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    The Outsider 
The Outsider, the All-Powerful Bystander

Greater Gods

    The Monster in the Darkness 
The Monster in the Darkness, God of Monster Delay
  • Presumed Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Its umbrella casting darkness.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: He Who Must Not Be Seen, Ostentatious Secret, Nigh-Invulnerable, Super Strength, Anti-Villain, The Ditz, Extreme Omnivore, Minion with an F in Evil.
  • Domains: Mystery, Power, Darkness, Magic.
  • Allies: Xykon, Bowser, Mario, Wile E. Coyote, Taokaka, Redcloak, Slender Man.
  • Enemies:The Order of the Stick, Miko Miyazaki
  • The 'pet' of Xykon, The Monster is supposed to serve as Xykon's ace in the hole he can reveal dramatically. What it actually is is unknown, though Rich Burlew claims it to be of an existing species.
  • What is known about it is that it possesses remarkable abilities. This includes being able to cause an earthquake by stomping, without even meaning to.
    • It also appears hard to even harm, either not noticing or think it was being tickled when attacked.
  • While he's technically enemies with the Order of the Stick as an ally of Xykon, he's not really interested in attacking them or destroying the world. He'd rather just hold tea parties.
    • The Monster even would prefer to keep them alive as they're friends of one of his friend O-Chul.
  • He's familiar with Miko Miyozaki and while she views him as an enemy because of his association with Xykon, even she is not interested in fighting him again, considering what happened the last time she tried.
  • Unaware that they're supposed to be on opposite sides, The Monster and Taokaka have enjoyable if bizarre conversations.
  • He also gets along well with Slender Man. Perhaps because of one of their shared strengths is not being seen.
  • Spends a lot of time in the House of Food, where some of the deities use him as either a sampler or a garbage disposal.
  • Despite being a member of the GUAE due to Xykon and Redcloak's influence, the GUAG is currently scouting him to see if they can get him to do a Heel-Face Turn.
  • People are constantly asking him, Redcloak, or Xykon what he is. However, he is not aware of what he is, and the latter two refuse to tell anyone else.
  • A large betting pool is overseen by the House of Commerce on what the Monster will turn out to be when the umbrella finally gets removed.
  • Unbeknownst to his compatriots, he is beginning to sabotage the efforts of Xykon and Redcloak behind their backs in the search for the final gate. As of right now, literally virtually no one in the entire Pantheon has even suspected him of anything. Not even the likes of the Chaos Gods, Lucifer, or Melkor amongst the various other geniuses and powers of the Pantheon even suspect him.

Orcus, Demonic Lord of Inactive Villainy (Lord of the Undead, Prince of the Undead, Prince of Undeath, Blood Lord, Tenebrous)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Wand of Orcus or his Demonic Rune
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonic Lord of the Underworld, Practitioner of Necromancy, Constantly Fights against other Villains to the Point where he Doesn't spend time Fighting against Heroes, Red Is Violent, Having a Humanoid Appearance with Bull-Like Features, Was Once A Mortal, Seeks to Destroy All Life in the Multiverse, God of Evil, Evil Overlord, Cares About Nothing but Himself, Wants to Spread Evil and Discord, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Demons, Evil, Undead, Genocide, Deicide
  • Heralds: His Cult
  • Allies: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Nagash, Count Orlok, Konrad von Carstein, Zhaitan, Kel'Thuzad, Undying, Gul'dan, Molag Bal, Trigon, Clown/The Violator, Malebolgia
  • Rivals: DEMOGORGON, Griffith, The Godhand, Diablo, Baal, Mephisto, Sauron, Lord Voldemort, Lord Recluse, Miraak
  • Enemies: Meridia, Drizzt Do'Urden, Link, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, King Arthur, The Hawkins Party, Lucina, Usalia
  • Respects: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, The Demons of Inferno
  • Opposes: Death of the Endless, The Maiden in Black, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, The Angels of Paradise
  • One of the reigning gods of the Forgotten Realms is Orcus, Lord of the Underworld who practices teachings of necromancy and personally leads an army of Undeath. However, before his reign as a Demonic Lord, he was once a mortal being with sinister desires for magic. After he died, his Chaotic Evil alignment meant that he was banished into the Abyss to become a demon, though Orcus wasn't ready to submit defeat. He worked his way up from a lowly larvae to a Balor in many years before ultimately becoming a Demon Lord. His quest for power, however, led Orcus to butt heads against many of the other Demon Lords who were vying to become the Prince of Demons and wanting to usurp the position from Demogorgon and facing a rival in the form of Graz'zt. The three demons became arch-enemies against one another, in addition to Orcus becoming a true God.
  • Thousands of years of fighting against other demonic lords meant that Orcus did little to nothing when it came to opposing heroes. All things considered, when he discovered the Pantheon, he was surprised to see a massive collection of evil beings and demons united with one another against the forces of Good, though the concept of villainous deities facing off against one another wasn't lost either. If anything, Orcus spends his time exclusively fighting other villains.
    • He initially found interest in the Grand United Alliance of Evil, feeling that Melkor may approve of what he does. Then, he switched gears once he realized the presence of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Beating and trampling his way to Ryut and confronting Nekron, Orcus demanded that he become a member, so that he can provide a new military asset on their side. Impressed by his determination and power, Nekron nominated him a spot in the GUAD Black Hammer.
      • However, he still has some sort of admiration for the GUAE, given that he is a demonic lord after all. Still, the GUAE has a lot of notable demonic beings there who champion themselves above all, most notably Griffith. Orcus would like to show the White Hawk who's the greater demon one day, but for now, he has other plans to conduct with Nekron and the GUAD.
  • Orcus is well known for the fact that he does absolutely nothing when it comes to fighting against heroes nor stopping their progress. To his credit, Orcus is too caught up on his wars against Demogorgon and Graz'zt that he can't simply turn around without being blindsided by an attack. However, maybe the GUAD could change this notion, seeing as Nekron spends just as much of his time fighting against heroes as much as villains. That sort of notion has gotten Orcus rather excited and is ready to kill to amass the GUAD's army.
  • As a demonic god who started out as a mortal being before working his way up to legitimately claim Godhood, Orcus has a few things in common with Nagash. As a fellow conspirator to the GUAD, the two would often spend time together in trading military equipment, corpses for reanimation and their insatiable nature towards evil. Nagash, however, may be trying to use Orcus for his own ends, but then again, the Demonic Lord of the Underworld may be plotting the same to the Great Necromancer.
  • Being a demon meant that he was automatically opposed by the Hall of Angels the moment he announced his presence. That said, he's more focused towards the Angels of Paradiso and he wants to make sure that they don't get to kill anything they come across. In his own mind, Orcus gets to do it, and he wants to kill for his and his army's benefit.
  • Taking notes about the various different demons dwelling in the Pantheon, Orcus quickly became rivals with many of them, especially Griffith and the Godhand for having a large success rate in thumbing their control of their home universe. Orcus, however, states that unlike those five, he's more ambitious in that he's aimed for multiverses and that Griffith and the Godhand should take notes.
    • A similar rivalry also exists between him and the Prime Evils. He credits Diablo for inspiring fear within his enemies, Baal for his destructive potential and Mephisto for his devious mind and also finds it amusing how the three of them like to fight and take advantage of one another when it comes to who gets to take over Heaven and Hell. Still, Orcus sees Griffith as being somewhat better than them, which also means he's more cautious towards the Godhand.
  • As a necromancer, he seems to be most at home in the House of Undead, given that he could freely travel there and feel serene about the multitude of corpses strewn around the fields. Of course, he has gotten himself very acquainted with the numerous undead residents there and, more than once, has tried to win them over for his leadership. Though he may be strong, he can plan out when he feels like it.
    • Of the vampires that he could meet up, the only ones he could see as true allies are Count Orlok and Konrad von Carstein. Mainly because the two of them have no moral scruples to hold them back and that Orcus can use them as attack dogs of sorts. That said, Orlok and Konrad have their own ambitions to look forward to, plus Konrad is a little difficult to command due to his raving insanity.
    • Of course, he gets along pretty well with fellow necromancers such as Kel'Thuzad and Undying and trying to make an attempt at working together and spreading discord at the Pantheon. So far, Kel'Thuzad prioritizes Arthas Menethil over anyone else, so Undying seems to be the Necromancer that Orcus works with rather frequently.
  • Not surprisingly, many heroes oppose him for being a raving beast of a god whose only desire is total destruction and spreading evil. Link and Lucina sometimes get vibes of Ganondorf and Grima respectively due to Orcus's desire To Create a Playground for Evil and for aspirations to destroy the multiverse. The Hawkins Party dislike him on principle that he's a D&D antagonist that they've played against, though even with Eleven at her full strength, they know they're powerless against the Evil Overlord.
  • Nekron is amused and fascinated about Orcus being in the House of Villains, despite his allegiance to the GUAD. To Nekron, Orcus can take advantage of any corpses found there and salvage them to Ryut or other GUAD designated territories to resurrected as undead automatons under their services. The God of Evil, however, finds this annoying and seeks a means to eliminate Orcus by any means. However, with the Lord of the Underworld being granted a means of fast-travelling to GUAD-designated areas, he's got the means to make his escape if needed.
  • He has a rivalry with Miraak partly due to the two of them having a cult that worships them and are just as much as feared and reviled. However, unlike the Godhand or the Prime Evils, Orcus doesn't really think much of the First Dragonborn whereas Miraak shot back stating that he's a coward by sitting all day and not doing anything against the forces of good. As far as he was concerned, Orcus replied that he intends to be the Prince of Demons before attacking everyone else, though he's seeking to change the status quo for quite some time.
  • Has managed to impress Molag Bal for his ruthlessness and his skill in necromancy and the Hated One has made arrangements of one day working with Orcus at some point. Naturally, this caught the attention and ire of Meridia, not only sees Orcus as an enemy but seeks to condemn him painfully because of his ties to necromancy and the undead.
  • Orcus flew into a rage upon learning that Demogorgon, the current Prince of Demons, has ascended to the Pantheon, although their positions in different Houses makes it difficult for them to act against each other. However, the fact that he ascended before the Sibilant Beast is a point of pride for the Prince of Undeath.
I will be the last creature when I am done. The cosmos will then be perfect, free of the braying abominations that are all other living things.


