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Intermediate Gods

    Makarov Dreyar 
Makarov Dreyar, The Short and Elderly God (Titan, The 3rd, 6th, 8th master of Fairy Tail, Gramps)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Fairy Tail mark next to his Ten Wizard Saint medallion
  • Alignment: Lawful and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Father to His Men, Eccentric Mentor Sizeshifter, Dirty Old Man, The Archmage, The Paragon
  • Domains: Leadership, Family
  • Allies: The Fairy Tail Guild, Mavis Vermillion, Cana Alberona, Whitebeard, Master Roshi, Jiraiya, Professor Xavier, Kakashi Hatake, Greef Karga
  • Enemies: Any who harms his guildmates, Acnologia, Mard Geer, Zeref, Shinnok, Ornstein and Smough, Quan Chi, Heihachi Mishima, Vladimir Makarov
  • On Good Terms with: Isaac Netero
  • His ascension came after hearing about from his fellow guildmates and to makes sure they not causing trouble. It turns out his fears was proven true as he received multiple complaints from various areas in the pantheon. Concerning his fellow guildmates specifically Natsu.
  • He is powerful Mage and shouldn't be taken lightly even if he is very short and is almost 90.
  • He may be small but he can change his size of his
  • He views all of his guild members as his children. Woe to any who hurt them. Ornstein and Smough found out the hard way. As the beating he gave them after finding out about their attacks was pretty nasty. As result they decided to back off for a while.
  • He can be seen exchanging magazines with Master Roshi and talking with Jiraiya as they are all major perverts. Of course they wonder how he got so many pretty girls to join his guild
  • It seems that he can't pass the torch because everytime he tries whether willingly or not. He'll end up being master anyway. So he's contemplating to being the master till he dies.
  • Unlike a few Eccentric Mentor, he tends to avoid dying as his guild will do everything in their power to save him.
  • He has been confused for Heihachi Mishima. Only the stupid would call him the midget Heihachi to his face. He doesn't really like the guy after finding out that he's a major jackass, especially towards members of his own family.
  • He has been confused for being a gnome by many especially David. Some people aren't convinced though.
  • The students of Mahora Academy, Negi, Kenichi, Miu and Shigure confused him for sounding like their Dean/Konoka's grandfather or Miu's grandfather, Hayato. Kakashi, has noted that he sounds like his dog Pakkun. Makarov also respect him and like his creed.
  • Though not as active in being a leader for the Hunter's Association as one would expect, Isaac Netero regards fondness for all members there even the ones who want to kill him. He and Mavis Vermillion implored why the heck the Hunter's Association allows maniacs to their groups. Even if Fairy Tail acts like a loving family to its members, such blatant evil would be kicked out. Netero would like to say the Hunters are not just for the protection of the world but also just a general assessment on seeing those with potential. Even if it means that person is a murderer, they are at least keeping tabs on them. That does not mean he will sit idly by when those like the Phantom Troupe start killing Hunter but whatever problematic members are not their business until it is known they are threatening order.
    Makarov: Does that include the creepy guy who stares at young boys?
    Netero: That guy does not only stare at young boys. He was staring at my butt too!
    Mavis: Sorry Mr. Netero but your butt is as fine as an overripe apple.
    Netero: Why did that hurt me
  • Greef Karga's status as a guild master has allowed him the opportunity to work with a number of adventurers that have done some bounty hunting. Greef was quick to notice that the members of the Fairy Tail Guild weren't exactly comfortable in working with him. But he's one of the only employers that work in a profession that they're familiar with. Thankfully he's drinking buddies with both Makarov Dreyar and Cana Alberona, and is also in a bit of trouble.
    Greef: Alright haw about this. What if I, helped bring up a Guild that you guys can actually work with?
    Makarov: I won't deny that the idea sound nice, but what do you get out of it?
    Greef: Besides some cut the profit for whatever they make? A little good PR doesn't sound so bad.
    Makarov: Ok. [takes a drink] And the real reason?
    Greef: ... I may or may not have accidentally angered some members of the GUAE and the GUAD. And need something to keep them occupied an off my back.
    Makarov: ... alright. Let's see how well this works.
  • Not to be confused with Vladimir Makarov. It's best that you take this into account, considering their motives, and alignments are the polar opposite of one another's.

