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The Nature Preservers is home to deities whose titles represent a much larger part of the world. While Nature does have its guardians, most members here often act as protectors of this sub house to maintain its serenity. Though, there are those who take it too far which can cause a bit of a friction.

This place also doubles as the Pantheon's official National Park that anybody can visit and relax. This is also the area that many beasts of the House of Beast come to thanks to its more survivable environment compare to the other houses.


Leslie Knope from the House of Justice has made it her duty, even though she doesn't have to, to make this park one of the best park in the cross-multiverse universe ever.

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Gaea, Protogenoi of The Earth And Leader of the Grand United Alliance of Nature (Gaia, Terra, The Earth Mother, The World, Mother Nature, Sol III)
Planeteer form
Her Titan form 
Her Roman form 


Greater Gods

Battra, Avatar of Nature's Wrath (Black Mothra, Battle Mothra, Bad Mothra, Battora)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A sihouette of himself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Protecting the Environment at Humanity's Expense, Anti-Villain, Eye Beams
  • Domains: Moths, Nature
  • Allies: San, Viridi
  • Enemies: Hedorah, Hexxus, Lich King, Any and all humans that damage the environment (such as Looten Plunder and Mr. Burns)
  • Odd Friendship with: Agitha
  • Estranged Relations: Rayquaza, Captain Planet, Zygarde
  • Darker Counterpart to: Mothra Leo
  • Thousands of years ago, there existed an ancient civilization with access to a machine that could control the climate. This angered Earth to such a degree that Battra was created to combat it. Not only was the machine destroyed, but so was the civilization as a result of Battra going after humans as well. Mothra was created by Earth as a countermeasure to Battra's vengefulness and the two fought each other and were put into a deep slumber some time after. In modern times, a meteorite fell near the coast of Siberia and from there, Battra reawakened, heading towards to Japan as a result of environmental damage caused by a corrupt corporation, among other things.
  • Days where crazy things happen have more or less been considered regular occurrances in the Pantheon and what happened when Battra showed up was no exception. A group of people wanted to construct some buildings near the House of Nature and, thanks to a number of counterfeit signatures of notable figures courtesy of Trollkaiger, got approval to do so despite widespread dissent from environmental figures. Construction went along until some of the construction workers got blasted into oblivion by laser beams. Witnesses saw an airborne black moth attacking the construction workers until everything they were working on was destroyed. Battra was about to extend his rage to other parts of the Pantheon before he got talked down to not doing it. Following that incident, he serves as a reminder on what would happen if someone tries to do anything detrimental to the House of Nature.
  • Battra isn't what one would call malicious in the long run, but him being very antagonistic towards humans does unnerve a good number of people. Battra himself was kind of surprised to find out that there are humans dedicated to protecting the Earth, especially since he was so used to targeting humans for harming nature.
    • He was approached by San and Viridi (the latter of whom is already a goddess on her own right instead of just a normal human), two protectors of nature who had held grudges against humanity, but have since limited their hatred towards truly malicious people (though Viridi's contempt is still more apparent). They do agree about Battra's motivation, but San, due to her experiences with Ashitaka, is under the impression that Battra should only direct his anger towards cruel humans that threaten nature. Viridi, on the other hand, has considered using Battra for some of her missions given his capabilities.
  • Corrupt people involved with corrupt organizations who have had a record of threatening the environment such as Looten Plunder and Mr. Burns are very much a target of Battra's wrath. Those executives don't really care what an angry black moth could do to them, but that's because they haven't seen Battra's actions beforehand.
  • A slew of forces that aren't human in any way exist that pose a threat to nature, likely to an even greater degree than what humans could do. Battra sees them as every bit of a detriment to the environment and has confronted them a number of times. Even if he's never officially met Hedorah in the past, Battra is prone to fighting against The Smog Monster in the Pantheon if they cross paths.
  • Weather manipulation is still a sore spot for Battra due to how it impacted his past prior to fighting Godzilla. Since there's a decent number of deities who are capable of changing the weather (even if some deities are only capable of making things colder or hotter), Battra has gotten into a lot of trouble with them due to his mindset. Battles between him and Groudon and/or Kyogre tend to get very destructive; even more so whenever Rayquaza (who usually aids Battra in these fights and even then Rayquaza is willing to stop Battra if the moth goes too far in his goals) is involved.
    • To be clear as to why Battra and Rayquaza aren't really buddy-buddy with each other, it has more to do with the fact that Battra's hatred with humanity hasn't subsided that much since his fight with Godzilla. Rayquaza often has to stop Groudon and Kyogre from causing widespread damage due to their abilities. Battra is destructive but for different reasons, hence why Rayquaza has to fly in whenever Battra is having one of his more violent episodes and taking it out on innocent bystanders.
      • Zygarde, who has a similar role as Rayquaza when it comes to the balance of nature, also has problems with Battra's methods. Seeing as it keeps the balance between life and death, Zygarde is under the impression that what Battra is doing is not balanced to say the least.
  • Captain Planet has very mixed feelings about Battra's crusade. He fully understands the moth's motivation, but Captain Planet believes that firing laser beams at unsuspecting bystanders is not the solution to keep Earth safe. Battra hanging out with Viridi is also a source of concern for Captain Planet given her temperament.
  • Agitha took a liking to him much like she takes an interest towards other strange bugs. Battra didn't really understand why she was being nice to him in spite of his destructive traits at first. After a couple of repeated visits from her, he simply accepted Agitha as an acquaintance and nothing more.
  • Gaea herself is very ambivalent when it comes to Battra. Depending on her mood, she can either be supportive of his extreme actions or be concerned about said actions. It's another reason why Captain Planet isn't too keen on working with a violent to moth keep nature safe.
  • Unlike most of Godzilla's other foes, Battra fought against him due to how much of a threat Godzilla posed. Granted, The Big G was a bit more antagonistic than normal at the time (and Godzilla has been described as a force of nature at others), but another fight between the two could happen at any given moment, especially if Godzilla is having a really bad day.
    • Battra ended up having a meeting with another moth that was dedicated to keeping Earth's natural balances stable. Mothra Leo has plenty of issues with Battra's methods of keeping nature stable and wouldn't hesitate to keep Battra in check whenever it happens. That said, if Godzilla became extremely dangerous to not just his adversaries, there's a chance that Battra and Mothra Leo will have to put aside their differences to stop The King of Monsters.
  • It's pretty clear that keeping the Earth clean and in balance is a lesson to be learned. It's just that there's some dissent on adding an angry black moth that fires laser beams to the moral, mostly because the "scare'em straight" approach he's supposed to bring instantly lapses into straight-up implausible consequences for not following the lesson. Then again it's the Pantheon, so in context of that place, getting blasted by a giant moth for throwing nature off-balance isn't as ridiculous as it sounds.

