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Mistress Mare-vellous: Time to Power Pony up!
Fili-second: Ooh, nice catchphrase!

In a World… much like our own yet so different... technology has marched on and cities has sprawled up, one of the most famous being Maretropolis, a shining beautiful city... but wait, what's this? A mad mare with a mangy monsterous mane attacking the fair city? Who will save the city?!

None other than the Power Ponies!

A group of six powerful mares along with their well-meaning sidekick who dedicate their lives into protecting the lives of the fair city as well as being involved with the affairs of the international kind. Or at least, in their world of comic books.

The Power Ponies were developed by the team of Stan Leap and Jack Derby. Published by Marevel Comics, the concept was taking various comic book characters, most having faded into obscurity, and combining them to form a team. Despite the gamble, it succeeded beyond the wildest dreams and has become one of the most popular comicbook series. While Stan Leap and Jack Derby helped make the various characters, it was believed most of the ideas came from a third party, but neither creator has acknowledged this. Because of the overwhelming popularity, several incarnations of the team from different line-ups have been seen.

The Power Ponies: The original universe that started it all, this is the longest and is Marevel's official canon stance on the whole series. Filled with ups and downs, it's still beloved. Rumors talk about a potential reboot, something that the company has never done with any of its series.

The Ultimares: The most famous offshoot and considered second to the original, The Ultimares were a modernized take on the Power Ponies. Part of the Ultimate Marevel line up, it's a reimagining of the team as a government-sanctioned taskforce against supernatural threats across the globe. Known for its Darker and Edgier content, it served as the main inspirations to Hoss Wheatgrain's Power Ponies movie.

The Power Zomponies: The Power Ponies as they fight off the zombie virus from the Marevel Zombie line-up. Currently planning its finale.

The Power Ponies Next! Part of the MarevelTwo line, it's the next generation of Power Ponies as we see the heroes older and wiser, but taking a supporting role with the next generation taking the lead.

In addition, there have been several limited or otherwise indirect stories or continuities of the Power Ponies. Usually done for independent contracting writers, they are still published under the Marevel name, but not directly under their control and may or may not be part of a different continuity all together.

Power Pony POV: Created by the group of writers and artists known as Reharmonized, it serves as a deconstruction and reconstruction of the franchise starting off by showing the true consequences during the infamous D-Day arc. It has since developed into one of the most well-respected and brilliant series and considered a cult classic. Said to be on the home stretch.

Power Ponies Anew (working title): A reimagining of the Power Ponies' beginning, it serves as a reinterpretation of the entirety of the series. While in its infancy, interviews and sneak peaks have shown to be promising.

There have been growing concerns over magical anomalies resulting in ponies being taken into the comics and placed into the roles of their characters and this phenomenon