Intermediate Gods

YoRHa Attacker No.2, Goddess of Misinterpreted Situations (A2, Number Two, Vengeful Attacker)
A2 in the third act 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: a silhouette of her head with her hair flowing in the wind
  • Theme Song: Bipolar Nightmare
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with leanings to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Actually Tehnically Naked, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Berserk Mode Increases Speed and Attack in Exchange for HP Drain, Became a Cynic Due to Surviving What Was Actually a Suicide Mission, Super Prototype, Former Wide-Eyed Idealist, Possesses Kainé's Recorded Memories, Taunts with Words Rather Than Pod Flashlights Which Boosts Her and Her Foes' Attack, Important Haircut, Tritagonist, Mercy Kill on 2B, Mutual Kill with 9S
  • Domain(s): Androids, Cynicism, Berserk.
  • Allies: Most of Liberion Arcadia, Zero (Mega Man), Devola and Popola, Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76
  • Enemies: Dr. Gero, Cybermen, Soundwave, The Vex, Samaritan, SHODAN, Love Machine, Dr. Nefarious, Gigan, Omega, Freddy Fazbear, Sentinel, Sombra, Sigma, Vile, Lumine, Copy X, Ultron, the Infested, the Corpus, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Special Relationship: 2B and 9S
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Zero (Drakengard)
  • Opposes: Nier
  • LOADING – Booting System…Commencing System Check…All Systems Green. Model Unit Type A No.2 is an attacker prototype unit of the YoRHa androids whose template was later used to create more advanced androids such as No.2 Type B and No.9 Type S. An more aggressive and less graceful combat android compared to 2B, she's been active for a long time, though fell out with YoRHa Command at one point. By the time she met 2B and 9S the organization had her marked for annihilation, though she claimed that Command had betrayed her and her fellow androids and not the other way around; this statement soon led to a horrifying discovery.
  • A2 has been in the Pantheon for a while now, it's just that it was in a secret storage area that had been reserved for her and 9S when 2B first ascended, and in stasis until a trope could be found for her.
    • And at long last, one was found: Not What It Looks Like. The reason is because it was one of these that fueled her entire conflict with 9S; he arrived just in time to see her kill 2B, unaware that she had already succumbed to the Logic Virus and A2 was granting her a Mercy Kill.
    • With that handled, her temple was quickly assembled, her body was moved there and awakened, and word spread. She also noticed that her hair was long again, given that she had cut it. Naturally, 9S was among the first on the scene and he and A2 started clashing swords. Shortly after that, 2B arrived and defused the situation.
    9S: Why are you protecting her?! She killed you!
    2B: I asked her to kill me!
    9S: (stops and sputters) W-w-what?
    2B: By the time I reached her, I was already infected by the Logic Virus, and was in its advanced stages. It was already too late to save me, even for you, and I didn't want to hurt you or anyone else.
    A2: I just happened to be in the area, and was the only one who can listen to her words. I'm still not sure why I heeded her request, though.
    • Really, the blame should go to Pods 042 and 153 as they were already in correspondence by then and could've at least attempted to clarify the situation rather than simply try (and fail) to keep the two apart as long as they could.
    • As it was, their history is bigger than what was seen in the game. She Had to Be Sharp, since she's had to take on the two YoRHa androids at least three times before and had become incredibly proficient at killing them. Especially 9S, whose pride always made him underestimate her during his hacks and she quickly turns the tables the moment he's gloating. Of course, everyone's smarter now.
    • In the end, A2 felt that things have gone too bitter for her to stick around with the two of them too much, but at least they can encounter one another again without it becoming an incident, especially since YoRHa's purpose and lies are rendered moot with the existence of humans in the Pantheon.
  • Part of her ascension package was her own Pod to allow for the use of the Pod Programs that 042 and 153 possess. Unlike those two however, this Pod has no personality chip and is silent. That is all right with A2, since it was only through 2B's last request that she didn't trash Pod 042 despite getting irritated with him so many times.
  • At first, A2 had been nominated for Cynicism Catalyst, given her past in YoRHa and their betrayal of her and her team, but the Court of the Gods already had another in mind, and her backstory isn't openly known, which counted against A2's legibility.
  • Because of the tension with 2B and 9S, she has no plans to join Liberion Arcadia, stating her preference to go solo whenever an invitation comes up. Certain members, such as Ciel and Harpuia, still check again on occasion, though thankfully not to irritating levels, which she can easily reach. Despite not being a member, she still gets involved with them whenever one of their enemies goes after her; the Vex, Corpus, Sigma, the Cybermen… any enemy of humanity is an enemy of hers. Due to this, many consider her a factor in their Telos assist operation.
  • Just like 9S, A2 had a lingering mistrust for non-human-looking machines, but her time with Pascal has since resulted in her being able to warm up to such non-evil-aligned deities.
  • Has some hacking capabilities, though it's only through her Pod, and naturally nowhere near as good as that of a Scanner such as 9S.
  • Due to her forever unexplained murder of the Forest King, who was a defenseless machine baby, a lot of royalty deities exercise a lot of caution around her, and so do a lot of parents.
  • Due to his role in rendering humanity extinct, and thus YoRHa's founding, and the lies they told its members and all the suffering as a result of it, A2 despises Nier. He in turn was momentarily caught off guard in the midst of defending himself from A2's attacks when she first ran into him since she was very reminiscent of Kainé for some reason.
  • Has encountered at least two Zeroes who, like her, are hard-edged warriors judged as traitors by enemies in power, as well as being somewhat of progenitors to their kind. Is on much friendlier terms with the Maverick Hunter and Resistance hero than the Traitor Intoner, since the latter is far more insane.

    Asuka Hiiragi 
Asuka Hiiragi, Goddess of Rebuffing the Amateur (Spirit Sword Wielder)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Nemesis' insignia
  • Theme Songs: Seize the Day, X.R.C., Beyond the Day-to-Day, Enigmatic Uncertainty, Bravely Storm, and Profound Heart (when Omega Mode is active)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Adorable, Badass in Distress, Casting a Shadow, Class Representative, Cool Sword, Defrosting Ice Queen, An Ice Person, Magic Knight, Rebuff the Amateur, Super Mode, Throwing Your Sword Always Works, and Tsundere
  • Domains: Wielder, Enforcer, Nemesis, Spirit (Ice), Shadow, Greed Hunting.
  • Heralds: All members of the Xanadu Research Club (X.R.C.), which includes Sora Ikushima, Yuuki Shinomiya, Shio Takahata, and Towa Kokonoe
  • Allies: Kou Tokisaka, Mitsuki Hokuto, Rion Kugayama, Shiori Kurashiki, Weiss Schnee, Asuna Yuuki, Shana, Stella Vermillion, Sora, Mitsuru Kirijo, James T. Kirk.
  • Enemies: Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, The Snatcher, The Devil of Inkwell Isles, Aiden Pearce, Sombra, Velvet Crowe, the Hall of Demons in general, any evil witch deity.
  • Dislikes: Jin Kisaragi
  • Pities: Homura Akemi
  • Opposes: The G-Man, The Incubators.
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Kirito Kirigaya
  • Odd Friendship with: The Conductor & DJ Grooves
  • Asuka Hiiragi is a Wielder who has the ability to conjure up a weapon made from her soul called a Soul Device, which are weapons that are specially designed to kill monsters called Greeds. The Greeds constantly plague her world from an Eldritch Location known as the Eclipse, and as an Enforcer of an organization called Nemesis, her job is to defeat the Greeds inside labyrinths and cut off their connection to her world. Her Soul Device is Exerion Hearts; a sword that can either control Spirit (essentially Ice) or Shadow, depending on the Master Core equipped. Her Soul Device was passed down from Asuka's mother, who died several years ago protecting her from the mass Greed invasion of Morimiya City during the Tokyo Twilight Disaster.
  • Asuka ascended into the pantheon for the fact that she tried to not get Kou Tokisaka along with everyone else involved with the Eclipse, because as an Enforcer of Nemesis, she believes that it is her duty to defeat the Greeds by herself because she has more experience. This has lead her to eventually leave Kou behind by deliberately trapping him inside a barrier just to prevent him from helping her, thinking that the more powerful Grim Greed is way out of his league. She ends up getting kidnapped for her troubles, and had to be rescued by Kou and the others as a result. She has long since mellowed out from this mindset, but still encourages Kou to be careful.
  • Asuka gets along with Weiss Schnee very well despite not sharing any prestigious noble background like Weiss. This is because both share similarities of wielding swords that can manipulate ice, and Weiss has her own share of monsters that she fights back in her world called Grimm, which Asuka compares to Greeds. Because of this, both Weiss and Asuka help each other from time to time to defeat both the Grimm and the Greeds that run amok around the pantheon.
  • She also gets along with Asuna Yuuki, who not only looks similar to Asuka, but both are very skilled in swordsmanship. They often spar with each other in friendly matches as a result, and Asuka compliments Asuna's skills with the blade despite learning them from a VRMMO game. They also get together for friendly chats about various topics. However, whenever Asuna brings up her relationship with Kirito Kirigaya to her and compares him to Kou Tokisaka, Asuka immediately rejects the notion, saying that her relationship with Kou is just "acquaintances". Though given her reaction, Asuna believes that Asuka doesn't want to admit her feelings towards Kou.
    • On a related note, Asuka has developed complicated feelings towards Kirito because he looks and sounds like Kou. It also doesn't help that Kirito has mistaken Asuka for his girlfriend Asuna on a couple of occasions.
  • Both the Snatcher and the Devil of Inkwell Isles have attempted to force Asuka into a deal with them. Unfortunately for them, Asuka is already contracted with Nemesis, and by extension, her Soul Device, so she refused. And since the Snatcher and the Devil are monsters, that gives Asuka more of an incentive to defeat them. She was able to defeat the Devil no problem, and managed to bypass the Snatcher's "turn blue" gimmick thanks to her Soul Device being designed to harm evil monsters of any type.
  • Ever since Aiden Pearce attempted to hack into her Xiphone, she has become increasingly weary over his superb hacking skills, as she does not want her info of Nemesis, the Eclipse, the Greeds, and Soul Devices to be made public in the mortal world. Asuka has tracked down Aiden a couple of times just to prevent him from spreading the info, making Aiden a constant enemy to Asuka. She has also become weary of Sombra for similar reasons.
  • She has developed a rather odd friendship with both the Conductor and DJ Grooves. This is because the two bird directors offered Asuka acting roles in their movies, to which, she accepts due to being involved with a student movie project at Morimiya Academy before. She's also a natural at acting since as an Enforcer of Nemesis, it's a requirement to hide her status, so she's able to perform very well in their movies to great acclaim. Asuka returns the favor by having SPiKA perform at DJ Grooves' show, and also shares her knowledge about American westerns from her time as an exchange student in the US to the Conductor to help him improve.
  • Asuka and Shana are on good terms because of how similar Wielders and Flame Hazes are, and how they're both tasked with defeating otherwordly threats in order to maintain the balances of their worlds. Shana also had a similar position to Asuka in that she tried to keep Yuji Sakai out of her business before realizing how valuable of an asset he is in the battlefield, and eventually developed feelings for him.
  • She strongly opposes the Incubators due to their methods in how they contract girls to become Magical Girls. While Asuka appreciates their goal in-principle (to prevent heat death of the universe), how they go about it is considered too cruel and unethical to her, and she can't help but feel sorry for whoever agrees to their contracts. Whenever Asuka encounters a Witch, she fights it with the knowledge that she's essentially committing a Mercy Kill to the poor soul whose Soul Gem became corrupted.
  • She has become friends with fellow Defrosting Ice Queen Mitsuru Kirijo, who offers to train her in refining her swordsmanship and advises her on not making reckless actions like leaving Kou behind for his own safety. Asuka realizes the fact that Kou is more valuable to her more than she lets on, so she thanks Mitsuru for her guidance.
  • One person that Asuka didn't expect to get along well with is Stella Vermillion; an A Rank Blazer at Hagun Academy. This is because Stella is one of the few professional deities Asuka respects in both swordsmanship and magic, despite Stella never taking part in any monster-hunting roles. And as a Tsundere herself, Stella has provided tips to Asuka on how to get closer to Kou based on her own relationship with Ikki Kurogane, much to Asuka's embarrassment. It just shows how much Stella cares about the two overcoming their differences and getting together.
  • Asuka was once approached by the mysterious G-Man, who praises her efforts in defeating Greeds. He tried to offer Asuka a possible job as his client in the future, but she politely declined. However, what she didn't know was that the G-Man doesn't take no for an answer, and so he teleported Asuka to the border world of Xen where she was attacked by various alien wildlife like the Headcrabs as well as whatever remained of Nihilanth's army. She was eventually rescued by the Vortigaunts, who warns Asuka about the G-Man and how dangerous he can be. Since then, Asuka has opposed the G-Man, and hopes that he doesn't attempt to influence Nemesis like what he did with Black Mesa.
  • She considers Sir Isaac Westcott a very dangerous enemy. Because not only is he seeking the powers of beings called Spirits, but should he be allowed to get more powerful, he'll bring a threat far greater than the Grim Greeds, Shiori, and even the Twilight Apostle. Asuka has made it her number one priority in the pantheon to take down Westcott, no matter the odds against her.
  • Due to her stance on fighting Greeds, Asuka does not trust any demons whatsoever, whether they are good or evil. She keeps a close eye on the Hall of Demons to make sure they don't cause any trouble, and she has gotten into direct conflict with Velvet Crowe, who considers Asuka just a puppet of "reason" based on how she abides to Nemesis' rules without questioning them.
  • Asuka personally does not like Jin Kisaragi because he's such a Jerkass to almost anyone he meets. It also doesn't help that Jin has earned himself a very infamous reputation of being unhinged whenever his brother Ragna is involved or even mentioned, so Asuka tries to stay away from him as much as possible.
  • Asuka does not like any evil witch deities within the pantheon because they remind her of the infamous Mist Witch; a Grim Greed who plunged all of Morimiya City into Ominous Fog, kidnapped dozens of innocent people, and transformed Morimiya Academy into her castle. Said Grim Greed was also responsible for kidnapping Asuka in the first place after she deliberately left Kou behind, which still haunts Asuka to this day.
  • Asuka has become allies with James T. Kirk, who admittedly got rusty after spending too much time at a desk that when he got to be captain of the Enterprise again, his rustiness got the better of him and almost got his crew killed. Both could learn that there are benefits to approaching a situation from a fresh perspective, something of which Asuka can relate from her experience.
  • One of Asuka's strongest allies within the pantheon is the legendary Keyblade wielder; Sora. This is because both the Keyblades and Soul Devices share one thing in common; to expunge monsters that feed on people's negative emotions (the Heartless and the Greeds respectively). Because of this, Asuka has called on Sora multiple times to help deal with large scale Greed and Heartless threats.

