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Greater Gods

Chaac, God of Nurturing Rain
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Chaaccaa, his thunder axe with a drizzling raincloud overhead
  • Theme Song: Mayan Lobby
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mayincatec, Happy Rain, Shock and Awe, An Axe to Grind He Calls Chaaccaa, Boisterous Lightning Bruiser, The Ahnold, The Atoner
  • Domains: Rain, Maya Culture, Axes, Humility
  • Allies: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Katara, Ororo Monroe/Storm, Juvia Lockser, The Farmer, Johnny Appleseed, Ragna the Bloodedge, Motochika Chokosabe, Ira Gamagoori, Thrall
  • Rivals: Zeus, Thor, Kotal Kahn, Mogul "Axe" Khan, Grommash Hellscream
  • Enemies: Ogre, the Pillar Men (Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana), Famine the Horseman, Shao Kahn, Dio Brando, Nyarlathotep, Arthas Menethil, Garrosh Hellscream, Calypso
  • Confliction Opinion on: Raiden, Aphrodite, Jason Voorhees, Rick Taylor and the Terror Mask
  • Chaac's arrival to the Pantheon was greeted like all his entrances: With a light rainfall. However, instead of making the welcoming party a disaster, Chaac's rain was calming and soothing, reflecting his nurturing nature. Of course, Pinkie Pie would have preferred the raindrops being made of chocolate.
  • Chaac and his rain is the joy of all farming and plant-based gods. The Farmer and Johnny Appleseed claim their respective crops and apple trees grow more under the influence. Chaac himself is firmly devoted to helping his fellow gods and mankind in order to culviate the land and help their food grow. Naturally, this has made him an enemy with Famine the Horseman, who wants nothing more than to starve the Pantheon and the entire multiverse so he could then gather all their souls for consumption.
  • Even though he was personally responsible for the upbringing of the Maya people giving them maize and the ability to farm, he has no pride in his work and retains an aura of humility. It's that humility which reflects itself in his rain. Some have wondered if there was something in his past which caused him to be that way.
    • It was eventually confiding in fellow weather/water deities Storm and Katara that Chaac was finally able to confess his shameful event: After helping the Maya people, he grew drunk with pride and had a secret affair with the wife of his brother, the Sun God, who he lusted after. Eventually the affair was discovered, he abandoned the affair only to learn that the trust between the brothers was irreversiby shattered and Chaac felt intense remorse which his tears of regret were channeled in his rain and atoning ever since. This confession has placed him in a more sympathetic light and both goddesses agreed to help him if he ever needs aid.
    • Aphrodite eventually learned of his past, and confessed to him her own shortcomings and insecurities. Unfortunately, what good bond of friendship could have formed between the two of them was sharply cut when she tried then to bed down with him and he left in disgust. Being responsible for one broken relation between families was enough for him.
    • He had slightly better luck with water deity Juvie Lockser as she already heard about him from Katara. Even though she is still smitten with Gray, he knows all too well the power of falling in love.
  • Despite being primarily a rain god, he also can tap into the electric power of lightning, channeled through the use of his mighty Thunder Axe known as Chaaccaa. Thus, this makes him one of the few gods who is able to channel electricity through water without any adverse effects (unless of course, the electricity comes from another source other than his own). Bets are pouring in as to which electrifying weapon would be mightier: his Chaaccaa or Thor's Mjölnir.
  • Although he has Mayincatec roots, he has little to no respect for many similar-motif deities as they are all murderers (Ogre, Ahau Kin) or with delusions of grandeur (the Pillar Men). The only god he respects is Kotal Kahn who is a proud warrior despite his insatiable bloodlust.
    • The two eventually faced off once within Kotal's hometurf in the Kuatan Jungle. At first, the two were evenly matched until Kotal used his Blood God Totems to increase his offense while sapping Chaac's energy to refuel the lost health. The Rain God was on the ropes until he called forth the native rain with his Rain Dance which not just healed him but slowed Kotal as the ground around him turned to a muddy gunk. Chaac then used his second wind to end the fight as he slammed Chaaccaa down with Storm Call, sending the Outworld Emperor into the air to be dealt the finishing blow with a Thunder Strike throw. After the fight ended, the Emperor agreed the Rain God had some skill but the next time they fight, he will be the victor. Chaac merely nodded and replied he would be ready.
  • Another rival, though more good-natured, is with Mogul the Axe. Axe himself is slightly jealous of Chaaccaa's size, but claims Axe is much stronger. Chaac admits, despite his humility, that he hopes to put his Thunder Strike against his Culling Blade someday.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually learned of his life and wished to someday be able to direct a film based on Chaac's legacy in the mortal plane with himself in the title role. The rain god himself was unsure what to think since he really did not want to see someone relive his shameful affair, but for some reason agreed Schwarzenegger would be best suited to play him for some mysterious reason.
  • Chaac may have a similar vocal intonation of Schwarzenegger, but when he tries speaking in different intonations, he sounds just like Ragna the Bloodedge, Motochika Chokosabe, and Ira Gamagoori. He remains in good relations with all three.
  • He has an interesting relation with the Hellscream faction in the Pantheon. With Garrosh, he too is upset at hearing a similar voice from him and is disgusted with his actions. With Grommash, however, he considers him a good rival and wishes to one day challenge him in the field of battle putting both their axes to the test, although for now he does try and help him find a way to keep his screams under control.
    • It was Gromm who introduced Chaac to Thrall. He made quite an impression on the rain god who originally thought all orcs were blood-thirsty warriors (Thrall didn't take offense to the opinion). Not only did both agree on their mutual assessment of Garrosh, but Chaac saw in Thrall the kind of warrior the Maya people would rally around and he swore he would help him if he ever needed help, even if it meant going up against Gul'dan.
  • To the shock of many, Chaac actually wore an outfit and mask similar to those worn by either Jason Voorhees or Rick Taylor under the influence of the Terror Mask. Jason, as always, was silent as he cocked his head in confusion. Rick felt a chill run down his spine and the Mask itself said it was a good likeness and hoped someday Rick would wield an axe as huge as the one Chaac held while in the costume.
    • Even more shocking, Tiny Tina and the Crimson Raiders claim hearing Chaac speak from behind his mask is dead-on similar to Krieg, one of the Raiders' heralds.
