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Welcome to the House of Luck and Fortune, a place where everything that can happen will happen and Luck is either your best friend or your worst Nightmare.

This House has very close ties with the Knowledge House since Probability is one of the domains that both Houses handle. The House of Prophecy and Fate is also closely related to this house, given the nature of luck always determining the fate of a person.

It's not advised to set up a Casino under the boundaries of this house, because the probability of winning is greatly reduced thanks to random nature of the House.

To go along with the theme of luck, anybody who wants to become a Guardian must do so in a random game of chance. Whether it be in card game or getting their name pick out of a hat.

Good luck!

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The Royal Flush Guardians

    Bugs Bunny (Queen) 
Bugs Bunny, God of Karmic Trickery and Rascally Rabbits (Scwewy Wabbit, Wascawwy Wabbit, Long-Eared Galoot, Flea-Bitten Varmint, George Washington Bunny, the gay)

    Dimitri Rascalov (Joker) 
Dimitri Rascalov, God of Opportunistic Bastards (Dima, Dmitri)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His glasses over a red car silhouette.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Dirty Coward, Dragon Ascendant, Four Eyes, Zero Soul, Hate Sink, The Mafiya, Pragmatic Villainy, Smug Snake, The Sociopath, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Crime, Betrayal, Manipulation, Lies, Opportunities, Loyalty
  • "Allies"Note: Vito Corleone, Fat Tony, Polpo, Al Capone, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Imran Zakhaev
  • Rivals: Edge
  • Enemies: Niko Bellic, Roman Bellic, Claude, Carl Johnson, Luis Fernando Lopez, Jacket, Ms. Fortune, Peacock, Bloody Marie, Viktor Reznov
  • Opposed by: All the good deities in the House of Friendship and Camaraderie
  • Initially introduced as Mikhail Faustin's Number Two and a fairly reasonable fellow, Dimitri Rascalov turned out to be far worse than that. He manipulated Niko Bellic into murdering his best friend and later betray Niko to Ray Bulgarin and his men, but luckily Niko managed to get out of that. He would later constantly mess with Niko from the shadows before Niko either murdered him to avenge his cousin's death or kill him before the deal between the Russian Mafia and the Pegorino Family went through. Dimitri was always a backstabbing, opportunistic, crazy lunatic who would always put himself above anyone else and caring little for his "allies".
  • When he learnt of Dimitri's ascension, Niko didn't waste time and stormed his temple in order to kill him once again. He almost succeeded, if it weren't for the fact that many of criminal overlords of the House of Crime and Transgressions had Dimitri's back and so Niko was forced to bail out. He promises that he will return for Dimitri and the russian mobster perfectly knows this.
  • While it's obvious that with Niko he doesn't have the best of relationships, he thought he could get back at him by hiring other people from the same universe. He was dead wrong, since most of them had to deal with similar backstabbing people like him and would prefer to fill his faces with bullets than to ally with him. Claude, given his numerous attempts at his life by previous bosses, didn't even bother with him, CJ just coldly shrugged him off and Luis Fernando Lopez almost killed him after learning of his connections with Ray Bulgarin, someone he would rather forget he ever came in contact with.
  • Dimitri is nowadays one of the faces of The Mafiya in the pantheon ever since Hotel Moscow was taken out of comission. With that came a whole world of other problems, one of those being Jacket, whose hatred of russian and infamously crippling the Russian Mafia of his world with his continuous attacks didn't go unnoticed by Dimitri. In fact, Jacket aided Niko in his first attempt at capturing and executing Dimitri but we all know that failed in the end.
    • Then there is also people like Ms. Fortune, Peacock and Bloody Marie whose bad experiences with the Medici have also made them target Dimitri as well. The latter two even used to have a tense relationship with Niko over his criminal past, but after seeing Dimitri was the type of people he had to go against, they actually made up with him and told him if he ever needs help with dealing with Dimitri, he should just ask them.