Demona, Goddess of Ignored Epiphanies (My Angel of the Night, Demon, Dominque Destine)
Click here to see Demona as a human 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Tiara
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blaming Humans for Her Own Doing, Being Alone, Being Evil Sucks, Constantly Betraying Others, Hates Humans Especially Elisa Maza, Hypocrite, Tragic Villain, Truly Loves Her Daughter, Being Turn into a Human During the Day, Evil Sorceress
  • Domain: Magic, Revenge, Tragedy, Inculpability
  • Allies: Koba, Shinobu Sensui, Kars, Redcloak, Count Dracula
  • Enemies: Goliath, The Hunter, Geralt of Rivia, King Asgore, Mystique, Magneto, Adam Taurus, Queen Beryl, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Kipo Oak, King and Lady Macbeth, Lost Vikings, Steven Universe, Phonon, The Z-Fighters, Lumi the Paladin, Princess Mononoke deities, Humanity in general
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zamasu, The Slugs
  • Evil Counterpart to: Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Opposes: The Weird Sisters
  • Covets: Shenron
  • Demona was once part of the Gargoyle clan of the medieval Scottish Castle Wyvern, and Goliath's ex-lover. Resentful of human prejudice towards the gargoyles, she conspired with the captain of the guard to sell out the humans inhabiting Castle Wyvern to the Vikings. However, this backfired because Demona failed to get the gargoyles away from the castle, which was her end of the bargain, and the clan was slaughtered during the daylight hours. Demona abandoned the castle, returning only to find the six survivors, including Goliath, under the stone sleep curse, leaving her alone for years. This causes the chain of events that would lead her to become bitter and hateful towards, even when most of her misery was self-inflicted. Even when confronted by the Weird Sister about how she was the one who betrayed everyone and wrought tragedy, she ignores that realization and continues to blame humans.
  • One day in the Pantheon, Demona was summoned by an unknown party, leaving the gargoyle dazed, but interested in the new world she finds herself in. However, she is absolutely disgusted to find that the majority of the population consists of humans and non-gargoyles, so she plots to destroy them all. Reuniting with Goliath, who is horrified to find her in the Pantheon, Demona's plans are foiled when Goliath and his allies step in and fought her, forcing her to retreat. After hearing her case, the Court of the Gods decide to give her a title of the Goddess of Ignored Epiphanies, since she proved herself unwilling to learn from her mistakes, even she when she seems to acknowledge it.
  • Goliath is not pleased to see Demona in the Pantheon, though mostly because she still hasn't given up her mindset on hating humans. The feeling is mutual with Demona, since she still hates the fact her former lover is willing to coexist with humans. Of course, this may also have to do with her personal grudge against Eliza Masa, the human who became allies with the Manhattan. At least most of the hate has to do with jealousy of Eliza becoming the "head" female of the clan and being Goliath's new lover. Some deities have there may be some hope of redemption for Demona in a lost timeline from Goliath's world, so maybe one day she'll see the light. Chances are scare, but Goliath is willing to wait for as long as it takes. In the meantime, he still continues to oppose Demona's goals alongside his allies.
  • Many have noticed that Demona's overall behavior feels more in line to a human, at least humans to her, than she does with her fellow gargoyles. Namely she embodies many of the horrible sins she accuses humans of having, all the while being too inculpable to admit it. Despite Demona's claim of trying to protect/save her species, she has some blame for their destruction. She is the one, along with the Captain of the Guard, to betray the inhabitants of Castle Wyvern to the Vikings that got her clan massacre. She is the one who indirectly created The Hunter, hunters who dedicate their lives to destroy gargoyles. And her betrayal of MacBeth to Canmore who destroyed the last Gargoyles of Scotland. Yet she is too consumed by hatred to notice these tragic mistakes.
  • Allies for Demona are very scarce. This is because Demona has a tendency to betray any allies she has. But despite that she has made some allies:
    • There's Koba who shares her loathing towards humans. Though, it might be because she is interested in a disease from his world that dwindle the human population. Hearing about the Simian Flu has made Demona interested in using it wipe out the human race, all the while promising Koba that he may rule the pack once humanity is finally extinct. That said, it remains to be seen if Demona will betray Koba once he is no longer needed.
    • There were those who thought she could be allies to Magneto and Mystique, especially the last one since they are so similar in personality and appearance, since they are/were part of an Anti-Human group. However, she still considers them as rotten humans even if they are mutated. The same goes for Adam Taurus who. While he isn't classified as human, Demona still sees him as one. And that his animal features just proves to her how monstrous humans. That said, Magneto does see a lot of himself in Demona and hopes to persuade her to his side.
    • In an ironic twist, Demona found a perfect ally in the human Shinobu Sensui because he was subjected to the evils of men and share her hatred of them. However, she is disappointed when she found out that Sensui's main personality doesn't personally want humans destroyed so much as he desires a desire to atone. Because of this, she's perfectly willing to help Sensui's other personalities suppress the main personality to prevent him from getting in the way of destroying humanity.
    • Demona and Redcloak actually seem to get along perfectly, since they both hate humans for their actions their race, while also refusing to acknowledge their own wrongs. Because of this, they tend to work together the best out of all of Demona's alliances. Of course, Demona still ends up being the brains of the operation, and she won't hesitate to stab Redcloak in the back if it suits her needs.
    • The Slugs are well known for the Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, making them no different from Demona. When the two do work together, it's usually Teeth-Clenched Teamwork. They spend just as much time plotting against each other as they do their enemies.
    • Zamasu and Demona are united in their hatred towards humans, but that's as far as the alliance goes. The two despise each other, Demona because even she doesn't want to wipe out every other mortal, and Zamasu because Demona is a gargoyle (he even goes so far as to call her hideous). While the two are willing to work together in destroying their common enemies, the two won't even hesitate to betray the other once they decide they are no longer needed.
    • The most stable partnership Demona has so far has to be her alliance with Count Dracula from the world of Castlevania. They've both lost loved ones to humans, and they still have loved ones they care deeply fornote . Demona has never once tried to betray the Lord of Vampires, though that may be because he's too powerful and dangerous for her to cross.
  • Demona has a special hatred for vikings for destroying the Wyvern clan, despite the fact she was responsible for the massacre in the first place. When she's not plotting to destroy humanity, she's working to destroy the Lost Vikings since they're a living reminder of the Vikings that destroyed her home. The Lost Vikings had countless misadventures dealing with Demona's schemes as they get lost, but prove they're far more dangerous than she gives them credit for.
  • Queen Beryl has some similarities to Demona, namely they both had an Ignored Epiphany and both have love as a motive (Queen Beryl's desire for Prince Endymion led to her deal with Queen Metalia, while Demona has had some lovers that have betrayed hernote ). Beryl believed Demona would become a good ally to her, but Demona has no interest in doing so since Beryl is still a human. Beryl is still willing to find a way to convince Demona to ally with her, since her skills and knowledge would no doubt be useful.
  • Phonon has a lot of similarities with Demona, namely that they both did something reckless that made them who they are today, but they haven't learned anything from it. The two still dislike each other, Demona because Phonon is human, and Phonon because Demona referred to her as "Yoshiko" and called her a pathetic human for clinging to her delusions (despite being delusional herself). They've been at each other's throats ever since.
  • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts note that Demona's desires are really distorted, and are able to locate her Palace in the Metaverse. Demona's Shadow Self seems to shift between hating and blaming humans to a depressed wreck who's having trouble admitting her faults. Currently, the Phantom Thieves are consulting with Goliath about whether they change her heart to free her from her distorted desires, since Goliath and Demona were lovers once, but Goliath admits that he's not comfortable with Heel–Face Brainwashing to make her change. The Phantom Thieves are willing to wait for his answer, all the while keeping tabs on Demona and promising to make sure she doesn't go too far.
  • Asgore Dreemur opposes her genocidal campaign against humans, having learned from experience just what happens when someone lets hatred blind them to what's important. Demona is baffled by how someone like Asgore could overcome his hatred for humans despite what they've done to his son. Asgore has made it clear he knows just how costly revenge is and warns Demona that she'll lose everybody she loves if she keeps going down this path, even reminding her of how her daughter feels about humans. While this did get a reaction out of her, Asgore's sadly, but unsurprisingly fall on deaf ears as Demona refuses to acknowledge the error of her ways.
  • Dracula of Hotel Transylvania sees a lot of himself in Demona, both of whom having people they cared about to humans, but whereas Dracula learns to coexist alongside them after seeing Johnny and Mavis get along, Demona refuses to accept humans even when her daughter opposes her. Dracula knows from experience just how badly one can take their grudge and desire to protect their kin, so he opposes her and warns her to never come near his family. Demona just laughs and tells him that he's a fool for trusting humans.
  • In many ways, Demona reminds Kipo of Dr. Emilia, considering their both consumed by their own hate and refusal to change for the better. Demona in turn hates Kipo for wanting to bring peace between humans and non-humans, claiming that humans are nothing but monsters. Kipo is saddened to see how bitter Demona is, and she hopes to one day succeed in doing what she failed with Emilia: find redemption and peace with everyone.
  • Steven Universe saw how deep Demona's grudge is and hoped he could persuade her to drop it. Unsurprisingly, Demona refused to even accept Steven's offer of friendship, forcing the latter to fight her off. Steven is disappointed, but knows from experience he can't change everyone for the better. He knows that only Demona can change herself, hopes that day may come.
  • When she heard Macbeth was in the Pantheon, Demona immediately prepared herself for battle. She soon found out it wasn't the same Macbeth from her world, but nevertheless sees him exactly the same way as she sees the Macbeth she knows, despite the fact their personalities and moral standings are entirely different. The Macbeth in the Pantheon hates Demona just as much as the Macbeth in her world, especially when he heard of how she tried to seduce that version of himself. Lady Macbeth also hates Demona for this reason, refusing to let her get close to her husband, and promising to kill if she comes close to them.
  • Ever since her experience with Puck, Demona is wary of wish-granters in general, so she avoids going after Genies or fairies in case they twist her wish or are incapable of granting it. However, she has shown interest in the Dragon Balls and Shenron, since he actually seems to grant wishes to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, going after the Dragon Balls means she needs to deal with the Z-Fighters, people she has no chance of standing against. Demona is hoping to steal the Dragon Balls right from under their nose and make a wish to Shenron that will benefit her goal.
  • It's been speculated that Demona could be less homicidal if she actually got laid. This is because her gargoyle biology makes her go in heat. And since she been alive for centuries, there's a good chance she overheating and needs a good scratch. Lumi the Paladin, despite opposing her goals, actually does sympathize with her for this, since she had to Mate or Die or die before turning 20, but Demona doesn't care for her sympathy at all.
  • Even though San and her mother hate humans for what they've done to the forest, even they don't like Demona or her goals, considering it too extreme, and not to mention she doesn't have much in the way of loyalty or responsibilty. Demona in turn hates Moro for actually adopting a human, considering her a fool for actually taking one human in despite what they've done to her forest. San also hates her when she attacked Ashitaka, since he's the one human she's actually close to and trusts more than any, leading her to violently attack and fend her off. This has caused a personal enmity ever since.