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     The original Power Ponies, organized by comic book era and more recently, the story arcs: 
  • An Ahuizotl Named Ahuizotl: Yahoo the yahoo in "Secret of Dream Valley".
  • The Alleged Carriage: If Fili-Second pulls with all her might, Mistress Mare-vellous' carriage can go about half as as fast as a walking pony.
  • Anti-Villain: Kaitou Hoof/Card Trick. Sure he's a thief but he prefers to use sleep spells on guards and bystanders rather than resorting to violence. He's even helped the Power Ponies against more dangerous villains.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The Mane-iac does this when telling the Power Ponies why she wants to help them against Discord:
    Mane-iac: "1) I don't want to be sane. Sanity is such a burden! 2) Wreaking havoc in Maretropolis is MY job! 3) I hate the color of his invisible socks!"
    Hum Drum: He's wearing socks?
    Mane-iac: Yes. They clash horribly with his fur color. You have to be a hair dresser to see it.
  • Berserk Button: Don't even joke about Mane-iac getting a haircut. Just ask Pharaoh Phetlock what happens if you do.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Naturally Mane-iac, this was especially true in a golden age comic where in her third appearance where she began targeting and killing barbers.
  • Butt-Monkey: Pharaoh Phetlock suffers this a bit in the latest comics.
  • Cultured Badflank:
    • Fili-Second has a wide knowledge of classic literature.
    • Radiance and the Mane-iac share a love of the opera.
  • Didn't See That Coming:
    • Hum Drum is more or less the embodiment of this.
      • Especially in "Secret of Dream Valley", where Draggle assumes he's still that renegade Pana she was working with, and ends up falling into lava.
    • Discord during the D-Day Arc is completely blindsided by the Mane-iac teaming with the Power Ponies because he never fathomed the possibility of a lunatic not enjoying a world just as crazy as they are.
  • The Dreaded: The Mane-iac, who is known to unnerve even the other villains. Part of this is simply how unpredictable she is. One day she could want to give everypony a bad mane day, the next she could try to murder somepony. Sometimes she's calm and composed, other she's Laughing Mad.
  • Enemy Mine: During the infamous D-Day Arc, the Mane-iac ultimately acts as the Power Ponies back up against Discord because, in her own words, 'reeking havoc in Maretropolis is my job'. The Power Pony POV series would elaborate on this by showing Mane-iac can no longer stand the thought of being sane because 'Sanity is such a burden' and, from her point of view, if the world was just as crazy as her, she was technically sane. The Power Ponies go along with it because having an unpredictable lunatic in their corner seemed like a good idea against another unpredictable lunatic.
  • Gentlecolt Thief: Kaitou Hoof. A debonair unicorn thief who uses his talent for stage magic to pull off thefts from highly guarded locations. Has a whole task force dedicated to catching him.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Hum Drum is known for being underestimated. Due to how frequently it happens, the Masked Matterhorn has theorized that he might have some sort of innate glamour power that causes ponies to underestimate him. Despite this sounding like Blessed with Suck, Humdrum is quite capable of using it to his advantage and more than one villain has lost thanks to it.
    • Confirmed in "Secret of Dream Valley".
  • "Hey, You!" Haymaker: Hum Drum combines this with Shut Up, Hannibull! on Shadowmane in "Kai2". As Shadowmane is trying to break Radiance and Zapp by talking...
    Hum Drum: Excuse me, Shad?
    Shadowmane: *turning* Come to join your—
    Hum Drum: YAH! *decks Shadowmane with a right front hook to the muzzle*
  • Jument Fatale: High Heel has shown to be quite a master of this trope in the original series.
  • Mood Whiplash: "Radiance-tion" starts out looking like a Breather Episode following the Hockshepsut arc, what with the hot mash incident and all, but then High Heel appears in Maretropolis...
  • Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: High Heel says this verbatim about The Golden Rule in "Radiance-tion".
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Zapp, though it should be noted she gave up her title to focus on helping people.
  • Shown Their Work:
    • In the "Sands of Time" volume of the Hockshepsut arc, reference is made to plays of Maneander being found in the Bone-Dry Desert. Fili-Second accurately quotes a literal translation of a funny line from The Peevish Stallion.
    • Trichromic vision is, in fact, the norm for yahoos, as shown in "Secret of Dream Valley".
  • Silver Blaze Scan: How Zapp figures out that a Pana is impersonating Hum Drum in "Secret of Dream Valley".
  • Wham Episode: Commissioner Neon Lulamoon and Mayor Snow Pear die in the city hall bombing in "Countdown to Tragedy".
  • Wire Dilemma: In "Countdown to Tragedy" a bomb squad member has no way of knowing which wire will disarm the bomb and which will detonate it instantly. He picks the wrong one.

     The Ultimares comic arcs: 
  • Adaptational Badass: Pharaoh Phetlock who has been change from being a costume theme wannabe to a 7,000 year old pharaoh who drains his victims life force using ancient rites to keep him alive.
  • Super Registration Act: The basis of this was set BEFORE the series but the effect of the act is felt throughout the series.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Long-Face did this to Saddle-Rager, which lead to the destruction of half of Maretropolis.

     Power Ponies Next!: 

There was also a limited series of manga adaptation of the Power Ponies, taking many of the classic elements from Neighponese manga an applying them here, including fanservice, longer story arcs, younger heroes and overall having that manga feel.

     Power Pony manga arcs: 

Furthermore, Marevel's film franchise under the control of Whinny has ended up producing a powerful film franchise culminating in several complex arcs with its main head runner, Hoss Wheatgrain.

     Marevel cinematic universe: 
  • Phase One: Power Ponies Unite!
    • Masked Matter-Horn
    • The Incredible Saddle Ranger
    • Masked Matter-Horn 2
    • Zapp
    • Mistress Mare-velous: The Last BattleMare
    • The Power Ponies

  • Phase Two
    • Masked Matter-Horn 3
    • Zapp: The Dark Haven
    • Mistress Mare-velous: The Wendigo Warrior
    • The Sentinels of the Stars

Films officially in-development:

  • Phase Two
    • The Power Ponies: Age of Ponitron

  • Phase Three
    • Mistress Mare-velous: Cold War
    • Zapp: Armageddon

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