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"Colour! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams."
Paul Gauguin

The House of Colours is indeed a colourful place. Vibrant and inviting, it represents a plethora of cultures, aspects of life, philosophies and ideologies, and by extension the many species, groups, ethnicities and communities of the Pantheon. To many, a colour inherently holds a certain meaning: red marks love, passion, rage, and warmth; green means nature, youth, and fertility; white symbolizes perfection, modernism, and purity; and black embodies evil, death and darkness. The age-old idea that colour has an emotion attached to it gives the House of Colours a symbiotic relationship with the House of Emotions, whose members pass through frequently.

The House is a gigantic wooden building (with strong foundations) in the shape of a giant colour palette, with the seven colours of the rainbow reflecting the centres of the Halls contained within. The palette's shape changes the further you go into the House, but that's a given, for most Houses are bigger on the inside than on the outside. Like the House of Craft, precious artpieces line its walls, most prominently murals and colour-focused sculptures and paintings. Much to the chagrin of some of its residents, the doors to their temples are smack-dab between artpieces, which is a bother since visitors always make lots of noise. To solve the issue, soundproof walls have been fitted everywhere to keep the peace. Guarding the House is the Trio of Colour, who live in larger temples at the crook of the palette. Rainbow Dash and Barbie are happy to give tours and launch outreach programmes to spread the joy of colour, but Char (whose own temple is draped in scarlet Zeon banners) is rarely present, usually off on military campaigns for the Grand United Alliance of Evil.

There is but one important rule here: never look at unfamiliar colours. Aside from the ordinary set of colours, there exists sentient flashing lights, the ultraviolet spectrum, and other anomalies that induce everything from seizures, cancer and hypnosis to assimilationnote  and possession. As a precaution, protective goggles (or the equivalent for the eyeless) are handed out to all visitors upon entry, to be worn in areas clearly delineated with warning signs. Villain-occupied areas are subject to intense surveillance to prevent the use of dangerous colours on the unsuspecting, with a dedicated team of chromatologists from the House of Health and Diseases ready to treat innocent victims.

Having some of the rarest colours in the Pantheon makes painting the most lucrative hobby in the House of Colours. Art shops are everywhere here, with budding artists and ordinary painters being regular customers. Lantern Corps members, regardless of alignmentnote , make frequent pilgrimages here to celebrate their colour on the Emotional Spectrum or to recharge their rings in an emergency. Nekron, who once terrorized the House in its infancy to drain it of colour and turn its residents into Black Lanterns, is among the many deities who are permanently banned from stepping foot here.


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The Trio of Colour

Barbie, Goddess of Pink (Barbara Roberts, Clara, Rapunzel, Odette, Princess Anneliese, Elina, Mariposa, Princess Genevieve, (Princess) Ro (sella), Princess Liana, Eden Starling, Princess Annika, Thumbelina, Princess Merliah, Blair Willows/Princess Sophia, Princess Tori, Krystin, Princess Lumina, Princess Alexa, Princess Kara, Princess Courtney)
  • Demigoddess (Can go up depending on her incarnation)
  • Symbol: The "Barbie" logo(s)
  • Theme: "The Barbie" (no, not "Barbie Girl"; God help you if you play that to her face...)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Though it can change, but she is definitely good)
  • Portfolio: Pink Means Feminine, Anatomically incorrect nudity, Nice blonde girl and being loved for it, She can be anything... And still be a little dim, Impossible Hourglass Figure, The Beautiful Elite, The Fashionista, Loving shoes, Only mostly perfect
  • Domains: Pink, Fashion, Beauty, Profession, Parodies of Perfection
  • Herald: Ken
  • Allies: The cast of Toy Story, Rapunzel, Odette, good members of the House of Jobs and Profession and Costumes, the good-aligned Equestrian deities(Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle), Sora, Kairi
  • Commonality Connection: Dark Magician Girl
  • Odd Friendship: Ebenezer Scrooge, Artoria Pendragon
  • Friendly Rivals with: The many Disney Princesses not listed under allies
  • Enemies: Maleficent, Mother Gothelle, Ren Gyokuen, the Dazzlings (Especially Aria Blaze), Junko Enoshima, Xehanort, Vanitas, Scylla
  • Pities: Hajime Hinata/Izuru Kamakura
  • Admirer: Waylon Smithers (Platonically), Lisa Simpson
  • Barbara Roberts, aka Barbie, is a teenager/young woman and the oldest of many sisters, and her career as a model. Barbie ascended for being the best representation of the color pink. She is all about piiiink, after all. Her logo is pink. Her Dream Car and Dream House are pink. Packaging for most of the dolls and accessories are pink. One of her first outfits, "Enchanted Evening", has a pink evening gown. Her signature color is "Barbie Pink" and nobody can use it without permission.
  • Her position is somewhat complicated in that she tends to fluctuate between her incarnations as a normal woman and a doll. She also has two lesser forms as a fairy and mermaid.
    • However, not all of her former roles are alternate forms. Barbie has also been an actress for some of them like for the Princess of the Princess and the Pea. But even then, Barbie is fully capable of having adventures on her own.
  • Many have adapted just fine to Barbie's curious situation… Except her friends from Toy Story, who are very confused about it. Funnily, Barbie's Dreamhouse shrinks in size every time they come to visit to accomodate them.
  • Barbie is almost perfect and has had over 135 jobs and counting. Of course, her personality makes it really hard to believe that she was capable of doing all of that. This does take a toll on her at times. And even she has had breakdowns, like when Malibu ran out of glitter. Don't steal her glitter if you know what's good for you.
    • Someone even say that she even had a job as a Saber. Barbie had to joss that rumor, only saying that she was cosplaying as Artoria.
    • Barbie is mostly self-aware of this… And doesn't care because she wants to be good role model for the little girls who go to buy her products. Barbie always represented that a woman has choices. "You can be anything", indeed.
  • Of course, she practically had a temple of sorts already with her Dreamhouse and only had to move it to the Pantheon. Many of her friends are still baffled about the fact that her wardrobe is practically the size of a small country.
  • Has a healthy rivalry with the Disney Princesses in the Pantheon, because their doll franchises are competitors. But Barbie being Barbie, she isn't mean-spirited about it, though she did point out that she beat them over who did Rapunzel first and notes how she inspired their Rapunzel.
  • Gets along with the Equestrian Deities just fine. Barbie is always kind towards horses. Twilight was somewhat amused to notice that she sounds like Starlight Glimmer… Though occasionally she sounds like Aria Blaze instead. Barbie wasn't happy at all to know that her voice is similar to that of a villain.
    • To say that Rarity was ecstasic when she visited the Dreamhouse would be the understatement of the century. The unicorn has promised to make Barbie some more dresses too. Sweetie Belle has also made visits (But Rarity has told her that she cannot introduce Barbie to her vampire wrestling friends under no circumstances, much to the unicorn filly's chargin)
  • Became very good friends with Sora and Kairi really fast. It almost seems like she sees the former as an inspiration. This baffled Sora, who didn't expect the so-called perfect doll to see him as inspiring. Of course, the fact she has been a princess many, many, many, 'many times and her pure heart means that she could be considered as a de-facto Princess of Heart, so Sora needs to keep an eye on Barbie to protect her from Xehanort and Vanitas.
    • The keyblade Wielders have been trying to see if they could build a Wand of Light-based keyblade so Barbie can defend herself and for the time being, Barbie assumes her fairy form for quick escapes.
  • Given that being a fashionista is her first job, she didn't take it kindly when she heard about the Ultimate Fashionista Junko Enoshima, whom she considers her Evil Counterpart since the blonde schoolgirl also has other titles under her belt like Ultimate Analyst and Ultimate Despair.
    • Under the same token, she can't help but feel bad about Hajime Hinata, for having such a drastic change in order to take onto a "You can be anything" sort of mentality just he could get any talent.
  • Being the most iconic doll, Barbie has become a stock parody over the years; The Simpsons has Malibu Stacy note , and Rugrats had Angelica's favorite toy, the Cynthia doll. Barbie has taken this in stride and finds the name Malibu Stacy to be hilarious since her Dreamhouse used to be on Malibu before moving to the Pantheon.
    • Smithers, who is the biggest Malibu Stacy fan, was delighted to meet Barbie. He has also started to buy Barbie dolls by the loads ever since her ascension, starting with Malibu Barbie. The other fan of Malibu Stacy, Lisa, has admitted that Barbie is a positive role model for girls.
  • Against all odds, Barbie gets along just fine with Scrooge. But it's not that weird when for the ones who discovered that Barbie is the descendant of Eden Starling, a gender flipped version of him.
  • Has bonded with Dark Magician Girl over the fact that they are both products of a Merchandise-Driven franchise and thus their appearances change as a result, though DMG's circumstances for this are a tad different.

