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Hajun, God of Killing Compulsion (The Evil One, 6th Heaven, Dai Yokukai Tengu-Dou, The Greatest Egotist, Māra Papiyas)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A mandala overlayed by his third eye
  • Theme Song: Sixth Heaven - The Tumor, Hajun - Dai Yokukai Tengu-dou
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Only caring about himself, Making all life kill each-other, Omnicidal Maniac, God of the Multiverse, Being the embodiment of his law, Hates Everyone Equally, Power beyond all measure, Almighty Idiot, Mood-Swinger, Prone to mad cackles and rambling, Distorted and echoing voice, Resents being touched
  • Domains: Narcissism, Power, Death, Hate, Pride
  • Allies: None, his law and nature makes having allies impossible (The GUAD forcefully made him one of their members due to his destructive potential, but treats him more like a mad attack dog.)
  • Kindred spiritsnote : Majin Buu, Giygas, Mephisto (Diablo), Khorne, Dharkon
  • Enemies: Everyone and everything.
  • Once a simple lonesome child that did not react to outside stimuli, he was taken by a group of cultists tired of the happiness brought by the 5th Heaven and were planning to supplant her with a new god. Purchased as a slave and then given the divine title of Hajun, he was then mummified and buried alive within a five-fold mausoleum where not even a sliver of light could reach. But Hajun's soul was far more powerful than the cultists realized. The world or its sensations did not matter to him and he only found comfort in his own solitude. This desire for solitude, however, was denied him even withing his mausoleum due to the ever-present sensation of his brother, known only as the Tumor, existing within him remained an ever-present irritation. This constant irritation eventually led him to madness and eventually lashed out as he ascended to become a god, mistaking the nagging phantom voice of his brother as the embrace of the 5th Heaven leading him to kill her and her guardians with only Tenma Yato escaping followed by him seizing the Throne.
  • Hajun's lawnote , Manji Mandala — Muryou Taisuu, is perhaps the most destructive law that has ever been emanated from the Throne. Born from his desire for solitude, it causes all living beings, regardless of their scale and family relation, begin to kill each other. From humans to animals and even insects. In addition, within his Law, souls cannot exist, causing those who die to never reincarnate as well as preventing new ones from being born. A slaughter-fest on a multiversal scale, and it will continue until only Hajun is left. The only thing preventing this from happening was the Law of Tenma Yato that forced everything to a standstill, preventing Hajun's from being completed.
  • Just as in his home-world, his ascension to the Pantheon was equally as violent, feeling the deities that reside within as a presence he cannot accept. While he was eventually subdued by the Pantheon's most powerful members, the GUAD took notice of him and his abilities and quickly put him within their ranks without Hajun's consent. However, due to his extremely maddened and all rejecting nature, he is treated more like an attack dog than a true member.
  • Despite him being subdued, however, it was noted that there was a sudden rise of unexplainable egotism within the Pantheon, with deities doing things mostly just to stroke their own egos even with seemingly altruistic actions. Hajun was quickly found to be the cause due to a secondary feature of his Law. In essence, he is so egotistical that everyone else turns egotistical as well by him merely existing.
  • The White have especially taken an interest in Hajun, seeing him not only as capable of bringing the Law vs Chaos conflict they so despise to an end but also be able to do so in a way that can be viewed as heavily ironic, in essence bringing it to its logical conclusion. This is seen as especially dangerous due to the fact that as a natural law, none would even notice if Muryou Taisuu was emanated. Everyone would just spontaneously start killing each-other and through their eyes, it would seem like that is how it always has been, and anyone thinking otherwise would be seen as crazy and going against the natural order of things.