  • Pinkie Pie wished Chaac would be able to create chocolate rain. Unfortunately, she happened to make the wish with Calypso nearby who asked if she really wanted that wish coming true. She innocently nodded and Calypso granted it... by turning Chaac into a giant anthropomorphic chocolate bunny. "Chaacolate" was very unhappy about this, and more so with several chocolate lovers like Kero and Mello(not knowing it was really the God of Rain) began to chase after him thinking him to be a giant snack and lost one of his chocolate ears to them in the process. Only by hiding in Vanellope's temple and entering Sugar Rush was he safe. Eventually, the Machine managed to find Genie and informed him of this curse and the jovial blue guy was able to return Chaac to normal, including the ear he lost. From then on, Pinkie Pie had to watch her wishes and Chaac added Calypso to his list of enemies.

Intermediate Gods

    Enya Geil 
Enya Geil, Goddess of Deadly Fog (Enya, Enya the Hag, Enyaba)

    Rainbow Dash 
Rainbow Dash, Goddess of Rainbows and Multicolored Hair (Dashie, Dashie-kins, RD, Rainbow Crashnote , Zapp, Rainbow Wobble, Captain Awesome, Dynamic Dash, Forthright Filly, Reading Rainboom, Blue Begonia, Miss Dash 'Bow, Dashinator)
Rainbow in the Distant Finale 

    Sea King 
Deep Sea King, God of Rain Conflicts (Sea King, King of the Seas)
Pissed Mode 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when doused with water).
  • Symbol: His crown
  • Theme Song: Deep Sea King
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Blood, The Strongest Seafolk and the leader of such race, Cool Crown, Healing Factor, Lightning Bruiser, Overly Long Tongue, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Slasher Smile, To Serve Man, The first threatening villain to appear
  • Domains: Water, Seafolk, Royalty, Invasions
  • Heralds: The Seafolk
  • Allies: Poseidon, Davy Jones, The Kraken, Orca, Bruce the Shark, Kyogre, Orm Marius, Murky, Dagon
  • Rivals: Chaac
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Groudon and Rayquaza
  • Interested in: Yoshino, Juvia Lockser, Hina Amano
  • VERY interested in: Ruto
  • Worthy Opponent: Jotaro Kujo, Kenshiro, Undyne
  • The Deep Sea King is the ruler of the Seafolk, creatures that inhabit the depths of the ocean and that one day decided to invade the surface. His rampage was one down in the history books as he easily dispatched several S-class heroes and nearly killed them all. This power is a result of Sea King having increased his strength tremendously when doused with water (aptly called Pissed Mode). Before he could start slaughtering humans from left to right, those what he would call pesky heroes did their best to stop him with one particular Mumen Rider giving it his all to fight them despite having no powers of his own and all hits he would do are annoyances at best. That was until Saitama arrived and solved the problem in one hit... again. Though that punch completely killed Sea King, his story does not end in the Pantheon where he ascended still at that same post given before he died. He was explained where he was and what happened and Sea King was in disbelief he was beaten so easily when nothing harmed him prior. It infuriated him that he could not request to go back and finish his conquest but the Court of the Gods invited Saitama to more or less prove that Sea King never had a chance even when given a rain cloud atop of himself to be at maximum power. Deep Sea King was about to deliver a punch to Saitama... only to have his fist completely broken upon impact. Saitama then showcased HIS power and needless to say, Sea King came back to find himself splattered across the floor. He had to clean that up under orders by the Court and more or less learned that doing another invasion would just get him Saitama again.
    Saitama: He was that giant walking sushi in the rain? Damn, now I'm hungry for it. Gotta find a coupon or a discount online...
  • Sea King was incredibly pissed that so many humans were in the Pantheon when he sees the Seafolk ought to be the ones who fill the place out. Most self-deprecating humans in the Pantheon would agree that a bunch of ugly fish is a perfect place for the gods. Aquaman who rules life across the oceans tried making Sea King stop spouting a bunch of anti-human sentiments that nobody cares for. Sea King though was even more pissed over Atlanteans appearing mostly human too and started spouting anti-Atlantean propaganda too. Hating all humans is acceptable within society though singling out culture is not. Aquaman proceeded to take on Sea King who was expected to win due to Sea King being physically stronger than the royal when water comes into the picture—a constant boon for Sea King if he was fighting on his turf or Aquaman's. However, little did Sea King know of Aquaman's telepathic abilities that ruptured his mind as Aquaman proceeded to decimate Sea King at combat. Sea King was seen being stomped on by Arthur who stated that whatever telekinesis would be way worst if Sea King were to be racist again. It was a lie and though Aquaman could not do something like melt a marine animal's mind, Sea King took it seriously. It was then that a bummed Sea King was approached by Orm who is the brother of his humiliator. Orm stated that he and the crew he assembled that consists of Davy Jones, the Kraken, and Murky to flood the Pantheon to take it from the humans who dwelled there. Sea King initially refused the offer as he does not want to be under a being who especially looks too human for his good, but then Orm offered to at least be the second in command of the forces due to how influential Sea King was. Plus when they won, they could worry about territory after they wiped off all the humans. Giving it some good thought, Sea King gave in. He is sure Orm would betray him sooner or later once the dust settles and is hoping to do that too. Deep Sea King will soon become what he would crown himself as Abyss Sea God if that title has no been taken.
  • Chaac generally does not like Sea King for using the rainwater he provides to the Pantheon to give himself a boost. Water is a tool that can be used to restore life or end it but Sea King absorbing it all for himself proved to be a peeve for him. Sea King uses rain's life-giving properties selfishly on himself to bring more death was such a contradiction to the god that he went to Sea King to have it explained how he could do such things. Sea King then proceeded to punch Chaac with everything he had and Chaac was generally surprised that he was harmed by a fish man with pasties despite his divinity. Chaac and Sea King proceeded to fight and surprisingly, both laid on the ground exhausted with no winner. Since both deities are at their full strength whenever they fight, a building can be expected to drop.
  • Though he is the ruler of the Seafolk, he does get around well enough with those who look like fish but as shown with the Atlanteans, any intelligent fish person who looks much like a human is "not true Seafolk" in his eyes. This especially goes with mermaids and while are attractive with all of their elegant swimming and whatnot, the top half of them usually disgust him. This is ironic considering that Sea King himself seemingly has the most human body appearance of the Sea Folk when he is not wet. Ariel is disgusted by Sea King's biases and since she was the one who built the bridge between her kingdom and the humans. She is NOT going to have Sea King tear all of those relationships down.
