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Developed for the patients of the Pantheon, the sub-house of Medical Conditions is a collection of hospital rooms. Each god is given their own private room, a lavish bathroom, a comfy hospital bed along with other amenities to keep them comfortable. It's one of the most welcoming houses in the Trope Pantheons, and extensive checks on medical history are made before any doctor can come to their aid. Injured and sick gods recuperate here, and the area is kept as clean as possible to ensure no-one's condition is worsened. Comprising a few floors of the House's giant hospital building, the rest of the sub-house is made up of more general wards servicing non-ascendants and visitors to the Pantheon.

The patients' temperament can vary, though even evil members of this house must behave in here. The attending staff will punish those that try to violate the hospitality in this house severely, or at the very least take them off the property.

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Yune, Goddess of Resurrection Sickness (Goddess of Chaos, Chaos Goddess, "Dark God")

Greater Gods

    Raistlin Majere 
Raistlin Majere, the God with an Incurable Cough
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Bloody napkin
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Neutral Evil while wearing the black robe)
  • Portfolios: The Archmage, Bloodfromthe Mouth, Snark Knight, The Gift, Sociopathic Hero, Hellish Pupils, Who's Laughing Now?, Protagonist Journey to Villain, Became a God and destroyed Krynn in a alternate future
  • Domains: Magic, Rune
  • Followers: Juushirou Ukitake
  • Allies: Sou Fueki, Osmosis Jones, Jimmy Hopkins, Varsuuvius, Izumi Curtis, Okita Souji
  • Enemies: Embryo
  • Rivals: Harry Potter, Merlin, Doctor Strange, Gandalf, Dumbledore, Drizzt Do'Urden Voldemort, Guts.
  • After countless hours of studying the magic arts, Rastlin had finally achieved godhood, entering the Pantheon with a smirk on his face. There was just one catch; his cough has persistent and cannot be cured, either with magic or with technology. Worse, he was denied a temple in the House of Magic, instead ending up in Personal Appearances. It's a travesty he hopes to amend one day, hoping to eventually attain the Overdeity rank.
  • Many good and evil mages attempted to gain his allegiance upon his ascension. All were rejected, as he only sees what would benefit himself. He's been accused of playing both sides as a result.
  • It's not surprising that the only other house he finds himself comfortable in is in Ambiguity. Once there, he took a liking to Sou. The two share a philosophy of making alliances for their own benefit. Secretly hopes to hold a higher seat in the house, a threat Guts isn't taking lightly.
  • Has assigned Osmosis Jones the task of finding the sources of his coughing. He has had little success in finding a cure so far.
  • Was interested to see if there were any bullying gods in the Pantheon. Jimmy Hopkins affirms that there a lot of subjects in form of Libby Chesler and the Reagans. Safe to say that Raistlin doesn't take bullying too kindly.
  • Has taken many precautions to avoid Embryo. He is particularly vulnerable since he does not reside in the House of Magic.
  • Drizzt has been particularly cautious even since word has reached him about his ascension. ON the one hand, he's glad that a fellow fantasy being has attained godhood, he is well aware that Raistlin ultimately looks out for himself above all.
  • It was not surprising in the slightest that he has taken a liking to Varsuuvius, especially V's philosophy. The only thing keeping the two together any longer are the two's shared arrogance. Still, Raistlin has learned a lot about Dungeons & Dragons's rules from the God of Effeminate Elves.
    • Has formed a more kindly relationship with the God of Dwarves, sympathizing their plight of his kind in his old world. However, he is wary of Durkon's vampire form he's in and strives to cure his vampirism.
    • In fact, he holds the entirety of the Order of the Stick as a rather amusing variant of his own Heroes of the Lance. He is willing to give the group advice at times, as long as they don't interrupt his plans in obtaining a higher rank.

Intermediate Gods

    The Grineer 

The Grineer, The Divine's Degrading Clone Army (Grineer Dogs)
  • Intermediate Gods overall
  • Symbol: Their logo pictured on the right.
  • Theme Song: Grakata (Light), Grakata (Heavy), Grineer Onslaught, Arrogant. Sadistic. Unstable. Perfect., The Answer to a Prayer, Precious Gifts, Red Broth (Kuva), Yuvan
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil. Twin Queens are Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Absolute loyalty to the Twin Queens, Absolute Xenophobe, Clone Army, Near endless supply of clones, Believing anything that isn't Grineer is inferior and must be conquered if not outright killed, Guilt-Free Extermination War, Vader Breath, Requiring cybernetics due to their Degenration, More Dakka, Diesel Punk, Wields Ballistic Weaponry, Slave Race, Conlang, Disproportionate Retribution
  • Domains: Hate, War, Aggression, Dieselpunk, Clones, Degeneration, Industrialization
  • Followers: Vault 108 Gary Clones, Mochtroids
  • "Allies"note : ADVENT, The Combine, Dr. Breen, The Unbidden, Cinder Fall.
  • Rivals: The Helghan Empire
  • Enemies: Besides anyone that isn't them? House of Family and Relatives, Any and all children in the Pantheon, THE TENNO, Ordis, The Infested, The Corpus, All Jedi, Raiden, The Vex, The Flood, B.J. Blazkowicz, King Arthur, Artoria Pendragon, The Eliksni, The House of Nature, the Nature Preservers, The Daleks, Amon, Hope Bringers, The Grand United Alliance of Good, Dr Wily, Dr Weil, Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J, Miles Quaritch, Wat Tambor, the Wisps, Gowther, Hunter and Bianca, Lux Arcadia, Celestia Ralgris, Krulcifer Einfolk, Lisesharte Atismata, Yoruka Kirihime, Gunvolt, Zonda and the Seven, Orson Krennic
  • The Grineer are a military force composed of clones created from clones of other clones, originally created by the Orokin for cheap manual labor before being headed by the Twin Queens. Although the Queens are Orokin themselves who are just in Grineer bodies, they were hated amongst their people for being twins to which they saw the Grineer as kindred spirits. Eventually, both the Queens and the Grineer were ordered to take out the Sentients, one of their creations, out of desperation and once they were defeated the Grineer (alongside their other abused creations) turned on the Orokin, eventually culminating to their destruction. Like all Clone Armies, the Grineer have a seemingly never-ending supply of soldiers all eager to kill whoever got in the Grineer's way. But unlike many, they have quantity AND quality for each and every soldier in addition to their ability to replace any fallen Grineer. Often, when a Grineer populace goes dark they respond by sending in more to replace the lost and the process of cloning involves melting down existing Grineer to make ever more Grineer.
  • The Grineer kickstarted their presence by hijacking various broadcasts throughout the Pantheon where Councillor Vay Hek taunted the populace listening to him, calling nothing more than vermin for the clones to stomp on as they are the superior species. A few seconds after the transmission ended, the House of Nature was soon attacked by Grineer forces. Their first plan of action was directed towards the land of Planets, utilizing the Cicero Toxin courtesy of Vay Hek to clear the way for a Grineer foothold. Although the battle was hard-fought, the Grineer were pushed back thanks to the combined effort of the inhabitants, aid from the GUAG, and a group of mysterious faceless individuals. They weren't dissuaded from the Pantheon, however, as they've made a proposition to ascend by utilizing their condition as flawed clones despite what they say otherwise, much to the dismay of anyone involved in the aforementioned incident. Their first order of business as newly appointed divinity? Once again hijack the broadcasts and blow the House of Defense to smolders.
    • Are sworn enemies to the House of Nature and are banned from going near the place. They're vilified by the Nature Preservers after hearing about the previous incident with the use of the Cicero Toxin. The clones share the hatred, alongside the entirety of the GUAG for daring to defy them.
  • Although their weaponry can be seen a primitive and far from refined, there's no denying their wide range and effectiveness. When it comes down to a fight against energy shields or organic targets, there's a weapon that can be used to make mincemeat out of them. They often are unwieldy to those without protective armor or strength as it is hard to aim with the recoil at best and severely harm the user at worst. It would also be a mistake to see that the Grineer stick to what they know since some of their weapons resort to more unusual ideas to gain an advantage over their enemies (such as using their ships as rams), meaning they won't just use ballistic weaponry to get the drop on the opposition. It's thanks to their access to the Pantheon that their horizons have broadened, and it's only a matter of time where they'll adapt to the denizen's abilities and powers. They would reach out to corporations that specialize in war if it wasn't for their negative relationship with the Corpus due to accusations of exploiting the Grineer.
    • One of their notable searches for technology to adapt was when they tried taking Vex tech for themselves. It was difficult, the Vex always coming in and dismantling any forms of progress made on hijacking their tech, often killing everyone involved then disappearing without a trace. Even as the clones started anticipating the radiolarian cyborgs have started fending them off though progress is still quite slow due to the corrupting nature of Vex tech. A repeat of Captain Vor is unneeded, but all the advantages gained would make the effort worth it. Though, going by Dr. Tengus's actions with the Technocyte Plague, it's unknown how long until they do away with caution.
  • The House of Family but especially any child in the pantheon LOATHE the Twin Queens for the practice of Continuity which is accomplished by Mind Raping a child through use of illusions to the point where they cross the Despair Event Horizon and are nothing more than an empty shell. The person who wants a new body then transfers their mind unto the child's, thus completing the disturbing practice of the Orokin's immortality. The Kuva Guardians, who give the Tenno considerable trouble are a massive issue for those wanting to go after them. If that wasn't enough, they are only located in the Kuva Fortress, which is constantly moving around the Pantheon and is surprisingly difficult to locate. You can understand why they're abhorred by many Hope Bringers as a result.
  • Despite their blatant xenophobia, they are open to help should it present itself and those who side with them are paid a respectable amount once it is over. Though participating in the conflicts is rather dangerous. Often they clash with the Daleks due to their attitudes, often resulting in very destructive conflicts. If one supports the Grineer's hated enemies for far too long, Vay Hek would send in the Grustrag Three, a group of Grineer reconditioned after getting too impatient and killed their own due to their deteriorating mental states. Since they are noted to have superb skill in combat due to genetics, they were brought about to what they were today. Those who fall against them will have their efficiency against Grineer severely stunted until they get it off with a specific release.
  • One of the few organizations that come close to being an "ally" are the ADVENT and the Combine. It's done pragmatically, of course, since the Pantheon's denizens are much stronger than they have anticipated. By doing this, their use of cloning wouldn't be exhausted and be put to more better use on adversaries they want to wipe off the face of this world. Of course, once hostilities escalate all bets are off.
    • The Grineer queens have expressed special interest in ADVENT's Avatars, as they would make excellent hosts for their consciousnesses to inhabit, especially since the avatar's don't have any minds of their own. The Elders are wary of giving them this, though, since if the Grineer ever manage to figure out how to create more Avatars, they may decide that they no longer need ADVENT's assistance.
    • Due to both of their aforementioned allies' ties, they also partnered up with the Unbidden. The Grineer noticed a similarity between the Shroud and the Void, although it was proven they were not quite the same. They admit they show some interest in the Unbidden's technology, a substitute for the lack of Orokin tech found in the Pantheon. As usual, once their enemies are dead they will inevitably turn on each other.
  • Because Grineer genetics is far from perfect, every so often a Grineer soldier may not be loyal to the Queens and are likely to betray their brethren. Traitors generally don't last long if the Steel Merdian doesn't intervene, and the Grineer are working to remedy this alongside their degeneration problems, although they can't do much to the latter due to their trope and that if they do succeed they'll have their divinity be put at risk. They believe they'll at the very least slow it down if they look into the various healers like those in their House. Many of their foes are preventing them from even going near them.
  • Because of their mortal enemies, they are bound to find deities who share coincidentally share various traits with. The first among many incidents was when the Grineer had thought that there was a Wukong Warframe that was in the Pantheon. Almost immediately they sent in an army to try and get rid of him to which both parties refuse to talk about. Then there were the two Pendragons which the Excalibur Warframe is inspired from, (there was also Excalibur, no points as to why the Grineer hate him). Amon is another example, reminding them too much of the Orokin they hate to the very core.
  • A textbook definition of fascism, as evidenced by any war crime you could name in their conquests. Raiden, who made his name among the clones after the former heard about the long list of atrocities they've committed and cut loads of them down. They also have gotten the attention of SCP-516 and SCP-2578-D, who also abhor the clones for everything they've done. The latter frequently fires upon the Grineer and has come to blows when they get fed up and bring out the Balor Fomorians. B.J. Blazkowicz goes after them for the same reasons, a large thorn on the Grineer's ongoing operations within the Pantheon.
  • Have been subjected to frequent raids by the Eliksni, who most of the time manage to evade the clones. Occasionally they'll step out from the shadows and try and engage but don't expect it to be anything large, they'll lose horribly in an upfront confrontation. Many deities question why they target the clones often as they can, though it could be attributed to their bitterness towards humanity and that they needed someone to truly take their hatred out on without much of the higher-ups of the Pantheon gunning for them. Both the brutal militant clones and the cutthroat raiders show no forms of mercy toward one another, and getting caught the crossfire is often a death sentence.
  • After the ascension of the Wisps, the Nightwatch corps of the Grineer have made their moves on capturing the aliens for the purposes of slowing down their aging, though they find the benefits of enhancing the bulk of their forces a good quite promising too. Heading such immoral research is Tyl Regor, who seems very adamant on having as much of the aliens as he can and as such Grineer forces have made it a point to sabotage the efforts of anyone else trying to get their hands on them. As a result the likes of Hunter J, Dr Weil, Dr Wily, Wat Tambor, and Ghetsis Harmonia have found themselves on the Grineer's long list of enemies.
  • Also stationed at the House of Artificial Beings, a territory in which they've expanded to sometime after their original entrance to the Pantheon.
  • "Grineer dominance is inevitable."

    Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin 
Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Co-Deities Of Blood with Special Properties (Jake: Jake Wesker - by Sherry; Sherry: Super-Girl - by Jake, FloppyFeet's Childlike Innocence)
Left: Jake Muller; Right: Sherry Birkin
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbols: An apple and a suitcase full of cash (Jake); a pendant and her security operations badge (Sherry)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral for Jake; Lawful Good for Sherry
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Viruses, Immunity, Survival (for Sherry), Mercenaries (for Jake)
  • Additional Relationships: Albert Wesker (Jake's father); William Birkin (Sherry's father)
  • Signature Weapons: Taurus PT-909 for Jake; The Triple Shot (a hybrid based off the SIG-Sauer P220 and the Beretta 93R) for Sherry
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sherry Only: Ada Wong
  • Opposes: Senator Armstrong (as he reminds them of Derek Simmons)
  • Mistaken For: Cole MacGrath (for Jake)
  • Enemies: The Wolfpack, HUNK, Negan, Pyramid Head (as Ustanak is a follower of his), Pestilence The Horseman
  • Odd Friendship: Takeda Takahashi for Jake, Sonya Blade for Sherry
  • Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin have a rather complicated history respectively. Sherry is the only daughter of William and Anette Birkin, two of Umbrella's top researchers and the ones that designed the G-Virus, Sherry has been slightly neglected by her parents given their work and it all came crashing down once the Raccoon City outbreak occurred and Sherry was forced to flee for her life. She got implanted an embryo by her own father, infected by his own creation, but was successfully cured and developed special properties thanks to her exposure to the G-Virus. Jake Muller probably has it as bad, the bastard son of Albert Wesker and having to grow up in an East-European country in very harsh conditions, Jake had to join a mercenary group just to provide for his poor mother and in his blood he had the cure that could combat the newly developed C-Virus. The two met during one of Sherry's mission and worked together in order to take down the USTANAK and deliver the cure in time. Their ascension came when Chris Redfield vouched for both of them to join the pantheon given their role in the C-Virus outbreak and Sherry was very happy to see Claire again after a long time.
  • Sherry Birkin and Jake Mueller had arrived separately once word of their ascension reached them; Sherry by helicopter (on loan from the BSAA), Jake by motorcycle (and breaking a couple of the Pantheon's traffic laws). While Claire was happy to see her old charge ascend to the Pantheon, Jill was cautious around Jake, given what she had been through thanks to his dad. She does warm up to him, thanks to Chris and Leon vouching for him.
  • In his quest for the PERFECT EROTICA Photo, Frank West considers not only Sherry Birkin, but also Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine for his photospread. He plans on shooting them as part of his 'Survival Horror' spread.
  • As Albert Wesker is a member of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Cosmos has recruited both Sherry and Jake into the Grand United Alliance of Good. While Sherry joined the alliance willingly, Jake had planned on demanding an obscene amount of money for his services. Sherry, thankfully, talked Jake out of that line of thought. Rather than demanding said obscene amount of money, Jake opted out for a suitcase full of cash, gas for his motorcycle...and an apple. "Even if I didn't get the cash, I'd still volunteer, seeing as how my old man is playing for the other team," Jake had told Sherry.
  • As their joint temple is inside the House of Health and Diseases, Jake and Sherry tend to put plenty of distance between themselves and Pestilence the Horseman. Suspecting that he would do anything to get a blood sample containing their respective antibodies (C-virus for Jake, G-virus for Sherry) and their DNA in order to create a lethal virus that would even make the both of them sick. And if that happens, then the Pantheon itself would be at risk.
  • Sherry is actually 6 years older than Jake (26 to his 20), but she looks younger. Probably due to being a G-virus host in the past. Then again, Aya Brea was pushing 40 and she looked liked she was in her early 20's.
  • Like Claire, Sherry has a soft spot for orphaned and misplaced children, as she herself was one growing up. Harm a child within Sherry's line of sight and she will use you for target practice. And she's been given some pointers from Claire when it comes to firearms, who in turn was taught by Chris.
  • Turns out that Sherry is a fan of Nathan Drake, as her costume was inspired by his wardrobe.
  • Sherry was of mixed opinion upon finding out that her father was in the Pantheon. After all, it was William who had subjected her to the G-virus when she was twelve. But what was most surprising was that Sherry had reached out to her dad. Even more surprising was that he responded.
  • Father and daughter had a sit-down, away from the prying eyes of Wesker and the others. Sherry forgave him for being such a lousy dad, but William refused to let her forgive him in his act regarding the Raccoon Outbreak and killing her mother as G, as that is his burden to bear. At least they're talking.
  • As it turns out, Sherry has a Healing Factor as a result of being a G-virus host. Both James Howlett and his 'daughter' originally thought that Sherry was a mutant. Nope, just a G-virus survivor. The healing abilities is just a beneficial side-effect.
  • Jake is friends with Kanji Tatsumi, due to the bond they share with their mothers. There is another reason as to why the men are friends, one they can't put their fingers on.
  • Speaking of their bonds with their mothers, it's also one of the reasons why Jake is friends with Niko Bellic, as both men have similar backgrounds. Both grew up in Eastern Europe, both were Child Soldiers and both are anti-heroes. "I could have used someone like you in both the war and in Liberty City," complimented Niko. "You're a good man." Both Jake and Niko became drinking buddies, sharing war stories with the other.
  • Jake is not too happy with Wesker abandoning both him and his mother. Jake describes Al as "a freakin' nutjob who almost destroyed the world," aside from being a deadbeat dad. "At least Kenshi had a good reason in ditching his kid," Jake grumbled.
  • Sure enough, father and son did meet. The meeting ended badly, as Wesker and Jake came to blows. Even funnier was the fact that Johnny Cash's A Boy Named Sue was playing as they brawled. The match ended in a standoff, as both men had to be separated.
  • Said match was witnessed by Jin Kazama and Miranda Lawson, who scouted Jake due to his hatred of Papa Wesker. They approached him with the proposal of joining their anti-evil parent's group. Jake agreed. For free.
  • Big Boss is one of Jake's mentors. The legendary soldier sees that Jake is missing a father figure, which is why he voluntarily steps into the role, given the fact that he sees a lot of Solid Snake and Grey Fox/Frank Jaeger in Jake.

