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Groups, Communities, Solitude, and Loneliness

A part of what makes up a majority of a functional society is the prospect of coexistence and acknowledgment of those beyond one's self. As a result, socialization has become one of the most important and primordial concepts that an individual adheres to because when gathered with a like-minded collective of figures, they can work together to accomplish and establish a brand new construct of unity, rules, and relations that can pave the way for a bride to a heightened sense of understanding with one another. With those in mind, it seemed inevitable that groups would persevere in history and give way to some of the most successful implementations that society would take precedence under, with the scope widening to include different sorts of cliques with their own interests, goals, and beliefs. Thus, is the expansion and legacy of communities and the definite labelings of what one would call a society.

Regardless of the everlasting importance and presence of communities, the idea and feeling of being alone and on one's own has remained consistently strong and persistent. In fact, it's managed to adapt and find itself getting used to its inverse archetype with many individuals not only still feeling alone after seeing and knowing of the main functions of a group, but also actively choosing to be on their own for varying reasons. This does not deter the growth of groups, yet is an indication of the increase of loneliness and both ends have contributed to large changes with multiple benefits and disadvantages provided by each other. Even so, both of them have contributed to the neverending expansion of society as well as the thoughts and beliefs of everybody in some shape or form depending on what form of socialization have they undergone.

The House of Communities and Solitude is one of the larger Houses in the Pantheon and it serves as a major centerpiece of historic and cultural importance throughout the realms. True to its scope, it managed to establish bridges and rifts towards various different Houses in the Pantheon as many figured that a brief migration would mean that they were to be given an invite to multiple gatherings of sorts where they could enroll and advocate for their groups and communities and establish their presence with a fair agreement. This meant that the House was to serve as a medium regarding relations and communications with all the other domains, which naturally meant that the other Houses were to depend on this one in some way or another. As a result, a massive radio tower was established in the center, followed by eight smaller, yet still tall towers as an extension to reach out and keep in tabs with the other Houses. There are some exceptions, such as the Houses of Slaughter, Hatred and Rancor, and Villainy, the former due to its metallic thick stench being potent enough to disrupt radio communication and the latter two due to their innate hostility and lack of cooperation with the House. That said, other Houses have decided to keep an eye on them and report it to the House of Communities and Solitude as a way to make up for it.

This House has some of the most intricate and designs in the Pantheon, with buildings and centers established in neat rows and in specifically designated places that allow them to stand out from a good amount of distances. Many of the services provided in the House are very much centered around group establishments and setting up crowds for different sorts of individuals to commute and interact with as a way for the Pantheon's residents, deities, or mortals, to connect and understand with one another. There is also a large center that serves as a gala for various events to be held and has held a reputation as one of the most versatile places in the Pantheon due to its sheer size, amounts of venues, and the many occupations that it could contain. It's become a central spot for what's come to be known as "hybrid events" that tend to be sponsored and hosted by the House of Communities and Solitude as well as two other Houses via combining their main themes to showcase just what two Houses can deliver together. Reasonably, the center, formally known as Exposição Grand Expansenote , has become the main attraction for the House and remains one of the most popular areas regarding gatherings and viewings in the Pantheon.

On one end of the House is a very open field with just a few buildings and shelters established on far distances as well as a beacon that specifically ties in with the House of Despondency. This happens to be the primary domain for the lonely and those seeking solitude and many were quick to notice that its general structure and mood was quite similar to the House of Despondency, though there was a major difference in that there was a social center at a corner where deities would usually group up at and converse with one another at. It serves as a therapy center for them, though it's also been reported that many deities from other Houses like to pay a visit there if mainly to spend some time self-reflecting on their past and actions. Not everyone there is sad and mopey, mind you, and despite the emphasis on being one, this segment of the House is actually a lot more popular than one might expect. As a result, mandates have been established to limit the number of visitors that attend the solitary space. After all, everybody needs an "alone time" at some point.

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The Stalwart Crowds of Unity

    Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment 
Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, The Pantheon's Band of Brothers
Just a few of the Company's large roster of members.
  • Company of Demigods
  • Symbol: Their jump wings, their M1 helmets with the Ace of Spades marking of the 506th PIR, and the patch of the 101st Airborne Division
  • Theme: Main Titles from HBO Miniseries Band of Brothers
  • Alignment: Various, with many being different shades of Good and different shades of Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being THE iconic Band of Brothers in media, Many of its members being killed either in action or from various accidents throughout and after the war, with others losing their limbs or eyes and sent home before the war is over, Being part of the elite 101st Airborne Division that dropped into France and Holland, Many of its surviving members managing to adjust to postwar life and die as old men, while some end up dying from various accidents, Many of its members known for looting items off of German soldiers and later German towns and cities
  • Superior: Steven Spielberg
  • Notable Leaders: Major Richard Winters and Captain Ronald Speirs
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: Vito Scaletta
  • Receive interest from: Genevieve Dieudonne
  • Keep away from: The Oarai Girls' Academy Anglerfish Team, Maho Nishizumi
  • Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, a unit made famous by the book and later miniseries Band of Brothers by author Stephen Ambrose. Their exploits together during training in Camp Toccoa, then their combat record in Normandy, the Netherlands, and Belgium, and finally their experiences in Germany and Austria, would become the stuff of legends following the release of both the original work and its much more famous adaptation.
  • Some of the Company's most notable members were Maj. Richard Winters, Cpt. Ronald Speirs, Cpt. Lewis Nixon, Lt. Lynn "Buck" Compton, Lt. Carwood Lipton, Technical Sgt. Donald Malarkey, Staff Sgt. John Martin, Staff Sgt. William "Wild Bill" Guarnere, SSgt. Denver "Bull" Randleman, SSgt. Darrell "Shifty" Powers, SSgt. Joe Toye, Sgt. Robert "Popeye" Wynn, Technician 4th Grade George Luz, T-4 Frank Perconte, T-4 Eugene "Doc" Roe, Technician 5th Grade Joseph Liebgott, Pfc. David K. Webster, and Pfc. Edward "Babe" Heffron.
  • True to the trope, all of them, even several of the replacements, have been through hell and high water, experiencing death, suffering, and hardship together in the process. This would ultimately forge some of the strongest and longest lasting friendships between the Company's members during the war that would continue to last until their deaths decades later. Most notably during the war, members of Easy helped its members who were struggling in training or shot by friendly fire, and at one point even volunteered to trek deep behind German lines just to find one man.
  • Even before their first combat jump in Normandy, the Company's first members suffered and forged friendships together against their incompetent jerk of a CO Captain Herbert Sobel, who not only treated them like shit during the entirety of their training, but also turned out to be incompetent in actually leading Easy Company in combat exercises. To the Captain's credit, he did train them well, and was ultimately able to instill a strong bond between the Company's members. Ultimately, Sobel would be reassigned to a training unit and later a logistics unit, being replaced by the far more competent Lt. Meehan.
    • In Normandy, the Company would their worth on D-Day, by assaulting Brecourt Manner despite suffering heavy casualties and misdropped men, including the loss of the aforementioned Lt. Meehan. With Winters in command of Easy's elements and with assistance from Speirs and Dog Company, they were able to successfully capture and destroy all German 105mm artillery guns. A few days later, Easy would help spearhead the capture of Carentan, and later hold the town, against elite German paratroopers and mechanized infantry. They would then be pulled off the line by the end of June, heading back to England for rest and relaxation, as well as accept their first batch of replacements.
    • In September 1944, Easy Company's men, along with the rest of the 101st Airborne, would drop into Eindhoven as part of Operation Market-Garden. While the capture of Eindhoven went smoothly for them, subsequent German counterattacks by elite Panzer Divisions would ultimately cause the Operation to fail. Easy would then be forced to Hold the Line against further German attacks in order to help rescue British paratroopers still Trapped Behind Enemy Lines.
    • Their worst combat experiences would be around Bastogne and Foy from December 1944 to January 1945, during the Battle of the Bulge. With another incompetent commander in the form of Lt. Norman Dike, Easy Company struggled with supply shortages, subzero temperatures, and the aforementioned incompetent leadership. Worse still, Easy would end up suffering several casualties, most notably Guarnere and Toye (who lost their legs during a German artillery barrage), as well as Muck and Penkala (who were obliterated by a German artillery shell). In exchange, however, they got a competent officer to replace Dike as their CO: Speirs. In addition, replacing the exhausted Lt. Compton was a newly-promoted Lt. Lipton.
    • Easy's last known combat operation would be at Hagenau in early 1945, in a mission to capture German prisoners for interrogation. Following this, they would take part in the push into Germany, where, to the horror of many of the Company's members, discovered a Nazi Concentration Camp. While some like O'Keefe were immediately traumatized by the sight in front of them, others, such as Winters, felt that this finally made their reason for fighting in Europe worth it, as this proved that the Nazis were evil and the regime had to be annihalated. They would end the war in Berchtesgaden, Austria, where they finally got some proper rest and relaxation, along with several stolen prizes from the now-former Nazi regime. While some feared inevitable deployment to Japan, with the War in the Pacific still raging on the other side of the world, others were hoping to score enough points to get home. Inbetween all of these worries, a few smaller tragedies would take place, with Janovec dying in a vehicular accident just weeks after the War in Europe had ended, while Sgt. Grant ended up shot in the head by a drunk replacement. Fortunately for Grant at least, he was saved thanks to the quick thinking of Capt. Speirs, while the replacement in question got heavily beaten by Easy's men, was nearly executed by Speirs, and was ultimately sentenced to life imprisonment for multiple murders while under influence.
    • With the end of the War in the Pacific in August 1945, Easy Company's remaining worries regarding further combat deployment were soon extinguished. The notable surviving members of the Company would end their wartime story playing baseball, while Winters narrated the ultimate fates of Easy's most notable surviving members.
  • With the increasing numbers of German troops being ascended and the Nazi leadership coming up with increasingly dangerous weapons supernatural or scientific (sometimes a combination of both, as seen with Sophie and Hexenium) to defeat the Allied Forces present and eventually conquer the entire Pantheon under their regime, Major Winters and Captain Speirs finally decided it was time to ascend the rest of Easy Company, their friends, subordinates, and brother in arms, into the Pantheon as well. With help from none other than Steven Spielberg, Winters and Speirs were able to travel back to a version of their home dimension, not unlike how Schmidt had arranged expeditions into other universes and timelines in search for wonderweapons.
  • The Easy Company members that would ultimately end up in the Pantheon pretty much shared the same history and wartime service record as their historical counterparts, looking as they did during the finale of their miniseries. However, while the majority of the historical Easy Company went on to leave the Army and take on various civilian careers, these versions of Easy Company, following their iconic baseball game, would be briefed by the ascended versions of Winters and Speirs, the same two deities who had already been in the Pantheon for some time. They asked the men under their command for a favor, and would only accept volunteers. If they wished to refuse, they were free to leave and return home. Both officers then briefed the Company about the Nazis still being around in another universe, where they were occupying various countries, subjucating people, and committing various war crimes in their new occupied territories, all with either unimaginable and incomprehensible powers and technology years or even decades ahead of their time. Winters warned them that this mission would be extremely dangerous, and they would likely never return home again once they arrived in this new universe. Despite these risks, every single member of Easy present volunteered to go with their commanding officers, with no last-minute hesitations whatsoever.
    • In addition, Winters and Speirs had also managed to recruit several of Easy Company's members that had become casualties before the end of the War in Europe, such as Sergeants Toye and Guarnere, who had both lost legs during the Battle of the Bulge, and even some less notable members like Sgt. Edward Tipper and Pvt. Albert Blithe, who were both out of action following severe wounds received in Normandy. All of them wished to volunteer after Winters and Speirs had briefed them, despite their injuries and lost limbs. Winters and Speirs reassured them that they could fight, since the Pantheon had several ways of miraculously restoring them to peak condition.
    • Unfortunately, neither Winters, Speirs, nor any of the Company's men, could bring back any of the members who had been killed in action, for apparently unknown reasons. Some believe it's better for them to stay dead, while others are disappointed that they couldn't get their friends back, but nonetheless continue serving and doing their duties.
  • Upon making it into the Pantheon, the various Easy Company members find out that their Temple is none other the RAF Upottery Airfield, the same one where they took off just prior to their D-Day drop. Arriving at their new base of operations, the surviving Easy Company members from Austria are soon greeted by a number of familiar faces: none other than their surviving former members who had become battlefield casualties, including Toye and Guarnere, now with their injuries fully healed and their lost limbs having somehow grown back. Unsurprisingly, the members from Austria are overjoyed to see their old friends back, thinking that they'd never see them after what had happened to them previously.
    • Among the most notable reunions is between Winters and his old confidant and best friend, Captain Lewis Nixon, who ascended alongside the rest of Easy Company. Immediately, Winters begins telling his old friend of the various combat missions and adventures he's undertaken, with Nixon listening intently, even offering him a drink of whiskey after hearing all of the rough things he went through without him. Joining them in drinking is Lt. Harry Welsh, also among the officers who made it in. Meanwhile, Speirs is now once again assisted by both 2nd Lt. Carwood Lipton and First Sergeant Floyd Talbert in running Easy Company. Compton, despite his earlier Heroic BSoD, ends up resuming his command position within the Company.
  • Not long after their cheerful reunion, the rest of Easy Company is soon briefed by both Major Richard Winters and Capt. Ronald Speirs on their first combat mission in the Pantheon and their planned drop zone, located in the Principality of Eylstadt, an Alternate Timeline version of Austria. With their prior experience in occupying the Austria of their timeline, Easy Company was more or less the ideal choice for this mission, not helped by the fact that a lot of other Allied units were heavily engaged in other parts of the Pantheon.
    • Their objective would be to help recapture the eastern half of the country from occupying German and HYDRA forces, who have fortified the mountainous countryside east of the capital Landsbruck. They would end up rendezvousing with elements of Eylstadt's Army and Resistance, as well as a reconaissance unit of the 101st Airborne, led by Staff Sergeants Matthew Baker and Joseph Hartsock.
    • And so it was, with Easy's first airborne drop since Operation-Market Garden being successful despite fierce German Anti-Air fire and opposition. Linking up with Baker's and Hartsock's squads as well as elements of Eylstadt's Army, Easy Company soon achieve their objectives, destroying enemy artillery batteries, destroying railroad bridges, and capturing and holding important towns and road junctions. It's also in Eylstadt that the rest of Easy Company would encounter both the fabled White Witch of Eylstadt, Izetta and her Arch-Enemy, "HYDRA's New Champion" and the Weiss Hexe, Sophie. While Easy Company as a whole always expected to be in the face of danger, seeing the two witches have a spectacular fight right over their heads and near their positions pretty much confirmed to them that the Pantheon was a whole other thing altogether from the European Theater of their timeline. Pfc. David Webster, known for having studied Literature in college, ends up writing a romanticized account of this encounter, while the rest of Easy Company's members later end up posing with Izetta in a propaganda photoshoot taken after the battle.
    • Following their successful capture of the Eastern half of Eylstadt, Easy Company, for their major role in the complete liberation of the Central European nation, are awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation by President Roosevelt. Several of Easy's officers and NCOs also end up receiving Silver Stars and Bronze Stars, with Speirs and Winters each getting a Distinguished Service Cross. Several of the Privates would also end up receiving awards from the Eylstadt military, as gratitude for helping them liberate their homeland.
    • As a reward for their heroic actions, Easy Company are given some rest and relaxation in Landsbruck, as well as other, non-combat duties such as serving as military advisors for the Eylstadt Army. Eugene "Doc" Roe, one of The Medics of Easy Company, ends up helping treat wounded soldiers and civilians, both American and Eylstadt alike. Others, like Perconte, Talbert, and even Cpt. Speirs, end up pilfering their share of battle trophies throughout Landsbruck and the Eylstadt countryside, obtaining things from handguns, wristwatches, camouflage tunics, and even cutlery, just as they had done back in Germany and Austria.
  • In addition to Eylstadt, elements of Easy Company are also deployed to other parts of the Pantheon where German troop presence is heavy, such as the Dutch city of Eindhoven, a place where Easy Company have also fought in back in 1944. It's here that they finally get a chance to talk with other members of the 101st, namely the aforementioned Baker, Hartsock, Jasper, Connor, Paddock, and the rest of 2nd and 3rd Recon Squads. Sure enough, thanks to their shared combat experiences as well as association with Col. Robert Sink, Easy's paratroopers soon strike a close friendship with their gliberborne counterparts, even considering them as honorary members of Easy. Working in close coordination, the combined 101st Airborne unit, alongside Cpl. Boyd Travers and his squad, manage to help keep Hell's Highway safe from German counteroffensives attempting to reinforce Eindhoven.
  • Near Omaha Beach, members of Easy Company can be seen working alongside Charlie and Dog Companies of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, as well as Lt. Mike Powell, also from the same unit. Aside from defending Charlie Company's Temple, the French Town of Ramelle, Easy's members are also involved in aiding the Rangers disable German tanks, artillery, and bunkers. Captain Miller is impressed at Easy Company's combat performance, to say the least. Compared to Ryan's old ragrag unit of paratroopers, Easy Company establishes itself as being a cut above most other paratrooper units in the 101st Airborne, suffering fewer casualties and achieving far more objectives. It's also in Normandy that Easy Company receives assistance from a 3rd-party benefactor, one Genevieve Dieudonne. Thanks to her admiration for Winters and Speirs, she ends up saving the Company and several of its individual members from certain harm or doom, particularly from more powerful German units such as the Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites, who catch Easy Company's soldiers off-guard with their durability against most conventional firearms.
  • Thanks to their experience in conducting patrols behind enemy lines, several Easy Company soldiers end up being recruited by Captain America, Agent Carter, and Sgt. "Bucky" Barnes in missions against HYDRA bases and factories scattered throughout the Pantheon. With HYDRA amping up their production of Hexenium and wonderweapons powered by it, the need for elite soldiers acquainted with operating behind enemy lines was in high demand, something Easy Company, who have themselves stated that they're supposed to be surrounded, could very much achieve and then some. Among those recruited by Captain Rogers include Lt. "Buck" Compton, a competent Easy Company officer who bears more than a passing resemblance to Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan.
  • Much like many other WWII veterans and units, Easy Company wholly despise Vito Scaletta for his crimes committed at the end of the war. Despite his good service record and honorable discharge, they refuse to allow him to serve in the frontline alongside them. Perconte in particular, who is of Italian descent, wants nothing to do with him, no thanks to his known connections to The Mafia.
  • The Company as a whole are among the closest to a few of the Pantheon's Holocaust victims thanks to their experiences in discovering a Concentration Camp in Germany in 1945. Privates Liebgott and Webster, both serving as German translators for the Company, end up becoming some of the closest confidants for both Sophie Zawistowski and Pvt. Robert Zussman, both having been made into slave labor during the war. Liebgott himself had promised Sophie that she'd go after any Nazis involved in the running of such camps should they ever ascend. It's also for this reason that the Private also ends up going on missions with The Basterds, something that Winters opposes but ultimately doesn't stop Liebgott from doing, given that the missions that The Basterds have undertaken and still undertake have proven to be war winners (literally, at one point).
  • Much like with their leader Captain Speirs, it's best that Easy Company should not be allowed anywhere near the Girls und Panzer deities, particularly the Anglerfish Team and Maho Nishizumi, who both use German tanks that are also still heavily used by both German and HYDRA forces in the Pantheon. This isn't helped that there was in fact an incident where Lt. Welsh, with help from one Technician Fifth Grade John McGrath, almost ended up killing the Anglerfish Team with an M1A1 Bazooka, the entire team only surviving thanks to McGrath's shot deflecting off the armor of their Panzer IV, and the team reacting quickly by revealing their identities to the two paratroopers, who promptly apologized for their reckless actions.
"Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?"

"No, but I served in a company of heroes."

