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Mercurius, God of the Repeating Cycle (The Snake, Longinus Dreizehn Orden XIII, 4th Heaven, Kichi, Omega Ewigkeit, The Allfather and master of all existence, Acta Est Fabula, Karl Erst Krafft, Alessandro Cagliostro, Hermes Trismegistus, Count of St. Germain, Michel de Nostredame, Paracelsus, Johann Georg Faust, Christian Rosenkreuz, Albertus Magnus, Theophrastus von Hohenheim, NEET)
Mercurius' Law 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A caduceus with two snakes encircling the Earth
  • Theme Song: Ω Ewigkeit, α Ewigkeit and Jubilus
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: God of the Multiverse, Being the Embodiment of His Law, Endlessly Repeating Timelines, Seeking Death, Created His Own Enemy, Likes to Run His Mouth, Speaks in Ornate Prose, Bored of Omniscience, Hated by Nearly Anyone Who Knows Him, Old As the Universe Itself, Carefully Planning Out and Manipulating Everything and Everyone
  • Domains: Time and Space, Magic, Knowledge, Manipulation
  • Herald: Marguerite "Marie" Breuilh, Reinhard Heydrich
  • Allies: The House of Knowledge in general, especially the Analysis and Records branch, Dio Brando (Heaven Ascended Dio specifically), Rachel Alucard, Homura Akemi, Monika, Beatrice, Yukari Yakumo
  • Enemies: Hajun, The Dahaka, The Living Tribunal, Captain America, Yuuki Terumi, Doc Scratch, the GUAD
  • A man of unknown origin, he once desired all the knowledge in the world and to know everything at any time. As a result, he rejected the law of the world and created his own law, a law where the souls of everyone would endlessly cycle back to their inception upon death, including his own and in turn the universe itself, reliving their lives time and time again allowing him to attain the knowledge he so sought. With this law, Vive Memor Mortis - Acta Est Fabula, he ascended to the Throne at the heart of reality and emanated across the multiverse, becoming the 4th Heaven after dethroning Nerose Satanel, the 3rd Heaven, the Thrones prior holder. Due to how his Law works and its paradoxical nature, he is also responsible for the creation of both alternate universe and timelines as well as turning the Throne from a regular reality-altering device into something that holds dominion over all of creation.
  • This law is also the source of the phenomenon known as Déjà Vu that affects some individuals, making them sense as if things have already happened before.
  • He eventually grew bored of this endless knowledge as there nothing left to learn and as such hatched a plan to end his own existence using the one being that was outside the influence of his eternal recurrence, Marguerite Breuilh, as well as allying himself with the infamous Reinhard Heydrich of the Third Reich to facilitate her growth. This started a chain of events that eventually lead to the Battle of the Three Colors that would finally end his reign.
  • Upon his ascension, Mercurius quickly drew the ire of the Dahaka due to his constant use of time manipulation to alter the course of history on top of him already defying is very being as a god of Eternal Recurrence. Him restarting the recurrence and reversing time to undo Hajun's ascension to the Throne is a particular sore spot. However, due to the immense power-disparity between the two, there is little the Dahaka can do. His animosity towards Mercurius remains, however.
  • Similarly, due to his use of the Throne, The Living Tribunal holds him accountable for disrupting and manipulating the multiverse, especially due to him doing so for personal gain. He also earns additional ire for trying to repeat the process again by making Marguerite Breuilh use the Throne, as well as being at least partially responsible for the Battle of the Three Colors, a battle where no less than three laws vied for supremacy, putting the multiverses integrity in jeopardy.
  • As a result of having allied himself with the infamous hangman of the Third Reich, Captain America has more than a few things to say about Mercurius. And while he was only using Reinhard to meet his end goals, the means he went about it and allowing Reinhard to have such immense power still puts him on Cap's shit list.
  • He has, however, earned some favor from the House of Knowledge thanks to the endless amounts of knowledge he has gained over the numerous eons he has undergone his cycle. Knowledge that Mercurius is all too willing to share. Additionally, he also found great enjoyment out of the vast amount of knowledge from beyond even his own time and world present in the House. He does, however, keep quiet about both the existence and nature of the Throne, mostly to avoid a repeat of the time Hajun rose to power.
  • Due to his flair for theatrics and extensive use of prose, he can often be found in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, often either enjoying plays or planning his own. (The latter of which some are on the fence about due to Mercurius tendency to mix plays with his scheming).
  • One deity that ended up really catching Mercurius' interest ended up being none other than Dio Brando, an individual that reminds him a lot of his lone true friend Reinhard, both in terms of charisma and way of thinking. Especially after Dio became Heaven Ascended Dio, Mercurius can't help but feel that he is someone he can speak to as an equal.
  • Maintains a mutual if a bit of an uneasy alliance with Rachel Alucard. She is aware of Eternal Recurrence brought about by him and understands his reasons for trying to end it to allow the world to advance. That said, the uneasy part comes from the fact that she thinks he perhaps enjoyed his little "opera" a bit too much, something Mercurius doesn't try to deny. One thing they both unquestionably share however is a strong dislike for Yuuki Terumi.
  • With all the things he has done in the name of his love for Marie, he has quite some sympathy for Homura, noting the things one can do can be impressive indeed. Homura's unpredictable actions that lead to her attaining greater power, however, ended up completely elating Mercurius, providing him with an ever so tantalizing taste of the unknown he so craves.
    • Similarly, as he is no stranger to being alien and a prisoner in his own world as well as doing some extreme things in the name of love, he has similar sympathy for Monika. He has also expressed hope for her that she will be able to find her own happy ending. In fact in some ways, just as with Dio, she reminds him of his own dear friend as has even gone so far as to try and invite her to become part of his LegionNote on Legion's .
  • Despite what may be initially believed, Mercurius loathes Doc Scratch in spite of many of their shared similarities. As Doc Scratch seeks the death of the universe to bring about his master, he is by definition an enemy of the universe that Mercurius sought to entrust to his beloved Marie.
  • He has also allied himself with both Beatrice and Yukari Yakumo for some mysterious reason. When questioned regarding the alliance, none of the three individuals provided any satisfactory answers, frequently either dodging the question or answering in extremely cryptic ways.