  • Might be the single biggest Omnicidal Maniac in the pantheon. More so than Lord English who destroys ghosts, more so than the Anti-Monitor who can at least be communicated with. Hajun will destroy everyone but himself and is completely unreasonable. The only souls to equal his madness are Majin Buu (and even then he can at least be distracted with candy) and Giygas, who shares immense power driving it completely insane and seeking to mindlessly destroy everything it can. Dharkon felt him to be a similarly apocalyptic force of chaos and destruction that wants to shape reality to its devastating will. It is unknown whether he recognizes their similarity or is even capable of it, but it's safe to say he doesn't care. Which is probably for the best, as teaming up with them would be a nightmarish scenario the pantheon might finally fall to.
  • Despite what may be initially believed, Lucifer holds Hajun in quite a bit of disdain. Since Lucifer desires chaos and free will above all, not wholesale slaughter, he finds the nature of Hajun's law nothing short of tasteless. And to the surprise of no one, YHVH also despises him, being one of the few times he and Lucifer agree on something. Not only does He see Hajun as a threat to his rule but just as a danger in general, to both Him and His chosen. Given how psychotic Hajun is, most agree with YHVH's assessment of him.
  • The GUAD is the only group that can remotely have some influence over his direction, and that's only because their entire ethos is the extinction of all life. Melkor knows from personal experience dealing with Ungoliant an alliance with someone as determined in their desire to destroy as Hajun cannot be swayed over to his side. And he feels if anyone's going to take that Throne and bring about the end of everything, it's going to be him. The Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Machines simply responded with "we think the destruction of everything is a bad thing".
  • He really hates being touched, as in really, really hates it. And unfortunately for everyone, Hajun has a very loose definition of what constitutes as touched. At times, just being in the same realm as him is enough to make him feel like his personal space has been violated. Even Zamasu, who's ego has him loathe mortals that touch him, thinks he needs to cool off. Whether this is projection and hypocrisy from his part, or even Zamasu thinks he's insane is unclear. In fact, it could be both. Most think it's the former because he also ranted about "what do you expect when a mortal gets divine power?"
  • One thing many deities in the pantheon tries to make bloody sure of is that Hajun and Gilgamesh are never in the same room. It is feared that their collective ego would break everything, or at the very least they would end up stuck in one nasty ego competition after the next. Those who are familiar with Hajun's history, however, are quick to point out that the most likely course of events would be that Hajun wouldn't even notice Gilgamesh, being too preoccupied with his own existence despite his omniscience. Even the entire House of Pride is one to balk at the Greatest Egoist.
  • Some are filled with enough hatred that they'd probably be allies out of admiration for Hajun's hate, were such even possible for the Mad God. Mephisto can relate given that he both is powered by hatred (and Hajun would be an endless source of hatred) and that Mephisto too despises everything and everyone. However, unlike Hajun, Mephisto is cunning enough to actually cooperate and work alongside others with common goals, even if deep down he hates them. Khorne loves(well, the closest thing it can have to love) the endless rage being emitted from Hajun. Asides from that, no-one in the House of Hatred wants anything to do with him. He is simply that irrational.
  • In an attempt to pacify Hajun, he is kept in a separate dimensional space by the other deities, and is completely isolated from any outside interference, both direct and indirect. And for the most part, this has proven successful at keeping him calm. Unfortunately, this hasn't stopped some less than virtuous deities from trying to rile him up, most notably Yuuki Terumi tried to get his attention to wreak some havoc. Fortunately, he was stopped before being able to reach Hajun's space, though this hasn't stopped him from trying to do it again or tricking someone else into doing it. Though for now, Hajun lies dormant.
  • Nyarlathotep meanwhile decided to fully embrace Hajun, but not only due to Hajun's own nature, but also with consideration to the cult that enabled his rise to power. He states that even in a world driven by inherent goodness where everyone could get a second chance, people still sought evil even within the most ideal of conditions and that it, therefore, is in human nature to always desire evil no matter what.

