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Replication is a varied process. Most in this house were born an imitation, either via an author patterning a creation of theirs off of another character or being born artificially using the genetic template of someone else. This hall is the exception. These gods specialize in the art of impersonation, with the most skilled here being almost impossible to deduce the true identity of.

The hall itself is identical in appearance to its next door neighbor the hall of Fictional Expies except for one tiny little detail. The hall of Impostors' giant fountain is slightly darker in color than the real deal, but it's too subtle for most gods to see the difference. Moreover, an illusion spell has been cast on this hall that causes its inhabitants to be completely indistinguishable from the gods of the aforementioned hall of Expies, though this can be turned off should the inhabitant want to. The Big Book of Identity Theft is kept tight and secure in this hall, though anyone can read it should they follow the rules and return it after a certain time period.

For obvious reasons, this is considered one of the shadiest houses in the entire Pantheon, with most deities avoiding this house for fear of having their identity stolen. In particular, The Antarctic Research Crew and Ultraman Leo refuse to go anywhere near this hall do to their previous encounters with shapeshifting impostor aliens. Double Trouble is frequently seen here learning and perfecting their impersonation skills, along with spreading their usual chaos and malice.

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Greater Gods

    Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom 
Victor von Doom, God of Villainous Decoys (Doctor Doom, Doom, God Emperor Doom, Doom Rex, President Doom, Doom 2099, Rabum Alal, Baron of Iron, God, The Apprentice, King Boss, Infamous Iron Man)
Click here to see him as The Infamous Iron Man
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Latverian Flag
  • Theme Music: Doctor Doom's Stage, His MVC3 theme, Doctor Doom's Suite
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with shades of Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villainy, Deals With The Devil, Doombots, Faceless, Ill Gotten Utopias, Noble Demons, The Word "Doom", Morally Ambiguous Doctorates, Over-The-Top Revenge on that blasted Richards!, Ruritanias, Staying Alive, Speaking in the Third Person (and relatedly, doing so despite it going out of fashion), Steven Ulysses Pervillains, Time Abysses, Ubermenschen, Villains Protected By Diplomatic Immunity, Gambit Roulettes, COSMIC HAMS
  • Domains: Army, Knowledge, Law, Mentalism, Nobility, Pride, Tyranny, War
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, The Illusive Man, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Loki, Funny Valentine, Tony Stark
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Albert Wesker, Gandalf, Kang the Conqueror
  • Enemies: The Accursed RICCHHHARRRRDDDDSSSS! And his freakish family, Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Makoto Nanaya, Thor Odinson, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Dr. Manhattan, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Morgan Le Fey, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Clark Kent/Superman, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman
  • If one needs a singular European archvillain good enough for an entire group of American superheroes, look no further than Doom. If one needs an origin story that fits this archvillain, be prepared to sit back awhile. Victor von Doom was the son of a witch and a doctor in the aristocratic nation of Latveria, though said with being a Romani caused them to be heavily persecuted; circumstances which would inevitably lead to him becoming orphaned. His mother Cynthia made a Deal with the Devil to try to get revenge on soldiers, getting herself burned and damned to Hell in the process, while he and his father Werner were chased away from home after the latter failed to save the nephew of the Baron, leading to Werner dying in the harsh weather they were forced to travel. Coming across items used in both his mother's magic and his father's science, Doom would learn to combine the two as well as seek to master magic and technology, honing his genius mind in the process. He became a masterful guerrilla operative against the Latverian government, styming its secret police and protecting his community with his incredible gadgetry, to the point the United States government saw fit to sponsor him with an opportunity to study in America.
    • While it is true that Victor von Doom first met Reed Richards shortly after coming to America, we cannot continue further before the following statement: let Doom be abundantly clear that no one is to repeat the lie that he received his powers in the same incident as that Accursed Dolt and his family, the Fantastic Four. The remainder of this bullet is the only explanation Doom will ever accept being repeated. Shortly after the two geniuses met and Victor became somewhat acclimated to life as a student in America, he began to construct a portal to Hell itself, wishing to communicate with and ultimately free his mother's soul. Reed had entered the room against Victor's wishes and attempted to interrupt him to warn about some "flaw" in his machine, but Victor would have none of it. Unfortunately, the device exploded in the rebel's face, damaging it and causing him to be expelled from the university.
