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Greater Gods

Ameno-Sagiri, God of Ominous Fog (Ame-no-Sagiri)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Yellow camera-like eye with "AMNOSG LENS" written in its borders, peeking from the fog.
  • Theme Music: The Almighty
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil by actions, Neutral Good by desires, overall Blue and Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Misunderstanding of humans, bad methods for helping humanity, Master of Illusion, existing as a fragment of another god, Ignorance Is Bliss, Technicolor Eye
  • Domains: Fog, Desire, Collective Consciousness
  • Allies: Izanami, Adachi
  • Respect: The Investigation Team
  • Possible Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer, Nyarlathotep
  • When Izanami ascended, residual energy within Adachi reacted to it, and Ameno-Sagiri reformed by her side. He is a fragment of Izanami, yet powerful in his own right, and therefore was placed in the House of Nature to preside over fog.
  • Yu Narukami and his friends insisted that humans don't wish to live in ignorance at heart, thus Ameno has allowed the fog to recede, even now. But as promised, he will create more fog, should he deem humanity as wanting it. This goes for the Pantheon as well.
  • Being a part of Izanami, he is aligned with her in all of Izanami's endeavors. And although he was borne from Adachi twice, Ameno-Sagiri has no true affiliation with him any longer. Adachi himself does not seem to care.
    • That said, Adachi is sometimes summoned in order to translate for Ameno, as some people have trouble understanding his incredibly deep voice.
  • Miror B has tried dancing in front of Ameno-Sagiri, mistaking him for a disco ball. Ameno-Sagiri has shown no reaction to this, and no one's corrected Miror B.
  • Some gods have tried to figure out if the fog generated by Ameno-Sagiri is in any way related to the fog in Silent Hill. As of now, no one has found anything to either prove or disprove that theory.