Greater Gods

    Caius Ballad 
Paddra Ballad-Caius, Destroyer of the Flow of Time (Caius Ballad, Caius of the Ballad Clan from the City of Paddra)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His sword Ragnarok
  • Theme Music: Caius' Theme (Followers of Chaos, Heart of Chaos, The Doomed Soul), Invisible Depths
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Desire to protect those he cares about, invincibility, sending others to their heart's desires, using his own death for his plans, The Bad Guy Wins, wearing purple, calling Chaos Bahamut, Temporal Paradox, Time Travel
  • Domains: Time, End of the World mythos, Paradoxes, Time Travel
  • Followers: Xande
  • Allies: Lord Chaos, Randall Ross, Polygon Man
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kronika and Cetrion
  • Enemies: The Defiers of Fate, most of the House of Time and Temporality, Kain Highwind, the Fates, Enrico Pucci, Dante Sparda, Rikunote , Sora, Raiden (Metal Gear), Absol, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Yog-Sothoth (Aforgomon)
  • Opposed by: Chronos, Sir Daniel Fortesque, PaRappa, Jak, Daxter, Black Jack, Vergil Sparda, Kat (DmC), Nero (Devil May Cry), Trish, Lady
  • On Speaking Terms with: Asura
  • Annoyed by: Dolph Ziggler
  • Pitied by: Son Gohan
  • A mysterious man appears with an ominous presence and a history of clashes with the Farron sisters of the Defiers of Fate. Making for an intimidating sight, he bears down upon his enemies, brandishing his massive blade with ease. His icy exterior makes it impossible for others to read him, let alone approach him. This man is known as Caius Ballad.
  • Caius is actually a Farseer warrior turned l'Cie from Gran Pulse, who was charged with protecting the seeress Yeul, the first human created in the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, then later Blessed with Suck by the goddess Etro, who gave him her Heart of Chaos so he could stand at Yeul's side forever since Yeul was too desperate not to lose him. Caius' immortality and Yeul's cycle of reincarnation would become a continuous source of despair and madness for both of them, as every incarnation of Yeul's early death due to the world's malleable future split part of her soul into the world's chaos. Eventually, Caius' resolve to rescue Yeul from this cycle, and her desire to never lose him, became an apocalyptic combination, as he succeeded in killing the goddess Etro and destroying the concept of time in his universe. This act ultimately guaranteed his ascension, which has since been met with animosity by others of the House.
  • Since reaching the Pantheon, Caius has requested several times that Yeul be given a place in the Pantheon. Her nature of reincarnation has made the request difficult to grant should the Main House decide to, and has been met with stern opposition from the Defiers of Fate, especially Lightning and Serah. Because of this, Yeul isn't even able to make a place in his temple as a Herald despite her, and his, best efforts, even after the use of this status for close acquaintances of deities became greatly expanded. As for High Priest, Caius has reserved that position for his once-protégé Noel Kreiss, however Noel refuses to follow his path.
  • Asura and Caius have found a sort of kinship in the great lengths the two have gone to for the sake of Mithra and Yeul respectively. Still, Asura could not bring himself to outright support Caius due to the destructive nature of the bonds between him and Yeul. This also causes him to run afoul of someone from another Final Fantasy world, that being the Dragoon named Kain Highwind, who does not like sharing a voice base with such a destructive man.
  • Caius once worked for Polygon Man, wanting to use the All-Star Power to prevent Yeul from dying over and over again, and was able to capture Dante Sparda and Riku for him. However, Sora's interference saved Riku, leaving Caius with no choice but to crystalize them both, and Dante was rescued by Raiden from both Caius and a corrupted construct of his own Nephilim counterpart. After Pa Rappa the Rapper freed them both, Caius took on his Chaos Bahamut form to fight the group, but he was defeated by Riku, Sir Daniel Fortesque, and Jak. Caius tried to free himself from his immortality by stabbing himself with Riku's Way to the Dawn Keyblade, but he was respawned in his temple... with two bills; one from Dante (for setting his temple on fire) and one from Black Jack (for breaking Sora's leg even further).
    • After hearing of the incident, Dante's Devil May Cry counterparts all dislike him for several reasons. Trish simply dislikes him for attacking Dante, while Lady claims she could easily envision him trying to become a demon if he thinks he could help Yeul. Kat considers him an obsessive killer, not much different from Vergil's Nephilim or Kyle Ryder, and has a problem with him and Polygon Man because of that dark clone of Dante's Nephilim. Nero sees him as a dark mirror of himself, a vision of what could happen if he and Kyrie take on more than they can handle. Conversely, Caius envies the Grandson of Sparda tremendously for being able to get Kyrie into his temple. Vergil's judgment, however, is the harshest of them all: he thinks Caius, Yeul, and even Etro herself are all worthless in general, feeling that Etro should've entrusted both of them with her heart so they could both be immortal, and Caius and Yeul should've both sought that out instead of him seeking a resolution that would end in both his and Yeul's final deaths and her not wanting to move forward at all out of fear of losing him.
  • Kronika and Cetrion have also incorporated him into their alliance to bring the New Era into the Pantheon, promising him that in her recreated world Yeul's soul will not be blocked off from the afterlife, thus negating the cycle of reincarnation. Due to this he accepted their terms. However, he dislikes the concept of the New Era itself being an endless war, uncertain if he can truly trust them to ever allow him or Yeul to die if the time calls for it.
  • Another source of enmity between Riku and Caius is his interest in Absol and Spider-Man as a potential placebo to Yeul's problem. He wonders if he can have Etro's "gift" of foresight transferred more easily from Yeul to Absol in the sense that it would blend into her own gifts, with Peter Parker's Spidey Sense also applying to a lesser extent. All three are aware he's trying to pass off Yeul's early death problem to them so she can live longer lives and reincarnate less often; while partially sympathetic to his reasons, this still makes him a threat.
  • While the now-fallen city of Paddra is his hometown and he was a member of the Farseer tribe, he was never specifically born to the Ballad clan; his true complete origin is unknown to anyone else. He took the name in honor of a rival Farseer warrior from that clan who nearly killed him in a duel only to sacrifice himself Taking the Bullet for Yeul when an enemy raid interrupted, feeling that as Yeul's Guardian it should've been him. Because of this, he finds Dolph Ziggler's insistence that it should've been him to achieve world championship success instead of Kofi Kingston to be rather annoying, as it trivializes his own anguish. Gohan can sympathize with Caius as his biggest breakthroughs in power all came in some way or another from realizing his own failures to protect his loved ones due to his aversion to combat, even though he thinks the Farseer warrior takes things too far.