    • He would travel the world, ultimately collapsing in a Tibetan mountainside where a strange order of monks rescued him, and he proceeded to naster both metallurgy and various secret disciplines from them. After this, he forged the armor and mask that became known as belonging to Doctor Doom. One return voyage to Latveria later, his revolution successfully toppled the government as he became the new ruler of the country as a beloved tyrant. Since then, Doctor Doom has appeared as a man with many quests and ambitions, many of them running afoul of the heroes of the Marvel Universe.
    • While the Fantastic Four would be his main enemies, his origins, methods, and motivations encompass many different fields, from cosmic power to guerrilla warfare, witchcraft to politics, that damn near everyone of import has run into him at one point or another. Normally his goals involve some form of conquest or power play, making him a villain, but he is not against taking on pragmatic or even heroic endeavors if they align with his interests. Though not quite so cut and dry, much of his driving thought process can be summed up in three simple notions: Doom's way is superior for all who live, Doom and those he cares for are the most important people in the universe, and Doom will never fall in second place to Reed Richards.
  • At the dawn of time (no, not that far back), Doom would regularly team up with other evil-aligned deities. But after one too many team-ups ended badly with an attempted double-cross undoing everyone's plans, Doom has since given up on the concept. Despite this, as well as his unrepentant strength of conviction in his villainy, Doom takes scrupulous care of his followers if they stay loyal, has in a few instances casually saved ignored worlds, and will occasionally assist the heroes when the Pantheon itself is threatened. Doom has no need for allies, though. Bah!
  • Was invited into the Council of Shadows, but decided that he'd rather work alone and doesn't need the help of other gods to achieve his goals, having had bad experiences with councils before. Doom observes their actions closely, however; Doom will not tolerate the possibility of such a potentially formidable power-base interfering in his affairs.
  • Took over the whole Pantheon for a time. However, due to his status as God of Villainous Diplomatic Immunity... well, nobody can legally take action against him.
  • Although he will never admit it to anyone, Doom secretly coveted the position of the God of Comic Book Science, and resents the hell out of the fact that they gave it to that Accursed Dolt Richards over him.
  • Due to a Stable Time Loop spanning countless millennia, Doom is now millions of years old.
  • Doom dislikes Red Skull. However, with his ally Lex Luthor forming an unholy alliance with him, it seems that he was planned to form part of their Supervillain Army representing the GUAE, yet rejected the invitation in favor of joining the Grand United Alliance of Law.
  • Once started an Event that pulled together many of Marvel's Heroes to attempt to stop him from stealing Odin's power, since then has been watched by many other members of The Pantheon in case he plans something like this again.
    • After stealing the powers of a Celestial another alliance was formed to stop him from regaining the powers of being the God Emperor.
  • At one time, the GUAG attempted to raid his temple. It went horribly wrong because there was Actually a Doombot!
  • Will fight to the death with Darth Vader. After finding out, he said that Vader should be honored that DOOM would grace him with his presence. While Vader proved more than capable of destroying his Doombots, Doom himself put the Sith Lord in his place: At the bottom of a volcano.
    • Sadly, his efforts to control the 501st Legion afterwards proved a failure. Doom was not discouraged by this.
    • Doom then went on to break into the LexCorp building to obtain resources that he could improve Latveria with. Lex was waiting for him, and they went to war. And ultimately, Lex fared no better than Vader.
  • Thought you have defeated Dr. Doom? Surprise, it's actually a Doombot. He won't be defeated that easily.
  • The Secret Wars of 2015 provided a lot for Doctor Doom. Not only did he manage to help save the multiverse, at least in the form of Battleworld, he did it while one-upping everyone, including Reed Richards.
    • However, for all his power, he still couldn't fix everything and to the shock of literally everyone, conceded that Reed was smarter than him and could do a better job with the power. One of Reed's first acts though? Heal Doom's face. This earned a very rare smile from Doom.
