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Solaris, Unholy Entity of Being Erased from Existence (The Flame of Hope, Solaris the Sun God | Mephiles the Dark: Memphis Tennessee, Alpha Gamer, The Time Eater... maybe | Iblis: The Flames of Disaster, Living Flame, The Grand Slam)
Solaris' first form
Solaris' second form
Mephiles the Dark
  • Overdeity (Mephiles by himself is Intermediate God and Iblis by itself is Greater God)
  • Symbol: Its first form
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Spacetime Eater, Ax-Crazy, Physical God
  • Domains: Destruction, Time
  • Allies: Cell, Majin Buu, Light of Destruction, Randall Ross
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Infinite, Metallix
  • Rivals: Zamasu, The Shadow Queen, The Dark Matter Horde, Bill Cipher
  • Enemies: Most Sonicverse deities (especially Sonic, Shadow, and Silver), Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, Ace, Clockwork, Pantheonic Time Police (especially Future Trunks), Necrozma, Spring Sprite, Xion, The Vex, Ragna the Bloodedge, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, The Master of Chaldea, The Colossi
  • Interested in: The Time Eater, Caius Ballad, Galeem and Dharkon, Void Termina
  • In the distant locale of Soleanna, there exists a god of light and time who the citizens of that place worship known as Solaris. Experimentation of Solaris by the Duke of Soleanna resulted in it being split into two components: the cunning sociopath Mephiles the Dark and destructive lava monster Iblis. After a long, drawn-out plan by Mephiles that ends with him killing Sonic, Mephiles merged with Iblis, becoming Solaris once more and ready to destroy entire dimensions and timelines. It’s only the efforts of Shadow, Silver, and a revived Sonic, that Solaris is defeated and Princess Elise blowing out the Flames of Disaster ensured that Solaris and anything associated with it is erased from existence and everyone's memories entirely.
  • As life continued in the Pantheon, reports of a god known as Solaris circulated throughout the place, though many weren’t able to find it directly. However, its components, Mephiles the Dark and Iblis, were present, both far from each other and the former looking for someone dumb enough to fall for his plans and the latter turning everything in its path into a firey wasteland. Sonic and his friends realized to their shock that Solaris had come back despite seemingly being erased from their world and by the time they reached Mephiles, it was too late and he merged with Iblis once more to become Solaris in an attempt to destroy the Pantheon and everything in it. With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver powered themselves up and defeated Solaris once more. While the Pantheon was restored and the memory of that destruction wiped from the minds of many, that memory didn’t leave Sonic and his friends, who are already ensuring that another event like that doesn’t happen again.
  • Some have drawn similarities between Solaris and The Time Eater, by virtue of them being capable of eating entire dimensions and posing a major threat to the space-time continuum. The fact that Eggman played a significant role in making the latter who it is wasn't lost on Mephiles, especially after learning that Sonic somehow ended up in a Bad Future very similar to the one that was ravaged by Iblis despite having no apparent memory of those instances prior. A few entities even claimed that The Time Eater contains some remnants of Solaris, but nothing has been proven thus far. Mephiles has some fascination with The Time Eater and has considered trying to make it independent from Eggman in order to use it for his own schemes.
  • Mephiles and Infinite are similar in a way thanks to having been defeated by Shadow in the past and later coming back to enact destructive revenge. Whereas Mephiles was able to succeed in (at least temporarily) causing the end of the world thanks to killing Sonic even if his initial plan ended up being rather convoluted, Infinite was so caught up in his own pride and sadism that his actions ultimately resulted in Sonic living and his and Eggman’s plan to fall apart. It became clear that Infinite hates being reminded of his failures by Mephiles and that even if they’re working together to destroy Sonic and his allies, Infinite wants to be the one to defeat them no matter how complicated Mephiles’ plans may be. Of course, if Infinite does end up messing up a plan of Mephiles in some way, Mephiles will just find another way to enact revenge, regardless of whether or not he needs Infinite for it.
  • One deity that was fascinated with Solaris and its extreme power was Majin Buu. He was out to destroy multiple worlds just to satiate his bloodlust and was eager to meet Mephiles after learning of how the latter sought total destruction for similar reasons. Zamasu, an omnicidal god made up of equally dangerous components, noticed that Solaris had a similarly destructive angle and sought him out hoping to find someone who can support Zamasu's cause. Unfortunately, by the time he reached him, Zamasu saw that both Mephiles and Buu had befriended each other, further enraging Zamasu who went on a tangent on how entities like the two should be destroyed, even if Mephiles was a component of a god. Mephiles retorted that for all of Zamasu’s bravado, power, and ambitions, there will always be someone who will defy him and that such a goal can’t be achieved with those obstacles. By that point, Zamasu had lost it again and Buu engaged in a violent battle with him that nearly resulted in another catastrophe by the time it settled. Worse yet, Mephiles had already left by the time the battle was over, thinking to himself how Zamasu’s personal hate of specific entities would get in the way of total destruction.
    • Cell also happened to be interested in Solaris, especially after learning how similar he and Mephiles are to each other. Both were born of scientific experiments and are manipulative, time-traveling entities that can heal themselves extremely well and are seeking to attain their ultimate form by any means necessary. After encountering Mephiles, both of them got along with each other very well (especially concerning them being opposed by a time-traveler from the future) and are willing to help each other gain their ultimate power.
    • Beerus and Whis ended up witnessing the fatal confrontation between Buu and Zamasu, with Whis playing a role in stopping Zamasu and Beerus taking care of Buu. The two then told Goku and Vegeta of what happened and everything about Solaris and its components, including Mephiles’ alliance with Cell. The idea of someone with components similar to what Zamasu has, combined with the sheer destruction that Majin Buu wants to engage in and being very much like Cell in terms of goals, was something that Goku and Vegeta couldn't ignore. While Mephiles and Iblis on their own can be defeated by both Goku and Vegeta, should Solaris become whole once more, it’s not only going to require them, but Beerus and Whis' intervention to prevent another armageddon. Mephiles considers Whis to be a major obstacle in his plans considering the latter’s abilities to rewind time by a few minutes, effectively making whatever progress Mephiles made up to that point null and void.
  • With his overall goal being the complete destruction of time, Mephiles sought out other deities who shared the same ambitions that he has. He managed to quickly befriend Randall Ross, a deity who can travel through time and has a personal vendetta being the main reason for his plans. Randall found Mephiles as someone he can talk to easily and told him about another deity that sought to destroy time named Caius Ballad. Mephiles learned of how Caius' originally had a seemingly well-intentioned goal and how Randall won Caius over, a sign that he took as someone to manipulate. Randall stated that his initial conversation with Caius was only just a step of a larger plan and that he's willing to let Mephiles continue to use Caius as a tool to further destroy all of time. In any case, Randall is more than looking forward to seeing the full power of Solaris once everything has been accomplished.
    • Unsurprisingly, Mephiles' overall ambitions and psychopathy have made him the target of those dedicated to ensuring the stability of the overall timestream. Of those deities, Clockwork has taken Solaris’ destruction very personally as even if everything related to the god has been erased from time initially, Clockwork will still remember it and he’s been the one to spearhead many of the efforts to destroy Solaris entirely. Future Trunks was another time protector who is very determined in making sure Solaris and its components are gone entirely, especially after learning about Mephiles’ similarities to Cell via a talk from Goku and Vegeta and those similarities being something Future Trunks couldn’t ignore. The Master of Chaldea has gone through many time periods and fought against many powerful threats, so the mere concept of a God of Time that can destroy everything and is made up of two volatile components was something that put The Master of Chaldea on high alert, requiring all the help they can get to take Solaris down.
  • Solaris wasn't the only entity to be completely erased and forgotten from existence. Xion ended up being forgotten from time, though she eventually came back to life and reunited with her friends after being freed from a plan that required her as a pawn. Mephiles didn't take it well that someone who should have been erased from time came back since he apparently never had that benefit and in turn, Xion finds Mephiles to be a dangerous being of darkness, even if he is only one part of a greater threat. After a battle between the two that ended with Xion barely able to drive off Mephiles, she made it clear that she and the rest of her friends from The Clock Tower will stop him, though Mephiles warned her that she and her so-called allies have no idea what they’re going up against before retreating.
    • Mephiles has nothing but scorn towards Madoka Kaname and Ragna the Bloodedge, two deities who erased themselves from existence to fix the severe damage that has occurred in their respective settings. Mephiles even went as far as to belittle Madoka over how pointless her efforts were to fix things since she ended up depowered once she was brought back to life. As for Ragna, he arrived just in time to tell off Mephiles before the latter could verbally break Madoka further. Mephiles responded by engaging Ragna in battle, with Madoka having to hide in a safe place during that time. Ragna was able to defeat Mephiles with little trouble, though Mephiles retaliated by saying that everything that Ragna cares about will be gone once Mephiles’ plans come to fruition. Ragna made it clear that even if he and his friends have to suffer immensely, he will stop anyone (Mephiles included) from bringing about total ruination with everything he’s got.
  • As a lava monster capable of devastating entire landscapes, Iblis and his destructive traits got the attention of many villainous pyromancers. Iblis itself is nothing more than a mindless beast, so it is often treated as a potent attack-dog by the other evil fire-users as a means to quickly lay waste to any specific area they desire. The fact that Iblis can be sealed inside someone's soul and that he hasn't shown any attempt whatsoever to take control of them was a bit disappointing for those hoping to possess someone to become an out-of-control monster, but the likes of Ragnaros are more than welcoming of raw strength to their fiery alliance.