  • Edge was very pissed that someone took an opportunity when he wasn't looking and stole one of his titles. He plans to retake it and make Dimitri pay for it eventually.
  • It's not surprise Viktor Reznov would hate him, not only for sharing the first name with his close friend and comrade Dimitri Petrenko, but also because Dimitri is also one of the worst offenders in the House of Betrayal and Treachery and he wouldn't be that different from Dragovich. And eventually Dimitri indeed became an ally of the latter, even if it's more out of interest than because of agreeing with the soviet general, knowing full well that this is all just temporary.
  • Dimitri is known as one of the biggest snakes in the pantheon, his history of betraying everybody he had close contact with thanks to Niko spreading the story everywhere got him a lot of flak from many people, mostly the House of Friendship and Camaraderie after learning of how he betrayed his best friend Mikhail even though both were blood brothers and Faustin always stood up for him all the way back when they were thrown to a siberian prison.
  • He seems to have a stable relationship with the organized crime part of the pantheon, even if they know by his history that he is a huge backstabbing rat. Nonetheless, he is indeed an effective business partner (provided you don't have history with him) when he wants it to so he keeps a good relationship with the like of Vito Corleone and Fat Tony.
  • Back in his home country, he used to serve in the soviet army, something that caught the attention of Russian terrorists Vladimir Makarov and Imran Zakhaev, seeing potential in Dimitri and offered him a position in the Ultranationalist Party, all the while forgetting about his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Needless to say, Dimitri accepted but no one knows what he will do once he gains power in said organization.
  • If you haven't realized by now, allying yourself with Dimitri is a bad idea. You have been warned.

    Gladstone Gander (King) 
Gladstone Gander, God of Incredible Luck
Gladstone's classic appearance
Gladstone's 2017 appearance
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A nickel with his face on it
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Born Lucky, Smugness, Brilliant, but Lazy, Jerk Of Varying Degrees, Lazy Bum, Sometimes Heroic Bystander
  • Domains: Luck, Birds, Smugness
  • Followers: Milfeulle Sakuraba, Teela Brown, Sai, Longshot, Harry Clayton
  • Allies: Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Tewi Inaba
  • Rivals: Donald Duck
  • Opposes: Cu Chulainn, Touma Kamijou
  • Lucky Counterpart to: Anne Hanakoizumi
  • Gladstone really did nothing to get himself ascended. One day, he was just called out to ascend like he won a lottery he didn't take part of. Naturally he decided to rub it into his cousin Donald's face.
  • Gladstone's luck is something what is beyond ridiculous. In general, he will always get lucky somehow. While the luck itself never specifies itself, sometimes him letting have the last laugh even if he "loses", or he wins at something but loses in the big picture, or sometimes he feels like he is too lucky, he will somehow get lucky.
    • It's been documented as well that this luck extends from his childhood onward. In fact, he has a bad habit of somehow finding 20 dollars randomly lying around.
  • Gladstone is hated by many gods not because of his luck, but rather because he is so annoyingly smug about it. Often he may rub wounds saying that his accomplishments may rivals theirs just through luck.
  • Gladstone's attitude actually tends to vary, which is due to his different portrayals across media. His most favored one is from his appearance in the 1987 Ducktales show. The main reason is because he was much less arrogant in this portrayal, with his Fatal Flaw being his over reliance on his supernatural luck. Heck, one of the first things he did visiting was taking Scrooge out for a nice lunch and after recovering his luck from Magica, took his uncle's words to heart and began in pursuing a job.
  • Keeps his distance away from Cu Chulainn and Touma Kamijou in fears that their infamous bad luck might be contagious. Though there are some who wish to find away to swap their luck around just because.
  • As you might guess, the Random Number God favors Gladstone. Or at least it has no choice but to favor Gladstone. Though there are some times when even Gladstone gets screwed over by it.
    • Because of this, some deities like the Monster Hunters and the Chaos Knight want him to be on their side. However, he refuses, saying that being with them would probably require him to work, which he would prefer to avoid.