Chaac, God of Nurturing Rain
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Chaaccaa, his thunder axe with a drizzling raincloud overhead
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mayincatec, Happy Rain, Shock and Awe, An Axe to Grind He Calls Chaaccaa, Boisterous Lightning Bruiser, The Ahnold, The Atoner due to an affair
  • Domains: Rain, Maya Culture, Axes, Humility
  • Allies: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Katara, Ororo Monroe/Storm, Juvia Lockser, The Farmer, Johnny Appleseed, Ragna the Bloodedge, Motochika Chokosabe, Ira Gamagoori, Thrall
  • Rivals: Zeus, Thor, Kotal Kahn, Mogul "Axe" Khan, Grommash Hellscream
  • Enemies: Ogre, the Pillar Men (Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana), Famine the Horseman, Shao Kahn, Dio Brando, Nyarlathotep, Arthas Menethil, Garrosh Hellscream, Calypso
  • Confliction Opinion on: Raiden, Aphrodite, Jason Voorhees, Rick Taylor and the Terror Mask
  • Chaac's arrival to the Pantheon was greeted like all his entrances: With a light rainfall. However, instead of making the welcoming party a disaster, Chaac's rain was calming and soothing, reflecting his nurturing nature. Of course, Pinkie Pie would have preferred the raindrops being made of chocolate.
  • Chaac and his rain is the joy of all farming and plant-based gods. The Farmer and Johnny Appleseed claim their respective crops and apple trees grow more under the influence. Chaac himself is firmly devoted to helping his fellow gods and mankind in order to culviate the land and help their food grow. Naturally, this has made him an enemy with Famine the Horseman, who wants nothing more than to starve the Pantheon and the entire multiverse so he could then gather all their souls for consumption.
  • Even though he was personally responsible for the upbringing of the Maya people giving them maize and the ability to farm, he has no pride in his work and retains an aura of humility. It's that humility which reflects itself in his rain. Some have wondered if there was something in his past which caused him to be that way.
    • It was eventually confiding in fellow weather/water deities Storm and Katara that Chaac was finally able to confess his shameful event: After helping the Maya people, he grew drunk with pride and had a secret affair with the wife of his brother, the Sun God, who he lusted after. Eventually the affair was discovered, he abandoned the affair only to learn that the trust between the brothers was irreversiby shattered and Chaac felt intense remorse which his tears of regret were channeled in his rain and atoning ever since. This confession has placed him in a more sympathetic light and both goddesses agreed to help him if he ever needs aid.
    • Aphrodite eventually learned of his past, and confessed to him her own shortcomings and insecurities. Unfortunately, what good bond of friendship could have formed between the two of them was sharply cut when she tried then to bed down with him and he left in disgust. Being responsible for one broken relation between families was enough for him.
    • He had slightly better luck with water deity Juvie Lockser as she already heard about him from Katara. Even though she is still smitten with Gray, he knows all too well the power of falling in love.
  • Despite being primarily a rain god, he also can tap into the electric power of lightning, channeled through the use of his mighty Thunder Axe known as Chaaccaa. Thus, this makes him one of the few gods who is able to channel electricity through water without any adverse effects (unless of course, the electricity comes from another source other than his own). Bets are pouring in as to which electrifying weapon would be mightier: his Chaaccaa or Thor's Mjölnir.
  • Although he has Mayincatec roots, he has little to no respect for many similar-motif deities as they are all murderers (Ogre, Ahau Kin) or with delusions of grandeur (the Pillar Men). The only god he respects is Kotal Kahn who is a proud warrior despite his insatiable bloodlust.
    • The two eventually faced off once within Kotal's hometurf in the Kuatan Jungle. At first, the two were evenly matched until Kotal used his Blood God Totems to increase his offense while sapping Chaac's energy to refuel the lost health. The Rain God was on the ropes until he called forth the native rain with his Rain Dance which not just healed him but slowed Kotal as the ground around him turned to a muddy gunk. Chaac then used his second wind to end the fight as he slammed Chaaccaa down with Storm Call, sending the Outworld Emperor into the air to be dealt the finishing blow with a Thunder Strike throw. After the fight ended, the Emperor agreed the Rain God had some skill but the next time they fight, he will be the victor. Chaac merely nodded and replied he would be ready.
  • Another rival, though more good-natured, is with Mogul the Axe. Axe himself is slightly jealous of Chaaccaa's size, but claims Axe is much stronger. Chaac admits, despite his humility, that he hopes to put his Thunder Strike against his Culling Blade someday.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually learned of his life and wished to someday be able to direct a film based on Chaac's legacy in the mortal plane with himself in the title role. The rain god himself was unsure what to think since he really did not want to see someone relive his shameful affair, but for some reason agreed Schwarzenegger would be best suited to play him for some mysterious reason.
  • Chaac may have a similar vocal intonation of Schwarzenegger, but when he tries speaking in different intonations, he sounds just like Ragna the Bloodedge, Motochika Chokosabe, and Ira Gamagoori. He remains in good relations with all three.
  • He has an interesting relation with the Hellscream faction in the Pantheon. With Garrosh, he too is upset at hearing a similar voice from him and is disgusted with his actions. With Grommash, however, he considers him a good rival and wishes to one day challenge him in the field of battle putting both their axes to the test, although for now he does try and help him find a way to keep his screams under control.
    • It was Gromm who introduced Chaac to Thrall. He made quite an impression on the rain god who originally thought all orcs were blood-thirsty warriors (Thrall didn't take offense to the opinion). Not only did both agree on their mutual assessment of Garrosh, but Chaac saw in Thrall the kind of warrior the Maya people would rally around and he swore he would help him if he ever needed help, even if it meant going up against Gul'dan.
  • To the shock of many, Chaac actually wore an outfit and mask similar to those worn by either Jason Voorhees or Rick Taylor under the influence of the Terror Mask. Jason, as always, was silent as he cocked his head in confusion. Rick felt a chill run down his spine and the Mask itself said it was a good likeness and hoped someday Rick would wield an axe as huge as the one Chaac held while in the costume.
    • Even more shocking, Tiny Tina and the Crimson Raiders claim hearing Chaac speak from behind his mask is dead-on similar to Krieg, one of the Raiders' heralds.
  • Pinkie Pie wished Chaac would be able to create chocolate rain. Unfortunately, she happened to make the wish with Calypso nearby who asked if she really wanted that wish coming true. She innocently nodded and Calypso granted it... by turning Chaac into a giant anthropomorphic chocolate bunny. "Chaacolate" was very unhappy about this, and more so with several chocolate lovers like Kero and Mello(not knowing it was really the God of Rain) began to chase after him thinking him to be a giant snack and lost one of his chocolate ears to them in the process. Only by hiding in Vanellope's temple and entering Sugar Rush was he safe. Eventually, the Machine managed to find Genie and informed him of this curse and the jovial blue guy was able to return Chaac to normal, including the ear he lost. From then on, Pinkie Pie had to watch her wishes and Chaac added Calypso to his list of enemies.

