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Hajun, God of Killing Compulsion (The Evil One, 6th Heaven, Dai Yokukai Tengu-Dou, The Greatest Egotist, Māra Papiyas)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A mandala overlayed by his third eye
  • Theme Songs: Sixth Heaven - The Tumor, Hajun - Dai Yokukai Tengu-dou
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Only caring about himself, Making all life kill each-other, Omnicidal Maniac, God of the Multiverse, Being the embodiment of his law, Hates Everyone Equally, Power beyond all measure, Almighty Idiot, Mood-Swinger, Prone to mad cackles and rambling, Distorted and echoing voice, Resents being touched
  • Domains: Narcissism, Power, Death, Hate, Pride
  • Allies: None, his law and nature makes having allies impossible (The GUAD forcefully made him one of their members due to his destructive potential, but treats him more like a mad attack dog.)
  • Kindred spiritsnote : Majin Buu, Giygas, Mephisto (Diablo), Khorne, Dharkon, Arthur Penhaligon
  • Enemies: Everyone and everything.
  • Once a simple lonesome child that did not react to outside stimuli, he was taken by a group of cultists tired of the happiness brought by the 5th Heaven and were planning to supplant her with a new god. Purchased as a slave and then given the divine title of Hajun, he was then mummified and buried alive within a five-fold mausoleum where not even a sliver of light could reach. But Hajun's soul was far more powerful than the cultists realized. The world or its sensations did not matter to him and he only found comfort in his own solitude. This desire for solitude, however, was denied him even withing his mausoleum due to the ever-present sensation of his brother, known only as the Tumor, existing within him remained an ever-present irritation. This constant irritation eventually led him to madness and eventually lashed out as he ascended to become a god, mistaking the nagging phantom voice of his brother as the embrace of the 5th Heaven leading him to kill her and her guardians with only Tenma Yato escaping followed by him seizing the Throne.
  • Hajun's lawnote , Manji Mandala — Muryou Taisuu, is perhaps the most destructive law that has ever been emanated from the Throne. Born from his desire for solitude, it causes all living beings, regardless of their scale and family relation, begin to kill each other. From humans to animals and even insects. In addition, within his Law, souls cannot exist, causing those who die to never reincarnate as well as preventing new ones from being born. A slaughter-fest on a multiversal scale, and it will continue until only Hajun is left. The only thing preventing this from happening was the Law of Tenma Yato that forced everything to a standstill, preventing Hajun's from being completed.
  • Just as in his home-world, his ascension to the Pantheon was equally as violent, feeling the deities that reside within as a presence he cannot accept. While he was eventually subdued by the Pantheon's most powerful members, the GUAD took notice of him and his abilities and quickly put him within their ranks without Hajun's consent. However, due to his extremely maddened and all rejecting nature, he is treated more like an attack dog than a true member.
  • Despite him being subdued, however, it was noted that there was a sudden rise of unexplainable egotism within the Pantheon, with deities doing things mostly just to stroke their own egos even with seemingly altruistic actions. Hajun was quickly found to be the cause due to a secondary feature of his Law. In essence, he is so egotistical that everyone else turns egotistical as well by him merely existing.
  • The White have especially taken an interest in Hajun, seeing him not only as capable of bringing the Law vs Chaos conflict they so despise to an end but also be able to do so in a way that can be viewed as heavily ironic, in essence bringing it to its logical conclusion. This is seen as especially dangerous due to the fact that as a natural law, none would even notice if Muryou Taisuu was emanated. Everyone would just spontaneously start killing each-other and through their eyes, it would seem like that is how it always has been, and anyone thinking otherwise would be seen as crazy and going against the natural order of things.
  • Might be the single biggest Omnicidal Maniac in the pantheon. More so than Lord English who destroys ghosts, more so than the Anti-Monitor who can at least be communicated with. Hajun will destroy everyone but himself and is completely unreasonable. The only souls to equal his madness are Majin Buu (and even then he can at least be distracted with candy) and Giygas, who shares immense power driving it completely insane and seeking to mindlessly destroy everything it can. Dharkon felt him to be a similarly apocalyptic force of chaos and destruction that wants to shape reality to its devastating will. It is unknown whether he recognizes their similarity or is even capable of it, but it's safe to say he doesn't care. Which is probably for the best, as teaming up with them would be a nightmarish scenario the pantheon might finally fall to.