Droopy, God of Those Who Cannot be Rid Of (Happy Hound)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A sign that says 'I'm So Happy'
  • Theme Song: His opening
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Ball of Violence, Comically Invincible Hero, Talking Animal, The Stoic, Deadpan Snarker, Creepy Monotone, Crazy-Prepared, Flat Joy, Perpetual Frowner
  • Domains: Good, Animal, Travel, Protection
  • Herald: His son Dripple
  • Allies: Inspector Javert, Snoopy, Pluto, Tom and Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Sherlock Holmes, Motoko Kusanagi, Goofy
  • Rivals: Bugs Bunny
  • Enemies: Yosemite Sam, Judge Doom, Carmen Sandiego and evil criminals in general.
  • Feared by: Bigby Wolf
  • Commonality Connection with: Cecil Turtle
  • It was well document that the moment Droopy entered the Pantheon, all evil-aligned gods in the House of Crime stopped their activities and went into their temples. Why is that? That's because this hound is one of the most difficult beings to get rid off. Once he gets his sights on you, it's nearly impossible to get rid of him. Yosemite Sam thought he could blast him to smithereens with dynamite. He ended up being the recipient, with his smoking body sent hurling into a prison cell. Few doubted he was the real deal after that.
    • He isn't as much of a problem anymore thanks to Judge Doom. The dip can make short work of Droopy. He is also a toon himself, so simply outmaneuvering him would be a tricky endeavor. Most villains now have some in handy just to counter Droopy.
  • It seems that Droopy is almost incapable of saying anything not in a Creepy Monotone. Not even his happy state is enough to get him preppy. There is one thing, but it is not recommended. You could besmirch a picture of the girl he loves... or take away his son's milk. He would respond by saying: "Y'know what? That makes me mad!" At this point you have no choice but to either take a severe beating or run and take a beating anyways. You would have no chance of escape as he always know where.
  • Bugs Bunny took up the challenge to vex Droopy. What followed was over two weeks of a cat and mouse game, with Bugs using every trick in the book to get rid of him. And yet he continued to persist. At that point Bugs had no choice but to admit defeat, citing similarities to his archrival Cecil Turtle. Those two were made by the same cartoonist, so there is some merit in this theory.
  • His relationship with the Disney gods is much more amiable. He doesn't even mind Goofy hanging around. As much of a klutz he was, Goofy does end up being useful every once in a while.
  • To Javert, Droopy is a dream come true. The Inspector may be as relentless in his pursuit, but never has he seem someone with such a high success rate. He tags around to help out and take notes on how he keeps up with his foes.
  • Snoopy had hoped that the latest canine to enter the Pantheon would be an exciting pick. Instead, Droopy turned out to be a complete bore.
  • Droopy decided to give his take on Pluto's condition. As someone who has been around almost as long, he has studied the dog all his life. It may take a while before he has his answer.
  • He has a history with Tom and Jerry, as they both worked for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He would rather not take sides in the matter. Neither of them would want to do so either, as that affair would go one sided.
  • Carmen Sandiego has a rather revolutionary way to deal with him: by never being spotted in the first place. Droopy has yet to encounter the master thief no matter how had he tries. Other detectives don't fault him for it; they have a hard enough time spotting her as it is.
  • His cool demeanor is a reassuring presence for Courage. He has proved to be just as resourceful while being not nearly susceptible to fright. They make a surprisingly effective team, with Droopy taking the damage and Courage finding the tools to save the day.
  • Alice can't help but wonder if Droopy is a less active version of the White Rabbit. Droopy replied that is only because the two sound similar.
  • Droopy has proven to be a valuable ally for Sherlock Holmes. While Droopy is no slouch in the detective department, he excels in the art in capture. With Sherlock and Droopy on the case together, it's only a matter of time until the bad guy is behind bars.
  • Let's not mince things; Bigby is wary of the power of Droopy. He has seem what the basset hound is capable of with what he does to Wolfie on a regular basis. Even if he has turned a new leaf, he would rather not work with Droopy.
  • It turns out that basset hounds are a huge asset where Mokoto comes from. She eagerly brought him under her wing.
    • Hello, all you happy people.

    The Enchantress 
The Enchantress, Goddess of Harming Non-Subjects While Teaching Lessons (Circe, Agathe)
(Animated) Left to right: her crone disguise, her true form
(Live-Action) Top to bottom: as Agathe, her true form
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The rose she gave Prince Adam
  • Theme Song: The prologue theme from Beauty and the Beast
  • Alignment: Teeters between Neutral Good and True Neutral, though many see her under a shade of Evil
  • Portfolio: Aesop Collateral Damage, Prone to Alternate Interpretation, Actually Villainous In The Source Material, Designated Hero, The Fair Folk, Small Role, Big Impact, Values Sacred Hospitality, Would Hurt a Child, Light Is Not Good and Good Is Not Nice
  • Domain(s): Magic, Lessons, Colatteral Damage, Love
  • Allies: The Love That Moves The Stars
  • Enemies: Jafar, Maleficent, Walder Frey
  • Special Relations: Belle and the Beast
  • Avoided by: Shovel Knight, Shield Knight
  • Opposed by: Xerneas, the Houses of Profession and Family, the Nostalgia Critic
  • When someone teaches someone else a lesson by harming, usually it should only be the taught that takes the trauma. There are those however that don't care who else gets hurt. One such example is the Enchantress who not only cursed Prince Adam into the Beast, but also turned all his servants into household appliances as well, though other sources say she's punishing them as well for spoiling him and not intervening. On the other hand, she also cursed not only another child (Chip), but the animals within—as they can't be accountable for their master's behavior—as well as visiting performers. Nevertheless, the Court of the Gods found her fitting for this title and invited her to the Pantheon, which she accepted.
    • The Beast isn't sure what to think of her. On one hand, she involved more than just him in her curse. On the other, he really did learn how to care for others and brought Belle into his life.
    • The Enchantress for her part is confused as to why he's a beast again when the curse should've been lifted. She decided to fix that straight away, but after then learning of the dangers in the Pantheon, as well as what title he represents with Belle, not to mention getting in trouble with the Court for turning him back without their consent, she's instead allowed him to shift between forms if the need arises.
  • A lot of gods are critical to the Enchantress for her methods in teaching Prince Adam his lesson and mention quite a bit about Victim-Blaming. She on her part just ignores the critics.
    • These critics were led by someone who pointed out that she had basically cursed an 11-year old prince for following the cautionary rule of "stranger danger." On the other hand, values were different back and hospitality was taken much more seriously. Then again, it was Cogsworth's job as the butler to answer the door and not him anyway. Others have pointed out that given the setting, the prince may have had reason to be cautious (since the time was probably not a good one to be a noble.)
  • There are several sorcerers and other magic users who observe the Enchantress due to her potential. Being able to conceal an area, remove it from memory of people in the surrounding area, and cast it into an eternal winter is not someone to take lightly.
    • The evil Disney spellcasters, mainly Jafar and Maleficent, see her as a threat, even if she's content with doing her own thing. Given what she can pull off, even if she's never been seen doing combat, they're biding their time against her.
  • When Shovel Knight heard of the Enchantress's arrival, he immediately made it way there to take her down, not wanting her to possess Shield Knight again, or anyone else for that matter. Thankfully, he saw that that wasn't who he thought she was, but avoids her after hearing of the things she has done. Likewise, Shield Knight was just as equally unamused by her.
  • Xerneas is at odds with her because of their different views on using their powers (he's the more benevolent kind of fairy who aids humans and she cursed a group of humans).
    • And because of what she's done to Prince Adam's servants, she's also a pariah in the Houses of Profession and Family.
  • Is amused to hear of another Prince Adam, and while she isn't amused by his apparent tomfoolery, she admires his accomplishments as He-Man and heard that the tomfoolery is just a front, which is no longer necessary because of the fact that his identities are now public. He-Man on his part sees her as a well-meaning lady, but involving innocents into his curse is something he does not approve of.
  • The Nostalgia Critic had quite a bit to say about her and her methods.
  • Apparently, according to the Expanded Universe novel Lost In A Book, she's an agent of Love, sent specifically to set the stage for the Prince/Beast's redemption, which explains why she suddenly made clear her allegiance to The Love That Moves The Stars.
  • Violation of hospitality by rejecting shelter for someone is contemptible enough, but inviting someone in your home and then murdering them in cold blood is infinitely worse. As such, she opposes Walder Frey for his actions in the Red Wedding. As a matter of fact, she's been thinking of putting a curse on him, as if his murder by Arya Stark in the TV series wasn't enough.