    Tenshi Hinanawi 
Tenshi Hinanawi, The Celestial Who Messes with the Weather (Tenshi Hinanai, Chiko Hinanawi, Young Mistress of Bhava-Agra, Tenko)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hat crossed with the "Hisou no Tsurugi", or Sword of Scarlet Perceptions
  • Theme song: "Catastrophe in Bhava-agra ~ Wonderful Heaven", "Bhava-agra as Seen Through a Child's Eyes." when she gets serious
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good at heart
  • Portfolio: Celestial, don't like anyone to belittle her abilities, almost destroying Gensokyo because she was bored, childish person that doesn't know her limit, Designated Villain, Earth-based attacks, Enemies with Shinigami, Jerkass, Meaningful Name
  • Domains: Earth, Weather
  • Allies: Nami
  • Enemies: Eliphas
  • Friendly: Reimu Hakurei
  • Opposed: Reapers in general
  • Bored out of her skull one day, she heard stories from some of Gensokyo's residents about the Trope Pantheon and decided to visit. After hearing about the multitudes of incidents that happened there, she decided to cause an apocalypse in the Pantheon with unusual weather and constant earthquakes to join in on the fun. After tiring from constant combat with those who challenged her, she apologized and helped in restoring what she destroyed. This incident, coupled with how she accomplished much the same in Gensokyo, is how she attained her title.
    • It was confirmed by ZUN that Tenshi is good at heart. Despite the damage she caused, the only casualties were those that she fought in self-defense against. She thought it was tradition to cause an incident in the Pantheon in order to ascend.
  • Storm, as a Goddess of Weather, was one of those who fought Tenshi during the above event. Faced with Tenshi's abilities, though, there wasn't much that she could do. Though she doesn't hold a grudge against the Celestial, she's currently undergoing training to keep her defeat from happening again.
  • After her incident, seeing that Trope Pantheon is way more lively and fun than Bhava-Agra, she have decided to built her vacation home temple and take permanent resident in here. Or until ZUN calls her back for another incident.
    • Upon the temple's completion, she have opened a party to celebrate the event.
  • For the last time, she not a masochist. She's getting tired of people mentioning it, and even more tired having to beat people that use that as an excuse.
  • Her sword, Hisou no Tsurugi, have the abilities to exploit the weakness of her opponent by "channel the most effective attributes to counter the nature of that opponent". It's can also shape-shift, control the weather, turn spirit into energy stored in the sword and release it all at once in form of giant beam, making it a versatile and dangerous weapon. For this reason, many have come to claim the sword with no success.
  • She would comes from place to place to play, sometimes forecast the weather to gods around her with 100% accuracy.
  • Being a chaotic person yet still a human that attain divine status, she earn great ire from Eliphas without knowing why.
  • Opposed the various reaper exist in Pantheon as she have to fight them to extend her natural life. While most of them doesn't really care about her, Dhumm however fought her constantly while kept shouting how he gonna bring the end to her, much to her annoyance.
  • Have a friendly relationship with Reimu because she have restore her shrine in Gensokyo (even though it got destroyed later and have to rebuilt it again) and even putted a keystone to prevent more earthquake. It's only to an extend of allowing her to join in whether she got a party though.
  • Have shown interest in some of the monster that could control the weather. She hope for one day to have one of them at pet.
  • After hearing Storm's defeats against Tenshi through her, Nami have taken an interest in her ability to control weather and have asked to shared her knowledge about meteorology. Through tea party and constant flattery, she's promised to share her that in exchange for her's adventure and experience with the strange weather and occurance on her world, and the two became friend.
    • Nami have also analyzed her power and Hisou no Tsurugi in order to help her friend Storm, under Tenshi's acceptance. She said it would make her's future fight against Storm a bit more exciting.
  • Have constantly visited the House Of Food, as she's a bit sicked from eating peaches every single day and want to eat food with actual flavor.
    • Incidentally, having taken some peaches from the aformentioned party and successfully grow it in here, the House of Food have putted Bhava-Agra's peach's delicacy on their menu at heatlh food, much to Tenshi's annoyance.

Intermediate Gods

    Ororo Munroe/Storm 
Ororo Munroe, Goddess of Weather (Storm, Ororo Iqadi T'Challa, Queen Ororo, Ororo Komo Wakandas, Weather Witch, Hadari Yao)

    Rainbow Dash 
Rainbow Dash, Goddess of Rainbows and Multicolored Hair (Dashie, Rainbow Crashnote , Zapp)