  • Despite what may be initially believed, Lucifer holds Hajun in quite a bit of disdain. Since Lucifer desires chaos and free will above all, not wholesale slaughter, he finds the nature of Hajun's law nothing short of tasteless. And to the surprise of no one, YHVH also despises him, being one of the few times he and Lucifer agree on something. Not only does He see Hajun as a threat to his rule but just as a danger in general, to both Him and His chosen. Given how psychotic Hajun is, most agree with YHVH's assessment of him.
  • The GUAD is the only group that can remotely have some influence over his direction, and that's only because their entire ethos is the extinction of all life. Melkor knows from personal experience dealing with Ungoliant an alliance with someone as determined in their desire to destroy as Hajun cannot be swayed over to his side. And he feels if anyone's going to take that Throne and bring about the end of everything, it's going to be him. The Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Machines simply responded with "we think the destruction of everything is a bad thing".
  • He really hates being touched, as in really, really hates it. And unfortunately for everyone, Hajun has a very loose definition of what constitutes as touched. At times, just being in the same realm as him is enough to make him feel like his personal space has been violated. Even Zamasu, who's ego has him loathe mortals that touch him, thinks he needs to cool off. Whether this is projection and hypocrisy from his part, or even Zamasu thinks he's insane is unclear. In fact, it could be both. Most think it's the former because he also ranted about "what do you expect when a mortal gets divine power?"
  • One thing many deities in the pantheon tries to make bloody sure of is that Hajun and Gilgamesh are never in the same room. It is feared that their collective ego would break everything, or at the very least they would end up stuck in one nasty ego competition after the next. Those who are familiar with Hajun's history, however, are quick to point out that the most likely course of events would be that Hajun wouldn't even notice Gilgamesh, being too preoccupied with his own existence despite his omniscience. Even the entire House of Pride and Egotism is one to balk at the Greatest Egoist.
  • Some are filled with enough hatred that they'd probably be allies out of admiration for Hajun's hate, were such even possible for the Mad God. Mephisto can relate given that he both is powered by hatred (and Hajun would be an endless source of hatred) and that Mephisto too despises everything and everyone. However, unlike Hajun, Mephisto is cunning enough to actually cooperate and work alongside others with common goals, even if deep down he hates them. Khorne loves(well, the closest thing it can have to love) the endless rage being emitted from Hajun. Asides from that, no-one in the House of Hatred wants anything to do with him. He is simply that irrational.
  • In an attempt to pacify Hajun, he is kept in a separate dimensional space by the other deities, and is completely isolated from any outside interference, both direct and indirect. And for the most part, this has proven successful at keeping him calm. Unfortunately, this hasn't stopped some less than virtuous deities from trying to rile him up, most notably Yuuki Terumi tried to get his attention to wreak some havoc. Fortunately, he was stopped before being able to reach Hajun's space, though this hasn't stopped him from trying to do it again or tricking someone else into doing it. Though for now, Hajun lies dormant.
  • Nyarlathotep meanwhile decided to fully embrace Hajun, but not only due to Hajun's own nature, but also with consideration to the cult that enabled his rise to power. He states that even in a world driven by inherent goodness where everyone could get a second chance, people still sought evil even within the most ideal of conditions and that it, therefore, is in human nature to always desire evil no matter what.