    • Given how Iblis is already in allegiance with The Firebird, The Spring Sprite started to oppose Iblis on that principle and then learned about Mephiles, how the two together make up a being that is just as destructive, if not moreso, as The Firebird and was rather horrified at the possibility of Solaris rising once again. Mephiles has nothing but contempt towards The Spring Sprite's ability to heal everything she comes across, finding it to be a waste of time to recover something that will inevitably be destroyed once more.
  • As the name would suggest, the Light of Destruction was a malicious light-based entity that took great interest in Solaris. Mephiles heard of the former's ability to possess people and corrupt them through listening in on a conversation about it, giving him another reason to hasten the process of becoming Solaris again. Necrozma was another powerful deity with control over light that Mephiles has been paying attention to, but for a different reason. The Pokémon's ability to devour light, combined with it being a formerly benevolent entity before going berserk and later tamed, has given Mephiles plenty of reason to be concerned of another potential obstacle in Solaris' rebirth even if Necrozma going berserk was something to take advantage of. While the experimentation of Solaris resulting in it being split apart wasn't that different from others wanting a piece of Necrozma itself and it losing some of its power as a result, the Pokémon sees everything related to Solaris as a significant threat overall and doesn’t want to be manipulated into being a weapon of destruction.
  • Despite not having been involved in the war between Galeem and Dharkon, Mephiles couldn't help but be amused at how Sonic, his friends, and some of his enemies fell victim to Galeem's first attack. Mephiles did try to seek out the two abominations in the hopes of finding some powerful allies, though it became clear that things weren't going to work out in the long run. Being whole as Solaris would mean getting Galeem's attention, but the latter’s goals of wanting a world ruled by total order went against Mephiles' plans of destroying everything, alongside the fact that The Light of Destruction is already playing a role in Solaris’ eventual return. Mephiles shares a bit more in common with Dharkon in that they’re beings of darkness with destructive ambitions, though once Mephiles merges with Iblis again, he'll probably end up having to fight Dharkon at that point given the latter’s hatred of light-based beings. For now, Mephiles would rather sit from the sidelines and see how Galeem and Dharkon’s battle plays out before getting involved with either of them.
  • At first, The Colossi was an interesting subject for Mephiles to look into, given that they house fragments of a sealed god inside of them akin to Iblis and Mephiles being the components of Solaris. As it turned out, the sealed entity ended up being more of a neutral (relatively speaking) figure in the long run and Mephiles ultimately didn’t find any use for The Colossi in his plans. The Colossi are more or less passive figures if anything, but they don't really like Solaris as a whole, especially in regards to Mephiles’ being deceptive towards his pawns.
  • Learning about what The Vex wanted and their capabilities was something that frustrated Mephiles. Given how versatile they are in terms of going through time, combined with ensuring that they are the dominant species in the end, their ability to Ret-Gone things (even if that power is limited for the time being) was something that Mephiles was worried about considering that this was how he was defeated. The Vex see Solaris and its components as little more than obstacles to be rid of and since Mephiles is aware that he'll have plenty of trouble fighting against The Vex as a whole (and that Iblis may not have it any easier against them), he'll just wait until he becomes Solaris to be sure that he'll have a change at eliminating The Vex entirely.
  • While he's in between schemes, Mephiles uses his fondness for complex plans to play pranks on Frollo and Gaston.

Greater Gods

    Emperor Ackdos Gill 
Emperor Ackdos Gill, God of Rasputinian Deaths (Akudos Giru, Akudos Gill)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Zangyack Empire Emblem
  • Theme Song: Zangyack's Theme (from 0:00 to 2:28)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Rasputinian Death, Greater-Scope Villain and true Big Bad of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Dark Is Evil, The Emperor, Genuinely Loves His Son And Will Make Those Who Harm Him Pay, The Juggernaut, Super-Toughness, Villainous Legacy
  • Domains: Emperors, Durability, Death
  • Heralds: The Zangyack Empire: Commandant Warz Gill (his son), Dyrandoh, Chief of Staff Damaras, Insarn, Zatsurig, Bacchus Gill (nephew), Gokdos Gill, his Gormin, Zugormin and Dogormin troops
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Venjix, Lord Drakkon, Vilgax, Darth Sidious, Thanos, Darkseid
  • Enemies:
  • Fears: Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O/Oma Zi-O
  • In the year of 2011, a massive all-out war in the Super Sentai Universe broke out between the all-mighty Zangyack Empire and the 34 Super Sentai teams that existed up to that point. The Zangyack proved to be the deadliest enemies the Sentai teams ever faced, nearly winning against them before forcing the teams to sacrifice their powers. Later these powers were inherited by the Gokaiger who fought a second wave of Zangyack attacks on Earth, eventually killing the one leading said invasion, Prince Warz Gill. However this prompted the empire's true leader and father of Warz, Ackdos Gill, to try and take care of the Gokaigers himself. Though he nearly brought them to their knees and won, the Gokaiger put in their all and defeated him using the powers of the previous 34 Sentai and then using all their might in one final attack to destroy him for good.
  • Ackdos Gill was brought into the Pantheon right after his seemingly final defeat in the great war between Super Sentai teams and Kamen Riders, where he and various other villains from both worlds teamed up to try and conquer both worlds before Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade and Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red thwarted their plans and lead both groups to defeat the alliance of evil. Ackdos was glad to see himself and his forces restored in the Pantheon.
  • Ackdos Gill wasn't happy to see his long-time enemies, the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, in the Pantheon. As he still remembers them being the Sentai team that put an end to his seemingly unstoppable conquest of the Universe for good, and killed his son, Warz Gill. With his slew of new allies made in the Pantheon Ackdos has been planning to enact his revenge on them, and has thought of doing the same with the Go-Busters and Goranger who were also instrumental in the many defeats of the Zangyack Empire.
  • He made a slew of new allies in the Pantheon. One of these was Alien Empera, a fellow conqueror who like him carries a massive grudge against his foes for stopping his plans of conquest and were perhaps the most dangerous foes ever fought by their world's heroes. Another point of bonding was how hard it was to truly kill them, as Empera took a massive group effort concentrated on a very specific weakspot that just barely worked to kill him, while Ackdos took over a dozen of finishers to the face with no breathing room and made the Gokaigers use up all their energy to the point of detransforming. Some have worried that this alliance might lead to cooperation between Empera's forces and the Zangyack in the future which could spell trouble for all Toku Heroes due to the resources both parties can give to one another.
    • Similarly, the tyrannical Ultraman Belial and Empera's Dragon Yapool, also became allies of Ackdos. Though he has a few clashes with Belial in regards to how they treat their sons; as while Warz is Ackdos' evil son who follows in his footsteps, Riku Asakura does not follow in Belial's footstep and while Belial might possibly love him deep down the two have a very strained relationship that's mostly turned into a full-blown enmity. Regardless, Ackdos does "understand" why Belial is the way he is with Riku as he mistakenly believes that Riku could one day become as evil as his father. As for Yapool, the latter's affinity for powerful creations and capacity to drain the powers of heroes has given the Zangyack emperor some incentive to seek his services out, as he believes Yapool's Choju could be a great asset in fighting the Sentai teams.
    • Power Rangers villains were also quick to ally with Ackdos, viewing him as a potent ally against their foes. The main agent in these alliances was Dark Specter, another powerful space emperor who drove his world's heroes to their Darkest Hour with his massive army. The two tyrants have thought up of merging their forces into a new Alliance of Evil (as well as with Shocker and Empera's army) and use their combined might to overwhelm and defeat every Toku hero before moving on to other groups as well, this has made the Grand United Alliance of Good quite wary and also motivated the group to keep tabs on the two villains as the possibility of them teaming up for an ultimate force of evil is quite real and could spell a disastrous end for the Toku heroes and beyond.
  • Frieza and King Cold were other two allies he made, especially in regards to how their empires worked through family members inheriting the throne and all operations. Frieza was quite amused by the fact that Ackdos has legitimate care for his son as Frieza himself has no real love towards even his own father, but otherwise remains perfectly allied with the Emperor, especially thanks to Ackdos' sheer durability which Frieza even got impressed by as most other villains would've died to one or two of the attacks that brought him down. As for Cold, he greatly respects how Ackdos' empire is powerful enough that even the Gokaigers' actions that made them fall from their peak glory hasn't fully stopped them yet .
  • Has a big rivalry with other galactic conquerors that don't feel like being cooperative with him or have their own agendas that don't involve anyone else. One of these notable conquerors is Lord Drakkon, an alternate version of Tommy Oliver that stayed evil and came close to destroying the Power Rangers Multiverse as we know it forever before being stopped. Though Drakkon usually views most other Toku Villains as beneath him, even he knows better than to underestimate the powerful leader of Zangyack and as such is one of his most intense rivals. Similarly, the evil AI Venjix became a rival thanks to his deadliness and ambitions that clash wit Ackdos' own.
    • As he is another galactic conqueror with a penchant for not staying dead at all, he made a big rival in Vilgax, as the alien conqueror is a very dangerous determined threat that has managed to several times prove himself a danger to all of existence. The two have clashed from time to time, though never quite manage to overcome one another for good even if they come close to it each. For what its worth, Ackdos and Vilgax have a mutual respect of each other's power and determination, as well as their sheer toughness and strength in a fight.
    • Similarly, Emperor Palpatine came to view a fellow Emperor as a threat of concern even to him. While the two are yet to clash, many are awaiting the day that it comes. As for Ackdos himself, he views Palpatine as of little concern besides the powerful superweapons he employs like the Death Star and Starkiller Base.
    • Due to Darkseid's power, Ackdos has come to view the Lord of Apokolips as a serious threat to his rule and has made sure to keep an eye on his every move as much as possible. While Darkseid views Ackdos as someone of little concern for the time being, he does rationalizes that the Emperor could either become a serious nuisance or ally to him in the future and thus also keeps tabs on the Zangyack Emperor and his forces.