    The Heroes of the World of Balance 
The Heroes of the World of Balance, Celestial Team of Diverse Backgrounds members (The Returners | Terra: Tina Branford, The Esperkin, The Girl Who Pilots the Magitek Armor, the Girl | Locke: Lock Cole | Edgar: Gerad, Geoff | Sabin: Macías "Mash" Rene Figaro, Mr. Thou (by Gau) | Celes: Ceres? | Shadow: Clyde Arrowny | Cyan: Cayenne, Kaien | Setzer: The Wandering Gambler | Strago: Stragus, Stragos | Relm: Realm)
Left to right: Celes, Edgar, Shadow, Sabin, Gau, Cyan, Terra, Terra's Esper form, Strago, Gogo, Relm, Setzer, Umaro, Locke, Mog
Fan art by かまなつ
  • Lesser Deities in general (in Esper form, Terra reaches Intermediate levels, which everyone can reach using Magicite); Gogo might be a Greater God
  • Symbol: A Magicite crystal
  • Theme Song: Balance is Restored
  • Alignment: The whole gamut of Good overall, but Umaro, Gogo, and Shadow are more True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Anti-Nihilist, Character Development, Desperation Attacks (sans Umaro and Gau), Empowered Badass Normal (save Terra, Celes, and Strago), Ensemble Cast, Patrick Stewart Speech, Bag of Sharing, Lost Their Mothers After Being Born (Gau, Relm, Edgar, and Sabin only), Personal Stakes Against The Empire and/or Kefka (Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, Shadow, and Cyan)
  • Domain(s): Heroes, Hope, Anti-Nihilism
  • Heralds: Banon, Interceptor (Shadow's dog) the Phantom Train Ghosts, General Leo Cristophe, the other Ten Moogles (Molulu, Moghan, Moguel, Moglin, Mogret, Moggie, Mogsy, Mogwin, Mugmug, and Cosmog)
  • Allies: Cosmos, all other Final Fantasy heroes
  • Enemies: Kefka Palazzo, Lord Chaos/Garland, Emperor Mateus, Exdeath, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Caius Ballad, Ardyn Izunia, Ghetsis Haromnia, Relius, The Joker, Adam MacIntyre, Pennywise, Dimentio, Sweet Tooth, Champ, the Liebertarian Movement, Lord Voldemort, Medusa Gorgon, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, HYDRA and Red Skull, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Palpatine, the Zabi Family.
  • Odd Friendship: Broly (Terra, fairly one-sided)
  • Respected by: Emperor Calus
  • Pities:
  • Opposed By:
    • Locke: the House of Law and Justice in general (except maybe Carmelita Fox)
  • Oppose: Yveltal, Beerus, Galactus
  • When it comes to saving the world, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and that means when enough of them gather together, be it by fate, desperation, incompetence, expectations to be expendable, or any other number of reasons, they aren't going to be a cohesive group. Yet they end up being successful anyway. These are the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.
    • Finding representatives for the group proved to be a daunting task, as there are too many to count, many that are known that either already fit other tropes or have all or some of its members as perfect fits for the tropes they already represent, and it's difficult to find one group that is most exemplary/famous of the trope.
    • Eventually, the Court decided to look at all the best examples of the trope, put them all in a grab bag, and picked one. Their selection? The Heroes of the World of Balance from Final Fantasy VI. This does require Terra to surrender Mama Bear and Locke to surrender Video Game Stealing, but they were okay with that if it meant bringing in everyone else.
    • Everyone else was overjoyed to be reunited with each other once more after they had since parted ways. Shadow however was mostly shocked, given he had stayed behind at the collapsing Kefka's Tower to atone for failing to Mercy Kill his former partner-in-crime Baram. The Court told him that he has atoned for his mistake, and this was his second chance. As for whether or not he'll let Relm know her father's still alive, that's up to him.
  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • Part of the ascension package of the entire party is a set of magicite copies for their summons, just like how Bartz can still Class Change even without the Crystal's powers. There are also a Magitek Armor manufactory for most of them to operate (and with a different power source in place of drained essence of living Espers), even the technologically-inept Cyan. The only ones who don't have are the Wild Child Gau and the Yeti Umaronote .
      • And for group travels, they still have the Falcon, Setzer's second airship that used to belong to his girlfriend Darill.
    • Despite everything that is know about them, there are still some things left unanswered. Such as Terra's time as a servant of the Empire, how Celes rose through its ranks at such a young age, and so on.
    • As those who have worked to save the world from destruction, they are obviously not happy with those who support it, and have trouble with those who see it as their duty (like Beerus, Galactus, and Yveltal).
      • The same applies to those who can be reminiscent of Kefka, such as the Joker, Adam MacIntyre, Pennywise, Sweet Tooth, Dimentio Champ, and Carnage, especially considering the former's sociopathy. Even more so in Dimentio's case, as he not only is an Expy of Kefka, but he also tried to destroy The Multiverse.
    • Locke is good friends with Kasumi, Itsuki Myoudouin/Cure Sunshine, Presea Combatir, Cliana Rimskaya, and Tomoyo Sakagami as they remind him of his girlfriend Celes. Celes herself has gotten acquianted with them as well and became friends with them, too. That said, not all goddesses are friendly, such as Medusa Gorgon, and her abuse of her child Crona earned the witch their enmity.
    • In place of Limit Breaks like Cloud and company onwards, the group (sans Gau and Umaro) have a chance to pull off Desperation Attacks that may occur if they're on their last legs and elect to attack rather than, say, heal back up.
    • For their opposition to Kefka's Nihilism, they have earned Emperor Calus's respect, even if they might not all return that sentiment due to the kind of person he is.
    • They all possess different tents when they use one, though Umaro is somehow able to make an igloo for his tent wherever he likes.
    • When it comes to leaders of factions making a Heel–Face Turn, the group is very hard to get the trust of given the last time with Emperor Gestahl, and they didn't buy his claim for peace either.
    • Among their new enemies in the Pantheon are those that were like the Gestahlian Empire, such as HYDRA, its leader Red Skull, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Palpatine, and the Zabis.
  • Exclusive to Terra:
    • A strong believer in love's ability to conquer all, especially if children are in danger. She's slow to resort to violence, but only because her powers are so immense and can cause her to lose control of her senses, when she does fight, she's good at it. Her proud and very serious declaration of "I can protect everything!" is often known to be the last words an enemy hears before the impending Riot Blade hits them. As such, she gained a consensus to represent a mother's wrath.
      • That said, when she started out, she previously had some trouble figuring out if she was even capable of feeling love. Nowadays, she is one of the biggest advocates of it. It has made her popular in the House of Love.
      • Though she would prefer that folks stop shipping her with Locke (already with Celes), Celes (vice-versa), Edgar, Setzer, Shadow, Kefka, or Bartz. Especially the second-to-last one.
    • Was previously a follower of Kefka during a period of being mentally enslaved. She broke free and ascended to the Pantheon shortly after. Obviously Kefka isn't a fan and loves to berate her for her previous service. And don't get him started on Terra's insistence of love to justify existence.
    • When she first ascended, she was surprised to see that her esper powers have returned since she had used all of it to defeat Kefka. These magical properties increased her ranking, though she is fine with her standard one. While many evil gods see this as an opportunity to extract them from her, she is far more experienced with her powers now.
    • Is understandably pissed at those who manipulate others to do their bidding. She does not want anyone to suffer the same thing that she did under Kefka. One of her main targets of this is the Liebertarian Movement led by the God of Mind Rape himself. She has a tendency to help out the Magical Girl Sisterhood in that regard.
      • Is also wary of Aizen and his ability to change one's senses. Aizen claims that it won't even be necessary; Terra decided it was best not to think too much about it.
    • Yes, even just after being broken out of brainwashing, Terra did know that Edgar had been flirting with her; she's not that naive to miss that. It's just that she was troubled by the fact that she had no emotional reaction to it.
    • Was confused over some talk from visitors from the House of Family and Relatives that being an orphan is a benefit sometimes and paid the House a visit. Upon meeting Precia and Ghetsis*, horrid understanding dawned. She remains an in-frequent visitor to the House of Family as fortunately many of the others there are much less horrible.
    • With adequate Papa Wolf and Mama Bear rage over YHVH's plot to kill Madoka, her attention was drawn, causing her and Bryan Mills to join "The Pantheonic Rebellion" in the defensive detachment. This was a nightmare come to life for her foes. One of them alone can wipe out armies with their wrath; very few things can stop Terra and Bryan working in tangent.
    • One can say that Ellen Ripley was a huge candidate for the title before Terra snatched the role, and then surrendered it with her transfer. She went on to work on Terra's behalf, becoming one of her most formidable followers, even though her wrath wasn't on behalf on her own daughter. Ripley's ascension was a joyous affair, with the two hugging it out. The ascension of the Xenomorphs has compelled them to work together more often.
    • Met with Raiden to praise him for his rescue of many orphans, and offered to help these children when needed. The cyper ninja has had a rough life, but she was glad he was able to turn things around with his latest game.
    • Is well liked among the Final Fantasy community, seeing her as one of the one who went through the most Character Development among the protagonists.
    • Sees Rio as an interesting case. While she betrayed her friends, it was out of her own free will, which made her Heel–Face Turn even sweeter. Terra was one of the first in the GUAG to forgive her for her actions.
    • The followers of Terra (prior to her move) and Hungary work hand in hand, as many a Violently Protective Girlfriend end up as Mama Bears once they grow older. The two still tend to help each other when there's a prick to beat up.
    • Was surprised to see the vampire Larten pay a visit. He offered a proposition; help him to promote platonic relationships between vampires and children. Adding more good aligned vampires to her ranks would certainly help his cause. After some consideration, Terra agreed.
    • Finds Sophitia's story to be a tragic one. She respects the mother's love for her children, even when it briefly put her on the side of evil.
    • Somehow managed to be one of the few people who can actually get Broly somewhat under wraps. Aside from their fashion sense not being too dissimilar in terms of color and style, there's also their shared experiences with their incredible powers being restrained and then controlled for destruction of a villain's enemies via slave crowns. While he gives her a certain degree of respect and tries not to lose his shit around her, he's also interested in fighting her to see just how strong she is. She pities him more than anything else, though.
  • Formed a bond with Violet Evergarden for how they both were used as tools of war in their childhoods and felt as a result that they were incapable of understanding love. Violet enjoys how Terra is always patient and understanding with her and they are both willing to admit to their awkwardness or ways they sometimes don't fit in socially with other people's emotional bonds.
  • Exclusive to Locke:
    • Back when they had separate titles, he was is happy to see Terra again in the Pantheon. Locke was one of the people who saved her from the empire. The fact that she was amnesiac at the time reminded of his lost love Rachel.
    • Locke is also disgusted to see Kefka in the Pantheon. Being a member from an Empire which killed his girlfriend and also being responsible from the near-destruction of his world was sufficient to make that psychotic clown his enemy.
    • Naturally, he is also good friends with all heroic Final Fantasy deities. Most notable is Zidane, who is also a thief with a huge Chronic Hero Syndrome. Although Zidane doesn't care of being called a thief that much. Also, the fact that Zidane can also use a Trance and becpme "pink" also makes him similar to Terra. Well, Zidane had met an old man named Locke in Lindblum…
      • Is also good friends with Cloud, Tidus and Yuna, given that his thief skills also reminds them of Yuffie and Rikku. Locke is also good friends with Balthier, given that aside of being a Sky Pirate, he reminds him of Setzer, which also drives an Airship.
    • Even though he doesn’t like to be called a thief, Locke is allied with all good-aligned gods from the House of Crime. Most notably is his relationship with Sly Cooper, as both are very protective of a girl which they always have to save.
    • Although he got over his loved one's death, he is still protective of women.
    • In regards to his own voice, Locke is good friends with Josuke. Despite the lack of other similarities, both have one thing in common: They have a mean side in regard to a specific insult: Locke hates being called "Thief", while Josuke is very sensitive about his hair.
    • While no longer interested in the Phoenix magicite, thanks to eventually getting over his former girlfriend's death, Locke is allies with other phoenixes such as Phoenix Ikki, Moltres, and Ho-Oh.
    • Many gods still discuss if Locke's hair is blond or gray. Many artworks implies that he is blond, but many versions of him are grey-haired. Of course, he is not an old-man. He's 25.
    • As a guy with an inability to stop shouting his fiancee's name who is given an encouraging speech by said fiancee… right before she turns into a crystal, someone compared him to Snow Villiers.
    • Don't call him a thief, even though he have stealing skills. He's a treasure hunter.
      • And as Edgar can attest to, another Berserk Button of his is insulting his style choice, specifically bandanas.
    • Given his… performance at the opera, Locke is not looking forward to doing ad-lib if case there's a performance being interrupted and he's required to intervene.
    • Hey! Call me a treasure hunter, or I'll rip your lungs out!
  • Exclusive to Edgar:
    • Edgar was a prince of the Kingdom of Figaro alongside Sabin and had shared the status of heir to the throne with him. After their father died of poison by the Gestahlian Empire, Sabin, upset at the apparent lack of sorrow for his father's death and all the talk of succession, urged Edgar to run away with him. But the elder brother didn't want to abandon their father's wishes, so he proposed a coin toss. Tails, Edgar gets to leave and Sabin takes the throne, heads, vice-versa occurs. Since the coin used was two-headed, Edgar became king while Sabin left Figaro to live a free life.
    • As a benevolent king, he naturally opposes evil-aligned kings, emperors, and dictators such as Scar, Joffrey Baratheon, and Prine Minister Honest. For working with the last, as well as everything else about her, he also opposes Esdeath.
    • While lances and auto-crossbows are a default weapon of choice for him, Edgar uses a wide array of gadgets in battle. This has drawn the attention of Agatha Heterodyne, who's technically a leader with a devoted following and a user of self-made gadgets (though most of that following are stuck in time). As a result, he's an occasional visitor of her temple, and she has invited him to the GUAG Engineering Division.
    • Regarding that part where he says to Relm, "Hope you're still around in eight years.", he denies it being The Jailbait Wait; given what had just happened (Kefka stealing all the Espers, and the death of General Leo), he was hoping that she won't die very soon.
  • Exclusive to Sabin:
    • After leaving Figaro, not knowing of Edgar's rigging of the coin toss until much later, Sabin met the renowned martial arts teacher Duncan Harcourt and asked to be his student. Duncan's son Vargas grew jealous as he feared Sabin might take over as master, though Sabin didn't think so. When Vargas apparently killed Duncan, he fled to Mt. Kolts, with Sabin in pursuit. It would be there when he reunites with Edgar, as well as meet Locke and Terra.
    • He's most known for suplexing a train! A ghost train ferrying the dead, to be exact. And there are several who wish to spar with him in hopes of one day matching this feat, such as Tifa and Undyne.
    • As someone who relinquished his claim to kinghood (which he didn't want anyway) (well, he and Edgar wagered over who gets to live free, which the latter rigged so the former could), he despises those who decide to depose their sibling to claim the throne, such as Scar and Nightmare Moon. He also despises cruel royalty just like Edgar.
  • Exclusive to Celes:
    • When she was a child, Celes was one of those who were experimented on and artifically infused with magic. She soon ascended the ranks all the way to general despite her young age of 18. Celes was introduced in the story as a Mage General of the empire who was arrested and readied for execution. The specific reason for her arrest is never mentioned, although it is implied she spoke out against Kefka's plan of poisoning Doma. It was Locke who found and rescued her, and that's how she eventually joined the team, even though there was some friction due to being ex-Empire (without amnesia as an excuse like with Terra).
      • Come the World of Ruin, she essentially became the center protagonist and was responsible for Putting the Band Back Together to defeat Kefka once and for all.
    • Prior to her own ascension, she served under the Magic Knights as both their High Priestess and their combat tutor, and she continues to correspond with them even after her ascension.
    • Presumably has her own two-headed coin given that she uses one in her bet with Setzer even if Edgar wasn't there to provide his.
    • It's true that she happens to have enough talent for opera to stand-in for another, but she's not lookingforward to repeating that performance.
    • Celes also has a relationship with both Cids. But it's more like his name reminded her of her' grandfather figure.
  • Exclusive to Shadow:
    • Shadow was first encountered by Terra, Locke, and Edgar at a pub in South Figaro. But it wouldn't be until Sabin visited a certain house owned by Gau's father that he would meet Shadow, and join him. He would stay along until they reach Doma and run into Cyan, and then he would take off soon after, or after a trip to the Phantom Train. He would run into the party again and leave them again on several instances, but if the party does certain things correctly, he will eventually join them permanently, only leaving them one last time during the collapse of Kefka's tower, presumably dying when it crumbled.
    • For reasons unknown, whenever he's found unconscious on the floor, people will address him as female. He has no idea why that is so.
    • As for what he does when he isn't with the other heroes, he's usually doing mercenary work or participating in gladiator combat.
    • Occasionally shadows Relm when Interceptor wants to hang out with her. The dog will be the only hint that he's present at all, if it's not a case of hanging with the entire group for a GUAG mission.
  • Exclusive to Cyan:
    • Cyan used to be a general in Doma fighting against the Empire. And then Kefka poisoned the river, killing everyone else inside the keep, including his wife and his child, leaving only himself and a single Doman scout. And so he vowed vengeance against the Empire, yet he had enough clarity to accept Sabin's (and Shadow's) aid when they offered it when they were also fighting Imperials. After a ride in (and a fight with) the Phantom Train, a trip to the Veldt, and a ferry to South Figaro, he and Sabinnote  and Gau eventually reunite with everyone else and he officially joins the Returners.
    • For the record, his name is pronounced kai-en, not sai-an like you would pronounce the color.
    • For some reason, when Cyan is preparing his Bushido techniques, everyone else has to stand by before he's ready. Additionally, only Umaro seems unsusceptible to this pause. However, if Quick is cast on him, he's free to use any Bushido attack twice without harming the pace of the battle.
    • One day in the House of Combat, he was set up to a duel against the God of Named Weapons, Owain. In the aftermath of that, as the one younger swordsman talked about his mother (but not by name), Cyan for a moment wondered if this was his son (somehow) all grown up given that he had died amongside his own beau (even though he saw both of them die and board the Phantom Train). And when Owain's mother showed up to fetch him, Cyan was utterly flummoxed and unable to comprehend just how a young lady like Lissa be a mother already. And even after an explanation, it was still hard to comprehend the whole Time Travel deal. Still, Cyan and Owain continue to see each other and duel at times, sometimes even mixing magic in.
  • Exclusive to Gau:
    • Gau was born in a house north of the Veldt. During childbirth, Gau's mother died, and his father went mad as a result. He believed Gau was a demon, threw him out on the Veldt, a place where monsters from all over the world migrate, and he convinced himself that the kid and his wife were all a dream. Gau survived on the Veldt on his own since then before joining Sabin and Cyan (Shadow having left them by then).
      • Sometime during the World of Ruin, he eventually met his father again (though he doesn't remember), and Sabin decided they would make him presentable. It was certainly a hilarious sequence, but in the end it was for naught, and the party discovers Gau's origins, with Sabin ready to beat up the old man, but Gau came to his defense, and is just glad that his father is still alive.
    • As a Wild Child, his speech is pretty broken. That said, it's still impressive that he's able to speak with any kind of coherence, given that he was abandoned as a newborn.
    • In battle, Gau fights using techniques he's learned from monsters at the Veldt, and given his adventures with the other heroes, he's learned a lot. Now in the Pantheon, he can be sometimes found at the House of Beasts and Fauna trying to learn other things, and given every Rage he's learned, it's possible he can become much stronger with enough time and as more and more unique monsters appear.
      • When Gau emulates an enemy he gains its elemental immunities, weaknesses, and absorptions, as well as their status immunities, and innate statuses, such as Protect or Float. No one has figured out how that works.
    • Due to his life in the wilds, Gau doesn't like civilized clothing in general, as he finds it cumbersome and uncomfortable. Still, he won't say no to a scarf, and can occasionally be seen wearing a Snow Scarf that absorbs ice attacks and resists fire attacks.
    • As fellow humans who've lived in the wilds, Gau became fast friends with Tarzan, Mowgli (even if he has returned to civilization, though they're relatively primitive), and George of the Jungle.
  • Exclusive to Setzer:
    • Setzer is a gambler by nature and pilot by trade. In his youth, he was involved with a girl named Darill who owned the airship Falcon. She was aware of her risk-taking nature as she casually mentioned to Setzer that the Falcon was his sheould she she ever be unable to fly. Mortified by the idea, Setzer said no such thing would ever happen, and that he would only take the Falcon after having won it fairly. After a day of flying, Darill went out on her own and pushed the Falcon to its limits. The ship crashed in a distant valley, and when Setzer found the remains he entombed them beneath the sea.
      • Shell-shocked by the loss, Setzer impressed his desires upon Maria, a wealthy opera star, and eventually threatened to kidnap her in the middle of the opera she was about to star in, "Maria and Draco". But as luck would have it, Locke Cole and his party were desperate for an airship, and so together with the Impresario foiled Setzer's plan by having Celes take Maria's place. When Setzer abducts Celes, Locke followed him back to the Blackjack, and the party sought to negotiate for the airship.
      • While disappointed upon getting the wrong girl, he found Celes more attractive. But she took advantage of his gambling desires with a coin toss; Heads, Setzer would help the Returners reach the Southern Continent to rescue Maduin and the other espers; if it was tails, Celes would agree to be Setzer's "woman". He takes the bet, loses, finds he was duped with a double-headed coin, yet was actually impressed with the trick, and he threw in his lot with the group.
    • Thanks to getting an early tenure in the Pantheon by way of being one of their Heralds, Setzer still corresponds with the Cids from time to time.
    • No, he will not bribe his opponents for victory. That DiZ guy clearly got his character wrong.
  • Exclusive to Strago:
    • Strago grew up in Thamasa, a village where Magi live in secret. He looked after Relm after her father Clyde left to keep his thieving past from catching up to his new family. It's not known if Strago knows about Shadow's past, though. He encountered the party when they visited in seach of rogue Espers, and after a night's stay, and saving Relm from a burning house, that's when he joined them.
    • While Strago does raise Relm as his granddaughter (and Thamasa believes it to be the case), it's not known if they're actually blood-related, which would also make him Shadow/Clyde's father-in-lawnote .
    • Strago is a Blue Mage, a class able to learn techniques used by other monsters. Unlike traditonal Blue Mages, he merely needs to see the skill in action (even if it's an already-copied skill from Gau's Rage), which admittedly means if his vision or mind is compromised, he won't be able to learn the technique.
    • One of Strago's Lores that he can learn is Rippler, which exchanges "statuses" between the caster and the target. It can be pretty dangerous as it can lead to him taking away Terra's Morph form, or preventing Shadow's Interceptor from partaking in any more battles.
  • Exclusive to Relm:
    • Relm is the (probable) granddaughter of Strago, daughter of Clyde Arrowny a.k.a. Shadow, and a Magi with a talent in art. She first met Terra and company when they visited Thamasa in seach of rogue Espers. Sometime while they were staying for the night, Relm was caught in a fire while spending time at a friend's house (to play with a Fire Rod). Strago, Terra, and Lock went into to save her, and were almost cornered by the flames until Shadow and Interceptor rescued them. They elected to leave her behind, but she followed them, and soon proved her worth by Sketching Ultros when he ran into them for the third time, and the drawing will scare him off.
    • Her Sketch works by painting a portrait of one of her opponents and use one of its attacks on itself. Its success rate depends on Relm's (or Gogo's if they're miming her) Level and the opponent's. If she's at equal or higher Level, then it'll always work. That said, her power doesn't work on allies, invisible foes, or if it's too "difficult" for her to Sketch, and if the ability she's Sketching is affected by Silence, then it won't work. Still, even without Sketch, Relm is still a proficient mage.
      • However, with a unique relic called the Fake Mustache, instead of Sketching an enemy monster, Relm can Control them, making it easy for Strago to learn Lores, among other things.
    • For the record, her name is supposed to be pronounced like "real" with an "m" at the end, not like "realm".
    • Of course, she's perfectly capable of doing regular paintings, and can occasionally be seen in the House of Craft practicing her art.
      • And that's where she met Eko, another person who can bring art to life. They hit it off well at first, and then things got crazy when Eko wanted a battle. As it was, in response to seeing Kazu , Relm had Sketched Kazu and that offended Eko, but when the Sketched Kazu proved to have a far shorter duration of existence than her own, Eko also felt proud that Relm's copy could not compare. And then the Pictomancer proceeded to fling magic spells. Despite that, they still get along well.
    • As someone who uses art as a force of good, Kirby instantly befriended her as she reminds him of Adeleine.
    • Before participating in a battle, Relm tends to wave at a random direction before doing so. If there are cameras in the area when this happens, she always somehow ends facing one of them to do this.
    • Despite all the kinds of people that exist in the Pantheon, she was actually hard-pressed to find other painters like herself. Eventually, while checking out rooftops, she did find someone and approached the former holder for Starving Artist, Yusuke Kitagawa. They got to know each other well over doing paintings, an almost skipped lunchtime, exchanged histories (Relm was terrified at Yusuke's "tenure" with Madarame), and warding off a few pesky zealous angels (wherein she discovered his Persona powers and he her Sketch and magic). The Phantom Thief would shortly recommend other artists he knows such as Taki Tachibana, Masao "Mark" Inaba, and Maki Sonomura.
  • Exclusive to Mog:
    • Mog first entered the scene when he met Locke tending to an unconscious Terra while Narshe guards were on the search for her, and decided to help protect the formerly brainwashed Imperial with the aid of his other moogle companions, after which they parted ways. As for why, it's because he had received dream from the Esper Ramuh to aid the Returners, of which Locke was a part of. It's also through these dreams that Mog was able to speak the human language. He would meet them again while they were chasing Lone Wolf the Pickpocket to claim some treasure he stole, who shortly holds Mog hostage. Some things happened, and when the two end up clinging onto separate ledge for dear life, and have to choose between rescuing Mog, or claiming Lone Wolf's treasure.
      • Whether or not Mog is rescued then and there, he would appear again later at the World of Ruin, as te last moogle alive. If the party finds him, he will join them, and bring along Umaro as well.
    • Like every moogle, Mog doesn't like being touched or pulled by the pom-pom top.
  • Exclusive to Umaro:
    • Umaro is first found somewhere in the Narshe mines, and challenged the party when they stormed his cave and took his precious stone (the magicite Midgardsormr). Upon their victory, he allows them to pass through, but if Mog is present, the Yeti will be convinced to join the party.
      • As for why a yeti is following a moogle's orders in the first place, it's because Umaro has a strong sense of honor and feels like he owes a debt to Mog, because Mog shared some food with him when he had collapsed from exhaustion.
    • While unable to don much in terms of armor, weapons, or accesories, he has a Snow Muffler, which absorbs ice and resists fire.
    • With the Rage Ring, he can toss allies or himself (with no damage to either) at foes, and if the ally is asleep or confused, they immediately recover from it, and he seems to prioritize on those when he's tossing. He also absorbs fire and blocks lightning with it on.
    • In places where one is prohibited to performing regular attacks, Umaro is ideal since he doesn't tend to listen to those limitations anyway.
  • Exclusive to Gogo:
    • Found inside a Zone Eater at Triangle Island, upon encountering the party, they decided to join up. And that's all there is to them.
    • As a Mime, Gogo is capable of imitating any ability the other party members have, including Gau's Rages, Strago's Lores, Cyan's Sword Techs, and so on, but can't equip Espers.
    • Bartz recognized Gogo when he ran into them, as he and his group found them at a sunken ship and the party had to stay still with Gogo for a long while before the Mime bestowed them the Mime Class. Gogo for their part, is not answering if that was indeed them.
    • It is possible that Gogo is the very same Gogo from Final Fantasy V, having appeared in the world of Final Fantasy VI after casting Banish on himself during his Puzzle Boss. If so, it's very likely he is far stronger that his is letting himself appear; anyone who tries to beat that battle with force instead of doing it properly knows just how quickly he can tear a team apart.
  • Can also be found in Heroic Roles.