Greater Gods

    Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious 
Emperor Sheev Palpatine, God of The Empire And The Dark Side (Darth Sidious, Dark Lord Of The Sith, The Emperor, Senator/Supreme Chancellor/Palpatine, possibly Cosinga Palpatine IInote , "The Shadow"note , King of The Beasts, The Sith'ari (self-proclaimednote ), The Dark Side, The Phantom Menace, D the Superior, The D, The Pudding, Dark Improbity, Merke, Map, Jehovah the West Four, Paul, Pa El Pattinson, Mahler T, Parkinase Frank, Alright, Evil, Too Weak, The Senate, "All The Sith"...or just Palpatine for short)
As Supreme Chancellor 
Click here  for Palpatine's clone bodies left to right: Legends and Canon (initial and rejuvinated) incarnations

Intermediate Gods

Thouzer, God of Abhorrence Towards Love (Thouther, Souther, Holy Emperor, Emperor of Nanto)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Holy Cross Mausoleum
  • Theme Music: Thouzer's Pyramid, his Lost Paradise theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: A God Am I, Heart in the Wrong Place, Dark and Troubled Past, Straw Vulcan, Evil Sounds Deep
  • Domains: Tyrants, War, Mentality
  • Allies: Geese Howard & Rugal Bernstein, The Slavers (to some extent)
  • Rivals: Raoh, Immortan Joe, Tai Lung
  • Worthy Opponent: Kenshiro
  • Enemies: Toki, Max Rockatansky, Terra Branford, all ascended children
  • Foil to: Zonda
  • On generally good terms with: John Kreese
  • Nanto Hōoh Ken is just one type of fighting style within the broader spectrum of Nanto Seiken and it is a fighting style that can only have one successor. This was something that Thouzer learned the hard way after inheriting it from Ohgai, the previous user of Nanto Hōoh Ken who was a mentor/father figure to a then-orphaned Thouzer, via killing him. As a result of this, Thouzer vowed to cast aside his emotions and the concept of love was seen as a weakness to him. After playing a role in causing the Nanto Seiken branch to fall apart, Thouzer became a tyrant willing to enslave children and have them build a massive pyramid meant to be both a monument to honor Ohgai and be a symbol of Thouzer’s reign over the apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Thouzer found himself in a rather unusual place some time after his death at the hands of Kenshiro. He wasn’t sure how he got here or how he came back to life, but he was told that there were a set of people who were inspired by Thouzer’s actions and stories and, despite the inevitable resistance that came with trying to get someone like him in the Pantheon, those efforts were rewarded. Thouzer learned what the Pantheon is and the large scope of its setting and figured that while continuing what he had started was an obvious option, it was clear that rebuilding his empire was going to come with some new challenges in addition to what Thouzer had gone up against. Nevertheless, he remained determined to achieve his goals and make his mark where he sees fit.
  • Following his resurrection and getting accustomed to the Pantheon, Thouzer figured that the three Hokuto Shinken practitioners that he met in the past would be present and as it turned out, those three had very much refined their skills ever since Thouzer perished at the hands of Kenshiro. While Kenshiro very much understood Thouzer’s tragic past before becoming a tyrant, it didn’t change the fact that Thouzer caused untold misery towards innocents and Kenshiro knew that he would have to battle Thouzer again at some point. As for the other practitioners of Hokuto Shinken, Toki is aware of Thouzer’s secret (that being a misplaced heart which gave Thouzer Nigh-Invulnerability) and Raoh had gone up against Thouzer in the past, though such battles between the two don’t occur all that much given Raoh’s plans.
  • Him kidnapping children and using them for slave labor to build a monument meant to declare himself a powerful figure of a ruined world was met with predictable scorn from deities dedicated to protecting the well-being of children. The Pantheon being home to a number of individuals who value and children and have power comparable to Kenshiro (and the setting mostly being less of a hellscape in comparison) meant that Thouzer’s attempts to build his monument via child labor were met with much more difficulty than before. This isn’t getting to the fact that there are younger deities that are more than capable of putting up a fight against Thouzer, whose martial arts skills are quite formidable as is, if they are at risk of being targeted by him. Even in the face of this, Thouzer has merely brushed off those powerless dissenters as worthless, though he is more than aware of how much of a problem those powered children present towards his goals.
