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Greater Gods

    The Crow 
The Crow, Goddess of Karmic Deaths (Crowhorn, Crowbey)
  • Greater Goddess Overdeity if powered up with Empowering Arrows and Manifestation Energy
  • Symbol: 12 crow's feathers arranged into a circle
  • Alignment: Believes itself to be Above Good and Evil (actually Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Karmic Death, Non-Indicative Name, Kick the Dog, Big Bad, Eldritch Abomination, Devour the Dragon, Apocalypse How, Drunk on the Dark Side, Evil Is Hammy, Turned Against Their Masters, Walking Spoiler, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Creepy Crows, No Name Given
  • Domains: Death, Irony, Evil, Destruction
  • Allies: The GUAD, Lord Shen, The Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, Mephiles the Dark, Gul'dan
  • Enemies: The Vivid Team, Gertrud Barkhorn, EVE, Crimson Viper, Mogo, House of Birds, Nazuna Inuwaka, Hayate Yagami, Lois Lane, Daphne Blake, Carmelita Fox
  • Opposes: The Incubators
  • Following The Crow's defeat at the hands of the Vivid Team and Rei Kuroki, The Crow somehow managed to enter the Pantheon disguised as a regular Crow.
    • Many deities enjoy humiliating The Crow because they find it hilariously ironic that she was killed by not only her pawn but also, the girl who gave her back her humanity.
  • When it was caught wind that The Crow had ascended, The Vivid Team had a simultaneous heart attack and sigh of relief because they feared that she would try to destroy the Pantheon, but they relaxed when they realized there were no sources of Manifestation Energy in the Pantheon and The Crow found herself unable to give Empowering Arrows to anyone else after her last pawn.
  • Many deities have noted some similarities between The Crow and Kyubey as they both empower young girls under the guise of giving something they want while not giving two shits about their suffering. However, while Kyubey does give the Puella Magi what they (think they) want and ultimately has a noble goal (however screwed up the way he'll pursue it) to save the universe, the Crow flat out lies to her pawns and wishes to destroy it.
  • While The Crow is almost universally reviled among the Pantheon, The Crow has allied herself with the GUAD so they can find a way to siphon Manifestation Energy from the mortal world so she can use it by itself to destroy the universe.
  • Despite there being many deities who hate The Crow, she gets a lot more hatred from Gertrud Barkhorn, EVE, Crimson Viper, Lois Lane, Daphne Blake, and Carmelita Fox as they hate how they share certain qualities with an Omnicidal Maniac.
  • The Crow found herself getting along well with the other evil birds of the pantheon such as Lord Shen, Clockwerk and the Grand Duke of Owls. Even more so with Clockwerk as he's not actually a bird either.
  • There are no deities who trust The Crow because she always lies about giving others what they want in exchange for helping her but one deity who shares The Crow's mindset is Mephiles the Dark because he also lied to someone about giving them something in exchange for them doing something for him.
  • Despite them using crows as a motif, The Crow is not allies with Hayate Yagami, Eric Draven or Nazuna Inuwaka as all of them would much rather keep the pantheon safe from The Crow, rather than allow her destroy it.