    • That being said, the gods of Gambling have a strict 10 minute policy whenever Gladstone comes into their presence. The last thing they need is this goose winning them out of house and home.
  • There is actually a way to exploit his luck. To be specific Gladstone has the ability to always receive an outcome that has the lowest possible odds. So he can be screwed over if the odds are deliberately stacked in his favor, because the luckiest outcome would not be the one where he wins. That said, Gladstone insists that no amount of semantics can change the fact that having good luck should not lead to losing unless there was something bad about winning.
    • Sometimes however, semantics do wholly work against him. One time, he, Donald, and the triplets competed to find a rare ruby buried somewhere on a beach. While the boys dug, Gladstone spread his towel out on the sand and waited, knowing full well that his luck powers would eventually hand the ruby to him. When he finally got impatient and left, Huey, Dewey, and Louie decided to check the one spot no one had thought to look: under Gladstone's blanket. And sure enough, that's precisely where the gem was. In other words, Gladstone's powers did find the spot where the ruby was—they didn't give it to him.
  • There are two possible reasons why Gladstone is so darn lucky. One is that his luck came from his mother, who while as luck, is a much kinder woman (turns out Gladstone's attitude came from his dad, as seen with Disraeli) and that it was a hex given to them by a traveling painter for the new born Gladstone. Another reason is that a luck goddess fell in love for him. The latter might be the reason why he has rotten luck in love.
  • Gladstone did lose his luck once. He was tricked by Magica De Spell to steal Scrooge McDuck's lucky dime and because of that, he was curse with bad luck. He was able to regain his luck after helping Scrooge retrieve his dime. Though, he didn't learned anything during when he lost his luck.
  • Note that there is quite a difference between him and Justy Ueki Tylor. Because while both of them are really lucky, to the point where they can win by doing absolutely nothing, Tylor uses his luck for productive purposes, and Gladstone generally only uses it for own benefit.
  • Gladstone is actually Scrooge McDuck's nephew through one of Scrooge's sisters (specifically, Gladstone is the son of Goosetave Gander and Daphne Duck, the latter being the sister of Quackmore Duck, Hortense's husband, Scrooge's brother-in-law and Donald's father). However, while allies, Scrooge is not fond of Gladstone that much (though it does vary per incarnation). This is primarily because as Scrooge gained his wealth by lots of hard work, Gladstone's luck and coasting through life offends him. At the same time, Scrooge does admit Gladstone would be better with money than Donald.
  • One of Gladstone's most redeemable features is that he is a Heroic Bystander absolutely through and through. While not an adventurer like Donald or the rest of the family, whenever he sees someone in trouble, he'll do his damn hardest to help, whether through luck or by strength of will. Many were imrpessed to learn of when he saved Donald from drowning, which included swimming against the current. He's also weaponized his luck against miscreants when need be, but he usually doesn't (causing some to speculate if he fears his luck may have limits.)
  • It's been hypothesized that the reason Gladstone is so smug about his luck is because it is all he has. While everyone else can take pride in their hard-earned accomplishments, he really can't. His luck will mean he will usually win by default and thus is his only thing going for him. At some level, all the accomplishments are kind of hollow, but they're all he has.
  • Some time ago, Scrooge once put him in charge of a comic book shop, thinking it'd be the one thing his luck would fail him. Given the rise of comic book lore in the mainstream media, some wonder if the barrage of superhero tv shows and movies of the late 2000s and 2010s was actually the work of his luck making comics big.
  • Another positive that Gladstone has is that he is very fond of family-related matters. During a treasure hunt with his uncle, the treasure found was an old toy chest of valued possessions. While Scrooge was annoyed, Gladstone was moved. Some have noted this may explain why he tries often to hang around his family (especially his cousin Donald) despite the vitriol.
  • There is at least one person who makes Gladstone look saintly and that is his own cousin, Disraeli Duck (son of his father's sister). While some initially wondered if someone who could annoy Gladstone can't be all bad, they turn out to be quite wrong, since Disraeli has similar capabilities, he has supernatural pity. This means that he can act so pittable, he gets whatever he wants, sometimes overriding Gladstone's luck. Gladstone has been warning people of the Pantheon in the event that his cousin's pity somehow lands him a spot here.