  • Nami does not like Sea King since him trying to establish supremacy over humans reminds her of the Arlong pirates trying to take over her island as a way to showcase that they are superior to humans. Sea King has particularly been even more alarming to Jinbei who held similar beliefs until Fisher Tiger's final words caused him to reassess his Fishmen superiority complex. Sea King remains friendly to those who held the anti-human views that Fishmen had and deemed everyone open for human-Fishmen relationships traitors needless to say. Now Jinbei and Nami want Sea King's ambitions to fall on its face since the last time a person on Fishman Island went on that crusade, it nearly killed everybody there.
  • Has considered the prospect of kidnapping those who have the power to make it rain spontaneously no matter where they are. Such power on his side would surely make whatever endeavor he sets out to do a piece of cake when he is at maximum strength constantly. He first sought out Juvia who was most infamous for making it rain whenever she was in a bad mood. Granted, she has much better control over this thanks to finding the Power of Friendship though that might be a boon for Sea King. When cornering her and announcing his intentions to keep her, Juvia just told the Seafolk she was already taken and something along the lines of "You're Not My Type". After shaking the confusion away from himself, Sea King tried kidnapping her but Juvia was virtually untouchable to him thanks to being made of water. Frustrated over this, Sea King went to his plan B on kidnapping Yoshino who also had those same powers albeit somewhat less controlled over. Just before he was about to snatch her, Sea King was pounded into the ground by every police force in the Pantheon due to a giant naked man preying onto a young girl who did not look good no matter the reason. It took a while for Sea King to get out of jail without the pretenses that he was a sexual predator. He hopes trying to get Hina Amano next for his plan though the police are still watching him.
  • Completely despises both Groudon and Rayquaza for their ability to stop raining and replace it with whatever weather they chose which once undermined a fight Sea King had, causing his defeat. Although he is pretty chummy with Kyogre, whose presence allows Sea King to fight at maximum strength. Sea King now wants to aid Kyogre in defeating both Groudon and Rayquaza who he thinks is getting in his way when it comes to combat potential. He also wishes Kyogre to enact that apocalyptic event where it proceeds to the landmass and pull everything into the oceans. That will surely bring a new era for the Seafolk that they will all be great for.
  • Admires both the determination and strength of the fish woman known as Undyne, who has decided to challenge Sea King to a fight a handful of times thanks to hearing of his strength and his desire to destroy humans. Unfortunately for her, Sea King can No-Sell her water spears and even take advantage of them. Undyne was forced to use her Undying form to take him on which Sea King was impressed by due to how resilient she was when under it. That said, he managed to outmaneuver her thanks to his vaster speed every time though was surprised how much more reactionary she was at every succeeding match they had. Sea King is now sure that if he were not doused with water then he may fall to her attacks.
  • Crocodile is perhaps one of the few people that Sea King fears. It was a perfect raining time to revel in and then it all stopped, replaced by arid air and a gusty sandstorm. Sea King knew somebody was messing with the weather and went to the storm's epicenter. There was Crocodile who was having various weapons smuggled throughout the Pantheon though even he did not expect a Fishman in his eyes going towards him angrily. Sea King then jumped on Crocodile, clawing him with everything he has within him with the hope that the sandstorm with subsides. However, Crocodile was unaffected due to being a Logia Devil Fruit user so he was quite literally made of sand with only water can harming him. And it seemed like Sea King ran out of water. Crocodile proceeded to essentially torture Sea King with his powers and kicking him around until all the stuff was safely smuggled. When that was done, he mocked Sea King over not being able to do anything against him and said that he will let go of the sandstorm within a week or two.
    Crocodile: I suggest you get a nicely paid beach vacation, Fishman. If you can't fight without sipping on water, then your race is even weaker than I thought!
  • Sea King prefers to punch as rapidly as possible when fighting especially when in Pissed Mode. His speed and strength alone make him a master at this but there are few he saw rivaled him in that department. Upon hearing that Sea King was causing trouble throughout the Pantheon, Jotaro went to him and used Star Platinum to pummel the lights out of him like everybody else. Sea King was caught off guard since he could not see the Stand but was able to catch on and was able to match the blows himself despite it being invisible to him. Due to his Stand's weakened constitution, Jotaro had his knuckles start bleeding against Sea King's tougher fists though he pressed on. What resulted was Jotaro all bloodied with Sea King also equally bloodied since Star Platinum was quicker and landing hits. It was then both decided to call it a day but Jotaro asked if Sea King knew of dolphins and their eating habits. It took a while for Sea King to explain and Jotaro was satisfied with the answer. Another person that Sea King decided to match his fists against was Kenshiro who did not like hearing a bipedal sea creature was threatening innocents. Sea King thought he had the upper hand against Kenshiro after seeing how pathetic his punches are and like all foes Kenshiro faces, he soon regretted it once Kenshiro told him that he was already dead. Another bloody floor that Sea King had to mop and another foe that he acknowledged.
  • Clearly is attracted to the Zora Princess herself, as unlike mermaids she does not have a "human" element to her appearance yet has a similar humanoid physique he can appreciate. He desires Ruto to be his queen when ruling the seas though Ruto by all accounts is not interested. She cites that she does not want a world where marine life dominates everything and that Sea King ought to find another partner for himself. Though this would depress Sea King, he does not give up on trying to woo Ruto and have her mind change on him. Sea King even went as far as to clean up his appearance when seeing her. That means just repainting the heart pasties he wears and having them dry up nicely.
  • Thought that the Deep Ones were another part of Seafolk and wanted to lord over them, but cue Sea King's surprise when they were worshipping another entity instead of him. That was Dagon who was not impressed by Sea King trying to subjugate its people. sea King admired the power that Dagon gave off and revised his strategy by appealing the divine creature. He said he wanted to open up the land to the Deep Ones now that his mistake was corrected, only if Dagon chooses. Dagon still is wondering if the Deep Ones are capable on interacting with other intelligent marine life though Sea King is just relieved nothing messy came out of that confrontation.
  • Generally is friends with Poseidon even though he knows of Sea King's mania regarding eliminating humanity. Being a god, he does not care over such things and remained indifferent if he succeeds or not. It might piss the rest of the Olympians off but Poseidon would not be mad if everyone drowned. However, Percy Jackson who is Poseidon's son is not okay with this and vowed to make sure Sea King does not enact any plan like that. With that said, he knows that using water against Sea King will just make him stronger so he opted to manipulate water to go away from Sea King instead. Poseidon has amused such a foe drove his son to take such an opposite approach to combat.