    • Interestingly, since Paddra is set within the larger world of Gran Pulse, whose naming structure goes City-Clan-Given Name, his name is listed in the database as Paddra Ballad-Caius. Yet his temple door, fitting how he's usually addressed, reads Caius Ballad, as he prefers to go by the simpler Given Name-Surname format as used by the floating continent of Cocoon.

    Lord Chaos 
Lord Chaos, God of Temporal Paradoxes (Jack Garland, Walker of the Wheel, The God of Discord, Feral Chaos, Desperado Chaos, Stranger of Paradise)
Feral Chaos 
Jack Garland 

Maltruant, God of Being Stuck In A Time Loop (Mr. Disassembled Clockwork Guy, The Rogue Chronosapien, Overgrown Wind-Up Toy)
  • Greater God (drops to Lesser outside of time)
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Seeks Divinity by Sabotaging the Big Bang to His Favor, Clockwork Creature, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Time Master, Initially Split Into Pieces, Lacking Loyalty, Last Antagonist of the Original Canon, Narcissist, Knight of Cerebus, Lightning Bruiser, Weakened Outside of Time, Stuck In a Loop of Destruction and Rebuilding, Cause and Effect Looped, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Time, Evil, Aliens, Clockwork, God Complexes
  • Followers: Eternity Devil
  • Alliesnote : Vilgax, The Master, Krona, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Dark Danny, Porky Minch
  • Enemies: BEN TENNYSON and his friends, The Pantheonic Time Police (especially Professor Paradox and Dialga), The Doctor, Clockwork, anyone who protects the sanctity of time in general, Luke Skywalker, Fused Zamasu, Eternity, Arceus, LORD ENGLISH, Kronika, Rassilon, The Monitor and Anti-Monitor, Chronos, Mercurius, Homura Akemi, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Avoids: Yuuki Terumi, Hakumen, The Time Eater
  • Maltruant is a narcissistic and power-hungry Chronosapien who went rogue, having masterminded the Time War. Defeated at the dawn of time, he slowly had himself re-assembled. Out of sheer ego he sought to go back to when time began, in hopes of intervening with the creation of the universe and remake it in his image. He would be defeated by Ben Tennyson at the dawn of time, leading to him being re-assembled and the whole process repeating itself over, a Time Loop Trap he cannot get out of.
  • Maltruant was supposed to be locked in his time loop forever but somehow managed to break out of the loop. Ben and Paradox were shocked, and Maltruant initially tried to explain it as "to paraphrase one renegade time traveller, time can be rewritten!". Eventually, he admitted his savior was, in fact, Reverse-Flash, who used his status as a living paradox to break Maltruant out of the loop for a larger goal involving the Time Breakers and to further his own ends. And Maltruant has chosen to help him out... for the moment.
  • Has some impressive mastery over time, able to halt, alter, slow down and speed it up, and create after-images. He takes great pride and joy in manipulating time, however, there are time masters superior in strength to him. Clockwork and Chronos are temporal deities whose power is much greater than his, and to his great misfortune are opposed to his antics of subverting time to his desired outcome. Of course, he still believes he can exploit their power to his own, such as his ego.
  • In his pursuit of gaining ultimate power through the manipulation of time, Maltruant sought out to capture and force Dialga to create a universe to his liking. However, if that isn't enough, he is perfectly fine with capturing Dialga's creator. He heard Arceus can make a new version of the Creation Trio in the Sinjoh Ruins, which has a lot of potential. Among those he's hunting are Kronika(to take her hourglass) and Eternity, for being the living representation of the Marvel universe.
  • Zamasu hates him as much as Lord English, for being a mortal who breaks the Time Travel Taboo to use time as a means of achieving godhood. No less villainous that Maltruant, the rogue Chronosapien didn't even bother to point out all of Zamasu's hypocrisies, nor did he care. He did note that they do share one thing in common; absolute hatred towards Lord English. Maltruant hates English as much as he does Ben, as English' mastery over causal loops is an eternal reminder and threat of the infinite loop of failure his defeat and reassembling doomed him to until Eobard Thawne rescued him.
  • He's also aware of other deities who've been in time loops, such as the SOS Brigade, Phil Connors and Homura Akemi. Of course, it's not like he cares for their plight or anyone but himself. If anything, he's deeply envious towards Homura since she was able to exploit it to achieve her goals.
  • Though Lord English is the foe he hates most, their villainous ambitions towards time leads to them sharing enemies in the Pantheonic Time Police. Maltruant ends up prioritizing English and Ben over them despite the former being way out of his league, and being hit on even more sides worsens his chances of victory. But his ego won't allow it. On a smaller note, Luke Skywalker opposes him for being a megalomaniac like Palpatine and doesn't like how he sounds like Maltruant, but without the accent.
  • Present before his universe began, he knows it was the fifth-dimensional Contemelia who made it. Given their higher state of existence they appear as whatever someone finds most pleasing, which in Maltruant's case was himself. Really says a lot about the guy. Maltruant has no interest in getting near the 5D imp Mr. Mxyzptlk due to his bad experiences at the dawn of time. He has a larger contempt for Mercurius, despite being way out of his league, for representing Eternal Recurrence; something that like Lord English's actions reminds him of the Time Loop Trap he was stuck in.
  • Maltruant played on Krona's hunger for knowledge of creation by saying that together, they may learn the greater mystery and obtain great power. Inevitably it'll end in betrayal, but that's expected from him. As his plans for the dawn of time are similar to the Anti-Monitor, the Monitor opposes him on principle. As for the Anti-Monitor, Maltruant knows he isn't chatty and his Omnicidal Mania hinders his desire for domination.
  • Had bartered with Vilgax for transport repairs, giving him a Chronosapien Time Bomb as payment. This weapon is almost as destructive as Davros' Reality Bomb (while also having much less set-up required), as Vilgax used it to destroy every timeline with a Ben Tennyson except for the one he was in due to that Ben never getting the Omnitrix. The Pantheonic Time Police is doing whatever they can to ensure he never gets one, as the detonation was only negated through time travel.