Intermediate Gods

    Jellal Fernandes 
Jellal Fernandes, God of Cartesian Karma (Sieg Hart, Mystogan)
  • Intermediate God, possibly a Greater God if he goes all out
  • Symbol: The Crime Sorciere symbol
  • Theme Song: Rakuen No Tou
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning heavily towards good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, All-Loving Hero, Vigilante Man, The Archmage, Insecure Love Interest, formerly Brainwashed and Crazy
  • Allies: The ascended members of Fairy Tail especially Erza, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Zuko, Luke Fon Fabre, Shinya Kogami, Tusk, Yu Narukami
  • Enemies: Zeref, Acnologia, Mard Geer, Embryo, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Babidi, Apocalypse, Hisoka
  • Odd Friendship with: Goemon Ishikawa XIII, Date Masamune, Lucario
  • He first ascended after being invited by Erza, his childhood friend and his not girlfriend. However quite a few gods opposes his ascension after seeing his actions in the Tower of Heaven.
  • It's revealed that he was actually brainwashed by when he caused those thing. However, despite this he did do terrible things and some gods believe he should be punished. After seeing that he did break out of jail.
  • He has befriended Zuko, Thor, Cyclops and Jean after they too committed terrible crimes while under the influence of an evil except Zuko, who was simply naïve.
  • He occasionally find himself in rather awkward and suggestive situations with Erza. Many gods are amused by this seeing some of the skilled mages getting so flustered especially Erza, who normally very comfortable in these situations. It's notable that she once strutted around drunk and naked around the pantheon. She then sobered up rather quickly after she saw Jellal.
  • He absolutely despises Babidi, Loki and Apocalypse. As he knows the horrors of being brainwashed.
  • He is a very powerful mage and as such quite a few members of the GUAE Malum Magia such as Quan Chi has tried to lure him over to their side by saying things like he'll never be forgiven for his past transgression. He refused say he didn't care and that he will atone one way or another. So Quan chi took a few mages with him in an attempt to "convince" him. After a long battle he single handedly took out Quan chi and his associates.
  • Haru and Elie has initially confused him for their former enemy Sieg Hart and he looks very similar and the fact that he's also a very powerful archmage.
  • He's also joined to stop Zeref once and for all.
  • He's noticed that quite a few gods sound very similar to him. Some of his relationships are better than others like Hisoka, who wants to fight him after hearing how he curb stomped Quan Chi and the mages he brought with. He probably gets along best (sort of) with Kogami. As they tend to exchange information about the various criminals in the pantheon.

    Mayuri Kurotsuchi 
Mayuri Kurotsuchi, God of Unpunished Villainy (Mayuri-sama, Captain Freakshow)

    Metal Face 
Metal Face, God of Revocation of Karma Escapes (Black Face, Mumkhar)
As Mumkhar 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His claws
  • Theme Song: "Face", "One Who Gets in Our Way"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Buffy Speak, Guttural Growler, Smug Snake, Faux Affably Evil, Cowardice, Humongous Mecha, Nearly Indestructible Armor, Claws, Transhuman Treachery, Ironic Death, Bombastic Villains, Backpack Cannon, Thoroughly Disgusting Villains, His Preferred Method of Killing, Troll, Despicable Yet Entertaining
  • Domains: Violence, Weaponry, Death
  • High Priest: Naraku
  • Allies: Senator Armstrong (for now), Sundowner, Flowey, GUAE Trollkaiger, Ridley, Cell
  • One-Sided Respect: Sephiroth
  • Enemies: Shulk, Dunban, Melia, Reyn, Fiora, all of the good Super Smash Bros. gods, Cyrax, Genos, Vlad III
  • Opposed by: Egil
  • Throughout his "career" Metal Face has violently impaled no less than three people ( Fiora, Zanza/Arglas, Emperor Sorean) and then got himself impaled, leading to his downfall. Several gods found this darkly amusing and saw to it that he ascended to be the God of Impalement. For a long time, despite being defeated with Shulk and leading to be impaled to death, Metal Face enjoyed his position and being a scum to anyone he met. There were also other Gods that thought he was taking his position for granted...
    • However, his time as the holder of the Impalement God came to an end when eventually he encountered an aspect of the Pantheon's Dracula, Vlad III. Still thinking he was under the thrall of Dracula, Metal Face taunted him... and it ended with him facing the full terror of what a true impalement would look like, Kazikli Bey. Impaled throughout his metals, Mumkhar received a panic attack reminded of that one time the Monado cut through him and it ended with his own impalement, he ran off in terror, not even looking back as Vlad claimed his throne and was a lot more welcomed. The same Gods that ascended him found his panic attack amusing and was reminded that it took that long for him to be beaten by the Monado after awhile being able to withstand and terrorize Shulk more before his demise. And so, a new house was given to him.
  • Metal Face spends most of his time flying around, looking for fights to spectate, being the carnage lover that he is. As such, he's usually seen hovering over the House of Combat.
    • He's also prone to interrupting Smash Brothers tournaments to heckle the fighters and occasionally attack, especially if Shulk is there.
  • Shows respect (or the closest substitute) for Sephiroth, for his methods of impaling others.
  • The GUAE is wary of contacting him, as he's not particularly loyal to anyone, rather whichever path pleases him at the time.
    • Seeing Metal Face's priorities potentially aligning with his ideal world, Senator Armstrong has extended an olive branch to Metal Face. After the senator's nanomachines proved too tough for Metal Face's claws, the Mechon tentatively agreed to the alliance.
    • His former master, Egil, was not pleased that him of all the Faced Mechons had ascended and is going off on his own. However, the Mechon could care less of what he thought.
    • For now, he has settled on Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Time will tell if he backstabs Nekron if things turn south for him.
  • His gleeful path of destruction has caught the attention of Sundowner. Sundowner was also surprised to find that Metal Face was a cyborg the whole time, just like him. The two plan on going on a joint business venture.
  • Certain gods find something familiar about his voice that makes it hard to completely hate him (provided said gods are not from Bionis).
  • Flowey wholeheartedly approves of the Mechon's warpath, and Metal Face is pleased to hear that. However, he is more interested in the Fallen Child, more specifically, the path of Genocide that leads to them.
  • Due to him mocking Shulk and Dunban about Fiora's death when he was mortal, he has taken interest in the GUAE Trollkaiger.
  • He sees Ridley as a kindred spirit since they both enjoy all the killing and violence. They even join right in to the fray when they feel like it.
  • Thanks to the events above, Metal Face avoids Vlad III like plague, at least Shulk delivered unto him a normal death, not something that mind-scarring and agonizing! He dreads the one day Shulk gets on the good side of Vlad...