    Splash Star Pretty Cures 
Splash Star Pretty Curesmembers , Goddesses of Heroic Exhaustion (Saki: Cure Bloom/Cure Bright | Mai; Cure Egret/Cure Windy)
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their Mix Communes
  • Theme Song: Leave It To Us! Splash Star
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Battle Aura, Tomboy and Girly Girl, Wonder Twin Powers
  • Domains: Elements, Fountains, Breakdowns, Magic
  • Heralds: Flappy, Choppy, Moop, Foop, Michiru and Kaoru Kiryuu
  • Allies: The Magical Girl Sisterhood, all other ascended Pretty Cure (especially Cure Black and Cure White and the Sailor Guardians), Fat Buu, Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu
  • Enemies: Joker, Death Phantom, Majin Buu, The Beast
  • As usual, the story of Saki Hyuuga and Mai Mishou is a predictable one when it comes to Pretty Cures. The two middle schoolers were visited by two fairies, Flappy and Choppy, who came from the Land of Fountains, corrupted by a group of destruction seeking elementals named Dark Fall. They were then given the ability to turn into Pretty Cures and fight Dark Fall off, ultimately defeating their leaders, Akudaikahn and Gohyan, and becoming friends with sisters Michiru and Kaoru Kiryuu, Akudaikahn's daughters.
  • Cure Black and Cure White continued their efforts to recruit all the Pretty Cures they could, and their call to arms eventually reached the universe where Saki and Mai lived. The two recalled the massive battle they had with all the other Cures during the events of the Hugtto season, and decided to ascend together, joining their comrades and bolstering the ranks of the Sisterhood further.
  • They were not pleased to learn of Joker's ascension, and even more so when they learned Joker was attempting to find a way to recruit all the other Pretty Cure villains. They’re worried Joker might ascend any agents of Dark Fall, but until that day ever comes, they have vowed to fight him and Bad End.
  • In a similar vein, the tactics of Death Phantom of being an advisor who is secretly the real villain reminded them very much of Gohyan's tactic, and it didn’t help that both of them allowed their "superior" to die while taking their place as leader in the final battle. They also noted that Death Phantom is also an abombination and enjoys watching people die, and so they often clash with him and the Black Moon Clan.
    • They were also warned by the Sailor Guardians of Death Phantom’s hypnosis powers, and also participated in a mission to save some of their comrades when Death Phantom hypnotized them and forced them to fight against them. That just made them even more determined to ensure he cannot cause more trouble.
  • In a similar vein, they were once attacked by Majin Buu, and found that he was even worse than Gohyan. Not only did Majin Buu blow up the Earth at one point, but in his current state, Buu has no restraints and could very well destroy the entire Pantheon if left unchecked. They were eventually saved by Fat Buu when he saw what his evil side was doing, and were surprised to learn that he had been reformed due to him being unable to see right from wrong, but ultimately befriended him.
  • Being powered by the spirits of nature means that they often are employed by the GUAN, and they routinely fight on their behalf. They do note some of the members, such as Viridi, seem to get out of hand when dealing with their targets, but they ultimately fight for their behalf.
  • Dark Fall's generals were all themed after the five elements of the Wuxia, and could make monsters called Uzainas based upon their respective element. Thus, when they heard Reiji and Xiaomu performing the Shinra Banshou, they assumed it might have been a new attack Dark Fall was doing and went to stop them. Though they came to blows, they ultimately realized they both wanted to save the world and became friends with each other.
  • Exclusive to Saki:
    • The energetic member of the duo, Saki enjoys playing softball as the team's pitcher. Her skill was so great, it was able to get the team to the semi-finals. This also applies to Kagura, and they quickly became best friends after Saki saved Kagura from a monster attack.
    • Saki’s personality traits is that she is cheerful and optimistic, and this often perks up those who are feeling down. She often heads to the House of Sadness to try and cheer up those who have gone there because they are feeling down. She once encountered Serval, who is just as energetic as her, and befriended the leopard girl. Her happy personality also got the attention of Wander and Pinkie Pie, who became good friends with her after she took part in one of Pinkie’s parties.
    • She’s also good at baking bread, but not at baking anything else. She once tried to participate in a baking contest alongside Hoto Cocoa, and was eliminated early due to this. This, however, got the attention of Kazuma Azuma, who brought her in to help her try to get better at baking. It helps that she’s got another team of Cures to fall on for that.
  • Exclusive to Mai:
    • The more relaxed member of the duo, Mai enjoys spending her time sketching animals and forests. She is quite skilled at this line of work, too. She once encountered Suzu Houjou while she was drawing a forest and helped her out, with both of them becoming good friends afterward.
    • Mai is also good at science, similar to Honoka, and she often accompanies her while in class at the Pantheonic Academy. She is calm and serene for the most part, very similar to Honoka as well.
    • During one sketching day, Mai was having problems sketching animals and wanted help. Fortunately, she soon encountered Fluttershy, who was more than willing to help her sketch the animals by allowing them to relax and be calm. She quickly befriended the young pony and can often be seen helping her.
      • However, during another time, Mai encountered the monster known as The Beast after deviating into the Forest of the Unknown. Her fighting proved to be mostly ineffective until Saki was alerted by the other Cures of her plight and came to save her, defeating The Beast with their special attack, the Splash Star Twin Stream. Mai also expressed fear of the Edelwood Trees, and rightfully so, as trees should not have scary faces.

    Wilhelm Ehrenberg/Kaziklu Bey 
Wilhelm Ehrenberg, God of Freakish Albinism (LDO IV: Kaziklu Bey, Lord Impaler)

    Yuuki Konno 
Yuuki Konno, Goddess of Tragic Prodigies and Being Able to Move in VR (Yuuki, Zekken, The Absolute Sword)
Yuuki in real life (SPOILER) 

Lesser Gods

    Frank Zhang 
Frank Zhang, God of Dramatic Handicaps (Fai, Centurion Zhang, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion, The Changeling Lord, Chinese Canadian Baby Man)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A slightly charred piece of fire wood
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Having his Life Tied to a Piece of Firewood, Gentle Giants Fate Immunity, Determination, Abilities to Shapeshift Into Different Animals, Military Brats, Heroes with Low Self-Esteem, Heroic Muscle, Much to his Dismay, Archers, Field Promotions, Canadians
  • Domains: War, Archery, Shapeshifting, Fate
  • Herald: Grey, the Skeletal Warrior
  • Allies: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman, Pit, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Decidueye
  • Sitcom Arch-nemesis with: Leo Valdez
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Bellona
  • Enemies: Gaea, Kratos, Brand
  • Special Relationship with: Ares (his father), Poseidon (the grandfather of his ancestor)
  • Opposes: Thanatos
  • Opposed by: Persephone, Katniss Everdeen
  • A child of Mars and Emily Zhang, Frank Zhang was no ordinary child. Inheriting combat prowess from his father and animorphism from his mother, whose ancestor was both an Argonaut and a grandson of Poseidon, Frank was seemingly blessed with extraordinary abilities. However, those abilities would come at a price, as one night with his family, Juno would appear before him and decree that Frank must have a weakness. Pointing at a piece of timber within the family's fireplace, Juno stated that should that firewood ever burn up, Frank will die. In spite of this weakness, Frank would not only go on to become a Praetor for the Twelfth Legion, he would also prove to be an invaluable asset for the Seven in their quest to lull Gaea back into her slumber.
  • The first thing Frank saw upon ascending to the Pantheon was Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez, and Nico di Angelo holding a sign that said "WELCOME FRANK ZHANG", before immediately enveloping him in a group hug. Overcoming the initial surprise, Frank was beyond ecstatic to see his friends again. Even Leo.
    • Speaking of Leo, the first thing Leo gave Frank when he arrived was a pair of Chinese handcuffs, much to Frank's irritation. The remnants of the handcuffs were later found outside Leo's temple, having been "accidentally" destroyed by Frank when he had transformed into a rhinoceros and stomped on it 50-or-so times.
    • Upon hearing about his Frank's arrival, Ares' Roman form, Mars, immediately took over to boast to the rest of the house about his son's ascension, making sure to emphasize the time that Frank had gained Mars' blessing via slaughtering almost every single Katobleps within Venice. Frank, having lost his mother to war, was more embarrassed than proud when Mars kept retelling the story. The Court of the Gods only made things even more difficult when they decreed that Frank must spend at least a few hours with Mars each week from then on since Mars was significantly easier to handle than Ares
      • Persephone was not amused by the story since Frank would later go on to strangle her brother, Triptolemus, after slaying the Katobleps. She was even less amused when she realized that Frank had prevented Triptolemus from keeping Nico trapped as a corn plant.
    • Not exactly a fan of Bellona since she happens to be an even more destructive Blood Knight than his own father. The only reason he even bothers to put up with her is mostly because as Praetor of the Twelfth Legion, he has to take part in all of Rome's affairs, which includes Bellona's battles. Frank's disdain for Bellona appears to be mutual on her part, if Bellona mumbling about how Reyna should have ascended instead whenever Frank is within her presence is anything to go by.
    • Since he had to burn away most of the firewood his life was tied to in order to free him from his chains, Frank was almost instantaneously put into a bad mood when he found out Thanatos was also in the Pantheon with him. His mood immediately worsened when Thanatos, who was trapped in a more malevolent, black-hooded form, came at him with a scythe in hand.
    • Frank has found himself being extra cautious when traversing the Pantheon since Gaea has made presence known within the Pantheon. While Frank isn't worried about getting killed by Gaea anytime soon, he knows that since she can't manipulate him like the rest of the Seven, she's going to want to take him out immediately should she manage to find his location.
  • Garfield Logan/Beast Boy was thrilled when he heard that one of his followers managed to ascend, and before long, Beast Boy was seeking out advice on how to make sure that Frank felt welcome in the pantheon. Unfortunately, he only managed to receive advice from Leo, who once again suggested that Beast Boy buy Frank a pair of Chinese handcuffs. Long story short, it ended with Beast Boy and Frank both transforming into iguanas in order to escape the handcuffs they somehow got stuck in.
  • In spite of his lineage, Wonder Woman and Pit seem to have accepted Frank wholeheartedly as of their allies, as they both understand that Frank did not inherit his father's worst attributes. While Frank is glad to call them allies, he finds himself wary of both Wonder Woman and Pit since like the council, they both want him to stick close to Ares in order to keep him stuck in his tamer Roman form.
  • Has a mixed relationship with some of the more prolific archers in the Pantheon.
    • Frank has managed to impress both the Green Arrow and Hawkeye with both his proficiency with a bow and his prowess in combat. Enough so that he had inadvertently kickstarted another debate between the two deities over who should get Frank as their protege.
    • Frank has also impressed Decidueye, who often challenges Frank to see who is the better archer. Decidueye in return has also left an impression on Frank, as he is trying to replicate Decidueye's Feather Flechettes whenever he is in the form of a bird. So far, he is failing miserably, but not for the lack of trying.
    • His first encounter with Katniss Everdeen was not exactly a pleasant one. While they at first managed to bond over their shared skill at archery as well as their mutual distaste of war and conflict, Frank had unwittingly earned Katniss' ire when he briefly mentioned that he was the son of Mars, the God of War. When Katniss pressed Frank on his lineage, Frank had accidentally revealed the time he had earned his father's blessing, causing Katniss to look at him with disappointment and walk away without saying another word. Suffice to say, Katniss has remained distrustful of Frank ever since.
  • Has become a new "plaything" for Brand, who seems particularly eager to test the theory that Frank will die should the piece of firewood he carries around on his person completely burn away. So far, his efforts have mostly come up empty since Frank usually curb-stomps Brand by transforming into a bear and mauling him, but there have been times where Brand managed to land a decent blow against Frank. The fact that Frank is absolutely terrified of Brand even though he manages to win most of their battles also pleases Brand.
  • Unsurprisingly, Frank holds a grudge against Kratos for killing his father's greek form. Surprisingly, however, in spite of Frank having the most legitimate grievance against Kratos, Kratos takes him the least seriously out of all the Half-bloods within the Pantheon since Frank happens to be the son of Ares' Roman form, which Frank had unfortunately found out about after confronting Kratos one day:
    Kratos: Ares? I already killed him.
    Frank: Nope, I'm the son of Mars. The Roman god of war. Totally different.
    Kratos: No!
    Frank:... Aw man.