    • On that note, one particular deity who despises Thouzer for that aspect of his character was Terra Branford. When she was young, Terra was enslaved and forced to become a murderer against her will. Since then, she has vowed to fight for good and given that she is good with children, she was repulsed that someone like Thouzer would kidnap a lot of children to force them to build a monument in his name. She considers it just as bad as being enslaved to become a killer and she, among others who hold children in high regard, have sworn to take down the Emperor of Nanto and prevent any more children from suffering at his hands.
    • Even with the amount of opposition Thouzer has received in regards to child slavery, there are a very small number of individuals who have offered him some additional child victims to go along with Thouzer’s plans. That group was The Slavers, who were better known for their human trafficking operations pertaining to forced prostitution and while they are content with continuing their own business, they are willing to lend Thouzer a handful of kidnapped children for him to enslave. Thouzer doesn’t have much to say about the group’s more extreme actions in comparison to his own, but he is willing to have some form of associates in regards to adding to the number of child slaves he has while he conquers other potential locations for him to rule over.
  • While the Pantheon is far from the ruined wasteland that Thouzer was used to, it meant that he would end up meeting others who have traversed such locations in addition to those he was previously familiar with. Immortan Joe was one such wastelander who shared much of the same ruthlessness that Thouzer has in addition to performing much worse actions than Thouzer has ever done. While perpetuating child slavery to make a monument for himself was already bad enough for Thouzer, Immortan Joe not only harvests people for milk and blood, but keeps sex slaves for himself and will stop at nothing to become a ruler of an apocalyptic wasteland. As both see themselves as god-like rulers of a desolate world, there is a rivalry going on between the two as to who will become a more feared wasteland leader and while Thouzer has eliminated some of Immortan Joe’s trusted allies, the latter still has plenty of smarts and has been working on a plan to take down Thouzer without Joe having to confront him directly. Even if Joe and Thouzer are in conflict with each other, it hasn’t prevented Thouzer from being foes with Joe’s arch-enemy Mad Max, who sees Thouzer’s ambitions and character as no different from Immortan Joe.
  • Thouzer ended up sharing quite a bit in common with Geese Howard in terms of how they came to be. Both had someone they cared about when they were young (Ohgai for Thouzer and Geese’s mother for Geese) and lost both of them in tragic circumstances (Thouzer having to kill Ohgai to inherit a martial arts skill and Geese’s mother succumbing to disease followed by Geese failing to kill his neglectful father), resulting in the both of them growing to become darker individuals seeking power at any cost, with Thouzer becoming The Emperor of Nanto who conquers any part of the wasteland as he sees fit and Geese becoming a crime lord with significant power over the city he lives in. Both are skilled in their respective martial arts and the two managed to see quite a bit in each other to the point that they are quite amicable towards each other. Thouzer also found Rugal to be a formidable fighter, especially since Rugal can pick up on various fighting styles very quickly and Rugal himself has stated that if he were in a wasteland like Thouzer was, he would take over every part of it with the help of his criminal connections and become much more dangerous than he already is.
  • While John Kreese is aware of what Hokuto Shinken is thanks to hanging around Jagi, he became just as interested in Nanto Seiken, the various styles associated with it, and how dangerous they are in comparison to Hokuto Shinken. This led him to meet Thouzer and he wanted to see just how potent of a fighting style Nanto Seiken (or more specifically, Nanton, Ho-oh Ken) is. It was there that Kreese learned about Thouzer’s misplaced heart, how it gave him an advantage against those who don’t know of it, and just how ruthless Thouzer is overall. Both also learned of their pasts and how it shaped their merciless mindsets, with Thouzer having to kill his mentor/father figure to inherit a martial arts style and Kreese having a terrible experience during the Vietnam War. That said, Thouzer has grander ambitions of being an emperor as opposed to Kreese looking to rebuild a martial arts school to get back at the people who wronged him. For someone who Thouzer considers to fight in a basic way regardless of underhanded tactics, he saw John Kreese as interesting and while Kreese generally found quite a bit to like about Thouzer in terms of fighting mindset.