    Char Aznable 
Casval Rem Deikun, God of Chromatic Superiority (Char Aznable, The Red Comet, Édouard Mass, Quattro Bajeena, Grand Admiral Char/Char dai-taishō (GUAE rank)formerly , a CHAR, Blue-Eyed Casval, Ped Comet, Char "Ago"nable/Agoi Suisei, "Chin Comet", Service number: PM0571977243S)
Char in U.C. 0079
Click here to see Char as Quattro Bajeena 
Click here to see Char in Char's Counterattack 
  • Intermediate God (has Greater God authority), Demigod without a mobile suit
  • Symbol: The Newborn Neo Zeon crest, his personal emblems, or any one of his mobile suitsnote 
  • Theme Song: "Here comes Char!"
  • Alignment: True Neutral overall with shades of other alignments depending on what phase he's in (Neutral Evil during the One Year War, Chaotic Good during the Gryps War as Quattro Bajeena, and Lawful Evil during the Second Neo Zeon War)
  • Portfolio: Uses A Red Mobile Suit That Goes Three Times Faster, Ace Pilot, Arch-Enemy to Amuro, the original Char Clone, Don't Trust Him, Even Evil Has Standards, Jerkass, Manipulative Bastard, A Newtype, The Red Comet, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Action, Colonies, Enhancements, Fighting, Leadership, Liberation, Mobile Suits, Politics, Rivalry, War
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds: Sayla Mass/Artesia Som Deikun (his sister, shared with Amuro), Natalie Bianchi (his Second Love) and their unborn child, Nanai Miguel (his Number Two as leader of the Second Neo Zeon), Lalah Sune (his First Love, smuggled in), Zeheart Galette
  • Mecha piloted: MS-05A Zaku I Early Type, MS-05S Zaku I Commander Type, MS-06A Zaku II First Mass Production Type (pre-OYW), MS-06C Zaku II Early Production Type, MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type, MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Type, MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type, MSN-02 Zeong (OYW), MS-14U Gelgoog (Outer Space Type), MSN-02 Perfect Zeong, AMA-00GR Zero GR, MS-09SS Dowas Custom (pre-Zeta), RMS-099 Rick Dias, MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki (Zeta), MSK-008 Dijeh (Char Aznable Custom), AMS-119N Röte Doga (pre-CCA), MSN-04 Sazabi (CCA), MSN-04II Nightingale (current)
  • Allies: Zechs Merquise (his former high priest), Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, the 501st Legion, Graham Aker (strangely enough), Hustler One, Gilbert Durandal, Akihiko Kayaba
    • On good terms with: His neighbours, Barbie and Rainbow Dash
  • Worthy Opponent and Eternal Rival: Amuro Ray (Friendly Rivalry/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at times)
  • Rivals: James T. Kirk, Jean Luc-Picard, Master Asia, Chifuyu Orimura, Elzam von Branstein, Shuichi Akai, Petyr Baelish, Leo Corbett
  • Headbutting Villains: The Zabi family (outright enemies for Gihren and Sasro, and complicated relations bordering on Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with the rest, with amicable undertones towards Mineva)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Melkor (his superior), Rau Le Creuset, Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons, Shocker, HYDRA, Ali al-Saachez, Ex-, Gauron, Frieza, Emperor Palpatine, Boros, Sakazuki, Khan Noonien Singh, Lockdown
  • Enemies: Pretty much the entirety of the GUAG Robot War Division, Bask Om, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Optimus Prime, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Tooru Amuro and the Black Organization, Harbinger, Zamasu, Nobuyuki Sugou, Goku and the Dragon Team, Juzo Okita, Honor Harrington, Light Yagami, Relius Clover
  • Respects: Charles Xavier, Lacus Clyne, Tommy Oliver (one-sided)
  • Respected by: Tatsuya Yuuki/Meijin Kawaguchi III (on-again, off-again protege)
  • Opposes: Sundowner, Tywin Lannister, Keel Lorenz, Gendo Ikari and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Opposed by: Dr. Eggman, nearly all the Mega Men, Gandalf
  • Pities: Yui Ikari
  • Annoyed by: Sei Iori and Reiji, Team TRY Fighters, the GUAE Trollkaiger (almost enemies in Yuuki Terumi's case)
  • Complicated Relationship: Haman Karn, Anavel Gato, the Four Horseman (especially Johan Liebert), Banagher Links, Athrun Zala, Charlotte Dunois
  • Perhaps the most beloved character in the Gundam franchise, Char Aznable has always been the subject of political intrigue, fan intrigue and now Pantheon intrigue. When word spread that the GUAG was building up a mecha fighting force out of the deities they had on hand (which would become the GUAG Robot War Division), Melkor saw fit to create one of his own. But the God of Evil needed a charismatic deity to lead the charge, so he looked no further than the uber-Char Clone, the Red Comet Char Aznable himself!
  • Born Casval Rem Deikun, he was at the centre of a political bloodbath when his father, politician Zeon Zum Deikun died suddenly and his chief of staff, Degwin Zabi took control. As the Zabis began purging potential resistance to their rule, Char and his sister fled to Earth while their mother was permanently confined. They took up residence with Don Teabolo Mass in Spain who raised Casval and Artesia as his own children under the names Édouard and Sayla. Alas, it was not to last. A party sent to kill them permanently crippled Teabolo, necessitating a relocation to Texas Colony in Side 5 (Loum). A vengeful Casval then set himself two priorities: to destroy the Zabi family and to uphold what his father had advocated for in his political philosophy: have humanity leave Earth as it was sacred, and to prove his theory that Spacenoids would eventually evolve into a greater species (the basis of the Newtype theory). To this end, he participated in many major events throughout the course of the Universal Century.
    • After faking his death by getting rid of the real Char Aznable and enlisting in the Zeon military in his place, he would make a name for himself by destroying five Magellan-class battleships in the Battle of Loum, the first full armed engagement in the One Year War (OYW), and earning the nickname 'Red Comet' by redlining his MS-06C Zaku II. He would later be tasked with finding and destroying Project V, a secret Federation mobile suit project. And we all know how that turned out...
    • When the mission failed, Char was tasked with pursuing the unit and its carrier ship, the White Base, having several run-ins with his sister who had joined the Federation and urging her to desert. In the process, Char would also exploit many opportunities to eliminate the Zabis one by one, starting with his friend Garma Zabi. His professional rivalry with the Gundam's pilot Amuro Ray would become very personal after the death of his Love Interest Lalah Sune when she protected Char from a killing blow. In the final battle, his Zeong would critically damage the Gundam and lead into a swordfight, where he received his forehead scar.
    • After Char finished Kycilia, the last surviving Zabi, he retreated to the Axis asteroid base. The Axis Zeon remnants supported him as leader, but he would refuse in favour of Haman Karn, who would become regent for Zeon heiress Mineva Lao Zabi and later full leader of Axis after her father Maharaja's death. After yet another series of unfortunate events and learning of Haman's true intentionsnote , Char departed Axis and joined the Anti Earth Union Group under the alias 'Quattro Bajeena'. Haman would see this as betrayal and engage Char's Hyaku Shiki with her Qubeley at the end of the Gryps conflict, seemingly killing him. Of course, the Red Comet wasn't done just yet.
    • Once more, Char resurfaced in U.C. 0093 as the leader of a new Neo Zeon remnant, planning to drop the Axis asteroid base onto Earth and force its populace to migrate to space and evolve into Newtypes. With his new Sazabi, he faced off against Amuro one final time before both disappeared. In truth, both had died experiencing a Psycho-Frame overload. While Amuro accepted death, Char did not and his spirit split in half, with the living fragment being used by Zeon Foreign Minister Monaghan Bakharov to create the Cyber-Newtype Full Frontal. This spiritual copy appeared three years later as leader of Neo Zeon remnant force "The Sleeves", having lost faith in humanity's future as Newtypes. Frontal ultimately failed to seize Laplace's Box and was finally convinced by the ghosts of his past to pass on. But of course, fate would not be done with Char Aznable. And this time, it probably never will be.
  • He was ascended under a different trope in a different house, but has since been moved to the House of Colours with previous records wiped from the books. He's a bit embarrassed to be living next to a doll/human and a pony, but having endured a lot of trauma throughout his life, admits the bonkers atmosphere is a nice change. Regardless of their respective alignments, he is quite polite to them. He rarely spends time in his own temple anyway given his position as the leader of the GUAE Mecha Cohort.
  • His heralds are a bit of a mixed bag, since his sister is Sayla Mass, also one of Amuro's heralds. Sayla still loves her brother but can't accept that he's returned to his vengeful ways, so she's chosen to stay with Amuro in his temple. Nanai Miguel still serves as Char's personal aide-de-camp. Nanai is in love with Char, but whatever romantic relationship they had in their home world was for show, and it hasn't evolved into anything more in the Pantheon. Then there's the most complicated case: Lalah Sune. Possibly Char's One True Love, she was refused the title of Attack Drone as the Court feared her presence would add fire to the already toxic rivalry between Char and Amuro. Char was not deterred and had her resurrected and smuggled into the Pantheon via back channels, paying Chief Justice Johnson for his silence. Since then, Lalah's presence has been kept secret even after Johnson was replaced as Chief Justice by the Judge (who was pragmatic enough to look the other way). It's likely Lalah agreed to share Char with Natalie Bianchi, his Second Love and mother of his child who he lost to yet another political crisis in U.C. 0083, the reason why he left Axis for the AEUG. Char's love life is, to put it simply, a train-wreck.
  • Char has had a lot of trouble with finding a high priest. A LOT. His first pick was Full Frontal, but their differing viewpoints would cause friction between the two. One alternate continuity finally broke the ice between them, and not in a good way; the Char of said AU wanted to use the asteroid Axis as a focus point of sorts to face a looming threat, while Frontal wanted to proceed with Char's original plan of causing global winter. Char forced Frontal to abdicate his High Priest status until further notice, which became permanent when he replaced him with Zechs Merquise. Speaking of Zechs, Char actually had made him his second high priest out of pity for their similar backgrounds. Zechs once went into a DEATH BATTLE! against Tommy Oliver, which Zechs won due to having more experience, and prompted Char to ascend him proper.
    • For a period, Char's candidates for high priest began ascending to the Pantheon proper without even getting to serve, including Graham Aker and Tatsuya Yuuki. Eventually Char decided to source one from a world less paid attention to: the world of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Now, Vagan commander Zeheart Galette serves as his high priest and one of his junior officers in the Mecha Cohort, commanding its Vagan forces. Char also elected him out of pity for his faith in Project Eden denying him the chance at a normal life and rendering all the sacrifices he had made moot. As a favour to him, he has made Fram Nara, his Love Interest, Marida Cruz's high priestess, if only to soothe Zeheart's inner pain.
  • Melkor was among the first to welcome him to the Pantheon, but knew not to recruit him immediately since Char would definitely smoke him out as bad news. Instead, Melkor had his Number Two Johan Liebert tour him around the Pantheon, particularly the worst areas of the House of Military and Warfare to convince him to join the GUAE for the sake of ending the Forever War. That didn't convince Char at all. What did though was the promise of seeing the greater Gundam metaverse and spreading his father's ideology in universes where hope still existed for them. Where the Grand United Alliance of Good sought to curb over-interference into the standard timeline of the fictional universes, the GUAE sought to oppose them at every turn, which is technically true. Char would accept the offer and formally establish the Mecha Cohort with legions of Neo Zeon soldiers at his command. To this day, Char still isn't convinced that he made the right choice.
    • There exists plenty of instances when his conviction has been shaken, like during Perfectio's time in the Pantheon. He's seen the horrors Perfectio has wrought and thinks that its atrocities go too far even for his liking. Things got so bad that the GUAE Mastermind began thinking Char was losing his wits since Melkor had no plans to induct Perfectio into the GUAE. When Melkor learnt that Char had contacted Magneto about joining the GUAG, he moved quickly to prevent Char's departure. Next thing people knew, Perfectio was out of the Pantheon and Char remains the leader of the Cohort. History would repeat when Ex- ascended to bring eternal despair to the Pantheon. He lets Ex- work more or less separately from the Cohort so he will be isolated when the GUAG comes for him. Any deity who is or was once an ally with either of them is an automatic enemy for him full-stop, such as Harbinger.
  • He was a captain in his home world, though being the leader of a GUAE branch, he was promoted to rear admiral, vice admiral and admiral as the Cohort grew in size. A victorious battle against the Grand United Alliance of Chaos with a successful bipartisan campaign alongside the GUAE Conquest Force saw him promoted to Grand Admiral, the first ever in the GUAE since Thrawn. At the awards ceremony, Char was quick to shake hands with Emperor Palpatine, commander of the Conquest Force and establish an alliance with him for pragmatic reasons. While this has led to some triumphs in mending the rocky relationship between the Mecha Cohort and the Conquest Force, Palpatine doesn't really care about the Red Comet and his Newtype 'bantha fodder', since the Force is far superior to this.
  • The GUAE Mecha Cohort has among the worst factional divisions in the GUAE, and the worst of these is between Char and Gihren Zabi, one of the many men who he's sworn to kill. Char still leads the majority of the Mecha Cohort as the official leader, endorsed by the Four Horsemen, the GUAE Conquest Force (specifically Thrawn) and most of the other Alliances. He was eventually persuaded to officially make a stand against Gihren, effectively beginning a civil war between Char's "Red Zeon" or "True Zeon" faction and Gihren's "Black Zeon" or "Zeon Reich" faction. Gihren would then capture several replica mobile bases around the GUAE's extradimensional space, with A Baoa Qu as his headquarters, while Char would seize control of Axis and Solomon as his principal mobile bases.
    Char: To Gihren and his brood, your supremacist ideals have already ruined what Zeon has fought for: independence and peace. And now you continue to pursue your war-mongering ideology that perverts everything that my father stood for?
    To you I say, you are a shame to all Spacenoids! For using your homeland as a means to destroy humanity and reshape it to your liking and for using Deikun's Newtype theory to boost your own popularity, while not believing in its truth yourself! Today, I officially denounce your baseless ideals for death and destruction!
    We shall realize the vision of Zeon Zum Deikun and all visionaries who desired the same, and will bring the Gundam metaverse into a new age of tranquility, a utopia for all of humanity! Not just for Spacenoids, for all of humanity! For too long has our species witnessed the horrors of war, and I wish to end it against the wishes of the tyrant that is Gihren Zabi!