  • He once bathed himself in a rather suspicious looking water to lax himself though found himself being possessed by the Flood who were more than happy taking over someone who inducted so much of themselves into him. While being under what could be called Demonic Possession, Sea King gave the greatest spread of the Flood in recorded Pantheon history and thousands marched to find new hosts. A Reset Button was fortunately placed against them and surprisingly, Sea King was not charged with anything despite causing a deadly epidemic. Sea King learned that perhaps soaking himself in some water is not for the best.
  • Sea King thought Octogeddon would be a good ally to him as Octogeddon is a Kaiju octopus. How can it not help the Seafolk in conquering the surface? The freaking octopus did anything but help. It proceeded to wreck havoc across the Seafolk inhabitants, killing hundreds if not thousands. Sea King did not expect that a Person of Mass Destruction would turn against its own people and decisively used all of his strength to launch the beast out of the ocean. Embarrassed more than ever, Sea King wondered if Octogeddon was influenced by an outside force then blamed humans for it since everything not going his way means that something nefarious must have gone under him. He refuses to believe that Octogeddon Hates Everyone Equally and is just acting like a big baby who defects responsibility.
  • Deep Sea King has positions in the Halls of Weather and Duels. He goes to the former when he just wants to screw around without worries and goes to the latter for training.
  • "I am the Deep Sea King, King of the Seas. All life on Earth comes from the sea as if she were our mother. So as ruler of that sea, I am the pinnacle of a pyramid that includes every living organism on this earth."

    Weather Report 
Weather Report, God of Strange Rain (MA152403, Weather Forecast, Weather, Wes Bluemarine, born Domenico Pucci)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His buffalo hat
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Neutral Good at first, True Neutral upon getting his memories back
  • Stand: Weather Report (Yes, he has the same name as his own stand. It’s complicated.)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler On Account Of Amnesia, Not Being As Nice With His Memories Back, No Sense of Personal Space, Older Than They Look, Weather Manipulation, Can Make It Rain Animals And Snails, Enrico Pucci's Brother, Accidentally Interested In His Biological Sister, Jerkass, Can Turn People Into Snails
  • Domains: Amnesia, Weather, Snails, Family Issues
  • Interested in: Chaac
  • Allies: Jolyne Cujoh, Foo Fighters, Ermes Costello (less so when his memories are restored), Bruno Borelli, Oedipus
  • Rivals: Ororo Munroe, Nami
  • Enemies: Enrico Pucci (his twin brother), Dio Brando, Calvin J Candie and Stephen, Shou Tucker, Hansel and Gretel(Black Lagoon)
  • Opposes: Rayquaza
  • Weather Report is an enigmatic Stand User, someone who suffered from amnesia. Aiding Jolyne at Emporio's request, he ended up working for them in the fight against Enrico Pucci. Though friendly at first, Weather Report proved to be a more sinister figure once his memories were restored, with a more personal vendetta and connection to Pucci than they anticipated.
  • Finds himself relating to Bruno Borelli due to how different they are as amnesiacs compared to their original selves. His real name is Domenico Pucci, and adoptive name is Wes Bluemarine, making him Enrico Pucci's twin brother. He was Separated at Birth by a woman who'd lost her baby and raised as her own. He ended up becoming interested in Perla Pucci, not knowing she was his sister. Enrico tried to cut it off as nicely as he could, this backfired as it caught wind of the KKK and ended with lynching. Enrico later took his Memory Disc with Whitesnake.
  • His Stand, also named Weather Report, allows him to manipulate the weather. Asides from manipulating the air itself and causing different weather conditions, he can also make it rain animals like frogs and snails. After all, there are reports of them raining from the sky, even if it's rare. Usage of this in the pantheon has gotten complaints of smaller members of the House of Beast suddenly falling out of the sky.
  • Like most weather effects, Weather Report is useless in the presence of Rayquaza and its Air Lock ability. When amped to Heavy Weather once he gets back his memories he overcomes this, but Delta Stream shuts down that. Weather Report is avoiding the Sky High Pokémon.
  • Plans a rematch with Enrico Pucci, this time not having to rely on Emporio. To do this, he's been testing out his Stand in his own sub-house. Mainly he's been dueling with Storm and Nami's own weather powers. Weather Report is curious about Chaac due to being a god of rain, and wants help from him to better his powers. Chaac is interested, but doesn't quite trust him after he gets his memories back.
  • Weather Report believes that the worst kind of evil is a man who doesn't know he's evil, in reference to Enrico Pucci. With this mindset, he finds Shou Tucker perhaps the most repugnant man he's ever seen, due to his warped entitlement and refusal to accept his own immorality. Of course, most of the Grand United Alliance of Good still thinks Pucci is a much better soul than Shou Tucker.
  • Sheogorath sees him as a perfect candidate to help him mess with the many gods and goddesses around the Pantheon with the potential his Stand brings. Weather Report reminds him of the time he committed a series of pranks on a superstitious village to convince them the world was ending and the final proficiency ended with bring dogs falling from the sky.
  • While not apparent, he's of mixed race given his biological family. Attacked by the KKK for having a mixed relationship (his adoptive mother's boyfriend was black), Weather Report has no patience for racists, particularly Calvin Candie and Stephen.
  • Doesn't have patience for evil twins like Hansel and Gretel, given his fraternal twin dynamic with Enrico Pucci. Oedipus sympathizes with the accidental relationship he had with his sister and how it led to tragedy, as he was also a victim of Surprise Incest in the tragedy with his mother Jocasta.

Lesser Gods

Kracko, God of Hostile Clouds (Cycloptic Stormcloud)

    Lunatone and Solrock 
Lunatone and Solrock, Dual Deities of Celestial Faces (The Meteorite Pokémon)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A Moon and Sun Stone respectively
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Moveset:
    • Lunatone: Moonblast, Stone Edge, Light Screen, Psychic
    • Solrock: Solar Beam, Stone Edge, Sunny Day, Psychic
  • Portfolio: Solar and Lunar, Psychic Powers, Sentient Meteorites, Many Type Weaknesses, Mighty Glacier, Leviate (both of them), Lunar Faces, Lunacy, Can Know Ice Beam (specific to Lunatone), Solar Faces, The Power of the Sun, Can Learn Fire Moves (specific to Solrock)
  • Domains: Rocks, Meteorites, Space, Psychics
  • High Priest: Mr Shine and Mr Bright
  • Followers: Mac Tonight, Craterface (Lunatone), Mr Sun, Sunbeard (Solrock)
  • Allies: Deoxys, Beheeyem, Xatu, The Fantastic Four, Android 17 and 18, Mogo, Rayquaza, Galaxy Man (both of them), Princess Luna, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tyrande (Lunatone only), Princess Celestia, Volcarona, Amaterasu, Solaire of Astora (Solrock only)
  • Enemies: Davey Jones, Cyrus (both of them), Dr Eggman, Piccolo (Lunatone only), The Grand Duke Of Owls, Nightmare Moon (Solrock only)
  • Opposes: Water users, Heatran (both of them)
  • During a travel to a meteorite site, people discovered two new Pokémon; Lunatone and Solrock. Known as the Meteroite Pokémon, these sentient rocks greatly resemble a sun and and crescent moon respectively. When Tate and Liza learned that these tropes were open, they helped the two to get ascended.
