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Personal Appearance and Equipment

Like the House of Defense, this house is perhaps less official than the others - many deities are affiliated with it, but very few stay here exclusively. Not a lot of Gods enjoy thinking that they're here solely because of a mustache. The common opinion of visitors is that this is a House for the vainest of the vain, where Gods spend all of their time preening and fussing over their features. In truth - well, some do exactly that. Others barely notice or care what they look like, and barely visit at all.

The most striking thing about this house is the mirrors. Several rooms have mirrored walls, ceilings, and floors, which can be disorienting. Visitors often have to be rescued after wandering around in a daze. Other rooms have spas, parlors, dressing rooms, and the like. This House is connected to both Houses of Love and Affection and Theatre and Spectacle. Additionally, this House is also connected to the House of Jobs and Profession, for those Gods about having a profession and looking attractive at it.

As Snow White is a Princesses of Heart, security here is tight, so any attempts to capture her or use her to recreate the χ-blade will result in a temporary ban from the House.

Due to the large amount of deities, this house has been split into the following divisions:

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The Apathetic Guardians of Figure

    Alex Louis Armstrong 
Alex Louis Armstrong, God of Muscles (Major Armstrong, The Strongarm Alchemist)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His shirtless, sparkling body
  • Theme Song: The Amestris Military March has been passed down through the Armstrong Line for Generations!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Boisterousness, Hamminess, Sparkling Great Muscles Shown Nearly All the Time, Major, Manly Tears, Gentle Giant, ALL PASSED DOWN THROUGH THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS!!
  • Domains: Army, Muscles, War, Alchemy
  • Herald: Sig Curtis
  • Followers: James Vega, Super Macho Man, Lex Luger
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Selena Recital
  • Special relationship with: Olivier Mira Armstrong (his sister)
  • Enemies: Sloth, Father Homunculus, Führer King Bradley, Dante of the Deep Forest, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy
  • Slightly annoys: Gowasu
  • Unknown Relationship: Senator Steven Armstrong
  • A very muscular and hammy Strong Arm Alchemist and Major in the Amestrian military, Alex Armstrong specializes in over-the-top manliness, hand-to-hand combat, kinetic force alchemy, and having a conscience.
  • Tends to flip away his shirt and shows off his muscles. Despite this annoying tendency, Armstrong is a well-respected man whenever he goes serious.
  • He was once tasked to take part in the Ishvalan genocide. He and his oldest sister consider this his most shameful moment in life — not because he killed innocent people, but because when his conscience ultimately horrified him mid-mission, instead of joining the many who stayed in the fight and turned against their masters he turned tail and ran from the whole thing entirely. His sister has been particularly merciless about this, refusing to consider him a man and seeing his desertion of the battlefield as an act of cowardice.
  • He rivals with Selena in bouncing off their body (Selena on her boobs, Armstrong on his muscles). They're never seen doing this at the same time.
  • Respects Bang Shishigami well due to his dedication for justice and because he's a fun guy to have around. Of course, he still can't beat the mighty muscles of Alex which have been PASSED DOWN THROUGH THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS!!
  • Frequently works out together with Hulk Hogan, a man who has inspired him a lot throughout his life.
  • With Father now ascending, Alex is preparing to recruit some skilled people who aren't Alchemists into a support unit linked to the Amestris army in case the Homunculi attempt to strike again.
  • Currently, it is unknown what his opinion is regarding the newly-arisen Senator Steven Armstrong, who may or may not be a distant relative of the Armstrong line. Most likely not.
  • Is a member of a stable group called the Mighty Majors, along with Edward Elric.
  • Is sometimes easily mistaken as the God called Braum due to their awesome mustaches and muscles. However, even if Armstrong respects Braum's protective instinct, the shiny muscles PASSED DOWN THROUGH THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS!! are definitely what makes him keep the position. He hopes Braum's milk, which he refers to be "Passed Down Through The Avarosan Clan For Generations" will taste just as great.
  • When news of the ascension of Olivier Mira Armstrong reached Alex's ears, his reaction was a combination of nervous glee, as he is both happy to see his sister and somewhat terrified of her — especially given her cold contempt towards him in earlier times. Surprisingly, she gave him a hearty salute upon receiving his congratulatory visit, having moreso come to terms with him as a man to be respected after their fight with Sloth.
  • Has noticed that an older god who recently came into the Pantheon seems to get a bit edgy at his presence.
  • With the Homunculi girding up their forces, including a new High Command assembled by King Bradley, Armstrong is stepping up his training in anticipation for the coming battles. His most frequent training partner is Guile, who recently joined the Mighty Majors and was a part of the team that investigated the surfacing of Bradley's barracks in the Pantheon.
  • Was extremely glad to see that Mustang had successfully gotten Hughes ascended in the Pantheon, tearing his shirt off and trying to place Hughes in a bone-crushing hug to celebrate. Hughes quietly sidestepped him, allowing him to tumble over. After picking himself up, he settled for a handshake.
  • Upon first encountering the Ultra Beast Buzzwole, Major Armstrong did battle with it. The pair initially duked it out in an old-fashioned boxing match... before devolving into a flexing contest. After that the two grew to respect each other, eventually becoming certified partners. Most of Armstrong's allies have had mixed feelings towards the Swollen Pokémon's presence but Colonel Mustang doesn't seem to mind; the more allies they have against King Bradley's organization the better.