    I ask you once more to stand up for your fatherland, the Republic of Zeon! And not just the nation, but all that it stands for. If you are willing to fight once more, this Forever War will end all wars if we do something about it! We will not let Gihren do as he pleases! We will fight for the rights of our people! Will you join me?
    (cue thunderous applausenote , Char silences the crowd)
    • Ever since Gihren brought in his family as backup, they've split into three camps: one that backs Gihren (Sasro and for a while, Garma), one that backs Char (Degwinnote , Dozle, Kycilia and later Garma), and Mineva who opposes both. Char has a soft spot for the young girl and is genuinely proud that she has risen as a true leader. He similarly has some level of respect/comradeship with Dozle and Garma (the latter out of a mix of contempt and pity) but treats Kycilia simply as a business ally.
    • One of his most conflicted loyalists, Haman Karn leads the Axis Zeon fleet of the GUAE Mecha Cohort and boy, is she trouble. Their fraught relationship causes them to stay away from each other most of the time, especially because she resembles Artesia. Haman is particularly noxious on Char because of her previous attraction to him and troubles with Natalie Bianchi, a dear friend of hers. Char sympathizes with Haman's plight because he basically abandoned her for the AEUG as a 14-year old to rule Axis Zeon, a decision that began her Start of Darkness, but cannot forgive her for using Mineva Lao Zabi as a figurehead ruler for the remnant. So long as Gihren remains stubborn in his campaign, they'll work together.
    • Another conflicted loyalist is Zeon pilot Anavel Gato and his herald Aiguille Delaz, who served under Haman Karn's division of the Mecha Cohort until Gihren ascended. However, Gihren's increasingly brutal warmongering and plans to attack a defenseless Regild Century for supplies soured relations. Gato and Delaz would lead a revolution against Gihren loyalists, gather all other dissidentsnote  and flee for Axis. While Gato is more or less loyal to Char nowadays, his idea of Zeonism is very different from his superior's, favouring parts of Gihren's ideology.
    • Another faction would rise when Durandal's Earth Alliance counterparts, Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril ascended. Char vilifies them for being leaders of an anti-Coordinator organization which supports War for Fun and Profit and using Biological CPUs and the Extended (the CE equivalent of Cyber-Newtypes) as weapons, treating them as property. He curses their jealousy towards Coordinators for causing the world of SEED to become such a Crapsack World. When he approached Azrael for an alliance, he just laughed maniacally and told Char to stick it. The only consolation Char has is that Azrael and Djibril despise all Newtypes and thus only work with Gihren's side for the convenience. The Blue Cosmos sub-faction is smaller than Gihren's but Char is of the opinion that they will prove to be a nuisance in the future.
    • While Rau Le Creuset supports Gihren, Char is a bit more sympathetic to his status as a clone and has been trying to get Rau to see that humanity can overcome the depths to which Rau claims it has fallen by evolving into Newtypes (which he suspects that Rau has already become). Rau just smiles condescendingly and points out that Char has fought and killed Newtypes himself, thereby proving in his own eyes that they are still the same self destructive race no matter what. He's also tried swaying Patrick Zala, but eventually conceded that only his son might have any hope of helping him.
    • Ever since Melkor transferred the Decepticons to the GUAE Mecha Cohort, Char has had to share authority with Megatron who makes no secret of his contempt for him. More than once already has Char had to squash mini-drones deployed by Soundwave to spy on him.
    • In preparation for the invasion of the Gundam metaverse, Char ordered Anaheim engineers to perfect his Sazabi for use against Overdeities. The subsequent 'Project: Scarlet Tears' produced its Beltorchika's Children variant, the MSN-04II Nightingale which he now uses. In response, Amuro has had his ν Gundam upgraded into the Hi-ν Gundam.
  • It should be noted that Char is above all, a sociopath. Char's entire life has been devoted to avenging his father and championing his ideology, so everything else is either a pawn or distraction to him. His charisma lures many to his side, but if an opportunity presents itself, he will not hesitate to throw his own allies under the bus. Simply put, do not trust him. This is where his alliance with Grand Admiral Thrawn comes in. Char is more of an opportunist than a bonafide tactician while Thrawn has true strategic and tactical skills. Both sets of strengths perfectly complement each other, which is why both officers are attempting to bridge the gap between the Conquest Force and the Mecha Cohort. Thrawn is quick to seek Char's opinion should something relevant come up, and the Red Comet's judgement is usually sound. The same goes for Leader Abelt Dessler, Juzo Okita's arch-nemesis. Most other villains see his GUAE Mecha Cohort as a cheap 'toy fair' that's more appropriate for the House of Craft than warfare. Char does have a soft side, but one has to be in deep to uncover it.
  • Zamasu of course just had to give his two cents on Char's ideology:
    Zamasu: Bah! Moving humans to space for their own good? Them evolving into a stronger race and better communicating with each other? Having dwelt in my universe and this domain for eons, I can tell you that is nothing but a petty ideal that will never come to pass. I foresee that your philosophy will devolve into nothingness and that humanity will devolve into the primitive animals they once were. Oh wait, they did. That is why they must be purged. Their innate corruption implores that my justice be called on to strike judgement upon them!
  • Darth Vader is among the only few GUAE members he genuinely enjoys spending time with, as the Dark Lord reminds him of Carozzo Ronah. Being incredibly similar iconic fallen heroes who both inspired a fountain of clones, Vader's problems with love, manipulation and troubles with politics, having undergone betrayal after betrayal (except Vader was on the receiving end), are all things Char can relate to. Vader has kindly provided Char a squad of death troopers to train as mobile suit pilots as a trial run for the rest of his 501st Legion. Char's respect for Vader is strong enough for him to continue supporting his agenda after his Heel–Face Turn and leaving the GUAE. This and Char effectively being Vader's predecessor in many ways (since he came before Vader was ever revealed as Luke's father) might explain why Palpatine doesn't like him.
  • Char, being so out of touch with emotions in general doesn't understand how his negative qualities have made him the most popular character in the Gundam franchise. Try as he might, he can't avoid the publicity that follows him around in the Pantheon. While he mostly accepted fame in-universe as it was part of his plan, his fame in the Pantheon borders on stalkerish. Every November 17th, rabid fans (including Sei Iori and Fumina Hoshino) gather in front of his temple wearing red robes and mieters with command antennae in hopes of getting an autograph and his blessing. Char makes it a point not to be in the vicinity for that whole day. As much as Char understands their disappointment, he's got more important matters to attend to. Well aware that he attracts young girls, and makes it clear that he does not intend for this to happen, as he only has eyes for Lalah.
    • Privately, the publicity amuses him enough to keep a secret stash of Char merchandise in a secret basement. He owns and uses a custom laptop made in his image, a Nintendo Game Cube, a Game Boy Advance SP, a motorbike helmet, a Nintendo 3DS, a credit card from GE Consumer Finance called the Char Custom (which receives three times as many bonus points per 1000 yen spent compared to their other Gundam-related credit cards), and a red Toyota Auris (which Char himself did an advert fornote ) from Zeonic Toyota (a branch of Toyota). Yuuki Terumi snapped a photo of him posing in the car and spread it online, provoking laughter from his deputies, even Haman. Char intends to get back at the GUAE Trollkaiger for this, but knows that Terumi's trolling is a show of Obfuscating Stupidity to bait him. Who knows, Terumi might have been hired by Gihren to annoy him to death.
    • He isn't as averse to Tatsuya Yuuki's presence, since he's the Gundam Build Fighters equivalent of a Char Clone. They frequently hold training sessions together in the simulators, with Yuuki piloting his PF-78-3A Gundam Amazing Red Warrior. Char is very impressed with the Meijin's sheer determination and passion for Gunplanote  and has encouraged him to join the GUAG as a professional pilot so he can have a Worthy Opponent again that he doesn't despise personally. As much as Yuuki would love to, he prefers spreading his love for Gunpla to others and becoming a mecha pilot connected with its horrors would probably turn him off.
    • Char was also warned beforehand when registering his particulars in the Pantheon's identification network of his voice actor's acting pedigree, and not to go paranoid if he heard his voice elsewhere in the Pantheon. Most of them (except Durandal) have either a close relationship or no relationship at all. Shuichi Akai is an FBI agent and thus has no business being near MS operations. Deities voiced by Tōru Furuya like Yamcha and Tooru Amuronote  stay away from Char when possible since their voice could potentially trigger a hostile relationship with the man.
    • Admin staff also warned him of the numerous expies he spawned while walking him through the whole heralds and high priest deal. Not that Char cares for many of them, especially Relius Clover for his cruelty. While he himself suffers from Lack of Empathy, that doesn't translate into villainy for the heck of it or cruel experiments.
  • Insists that painting an object red doesn't actually make it go faster, despite his own existence disproving that. It's skill that allowed him to handle the excess G-forces. He warns pilots wanting to emulate him of the risk redlining their suits entail, and discourages them for recklessly endangering their lives to become an Ace Pilot. He's only made an exception for the Warhammer 40k Orks who paint objects or beings red to make them go faster because all Orks share a psychic link allowing them to impose belief on reality.
    Char: (in a video diary) Look at Breniss Ox. He didn't become the top-scoring ace of the One Year War by painting his suit in gaudy colours. He based his kill count on skill alone. That's why he got the moniker 'One-Shot Killer', from his sniping skills. Pilots needlessly throwing away their lives to mimic people like me, such a waste...
  • It didn't take long for Char and Amuro to come across each other in the Pantheon. What did take a long time was the ensuing fistfight the two had when they bumped into each other outside the House of Combat, of all places. It took a while before their respective heralds managed to restrain the two. Amuro has sworn to end Char's agenda once and for all and if possible force him out of the Pantheon. Both have made peace with each other since their initial altercation but regrettably find themselves on the opposite sides of a war yet again. Amuro has had it with Char's manipulation ruining people's lives, especially Lalah and Quess Paraya. On a good day, they can converse cordially should they come across each other off-duty, but they'd rather not. Char once questioned Amuro on why he continues to fight despite knowing of the Federation's inevitable collapse and lack of a proper goal, especially since he's slightly stronger than Char. Amuro's answer was simple:
    Amuro: As long as you fight, I will. This Forever War won't end unless people like you and me do something about it.
  • Pities many of the Evangelion pilots and in fact the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion as a whole, considering its warlike state prompted an enigmatic organization to take matters into their own hands and regress humanity into a single organism for the sake of peace. Yui Ikari especially reminds Char of his own mother Astraia and blames her fate squarely on her husband for being unable to accept loss. Gendo merely scoffs: Char's own unwillingness to let go of his father's ideology and just have a normal life basically caused the twenty or thirty-so years of anarchy after the One Year War, not to mention the Axis Shock which he directly caused. What he didn't expect was for Char to acknowledge his own hypocrisy and turn it back at Gendo:
    Char: What's different between you and me is that I knew the magnitude of my actions and that it would save billions of people while killing the same number. You sacrificed humanity to see one person again.
  • He is infamous as one of the most capable leaders in the GUAE. Had it not been for Khan, Char Aznable might have been at the top of the Enterprise's list of enemies. James T. Kirk, one of the commanders of the GUAG interstellar fleet (among others) doesn't give a mite about Char's ideology, even if it has solid evidence, because in his view, no one should ever be sacrificed or forced to do something they don't want to 'for the greater good'. Char, for his part, despises those who commit evil for an unrealistic or petty reason. Light Yagami is certainly one of those, as is Petyr Baelish. One lost himself in the power of the Death Note and the other's end goal is chaos to gain power. There's a reason why Char hates the Grand United Alliance of Chaos with a passion.
  • Continues to preach his father's ideology, Contolism, in the Pantheon but is perfectly fine with people who don't see it his way. Not everyone is of the opinion that Earth should be abandoned. Char sees it the same way Jim Gordon does: if he only worked with people sincerely loyal to Contolism, he'd have nobody. Moreover, even he didn't begin buying into his father's ideology until actual Newtypes (as Deikun predicted) began popping up during the One Year War, and didn't take concrete action to see it through until after the First Neo Zeon War, near the end of his mortal life. In line with how much he idolizes his father now, he's funded the construction of Zeon Zum Deikun statues all over the Pantheon, which are in these locations:
    • In front of his temple (the largest one)
    • The House of Leadership, part of a line of famous fictional leaders (specifically next to a statue of Scolar Visari)
    • The Interdimensional Time Displacement Museum of the Multiverse (in fact, a museum wing is named after it)
    • The sub-house of Conquest and Conquerorsnote 
    • The sub-house of Acts of War, co-funded by Degwin Zabi after the original was torn down by Gihren
  • Information has surfaced that, at some point, likely after that whole mess with the Titans, he used his identity as Quattro to become an Admiral and join the fight against the Abyssal Fleet for a brief period of time. Char remembers none of this and has no intention of ever discussing the matter ever again.
  • Dr. Eggman is neutral on Char for the time being, but is prepared to oppose him if he decides to do another Colony Drop on his universe. One of his stories involved him building Eggmanland, and he can't build Eggmanland if there is no world to build it on. All the Mega Men, especially X and Zero despise him due to having experienced similar incidents before.
  • Has plenty of people to look up to in the Pantheon, including some thinkers who he swears have similar ideals as his father. Charles Xavier's mutant theses have him interested in meeting the man, especially since they both share Psychic Powers and a desire for peace amongst their people.
  • Char continues to stand by the words of his father, and will always believe in the future of Newtypes, no matter how much he changes otherwise. Many will always respect him for this, and more and more will flock to his side.

