the timeless question, "Why are we here?" Not only does Grif trust Simmons to catch onto his plan, but Simmons remembers the conversation with his old friend well enough to answer correctly, allowing Grif to identify and shoot Gene!
    • It ties in with Tear Jerker, but Loco has gone to incredible lengths to help Caboose. He set up the time machine so that it would take Caboose straight to Church, and even got Caboose some batteries so he can repair Freckles. And in his final moments, he exchanges goodbyes with Caboose so he won't have any lingering regrets. It seems that, in the end, Loco realized who his real best friend was.
      • The fact that his time machine was already well into development before the Blues and Reds even met the Reds and Blues suggests another heartwarming sub-context; Loco originally planned to surprise Temple with a visit to, or perhaps even plucking Biff from the past. It shows that, even though Temple didn't care for and ultimately wound up mortally wounding him, Loco really did care about Temple enough to try and give him some closure for his lost friend.
  • Easy to miss, but right before Grif attempts to take on Temple (who has Tucker, Caboose, Sarge, and Donut held hostage), he yells at Temple to "get away from [Grif's] pals!". As Simmons is right next to Grif, safe from Temple, the pals Grif is referring to are in fact Tucker, Caboose, Sarge, and Donut. That's right, Grif outright called the rest of the BGC his pals. It comes to show how far he's come to value his friends.
  • Episode 21:
    • The reunion fans had been waiting for a long time, or at least one.
    Sister: Bitch, shut up and hug me.
    • When Carlos snaps at Dylan over the phone, what's her response? "Yo dude, take a chill pill." Everyone else may have been quick to forget about Vic, but she wasn't.
    • Thanks to our favorite Dr. Grey, Wash is gonna pull through.

    The Shisno Paradox 
  • In the opening scene when we are treated with a Medieval version of the first scene of "Red vs. Blue," after the guard is finished voicing his doubts on whether or not there's a God watching out for them, his friend takes the time to reassure him that there is a God. Even if you're not religious, it's nice to see the guy giving his friend a heartfelt cheering up.
  • Carolina goes with the Lieutenants to Chorus to check up on Wash. She also asks the guys to save him a slice of pizza, and Tucker says he's going to make sure Wash gets an entire deep-dish and garlic knots.
  • Despite Grif harshly keeping him out of his conversation with the BGC earlier, Doc doesn't hesitate to get Grif out of the way of a falling light post.
  • When Grif tries to commit suicide with a grenade, Doc responds by kicking the grenade away and getting Grif out of the way of the blast.
  • Episode 8 shows that Carolina is still somewhat competitive… but is far more laid-back about it, challenging Wash to a friendly race on a military training course.
  • Wash considered himself the worst Freelancer in his squad. Carolina strongly disagrees with him on that front, saying that he was the strongest spiritually, being able to get back up every time he was hurt. Back in the Freelancer days, Carolina refused to accept that anyone but her could be the best, so this shows tremendous growth on her part.
  • The developing relationship between Grif and Huggins. It's clear that Huggins is helping Grif out with most of his issues by providing him someone to confide in, while Grif himself is beginning to warm up to Huggins, after his initial hostility when they first met.
  • During the documentary interviews for Jax's movie, Wash says that being with the guys again and going on another epic adventure with them makes him feel the best he has in a long time. Unfortunately, it has a tearjerker twist at the end when he reveals, due to his memory issues, that he thinks they are still on their adventure to find "Church" from last season.
  • After things went sour between them, Tucker mans up and apologises to Sister for his callous behaviour in Episode 14.
  • The entire BGC and Carolina decide to go back in time again despite the warnings for one reason: To save Washington. Because they all know he'd do the same for them in a heartbeat.

  • In one alternate timeline created by Genkins' actions, Tucker wound up being so inspired by "Church" firing a bullet down Sheila's barrel, it led to him taking on the leadership role earlier than before.
  • Another alternate timeline has Caboose sent to the Reds, which works out better than you'd think.
    Caboose: Sergeant, you are my best friend.
    Sarge: And you're like the delightful pet cat I never had, Muffy!
  • Donut explaining to Wash that, as mad as he is about Carolina not telling him about his brain damage, she risked everything to make it better.