    The Duckling 
The "Duckling", Divine Bird of Surprising Beauty (Augustus)
As an Adult/Swan 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A grey feather or a reflection of his infant self
  • Theme Song: The Ugly Duckling Song
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Broken and Depressed as His Siblings Mock and Reject Him and is Usually Ignored by his Mother, Is Ugly Only by Perception of Others, Interspecies Adoption, The Ditz, Feels Alienated Due to his Reputation, Is Actually A Swan and Gets Accepted By a Flock of Them
  • Domains: Swans, Sadness, Loneliness, Revelations, Beauty, Struggle
  • Heralds: His fellow Swan flock, Scruffy
  • Allies: Jerry Mouse, Lilo and Stitch, Daffy Duck, Fluttershy, Odette, Ahiru, Rudolph, Yves (LOOΠΔ), Maisie Farange
  • On Good Terms With: Walt Disney, Thunder
  • Respects: The Mothers and Family Dysfunctions Sub-House
  • Opposes: Vega, Queen Sectonia
  • Conflicting Opinion: Tom Cat
  • Of the many tales about children, very little is considered to be as lonely and melancholic as a certain "duckling" once his egg somehow ends up in the nest of a random duck. Despite hatching just fine, everything took a turn for the worse as the Duckling became the main subject and focus of ridicule and mockery by his fellow "brothers and sisters", calling him ugly simply for having a different appearance towards them. His adopted mother didn't do much beyond a few heart-hearted attempts to stop the bullying and comforting the ducking. After suffering one too many times, the Duckling is cast away and off to live by itself. It comes across a flock of swans and an old woman, but flees due to bad circumstances and is forced to endure a harsh winter. In the end, he attempts to get himself killed by another flock of swans, only to discover that they accept him and, by looking at a reflection from the water, that he is a swan himself. Finally being accepted, the former "duckling" decides to join his new Swan flock.
  • The former duckling's tale was one of many tragic fairy tales that have remained timeless and moving, even for those residing in the Pantheon and it has been a celebrated story as it was a tale in which the duckling managed to receive the life that he had wanted. During a migratory season, he and his flock of fellow swans managed to find an unusually large lake to dock at, whereupon they were witnessed by numerous attendees and native creatures, some of which were animals that they had never seen before. A large ray of sunlight reflected on one particular swan, the one that faced ostracization back in his youth and many of the animals recognized this sign as a form of symbolism. The once ugly duckling had now ascended into the Pantheon.
  • While no longer a laughing stock and perfectly content with the life that he is given overall as a swan, The Duckling (as he is commonly referred to as) still gets ounces of sympathy from a lot of deities and residents in the Pantheon. So much so that in one particular day, he was greeted by a hundred visitors. Naturally, because of the sheer number of the crowd and their large noise, the swan flock felt rather intimidated to the point where the swans opted to fly elsewhere. The Houses of Beast and Nature took to consulting with the House of Personal Appearance in what to do about the Duckling and his flock. Figuring that while he is mentally healing and deserves friends, they decided to impose visiting hours to allow them for privacy and independence in case they feel annoyed. Since then, the flock has returned to their domain and crowd control has allowed for a quieter, more natural feel.
  • His beauty is... not exactly special in the grand scheme of things, though it does have an important aspect for the Duckling's personal psyche. His graceful and elegant appearance is expected for a swan, though it's hard to distinguish him from the rest of the flock. As a result, he's often referred to as Augustus by his flock to help identify The Duckling from the others. Soon enough, his friends, old and new, would also call him Augustus as a display of their relationship with him.
    • All things considered, he has no interest in beauty-based competitions and sometimes shies away whenever he gets a notice from the more fashionable-looking deities in the Pantheon and references to the House of Costumes. He has no contempt for them, it's just that he prefers to live out an ordinary life with his new herd, not much else. Though admittedly, he does often consider visiting the latter, if mainly to see if they provide swans with some kind of fashion. A few deities and his flock have considered his thoughts rather weird and out of left-field.
  • Augustus caught the attention of a certain famous mouse who had to deal with an iteration of his friend, Quacker, who projected a self-image of himself as "ugly". In this case, however, Jerry Mouse was rather downhearted to learn of Augustus's turbulent story and offered to tag along and see if they can have some fun. The swan was rather pleased to see such a nice gesture from the mouse, promoting Jerry to try doing some creative activities. Normally, he'd be doing these to tease or inflict payback on Tom Cat, but decided to try a different approach. Since then, Jerry and Augustus have remained good friends.
    • Speaking of Tom, he's decided to cut some slack and leave Augustus out of his eternal feud against Jerry after learning of the swan's tragic story. Some have noted of Tom's numerous attempt to eat Quacker, including the "Ugly Duckling" version, but the cat soon figured that he would be in everyone's shit-list if he tried to eat Augustus, so he let's Jerry be when he wants to hang out with Augustus. That said, he'll immediately start chasing the mouse once he's done hanging out with the swan. Augustus finds the situation behind Tom and Jerry rather humorous, but is not sure how to approach him, fearing that Tom might bully him for his past and often-meek demeanour.
  • Due to his past experience of being bullied, Augustus avoid any and all contact with any bully that he perceives. It makes sense, given that he still clearly remembers all the times where he was ostracized and disregarded, worst of all, by his own siblings just because he looked different. This was something that the Houses of Beast and Nature took as an offence. While they're okay with animals killing one another, that's to do with survival and sustenance, they won't tolerate bullying and mockery just because someone looks different, though Augustus doesn't really have much to comment on, just flocking for new friends.