    Rainbow Dash 
Rainbow Dash, Goddess of Rainbows (Dashie, Dashie-kins, RD, Rainbow Crashnote , Zapp, Rainbow Wobble, Captain Awesome, Dynamic Dash, Forthright Filly, Reading Rainboom, Blue Begonia, Miss Dash 'Bow, Dashinator)
Rainbow in the Distant Finale 

Ambiguous Rank

    The Allied Nations and the Black Hole Army 
The Allied Nations and the Black Hole ArmyAN armies , Celestial Color-Coded Armies (Andy: Ryou, Junior, Mr. Average | Sami: Domino, Lady of War, Tami | Nell: Catherine | Hachi: Bee | Jake: John | Olaf: Whip, Bearded One, Grandpa, Frosty | Grit: Billy, Mr. Sharpshooter | Colin: Ewan | Kanbei: Kikuchiyo | Sonja: Asuka, the Queen of Strategy | Sensei: Yamamoto | Grimm: Kouzou, Lightning Grimm | Eagle: Prince of the Skies | Drake: Mop | Jess: Hannah, Red | Javier: Wittmann, 'Stache | Sturm: Herr Böse | Flak: Kong, Helmut | Lash: Cat/Kat, "kitten" | Adder: Snake | Hawke: Hawk | Jugger: Zipo, Casino Bot | Koal: Chakka, Zak | Kindle: Candle, Candy | Von Bolt: Herr Bolt, Hell-Bolt)
The Allied Nations insignia, with the four armies' logos in the center (left to right, up to down: Orange Star, Yellow Comet, Blue Moon, Green Earth)
Left to right: Jake, Rachel, Andy, Hachi, Nell, Max, Sami
Left to right: Grit, Sasha, Olaf, Colin
Left to right: Kanbei, Sensei, Grimm, Sonja
Left to right: Javier, Jess, Drake, Eagle
The Black Hole Army symbol
Left to right: Kindle, Lash, Jugger, Hawke, Flak, Koal, Von Bolt, Adder
  • One day, Andy had a rare brilliant idea and told Max he wanted to invite the rest of the Allied Nations to the Pantheon. Seeing no issue with this, he agreed and they got to work on making it happen with a message to the Court of the Gods. The trope selected was Color-Coded Armies for "obvious reasons". Around the same time, the Black Tri-Stars found the Bolt Guard, approached them, and offered an invitation to the Pantheon with Von Bolt's return to power as a bonus. Kindle, Koal, and Jugger saw no reason to refuse their offer. Unbeknownst to them, Hawke was also contacted somehow by another party, as well as the other Black Hole Macro Land participants.
    • A huge reunion and celebration was had amongst the Allied Nations COs (though Eagle had a minor gripe that no one from Green Earth had a Pantheon representative prior to this), though Sonja noticed someone was missing. Said someone was Lash, who was welcoming back Hawke as they arrived a moment later, though there was naturally some tension; the two had (sort-of) warm welcomes (and a fully warm one from Jake), but Flak's presence was a shock to see (though Hawke managed to rein him in). And then they noticed Adder was absent, though he won't be missed.
    • When asked on that particular CO not being there while Flak was, Hawke explained that he found himself in the Pantheon alongside his compatriots during the Macro Land war when the Bolt Guard's forces managed to corner them somehow and tried to press-gang them into coming along. Adder was swift to fold, but before anyone else can think of following suit, intervening heroes crashed the scene, allowing himself, Lash, and Flak to escape and eventually make it to the venue. Meanwhile, Adder was questioned by the Bolt Guard in light of the earlier events, but he not only managed to make it clear he was leaving Hawke behind, he also established a good rapport with Koal during the interrogation and successfully joined up with them. That said, there was difficulty cooperating with Sturm, who wasn't entirely amused with how Von Bolt ran it after his passing, even as Adder groveled before him to assure his loyalty. Still, the original leader and Von Bolt decided it was better to focus their attention to their enemies for the time being.
  • Applies to both factions:
    • One orientation with the Court of the Gods later, the Allied Nations and the Black Hole Army were granted separate territories in the House of Military and Warfare and House of Colours, the Allied Nations (plus Hawke's faction) at the latter, and Von Bolt's faction (plus Sturm and Adder) at the former.
    • As it turns out, the soldiers the Wars World COs employ are actually simulacra, be it from a training sim, a VRMMO, or being machine-like. It explains the ability to do things like block vehicles, naval craft, and foot soldiers with aircraft and vice-versa, why pipes can stop aircraft despite piperunners able to traverse them and indirect combat units able to shoot over them, why restarting a "last chance" scenario is possible, how APCs can supply any unit except itself, the whole turns-minutes dissonance in Dual Strike, etc. Simulacra or not however, there is discomfort from all the Fire Emblem heroes given they have the reverse attitude in regards to soldier preservation. This goes double for the Tactician, who can't tolerate any casualties period. Although, s/he's heard of a certain cosmicPostman's reported adventures of an Advisor named "my dude" and his attempts at a No Casualties Run. He's not successful, but he does his absolute best. Kiritsugu and Valvatorez were downright pissed that the Wars World COs mostly have a casual attitude in regards to war when their belief is War Is Hell. It is a Berserk Button for the latter.
    • What sets most apart Wars World COs from your "run-of-the-mill" commanding officer is the day-to-day benefits they confer to their units when they're in command. The only ones without this buff are Andy, Adder, and Hachi, and the first serves as a baseline for Wars World soldiers.
      • Max's direct-combat units like tanks, planes, battle copters, submarines, etc. deal more damage than the baseline, but his indirect-combat units have less maximum range. Sami's infantry are top-of-the-line, able to seize properties much faster than most, but her direct-combat units aren't quite up to snuff offensively. Every Wars World unit gets the occasional extra luck to do a little more damage (here's how it works), but Nell's are moreso, and it gets crazier later on. Rachel's units are run-of-the-mill, but properties under her control deliver 50% faster repairs to any of her damaged units parked in them. Jake's units get a minor bonus while attacking on the plains. Around here, that means grasslands, the savannah, or even desert sands, as long as it's not paved (those count as roads).
      • Olaf's units move as easily on the snow as they can in clear weather (on top of being stronger during that time), but are more bogged down in the rain than usual. To be exact, they're hampered as much as anyone else being bogged down in the snow. Grit's indirect-combat units like artillery, rocket units, missile units, and battleships have a somewhat higher maximum range and deal more damage than the baseline, but his direct-combat units (exc. foot soldiers) do less damage. Colin's are 20% cheaper to deploy, but are noticeably weaker as a consequence of his inexperience (and probably lack of confidence in himself since he'd technically be a veteran after the Macro Land and Omega Land wars). Sasha's units are run-of-the-mill, but properties under her control offer 10% more funds to spend on deploying units.
      • When Sonja is in command, opponent commanders report getting fuzzy readings in the numbers of her troops, not being able to tell if there's just one unit or an entire platoon of it at any spot. And in Fog of War, her units have a moderately greater vision range. That said, her downside is that she has a case of bad luck, which also makes her not that suitable in areas without Fog of War, though her misfortune has since lessened somewhat. That said, fuzzy readings as well as stronger attack power when retaliating still makes her worthwhile. Additionally, her units are skilled enough to lessen some of the defensive benefits of terrain for her opponents.
      • Kanbei's units are noticeably stronger overall in offense and defense, but cost 20% more to deploy. Sensei's infantry units and helicopters are top-notch (though the former don't have the capture proficiency Sami's do, they're stronger than even hers in combat), at the cost of his effectiveness with naval units. Grimm's units are powerhouses in the offensive, but are lackluster in the defensive.
      • Eagle's air units are more proficient and more fuel-efficient compared to the baseline. His naval units suffer in terms of attack and defense, though. Drake has the inverse bonuses and penalties as Eagle's (proficient navy, deficit air force), except defenses for both are unaltered. Jess's ground vehicles enjoy a boost in offense and defense, at the minor cost of the performance of all her other units sans foot soldiers. Communications Towers in Wars World provide attack boosts to whoever lays claim to them, but in Javier's case, they provide defensive boosts as well. Even without them, his units can also endure indirect attacks somewhat better than the baseline.
      • Sturm's units are stronger overall, both offensively and defensively, and can move across all terrain they're capable of traversing unimpeded except when it's snowing or when other similarly heavy weather is bearing down on them. Flak's units have fluctuating luck, which sometimes leaves them doing a little less damage than expected, but his CO Powers can swing the pendulum wider. The more defensive the terrain, the stronger Lash's units get while they're on them. Some find this a bit strange as Lash looks unsuited to outdoor hiking to know such things so well. Hawke's units are somewhat stronger overall, though not to the extent of Kanbei.
      • Jugger's units work just like Flak's in every way that matters, but his luck spread is slightly greater. Koal's land and air units get an increase in firepower when battling on/over open roads. In the Pantheon, this can include dirt paths or the stone-laid type. Kindle's units are significantly more powerful whenever they're battling on/over any urban property, military base, or Headquarters. This applies not just for her own, but neutral and even enemy properties as well. In the Pantheon, this can include even humble villages, though she'll still complain about their plebeian lifestyle. Von Bolt's units have the same boost as Sturm's, but minus the unimpeded travel benefits.
    • Another thing that sets apart Wars World COs from your "run-of-the-mill" commanding officer is their CO Powers (a normal and a Super one, though two eschew the former), which accumulate over the course of a battle as their units deal and take damage. And when they get used, an astounding variety of effects occur, on their own troops, against their enemies', or even changing the weather, but they only last for a while. They also take 20% longer to charge after each use as long as the battle they're in is in progress, only resetting once it's over. Also, no matter the CO, there's always a minor boost in offense and defense for all their units.