Lesser Gods

    Orson Krennic 
Director Orson Callan Krennic, God of Orchestrating Your Own Downfall


    Earl Hickey 
Earl Jehoshaphat Hickey, Patron of Karma's Wrath and Grace (Karma's Bitch, That Karma Guy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His List
  • Theme Song: What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Alignment: True Neutral with shades of good
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, Good Feels Good Except When It's Not, Being Karma's Bitch, Anti-Hero, Deadpan Snarker, Kavorka Man, Badass Mustache, Nice Guy
  • Domain: Hair, Cars, Life
  • Allies: Ryotaro Nogami, Shinji Ikari, Homer Simpson, Robin Hood, Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, Jack Sparrow, Selina Kyle, Belldandy, Anne Hanakoizumi
  • Enemies: Any Bad Karma Houdini, Mr. Burns, most Criminals
  • Opposes: Obito Uchiha, Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • Herald: Randy Hickey (his brother)
  • Once just a common criminal in Camden County, Earl Hickey was hit by a bus after winning the lottery through a ticket he brought with stolen money. Afterwards, he saw a interview with Carson Daily and learned about karma, well, a simple version of it. He then made a list of all the bad things he ever done so that he could make amends. And surprising, it worked as his life has gotten better. But if he ever stray far from the good path, Karma is ready to bitch slap him back in line.
  • When Earl ascended, he was baffled at the fact there were certain deities who some how escape karma's wrath. Especially those who have done far worst then what ever He ever committed as a criminal. However, he thought that meant Karma sent him here to act as "karma's fist" and punish them.
    • Two deities that he oppose the most that aren't evil deities are Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the God of Karma Houdini, and Obito Uchiha who many feel got off easy despite what he done.
  • Was sadden when he found deities who did nothing wrong but had worst luck in life for one reason or another. Shinji Ikari in perticular who seems to be the cosmos' plaything and no matter what he does, it will always go wrong. Because of this, he tends to hang out with these type of deities and give them some small dose of good karma.
  • The pantheon found a very interesting fact about Earl; get him drunk enough, and he be able to dance the robot. It happens more often after becoming friends with Homer Simpson as they go to Moe's bar.
  • Actually completed his list in the mortal realm and was able to sell the rights of his experiance and it was made into a movie. The House of Theater are trying to find a copy of the film and find out how his journey ended.
  • When Earl ascended, there were reports of a portly man trying to enter the pantheon. Turns out it was his brother, Randy. The Court of the Gods allowed Randy to enter as Earl's herald since with out Him, he wouldn't be able to complete his list.
  • As a reformed criminal, Earl pretty much oppose most deities in the House of Crime. However, he is friends with the more lighter shade criminals like Isaac and Miria. He also likes to be with Robin Hood who steals from the rich to give to the poor.
    • Earl also doesn't care too much with Mr. Burns as he is reminded of Chubby, another mean rich person.
  • Even though Earl is in the straight and narrow, he has done some bad things in the pantheon, by accident. Like accidently crashing the Batmobile and using Uncle Scrooge's lucky dime to buy a can of soda. He always makes it right in the end however.