    Hecatia Lapizlazuli 
Hecatia Lapizlazuli, The Goddess Who Holds The World In Her Hand (Goddess of Hell, Freaky T-Shirt Weirdo)
Otherworld Body
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Model globes for Earth, the Moon and the Otherworld
  • Theme Music: "Pandemonic Planet"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goddess of Hell (With Weird Fashion Sense), Having Three Bodies With Different Personalities And Hair Colour, Being Rather Silly, While Being Stronger Than Anyone in Gensokyo, on the Moon and in Hell, Perky Goth
  • Domains: Hell, Bodies, Gods, Clothing
  • Heralds: Clownpiece and other Hell Fairies
  • Allies: Junko, Zeus, Hades, Athena, Amaterasu
  • Enemies: The other Hades, nominally Houyi and Chang'e
  • Wary of: Bray Wyatt
  • An oddly dressed girl (though don't mock her fashion sense), Hecatia is actually the Goddess of Hells of Earth, the Moon and the Otherworlds (basically any place outside of aforementioned places). She has the power to have three bodies at once, allowing her to be in three locations at the same time, while her soul resides in Hell. She also carries around globes of Earth, the Moon and Otherworlds with her, and the body what is front of you can be determent on what globe is on her head, and what colour of hair and eyes she has (Blue for Earth, Yellow for the Moon and Red for Otherworlds).
  • Her "hatred" for Houyi comes from the fact that according to her, when he shot down the nine solar crows, they were actually nine different sun gods, one of them being Apollo. And without the light from the Sun, there might as well be no Hell since the shadows of Hell would weaken without any light. Well, that is the story she is telling. In truth, she might be lying to give her an excuse to help Junko in her revenge forwards Chang'e.
    • Note that she has nothing against those who actually came from the Moon, even if she helped Junko attack the Lunar Capital. That being said, she does hate the Lunarians of her world, but only due of how close-minded they are about every other being in the world, living in isolation from everyone else and looking down at them.
  • Gods from Greek mythology are really confused by her presence. The big reason being that even though she seems to be Hecate, she also isn't. Still, Hecatia likes the company of other Greek gods.
    • One big confusion comes in the fact that Greek Mythology doesn't have a Hell. They have Underworld (ruled by Hades) and Tartarus (ruled by himself) but no actual Hell as most people would call it. She explains that the Hell where she came from was less of an afterlife than more of a place for particularly evil and chaotic people to hang around before order was established there.
    • That being said, she has bit of a headache when it comes to mortals worshiping her for things Hecate is, as she has no authority over them. The biggest one would be The Weird Sisters due of their queen being named Hecate. Basically, she wants mortals to stop worshipping her for the wrong reasons.
    • She also doesn't actually like the other Hades in the Pantheon, saying that messing with souls of the dead is not good, and is annoyed with it.
  • Her ascension caused a bit of a questioning about certain rankings of the other Touhou deities, as she is said to be stronger than anyone on Gensokyo and on the Moon. This is especially with Eiki Shiki, as Hecatia seems to outrank her as while Eiki is just a judge in one particular Hell what includes Gensokyo, Hecatia is much higher on the ladder. While the reason for this is hard to say, it might be that she is actually three gods in one, and since her soul itself is located in Hell, destroying one of her bodies hardly means a thing.
    • As it turns out, she really isn't in the ministry what rules over Hells. She is more or less an outlaw in her own words. In fact, she isn't even a true goddess. She has the title because she can beat anyone else in Hell, meaning that she cannot be easily bossed around and she can make anyone submit if she would oppose them.
  • When asked about, no, "The Hecate Sisters" are not " "maiden, mother, and crone". Each of her bodies look similar with some differences, though all three of them have different personalities. Also note that she can freely swap between her bodies as she wants and can call all of them on one spot.
  • There seems to be some sort of Running Gag of trying to put as many round objects on Hecatia's head as possible to see what happens to her. And the objects can basically be anything. Including Kirby.
  • Is very wary of Bray Wyatt, who is known to lead people into singing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". Even when he's no longer a Southern Gothic cult leader, she's freaked out about his "Firefly Fun House" show and doesn't know where that is gonna lead.