  • Well aware that the Time Lords are similar to his race of Chronosapiens, and that the Doctor is similar to Professor Paradox. And safe to say the Doctor isn't a fan of him. Rassilon opposes Maltruant, but more on the principle that he is the supreme Time Lord and knows Maltruant is eyeing up his position. The Ultimate Sanction is something the Chronosapien is very intrigued by.
  • His status as a rogue Chronosapien and desire for domination managed to strike a chord with the Master, who felt they would be able to work out an alliance of convenience. One that they will inevitably void, as is typical of them. He has also promised Dark Danny and Porky Minch free rein to abuse the timeline if it helps him get what he wants, but they know not to trust him in the long run.
  • As egotistical as he is, even Maltruant doesn't want to mess with Yuuki Terumi and Hakumen. Their armor allows them to cut time itself without risk of a paradox. Maltruant couldn't use his time powers outside of time, even he doesn't favor his chances against their specific temporal power. He avoids the Time Eater for similar reasons.


    Joseph Simmons 
Joseph Simmons, God/s of Temporal Suicide (Joe)
The two in a diner. Left: Old Joe, Right: Young Joe
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A playing card with the young and old version backwards
  • Theme: Closing Your Loop
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Young Joe), Neutral Evil (Old Joe)
  • Portfolio: Killed Their Future Selves In Different Ways, Hating Themselves, Stable Time Loop and Temporal Paradox
  • Domains: Time Travel, Hitmen, Self-Conflict (both), Development, Sacrifice (Young Joe), Loss, Revenge (Old Joe)
  • Varying relationship with: Simon Petrikov/Ice King, The Doctor and The Master, both Shirou Emiya, Philip J. Fry and Lars Fillmore
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Each other, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Boris the Animal, Diavolo, Light Yagami
  • In the year 2044, assassins called Loopers get a high paying job, having targets sent back from 30 years in the future as it's extremely difficult to get rid of a body then without being discovered. As a way of covering up loose ends, 30 years later the said Looper is sent back to be iced by their past self, and they have bags over their head so you never know if it's you. But one Looper, Joseph Simmons, managed to get around that and sneak off. The younger Joe went up after him, and the two soon realized they have more to complain about than they thought.
  • Applies to both
    • The young Joe was a mostly self-centered hitman, addicted to eye drops. The old Joe hates him for being immature, however over time the younger Joe became a better person and protective of Cid, even killing himself so Old Joe wouldn't harm him. And Old Joe's desperate need to stop the Rainmaker made him into an extremist willing to kill children to undo the Rainmaker and prevent his wife's death. Old Joe closed his loop back when he was young, and Young Joe ultimately made a Heroic Suicide to close his.
    • Don't want to discuss the mechanics of time travel or they'd be there for hours. Both versions of Joseph Simmons can understand where Bob and George get their hatred of time travel from. Easiest way to understand it is when Young Joe does something different, Old Joe's memory shifts. And thanks to the Trope Pantheon's Death Is Cheap status, Old Joe is freed from the Ret-Gone status that his younger self's suicide caused. This has only further incensed one version against the other.
    • He is not the only time traveler in the pantheon to kill himself. Missy stabbed her Harold Saxon incarnation, before he used his laser screwdriver on his future self and claiming it would permanently kill them, all over the argument of siding with the Doctor. Saxon was wrong. While Missy is the future version, having become a better person in the end she relates to Young Joe improving himself over time. The Doctor, ever the one to fight with themselves and having faced a dark possible future relate to their dilemma. While ultimately opposing Old Joe and siding with Young Joe's issues, the Doctor sympathizes with how Old Joe was screwed by a Stable Time Loop.
    • Depending on his mood, Simon Petrikov's opinion on the two varies. When sane, Simon respects Young Joe's decision to choose the right path even over his own life, however he does feel bad for Old Joe as he knows what love did to him. However he doesn't think it justifies what Old Joe did. When insane, the Ice King is somewhat more supportive of Old Joe in his pursuit to bring his own "princess" back, but still Even Evil Has Standards and thinks killing kids is a bit too much. Old Joe agrees, but has an "ends justifies the means" view on what he did.
    • They've come to hate each other, which is something Boris the Animal relates to. And they both hate Boris. First off, because he's a psychopath. Second, the only reason the two Borises hate each other is how they ended up being captured. As far as Joseph Simmons is concerned, Boris is so Ax-Crazy he wants any excuse to try to rage at and/or murder anyone and everyone, even if it's literally just him from a different point in time. Third, their reasons for hating each other are a lot more valid; Young Joe has a more straighforward case of Future Me Scares Me, Old Joe is disgusted with the driftless and immature existence he used to have.
    • Sometimes they talk about their experiences with trying to commit literal murder-suicide(murdercide?) with Shirou Emiya and EMIYA. EMIYA shares a similar contempt Old Joe has for his more immature younger self, however they disagree on what is right and wrong on "how to Set Right What Once Went Wrong". Given his already present issues before his future self got in the picture, Young Joe and the young Emiya have a fraught relationship but they both value the idea of a better future.
    • Fry and Lars Fillmore are on much better terms with each other compared to the two Emiya or Joe, and their feud was more about jealousy, unrequited love and being a pig about pizza. Both can understand what it must be for Old Joe to lose their wife, and they admit they would abuse time travel to undo it. But they wouldn't trade an innocent life for their love, even if they become a bad person in the future. On Young Joe, Lars was impressed to see how he managed to mature and did a brave thing.
  • Applies to Young Joe
  • Applies to Old Joe
    • Because of what the Rainmaker did and his reign of terror in the future, he tends to go after dictators. His answer to the "would you kill baby Hitler?" is a definitive yes. He agrees with SCP-2578-D on taking out dictators with extreme prejudice, and will help it in Tyrannicide. Mainly, he wants to somehow install the SCP into the future as another way to prevent his wife's death. Old Joe is also a close ally to Nox, due to their ultimately benevolent intentions in trying to save their loved ones through time travel that ultimately ended in failure (though in a different way for Old Joe).