    Sea King 
Sea King, God of Battles in the Rain (Deep Sea King)
His True Form 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when wet/under the rain)
  • Symbol: His crown
  • Theme Song: Deep Sea King
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Blood, The Strongest Seafolk and the leader of such race, Cool Crown, Healing Factor, Lightning Bruiser, Overly Long Tongue, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Slasher Smile, To Serve Man, The first threatening villain to appear
  • Domains: Sea, Seafolk, Strenght, Royalty, Invasions
  • Heralds: The Seafolk (His People)
  • Allies: Davy Jones, The Kraken, Tidehunter, Bruce the Shark, Kyogre, Murky
  • Rivals: Chaac, Undyne
  • Enemies: Saitama, Genos, "Speed 'o Sound" Sonic, Tatsumaki, Aquaman, Ariel, Naga Siren, Rikuo, Meron, Jack Sparrow, Ecco, Morgl the Oracle
  • Opposes: Groudon and Rayquaza
  • Interested in: Yoshino, Juvia Lockser
  • Worthy Opponent: Jotaro Kujo, Kenshiro
  • The Deep Sea King is the ruler of the Seafolk, creatures that inhabit the depths of the ocean and that one day decided to invade the surface. While most of the forces felt down in the initial attack that was contained by A-Rank hero Stinger, Sea King proved to be a difficult and very strong opponent to take down, being able to make short work of said hero, as well as the top C-Rank hero and even two S-Rank Heroes. However, he was eventually taken down by Saitama, with only one punch. This event made the Sea King eventually reach godhood and get a place in the pantheon, though he still very bitter about how he died.
  • The reason he got this title was because rain has a special effect, making him far more stronger when wet, even to the point that S-Rank hero Genos was quickly dispatched by him. If anyone is interested in fighting him, keep that fact in mind.
    • However, Chaac is one of the few who can actually fight him under the rain, being the god of rain and all. Sea King considers him a worthy adversary, although Chaac can't take his campy attitude very seriously.
  • Not really fond of Aquaman, a Half-breed who calls himself "King of the Seas". The worst part if that Aquaman can easily take control of Sea King whenever he pleases, usually foiling the plans he has of taking over the pantheon.
  • While he is the kind of the Seafolk in his world, other royal merfolk don't think too highly of him. Ariel and Meron, both being mermaid princesses, prefer to not talk about him at all.
  • Since Raining is not very frequent outside of the House of Nature, Sea King often tries to cause raining by more unorthodox means. When he heard about how Yoshino or Juvia used to cause raining for a lack of control over their powers, he has tried to upset them. He hasn't been very succesful so far (Although he is trying to tell the latter that she will never have Gray.
  • Completely despises both Groudon and Rayquaza for their ability to stop raining, which greatly undermines his strength. He still strong mind you but he likes to show off and these Pokemon don't let them.
    • Although he is pretty chummy with Kyogre, whose ability allows both of them to gain strength thanks to the rain.
  • Admires both the determination and strength of the fish woman known as Undyne, who has decided to challenge Sea King to a fight a handful of times. Although unfortunately for her, Sea King is able to No-Sell her water spears and even take advantage over them. She has been forced to use her "Undying" form just to keep up with him
  • He preferred fighting style is to dish out as much punchs as possible, which has often make him confront both Jotaro and Kenshiro. He especially loves to fight the latter, who is able to keep up with him even when he is at full power.
  • Surprisingly fast for someone of his size, given that he is able to keep up with someone like Sonic, who is considered one of the fastest beings of his world. The latter hasn't forgotten that they had a fight to finish and has stated that he plans to take down Sea King for good. Of course, King is just patiently waiting for him to fulfill his promise.
  • He has been gathering a wide array of different Sea Monsters to form an organization that would take over the pantheon. How? By flooding it of course!
    • So far, he was able to recruit Davy Jones, The Kraken, Bruce the Shark, Tidehunter and Murky. They haven't decided on who is going to lead them, given that both Sea King and Davy Jones can't seem to agree on who is the better leader.
  • Also present in the House of Combat.

    Weather Report 
Weather Report, God of Strange Rain (MA152403, Weather Forecast, Weather, Wes Bluemarine, born Domenico Pucci)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His buffalo hat
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Neutral Good at first, True Neutral upon getting his memories back
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler On Account Of Amnesia, Not Being As Nice With His Memories Back, No Sense of Personal Space, Older Than They Look, Weather Manipulation, Can Make It Rain Animals And Snails, Enrico Pucci's Brother, Accidentally Interested In His Biological Sister, Jerkass, Can Turn People Into Snails
  • Domains: Amnesia, Weather, Snails, Family Issues
  • Interested in: Chaac
  • Allies: Jolyne Cujoh, Foo Fighters, Ermes Costello (less so when his memories are restored), Bruno Borelli, Oedipus
  • Rivals: Ororo Munroe, Nami
  • Enemies: Enrico Pucci (his twin brother), Dio Brando, Calvin J Candie and Stephen, Shou Tucker, Hansel and Gretel(Black Lagoon)
  • Opposes: Rayquaza
  • Weather Report is an enigmatic Stand User, someone who suffered from amnesia. Aiding Jolyne at Emporio's request, he ended up working for them in the fight against Enrico Pucci. Though friendly at first, Weather Report proved to be a more sinister figure once his memories were restored, with a more personal vendetta and connection to Pucci than they anticipated.
  • Finds himself relating to Bruno Borelli due to how different they are as amnesiacs compared to their original selves. His real name is Domenico Pucci, and adoptive name is Wes Bluemarine, making him Enrico Pucci's twin brother. He was Separated at Birth by a woman who'd lost her baby and raised as her own. He ended up becoming interested in Perla Pucci, not knowing she was his sister. Enrico tried to cut it off as nicely as he could, this backfired as it caught wind of the KKK and ended with lynching. Enrico later took his Memory Disc with Whitesnake.
  • His Stand, also named Weather Report, allows him to manipulate the weather. Asides from manipulating the air itself and causing different weather conditions, he can also make it rain animals like frogs and snails. After all, there are reports of them raining from the sky, even if it's rare. Usage of this in the pantheon has gotten complaints of smaller members of the House of Beast suddenly falling out of the sky.
  • Like most weather effects, Weather Report is useless in the presence of Rayquaza and its Air Lock ability. When amped to Heavy Weather once he gets back his memories he overcomes this, but Delta Stream shuts down that. Weather Report is avoiding the Sky High Pokémon.
  • Plans a rematch with Enrico Pucci, this time not having to rely on Emporio. To do this, he's been testing out his Stand in his own sub-house. Mainly he's been dueling with Storm and Nami's own weather powers. Weather Report is curious about Chaac due to being a god of rain, and wants help from him to better his powers. Chaac is interested, but doesn't quite trust him after he gets his memories back.
  • Weather Report believes that the worst kind of evil is a man who doesn't know he's evil, in reference to Enrico Pucci. With this mindset, he finds Shou Tucker perhaps the most repugnant man he's ever seen, due to his warped entitlement and refusal to accept his own immorality. Of course, most of the Grand United Alliance of Good still thinks Pucci is a much better soul than Shou Tucker.
  • Sheogorath sees him as a perfect candidate to help him mess with the many gods and goddesses around the Pantheon with the potential his Stand brings. Weather Report reminds him of the time he committed a series of pranks on a superstitious village to convince them the world was ending and the final proficiency ended with bring dogs falling from the sky.
  • While not apparent, he's of mixed race given his biological family. Attacked by the KKK for having a mixed relationship (his adoptive mother's boyfriend was black), Weather Report has no patience for racists, particularly Calvin Candie and Stephen.
  • Doesn't have patience for evil twins like Hansel and Gretel, given his fraternal twin dynamic with Enrico Pucci. Oedipus sympathizes with the accidental relationship he had with his sister and how it led to tragedy, as he was also a victim of Surprise Incest in the tragedy with his mother Jocasta.