  • Tai Lung was another martial artist who took a dark path following a traumatic experience in his childhood, though what happened there could be seen as a contrast to what Thouzer went through. Both were raised and trained to become skilled fighters, but while Thouzer was fond of his master from beginning to end and took his murder of Ohgai very poorly after inheriting Nanto Ho-oh Ken from him, Tai Lung was unable to become the Dragon Warrior due to Master Oogway seeing a dark heart in him, resulting in Tai Lung developing a grudge against his former teacher Master Shifu and was willing to take the title by force. With those contrasting backstories in mind, Tai Lung harbors some resentment towards Thouzer for being able to inherit a potent martial arts skill from a caring master when he was young whereas Tai Lung was unable to do such a thing at a young age. A fight ensued and Tai Lung’s abilities weren’t enough to take Thouzer down and after defeating Tai Lung, Thouzer told Tai Lung that Nanto Ho-oh Ken was much more deadly than what Tai Lung had access to and that it would take much more effort to defeat him. This had only given Tai Lung more of a motivation to not only become the Dragon Warrior that he himself believed he was meant to be, but to defeat Thouzer and those who talk down to him in a potential rematch.
  • Zonda suffered a lot of hardships in the past that led her to become as ruthless as Thouzer, but the similarities between the two end there. Whereas Thouzer is a powerful martial artist who has discarded the concept of emotions (love especially) and wants to rule over a wasteland on his own terms in addition to having a misplaced heart, Zonda is a super-powered individual who wants to create a world where other Adepts in addition to herself can thrive at the cost of all other human life (mainly to put an end to the discrimination she and her kind suffered) and is a massive Love Freak. In addition to completely dismissing Zonda’s mindset about love, Thouzer was aware of the kind of threat Zonda and other super-powered individuals like her can pose to his potential empire, though Zonda isn’t taking powerful enemies who oppose her, be it regular humans that are super-skilled in combat like Thouzer or those with superpowers of some kind, lightly and she definitely isn’t going down without a fight if it means retaliating against Thouzer’s disparaging comments about love.

Lesser Gods

    William Stryker 
William Stryker, God of Unprovoked Hatred (Reverend Stryker, Colonel Stryker)


    The Four Libertines 
The Four LibertinesMembers , Gods of Depraved Bisexuals
Clockwise from top left: The Duke, The President, The Magistrate, The Bishop
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A black spider
  • Theme Song: "Veris Leta Facies"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Depravity, Fascism, Authority, Abuse
  • Portfolio: Depraved Bisexual, For the Evulz, Faux Affably Evil, Hate Sink
  • Heralds: Three prostitutes/storytellers, four guards and four "studs"
  • Allies: Gregor Clegane, Wild Hunt, Slaanesh, Dr. Weil, Lionel Starkweather, Heinz Böhm, The Valkyrie Jäger, Waffen-SS, Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites
  • Enemies: More-or-less anyone who's not an ally. Special mentions are Night Raid, John Doe, The Five Survivors, Karl Fairburne, Boyd Travers, Vito Scaletta, SCP-2578-D
  • Banned (on pain of death) from: House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • These thoroughly vile degenerates were high-ranking fascists in the Republic of Salò, a puppet state created by Nazi Germany when Italy was in dire straits in the later years of World War II. However, they did not care about the ongoing war; instead they took advantage of their power to fulfill a much more debauched goal. They started by marrying their downtrodden daughters off to each other, and then kidnapped about 18 teenaged boys and girls. The libertines absconded in a large estate with their captives, alongside a circle of accomplices consisting of three prostitutes to entertain them with stories, four guards and four "studs". The libertines made their captives into sex slaves, subjecting them to some of the most atrocious indignities imaginable, all for the sick erotic pleasure that they derive from watching an "inferior"'s suffering. In the end, they cruelly killed most of the captives for arbitrary reasons and faced no repercussion that could be seen, although one can take some comfort in the Fascists' eventual fall.