      • Andy's Hyper Repair restores up to 20% of all his squadrons' total strength, while Hyper Upgrade restores up to 50% plus boosting firepower and movement. Max's Max Force and Max Blast increase his direct-combat units' attack power considerably and immensely respectively. Sami's Double Time increases her foot soldiers' movement range and attack power. Her Victory March not only further increases these boosts, they can also seize any property within a day, even if it's just one soldier left. Nell's Lucky Star and Lady Luck increase her luck to massive or ludicrous levels. How absurd? To the point where her infantry can actually come out on top when attacking Neotanks, though she's obviously not doing that on the regular even with her Power in effect.
      • Hachi's Barter reduces his units' deployment costs from 90% to 50%. His Merchant Union not only does that, but also allows him to deploy ground units from any friendly property that doesn't already do so, except the headquarters. As a side-effect, this also affects how much charge opposing Wars World COs get for their Powers. Rachel's Lucky Lass channels some of Nell's inherent luck onto her own units, though still not to her sister's extent. Covering Fire calls for three Silo Missiles to attack the following: the first targets the most foot soldiers (and whatever else is in range), the second targets the most expensive group of enemies, and the final missile targets the most (enemy) units. Jake's Beat Down not only further boosts his attack power on the plains, but his indirect-combat vehicles (essentially, Artillery tanks, Rocket trucks, Missile trucks, and Piperunners) get increased attack range as well. His Block Rock does the same, but with even more attack boost on the plains and increases all his vehicles' movement range.
      • Olaf's Blizzard, well, makes one blow over and turns the entire area snowy before inexplicably returning to normal the day after tomorrow. His Winter Fury not only does the same, but also hammers down on his enemies' forces by 20 percent. Grit's Snipe Attack and Super Snipe do just about the same thing as Max's CO Powers, but for indirect-combat units, and increases their attack range. Colin's Gold Rush increases his funds "on hand" by 50%. His Power of Money jacks up his forces' attack power by the amount of funds he has "on hand". Sasha's Market Crash is specifically made to counter the buildup for CO Powers by draining them, which makes it useless against non-Wars World COs. Her War Bonds enables her forces to earn funds by dealing damage to foes.
      • Kanbei's Morale Boost and Samurai Spirit further boost his forces' offensive and defensive capabilities, but the latter can outright render his troops all but invincible for a day depending on where they're hunkered down. Sonja's Enhanced Vision not only increases her units' vision range, but ensures that no enemies can hide from her (unless they're underwater or cloaked). Her Super CO Power Counter Break not only does that, but can also reduce the enemies' defensive benefits. Sensei's Copter Command and Airborne Assault not only boost his Battle Copters' attack power, but outright summon "9 HP" infantry (regular or "mechanized" depending on which power is used) on all of his properties in the combat zone. Grimm's Knuckleduster and Haymaker further boosts his forces' attack power to great or ridiculous levels while marginally increasing their defense.
      • Eagle's Lightning Drive and Lightning Strike grant an Extra Turn for all his vehicles. The former does this at a penalty to attack power but is quicker to charge, while the latter gives a power boost on top of the Extra Turn, but takes much longer to charge. Drake's Tsunami and Typhoon bring forth a great wave of water that washes away up 10% or 20% (from 100%) of all his enemies' squadrons' total strength (while sparing his own and his allies') and cuts their fuel in half, though it can't wipe out any squadron outright. On top of that, it then starts raining for a day before it stops. Jess's Turbo Charge and Overdrive not only replenishes all her units' ammo and fuel, but increases her vehicles' movement range and boosts their attack power greatly or immensely. Javier's Tower Shield and Tower of Power further boost his defense from indirect attacks and benefits from Comm Towers.
      • Sturm only has one CO Power, and it's a Super one: Meteor Strike. It does exactly as the name suggests... except not only can it not destroy terrain, the enemy units it hits will either always have at least 1 or 2 survivors per squadron, or just "merely" severely damage large units. As for where it lands, he doesn't actually have much control over that, but it behaves in one of three ways at random: 1) it automatically lands where it would do the most monetary damage (buildings notwithstanding), 2) the same, but it also considers indirect units doubly important, or 3) it goes for the biggest cluster of enemy units. As such, they can actually be baited somewhat. While his own forces can be caught in it, their presence counts against the chances of his Meteor landing on their location.
      • Flak's Brute Force and Barbaric Blow further increases the chance of his forces doing a lot of lucky blows, but also increases his chances of whiffing them. Lash's Terrain Tactics negates all terrain movement penalties for her units a la Sturm (though that can get cancelled out by snowy weather). Her Prime Tactics not only do that, but also double the defensive benefits of terrain (and by extension, her troops' attack power). Adder's CO Powers Sideslip and Sidewinder/Snakebite merely add movement range for his units, but these Powers require much less "charge" compared to others, so any opponent of Adder's will find themselves seeing his Powers take effect far more often. Hawke's CO Power and Super CO Power take longer to charge compared to others, but his Black Wave and Black Storm'' combine the healing effects and damaging effects of Andy's and Drake's CO Powers (but no weather changes, and no total wipes). The former only does 10% damage and 10% regeneration, while the latter does 20% on both.
      • Jugger's Overclock and System Crash have the same effects as Flak's CO Powers, but on a wider spread. Koal's Forced March and Trail of Woe not only have (roughly) the same charge time as Adder's on top of the movement range bonus, but his attack bonus on roads is further increased as well. Kindle's Urban Blight cuts down on a any enemy squadron's strength by 30% (from 100%) down to as low as 10% if they're on any urban property (even neutral ones or their own), plus Kindle's own units get a larger attack (and minor defense) boost. High Society essentially doubles her forces' attack power while on urban property, and all her units (plus those on urban areas) also get an attack boost dependent on how many properties are under her control. Just like Sturm, Von Bolt only has one CO Power, and it's a Super one: Ex Machina. It sends down a bolt of energy in an area similar to ground zero of a Meteor Strike (and with similar targeting priorities), but only wipes 30% (from 100%) of every squadron's strength in the blast radius. They're also rendered unable to move or act for a time, up to a whole day (though can still counterattack those who assault them).
    • Another feature that Wars World COs have is the CO Swap technique, devised by Lash during the war in Omega Land, and shortly adopted by the Allied Nations. Their soldiers' strengths and weaknesses get altered depending on which CO is on center stage. But once both of their CO Power gauges are full, they can pull off a Dual Strike, essentially doubling their speed (triple if Eagle initiates), on top of the usual Super CO Power benefits, though its power depends on the compatibility between the two COs, getting stronger or even weaker depending on this bond. And if all that wasn't absurd enough, there's also a repertoire of Skills they can all get, though only four at a time, and only if the Commander is with them (and he decides what Skills are "equipped").
    • Naturally, as commanders, while overseeing battle, they rarely encounter it face-to-face, and thus most of them would probably be helpless against such a situation. Key word is "some", as a few COs definitely have methods of physical combat. Max and Flak's muscles aren't all for show, Sami and Grit have been seen with guns (machinegun/SMG/assault rifle and handgun/sniper rifle) and certainly know how to use them, Kanbei and Koal are well-versed in swordplay, Lash has been known to build decoys (of herself and others), Grimm is a former wrestler, and let's not forget Hawke's use of his Black Storm to shed Sturm of his mortal coil, as well as the gun he either hands to Jake if he decides to take out Von Bolt once he's cornered or uses against the old man himself.
    • When it comes to land war vehicles, navy, and air forces, how their CO and day-to-day powers work is usually as clear as it can get. However, if they're ever required to take command of squadrons of Humongous Mecha (Super Robot and Real Robot) a la Super Robot Wars, the lines get blurrier in terms of unit classifications (except Andy, Nell, Hachi, Rachel, Jake, Olaf, Colin, Sasha, Kanbei, Sonja, Grimm, Javier, and all Black Hole COs, whose day-to-day benefits apply to either economy, terrain, or all units in general). Does a mobile suit count as infantry for Sami and Sensei, or vehicles for Jess, or both? Given some robots have both indirect and direct combat capabilities, what would they count as under Max and/or Grit, or would their effects depend on which weapon the robot uses? Would Rachel's repair bonus apply for in-battlestar repairs? Does a battlestar count as a "Battleship" for Drake? Would space combat be specialized for him (since Space Is an Ocean sometimes), Eagle, both, or neither? Would space colonies count as "city" terrain for Kindle? Can weather CO powers even work in space? It's something both sides wish to test out. And in leading armies from time periods before vehicles are mass-produced, it will almost be a certainty that Sami would be really, really busted, with Sensei a close second.