    Experiment 627 
Experiment 627,note  God of One-Shot Characters (Evile)
  • Intermediate God, possibly Greater if it wasn't for his Achilles' Heel
  • Symbol: The number "627" in bright red
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Little "Cousin", Only Appears in One Episode of the Series, One-Word Vocabulary (becomes Wicked Cultured in the anime), Card-Carrying Villain, Incapable of a Heel–Face Turn, The Strongest Experiment of Them All, Always Someone Better, For the Evulz, The Bully, Red and Evil to Stitch's Blue and Good, Retractable Appendages (Including a Second Head), Superpower Lottery, Achilles' Heel In His Laughter
  • Domains: Evil, Power, Genetic Experiments, Rivals, One-upmanship
  • Allies: Leroy, Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Syndrome, Cell, Toon Patrol, The Martians (Mars Attacks), Dr. Gero, Aku, King Ghidorah, Angra Mainyu
  • Rivals: Stitch, Shadow the Hedgehog, Mewtwo, Infinite
  • Enemies: Lilo and Stitch, the rest of the experiments, the Grand United Alliance of Good, Iroque, The Phantom Thieves of Heart, Satania, The Incredibles, Merged Zamasu, Discord, Samurai Jack, X, Mega Man, heroic gods in general
  • Opposed by: Steve Irwin, Rubeus Hagrid
  • Amused by: Satania, Zim, Roger Smith
  • Fears: The Joker, surprisingly enough
  • Stitch is Jumba's most famous experiment, but not the last he'd make. In part to give him a reality check, on Earth Jumba created Experiment 627. He has all of Stitch's strengths, none of the weaknesses and powers of 19-20 other experiments. After being activated 627 made short work of Stitch, however, having extra everything of Stitch included an extra sense of humor. He ended up in a laughing fit that allowed him to be dehydrated. He later appeared in the anime, able to say more than just "evil". Both times, he only appeared once in the show, but left an impact as being Always Someone Better to Stitch.
  • Unlike his predecessors and presumably like Leroy, 627 can not be turned good. He resisted any means of being tamed by Steve Irwin or Rubeus Hagrid, despite their success at befriending ferocious creatures. And as he is completely aware of his villainy and born like that, he has no Palace for the Phantom Thieves to change his heart.
  • While 627 can't truly be turned to good, the Indigo Tribe believes that they could brainwash him into being good. It's also believed that Discord would be able to Discord him into a pure good experiment, much like Experiment 262 a.k.a. Ace. Experiment 627 is doing whatever he can to avoid getting close to them so they can test their hypotheses.
  • When asked who released 627 into the Pantheon, Melkor let out a chuckle. He likes the idea of an experiment that's incorrigibly evil and better than Stitch, regarding him as one of his "pets". He even likes to give 627 a popular Fan Nickname; Evile. Angra Mainyu also helped with the experiment's ascension. He appreciates an Evil Counterpart that's better in every way to the good one, which comes from frustrating at being equal to Ahura Mazda is theory, inferior due to his Stupid Evil nature in practice.
  • 627 was intrigued by the Dark Lord's ambition. However, he's a bully at the core and will ruin even bad moments For the Evulz. He only serves the GUAE because it amuses him, and has made it very clear only he gets to beat Stitch. He saved Stitch and Angel's lives because of that, the closest thing he's ever done to being good.
  • Following up on that spoiler, some gods noticed out that apparently one time, 627 played a friendly game of basketball against Stitch along with Gantu, Jumba, Pleakley, and a few other experiments. He was even dancing and laughing with them to get a stuck basketball down. 627 said that one, he had nothing to do that day (even villainous things) and wanted to do something different once in a while, and two, he couldn't resist an opportunity to beat Stitch in a competition, even team sports, to prove his superiority in all kinds of skills. He also believes that many of his "cousins" were also unavailable that day, and Stitch just asked him out of reluctance to have an even number of players per team. As for the dancing and laughing... Well, he can't help but be easily entertained. It's just how he is.
    • He was also seen acting relatively nicer at Walt Disney World and other Disney Theme Parks, actually hanging out with Stitch and some of the Pelekai ʻohana in taking pictures and signing autographs with park guests. His response is that for some reason those "supposedly magical" (his words) parks and resorts place a strong restraining bolt on his villainy, although "thankfully" (again, his words) he still has the willpower to leave those parks on his own accord and easily gain his villainous traits back once he's outside of Disney resort property. He does like the fact that he has fans who want to meet him, though. (To 627's credit, many other Disney Villains, even magic users, have expressed similar sentiments.)
  • 627 searched for gods who's ambition and cruelty he respected. He wasn't pleased to see Gantu had undergone a Heel–Face Turn, as did 625. Leroy was at least still a clearly evil experiment, and 627 has taken a shine to his "younger cousin", though was quick to remind him that as Leroy is a clone of Stitch in powers, he is still the superior experiment. Otherwise, he's the closest thing 627 has to a friend, much to the chagrin of the other experiments. Unlike Leroy, 627 has yet to find a reason to care about Dr. Hämsterviel yet.
  • 627 was interested in Syndrome. As he's full out on the whole supervillain role and fighting against superheroes, he wants to join in and cause general havoc. Of course, he is just as likely to take the wind out of his speeches, but otherwise finds what he does interesting. He though he might find a kindred spirit in Infinite, however, they ended up in conflict because Infinite's ego got hurt with 627 constantly saying he was stronger. They fought, and while Infinite had the upper hand, 627's faster than a supercomputer brain let him think his way out of the illusions and beat Infinite. Not that he didn't enjoy his wicked ways, mind you.
  • Considers himself a sort of Ultimate Lifeform, being the strongest of the experiments. Cell tried to correct him, but while he is quick to remind 627 who's stronger, he likes 627's cruel and mischievous streak. Cell did invade a TV studio and announce the Cell Games to basically Troll everyone, after all. Trying to prove his superiority, Experiment 627 has faced off against fellow genetic experiments Shadow and Mewtwo.
  • Whenever he finds someone in a humiliating position, 627 laughs his ass off. He knows his laughter is a flaw, but can't help it. He likes seeing Satania humiliated to be utterly hilarious. He also finds the idiotic ways of Zim and how he fails to be successful, as he does Roger's Comedic Sociopathy. He finds the Martians from Mars Attacks funny, and likes their evil.
  • Surprisingly, he's actually afraid of the Joker. This is due to the Joker Venom, which given his increased humor is kryptonite even with his superpowered abilities that might make him normally resist or be immune to the stuff. He can relate to Toon Patrol since if they don't keep a lid on their laughter, it ends up killing them. He relates to Ghidorah's giggling as well.
  • Zamasu regards Experiment 627 as an abomination, stating that his existence reflects some of the worst of man's sinfulness in creating things and how they use knowledge. 627 only laughed at this, as even he is well-aware of how ridiculous that statement is from someone as destructive and wrathful as Zamasu. At least 627 has the excuse of being created evil. Dr. Gero took much more of a shine to the experiment, due to the potential he has and how he was created to be the most powerful experiment. 627 plays along for now, curious as to where his revenge against Goku might go.
  • Being pure evil, Experiment 627 is vulnerable to Samurai Jack's blade. It also makes him a source of interest for Aku, who 627 likes him due to how funny and evil he is. Experiment 627 tends to bother heroic deities for something to do, like targeting X and Mega Man due to their ability to wield multiple powers. Mainly because he wants to test his many different powers against them.

    Shizuka Hanekura/Akatsuki 
Shizuka Hanekura, Divine Bringer of Preemptive Shut Ups (Akatsuki, Xiao)

    Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe 
Taiga Hanaya, God of Kindness Through Cruelty (The Dark Doctor, The Unlicensed Doctor, Bang Bang Shooting, Bang Bang Simulations, The Only Kamen Rider Needed, Tiger Flower, The First Ship Guy, Super High-School Level Radiologist, Super High-School Level Sniper, Kamen Rider Cronus II)
Kamen Rider Snipe 

Zoroark, Goddess of Bungled Stealth (The Illusion Fox Pokémon)
Hisuian Zoroark 
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbol: Its red mane with black tips
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Good tendencies
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Illusion
  • Moveset: Night Daze, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Nasty Plot
    • Z-Move: Black Hole Eclipse
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Not Evil, Cunning Like a Fox, Shapeshifter, Fragile Speedster, The Trickster
  • Domains: Illusions, Darkness
  • Allies: N, Ash Ketchum, Renamon, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • Rival: Lucario
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J, Shang Tsung, SCP-953, Neopolitan, Zonda and the Seven
  • On good terms with: Many ascended foxes, The Tenno
  • Source of Interest for: Sheogorath, Hircine
  • Zoroark is a Pokémon inspired by kitsune, with a particular focus on the latter's darker aspects, mainly shapeshifting and illusion. They are known to live in groups and protect each of their kin (which includes their pre-evolution Zorua) no matter what and that includes tricking trespassers into being trapped in devious illusions. In battle, Zoroark can take the form of another Pokémon, which in theory would serve as a decent-enough way to confuse their opponent. However, once it gets hit or uses a move that its "disguise" can't learn (including a Z-Move), then the illusion is broken and perceptive battlers will pick up on what Zoroark is weak towards. It doesn't help that the only other Pokémon that knows Night Daze, a move highly associated with Zoroark, is Lunala.
  • It took a while for certain deities to realize that a Zoroark was running around in the Pantheon, not helped by the fact that some have dismissed rumors of a black bipedal fox creature. A few deities were determined to validate this rumor and went to work on capturing that trickster fox. It took a lot of time given what they're dealing with, but after breaking through Zoroark's illusions, the Pokémon went down in a couple of hits and later captured. By the time it was turned in, a few deities knew what a Zoroark was and cleared some things with the higher-ups in order for it to have a proper Pantheon spot. The Zoroark was later released into the wild, though it still has to deal with some prospective hunters every now and then.
  • N was more than happy to hear that a Zoroark was in the Pantheon, even if this particular one isn't exactly the same as the one that the Pokémon trainer uses. While N still has his own Zoroark to use whenever he's in a Pokémon battle, N is more than willing to help this one whenever possible and in turn, this Zoroark has sometimes helped N get out of trouble. N told this Zoroark about what happened between him and Ghetsis Harmonia and the Pokémon was unsurprisingly infuriated with what Ghetsis had tried to do.
  • Despite not being a proper contestant in the Smash Bros. tournaments, Zoroark has sometimes shown up in battle lending their aid to whoever summons them from a Pokeball since the fourth iteration. Rather than use their illusions, Zoroark instead looks for a random opponent to repeatedly claw at. It hasn't prevented some of the more mischievous Zoroark from disguising themselves as select Smash participants just to mess around with other Pantheonic least, until the real participants show up and break up the Zoroarks' fun-time.
  • Zoroark found a really good friend in Renamon for not just being another kitsune, but also having some degree of illusory and shapeshifting skills (even if it isn't as pronounced as what Zoroark is capable). While Renamon doesn't really share much of Zoroark's trickster tendencies, she still sees the Pokémon as a good friend and there have been some instances of them fighting off anyone that may threaten them. One effective tactic in fending off attackers involves Zoroark shapeshifting into Renamon to throw off adversaries and after some chasing around, the assailiants would get attacked by the real Renamon, with Zoroark (with the disguise now removed) helping Renamon in the midst of it.
  • In a more general sense, it is on good terms with a number of other foxes in the Pantheon. Of particular note is Nick Wilde and the Pokémon seems to like how he is using his cleverness to get him and Judy Hopps out of trouble. Nick is fascinated with Zoroark using illusions and shapeshifting itself to other beings and Nick has even thought about using Zoroark to try and infiltrate shady characters and return any effective evidence that these crooks might be hiding. Although a solid partnership hasn't really come to fruition, both still enjoy hanging out with each other.
  • Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness, saw Zoroark as very interesting when it comes to trickery and deception. Even if he is far more unhinged than Zoroark by default, Sheogorath has been able to set up plenty of tricky plans that end with his victims being fools of themselves at best or suffering a fair amount of psychological damage at worst. This Daedric Prince took a liking to Zoroark and even considered having it as a pet of some kind, though given how most are wary of him, Zoroark has preferred to keep its distance from Sheogorath. That and the Pokémon prefers to use trickery and deception only when it's necessary and not out of actively trying to harm others.
    • It turned out that Sheogorath wasn't the only Daedric Prince that took an interest in Zoroark's abilities. Hircine wanted to have Zoroark be a part of his hunts, much like many other fantastical creatures that catch the Daedric Prince's attention. Zoroark being an agile fox and having an ability to transform into others was something that amused Hircine. One of Hircine's forms is that of a fox, where he uses agility and deception in order to throw off anyone that goes after him. While Hircine generally enjoys Zoroark using a similar set of skills to ward off hunters, the Pokémon is already not amused with being a hunting target as is and would rather not get involved with Hircine as much as possible.
  • Shang Tsung, hoping to get more allies to work with him, saw Zoroark's combat capabilities and shapeshifting skills in action and wanted to get it on his side. He then encountered the Pokémon and tried talking to it, claiming that Zoroark's powers will be of use to him. It wasn't certain about Shang Tsung and when someone nearby explained Shang Tsung's goals and untrustworthy nature, the Pokémon became angry. Shang Tsung quickly found out that Zoroark didn't want to work with him and a fight between the two ensued, ending with an injured Zoroark being taken to medical care before Shang Tsung could finish him off. The two shapeshifters have since maintained significant animosity towards each other.
  • Zoroark managed to find an unexpected partner in Loki Laufeyson given how many deities see him as a Wild Card and very deceptive towards others. It hasn't prevented Loki from showing a more genuinely friendly side from time-to-time and some have even noted that being with Zoroark has helped mitigate some of Loki's more troubling behavior. Of course, the Pokémon will sometimes have to step in and fix things if Loki ends up going over the line with his actions.
  • The Pokémon once ended up in an altercation with Neopolitan, who was bored and decided to try and fight someone to get a rise out of them. It wasn't too far in the fight that she learned about Zoroark's illusory skills and decided to get more serious as the battle raged on. The fight between Zoroark and Neopolitan went on for a bit, with the Pokémon growing frustrated at the girl's antics. Once the battle ended, she decided to leave the Pokémon alone and return to her allies. Zoroark decided to follow a fair distance behind, shapeshifting from time-to-time to avoid detection. The Pokémon found Neopolitan talking to Zonda, another being who had illusion-based powers and was potentially stronger than the two. It became clear that both Neopolitan and Zonda (and the latter's group by extension) was bad news and it would do its best to oppose them and their goals.
  • At one point, SCP-953 somehow broke out of containment and those who were supposed to make sure that the Polymorphic Humanoid was contained was too far away to get it easily done. She then proceeded to approach N and used her shapeshifting to deceive and then kill him. Thankfully for the Pokémon trainer, the Pantheonic Zoroark was able to come to his rescue and attack SCP-953. Once she regained consciousness, she saw a dog in front of her (actually a Zoroark shapeshifted into such) and tried to escape, but not before the SCP Foundation arrived and proceeded to send her back to containment. The SCP being a sadistic shapeshifting kitsune (or kumiho as she insists) was more than enough for Zoroark to despise her entirely.
  • It came as a bit of a surprise for Zoroark to find out about trickery and illusions be used from a technological standpoint as it learned via a chance encounter with the Tenno. More to the point, there were some Tenno suits that specialized in stealth and trickery, those being Loki and Mirage suits and the latter being adept when it comes to illusions. While Zoroark is alright with the Tenno for the most part, it really doesn't want to think of what could happen if someone demented enough wanted to harness some powerful technology to create illusory-based abilities and use Zorua as a power source to try and accomplish it.