Mogo, Divine Sentient Planet (The Living Planet, Sector 2261.142.M)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A giant Green Lantern Corp symbol composed in foliage
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beautiful Scenery, Living Planet, Having the Souls of a Man and Woman, Not Very Sociable, Mogo-Shattering Kaboom, Pleasure Planet
  • Domains: Power, Plants, Mountains, Rivers, Power, Willpower
  • Herald: His current partner in guarding Sector 2261, Mother Mercy
  • High Priest: Ego, the Living Planet
  • Followers: Solaris, Gaia, Torkulon
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Krona, Parallax, Unicron, Galactus, Nekron, Black Hand, and the Black Lanterns, Sinestro, The Grox, Hexxus, Chairman Drek, Evolto, Tyranids, Mongul, Hank Henshaw
  • Of Interest to: The House of Love
  • Interested in: All Good-aligned Determinators (notably Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Undyne the Undying, Goku, Link)
  • Good Counterpart to: SCP-1548
  • Opposes: The Incubators, High Councilor Kal-El,
  • Wary of: Dragon Ball Villains, Tuska
  • Conflicting Opinion: Samus Aran
  • Mogo the Living Planet is the Green Lantern of Sector 2261, and the most powerful Green Lantern in the entire corp. In one of the few cases in which a Deity is its own domain, Mogo is a planet, and so does not have a proper place in the actual Pantheon. If he did, his gravitational pull would destroy the Pantheon, which is why Mogo doesn't socialize much.
    • When he has to, Mogo can use much smaller holograms to interact with beings in other parts of the Pantheon under assumed names. Those Deities who have met these holograms rarely realize who it actually is they're talking to. Although he does make appearances in "person" in very special and dire circumstances.
    • He, like all Green Lanterns, has a lot of animosity towards Krona, Parallax, and Nekron, especially after the former two corrupted and took control of him to take over the rest of the corp.
  • When a Green Lantern dies, Mogo is the one responsible for choosing their ring's successor and guides the ring to them. Without him, the rings are directionless. As such, he considers all the Green Lanterns in the Pantheon to be worthy allies, as he's the one that picked them to be Green Lanterns in the first place. This has put him at odds with the Incubators, who also choose to give powers to people who have certain qualities in order to get them to join a group that's purpose is to fight evil. However, unlike the Incubators, Mogo doesn't make deals or withhold information from those he picks (at least, not intentionally) to trick them into joining the Green Lanterns.
    • As the one who chooses new Green Lanterns, Mogo has observed a number of deities in the Pantheon who show remarkable ability to overcome great fear and as such could make worthy Green Lanterns should a ring become available. Apart from Luke Skywalker, whose impression on Mogo is detailed below, such notable candidates include Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Undyne, Goku and Link.
    • In the 31st Century, Mogo will have died, and lacking another way to distribute rings to new owners to recruit new members, the Green Lantern Corps will eventually die with him. When Rosalina heard about this from her Lumas, she enlisted the House of Time and Space to try to avert this fate, but only time will tell if they are successful.
  • Sometimes likes to assist Team Lightyear and the Guardians of the Galaxy on a consultant basis, likening Star Command and the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Green Lanterns, as they're both groups of Space Cops and people focused on protecting their galaxy, respectively.
  • Because of his serene and kind nature, many Deities have visited Mogo to train or find a moment of peace. One of his most well-known attributes is his ability to conjure up the images of anybody's deceased loved ones so that they may be able to move one. He has also been known to help anybody with problems they may have, acting as a sort of therapist. Even Rosalina allows him to babysit her Lumas on occasion. On the other hand, this makes him greatly opposed to his antithesis, SCP-1548, the Hateful Star. Mogo has often taken it upon himself to help protect Earth by preventing the star from crashing into it.
    • It's even been reported that certain Gods and Goddesses, such as John Carter, have gone to him as a sort of "romantic getaway". Since Mogo is actually composed of the consciousnesses of a mated male and female, he's surprisingly good at romance. His unique romantic situation has made him a welcome subject of interest of the House of Love. Which is ironic, since he doesn't socialize.
    • Wander and Sylvia were taken aback when they landed on Mogo and discovered he could talk to them. Sylvia was slightly unnerved of him due to having met another living planet named Janet who... was a little crazy for Wander, but after Wander gave him a chance, she ended up warming up to him after he clarified that he wasn't in any way looking for romance, nor did he know any "Janet"... not all living celestial bodies know each other, after all.
  • Doesn't like Mongul very much. Not only did his son, Mongul II, kill his previous partner, the insect-sized Bzzd, but the original is well-known for his corrupt use of the Black Mercy, which was created by his current partner Mother Mercy, against Superman.
  • Mogo is happy to harbor other alien species on him, changing his biosphere to accomodate their needs and developing symbiotic relationships with them if possible. In the unfortunate circumstance that the actual Houses of Extraterrestrials or Beasts should become unserviceable for whatever reason, many have suggested that Mogo could take their place. Because of this, Mogo has had to fight off numerous attempts by the Grox to hunt him down and eliminate him and the species that take refuge upon him.
    • One of the more notable of these relationships he has is with some space dolphins that live on his planet, as they eat yellow space debris that Mogo is unable to deal with effectively due to their color. What makes this relationship interesting is where Mogo got the dolphins from. After purchasing them from the intergalactic broker Manga Khan, Lobo attempted to retrieve them as it turned out they had actually belonged to him (Lobo cares a surprising amount for his space dolphins...). However, after seeing how happy they were living on Mogo and how good Mogo was to them, he reluctantly let them stay. Fortunately, Mogo allows him to visit them whenever he wants, so all parties are pretty happy with the deal.
    • When Hal Jordan was having a difficult time figuring out how he should deal with some Xenomorphs and didn't want to just kill them due to seeing them as just animals, he brought them to Mogo to live on. Although Kyle ended up destroying them years later, Mogo has allowed the Xenomorphs and Facehuggers in the Pantheon to live on him again, as he's best suited for keeping them from hurting others.
    • The Blorg Commonality loves living on Mogo, as not only is Mogo extremely friendly to them, but it gives them the opportunity to meet and befriend all the other alien species that inhabit Mogo as well.
    • In addition, he enjoys having small animals like Chip and Dale visit his surface, and even leaves his Green Lantern ring hanging on a tree branch for them to play with.
  • Many beings have attempted to destroy Mogo before. Some have succeeded, while others have failed. No matter the outcome, Mogo never takes such attempts kindly. Even though Mogo can pull himself back together, it's a very long process. For this reason, he tries to avoid villains from Dragon Ball, as they have a habit of destroying planets, although he will fight them if necessary.
    • Mogo was the first to discover the Harvesters when they attacked him after entering the Pantheon, and even with the help of the Green Lantern Corps, Mogo would have likely been killed in the assault had it not been for the timely arrival of Luke Skywalker, who managed to fly into the heart of the Mothership and destroy it. Mogo is considering returning the favor by making Luke a new Green Lantern, but as of yet no rings have been made available.
    • Chairman Drek once had a Deplanetizer built on Mogo's surface, but found that progress for it was advancing slowly for it for seemingly no understandable reason... until Drek realized the planet was actually alive and subtly messing with the machine. When he opted to team up with the Emperor to build it in space instead, Mogo simply blew it up with a beam of green energy. Since then, Drek and Mogo have been at war with each other, with Drek repeatedly trying to destroy him, while Mogo has taken it upon himself to enforce Drek's ban from the House of Nature.
    • Once they learned of the Living Planet's existence, both Unicron and Galactus raced to consume him first. Unfortunately, the two underestimated Mogo's power (not to mention the fact that they were fighting each other for it at the same time) and were injured in their battle. What none of them had realized was that Evolto, curious to know what would happen if a sentient planet connected to the Green Lantern energy were destroyed, had been the one to inform the two planet eaters of Mogo in the first place in a bid to weaken Mogo so he could finish him off. Their subsequent fight still lasted for hours before Superman, Wonder Woman, and Primus arrived to assist Mogo.
    • On a separate occasion, the Tyranids tried to raze him to the ground. Mogo once again managed to repel them, this time with the help of Optimus Prime and the Avatars Aang and Korra.
    • Although Tuska was of a lesser Rank then the Living Planet, she possessed a quality that gave her an edge against Mogo that none of the previous would-be destroyers could boast: a barrier made up of a special substance known as Anima Mundi, which shielded her from the energy-based attacks of the Green Lanterns. With this decisive advantage, Tuska managed to be the first in the Pantheon to succeed in destroying and devouring Mogo. Although with some help Mogo (and, more importantly to him, the souls that live on him) was able to be rescued, the experience has left him with an almost crippling fear of the entity. Although, as a Green Lantern, he will never fail to fight her if necessary, he does a lot to try to avoid it being necessary...
    • In High Councilor Kal-El's alternate universe, the alternate version of Mogo was involved in an attempt by the alternate Green Lanterns to stop Kal-El's take-over of Earth, but was demolished after the High Councilor-to-be became a Yellow Lantern for a time. When the regular Mogo heard about this little piece of history, he was understandably displeased with the High Councilor, though they have yet to meet officially. Y'know, since he doesn't socialize.
    • Despite the fact that he hasn't met her in "person" (he's met her as a hologram, but she never realized it) either, Samus Aran is forbidden from ever setting foot on Mogo because of her well-known tendency to blow up planets.
  • Was targeted by Hexxus, who attacked his core and caused the entire ecosystem of the planet to become polluted. Reminded of a time when another species had polluted his environment while he was unconscious, Mogo was enraged and countered this with the help of Captain Planet, driving Hexxus out of his core. He then trapped Hexxus in a tree... again. While Hexxus eventually escaped, he's learned he's going to have to come up with a better plan if he intends to try something like that again.
  • After the demise of the Guardians of the Universe and Oa, Mogo became the new home base of the Green Lantern Corp. However, after Hank Henshaw corrupted him by hacking the Green Lantern main Power Battery, Mogo was left weakened, so the corp is working on restoring Oa to return to it to allow Mogo to recover.
  • Mogo is also a member of the House of Time and Space.
  • Did we mention that Mogo doesn't socialize much?