Wyzen, God of Corpulent Villains (Vajra Wyzen, Gongen Wyzen, God of Violence, Wyzen of the Seven Deities/Eight Guardian Generals, Heavyset Man)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Vajra Wyzen and Gongen Wyzen)
  • Symbol: His giant right fist
  • Theme Song: The Gods Military Forces
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (believes himself to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Fat and Evil, Acrofatic, Boisterous Bruiser, Fifty-Foot Brute with a God Complex, Dumb Muscle, Hand Cannon, Hammy Starter Villain with a gigantic ego, Megaton Punches from his great fists, powerful Smugness
  • Domains: Big Size, Violence, Shouting, Idiocy
  • Allies: Deus, Augus
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yasha
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Yozakura, Whispy Woods
  • Enemies: Asura, Mithra, Chakravartin, Yuuki Terumi, Hades, Melkor, Team Dai-Gurren, Kratos, Raditz, Noriko Takaya, Sun Wukong, monkey deities in general, the entire House of Villainy (ironically enough)
  • Wyzen was originally one of the Eight Guardian Generals in service to the Emperor of Shinkoku to protect the Realm of Shinkoku and Gaea from those who wished to destroy it, his mantra affinity is Violence. However, Wyzen and six of the other generals participated in General Deus' coup d'etat, which culminated in the assassination of the Emperor and the banishment and death of General Asura, who was blamed as the cause. Afterwards, the Eight Guardian Generals were disbanded and transformed into the Seven Deities. 12,000 years later, Wyzen confronted Asura shortly after the latter's return. After transforming into Gongen Wyzen, his most powerful form, he attempted to destroy Asura using only his finger. However, Asura not only managed to stop Wyzen's finger but also, with his last punch, caused a chain reaction that completely destroyed Wyzen's body. Wyzen was later reincarnated in the modern world and was beaten up by a reincarnated Asura after angering him by accidentally pushing the reincarnated Mithra.
  • Wyzen was originally the last of the Seven Deities to be ascended as part of Deus's plans, he was made the God of Starter Villains. However, once further scrutiny had been given for each and every one of them, Wyzen was removed along with Kalrow, Olga and Sergei. Unperturbed by this setback, Deus attempted to ascend the remaining Seven Deities once again and managed to once again ascend Wyzen into the pantheon, this time as the God of Corpulent Villains.
  • Upon his arrival within the pantheon, Wyzen declared that he would "root out all evil with his great fists". Many gods, particularly Terumi and Hades, found this statement hilariously ironic, considering his position as the God of Corpulent Villains. Regardless, Wyzen insists that he's not a villain and has targeted both Terumi and Hades on several occasions, although both have managed to fend him off each time.
  • Wyzen was furious to discover that Asura was also present within the pantheon, but was convinced by Deus to avoid any confrontations with him or with Mithra for the time being. Wyzen was also outraged to hear about Yasha's betrayal and annoyed by the fact that Augus was similarly on amicable terms with Asura. Regardless, Wyzen is still willing to work alongside them when needed, such as whenever they end up battling against Chakravartin.
  • Although he's very boastful of his strength, Wyzen is actually the weakest of the Seven Deities. This has resulted in an unfortunate tendency for him to engage in numerous confrontations with deities much stronger than himself. On one occasion, he decided to wipe out the entire GUAE by targeting their leader, Melkor. The encounter ended with Wyzen getting sorely curbstomped.
  • Surprisingly, Wyzen managed to somewhat befriend Yozakura and Whispy Woods. Yozakura respects him for his use of a massive power gauntlet and frequently challenges him into battle in order to improve her skills with her own power gauntlets. Whispy Woods, on the other hand, is considered by Wyzen to be a rival of sorts due to him similarly being seen by many as an easy Warm-Up Boss, which initially resulted in Whispy fearing him. However, due to Whispy's forgiving personality and willingness to gift those nice to him with health items and collectables, their rivarly is incredibly amicable.
  • Wyzen once had an unfortunate meeting with Kratos, which ended with Wyzen becoming Gongen Wyzen and trying to squash the God of War with his finger. It didn't work, and the House of Life and Death had to spend a few weeks collecting the various pieces of Wyzen that were scattered across the Pantheon.
  • He's also developed a dislike of Raditz, who had received Wyzen's previous title. The two frequently engage in battle, which Raditz is often eager to do in order to become stronger.
  • His tendency to call out his attacks drew the attention of Noriko Takaya, who disapproved of sharing a trait with a villain such as him. Wyzen initially didn't think much of her, but quickly learned that she was a formidable opponent after fighting her while she was in her GunBuster.
  • Due to his defeat at the hands of Asura, Wyzen has developed a dislike of monkeys in general. As such, he quickly became enemies with Sun Wukong after the latter made fun of him. The two had a brief fight that was quickly broken up when the temple they were in started collapsing. Wyzen has since indicated that he would very much like to have a rematch.

Lesser Gods

    The Big Friendly Giant 
The Big Friendly Giant, God of Large Runts (The BFG for short)

    C-3PO and R2-D2 
C-3PO and R2-D2, Dual Gods of Different-Sized Characters (C-3PO: See-Threepio, Goldenrod, Threepio, R2-D2: Artoo-Detoo, Artoo, Arturito, C1-P8)
C-3PO (right) and R2-D2 (left)

Clifford, God of Giants Who Were Tiny In Childhood (The Big Red Dog)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: a giant toy bone
  • Theme Song: Clifford the Big Red Dog Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Friendly Dog, Canis Major, Cute And Gentle Giant, Red-Furred Dog, Very Tiny As A Puppy But Got Bigger Over Time, Free-Range Pets, Red Is Heroic, Sickly Child Grew Up Strong
  • Domains: Dogs, Giants, Gentleness
  • Herald: Emily Elizabeth Howard (his owner)
  • Allies: Hachiko, Red XIII, Grey Wolf Sif, Jake, Fluttershy, Eliza Thornberry, Scooby Doo, Filia, Mr. Rogers, Barney, Curious George, Xion, Snoopy, Bigby Wolf, Galford D. Weiler, Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru
  • Enemies: Dag, Cruella de Vil, the Wicked Witch of the West, Dio Brando, Vanilla Ice
  • Avoided by: Blake Belladonna
  • The reason for his huge size was because of his owner's love for him. That was why he initially ascended under Cute Giant, given how he looks despite his size. However, this was shortly changed after it was realized just how small Clifford was before he grew up, and so his trope was changed.
    • Probably due to this love-charged growth, Clifford's size tends to be inconsistent. He is often shown as being about 25 feet tall from paws to head, but can appear far larger.
  • He doesn't appear to mark his territory, and many gods are glad about it; they cannot imagine cleaning up after him. It's bad enough that Amaterasu's have a chance to blow up.
  • Speaks Animal Talk, which means he cannot be normally understood by humans (or most other sapient humanoid races), unless they Speak Fluent Animal, such as Eliza Thornberry.
  • He has been friendly to Jake, another dog deity in the Pantheon, though Jake likes to grow larger than Clifford, seeing the giant dog as competition for the title, even if he no longer holds Big Friendly Dog anymore.
  • Clifford is one of the few deities who can approach Sif's temple without instant hostility for some reason. This does not extend to anyone else tagging along with the big red dog, however.
  • He was happy to see fellow PBS deities (although he is unaware of the channel's existence) like Mr. Rogers, Curious George, and Barney in the Pantheon, though in Barney's case, he is rather dismayed by the fact that he (initially) joined for an…unflattering reason. Though Barney doesn't clearly mind.
  • When he first encountered Dag, he was intimidating enough for Clifford to immediately run away. Funnily enough, because of Clifford's size, Dag was also inclined to run, and tends to stay away lest he get stomped by the big red dog.
  • Bigby is among those who gets along with Clifford, given that he used to be the runt of his mother's litter. His true form also tends to be enormous, too.
  • Given his sheer size, Cruella is very much looking forward to getting his thick red pelt. And given she once ordered a hunt on a zoo captive and was willing to kidnap pets...
  • Indigenous to the Rotten Vale (and by extension the Coral Highlands) is Odogaron, a large canine-looking Fanged Wyvern. Noteworthy to its species is its viciousness, ten claws on each individual foot, and visceral red appearance. The last attribute lead the Monster Hunters and many others to nickname it Clifford. He, understandably, does not appreciate the sentiment.
  • As dog owners, Galford and Kiba (alongside Akamaru) took a liking to Clifford. Being dog haters, he doesn't like the Wicked Witch of the West, Dio Brando, and Vanilla Ice.