Lesser Gods

Abaddon, the God of Mysterious Mist (Lord of Avernus, "Arthas Menethil")
  • Lesser God (becomes Intermediate with Borrowed Time)
  • Symbol: His hood with a Vladimir's Offering mask.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Mist, Dark Is Not Evil, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Barrier Warrior, Mighty Glacier, Under his hood, Stone Wall, Badass Baritone, His Horse he rides to battle, Blue Blood, The Berserker, Implacable Man, Magic Knight, The Sacred Darkness
  • Domains: Mist, Good, Nobility, Darkness
  • Followers: None for now.
  • Allies: Sven, Ostarion, Nasus, Xul, Ahri and Scorpion. Also anyone who cannot protect themselves due to them lacking the defenses necessary.
  • Enemies: Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Arthas, and Shinado.
  • Rivals: Mordekaiser and Hecarim
  • Opposes: Anyone who is a bug and repeats the same word over and over.
  • Complicated Relations: Anyone who is a insect
  • The Champions of Runeterra always questioned the Defenders of the Ancients about how some of their heroes work. The Defenders of the Ancients decided to bring in a new warrior from the Dire. Later on, a hooded figure approached the Champions of Runeterra and stated "The fog of war is no match for the mist of fate. Join with me and let us practice together." Nasus, who takes notes on the battles of the Ancients, recognized the figure as Abaddon the Lord of Avernus and greeted him to the champions of Runeterra. He gained some new rivals such as Mordekaiser and Hecarim.
  • Him and Xul both get along with each other quite well due to both of them being mysterious, dark but benevolent characters.
  • Few have seen how he looks under his hood. However, when Ahri kindly asked him to remove it he did so and the result.....was not pretty. He apologized for scaring her and they got along well afterwards.
  • Whenever he activates Borrowed Time, DO NOT ATTACK HIM. So many have hurt him, yet, act suprised when he does not die.
  • Absolutely hates Arthas' guts. Possibly because of how they were once the same person in the Lands of Azeroth. Arthas says he will make Abaddon pay for his betrayal which is VERY ironic due to what house the Lich King is in.
  • Good allies with Scorpion due to both of them having horrifying appearances underneath their heads.
  • Hates Amatsu-Mikaboshi due to him violating The Sacred Darkness.
  • Enemies with the anger aspect of Shinado(King Abbadon). He is working towards bringing out the sorrow aspect.
  • The reason why he is against insects who say the same thing over and over is because of an assassin named Nyx Assassin that repeatedly says "NYXNYXNYXNYXNYXNYXNYXNYXNYX!". He wears a helmet of Nyx's kind under his hood.
  • He does not like the planet destroyer Abaddon but knows to not get in his way of destruction.
  • He is a support/carry in the fields of the Ancients and so he is protective of his allies with his Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield. If they need someone to take damage in fight ,then his Borrowed Time allows him to take the all the damage done to him and heal from it. His kit is useful to those who are unable to defend themselves.