  • Wash is feeling frustrated by his failures. Who does he go to to vent? The Triplets. He even admits he doesn't expect them to help; he just needed someone to listen to him. Not only do they listen to him, Iowa actually manages to get him out of his situation by asking him why he doesn't just go to the future, where he and Carolina are friends, and ask her himself.
    • This is even a bigger case of heartwarming because it really shows that Wash did consider the Triplets his friends. Even after the fact that he probably hasn't seen them in several years.
  • Wash has convinced Carolina to come with him on his mission and explains they need to pick up the Reds and Blues first. As they are starting on their way to Blood Gulch, Carolina mentions how she knows that there's something Wash isn't telling her. He freely admits to her that he understands if she doesn't trust him... and she counters by saying that she knows this precisely because she feels like she can.
    Carolina: There's... something else going on here.
    Wash: It's okay if you don't trust me entirely.
    Carolina: No, that's the thing... I do.
    Wash: You do?
    Carolina: We weren't very close when we were in the project together, but... for some reason, I... feel... like I can count on you.
    Wash: I-
    Wash: ...Thanks, Carolina.
    • Wash promised Delta that he can meet the Alpha in exchange for helping him, something that Wash clarifies isn't a lie.
  • After everyone else is woken up, we finally see Wash make up with Carolina over what happened last season.
    Washington: You've-Your life Carolina, you've survived things that would've broken me. Broken anyone. Do you even know how far you've come? Carolina, you are so cool. I am So Proud of You, I'm always gonna be your friend.
  • Caboose is pissed that Genkins is possessing Church, as he's still processing the fact that Churchnote  died, and when he refuses to leave his body, Caboose beats the shit out of him to make him leave.
    • And even though it only happens for a few seconds and is done as part of a gag, it's nice hearing the real Church's voice again, however brief it was, after fears that he was Ret Goned by Genkins.
  • Huggins wasn't killed by the black hole. By some miracle, she survived.
  • As it happens, Doc also didn't die at the end of last season: he managed to survive falling off of the building.
    • Donut's big speech last in the previous episode wasn't enough to wake Doc; being indirectly reminding of his fight with Donut was. And it's Doc bringing up that fight, and how "fun" it was that gives Donut a much needed pick me up, since the others were giving him shit for bailing on them.
  • After Donut storms off following his mass chew out of the others, Wash makes a point of making everyone else, including Sarge, go apologize to Donut.
  • When Church (the real one rather than Genkins possessing him) is freaking out over everyone talking about time-travel in front of him, Caboose manages to quickly calm him down by telling him it will make more sense if he just goes to bed. Church is instantly calmed by this suggestion, probably thinking it is all just a bad dream, and walks off to get some sleep, with Caboose wishing him a good night. It is a small moment, but Caboose having a quick interaction with the real Church, his best friend, and managing to instantly calm him down instead of driving him insane like he usually does is very sweet.
  • Grif is shown to be really worried when Genkins implies that he killed Huggins. When Grif reunites with Huggins when Donut is teaching everyone how to time travel, Grif is overjoyed to see her again. He doesn't even get mad when she berates him for breaking the timeline, simply saying that he missed her. He also is very sincere and grateful when she and Caboose manage to find all the paradoxes in time, making it so they don't need to relive their entire lives again (as he puts it, saving them "so much bullshit") and apologizes for breaking time. Though it is clear Huggins is mad at him and everyone else for what they did, she at least ends the conversation on a happy note, telling Grif "No pressure. Love you!" before leaving.
  • Granted, this was a last ditch effort to create an anachronism before Grif blew him up, but even Genkins realizes how fucked up the situation with the Director and Alpha is, even flat out stating him creating Tex was equivocal to creating a body pillow, and all the Director accomplished in his obsession was the death and suffering of several hundred innocent people.
  • After Tucker ensures that the Reds and Blues still lose the battle at Crash Site Bravo, Genkins hijacks his armor's AI module while he's talking with Felix. Despite Genkins' attempts at getting him to kill Felix (thus creating another paradox), Tucker stands firm and drives him off.
    Genkins: ...Kill him.
    Tucker: Who said that?
    Genkins: Kill him before he betrays you all...!
    Tucker: Where are you!?
    Genkins: Your armor's AI module, but, that's not important. Picture it-
    Tucker: Get out!
    Genkins: Your sword sliding between his ribs, finding his black heart! Why not indulge your desires before time crumbles around you?
    Tucker: It won't, because Donut has a plan, and I'm sticking to it!