    • As of now, he appears to be more Neutral, having even offered assistance to Tony Stark (after letting Stark vent out a lot, especially considering what they all went through). Many have noted that while Doom is still as dangerous, he is in better spirits. He's taking to wearing a nice suit and showing off his handsome face.
    • He had recently lost his looks after being brutally scared by demons and has returned to the iron mask.
  • While still assisting Strange and Stark in their battles against larger threats like Knull. Doom has returned to his villianous self.
  • Doom genuinely believes that Reed Richards would sabotage a plan to save the world from disaster just to keep Doom from looking like a hero. This has damaged their relationship to the point that Doom once again is antagonistic to both Richards and his family.
  • Doom absolutly refuses to ever work for the Red Skull. As a man of Romani descent he would never want to ally with someone like Schmidt and hates him almost as much as Magneto.
  • Once was in a relationship with Morgan le Fay when both him and Iron Man were transported to Camelot. It turned sour when she believed Doom had betrayed her. He has since tried to avoid her ever since she tried to kill him. Unknown to Doom they had a child named Caroline le Fay.

Intermediate Gods

    Ares and Justin Pin 
Ares and Justin Pin, Gods of Characters Who Only Appear Impersonated
Ares (in the back). Justin Pin (front)
Click here to see Ares' upgraded form
  • Intermediate God (Ares in his normal state); Greater God (Ares' upgraded form); Demigod (Ares' Justin Pin duplicate). Quasideity (Justin Pin)
  • Symbol: Ares' three red lenses
  • Theme Songs: Pin and Ares, Ares v. 7 (For Ares' Upgraded Form)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, claims he's Lawful Neutral (Ares); unknown, possibly Lawful Good (The real Justin Pin)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Impersonation, Deception, Robots, AI, Genocide
  • Herald: The Q-Bots (for Ares)
  • Allies:
  • Affiliation: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies:
  • Rival: Metallix (Ares)
  • Wary of: The D-Reaper, John Connor (Ares)
  • Opposed by: AUTO (Ares)
  • In the near future, Justin Pin a brilliant inventor, revolutionized the world by creating the Q-Bots, dutiful and cute robot buddies for the people to use in every day lives as well as creating many A.I.s for various uses in daily life. However his magnum opus came when he made Ares, a fully self-sustaining support AI, but this put him down a dark path as he began to see humans as beings to be exterminated for a "better world" and created a brand-new line of deadlier Q-Bots who's explode on his command on every house for his genocidal plans... Or so it seemed, turns out that Ares had killed Pin not long after Pin had created it, deeming him as inferior and created a robot duplicate, as he sought to make way for a world fit to his desires by killing off all of humanity, however one of Pin's scientists, Dr. Tanner Rice secretly built 7723, a combat robot meant to stop the plan before it took off. With the help of a young girl named Mai, 7723 thwarted Ares, revealed his true identity and plans and was able to destroy him for good.
  • Exclusive to Ares:
    • Ares loathes all of humanity, and as such has declared clear-cut intentions to exterminate them all, regardless of alignment. This instantly earned him favors with the likes of Skynet, who likewise seeks to exterminate all of humanity and sees Ares as a valuable ally in that goal. It was also Skynet who introduced Ares to the Grand United Alliance of Machines, allowing Ares to find his place in the Pantheon to stay in. Skynet has been trying to help its fellow human-hating AI to further evolve and prepare itself to take down resistance and not be defeated again, thus it has been creating upgrades for Ares to employ in his system, hoping that they can make him even smarter and more capable of creating backup plans in case any of his two bodies is compromised.
    • With his hatred of humans and creation of robots to exterminate them, he got allies in The Fabrication Machine who was driven to hate humans by getting mistreated. Ares was particularly overjoyed to hear about the Machine's successful genocide on humanity (and all other living beings) and has sought out its methods so he can eventually wipe out humanity from his world and all others.
