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The Sacred Knights of the GUAG are a group of warriors dedicated to leading the GUAG into victory. Its founder, Artix von Krieger, assembled some of the greatest warriors of Good to defend against the threats of evil. So far, they are not asking for recruits, but there may be times where they might need soldiers to hold the fort while they're away. Even if their appearance look... "outdated" compared to tech experts, gunslingers and giant robot pilots out there, their chivalries are unmatched, and they may even be a match of some of the modern fighters out there.

Although unfortunate, there was also one they would consider one of their great champions... Oersted the Knight. However, for this one member, circumstances went a bit too far and made him snap as he left the Order and became the God of Evil by Expectance, Odio, and opposes the whole GUAG. Even so, the Knights kept a memento deep within their halls of their fond memories of Oersted before his turn to the dark side.

Another knight that has been in remembrance to the group is none other than Artorias, the Abysswalker. Once a former man, now (somewhat) turned into a monstrosity of unknown power. The knights have prayed that despite losing the inhuman control he had, he may still live in peace.

Each member are given their own personal Chocobo who are customize to their owners own personal taste (the only rule is that the amount of pink is to be limited due to Artix's irrational fear of that color).

Founder of the Sacred Knights

Artix Von Krieger, God of Paladins (Undead Slayer, The Champion of Darkness, Adam Bohn)
  • Greater God (potential Overdeity if he taps into his true power)
  • Symbol: The Blinding Light of Destiny surrounded by a multitude of Soul Orbs.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reasons for Knighthood:
    • Artix has fought hundreds of undead, all for the sake of freeing their souls from the forces of evil. With every undead he destroys, he obtains another spirit orb that grants him his mighty power.
    • He also knows about fighting darkness because, in his home world he's actually their champion, rather than being the champion of light as it was assumed. He swears to only fight on the side of good and to never use his weapon for evil.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High. Cosmos also expresses concerns with how Melkor treats the undead troops and helps guide them into a peaceful afterlife.
  • Threat level to Melkor: EXTREMELY high. Artix's power to gather spirit orbs from each undead he kills can be used to create the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Orbs, capable of destroying undead overlords with one swoop (and he's created two in the past). Moreover, all souls that he's freed can not be enslaved again, no matter how powerful the enslaver. Plus, he has the ability to use his own shadow—which can turn into a large dragon—as a weapon to pin down oversized enemies. There's a reason why he turned down the offer to become an Overdeity.

Order of the Sacred Knights

Artoria Pendragon, Goddess of Female Kings (Saber, Saber Lily, King Arthur, The King of Knights, Saber Alter, The Princess of Knights, Lancer, The Lion King, Archer, The Once and Forever King)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Excalbur with an Ahoge in the background.
  • Alignment: Originally Lawful Good, veering towards Neutral Good
  • Reason for Joining: To finally try to be a good king, which means defending/caring about the common folk/innocent as well as fighting evil on principle
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Cosmos told her not to beat herself up over her past failings, and simply do her utmost to do better this around, and has promised to give her plenty of reminders on what to do just in case. In response, Saber's loyalty is pretty good.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Very High. Not only is she a master swordsman, but she posess Excalibur can can fire a giant energy beam slash. She also owns Avalon which can block projectiles and gives her a high Healing Factor.

King Arthur Pendragon, Patron God of Chivalric Romance and Benevolent Kings (King Arthur, Wart, The Once and Future King, Prototype Saber, Prototype Saber Alter, Holy Knight Artorius, Holy Knight King Artorius, Divine Holy Knight King Artorius, Noble Knight Artorigus, Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights, Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus, The Black Knight)

  • Symbol: The Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone, sometime as one sword
  • Intermediate God normally, Greater God as Saber and Saber Alter
  • Alignment: Ranging from Lawful Good to Neutral Good
  • Reason for joining: To continue to bring justice and goodness to everywhere in his new home.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very high. Cosmos gave him another chance to protect goodness, something he doesn't think even possible after the fall of Camelot.
  • Threat level to Melkor: Very high. Not only being the owner of Excalibur, he is also a master swordsman and a VERY popular figure, allows him to rally and inspire goodness in other people and soldiers. Not to mention he is the leader of the newly reform Knights of the Round Table.