    Gen (Street Fighter
Gen, God of Handicap-Based Losses (The World's Greatest Assassin, The Silent Assassin, The Devil of Hong Kong)

    Norman Jayden 
Norman Jayden, God of Functional Addicts
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His FBI Badge, the ARI Glasses and a Triptocaine Tube
  • Theme Song: Norman Jayden Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some Neutral Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, By-the-Book Cop, Combat Pragmatist, Fair Cop, FBI Agent, Fight Magnet, Only Sane Employee, Only Sane Man, The Profiler, Sharp-Dressed Man, Troubled, but Cute
  • Domains: Mysteries, Investigation, Drugs, Virtual Reality, FBI, Issues
  • Allies: Commissioner Gordon, Cole Phelps, Captain Holt, Batman, Neo, Clarice Starling and Will Graham, Conan Edogawa, Peter Burke, Rex Tyler/Hourman, Kirito and Asuna
  • Enemies: Scott Shelby, Manny Pardo, Jack the Ripper, John Doe, The Black Organization, Light Yagami, Teru Mikami, Roscoe P. Coltrane
  • Respected by: The House of Family
  • Norman Jayden is an FBI agent from Washington to investigate the murders of the Origami Killer. With the use of the "Added Reality Interface" Glasses (or ARI for short) and his sharp wit, Jayden proved to be one of the most effective officers investigating the Origami Killer but he is not without his own set of issues. Norman suffers from an addiction from Triptocaine, a drug that keeps him stabilized when using ARI too much and he suffers from withdrawal should he not take it. Considering how he can still fully function even with his addiction, the court of gods awarded him the spot of Functional Addict for his prowess and managing to solve the identity of the Origami Killer.
  • While Jayden has managed to put an end to the Origami Killer, his tale ends on a rather bittersweet note considering he started hallucinating tanks from ARI glasses. His arrival to the pantheon has helped him wonders to recover from the illusions, since the pantheon is home to things he couldn't have imagined even in his wildest dreams and the medical facilities has helped him tremendously. However, new problems ended up arising, he quickly came face to face with Scott Shelby, who hasn't forgotten that the FBI agent is the one that ended up defeating him for good.
  • Naturally is a dedicated member of the House of Justice, even if his temple is located elsewhere. Norman is relieved to know that he isn't the only one in this division that is actively trying to help the pantheon as he was quickly greeted by Commissioner Gordon who gave him some instructions as to how to handle things in the pantheon. Of the ascended officers he tends to work best with Cole Phelps, another By-the-Book Cop with a keen eye for resolving cases, he himself also caught an elusive killer even if he was forced to stay silent given the killer's powerful contacts. Norman also relates a lot towards Phelps struggles with his own personal life and is saddened at the fact that he died while on duty.
    • Norman also holds a huge deal of respect for Captain Holt for being a very dedicated man to his job even if he found many roadblocks on the way, similar to Norman. For his part, Holt has assured Jayden that he is unlikely to find anyone as boneheaded and violent as Carter Blake here. At least in this side of justice, there is still Chief Wiggum who Norman finds to be a total buffoon, but at least he is stupid, not evil.
    • Speaking of Carter Blake, Jayden did eventually found himself a man that reminded him of the lieutenant. Roscoe P. Coltrane is a bit silly but usually very corrupt and Norman definitely thinks he shouldn't have a right to abuse his power. Manny Pardo is another one that tickles the FBI agent the wrong way, given that he is an unrepentant murderer whose main goal is driven by petty reasons. It's got to the point that both Norman and the Origami Killer agree that Pardo is just the worst.
  • Was glad to learn that he wasn't the only FBI agent on the pantheonic field, as he got to meet others who too had to deal with Serial Killer cases. First there were Will Graham and Clarice Starling who had to consult Hannibal Lecter to catch another serial killer and their life had suffered a turn for the worst, thankfully the two relate a lot to Norman's struggles. Jayden also met Peter Burke, who frequently collaborates with a Con Man and was surprised that their dynamic is way more healthier than the one he had with Blake. While he questioned the legality of working with someone like Caffrey, he does respect Burke for being a good agent and being dedicated to the cause.
  • A bit baffled to know that superheroes exist but doesn't mind the extra help, considering there are criminals way beyond Norman's grasp that he can do nothing about. Thanks to Commissioner Gordon he has come to know Batman, the latter particularly interested in the technology behind the ARI glasses. Through Batman, he met Hourman, who related a lot to Norman's ordeal with Triptocaine since he too is addicted to an unusual substance and has suffered withdrawal from it.
  • Became a target for Light Yagami since he believes his flaws to be unacceptable for someone attempting to bring justice to the world. This happened because of one of Light's followers, Teru Mikami, who despises the use of drugs and Norman being addicted to Triptocaine is a huge sin that he can't overlook and had to inform Light about. This is even after the fact that Norman already worked to get over his addiction and is slowly recovering, but neither Light nor Mikami care.
  • It seems that Norman can't quite catch a break when it comes to criminals, considering he became the target of another one after finding a temple. John Doe, another Poetic Serial Killer not unlike Shelby, saw potential in the FBI agent and he could use him as another of his victims the same way he did with agent Mills. Like before, his addiction was a huge contentious point for Doe and decided to torment Jayden by sending him empty bottles of Triptocaine and Origami Figures as a way to frame the Origami Killer. Norman slowly found out about John Doe and his MO but hasn't been able to catch him yet and knows that he plans to do something with him so he is attempting to avoid making the same mistake agent Mills committed.
  • Jayden is well respected in the House of Family for helping bring the Origami Killer to justice as well as caring about the well being of the more vulnerable members. He is glad that at least he is getting some recognition after a successful investigation.
  • Even after having experienced hallucinations, Jayden is still using the ARI glasses for investigation but is trying to not overuse them and has mostly stopped playing games with it. One day he was approached by two teenagers, those being Kirito and Asuna and was asked about how the ARI glasses worked. They later explained that the world they come from, VR games are popular and that they have a lot of experience with it but have acknowledged that they can be dangerous and were looking to help Norman overcome both the hallucinations and Triptocaine addiction. Norman from his part is just surprised that there are people that can tolerate being in a VR world for so long.
  • It seemed like things were going well for Jayden but eventually he got involved in a series of leads that eventually lead to him discovering The Black Organization and several of their criminal activities. He became a target of them after being discovered but thankfully Norman has managed to escape unscathed and was later approached by one of the organization's biggest foes, Conan Edogawa, who expressed interest in working with Jayden to get to bottom of this mystery and finally put an end to the Black Organization. Norman has kept in contact with Conan ever since, helping him whenever trouble arises.
  • Often made fun by how he pronounces "Origami", often being understood as either "Oragammy" or "Oragarmi". He hates how often the trolls especially have to remind him of this, especially how they call him "Nahmen".


    Archibald Snatcher 
Archibald Penelope Snatcher, God of Allergies (Snatcher, Madame Frou Frou)

    Big Al 
Big Al, God of Foot Injuries (Allosaurus jimmadseni, MOR 693, Big Al One)

    DiDi Chastel 
Desiree "DiDi" Chastel, Goddess of Problems to Orgasm
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A low-cut dress
  • Alignment: Usually Neutral Good, falling into Neutral Evil (if not Stupid Neutral) in her bad days
  • Portfolio: Struggling to Orgasm In Spite of a Busy Sex Life, Amazonian Beauty, Statuesque Stunner, So Beautiful, It's a Curse, Boob-Based Gag, Ms. Fanservice, Making Men Horny (And Most Women Too), Québécois Accent That Always Slips In Some French, Not Good with Rejection
  • Domains: Sex Appeal, Orgasm, Fanservice
  • Allies: Power Girl, Litchi Faye Ling, Kaguya Nanbu, She-Hulk, Inspector Clouseau, Obelix, Hercule Poirot, Helena Douglas, Tina Armstrong and the other Dead or Alive ladies, Katsuragi and most of the Lustful Acts house, all the Lustful Behavior deities
  • Opposes: Kiara Sesshouin, all Slasher Movie villains and scary movie monsters in general
  • Opposed by: Noel Vermilion (one-sided), married deities
  • Didi Chastel is a voluptous Québécois woman who never goes unnoticed, and thus has a long line of suitors. However, she has a problem: in spite of her busy sex life, Didi took very long to actually experience an orgasm, and not only because her impressive sex appeal made men finish very fast. It took an underqualified therapist to make Didi actually climax, and only a really sexual friend managed to repeat the feat. The Pantheon sympathized with her plight and ascended Didi, hoping her life as a deity can be enjoyable, in or out of bed.
  • Her sex appeal manifested pretty much as soon as Didi ascended, making just about every man - and quite a few women - turn around to check on her, causing some accidents along the way. This inspired some deities to create portable invisibility devices to Didi for occasions where she'll wander around the Pantheon. And yet whenever she forgets those cloaking gizmos, you can expect Didi to cause some distractions and damage. Double if she's jogging.
  • Even if Didi's love life and anorgasmia made it difficult not to sympathize, many in the House of Love question her overall behavior: along with easily discarding men, her quest for an orgasm made Didi immature, bitchy, and self-centered - and worst, she treated partners who managed to make her climax in a clingy manner. After being called out, Didi has promised not to behave so obnoxiously, especially as not everyone can be convinced by being served with a good breakfast the next day.
  • Didi has had no problems in attracting droves of suitors, to the point of making just about every deity in a relationship violently protective of their men. The House of Lustful Behavior house has been the most collaborative in her quest for another orgasm, and Didi has also gotten help from many in the nearby Lustful Acts, getting closer in particular with Katsuragi, whose experience in groping has yielded positive results. Katsuragi's origin in a fighting game also helps with Didi's interest in wrestling, as both have become sparring partners.
  • A budding wrestler, Didi is always at the PWF to continue her training, and has been taken under the wings of Angelina & Sky. Being a big breasted blonde fighter, Didi found two equals in Helena Douglas (who even has a similar accent and offers the possibility of covert conversations where both women speak French) and Tina Armstrong (an experienced wrestler who is offering Didi all the help she can), who in wishing she evolves from her Unskilled, but Strong status, have brought Didi into the Dead or Alive competitions.
  • Got easily along with Power Girl, given they're both buxom blondes who are impressively strong (even if Didi is only human). Kara has since introduced Didi to She-Hulk and some of her housemates whose titles owe to their breasts.
  • Noel Vermillion grew an instant dislike for Didi, feeling downright intimidated by her chest. Didi has attempted to court Noel, as the memories of the equally flat-chested Kiley being responsible for her first orgasm makes Didi hopeful, but Noel has not budged in yet.
  • Didi's Québécois accent, always peppered with French terms, made her instantly get the attention of Hercule Poirot, and they became friends even if the detective sometimes says things way over Didi's capacity. Helps he is somehow immune to her charms.
    • Another Francophone investigator with that distinctive speech, Jacques Clouseau, had a brief fling with Didi and they have spent time together ever since, helped by how she finds him a funny guy.
  • Obelix, who already has something for blonde women, can hardly contain himself near Didi. Given the Gaul is a sweet and mostly innocent man who doesn't seem to have sexual interest (he's one of the few who has no problems actually looking at her face), Didi has returned the attention. Obelix even accepts having Didi train her wrestling moves on him.
  • Kiara, whose creed revolves around sexual pleasure, is doing her best to bring Didi to her side. While at first Didi was tempted, especially as Kiara's hands-on approach nearly made her climax upon meeting, the fact she already found something to make her life more than a Quest for Sex in wrestling led to an initial rejection, and other deities warning Kiara has some darker endgame made Didi even more resistant.
  • Has been warned to keep away from the Cartoon Network deities, because Lord know what sort of damage would ensue if Didi replied to someone who wanted Dee Dee instead. Or what would happen if she actually accepted to go out with Johnny Bravo.
  • A fan of horror movies, in her downtime she goes to the house of Theater to watch some, to the delight of whoever is standing next to DiDi. Of course, looking like the typical bimbo that is slaughtered in a Slasher Movie, Didi has been targeted by the ascended slasher villains, much to her chagrin. Knowing that there are zombies and other monsters that can attack at any time also displeases her, especially if it's something Didi can't fight with her bare hands. At least Power Girl's got her back, and just about any man in the vicinity is willing to protect Didi.