Intermediate Gods

Nakoruru, Benevolent Spiritual Protector of Nature
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pet falcon Mamahaha, holding her red ribbon.
  • Theme Music: Nature's Banquet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ascension Into Nature Spirit, Speed That Exceeds Ninjas, Cuteness, Yamato Nadeshikos, Control Over Animals, Talking To Animals, Those With Superpowered Evil Sides, Breakout Characters
  • Domains: Nature, Light, Spirits
  • Followers: Nagi
  • Allies: Galford D. Weiler, Haohmaru, Captain Planet, Mikuru Asahina, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami
  • Rival: Morrigan Aensland
  • She manages to ascend here due to a contract she made when she was only a mortal. Captain Planet regards her highly as even though she's not as powerful as he is, at least she didn't share his weakness.
  • When she takes mortal form, she is said to outspeed even Ryu Hayabusa. She still loses against The Flash, though.
  • Was asked to take over the House of Fragile Speedster, competing with Chipp Zanuff. Nakoruru lost the place even if she's got the potential to be faster, but she didn't seem to mind, since she felt that her place was to be with nature and protecting them, not running off here and there.
  • She's currently the 'less' destructive counterpart of Viridi, as Nakoruru always have the patience over humanity and put her trust on them, only interfering when necessary.
  • Is very much shocked, in a good way, when she heard about the ascension of Galford. She just approached her and apologized about that time she had to sacrifice her life for nature. Galford said it's fine, that's just one of the many reasons he admires her. So, they agreed to be Just Friends and go uphold nature and justice respectively.
  • It has been heard that she will stumble into the King of Fighters tournament officially rather than being a bonus addition, with rumors saying that she got forcefully yanked out of her usual verse. She has since formed a good relationship with both Kyo and Iori, and tends to mediate between them if tensions go way too high. However, she tends to get 'teased' by Kyo whenever her understanding of the modern world gets off the line.
  • It was rumored that before she made the jump to the modern world, she saw the flying invitation to the Smash Bros tournament. Unfortunately, Mamahaha failed to snatch it for her, but she decided to be the 'bigger' girl and settled with coming to the KOF-verse... because imagine what kind of terror towards nature will be unleashed in the KOF-verse when she's having fun within the Smash tournament!