    Kilik, Chai Xianghua, and Maxi 
Kilik, Chai Xianghua, and Maxi, Divine Pantheonic Power Trio (Kilik: Destiny Awakened, Edge Master | Xianghua: Travelling Artist | Maxi: Dandy of the Seas)
Maxi (Left), Xianghua (Middle), and Kilik (Right)
  • Collectively Intermediate Gods, Lesser Gods Individually (Kilik and Xianghua are Intermediate Gods when the former Taps into his Malfested Soul Charge and when the latter wields Soul Calibur)
  • Symbol: Their Respective Weapons and the Dvapara-Yuga
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Generally Good, though each has a distinct flavor
  • Portfolio: Power Trio
  • Domains: Adventure, Friendship, Good, Love, Tragedy, Travel
  • Heralds: Edge Master, Xiba, Leixia (Xianghua's son and daughter, the former is also Kilik's son), Kyam, Meimei, Liang Lingyu
  • High Priests: Cosmic Boy/Polestar, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad/Live Wire
  • Allies: Siegfried Schtauffen, Sophitia Alexandra, Cassandra Alexandra, Hildegard von Krone, Link, Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion, Sol Badguy, Filia, Monkey D. Luffy, Jack Sparrow, Edward Kenway, Adéwalé, Raiden (the God of Thunder and the Cyborg Soldier), Liu Kang, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kuai-Liang/Sub-Zero, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Sun Shangxiang, Gandalf, Aragorn, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, Tyrion, Teclis, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Guts, Schierke, Casca, Galen Marek/Starkiller
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Grøh, Ivy Valentine, Jin Kisaragi
  • Enemies: Nightmare/Soul Edge, Tira, Cervantes de Leon, Sauron, Melkor, Saruman, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, The Dark Matter Horde, Hazama, Necrodancer and the Golden Lute, Nekron, Arthas Menethil, Griffith, The Godhand
  • Opposes: Soul Calibur
  • Conflicting Opinion: Dartz, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Pities: Algol, Al Simmons/Spawn
  • Watched By: Zasalamel
  • The world faced mortal danger with the arrival of Soul Edge, a blade that is said to be cursed by an "Evil Seed" and that whoever tried to take hold over the sword only causes them to be possessed and their minds bent to the will of the blade. The inherent Evil Seed also released a corruptive influence that poisoned the minds of many and twisted their mind and body into malevolent beings known as the Malfested. This would one day greatly affect the life of a warrior monk named Kilik, a member of the Ling Sheng So Temple where he found himself a familial substitute and greatly looked up to a girl named Chai Xianglian. However, on the day Kilik and Xianglian were to be gifted a pair of ancient artifacts, the Evil Seed took effect from the emergence of Nightmare, causing the temple's population to be corrupted and be driven insane by the desire to kill. Being the only one unaffected due to possessing the mirror, the Dvapara-Yuga, Kilik killed all of his familial substitutes, Xianglian included, out of self-defense, though not before suffering from a case of Survivor's Guilt and loss. Taking alongside him the fabled staff, the Kali-Yuga, with him that Xianglian had during her corruption and death as well as the Dvapara-Yuga, Kilik traveled around China, meeting an enigmatic man known only as Edge Master, who openly trained Kilik to master his fighting style as well as keeping in check of his two treasured relics, telling him that the Dvapara-Yuga was key to repelling the corruptive effects of the Kali-Yuga. Sometime after completing his training, Kilik would eventually meet a pirate traveler named Maxi and an Imperial Guard trainee named Chai Xianghua. All of them were united by a desire to pursue the cursed sword, Soul Edge, and quickly came to form a trio who went on a quest to destroy the blade, whilst their adventure also led to the three of them becoming close confidants and friends with one another. Their journey would lead them to Ostrheinsburg where they would confront the Azure Knight and possessor of Soul Edge, Nightmare, and his leading henchmen. While they were able to defeat him, their journey would still continue due to Nightmare's reemergence months later alongside a collection of related events.
    • Xianghua was born to a former monk of the Ling-Sheng Su temple who fathered two daughters, the other being Xianglian, though he and his wife separated, alongside their girls, and Xianghua's mother made no mention of her father. She would eventually enlist herself for a position in the Ming Empire's Imperial Guard, hoping that with her skills in swordsmanship, she can be approved to set off in search for the "Hero's Sword", which turned out to be Soul Edge. She was eventually successful in gaining a position and during her travels, she would meet up with Kilik and Maxi, and though unbeknownst to her, the sword that he was carrying was the Ling-Sheng Su's missing third artifact, the Krita-Yuga, which was actually the Holy Sword, Soul Calibur, taking the form of a Chinese sword.
    • Maxi was born to a merchant and, as a result, was knowledgeable about different cultures from what his father went through for his job, though he felt worn out by what he did and, in his last days, told Maxi to explore the world and experience the thrill and fun of being a free man, which his son took into heart. Establishing a band of pirates, Maxi went on to sail across much of Asia and Europe, though in a cruel turn of events, they were once attacked by the golem, Astaroth, who wound up slaying the crew, sans Maxi himself. He has since promised to carry on his crew's wishes of traveling the world. Having met Kilik prior hand as a visitor, Maxi was open to joining alongside him and Xianghua in their travels with his intended goal to fight and defeat Astaroth and avenge the death of his fellow pirate band.
    • The trio's adventure in ending the threat of Soul Edge would eventually lead them to divulge paths many years later; Kilik would eventually separate from Xianghua, though not before reciprocating their budding love with one another, which would lead Xianghua to bear a son, whom she named Xiba. Kilik would eventually take up the mantle of Edge Master and personally take it upon himself to master the balance between light and darkness that was thrust upon him the day the Evil Seed was released. Xianghua was taken into an Arranged Marriage with a Ming Empire general, with whom she would bear two children, as well as making a concentrated effort to keep in contact with her oldest son with Kilik. Maxi would successfully kill Astaroth, only to be embedded with a shard of Soul Edge, and chose to leave Kilik and Xianghua behind, not wanting to risk putting their lives in danger. Initially leading a lonely life, Maxi would find solace in being taught by Edge Master and eventually take up the offer of looking after and training Xiba as a favor to help Kilik in some way or another.
  • The trio would eventually find a way to ascend into the Pantheon, thanks to their grueling journey to destroy Soul Edge and its corruptive influence on the world. The circumstances of their ascension, however, were on a rather worrying note, for Soul Edge and Nightmare had managed to find their way into the Pantheon and was continuing to spread their influence to a new realm as well. While it is noted that Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi's entrance in the Pantheon was expected, given that their fates were intertwined with the cursed sword ever since the spread of the Evil Seed, it came as a surprise that they were not from a time that most were familiar with, but rather, they came from an earlier, heavily altered time period where while the main events regarding Nightmare and Soul Edge were largely the same, the surrounding circumstances and situations ended up playing much more differently. They weren't really aware of the older timeline either, which has left the trio confused for quite some time before they received some clarification from the House of Time and Temporality. Even so, the Pantheon has been quite welcoming to them and they've made an effort to explore and familiarize themselves with their new surroundings, which opened up to them being more determined to fight against Nightmare and his followers from attempting to corrupt the Pantheon to his own machinations.
  • Their opposition against Nightmare and Soul Edge aside, they are known to be quite close to one another and are willing to fight and die for another, which is one of the reasons why they've managed to persevere for so long. And from their experience in the Pantheon, it seems to look as if the trio, especially Maxi, have been pining to make a trip around the Pantheon and explore its wonders. Kilik and Xianghua are more than open in supporting his wishes and more often than not, traveling has become a major habit of theirs. While it's fun and refreshing, it also means a bigger chance to come across opponents, which the three were quick to get accustomed with and they've seen this habit as an important learning step to them as it means that even in the midst of having a sense of refreshment, one should always keep their mind alerted to whatever threat looms by. Maxi's experience as a pirate and being descended from a merchant has also been a helping matter in this case, which, by extension, has also led to the three of them got quickly accustomed to many of the Pantheon's residential deities, Houses, and settings.
  • The trio found the Pantheon to be quite a pleasant experience from what they encountered throughout their travels. For one, they were quite engaged in involving themselves with usual costumaries that they specialized in and the trio was willing to take a few breaks in an effort to immerse themselves, relax, and find some sort of enjoyment in anything they didn't concern them trying to hunt down Soul Edge or the Malfested. For one, Xianghua is eager to attend the House of Law and Justice and enlist herself in a position where she could prove her brand of justice and hopefully score a few new friends, Maxi's nature as a pirate obviously leads him to visit the Hall of Piracy, and Kilik would take visitations to the House of Fighting and Combat as a means to hone his skills and further his own focus on saving the influence of the Evil Seed with further training.
  • While the presence of Nightmare and Soul Edge and its corrupting influence was quickly noted down, the trio were just as dismayed as each other when they realized that there were others who also possessed similar qualities in possessing evil influencing powers and artifacts and were more than willing to use these to further their own gains, have their actions cause the deaths of untold numbers and plunge the world to their own evil whims. Among the first they took notice of was the Dark Lord, Sauron, and the fallen Elder God, Shinnok, both of whom wielded the One Ring and a Netherrealm Amulet respectively as a means to amplify their own powers and corrupt others to evil. All three of them were adamant in quickly announcing their enmity towards the two of them, though Kilik has confided with Xianghua and Maxi that he is secretly afraid that their powers may further corrupt Kilik into embracing his darker side and that the Dvapara-Yuga may not be enough to quell it. Luckily, their friends simply told Kilik that regardless, they'll still look after one another and fight for good. Sauron and Shinnok, conversely, have seen Kilik with great interest and seek to further corrupt him for their own gain, seeing as his corrupted form can potentially be a massively offensive power that they can wield for their means.
    • On a more fortunate note, their enmity towards Sauron have led Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi to become familiar with, and eventually meet up with a collective of heroes from Middle-earth, namely the wizard, Gandalf, Aragorn, heir, and king of Gondor, and two Hobbits, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, both of whom once carried the One Ring with them at a certain point, the latter when he stumbled across it in his journey to free the Dwarfen Stronghold from Smaug and the former when he banded with a few travelers, Gandalf and Aragorn included, to take the One Ring to Mount Doom, located at Mordor, in an effort to destroy it. Noticing the similarities between the One Ring and Soul Edge alarmed the members of the Fellowship and Bilbo and quickly took it upon themselves to fight against Nightmare if they ever met, but they've found the trio to be kindred spirits of sorts and generally managed to get along, with Xianghua being open to the possibility of serving Aragorn as a protector in case they were to work together. Additionally, the Fellowship has been keeping on tabs with Kilik as a means to help him out emotionally and whenever he needs help in containing his corruptive essence from within.