  • Nobody precisely knows how they found their way into the Pantheon. One could be poetic and say that the hatred for these four and the sheer disgust at their actions is so powerful, that those two feelings singlehandedly propelled them into the eternity of the Pantheon. The fact remains that they are here to stay, as the Main House has given them Depraved Bisexual to rule over. Unsurprisingly, the deities that were outraged were not few and there was much wondering on how it is possible that these rapists-torturers-pedophiles-murderers could be considered acceptable as deities. Some cooler heads pointed out they were not exactly the first such villains in the Pantheon, although they may have the others beat in that they were actually very successful in their pursuits. At any rate, an instatement ceremony was skipped entirely for fear of the whole thing turning into a bloody riot.
  • The libertines have no intention of abandoning their "hobbies" and are looking forward to the possibilities the Pantheon provides them with, but they are still aware enough to realize they are not as free to do as they would back in Salò. In fact, they hardly leave their temple (the palace estate where they conducted their ritual) because a LOT of deities would not hesitate to kill them on sight, thus they have left it to their guards and studs, who are rather less recognizable, to go outside and procure new slaves for them. Although if that yields no results, then the libertines are temporarily content with satisfying their sick urges with each other and the rest of their circle; Death is Cheap, after all, and they're all such extreme sadomasochists that they don't hold it against each other.
  • One can imagine that with the libertines' presence in the Pantheon, life has become ever so much worse for the younger deities, and that is entirely true, as concerned adult deities have started to enforce stricter rules to keep them safe from the fascists' abject cruelty (although this doesn't mean they all listen). Certain deities have gotten particularly bearish about protecting the House of Childhood and Adolescence from them and have agreed any of the fascists should just be eliminated the moment they are spotted within 2 km of the House. Granted, this comes with the caveat that any minor not belonging to that House is not as safe. Other deities started planting signs in the general area of the libertines' temple warning off anybody who approached, resulting in a minor war with the guards who always took down the signs or attempted to shoot those who planted them, until the matter was taken to the Court of Gods, who decreed the signs were entirely justified, and so the fascists were forced to conceed.
  • Although they are some of the most loathed deities in the Pantheon, that does not make them entirely bereft of allies; remember the note about them not being the first deities with their... specifications? Well, the libertines certainly did their research and came upon a certain deranged knight, Gregor Clegane, whose obscene exploits were much admired by the libertines. The guards were sent to summon him to their temple, wherein the libertines offered that he join their circle and enjoy the "delights" they have to offer, in exchange for him fighting for them when needed. They even offered to let him smash one of their guards' head in, as token of what passes for goodwill around here. Gregor, a very sadistic rapist himself, did so, and it convinced him that he would really enjoy himself if he associated with the libertines (even if it's in-between his service to the Lannisters).
  • They further obtained some more powerful allies in the equally depraved Wild Hunt, with Syura and Champ in particular feeling irresistably attracted to the libertines' activities. As enforcers for an evil empire, Wild Hunt have quite a history of abusing their position to commit unspeakable crimes against the empire's citizens, crimes which they take great pleasure in, and so they are glad to meet a likeminded group in the libertines and their circle. The libertines of course return their enthusiasm and the two groups often get together to share the stories of the depravities they've committed. That's when Wild Hunt isn't helping them fend off their enemies or kidnap new victims whom they can all abuse.
  • The rebel group Night Raid already utterly despised these four; after all, they are vile, high-ranking members of a corrupt and authoritarian government which they take advantage of to indulge in their criminal hedonism; basically the types that Night Raid has enough of dealing with in their own world. Now that the libertines have gotten very friendly with their sworn enemies from Wild Hunt, Night Raid feel they have even more reason to undermine them at every step, by hopefully stopping their kidnapping operations and preventing any more suffering wrought by them. The libertines, being fascists, are used to hearing about rebel groups trying to overthrow the government, so nothing about Night Raid particularly fazes them. In fact they seem to have a lot of faith that Wild Hunt will eventually kill them all in the end and things will remain "as they ought to".