    Crixalis the Sand King 
Crixalis, God of Sandstorms (Sand King, Darude, Sandy Claws)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Crixalis' face obscured by sand.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blue and Orange Morality, Burrowstrike, Caustic Finale, Dishing Out Dirt, Epicenter Inducing Tail, Takes the Form of a Scorpion, Toothy Maw, Weather of War
  • Domains: Sand, Earth, Combat
  • Followers: Sand Stream users
  • Allies: Gaara, Crocodile, Medusa, Toph Bei Fong, Tyranitar
  • Rivals: Champions of Runeterra, Wraith King, Sakazuki
  • Enemies: Anub'arak, Mordremoth
  • Opposes: House of Plants
  • When a massive sandstorm kicks up, you can be certain that Crixalis the Sand King is the one responsible for creating it. Merely by whispering incantations, Crixalis can make a sandstorm spawn where he stands with such a force that it makes it nearly impossible to see where he is.
    • Rumors has it that if you listen closely to one of Crixalis' sandstorms, you can faintly hear something that sounds like "dudududu".
    • Even today, Sand King is still unhappy about the one time Ostarion declared himself "the only king that matters" during the Wraith-Night.
  • As the physical manifestation of a desert, the Sand King has a less than favorable opinion of greenery and vegetation. Because of that, he dislikes pretty much the whole House of Plants.
  • Equestrian deities has noticed that Sand King's name sounds similar to Chrysalis. Other than the naming coincidence, there are no connections between the two otherwise.
  • Because he looks like a scorpion and has a royal theme, deities jokingly compared him to the Scorpion King from the Mummy Trilogy. When he heard of it, the Sand King requested to watch the movie in question. The Rock gave him a video to watch. Crixalis' reaction after the movie is over?
  • Due to Anub'arak's dislike of sand and preference for ice, Crixalis has ended up in multiple clashes with the Nerubian deity.
  • Has frequently complained about the tsunamis that water deities tend to cause during battles nearby the desert sections of the house of Earth and Metal.
  • Is known to be Gabe Newell's favorite hero, a trivia that Crixalis is proud of.
  • There is no relations between Crixalis and Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion of Mortal Kombat.
  • His Epicenter is one of the most destructive things in the Pantheon when it comes to ground-based damage. If Sand King has in his possession a Blink Dagger, he can come in lightning fast and wreck destruction the moment he comes in. But if he tried to come in too early and cancelling the Epicenter? ... Well, a giant worth of ridicule is incoming instead...
  • Has found rivalry with Sakazuki out of the fact that Sakazuki seems like to be training what would be his counterpart in the Forests of Caldavar, the magma-like creature known as Magmus. And Crixalis would be that close to appoint Magmus as his High Priest because 'Steamstorm' seems close enough for a substitute of 'Sandstorm'.
  • "I will show you fear in a handful of sand..."

Django, Herald of the Sun (Solar Boy Django)

Kracko, God of Hostile Clouds (Cycloptic Stormcloud)
  • Lesser God, Intermediate in his stronger forms
  • Symbol: Its single eye
  • Theme Song: This theme, among others
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Cumulonemesis, Determinator, Will Always Reform From Air, Been Around Since Ancient Times, Spikes of Villainy, Shock and Awe, Single Eye, No Face, Freezing Or Electricity Screws Over His Downpour, Wake-Up Call Boss, Single Tear
  • Domains: Clouds, Lightning, Spikes, Evil
  • Followers: Zeus, The Tempest, Old Man Winter
  • Allies: King Dedede, Whispy Woods, Eneru, Thundurus, The Yellow Devil
  • Rivals: Sage Harpuia, Al'akir
  • Enemies: Kirby, Monkey D Luffy, Landorus, Altaria, Rayquaza, Thor, Ororo Munroe, those who go for the eye
  • Of all the bosses Kirby has faced, there might be none as persistent as the living cloud that is Kracko. Debuting in the very first Kirby game, one way or another Kracko ends up in conflict with Kirby. He has taken a variety of forms such as Mecha Kracko, Twin Kracko, Holo-Kracko and Parallel Kracko, but no matter what he will always return.
  • Being a cloud, he has a form of immortality in simply reforming from air. He has been alive since ancient times. For this reason, Kracko is fearful of Rayquaza due to its Air Lock ability dispelling it whenever he tries to form near the legendary's presence. As Storm is a master of the weather, he is utterly dominated by Storm.
  • Usually works for King Dedede, and while he is more aggressive than Whispy Woods the two seem to get along. Upon his ascension to the pantheon, he respawns easily in the House of Wind & Air. There, he has established a rivalry with Al'akir as a fellow force of air, though it's rather one-sided.
  • The more pleasant cloud creature Altaria doesn't care for Kracko, and Kracko thinks that Altaria is an imposter for not truly being made of clouds. Their battles led to Thundurus discovering the storm cloud, and soon became amused at the lightning-induced trickery the two could get into. Landorus was rather annoyed by this as he has enough of trying to get his brothers to behave as is.
  • Kracko's initial form is Kracko Jr, where he is less cloudy and is an exposed eye. No, it doesn't mean that Kracko Jr is Kracko's son. Naturally, he is very afraid of those who'd inflict Eye Scream. Perhaps because of this he relates to the Yellow Devil, who can morph its body and has a weakness in the eye.
  • Just touching Kracko will inflict an electric zap, as if the spikes weren't enough of a reason not to. Eneru was very interested in the cycloptic stormcloud, and Kracko felt a kinship for being a fellow Psycho Electro. He tried to prove himself to his new ally by taking on Monkey D Luffy, but his lightning was just as useless.
  • Can also release a downpour against his enemies. This has the consequence of making him vulnerable to electric-based attacks due to it conducting electricity. During one his rampages, he found that mixing his downpour with Thor's thunder and hammer seriously hurts and ran off crying.
  • Curious about Sage Harpuia. He is air-themed, and has power over lightning and electricity. Much like Kracko, though Harpuia is far more nimble and speedier than Kracko. He is interested in competing with Harpuia on who better wields the wind and lightning.