  • The House of Family are more than open to provide Augustus with company and support and have often invited the swan over to make him happy and content. Augustus was pleased to see how many of the parents legitimately try to look after and talk to him on a one-to-one basis, managing to gain a good deal of respect towards the Mothers Sub-House as many of the maternal figures there were what Augustus would have ideally wanted in his childhood. It's since become one of his favourite places to walk to, knowing that he could get some emotional and social support from a few new friends there.
    • As a victim of Parental Neglect, he also pays visits to the Family Dysfunctions Sub-House. While some of the deities there can be rather mean-spirited and much scarier than expected, Augustus likes the places and it allows him to easily find someone to relate with and talk about his experiences. He seems to get along with Maisie the most given how both of them were victims of Parental Neglect, plus Maisie enjoys the idea of getting along with an animal that can talk. That said, Maisie isn't sure whether if she had it easier than Augustus or not (one part of herself acknowledges that her parents only used her as leverage against one another whereas another side had parents who did love her, even if their bitterness left her largely ignored). The two will often attend the House of Nature to play by some lakes, with Maisie's Blastoise providing most of the waterworks.
    • On the subject of loneliness, there was also Rudolph, a deer who was looked down upon simply for having a bright, red nose. Obviously enough, the two related to one another quite closely and ended up becoming friends very quickly. That said, they chose not to talk about their past experiences all that much; they've more-or-less managed to move past that and make new friends and company. Augustus is curious as to know how Christmas works, which Rudolph is happy to let him know how it's celebrated and what happens with everyone during that event.
  • One fellow deity who took an immediate interest to Augustus was Odette, who was no stranger to experiences with a swan (or rather, she was a swan). She was greatly saddened to learn of his tale and expressed relief when she heard of how his life turned out in the end. As a result, she desired to meet Augustus, even before he joined the Pantheon. And once he did, Odette immediately took to meeting with him. The unsurprisingly became friends, if mainly outside of being swan's, Augustus and Odette have been in tragic and desperate situations and wanting to seek company. Whenever Augustus's group flocks to a new location, he would take the time to break off and occasionally meet Odette and spend some time together.
    • One of the members of the Korean Pop band, LOOΠΔ, Yves is well-known for having the Ugly Duckling as a personal symbol for herself, which also extends to swans, given the tale. It was a given that she decided to personally meet Augustus once she got note of his ascension. The swan himself was delighted to hear how his tale became an inspiration for Yves and she channelled that to represent Hidden Beauty, which Augustus also represented as he didn't realize he was a swan instead of a duck. While Augustus doesn't really pay much interest in LOONA, he greatly appreciates Yves and sometimes flocks to meet her and see her singing and dancing performances. Mutually, Yves herself would also take a few trips to the House of Nature, hoping to see Augustus flock with his herd at times.
    • There is also Thunder, who is renowned for having swans as a personal Animal Motif, though, unconventionally, her association ties to pain and struggle. Though Augustus doesn't exactly get the reference, Thunder is willing to befriend the swan and look after him, given that she had read about his emotional struggles in his life and feels indebted to see him as an influence for her. On a different note, Ahiru, a duck who gained the ability to transform into a human (or rather Princess Tutu), did read about Augustus's story and immediately decided to be friends with him, as was typical of her. She wanted to be the kind of duckling that Augustus could have had company with in his childhood and is making sure that she can keep a close friendship with him. The swan has appreciated the gesture and sometimes would give Ahiru some encouragement for her ballet lessons.
  • He became fast friends with Lilo and Stitch. It stemmed from the fact that during their early days, Lilo decided to read the tale of The Ugly Duckling to Stitch, which prompted the latter to go and find a family of his own, which ended up being Lilo herself. The fact that Stitch was an outcast himself, according to the United Galactic Federation and getting adopted and accepted by his adopted family, is also a major contributing reason as he related himself to Augustus, though despite his tendencies to cause mischief, he doesn't enact those towards the swan out of respect. Augustus just appreciates the fact that his story made a contribution to Stitch's life and is happy to attend his and Lilo's company. By extension, Stitch is also protective of the swan; never verbally slander or bully Augustus in Stitch's vicinity. A lot of deities and folks realized it really wouldn't end well for them if Stitch has a bad day.
  • Unfortunately for Augustus, he caught the ire of Vega and Queen Sectonia. While Augustus looks elegant and pretty, his species is beautiful by default. If anything, nobody made comparisons to their beauty. Instead, Vega and Sectonia were annoyed by how they don't get as much attention as Augustus does, not realizing that the swan's appearance isn't even the main reason why he's respected and beloved. Any attacks towards Augustus by the two were halted by the Houses of Beast and Nature, which only adds to their frustration. All Augustus does is avoid as much thought as he could towards them, otherwise, he just minds his own business.