San, Goddess of Nature Lovers (Princess Mononoke, The Princess of Vengeful Spirits)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her mask
  • Theme Music: Princess Mononoke
  • Alignment: True Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Nature Heroine, Forest Ranger, Raised by Wolves, Badass Adorable, Wild Child, Action Girl, Breakout Character, Not Good with People, Empowered Badass Normal, Nature Lover, Speaks Fluent Animal, Pretty Princess Powerhouse
  • Domains: Nature, Upbringing, Princesses
  • Allies: Ashitaka (her love interest), Moro (adoptive mother), Okkoto, most deities in the Houses of Beast (especially Arceus, Xerneas, Zinogre, Wolf O'Donnell, Sif and Chibiterasu) and Nature (especially Fluttershy, Amaterasu, Viridi, Aang, and Malfurion Stormrage), Totoro, Pocahontas, Spring Sprite, Celebi, Ysera, Korra, Genn Greymane, Hanzo Shimada
  • Odd Friendship: Kiki, Chihiro Ogino, Juliet Capulet, N
  • Enemies: Lady Eboshi, The Lich, Hexxus, Hedorah, Mordremoth, Firebird, evil-aligned humans (special mention goes to Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Ghetsis Harmonia, and Cruella de Vil)
  • Conflicting relations: Tarzan, Mowgli, George of the Jungle
  • When she was just an infant, San's parents abandoned her near Moro, a wolf goddess. The wolf subsequently adopted San and she grew up in the location where Moro and various other nature spirits resided. San has plenty of respect towards nature in general, though she has a rather low opinion towards humans given the circumstances of her early life.
  • Some time after her arrival, San learned that there were plenty of human deities, both good and bad (some fall under either extreme end of the morality spectrum). Although San was more than upset to find out about how vicious certain humans were in the Pantheon compared to her home world, she has tried to be more lenient towards the humans who have a primarily good heart to them.
  • For a particular reason, San is on good terms with Kiki, Chihiro Ogino, and Totoro. Although San doesn't mind the former two that much, she is usually seen with Totoro more often given his connections to nature.
  • As one would expect from her, she makes frequent visits to the House of Beasts. She gets along with most of the deified creatures there, but she is seen alongside Arceus and Xerneas very often. The latter since it reminds her of The Great Forest Spirit's day appearance for for a certain reason and the former since something about it speaking brings to mind Moro, at least according to her.
    • San is also friends with Wolf O'Donnell and Zinogre, as they bring to mind the wolf family she was raised by. Granted, it took some time for her to get used to the fact that Wolf O'Donnell was different from the animals she was used to back in her world (the same could be said for when San interacted with several other anthropomorphic animals like him).
      • Speaking of wolves, San also likes to be with Amaterasu often. San was surprised to learn that Ammy also has a humanoid form, though San gave Ammy her sympathies given the circumstances behind it (Ammy told San about said circumstances since the latter wasn't the Pantheon at the time it happened).
      • In addition, San has also been seen taking care of Chibiterasu whenever Amaterasu is busy handling other matters.
      • Her opinion of the Starks of Winterfell is more or less neutral but following the Battle of the Bastards, San has become intrigued by the so-called "White Wolf" Jon Snow.
  • The existence of werewolves came as a bit of a surprise to San since the idea of a man transforming into a wolf (and vice-versa) was not something she was accustomed to. She happened to meet Greymane by chance and surprisingly, both have gotten along since then. She isn't amused whenever he calls her "a woman who tries so hard to be a wolf", though.
    • It was through Greymane that San learned about Malfurion Stormrage, of whom helped Greymane prior. Malfurion himself has a level of admiration towards San's devotion to nature.
  • Being another guardian of nature (or at least very protective of it), San gets along very well with Celebi. Considering that the Pokémon has a fair amount of weaknesses, San has decided to make sure Celebi doesn't end up in grave danger against those who are willing to destroy nature.
    • She is also good friends with Viridi, partially considering the fact that they have a distaste towards humans. There have been instances of San trying to convince Viridi to at least limit the hatred towards humans that are truly despicable given San's time with a benevolent one, though.
  • Both San and Tarzan share a thing in common: being raised by wild animals when they were young (wolves for San and gorillas for Tarzan). Despite that and their association with nature, San has had some difficulties when it came to being true friends with Tarzan. Tarzan was actually able to understand the situation that San went through and even mentioned that he could have ended up having a similar mindset as hers if his ape family was being attacked by humans.
  • She isn't much of a visitor to the House of Love, given how her relationship with Ashitaka turned out (although it didn't end that badly, circumstances prevented the two from being truly together). That said, one of the members that she doesn't mind is Juliet Capulet and that may have something to do with them sounding similar to each other, along with being unsuccessful at getting together towards their respective love interests.
    • Eventually Ashitaka ascended with Viridi's help, and San was overwhelmed with joy to see him again. The pair held each other in a loving embrace upon first sight, and ever since they've been seen together almost all the time. San has introduced the exiled prince to many of her allies and has been helping Ashitaka get adjusted to life in the Pantheon.
  • San still has some contempt towards humans that are noticeably evil. That said, Looten Plunder is one of those humans she detests, given how he wants to damage the environment for his own gain. She hates Mr. Burns similarly as well, in addition to an interest in harming animals (something that made her oppose Cruella de Vil as well).
    • If there was someone that San cannot stand at all, it would be Ghetsis Harmonia. Not only does his treatment of Pokémon sicken her (especially since San had befriended a lot of the Pokémon within the Pantheon), but his treatment towards N brought to mind her own parents that neglected her, to some extent.
      • Speaking of N, San has gotten along rather well with the Pokémon trainer and he has even offered to help her understand more about Pokémon and how these creatures feel.
  • She is on good terms with Mary Lennox, given that the two were neglected by their respective parents. Both of them also gradually became kinder through different means.
  • Given that they have a strong affinity towards nature, both San and Pocahontas have gotten along with each other. San felt that Pocahontas wanting peace between her respective tribe and the settlers was not that different from Ashitaka trying to keep peace between the forest San resided in and his own village.
  • As guardians of the Spirit World, a middle ground between humanity and nature, Aang and Korra quickly took notice of San's role in protecting nature. The two heard of what San went through and are hoping that she will reach a good resolution to her mindset of humans.

    Smokey Bear 
Smokey Bear, God of Wildfire Prevention (Smokey the Bear, Hot Foot Teddy, Smoke, Smokey B, The Firefighting Mascot of Forest Safety)