    Genkins: (laughing) Donut? A plan by Donut will surely lead us to victory!(laughingly snorts)
    Tucker: This was one of the worst moments of my life, but it reminded me of something. I became a leader on Chorus, and since we left it, I've been trying to act how I thought a leader should: cool, macho, totally self-confident... but somehow, I forgot that I wasn't any of those things while I was actually leading. I was scared all the time, constantly second-guessing myself, but when shit got bad, I was the one to step up and make a decision. That's all it is, and right now, Donut's doing a better job at that than anyone. So yeah, I've got faith. What have you got?
    Genkins: (angry) Urgh...! This isn't over...
    • And right when you think he was just saying all those things to discourage Genkins, he meets up with Donut at the rendezvous point just as Sarge indirectly mentions how he screwed up and created a paradox.
      Donut: Oh, dear... maybe I haven't done a good enough job explaining.
      Tucker: Hey, you're doing great, man.
      Donut: Uh... really?
      Tucker: Yeah! I think I could re-learn a thing or two from you.
      Donut: (genuinely elated) Wow! I-I don't know about all that-
      Tucker: Just take the compliment, you angsty bitch.
      Donut: ...Okay.
  • Wash and Carolina share a quiet moment together. There aren't any paradoxes for them to fix, Wash just wanted to have one more moment with her, since the only paradox left is the first one, the one where he gets injured. Carolina feels like he is saying goodbye to her, but Wash assures her he isn't, saying his condition will be manageable, showing he accepts having brain damage and truly holds no grudge against Carolina anymore. Before they leave, Wash tells Carolina he loves her, and she says she loves him too.
  • Just as Wash is about to sacrifice himself to fix the timeline, Genkins makes it so he doesn't get shot. Not knowing what's going on, Locus pulls Wash out of harm's way.
    Wash: Uh... trying to get shot?
  • In a minor moment, when Wash pretends that his gun is jammed to get away from the Past versions of the Reds and Blues and rejoin his own group, the Past version of Sarge asks him if he wants to borrow one of his shotguns. Considering how much Sarge loves his shotguns that speaks volumes for how much he considers Wash his friend. Then, doubling as a funny moment, when Wash says he plans to pry the chain-gun off a Pelican instead, Sarge walks off with a chuckle while saying "If he's single there's no hope for any of us," in a clearly impressed tone.
  • Grif and Sister's moment inside the latter's Labyrinth-induced illusion is nothing short of heartwarming, with both coming to terms with the events that caused the destruction of their home, as well as their initial separation before Sister joined the Blood Gulch Crew. It's a moment that gives both characters further development beyond what they'd already received in previous seasons, and serves as a reminder that, despite their bickering and disagreements, Dexter and Kaikaina are still siblings who deeply care for one another.
    (Grif shoots his false self in the back of the head, ending Kaikaina's illusion)
    Grif: ..Stupid fucking labyrinth.
    Kaikaina: Up yours, stupid labyrinth.
    Grif: (softly) There you go.
  • Combined with Tear Jerker, all of the Reds and Blues going with Wash to his injury so that he won't suffer through it alone.
    Donut: (grimly) ...Only one paradox left to go.
    Wash: ...I'm ready.
    Carolina: (concerned) Wash...
    Wash: (firmly) It's okay. (turns to the rest of the Reds and Blues) Hey guys, I don't want to be alone. Will you uh... Can you all... be there with me? In Temple's base, when I... get... hurt again...?
    Carolina: (without missing a beat) You got it.
    Donut: We got you.
    Grif: 100%.
    Doc: We'll be there.
    Sarge: For you? Absolutely.
    Tucker: Of course.
    Simmons: I'll bring the Band-Aids.
    Kaikaina: For sure.
    Caboose: As long as it's not Tuesday between 1 and 12.
    Carolina: I'll be there so hard, there'll be two of me.
    Wash: (chuckles) Thanks.
  • A subtle one, but the Blood Gulch Crew all expressing genuine sadness over Lopez's disappearance through the black hole at the end of the season, and them all exclaiming in surprised joy when he walks back into the waiting room they're in.
    • Additionally, there's Grif and Kaikaina supporting Donut in his desire to go and explore the universe on his own for a while to recover after all of the hellish trauma he's gone through in The Shisno Paradox and Singularity.


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