  • Exclusive to Allied Nations (counting Hawke's faction):
    • As soon as their territories were established, Lash got to work on getting Black Cannons, Minicannons, and Black Lasers built for territory defense. Naturally, they would now be colored accordingly, and work for them instead of against them, though Lasers are still indiscriminate. Factories that spawn units were also made, and Lash had to clarify that they now work for the lands they're on, so there's no resource stealing. Each army also has an Oozium-238 for some reason, but only one, and it respawns tomorrow if it's "killed". Lash also made a few more Black Arcs (for "ground bombardment" and for "structural defense"), though only one of each type per army could be afforded at a time.
    • Due to Von Bolt's actions in Omega Land, they're all enemies to those who drain the land of life to feed their army/for the sake of immortality. This goes double for all the Omega Land war participants, who witnessed this devastation firsthand, and especially for Hawke, who used Von Bolt's chair, which was where all the energy was stored, to undo all the damage in the end. As such, they only barely tolerate the Diamonds due to what they did to Earth, and because Steven Universe vouches for them.
    • Due to their whole business dealing with them (Sturm using a Clone Andy to stir up trouble in Cosmo Land, and Von Bolt's forces employing clones of other COs), they loathe those who use clones and treat them as expendable. As such, they have difficulty working with the Republic Jedi due to the whole clone army business. Though Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka have treated their clone trooper colleagues like any other sapient being, so there's that, at least.
    • While Shopkeeper Anna usually has no issues with the Wars World COs, there are three she pays special attention to whenever they're present either in person or when she ends up setting shop in a battle zone where they're in command of the army present there. 1) Colin: While they otherwise get along just fine, she dislikes one thing about him; something he does (she's not sure what it IS, but she IS sure that HE does it) reduces her prices when he's around (and cause a noticeable but not significant dip in quality), and she nearly kicked him out for almost ruining her business as a result. 2) Hachi: Thankfully, he doesn't go out much, but if he ever does, she's leaving whatever battle zone he's in. His CO Powers can affect her sales much worse than Colin, and while she's sure a single Secret Shop might not count as enough territory for him to seize, him spawning units with Merchant Union is too much for her to handle. And 3) Kanbei: In contrast to the above two, she looks forward to whenever he's in the combat zone, as her prices go up and quality rises in kind.
    • At some point, through the vagaries of chance, Colin obtained a Silver Card, and the mere act of holding it aloft reduced the prices of basically everything around him so low, he nearly broke the economy. The Pantheon made a new rule that he is to never again own a Silver Card, both for the economy's sake and to avoid a hazardous situation. This restriction is also applied to Hachi, since quarter-price deployment costs is so busted it's not even funny. He says he'll consider asking for it if and only if Sturm himself is trying to invade their territory, and nothing more. Apparently, Hachi used to be Sensei's student alongside Kanbei, though none of them are divulging any further details on that.
    • It seems only inevitable that the color-coded armies would have thoughts on the color-coded mercenary teams of Mann Co. Due to their shared interests and experiences, Olaf gets along best with the Heavy — the BLU one more than the RED one, due to the latter's distrust of anyone associated with the color blue. Unsurprisingly, none of the Allied Nations trust the Spy due to the nature of his occupation. They similarly distrust the Pyro for his blatant disregard for human life — even if it is unintentional due to her hallucinations — and the Medic, whose medical experiments remind them of Lash's. They do trust the Dell Conagher the Engineer, however, due to his pedigree's impressive inventions. These same inventions make him a target of interest and envy for Von Bolt, who has heard of the Life-Extending Machines that his grandfather made for the Mann brothers and wants one for himself. Finally, Grit gets along with Mick Mundy the Sniper, as they both specialize in indirect combat through sniping (though in Grit's case, he has other methods as well).
      • Though neither "Mr. Jane Doe" the Soldier and Tavish Degroot the Demoman are ascended yet (as of this writing), the Allied Nations have heard of them through the other mercs. When they saw a picture of the Soldier, they noted his visual similarities to a Mechanized Infantry Unit (mainly the Orange Star and Blue Moon ones). As for the Demoman, they see his wanton destruction while drunk (which he gets whenever he's on the battlefield, which may as well be all the time) as a huge risk and a great asset, in equal measure. In other words, it's a double-edged sword.
      • During one skirmish, Sami's forces crossed paths with the Scout. Thankfully, this was the RED Scout, who felt more compelled to side with Orange Star. Unfortunately, Sami was also subject to his advances, but the heat of battle thankfully kept it to a minimum until his recklessness got him killed. Some of the Allied Nations COs, Max and Eagle in particular, would rather that idiot not approach her like that ever again. It doesn't help that his maneuverability reminds them and Blue Moon of Adder's reliance on the quality.
    • Certain residents in the House of Love have also gotten into attempts to getting Sami and Eagle together more often, as well as Nell and Max (though others might try entangling Grit into this as well). Jake has got similar shenanigans attempted, but either with Rachel, Sasha, or Jess.

  • Exclusive to Orange Star COs:
    • Back when he was the Herald of Fun Wars, Andy was weirded out by his title. When he meant "Fun War," it means in war is very colorful and very silly, and the units look straight out of a toy. He didn't mean "Fun in War", in which he is even weirded out by Ares and Leonidas. For the record, Andy is familiar with what makes air units. He just called it an air base, and probably didn't catch on that it is also called an airport. But he'll Never Live It Down as long as there are people who would remind him of that, and there are many. In his early days in the Pantheon, Andy has been helping with the Anglerfish team with repairing their tank and bonding with them. Saori Takebe tried to hit on him, but failed miserably. Though don't call him in the morning as he along with Mako Reizei is Not a Morning Person.
    • Given his increased muscles and dips in performance, there have been jokes in Max's direction of him taking steroids. He is not amused by those accusations and just excuses that he's just not studying enough, and taking some of that time doing more weight lifting instead. At least his indirect units aren't weaker than baseline (anymore), even with their decreased range, making Artillery tanks all but useless for him.
    • As established, given she's a commando, Sami is not hesitant to head into the fray herself if need be or when the enemy comes knocking, with a squadron of her own troops preferably. Though as a CO, she knows getting into a position where she can start commanding can confer her benefits to all foot soldiers (though at the slight expense of combat capabilities to all direct combat units, though indirects still work fine). Sami has also occasionally been asked why she has a liking for long hair while not sporting such herself. She has no good response for that so far. She also has quite the Sweet Tooth for chocolate (though not to the degree of being unprofessional about it), and has little patience for cowards.
    • As the Field Training tutor for the Advisor during the Cosmo Land conflict, Nell is usually tasked with helping burgeoning strategists in managing Wars World soldiers in battle. She has a liking for willful students during these, and doesn't really like it when she has downtime. Unless your coin is rigged, you'll never win a coin toss against Nell. But just because her "gimmick" is luck doesn't mean she relies on it alone. All that does is give her troops the chance to do a little to a lot more damage on occasion, and like luck it's not overly reliable. Additionally, the squadrons under her command have to be numerous enough to even pull off such potential stunts in the first place, so no singular soldier under her is wiping out tanks by his lonesome.
    • Despite his prowess, Hachi is not interested in participating in the war, preferring to just manage his shop, which sells... things that make more sense to a player's perspective. He also has a preference for tea, and a disdain for medicine. That said, if (nearly) everyone else is away and foes enroach on Allied Nations territory, then he'll step up to the plate and defend it, and show them just how game-breaking he is. That said, he'll start worrying if Sturm himself or anyone in his caliber or above shows up to invade.
    • Rachel is a hardworking CO, and appriates those who are the same. She also hates excuses, whether she's hearing them, or being forced to make them. Due to how her Super CO Power operates, she's heard rumors of her being related to Sturm in some way, as well as jokes of her Covering Fire being more powerful than his Meteor Strike. She refuses to respond to any of these rumors.
    • It's usually difficult to take Jake seriously with his slang, but for some reason, he can also turn out as a calm professional, though he's a well-meaning guy either way. Regardless of mood, his favorite music genre is clubbin', but "easy listening" types meant to make one chill out bores him. This also got him on good terms with the DJ Lucio, and the Orange Star CO has started learning more rad beats to jam to. There are also some debates as to whether Jake was right to shoot Von Bolt's chair in the end or not. Most think he is given how many soldiers die already in the battle against Black Hole, but there are also those who think that there is a difference between giving orders and doing the deed yourself.