  • Mighty as he is, even Ackdos fears the power of Oma Zi-O the most powerful of the Kamen Riders who has proven capable of exterminating even the strongest of Toku villains. However, Oma Zi-O for now hasn't resurfaced and thus has given the emperor ample time to prepare for the possible return of the all-mighty Kamen Rider through any means possible.
  • Due to his experiences with the Gokaiger, he feels mighty disdain for all benevolent/non-evil pirates. The most notable examples being the Straw Hat Pirates, who are very similar to the Gokaiger in terms of attitude and personality. The Straw Hats' own friendship with the Gokaiger furthered this animosity even more. As such he's placed Zangyack bounties on their heads, hoping that either his Action Commanders or a competent bounty hunter can claim it and end the group, but so far he hasn't had any success.
    • A similar pirate he had an enmity with was Jack Sparrow, as the legendary pirate captain has also made infamy for being able to fool governments and tyrants and get away unscathed. Sparrow has also made an alliance with the Gokaiger and Straw Hat Pirates, which has caused the pirate captain to cross paths with the tyrannical emperor and earn his ire.
    • While he will employ bounty hunters and even other pirates to help crush his foes, Ackdos has little respect for those who either betray their employers or turn against them. Among one of these is Han Solo, who double-crossed his boss Jabba the Hutt and even joined the Galactic Rebellion and helped take down the Galactic Empire of Palpatine. Solo's penchant for being a lawless maverick hero served as a bad reminder to Ackdos about the Gokaiger's exploits and has made him set sights on killing the intrepid pilot, with this enmity also came hatred against his little pupil he made in the Pantheon, Lars Barriga, who is a space pirate that has helped fight an evil empire. The two have earned some spots on Zangyack's most wanted criminals list as a result.
  • He has something of an alliance with Emperor Zarkon and his son, Lotor. Though he feels quite pity for the duo's enmity driven by their ambitions and Quintessence corruption, he nonetheless has kept a mostly civil relationship with them and their forces. One particular point of bonding was how their empires were toppled by a group of ragtag heroes with transforming mechs. Inversely, he loathes the Voltron team for being quite indistinct from the Super Sentai and has also placed their heads on Zangyack's most wanted criminals like many of his other foes.
  • Though her family is equally fragmented as Zarkon and Lotor's, Kycilia Zabi went on to become yet another firm ally of Ackdos. She admires how the emperor has managed to almost conquer the Universe and how he's able to prove his might by trouncing foes or taking a lot of punishment and effort to go down. Ackdos in turn respects her commitment to her family and willingness to avenge their deaths, given how he himself went on to avenge the death of his son, Warz Gill, when the Gokaiger killed him; while punishing Warz' minions who he blamed as well for his death. Ackdos has remained wary of her brother, Gihren, knowing that the treacherous wretch can become a threat to him if he lets his guard down but at least knows that Kycilia can help him in preventing the other Zabi from trying to kill him. Another Gundam villain he became allies with is Haman Karn, Great Leader of the Neo-Zeon/Axis, who has a sense of honor and plots to rule humanity which he believes he can help her with. While Haman has been somewhat wary of the emperor having possible intent to betray her, their alliance has remained standing for the time being.
    • As a result of his alliance with Kycilia, he utterly loathes the Gundam pilots for their heroic exploits and fights against the Zeon Principality and other terrible foes. The biggest example being Amuro Ray, the legendary pilot of the original Gundam. Ray views Ackdos as a monstrous tyrant not unlike many of his foes such as the Zabis, and has made sure to see ways to stop the emperor in the future. Similarly, the treacherous Char Aznable, an infamous Wild Card, has earned his scorn for his tendency to betray every side he gets in, from heroes to villains.

Lesser Gods

The Carnotaurs, Gods of Falling to Death (Carnotaurus sasteri, Meat Eating Bull, Flesh Eating Bull)
  • Lesser Gods, borderline Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A fossilized Carnotaur Skull
  • Theme Music: The Carnotaur Attack
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Neutral if desperate to survive)
  • Portfolio: Meat Eating Bull, Reddish Coloration, Feared by the other Dinosaurs, Bull-like Horns, Inaccurate, yet Exaggerated and Stronger Depiction of the Actual Animal, The Juggernaut, Mighty Roar, Presumably a Mated Pair, Are only hunting the Herd out of Survival, Never Saying a Word, One of them Falls to its Death, with the other killed by falling Rocks
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Predators, Desperation, Death, Bulls, Exaggeration
  • Allies: Speckles, Dinobot, Glavenus, Rexxar
  • Odd Friendship: Gaston
  • Rivals: Rexie, The Raptor Pack
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, Indominus rex, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Deviljho, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Opposes: The Monster Hunters, Shegorath
  • Opposed By: The Gang of Seven, Dino and Hoppy
  • Tolerates: Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Walt Disney (Their Superior)
  • Carnotaurus is an odd dinosaur. Discovered in 1985 by José Bonaparte in Argentina, it was a impressive find with well-preserved skin textures and plentiful bones to visualize a clear image of the dinosaur. In the past, there were two that managed to migrate to parts unknown due to a catastrophe that rendered food and resources very low. This Carnotaur pair managed to discover and track down a massive herd of herbivorous dinosaurs to track down and hunt. They had no malicious intent, they were only driven to live another day and had no other choice. Unfortunately, both met their demise dealing with them; one was killed trying to attack a few herd members that were left behind and the other fell to its death desperately trying to kill an Iguanodon named Aladar.
  • Despite their deaths, the Carnotaurs would find a way to enter a new world in some way. After waking up, they found themselves at a lush jungle, surrounded by various unfamiliar fauna. This caught the pair's attention as unlike their previous hunt, they were in an environment that would actually benefit them greatly. Thus, the Carnotaurs became a rising predators in the Pantheon, ready to live out their carnivorous life as they want.
  • They may be vicious beasts and certainly strike fear within other dinosaurs, but truth of the matter is, the Carnotaurs are animals who are living out their lifestyle like Mother Nature intended them to be. Most herbivores would run and panic upon the sight of even one of the Carnotaurs, but they don't hate them as the Carnotaurs only really see them as food and only hunt when hungry. Otherwise, its actually not rare to see the Carnotaurs observe herbivores from a moderate distance and trot around the forests minding their own business.
    • The Gang of Seven don't see them as enemies for largely the aforementioned reasons. While they know the Carnotaurs are a dangerous threat, they don't think of it as malicious animals and would rather ignore them at best. Not to mention there are evil carnivores around that take precedence first, Sharptooth included.
  • A lot of residents think they're incredibly exaggerated compared to an actual Carnotaurus. Not that some people mind, as they do have a few fans who think the dinosaur pair are badasses. Still, its best that they'd keep their distance as they're actually about the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Being apex predators, the Carnotaurs tend to face some competition among other carnivores, especially Rexie. Normally, a Carnotaurus shouldn't really compare against an obviously larger predator which was adapted to take on some of the most dangerous herbivores of its time, but the Carnotaur pair are actually able to give the genetically-engineered tyrannosaur some sort of challenge, given that they're about the same size. That said, Rexie is the stronger opponent and wins more often, though the Carnotaurs were able to secure a piece of forest as their territory.
    • A lesser competition is present against Own Grady's Raptor Pack. While the Carnotaurs are stronger and more physically intimidating, the raptor's genetic enhancements and intelligence allows them to outsmart the larger predators and gain more success in their hunting. That said, if they ever did fight another, the Carnotaurs would win, given the large size and power difference.
  • All this said, the Carnotaurs are not without what could ostensibly called "friends". They have some form of companionship with Speckles and the three of them take to hunting together at times. Speckles even allows them to take refuge in his territory if they should Helping matters is how Speckles Jr. befriended an infant Carnotaurus named Blade, hence Speckles is more easygoing with them. Glavenus is another predator that the Carnotaurs can associate and befriend, given that the former does somewhat resemble them.
  • Predators or not, the Carnotaurs take a wide distance from Sharptooth. The two actually considered sharing territory, but after seeing how Sharptooth's personality and hunting tactics come off as destructive and self-serving, the pair want nothing to do with him. What made them enemies however was when Sharptooth intruded their lands and picked a fight. It was a stalemate with Sharptooth only leaving after a distraction from Rexxar who caught wind of the battle.
    • Said experience did allow Rexxar to approach and tame the Carnotaurs into becoming personal mounts at some points if they're needed. The predatory pair don't know how to perceive Rexxar, but are comfortable around him as the orc does his best to keep them satisfied and well-monitored.
    • The same experience can also be said with the Indominus and Deviljho. The former is just as ruthless and malicious as Sharptooth and has invaded the Carnotaurs's territory more than once. While Deviljho isn't evil, it's inherently savage nature, nomadic lifestyle and ridiculous persistence has often led the Carnotaurs to seek alliances with other beings solely to take them on.
  • Some have speculated that the Carnotaurs are a mated pair, hence explaining why they are so dedicated to one another. There's no confirmation about this as of now, though the Carnotaurs are known for tolerating and often having conversations with Eliza Thornberry. She's withholding the information due to reasons only she and the Carnotaurs know about.
  • Due to being unique for their species, the Carnotaurs have been targeted by Pokémon Hunter J, much to their dismay. Unfortunately for J, the Carnotaurs are fiercely territorial and have proven a tough challenge, though she has persisted and even nearly captured them, had it not been for a surprise intervention from the Glavenus, forcing her to retreat. This aid has since made the Carnotaurs more trustworthy of the Brute Wyvern and have formed a Power Trio of sorts.
