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Western Animation / Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

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Life is a Fairytale.

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale is the first movie in a trilogy of Barbie movies concerning magical creatures (Flairies, Fairies and N/A) featuring Barbie as an animated actress (And later director) playing characters in movies (All previous Barbie movies, maybe). This one begins with Barbie in her latest movie The Princess and The Pea, but has some creative differences with the director of the movie. He promptly fires her, sells the story to the Gossip Blogs, and then Ken breaks up with her.

Her best friend Grace suggests she take some time away, so she goes to see her Aunt Millicent at her fashion house in Paris. She then discovers her aunt is closing the house to move to the country since she’s losing business to her competitors. She meets Marie-Alecia, her aunts assistant, who tells her the legend of the magical creatures that have helped designers over the years. They complete the ritual to summon them and discover that the Flairies, as they are called, get their power from the fashion house. If it is torn down, they disappear. So they try to save the fashion house by designing new pieces and holding a fashion show.


Meanwhile, Ken tries to get to Paris to apologize to Barbie and gets in some…situations.

This movie provides examples of:

Magic happens when you believe in yourself.

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