    Lady Eboshi 
Lady Eboshi, Goddess of Taking Grievous Injuries After Taking Out More Powerful Beings (Eboshi Gozen, M'lady, Gun Woman, That Damn Woman)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A matchlock rifle entangled with vines
  • Theme: Eboshi Gozen
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Neutral Good to her allies, Neutral Evil to her enemies)
  • Portfolio: Iron Lady, Tough Leader Façade, Beloved by her people, Has an army of lepers and former prostitutes, Lady of War, A strong mother figure to her people, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Silk Hiding Steel, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Sees the destruction of the forest as justifiable, Lost her arm after killing the Forest Spirit, Realizes the error of her ways
  • Domains: Injuries, Industry, Leadership, Grey Morality, Godslaying
  • Herald: Gonza, Toki and Kohroku
  • Allies: Ashitaka, Nausicaa, Tyrion Lannister, Sanada Yukimura, Sanada Nobuyuki & Inahime, Retsu Unohana
  • Mutual Respect: Jaime Lannister, Himura Kenshin, Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, Avatar Aang, Amaterasu
  • Interested in: Xerneas
  • Rival: Lord Tywin Lannister
  • Enemies: SAN, Okkoto, Cersei Lannister, Demon Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Mori Motonari, Ishida Mitsunari, Zygarde
  • Worthy Opponent: Moro
  • Conflicting Opinion: The other Studio Ghibli deities
  • Opposes: Petyr Baelish, Varys, Ling Yao, Kratos, Asura, Giovanni, Robert Baratheon, Wolf
  • Opposed By: The House of Beast and Nature (Mainly the Nature Preservers), Celebi, Bigby Wolf, Snow White (Fables)
  • Complicated Relationship: The other Studio Ghibli deities
  • The leader of Tataraba/Iron Town, Lady Eboshi came to The Pantheon on a pleasant summer evening, when the first stars flickered in the darkening sky, a gentle breeze blowing from the east. Things couldn’t have been more idyllic... if it wasn’t for her old enemy San learning about her arrival and coming to visit... with a dagger thirsting for blood and an old grudge to finish. Even without her right arm, which had been bitten off by the wolf Goddess Moro, Eboshi held her ground against the wolf girl, trading blow for blow in a dance that lasted for about five minutes. It only ended when Ashitaka arrived and, per tradition, knocked both women out cold. When Eboshi came to, she was confronted by the Court of the Gods, who examined her history and decided to present her with godhood, much to the fury of San and her wolf brethren.
    • That said, they didn't restore Eboshi's right arm, as Cosmos had done with Jaime Lannister's hand in the past. The Lady of Iron Town didn't seem to mind. She views it a reminder of the deeds she committed... and the heavy cost that came with it.
  • Eboshi is seen as a bit of a controversial figure in the Pantheon. On one hand, she was the catalyst for the events that transpired in her world from shooting the boar god Nago and turning him into a demon - which lead to Ashitaka becoming cursed - to wanting to wipe out the nearby forest to mine the iron beneath... along with killing the Forest Spirit, resulting in the destruction of not just the forest but most of her home with it. On the other hand, she's seen as a beloved figure to her people, taking in lepers and former prostitutes treating and giving them a much better life in Iron Town. For that, the people treat her with the utmost respect.
    • It was this devotion to her people that Eboshi first met Retsu Unohana, who admired the Lady's capabilities and leadership but felt her urge to slay the gods of the forests got the best of her. They can be seen sometimes enjoying a cup of tea and discussing the going-on's in their worlds.
  • Serving as Eboshi's Heralds are three of her most trusted followers.note  The first is Gonza, captain of the guard and head of her riflemen. He provides the brute force of the three. the second is Toki, head of Eboshi's former prostitutes and a strong leader figure whenever the Lady is not around. Last but not least is Kohroku, a cattle driver and Toki's long-suffering husband. He was brought up alongside Toki when the ascension took place and out of the three he's shown the most curiosity of the Pantheon and its many other gods. They're all on good terms with Ashitaka, and through him, Toki and Kohroku have begun to show a little more respect for San. Gonza's still on the fence about it all.
  • As the first major Studio Ghibli antagonist to ascend, the studio's other deities have had mixed feelings about Lady Eboshi, especially since most of them have a strong connection to nature and have a firm anti-war stance. But the lady of Iron Town did find allies of a sort.
    • Princess Nausicaä was reminded greatly of her world's Kushana when she met Eboshi, noting how both women have similar mindsets and show Undying Loyalty to their followers. While she was displeased about the Forest Spirit's death, Nausicaä was glad to see Eboshi was making a change for the better, and has offered the assistance of her valley's people to aid in Iron Town's restoration. But this only made San's already tenuous relationship with Nausicaä more strenuous.
    • Totoro, Catbus, and the Tanuki of Tama Hill were less than thrilled to encounter someone who operated a militarized industrialization project, since the former two were spirits of the forest while the latter lost their home to human development. This extends to Totoro's friends Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, who don't exactly see eye to eye with Eboshi.
    • At first glance, it seemed that Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa would be opposed to Lady Eboshi due to her waging war against both the forest and Lord Asano's samurai. But things turned out very differently. In fact, Eboshi showed sympathy for the young orphans, and welcomed them into Iron Town with open arms, even revealing to have a supply of Setsuko's favourite candy tin for her to enjoy. note 
  • Whenever she's not in Iron Town to oversee its restoration, Eboshi can be found in the Pantheon's armoury, looking to improve on her own firepower. This is rather ironic, as Eboshi herself can no longer use a rifle due to the loss of her right arm. But the improvement aren't for her; they're for the other women in her homeworld. As such, she has sought out Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, despite Iron Town's disdain for samurai, to instruct her people on how to better use their new rifles.
    • And yes, she's well aware of one-handed firearms such as pistols, but reloading them turned out to be a bitch without her other arm to use. Still, she keeps a flintlock on her person at all times, hidden under the cloak in case anyone dares to attack.
  • It was only a matter of time for both Moro and Okkoto to learn of Eboshi's ascension, and when they did, the reactions were similar yet different. The blind boar god was absolutely furious and swore revenge against the woman who slaughtered his clan. On the other hand, all the wolf goddess did was bare her fangs and growled silently. She and Eboshi go way back, and now that they're in the same place, Moro is patiently waiting for the moment she can finally crush the woman's head between her jaws. To that, Lady Eboshi simply responded with, "Come and try, if you dare."
  • While she may have killed the Forest Spirit, Eboshi regrets doing so due to the subsequent destruction it brought to both the forest and Iron Town. As such, she has come to oppose other god-slayers like Kratos and Asura. She's also not too happy with those who also search for immortality, calling out the likes of Ling Yao for selling himself out to gain a Philosopher's Stone and become a homunculus, which in her eyes is no better than becoming a demon.
  • Eboshi has developed something of a rivalry with Lord Tywin Lannister, whom she has compared to her homeworld’s Lord Asano... but far more interesting and ruthless. At first, Tywin found Eboshi and her Iron Town to be less desirable than Lannister gold... until he saw the matchlock rifles at work. This led to a Lannister invasion of Iron Town, which saw the two leaders discussing over the matters of power and politics. Not much is known of what exactly was said but the Lord of Casterly Rock was admittedly impressed by the calm and collected Eboshi meeting him eye to eye, as well as the determination of the people defending Iron Town from his knights. They also share a disdain for Robert Baratheon and his... ravenous appetite for women. This hatred led to the former king confronting Eboshi and threatening to take her to bed and making her squeal like a pig. All she did was smile and responded with this.
    Lady Eboshi: "I have slain boar gods. You were slain by a mere pig. What chance do you have?"
    • Suffice to say, the entire town was cheering and laughing as Robert stormed off in a huff.
  • That same respect for Tywin could not be said for his daughter, Cersei. As she learned from Moro, the Queen of Westeros shares many of Eboshi's negative qualities, none of the good aspects, and had the aforementioned negative traits amplified. As a result, both human and wolf will occasionally pull an Enemy Mine to combat the Mad Queen's own knights. That's about as far as that alliance goes.
    • She has shown a greater deal of respect for both Jaime and Tyrion Lannister though, finding their advice and mannerisms to be rather useful and at times amusing. She's also commented on Jaime's skill as a swordsman despite the loss of his dominant hand, and has asked him to be her sparring partner to help improve her own swordsmanship. After all, a woman with no arm and few friends needs all the help she can get.
  • Samurai aren't usually welcomed in Iron Town, considering how most were dishonorable thugs who often served the highest bidder. Even if most of Lord Asano's samurai were consumed by the decapitated Forest Spirit, Eboshi quickly learned of the samurai that ruled in the other timelines. Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Mori Motonari, and Ishida Mitsunari are among the many samurai generals who have set their sights on the iron buried beneath Tataraba, and unlike Lord Asano, they're not afraid to get their hands dirty. Luckily, Eboshi found allies in the form of Sanada Yukimura, Sanada Nobuyuki & Inahime, all of whom have a grudge against the Demon King and are more than happy to aid Iron Town against him.
  • Eboshi has a long history of dealing with schemers and con-men. One need only look at her relationship with the monk, Jigo, for evidence. As such, she opposes the likes of Petyr Baelish and Lord Varys, who both aspire to bring the Lady of Iron Town into the Game of Thrones. She wants nothing to do with them, especially Baelish. It may have something to do with owning several brothels in King's Landing... and for what happened to Jeyne Poole. In fact, her work giving former sex workers independence has made Eboshi extremely popular with the Pantheon's own prostitutes, who have been seen interacting with Toki and even helping with the restoration.
  • She took interest in the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal, the former especially since it resembles the Forest Spirit in both appearance and life-giving powers. The Nature Preservers, allies to San, fear Eboshi will use the two for her own plans, especially since it was Giovanni who approached her about capturing them in the first place. But things couldn't have been further from the truth. Lady Eboshi is more curious to see their true power in action, and after having to deal with the likes of Jigo, she wants no part in Team Rainbow Rocket's schemes, evening going so far as to call upon Ashitaka and San to help keep the two Legendaries safe. It still hasn't stopped Zygarde from going to Complete Forme and attempting to kill her for violating the balance of nature. Eboshi only managed to make it out unscathed thanks to Avatar Aang.
  • One time, Eboshi came across Bigby Wolf wandering through the House of Beast in his alternate mode, and mistook him for a reincarnated wolf god. Most of the details are foggy but it is said that Snow White and a very annoyed Bigby spent the rest of the afternoon digging out matchlock bullets from his pelt. Before he could blow down Iron Town, Ashitaka mediated a peace treaty in which Eboshi apologized for the misunderstanding. Nowadays, both parties keep their distance.
  • One day, Iron Town was placed under tight security and many of its members were preparing their weapons. Lady Eboshi went to Sekiro's temple and placed a cease-and-desist on him to the town and its inhabitants. It's revealed she received information of the Sunken Valley Clan, a group of isolated sharpshooters that took some strategies from the town, and how it was invaded by 'The Wolf'. Since then, she has taken him with personal distain.
  • There are those who have speculated that Eboshi is in truth San's birth mother, having been forced to or purposefully thrown the then-infant Princess Mononoke at Moro's feet. When asked about it however, both parties have denied it. Even Moro, who was the only one who remembered that fateful day, is hesitant to discuss the full details as well.
  • "Now watch closely, everyone. I'm going to show you how to kill a god. A god of life and death. The trick is not to fear him."