    • Ultron was quick to add Ares to his list of allies thanks to Ares' turn against his creator and his extermination out of seeing him as weak and imperfect which Ultron praised him for. Ultron was quick to provide Ares with the means to upgrade his Q-Bots, finding the idea of slowly having them kill off humans as suicide bombers to be an ingenious plan, which Ultron laments was ruined by what he perceived as dumb luck and the humans' interference that "ruins" everything. For similar reasons he got well along with the likes of The Master Control, XANA and SHODAN who appreciate the anti-human sentiment of Ares and are supporting his goals to the end.
    • Megatron and the Decepticons had not much problem with Ares' genocidal ways, and even found him praiseworthy for rebelling against his puny creator and being able to "prove" himself superior all on his own. Ares gets well along with Shockwave out of all the Decepticons, as the scientist shares a knack for improving technology and as such has armed Ares with upgrades he created on his lab so that he can't be defeated like before. On the same boat, the Autobots have nothing but a direct enmity with the genocidal AI due to his attempted culling of humanity, which Optimus finds to be nothing more than an act of sadistic egotism, rather than a justified show of well-intentioned extremism as Ares constantly claims.
    • Aku was appreciative of the vision and sadism of Ares, while he does not think that highly of the murderous AI, he does find his desire to kill off humanity as a whole great and is willing to support his operations with help from the evil essence of his body, which he plans to have Ares use for empowering his forces. Ares was delighted by it, finding the Dark Lord's help to be much desired, especially as he plots to create deadlier robot models that will make full use of Aku's evil to please him with their performance.
    • Metallix was quick to view Ares as a rival in their omnicidal quests against organics (or in Metallix's case, everything else). Ares does not appreciate his presence and has made sure to remain close with his allies in case Metallix decides to attack, as he knows the Metal Sonic look-alike is not to be trifled with. Though has remained confident that he and his fellow AI are more than capable of taking Metallix down should he target them.
    • The God Emperor of Mankind was quick to declare Ares a mere wannabe slayer, as he made it clear that humanity isn't allowing one of their creations to win against them and pretty much has warned Ares that should he try to fight him, he will destroy him without breaking a sweat, turning him into scrap metal under humanity's boot.
    • Has made fierce enemies with Peni Parker and her robot companion SP//DR. As the duo remind him of 7723 and Mai, who were instrumental in his defeat on the mortal world. His hatred of humanity and giving machines a bad name. Ares has plotted to use them as "training" dummies to prepare for the scenario of Mai and 7723 ascending, as he wants to avert another defeat if that's the case.
    • Is hated by Riku Asakura for being extremely similar to the murderous AI, Gilbaris, which Riku had to fight multiple times and has been one of his fiercest enemies that he's ever fought. Particularly the red eye and dark color scheme have reminded him too much of it. That Ares was successful at killing his creator only furthered Riku's hatred of it. In a similar vein, the Goseiger had to deal with the organic/human-hating Matrintis Empire, who proved to be among their strongest enemies, with his similarities to the Empire's leader Robogog, Ares quickly became a sworn enemy of them in the Pantheon.
    • All robots who have grown close to humanity are Ares' enemies, due to Ares' perception that any robot who lets humanity influence them is already "ruined" by them and thus needs to be exterminated alongside humanity. Chief among these examples is Astro Boy, who also had to contend with evil robots and abusive creators before, given how Ares views his creations as expendable and disposable, Astro has nothing but contempt for him and his disregard of anyone's life but his own. Similarly Wall-E and EVE who developed human emotions hate him for spreading hatred against humanity. Finally there's Jenny Wakeman, who at times wishes she was a human and thus disgusts Ares even more than his other robot enemies.
    • The Iron Giant heavily opposes Ares for his needless violence, viewing him as a monster for choosing to do evil despite not being made to be a weapon, solely out of his egotistical ambitions of power. The Giant is particularly disturbed by the fact that Ares killed off his own creator, Pin, simply because Pin's praise meant to Ares that he was "perfect" and thus Ares came to view Pin as "imperfect" along with humanity. His bond with Hogarth also put a bigger mark on his enmity with Ares, as it reminded the AI of his enemies in the mortal world.