    Lunatone and Solrock 
Lunatone and Solrock, Dual Deities of Celestial Faces (The Meteorite Pokémon)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A Moon and Sun Stone respectively
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Moveset:
    • Lunatone: Moonblast, Stone Edge, Light Screen, Psychic
    • Solrock: Solar Beam, Stone Edge, Sunny Day, Psychic
  • Portfolio: Solar and Lunar, Psychic Powers, Sentient Meteorites, Many Type Weaknesses, Mighty Glacier, Leviate (both of them), Lunar Faces, Lunacy, Can Know Ice Beam (specific to Lunatone), Solar Faces, The Power of the Sun, Can Learn Fire Moves (specific to Solrock)
  • Domains: Rocks, Meteorites, Space, Psychics
  • High Priest: Mr Shine and Mr Bright
  • Followers: Mac Tonight, Craterface (Lunatone), Mr Sun, Sunbeard (Solrock)
  • Allies: Deoxys, Beheeyem, Xatu, The Fantastic Four, Android 17 and 18, Mogo, Rayquaza, Galaxy Man (both of them), Princess Luna, Diana, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tyrande (Lunatone only), Princess Celestia, Volcarona, Amaterasu, Leona, Solaire of Astora (Solrock only)
  • Enemies: Davey Jones, Cyrus (both of them), Dr Eggman, Piccolo (Lunatone only), The Grand Duke Of Owls, Nightmare Moon (Solrock only)
  • Opposes: Water users, Heatran (both of them)
  • During a travel to a meteorite site, people discovered two new Pokémon; Lunatone and Solrock. Known as the Meteroite Pokémon, these sentient rocks greatly resemble a sun and and crescent moon respectively. When Tate and Liza learned that these tropes were open, they helped the two to get ascended.
  • It's believed by many Pokémon researchers that they come from space, being living meteorites. Second hand sources from Deoxys and Beheeyem have confirmed they're extraterrestrial. They're good friends, as alien Pokémon stick together. Unlike many of the scientists at Mossdeep Space Center, they believed Deoxys meant no harm however were glad Rayquaza interfered to prevent any nasty incident.
  • The two got into some trouble with Kirby, due to briefly mistaking them for Mr Shine and Mr Brine, but Kirby quickly realized they were not the same. The two Dream Land figures serve as high priests in case they aren't available, being they can also fuction as a proper moon and sun respectively.
  • Despite being based off the moon and sun, they cannot naturally learn Moonlight or Morning Sun unless found in the Dream World. Yes, even though they can also learn other moon and sun-related attacks. Mentioning this annoys them greatly. Lunatone's shiny form also happens to have a blue eye, which may be a Stealth Pun on the rarity of shiny Pokémon.
  • They were very interested to learn that Pokémon Sun and Moon was a thing, and are hopeful that they will get a Mega Evolution or Alolan Form there-though they half-suspect they won't get anything just to be contrary. The Meteorite Pokémon also hope to meet the new Pokémon Minior, due to it being the Meteor Pokémon and kind of looks like them.
  • They have great synergy with their partners Tate and Liza, being twins of a sort themselves. They help out with research in Mossdeep Space Center, and later on the space research in the pantheon. Many deities see them, along their trainers, with Galaxy Man in order to determine rocket paths.
  • The two of them proved to be fanboys of the Fantastic Four for their exploration into space, and happily sought out employment with them. They ended up discovering the Green Lantern planet Mogo, who as a colossal yet friendly celestial object they saw it as a possible friend. During these adventures they test out the limits of their psychic abilities and Levitate ability.
  • The two Pokémon may not have the same composition as the celestial bodies they resemble, but they do have an association with them; Solrock is solar powered, while Lunatone gets stronger in the full moon. The two seem to get stronger when closer to solar and lunar deities respectively, particularly the princesses of Equestria, Diana and Leona. Were they not spoken for with Tate and Liza, Lunatone and Solrock would have considered partnering with one of them each.
  • They occasionally hold Stardust, or a Sun and Moon Stone respectively. Though there are few ascended Pokémon whom these items would affect, they're still relatively valuable. They've managed to make some bucks off selling these precious stones in the House of Commerce. In addition, Solrock has an odd alliance with Volcarona since they're both the sun Pokémon, in spite of Volcarona being really weak to Rock-type moves.
  • Lunatone does't like Dr. Eggman or Piccolo, due to the same crime; their devastation on the Moon, which deeply hurt him. Piccolo has tried to justify this, as he did it revert Gohan to normal and calm him down. Likewise, Solrock dislikes the Grand Duke of Owls and Nightmare Moon for trying to put out the sun. Both agree that Cyrus is a threat that needs to be stopped; Team Galactic's interests in meteorites and other phenomena from outer space has led Cyrus to try and capture them for his purposes.
  • At one point, prior to their ascension, Solaire of Astora had been studying about Solrock and attempted to capture it. After 7 hours, Solaire came back preaching everyone of what he saw, but would not elaborate. Now that it is here, Solaire has been thinking of appealing to it, though the fact that both of them already have partners means the best he could hope is to be allies, which is easy.
  • Can also be found within the Planetary & Celestial subhouse.