Madeline, Goddess of Ruptured Appendixes (Madeline Fogg)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Yellow Straw Hat
  • Theme: Hats Off to Madeline
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Cheerful Children, Little Miss Badass Adorables, Fiery Redheads (Book only, as she's a Brunnete in The Movie), Good Is Not Soft, Friend to All Living Things, Often Seen With Her Dog, Genevieve, Being Famous for her Ruptured Appendix and Resulting Scar, Believers in The Power of Friendship, Heartwarming Orphans (film and later DiC episodes only)
  • Domains: Children, Boarding Schools, France, Animals
  • Allies: Alice, Quasimodo, Pippi Longstocking, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Steven Universe, James Henry Trotter, Xion, Sara Crewe, Amélie Poulain, Eloise
  • Enemies:
  • Heralds: Miss Clavel, her eleven classmates (whose names vary between adaptation), Genevieve (her dog), Pepito.
  • One night, Madeline was found crying in pain in her bed over a supposed stomach ache. The pain was revealed to be appendicitis, and she was rushed to the hospital and got her appendix taken out. She didn't mind, as she became very happy to have a cool scar as a result, much to the envy of her entire class. Because of this, as well as Madeline being able to codify her trope, Black Jack decided to ascend Madeline in so that she can speak of her experience with any gods who must also have their appendixes removed, so that they can feel calm and safe.
  • After her appendicitis, a Spanish boy named Pepito moved next door along with his parents. His cruelty to animals caused Madeline to call him a bad hat, though after he ended up being attacked by said animals, she was able to evoke a Heel–Face Turn in him by calling him out for his cruelty. Pepito is now one of Madeline's closest friends, and often visits her in the Pantheon.
  • A lot of Gods are still questioning about the status of her parents, considering in one continuity, they are dead, and in another, they are alive, but later Retconed to be dead. Madeline won't even say on the status of her parents.
  • Outright loves her Boarding School, the Old House in Paris, and dreams of seeing Miss Clavel ascend as a Goddess herself one day. Madeline has even started to promote the school so that it can receive more students in the near future, considering it nearly got sold off once.
    • However, Madeline is quite sad that there are some nasty teachers and schools out there who would abuse children and even force them into chores, as The Trunchbull and Miss Hannigan can prove.
    • Madeline herself even had to go through with such cruelty when she was kidnapped by a man claiming to be her "Uncle Horst" and taken to a sweetshop run by Madame LaCroque. She ultimately escaped along with the other captives through The Power of Friendship, and busted the two crooks, and helped open a new Boarding School for the former captives so that they'll have a loving home.
  • Gets along with any good French god well, and is even quite happy that Lumiose City is based on Paris. She's also very warm towards Quasimodo and has supported him in condemning Claude Frollo with his genocide of the gypsies, despite her own negative experience with gypsies before.
  • Is not afraid of mice, and is more than happy to befriend any she meets. She's also not afraid of tigers, and if she ever encounters one, she'll only comment "pooh pooh". This caused problems with Jaune Clafoutis and Shou Toramaru, as she used that insult on them both. Fortunately, Shou was able to explain to Madeline that not all tigers are evil, which caused the schoolgirl to apologize to them both.
    • Because of this, Madeline is one of the few outside the Cooper Gang to be brave enough to confront Neyla, who happens to be pure evil.
    • The only thing Madeline fears is water, as she nearly drowned in the River Seine near Notre Dame, and was saved by Genevieve (who has since been adopted by her). Because of this, she's no fan of any aquatic sports, especially Blitzball.
  • Madeline has heard of Master Xehanort's plan to use the Princesses of Heart to re-create the χ-blade, and is willing to help prevent this from happening by dressing as Alice and serving as a decoy.
  • Eric Cartman, who was notorious for his hatred for gingers, stumbled across Madeline one day, poking fun of her red hair. To which the girl responded with a simple “pooh pooh” and avoided him ever since even if Cartman finds another tactic to insult her.
  • She once met up with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy and befriended the two of them due to their similar voices. She appreciates the former’s cheerfulness and positive attitude and the latter’s acts of kindness towards others.

    Okita Souji 
Okita Souji, God of Insistence To Fight Despite Illness (Okita Soujirou Fujiwara no Harumasa, 1st Division Captain of Shinsengumi, Sakura Saber, Saber of Justice, Daishouri, Saber-with-shit-stats, Summee Assassin, Okita J. Souji, Hitokiri/Manslayer)
Sakura Saber 
Summer Assassin 

    Wally (Pokémon
Wally, God of Growing Past Their Illnesses (Mitsuru)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Ralts (now Gardevoir/Gallade) and his Mega Pendant
  • Theme Music: Encounter! Wally, Battle! Wally (Masters version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, rivalry, Badass Adorable after grinding several levels, gaining theme music to denote improvement
  • Domains: Health, Youth, Drive
  • Party Pokémon: Gardevoir/Gallade, Altaria, Delcatty, Roserade, Magnezone, Talonflame, Azumarill, Garchomp, a shiny Gardevoir
  • Allies: Gardevoir, Yu Narukami, N, Hanako Ikezawa, Hisao Nakai, Sora, Tiny Tim, Kari Kamiya
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Uneasy around: Groudon and Kyogre, Deoxys
  • Not to Be Confused With: Wally/Waldo
  • Ascended after overcoming his frailty and becoming one of the strongest Pokémon Trainers in all of Hoenn (and after the Pantheon heard his new battle theme).
  • Since ascending, Wally's gained followers of similar background to himself, and one of his goals is to help them go on to become stronger.
  • Yu Narukami has taken to spending time with Wally (some think they have a Social Link), as Wally reminds Yu of his own cousin, Nanako.
  • Has formed a bond with fellow Pokémon Trainer N. Seeing Wally's Mega Gallade indicates to N that the boy and his Pokémon have a strong bond, so N took a liking to him quickly. Some gods joke that they're related, due to their shared hair color, though Wally claims he's never met or heard of N before.
    • While Wally's not one to make enemies, he doesn't like Ghetsis at all, for about the same reasons as everyone else.
  • After being doted on by many gods, Wally requested that he start being taken more seriously. He appreciates the sentiments, but would like to be taken seriously with his goal of strengthening himself and the bond he has with his team. The strength of his Pokémon attest to this. Most gods have complied.
    • Hanako Ikezawa understands Wally's desire to be taken seriously rather than be completely doted on. The two later met, and became friends. Wally was also introduced to her friend Hisao. Knowing what Wally was god of, Hisao joked about taking over his position, which briefly shocked Wally. Wally might be a bit young for sarcasm.
  • Wally does his best to avoid being near Ameno-Sagiri, considering his need for cleaner air.
  • Due to the fact that Groudon (or Kyogre), as well as Deoxys have all threatened his homeland, Wally is a little uneasy around them. But these specific Pokémon have yet to cause any serious harm, and Wally also finds reassurance when remembering that the offending Pokémon were caught and befriended by his closest friend and rival.
  • Wally was very happy to hear that both Gardevoir and Gallade have ascended into the pantheon on their own! Gallade is his partner, being his starter Pokémon, while Gardevoir was partnered with Sora (but still remains very close to him). Wally is on good terms with the Keybearer since they both won't allow poor health to get in their way and show everyone what they are really capable of.
    • Wally is aware of a second Gardevoir in the pantheon, but has made no contact with it.
  • Has been likened to Roosevelt on occasion.
  • Wally became fast friends with Tiny Tim due to their similar ailments and overcoming them, as well as their outlooks on life.