    Han Solo (Ace) 
Han Solo, God of Going Against the Odds and Changing First Attacks to Self-Defense (Flyboy, Scoundrel - by Leia, The Corellian Scoundrel, General Solo - formerly, Ian Solo)
During the Rebellion
Han, 30 years later

    Nathan Drake (Jack) 
Nathan "Nate" Drake, God of Walking Disaster Areas (Nathan Morgan, World-Traveling Treasure Hunter)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Francis Drake's ring
  • Theme: Nate's Theme 3.0
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: History Enthusiast and Renowned Treasure Hunter, Badass Bookworm, Knows Several DIfferent Languages, Having Everything Around Him Turn to Shit, His Presence is a Welcoming Sign of Destruction and Mayhem to his Dismay, Badass Normal, Combat Parkour, Being Loudmouthed about his Sarcasm, Rather Excitable and Childish for his Age, Determinator, Endearingly Dorky, Surviving Things No Normal Human can Last, Being a Popular Ladies Man, Forming Plans on the Go, Tempting Fate, Bouncing Between Good and Bad Luck, Experienced Protagonist, Using his Strength to Make Up for his Lack of Finesse
  • Domains: Luck, Love, Combat, Archaeology, History, Humor, Adventure
  • Heralds: Victor Sullivan (his mentor and adopted father), Elena Fisher (his wife), Sam Drake (his older brother), Cassie Drake (his daughter), Chloe Frazer
  • Allies: Crash Bandicoot, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Captain Toad, Toadette, Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl III, Lemeza and Lumisa Kosugi, Jonathan Joestar, The Saturday Family, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Rex, Jackie Chan, Nausicaä, Kaban and Serval, Lucas, Tintin, Captain Haddock, Scrooge McDuck
  • Rivals: Sly Cooper and his Gang, Wario, Bluto
  • Odd Friendship: Dora the Explorer, Billy, Polly Pringle
  • Enemies: Zoran Lazarević, Rafe Adler, Polygon Man, Arnold Ernst Toht, René Emile Belloq, Flintheart Glomgold
  • Pities: Lucas, Claus/The Masked Man
  • Fears: Scary or Villainous Clownsnote 
  • Interested By: Halls of Piracy, Time Placement, Time Periods, Prehistoric Beasts, Mesozoic Beasts, and Influential Figures
  • Commonality Connection: Stanley "Stan" Pines
  • Nathan Drake started off with a humble beginning; a boy with a love for history and traveling. By extension, this led to him becoming an archaeologist who fashioned himself as a descendant of Sir Francis Drake and taking trips and adventures to various historical places in search of legendary artifacts and treasures, eventually finding a mentor in Victor "Sully" Sullivan and finding love in a journalist named Elena Fisher. That said, Nate is best known for being an attraction for disaster; wherever he goes, trouble is always brewing in the form of either rival thieves, terrorists, and conspiracies who sometimes desire said treasures for more nefarious purposes or the very artifacts that he's hunting are cursed and would being terrible consequences if tampered. Regardless, Nate became a legendary treasure hunter in his own right and achieved great success and fortune as a result. When stories of renowned archaeologists are bought up, Nathan Drake is one of the more bombastic and endearing ones to be told.
  • He ascended into the Pantheon after his experiences became far too much of a trend for the divine realms to ignore and accept him as a worthy explorer, though his biggest trademark was acknowledged to be the insane amounts of bad luck that he faced as his treasure hunts always involved facing off against bad guys who also desired the treasure Nate was searching and the amount of punishment he had to take with his recklessness and jeopardizing his relationship with his loved ones. Oddly enough, by the time, Drake was appointed in the Pantheon, he had long since given up in his pursuit for going gung-ho in his travels and now does legal treasure expeditions]] with Elena, whom he was Happily Married with for quite some time. Even with his retirement, Nate was surprised to learn that he was to be part of some kind of divine realm, but with the occasional snark, he's happy to see that his adventures have made him a beloved and popular figure. That said, he has a daughter, Cassie, whom he intends to raise in a stable, normal upbringing, something that he and his brother, Sam, lacked. Hopefully, the Pantheon can help him out in his new endeavors whilst not troubling his new lifestyle too much.
