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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Destruction

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"Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of Nature's mandates."

Here, hidden under the shadows of the four Grand Alliances is a lesser known fifth alliance. One that has slowly been growing its numbers, and after years of waiting is ready to begin its war on on the rest of the Pantheon. Made to replace the relative failure of the Black Lanterns and rise to fight the Powers That Be, this is Nekron's Grand United Alliance of Destruction.


Members of this alliance are motivated for a variety of reasons: the broken hearted who wish revenge, those that want to end suffering in the most extreme means possible, the insane and mindless who's made themselves enemies of everyone and those who merely see destruction as a means to an end. However, they are all united in one goal: the destruction of the Pantheon and the complete annihilation of every living thing.

Because of their mad goal, this Alliance is forced to hide into the shadows, often playing multiple sides or sending spies. For those depraved enough to join with such an antagonistic group, one should seek the dead world of Ryut. On the centre of this world is a portal to their base in the Land of the Unliving: a limbo-like Underworld where undetermined souls are processed, with Nekron's black matter throne in the centre.


In spite of sharing the same desire, the Anti-Monitor is not only unwelcome, but considered the #1 enemy to this Alliance. This is because the Anti-Monitor despises Nekron for using him as a battery-a fate Nekron seeks to increase the power of his Black Lantern army. Also, given the mentality of the Alliance's members, loyalty is often questioned. Though in spite of all this, the Grand Alliances watch them carefully, knowing their potential is not to be ignored.

In Cyberspace, the color of the Tron Lines for deities aligned with the GUAD is Black.

Factions within the GUAD

  • Masters: Home to Nekron and his most useful members, who command the other factions
  • Ring Overlords: The brains of the GUAD, who develop stratagems and form ways of countering the Grand Alliances
  • Black Hammer: The army of the GUAD, chosen for their destructive potential and violent nature. They are the muscle of the organization
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  • Scar Corps: Those who do not seek destruction for its own sake, but rather see the GUAD as a means to some other end

Alternative Title(s): GUAD