  • Because of their experience with death, one of the Carnotaurs is incredibly cautious when it comes to caves and indoor areas whereas the other keeps an eye out for cliffs and does it's best to stay away from dangerous edges. Because of the concern for death by falling, either an obstacle or themselves, the Carnotaurs are wary of the Daedric Prince, Shegorath, who has a habit of executing people by throwing them into portals that exit from high altitudes, causing the executed to fall to their deaths. Shegorath on the other hand sees the Carnotaurs as animals and doesn't see a point in doing the same to them, not to mention they're not someone who would listen to orders.
  • Struck some sort of friendship with Gaston. Some have stated that this obviously has to do with the way both of them died, though Gaston has stated that the Carnotaurs are pretty chummy with him and they don't talk about their deaths at all. He's been wanting to introduce the predatory pair to the other Disney villains, though they insist the Carnotaurs would be more annoying and distracting than anything else.

    Gray Fox 
Frank Jaeger, God of Death-Foreshadowing Disfigurement (Perfect Soldier, Null, Gray Fox, Grey Fox, Frankie, The Cyborg Ninja, Your #1 Fan, Frank Hunter, Deepthroat, Ninja Gayden)
Without cybernetics

    Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller 
Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller, God of Fatal Ends by Jet Turbines
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His helmet and turbines
  • Theme Song: Bang
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Putting on the Reich, Jet Turbine Arms, Killed by his own weapons through Literal Disarming, Badass Longcoat, Creating tornadoes and riding them, Can still do this while amputated
  • Domains: Wind, Cyborgs, Death
  • On Good Terms With: The House of Slaughter, Akande Ogundimu/Doomfist
  • Rivals: Wamuu, Rashid, Storm Eagle
  • Enemies: Jack Cayman, Blacker Baron, Big Bull, Big Band, members of Overwatch
  • Avoided by: Syndrome
  • Ranked 98th in Deathwatch, Frederick is a German Cyborg hailing from parts unknown. He made quite the name for himself as a contestant, having fought against past champion Kreese Kreely where he collapsed one of his lungs. Then he met Jack Cayman, and you can guess how the good cyborg ended up in the Pantheon. Turns out Jack's chainsaw is pretty sharp, and he put it to good use in disarming him. There's also the fact that Jack was the former Grand Champion of Deathwatch before becoming a Chaser, which is another good reason as to why he lost. Still, Frederick wants a rematch one day.
    • Regarding the other deities from his world (well, kind of) he doesn't have much to say about them. About the only thing can be said is his annoyance that Jack's allies are getting in the way of his rematch. They show up at the right time to fend him off (though he admits there's something different about the Baron this time around). Nikolai's different case, however. To the BPS Officer, Frederick is just another lawless psycho in the world and has instigated conflict with him. Frederick meanwhile enjoys trashing lots of the Mecha Mooks thrown at him.
  • As his name suggests, his added turbines allow him to generate twisters whether to just enhance his punches or create ones big enough to throw cars and people like ragdolls. Supposedly, in one match of Deathwatch in New Orleans had him sink the entire city. He's also perfectly capable of riding them, and can still keep this up even with one arm. Obviously, he can't do it with no arms. Some point out his choice of weapons could be referencing to a superweapon the Nazis had, what with his choice of apparel.
    • Because of his weapons, he often gets mentioned as a warning when it comes to capes. By which we mean, he's one of the quickest ways to prove why it's such a bad accessory to have. Lest you want your fate mirror Syndrome's, no capes!
      • Speaking of Syndrome, he avoids the cyborg whenever he can, considering he's a walking reminder of his gruesome death. At least Syndrome's was covered up by an explosion. That said, it hasn't stopped him (and many other gods for that matter) from criticizing the practicality of his weapons. Sure, it's awesome, even without the wind aiding him that's still tons of metal colliding with anyone unluckily enough to be in the way, but it can be argued that it poses just as much danger to the wielder as it does to the victims. Twirlenkiller only responded that Death Watch prided itself on its contestants causing over-the-top kills, weapons like his are par for the course. If anyone tries to bring it up again, he'll personally throw them into a giant jet engine.
  • He's quite liked by those in the House of Slaughter due to his participation in Deathwatch, even if it was against his will. Sometimes, he competes with other members in short games of Blood Sport not that far off from the ones he competed in. The place gets especially bloody when members of the Crimson Court get very riled up in the House when stalking Skarlet or Jedah Dohma. At least this time he's not in the receiving end of a Turbine Blender during the games.
  • He has taken a lot of opportunities to further his power, such as frequent trips to the House of Wind and Air. Couple of those trips had him encounter the Pillar Man Wamuu and Rashid of the Turbulent Wind where he had the chance to spar with them. Then Wamuu introduced him to Storm Eagle when he saw the former Death Watch contestant make another trip to the House of Fighting and Combat. Herr Frederick has his respect for those three after seeing them in action and has plans on making use of what he has learned.
    • Such fruits of the training was showcased when his fight between both Blacker Baron, Baron's Herald Mathilda and Nikolai went a little overboard, causing mayhem within the House they fought. When nearby denizens tried to break up the fighting, they ended up getting sucked in the twisters or hit by the spinning debris. Baron and Mathilda ended up getting helped out by Big Band who was nearby (much to the pimp's protests that "this titty twister motherfucker's his fight"). Managing to close in on the cyborg, getting past the whirlwinds he kept throwing out, were they able to ultimately wear down Frederick while Nikolai bolted after taking quite a beating himself.
      • After the incident, those who managed to watch the fight (without getting hurt badly in the crossfire) commented on how Big Band and Herr Frederick are similar. To elaborate: Both are hulking, heavily armed cybernetic individuals who became this way after being seriously mangled (by corrupt officers and by psychotic contestants respectively). They also have a surprising amount of mobility despite their bulk, and their fists pack quite a wallop.
    • One of Frederick's trips gave him the opportunity to meet with and fight against Akande Ogundimu, more commonly known as Doomfist. Being able to fight once again despite his cybernetics, which combined with his gauntlet proved useful in bridging the gap between the two. After the fight, Doomfist offered the Deathwatch contestant to join him. Frederick's thinking about it, much to the worry of every Overwatch agent here. Talon is bad enough. Talon with a tempest creating cyborg is even worse.
  • Apparently, he is bass guitarist in a band called the Windbreakers. How he even picks up and plays the damn thing is a mystery, but it can happen. He demonstrated this in the House of Musicality after people kept asking if he really could play. Those who managed to listen to him play agreed he's actually pretty good.
  • "Your life... ends here!"

    Jeanne (Belladonna of Sadness
Jeanne, Goddess of Burned Witches
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The plant belladonna
  • Theme Song: Kanashimi no Belladonna
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Raped by a baron on her wedding night, struck many a Deal with the Devil, becoming a Hot Witch and shameless about it, can use belladonna to cure any illness, ultimately burned for witchcraft
  • Domains: Women, Witchcraft, the Abused, Revenge, Rebellion
  • Allies: Akira Fudou/Devilman, Jeanne d'Arc, Norman Babcock and Agatha Prenderghast
  • Enemies: Roose Bolton, Claude Frollo, The Incubators, the various Satan / Lucifer figures, Pluto
  • Interested in: Various Magical Girls, especially the Puella Magis
  • Sympathy from: Castlevania Dracula
  • In Medieval France, a peasant girl named Jeanne, newly married to Jean, was raped by an abusive baron when the couple failed to pay the exorbitant marriage fee. After that traumatic event, Jeanne started having visions of a spirit tempting her with power. Jeanne's fortunes increased thanks to her supernatural connections, which led to greater scrutiny from the baron as the villagers often went to her for help with various things. Eventually, the spirit revealed himself to be the Devil and empowered Jeanne with magical abilities. At this point, Jeanne's village was struck by the Bubonic plague and she won the villagers' favor with her remedies. The baron, feeling threatened by her power, offered to make her the second most important noble in the land to try to control her, but Jeanne refused, saying she wanted to conquer the world. The baron had her captured and burned at the stake, ending her life.
  • Although her time in the mortal world was finished, Jeanne wound up saved from oblivion by the Devilman Akira Fudou, who felt grief at her tragic life and carried her into the Pantheon himself. Jeanne initially thought he was the Devil himself, come to collect her soul after their dealings, but Akira vehemently insisted he was human and his demon side was forcefully given to him by the Devil, thus making Akira and Jeanne not too dissimilar by his estimation. Another reason for Akira's interest in Jeanne, which she didn't learn until later, is that his love interest Miki was accused of being a witch due to her connection to him. Either way, Akira practically demanded that the Main House make Jeanne a goddess. While the higher gods are not ones to take orders from Akira, they did decide to ascend Jeanne after proper research and deliberation. Jeanne thought this was quite an ironic turn of events for someone such as herself.
  • Akira remains her staunchest ally in the Pantheon and he often goes to her for her belladonna remedies whenever he gets injured in battle. In return, few will actively mess with Jeanne for fear of Devilman's vengeance falling upon them. Akira often finds himself flustered with Jeanne's penchant for going around completely naked, with the sorceress being fond of teasing him, much to his frustration as he is not blind to such obvious fanservice, but he really wants to be faithful to Miki. Jeanne has mused to herself that she wouldn't mind replacing Miki in his eyes, although she is wise enough not to voice those thoughts out loud or act on them.
  • It's evident from her story that Jeanne has plenty of good reason not to be fond of the aristocracy, what with their potential for abuse that she experienced first-hand. One in particular that she likes to make life a living hell for is Roose Bolton due to his casual admissions of having raped peasant girls and calling it his "rights". Given that's exactly what happened to Jeanne, one can understand why she takes issue with his presence, even being specifically deified for that crime. Roose himself seems to spare few thoughts for Jeanne and considers her as little more than an animal who's gone out of control and thus needs to be slaughtered.