    • One might think, with his actions being akin to Precrime Arrest (well, execution) Old Joe would approve of Kira. He doesn't, as considering the sheer scope of what he does and the fact it's through supernatural means he reminds Old Joe of the Rainmaker. Mainly he critiques Light for targeting innocents if they get in the way, to which Light called him a hypocrite because he Would Hurt a Child. Old Joe countered this, saying he deeply regrets it and is only doing so to avert a future tyrant. He is not motivated by a god complex like Light is, but Light thinks otherwise.
    • Hiiro Kagami knows what it's like to lose one's love, but thinks what Old Joe did is going too far. Barry Allen agreed. Of course, Old Joe reminded him of the mess he caused with Flashpoint due to trying to stop the death of a loved one. Allen admits that was a mistake and while he understands Old Joe's tragedy, as does Hiiro, he doesn't approve of what he did. Old Joe does agree with Barry that Eobard Thawne is a depraved scumbag due to the absolute selfishness of his actions, and so does Young Joe, so at least that's something.
    • After some talk with EMIYA, Old Joe decided he would search for a way to kill Young Joe without doing himself in, as he's not a Death Seeker yet. Turns out, there is a way to ignore paradoxes. He's planning to hunt down Fry, his duplicate Lars, and Bender for the time codenote  so he can do whatever he wants to Young Joe without risking his own existence. Then whenever he fails to take down the younger Rainmaker, go back in time again to undo any "mistakes" until he gets what he wants. Probably create some more Old Joes to ensure the job is done. While he means well, Nibbler is doing whatever he can to prevent him from doing this as he dreads a second tear in space-time will finally bring the cosmos crashing down.

    Lars Fillmore 
Lars Fillmore, God of Temporal Duplicates (originally Philip J Fry)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An old photo of himself, Fry, and Leela
  • Theme Song: 30th Century Man by Scott Walker
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, an Older and Wiser Alternate Self of Fry, Living Paradox Duplicate (Which He Didn't Know For 12 Years), Sort Of Future Badass, Rival Of Affection For His Original Self, Doomed Because Of His Paradoxical Nature, Heroic Sacrifice, Being The Source Of The Time Code That Created Him, Temporal Paradox
  • Domains: Time Travel, Copies, Alternate Paths, The Head Museum, Love, Reveals
  • Special relationship with: Philip J Fry (his original/alternate self)
  • Allies: Fry's allies(especially Leela and Rory Williams), both Trunks, Flash Thompson, George, Tenri Ayukawa
  • On good terms with: Mariente Dupain-Cheng and Adrian Agreste, Anzu Mazaki
  • On speaking terms with: Ben Tennyson
  • Enemies: Fry's enemies, The Hounds of Tindalos, The Dehaka, Fused Zamasu, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Randall Ross, Nerif the Oracle, Porky Minch
  • Opposes: EMIYA
  • Sympathy for the Devil for: Nox
  • Avoids: Funny Valentine
  • Pitied by: The Doctor
  • The Time Code allows one to ignore temporal paradoxes and go back in time, at the cost of being one way. When Fry was being chased by the scammers and sick of how Leela was dating Lars Fillmore, leading to him going back to half an hour after he was originally frozen. He used the time code to get pizza and created a copy of himself. The original Fry fell into the same tube the earliest version was in to return, the copy spent 12 years having to deal with unrequited love. Then after his larynx was burned and hair burned off, he realize he was Lars, and re-froze himself to meet Leela again.
  • By his nature a paradox, though it wasn't until his wedding that Lars learned he was a doomed duplicate which is why he broke it off. He sacrificed himself to save Leela from Nudar with a doomed Bender duplicate. The Pantheonic Time Police was initially apprehensive of a living paradox like Lars ascending, but as he's otherwise harmless and fits the trope of Temporal Duplication his revival was permitted. While he's been restored, Lars has accepted he won't be able to be back with Leela as she's together with the original Fry.
  • As he and Fry were the same entity for 33 years(technically 1033), Fry's allies and enemies are his allies and enemies. Besides Leela, he has a further appreciation of Rory due to how the flow of time has made him pine particularly hard for his beloved. While 50 biologically, Lars has spent an extra 1990 years of his life frozen. 988 of those involved three versions of the same person in the same facility.
  • The Doctor pities Lars' situation as a doomed clone. He was forced to remove the Older Amy to save her younger self, after all, he doesn't like how the laws of time made Lars doomed. In turn, Lars has some sympathy for Nox as all the effort in time travel made to save his family was All for Nothing. That said, he doesn't approve of what he did.
  • Because Lars Fillmore's existence is temporal and ontological (twice!) paradox, Clock Roaches despise him. The Hounds of Tindalos and the Dehaka have tried to hunt him down. Lars would also be destroyed if he touches Fry, though only if Funny Valentine and his Stand is in the proximity. So he tends to avoid being anywhere near the 23rd president.
  • Though a paradox, Lars would rather not mess with time. He became a duplicate in the first place because he didn't want to abuse the time code for pizza like Fry. As such, he doesn't like how Nerif the Oracle caused a Reality-Breaking Paradox. He also hates how Randall Ross tried to use time travel to destroy time itself. On the other side of the coin, Zamasu is disgusted by Lars' very existence due to the time code, and Lars considers him reprehensibly evil.
  • Lars really doesn't like how remorseless Eobard Thawne abuses time travel and changing things to get whatever his selfish heart desires, along with having Yandere tendencies to boot. Reverse-Flash regards Lars as suffering from a sore lack of ambition for a living paradox like himself, and prides being able to break and twist history without repercussion.
  • George's hatred of how confusing and messy time travel has Lars' sympathy given the complicated relationship he had to Fry, and wants to see if he can help. Due to that complicated relationship he has with Fry and how it's complicated their love life, he can relate to Anzu's feelings towards and alter ego, and the weird two person love triangle that Mariente and Adrian have.
  • Lars' sympathies are with Tenri due to her unrequited love, and the fact that as both Lars and Fry he had the belief of wanting his beloved to be happy, though with a twist due to his nature. During his new existence, Lars Fillmore was a whale caretaker and head feeder of the head museum. He's met the jarred heads of a number of historical figures, though the versions ascended have different recollections to what he's used to. But they do appreciate the job he held. He also does jar jobs for people who get decapitated.