Gilligan, The Foolish God (Willie, Li'l Buddy)

    Omar Little 
Omar Little, God of Karmic Thieves and Justified Criminals (The King, The Terror)
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: His Badass Longcoat, his shotgun, and a bag of stolen loot.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, sometimes edging towards Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Karmic Thief, Gayngsters, Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? (the man steals exclusively from drug dealers and crime syndicates) being feared by those who usually inspire fear themselves, tough guys who don't swear, being very protective of his grandmother but too ashamed to tell her of what he's really doing.
  • Domains: Trickery, Luck, Honor, Community
  • Allies: Carmen Sandiego, Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Sly Cooper,
  • Enemies: Moriarty, Jim Gordon, Miko Miyazaki, The Dark Judges
  • Opposes: Tony Montana, Walter White, Jay and Silent Bob
  • Odd Friendship: The Corleones
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dirty Harry, Carmelita Fox
  • After more than a dozen years spent robbing other criminals, and thus gaining a reputation as one of the most badass and notorious criminals to ever walk the streets of Baltimore, his surprisingly sudden death sent shockwaves throughout the underworld. No one could believe that he died in such a mundane manner, and a Gossip Evolution effect began, making his already legendary deeds even more amazing, turning his death into an epic Last Stand, and his name became worshipped by street criminals for a generation to come. As his legend grew and grew, it caused his spirit to ascend to the Pantheon.
  • Ever the thrill seeker, having the chance to steal from the greatest criminals of all time only excited Omar, and now he eagerly pits both his clever schemes and ruthless brand of Flaw Exploitation against some of the most successful criminals in history. Even immortal Criminal Masterminds with the powers of gods have learned to be afraid when they hear someone shout "Omar Comin'!"
    • Oh indeed.
    • It's even gotten to the point that he once went to the House of Food for some Honey Nut Cheerios in nothing but a turquoise silk bathrobe and pajamas. Just the sight of him walking around, even in that getup, caused everyone within a fifty foot radius to run for the hills. And he wasn't armed.
  • Never does any crime on Sunday Mornings, and makes time time to go to church with his grandmother (who raised him as a child) once a month. "A man has got to have a code", as he says. Oddly enough, this has gained him some sympathizers from the House of Faith.
  • He is famous for refusing to ever steal from or harm someone who is not involved in the criminal underworld, (as he once put it "It ain't about what you take, it's who you take it from") and for his fondness for/generosity towards children. If anyone claims to be a follower of his and violates those principles or harms children in any way, Omar's wrath will be swift and merciless.
  • As such, he is a valuable ally with more benevolent deities in the House of Crime as well as a thorn to others. Getting on his good side could make the difference for a new deity if they want to have a good time in the Pantheon.
  • Out of the main three gods, he is most amiable towards Carmen Sandiego who he finds as charming, even if he doesn't swing that way. He refuses to do business with Moriarty and is not above helping detectives foil his plans. With that said, Moriarty has done a good job of making sure not to get into Omar's crosshairs or to make things personal between them, resulting in both Moriarty and Omar seeing Omar's raids and Moriarty's counter strategies as just business, or "It's all in the Game", as Omar would put it. Omar is said to be somewhat indifferent to Jack Sparrow, because while the two have occasionally found the other to be useful business partners, Jack's piracy is simply a very different criminal specialty from Omar's urban based street crime.