    Jessica Rabbit 
Jessica Rabbit, The Goddess With The Impossible Body (Lovecup, Jessica Krupnick)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A glittering red dress
  • Theme Song: "Why Don't You Do It Right"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Really curvy body, Femme Fatale, Ms. Fanservice, Only Sane Man, Happily Married to Roger because he makes her laughs, Ugly Guy, Hot Wife (from human's perspective), Hot Guy, Ugly Wife (from Toon's perspective)
  • Domains: Fanservice, Love
  • High Priestess: Eva Marie
  • Allies: Roger Rabbit (her husband), Eddie Valiant, Krillin, Rick Blaine
  • Enemies: Every shady detective in the Pantheon, Judge Doom, Toon Patrol
  • Opposes: Emma Frost
  • Odd Friendship with: Harry Dresden, The Doctor, Mario
  • Pities: Norma Desmond
  • When hearing about her ascension, Roger was so overjoy that he bursted into her place and gave her a big hug. Rumor has it the two of them celebrate by "playing Patty Cake" for days.
    • That said, she is protective of Roger and is very concerned that he frequently goes out of his way to connect Toons from different company and walk of life. This led her to sometimes knock him out with a frying pan and carrying him out of a meeting she deemed too dangerous in order to protect him.
  • Jessica's reaction when hearing that Judge Doom had also ascended was to grab her trusty gun and fire at him to release her anger pent up at him during their time as mortals. This caused her to become even more protective of Roger, much to the amusement of everyone.
  • When people think that she is guilty of a crime because of her look and position, Jessica reminds them that she isn't bad; she's just drawn this way.
  • Strikes up a friendship with Krillin as they bond over the fact that they're married to people much more accomplished than they are: Android 18 in the strength department and Roger on the comedian department.
  • Much to the surprise of everyone, Jessica got along decent enough with Harry Dresden due to the fact that he is also love cracking jokes and is one of the more dignified detective who bothers to investigate with the paranormal. Her love of hearing jokes is also why she has a strong friendship to the Doctor.
  • Doesn't particularly like Emma because she heard about the incident when Emma took advantage of Scott's mental health and had a psychic affair with him. Jessica doesn't like cheating because she was forced to appear cheating with Acme by Judge Doom in order to manipulate Roger's feeling.
  • She attracted a lot of attention from the House of Lust giving the fact that her assets literally defy the normal direction of gravity by bouncing in the opposite rhythm while walking. This includes a lot of unwanted attention from male perverts and jealousy from female deities. Jessica is just annoyed because she's in a loving marriage to Roger.
  • She encountered Mario in one of his rare time appearances in his live-action counterpart and thought Eddie has ascended to the Pantheon. While this mistake was quickly clarified by Mario, she took a liking to the plumber as he and Peach's relationship is also similar to her and Roger.
  • Was very sorry when hearing about Norma Desmond's situation as it reminds Jessica of one of Toontown's inhabitants Betty Boop. However, Jessica avoids her temple because of Norma's insanity.
  • Took a side job as a singer in Rick Blaine's bar after learning about his love for Ilsa and offered him a few words of comfort.
  • It was rumored that she once hooked up with Goofy and has a son named Max. Both Jessica and Goofy denied any of this.