    • Furthermore, there was also the Golden Lute, who fell under the possession of a bard-turned-necromantic demon known only as The Necrodancer, and the lute itself was a malevolent entity whose true form was a golden dragon, The Dark Matter Horde, and the fallen knight, Arthas Menethil; the former was similar to Soul Edge in the sense that they wished to use its powers to kill and resurrect others to bind to its services, the Dark Matter Horde was an active corruptive influence and whose entire schtick revolved on Demonic Possession, and the latter was turned evil partly because of his emotions and desire for heroism steadily poisoning his mind, and partly because he took hold of the corrupted sword known as Frostmourne. Clearly, the trio was quick to declare their opposition towards them, though their fights against Arthas have been noted to be quite intense, seeing as Frostmourne and Soul Edge were very similar and that Arthas was just as much of a ruthless killer as Nightmare, with the added intention of wanting to be a warlord.
  • Kilik also takes visitations in the House of Despondency as the place offers a very comfortable and quiet place to meditate on as well as reflect on his past and his actions. It works well there as there are many there who are familiar with Kilik's story of how he wound up becoming corrupted and being the last known survivor of the Ling Sheng Su monk community. At one point, after a meditation session, he was once asked about being a Sole Survivor and how it weighed on him having Survivor's Guilt, a term that sounded quite unfamiliar with Kilik, given that he predated centuries before the phrase itself was coined. He stated that he's found his path to be a long and difficult one ever since, but has been very thankful to his friends and supporters for helping him overcome his physical and mental hurdles. That said, he feels quite awkward to be around Despair of the Endless, which makes sense as Kilik doesn't want to be reminded of his own moment of despair, namely his temple's massacre and seeing Xianglian die in his arms.
  • With his own experience of being a Sole Survivor in a harrowing incident, Kilik felt that because of the Pantheon's scope, he was quite likely to encounter someone who underwent a similar tragedy. He found one in Sasuke, a member of a ninja clan known as the Uchiha, who were renowned for possessing the Sharingan, a special eye ability that allowed them to analyze and mimic someone's movement whilst also increasing one's own speed, dexterity, and reflexes. He was apparently the only survivor of his own clan's massacre that was perpetrated by his older brother, Itachi, and dedicated his life to avenging his clan, though the circumstances of the slaughter were more complicated than it seemed. Kilik felt sorry for Sasuke and felt that the Sharingan being powered by tragic emotions that worsened his sanity were eerily similar to the influence of Soul Edge meant that he wasn't to be taken lightly. That said, the fact that he was seeking atonement made Kilik relieved and wished Sasuke luck. The Uchiha responded by telling Kilik that he still has a long way to go regarding his issues, but regardless, wished him luck, albeit in his own way. Though as it turns out, Sasuke does want Kilik to win against Soul Edge, figuring that what it can do could be far worse than anything Madara could have ever planned.
    • Being a lone survivor may be a loose term as he was also killed off, but Kilik and his friends were able to reach good terms with Hanzo Hasashi, given that the two can relate to losing a loved one, though Kilik was somewhat startled to learn of just how consumed Hanzo was in his desire for revenge when he became the undead spectre, Scorpion. Learning of how similar Shinnok's Amulet and Soul Edge were as alluring, sentient items bent on twisting the mentalities of others into evil, Hanzo was open for an alliance, stating that he will do whatever is necessary to destroy the cursed sword. On the other hand, Kilik is glad to hear that Hanzo has since moved past his vengeful desires and even rebuilt the Shirai Ryu, which gave him thoughts on how he should consider rebuilding the Ling Sheng Su community. On an extended note, Kuai-Liang, grandmaster of the second iteration of the Lin Kuei also made arrangements to establish a partnership with the trio and train them in his own way so that they could better prepare themselves in the Pantheon. He's taken a personal liking to Kilik and Xianghua for their accomplishments and encourages them for their heroics. That's not to say he neglects Maxi as Kuai has stated that he has latent potential in his skills as a nunchaku wielder.
  • Xianghua's experience of having to fight for the position of being a royal guard for the Ming Dynasty has earned her a degree of respect in the Houses of Loyalty and Servitude and Royalty and they did open up to the possibility of having Xianghua participate in their services, partly because her company was a nice and jovial one to have with the girl being welcome to spend time and have fun there and partly because of her experience in dealing with Soul Edge, Xianghua can prove herself to be a stout ally in their support. She was happy to learn that they were opening up a course for her to become a bodyguard for many of the two Houses' residents and representatives, and she is ready to uphold the promise that she will do whatever it takes to look after those that she has to protect, even if her life depended on it. Naturally, this had Kilik worried, but he still congratulated and encouraged Xianghua regardless.
  • Sometime later on in her life, Xianghua had to deal with conflicting priorities between maintaining her love with Kilik and having to be set up for an arranged marriage with a Ming Dynasty general. The latter was forced onto her, though they were able to reach a compromise in which her son with Kilik, Xiba, would be spared and sent to another household while she visited him once per year. While these were part of an old timeline, Xianghua eventually learned about them during a visit to the House of Time and Temporality and it's left her a little shaken with how the future for her may turn out to be. She did learn of similar circumstances regarding Liu Bei and his wife, Lady Sun Shangxiang, given that they were also in an arranged marriage that they were content with, though that also meant that Lady Sun had to defect from her direct family from the Wu Kingdom to join the Shu Kingdom. The couple had a measure of respect for Xianghua and even considered hiring her to fight alongside them in the Pantheon. Xianghua declined, stating that she already accepted a similar offer in the House of Royalty, but she did visit the two and quickly got along with them, especially Lady Sun, considering they have a penchant for having a tomboy-esque mindset and would spar with one another to sharpen and improve their combat skills.
  • As a pirate, Maxi naturally visits the Hall of Piracy and generally enjoys the place... except for the fact that he feels that it, being in the House of Crime and Transgressions is rather misplaced, considering that while he is aware that looting and invasions are a usual shtick for many pirates generally, Maxi only became one so that he could amass a group of friends and enjoy adventuring to its fullest. Even so, he lived a century or two before some of the world's most notorious pirates like Blackbeard, hence he fees annoyed that they furthered the reputation of pirates being savage raiders. That said, he enjoys Jack Sparrow's company and is welcome to go on a ride with him and is very complimentary of the actions of Edward Kenway and Adéwalé, both of whom were pirate-turned-assassins who used their professions as a means to help others. However, while they often meet up and share a few good moments together, Maxi's priorities differ from Edward and Adéwalé's, as they're too invested in monitoring and stopping the Templars, much like Maxi's restless struggles in getting revenge from Astaroth and destroying Soul Edge.
  • The trio became fast friends with Ragna and Noel Vermillion, if mainly due to how their past tragedies involving the loss of a loved one and their innocence and how those were an important impetus to forming their own morals and virtues. Interestingly, Noel and Ragna's brother, Jin Kisaragi, possessed Nox Nyctores, a set of legendary weapons that were created to combat the Black Beast, but had a corruptive influence in them that warped Noel and Jin to act on their worst impulses. And speaking of the Black Beast, this happened to be Ragna's subdued bestial form, which he has tried very hard to hold it back from being released. These similar quirks were what made Kilik strongly consider empathizing and helping them out, though Jin has proven to be a difficult case, given his aloof and often rude personality. Either way, they'll still fight and provide for one another, aware that unity in the Pantheon is a necessary action.
  • They also encountered the Black Swordsman, Guts, who, much like them, also happened to have a traveling group who were there to provide Guts combat backup and moral support in his journey to cure the damaged mind of his lover, Casca, as well as doing whatever it takes to protect his newly found companions, though he still desires to one day kill Griffith and the Godhand for the miseries they've inflicted on his world, Guts and his traveling band included. Like Kilik, he also had a dark side due to his cursed Brand and his hatred towards Griffith, something which tends to be monitored and repelled by his most trusted confidant, Schierke. While their interactions were brief, and in spite of the reputation Guts attained for being a rampaging butcher on the battlefield, Kilik found his company to be quite engaging. In fact, Guts himself found Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi to be good company and gained a measure of respect for them, and while Schierke is usually shy and rather socially awkward, she is eager to help the trio out on their burdens. Of course, they've come to immediately oppose Griffith and the Godhand, seeing as their actions are not too different from how Soul Edge corrupts its victims, though they, in turn, don't really seem to register the trio as much of a threat due to their ego and overwhelming power.
  • Among other allies they were able to encounter throughout their time in the Pantheon, they earned the respect of Wonder Woman, who was rather inspired by the trio's commitment to one another and can tell just how dedicated they were in stopping Soul Edge and finding a way to settle down together once it's all over. Diana has even taken notice of Kilik and Xianghua's romantic feelings for another, and her own words of comfort have helped in them gaining a further sense of confidence over time. Tyrion and Teclis, High Elven twins of Ulthuan, were also open to the prospect of working with Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi, though the former is a little hesitant due to his upbringing and has to be reminded by the latter. There's also the fact that Tyrion himself has had to struggle with keeping in check of his darker impulses of giving into the temptations of the Elven War God, Khaine, and his reminder of being manipulated to use the Widowmaker during the End Times and becoming further corrupted. Teclis told this information to the trio, which they've used to try to bond with Tyrion so that he and Kilik can come to an understanding. A partnership became successful, if mainly because of Teclis's insistence. Lastly, the trio has stumbled across the Hylian hero, Link, several times throughout their travels in the Pantheon. Given how Link himself is familiar with Soul Edge, given that he did visit the trio's world at one point, he's more than willing to even tag along with Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi. Though the Hylian Hero's tendencies of sometimes messing around have been an amusing sight for the trio, the fact remains that they have had a strong alliance with each other ever since.
  • Outside of Soul Edge, the trio has a natural opposition against any being that desires to destroy all of life, given that this was also Soul Edge's main intention. It didn't take long before they took up arms against Nekron, especially given that the Lord of the Unliving would do anything to further the end of existence, which also included using Black Lantern Rings to possess and corrupt the deceased into following his services, which unnerved Kilik and Maxi, particularly as the possibility of an undead Xianglian and Maxi's slain crew was a lot more possible. Of course, that meant Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi would have to fight against the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, of which Nightmare himself has taken part as a high-ranking member. Generally, Nekron doesn't care much about the trio, just as much as he does anyone else, though the fact that his resurrected undead are in a constant state of mental pain and torture and being willfully forced to serve Nekron without the chance of fighting back would only make things more personal for the trio in case their loved ones were ever used to attack them.
"Kali-Yuga, show me the way!"