Sir Lancelot, God of The Battle Frenzy (Launcelot, Lancelot of the Lake, Lancelot du Lac, Sir Lancelot The Brave, Berserker)

Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind, Heralds of the Active Time Battle System

  • Intermediate and Lesser God
  • Symbol: Their main weapons, crossed together
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Joining:
    • Cecil: As a Paladin, it is his duty to serve good and keeping control of where Darkness will be considered Evil or Not Evil.
    • Kain: To finally fight on the good side from start to finish, thus showing other Gods that just because he switches sides a lot, doesn't mean he LIKES IT.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos:
    • Cecil: High. He was always loyal to her to start with.
    • Kain: Loyalty to Cosmos: High. Cosmos never believed that he just loves switching sides for the heck of it and entrusted him as a true force of goodness.
  • Threat Level to Melkor:
    • Cecil: High. As one of Cosmos' fellow soldiers, and his ability to combine Light And Darkness (and not very squishy either), Cecil is a force to be reckoned with.
    • Kain: Medium. While he doesn't have fancy moves or such, his will has become indomitable that he cannot be truly swayed to the other side. In recent years, he also has achieved the power of a Holy Dragoon, thus his level has reached Medium-High. And on occasions that he switches sides, he usually ends up as The Mole.

Siegfried Schtauffen, God of Angsting Over Terrible Sins (Azure Knight, Nightmare)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His default sword Requiem
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: Atoning for his sins and destroying Soul Edge once and for all.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Cosmos acknowledged his desire for atonement and forgave him for his past transgressions, so Siegfried is okay with her. But he still doesn't want her close to him.
  • Threat level to Melkor: Medium-High. He's certainly above normal fighters and sometimes he draws immense power from Soul Calibur. He's not that easy to manipulate either thanks to the past events.

Sophitia Alexandra, Goddess of Action Mothers (Sophie)

  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Omega Sword & Elk Shield
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: It was because of Cosmos she was free from the grasp of evil and she granted protection to her son Patroklos and promised to help her shatter the link between Pyrrha and Soul Edge. Plus, Cosmos stands for what Sophitia originally fought for: Goodness.
  • Reason for Joining: To protect her children and husband, regardless of the amount of flak they have received (most of those inflicting Die for Our Ship to Rothion lies in the GUAE), especially to ensure that her tragedy of Pelagian Villain would not be repeated to anyone.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Supposedly low due to her dependance on children. However, with Cosmos supporting that weakness, Sophitia is on Medium level. While just a normal human, she's blessed with holy powers, now powered with Cosmos too.

Ramza Beoulve, God of Unfairly-Punished Heroism

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A medieval white lion facing to the right
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Reason for Knighhood: He's had it bad and Melkor is making more heroes get punished for noble heroism. Ramza decides to put an end to this and make sure that goodness NEVER gets punished harshly.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Cosmos never believed all those vindications on him and was the one to elevate him to the Pantheon in the first place. Ramza is grateful, even though he's not part of her main knights.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: High. He's a mighty squire that kills Gods. What do you mean it's not dangerous?

Zuko, God of Turning Good from Moral Ambiguity (The Blue Spirit, Lee, Fire Lord Zuko)

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation crest
  • Alignment: All over the map, but finally settled on Neutral Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: To convince his former co-God of Anti Villians, Victor Fries, that it isn't too late to turn away from evil.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Fairly high. She promised to help him rebuild the Fire Nation as a force of good.
  • Threat To Melkor: Medium. He's a powerful fighter and manipulator of flames. His time as the Blue Spirit shows that he is capable of using stealth when need-be though.

Ky Kiske, God of Chivalry (King of Illyria, Holy Knight)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Thunderseal and his Magnolia Eclair II crossed over
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: Preserving righteousness since it's his job, as well as taking down MANY GUAE members that has been proven irredeemable.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very High. If Cosmos stands for uncorrupted justice, Ky's loyalty is eternally confirmed.
  • Threat level to Melkor: Medium. While he is a powerful fighter, Melkor considers him 'too predictable', and thus an easy manipulation target.