Lesser Gods

Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things (Saddle Rager, Flutterbat, Flutterbold, Fluttershee)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, three pink butterflies
  • Leitmotif: "So Many Wonders" and "Music in the Treetops". Also, her Fighting Is Magic Theme.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: being nice to everything alive (but shying away from other ponies), healing animals and speaking to them, taming giant, powerful creatures, being cute and loving cute critters, extreme shyness and sensitivity, being too pure to corrupt, apologizing a lot, winning battles without lifting a hoof against the foe, control of animals, winged creatures scared of heights, cute cowardice... or is it?, danger of snapping (with fearsome results), THE Stare
  • Domains: Animals, Nature, Kindness, Cuteness. Occasionally: Insanity, Obsession
  • Allies:
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Enemies: All who would hurt animals. BEWARE.
  • Opposes: Arakune
  • She was chosen by the Gods to heal the injured animals. They felt that Fluttershy's occasional snaps can actually come in handy if it comes to fighting fire with fire.
    • A new big fear regarding Fluttershy has arisen. That being the day she runs into the newly ascended Rena Ryuugu and THE STARE faces off against OMOCHIKAERI mode.
  • She had a bit of an episode the first time she stepped into The Bestiary (without a tour guide, thinking she didn't need one), and the animals there didn't automatically flock to her. After setting traps for the animals, Steve Irwin, the groundskeeper, kept getting into her traps, other traps were foiled and turned against her by Jerry, Sharptooth and Godzilla were taking turns chasing Fluttershy away (large reptiles being one of the only animals she fears), Zubat kept attacking her despite Pikachu's attempts to defend her, and The Rabbit of Caerbannog turned out not to be the cute little bunny he seemed. But after she flipped out and loudly demanded that they all love her, even Godzilla was scared.
    • Because of this, whenever Godzilla gets too out of hand the Pantheon now sends for Fluttershy, the only one who can stop his rampage. She does this by flying into his face while he's destroying buildings and giving him a firm scolding, but reassuring him that he's "not a bad radioactive dinosaur, he just made a bad decision".
  • Sometimes hired by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to act as a babysitter for his 420 kids. They behaved themselves after she used "the Stare" on Bowser.
  • Has been much more timid when in the House of Beast lately, due to the arrival of Princess Celestia (who she is afraid of being a bother to) and Princess Luna (who outright terrifies her, much as Luna would wish otherwise).
    • And then with Gilda's ascension, she's more wary than before, but not as scared as she might've been for two reasons. One, she's not the scaredy pony she was before (well, not as much, anyway). Two, she has a lot of friends in the Pantheon who would NOT be happy to see her cry.
  • On behalf of Princess Celestia, Fluttershy has successfully formed an unlikely friendship with Discord, who was released from his prison on strict probation. Fluttershy acts as his moral anchor, as without her Discord would likely revert to his old ways. Most of the other gods still do not trust Discord completely, and many still think his reformation is a trick.
    • This made Fluttershy also obtain her own house in the Pantheon of Friendship. Although shy at first, she easily warmed up with everyone in the house. She felt so happy that she burst into song!
  • Johnny Blaze has expressed interest in her Stare due to its apparent similarities with his own Penance Stare ability. Fluttershy, for the most part, has altogether avoided answering his questions, as she is utterly terrified of him.
  • Has mostly given up on her dream of becoming a tree out of disgust after meeting Exdeath.
  • Is very close friends with The Lorax, who will often speak for her when she becomes too timid to voice her thoughts.
  • When she found out that an 'inseparable link' was formed between her and the Incubators, especially Kyubey, Fluttershy decided to pay that little weasel a visit in hope that her glare would put an end to the Incubators' 'information withholding' and general Trolling. The emotionless Kyubey didn't even flinch.
    • That being said, unlike many other Gods, Fluttershy was revulsed and shocked when Akuma Homura enslaved the Incubator race and Mind Raped Kyubey, apparently leaving him completely broken. She agrees that he needed a lesson in empathy, but... not like this. Not even someone like him deserves such a fate, she comments.
  • Spends lots of time with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, singing together and cleaning the Pantheon alongside their animal friends.
  • There was an incident where Fluttershy accidentally got bitten by a vampire and became "Flutterbat", trying to suck blood—or apple juice, it wasn't really clear. It took the House of Beasts, led by Discord, to calm her down and turn her back. To this day, Fluttershy steers clear of vampires.
  • Got the eyes of both Zangief and Daniel Bryan for how she was able to wrestle a bear into submission. Fluttershy was embarrassed of the praise the two gave her seeing as the only reason that she was fighting the bear was to relieve it of shoulder pain (even though she gave a bear a Neck Snap). That said, she didn't decide to go wrestle Pooh Bear—instead she invited him into her Temple and shared Hunny, causing everyone to coo at the sight.
  • Recently formed a bond with Lambda-11, partly due to their similar quiet personalities (though for different reasons) and partly out of their like of animals. They occasionally go to the Houses of Nature and Beast to see the wildlife.
    • Something similar happened with Squigly, who Fluttershy quickly bonded with (after the obligatory fainting period when she first saw her) thanks to their similar personalities.
  • She has a sort of resentment against Arakune due to the fact that he keeps trying to eat small fuzzy animals. Luckily, she and Discord have managed to prevent him from eating any other animals in the pantheon and have kept Arakune away from the animals. She does, however, leave some food out for him, thinking that if he is fed and full he won't try to eat the animals.
  • Milla bonded with her fast (after first asking permission to touch her mane) due to being similarly shy, being…quite dangerous when the chips are down, and an unfortunate incident they both share: being mutated into monsters by Lord Brevon. The hound is a little envious of the pegasus due to how easy she got off, considering Lilac/Carol had to beat the hound up, and even seemed to die' at the end of it, whereas Discord was able to turn his friend back with a snap of his fingers and humiliate Brevon to boot.
  • Originally bequeathed her guardianship to the House of Friendship to Nia Teppelin, to focus more on taking care of the animals in the House of Beasts. She later on decided to retake her seat after the Through Darkness and Mirrors incident, in order to keep Gentaro in line with The STARE if he should ever do anything crazy again.
  • One day, a little lamb named Pom was dragged over by her pack of sheep dog puppies to Fluttershy's place and they were eager to get some training in so as not to fall behind of the other Key Keeper candidates of Fœnum. The lamb's over-eager canines riled up the animals under Fluttershy's care, especially Angel, and they were all too willing to defend their mistress. During the chaos that ensued, the battle went too far, and Fluttershy was forced to step in, and as a result so did Pom in defense of her pups. Later, A profuse apology was made on Pom's part, who confessed her pups' reasons for fighting; a woman named Lauren Faust got her (and five other candidates) into the Pantheon for some extra training.
  • At first, she was frightened when a certain skeleton decided to make a friend out of her, but Papyrus's unwavering compassion and optimism despite his ego quickly offset that fear.
  • One would think that despite the fact that even she can have enemies, she'd still have even a modicum of pity for all of them. Not true in the case of Alex Mercer. She has even ceased to regard him as a living being after hearing just what he has become and has permitted Discord of the same house to keep him under control, which he gleefully complied with.
  • Fulfilled a lifelong dream by creating an animal sanctuary in a corner of the house of nature, where injured, scared, or lonely animals can spend time getting better before returning to their natural environment. Notably this took two tries, the first ending when the original builders completely disregarded what she wanted, followed by her firing them and bringing in someone she knew would get it right.
  • While she's somewhat happy to find Angel Bunny in the Pantheon, she was creeped out when Paul London worshiped Angel as the "White Rabbit" who was the leader of the Rabbit Tribe. Then she absolutely got frightened upon learning who the real White Rabbit was and how London has committed murder to appease said figure.
    • Her problem with wrestlers didn't stop there as she once had to pull the Cutie Mark Crusaders from an all-night marathon of horror movies with their vampire wrestling friends in the House of Ambiguity. While she's happy that the Crusaders were taken care of (through the use of horror books, movies and video games), she's a bit frightened (Read: a LOT frightened) at the two who were taking care of them. It didn't help that Luna Vachon out of the two absolutely found Fluttershy to be adorable...especially after the Crusaders mentioned Fluttershy's batpony form. So now Fluttershy has been invited for horror films and being dressed like a vampire (if only so she makes sure the Crusaders don't get any ideas...) Upon learning that Luna Vachon was André the Giant's godchild, she's honestly confused since their personalities are nothing alike.
      • The Crusaders eventually realized that they just weren't compatible with the vampires and befriended The New Day (who were bronies and essentially gushed over Fluttershy). Fluttershy is now relieved that she doesn't have to go to the House of Vampires to retrieve them although she still keeps ties with André the Giant.
  • Many gods were shocked to learn that she's a huge fan of goddesses like Bulma Briefs, Ranma Saotome, Usagi Tsukino, Utena Tenjo and Rei Ayanami. In fact, when Fluttershy got the courage to see Rei for the first time there was silence...until Rei broke into a smile and hugged Fluttershy. Everyone else in the vicinity went "D'awwwww...." at the sight!
  • Occasionally posts Lets Plays to the Pantheon from the safety of her temple. While she enjoys doing this, she often gets annoyed when well-meaning people address her as "Fluttershee."
  • Valvatorez also gets along rather well with Fluttershy since she's helping him with the Prinnies who've redeemed themselves, though she gets a little frightened when he becomes boisterous.
  • Also holds a position in the House of Friendship.