  • Although it's thanks to her deal with the Devil that Jeanne has her magical powers, she does not appear to be particularly grateful to him and resents most of the Devil figures in the Pantheon for her fate. She seems to reserve a special dislike for SMT!Lucifer, believing he cloaks his true intentions behind his veneer of pleasantness; she even theorizes that he was the one she interacted with in her world. With that said, Lucifer is decidedly not hostile to her and is happy that she not only did whatever she pleased, flying in the face of the authorities in her world, but also managed to instigate the French Revolution through her death.
  • Jeanne also claims that, though the Devil had her body, her soul still belongs to God. This has not translated into any of the God figures in the Pantheon attempting to contact her as of yet, likely because she still made deals with the Devil despite her claims of devotion. However, there is the arguably-next best thing: the Saint Jeanne d'Arc, who feels great compassion for the sorceress' fate, the pyre having been d'Arc's own demise under similar (false) charges of witchcraft. It has not escaped either of their notices that they share the same name besides. The sorceress was considerably surprised that a Saint like d'Arc has no problem with her activities and is seriously trying to reach out to her. This is probably because, as Jeanne soon learned, d'Arc has been often involved in something called the Holy Grail War, where mages tend to commit far worse things than Jeanne ever did. Either way, Jeanne appreciates how d'Arc is very humble for a Saint and the two have formed something of an Odd Friendship.
  • Jeanne d'Arc is like the proverbial exception that confirms the rule, as most other people of God in the Pantheon don't have such a merciful view of an unholy witch like Jeanne. Judge Claude Frollo seems especially fixated in making Jeanne burn at the stake once more and see if that will purify her once and for all. Knowing him, and knowing how voluptuous Jeanne is, Frollo probably is also lusting after the sorceress in his own sickening and twisted way. Frollo's contradictory relationship to sexual matters is Actually Pretty Funny to the very liberated Jeanne, who can't seem to get enough of trolling Frollo in that regard (though she decidedly has no interest in sating Frollo's thirst).
  • As far as other witches who met a grisly end go, Jeanne finds herself growing protective of Agatha Prenderghast, a girl born with the ability to see ghosts who was ostracized for her gift and hanged at the age of 12. It also extends to her co-deity Norman Babcock to a lesser extent (given he lives in a more tolerant time). Jeanne feels revolted knowing that people's fear of witchcraft could extend to harming such young children. Agatha and Norman return Jeanne's interest as they realize their similarities to her, though Norman (and some other deities) can't help but half-jokingly wonder if it's inappropriate for minors like them to hang around someone like Jeanne.
  • On the other hand, the Pantheon is just chock-full of young girls gifted with magical powers and who use their abilities to fight evil. Jeanne learned these were more commonly called Magical Girls than witches. She is certainly interested in studying where the line between the two concepts is drawn. In the meanwhile, she has heard of a particularly unfortunate group of Magical Girls known as the Puella Magis, who have the caveat that abusing their power leads to them being corrupted into monstrous abominations called Witches. Jeanne traced the origins of the Puella Magis to little alien creatures called Incubators, whose disarmingly cute looks belie their penchant for manipulating girls into becoming Puella Magis while concealing the dire consequences from them. With that in mind, the Incubators are, of course, disgusting to Jeanne, who doesn't have a problem with frustrating their plans every step of their way.
  • One of the Count Draculas in the Pantheon became the evil monster he is due to losing his wife in a very similar way to how Jeanne died; she administered a cure for villagers afflicted with the plague, got accused of witchcraft for it and was burned at the stake. For that reason, this Count Dracula, though usually black-hearted, appears to have a soft spot for the witch who reminds him so much of his wife. Jeanne does in return feel for his sad story, although her allegiance to Devilman stops pursuing a true alliance with the evil vampire.

    Jude the Dude 
Jude the Dude, God of Fatal Gunfire (The Brokest Back in the West, Tex, Ambiguously Gay Cowboy, The Quick Shot Kid, Death Blade [possibly?])
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His posters and giant revolvers
  • Theme Song: MAD WORLD
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Guns Akimbo with Handcannons, Extremity Extremist, The Gunslinger, Rollerblade Good, Lean and Mean, Faux Affably Evil, Cruel and Unusual Death, Possibly a Gay Cowboy
  • Domains: Cowboys, Revolvers, Roller skating, Bloodsport, Death
  • Allies: Damon Killian, Leatherface
  • On Good terms with: The rest of the House of Slaughter
  • Rivals: Herr Frederick Von Twirlenkiller, Hol Horse (one-sided), Erron Black, The Lone Ranger, Yosemite Sam, The Man with No Name
  • Enemies: Jack Cayman, Blacker Baron, Big Bull, Dexter Grif, John Marston, Landon Ricketts, Jesse McCree, Rushuna Tendou, Vash the Stampede, Lucky Luke, Guido Mista, Roland Deschain of Gilead, Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage
  • Spectated by: Howard and Kreese
  • Ranked 124th in DeathWatch 2019 on Jefferson Island and a favorite among fans of the sport Jude the Dude made a name for himself for his theme as a stylish cowboy, participating in ten games overall and surviving just about all of them. All things considered he was doing quite well. Few killseekers would want to tangle with a gunslinger kicks just as fast as his draw. Then he met Jack Cayman who not only beat him but also stole his guns and filled him with so much lead he was practically stripped to the bone before the Chaser obliterated what was left, leaving only the skull and his hat. As his initial rank would indicate Jude was killed early on, the second boss after Little Eddie in Varrigan City proper, and would serve as a reminder that the competition some crazy diverse set of opponents with equally crazy instruments of murder.
  • Jude heralded his appearance by surfacing in a shooting range held in the House of Firearms by grinding against the railing and kicking Hol Horse in the face with his blades. He then bowed his hat to other onlookers and offered a bit of a shooting match before taking off for other important business. Said business was paying Jack Cayman a lesson for killing him though he was unable to overcome his strength and took off before he got murdered again. Since then, Jude has been training for a proper rematch.
  • Has heard of other DeathWatch contestants in the Pantheon but Jude merely sees them as obstacles to his vendetta against the Chaser. He has constantly butt heads with Von Twirlenkiller despite his immense power over tornadoes for sharing the same vengeance and has made himself outright enemies with Blacker Baron and Big Bull since, despite having fought Jack and were brutally killed by him, they became allies in another continuity involving the manhunt over a renegade officer. At the very least Howard and Kreese were happy to spectate over his exploits again the latter has some bias against him. More on that later.
  • If he's not at a range of some kind then this Quick Shot Kid is more than likely at the House of Slaughter continuing to do what he does best. While his weapons aren't as flashy as Von Twirlenkiller's, Jude's still more than made a name for himself regardless. It was here that a man named Damon Killian made an offer, an offer involving his participation in something much like DeathWatch. Now, how could a humble little hick like him say no to that?
  • This gunman may tip his hat in respect for some of his foes but don't let that fool you: He's a prick through and through. Of course if you're a regular, willing participant of Blood Sport then that's basically a given but he gets special mention for the wounds he inflicted on Kreese back when he competed: Kicked him in the nuts with his spurs and unraveled them like balls of yarn. Granted, Kreese lived through it like every other mutilation but still, Oww. Just about every guy winces and reflexes in pain when they hear about it for the first time. Hearing it make rounds only made Jude want to bring it up at any opportunity. What a prick.
    • Various men who'd suffered a Groin Attack have some mean bad blood with the rollerblading cowboy, not helped by his offers to "relive the good old days". Dexter Grif is one of those men. Few could forget the "fight" involving him and the Blood Gulch Crew versus Agent Texas and he would suffer not one, not two, not three, and not just four, but seven not-that-kind-of-blow blows! Mind you, some of them are powerful enough to smash solid bonafide concrete so you know Grif just experienced a definite world of hurt.
  • Has sought out other gunslingers in the Pantheon and has become some rivals with them. As far as rivals are concerned he's made one with Erron Black after hearing of his feats as a Kombatant as well as one with Yosemite Sam. There's also Hol Horse, mainly stemming from the fact he kicked him in the face earlier before, but Jude hardly acknowledges it. Dude always answers with a mocking "Who?" when referring to the Stand User.
    • As for ever other gunslinger he pretty much became enemies with them due to his sadism. John Marston, Jesse McCree, Lucky Luke, you name 'em he's probably on shitty terms with 'em. He's got special enmity for Landon Ricketts after immediately challenging him into a duel before getting filled with lead for his efforts. Admittedly, it wasn't as bad as how the long-running DeathWatch champ did him in and he skated off in defeat (kinda have to be that tough in the first place to survive Jack's preceding chainsaw swipes) but it no less hurt.
    • Outside of them, Jude also seeks to prove he's better than some of the more fantastical hands in the Pantheon. Guido Mista and his Stand: Sex Pistols, Rushuna Tendou, Roland Deschain of Gilead, and Vash the Stampede. He also wants to try his hand against other legends like The Man with No Name and The Lone Ranger, no doubt wanting to add fuel for his ego.
  • Jude once heard of a god holding a title over Groin Attack and shot off to meet them, no doubt wanting to teach them a thing or two about a real blow like that. While Jude proved surprisingly nimble Johnny was ultimately able to turn the tables on the cowboy and promptly gored his gonads in turn. And if that wasn't enough his daughter, Cassie Cage, came in to reinforce him but came just as her dad went for the decisive blow. Had it not for the convenient timing of New Destroymen, who had their own personal business with the Military Brat, Jude wouldn't have escaped to lick his wounds. And yet, despite all that, the cowboy wants to throw down again in the future. Kreese and Howard hope to see a rematch. Particularly Kreese.
    Kreese: And that's for my balls, you prick! Again!
    Howard: Step right up, folks: The second best cure for kidney stones! Dr. Cage would like to see you now!