  • It's believed by many Pokémon researchers that they come from space, being living meteorites. Second hand sources from Deoxys and Beheeyem have confirmed they're extraterrestrial. They're good friends, as alien Pokémon stick together. Unlike many of the scientists at Mossdeep Space Center, they believed Deoxys meant no harm however were glad Rayquaza interfered to prevent any nasty incident.
  • The two got into some trouble with Kirby, due to briefly mistaking them for Mr Shine and Mr Brine, but Kirby quickly realized they were not the same. The two Dream Land figures serve as high priests in case they aren't available, being they can also function as a proper moon and sun respectively.
  • Despite being based off the moon and sun, they cannot naturally learn Moonlight or Morning Sun unless found in the Dream World. Yes, even though they can also learn other moon and sun-related attacks. Mentioning this annoys them greatly. Lunatone's shiny form also happens to have a blue eye, which may be a Stealth Pun on the rarity of shiny Pokémon.
  • They were very interested to learn that Pokémon Sun and Moon was a thing, and are hopeful that they will get a Mega Evolution or Alolan Form there-though they half-suspect they won't get anything just to be contrary. The Meteorite Pokémon also hope to meet the new Pokémon Minior, due to it being the Meteor Pokémon and kind of looks like them.
  • They have great synergy with their partners Tate and Liza, being twins of a sort themselves. They help out with research in Mossdeep Space Center, and later on the space research in the pantheon. Many deities see them, along their trainers, with Galaxy Man in order to determine rocket paths.
  • The two of them proved to be fanboys of the Fantastic Four for their exploration into space, and happily sought out employment with them. They ended up discovering the Green Lantern planet Mogo, who as a colossal yet friendly celestial object they saw it as a possible friend. During these adventures they test out the limits of their psychic abilities and Levitate ability.
  • The two Pokémon may not have the same composition as the celestial bodies they resemble, but they do have an association with them; Solrock is solar powered, while Lunatone gets stronger in the full moon. The two seem to get stronger when closer to solar and lunar deities respectively, particularly the princesses of Equestria, Diana and Leona. Were they not spoken for with Tate and Liza, Lunatone and Solrock would have considered partnering with one of them each.
  • They occasionally hold Stardust, or a Sun and Moon Stone respectively. Though there are few ascended Pokémon whom these items would affect, they're still relatively valuable. They've managed to make some bucks off selling these precious stones in the House of Commerce. In addition, Solrock has an odd alliance with Volcarona since they're both the sun Pokémon, in spite of Volcarona being really weak to Rock-type moves.
  • Lunatone doesn't like Dr. Eggman or Piccolo, due to the same crime; their devastation on the Moon, which deeply hurt him. Piccolo has tried to justify this, as he did it revert Gohan to normal and calm him down. Likewise, Solrock dislikes the Grand Duke of Owls and Nightmare Moon for trying to put out the sun. Both agree that Cyrus is a threat that needs to be stopped; Team Galactic's interests in meteorites and other phenomena from outer space has led Cyrus to try and capture them for his purposes.
  • At one point, prior to their ascension, Solaire of Astora had been studying about Solrock and attempted to capture it. After 7 hours, Solaire came back preaching everyone of what he saw, but would not elaborate. Now that it is here, Solaire has been thinking of appealing to it, though the fact that both of them already have partners means the best he could hope is to be allies, which is easy.
  • Can also be found within the Planetary and Celestial subhouse.

Nami, Goddess of Weather Weaponry (Cat Burglar, Weather Witch, Namizou, Onami)

    Rainbow Brite 
Rainbow Brite, Goddess of Transportation via Rainbows (Wisp)
Her original design
Her reboot design 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Color Belt
  • Theme Song: Rainbow Brite Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Genki Girl, Heartwarming Orphan, Plucky Girl, The Leader, Rainbow Motif, Magical Girl
  • Domains: Orphans, Rainbows, Colors
  • Heralds: Starlite, the Sprites, and the Color Kids (Red Butler, Lala Orange, Canary Yellow, Patty O'Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo Doll, Shy Violet, and Tickled Pink)
  • Allies: Rainbow Dash, Megan Williams, the Care Bears, Numbah 3, Cure Black and Cure White, Annie, the Baudelaires, Anne-Marie
  • Adored by: The House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek, Morathi, the Dead Moon Circus (Queen Nehelenia in particular), the Evil Queen, Queen Sectonia
  • In the realm of Rainbowland, seven children known as the Color Kids laid captured by the wicked King of Shadows and his servant, Murky Dismal, and none of them had any chance of escape. Enter an orphan named Wisp, brought in from another world to help free them. Gaining the weapon known as the Color Belt, and the aide of the horse Starlite, Wisp rescued the Color Kids and destroyed the King of Shadows, gaining the title of Rainbow Brite and bringing color to Rainbowland in the process. Murky escaped, and continued to try to follow in his master's footsteps with his dim-witted minion Lurky, being bested every time.
  • Originally, Rainbow Brite was a High Priest under Rainbow Dash, and remained that way for quite some time. That all changed one day when Joker was able to use some of Bad End's black ink to warp the Pantheon into a Death World. Remembering what she had done before, Rainbow Brite was able to unite the Color Kids to fight against Joker, battling hordes upon hordes of Akanbes. In the end, Rainbow Brite hit Joker with a blast of rainbow magic from her Color Belt, which defeated him and caused all of his damage to be undone. For this act, Rainbow Brite was promoted to full godhood, and, after seeing that she had ridden on the rainbow to get a good shot in on Joker, the Court of the Gods have her the Ride the Rainbow trope.