    Professor X/Charles Xavier 
Charles Francis Xavier, God of Bald Psychics (Professor X, Prisoner M-13, Onslaught, Charley, Chuck, Charlie, The Good Shepherd, Bald Phoenix, "Telepathic Mahatma Gandhi of the Mutant Cause", Dr. X, Proud Task-master, Task-master, X)

    Snow White (Disney
Snow White, Goddess of People of White Skin with Black Hair (Stalwart Friend of the Forest)
  • Demigoddess (Overdeity when in-tandem with the other Princesses of Heart)
  • Symbol: An apple with a small bite mark on it
  • Leitmotif: "Someday My Prince Will Come"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Hair black as ebony, skin white as snow, friendly to all animals, being unable to corrupt due to being so sweet, being polite to everyone, awakening from love's first kiss, Princess of Heart
  • Domains: Animals, Kindness, Beauty
  • Heralds: The Seven Dwarfs: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, and Dopey
  • Allies: Bigby Wolf, Aqua, Princess Peach, Sora, Fluttershy, Jak, Daxter, Aurora, Alice, Weiss Schnee, the other Snow White (Hime Shirayuki)
  • Enemies: The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Master Xehanort, The Master
  • Not to be confused with: The Fables Snow White in the same house or the Magical Girl Hunter
  • Opposes: Courtney Gears
  • When she entered the Pantheon, there was a lot of debate when it came to her title as the "Fairest of them all". Snow White, in the meantime, is just glad to be around company in the House of Royalty.
    • The Evil Queen has gotten furious over the fact that Snow White has now ascended, and is now plotting to get rid of her more than ever. Once noticeable act was to trick Snow White into brushing her hair with a poisoned comb that she would present in disguise as a hairdresser, but this was foiled by Jak, since he's a prince, and thus, would be able to see through the disguise.
    • Upon reevaluation of her titles, Snow White has moved to the Houses of Physical Attractiveness and Jealousy and Envy. She vatly prefers to be in the former house, and still visits the House of Royalty often.
  • Was a bit concerned when she met with Johnny Appleseed who offered her some fresh apples (considering the last time she had one she was sent into a deep sleep). After some time with Snow White baking pies out of them, as well as a heart-to-heart chat, she has been a frequent buyer of Appleseed's apples which she makes into pies.
  • Charlotte LaBouff screamed in excitement when she came, seeing as Snow White was one of the original princesses that she grew up with. Snow White was flattered to find a good friend in the Pantheon, while Charlotte looked like she was about to faint in happiness.
  • Despite her rank as a Demigoddess, she is also one of the legendary Princesses of Heart which could provide useful against Master Xehanort's plans in unleashing Kingdom Hearts and the Door to Darkness. Because of this, whenever she is with the other six princesses, her rank jumps to Overdeity.
    • Snow White won't take anyone trying to use her heart for evil very well, and she appears to be in danger, she will summon the dwarves or her animal friends to attack the offender. So far, only Maleficent and Courtney Gears were able to successfully capture her.
  • Has lots of animal friends who help clean up her temple every now and then. Fluttershy also comes to her temple to help clean out and to sing alongside Snow White.
  • Rumors that she was also a Badass Princess who was best friends with Red Riding Hood and had a daughter named Emma are currently unfounded. After all, that's totally not how fairy tales are, right?
  • Upon learning about that trek to find Malachite's hand she watched in horror and confusion as to who dressed as her.
  • Rumor has it that the prince that Snow White married tried to win Rapunzel's heart, but lost her when she either died or ended up with Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert.