    The Lorax 
The Lorax, God of Green Aesops
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Truffula Tree.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Nature Spirits, Those That Are Ignored Even Though They're Right, Somewhat Bittersweet Endings.
  • Domains: Knowledge, Nature, Renewal.
  • Followers: Hei Bai, Crysta, Earth Maiden Arjuna
  • Allies: Captain Planet, Aang, Tinkerbell, WALL•E and EVE
  • Enemies: Looten Plunder and Hoggish Greedly, Azula, Hexxus
  • Unwittingly dreaded by: Swampert.
  • Serves as the caretaker of the House of Nature and the Pantheon's garden.
  • In honor of how eloquently he speaks for the trees, The Lorax was elected as a member of the House of Theater.
  • Has a rather... odd relationship with Exdeath, with whom he shares the House of Nature. Neither of them like the other very much, but they tolerate each other out of political necessity, as although they disagree very strongly on most policies, they agree on arboreal rights, which is enough to form an alliance... for now.
  • Is very close friends with Fluttershy, and will often speak for her when she becomes too timid to voice her thoughts.


Mowgli, God of Wild Children (मोगली, Man-Cub, Little Britches, Mowgli the Frog, Jungle Boy, Skinny Little Shrimp)
Click here  Mowgli in live-action
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A wolf silhouette with the Red Flowernote  in the center.
  • Theme: Overture
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Raised by Wolves, Disneyfied Characters, Separated From Birth Parents, Running Around Naked, wears loin cloth from time to time, lives by the Bare Necessities, All-Loving Hero, Friend to All Living Things, has survived encounters with Shere Khan, Kaa, the White Cobra, Bandar-Log, and King Louie, accidentally set the jungle ablaze, Gadgeteer Genius,
  • Domains: Animal, Nature, Friendship, Fun, Food, Fire, Survival
  • Herald: Akela
  • Followers: The Seoni wolf pack
  • Allies: Baloo and Bagheera, Tarzan, Daisuke Yamamoto/Kamen Rider Amazon, Hareta, N, Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, Po, Bambi, Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, Ariel, Genn Greymane, The Gang of Seven
  • Enemies: Shere Kahn, Scar, The Hyenas, Tai Lung, Lord Shen, The Firebird, Sharptooth, INDOMINUS REX, Koba, Napoleon, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Ghetsis, Aerys Targaryen
  • Complicated Relationship: San, Tigress, King Kong, Caesar, T'Challa/Black Panther, House of Time and Space
  • The origins of Mowgli varies depending on who you ask. Some say that he was found by the panther Bagheera and brought to the Seoni wolf pack. Others claim he was found lost in the Jungle as an infant, and was accompanied by a red panda. There are even accounts of his adoption being the result of the tiger Shere Khan.
    • In fact, it's one of the reasons the House of Time and Space has so much trouble with Mowgli. They don't hate him outright, they just dislike trying to keep track of the multiple timelines. But since the Disney timeline was the most iconic, that incarnation of Mowgli was the one that ascended.
  • Mowgli relates best with Tarzan, not only viewing him as a father figure and both being raised in the jungle but also in that both don't want to bring up their less than politically correct literary origins. Despite this newfound friendship, Mowgli is wary of most of the ascended primate gods, due to his experience with King Louie and the Bandar-log. Koba is the worst example of this, due to wanting to kill the boy for simply being a human. Both Caesar and King Kong have offered their protection and tutelage to the young Man-Cub. He has yet to accept their offer.
  • Had an admiration towards Amazon after hearing his adventures of protecting humanity against evil-doers, although he feels uncomfortable of seeing bloodshed whenever he finishes off his enemies.
  • Was surprised to see a fellow Wild Child ascend into the pantheon by the name of Hareta. Has got along rather flawlessly with him due to their eccentric yet nature-loving ways. Also gets along with N, due to him being raised alongside Pokémon and being able to understand what they're saying. It was through N that Mowgli grew to distrust Ghetsis for his abuse of both Pokémon and his son, even going so far as saying that he'd hope Shere Khan would eat him when he ascends. And that's saying something.
  • Having seen what the Red Flower is capable of and remembering the damage he caused to his home jungle, Mowgli fears what would happen if others got their hands on it. He's heard of what Aerys Targaryen planned to do with Wildfire, and saw the destruction brought upon by the Firebird and vows never to let the might of the Red Flower get out of control.
  • Is uneasy around Tigress due to his experience with Shere Kahn and despite being good friends with Po, Mowgli usually is uneasy around the feline martial artist.
  • Mowgli fears Scar, due to his similarities to Shere Khan. The lion, in turn, doesn't like the boy, finding him as annoying as Simba was as a cub. When they first met, Scar chased the poor Man-cub into a shallow cave and was only stopped by the arrival of his nephew. Mowgli and Simba have been good friends ever since, and it was through their friendship that Mowgli met Timon and Pumbaa. The three often hang out together and enjoy the pleasures of Hakuna Matata.
    • Mowgli gets along well with Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh, due to being reminded of his friendship with Baloo. As well, he's been seen with Ariel, learning about the world beneath the waves.
    • He's been hanging around Bambi as of late and is trying to keep the young fawn from falling under Napoleon's influence. It should also be noted that Mowgli hasn't told Bambi that he was raised by wolves, fearing the reaction that might occur.
  • Sometimes goes to the Great Valley to hang out with Littlefoot and his friends, though more often than not the boy butts heads with Cera for varying reasons. But when push comes to shove, they all fear Sharptooth and Indominus rex, and will do their best to avoid the two theropods.
  • Despite the two being raised by wolves, Mowgli's relationship with San is... complicated. The wolf princess does care for the boy but wishes he had been, in her words, "More of a wolf", something Genn Greymane disagreed on. But after the Indominus rex incident, her concerns turned up to eleven, scolding Mowgli for getting himself into reckless danger. For his part, Mowgli was trying to prove himself to the older woman, which lead to the discovery of a previously unknown timeline where he was more resourceful and innovative and was able to kill Shere Khan with the Red Flower. When the others learned of this, both San and Tarzan gave their approval, and ever since Mowgli has been seen in this most recent incarnation.
  • Often follows T'Challa around the Pantheon, calling him Bagheera, much to Black Panther's confusion. Suffice to say, it gave Okoye one more thing to make fun of.
  • While he has many new friends in the Pantheon, Mowgli is hoping that Baloo and Bagheera will ascend soon. For a time, he had to be patient, but eventually he couldn't wait anymore. He went to the Court of the Gods and spoke on behalf of his friends. Not too long after, both bear and panther arrived in the Pantheon, more than happy to reunite with their charge.
  • "I'm Mowgli of the Seoni and this is my home!"