  • Out of those in the House of Crime, his favorite target is Walter White. The drug maker has revolutionized the industry, keeping clients high and addicted, thus making Walter a very rich man... and a lucrative target. Omar has been ruthless in robbing Walter's street level dealers and raiding the safe houses where Walter's famous blue meth is stored so he can profit from it himself. White has tried to retaliate with equal force, but Omar is notoriously difficult to track down, and even hardened mob assassins have been known to balk at the prospect of getting into a gang war with Omar Little.
    Omar: Frankly, when you been in it as long as me, you do the thing on your name.
    Detective McNulty: Anybody who's gonna come after Omar, they gonna know that Omar is gonna be coming after him.
    Omar: Oh, indeed.
  • His most famous feud with a figure from outside the House of Crime is undoubtedly Tony Montana. The two have battled each other many times over the years, and the sheer force of will of both individuals means that their confrontations are always brutal, long-lasting, and will always result in the loser vowing to regroup to fight another day.
  • He also sees the deities from the Grand Theft Auto series as a disgrace to the business. With his clout, he has created swathes of territory that his criminal rivals are reluctant to enter or to challenge him, especially since violation of these areas would be met with a harsh reprisal. Trevor Philips in particular has been eager to declare war on the man, which continues to this day.
  • On the side of justice, Judge Dredd keeps him on a short leash, not really one to use him as an acquaintance. Some others in that House are just as fine with that.
    • No matter how much Dirty Harry tries to avoid it, he seems to have a knack with teaming up with Omar Little. He comes in a long line of Cowboy Cops that have to team up with criminals in order to catch greater foes. He knows that Omar can be helpful, he just wishes that he and his followers would not end up with them. Anyone who tries to write any subtext with him and Omar will earn themselves a bullet to the face.
    • At least he has Carmelita to speak about his dealings with criminals as she has to do the same with Sly Cooper.
    • Of those who oppose him, Miko has been the most persistent. But without her Paladin powers, capturing the slippery Karmic Thief has been difficult.
  • Likewise, the Dark Judges savor the thought of hanging Omar for his actions when they get the chance to take over the House of Justice. Unfortunately for them, Dredd tolerates the thief more than their methods of 'justice', and has been willing to protect Omar from them.
  • One of the oddest alliances in the Pantheon has been between Omar Little and Vito Corleone. Omar sees much of the Corleone family business as not truly effecting him or harming his community, and Vito, somewhat surprisingly, has developed a certain fondness for Omar. Given Omar's independent and mercenary operation, Vito Corleone has paid Omar on numerous occasions to either steal from or harass various opponents of the Corleone Family, and Omar has thus far (mostly) refrained from targeting Corleone holdings, both out of respect for Vito's truce with him and due to how lucrative this alliance has been. With that said, Omar does not trust Vito's son Michael. He knows that Michael is more ruthless in his dealings and would turn on someone who gets in his way or outlives their usefulness in an instant. Omar has plenty of experience with such types, as for example he frequently worked with Proposition Joe (a criminal/drug kingpin to whom double dealing and multi-layered plans are almost as natural as breathing) as a mortal man, but he recognizes that Michael is a very different and much less sentimental/honorable sort of criminal than Vito.
  • Wholeheartedly supports Robin Hood's thefts, even joining in with the thieves of Norwood Forest.
  • Has taken a fond liking to the street rat Aladdin, as Omar also grew up on the streets as a young man with crime as his only choice to avoid going hungry and avoid complete destitution. The Arabian is a bit wary of hanging out with Omar, as Omar is much more willing to use force and other harsh methods than Aladdin ever was, but nonetheless Aladdin appreciates the backup.
  • Also resides in the House of Crime.


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