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy 
Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Gods of Big, Thin, and Short Trios (The Eds, Ed-boys, Dorks | Eddy: Skipper, Pipsqueak | Edd: Double D, Sockhead, Eddward | Ed: Lumpy, Horace)
From left to right, Eddy, Edd/Double D, Ed

    Edmond Honda 
Ōzeki Edmond Honda, God of Sumo Wrestling and Stout Yet Strong Figures (E. Honda, Edo Honda, The Blue Tsunami, Hot-Blooded Sumo, Supreme Sumo, Sumo Wrestler Chef, Worldwide Sumo Wrestler)
E. Honda's classic design
E. Honda in Street Fighter V
E. Honda in Street Fighter 6
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face-markings
  • Theme Songs: E. Honda Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Sumo, Fat fighters, Partial Kabukimono, Boisterous Bruiser, Spirited Competitor, Not presently enjoying yokozuna status
  • Domains: Fighting, Competition, Tradition, Law Good
  • Followers: Hinako Shijō, Ōzeki Ganryū, Yokozuna Taka-Arashi, Tomohiro Ishii, Abby Park
  • Allies: Hakan (his best friend), Ryu, Zangief, Blanka, Dhalsim, Elena, Darunia, Sakura Kasugano, Bonk
  • Rivals: Scott Steiner
  • Friendly Rivalry: Rey Mysterio, Chun-Li, Rufus
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Balrog, Vega, Vince McMahon
  • Annoyed by: Julia Chang, Garfield
  • Martial artists looking to expand the reach of their craft all over the world through exposure in competitive tournaments is nothing new. One of the most well-known examples of the concept in fictional worlds would be the yokozuna, or sumo wrestling master, known as Edmond Honda, through his role among the original eight playable contestants from the famous second World Warrior Tournament. Fittingly, he originally ascended as the God of Sumo.
    • Once comfortable within the Pantheon, E. Honda again decided to expand upon his base, appealing to those who may not be the tallest fighters out there, but make up for it in immense strength. That and a lot of sumo rikishi just seem to be built that way. Sakura and Ryu were among the first to congratulate him on his accomplishments.
    • He made clear that he will continue to fight M. Bison and his minions whichever way he can. The dictator remains impressed with these developments.
  • Gets particularly heated whenever he faces Vega. The Spanish matador loves to insult the sumo wrestler on his flabby figure, claiming it pales in comparison to his own beauty. Be that it may, expect any confrontation between the two to be ugly.
    • By far his biggest rival has been Zangief. The two have battled it out for years on end, testing each other to see who is the strongest. It also extends to their professions, with each one of them claiming the other to be the superior fighting style. They have shown an interest to add friends Dhalsim and Blanka into the Pantheon in the near future, later successfully campaigning for Dhalsim's entry and being informed when Blanka was discovered to have been lurking around.
    • The closest bond that can match it is with Hakan, God of Oil Wrestling. Hakan may have an even harder time promoting his sport and Honda has been willing to help him in that regard. Usually that involves joining in battles with oil. That way, he can also spread the word about sumo wrestling as well.
    • This has only worsen when the God of Wrestling Promoters actively dissed on sumo in favor of "sports-entertainment" combat. That's something Honda cannot brush off as easily.
  • Gains some sympathy from Rey Mysterio who's busy promoting his latest venture into lucha libre. Their feud is much more friendly as both hope that their brands get more recognition, even helping each other out. Of course all of that friendliness goes out the door whenever they spar.
  • To his delight, Darunia has proven to be very knowledgeable about his art, and the two have faced each other in friendly competition.
  • Scott Steiner has been far less friendly in that matter, publicly dismissing Sumo as an inferior sport. The only reason they haven't duked it out is that they can't decide which type of match to fight it on. They hope to find a neutral battle to end the debate.
  • Has received numerous complaints by Julia Chang about one of his followers. She has been begging him to explain to Ganryū that she doesn't share his feelings for her. Honda explained that even when he does say so, it doesn't appear to faze Ganryū.
  • Uses his time in the House of Sports to try and make Sumo an official sport in the Olympics. He may not be able to do it directly, but with enough influence, he hopes to convince the IOC to add his prized profession.
  • His most famous attack has been the Flying Headbutt, around in every game he has appeared. He is particularly honored to have Bonk as the official representative of the move.
  • His journey of finding people built like him led him to the House of Combat. It was there that he met one familiar face. Rufus repeated his lack of interest in the sport, instead wanting to earn another win on his belt.
  • Gets compared to Chun-Li when it comes to multihit moves. Both he and Chun-Li went into a bit of a feud over the title before letting it go. They would decide the one who will receive the title at a more appropriate time.
  • Would rather not get compared to Garfield. He may eat a lot, but at least he does it for his sport; Garfield only eats for his own entertainment. Efforts to try and convince him to stay in shape have failed so far.
  • While the rest of the classic World Warriors were either dealing with Operation C.H.A.I.N.S., the advent of President G, or some struggle involving either Psycho Power or the Satsui no Hado, Honda has been conspicuously absent from these events. The reason for this has finally been revealed: he's been working on the grand reopening of his Sumo stable, Honda Sento, including the famous Kapukon Yu public bathhouse.
  • Also has a temple in the House of Martial Arts.