  • Nathan's experience in the Pantheon is a surprisingly humble one, despite being famous for his grand and epic adventures involving legendary treasures and mythical lands whose existence is still deemed questionable. He gets a couple of interviews from a number of folks who think Nate's stories are newsworthy and while snarky about it, he's alright with giving in and telling his side of the story, much to Sully and Elena's chagrin. Sometimes some try to convince Nate into getting some kind of legal job when it comes to history, hoping that he could use his experience to educate archaeology enthusiasts and students. He honestly finds this an interesting prospect, even pretty tempting, but he prefers expeditions and excavations as it's arguably the best way to relive his past adventures in some way or another in a legal fashion. It's a pretty enjoyable experience and Nate has even carved a decent reputation out of that too. That, and he enjoys hearing fables and tales of explorers finding ancient settlements and relics and the fact that the Pantheon has a lot to tell on that front makes him pretty giddy to hear more on that front.
  • Despite his inactivity from the typical adventures he used to have, Nate always expresses excitement whenever he hears about archaeologists and explorers who've been through similar journeys regarding ancient relics, organizations, and having to fight against somebody who wants the treasure for themselves. During one of his excavating field trips, Nate came across Indiana Jones, a man whose own exploits likely inspired Nate in some way, and the two took to conversing with each other about history and what they've discovered throughout their careers. Of course, they expressed surprise over their more extreme adventures with Nate laughing over how Jones was able to meet and get an autograph from Adolf Hitler, of all people, while Indy was cringing over the idea of a tribe from Shambhala who was driven insane by consuming from the sap of an ancient tree powered by the Cintamani Stone. And that's just a few of their tales; Nate and Indy would both be interested in hearing each others' tales, how they survived the odds constantly, and probably caused a lot of destruction, which they wince embarrassingly at. It's no wonder the two became fast friends and they're open to helping out their professional careers in some way, with Indy being willing to invite Nate to a conference about his tales, which he was eager to attend. He's baffled that Nazis are still in the Pantheon and given Indy's experience in dealing with them in a number of his quests, Nate has taken it upon himself to be wary of any Nazi associates who desire ancient artifacts for themselves, such as Arnold Toht and René Belloq. He just hopes they don't suddenly make alliances with someone worse like say, Lazarević.
  • He has a rather interesting relationship with Lara Croft. They're good friends for the most part and the two of them have a lot of wacky tales to talk about, but where Nate is simply just content with where he is at the moment, being a legal excavator and a family man at times, Lara is a bit too caught up on a number of archaeological adventures that end up with her being caught in a villainous conspiracy or even a potential world-ending threat. Nate's response was a dry "This ain't a new experience with me. Heck I'd get paid millions for every time I get involved in those". To Lara, it's nice to see that there is somebody who could at least relate to the troubles and circumstances they unwittingly bring themselves into, hence why they came to be on good terms. Even with their grievances aside, Nate and Lara very much enjoy each others' tales with the latter being very supportive of the former's occupation and even coming along on a few occasions. Nate himself told Lara that she's perhaps the most badass woman he's come across, but told her not to tell this to Elena, with Lara jokingly stating she would. The two would often snark at each other, clearly aware that they do so as a coping mechanism for the constant shenanigans they tend to go through, furthering their relatability.