  • Rainbow Brite's role is bringing color and light to the Pantheon, and she does this from her temple, the Color Castle, which was formerly the King of Shadows' castle before his defeat. The Color Kids operate a machine called the Color Console, while her Sprite heralds mine for Star Sprinkles to fuel the Color Console.
  • From Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Brite was quick to meet Megan Williams. As their main methods of battling evil are utilizing magical rainbows, they were quick to befriend each other and remain on very good terms. It helps that they seem to think they sound like each other.
    • At one point, Tirek attacked Color Castle with the goal of draining it of its magic and becoming stronger. Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids were quick to combat him, and, after being blasted by some of Rainbow Brite's magic, he was forced to retreat in fear. Soon enough, Megan told her about Tirek and she vowed to help her combat him whenever possible.
  • Another quick friend Rainbow Brite made were the Care Bears, who note that her task of bringing color to all realms of the Pantheon is a brilliant and beautiful thing to them. Rainbow Brite enjoys the fact that they seem similar to the Sprites, and also is very impressed by the Care Bear Stare.
  • During one day at the Color Castle, Numbah 3 entered, overjoyed at the colors and cuteness of it all. When Rainbow Brite came to meet her, they quickly became friends, and Numbah 3 often visits the Color Castle when she can. Numbah 3 particularly enjoys the Sprites and hugs them on a very frequent basis.
  • Some have considered Rainbow Brite to be a Magical Girl, and she has often helped Magical Girls around the Pantheon whenever she can. Her favorites are Cure Black and Cure White, as even though they are based around colors one associates with negativity, they can utilize a rainbow based attack to purify opponents.
  • The House of Childhood and Adolescence loves her because of her rainbow based powers, and she, in turn, loves them equally, often stopping by when she has time to play with the deities there. She became friends with other deities who are also orphans, including Annie, Anne-Marie, and the three Baudelaire siblings.
  • Aside from Murky and Lurky, Rainbow Brite's other recurring enemy was a Vain Sorceress known as the Dark Princess, who she considers to be her most evil enemy- even more so than the King of Shadows. Naturally, people who fit the Dark Princess' description are high on her enemy list, such as the Dark Elf Morathi, who is vain, cruel, and hedonistic.
    • Also falling into that description are Queen Nehelenia and her Dead Moon Circus, who are particularly angry at Rainbow Brite for thwarting the plan of their ally, Joker, the Evil Queen, who considers her as fair as Snow White, and therefore, a threat, and Queen Sectonia, who really has it out for her considering her defeat at Kirby's hands came while he was in Hypernova form, which causes him to glow in a rainbow texture.


Castform, God of the Teru-Teru Bōzu (The Weather Pokémon, Powalen)
Left to right-its Sunny, Normal, Snowy and Rainy Form
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Weather Ball
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Forecast
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Weather Ball, Hurricane, Sunny Day, Hail
    • Z-Move: Breackneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Level in the Clouds, Teru-Teru Bōzu, Great Coverage, Mediocre Stats, Artificial Pokémon, Quirky Bard, Waddling Head, Changes to Match the Weather Whether It Wants to or Not, Non-Elemental, Making a Splash, Playing with Fire And An Ice Person Depending on the Weather, More a Weather Gimmick Than a Fighter, Formerly the Only User of Weather Ball, Unfortunate Character Design
  • Domains: The Weather, Transformations, Forecasts, Rain, Sun and Hail
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Rayquaza, Chaac, Nami, Tenshi Hinanawi, Jun Manjoume, Dan Hibiki, Cofagrigus, Altaria, Tohru Honda
    • Partner: Ororo Munroe
  • Enemies: Hunter J, Ghetsis Harmonia, Team Rocket, Hexxus, Mara
  • Opposes: Red Mage Statscowski, Kyogre and Groudon
  • To help predict the weather, Hoenn's Weather Institute created the Pokémon Castform. Appropriately known as the Weather Pokémon, Castform changes form and type depending on the weather. It becomes the Fire type Sunny Form in strong sunlight, the Ice type Snowy form in hail and the Water type Rainy Form in rain. Though far from the strongest Pokémon, Castform is adept at its job of weather prediction.
  • As a living Weather-Control Machine, Castform serves as the Pokémon mascot for the House of Weather. Given Storm's Weather Manipulation, he felt drawn to her, but is also friends with Nami and Tenshi Hinanawi due to their ability to manipulate the weather like him. He can also be found in the House of Wind and Air with Altaria due to being a living cloud.
  • Based on both a cloud and the Teru-Teru Bōzu, a ghost-like doll said to help prevent raining and good luck with weather. Castform doesn't mind the rain at all though, since he's made of water-like molecules and Water type moves are doubled in power during the rain. He has decided to work with Chaac for the weather bonus due to him using beneficial rain, and so he has a spot for a second offensive move; Hurricane for a surprise.
  • Partly designed after a water molecule. However Castform's base form is also said to look like it has breasts or testicles, which he's sensitive about. Mara has made many a crude joke about Castform, which pisses him off. This led him to bonding with Cofagrigus due to having unwittingly crude aspects with one another, and being sick of people making a joke at their expense.
  • Due to the Forecast ability, Castform will shapeshift to fit the weather. This makes him rather adaptable in the House of Nature, but unfortunately it'll happen no matter what the weather. He feels bad for Tohru Honda for suffering Involuntary Shapeshifting.
  • Doesn't care much for his fellow Hoenn Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon. This is due to the chaotic weather patterns they inevitably bring to the region, especially when they come into conflict with one another. Not that either are concerned given how much stronger they are in comparison. On the flip side, Castform supports Rayquaza despite its ability making his own useless, due to trying to bring order to the weather.
  • As a being that exists for meteorological study in an environmentally conscious region, Castform hates Hexxus due to seeking to pollute the world, which would result in acid rain and other environmental nightmares if he wins. And like any Pokémon, he opposes the likes of Ghetsis, Hunter J and Team Rocket.
  • Though having an interesting ability and skilled moveset, Castform is ultimately a Joke Character who's a Master of None. As such he rarely engages in combat in the pantheon, and is more focused on manipulating the weather for things. He seems to get along with Dan Hibiki due to also being a Joke Character unable to fulfill his potential. He seems interested in Jun Manjoume due to his ability to make seemingly useless monsters useful.
  • Despite being a fellow Master of None, he has nothing good to say about Red Mage Statscowski. This is due to much of Red Mage's failing down to pure insane stupidity, and fears that he might use his unique Amorphous and Fairy egg group for his deranged animal husbandry skills.