  • Exclusive to Blue Moon COs:
    • Due to his friendliness and his association with snow, Elsa's snowlem Olaf is a favorite of Blue Moon to hang around, particularly Colin and CO Olaf (as much as the latter tries to hide it sometimes). The latter's forces also tend to use the snowlem's temple as a staging ground for drills. There's even been talks about some of them being stationed there permanently to help the snowman defend his holdings. Naturally, this courtesy is extended to Elsa herself. Given how his Powers work, Olaf is naturally adverse to those capable of bringing forth rain (if they can't or don't do snow as well), though he's not that opposing unless they're specifically antagonizing him.
    • He is often compared to Santa Claus because of his snowy, white beard, unless it happens to be brown at the time. He even has a red coat for the occasion, to make the appearance uncanny. He often helps as the ideal Mall Santa because of his appearance, and he's highly regarded by other Santas in the Pantheon despite Olaf's grouchiness. He is rather impressed by Katyusha for her skill at tanking in the snow and learning from a school whose architecture is reminescent of Blue Moon's. Though sometimes, her abrasiveness and pride remind him too much of his shameful years at Cosmo Land.
    • Besides the snowlem, Olaf has become familiar with others that share his name. Unlike Elsa's creation, he showed no sympathy toward the Count due to his abusive nature to the children he adopted for their fortune. The Count, in turn, treads quietly around the CO: one misstep, and he can be sure that winter will come early. Another Olaf has since showed up, this one being a fat Viking. This Olaf is rather amused by the Lost Viking's rather "dim" nature, but knows better then to remark on it...Olaf has made some unfortunate mistakes in the past.
    • One thing that's confusing about Olaf is the fact that his hometown is in Blue Moon, yet he spent some time in the Orange Star Army as Nell's superior before defecting (back?). Why did he serve time in a foreign nation before going back to his homeland? Did his hometown use to be in Orange Star territory before being annexed into Blue Moon's? Or was Blue Moon splintered from Orange Star after an unspecified civil war? Naturally, he's not clearing that up.
    • Many Russian and Soviet commanders have come to respect him because of his ability to call in the snow to slow the enemy down, as well as for the similarities his country shares with the Motherland. It is their way of remembering General Winter, who saved their country from many invasions like Napoleon's or Hitler's invasions. Red Skull is, in a similar vein, not impressed with the CO. He has no good memories of General Winter and his powers.
    • Olaf sympathizes with the Courier, since their hometown were destroyed, even if the destruction was their own (yet very much unintended) doing. Speaking of that, it's destruction is why he's still leery of Lash, who was the culprit as a result of her experiments. It's only the fact that he was away at the time that she was able to set up her inventions at his territory for Blue Moon at all with the other Blue Moon COs' help.
    • Grit is known to be very lax but is very friendly toward his allies. That said, he doesn't appreciate bad guys who like to terrorize people (just ask Adder's tank division...oh wait, he bombarded them all with Rockets and Artillery~!). In addition, he was smart enough to take Sonja up on her offer to cooperate and track the true mastermind behind the war, Sturm, in Cosmo Land. While he doesn't own any as far as anyone knows, Grit has a liking for cats, and has a disdain for rats.
    • Do not underestimate Colin for his age and his anxiousness, for he is perhaps one of the most effective commanders you can meet on the battlefield. Even if his troops are below baseline, his day-to-day benefits and CO Powers more than make up for it. It was his talent that helped Blue Moon repel the Black Hole invaders from their lands. In case you're still skeptical, here's the maximum extent of Colin's Power of Money.
    • As rich folks who use their wealth on behalf of their nation and their army, Sasha and Colin dislike the following rich folks. First off is Seto Kaiba for just doing whatever the hell he wants, regardless of the rules. Yes, maybe the two aren't much better at that "rule-breaking", but they use it for Blue Moon. Second and third are the Reagan siblings and Princess Morbucks for their completely selfish attitudes. While he's an enemy to all the Allied Nations COs already, the siblings in particular don't approve of Sundowner for his shameless war-profiteering.

  • Exclusive to Yellow Comet COs:
    • Just like Olaf, Kanbei has done a number of stupid things back in Cosmo Land and is ashamed of it, but at least he was in the right to defend his territory when Orange Star approached it in pursuit of Olaf. Though he could've at least called out to them to get each other's intentions clear. Some think it's a bit ridiculous given how much Kanbei's overprotective of his daughter given they're both competent COs in their own right and she's proven herself a couple times during the Macro Land war, but one should remember that Sonja was actually captured once by Sturm while tracking him down during the Cosmo Land conflict, so there is validation there.
    • When it comes to war, there's always the reality that territories run the risk of being seized. There's also the fact that strategic value is a factor when it comes to taking those territories back or keeping them from getting captured, and that sometimes one has to pick and choose which to liberate and which to protect. For Kanbei however, protecting one's own territory and its people is paramount, no matter how little strategic value any of them serve, and he would think poorly of those who think otherwise.
    • Back when they were both co-deities for Fog of War and Defog of War, Sonja was asked why she didn't settle for Lin as a herald and brought her up as a co-goddess instead. Her reply was that while the Pantheon isn't as disbelieving in having a kid in command (given that Andy is here and all), 1) she would feel more secure with a more experienced partner, and 2) it's a favor for the rest of Brenner's Wolves (before Lin eventually rejoined them). Ever since that kidnapping, Sonja always makes sure that she's well guarded, having had the unfortunate luck of being a hostage once before, though that was admittedly her own fault when she went investigating. No one knows how that one even worked.
    • Has no time for the Toy Ship teasing between her and Andy just because they're the youngest COs in their world (aside from Colin). The only thing she has for him is respect as a CO, when she tested him (as well as Max and her rival Sami) during the battle in Cosmo Land. Speaking of those battles, after hearing about them, Lash called her out for calling her out back during the Macro Land conflict. Sonja replied that she has a specific purpose fighting the Orange Star COs; test their (and their Advisor's) tactical prowess, as well as making sure the conflict's mastermind (Sturm, though she didn't know him by name yet) didn't get suspicious.
    • Sensei like lazy, rainy days, but dislikes busy malls. Apparently, prior to his CO days, Sensei used to be a hot and fiery volcanologist. Additionally, Kanbei wasn't his only student back in his youth; supposedly, so was Hachi prior to the future Emperor, but neither are divulging any details. Sensei just prefers the idyllic life, and as such usually hangs back at the home territory when he's not being pulled along by someone else. Given his relationship with Hachi, they're a terror of a Tag Team when forced on the defense.
    • Grimm loves his donuts, and isn't too keen on making plans. Not that the two have anything to do with each other, of course. This has gotten him on good terms with deities Aoi Asahina and Leeroy Jenkins. While he's technically retired from wrestling, Grimm sometimes takes his days off at the Wrestling Federation to join in a few matches. That said, there are those who don't think he really that good among Sensei's students given his troops' highly deficit defenses.