"Justice will prevail!"
Chai Xianghua

"The surf's going to get rocked!"

The Blessed Collective of Loneliness

    Maisie Farange 
Maisie Farange, Goddess of Parental Neglect
Maisie's Modern/2012 Iteration
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her personal bag or her red coat
  • Theme Song: Feeling of Being by Lucy Schwartz
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Central Focus of the Book/Film, Has to Put Up with Being Neglected Which Doesn't do her Favors, Brown Hair and Eyes (Film Iteration), The Cutie Who Undergoes a Lot of Psychological and Emotional Trouble, Children Are Innocent, Appears to be rather Despondent but She can be very Playful, Often the Moral Center of her Guardians, Nice Girl, Adorably Precocious Child (Novel Iteration), Usually very Reserved and Quiet and Occasionally feeling Despondent, Having an Adorable Smile, Gets Emotionally Better Overtime, Is Adopted by a Caring Guardian/Couple and Gets her Happy Ending
  • Domains: Family, Neglect, Love, Sadness, Loneliness, Adoption, Precociousness
  • Heralds: Mrs Wix (her adult guardian in the original adaptation), Margo and Lincoln (her adopted parents in the retold adaptation), Susanna (her modern version mother)
  • Allies: Matilda Wormwood, Hallie Parker, Annie James, Harry Potter, Lucas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gamera, Shoto Todoroki, Tomoya Ozaki, The Gang of Seven, Jotaro Kujo, Punky Brewster
  • On Good Terms With: Charlie and Nicole Birdman, House of Musicality
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, The Dursleys, Father (KND), Agatha Trunchbull, Granny Goodness
  • It is necessary for parents to be around their child's presence and provide them with attention, care and comfort as much as they could. Unfortunately, a little girl named Maisie Farange is instead thrown in a very different situation. Instead of being given love, she has to witness her parents fighting and arguing against each other nearly every time, and her parents end up using her as leverage against one another. It's on these occasions that Maisie eventually finds a new adult that not only pays attention but gives the girl the parental love that she needs, but even then, Maisie still has to contend with her parents' feud. Eventually, when the time finally came to decide on who she would prefer as her guardian, Maisie inevitably chooses someone else over her parents, her guardians eager to take her along.
  • Maisie's presence in the Pantheon was an interesting topic for some, considering that two different iterations existed; one from the 19th Century and the other from the 21st Century. What was proving a difficult case was that each version of Maisie had differing versions of events; the most glaring being that one of them was adopted by a legal guardian named Mrs Wix and the other was taken under by her nanny Margo and her Mother's former boyfriend Lincoln. An evaluation was done by the House of Family and Relatives whereupon it was concluded that the Maisie in the Pantheon is a composite of her two different selves; she retained her modern-day appearance and age, yet had fragments of her historical version's personality, namely her memories of Mrs Wix and her unusually wise judgement.
  • Despite her representing trope, Maisie is actually pretty cheerful and outgoing, though she does undergo some stress and despondency at times, mainly due to the effect her biological parents had on neglecting her. Whenever she active around, Margo, Lincoln and/or Mrs Wix aren't far behind her either and do the best they could to remain attentive to her. Still, while she's completely disconnected from Beale and Ida (her mother in the novel adaptation), she had enough of a maternal bond with Susanna to consider having her as a herald as well. Either way, they're happy to see that Maisie will try to adjust herself in the Pantheon as much as they could as well.
  • One of the first deities to notice Maisie were Hallie Parker and Annie James. Seeing that Maisie's parents were divorced, they tried to see if they could strike a friendship with her and were delighted to see that her guardians were willing to allow it. It's common to see the three of them playing around their domains and in city streets (with a close observation from guardians of course). Still, Hallie and Annie were saddened to learn of Maisie's situation regarding her parents and the fact that it was much worse than what Nick and Elizabeth were going through; they at least were cordial with one another and were attentive to each daughter, whereas Beale and Ida/Susanna were too entrenched on their hate towards one another they barely focused on their daughter. Because of this, Hallie and Annie have made an effort to be as active as possible in Maisie's time.
  • Naturally as a child, Maisie would have some sort of fondness towards the fantastical and strange and unique animals, particularly turtles. Initially, she was freaked out by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which led to the turtles immediately trying to warm up to and hang out with her. It succeeded mostly due to Michaelangelo's laid-back nature, who was able to take Maisie out for pizza and have some fun. Maisie seems to like the turtles for how they make an effort to entertain and bond with her to the extent where they treat her as a little sister of sorts.
    • Additionally, there was also the Pokemon, Blastoise, who served as the Ninja Turtles' partner. Seeing as Maisie liked turtles, they were open to allowing Blastoise to meet up, with Maisie immediately having a joyful time with the Pokemon. As for Blastoise himself, he treats the little girl rather tenderly and is not above defending her if a threat approaches. Still, the Ninja Turtles did warn Maisie about Blastoise's dual cannons, though usually, Blastoise only uses them to create torrents of rain for Maisie to play around with.
    • And speaking of turtles, there was also Gamera. Despite his large and rather scary looks, Maisie immediately became friends with him, with Gamera being eager to invite Maisie and other kids to play with each other and if very fiercely defensive of them. It's little wonder why he represents Friend to All Children as Gamera was also met with approval by Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix and they trust the Kaiju in looking after Maisie, given that he's one of the most determined beasts in the Pantheon and has a heart of gold.
  • She has a small association with music, given that her modern mother, Susanna, is a touring rock frontwoman, and thus does make an attempt to reach the House of Music to see her mother play live. For a moment, this did catch the attention of Jotaro Kujo, who recalled that he had a father who was also a touring musician, though they don't really interact at all as he's on tour almost all the time, leaving Jotaro to be tended solely by his mother, Holly. Jotaro once asked Margo and Lincoln to take Maisie over to her mother's stage and promised that he'd look after her there. What resulted is Maisie and Jotaro having a rather unusual partnership with the latter taking the former around on the House of Music and checking out different sorts of music. It reminded Jotaro of his grandfather Joseph, who usually is a sucker for contemporary music of his time and would spend a lot of time going around listening to them. He continues to meet up with Maisie should she feel like having a babysitter, with Jotaro promising to take her to Joseph one day.
    • Despite her mother being a musician, the House of Music themselves don't have too much to say about Maisie. They did, however, criticize Susanna for her lack of proper care towards her daughter and she was forced to accept that Maisie was better off with either Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix. The House themselves are generous of Maisie's situations and are willing to present donations and gifts in times of need and as a sign of goodwill. Maisie respects their decision, though she has politely declined the gifts many times.
  • She normally stays away from terrible parents and guardians and she's clever and resourceful enough to figure out bad apples when need be. Very clearly, she heavily dislikes the Child Abuse Supporters, Ozai most of all, given that his mistreatment towards Zuko was not just neglectful, but so terribly abusive that even Beale and Susanna would cry afoul of. Thankfully, there's more good parents and guardians than bad ones and hence, Maisie feels safe and secure, knowing she knows who her company and friends are.
    • Shoto Todoroki quickly befriended her and to pass time, he would use his ice powers to create slides and decorations for Maisie to play with. The primary reason for Shoto's friendly attitude towards the little girl was because she shared Shoto's siblings' turmoil of being ignored by his father Enji, but while the neglect regarding Enji and Shoto's siblings' worked in the latter's favour, Maisie's neglect rendered her emotionally fragile and depressed, and Shoto felt very sympathetic about this, knowing how it feels to not be given proper parental love. He is glad to see that Maisie and Susanna departed on good terms, in a similar vein to how Shoto was able to forgive his mother Rei for throwing boiling water on him and scarring the left side of his face.
  • Given her turmoil of family difficulties, Maisie would encounter Charlie and Nicole Birdman one day. While they did face severe difficulty tolerating one another due to a steady divorce, Charlie and Nicole admitted that at the very least, they did try to be as attentive as they towards their son, Henry. The fact that Maisie was hit even harder due to being neglected by Ida/Susanna and Beale really had the couple despondent for a moment, though we're happy to see that Maisie would recover and still be on good terms with his mother. As a result, she is more than welcome to attend their household and play with Henry, a moment that Hallie and Annie themselves wondered with great delight.
  • Maisie is scared of Father. Sure, he's a Child Hater, but the fact that he goes out of his way to antagonize children and be proud about it is really taking things far. He does share Maisie's pain of being neglected, but Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Mix promptly chewed on him by stating it doesn't justify Father being vengeful towards children and flauting about it. Father is instead rather ambivalent towards Maisie, only considering her to be "less annoying" than those "meddling little kids".
  • Like most kids her age, Maisie attends the House of School to be taught and educated outside of her guardians. There, she met Matilda Wormwood, another girl roughly around the same age as Maisie's and realizing that both of them were neglected, the two of them bonded quickly and became friends. Matilda will often get Maisie to tag along with reading books together and learning new things along the way. Plus Matilda's psychic powers are really entertaining and funny for Maisie to watch, especially if used towards a bully.
    • From what she's learned about Matilda, Maisie keeps a safe distance from any sort of malicious teachers, especially Agatha Trunchbull, whom she get shivers from due to Agatha's infamous reputation. Thankfully, Matilda and Maisie's guardians are always making sure of Maisie's well being and would promptly come to her aid if she gets disproportionately mistreated.
  • As a neglected child, Tomoya Ozaki saw a lot about herself that could relate to him. For Tomoya, it's especially bittersweet, seeing as he was on the giving and receiving end of neglect; he was barely noticed by his father Naoyuki and Tomoya himself would not pay attention towards his own daughter, Ushio, for five years. The catalyst for both of these occasions was to do with the deaths of Naoyuki and Tomoya's wives, which emotionally broke them and shattered their motivation. Knowing that Maisie would retain feeling rattled without company, Tomoya is willing to look after and play with her like he would have liked to with Ushio. With permission from Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix of course.
  • Given that she (obviously) never experienced it firsthand, Maisie was immediately fascinated by the presence and practice of Magic around the Pantheon and wants to visit the House of Magic and Sorcery one day. Harry Potter was the representing member she was closest to, as he could relate to the neglect Maisie endured throughout her childhood. Additionally, Harry was eager to showcase his magical spells towards Maisie and play around with her. She wonders what it would be like being a wizard.
    • Said association with Harry also made Maisie familiar with the Dursley's. She came to not like them all that much, especially Vernon as they took to not understanding nor caring about Harry's well-being while completely spoiling the son, Dudley, which was really jarring as in spite of the neglect she had, Beale and Susanna at least did try to provide and pay her attention at times despite their own flaws and insecurities. Though Maisie has begun to at least mellow out towards Dudley, who, in the end, managed to give some respect to Harry and even maintain contact years after the latter had graduated from Hogwarts. Also a little on Petunia, considering she does at least feel about the loss of her sister and assured to Harry that she really did care about Lily, despite her jealousy towards her.