Aqours Members , Idol Goddesses of Declarations Under the Sun (Chika: Chikacchi, Mikan | Riko: Lily [Ririi], Ero-Riko, Harem Queen | Kanan: Kanangst | Yoshiko: Yohane, Yocchan)
Clockwise from Top-Center: Chika, Riko, You, Yoshiko, Hanamaru, Ruby, Dia, Kanan, Mari
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A Rising Sun with a silhouette of the nine girls.
  • Theme Song: Is Your Heart Shining?, I Want To Fall In Love Aquarium
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chika, Riko, Kanan, Mari, Yoshiko), Neutral Good (You, Hanamaru, Ruby), Lawful Good (Dia)
  • Portfolio: Idol Girl Group, Contrast Themselves heavily from Muse, Grew up in the Rural Town of Uchiura, Fangirls, Divided in Three Sub-Units (CYaRon, AZALEA and Guilty Kiss), Attempting to save their School, Undergo more Hardships and Failures than Muse Do, Determinators, Be Yourself
  • Domains: Music, Love, Companionship, Friendship, Determination, Struggle
  • Heralds: Saint Snow (Sarah Kazuko, Leah Kazuko) and the Band Members' respective families.
  • Allies: Kousei Arima, Kaori Miyazono, Hokago Tea Time, Energizer Bunny, Miku Hatsune, Rise Kujikawa, Yukiko Amagi, Ariel, Melody, Miguel Rivera, Héctor, Mumble, Amaterasu, Ecco, Emmet and Ma Otter
  • Friendly Rivals: 765 Pro, LOONA, The New DIrections Glee Club, Isola
  • Opposes: I-No, The Mad Piano, Ernesto de la Cruz, Mayhem
  • Admires: μ's (Muse), Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Freddie Mercury
  • Respected By: House of Friendship
  • Avoids: Bruce, The Orca, The Meg, Liopleurodon, Lagiacrus
  • After the success of Muse in their attempts to save their school and develop a reputation in the Idol music scene, the terminology consequently becomes more popular and competitive regarding high school girls who wanted to pursue the Idol Singer career. Such was the case of an upcoming Nonet band known as Aqours, consisting of a trio of individual year students and three sub-groups; CYaRon!, AZALEA and Guilty Kiss. Inspired by and taking heavy influences from Muse, Aqours series to save Uranohoshi Girls' School from being shut down and to create their own reception and reputation.
    • This, however, came with setbacks. Around the time Aqours was formed, the prospect of competition regarding aspiring Idol bands became larger and thus, the band was forced to challenge other groups like them. Also adding to the band's pressure and struggle was past events pertaining to the first iteration of Aqours and it's members, particularly Kanan Matsuura and Mari Ohara that led to its breakup and personal insecurities and troubles of each member's dilemma.
  • Like their predecessor and primary source of influence, the sub-groups that make up for 1/3 of Aqours tend to distinguish each other with different vocal and instrumental styles whilst keeping to the Pop genre and Idol culture.
    • CYaRon! (Chika Takami, You Watanabe and Ruby Kurosawa) are the "Smile" subunit, which tends to emphasize lyrics about happiness with bright aesthetics and optimistic feelings. That said, they are willing to slow down to more melancholic ballads to contrast their usual style and provide a sense of versatility in their music style.
    • AZALEA (Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa and Hanamaru Kunikida) are the "Pure" subunit. While sharing similar lyrical themes to CYaRon!, their vocal style is slower, yet more elegant and smooth whilst also taking instrumental cues from Electronic Music and Soft Rock to present a style of their own.
    • Guilty Kiss (Riko Sakurauchi, Yoshiko Tsushima and Mari Ohara) is the "Cool" subunit, which derives from the other two by instead taking influential cues from music originating from the Western Hemisphere. As a result, the music produced by Guilty Kiss is widely variable which includes, but not limited to, Western Pop, Electronic Dance Music and Hard Rock, which are not commonly seen within music produced by Idols.
  • Despite the efforts taken by the members of the girls to become noteworthy Idols, they were eventually unable to save their school from being shut down. Additionally, they came to the conclusion that trying to be just like Muse would be counterproductive and wouldn't bode well with each of the band members. Hence, they decided it would be best if they instead placed more emphasis on their own beliefs, feelings and they're personal talents in their music. While it has been a tough time trying to maintain being together, their ascension into the Pantheon, courtesy of Ugo and fan demand may help to mitigate that issue. The girls were delighted with the prospect of branching out to a whole new world with a new audience to sing and perform to.
  • Fittingly enough, Aqours's domains have a connection hub to the Water and Moisture section in the House of Nature. Whether it's a symbolic gesture of the group's association to water or that live at a beach town is up for anyone's guess. Not that it's an issue for them, given that it makes Aqours feel more at home and comfortable. This doesn't change the fact that every member is adventurous and spirited enough to travel around and explore.
    • They are amazed by the wildlife the Water and Moisture Sub-House tends to display, with them wanting to hang out with some of the fauna if given the chance. That said, Aqours were pretty blatant in keeping their distance from aquatic predators like Bruce, Meg, the Liopleurodon and the Lagiacrus. The latter three discouraged Aqours with the idea of having a music tour on a cruise ship due to their destructive capabilities, though there are plans by the House of Music to mitigate that chance.
  • They more-or-less figured that Muse would be in the Pantheon before they did, and the fact that they were both in prompted Aqours to consider a meetup at some point, given that Muse was the primary reason why Aqours existed in the first place. And when they did meet... Aqours were rather nervous, considering that their more experienced and superior predecessor may be disappointed at them. On the contrary, while Aqours did get scolded (notable example include Honoka not being happy at Chika being excited at the prospect of her high school shutting down and Umi expressing disappointment at Kanan's recklessness in her planned live performance that ended the first iteration of Aqours and strained her relationship with Mari), praised their efforts regardless, expressed sympathy over their failure, complimented their decision to pursue their own style to save their school and are all too happy to tour together. It took a while, but Aqours finally got the approval they desired from their childhood inspiration.
    • Still, they weren't the only girl groups to ascend. There was also the 765 Pro and LOONA; the former got along pretty well with Muse and the latter were an upstarting act during their own ascension, so they were able to find some sort of common ground with Aqours. 765 Pro saw Aqours as competition and there's the occasional debate on who is better between the two. Even then, there's no enmity to be showcased as the 765 Pro respected Aqours for their journey to become music artists and the two acts are known to complement one another on a regular basis.