    King Hippo 
King Hippo, God of Corpulent Kings
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crown
  • Theme Song: His rendition of the Punch-Out! theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Sometimes Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Attack Its Weakpoint, Big Eater, Gonk, Mighty Glacier, Stout Strength, The Unintelligible, Wild Samoan
  • Domains: Royalty, Big Size, Food, Islands, Bosses.
  • Allies: Lord Fredrik, Mother Brain, The Rock, The Usos
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Pit, Megaman, Stitches
  • On good terms with: Lilo and Stitch
  • King Hippo is the ruler of the Hippo islands, a place located in the South Pacific where he spends his day eating large amounts of food and sleeping. He is also a boxer, and feared because of his tremendous size and strength. Because of his large size, King Hippo easily took the title for himself.
  • While Hippo is a really tough opponent, he has a huge weakpoint that holds him back. If you hit him in the mouth when he opens it his pants will fall down and then you can lay down a beating on him. And if he falls he is not getting back up.
    • Sometimes carries a manhole on his belly to avoid being hit. More often than not, it tends to fall off and hurt him.
  • Many wonder if he is actually a human being or just an actual Hippo, given that he doesn't talk outside of grunts and roars.
  • His title used to belong to Lord Fredrik, until the latter dropped it and got a new one, allowing Hippo to get a spot. They seem to be on really good terms, especially when DK himself has fought in W.V.B.A. as well. making Fredrik take interest in sabotaging one of his matches.
  • Because of his Samoan descent, King Hippo ended up befriending the Rock and the Usos. While he doesn't quite wrestle, he is interested in taking part
  • Hippo can be usually found in the House of Food eating whatever he likes. He is also a frequent participant of the Gourmet Race, but he has faced a though competition there. He especially has some sort of rivalry with Kirby and King Dedede.
  • Because of his background, he was interested in meeting fellow islanders just like him. He seems to get along with Lilo and Stitch, and even lost a boxing match to the latter once.
  • Sometimes, King Hippo has been claimed to be an evil boxer in another realm and a henchman of Mother Brain no less. While he really doesn't remember all that well, he doesn't get along very well with Megaman and Pit.
    • He has a somewhat normal relationship with Mother Brain, but they tend to ignore each other most of the time.
  • Hippo wants to become the strongest fat fighter in the pantheon and that's why he has decided to challenge others like E. Honda and Rufus to see who is the best.
    • However, he is not very fond of Stitches. Besides the abomination trying to be friends with the King, he doesn't like that he keeps eating his food and leaving a mess in his temple.
  • Whatever you do, don't touch his crown. You might make him angry and he will promply punish you.

    Manta Oyamada 
Manta Oyamada, God of Short Geniuses (Mortimer "Morty" Manta, Shorty)
Click here to see Manta as an adult
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His book, the "Mantannian Dictionary"
  • Theme Song: Manta Oyamada's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Short and Smart, Always carries a large book with him, which he can also use as an effective weapon, Muggle Best Friend (aside from being able to see ghosts), The Smart Guy, Much weaker than his friends, but is unquestioningly loyal to them and always willing to run head first into danger to help them, Eventually became a Shaman in the anime
  • Domain(s): Shortness, Intelligence, Knowledge
  • Followers: Lloyd, Jeff
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Amon, Ragyo Kiryuin, Dio Brando
  • Opposes: The Dursleys
  • Manta grew up in a cold home environment. His father was very strict and looked down on anything Manta did that wasn't academic, his mother was a very shallow and superficial person and his sister, by the time she was five years old, was put in charge of their father's company's software department when her mastery at computers was discovered. Manta's father had high expectations of him, as he wanted Manta to inherit his company. As a result, Manta became very intelligent and studious, attending cram school and constantly carrying around a large book. One day, while taking a shortcut through a cemetery on his way home, Manta ran into Yoh Asakura, who then invited him to stargaze along with him and the ghosts, which prompted Manta to panic and run away. Later on, Manta witnessed Yoh defeating "Wooden Sword" Ryu and his gang, who had earlier taken up residence at the cemetery and beaten up Manta. Afterwards, the two became friends. Although Manta is not a Shaman and prone to panicking, he's still willing to run head first into danger if there's the slightest chance he can help his friends. As an adult, he inherited his father's company and became rich. He also began investigating the benefits of mixing shamanism and business.
  • Upon his ascension, Manta was happy to be reunited with Yoh and Anna, although he was also rather nervous to discover that Faust was present within the pantheon as well. Manta and Yoh frequently spend time catching up together, usually by taking walks through the House of Nature.
  • Manta quickly befriended Krillin and Sho Marufuji, as the three of them are all short guys who are best friends with people much stronger and more capable than themselves.
  • Having grown up with a Fantasy-Forbidding Father, Manta became good friends with Harry Potter, who was similarly forced to be "normal" by his relatives while he grew up. He also strongly dislikes the Dursleys for what they put Harry through, with them returning the sentiment in kind.
  • Manta often spends time in the House of Knowledge, wishing to learn as much as he can. He also befriended Histoire during his visits, as she similarly has a large book filled with information.
  • He became good friends with Ness due to the latter's experiences with genuis type people in his world. Shortly after he and Ness met each other, Manta accepted both Lloyd and Jeff as his followers.
  • Wishing to learn more about different kinds of magic, Manta visited the House of Magic and was surprised to see Edward Elric, whom he had previously also seen in the House of Science. The two struck up a conversation about alchemy and have generally remained on good terms since. However, Manta inadvertendly angered Edward when he brought up his short height and has tried to avoid bringing it up in subsequent encounters.
  • He gets along well with Katyusha, despite her large ego. However, he nonetheless respects her skills as a commander and understands that her ego is justified. Katyusha also enjoys hanging out with Manta due to him being shorter than her.
  • Manta was surprised to learn that, in an alternate universe, he eventually became a Shaman, with Mosuke as his guardian ghost. This inspired him to properly start training to eventually become a Shaman.
  • In order to learn more about shamanism, Manta sought out Nightwolf for information and possible training. Manta was saddened to hear about what had happened to Nightwolf in his home universe, and hopes that Nightwolf will one day be freed from Quan Chi's control.
  • Manta was once approached by Amon with an offer to join the Equalists. Manta strongly refused the offer and declared that Amon's goals were wrong, stating that it would be better to co-exist with powered people rather than try to eliminate them. Similarly, Manta opposes Ragyo Kiryuin and Dio Brando due to both of them turning their backs on their humanity, with Ragyo trying to destroy all humans while Dio desires to rule over them. Neither of them regard him as any kind of threat, but he's nonetheless determined to at least support those who are capable of fighting against them as well as trying to learn about their abilities in order to help exploit any kind of weak spots.
  • Although he's become a lot more comfortable around ghosts, Manta generally still prefers to avoid places such as the House of Ghosts unless he's accompanied by Yoh.