Ambiguous Ranks

    Mitch Conner 
Mitchell "Mitch" Conner, God of Hands as Puppets (Hennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Mr. Crime-syndicate-kingpin-guy)
  • Unknown, some think he is a Quasideity while others think he is more than meets the eye
  • Symbol: Himself.
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Neutral Evil in South Park: The Fractured but Whole
  • Portfolio: Con Artist, Maybe real or Maybe a fabrication by Cartman, Consulting Mister Puppet
  • Domains: Hands, Alter Egos, Conning, Crime, Evil
  • Allies: Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh, Arnold Wesker and Scarface, Ethan Roark Sr., Frank Underwood, The Kingpin, Shub-Niggurath
  • Rivals: Slappy the Dummy
  • Enemies: The New Kid, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Yoshino Himekawa, The House of Felines
  • Unknown Connection: Vietnam War Veterans
  • Opposes: The House of Fathers and Mothers
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Butters Stotch (Allies with his Professor Chaos Persona)
  • It started with what initially seemed to be another of Eric Cartman's elaborated pranks turned out to be far more unexpected to the Pantheonic deities that day as he was found in the House of Music doing what can be described as a ventriloquist imitation of Jennifer Lopez but it turned out that the entity behind the whole thing was a supposed Con Artist named Mitch Conner, who happens to be Cartman's left hand but he managed to avoid capture by "taking" Cartman and a few other deities hostage. He was caught later and then he presented himself to the Court of Gods to explain who he was which somehow convinced them to make Mitch an entire separate temple for himself by holding the title of Bare-Handed Puppetry.
  • Stan and Kyle rolled their eyes once they heard about Mitch Conner's arrival to the Pantheon, as they believe that this is just yet another of Cartman's ploys but to their surprise, several other deities have spotted Mitch elsewhere without Cartman being present at all, making several wonder if he is indeed a sentient being outside of Cartman or if Cartman is that dedicated to keeping up the façade.
  • Mitch and Cartman's relationship is sometimes similar to how the Ventriloquist work with his dummy Scarface. Wesker seems to be under the belief that like Scarface, Mitch is his own entity and he stated he has never seen Cartman participate in the meetings he had with Conner. But then again, this is The Ventriloquist we are talking about.
  • Apparently fought in the Vietnam War and after that he decided to Walk the Earth. Those who have been part of said war don't recall having ever seen Mitch and specially no hand with lipstick fighting alongside them. Old Man Henderson, on the other hand, can vividly recall a gruelling, bloody battle where he and Mitch were the only members of their squad to survive. Henderson definitely wasn't in the Vietnam War due to only being 12 years old at the time, and yet Mitch has told the exact same story, beat for beat, despite having no known interaction with Henderson since his ascension.
  • Yoshino Himekawa heavily dislikes Mitch for being mean to her and Yoshinon, Mitch takes a somewhat sadistic pleasure in messing with her and telling her Yoshinon isn't real. Some of her friends hate Mitch in return and actually believe this is Cartman's way to troll Yoshino for her meek attitude but in a weird turn of events she believes Mitch is an actual person (Nevermind that she hates being told Yoshinon is not real)
  • Not many of the ascended puppet or doll deities seem to like Mitch, mostly for how much of a Wild Card he is. The only one he has some sort of "positive" relationship would be Slappy the Dummy and even him find him too unreliable for an ally.
  • By far he is the most antagonistic deity towards the New Kid, not only because Mitch was shown as his worst there but also he kidnapped the Kid's parents in order to replicate their power and even if he was unsuccesful he still forced the kid to kill one of them. Nevertheless, Mitch's plan for becoming a powerful political figure remains but he is a lot more subdued in his approach, being aware that there a deities capable of knowing what he is up to.
  • Like mentioned before, Mitch still intends to become mayor of South Park one way or another and he found two powerful allies that could allow him to reach said position. Both Ethan Roark Sr. and Frank Underwood found Mitch to be quite an unconventional ally (especially because they didn't buy Cartman's act at all) but given how persuasive he was, they agreed to help out Mitch if it meant more power to them. Mitch was also able to convince Wilson Fisk to finance his new campaign, apparently he was convincing enough considering Fisk was able to praise Mitch (or rather Cartman, he also doesn't buy his act) to fool an entire town.
  • Mitch has certainly no shortage of enemies, especially those he ended up using as pawns like Professor Chaos (Butters' villainous persona, although for certain reasons he tries to not use it if the Grand Alliances get involved). However, his connections to the South Park police department and their illegal activities, namely the abduction of black people to feed the outer goddess Shub-Niggurath, Mitch somehow managed to keep her as an ally, easily making the con man one of the most unusually dangerous deities for that reason alone. Some are not surprised by this, considering Cartman is friends with Cthulhu and Mitch, according to himself anyway, is a much better schemer than his fat puppetmaster.
  • Mitch uses cats, or rather their piss, as a drug to fool people into following him. And because he kidnaps cats a lot, he quickly became a Persona non Grata among feline deities who don't want to be harnessed for their urine. Though Mitch is glad that they tend to target Eric instead of him.
  • He too has a Freudian Excuse and just like the New Kid, he had a parent who was fucked, in his case his father. That's why he fooled the entire world by pretending he was Jennifer Lopez, defying time and space to declare Christmas every day and even killing people. He did not know the identity of the person who had fucked his father, so he decided to wipe out everyone just to make sure he got his revenge. When his estranged mother stepped forward and revealed that she was the one who fucked his father, Mitch snapped and attacked his mother, with both of them killing the other in the ensuing fight. That's why he despises the House of Family and all the parents there, as they could enable another monster like him.
  • For the record, this temple officially belongs to Eric Cartman. The Court of Gods is in no way sure if Mitch Conner is even real but they don't have any way to prove otherwise.
  • May have some minor reality warping abilities, as anyone who engages him in direct combat will find that his attacks sometimes inflict status effects while their own attacks sometimes harmlessly bounce off him, seemingly for no reason other than he decrees it to be so. It takes the mind of a powerful psychic to prevent him from using this ability.