Link, God of Diversified Weaponry and Eternal Heroes (The Hero of Time, The Hero of Winds, The Hero of Twilight, The Hero of Legend, The Hero of Hyrule, The Hero of The Wild, Fairy Boy, Hero's Shade)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Triforce of Courage
  • Alignment: Varying with each incarnation, but always Good.
  • Reason for joining: Because destiny said so. For all eleven of them.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Varies with each incarnation, but almost always moderate to high.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Placed fairly high due to the long list of super-powerful evils Link has vanquished.

Hakumen, God of Hero Antagonists (The White Void, The Cold Steel, The Just Sword, Jin Kisaragi, The White Susano'o, Masked Freak)

  • Greater God, Theoretically borderline Overdeity once he's at full power
  • Symbol: His Nox Nyctores, Ookami, surrounded by eight Magatama on hid emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: As an act of atonement for his crimes as Jin Kisaragi. Another reason is that... He is the White Void. He is the Cold Steel. He is the Just Sword. With blade in hand shall he reap the GUAE of this Pantheon and cleanse it in the fires of destruction! He is Hakumen! The end has come! For the GUAE!
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Cosmos is the only person Hakumen won't be a dick to. They go way back.
  • Threat level to Melkor: Very High. He destroyed the Black Beast and Yuuki Terumi, that put him high enough on the threat list.

Shovel Knight, God of the Shovel Strike

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His trusty Shovel Blade
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: To smite the evil Enchantress who kidnapped his love.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Cosmos sides with his quest to save his beloved and is interested in how he wields his Shovel Blade. And now that he has completed his quest, he can now support the GUAG full-time. For Shovelry!
  • Threat level to Melkor: Medium. He's pretty skilled with a shovel. This has since increased to High due to all the magic artifacts he has gathered throughout his adventure. Also, the fact that Kratos deemed him a Worthy Opponent says something about his abilities.

Warrior of Light, God of Champions

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A blue crystal
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: Warrior of Light was amazed at Artix's light abilities even after learning of Artix's origins, and joined to learn more of Artix's fighting skills.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: EXTREMELY HIGH. The Warrior of Light is forever loyal to Cosmos.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: High. Nothing will stand in his way against the protection of Cosmos.

Marth, God of Warrior Princes and Cameo Debuts

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword Falchion
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: Marth has succeeded multiple times in leading armies against evil, thus making him an invaluable asset.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High, Marth isn't very familiar with Cosmos, but will do his best to protect innocent lives
  • Threat Level to Melkor: High. His weapon of choice, Falchion, is carved from the fang of Naga, the leader of the Divine Dragons, and such is a major danger to the dragons in the GUAE.

Sir Daniel Fortesque, God of Unbreakable Eyes (Sir Dan, The Hero of Gallowmere, Target-Face, The Hero Searching For His Legend, A Knight In Search Of His Legend)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The skull emblem on his shield.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: Artix was impressed by Dan's ability to keep himself safe from dark magics and his own undead smiting ability, and allowed him to join.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Medium. Sir Dan might seem goofy, but his wildly anachronistic arsenal, ranging from swords and magical canes to a Gatling Gun, and his ability to destroy centuries-old sorcerers and hordes of mooks with relative ease (and the help of his infamous fried drumsticks give him quite an edge.) Not to mention he can take down enemies several hundred years ahead of his time, as Colonel Radec will attest. It also bears mentioning that while he most likely can't beat them, Sir Daniel has been known to rumble on even footing with much more powerful gods than himself, including Kratos, Sweet Tooth, and Heihachi Mishima. Melkor is considering upping his threat level.

Arthur, God of Underwear With Unlikely Motifs

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Knight Armor with a strawberry-print underwear nearby
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: There are demons needed to be slain, especially since Firebrand is in the Pantheon. Is respected for being one of the original demon hunters (Dante gives him credit), and that was enough to get his invitation.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High. She's a proper lady, and it's a knight's job to protect fair ladies.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: High. Arthur is so relentless to go after his prey even if he has to get down to his underwear (which has happened many times). Being one of the only Gods to defeat Firebrand also helps. His armor can only take one hit, but it doesn't matter how powerful it is. Melkor looked in horror when he learned how he survived a megaton explosion in a Heroic Sacrifice and was shown right as rain in his underwear seconds later.