    Neku Sakuraba 
Neku Sakuraba, God of Isolation Symbolized By Headphones ('Phones, The Anti-Sora, Orangeylocks, Nekky, Hollow-skulled Hectopascal, Tiger, Spicy Tuna Roll)
Click here to see his appearance in NEO: The World Ends with You.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Player Pin; alternatively, his headphones
  • Theme Music: "Twister" (Japanese version, Kingdom Mix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral -> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Headphones Representing His (Former) Isolation, The Chosen One, Telepathy, Uses Pins For Psychic Powers And Can Use All of Them, Badass Adorable, Byronic Hero, Loner-Turned-Friend, Becoming The Anti-Nihilist, Brutal Honesty, Deadpan Snarker, Acquiring Chronic Hero Syndrome, The Comically Serious, Took a Level in Idealism, Defrosting Ice King, Becoming A Messianic Archetype, Individuality, Suffering, Finally Earning his Happy Ending, Becoming Highly Regarded for his Accomplishments, Legendary in the Sequel
  • Domains: Memory, Empathy, Pins, Undead
  • Herald: Necho Cat
  • Allies: Shiki, Beat, Joshua, Sora, Riku, Shiena Kenmochi, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Makoto Yuki, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Kazuya Minegishi
  • Enemies: Sho Minamimoto, Master Xehanort and his cohorts
  • Neku was once an ordinary asocial Shibuya teenager. And then he got roped into the Reaper's Game by its Composer, who chose him as his Proxy, where one needs a partner to survive. In this game, he's been required to connect with people, hone his new-found powers, and maybe even get to the bottom of the mystery beneath the Game.
  • When he first woke up in the Pantheon, in a fit of confusion he clutched his head and screamed, "WHAT THE HELL?!", before the situation was explained to him.
  • Thanks to Joshua pulling some strings in the Court, despite not having ascended proper as a Pantheon deity at the time, Neku and his friends had ascended to the Pantheon after the whole Reaper's Game business... and one other event. At first, he inherited the trope The Empath given his Player Pin's power.
    • However, given that the only thing special about giving him that was the fact that he's the last person to want it at the time, there's been talk of giving him Headphones Equal Isolation now that its previous holder, Futaba Sakura, has left it vacant with her House transfer.
    • Double however, given that he's become more open to others and symbolized that by discarding his headphones at the end of the (main) game, yet another trope was found for him; The Pin Is Mightier Than the Sword, given that he uses pins to perform Psyches. It's true that that goes for all Players in a Reaper's Game, but Neku has The Gift to use all of them rather than just one or two.
    • In the end, it was decided that he take both.
  • A perk of his ascension is that even if the Pantheon is a Realground of sorts, he's able to use his Pins' Psyches like it was the UG. This includes the Player Pin's ability to read surface thoughts. Given what the Pantheon has, he's definitely not complaining.
  • Even though he was seen discarding his headphones after his third Reaper's Game, he still keeps them around even now. They're a pretty snazzy pair and quite expensive.
  • The reason why Neku used to be so introverted? He had a best friend who died in a car accident, and he felt that if he hadn't asked him to meet up by the wall at Udagawa, he wouldn’t have been caught up in that accident and would still be alive today. It caused Neku to develop massive amounts of Survivor's Guilt and blame himself for what happened, causing him to shut himself off from the rest of the world.
    • He's still guarded even now, but not as closed off as he was before.
  • Hates being painted as a stereotypical Emo Teen.
    • Some people ask him if he needs to resist his "emo urges". Neku has no response to that.
  • For some reason, he had never noticed that Shiki had disappeared from the Pantheon Until Joshua invited him to a search party to seek her whereabouts, after which he was alarmed and immediately "signed up". The mission was a success.
    • Given how much Shiki meant for Neku, as well as the fact that Joshua took the time to set that search without Neku asking him first, some people are asking the two Shibuya teens if they're already a couple, much to their embarrassment.
  • Used to have nothing to aspire to before getting roped into the Reaper's Game. As such, and because of his character development, that's why he still considers Joshua a friend, even though he doesn't forgive him for his actions namely killing him, and making him his Proxy in favor of destroying Shibuya. It's only thanks to Neku's changes that Joshua changed his mind and spared the city.
  • Even before his character development, he does not like lying.
  • While he usually a calm person, rile him up or bring up Tin Pin Slammer and he's surprisingly Hot-Blooded.
  • Might have some interest in certain specific feminine clothing, if the exclusive bonuses two items (the Lace Bonnet lolita headdress, and the Dragon Lady qipao grant Neku only is anything to go by.
  • Was one day greeted by Sora, who was glad to see him... for reasons Neku couldn't recall. The Keyblade wielder was a bit distraught that Neku doesn't "remember" him, but decided to ask later when Heartless surrounded the two. After making quick work on them, Joshua arrived to clarify things.
  • Since he's not a trainer, nor has any Pokémon partners, Neku gave his Key Stone to Sora so that Gardevoir can Mega Evolve whenever it needs to.
  • Respects the Phantom Thieves for doing their own part to protect the Shibuya of their verse and finds himself hanging out with them on occasion, with Futaba especially thanks to them both being former loners with a penchant for wearing headphones.
    • Likewise, he also respects Kazuya for being able to survive his own death-related predicament while being trapped in Tokyo for a week and ends up befriending him as well.
  • Is going to be roped in again to another Reaper's Game after the events of "Another Day", this time with Sho Minamimoto as his partner. Thankfully for him, he won't be missing from the Pantheon like Sora has. He promises he'll try and watch out for him, though, given implications that Sora might've ended up in Shibuya's UG in a Reaper's Game just like him. However, recent events reveal he might not be in Shibuya at all, but some other world entirely called Quadratum.

Solo, God of Solitude (Rogue/Burai)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Crest of Mu
  • Theme Music: Melody of Isolation
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral if he has a beef with something
  • Portfolio: Believing in the Power of Isolation, Being Either Proven Wrong Or Proven Right, Having a Rivalry Because of That, Loners Are Freaks, Master Swordsman and Martial Artist, The Last Murian, Being Bullied When He Was Young And Hating Bonds Because of It, Anti-Hero, Black Knight, White Hair, Black Heart, Protecting His Civilization's Legacy
  • Domains: Solitude, Survivors, Fighters, Swords
  • Herald: Laplace
  • Allies: HA HA HA—No. Well, maybe Sho Minazuki
  • Annoyed by: Every one who goes on talking about The Power of Friendship. And House of Friendship and Camaraderie in general.
  • Rivals: Geo Stelar, Gentaro Kisaragi, Nanoha Takamachi, Bass.EXE
  • Enemies: Sirius
  • Odd Connection: Makoto Kenzaki
  • Solo is one of most lonely gods in the Pantheon... by his own choice. The last descendant of the Mu civilization, he started to look down on friendship after he was bullied in his childhood due of being different, thinking that humans can only gain power by clinging onto others. As such, he decided to gain strength in solitude, only caring about others if it means advancing his own agenda.
  • Gets really annoyed by every one who keeps on talking about bonds and friendship. Especially if they call him out on stuff like ending up befriending the EM-ian Laplace, what made him stronger than ever before. He tends to challenge them in battle, and if he really wants to show them, well, there is a reason why he was a follower of Absolute Virtue.
    • This is why he avoids the House of Friendship like the plague. However, there are at least two gods there he hates the most: Nanoha Takamachi due of her status and her being sort of like Geo and most importantly, Gentaro Kisaragi, as he thinks him trying to befriend every one is just ridiculous. After multiple battles with the latter two, he has put them as the rivals of his ideals, which all things considered, is almost a praise.
  • If there is something what would piss him off more than friendship, is people trying to bring disgrace to the Mu civilization or using its technology. He is really protective of his legacy and does not approve of it being tainted. He is actually willing to work with those who would help him revive his civilization, though he hasn't met any one who he would rely on. This is why he has an odd connection to Makoto Kenzaki; while he finds it annoying that she abandoned her solitude for friendship, thinking that it makes her weak, her blaming herself for the fall of Trump Kingdom makes Solo wish she had sought redemption all by herself.
  • If there ever was a power to oppose The Power of Friendship, then Rogue would be the avatar of it. If one manages to sever their bonds with others and gain the way to do so, they would be able to tap into the same power as he does. If you see them wielding a sword after that, run.
    • This makes an interesting parallel with Homura of the Crimson Squad, who also used to distain friendship and just wanted power, especially when brought up one iteration of Solo who hated friendship due of seeing his fellow Murians sacrifice themselves and had to live with it over ten thousand years. Though Homura is glad that she did understand that friends do matter.
  • Many of the Persona users look at him with unease, due the fact that his kind of people is the reason for the existence of Hi-no-Kagutsuchi. They even say that he is sort of like Sho in some remarks. He doesn't have put anything they have said in consideration, though.
  • He feels bit odd around Bass.EXE. While he admits that he feels rather similar to him and that he admires his way of seeking strength without a need for a Navigator, he feels like his hatred for humanity is too much, even for him. So in the end, they end up fighting quite a bit on who's the strongest of the two.