Tarzan, God of Nature Heroes and Vine Swinging (Tarzan of the Apes, Lord Greystoke, The White Ape, Ape Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The sound of his victory yell
  • Theme Song: "Two Worlds" by Phil Collins
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic leanings
  • Portfolio: Nature Heroes, Adopted and Raised by Gorillas, Naturally Superior Characters of Pale Complexion in the Darkest Africa, Rescue Romances, Swinging on Vines, Dreadlocks, Nubile Savages, Humans out of the Civilization, Hulk Speak
  • Domains: Animal, Nature, Survival, Travel
  • Allies: Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mufasa, Mowgli, Peter Parker, Captain Planet, Theodore Roosevelt, Simba, King Kong, He-Man, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, most deities in the House of Beasts, Daisuke Yamamoto, George of the Jungle, Hareta
  • Conflicting Opinion: Caeser
  • Enemies: Evil hunters and poachers, Scar, Barbara Ann Minerva, Mordremoth, Shub-Niggurath
  • Just a baby when he lost his parents to Sabor the leopard, young Tarzan was saved by a female gorilla named Kala and raised among them. After proving himself among his peers, Tarzan has dedicated his life to defend his jungle home.
  • Patented his own Signature Roar, which can be heard after he does something glorious, or is about to pounce on evildoers that mess with nature (in which you may have a bunch of apes and himself bury you): "AH-EE-AH-EE-AAAAAAAAARGH!!!"
  • There's a rumor going on that Tarzan once helped Sora out with his quests, and got him and Donald Duck to reconcile following a massive argument earlier that day. However, destiny "got in the way", and now there's no evidence that Tarzan ever met Sora. In fact, when the two met up in the Pantheon, their interactions were as if they had never met before.
    • However, thanks to a "restoration bomb", Tarzan, Sora, Donald, and Goofy remember that yes, they have known each other before their ascension to the Pantheon. All are grateful for this, because nothing's worse than forgetting a dear friend.
  • Tarzan was actually surprised and shocked when he actually met up with BLESSED, because on whole, he just sounded like a certain Clayton. Fortunately, BRIAN BLESSED'S hammy glory and good heart won over Tarzan and they became great friends.
  • Tarzan actually met Teddy Roosevelt before their ascension. The relationship was shaky at first, since Roosevelt was a hunter and Tarzan compared him to Clayton. But after a sticky situation, they became friends and Tarzan did compare him to his ape father, Kerchak.
  • Doesn't really like leopards very much. It's understandable since one killed his human parents and terrorized his ape family. Though, he has since learned that not all leopards are evil.
    • Tarzan is however pretty close to both Simba and Mufasa, even though they are lions, although he does oppose Scar and has crossed paths with Barbara Ann Minerva, a.k.a. Cheetah.
  • Despite popular misconception, Tarzan doesn't really control animals with his mighty roar. However, he is good friends with many in the House of Beasts, including King Kong. So if he needs a bit of help, he will let out a mighty roar and they will come to assist him.
  • During his free times, Tarzan likes to swing on vines around the House of Nature. Sometimes, he even has a friendly swing competition with Peter Parker, Hareta, George Of The Jungle or Mowgli. If not swinging, he can be seen sliding on barks of trees like he was a skateboarder.
  • Interesting enough, he once met his own creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  • Upon the discovery of a certain tidbit, there runs a possibility that Tarzan may be a blood relative of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Of course, nothing's truly confirmed.


    The Cicadas 
Cicadas, Insects of the Coming of Summer (Those Damn Insects You See in Every Anime, Cicadoidea)
Average Cicada
As a Zetsuborg
As Guitardo
  • Quasideities; Lesser Deities as the Zetsuborg or as Guitardo
  • Symbol: Simply, the body of a cicada
  • Theme Song: Sounds of the Cicadas
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Neutral Evil as a Zetsuborg and Guitardo
  • Portfolio: Annoying Buzzing, Bane of Insectophobes, Big Creepy-Crawlies
  • Domain: Beast, Immortality, Reincarnation, Summer
  • Allies: Agitha
  • Enemies: Go Princess Pretty Cure (as a Zetsuborg), the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Dr. Tommy Oliver (as Guitardo)
  • Opposed by: The Grinch, Nao Midorikawa
  • Cicadas are best known in the world of anime as being those insects that appear during the summer, making a buzzing sound that's truly loud.
  • It was just a normal quiet day in the Pantheon. Well, as normal as it can get. When suddenly a swarm of thousands of Cicadas came down on the Pantheon. In a panic, many of the deities resorted to killing them any way possible. Unfortunately, that just got them reincarnated to the House of Life and Death, repeating the process. After spending hours dealing with the unexpected infestation, they were finally rounded up in one place, being place in a giant glass jar. After debating what to do with them, it was decided to place them in the Houses of Nature and Beasts (specifically in the Hall of Insects), with there very own seat.
    • Despite every measure to make sure the cicadas stay in one place, many do escape captivity and are found in certain places in the pantheon, their distinguish buzzing indicating their presence.
  • Their trademark sound is an acquire taste to many deities in the pantheon. Their are some who think it's very calming while others think it's annoying. One of those who believe the latter is The Grinch who can't stand the noise, noise, noise. It got so bad that he created a giant vacuum to suck them up. Unfortunatelyfor him, they escaped and filled up his temple, making the buzzing that much louder.
  • The Cicadas don't have many allies because they are just ordinary bugs. So far, only the Pokémon Shedninja, a cicada himself, and Agitha, the Bug Princess, have any interact with the insects. Many of the normal cicadas can be seen following Shedninja, possibly seeing him as a leader to the rest. For Agitha, she sometimes play with them. There has been rumors she even developed a spirit insect base on them.
  • Some of the more gullible deities were told that the cicadas could cry. Believing the lie, some tried to make them produce tears. Attempts range from them feeding them onions and making them watch sad movies.
    • Deities in the Higurashi universe get jumpy when they hear their buzzing. That's because hearing it meant bad things were going to happen.
  • To the surprise of many, the cicadas can be turn into kaijins thanks to the influence of GAUE. One is a Zetsuborg. Some didn't think much of it since it was a size of a regular cicada. That is until it started to evolve, then it became a real threat. Another is a monster call Guitardo, a humanoid cicada with a magic guitar, which was stolen from the House of Music, that could control gravity. So far, they have been mostly use against both the Pretty Cures and Toku heroes.
  • In certain parts of the world, the cicada represents both immortality and resurrection. Some believe that some of the ascended ones might be actually immortals.
  • As it turns out, even cicadas have dreams they want to achieve. Though, it's just a simple ability to just fly.
  • Also resides in Insects.


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