  • Interested to learn of a number of deities who've met their time-displaced selves. He was interested to see that the two Trunks in the pantheon share a similar dynamic to him and Fry, with one being immature and the other Older and Wiser. He appreciates how Flash Thompson matured and mellowed over time. He also finds Ben's interactions with various future selves of his to be interesting. On the other side of the coin, Lars Fillmore was disturbed by how psychotically childish and malicious Porky Minch became through his abuse of time travel, never maturing like Lars did.
  • Finds EMIYA quite abrasive; sure, even he somewhat dislikes his other self but at least he didn't try to outright kill him out of shame which EMIYA did, only it was out of wanting to die for good . EMIYA understands Lars' reasons but was still irked that the latter is attempting to achieve something that will never be fulfilled, not unlike his own goal.

    Phil Connors 
Phil Connors, God of Time Loops
  • Demigod
  • Theme: I Got You Babe
  • Symbol: The groundhog Punxatawney Phil, alternatively his face inside a bell clock.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Good after the loops.
  • Portfolio: A weatherman who has no remorse towards others, is way too full of himself, suddenly gains the ability to repeat Groundhog Day, and initially takes advantage of this through dating other women and doing criminal acts, until his sanity breaks down due to his endless loops, considered dying to break the loops and fails anyway, decides to have a change of heart after multiple tries and drops his hopelessness, with the time loop eventually breaking after winning the heart of his love life
  • Domains: Weather, Time Travel, Immortality, Values, Nihilism (and Anti-Nihilism)
  • Herald: Rita
  • Relatable Deities (or those who share similar happenings): Subaru Natsuki
  • Good Counterpart to: Angela
  • Commonality Connection with: Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Opposes: Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Yoshikage Kira
  • Groundhog Day, a celebratory day that occurs every February 2. Many would usually find it to be a joyous event but for weather reporter Phil Connors, that is not the case. With his new task of reporting the joyous day, it would seem that Phil is different from the crowd, that being a genuine douche that cared less about the celebration around him. On the same day however, a blizzard struck and he was forced to stay in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for the night. Next day, he would go about his usual day, getting breakfast, watching the latest Jeopardy!, reporting for Groundhog D—, wait a second. It would seem that he did these things before he slept and after witnessing the same turn of events for a third and fourth time, did he realize that he is stuck in February 2. With this newfound power, he used it for his own wants, managed to date various women, eat as much as he wanted and even stole some money during the initial days of this time loop. But it was not until subsequent loops that he realized that he was bored and could not get out of this situation he was in, with his attempts at wooing Rita at a constant failure, a reflection of his boorish personality. Depressed, he would attempt ways to end this loop, first by killing himself in various ways, which did not work. When suicide was out of the question, he would try to help the local populace but it was not enough. Finally, after changing his outlook in life and accepting his love to Rita that finally freed him from the loop, ending what would have been years of insanity and with it, a changed man.
  • The news is an ever-changing paradigm, after all so many newly made information are discovered everyday. Phil's life was already going fine and dandy until reports of a new plane came about in his script, which weirded him out upon him saying it out loud live. Once he did that however, the background around him froze and his fears of another time loop were coming up in his head, that was when he arrived in a gold-decorated room with mysterious figures surrounding him with noises that had the word "ascension". He already had experiences with godhood (a god but not the God) so to him this would be not a new experience with him, sadly his experience with the constant looping of February 2 made him a prime candidate for Time Loops, a moment that while he remembers, is not all too fond with it. With news of him accepting the title, he would be granted godhood, this time in the Trope Pantheons.
  • Godhood in the Pantheons is usually thought as a paradise but for some of the usual demigods and quasideities, the normal people granted a place in the realm, they often assign themselves to certain roles. Phil took it upon himself to be the Pantheon's weatherman, reporting to everyone about the day's weather and such. While the House of Time and Space is his temple, he is present in either the House of Profession, continuing his work or the Hall of Weather to predict the next forecast. When asked why he would care for a job that can be easily discarded in favor of his position, he tells that he would rather have a purpose than have nothing. To him at the very least, the time loops have done some changes to him that is very different from his original personality, giving him a fresh look at life.
  • Time Loops are an unnatural occurrence since time usually goes forward, these loops essentially repeat a certain timeframe over and over. How and why Phil got himself into such a predicament is a mystery. Some guess that it was all in his mind while others thought some higher cosmic being got real tired of Phil being an asshole so it subjected him the loop. Another detail that has made some thinking was the amount of years he endured on the loop with guesses going as far as either two weeks, an entire decade (preferably 30-40 years) to about 10,000 years. Even he has no idea and lost count in the middle of all that. Nonetheless, this made him the Pantheon's go-to man when it comes to time looping and similar scenarios.
  • One of the first people to consult him was Subaru, who has gained a similar ability upon entering a new world and can return to a "checkpoint" before his death. Unfortunately for him, such ability is costly since it risks his death and others as well. Ironically, when both knew about their ability, they tried using it to their advantage but slowly realized it was a bad idea and both got punished. The fact that him and Subaru have maintained a somewhat calm posture after all that timey-wimey changes have surprised others to some degree though Phil is arguably the better man in regards to his attitude, except the teenager pointed out his issue of being committed after the loop. That being said, they had the better cases than the other unfortunate deities who had to go through the loops themselves.
    • Other deities who wished for consultation to Phil were far damaging in regards to their mental state either due awareness or some other factors. Both Yuki Nagato and Homura Akemi fit this bill and he has no idea how to approach them as there are too many factors that contributed to their loops whether it be a godlike entity or death. It really speaks to him when one of the most stoic members of the SOS Brigade somehow lost her sanity in comparison to him and his change from a once-hated man to a respectable one. Homura was even at a loss of words how he moved on from the inevitable death of one old man compared to her obsession with the remaining Magi. At one point, Tree Gelbman was found hurriedly banging on Phil's temple with fear on her face. Worried, he asked what happened to her and was shocked at her condition to be a repeated victim of a killer, on her birthday no less. Her hope to visit him is to found out how to get her out, sadly he even has no idea how to get her off.