    • Among the other archaeologists and fortune hunters he learned about in the Pantheon, Nate was just as excited as he was eager to speak and share his stories with them, starting with Lemeza and Lumisa Kosugi who both went on to find lost cities, much like Nate did on a number of occasions, Tintin and Captain Haddock who traveled together to get involved in a number of conspiracies, the Saturday Family for their explores regarding cryptids which Nate found really cool, Cassie Sandsmark and the Hawks who were superheroes endowed by magical artifacts, and Jackie Chan who also journeyed the world in search of a collection of talisman that sealed within a great power, just to name a few. Nate's enthusiasm was able to quickly win them over as well as generally being respectful for what they've been through. As a result, he keeps in contact and remains good friends with this colorful cast of history enthusiasts and would gladly love the idea of going out on an adventure with them, but that's all in the past now. At the very least, his funds from his excavation job means he can finance some of them for their payment if they ever need some help, to which Nate felt happy that there are at least other ways to help his friends out than just being in an adventure.
  • Despite his adventures constantly risking the lives of himself and his loved ones, this happens to be an 8/10 when it comes to things Nate fears the most. As for what is a 10/10, that's clowns, much to Elena's chagrin and amusement. While Nate enjoyed being in the Pantheon since his ascension alongside making a few new friends, a creeping dread seemed to seep into his mind that he may come across a clown. Elena, Sully, and a few of his close ones would sometimes tease Nate over it and he generally plays along with it, but learning that there's such a term as Monster Clown got him pretty nervous. He's heard of tales regarding The Joker and Pennywise and Nate does admit that he's too afraid of them to properly cite a joke about them, not helped by the fact that he fought against Needles Kane at some point, with Nate admitting to having nightmares about him. Fortunately, Nate doesn't encounter the clowns he references and is happy about that, given that his occupation means he doesn't need to worry about meeting them for the most part, not to mention that he wants nothing to do with mass-murdering clowns among the likes of them, The Violator, and Kefka Palazzo. For now, he'll just barely stick to dealing with party clowns, as his friends would like to bring up. On a side note, his fear of clowns is shared with Billy, a kind and really excitable, but incredibly dim-witted boy who has adventures with a Grim Reaper and his shady sister, Mandy. Despite having little in common, Billy found Nate to be a "super cool guy" and quickly wanted to go on excavations with him. Nate disallowed him due to job and safety protocols, but they've surprisingly managed to get along and hang out with each other on some occasions, despite their shared fear of clowns. And no, they do not intend on huddling with each other when facing one either, or at least that's what Nate thinks.
  • Even before his ascension, Drake has been familiar with Crash Bandicoot as the former happens to be a fan of his video game series. His daughter, Cassie also follows suit and is eager to prove herself a better player in Crash's games than her father. When Drake discovered that Crash was also in the Pantheon, he was extremely giddy at the chance to meet with him and even made a beeline with the House of Beasts and Fauna specifically to meet with a character he liked, much to Elena and Sully's dismay and Cassie and Sam's amusement. When the two met, Crash was simply thrilled to find someone who admired him and they wasted no time in becoming good friends. The two have faced similar perils before, such as conspiracies, a madman wanting to take over the world, and trying to outrun a giant boulder, but they'd rather not re-enact those. While very different in regards to their personalities, this hasn't stopped the two from acknowledging each other's merits and they'll often hang out with each other. Apparently, rumors have spread of Nate spinning himself around, arms wide-open, with him trying to disprove or downplay the event, with a few even musing that Crash may have had something to do with this new trait Nate is supposedly taking up, much to the Bandicoot's amusement.
  • Thanks to his strong interest in history, Nathan has a particular sense of interest in a lot of places in the Pantheon should they have a strong emphasis on historical themes and aspects. It's because of this that he visits the Hall of Influential Figures due to its core house being modeled after a museum and he was incredibly geeked and giddy about the fact that there's a statue of him to symbolize his position as a major House representative. He also has a similar feeling with the Halls of Time Placement and Time Periods, openly musing about the chance of traveling through time and is usually excited to hear about events and stories in the past that he's never heard of and in different worlds too. He did give an attempt to convince the Elite Time Police Enforcers but was shot down to his disappointment, though he did get why he and almost everyone else was barred. Finally, the Halls of Prehistoric Beasts and Mesozoic Beasts was a place that he would eagerly travel to and even got to do so with Elena, albeit under supervision to ensure their safety. Despite some hiccups and getting startled by a giant theropod, Drake loved the journey and likes to tease Elena over getting frightened a few times on their trip, though she's not above doing the same to her husband.