Greater Gods

    Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious 
Sheev Palpatine, God of The Empire and The Dark Side (Senator Palpatine, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, High Chancellor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, The Emperor, My Emperor, Master, Your Majesty, His Imperial Highness, Speaker D, D The Superior, The Senate, Frank, Too Weak, Alright, Evil, Palps, Palpy)

Intermediate Gods

Souther, God of Abhorrence Towards Love (Thouther, Thouzer, Holy Emperor)


Lesser Gods

    William Stryker 
William Stryker, God of Unprovoked Hatred (Reverend Stryker, Colonel Stryker)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Purifiers' cross
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (thinks he's Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Sinister Minister, Knight of Cerebus, Genocidally Racist Towards Mutants But Tolerant Of Human Groups, Knight Templar, Evil Virtues, Killed His Own Son For Being a Mutant "Monster", Villainous Valor, Would Hurt a Child, Working Class Villain, Capable Reverend, Right-Wing Militia Fanatic, Black and White Insanity, Genuinely Believes Mutants Are Demons, Villain with Good Publicity
  • Domains: Faith, The Military, Prejudice, Self-Righteousness, Evangelicalism
  • Heralds: The Purifiers
  • Followers: Hody Jones, Hans Landa, The Silastic Armorfiend of Striterax, The Thalmor
  • Allies: Archibald Snatcher, The Imperium of Mankind (somewhat), Teyrn Loghain
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: YHVH, Alexander Anderson, Judge Claude Frollo, The Drowned
  • Enemies: Every single mutant in and out of the Pantheon, and most who would support them, especially Kitty Pride, Magneto and Kurt Wagner, along with Turanga Leela and Philip J. Fry. For that matter every single demon and version of Lucifer/Satan in and out of the Pantheon no matter the alignment. He also detests Ragyo Kiryuin, Jake Sully, Griffith, The Godhand and Davros, along with any SMT Protagonist.
  • Opposes: Red Skull
  • Opposed by: Good-aligned members of the House of FAITH like Father Kerras and Father Merrin
  • William "Bill" Stryker was a sergeant in the army, and may have been involved in the Weapon X program. When his pregnant wife was exposed to radiation, the child was physically mutated. He believed it was a monster, stabbing the newborn. Snapping his wife's neck and attempted suicide after, he would reach rock-bottom as a drunk to his actions. When learning of Professor Xavier's news articles about mutants, he became convinced that God has saved him to save the world from mutants, which he believed were demons.
  • In his fanatical belief, Stryker believes that mutants are actually Satan's plot to corrupt mankind, being literal demons from Hell. They did nothing wrong to him personally, he just happens to feel oppressed by their existence as many human antagonists of the X-Men. Admittedly mutant villains can feel the same about humans. He's a competent preacher and has made his temple a studio for televangelism, though given how varied members of the pantheon are it hasn't gotten as much traction.
  • Because of his views on mutants, every single mutant despises him and in turn he despises every single mutant. This includes those outside Earth-616, like Turanga Leela. He likes the Imperium of Mankind's views on the "purity" of the human genome and the religious bent they have towards it, and is ready to serve them. That being said, he doesn't much care or agree for their more ruthless and callous actions towards their fellow men, or the Crapsack World that is the 41st millennium.
  • Should be noted that he is a fantastic racist, not a contemporary example. He's tolerant towards human races, even respecting other religions despite being The Fundamentalist. He is just as repulsed by the Red Skull as most people are, only tolerating him because of his plan to commit genocide on the mutants. While their Sinister Minister profile permits him to work with Frollo, he does not agree with the perverted preacher's hatred towards gypsies.
  • The religious bent he has means he despises any and all demons. While demons do seem to be Always Chaotic Evil in his universe and many others, the pantheon has plenty of morally neutral or good-aligned demons, yet he treats them as no less depraved. Even the ones from Nippon Ichi, who regard him as utterly evil. He has declared a personal war against all versions of Lucifer and Satan as well, though they aren't too concerned with the raving zealot.
  • One wound think that he would be lining up to worship YHVH, but not quite. He's not entirely down with The Evils of Free Will, though does admire His desire to make an egalitarian and orderly world. On the flip side, being Equal-Opportunity Evil the Great Will doesn't agree with him thinking mutants are demons, when they have just as much a right to worship Him forever and ever. They seem to agree to disagree.
  • All for Alexander Anderson's slaying of monsters, wishing to team up with him. This was a contested relationship due to Anderson being more of an Anti-Hero, and lacking the Fantastic Racism Stryker had against mutants. He has made it clear that he considers him to be a disgrace against the faith, and only tolerates him to help slay monsters, vampires, werewolves and the such. The rest of the House of FAITH either despises or otherwise doesn't care for him.
  • Archibald Snatcher was very interested in Stryker and wanted his help to get rid of the trolls, and other "monsters". He agreed that mutants were demons, though unlike the Sinister Minister it was to increase social status by exploiting them. The two have agreed to work together...for now. As the god of Fantastic Racism, Teyrn Loghain understands him.
  • Any human who sympathizes with the mutant plight, in his eyes, is a traitor to humanity. He was utterly disgusted to learn of Philip J Fry's deep and powerful love for the mutant Leela, especially upon learning he's literally gone to the end of the universe and beyond for her and helped the mutants be free from their conditions in the sewers. While it is hard for Fry to truly hate anyone, Stryker is a definite exception.
  • Along with people like Fry, he considers Ragyo Kiryuin and Jake Sully traitors towards humanity due to siding with, as he sees, the enemy. Admittedly his views are totally justified with Ragyo. He hates Davros(again, justifiably) as the worst traitor of all; having his race replaced by psychotic mutants in the form of the Daleks, all to satisfy his delusions of godhood. Flipped his shit upon learning of Griffith and the Godhand due to willing transforming into actual demons, and all SMT protagonists due to siding with them.


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