  • Exclusive to Green Earth COs:
    • Ryoma Nagare feels some sort of similarity with the main three Green Earth COs and himself and his Getter Robo co-pilots, given both have an air combat specialist (Ryoma, Eagle) that constantly bickers with his friend who is a ground specialist (Hayato, Jess) and a fat guy that specializes in naval combat (Musashi and Benkei, Drake). And during SRW-esque battles, Getter Robo being able to switch forms means it can benefit from all three COs when two of them are in Tag Teams, so that's another plus.
    • Having been an aviator before becoming a CO, Eagle gets along with others with the same profession, such as Launchpad McQuack (despite his tendency to crash, he's otherwise a very proficient pilot), Cpt. Booth of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 and Lt. Commander Dick Best, and Taylor Earhardt. Sometimes, he flies a Fighter jet himself for old times sake, though he's immediately landing and getting on command if the need arises for him. He Would also like to remind people that his lucky goggles are for when in an airplane. They are not for swimming. In fact, he doesn't like that particular activity, though whether he really can't or if he just doesn't prefer to is something he's not answering.
    • As a man of the seas, Drake prefers to be out sailing whenever he has the chance. He's also quite the acrophobe, though something like a crow's nest or its equivalent highest point probably doesn't count as "too high" for him. While the Sea King is enemies with both Allied Nations and Black Hole for being humans, Drake is the one in most trouble against him due to his bringing forth rain whenever his army is in the field, whether by increased chance or by his own CO Powers. In case it isn't obvious, a monster who benefits in the rain and a CO who can call it forth is a recipe for disaster for everything in the Sea King's range.
    • As one can tell you, logistics and supply lines are a problem for any army, but with Jess in command, these can be alleviated with her CO Powers. As a result, she's more often present during giant robot conflicts, given it's discovered that her Turbo Charge and Overdrive can replenish the giant energy reserves most Humongous Mecha have, especially the Super Robots. Despite his knightly demeanor, Javier can see the merits in stealth units and will use them accordingly. He still detests doppelgangers, though, as well as being required to retreat, given he's a man of honor.
  • Exclusive to Black Hole COs:
    • It was unclear in regards to the fates of Flak and Adder between Sturm's final defeat and the war in Omega Land, but in terms of their allegiance in the Pantheon, Adder has chosen to slither away to Von Bolt's faction while Flak decided to stay with Hawke's faction. The Allied Nations weren't too comfortable with the latter, least of all Orange Star (especially Max, given his and Flak's similarities), but Hawke can keep Flak too busy for him to tangle with them too much. And given how Adder is, perhaps it was for the best that he's out.
    • Thanks to the Bolt Guard, Black Hole now has its ranks bolstered by clones of Allied Nations COs, but due to certain parts of the cloning process, they always look like Palette Swaps of their templates. They also have a limited lifespan, so they're only useful for warfare. Apparently, according to Lash, it takes an entire month's energy expenses of a single country to make one or two clones, though that's not an issue in the Pantheon. That said, it does bring up the question as to whether CO Powers are genetic, which would probably explain the younger ones (Andy, Colin, Jake) being eligible for command. If one ever sees an Allied Nations CO cooperating with one of GUAE's Black Hole COs, assume 1) they're a clone, 2) there's a bigger foe to handle (in which case they'll explain), or 3) they're being blackmailed or held hostage.
    • Some people have asked Lash whether Jugger was Flak in a suit or brain-transferred-into-a-robot given how similar they both are. She assures that is not the case. Well, the part about Flak at least. That said, while both rely on luck to land blows, Flak's actually a bit more reliable due to charging his CO Power faster than Jugger and a less erratic luck spread. Though given how they both are, that's not saying much.
    • Theoretically, Sturm can Tag with another CO, given he's never done it before back then (because he was killed by Hawke before the war in Omega Land began). However, given just how much charge is needed to use his Super CO Power, he's not compatible with most COs. Being a very despicable man, Von Bolt has no positive bonuses with anybody either when pulling off a Dual Strike, and negative modifiers with all Allied Nations COs plus the Black Hole defectors. Due to the lengths they were willing to go through for their own goals, Sturm and Von Bolt actually don't get along, given the latter would do everything just for himself to survive, while the former is willing to destroy himself if it means destroying all his foes as well if he's cornered.
    • While the Black Onyx satellite (meant to project a protective barrier around a structure) was a big deal back in Omega Land, the existence of space warfare in the Pantheon makes it no longer as threatening as it would've been as there are units that can easily handle a satellite like that. Thankfully, being part of the GUAE means allies who can defend the Black Onyx, though its "dread factor" is still diminished, only at the same level as their Obelisks.
    • Unlike the "only one" limit the Allied Nations have, Von Bolt's Black Hole is able to produce several Oozium-238s through their mysterious methods. This would be a terror to behold given its ability to wipe out just about any squadron in one go (even those in the air, but not on the sea since it doesn't float), as well as its invulnerability to all "global effect" CO Powers, were it not for the fact that there are far more powerful beings in the Pantheon who can deal with such things easily, as demonstrated when Rimuru Tempest once took on a few (plus other Black Hole troops) by himself, subduing it with his magic before deciding to absorb one into him body. That said, for modern armies, More Dakka is usually the best solution in dealing with Oozium, preferably really fast ones like those for taking down planes. For the Allied Nations, their Anti-Airs are the best choice, with Infantry and Recons a close cost-effective second and third.
    • As a warmonger, Sturm opposes all who advocate peace, making him enemies of the GUAG and GUAL as a whole by default. Sundowner and the Corpus would be happy to hear of Strum's stance against peace and such given the both of them profit off of conflict. As far as the former's concerned, it's an honest living. While warmongers themselves, the Grineer share a bitter rivalry with Sturm due to his association with the Corpus, whom they are sworn enemies with. Given that one meteor caused a lot of grief for them, hearing of someone who can send them down with impunity (even if they're surprisingly less harmful than one would expect) doesn't sit well with Mitsuha and Taki.
    • One of the few that Sturm most gets along with is Palpatine, given they have a lot in common; overpowered evil overlords who play factions against each other, seek power for its own sake, use of clones (admittedly Strum only did one, while his successors in Dual Strike ran with it), betrayed by their Dragons, etc.) Another god he gets along with is Ghiren Zabi, given his affinity for Colony Drops, (possible) extraterrestrial origins, and Nazi symbolism. However, he sees Evolto as a rival since both are capable of nuking worlds, though Evolto's black holes are far more destructive than Sturm's meteors will ever be, and Evolto will not stop reminding Sturm about that.
    • While Flak is Dumb Muscle most of the time, he seems to have a sixth sense in regards to how well or badly his luck would play out, thus he sometimes does almost nothing after using his CO Power, or has his army go ham on the opposition with weak units and cream them. The Commander doesn't have this sense whenever they're advising Flak, though. He's also a meat-eater through and through, and dislikes vegetables.
    • When it comes to amoral geniuses who are forced to join the heroes because of circumstances, while Lash isn't alone in this regard, she's still the only one who has ceased to work for evil, even if she's not quite "tamed". Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. Nefarious, who have had to work with the heroes, always tried and betray them near the end every time after that. Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman is the closest one to have the same circumstances, but unlike her he never really changed his ways.
    • In terms of personality and appearance, Hawke is eerily reminiscent of the Ishvalan avenger Scar, as pointed out when the Black Hole defector was greeted by one Alphonse Elric while at a coffee house drinking a black brew, only to realize he got the wrong guy. He listened patiently as the young Amestris State Alchemist described Scar to him and made comparisons between the two, both being large light-haired dark-skinned men who opposed the heroes before eventually siding with them later on, and were less evil than the main villains even then. He would eventually encounter Scar while the Ishvalan was wandering a battlefield that concluded in Allied Nations victory and Hawke's forces were moving out. It's not known what they talked about while Scar hitched a short ride, but they came out with a little respect for one another.
    • As stated above, it's not certain whether Jugger really is a robot, or just a man in a suit who behaves like what he thinks robots would. He's in no mood to answer this. Either way, he has a liking for energy, and a disdain for static electricity. Koal has a liking for poetry and ramen, while holding disdain for fondue. Adder is a narcissistic egotist to the core, likes his own face, and hates things that could dirty him. While Von Bolt and Sturm's Black Hole in general is loathed by anyone heroic, Adder in particular is despised by Eirika and Ephraim due to being a sore reminder of General Valter appearance-wise and in terms of ambition and attitude.
    • As a typical snooty elite socialite, Kindle prefers what's chic and turns up her nose on whatever's passé. She could care less about the lesser snobs like the Reagans, but Kindle hit it off much better with Princess Morbucks, being fellow rich bitches. She's even helped her with an attempt on some city takeover, and coupled with the Black Hole CO's city benefits, they were a very formidable pair. While ultimately thwarted, Kindle saw it in her best interests to keep in touch with the little villainess, inevitably putting her in the crosshairs of the Powerpuff Girls as a result.
    • As a mean senior obsessed with living forever, Von Bolt is constantly looking for other backup methods just in case his chair gets destroyed again. One particular source of interest is the Lazarus Pit, but he naturally met heavy resistance from Ra's Al Ghul and his League of Assassins. To add insult to injury, his daughter Talia took the chance to do what the League did best and made sure Von Bolt would think twice before ever trying again.

    The Colour Out Of Space 
The Colour Out of Space, Eldritch Deity of Fictional Colours
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Music: This composition by Graham Plowman
  • Alignment: Unknown, likely non-human morality
  • Portfolio: Fictional Colour, Starfish Alien, Barely Comprehensible Corrupting Influence, Magic Meteor, Body Horror, Some Sort Of Energy Creature, Inscrutable To Science, Not of This Earth, Came from the Sky
  • Domains: Colours, Aliens, Incomprehensibility, Mutation, Contamination, Meteors
  • Follower: SCP-598 ("Sentient Color")
  • Allies: The Sleeper, Phazon...and that's about it.
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, The Imperium of Mankind, the Houses of Nature Preservers, Beasts and Fauna and Plants, Agent K and Agent J, pretty much anything that gets too close to it
  • Chronicler: H.P Lovecraft
  • Interests: Nurgle, The Grox
  • Confuses: Its own house
  • On speaking terms with: The House of Toxicity (as much as it can be)
  • The Colour From Outer Space is an enigmatic creature. Arriving to Arkham, Massachusetts on a meteor the titular Colour caused mutations. Crops and livestock became frail, sickly and inedible. People were driven mad and mutated. This toxic entity's true nature was never discovered, but it was clearly imicable to the town around it and all human life.
  • Nobody's sure what the hell the Colour From Outer Space is. It's considered the most alien alien Lovecraft ever made, which is really saying something. Nobody knows if the thing is even sentient, and its nature as an Fictional Colour means even its own house has no idea what it is. Hell, the Grox, who are imicable to almost all life, are baffled and fascinated by it. And even they find it toxic, but wish to understand it anyway.
  • Arrived through a Pillar of Light as a Magic Meteor. The SCP Foundation was notified of the strange Body Horror surrounding it, and went on to secure and contain it. While not an official SCP, it is the kind of bizarre thing that the SCP Foundation is used to dealing with and they classed it as Euclid. The Men In Black helped with the containment.
  • The safest place in the pantheon to put the Colour From Outer Space was the House of Toxicity, who's long-standing tolerance to poison and other toxic elements let them resist the negative effects or just be immune. They have discovered its effects are similar to radiation poisoning. The Lich was curious about this and wondered if it was one of the monsters before time he has spoken about.
  • Spreading itself like an infection, the Imperium of Mankind believed it was some sort of Chaos strain. However the Chaos Gods had no responsibility and the Colour From Outer Space may be strange enough even they can't touch it. This didn't stop Nurgle from becoming interested in its viral and infecting qualities. Most consider a combination of Chaos and the Colour From Outer Space to be horrific.
  • The rest of the House of Nature stays far away from the Color From Outer Space, being deadly to almost all known forms of life. The Nature Preservers think the Colour shouldn't exist and needs to be expunged from the pantheon. The plant residents want it gone before its infection spreads across their house. And outside the House of Beast wants it gone too for the damage it causes to animal life.
  • Only the House of Otherness Abominations seem to fully understand what The Colour From Outer Space is. They don't fear it in the slightest, regarding it less as an Eldritch Abomination and more "a mere alien strange enough that normal mortals think it's an Eldritch Abomination". It is one of those entities strange enough that SCP-682's murder reflex isn't triggered, at least. Phazon feels some kinship towards the Colour as they're eldritch infecting entities, albeit the Colour is a lesser being and the Colour is probably not truly aware of Phazon.
  • The Doctor is very curious towards the Colour from Outer Space as it's one of those rare occasions where he has no idea what the Starfish Alien truly is. He'll work to stop it causing problems, and is confident that at the very least there's no evil intent. The Sleeper's interest was far more insidious, as it is very similar and believes it to be a relation.