  • He has an older brother named Sam, a fact that Nate didn't disclose to others for a long time as he believed Sam died in a prison riot... except he didn't and pressured his younger brother into resuming their search for discovering the fate and legacy of infamous pirate Henry Avery, though at the cost of a former collaborator, Rafe Adler, going out of his way to hound them in his desperate and crazed attempt to prove himself a worthy treasure hunter. With Sam a herald and choosing to go out on treasure hunts himself, Nate is a figure of interest in the House of Family and Relatives because of this. The tale of long-lost brothers isn't common but tends to be very eye-catching and gripping as the tale of Lucas and Claus could attest. Nate is intrigued by the fact that a psychic kid went on a quest to track down a bunch of needles to save the world, but due to the tragic nature of him losing his brother only to see him resurface as an enforcer for an evil empire and Claus choosing to kill himself, Nate would rather leave this aside when thinking about the brothers, though he admits that it's easier said than done and expresses his condolences to Lucas and Claus, knowing how it feels to at least be separated from one's sibling and dealing with the mental repercussions of such. On a similar note, he could connect with Stan Pines due to his falling out with his twin brother, Stanford resulting in them getting separated and Stan doing whatever he could to be reunited with Ford despite the latter becoming too engrossed in his interest, which Nate saw as something Sam also struggled with, even if said interests were different. With both relating to each others' plights regarding siblings and having a knack for dry humor, Nate and Stan got along pretty quickly.
  • Despite being retired from active treasure hunting, he still finds rivals in some shape or another. Among these came one of the more bizarre encounters Nate had in the Pantheon when Wario stumbled across the famed archaeologist. Nate quipped a couple of times regarding Wario's rather funny look but was similarly surprised by how destructive he can be when Wario destroyed a boulder after tolerating enough of Nate's snark. Furthermore, Drake discovered that he had a stash of treasure in a personal castle he owns and was stunned to also learn of Wario's adventures, which involved defeating an evil jewel that Wario had intended to take as a personal treasure and an evil spirit. There is some heroism in Wario's actions, but Nate quickly figured out that he's motivated by money first and foremost. Still, Nate thinks Wario is funny due to his appearance and that they could make for a great comedic duo in spite of Wario's generally unhygienic tendencies. Wario simply sees Nate as a rival he must prove himself a superior towards, but generally doesn't have much in the way of enmity either.
  • He, of all people, was told to get involved in accompanying Dora the Explorer on a trip regarding famous and historical pirate settlements and locations. Because of his adventure in Libertalia, many assumed Nate was the best person on the job and he decided to accept it based on Sully's suggestion that it could help him be a mentor. Drake was stumped on the idea of tagging along with a little girl who was excited to point out all sorts of details and facts regarding piracy. Nate was admittedly doing a good job teaching Dora in teaching her about how pirates worked whilst doing his best to keep out the more unfriendly information about them. Then things became more bizarre when Swiper the Fox showed up to steal whatever items Dora and Nate stumbled across, leading to the latter musing that stuff like this happening is part of his back luck while Dora just giggled in response and said that Swiper turning up to snatch something is a common occurrence. They continued to go around their trip and came across some ships and even a couple of monkeys and seals Dora told Nate the trick to stopping Swiper from harassing them, which came in handy when the next time they met near the end of their journey, Nate quipped "Swiper, no swiping!" thrice in a row, finally causing him to give up. Nate was rather amused by how this turned out and after the trip, Dora thanked him for giving her a good experience while Nate decided to give her one of his own treasures as a token gift of appreciation. Since then, the two keep in contact with each other and are good friends, with Nate being Dora's first contact of choice when it comes to some of her more daring choices of exploration.