Lesser Gods

    90s Dude 
90s Dude, God of Drop-In Characters (formerly 90s kid. Real name: Evelyn)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His t-shirt acronym of wysiwygnote 
  • Theme Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fanboy of the The Dark Age of Comic Books and The '90s, Totally Radical, Extremely Excitable, Loves The 90s Because They Were Fun, Hidden Depths, Drop-In Character, Actually A Technical Savant, Idolizes Rob Liefeld, No Indoor Voice, Disco Dan, Embarrassing First Name
  • Domains: The 90s, Slang, Excitement, Guns and Blood, Extroverted Personalities, Pop-Ups
  • Fanboy of: Again, The 90s, most characters that showed up in the Sega Genesis and comic book characters from the 1990s, the Hall of Firearms
  • Allies: Linkara, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Spawn, Philip J Fry, Ash Ketchum, Blue Oak, The Venom Symbiote, Eddie Brock, Wander (Wander Over Yonder)
  • On speaking terms with: Ash Crimson and Lance Bishop
  • Enemies: MISSINGNO/THE ENTITY, Lord Vyce, Griffith, Emperor Ganishka, Ayana Sakanagi
  • Annoys: Guts (despite/because he's a fanboy of them), Alan Moore
  • Linkara is wont to riff on the 90s in comic books. The edginess, the attempts at being "extreme" and general ridiculousness. And when something ridiculous like that shows up, expect 90s Dude (originally 90s Kid) to pop up and explain in his own way about it. Though a gag, he has evolved into a more well-rounded character than you'd expect.
  • Obsesses over the 90s, he was upset to learn that Rob Liefeld, who he practically worships, wasn't in the pantheon. The House of Time and Space has questioned his credentials as an actual 90s kid, given if he really is a teengar he shouldn't have grown up in the 90s. Some think he was sent through a time vortex, others think he's just a Manchild.
  • Meeting Deadpool, he initially wanted a means of contacting Rob Liefeld as he was the one who created Deadpool. Linkara scoffed at this, believing Liefeld's Deadpool was an Early-Installment Weirdness In Name Only and that Liefeld didn't make him the merc with a mouth. Deadpool didn't know or care for contacting Liefeld, but his humor is still something 90s Dude enjoyed.
  • Was overjoyed to learn so many characters from The Dark Age of Comic Books and characters that showed up in the Sega Genesis were in the pantheon. 90s Dude loves him some Darker and Edgier stories, being that he's a knock on the dark age of comics that Linkara sees a lot of the 90s as. Immediately fanboyed over Venom and Spawn, due to their iconic role.
  • It wasn't long until he annoyed Guts and Shadow the Hedgehog. While Guts did pioneer many '90s Anti-Hero tropes(in 1989), he's a much more subtle one and more complicated than 90s Dude gives him credit. He also annoys Alan Moore because he completely misses the point in his darker stories and Moore doesn't like him thinking he should take "credit" for the Darker and Edgier state of comics afterwards.
  • Though he loves edginess, he drew the line at Superboy-Prime killing a pregnant woman. He didn't care for Emperor Ganishka feeding pregnant women to crocodiles and mutating their fetuses to make monsters, or Griffith raping Casca and corrupting the fetus. And he was definitely in the "fuck Swim Swim" camp because she killed a pregnant woman.
  • Was impersonated by the Entity, aka Missingno. 90s Dude has had a recurring issue with being mistaken for turning traitor, since he was later working with Lord Vyce in an Enemy Mine situation since the Entity was Not Quite Dead. While Vyce would die a villain and turn on him, he is sad that it turned out that way. Due to being mistaken for treachery and impersonated by villains, he can relate to Ash Crimson and Lance Bishop.
  • Perhaps it's because of Missingno/the Entity, or perhaps it's because of his fandom towards the 90s, but he has sided with Ash along with Blue. He considers Blue's Jerkass days as what made him an effective rival in the games, and tends to refer to him as Gary more often. He gets along with Philip J Fry since he was like him, a slacker from the 1990s.
  • Is attempting to get his Bloodgun fan comics published, and make "the Bloodgun of Bloodgun".. It hasn't gone anywhere. 90s Dude is content idolizing the various weapons and their holders in the Hall of Firearms.
  • He's actually pretty good at maintenance, and isn't as stupid as he seems. He likes the 90s because he felt it was fun, and the good parts specifically. Some part of him is well aware of the "so bad it's good" nature of the edginess he enjoys, but doesn't care as he's a For Happiness kind of guy. Which is probably why he supports Wander and his goals.

    Celistia Ralgris 
Celistia Ralgris, Goddess of Unintended Large-Scale Consequences and Guilt (Celestia Ralgris, Celes, Knight Squadron Leader)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess with Lindworm)
  • Symbol: Her Sword Device
  • Theme: Lack of Communication
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Adorkable, Light Is Good, Fighter With Large Breasts, Unknowingly Causing a Chain Reaction, Does Not Like Men (except maybe she does), Deeper Voice When Serious, Guilty Conscience, Wanting to Make Up For Her Mistakes
  • Domains: Knighthood, Air Combat, Cause and Effect, Atonement
  • Allies: Lux Arcadia, Kazumi Mishima, Lisesharte Atismata, Krulcifer Einfolk, Yoruka Kirihime, Origami Tobiichi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Princess Celestia, good-aligned deities in the Hall of Felines
  • Enemies: Darth Sidious/Sheev Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Sauron, Megatron, Celestia Ludenberg
  • Rival: Cecilia Alcott
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • It was discovered that the destruction of the Arcadia and the fall of Lux did not happen over night. After some research was done on the event, several of the most tactical minds of the Pantheon discovered that the event linked to one Celistia Ralgris. Before anything rash could be done, Lux quickly defended her: Celistia was the first to discover how deep the corruption of the the old empire went and informed what she found out to Lux's grandfather and her mentor, Wade Roadbelt. When Wade confronted the emperor about it, he was executed and Lux's family side was banished from the castle without warning. For the next five years Celistia would feel guilty over it and after meeting the grandson of her teacher she did whatever it took to keep Lux from fighting, even if it meant acting harshly towards him. Lux assured her that she had nothing to feel guilty about as she only did what she could do at the time.
  • Happy that she ascended, Lux took her on a date to one of the House of Food's finest restaurants, using money lent to him by Bruce Wayne. As time passed, Celistia had too many drinks and stumbled to the floor when she tried to leave, and when Lux tried to catch her, he lost his footing and ended up landing on her breasts. Many gods couldn't help but laugh at the whole thing, to the embarrassment of both knights.
  • Very fond of cats and spends a lot of time in the Hall of Felines taking care of them.
  • Much like Lux, Celistia doesn't look forward to working with Night Raid. While she acknowledges the sad state of their world and that the empire they fight is no better than Arcadia, her honor as a knight prevents her from associating with the likes of them. Night Raid isn't really fond of Celistia either. At least Lux tries to be cordial with them; Celistia comes off as posturing and sanctimonious at times.
  • Originally she was viewed as a man hater because of her cold and aloof attitude towards the male gender. That is not true. She is actually very shy around boys of her age group and only acts the way she does to put up a brave front. Also, as said before, strong and respectable men got her where she is now.
  • One day, while continuing her studies in the House of Knowledge, she came across the famous Obi-Wan Kenobi giving a lecture to a class of knights. Seeing much of her old master in Obi-Wan, she told him about what happened to her actions. Obi-Wan, ever the wise mentor, comforted her saying she only did what she thought was right, and ultimately gave Lux the opportunity to be the hero he was always meant to be. Accepting Obi-Wan's advice, Celistia felt her burden had become lighter.
    • Her conversation with Obi-Wan was overheard by Ahsoka Tano, who shared her feelings of failure towards her master. A friendship bloomed that day, and both girls agreed to do right by the masters they lost and the friends they still have.
  • Sees a kindred spirit in Origami Tobiichi, as they were both consumed by guilt from the loss of a loved one and only found redemption in the hands of the men they loved.
  • Being the third Celestia to join the Pantheon, it is only natural she interacts with the other two.
    • She gets along swimmingly with Princess Celistia, who finds her chivalry and honor admirable. Even so, she thinks Ralgris takes things so seriously (likely a side-effect of attempting to atone for her mistakes) and encourages her to spend some time relaxing with her friends.
    • Celistia Ludenberg is an entirely different story. Aware of her Lack of Empathy and self-inflicted lies, Ralgris has proclaimed she will stop her if she ever lays a finger on Lux. Ludenberg, for now, has kept away from Ralgris, but doesn't rule out the opportunity to manipulate her for her own ends.
  • Felt proud that Lux defeated Ichika Orimura in a simulated duel, owing his victory to his honor and skill as a Drag-Knight. Cecilia Alcott took issue with this, claiming Lux only got lucky and Ichika deserved that victory. Unwilling to let this insult stand, Celistia challenged her to a battle. While Cecilia gave Celistia some trouble with her sniper skills, the Lindworm's superior speed and short-range teleportation ultimately won the fight. Relations between the two have been chilly ever since.
  • Has earned enemies in Darth Sidious and Arcturus Mengsk, considering them no better than the emperor her master tried to stop. For that reason, she has associated with Jim Raynor in his fight against Mengsk.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Despondency, in the Hall of Regret and Shame.