  • Dubbed "The Brokest Back in the West" it's clear there's some undertones of homosexuality with Jude. In fact, Howard outright refers to him as an Ambiguously Gay Cowboy. Probably comes with being partially based on Tex Sawyer who was a homosexual cowboy. Again, Howard refers to him as Tex. Sure, Tex was a cannibal, but that applies to the entire Sawyer clan so it's nothing new. Jude seems to be a bit buddy-buddy with Leatherface as a result even with the latter's (manipulated) loyalty to his family. Sort of odd given Tex Sawyer was apart of a branch in the clan that was unrelated to Leatherface's side of the family, but whatever. Meanwhile Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar couldn't be anymore disturbed by the Quick Shot Kid.
  • In Mad Castle there stalks a ghastly contestant: Death Blade, a skeletal man in a poncho, who rides across the railings on roller a deadly One-Hit Kill scythe in hand. Roller blades, poncho, skeleton... sound familiar? It's commonly assumed this Death Blade is one and the same to Jude the Dude after being blown to shit by Jack as revenge from beyond the grave. Of course there's some inconsistencies like them being treated as totally different contestants and Jude the Dude's original death being sodomized by his own guns before popping like a bloody balloon. Still, it makes you think, and it's not like people coming back from the dead is anything new. Mad Castle literally introduces zombies and a Frankenstein's Monster Expy formed from fallen contestants. Once more, Death Blade seems to have followed Jude into the Pantheon and not only have neither of the two been in the same place but during their stay in the Pantheon Death Blade seems to pop his head whenever Jude bites the dust...
  • "Well howdy, rookie!"

    The Thing 
The Thing, the God That Can Only be Killed by Fire
  • Lesser God, but it's rank can increase depending on who it absorbs
  • Symbol: The face above
  • Theme Song: Main Theme
  • Alignment: Between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Assimilator Body Horror, It Can Think, Grand Theft Me, Asteroids Monster, Face Stealer, Visceral Evil Cannibalism Superpower, The Virus with No Biochemical Barriers, ultimately has fire as its weakness
  • Domains: Shapeshifting, Trickery, Chaos, Knowledge
  • Followers: Absolute Solver
  • Allies: Other assimilating creatures such as The Venom Symbiote... and that's basically it.
  • Rivals: The Blob, Ithaqua
  • Enemies: The Outpost 31 Crew
  • Opposes: All fire deities, The Carnage Symbiote, Snake Plissken, Ramona Flowers
  • Opposed by: It's frankly easier to find people who don't oppose the Thing. Special mention goes to Isaac Clarke, The OTHER Thing, The House of Aliens, The God-Emperor Of Mankind, The Ninja Turtles.
  • Observed by: The Think Tank, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker
  • Out of all the beings in the Pantheon, the Thing is among the most dangerous. It has the uncanny ability of not only absorbing any organism into its form, but also the ability to assume the form of its victims. It can also do this to as many beings as it wants. The Pantheon had long sought to prevent the alien from ascending, but alas the day came when Deoxys saw one of its followers acting erratically. Before it could touch the Pokémon, Alucard and Captain Marvel burst into the scene, blasting it with bullets and electricity. The Thing was dead, but to their horror they discovered a new building with like-minded people. It took a herculean effort involving all the fire users as well as every detective in the Pantheon to round up all the infected specimen. Today, the temple is completely isolated from view and for good reason. No one wants to find out if the thing has the capability to absorb even the most powerful beings in the Pantheon.
  • If there's one deity that has taken increased urgency over its ascension, it's Isaac Clarke. The engineer has had plenty of experience of creatures similar to the Thing. The Necromorphs also seek out organic matter as a means of assimilating it to its horde. It was Isaac who suggested adding extra security to the Markers to prevent the Thing from accessing it. The prospect of infecting dead material as well makes for an enticing target for the Thing. No one knows who would take control of the horde, but Isaac doesn't want to find out.
  • Of course, there's the fact that there has been another Thing in the Pantheon and for a long time at that. Ben Grimm considers the ascension "a revoltin' development" and vowed to clobber anything that's close to resembling an assimilated imitator. It would be rather ironic if Ben himself got infected, but the Thing has more pressing matters than to fulfill that.
    • It also has no relations towards the flying Thing (AKA known as Mothra). Neither Godzilla nor the moth are in any hurry to make acquaintance with the Thing, relieving those in the Pantheon.
  • While electricity is effective as well, Fire remains the most surefire way of killing someone infected with the Thing. The good news is that there's no shortage of fire-flinging deities in the Pantheon, and none of them want to be associated with the Thing. As some of them are often engulfed in flames at all times, The Thing can't simply attack them. This would call for manipulation in order to isolate them.
  • Only few people are willing to risk their lives studying the alien species. Among which are the Wesker siblings. Albert Wesker is quick enough to capture specimen without being captured. It is likely that both Albert and Alex already have samples for testing. Many fear that they can use the information gathered to improve the T-virus.
    • Another group joining the race for samples is the Think Tank. It's already well known that the group has little time for morals and would jump at the chance to study such an interesting creature. They have plenty of jars to contain even large specimen and have been testing to see how the infection works. It is unknown what the Think Tank will do to the samples, but the Pantheon is worried that they will screw things up as they did in their own world.
  • There has been a debate on the rage throughout the scientific community: whether the Thing or the Blob would absorb the other. Few are willing to test the outcome themselves. Some have suggested to bring samples and pit the two against each other, but others have warned against it. As the Blob is immune to fire and the Thing can survive in ice indefinitely, combining the two could create a devastating monstrosity that would be impossible to kill.
  • Has targeted Snake Plissken and Ramona Flowers on multiple occasions. This is likely because the two sound like the two humans who thwarted his attempts to take over planet Earth. It's not like either of them would have been allies anyways: Snake would gladly wipe the Thing out of existence while Ramona considers it way too creepy to be considered cool.
  • Was put in the Immortal God-Emperor's list of beings to destroy for the well-being of humanity. The fact that it can pass for human given enough time unnerved him.
  • Is one of the few alien species that is not allowed in the House of Aliens. Many factions have reported similar invasions from the Thing. None of them want to deal with the parasite.
  • The Venom Symbiote doesn't have much to offer as it too is harmed by fire, but the Thing had wondered if the two species came from the same world. There has been very few sightings of the Thing in its original state, so that may well be possible. Neither symbiote is as malicious as the Carnage Symbiote, who merely wants to consume the alien as its own.
  • Once the Antarctic researchers that stopped the Thing back in 1982 ascended, they eventually arrived at the Thing's temple and torched most of it to oblivion. The humans have since vowed to get all the help possible to keep it contained, and the Thing is more than willing to torment them back.
  • The Ninja Turtles are terrified of it, as they once suffered a similar ordeal to what happened in Outpost 31 where a creature that seemed human but wasn't started ambushing and assimilating everyone in a house.
  • More mysterious and dangerous than learning how the Thing works, it's what it thinks - or rather, if it has anything in its mind other than assimilation and self-preservation. For better understanding, if only to help with the containment, Professor X, Jean Grey and the Martian Manhunter decided to join their telepathic powers to delve into the Thing's mind. What they got was quite disturbing.

    Tom Berenson 
Tom Berenson, God of Hosts Killed Along with Their Possessors (The Real Tom, Poor Old Tommy, Pitiful, Broken Thing, Thomas Isaiah Berenson, NOT Visser Seventeen, Sim-chuh)
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Meat Puppet, He Knows Too Much, suffered from A Fate Worse Than Death, Distressed Dude, Impersonation-Exclusive Character, punched a Taxxon and then tried (and failed) to punch Visser Three the one time he appeared uninfested, Big Brother Instinct, crossed the Despair Event Horizon and became suicidal, probably dead inside by the end, got the morphing power against his will, died as a snake, outlived by his parents, Informed Judaism, Ensemble Dark Horse, The Woobie, Fanfic Magnet
  • Domains: Despair, being possessed, snakes, shape-shifting, war victims
  • High priest: Nour
  • Allies: Klonoa, Ood Sigma, Tetsuya Kuroko, Michael Jordan, Father Karras, Edward Elric, Michiru Kagemori
  • Enemies: Esplin 9466-Prime, anyone with Mind Control powers, slave owners, Nazis (especially the Aryan Brotherhood), Dante of the Deep Forest, the Master, the Pod People, the Gravemind, Headcrabs, Ur-Quan Kor-Ah and Kzer-Za
  • Fears: Tethu and Tethi, the Winchesters
  • It's complicated: The Animorphs (especially Jake and Rachel)
  • Pitied by: Alloran, the Doctor, Mark Grayson
  • Tom was once an ordinary, basketball-playing American teenager, until he started going to a club called The Sharing to spend more time with a girl he liked. One day, he followed her into a secret meeting, thinking she was cheating on him — and discovered that The Sharing was the front for an alien invasion by Puppeteer Parasites called Yeerks. In order to silence him, they dragged him into the Yeerk Pool and infested him with a Yeerk named Temrash 114. Within a matter of weeks, Tom gave into despair and desperately wished he was dead, only hoping that his little brother Jake would be safe. Unbeknownst to Tom, Jake was the leader of a secret resistance, and his biggest goal is to save Tom. Three years later, the war draws to a close when another Yeerk in Tom steals the morphing cube and starts a revolution... and Jake sends their cousin, Rachel, on a suicide mission to kill them both. (However, Tom has a tendency to survive the war in alternate universes.)
  • Immediately after Tom died, he found himself — in human form — standing in the Court of the Gods. His first thought was that this was the afterlife, but the gods assured him that he was very much alive. In fact, he'd been ascended into a god representing the reason he died. Tom couldn't decide if he should feel complemented or condescended upon, but he asked them if there was anyone he already knew in the Pantheon...