Lucina, Goddess of Future Children ("Marth", Foreseer, Warrior from a Doomed Future, Defiant of Destiny, Future Witness)

  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The brand of the Exalt, or her Parallel Falchion
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for Knighthood: In addition to being recommended here by her ancestor Marth, she earned recognition for leading her people against the terror of Grima and his Risen army in a Bad Future, plus being one of those directly responsible for his fall in their homeworld.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High. Cosmos reminds her much of The Divine Dragon Naga.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Very High, as just like Marth, her Falchion is one of the only weapons capable of defeating Grima, one of the GUAE's major allies and dangerous warriors.

Erza Scarlet, Goddess of Superfast Equipping (Titania, Armor Girl, The Seventh Guild Master)

  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater God when wearing Amadura Fairy or the Nakagami Armor)
  • Alignment: Tries to be Lawful Good but mostly ends up as Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: Her Heart Kruez Armor and Scarlet Hair
  • Reason For Knighthood: Her combat prowess is unmatched as she single-handedly defeat 100 knights by herself. Her resume only gets more prolific from there.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High. She respects Cosmos' desire to protect and immediately assist her when needed.
  • Threat Level to the Melkor: Very High, as she single-handedly defeated 100 demons some of which who were personally selected by Melkor. Harming those she considers her nakama and/or her guildmates will only boost her fighting prowess up.

Astolfo, GOD of Excited Young Males (Rider of Black, The Twelfth Paladin of Charlemagne)

  • Lesser GOD
  • Symbol: HIS La Black Luna horn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Reason For Knighthood: For his tendency to help anyone who is in need even if he doesn't know them. Also for his possession of multiple magical items that could turn the tides of any battle.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High. Adores Cosmos very much and would go into battle for her any time.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Medium. While his magical items are not overly powerful, they can hinder any foe. This is especially true with his Black Luna which can paralyze people with fear and instantly destroy any mooks.

Gabriel Belmont, God of Evil Born From Love (The Dragon, Dracul, The Prince of Darkness, The Lord of Shadow, The Lord of Evil, Lord of Castlevania, Dracula, The Evil One, God's Chosen One, Inner Dracula, Behnard Castle)

  • Greater God, Overdeity while channeling the holy fury of God
  • Symbol: A Dragon made of smoke. Alternatively, a burning Golden Cross
  • Alignment: Borderline Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good post Lords of Shadows 2. Formerly Neutral Good.
  • Reason for Knighthood: After the Patheonic Rebellion, Alucard (Trevor Belmont) tried to convince him, his father, to join up with Cosmos's army. Despite feeling extremely uncomfortable fighting alongside the forces of good once again, he gave in to his son's request, expecting to be put in the Token Evil Teammate unit. To his extreme surprise (and frustration), Cosmos asked Artix to accept the vampire into the ranks of the Sacred Knights. Both the paladin and Cosmos know that, deep down, Gabriel is still the noble soul he once was, and despite his hatred of it, fights to protect the world for selfless reasons, which more then qualifies him for knighthood. It helps he once belonged to a knightly organization, The Brotherhood of Light.
    • Besides his inner good, the main reason he was allowed to join was his powerful holy abilities able to overwhelm a skilled paladin's holy magic with his own. To the extent he can channel the full might of God.
    • Due to previous conflict with the Magical Girl Sisterhood, he's strictly prohibited from interacting with Puella Magi and going to the Magical Girl division. He openly visits Homura in the GUAC though.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Low. Gabriel has a rather low opinion of her, seeing her as nothing more then an aspect of his own god, which in his eyes betrayed him. However, he does have a small measure of loyalty to her, because his son, Alucard, vouches for her. And even if he didn't, he freely acknowledges that she is a far better option than Melkor, YHVH, or Lucifer by a TREMENDOUS margin.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Extreme. Not only is Gabriel, extremely powerful (being practically a Physical God in his world, let alone his power after he ascended), Feared by all, he wields the Vampire Killer, one of the only weapons that can permanently kill beings at an Overdeity level.