    Marie Bell Breguet 
Marie Bell Breguet, Goddess of Faking One's Death (Dr. Marie, Princess, Maëribell Halter)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Breguet Corporation Emblem
  • Theme Music: Clockwork Planet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, but can be Chaotic Neutral at the worst of her tantrums (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: A-Cup Angst, Clark Kenting, Cute Little Fangs, Faking the Dead, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Modesty Shorts, Ojou, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Sweet Tooth, Tsundere, Wrench Wench
  • Domains: Clocksmith
  • Herald: Vainney Halter (her bodyguard).
  • Allies: RyuZU (sometimes), Sora and Shiro, Uni, Gordon Freeman, The Engineer, Seto Kaiba, Sherlock Holmes
  • Enemies: The Spy, Widowmaker, Sombra, The Mafia of Cooks
  • Commonality Connection with: Mustache Girl
  • Respects: Superman
  • Distrusts: Any military-aligned deity
  • Wary of: Dr. 0
  • Marie Bell Breguet is (or was) the youngest president of the Breguet Coporation in France, who became president of said company at the age of 13 (yes, really). She was also a key member of the Meister Guild; a group of top-rate clocksmiths who are charged with the task of maintaining the mechanisms on the Clockwork Planet. However, after a very serious falling out with the military, Marie has become a renegade of sorts, and is now currently hanging out with Naoto Miura in his school along with RyuZU and her bodyguard Vainney Halter.
  • For the details of what really happened, the military had attempted to purge the city of Kyoto and all 20 million of its residents to cover up their blunder, and they manipulated Marie and the Meister Guild to be their scapegoat. Upon realizing this, Marie decided to rebel against the military, and took it upon herself to save the city from being purged. This resulted in her getting demoted from president position by her arch enemy Limmons, which made her even more furious and desperate. She then met Naoto Miura and RyuZU in a chance encounter, and asked for their assistance in infiltrating the core tower (though not without some tensions first). After agreeing, Marie, Halter, Naoto, and RyuZU fought their way through the military, and along the way, Marie thought of a brilliant scheme to throw them off their trail. In an intercom with Limmons, her bodyguard Halter claimed to him that the military had shot Marie dead, but that was just a set up for Marie to record the conversation so that she could use it to expose the military's dark secrets in the future. After successfully preventing the Kyoto purge, the world is left to believe that Marie is dead, while Marie herself transferred into Naoto's school under a new identity. The members of the pantheon have recognized her feat, and decided to ascend her into the pantheon as a result.
  • RyuZU had been apparently under the ownership of the Breguet Corporation for well over two centuries, and in that time, RyuZU would not wake up because she had a faulty part that the other clocksmiths had failed to locate. In her time as president, Marie would take it upon herself to fix RyuZU, but much to her dismay, her attempts ended in numerous failures because she herself didn't understood her complex structure. Then, when moving to Kyoto, a mishap happened and the container housing RyuZU fell off the plane, into Naoto's apartment. Because of this, Marie would not see RyuZU again until when she finds her with Naoto, fully operational, and the rest is history. However, because Naoto was the one who successfully repaired RyuZU, the automaton has made Naoto her master, so her chemistry with Marie is teeth-clenching at best to threatening at worst.
  • She does not trust any military-aligned deity even if they have good intentions. This is because to her, the military are nothing but corrupt dogs who will follow any orders if it benefits them the most, even if it means being a detriment to the civilians involved. It's for this reason that she'll turn down any offers from military deities, since she feels that when it comes to the safety of others, she has to do it herself to the best of her abilities.
  • She has become wary of Dr. 0 because of his infamous track record of breaking machines that he can get his hands on. Because of this, she does not let him anywhere near her clockwork tech, and worries that he may end up breaking the entire Clockwork Planet by simply being there. Both the Spy and Sombra are on her list for the same reason, though unlike Dr. 0, they intentionally will sometimes break the machines if they are found against their goals.
    • She also gets along well with the Engineer for the opposite reasons, while he may be a Mad Scientist at times, he still cares for his creations, and doesn't like the Spy for the same reasons she does have.
  • Gets along well with Seto Kaiba, a nice jerk who happens to be a head of an company at a young age. What really solidified her opinion on him, however, was the fact that he turned Kaiba Corporation from a successful weapons manufacturer to an even more successful gaming company, which was a good thing for her given that she doesn't like weapons manufacturers due to their association with the military.
  • Found out that Moustache Girl has some similarities towards her: namely, that both of them want their respective areas to be free from a tyrannical organization's influence (the military for Marie, the Mafia for Moustache Girl). That said, she does pity her for how she eventually resorted to much more dangerous measures to eradicate the Mafia's influence.
  • For some reason, she seems to respect Superman. Probably because she has a tendency to use a blatantly obvious disguise (i.e. the only thing that changed was her last name and glasses) a lot. That said, he felt a bit flabbergasted as while he did put effort in perfecting his disguise, all she had to do was simply put on glasses and change her name.
  • Also gets along well with Sherlock Holmes, since both of them also had once faked their deaths.


    Cecil Turtle 
Cecil Turtle, God of Being Better Than Someone Else
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His shell
  • Alignment: True Neutral (with some dips into Evil)
  • Portfolio: Obfuscating Stupidity, Jerkass, Removable Shell
  • Domains: Turtles, Trickery
  • Allies: Screwy Squirrel (with a bit of Vitriolic Best Buds), The Koopa Troopas, Itazura Griefers
  • Rivals: Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Calvin & Hobbes
  • Enemies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Dick Dastardly & Muttley, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Lt. Columbo
  • Respected by: Trollkaiger
  • Source of Concern for: TMNT
  • Commonality Connection with: Droopy
  • Bugs Bunny is a very adept and successful trickster, humiliating his adversaries whenever they try to go after him or have crossed him in some way. Like many others though, that wascally wabbit's track record isn't completely perfect and there have been instances where he actually lost. Of them, one of Bugs' foes was able to best him at his own game more often than not. That foe is Cecil Turtle, someone who is able to keep up with Bugs' tricks, counter them, and get the wabbit to lose his cool despite what the turtle's unassuming behavior may suggest at first glance.
  • An impromptu race was underway, with Dick Dastardly seemingly being the only contestant there in an attempt to prove that he can win a race no matter what. The only other competitor for that race was a turtle named Cecil, something that Dastardly would laugh at, thinking that an easy victory will come to him and Muttley. It became a race between two driving a machine and someone on foot and once it began, things would go far from what Dastardly would expect. Whenever it seemed like Dastardly and Muttley were ahead, the turtle would outwit whatever scheme the pair was concocting, gradually causing Dastardly to lose his cool. It got to a point where Dastardly prepared a plan towards the end of the race that would render the turtle unable to race, which unsurprisingly backfired. In the end, Dastardly and Muttley was humiliated once more and Cecil won, with the latter being allowed to stay in the Pantheon after some post-victory paperwork.
  • When Bugs Bunny read about that race and Cecil's involvement once it was over, the wabbit actually got upset for a bit, partially since he didn't think that Cecil would find his way to the Pantheon. After making the attempt to calm down a bit, Bugs recalled a couple of later encounters against Cecil (where the latter acted more like a con artist) that Bugs was able to best Cecil, including thwarting an attempt by the turtle to shoot Bugs and Porky (which happened sometime after Cecil got fired from his job by Daffy). Bugs later realized that he lost to Cecil in the past partially since the wabbit himself was the aggressor and Cecil lost later since he was the one openly causing problems for Bugs. The wabbit has since made sure to be better prepared should he get involved with Cecil once more.
  • Both Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam couldn't believe that a mere turtle was able to defeat Bugs on a consistent basis and were rather upset about it, Sam definitely more so. Whereas Elmer at least got a couple of victories in, Sam has never been able to win against that wabbit. Sam's temper ended up getting the better of him when tried hunting down the turtle and ended up getting outwitted every step of the way by Cecil. Elmer's later attempt to track down Cecil didn't go any better. Cecil is well-aware that the two are still determined to hunt down Bugs and have constantly failed at it. Both Sam and Elmer have made some additional attempts to stop Cecil and prove that they and not some random turtle will be the ones that are going to try and keep stopping that wabbit no matter what, though their efforts to hinder Cecil are about as successful as their regular attempts at hunting Bugs.
  • One of Cecil's tricks to outwit Bugs involved inviting some identical friends of his to one of their races and place them at random spots. This same trick has also been done in the Pantheon, where Cecil would place his relatives in different spots and they show up whenever someone thinks they've dealt with the real Cecil. This got the attention of Droopy, who got into a spat with Bugs Bunny in the past and was able to see a few similarities to Cecil even if the aforementioned method wasn't the same as how Droopy does it. Beyond just sharing a creator, both have a dopey appearance and behavior that hides just how capable they are at befuddling their adversaries. Droopy sees a bit of himself in Cecil, though he is aware of Cecil's more unscrupulous actions after being near him a few times. Many are curious of a potential showdown between Cecil and Droopy and who can outwit the other when it happens.
  • Cecil and Screwy Squirrel have a bit of an odd buddy dynamic with each other, with Cecil's seemingly slow-witted demeanor serving as a contrast to Screwy's much more manic disposition. Cecil found Screwy after learning about the handful of fights the latter had with Bugs and witnessing one of them. While Screwy wasn't sure what to make of him at first, he was surprised with how the turtle was able to beat Bugs at the trickery game and Cecil was able to get himself a conversation buddy. Of course, given their devious nature, both Cecil and Screwy have had more than their share of trying to outwit the other from time to time, but otherwise, things are mostly friendly between them.
  • Trollkaiger watched Cecil's exploits against Bugs and have taken a strong liking to him, seeing as he is one of very few beings who is able to keep up with and potentially surpass the wabbit in the trickery department. The group has tried to contact Cecil in the hopes of being a potential underling, or at the very least, someone who can serve as a counter to Bugs and, to a lesser extent, whatever plan he has devised with Lolranger. He hasn't really picked up on their offer and seems to be more interested in going after the wabbit on his own terms.
    • Rival prankster group Itazura Griefers have also become interested in the turtle after witnessing his endeavors, seeing his dopey attitude as a good cover for what he is capable of. Cecil stumbled into the group's headquarters one day and he engaged in a mildly long talk about their plans, the other trickster groups, and what Cecil can bring to them. Although Cecil isn't really a member of the team in the long run, he sometimes checks in with them and even gets involved with some of their schemes. Some of the group's skirmishes involved Trollkaiger, who was a bit disappointed with Cecil working with the Itazura Griefers, but have still made attempts to get Cecil on their side.
  • The Koopa Troopas are a group of deities whom Cecil likes hanging out with by virtue of being turtles like him. He's also taken note of their removable turtle shells, including the Koopa Paratroopas' wings attached to shells that come off easily. The Koopas have taken a liking to Cecil and his clever tricks, including that one time when Cecil hid a jet engine inside his shell to go faster. Despite the Koopas not being strong for mooks, Cecil given them some advice on how to at least last longer and surprise someone that might be threatening them, though only a few of them have taken his advice.
    • By contrast, the TMNT are a bit concerned about him despite being of the same species. At first, they thought Cecil wouldn't be too bad and were welcoming of another turtle, but they later found out how devious he is beneath that simple-minded façade and how effective he is at using his wits. The TMNT are good at combat, though trying to find Cecil if he's causing problems might be easier said than done if they're not careful.
  • As Calvin was looking for other deities to play Calvinball with him and Hobbes, the kid ended up encountering Cecil, who agreed to play whatever that game was. Calvin, being the mischievous brat that he is, believed that he'd have an easy time against a turtle who didn't look like much. As the game progressed, Hobbes noticed that Cecil was doing surprisingly well despite the increasing changes in rules. After Hobbes told him that Calvin is losing, the kid (who was getting really antsy and agitated at that point) decided to up the ante to even the odds with Cecil. Once that round of Calvinball ended, the score ended up being close between Cecil and Hobbes and Calvin got angry when Hobbes explained that the turtle quickly picked up on the rule-changing aspect of Calvinball and used it to his advantage. Calvin has since wanted some rematches against that turtle in Calvinball to get even, though Cecil hasn't been that frequent of a participant for that game.
  • If he isn't making Bugs' life miserable, then sometimes Cecil will go around and make a fool out of certain deities for his own amusement. His favorite targets tend to be slow-witted deities, who don't seem to be aware of Cecil's tricks and think he's harmless. While some deities are able to catch on to what he's actually doing, others somehow remain oblivious to it, allowing Cecil to toy with them again if he feels like it.
  • Judy Hopps got a call from someone saying that a turtle tricked him, prompting her to talk to the victim to get more details. After that chat, she decided to go after Cecil, but had difficulties finding him and when she did, Cecil was able to outwit her. When Nick arrived to help Judy, Cecil was able to match his wits, but Nick was able to get a piece of evidence returned to Police HQ. Lt. Columbo, who has had experience in acting dumb to catch others off-guard, decided to help Judy and Nick close this case. Judy and Nick encountered Cecil once more and although the turtle was able to keep up with them, he wasn't prepared for what Columbo had set up and fell into a trap that would get him apprehended. Once the matter was settled, Judy, Nick, and Columbo agreed that if Cecil is causing significant trouble for others, then they'd be up to stop him, knowing full well that Cecil will try to outwit them again whenever possible.
  • Cecil may often get the upper hand on Bugs, but he's not completely undefeatable. Bugs finally got the upper hand on the turtle in a modern setting when the Turtle has a job as a customer service rep and his target of the week for screwing with people's cable was Bugs. Even a couple of Cecil's allies thought he had it coming given that it was a really dick move. He has stopped since A- He got fired from the job and B- if he did it again, Judy and Nick could likely arrest him.