  • His reunion with the Animorphs was very, very awkward. Jake stared at the floor, unsure of what to say. Cassie was on the verge of tears. Ax tensed up. Tobias considered flying away. Not even Marco wanted to break the silence. Finally, Rachel said: "Do you hate us?"
    Her words cut through the silence like a dam breaking. Jake was the first one to burst into tears, followed by Cassie, followed by Rachel. Tom was speechless, and the only reason he didn't cry was because he'd forgotten how to. "I... I don't know," he mumbled. He felt conflicted; it's hard to not hate the people who killed you, but he doesn't exactly blame them, but they could've found another way, plus Ax and Tobias have only ever known "him" as the enemy... Tom left without another word and never visited their temple again.
  • Tom's known morphs are a king cobra, golden eagle, and jaguar. However, he rarely morphs because he's not used to doing so of his own volition, and it brings back bad memories. Instead, he'd rather punch anyone who gets on his bad side. He was extremely glad to learn that the Escafil device was under Maximum Security in the Treasury, so that no-one can ever steal it.
    • That said, after a particularly terrifying situation where he was fleeing something and didn't want to die, he was forced to use his morphing power to escape it. Since then, he's been looking into other creatures to acquire as well that can hide or flee with ease. But he's not fighting as an animal anymore; he'll leave that to his brother Jake and his friends.
  • While it's unknown how much he practices Judaism, Tom's Jewish heritage instantly makes him enemies with all the Pantheon's Nazis. Due to his history with the Yeerks, he also despises body-stealers (such as Dante, the Master, the Gravemind, and the Headcrabs), secret alien invaders (such as the Pod People), and slave-owners. He especially hates the Aryan Brotherhood, who are slave-owning Nazis. While both kinds of Ur-Quan were also slaves, he hates them because that's no excuse to become galactic conquerers. Also, even if they have good intentions, Tom stays well away from gods who have no qualms about killing innocent hosts such as Tethu and Tethi, and the Winchesters.
  • The Hall of Executions is a scary place, so Tom doesn't spend much time there. He visited the Hall of Tragedy and Despair in hopes of finding like-minded gods, where he struck up an Odd Friendship with another god whose life is a series of one tragedy after another: Klonoa. Their circumstances may be different, but they've both had their worldviews shattered, been dragged out of their lives, and suffered from perpetual loneliness. Tom likes to scratch Klonoa behind the ears. It's cute. Tom also sympathises with Ood Sigma, another former slave.
  • Tom tensed up when a horribly familiar Andalite came to visit him. He thought it was Esplin, the Visser himself, wearing the same body that caused Tom to learn about the invasion in the first place, who had followed him into the Pantheon to get revenge on Tom's second Yeerk for betraying him... Then Tom heard a thought-speak voice telling him not to worry and that it was just Alloran. Tom asked him to prove it, so Alloran demonstrated he wasn't infested by cutting his skull open and showing Tom his brain. Unlike Jara Hameenote , Alloran doesn't have an innate Healing Factor, but it did demonstrate that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon.
    "Why do you care about me?" asked Tom. He meant this as a genuine question, but since he has a hard time inflecting his voice, it came out sounding like an accusation.
    <I cannot claim that I know you,> replied Alloran, <But I feel a certain... kinship between us.>
    • Tom nodded. As the first two long-term, morph-capable hosts, he and Alloran had a lot in common, not to mention that their fates were intertwined. Tom asked Alloran what happened after the war. He was horrified to learn that Esplin survived, but breathed a sigh of relief when he learned he was in solitary confinement for life. Unfortunately, Alloran then warned him that Esplin is in the Pantheon as well, controlling a brain-dead Andalite.
  • Tom is also pitied by the Doctor and Mark Grayson, who've both fought against parasitic aliens. He finds them both condescending because unlike Alloran, neither of them tried to talk to him as an equal. Even though Tom is as un-Catholic as you can get, he has a twisted admiration for Father Karras, who allowed a demon to possess him and then killed himself. It reminded Tom of his suicidalness... and his willingness to bear anything the Yeerks threw at him as long as they didn't infest Jake.
  • Tom used to be an avid basketball player, until Temrash 114 made him quit the school's basketball team so he could focus on The Sharing. As a result, Tom is out of practice, but likes to play it as a way to get any semblance of his old life back. Once, while he was idly shooting hoops in the House of Sports, the similarly-aged Tetsuya Kuroko asked if he could join in. Even though Tetsuya can't relate to Tom's past in the slightest, he's always willing to listen. As a gesture of kindness, Tetsuya introduced Tom to the latter's childhood idol, Michael Jordan. He finds more common ground with Michiru, another basketball-playing teenager who involuntarily gained shapeshifting powers.
  • Since they're both protective of their younger brothers, Tom gets along with Edward Elric... sort of. Their sibling dynamics are practically opposites; Ed felt horribly guilty for nearly killing Al, while Jake feels horribly guilty for actually killing Tom. Deep down, he's jealous of the Elrics because they got to fight alongside each other, and stayed together at the end. Tom once asked Ed how he'd feel if Al had to sacrifice him... and Ed had no idea how to answer.


    René Belloq 
Dr. René Emile Belloq, God of Exploded Heads (René Belloq, Bellosh [by Sallah])
  • Demigod (Intermediate God in his powered up form in an alternate timeline)
  • Symbol: A hand grabbing a golden coin
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Your Head Asplode, Affably Evil, Evil Counterpart, French Jerk, Shadow Archetype, "Not So Different" Remark
  • Domains: Archeology, Intelligence
  • Allies: Apophis, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Major Toht, Scarecrow, Dr. Evil, Hypno
  • Employers: The GUAE, Flintheart Glomgold
  • Unwitting Pawn to: The Shadow Monster
  • Rival: Indiana Jones
  • Dislikes: Red Skull
  • Enemies: Captain Picard, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Wario, Waluigi, Gimli, Link, Mike Powell, Karl Fairburne, Scrooge McDuck, Han Solo, Austin Powers, James Moriarty, Judge Claude Frollo
  • Superiors: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg
  • Fears: YHVH, the Sniper, Beelzebub, Darryl Revok
  • Interested in: Pokémon, Kratos
  • Annoyed By: Michael Bay, Sherlock Holmes, Adenoid Hynkel, Various expys of Indiana Jones
  • Dr. René Belloq is one of the most cunning and ruthless so called “archeologists” in the Pantheon and Indiana Jones’ rival. He is highly manipulative and usually takes advantage of others to do his dirty work rather than do the heavy lifting himself. Whether it’s stealing his rival Indiana Jones’ work or taking advantage of dictatorial regimes, he is a true threat to anyone unwise (or unfortunate) to have dealings with him.
    • However, it’s not his clever mind games or corrupt archeological exploits that got him into the Pantheon, it’s the fact that his head messily exploded when he tried to use the power of the Lost Ark. He is not happy about that and doesn’t appreciate others pointing it out.
  • He is positively terrified of YHVH considering that only a fragment of YHVH’s power caused his infamous head explosion. In fact, he’s terrified of the house of religion and faith in general. He’s actually started refusing to take jobs related to artifacts of any religion, which naturally makes finding work harder, but it’s best to be safe in his opinion.
  • He is also understandably afraid of other head-explosion causing gods.
    • He is terrified of the Scanner Darryl Revok who is known for causing violent head explosions using his telekinetic powers. Revok doesn’t particularly hate him any more than he hates most non-scanners though, and has thus far not gone after him specifically. To make sure he doesn’t start though, Belloq has tried to stay away from his temple whenever possible.
    • He is also afraid of the Sniper, considering he specializes in headshot kills. Sniper doesn’t have any beef with him though, despite his similarities to the Spy.
  • In at least one alternate timeline instead of his head exploding, the Lost Ark’s power caused him to transform into a gigantic eldritch light creature seemingly formed by pure energy that was destroyed by Indiana Jones and Marian Ravenwood. The version of him in the Pantheon is definitely from the main timeline, but after hearing about it, was certainly interested by this. He has been confirmed as incapable of assuming this form in the Pantheon though.
  • After ascending, he meet up with his old colleague Major Toht to discuss what exactly went wrong with the Lost Ark incident. Toht is convinced that it was somehow rigged to do that when opened while Belloq thinks they somehow did the ritual wrong. They eventually decided that it didn’t matter and started brainstorming a plot to get revenge on Indy. They eventually decided that they needed to exploit his fears to defeat him and teamed up with the self declared “Pantheonic Fearmaster” Scarecrow to find his worst fears. Scarecrow eventually found out that his worst fear was snakes using his “fear toxin”. They eventually decided that they needed to ally themselves with a snake deity. So in a misguided attempt to gain more power and get revenge on Indiana, they decided to ally themselves with the Ancient Egyptian serpent demon Apophis. Belloq was initially reluctant to try to use the power of another religious figure, but he was pressured into it by the other two. Apophis doesn’t think very highly of the trio, but has agreed to lend them a small amount of power in exchange for some souls to eat. In order get those souls, The group has had to go to the various domains of the Pantheon to ambush unsuspecting mortals and use a special device to send them to Apophis’ realm. Their mistake was going to the dominion of Hyrule while Link was also visiting. As they attempted to ambush the hero, Link used his quick reflexes to knock the device out Toht’s hands and destroyed it with an arrow shot. After a short battle, the group retreated and are in the process of rebuilding the device.
  • He was also introduced to the leader of the Nazis in the Pantheon, Red Skull, by Major Toht early on. Contrary to what one might expect however, they didn’t really get along very well. Skull sees him as an example of why “digging for trinkets in the desert” is a horrible idea and while Belloq admits that the Lost Ark incident was a failure, he doesn’t think that immediately means that all archeology is pointless and that the Skull has had more of his own failures using only mechanical science. The two will still work together if the situation demands it, but they will definitely be resentful about it.