Nami, Goddess of Weather Weaponry and Meteorology (Cat Burglar, Weather Witch)


Castform, God of the Teru Teru Bozu (The Weather Pokémon)
Left to right-its Sunny, Normal, Snowy and Rainy Form
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Weather Ball
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Forecast
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Weather Ball, Hurricane, Sunny Day, Hail
    • Z-Move: Breackneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Bubbly Clouds, Teru Teru Bozu, Great Coverage, Mediocre Stats, Artificial Pokémon, Quirky Bard, Waddling Head, Changes to Match the Weather Whether It Wants to or Not, Non-Elemental, Making a Splash, Playing with Fire And An Ice Person Depending on the Weather, More a Weather Gimmick Than a Fighter, Formerly the Only User of Weather Ball, Unfortunate Character Design
  • Domains: The Weather, Transformations, Forecasts, Rain, Sun and Hail
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Rayquaza, Chaac, Nami, Tenshi Hinanawi, Jun Manjoume, Dan Hibiki, Cofagrigus, Altaria, Tohru Honda
    • Partner: Ororo Munroe
  • Enemies: Hunter J, Ghetsis Harmonia, Team Rocket, Hexxus, Mara
  • Opposes: Red Mage Statscowski, Kyogre and Groudon
  • To help predict the weather, Hoenn's Weather Institute created the Pokémon Castform. Appropriately known as the Weather Pokémon, Castform changes form and type depending on the weather. It becomes the Fire type Sunny Form in strong sunlight, the Ice type Snowy form in hail and the Water type Rainy Form in rain. Though far from the strongest Pokémon, Castform is adept at its job of weather prediction.
  • As a living Weather-Control Machine, Castform serves as the Pokémon mascot for the House of Weather. Given Storm's Weather Manipulation, he felt drawn to her, but is also friends with Nami and Tenshi Hinanawi due to their ability to manipulate the weather like him. He can also be found in the House of Wind & Air with Altaria due to being a living cloud.
  • Based on both a cloud and the Teru Teru Bozu, a ghost-like doll said to help prevent raining and good luck with weather. Castform doesn't mind the rain at all though, since he's made of water-like molecules and Water type moves are doubled in power during the rain. He has decided to work with Chaac for the weather bonus due to him using beneficial rain, and so he has a spot for a second offensive move; Hurricane for a surprise.
  • Partly designed after a water molecule. However Castform's base form is also said to look like it has breasts or testicles, which he's sensitive about. Mara has made many a crude joke about Castform, which pisses him off. This led him to bonding with Cofagrigus due to having unwittingly crude aspects with one another, and being sick of people making a joke at their expense.
  • Due to the Forecast ability, Castform will shapeshift to fit the weather. This makes him rather adaptable in the House of Nature, but unfortunately it'll happen no matter what the weather. He feels bad for Tohru Honda for suffering Involuntary Shapeshifting.
  • Doesn't care much for his fellow Hoenn Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon. This is due to the chaotic weather patterns they inevitably bring to the region, especially when they come into conflict with one another. Not that either are concerned given how much stronger they are in comparison. On the flip side, Castform supports Rayquaza despite its ability making his own useless, due to trying to bring order to the weather.
  • As a being that exists for meteorological study in an environmentally conscious region, Castform hates Hexxus due to seeking to pollute the world, which would result in acid rain and other environmental nightmares if he wins. And like any Pokémon, he opposes the likes of Ghetsis, Hunter J and Team Rocket.
  • Though having an interesting ability and skilled moveset, Castform is ultimately a Joke Character who's a Master of None. As such he rarely engages in combat in the pantheon, and is more focused on manipulating the weather for things. He seems to get along with Dan Hibiki due to also being a Joke Character unable to fulfill his potential. He seems interested in Jun Manjoume due to his ability to make seemingly useless monsters useful.
  • Despite being a fellow Master of None, he has nothing good to say about Red Mage Statscowski. This is due to much of Red Mage's failing down to pure insane stupidity, and fears that he might use his unique Amorphous and Fairy egg group for his deranged animal husbandry skills.


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