Mirai, Goddess of Token Mini Moes (The Meek and Miniature Machine-Gun-Brella Master, Futsure, Sofux, Badwoman)

Rooftrellen, the Big Yet Sneaky God (the Treant Protector, Tree, Treeman)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate within his territory and given enough prep time)
  • Symbol: The gem on his forehead
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Can Be Very Stealthy For His Size With Nature's Guise, The Only Completely Good Hero In The Ancients, Slow Thinking and Easily Distracted, Combat Medic, Nature Hero, Leech Seed Transfers Enemy Health to Self and Allies, Kung-Fu Wizard, Balance of Offense and Protection in Abilities, Slow Base Attack Speed
  • Domain(s): Trees, Giants, Stealth, Support
  • Followers: Zaibach Stealth Guymelefs, Chel Vanin, Ironheade Roadies, Mongo the Uberninja, Gossamer
  • Allies: the Hall of Nature Preservers, Treebeard, Trevenant, Kellam, Optimus Prime, Link, other protectors of nature like Swamp Thing and Xerneas
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, the Grox
  • Dislikes: Indominus Rex, Lucifer/Doom
  • Fears: axes- (like Mogul Khan and Paul Bunyan) and fire-users (like Lina and the Pyro) in general
  • In the mountains to the west of Augury Bay, a reservoir of mysterious magical energy grants strange powers to the beings that surround it. In particular, the trees of the region have been turned into enormous walking creatures known as Treant Protectors. For eons they guarded their region against invaders who would wish to pillage the natural resources or unearth the secret of their land, but over time the raids gained in intensity as the outsiders' technology, curiosity, and courage grew. As they saw the tools of the attackers, the Treant Protectors wondered whether the world outside their grove was still lush with plant life, or if it had been conquered by man. To answer this burning question, Rooftrellen was chosen to go and explore the world in order to study its current state and warn his kin of potential threats to his hometurf's well-being. That is how Rooftrellen found his way into the Field of the Ancients.
    • As for how he made it to the Pantheon, he was among Treebeard's followers, but his presence (and abilities) was only made known during another raid by Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder. There was also a time when Aghanim's Scepter went missing for a few days; that was him using Eyes in the Forest to set up wards all over the House of Plants. And that was how he thwarted them, and they never saw it coming. Given how sneaky he had been despite his size, it was decided that he be ascended, though that meant he has to leave the House of Nature.
  • If Rooftrellen falls in battle, a seedling will sprout from his body, grow into a second Protector, and continue his mission. If that gets destroyed before it finishes growing…well, that's what the House of Life and Vitality is for.
  • Rooftrellen is unusually hardy, providing a sanctuary for stuntwood sproutlings, a parasitic plant that otherwise sentences most trees to a slow, starving death. He does try to keep their spread to a minimum and understands if the stuntwoods are killed outside of him.
  • Has a small carving near his behind, saying "Riki was here" (near the left-handed runes on his belt). Rooftrellen doesn't know how it got there or who did it.
  • As a protector of nature, he's steadfast allies with the sub-house of Nature Preservers, as well as other protectors of it like Swamp Thing and Xerneas.
  • Is puzzled with and interested in how Kellam, a huge knight (though not as much as him), is able to escape notice without any powers like he does.
  • Being a fellow gentle giant, even though he's wholly mechanical and metallic, Rooftrellen managed to form a kinship with Optimus Prime for his belief in the rights of living beings.
  • Link is reminded of the Great Deku Tree when he's around the Treant Protector and swears to protect him whenever he can.
  • Whenever he manages to get his hands on Aghanim's Scepter, Rooftrellen always makes time to re-set his wards, which often get destroyed by those with True Sight, or just by plain destroying the trees (intentionally/accidentally) without ever knowing if that tree had a ward.
  • Is unfamiliar with the idiom "my bark is worse than my bite".
  • Despite so many potential deforesters in the Pantheon, Rooftrellen is on the lookout for Timbersaw in case he ever makes it here, and will alert the House of Plants as quickly as possible.