    • If there was one time-based deity that would be considered an opposite to Phil, Angela would be that person. Her bio shows how she was an originally nice woman who endured from the repeated loops made by the corporation she was ordered to survey, however she was not free and was essentially bounded by a script to force her into a certain harsh mindset or else she repeats the entire thing from the start. If the comparisons between Angela and Phil are made, the key differences are freedom, as Phil had the chance to experience everything from hedonism, to nihilism and kindness while Angela had none of that, and the result. He changed into a better person while she could not move on from that mindset and has become her default state. She has found his case to be with jealousy as he had enough space to change himself and admits that had his conditions be implemented on her case, things would have turned so much better in the long run.
  • He was shocked to hear that there were people who were able to control or at the very least manipulate their time loops, too bad they were the evil variety. When he received a visitor under the name of Kira, he was surprised by his calm demeanor and was able to chat with him normally, until Rita came and he attempted to flirt with her, of which he was about to touch him but felt a weird sensation. For some reason, he did not unleash his stand against him, stating that he did not want to waste his changed lifestyle though his sentence was cut short when a member of the Joestar family caught him and he was forced to escape. No one was hurt but it allowed Phil to read Kira's bio and was at a loss of words when he saw that he can create a time loop to benefit himself. Lucky for him he did not pursue the murder.
  • When news of his ascension came to be, Heinz Doofenshmirtz was hesitant in getting out of his temple as some of his neighboring deities all know most of his "-inator" machines, among which was the Do-Overinator, which is as you would expect from a weird scientist like him, able to send a person back in time, unfortunately the manual did not state that time was at risk of being crunched to oblivion after usage. While in the effect of the machine, he did show his compassion to his nemesis, Perry the Platypus so it was not all too bad. Not for Phil however, since the consequences of the machine are something not to sneeze at, he was disappointed that all it took for him to change was a time loop that nearly broke the universe. Oh, and groundhogs were seen during the machine's usage, as if it was not enough to show who Doofenshmirtz was trying to reference.
  • At one point, during the day of Christmas, a few children lead by his herald Rita pointed him to a house that accommodated the famous Scrooge. He was flabbergasted that he was lead to his temple, especially when the first greeting to him was he usual "Humbug!", until he heard his name and made him come in. There the two enjoyed a cup of tea and explained for his sudden change of mood. It was for the fact that the two of them are similar in their lives, how both of them were jackasses to others, until a few supernatural events occurred and made them change their ways. He wanted to meet him to also warn him of consequences that will occur after the loop, pertaining to him being non-committal. After a few hours, both Phil and Scrooge parted their ways with Phil saying that it was almost like talking to his own reflection.
    Phil: Sometimes I wonder what else can be discovered in this weird place. Godhood can't all be that bad right?

    Philip J. Fry 
Philip J. Fry, God of Grandfathering Paradoxes (The Mighty One)

    Subaru Natsuki 
Subaru Natsuki, God of Reliving Time Loops to Save Loved Ones (The Half Elf's Knight, Purge King, Lolimancer/Little Girl User, Believer in Love, Archbishop of Pride, Barusu, Schwarz Natsumi, Chadbaru)
  • Demigod (Lesser God when using Spirit Arts with Beatrice)
  • Symbol: The stylized "N" on his tracksuit
  • Theme Song: Styx Helix, Subaru Concerto
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Reliving Time Loops To Save Loved Ones Through his ability called Return by Death, Deconstructing the Stock Light-Novel Hero, Action Survivor, All-Loving Hero, Always willing to help and save Emilia, Awesomeness by Analysis, Boisterous Weakling, Conditioned to Accept Horror, Hamminess hiding enormous insecurities, Desperately Craves Affection, Determinator, Friend to All Children, Hope Bringer, Became Emilia's knight, Loser Protagonist, Misery Builds Character, Nerves of Steel, Non-Action Guy
  • Domain(s): Time Loops, Death, Darkness, Character Growth
  • Herald: Beatrice
  • Allies: Emilia, Puck, Rem and Ram, Ayato Amagiri, Touya Mochizuki, Ikki Kurogane, Kenny McCormick, Elizabeth Liones, Touma Kamijou, Ichika Orimura, Naofumi Iwatani, Sieg, Lux Arcadia, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, Shido Itsuka, Kazuma Satou, Issei Hyodo, Phil Connors, Tree Gelbman, Major William Cage, Homura Akemi, Rika Furude, Stefan Butler, Rintarou Okabe, Kei Shirogane/Shiroe, Shizuka Hanekura/Akatsuki, Sans
  • Enemies: The Wicked Witch of the West, The Evil Queen, Mother Gothel, Airy, Mercurius, Yoshikage Kira, Avenger/Angra Mainyu, Flowey (except not really)
  • Avoids: Moby-Dick, Monstro, The Kraken, Liopleurodon, Lagiacrus, General Woundwort, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, SCP-524, The Lepus
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Subaru Natsuki was an originally an Ordinary High-School Student who was unable to live up to the expectations of being the son of amazing parents in his school and life. Prone to taking the "easy" route, he actively avoided people and eventually became a shut-in NEET. After buying consumer goods at a local Japanese convenience store, Subaru was suddenly transported to another world. Being familiar with the usual conventions of such circumstances, he initially believed that he had gained magical powers and that Emilia, a half-elf girl who had rescued him from muggers, was the one who had summoned him. However, his expectations turned out to be wrong and he additionally discovered that, whenever he dies, he returns to an earlier "checkpoint". Calling the ability "Return by Death", Subaru set out to use his knowledge of the future to rescue and protect his friends, especially Emilia, with whom he fell in love.
  • Aside from Return by Death, Subaru was formerly capable of casting Yin Magic, although the only magic he could use was Shamak, which enabled him to trap his opponent in a area of darkness that confused their senses. However, after his gate collapsed, he formed a contract with the Artificial Spirit Beatrice in order use her as a gate instead. Additionally, Subaru has access to both the Authority of Greed and Authority of Sloth. The former being weaponized time control resulting in invincibility and unblockable, unresisted severing attacks and the latter being hundreds of invisible, intangible hands that can rip people to shreds. However, Subura's use of the Authority of Greed has since become a reverse form of what it was, instead allowing him to take on the burdens of others, be it physical or mental, and transfers them to himself temporarily in exchange for increasing their combat abilities. On the other hand, he is unable to use the Authority of Sloth without risking his sanity, thus limiting him to only being able to control one hand with minimal range.