    • Speaking of little girls, it was by chance that Nate came across Polly Pringle during one of his sea excavating trips and the latter's ship just so happened to pass through, with Polly's pirate gang spotting what they thought was a "silver bopping thing grabbing a ship". When Polly went to investigate, that's when she encountered Nate, who was surprised to see a young girl as a pirate captain. She demanded what he was doing, to which Nate stated that he was just traveling around looking for wrecks and lost items to collect for his job. Polly wasn't too convinced, but Nate stated he was not okay with the idea of fighting a child, to which Polly just pounced and overwhelmed Nate, only stopping because she figured that he didn't mean to pose a threat. Nate just snarked it off, prompting Polly to snicker at how he was a chicken who couldn't hit a girl, causing the two of them to throw banter at each other. Still, Polly came to respect Nate's respectful tone while he appreciated that Polly at least wasn't the ruthless sort of pirate and decided to educate her about submarines and ocean excavating as a way for her to understand him. As a result, the two were able to be on good terms despite their awkward first encounter.
    • Furthermore, his learning about Captain Toad got him curious about meeting him. The two of them became friends very quickly with Captain Toad very quickly desiring to have adventures just like Nate, who felt a bit skeptical about his ambition, though the smaller guy claims that he's not afraid of anything, which Nate snickered that he's not yet ready for the truly scary stuff he's come across, something that Captain Toad is determined to prove wrong with Toadette's help. Kaban and Serval, explorers of an abandoned amusement spot called Japari Park, were another pair of people who interested Nate. Much like with Captain Toad, Nate didn't find much difficulty in getting along with the girls and admitted that he may visit Japari Park in the event it becomes an ascended domain in the Pantheon, to which Kaban stated that it's best to be careful, likening to her experience of dealing with a number of perils there in spite of her exciting adventure there. This didn't stop Nate from keeping the park in mind for reference, but he supports Kaban and Serval for trying to find the other Friends and would be open to advocating for Japari Park being a national reserve to keep his friends happy and safe.
  • The Pantheon wasn't the first time Nate got involved in a world far bigger than he had expected. Last he recalled, he was involved in some kind of shenanigans regarding Polygon Man merging worlds and Nate coming across a bunch of heroes and villains It's a bit hazy to get all of the memories flowing back, but his encounter with Sweet Tooth is one he really wants to forget about. That said, his former occupation as a treasure hunter caught the attention of Sly Cooper, a raccoon thief who's developed a reputation for stealing ancient artifacts and items held by the rich, though Sly always targets criminals and he himself has been caught in the middle of a few plans regarding world domination. Nate was initially surprised at the idea of a talking animal, let alone a humanoid raccoon thief, but the two have since acknowledged each other as a worthy rival without any animosity. And with Nate's retirement, Sly is open to allowing him to just relax with his family and friends and enjoy the Pantheon in a new way.
  • While his departure from his usual adventures has given him a very comfortable time in the Pantheon, it wouldn't be long before Zoran Lazarević and Rafe Adler would get their chance to ascend as well. This news quickly shocked Nate, with him complaining how even in the Pantheon, his luck was bound to turn against him when he least expects it and does not entertain the idea of encountering two of his worst foes again. Though fortunately, Lazarević and Adler found themselves dealing with more problems than just Nate, with the former butting heads against several government officials and heroes in addition to treasure hunters who came to oppose him very quickly, not helped by the fact that he was a warmongering terrorist who openly admired some of history's most infamous figures for their cruelty. The latter's attempts to prove himself a better treasure hunter than Nate got Rafe to compete against fellow hunters and generally being unpopular due to his smug and arrogant demeanor and as it turned out, neither Lazarević nor Rafe have gotten much of a chance to confront Nate to avenge their twisted grievances.
"As Thrilling As The Next Adventure May Be, In The End, You’re Always Left With That Same Feeling."

    Nimue Inwudu/Madame Xanadu (Ten) 
Nimue Inwudu, Goddess of Fortune Tellers and Inventor of Tarot (Madame Xanadu)