Ferdinand, God of Gentle Giants (Ferd)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A hill covered in flowers
  • Theme Song: "Home"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant, Actual Pacifist, presenting bullfighting as wrong, Toros y Flamenco, Be Yourself, Real Men Wear Pink
  • Domains: Bulls, Sport, Peace, Flowers
  • Allies: The BFG, the Iron Giant, Black Beauty, Maximus, Miltank, Mumble, Baine Bloodhoof, Bugs Bunny, Manolo, Maria and Joaquin, John Cena
  • Conflicting Opinion: Spirit,
  • Afraid of: Don Flamenco, Matador, The Goat
  • Ferdinand is a bull not like others of his kind. While most are content to charge and lock horns as expected of them, Ferdinand always preferred to admire and take care of flowers, and didn't look forward to achieving glory in the bullfighting arena. After his father died in the arena, Ferdinand ran away and became the pet of a family who loved flowers as much as he did. He grew up to become bigger and stronger than any other bull, but never lost his gentle heart. Unfortunately circumstances forced him into an arena after all, however he staunchly refused to fight, which won him the support of the crowd, who pleaded to let him go. Thus, Ferdinand was allowed to go on living a peaceful life surrounded by flowers.
  • Was spotted one day in the House of Plants, going from flower to flower to experience all the smells. Apparently he had just been wandering around minding his own business, when he found a path of flowers like nothing he'd ever seen before and followed it out of curiosity, and that's how he ended up in the Pantheon. Everybody was surprised that a big, scary bull didn't seem willing to charge anyone on sight and was instead very friendly and more interested in asking about the kinds of flowers they had, but some of the deities in Plants liked him enough that they asked the Main House about ascending him. The Main House ended up asking the BFG if he didn't mind giving up his title for something else, which, true to his name, and also because he liked Ferdinand upon meeting him, he acquiesced to. Ferdinand is sad that the title doesn't allow him to live in the House of Plants, but it's better than nothing, with so many things to discover.
  • He was also visited by the Iron Giant in short order after the BFG told him about the newest deity to hold his former trope. Despite Fedinand feeling some initial trepidation at the strange, towering metal being, the BFG was also around to assure the bull that the Iron Giant was much the same as the two of them: beings expected to be vicious and violent, but turned out to just want to enjoy the beauty of life. The Iron Giant does very much approve of Ferdinand taking his place due to his firm and absolute pacifism.
  • He didn't have the greatest impression of horses back in his world. There was always a bit of rivalry since horses are used by picadores in bullfighting and have a more glamorous function than bulls, and the three horses Ferdinand interacted with in particular were huge jerkasses. Ferdinand was surprised and happy to learn that the horses in the Pantheon are much more pleasant after grazing with them one day. He likes Black Beauty best because of just how polite and friendly the black horse is, and Ferdinand strongly respects how Black Beauty never lost his good nature despite going through several abusive owners. Ferdinand is a bit more put-off by Spirit's rowdiness, with the wild horse wondering why the bull doesn't make more use of his considerable power to impose respect, but besides that and Spirit egging Ferdinand on to charge at times, Ferdinand thinks he's alright and a true friend. There's also Maximus, who Ferdinand has the least in common with, but he's still a good and dignified horse unlike the three he knew, and he can put a stop to Spirit's exuberance as a bonus, so Ferdinand likes him fine.
  • Improbably for a bull, and someone his size, he's a bit of a flamenco dancer, taught by his owner Nina. Though he can also freestyle. He might burst into dance on occasion if he hears a beat he likes. This got the attention of Mumble, who engaged with Ferdinand in a dance-off and admired how the big lug could be graceful on his hooves. Afterwards they got to talking about themselves and Ferdinand was surprised that Mumble used to be shunned by his species because he was a good dancer instead of singer, similar to how Ferdinand's peers mocked him for preferring flowers to fighting.
  • Ferdinand was quite unhappy to learn that there were a few matadores in the Pantheon, and of course they were interested in testing their mettle against such an impressive-looking bull, regardless of his feelings on the subject. First off there's Don Flamenco, who, though primarily a boxer, does bullfighting in his spare time and has a punch capable of throwing bulls into the air. Now, other than Flamenco's mannerisms reminding him of El Primero, Ferdinand has a little regard for Flamenco after hearing his claims that he'd never actually kill a bull, but he's still not interested in trying to take the weight of his punch. More dangerous than Flamenco is the Fiend simply known as Matador, who has no such qualms and indeed seems to be all about killing in the most beautiful way possible. Ferdinand just runs far away at the sight of either bullfighter.
  • Manolo Sanchez, an ex-matador, visited Ferdinand to offer him his support, as even before leaving the profession, he was against killing bulls in the arena. He also talked about how ended up following his childhood dream of being a musician despite his father's objections, which Ferdinand related to, as his own father, while not actively disapproving, was quite skeptical that Ferdinand would never come to embrace a bull's lot in life. Ferdinand has also befriended Maria, who's very kind to him and hates what Flamenco and Matador are trying to do to him, and Joaquin, whose relationship with Manolo somewhat reminds him of his own with Valiente, a bull who was determined to shine in the arena before he got a rude wake-up call.
  • There aren't that many of Ferdinand's species for him to mingle with. The closest there is would be the cow Pokemon Miltank, who much like Ferdinand has a naturally kind personality, so he likes hanging out with her, even though he also thinks she can be quite scary when she gets mad. Ferdinand was also visited by Baine Bloodhoof after the tauren heard of his peaceful ways for a bull. Though Ferdinand was initially confused that Baine seemed to be half-human, after he clarified what his species was they hit it off quite easily, as Baine is also a Gentle Giant who tries to find peaceful solutions to conflicts.
  • One time, Bugs Bunny somehow burrowed his way into Ferdinand's temple by mistake. Noticing Ferdinand and remembering the last time he interacted with a big, black, scary bull, Bugs decided to mess around with him and produced his matador outfit out of nowhere. He was surprised when Ferdinand just sighed heavily and moved away. Bugs realized messing with him might not be that fun and instead settled down and asked what's up (doc). He ended up understanding that Ferdinand was nothing like that brute Toro and decided that he should be respected for his way of life. He also decided to set some time aside to pull pranks on Don Flamenco and Matador for refusing to leave Ferdinand alone.
  • He has a certain friend back in his world, a goat called Lupe who hung around him in her capacity as a calming goat (as in a goat that's used to relieve anxiety in new livestock; yes, that's a thing). She was a little off her rocker, but well-meaning. Hearing of the concept of a calming goat, the Trollkaiger had an idea to drop off The Goat at Ferdinand's temple and see if that would "calm" him. Ferdinand was initially happy at the new visitor, but that soon changed as The Goat started ramming everything around, refusing to listen to ferdinand and eventually it set its sights on Ferdinand himself. What ensued was Ferdinand running around the temple screaming, with a goat too crazy to be handled on his tail, while the Trollkaiger were rolling in the aisles. Thankfully the Lol Ranger arrived to put a stop to the madness, though unfortunately poor Ferdinand was left traumatized. Now he can't hear a "baaaaah" without jumping a little.
  • Ferdinand isn't a big fan of sports, but for some odd reason he's found a kinship with the wrestler, John Cena. Maybe it's due to the fact that Cena is a huge Friend to All Children and has gone to the mortal realm to grant wishes to hundreds of children. Or maybe it's the fact that Cena's voice sounds like his own.

Katyusha, Goddess of Temperamental Short People (Kat, Snowdrift Katyusha)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Pravda High School emblem embalzoned on the turret side of a KV-2 heavy Tank (aka KV-tan)
  • Theme Song: Katyusha
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral->Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Napoleon, Cute Little Fang, Gratuitous Russian, Only One Allowed to Defeat Miho, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Defensive Feint Trap, A-Cup Angst, Brilliant, but Lazy, Freudian Excuse
  • Domains: Angst, Russians, Tanks
  • Herald: Nonna
  • Allies: The Anglerfish Team, Ika Musume, Hibiki, Zangeif, Eli Ayase, Ami Mizuno, Noel Vermillion, Malik Ceasar, Lingyin Huang, Edward Elric
  • Enemies: Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann
  • Odd Friendship: Murakumo
  • Commander of Pravda High School, Katyusha definitely has the skills to justify her position as commander despite her temperament, cockiness and pride.
  • Mentioning Katyusha's vertical deficiency is a pretty big trigger for Katyusha but if her height is mentioned by someone, there will always be a deity nearby to give Katyusha a boost she that she appears taller than whoever mentioned her height. Said deity will also always be different each time.
  • One of Katyusha's favourite tactics to use during a match is to to use a weak tank to lure the enemy into a trap that will give Katyusha the upper hand. This tactic rarely ever fails and Katyusha had expected it to have failed at least once by this point.
  • It's not uncommon to see Katyusha with certain other deities who share similarities with her such as Ika Musume, Ami Mizuno, Murakumo and Lingyin Huang. Katyusha gets along well with Ika in particular due to them both having a ridiculously big ego, however unlike Ika, Katyusha has earned hers.
  • Katyusha becomes very lax when she's in a winning situation as she won't actively try and finish off her opponent and she'd much rather negotiate a surrender with her opponents and take a nap in the meantime.
    • Many deities are confused as to why Katyusha would be so lazy in the middle of a fight, but at the same time they understand Katyusha knows there's nothing the enemy can do so she may as well relax.
  • Katyusha can frequently be seen with other deities with Russian heritage (despite not being Russian herself) such as Sanya V. Litvyak, Zangeif and Eli Ayase.
    • She's also friends with Malik Ceasar as he was raised in an environment that bears a lot of similarities to Soviet Russia.
  • Katyusha gets along well with other deities who frequently angst about something about their figure that they wish they had more of such as Noel Vermillion, Shana and Edward Elric.