  • And speaking of their historical context, the Pantheon has quite a few WWII veterans who served in Italy and definitely have a bone to pick with the quartet, not just for being unrepentantly aligned with the axis, but also for the sheer horror that their heretofore unheard-of crimes evoke. Their enemies thus include Karl Fairburne (who's personally killed some high-ranking Italian officers and wouldn't mind at all assassinating these four), Boyd Travers and Vito Scaletta. Conversely, the libertines have the help of several Nazi German units and officers, namely The Valkyrie Jäger, a Fallschirmjager unit that fought in Italy, who have occasionally been tasked with guarding high-ranking Axis officers, several members of the Waffen-SS who coincidentally also assisted them before their ascension, and Heinz Böhm, a Nazi Luftwaffe General put in charge of the Axis occupation and defense of a region of Southern Italy, and who's nearly as sadistic as they are. It's a bit doubtful whether they are on board with the full extent of the libertines' actions, but they haven't pronounced themselves on the matter one way or another.
  • They have gotten blessings and patronage from certain divines who are pleased with their philosophy and actions, most notably the Chaos God Slaanesh, who's thrilled with the extents they will go to in order to fulfill their lusts. The same goes for Slaanesh's underling of sorts, Mara. While the libertines find the two to be worth worshipping, Mara is their pronounced favorite on account of its being a literal giant penis; there's nothing else that's more appropriate to worship, in the libertines' opinion.
  • They can be said to embody many sins (lust is the most obvious, but they've shown just about every other one at some point); the infamous Seven Deadly Sins-obsessed killer John Doe has certainly noticed it and has accordingly put them on his hit list. If there were any human beings that proved, beyond any doubt, John Doe's incredibly cynical and misanthropic view of the human species, these four are definitely it. For that reason, John Doe would like to take his time in planning something really big for them. His murder schedule is packed as it is, too, so they might just be left for last. Needless to say, the libertines look at John Doe and his condemnation of sin with mingled contempt and pity; he is only one unremarkable guy, and besides, they wonder how he could possibly see life devoid of sin as being worth living.
  • The Five Survivors absolutely hate the libertines, with good reason as they see the four and their circle as being something like a collective human version of their digital tormentor AM. The fact that there are humans whose love for cruelty towards their fellow man matches that of AM could almost drive the Survivors to despair. The libertines look at the Survivors' situation as very amusing, and would probably attempt to take part in it if AM weren't so murderously hateful towards humans in general. Actually, the libertines do wonder why AM wallows in hatred and self-loathing when he could be having the time of his life torturing his five prisoners for all eternity. They suppose it's a quirk of this newfangled technology others call a computer.
  • Now that technology is mentioned, if there is one very advanced deity the libertines get along with, that would be Dr. Weil. While the cyborg is a peculiar sight to them, they soon discovered Weil has similar views to them, mainly in his belief in how there's nothing like lording over one's perceived inferiors, forcing them to do whatever you please and shooting down their hopes. In the name of creating a world where such is the rule, Weil seems to be quite comfortable allying himself with the libertines and looking the other way when it comes to their more perverse activities, which don't appeal to him. The libertines are pretty satisfied with this, especially as being allied with Weil gives them access to robotic warriors that might succeed in matters where Gregor or Wild hunt, with their human limitations, can't.
  • They were more than happy to receive a film director who showed genuine interest in their activities and committing them to film; that was snuff film director Lionel Starkweather, who has made quite a name for himself filming various elaborate and gruesome murders. The libertines, having seen a few of them, thought that was all well and good, but found the lack of intercourse a pity. Well, that's what Lionel visited them for, and the libertines were more than happy to oblige, provided they get their a copy of the film for their own enjoyment, of course. Ever since then, the libertines have supported Lionel in other ways, mainly by funding more of his filmmaking efforts.
  • Because they've been confirmed to be fascists, SCP-2578-D has also taken time to shoot at their temple from time to time. The SCP Foundation hopes that SCP-3922-As, which is associated with the Three Moons Initiative like 2578, don't get ascended, because things would get complicated and ugly real fast.
  • "Idiot, did you really think we would kill you? Don't you see we want to kill you a thousand times, to the limits of eternity, if eternity could have limits?"