Dante Alighieri, God of Those who go to Hell and Return (Durante degli Alighieri, il Sommo Poeta (The Surpeme Poet), The Father of the Italian language)

  • Intermediate God (Greater God when invoking the powers of Divine Armor and Redemption)
  • Symbol: The Divine Comedy beside the Red Cross of the Crusaders
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with shades of Neutral Good)
  • Reason for Knighthood: As a Holy crusader who has traversed through the Nine Circles of Hell and successfully returned, he is a powerful warrior who has offered his services to Cosmos on behalf of God as a way of continuing to atone for past sins. His expertise in both Holy and Unholy powers also grants him versatility and power rarely utilized by others. He is particularly committed to fighting the GUAL and GUAE, as he considers YHVH a black-hearted mockery of the true Christian God, and the GUAE for rather obvious reasons (one of the most prevalent being Satan).
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Medium-High. He recognizes her as a primary force of good and will gladly serve her (especially since his ally Gabriel Belmont is doing the same), but if he receives a command from the Christian God, His orders will take priority over Cosmos'.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: High. He is a skilled warrior whose strength has only increased thanks to his Scythe and Holy Cross, and he has a very impressive track record of killing many demons during his travels through Hell. Not to mention the fact that he has dueled with Satan, one of the GUAE's most powerful entities, and emerged victorious. Jumps to Very High when invoking the powers of Divine Armor and Redemption, as he becomes an unstoppable force who can duel and possibly even defeat beings supposedly more powerful than himself.

Uther The Lightbringer, God of Cool-Sounding Surnames (Uther Lightbringer, The Lightbringer, Lord Uther, Sir Uther, the First paladin, Grand Master of the Silver Hand, Uther the Painbringer, Arthur Light)

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Trusty Hammer and a book he always carries.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason for knighthood: He one of the first Paladins to exist in his world. And as such, he has become a powerful knight in his own right. Jaina also told Artix to recruit Uther seeing as his capabilities are to be used for the good.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: As the embodiment of good, Uther respects her to an extreme aspect. Seeing as the only salvation for the Light and good-aligned deities in general.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: HIGH to VERY HIGH. Uther himself is a powerful knight in his own right, capable of using a large array of spells, swords and even a large amount of followers in his disposal. What makes it harder to face Uther is that he always has the support from The Light. The only way one can kill Uther is by calling a certain Lich King.

Knight Gundam, Paragon of Heroic Second Winds (Sir Knight, Naito Gundamu, Medieval Gundam, THAT %&$!ING GUNDAM)

  • Rank: Lesser God in standard form, Intermediate God in Full Armor mode, power level unknown when in Superior Dragon form (possible Overdiety)
  • Symbol: His sword, his shield, or an outline of his head
  • Alignment: Neutral Good personified
  • Reason for Knighthood: He is literally all that is good within a person's soul, so it just made sense for him to join, and he believes that it is the best way to protect Madoka, his queen.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High, due to his nature.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Very high to EXTREME. He is also in the GUAG Gundam Division, so he will be faced in two different types of battles, unlike most other deities. Also, due to him being the god of Heroic Second Winds, he will never give up.
    • He has also shown an ability to negate magic in this form, interrupting a spell meant to kill him.

Undyne, The Goddess Who Takes On Any Challenge (Captain of the Royal Guard, strongfish91, The Brave Heroine Who NEVER Gives Up, The Heroine, Undyne The Undying)

  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Godess as "The Undying")
  • Symbol: Her spear
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Good and Neutral Good
  • Reason For Knighthood:
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High. She's just in this for the challenge, but she has a special animosity for those who kill just because they can. Also because Asgore, her King, is in the GUAG as well.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: High. Undyne is one of the most determined fighters around, and the fact that her attacks can pass through armor and straight to the SOUL helps too. Jumps up to Very High as The Undying, where her attacks are stronger and faster.

Papyrus, Co-Patron Saint of Typeface Speech (The Great Papyrus, CoolSkeleton95, Pap, Papy, that very famous Royal Guardsman, Unparalleled Spaghettore, Head of the Royal Guard)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A plate of spaghetti; alternatively, his face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Reason For Knighthood:
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very High. His unlimited compassion and pure heart will not let him sway to evil.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Low-Medium. Papyrus would rather not fight at all, even when he's (about to be) cut down. However, when he sets his mind to it, or even if he's just tasked in capturing someone, he can actually be quite difficult. He never goes for the kill, though, and his niceness can actually waver the resolve of lesser evil deities.

Shield Knight, Goddess Of Powerful Beings Who Need Rescuing

  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her shield
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Reason For Knighthood: To join Shovel Knight.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very High.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Medium-High.

Alternative Title(s): GUAG Five Sacred Knights