    • Another Idol singer was Isola. While initially not on the best of terms, given that she was a villain, Isola has since turned on a new leaf and dedicates a lot of her time to her singing career. Aqours has admitted some respect for her work ethics and seeks to try harder in their performances. They do, however, find Isola a little weird as well, given that one of her ways to keep her career going is by workouts and agriculture. Still, some members of Aqours do have other talents (Kanan being a scuba diver, Ruby being good at sewing and You being skilled in most sports) so there is the idea that they can take jobs specializing in those to earn some cash.
    • Beyond Muse, Aqours also admitted to appreciating Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury primarily due to their heavy influence in their music. It also helps that the two of them have an exuberant stage persona and demeanour, which Aqours take notes on so that they could make their own personal projections during their live tours. On the other side, Michael and Freddie are simply happy to see Aqours see them as an influence.
  • Their concluding perspective towards music is a direct antithesis to what Ernesto de la Cruz would indulge in. Case in point, while Aqours were able to fully accept Muse as their primary inspiration, yet still try to create their own style and stage demeanour, Ernesto took to not just stealing a song, but also murdering the original composer and taking credit for it. But given how everyone now looks at Ernesto, Aqours included, they are obviously not willing to strike a conversation with him, let alone perform together.
    • This did however coincided with the Girl Group meeting up with Miguel Rivera. Aqours expressed their sympathy to the boy when they realized he was prohibited from pursuing his dreams of performing music, mainly due to Ernesto's murder of his great-grandfather, Héctor. Miguel himself reciprocated by giving Aqours credit for giving it they're all in what they love doing most. Additionally, Héctor himself lent them his own gratitude in part for the girls befriending Miguel and they are more than welcome to visit Miguel and Héctor anytime.
  • Regarding music artists they don't like, Aqours would stay away from I-No, which most artists tend to do given the fact that she uses her guitar as a murder weapon and that she unrepentantly likes doing evil things for benefit. Mayhem is another point of issue, if mainly because Euronymous is just so mean-spirited and rude about anything that isn't to do with his interest or what he sees as music. Aqours is also incredibly uncomfortable about Dead, given his circumstances and with the greater controversy surrounding the band itself. That and Mayhem took to insulting Muse for their music and trying to save their school is another reason for Aqours to distance themselves as much as they could from that band.
  • Were saddened to learn of Kousei and Kaori's tale and as a result, Aqours is more than eager to try to help them out. Beyond their love for music, Riko is especially appreciative as she tends to be the member most interest in classical music, which Kousei happens to be very skilled in. Kaori is incredibly energetic like Chika is and being a fellow Sweet Tooth like Yoshiko and Dia would try to hang out with them during their spare time, often going around stores with the latter two to find chocolate and sweets to eat.
  • Like Muse before them, they are respected by the House of Friendship, given that each of them knew one another for years and are thoroughly dedicated to one another. Even then, they're still prone to bickering and teasing one another for their own amusement, but it's customary to make sure they don't let each other down, especially considering Kanan's situation that led to the first iteration of Aqours being closed down.
  • The Investigation Team have a varying relationship with Aqours, though all of them seem to be very amicable. Rise and Yukiko, being fellow School Idols and the former being a singer as well have the best relationship, with Aqours really appreciating their protective nature and for them enjoying their music in return. Riko herself was able to relate to Yu and Yosuke for being fellow immigrants to an isolated town from a large city and the turbulence that comes with it. Additionally, Yu being an Ace meant he found a spirited competitor in You as they're pretty much good in most sports they can participate in and are adequate chefs in their own right.
    • Regarding City-to-Town immigrants, there's also Hilda, who can similarly relate to Riko in that aspect. Being a spirited traveller, she would like to take Riko out on an adventure for fun, and she's stated that the rest of the group are more than welcome to come along. Riko thinks Hilda's experience of trying to adapt in a new environment would make a great theme for a song to write on.
  • Chika's love for her dog Shiitake would lead her to discover the Canines Sub-House where she would often hang out and play with the many residential dogs there like Hachiko, Krypto and Chibiterasu and Iggy. She's aware of the more aggressive dogs like Zinogre and Cerberus and wisely keeps her distance from them. Because of her weird mindset, she often likes to hypothesize flying around the Pantheon with Krypto or making huge sandcastles or sand statues of her and her bandmates with Iggy.
  • Hanamaru loves tech, which stems from the fact that Uranohoshi doesn't have much going around in regards to technology. So it came as no surprise when Hanamaru wanted to venture to the House of Technology, where she squeed at the sight of several futuristic devices and machinery. Hanamary would often try to get her hands on certain stuff like phones and computers and play around them, in addition to wanting to learn some skills like hacking from Hackerman. Still, she would like some company around her, given that the place she likes to go to also houses such beings like Omega, HAL 9000 and Brainiac.
    • She also became friends with Kayla Day and Summer Smith. With the former, Kayla was eager to teach Hanamaru in how to use a phone and convincing her [Kayla's] father to buy her one. It also helps that both of them struggled in having friendships and Kayla can relate to her in more ways than one. With the latter, Summer is mostly the same with Hanamaru, though she does find her antics with Aqours just as amusing as it is heartwarming. That said, Summer doesn't want Hanamaru to suddenly get introduced to portal-creating devices and go on a dimension-hopping trip like her grandfather and younger brother Rick and Morty, because Hanamaru would likely endanger herself.
  • Ruby would often visit the House of Costumes, given that one of her main talents is at sewing and she does happen to be Aqours's costume manager. She quickly became friends with Rarity, with the unicorn opting to get Ruby to become more creative in her craft. She was intrigued to learn of Shiki Misaki and how she uses her stuffed cat in combat, in addition to being really dedicated to her fashion style. Shiki will see to whether Aqours would approve with a cat-motive at some point, which made Ruby chuckle at the suggestion.
  • Given her Chuunibyou tendencies, Yoshiko can sometimes come off as annoying, though there is some appreciation from fellow deities just like her. Megumin seems to like how she's trying to be edgy and wants to play with her in that sort of antic. Okabe also finds her "Yohane" act to be endearing, though he muses whether she's trying to desperately channel Batman with her deep-voice impersonation. Yoshiko herself seems to be personally excited at the prospect of time-travelling after learning of Okabe going through with it, although the experience was a less-than-pleasant one and Okabe would rather not tell her to do what he did.


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