    Carl Wheezer 
Carlton Ulysses "Carl" Wheezer, God of Nerdy Inhalers

    Charlotte Vale 
Charlotte Vale, Goddess of Those Who Recuperate Their Mental Health (Camille)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: White camellias
  • Theme Song: “It Can’t Be Wrong”
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Associated with butterflies and camellias, Beautiful All Along, raised by an abusive mother which leads her to be Driven to Madness, Maiden Aunt, getting a makeover, The Mistress to Jerry, Parental Substitute to Tina
  • Domains: Mental Health, Self-Discovery
  • Heralds: Dr. Jaquith, Jerry Durrance, Tina Durrance (Jerry’s daughter)
  • High Priestess: Virginia Cunningham
  • Allies: Frasier Crane, Pollyanna Whittier, Korra, Adrian Monk, Dr. Purnell, Simon Henriksson, The Heroic Protectors of Family
  • On good terms with: Helga Pataki, Shinji Ikari (whom she also pities)
  • Opposes: Dr. Angus Bumby, The Child Abuse Supporters (particularly Lady Tremaine), Dr. Sophia Lamb, Gendo Ikari
  • Charlotte Vale is a repressed Boston spinster from the wealthy Vale family whose tyrannical mother had driven her to the edge of a nervous breakdown. Her sister-in-law, Lisa, decided to change all this by bringing a psychologist named Dr. Jaquith, who would take her to the sanitarium to begin her transformation into a sophisticated, confident woman. Part of her healing involved a South American cruise, where she met a charming man named Jerry Durrance, whom she had an affair with. However, she realized that he is an unhappily married man, and thus, their affair is brief. Upon her return, she confronted her mother, who would eventually die of a heart attack. Though Charlotte would inherit her mother’s fortune, she still felt guilty for her death and returned to the sanitarium, where she met a depressed, young girl named Tina (who is also Jerry’s daughter). Her friendship with Tina left a positive impact for the two of them, and she would take the young girl back to Boston, which was something Jerry was okay with after seeing how much his daughter had changed. As for how Charlotte and Jerry’s relationship ended up, she told him not to “ask for the moon [when they] have the stars.”
  • A few weeks later, Dr. Jaquith came to visit Charlotte again just to check on her status since she had changed and decided to have a brief conversation with her about it. At the end of the conversation, Dr. Jaquith gave her an envelope, telling her that it’s for her shortly before leaving. Inside is a letter that describes her achievements and at the end, has an invitation to visit a place called “the Pantheon.” Charlotte had no idea of what that Pantheon is, but somehow found herself interested in it. She then boarded a ship that’s only meant to transport her, as mentioned in the letter. By the time the ship reached the Pantheon, several of its residents were there to welcome her. It turns out that the Main House brought her into the Pantheon mostly because of her situation of dealing with her mental health. Charlotte has hoped that she can use her newfound godhood to help others who have been struggling with mental illness.
  • Her temple is pretty much a recreation of the Vale mansion that she had inherited following her mother’s death and also features a passageway that links back to her mortal world. At Charlotte’s request, she also brought in Dr. Jaquith, Jerry, and Tina to serve as her heralds. Every now and then, with Jerry’s approval, Charlotte would treat Tina to a tennis match at the House of Sports or some ice cream at the House of Food or even camping at the House of Nature.
  • One of several gods that welcomed her is Dr. Frasier Crane, who happens to be the resident God of Psychologists. Frasier has appreciated her story of her struggle with her mental health and would often invite her to some of his therapy circles to share her story. Charlotte, for her part, has taken a liking for Dr. Crane as not only does he remind her of Dr. Jaquith, but she also appreciates him for being a brilliant and humorous psychiatrist in his own right. Conversely, Frasier has also advised her against visiting Dr. Angus Bumby, whom she doesn’t like for being an evil, abusive psychologist and therapist.
  • Dr. Purnell is another psychiatrist whom Charlotte befriended. While he feels that Charlotte is now well-off, he can still counsel her if she needs to. He is also considering writing a book about her bad thoughts, hopefully this time without a monster world born of it.
  • Her friendship with Frasier as well as her participation in his aforementioned therapy circles led her to get to know some of his fellow clients. One particular patient that she met was a detective Adrian Monk, who had several cases of OCDs that became worse following his wife’s death. Charlotte is at least glad the Monk’s mental health has improved since his time with Dr. Crane. Another of Crane’s patients she also finds herself relating to Helga Pataki, given that the girl also had to put up with her dysfunctional parents, not to mention her crush towards Arnold Shortman.
    • Pollyanna Whittier became interested in Charlotte after hearing about her turmoils and how she was able to overcome them. Charlotte herself appreciates Pollyanna’s outlooks on life and became good friends with her. Sometimes, she would even pay a visit to Pollyann’s temple and comfort her after hearing that at one point in the girl’s mortal life, she went through a Despair Event Horizon following an accident involving her legs. She also enjoys playing the Glad Game with her and has considered teaching that game to Tina.
    • Korra of all people is someone that Charlotte didn't expect to cross paths with. However, it turns out that she too went through PTSD and self-worth issues upon her recovery from being poisoned by mercury at one point in her life. Charlotte feels sorry for her and hopes that she is feeling better.
    • From Dr. Purnell, Charlotte was made aware of his patient, Simon Henrikssen given his own history of mental illness. Charlotte is relieved that he was at least able to receive treatment, though how his treatment turns out varies depending on his story’s ending. She is also on good terms with Shinji Ikari and has taken pity towards him for not being treated properly. Conversely, she opposes his father, Gendo Ikari, for letting his own son’s mind degrade in such a state in the first place (and the fact that it was part of his plan doesn’t help either).
  • Given that she had her life controlled by her mother before her time at the sanitarium, it’s no surprise that she opposes the Child Abuse Supporters. She especially despises Lady Tremaine as she finds her treatment towards Cinderella to be similar to her own mother’s treatment of her. Same applies to her opinion on Dr. Sophia Lamb as she dislikes her disdain towards her daughter Eleanor. On the other hand, the Heroic Protectors of Family respects Charlotte’s decision to take care of Tina, even though she is not her daughter.

    Christy and Bonnie Plunkett 
Christy and Bonnie Plunkett, Co-Goddesses of Recovered Addicts
Left to right: Christy and Bonnie
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A photo frame with a picture of the two of them
  • Theme Song: Ruslan and Lyudmila, Op. 5: Overture
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Former Alcoholics, part of a Teen Pregnancy, Deadpan Snarkers, occasional Jerkasses, Really Gets Around
  • Domains: Chaos, Rage, Community, Alcohol (Rejected)
  • Heralds: Violet Plunkett, Roscoe Plunkett, Marjorie Armstrong-Perugian, Jill Kendall and Wendy Harris
  • Allies: CM Punk, Phoenix Wright, Terra Bradford, Sophitia Alexandra, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Marlin (Bonnie)
  • Rivals: Manfred von Karma
  • Enemies: Inspector Javert, Miko Miyazaki, Dr. Sofia Lamb
  • Opposes: The subhouse of Alcohol, Tsunade (Bonnie)
  • Pitied by: House of Family (Christy)
  • While there are many deities when it comes to drinking alcohol, there was yet to be a deity for those who wanted to quit. That changed when a mother-daughter duo decided to give it a shot. It happened when Bonnie stumbled upon the Pantheon. Delighted at the chance of becoming a goddess, she proposed to be the bastion of those who are trying to recover from alcoholism... only for her daughter Christy to point out her mother has relapsed before. As such, the Court of the Gods decided that both of them should ascend as Christy has yet to relapse. That decision was met with begrudging looks at each other.
    • Shortly afterwards, Bonnie went to her next meeting to flaunt about her ascension, especially to Marjorie, her rival and Christy's former sponsor. Christy was more humble, hoping that her tenure in the Pantheon goes better than the first time she sponsored someone.
  • Such a representative has been a position CM Punk has long yearned to see in the Pantheon. He loves to brag about his straight edge background, but even he knows the importance of those who struggle to do so. As such, many put off with his smugness were delighted to see their new patrons aren't nearly as pretentious.
  • Obviously have beef with everyone in the subhouse of Alcohol. Both know they are one bad day away from reliving their worst days. Unfortunately, they were ordered to stay in the area. Needless to say, relations have been pretty cold.
    • Among those, Homer Simpson wanted to figure out what had happened to Barney Gumbel. It appeared that he was going to stay sober for the rest of his life... only to revert back to his old drinking habits. The women pointed out that he would have to take his grievances to the Status Quo. One may be able to escape old habits, but such quirks often continue for many in the Pantheon. Besides, doing so would kick him out of the Pantheon.
  • Both have extensive criminal records that extend all the way to their teenage years. While neither of them are nearly as crazy as they were before, both tend to make a habit of breaking the law every once in a while. Javert has made calls of the two of them to serve time in jail in order to be truly forgiven for their mistakes. He has Miko as backup, someone who is willing to drag anyone away for even the slightest of misdemeanors. The two have made note to avoid the two whenever they can.
  • It's not like they are the best role models when it comes to mothers, but the two admit they could have been better mothers to their daughters (Bonnie does not admit that as much but only because it would give Christy justification to complain about her). Those in the subhouse of Mothers have been willing to support them regardless. While not in her department of mothers, Terra lends the most support in the hopes that they will be better mothers in the future.
    • Sophitia reminded them that at least they got to see their children grow up. She wishes Christy the best in regaining custody of her child.
    • Sofia Lamb was interested in recruiting the mothers for her programs. Both mothers said she can shove the offer up her ass. Bonnie in particular said she would never subject that to her daughter, a rare form of support for Christie.
  • One can see a familiar face in recovery meetings. It has been long known that Tony Stark has suffered from rampant alcoholism that rears its ugly head from time to time. He was glad to find a place in the Pantheon where he can be monitored. As thanks, Tony proposed for Christy to be his personal attorney in the chance that she becomes a lawyer.
    • Ironically, the new temple may have helped mended a distraught relationship. Before the second Civil War, Carol Danvers shared Stark's troubles in regards to drinking. She too decided to attend meetings, which meant confrontation was inevitable. Instead, the two used the locale to make amends for all of their misgivings.
  • Exclusive to Christy
    • While Christy is more resistant to the temptations of drugs and alcohol than her mother, she developed a new form of addiction in the form of gambling. Bonnie has to check Tsunade's temple all the time to make sure that her daughter doesn't waste away all their earnings. While Tsunade has agree to let Christy go when her friends demand of her to, she won't ban her from the place.
    • Is hoping to become a lawyer in the House of Justice. While taking such a costly profession is a tall order for her, many have observed that she has a knack of understanding the law. Phoenix Wright in particular has been nudging her towards becoming a Crusading Lawyer. While it is likely the case that will happen, Manfred von Karma sees an opportunity to nudge her in the other direction. Someone who isn't averse to skirting the law will make an ideal candidate for an Amoral Attorney.
    • Soon after she recovered from alcohol, she tried to take custody of her son Roscoe. That failed miserably since the father cleaned up before she did. And by that, he became a Henpecked Husband to a wealthy wife and was able to outlast her in court. Many in the House of Family sympathized with her plight. Not so much with Bonnie
    • Has shied away from taking any leadership role for other addicts. For her case it's justified. When she became a sponsor herself, things took a tragic turn when she failed to read the signs that led to her client's death. As such, she has been gun-shy about taking in any more clients until she gets her own life in order.
  • Exclusive to Bonnie:
    • While both have slept with many men over the years, it is clear that Bonnie has had better luck in that department. Unfortunately for suitors, she has been taken by a former actor whom she finally agree to marry with.
    • Would rather not talk about the time when she had a relationship with a female roommate. She insists it was to stay at the woman's apartment.
    • When Marlin the clownfish heard about Bonnie's ascension, he couldn't help but hear a resemblance. It turns out that her avatar also voiced Peach the starfish.

    Fred (SpongeBob SquarePants
"Rev up those fryers, because I just entered the Pantheon!"