    Chairman Rose 
Chairman Rose, God of Unnecessary Conflict (President of Macro Cosmos)

Chirin, God of Failed Redemptions
Chirin as a lamb
Chirin as an adult 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His bell
  • Theme Music: Chirin no Suzu
  • Alignment: True Neutral (started and ended as such; made a failed attempt at Chaotic Good that caused him to be Chaotic Evil temporarily)
  • Portfolio: Chibi, Started Out As A Sweet Sheep, Meaningful Name, Broken And Corrrupted Cutie, Determinator, Disappeared Dad And Murdered Mom, Failure Hero, Japanese Spirit, The Woobie, Training from Hell, Protagonist Journey to Villain
  • Domains: Sheep, Growth, Emotion, Tragedy, Vengeance, Wolf
  • Foil to: Bambi
  • On Good Terms with: Ampharos, Hamlet, Guthix
  • Hates: Dag, The Worms, Wolf O'Donnell, Zinogre
  • Unsure of: Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog
  • Sympathy from: Fluttershy
  • Once upon a time, there was a little lamb named Chirin. Life was peaceful for him until a wolf attacked his home and his mother died protecting him. Consumed by grief and revenge, Chirin set out to confront the wolf, but the wolf didn't take him seriously at first. Eventually, the wolf trained Chirin to become as vicious as him and as an adult, Chirin has grown to become a fearsome ram going about killing other animals with the wolf. Chirin and the wolf returned to the farm and after Chirin hesitated, the two end up fighting each other, culminating in Chirin killing the wolf. Unfortunately, the sheep are too terrified to believe that the very same ram was Chirin, prompting them to shut the door on him trying to be accepted back into the farm. With no one left to turn to, Chirin was left to wander alone on the mountains, living (and most likely dying) unhappily ever after.
  • A group of deities traversed an icy mountain one day, hoping to find something valuable to take to the Pantheon. Some of them found an animal frozen in ice and were allowed to take that animal with them after convincing some of the other deities that were part of the group. After the expedition was over, the animal was still frozen solid, prompting some to thaw it out. The animal turned out to be a ram, which prompted some concerns that it might attack, but it turned out not only was the ram able to talk, but he was very lonely and despondent about what he had done previously. The ram explained his story to him and the reaction was generally that of sympathy, with some of the group members opting to get Chirin as he was called into the Pantheon and hope that his life there will be better than what he had gone through before.
  • Bambi has seen Chirin and how he attempted to handle the loss of his mother as a sort of dark reflection of what his life could end up being like. Whereas Bambi had his friends and the Great Prince of the Forest to help him through his life, Chirin didn't have many friends and ended up turning to the wolf that killed his mother to become stronger, resulting in Chirin giving up his innocence entirely in an attempt to become something he wasn't supposed to be. During his time in the Pantheon, Bambi knew that some humans weren't entirely bad and most of his animosity is directed towards the truly vile ones, whereas Chirin apparently never had any human contact prior and Chirin is mostly distrustful towards the species that killed his mother despite some wolves not being malicious. While a bit unnerved by Chirin's appearance as an adult at first, Bambi is hoping to at least have Chirin open up more to try and move on from the grief the ram has suffered.
  • He isn't what one would call a bad animal in the long run, but it's more than clear that he's heavily affected from his experiences. There's more than a handful of animal-lovers that have expressed interest in getting Chirin to recover even if he has the fearsome appearance of a ram. Fluttershy, having had experience in getting unruly animals to calm down, is among those who have taken up on said job and get Chirin to understand that even if he sees himself as a monster, he's not alone and that there's always someone that will understand his pain.
    • Rubeus Hagrid finds him a curiosity and, given his nature as a giant, sees no problem with him at all.
    • Eliza Thornberry however needed a bit of work to get her to come around due to how much Chirin frightened her at first given his... unnatural upbringing, but the above two eventually convinced her to give him a chance.
  • Chirin spent some of his time wandering around the Pantheon hoping to find additional sheep that he can meet without having any problems happen. Such an opportunity would happen through Ampharos and although it wasn't apparent at first, the Pokémon was considered a sheep. Ampharos wasn't sure what to make of Chirin at first, but Chirin took the time to talk about his ordeal and how he tried and failed to return to the home and sheep he once knew. Thankfully for Chirin, Ampharos was understanding of his predicament, even if Chirin found the Pokémon's electrical powers to be a bit dangerous. Both have left each other on amicable terms, with Chirin seeing Ampharos as sort of a big brother to him and hoping to continue his friendship with it.
  • Having witnessed his mother die, Chirin has become rather apprehensive of seeing other deities that have killed sheep in the past. This ended up turning into anger after learning about the Worms' various skirmishes and how they use exploding sheep as a weapon. Seeing them trivialize a bunch of dead sheep just for meaningless battles set off Chirin and he ended up attacking their place in a rage before he got driven out by some of the Worms' various weapons (which included the aforementioned exploding sheep). Chirin remains distraught at seeing his mother die in the past and as much as he would prefer to stay away from the Worms' and their chaos, them using exploding sheep for fun was something he couldn't accept at all.
  • Wolves have been a significant sore spot for him given that it's the creature that killed his mother and caused a lot of his misery afterwards. The fact that there were a number of wolves in the Pantheon unnerved Chirin greatly and while some of them are nowhere near as brutal as the one he had encountered prior, he still has issues with certain ones. Wolf O'Donnell is one wolf that Chirin detests as despite the former having some standards, it doesn't change the fact that he's a bounty hunter that has done some dirty work in the past and is likely more dangerous in terms of skill than the wolf Chirin dealt with. Chirin is far more afraid of Zinogre as that wolf's size and powers meant that Chirin couldn't do anything but flee from the monster when it was on a rampage and targeting him.
    • In a more general sense, predators overall are a group of animals that Chirin just doesn't want to associate himself with in any way. While trying to get himself accustomed back to farm life one night, Dag was outside that property looking to eat some animals there. Chirin heard some screams and when he found the source, he saw a coyote preparing to eat some yellow ducklings, which fled as Dag took notice of the ram in front of him. What Chirin saw with his eyes was a potentially more psychotic version of Wor, but Dag simply saw more food waiting to be eaten and a fight ensued. Chirin endured some claw marks and Dag was thrown around a few times before retreating upon hearing some people coming and wondering what was happening. Chirin was more than upset to see someone like Dag and the coyote was more than willing to head to wherever Chirin is at and finish what he started.
  • Seeing Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog during one of their daily routines was something that affected Chirin greatly. He had been highly accustomed to seeing wolves as vicious predators that attack sheep without remorse, but Ralph really only went after sheep as a job, with Sam following his orders to thwart Ralph's schemes as a job as well. While witnessing one of the pair's daily routines, Chirin couldn't believe that he was seeing someone who goes after sheep and someone who defends said animals get along well whenever they're off the job. While Chirin came dangerously close to getting himself involved in the pair's routine to try and attack Ralph, Chirin decided against it as seeing sworn enemies get along with each other was something new to him and friendship might have been something that would have made his life less miserable. That said, he's still ambivalent about the duo's occupation and how it involves sheep being at risk.
  • Revenge was the primary motivator for Chirin's adventures and one that would damage him greatly afterwards despite being able to successfully enact it. Deities who have experienced revenge (e.g. Ken Amada) as a prominent part of their adventures or held it in their heart for a long time definitely had something to say about Chirin, but it was those that had revenge irrevocably shatter their lives for worse that had something significant to say. Chirin could relate himself to Hamlet given how they wanted vengeance after their family members were murdered in cold blood, though Chirin was a lot more upfront about getting it achieved compared to Hamlet who had plenty of internal struggles about it. Hamlet is relatively sympathetic to what Chirin had gone through, though he felt that even if he was more decisive about what he wanted to do akin to Chirin, things still wouldn't end well for Hamlet.
  • Can also be found in Alignment Changes.

    Forrest Gump 
Forrest Gump, God of Shaping History From "Behind the Scenes"
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A box of chocolates topped with a white
  • Theme Song: Forrest Gump Suite
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with shades of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: former Trope Namer (The Gump), Achievements in Ignorance, The Fool, Idiot Houdini, Kindhearted Simpleton, unwittingly shaped Earth's history, Accidental Hero, groundskeeper despite being a war hero and gazillionaire, Buffy Speak, Born Lucky, loves Dr Pepper, Good Ol' Boy from Greenbow, Alabama, Momma's Boy, Modest Royalty, Seemingly Profound Fool, Single-Target Sexuality, mundane Super Speed, Too Quirky to Lose, Wealthy Philanthropist, The Vietnam Vet
  • Domains: Idiocy, Simpleness, Luck, Ping Pong, Running, Shrimp Fishing
  • Heralds: Jenny Curran (his girlfriend/mother-of-his-son…It's Complicated), Forrest Jr. (his son)
  • High Priest: Leonard Zelig
  • Allies: Elvis Presley, Amélie Poulain, Captain John Miller and his men, Atticus Finch
  • After the Court of the Gods reviewed his tale, they decided to bring the humble Forrest Gump to the Pantheon. Among his accomplishments—though he's oblivious to his successes (and much of anything in general)—were when he exposed the Watergate break-ins, taught Elvis Presley how to dance, participated in a famous anti-Vietnam War rally, got into the shrimping business, inspired the smiley face symbol, invested in Apple Computer, and kickstarted cross-country running, among other feats.
  • Gump greeted Elvis Presley like an old friend, and the rock star in turn remembered him from when he rented a room in Gump's mother's house (which was made an impromptu hotel). He also was great to see a (younger) John Lennon and felt saddened on the idea of some person deciding to shoot him while he was off to see his own son and signing some autographs.
  • While Forrest held back some shock upon meeting John Miller, who likes just like him, the two men easily got along as Forrest served in the Army, and his childlike nature makes Miller remember the children he used to teach back in the US. Forrest also doesn't mind that Miller - not to mention his squad - is often grumpy, as the same could be said of Lt. Dan.
  • Forrest also felt some sense of familiarity when he looked at Woody, but he couldn't think of why.
  • Bill Overbeck was surprised to hear that a simple man like Gump participated in the Vietnam War and came out relatively unscathed (with his only wound being from a gunshot in the buttocks) and received a Medal of Honor for running back and forth to rescue wounded soldiers.
  • There are several who hate/envy him for getting by without getting into much trouble, changing history without even working much to do it, and being a general fool who somehow lives through everything he's gone through. Forrest for the most part just ignores these comments.
    • Gods do admit that Forrest is good at what he does if he's given an order. Tell him to run? He'll run until you physically tell him to stop. Ask him to disassemble a gun? He'll do it in record time. Tell him to keep an eye on a ping-pong ball? He becomes a champion ping-pong player. If you tell him to do something, he will work his butt of to do it.
    • However, these comments stopped when Forrest spoke out that despite all of his accomplishments that came to him, they couldn't replace his deceased mother, best friend Bubba or love of his life Jenny. Many of his detractors mumbled apologies and left him alone.
  • Found another good friend by the name of Amelie Poulain, as they are both rather naïve and both help those around them and try to make the world a better place.
  • Gets along well with Atticus Finch, as they're both from Alabama.
  • Was glad to find Curious George in the Pantheon, as he was a big fan of his book as a kid.
  • While some have attempted to attack him (or his movie) as being a "reactionary fantasy," Forrest's defenders point out a few problems with that conclusion:
    • Forrest is a very anti-war individual and even attended an anti-Vietnam War rally, something that many reactionaries would view as disdainful
    • Also, that Forrest being a... mentally-challenged individual would actually be treated with scorn and ridicule by those very same reactionaries.
  • After seeing this video, Forrest had only this to say: it was a very mean thing to say about him.
  • For some odd reason, Sora reminds him of of his son in a way.
  • "My mama always said life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get."