  • He is annoyed by the fact that there are so many expys of Indy in the Pantheon. It’s just another unpleasant reminder of his worst defeat that he can’t seem to distance himself from. Sometimes he has been known to attempt to write to the Court of the Gods to convince them to stop letting anyone who even vaguely resembles him from entering the Pantheon. So far, these efforts have been completely fruitless.
  • Ever since arriving he has been employed by the GUAE, as they don’t have any gods that specialize in archaeology and Belloq needed a job. Right now he is mainly reading up on the histories of the various locations in the Pantheon.
  • As a side job, he also works for Flintheart Glomgold. He was surprised to see that he was a duck (a duck that wore human clothing and spoke in a rather unnatural sounding Scottish accent for that matter), but he pays in real money, so he doesn’t ask too many questions. Glomgold often rants about his obsession with being the “Richest Duck in the Pantheon” and/or defeating his rival Scrooge Mcduck to him and sends him to find various artifacts in the area surrounding the city of Duckburg. Belloq sees him as an idiot, but a useful idiot that provides a good source of money none the less.
    • While attempting to find one of these artifacts once, he encountered Mcduck looking for the same thing. A fight between the two treasure hunters started, which ended badly for Belloq, as he had badly underestimated Mcduck’s fighting skills. When he went back to Glomgold’s Temple empty handed, the duck was furious at him for his falure, but decided not to fire him as he had been quite successful up to that point.
  • Captain Picard is disgusted by him for turning an old hobby of his into a morally wrong way to make profit. He thinks he is a relic of a time when humans were fixated on money that should stay in the past. Not helping matters is that they work for opposite alliances that have been enemies since the beginning.
  • He also has developed an interest in Pokémon after an archeological dig in the Pokémon World. He is trying to acquire one as a bodyguard, without much luck so far. He is especially interested in Golurk both as an archeological curiosity and a bodyguard. Fortunately, Golurk is not in the Pantheon. Yet.
  • Indiana Jones isn’t the only Adventure Archeologist in the Pantheon that has made enemies with Belloq. Both Nathan Drake and Lara Croft have had nasty encounters with him as well.
    • Drake had a shootout with him at some point over a Macguffin of some kind in The Great Treasury that ended with both of them badly injured and an interloper named Wario stealing the prize. The two have been enemies to this day.
    • Croft meanwhile was exiting a tomb she had just raided when she exited only to find herself held at gunpoint by Belloq. She managed to fool him into thinking that most of the treasure was already taken and that she had found nothing but a few antique coins. Naturally, as soon as he was distracted by them, she gave he a swift kick in the jaw and ran off victoriously. That trick may have worked on Indiana Jones twice, but Belloq did have backup both times while this time he was both alone, and up against a different person.
  • He later met Wario again, but this time it was a more direct fight. The fight started during a GUAE excavation in the Mushroom Kingdom when Wario attempted to steal the treasure they had found. As it turned out, they had both brought backup. Wario had his usual accomplice Waluigi with him and Belloq had a standard platoon of GUAE soldiers with him mostly consisting of Koopa Troopas and Goombas given that this was the Mushroom Kingdom. After a good deal of platforming action from Wario and Waluigi, all of the soldiers had either been killed, or retreated leaving only Belloq and 3 Koopas, who promptly tried escaped with the treasure on an armored car. One car chase later, Wario and Waluigi had defeated them seemingly for good by tricking them into driving off a cliff. What the suspenders wearing duo didn’t know was that the car’s contents were mostly 1-up mushrooms, so they survived the fall by eating them and simply revived back at the dig site upon exploding. Of course, nobody really won, as the treasure was destroyed when the car exploded.
  • He also dislikes Gimli as the dwarf resembles Sallah, one of Indiana Jones’ allies that gave him trouble during the Lost Ark excavation. Gimli could not care less about it, as the two almost never cross paths. That doesn’t stop Belloq from resenting him though.
  • Bombastic film director Michael Bay once asked him to appear in a movie because he was the god of exploding heads. He refused obviously. Bay still asks him to reconsider occasionally, but has had no luck so far.
  • One of his few actual friends in the the Pantheon is Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Galactic Empire. They both share a fascination with archaeology and have a habit of victory through out planning opponents. They often can be found discussing plans to acquire (through means both legitimate and shady) various artifacts from throughout the Pantheon to add to a collection they have hidden somewhere in the Pantheon.
  • He was eventually captured alive during a raid on a GUAE excavation project by 2 soldiers working for the OSS named Mike Powell and Karl Fairburne seeking to gain information on his collaboration with the Nazis. He told them the truth of what happened, but phrased it as a Sarcastic Confession. Naturally, they didn’t believe him so he told them a completely made up story about recovering an ancient sword with historical significance that Hitler thought would make a good mantelpiece decoration. Realizing that they wouldn’t get much useful information out of him, the operatives just sent him to a medium security prison nearby, which was promptly recaptured by GUAE forces anyways.
  • Belloq denies any claims that he accidentally ate a fly a few hours prior to his original death. Trolls in the Pantheon still like to insult him about it though and for what it’s worth, he does seem to be uneasy about the demonic Lord Of The Flies Beelzebub.
  • He strongly dislikes time traveling gods, as they threaten to make his profession obsolete. He doesn’t act on it though, as he knows he’s not nearly powerful enough to realistically fight a time traveler, even an incompetent one, much less a skilled one.
  • One villain he refuses to work with is the dictator of Tomania Adenoid Hynkel. Hynkel’s sheer stupidity would be enough on its own, but it’s made worse because he only speaks in bizarre gibberish. The foolish fascist tried to hire him to get him something called the Gildesten Macoughiner, but was almost immediately refused. Belloq has tried to stay at least 5 miles away from Tomania ever since.
  • He strongly dislikes Han Solo for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that he looks very similar to Indiana Jones but also because he views his initial exploitation of an ideology for money, but later fully converting to it as something to avoid at all costs. Han doesn’t think highly of him either, and thinks that he’s effectively little better than the bounty hunters he has had to fight over the years.
  • One god that fascinates him is Kratos, as well as being an archeological curiosity, the Spartan Warrior managed to kill several gods and eventually become one in his own right. As a divine being caused his head explosion, Belloq has been closely studying the story of the god-slayer, but has decided not to interact with him directly, as the warrior is quite dangerous to be around and would probably figure out his evil intentions relatively quickly.
  • During an evilness relapse, Dr. Evil decided to ally with him so they can work together to obtain “Ancient doomsday devices for the use of Evilllll!” due to the simple fact that Evil’s Mooks have all failed him (despite plenty of those times being his fault) and Belloq actually succeeded at his goal of obtaining the Lost Ark. He finds Dr. Evil a little bit strange, but overall a good ally to have, considering his main enemy Austin Powers is a complete idiot that couldn’t possibly pose a threat to him. He was right about Powers being an idiot, but he was very, very wrong about him not being a threat. While it is known that they fought each other at some point, Belloq refuses to speak of it, and Powers when asked about just laughs to himself and says something about orange juice. Not long after that, Evil’s relapse ended and now they’re just friends with each other.
  • One god that has been secretly manipulating him is the “Shadow Monster” otherwise known as the “Mind Flayer”. The monster has taken partial control over his mind and has been making him dig tunnels throughout the Pantheon using archeological digs as a front to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Using these tunnels, the monster has managed to set up an elaborate spy network for the alliance it ultimately serves: the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Eventually, after some investigation, the ruse was discovered. Belloq’s mind was purged of the Shadow Monster’s influence by Hypno and the tunnels were promptly flooded with acid and a death squad consisting of some of the best fighters from each alliance other than the GUAD killed the GUAD Mooks the managed to survive the acidic flood. Or at least, they tried their best, a few of them might have escaped. As for Belloq’s opinion on the whole incident, he claimed that he has no idea how his mind was infected in the first place and that he has extreme gratitude towards Hypno for removing the mental infection. Hypno, for it’s part had a sick stomach for weeks afterwards.
  • One god he has surprisingly befriended is Magolor. They both have an interest in archeology and have had bad run ins with dangerous relics. Magolor has avoided getting involved with his work though, as he doesn’t want to provoke the heroes that defeated him the last time he tried evil shenanigans. They still sometimes just talk about mundane things like the weather or what deities have the strangest titles.
    • Some deities have wondered what would happen if Belloq wore the Master Crown that drove Magolor insane. Most agree that his head would probably explode again. This is essentially a moot point however, as the crown was destroyed several years ago. Belloq for his part doesn’t want to find out considering what he has heard about it.
  • Does not appreciate being impersonated and when he heard about criminal mastermind James Moriarty doing exactly that, he was annoyed to put it lightly. Belloq has been unable to actually locate the Professor however, as he is infamously elusive and can use his many, many identities to blend into almost any crowd. Moriarty being a pain in the rear is one of the very few things that Belloq agrees with Indiana Jones about, and that says something. He doesn’t really have anything to say about the Professor’s rival Sherlock Holmes however, he just thinks he is a bit of a nuisance, but ultimately nothing to unmanageable. Sherlock usually doesn’t have any reason to interact with him and mostly leaves foiling him to people better equipped to do so.
  • He thinks that fellow French Jerk Judge Frollo is a complete idiot that doesn’t have the slightest fathom of an idea of the will of the god that he claims to serve. Upon hearing of this, Frollo had him arrested immediately on the charges of “Slander” and “Blasphemy”. However, surprising nobody, the Court Of The Gods threw the case out almost immediately due to insufficient evidence. Since then, Belloq hasn’t seemed to be particularly fond of the judge, or the GUAL, but he has been much more careful about what he says in public.