    The Slender Man 

The Slender Man, The Entity Without Facial Features (Slenderman, and its various nicknames: , The Operator, The Administrator, the Keeper, the Black King, onedividedbyzero, Der Großmann, The Tall Man, Gorr'Rylaehotep, The Ajax Monster, The Man in the Suit, the legendary Slendaddy)
  • Unknown, but sources say Intermediate God, especially on human encounters.
  • Symbol: A uniform? There is also the Operator Symbol (a circle with an X through it)
  • Theme Song: None. However, its appearance is heralded by a loud static-like noise.
  • Alignment: Chaotic... Neutral? Evil? We really aren't sure.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Abominations, Paranoia, Nightmares, Unknowablility, Tulpas (possibly)
  • Heralds: Proxies, but especially The Collective, The Order and Kate/The Chaser
  • Possible Amicable Entities: SCP-173, SCP-106, The Bogeyman, Spooky and the Specimens, Glitchy's Mario, Erma, Steve and Alex, the Endermen, the House of Gaming
  • Rivals: The Weeping Angels, Freddy Krueger, Pennywise the Dancing Clown
  • Mixed Reaction: Robot Chicken, the House of Theatre and Spectacle, Bill Cipher
  • Feared by: Darquesse, Alma Wade
  • Enemies: Anyone who is basically human (though they place him as enemies, the Slender Man only looks for worthy targets), with notable ones being The SCP Foundation, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Jack Skellington, Dipper and Mable Pines, Finn and Jake
  • Targets: The House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • There are very few bits of information based on this "entity", but do not be fooled by its appearance. It may have the shape of a human and an image of a human but it is anything but human. Its presence has created many disappearances and has been an attraction for tales. There are even accounts regarding this enigmatic "creature" and its purpose. Yet for many, this creature could only be named by its appearance, dubbed "The Slender Man". A dangerous, if not supernatural being that haunts people, not by volition, but by its own agendas. Unknown in many ways, its appearances has been noticed around the modern times, and in most cases, the people who would record it would never be seen again, never to tell the tale in person, but in camera recordings.
  • To understand the Slender Man, one has to throw away the idea of calling it sentient, like "creature", "entity", etc. It is not any of those. It is intelligent, but it is anything but a life creature. "Anomaly" would be the better the term to describe it, as it seems to bend the laws of time and physics to its own advantage. It has everything that a creature cannot simply possess, such as visual distortion of the technology if it gets viewed, inaudible sounds when encountered, even with technology, and strange effects upon actual encounter like amnesia, dizziness and intense nausea. It also possess powerful powers such as actively confusing a victim's mind, teleportation, and appendages. To say it defies the laws of life in general would be an understatement.
    • "It"'s first appearance was recorded within video tapes at the House of Children and Adolescence, as most observations in the pictures taken at the House had no issues but security videos would notice an oddity, where a black, slender thing was almost seen as a tree. This would be seen as a non-issue, until guards were reported to have slowly disappeared with no traces of their whereabouts. Any video recording detailing the last of the guards' fate were met with technical distortions and soon, security was in disarray. Fearing that the children would be heavily affected, Pantheon security called in the SCP Foundation and began the search, to which it finally found it. All details of it were redacted and soon, a new "containment" area was reported within the House of Personal Appearance. It became clear that its eventual appearance within the Trope Pantheons was an inevitability, for this thing has its own plans no one ever knows.
  • While the origins of the Slender Man are hard to pinpoint, many directly point at a certain website that managed to give ideas on the creation of it. However, there are clues that it may have existed before the website discovered it, with a painting from Germany called "Der Ritter" giving rise to the idea that the Slender Man might have already came into existence. Some even pointed that with the connections of real life and the eventual "discovery" of the Slender Man, it might be that the anomaly that we see might be an amalgamation of those same images connected to the mythos. In other words, it is the same being, possibly. We don't know. This is worsened by its powers, which varies from time to time. This leads to various encounters with it being radically different from others, with small similarities. Such as the presence of appendages when it comes to capturing its would-be prey, temporal distortion of time, ability to disperse into clones and so much more. Thus its nature cannot be fully described and with the possibility that there may be more than one Slender Man further makes things complicated.
  • As mysterious as it is, the SCP Foundation has volunteered that anything related to it will be handled solely by them, though to say that the organization has "contained" it is an outright lie. In past documents, a certain SCP known as SCP-582 had (formerly) similar feats to the Slenderman, including shaping in certain figures, a trait that it possesses. While it has no longer followed the same image as it, the Pantheon soon realized that the Foundation was this close to catching it with them handling Pantheon affairs regarding it as a form of catchup to the elusive anomaly. However, there is a lingering doubt that attempting to catch it may result in some internal trouble if ever should it come into contact with the very anomalies they have been containing, the most obvious being SCP-173 and SCP-106. Since both it and 173 rely on sight and 106 has a Pocket Dimension in the same vein as it having its own world, there can be no telling how much damage the organization can handle if it tries to communicate.
  • Ever since the first appearance it took and the stories of it regarding teenagers and children, the House of Childhood and Adolescence has made the first priority to remove any attempts of the Slender Man to harm its inhabitants as the people in charge have realized the prey it takes. Almost no one can safely say they are in its side and most can assume that the moment it appears in the background, that person is most likely its next target. In addition, attempts to understand it from the House of Knowledge yielded no results and the only likely answer to it is based on theories alone, the most considered one being that it is a Tulpa, or strictly speaking, an imaginary being that eventually manifested into reality.
    • The otherworldly origins of it did it no favors as while it has made new prey to take, others were not particularly fond of it. This explains why various killers, whether it be other anomalous entities such as the Weeping Angels to other child eaters like Pennywise and Freddy Krueger also caught wind of it's arrival and considered it as a threat to their prey as well. Because of the anomaly's inability to die, nothing from it was harmed every time it had a confrontation with either of the three. The Weeping Angels eventually moved on while Pennywise and Freddy have taken into consideration of it's presence when taking their next prey as they consider it to be a threat to their next food. Jack Skellington has also made his stance against it, as despite his deathly appearance, he is a rather kind-hearted soul and is trying to keep the spirits of the children alive as possible, with it's presence being an antithesis the moment it starts taking children. Oddly enough, out of all the otherworldly beings, it and the Bogeyman have surprisingly been left without some form of hostility. Some say that the Slender Man might have come as an incarnation of a Bogeyman but more sinister, which could explain the preference of darkness and children.
  • Regarding its face, or rather, lack thereof, originally the idea was that its face would look different to everybody, and it would only appear faceless in pictures/video as a form of Glamour Failure. Though later accounts dismissed this and went with the idea that it simply had no face, turning it into what it is today: a faceless abomination though shapeshifting abilities are still possible. Whether it be some form of confusion or possible errata, some deities did try adding some facial features to it with Erma and Mabel Pines giving it facial features to make it look better, though nothing came out of it after such changes. There was also a time where Chuck Norris punched it hard that it got a face, but it barely stuck.
    • Mabel's attempt attracted it towards the Pines twins but also got it struck against Bill Cipher, of which the triangular demon was utterly confused that it actually exists. The twins blamed him for it's existence spilling into the Pantheon, since Weirdmageddon can create some weird realities, but even he remains confused by it's existence and insists that he had nothing to do with it, though if anything, he is fully aware that a bunch of nerds are responsible for writing him into the Pantheon.
    Bill: Nice try nerds but I can tell the difference between a cryptid myth and some forum writing turned story! Learn to write!
  • Feared by most human deities for it's unnatural nature, it is not immune to higher deities interfering with it or at the very least, treated as a sight for non-humans. This was the case with Spooky as she brought it at one point to its mansion as a form of "special attraction" using eight pages to catch unsuspecting victims, though little has come out of it and it decided to take a more 'aggressive' approach. The very Specimens she has kept have nothing noteworthy regarding it's presence. On the other hand, its revelation as a fourth-dimensional being came from Mr. Mxyzptlk, who trolled it by revealing its "nature" by controlling it's teleportation. This lead to it hopelessly chasing the 5-D imp around the Pantheon, to the point that its aggressive behavior slowed down, a note taken by the SCP Foundation during opportune times of observation. Judging by Mxyzptlk's higher dimensional level, very little can it do against a 5-D imp.
  • In some observations by the SCP Foundation, one notable trait identified between it and various deities in the Pantheon has shown that the Slender Man is often a form of fear for some of the very powerful deities within the Pantheon, turning it into a ward of sorts. Among the two are Darquesse and Alma Wade, two of some of the most dangerous ghost-like deities within the space. Very few know why they both fear it, but the Point Man and Skullduggery can explain why. The former explains that Alma sees the Slender Man as a representation of "The Creep", her father represented as a newborn during her pregnancy while the latter spoke that Darquesse fears it for being all too similar with "The Faceless Ones", as it's ability to drive people into madness is as close as to what one will experience when directly facing one.
  • For some odd reason, the House of Gaming has some form of respect for it as some claimed it saved the horror genre when it was at it's weakest, its eventual return was heralded by a canonical continuation of it's first game but not without issues, as the House of Theatre and Spectacle can attest, which criticized it over a movie that was released in 2018 that was infamously bad that it killed all interest in him whatsoever. No comment was made regarding it towards both sides.
  • "We didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time..."