  • Upon ascending into the Pantheon, Subaru was surprised to discover Puck, of all people, had ascended prior to him. After a friendly reunion, Subaru was ecstatic to discover that Emilia was also present as Puck's herald and declared that he would do his best to ascend her as well. Subaru also appointed Beatrice as his herald upon discovering that, due to their contract, she had gained access to the pantheon as well. Eventually, Emilia managed to ascend to the Pantheon, much to his joy.
  • Subaru was extremely disturbed to discover a multitude of alternate realities in which things took a much darker turn for him. Having witnessed the various alternate realities in which his attempts to rescue and protect his friends resulted in him becoming more manipulative, paranoid, resentful, insane and even outright villainous, Subaru began questioning his mental state and became worried that he was ultimately doomed to fail. However, he also felt conflicted upon seeing another alternate reality in which he and Rem ran away from the Kingdom of Lugnica and left everything behind, ultimately living a happy marriage and having two children. Due to Rem having fallen into a coma, Subaru felt guilty over not having run away that day, but also aknowledged that, if they had, all of their friends would ultimately have died. Eventually, Subaru declared that, regardless of how difficult things would get, he still wouldn't give up until he finally managed to bring about a better future.
  • Subaru was quick to befriend various heroes in the pantheon who share a large number of similarities with him, such as Ayato Amagiri, Touya Mochizuki, Ikki Kurogane, Touma Kamijou, Ichika Orimura, Naofumi Iwatani, Sieg, Lux Arcadia, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, Shido Itsuka and Issei Hyodo. After discussing their various similarities and differences, Subaru became rather envious of how most of them actually became powerful fighters and didn't have as much trouble earning people's respect. However, many of them expressed a lot of respect towards him for persevering through numerous hardships and being willing to fight against opponents much stronger than himself. In general, he likes to frequently hang out with all of them.
  • Subaru is also friends with the various other deities who've lived through time loops. Phil Connors approves of Subaru using his knowledge of the future to help those around him while Major William Cage and Tree Gelbman in particular strongly sympathise with him over the many deaths he's suffered over the course of his adventures, as they had both similarly died multiple times during their respective time loops. Subaru has also bonded with Homura Akemi, who had used her magical girl powers to constantly time loop in her effort to save Madoka, during which she had done terrible things in order to accomplish her goal. Being familiar with the feeling of desperation that had motivated her actions, Subaru was quite forgiving towards her. Subaru also strongly respects Rika Furude, who had not only been trapped inside a time loop for somewhere between a century and a millennium, but kept trying to save her friends regardless, and eventually succeeded. Finally, Subaru has also befriended Sans, with whom he bonded over their shared quirk of experiencing numerous, branching timelines; Subaru was however distraught to hear that the pun-loving skeleton has resigned to having his life controlled by a higher power, and wishes he could break out of it once and for all.
  • To almost no one's surprise, Subaru became quick friends with Kenny McCormick over their shared ability of coming back to life; key difference is that while Subaru gets warped back to a previous point in time, Kenny straight-up resurrects. Kenny, on his part, respects Subaru's willpower and desire to protect his loved ones, something that reminds him a lot of his Mysterion alter-ego.
  • Subaru was rather disturbed upon learning of the circumstances of the time loops that Stefan Butler experienced, in which he was being controlled by someone and had no control over his actions. The two quickly became friends. Similarly, Subaru managed to strike up a friendship with Okabe Rintaro, as the two managed to bond over their similar experiences in trying to save their friends and retaining their memories of past timelines.
  • Subaru gets along quite well with Kei Shirogane/Shiroe and Shizuka Hanekura/Akatsuki. He bonded with Shiroe over how the latter similarly ended up in another world and quickly grew to like Akatsuki due to how much she reminded him of Felt.
  • Due to his past experiences with the Witch Cult and the Witches of Sin, Subaru strongly dislikes evil witches and magic users of any kind. As such, he quickly became enemies with the Wicked Witch of the West, the Evil Queen and Mother Gothel. The fact that each of them had threatened and tried to kill a young woman has further enraged him and he does his best ensure that they never get anywhere near Emilia.
  • Subaru quickly became enemies with Airy and Mercurius when he learned that both had used time loops for their own purposes. Airy's use of a time loop as part of her evil plan made him quite wary of her, and he was glad to hear that she was ultimately defeated. On the other hand, Mercurius' forced endless repetition of time in order to acquire as much knowledge as he could strongly reminded Subaru of how Echidna had offered him help and wisdom in exchange for him having to help with her research by dying multiple times. As a result, Subaru developed a particularly strong dislike of Mercurius.
  • Subaru is also enemies with Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer who possesses an ability called Bites The Dust, which allows him to create a time loop in order to murder anyone who discovers his identity without getting caught. Although Kira initially regarded Subaru as merely an annoyance, Subaru's ability to retain his memories through Return by Death, something Kira isn't able to do, has resulted in Subaru becoming a surprisingly effective opponent, as he can predict Kira's action ahead of time and act accordingly. As a result, Kira prefers to stay far away from Subaru.
  • When Subaru heard of how Avenger/Angra Mainyu had made a time loop to save the life of a friend named Bazzett, he initially remarked that it was quite similar to what he himself would have done. However, Subaru feels that he can't trust him after everything that Angra has done and prefers to stay far away from him. Angra himself doesn't particularly care about Subaru as long as he doesn't stand in his way.
  • Subaru generally avoids both Moby-Dick and Monstro, as they strongly remind him of the White Whale that he had previously helped kill. He also, by extension, avoids other marine monsters such as the Kraken, Liopleurodon and Lagiacrus, who similarly rival Moby-Dick and Monstro in terms of ferocity.
    • He also refuses to have anything to deal with the Killer Rabbit, SCP-524, the Lepus and General Woundwort, as they all remind him of the ravenous Great Rabbit that once ate his insides and killed him in a time loop.
  • Subaru is rather conflicted about what to think of Ainz Ooal Gown. On one hand, Ainz was similarly transported to another world, albeit as a lich, and has standards and a code of honor, even treating his subordinates and subjects with relative kindness. On the other hand, his lost emotions and Lack of Empathy, as well as the fact that he's a villainous sorcerer and ruler, make him far too unpredictable for Subaru to consider him an ally. In general, Subaru prefers to just avoid him entirely.