    Sho Marufuji/Syrus Truesdale 
Sho Marufuji, The Short God With Glasses (Syrus Truesdale)
  • Demigod (Former Quasideity)
  • Symbol: His cute little glasses and Power Bond.
  • Theme Music: Sho Marufuji's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Progressively Better Badass Adorable Short Guy With Glasses (And Blind Without 'Em), Vehicroid Deck Duelists, Lancers Demoted to Sidekicks, Best Friends to Judai (Yeah, right) And Jealous Of Anyone Else Who Takes That Friendship Away, Often Distressed Dudes, Color-Coded Character Development
  • Domains: Size, Eyes, Transportation, Friendship
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Duelists with: Johan "Jesse" Anderson, Yubel
  • Enemies: Takuma "Sartorius" Saiou, Eliphas, Miyo Takano, Vergil
  • Good Counterpart to: Sora Shiun'in
  • Terrified of: Lucy
  • Truth to be said, Sho has always been on the Pantheon. In fact, he got lost there while trying to congratulate his friend Judai on his ascension. But nobody noticed that he was actually there in the first place, making him go into ranting again until someone actually found him.
    Nobody listens to me! I'm just the wimpy sidekick for everyone's amusement! ...I give up!
    • Of course, nobody noticed he was there because he is so short for someone his age (He's eighteen, for the record).
  • He finally met up with his friend Judai after his ascension. Let's just say it was kind of awkward for both of them, given that Judai just went away before graduation and was already distant to him anyways. They are trying to mend up their relationship.
  • It was noticed how his Super Vehicroid Stealth Union was somewhat similar to the GaoGaiGar by Guy Shishioh himself. Sho seems to like and even admire him, but any suggestion of saying SUPER! VEHICROID! STEALTH! UNIOOOON!!! while summon it has been declined so far.
    • Speaking of which, he has also befriended Shinji Ikari due to believing they are kinda similar. He also pities him since he has it much worse at the Butt-Monkey department.
  • There are 3 people who Sho is deeply afraid of ever since his ascension: Lucy, for sounding like his friend Asuka/Alexis but being very murderous; Davy Jones due to his fear of drowning and Oyashiro because her title of Hate Plague reminds him A LOT of what happened and the horrible things he said under a "Doubt Plague" at the Dark World, which he deeply regrets.
    • Of course, Hanyuu was actually sad to hear that.
  • Was incredibly ecstatic to meet the great duelist Yugi Muto, his hero. Though it did surprise him that they actually were more similar that he thought they would be.
  • Has become friends with Daichi Muroto. Sho is very amused that he has the same name as his other friend and both of them are similar, though it does embarass them to admit why they are similar.
  • Was a little bit angry to find out Johan ascended before him, since he believes that he keeps stealing his spotlight, his relevancy and his friendship with Judai. Though it's not enough to not work with him when it's required.
  • He once thought that Asuka/Alexis was in the Pantheon but it turned out to be Reinforce Eins. He found her to be nice and became friends with her.
  • Dislikes Vergil since he finds him to be similar to how his brother Ryou/Zane used to be, but worse.

