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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Destruction

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The Grand United Alliance of Destruction is one of the most dreaded collectives in the Pantheon, given that they are essentially the closest thing the Pantheon has to an arch-nemesis. With their ultimate goal being the complete annihilation of not only the Pantheon but all life within and outside of it, there is little surprise in the animosity they receive from all other Alliances, including those belonging to Evil. One can't exert even the worst ambitions over nothingness, after all. Regardless, the enigmatic workings of the Pantheon grant mercy to all it invites in, even those who seek nothing but its oblivion, so there's hardly any sign of a permanent stop to this Alliance's apocalyptic plots and conspiracies.

The leaders of the Alliance are not only extremely dedicated to their merciless resolve, but they've hardly sought to adapt to the changes that time has brought to the Pantheon, given how the end of all life isn't exactly a malleable goal capable of many compromises. Likewise, they still seek those with potential to cause death and destruction given that such potential and power does have a very direct tie in their ability to contribute to the cause, in contrast to other Alliances.

While other Alliances have mellowed down in hostility toward each other, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction still sticks out among them due to the threat they pose to all other Alliances and the Pantheon in general, having little reason to slow down in their overall activity. On the other hand, not being at each other's throats means that the other factions are more willing to cooperate to prevent the victory of those who seek the end of all things, which is more than enough to keep this Alliance of death and doom on their toes.

Divisions (each Division gets its own page with a more expansive description)

  • GUAD Nihility Overlords: The brains and manipulators of the GUAD, who develop stratagems, schemes, and sabotages among the Alliances and other groups to bring them closer to oblivion.

  • GUAD Terminus Sect: The army of the GUAD, chosen for their destructive potential and ceaseless nature. They are the muscle of the organization, the ones who do the acting and the vanquishing of any obstacles of the Alliance, responsible for activities that would benefit the GUAD the most.

  • GUAD Wandering Ravagers: A terrible army of deities and monsters that feel entitled to leave others in devastation out of their own selfish wills as opposed to loyalty to anyone but themselves, with their presence only rooted for by other harbingers of destruction in this Alliance.

  • GUAD Scar Corps: Those who do not seek destruction for its own sake, but rather see the Alliance as a means to their own ends. Still a powerful tool of the Alliance, their work both serves and undermines the Alliance itself.

GUAD Leadership Council Members

Nekron, God of Animating The Dead

  • Symbol: The Black Lantern Sigil
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (though he sees himself as Above Good and Evil)
  • Role as Council Leader: Wanting to return all life back into the empty void it once was, Nekron commands through both power and control over both his loyal Black Lanterns and keeping those under the GUAD in check. Reaping those that fall to him, Nekron seeks to snuff out all sources of life he finds and to seek what drives the life of the Pantheon so he can end it for good.
  • Cooperation Ability: Nekron has zero empathy or care towards his allies and subordinates within the GUAD. Even if they truly want all things gone from the omniverse, themselves included, a being like Nekron is unable to process the likes of them as anything more than tools for the cause. Ultimately, Nekron plans to spare absolutely no one when the end of all living things is near, whether his allies want to be an exception or not. However, he will still work alongside them until that end, since their help is an essential part of the GUAD's advancement of destruction.

The Lich, God of Nuclear Waste

  • Symbol: His horned, decayed head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Role as Council Leader: Even with all the power the Lich has as an Eternal Villain, he serves as the main schemer and mastermind for the GUAD's deadly plans and tactics. One way or another, he will see to it that the GUAD's obstacles fall, if not by brute force then by destroying them from within, turning them against each other, or slowly setting them up to play in his favor. Already being impossible to put down for good, the Lich is apt at playing the long game if it means bringing the Pantheon to the craved oblivion.
  • Cooperation Ability: While the Lich could care just as little as Nekron in direct cooperation with other GUAD members, his methods for working with them are often more sinister and manipulative in comparison to the other leaders' more direct approach to getting others to do their bidding. Whether dragging along subordinates into a plan with little care for how they end up, or even turning one of them into a vessel for him, the Lich makes it clear that he puts little value into genuine teamwork with those below him.

Nagash, God of The Undead

  • Symbol: The Nine Books of Nagash
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Role as Council Leader: A terrifying necromancer with the potential to overrun entire armies with his own legions of undead, Nagash is highly direct in his intentions for both enemy and ally alike. Seeking to eliminate every living being in the Pantheon to convert them into undead that serve him and him alone, Nagash asserts himself as a mighty threat to even the greatest defenders in the Pantheon, constantly and simultaneously bringing ruination to those around him and growing in power if not taken on properly.
  • Cooperation Ability: Nagash could care less about cooperation in general, even with his peers. Given that he seeks to create a world full only of loyal undead, Nagash sees no good in a living ally, and it's mainly because of the other GUAD leaders' insistence that he doesn't turn his armies among their subordinates. However, as much as he supports the GUAD's causes, he would gladly take the chance to usurp the other leaders to have full dominion over the Pantheon with his undead. Perhaps it is for the better that even for Nagash, such an act wouldn't be so simple. Entertainingly, he doesn't mind when others among the GUAD try to backstab him either, and cares little about having untrustworthy individuals joining him, and the threat of betrayal doesn't stop him, giving him more motivation to remain vigilant of the people around him instead of being complacent.

Alternative Title(s): GUAD