The Wobblers, the Goggly Eyed Gods (Units)
A blue Wobbler
  • Varying Ranks, the weakest is Demigod and the strongest is Intermediate Gods.
  • Symbol: Their own face.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portifolio: Comedic Goggly Eyes, Lovingly Satires Strategy Games, Color-Coded Armies, Game Is Buggy and Broken On Purpose, Bloodless Carnage, Hilarious Bugginess, Fantasy Kitchen Sink, Ragdoll Physics, Their Gender Is "Wobbler"
  • Domains: Strategy, Eyes, Colors, Comedy, War
  • Allies: The Worms, The Rock of Ages, The Goat, The Goose
  • Enemies: Bazelgeuse
  • Frequent Spectators: Vinny, Vanoss and Delirious
  • Embarrassed by: The Yooks and Zooks
  • The humble Wobbler is a strange, red or blue humanoid creature most notable for their comically derpy eyes, though they're often fond of equipping other pieces of clothing. If anyone is to stumble upon these creatures, they'll often be engaging in warfare with their opposite colored selves, fighting each other in often silly and outlandish wars that involve a lot of flying bodies and corpses. No one's really sure why they do this, as questioning them why would often be answered by a series of random mumblings. Sometimes, they mix it up with other games, such as Zombie Survival or Battle Royals. Nonetheless, many have spectated their wars because of their unexpected entertainment value, something the armies happily welcome.
  • Nobody is really sure how the Wobblers came across the Pantheon, as they just suddenly started appearing around the place and engaging in warfare, which, while normally harmless by Pantheon standards, could still cause a bit of collateral damage. The closest thing to an answer they could get was that one was somehow launched all the way from a battlefield into the Pantheon, with the others following behind and taking a liking to the place. Eventually, The Court of the Gods decided to do something about it, eventually managing to come to a compromise with the fanciest looking one: they can join the Pantheon and rage war as much as they like, as long as they mind where exactly they're fighting as to avoid collateral damage. After they agreed to it, the Court decided to give them the title of Goggly Eyes, thanks to their notably distracting eyes that nearly all of them sported.
  • It should be noted about their general units is that not only are there a large and varied amount of them, they're also notably really weird. Listing them all one at a time would take longer than necessary, however, so thankfully they can be categorized by the following:
    • The Tribal faction are composed of more primitive units, often relying on stick and stones, alongside the occasional tribal magic and Mammoths.
    • The Farmer faction are composed of, well, farmers and farm-related units, using equipment to battle their foes. While usually outclassed, they can be deadly in the right hands.
    • The Medieval faction are composed of the typical knights and kings you'd expect from the medieval days. Sadly, no dragons are among their ranks.
    • The Ancient faction are a combination of Greek and Rome armies and mythologies, containing such units as spearmen, Minotaurs and even (A version of) Zeus himself.
    • The Viking faction is composed of vicious Vikings, and are nearly all melee orientated, with a healthy dose of An Ice Person.
    • The Dynasty faction is a mish-mash of various Asian cultures, meaning that Samurai, Ninja, Monks, and even The Monkey King are on the same team. This faction also has an actual dragon as well, though wether it's real or fake is a mystery.
    • The Renaissance faction are all themed off of various things from the Renaissance Era, such as Fencers, Painters and jousters. They even have Da Vinci's tank.
    • The Pirate faction... Do we even need to tell you what this consists of?
    • The Spooky faction consists of various undead units, mostly consisting of various skeletons, but also has Vampires and Candleheads among its ranks.
    • The Wild West faction has various cowboys specializing in ranged weaponry, often shooting them in ridiculous ways. And a guy in a Cactus suit.
    • The Legacy faction consists of the units present in the earliest battles, categorized here because of them being very unique compared to the others.
    • The Secret faction contains basically whatever the developers thought would be Fun. Among them are Cheerleaders, Christmas Elves, Bank Robbers, Teachers, and numerous others. More often or not, they'll either be Joke Characters or Game Breakers.
  • As a result of the compromise, the Wobblers had to be a bit more mindful of where they fight, adopting a list of where it was safe to fight for remembering. Even then, the battles have been as frequent as they used to be, and if you were to encounter a Wobbler, chances are they're in the middle of a battle (Or have been launched out of the battlefield). The armies also welcome spectators, seeing how common they were a common sight back when they were in their world. A good few of the more war loving gods often find these scuffles a guilty pleasure, so an audience spectating the carnage isn't uncommon.
  • One such audience is The Worms, a group of worms who also engage in equally silly, if somewhat more tactical, wars on a regular basis. Seeing how silly their wars can get, they find the Wobblers scuffles to be an absolute riot, and they often come over to view the battles on their off-time. The Worms themselves get plenty of admiration from the Wobblers as well, mostly for their impressively wacky arsenal of weapons. On a few occasions, the two armies can be seen borrowing weapons from each other, often accompanied by loads of unintelligible mumbling.
  • Upon hearing of the legends of The Rock of Ages, specifically how it was apparently used in every historical war by rolling it down a hill, The Wobblers thought it would be a fun idea to use it in one of their battles, and so went searching for this mythical rock. Upon locating the sentient bolder (Which was much easier than initially expected), they promptly wasted no time rolling the thing down a hill into their enemies, a tactic that they found to be immensely entertaining. Adding to the fun was that the other side eventually wised up and found the Rocks heralds, fellow Rocks, and started rolling them down a hill as well. Long story short, it was a fun day for all parties involved. Since then, the Rock remains more than happy to assist the armies in their wars.
  • One time, The Wobblers stumbled upon the Yooks and Zooks, a race of bird-like creatures perpetually in an escalating war. Both sides, having heard of The Wobblers and their exploits, managed to contract the Red and Blue Wobblers, asking for their aid in battle, which the Wobblers, no stranger to random warfare, accepted, thinking it would be a nice change of pace. At first, they found the Yooks and Zooks promising, considering their strange but destructive weaponry, up to the point that they have what is essentially a bean sized warhead, but it soon came crashing down once they learned exactly why they were fighting: they couldn't agree on how they butter their bread. As soon as they heard the reasoning, they all promptly made their leave, the Wobblers agreeing that even by their standards, that's a pretty stupid reason to fight. By the way, if anyone's wondering, they prefer Butter-side up.
  • One day, the Wobblers were having a typical fight against each other (Well, as typical as you can call a Teacher fighting a Mammoth that), when all of a sudden they were attacked by the infamous Bazelgeuse out of nowhere. In the span of 5 minutes, the army soon found themselves in the most intense fight of their lives, with the dragon managing to kill a massive amount of their units, even being able to take out a Super Peasant. Thankfully, a few more Super Peasants and a Chicken Man-Man later, and they were able to make the monster flee, clearly not expecting a giant that spawns men that also spawn homing chickens. The Wobblers have opposed the beast ever since then, calling the thing rude for interrupting their battles.
  • As one might guess from a game focused around derpy funny-eyed things subject to Artificial Stupidity fighting to the death, their home game is relatively popular with streamers and youtubers. Naturally, many ascended content creators have come to witness their carnage in person, mostly for the oddly appealing niche of seeing a game unfold in real life. One notable pair is friends Vanossgaming and H20 Delirious, who've played the game together and competed against each other via betting on who would win, made trickier thanks to the games unpredictable nature. As such, they come to spectate from time to time, again taking bets on who would win.
    • On the streamer side of things, Vinny of Vinesauce fame has streamed the game and got a good laugh out of it, again for fairly obvious reasons. What makes Vinny notable amongst them however is the fact that he has also streamed a number of games that follow the same concept as TABS, such as Ultimate Epc Battle Simulator, a game that sacrifices the rag doll physics in favor of even more units on screen. The Wobblers are naturally fascinated by the idea of more of them elsewhere, and Vinny is usually happy to share details with them about the other games.
  • Much to the dismay of basically everyone with sanity, The Wobblers have made friends with Pilgor the Goat, a being infamous for being even buggier and wonkier than the Wobblers. The armies, naturally finding her glitchy nature hilarious, have invited Pilgor to their battles. She doesn't join often, but when she does, the chaotic nature of the battles is apparent, with Wobblers being sent flying farther than ever before, jetpacks flying everywhere, and a photorealistic T Rex killing numerous naked blue humanoids. The Wobblers, being Wobblers, only find this even more hilarious. And yes, if anyone is wondering, they are also aware of The Goose, and while it's happy to hang around, it never actually participates in their warfare. It's just a goose, after all.
  • Sometimes, The Wobblers like to mix things up, since as much fun as they have with their wars, sometimes even that can get boring after a while. In case of that, they turn the war into a Battle Royale Game of all things, complete with about a hundred Wobblers dropping into a huge map and duking it out with guns. The main catch here is that not only are there numerous buffs and nerfs known as "Blessings and Curses" one can acquire to either assist or hinder their game, but also a huge amount of weapon attachments one can slap on their collected guns. As usual, Hilarity Ensues. The competitors of the Battle Royale Game Fortnite, while also just as confused as most people are, find them and their games honestly hilarious, and are more than happy to watch a game unfold, at times even offering to teach the Wobblers how to properly handle recoil, much to the appreciation of the armies, who handle recoil very poorly.