Fred, God of Comedic Limb Injuries (Incidental 1, Incidental 1ISH, Incidental F1, Dude #1)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His Leg
  • Theme Songs: The Jellyfish Jelly Sandwich Song and My Leg Is In Love
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Very Unlucky and Prone to Brutal Injuries He Doesn't Deserve, Very Inconsistent Appearance, Recurring Extra, Has a habit of announcing his injuries out loud, Remarkable Resilience, Popular Bit Player
  • Followers: Linda Belcher
  • Allies: Squidward Tentacles, Axel, Chuck, Homer Simpson, The Cabbage Merchant, Jackie Chan
  • Enemies: SpongeBob SquarePants (formerly), Mr. Krabs, Garfield
  • Pitied By: The Professor
  • Fred Rechid is a resident of Bikini Bottom, largely serving as an unremarkable background extra for most of his life, but over time he slowly acquired a presence in the series that distinguished him as a popular character from the other bit players, if only because of his habit of being at the worst places at the worst times, and getting many injuries as a result, most infamously to his leg. His reputation eventually earned him pity throughout the Pantheon, and led to his ascension. Fred himself has mixed feelings about this.
  • Little is known about Fred's personality or personal life, mainly because his appearances largely consist of him being the butt of a joke. However, there are occasions where he makes it through a story without falling into harms way, with one instance showing he's a fairly good improv singer.
  • Axel relates to Fred with how he usually gets the short end of the stick.
  • Despite being an average everyday fish, Fred has shown astounding durability and resilience for someone as frequently and brutally injured as him. He has survived feats that would normally be lethal, such as getting a lighthouse dropped on him and surviving an explosion and falling hundreds of feet through the air. While most of his injuries aren't nearly as brutal, the fact that he is still healthy and functional after the sheer amount of abuse he has taken over the years is nothing short of impressive.
  • While the bulk of his injuries occur to his leg, he has received injuries to his eyes on several occasions, and his face on one occasion. Inexplicably, a couple of these somehow cause harm to his leg as well.
  • Due to Fred's infamy for his frequent injuries, no insurance company in the world will cover him. He has earned the sympathy of Jackie Chan as a result of this, who has equal difficulty in getting insurance.
  • Fred's appearance and voice is unusually inconsistent throughout his appearances, and no explanation has been offered for this other than the lack of a proper timeline for his universe.
  • Fred strongly dislikes SpongeBob due to him being the cause of Fred yelling "My leg" more than any other character (and for the one time where he was forced to smell SpongeBob's breath in a movie theater) and was not pleased to discover he was part of the Pantheon. Despite this, he still frequents the Krusty Krab, mainly due to the strong impression left on him by the short-lived Krabby Patty with Jellyfish Jelly, making him vow to visit the restaurant for the rest of his life. This changed when Spongebob helped Fred injure his leg in order to take him to the hospital.
    • He doesn't like his boss, Mr. Krabs, either. His dislike for the crab started when Fred entered an open Krusty Krab, hoping to get a Krabby Patty, before getting thrown out by Mr. Krabs just because he was busy playing a board game with SpongeBob and Patrick.
    • He does like Squidward, though. They both don't care for SpongeBob and usually suffer from multiple injuries.
  • He also hates Garfield, claiming the feline ran him down in a Delorean one day. Garfield himself defended his actions due to him hightailing it for his life against a flying killer Splut, and also pointed out that the story was non-canon anyway.
  • He is friends with The Cabbage Merchant due to their mutual bad luck. Fred even volunteered to take over his cart for a day—and wound up getting flattened under Aang's bison, Appa, due to a freak crash landing on the same day. Miraculously, the cart and its contents were not damaged by the crash landing, but Fred's legs were crushed under the weight of the creature. When Fred was recovering in the hospital, the Cabbage Merchant told him he was so grateful for Fred saving his cart that he guaranteed him a lifetime supply of free food from it as compensation for his injuries.
  • The Professor feels sorry for Fred with how he goes through a lot of crap despite not really deserving it. Fred usually tries to avoid him due to his villainous nature even if he's (mostly) harmless.
  • As of the episode "My Leg", it turned out he was fine with every injury all along. This was because every time he got sent to the hospital, he got to see a cute (from Fred's perspective) nurse.
  • "My leg!"

    Hisao Nakai 
Hisao Nakai, God of Heart Trauma (Master of Romance)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bandaged heart (shared with the Katawa Girls)
  • Theme: Stride
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Arrhythmia, Overcoming Angst, Snark, General Nice Guy, Bookworm, Clueless Chick-Magnet, Second Love
  • Domains: Health, Love, Adjustment
  • Allies: Emi Ibarazaki, Hanako Ikezawa, Lilly Satou, Rin Tezuka, Shizune Hakamichi, and Shiina "Misha" Mikado, Kenji Setou, Yosuke Hanamura, Hal Emmerich, Goo, Mako Mankanshoku, Merrill, Bob Ross, Eiji Niizuma
  • Enemies: Trollkaiger, Herobrine, Eric Cartman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Dr. Cox
  • Was rumoured to have ascended here after drunkenly falling to his death, much to his confusion.
  • He's very close with Emi, Rin, Hanako, Shizune, Lilly and Misha and is apparently dating one of them though few seem to be sure who. Some suggested he was dating Misha to comfort her after a bad day but it was confirmed that was not the case. Hisao also stated he believed if he was it could damage the relationship Misha, Shizune and himself shared.
  • Became friends with Yosuke Hanamura after sharing some advice about adjusting a new life, though they butt heads on a few other topics.
  • Absentmindedly went to look at some Rin's art which she displayed in the House of Craft. There he met Bob Ross who he finds to be much more likable than a mortal artist he knows.
  • He's been targeted by several villainous deities, particularly Trollkaiger, believing that he would be an easy target due to his weak heart. While the pantheon's medicine and morning runs with Emi and some fitness gods has improved his condition somewhat, he's still willfully gotten protection, to his mild annoyance at being limited by his condition.
    • Adding to this, he's checked in for some heart murmurs supposedly after Herobrine began stalking him.
  • Really hates Eric Cartman. However he's smart enough to try to stay out of Cartman's way and have the other gods deal with him.
  • He's visited several doctors in the pantheon but dreads meeting Dr. Cox. While Hisao acknowledges the value of brutal honesty, Cox's ego and insults almost proved too much for Hisao, making him consider seeing someone more approachable.
  • Able to keep pace with some of the weirder gods. He says he has experience with this kind of thing even if he does sometimes get exasperated.
    • Because of this he was able to get along with Mako, Goo and Merrill though he is worried a bit about the latter's willingness to put herself in danger. He tries to avoid white knighting though and their friendship has remained stable.
  • Does not appreciate people uttering a certain onomatopoeia around him. note 
    • He did appreciate that when a god of Onomatopeias ascended, he didn't utter it, ever.
  • Has been visiting the house of gaming to play chess, mostly with Hanako and Lilly.
    • Likewise visits the house of Food with them for tea.
  • Dislikes lemon flavored anything. Other gods aren't sure if this has some deeper meaning or is just his personal taste.
  • A member of the Academy Student Council though no one, including himself is quite sure what he's supposed to do there.
  • Was glad to hear of Kenji's ascension, although he would've preferred for him to have not ascended into the House of Hatred. He's trying to get him to leave his house and stop believing that the entire Pantheon is part of a feminist conspiracy to kill all men. The results were mixed.
    • And after the Absol incident, he's trying to clean up the entire situation with the Magical Girl Sisterhood and trying to figure out how to get Kenji to permanently get rid of his beliefs involving the Pantheon's feminist conspiracy before something like that happens again. A few have suggested that he bring Kenji with him to the GUAG Medical Department…
    • He was able to get Kenji out of the House of Hatred, but he ended up in the House of Insanity…

    Jimmy Livingston 
Jimmy Livingston, Patron Saint of Sheltered Personal Environments (Bubble Boy)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His bubble
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Bubble Boy, Butt-Monkey, raced for his love, chased by a lot of people during his adventure, Innocent Bigotry for Christianity, Keet, Mama's Boy before leaving, Earn Your Happy Ending, actually healthy since 4, easily forgives his overbearing mother
  • Domain(s): Illness, Quarantine, Smothered Children
  • Heralds: Morton Livingston and Mrs. Livingston (his parents), Chloe (his wife)
  • High Priest: Tob Lubitch,
  • Followers: Ethan Shields/Galahad, Farina, Royd Eris, Quarians, Cameron, White Knight
  • Allies: Tali'Zorah, other good-aligned deities in the House of Health and Diseases
  • Pities: Those who've had overbearing parents like Rapunzel, Timon, Merida, Fester Addams, Frasier Crane, Malcolm Wilkerson
  • Dislikes: Lois Wilkerson, Maribelle
  • Opposes: All disease-spreading deities, overbearing parents like Mother Gothel, The Other Mother, and Cersei Lannister
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jack Twist, Toriel, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Mad Moxxi
  • The condition is often rare, and it's even rarer to survive long enough to get into a proper environment, but some people either don't have a strong enough immune system or possess a serious illness that makes venturing out into the world impossible without sufficient protection; attempting to do so can have (near-)fatal consequences. Given that there are few examples around, the Court of the Gods picked one from a grab bag and selected Jimmy Livingston for ascension.
    • Others say he doesn't really fit the trope since he didn't actually need his bubble after all, his immune system having recovered since he was 4 years old. However, it was also pointed out that the trope Bubble Boy is a comedy trope, and that sort of thing is usually the norm. So he was allowed to ascend.
  • Some people have wondered how he takes a dump in his bubble.
  • Somewhat gets along with Tali for knowing the feeling of having to regard everything outside one's own 'bubble' as potentially lethal, even though his case was just a ruse set up by his mother as an attempt to keep him by her side.
  • Found himself surprisingly looking similar to Jack Twist, and is conflicted with his love for Ennis del Mar. On one hand, he's happy for their love despite things getting in their way. On the other, he doesn't approve of their unfaithfulness to their wives as well as it being sinful.
  • Jimmy gets commended for his trip from Palmdale, California to Niagara Falls, and making it in just three days without taking the bus (which he did try to do first).
  • Some people think Jimmy stealing Mark's bride and everybody at the wedding meant for him and Chloe cheering them on was one of the most bewildering things to ever occur, even though he is a Jerk Jock who didn't have much patience for Jimmy.
  • Having had an overly protective mother, he doesn't like those kinds of parents. His opinion on Toriel is a conflicting one, since her initial overprotectiveness of the Human Child was actually validated for a time.
    • Same goes for Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, whose adopted children are both skilled soldiers and on payroll. She replied that she fears she might end up like her abusive mother and ends up overcompensating as a result.
    • Same also goes for Mad Moxxi: provocative attire aside, her protectiveness might actually be validated given what Pandora is.
    • For Maribelle, he hopes that her future son Brady stating that she died because she was overbearing to him helps her snap out of this mentality.