    Takeo Goda and Rinko Yamato 
Takeo Goda and Rinko Yamato, Divine Huge Guy, Tiny Girl Couple
  • Demigod (Takeo), Quasideity (Rinko)
  • Symbol: A strawberry cake
  • Theme Song: "Miraike Answer"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Huge Guy, Tiny Girl, met when he rescued her and promptly fell in mutual love, nice folks
  • Domains: Love, Size, Appearance
  • Herald: Makoto Sunakawa
  • Allies: Seiichirou Kitano, Tanaka-kun, much of the House of Love and Affection, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Belle and Beast, Robert, Subaru Mikazuki and Haru, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Pinkie Pie, Kazuma Azuma
  • Enemies: Gaston
  • Even in high school, Takeo Goda was already someone whose gigantic, muscular body and rugged looks left an impression. He was very popular with his male peers, who saw him as an ideal to aspire to, but girls thought he was ugly and frightening and so ignored him. As such, Takeo never had much luck in love, as no girl he fell in love with returned his feelings. That was until Takeo saved a girl from a groper on the train. The girl was Rinko Yamato and she was very grateful to Takeo; from there they started hanging out with each other. Takeo immediately fell for her, but didn't expect his feelings to be returned. Happily, Rinko felt the same and after a short series of misunderstandings, they confessed to each other and started dating. The couple can garner strange reactions because of their mismatched appearances (as Rinko is very cute and small), but their shared kindhearted nature makes them a great match and they are completely devoted to each other.
  • Takeo and Rinko's love story stands out for its sweetness and the message that there is someone for everyone, a message that was very well-received among those in the House of Love. This put Takeo and Rinko on the fast track to ascension. It happened as Takeo, Rinko and their close friend Makoto Sunakawa were having one of their hang-outs at the park. They were, needless to say, pretty surprised at suddenly being transported to a very mystical-looking place and being surrounded by various mysterious and strange figures. Takeo immediately stood to his full height, making it clear anybody who'd want to hurt his friends would have to go through him, but the figures appeased him, explaining that they had observed his love story with Rinko and that the two had been chosen to be deified. Takeo and Rinko were surprised and embarrassed, humbly arguing that they were really nothing special. They were given the spot anyway despite their (weak) protests, and registered Makoto as their Herald, seeing as how he helped the couple through problems so many times. Takeo swears to the heavens he will someday find a way to properly ascend his best friend, though Makoto stoically assures him there's really no need and he's happy where he is (and he means it).
  • It's no exaggeration to say that Takeo and Rinko are some of the most pleasant people around, as they're just so good-natured. It's true that some are initially intimidated by Takeo's distinct appearance, but it doesn't take a lot to make it evident that Takeo has a heart almost as big as himself. Perhaps it's for this reason that neither he or Rinko were scared upon first meeting Seiichirou Kitano, who's infamous for his demon-like face despite being one of the nicest guys around, at the House of School while doing some volunteer work. Takeo and Rinko could see by the reactions of some people around them how they perceived Kitano and understood without him saying anything. Kitano himself was pretty scared by Takeo at first sight, as he's so much bigger and more muscular than him. However with time, any fear between them has dissipated and they've become quite good friends. Them hanging out leads to some amusing reactions from deities who don't know them and only see what they theorize to be a cute Mafia Princess with her two thuggish bodyguards.
  • Takeo once spotted Tanaka-kun dozing off on a bench during recess, and worrying that the boy might miss class, decided to carry him all the way himself. Tanaka-kun was thankful for this, as his usual "helper" Ohta was sick at home and couldn't come, so he had no idea how he would cope with his usual sleepiness. Takeo was rather surprised to see a boy his own age as listless as Tanaka-kun and decided to spend all day with him, dragging Tanaka-kun into high-energy activities that he figured would be good to combat his tiredness. At the end of it, Tanaka-kun had never felt so exhausted, though rather than resent Takeo for it, he thought he had a good heart for going through so much effort for someone like him. He still much prefers to be assisted by the much calmer Ohta, though he's more than happy to hang out with Takeo and Rinko once in a while.
  • Seeing as they are so popular in the House of Love for reasons that should already be obvious, they have good relations with many of the more positive deities in that House and can count on them for help if they ever run into trouble. The House would hate it if they were torn apart or suffered in some other way because of the Pantheon. Surprisingly they seem to get along particularly well with the Addams couple, with them being quite taken with Takeo's ogre-like appearance. Takeo is suprised that they compare him to a monster and mean it as a compliment, but having seen their lifestyle, he supposes that's just how they are. Either way, he and Rinko get the feeling that the otherwise nice couple tends to be misunderstood due to their appearance, not unlike Takeo himself. Rinko hopes that she and Takeo get to be as happy as the Addams when they get married, prompting Takeo to say to himself his trademark "I LOVE HER!"
  • Takeo and Rinko also hang out frequently with Belle and Beast, with Rinko having been especially excited to meet the fairy tale couple. The physical parallels between the two couples are of course obvious, although unlike the Beast, Takeo was never ever such a jerkass in need of being reformed. Still, despite the fact that Takeo finds the Beast's past behavior (especially towards Belle) to be reprehensible, they do understand each other on the level that their appearances caused them to be shunned by people to different degrees, and both feel like Rinko and Belle complete them and make them better people. On a different note, Makoto has had his own share of bonding with Belle over the fact that they both love books and he's welcome to visit the castle library anytime.
    • Additionally, upon hearing about Belle and Beast's biggest enemy Gaston and how entitled he was in regards to Belle, Takeo decided to march down to his temple and make a speech about how women have the right to make their own decisions and they ought to be respected. While Gaston was more intimidated (and somewhat impressed) by Takeo's muscular form than he'd like to admit, anything the boy had to say to him fell on deaf ears as Gaston's ego is not so easily deflated. But in any case, the incident led to Takeo becoming more popular among the Pantheon's female population, who adore how gentlemanly he is. Not that this is new behavior coming from him, as the first time he met Rinko, he was stopping a groper from getting his hands on her. In fact, Takeo doesn't like anyone who mistreats or pervs on women and such people are the most likely for him to get into an outright brawl with.
  • The couple also count Robert, the divine Third Wheel, as an ally, and he is happy to see a couple who is so deeply in love with each other. That said, Robert's interest is more in Makoto, who fulfills a similar role towards Takeo and Rinko and has often given them advice whenever they (well, most often Takeo) got a little clueless as to how to deal with some aspect or another of their relationship. He is greatly valued by Takeo and Rinko because of that and the three all happily hang out together often. Robert himself has no less than ten friends who are all couples and he is likewise beloved by the for his ability to smooth out their problems. Robert and Makoto thus feel a kinship with each other, and Robert advises Makoto to try to date that shy girl Yukika Amami out of concern that Makoto may remain alone for a long time as Robert has. Makoto might just consider it, since Yukika IS much nicer than other girls who have had crushes on him.
  • Makoto became addicted to the mystery novels by Subaru Mikazuki. Once he bought Subaru's latest novel which was sold out everywhere, only for Takeo to accidentally drop it in a ditch. Makoto didn't show it but Takeo knew he was upset, so he and Rinko ventured to Subaru's temple. Subaru, timid as he is, was frightened of Takeo and his booming voice as he asked for a copy of his latest novel (that Takeo would pay for of course). Subaru thought this was all very unusual, but decided to help since Takeo was so distressed about ruining his friend's copy. In the meanwhile, Subaru's cat Haru was trying to have a showdown with the giant and loud human that had suddenly stepped into her territory, but instead was caught by Rinko and together with Takeo they cooed over how cute she was. Subaru thought they were very nice people, if a bit oddball, so he treated them to snacks and they talked over things, becoming friends. After all was said and done, Takeo came up with a signed copy of the novel for Makoto, who mused on Takeo's ability to draw various people to him in any circumstance. Makoto also eventually became friends with Subaru, while Haru has decided the trio are alright (though she scurries to hide whenever the giant suddenly yells).
  • Rinko is very talented when it comes to making cakes and other sweets, to the point where she once worked part-time at a famous patisserie. Takeo and Makoto relish her confections. So Rinko decided to work part-time again at one of the various interesting bakeries in the Pantheon, and Kazuma Azuma's place is what she settled on. Kazuma actual specialty is bread, but Rinko thinks it's a good way to diversify, and Kazuma is more than happy to show Rinko the wonders of bread. Takeo thinks it's a great thing for Rinko, though Makoto can't help but think Kazuma is rather dopey. Hearing of her baking prowess, Pinkie Pie became quick friends with Rinko and introduced her to her workplace in the Sugar Cube Corner, where she bakes some delicious sweets herself. With their jovial personalities and love for sweets, they've bonded over exchanging ideas for confections. This has further gotten the attention of Vanellope Von Schweetz, who comes from a video game world largely based around sweets. She dragged Ralph alongside her to taste the new baker in town's sweets, prompting Rinko to remark that Ralph reminded her of her boyfriend, as he is almost as huge. Upon actually seeing Takeo, Vanellope couldn't contain her amusement.


    Yuriko Mifune and Daichi Muroto 
Yuriko Mifune and Daichi Muroto, God and Goddess of Short Guys paired with Tall Girls
Yuriko Mifune and Daichi Muroto