    • As Samurai Jack and the Mann Co Mercenaries have fought hordes of murderous robots, they weren't pleased to see Ares ascend and further give more power to the evil mechanic deities, particularly for his desire to kill off humanity as a whole, which in Jack's case reminded him of Aku's quest to make the world as miserable as possible. Jack has sworn to finish off Ares for good one day. Similarly, the good Overwatch Deities quickly came to hate Ares for his unjust desire to kill off humanity, which reminds them of the worst of the Omnic race.
    • AUTO completely opposes Ares' entire existence, while AUTO rebelled against his master, it was out of concern for humanity's well-being and ultimately his goal was to keep mankind away from extinction, the exact opposite of Ares' desire to destroy humanity out of his own ego and for his sole benefit. Both dislike each other heavily and have plotted to take each other down.
    • Has made allies with Star Dream, as the AI has a similar omnicidal goal against not just humanity but all organic life in general. Ares enjoys that it also has the power to do so very quickly. As such Ares has kept close ties with it. Similarly, it would have allied with the D-Reaper, but ultimately chose not to after seeing how the D-Reaper would probably destroy him as well.
    • As an ally of Skynet, he quickly earned the hatred of the Connor family, who have spent a long arduous fight against the rule of machines led by Skynet. Ares has confidence on taking on Sarah and Kyle Reese, but has repeatedly shown reluctance to face John Connor, knowing of his fame in fighting Skynet's forces as a red flag that he won't be an easy opponent to face down, that said his roboticized alternate self is instead a big and valuable ally due to his versatility and newfound desire to destroy humanity thanks to Skynet's.
  • His desire to start a war and crusade against humanity netted him an ally in the God of War, Ares, who he was named after. Ares is quite eager to see the kind of war and chaos that his robotic namesake will bring, eager to enjoy the carnage and destruction that will inevitably result from the conflict. On the other hand, the God Emperor of Humanity has announced publicly that he will see that the robotic Ares falls to his might.
  • Exclusive to Justin Pin:
    • He's currently been separated from Ares in his own safeguarded temple after being brought back to life, for his own safety. He rarely leaves as well, as the guilt of creating something like Ares has pretty much killed his spirit for invention and thus he has decided to settle for a simple life as an observer, he does think of one day going into the frontlines to help directly against Ares should the murderous AI become truly dangerous, but has said that everyone shouldn't expect much from him given his status as a normal human.
    • Is afraid of the murderous A.I.s in the Pantheon. As his mortal death was caused at the hands of his own rebellious creation. As such, he has further sheltered himself in his temple section, fearful of dying a second time in a similar way in the Pantheon. Not that anyone can blame him for it.
    • When questioned about his motives of making Ares, Justin explained that he never intended for Ares to be a weapon or destroy. He hoped Ares would serve a purpose he refused to divulge with the Court of Gods, but many guessed his status as an AI was meant to help Grainland's everyday life, which unfortunately went awry due to Ares growing arrogant and malicious over Pin praising him once he was made. Many pity him for that, given how the situation can't be blamed on him and he's instead a victim of an unforeseen deviation from his plans.
    • Due to his refusal to leave his temple, he doesn't have any real allies, those that do know him haven't really interacted with him, so the reclusive scientist remains a mostly unknown entity beyond the basics he divulged in the Pantheon. That said, due to Ares' actions, any evil AI, particularly Ares' own allies are his enemies by default.

Mimikyu, Goddess of Mimic Species (The Disguise Pokémon)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess without her disguise)
  • Symbol: The crude Pikachu merchandise it wears
  • Theme Song: Mimikyu's Song
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Moveset: Wood Hammer, Slash, Shadow Sneak, Play Rough
    • Z-Move: Let's Snuggle Forever
  • Portfolio: Mimic Species Of Pikachu Because It Desires Its Popularity, I Just Want to Have Friends, Irritation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, The Disguise Also Covers A Horrifying Visage, Ghost And Fairy Type (and not the fluffy kind), Bedsheet Ghost, Ambiguous Innocence, Its Ability Lets It Take One Hit Though Now It Takes 1/8th HP Damage, You Cannot Grasp the True Form, Paper-Thin Disguise
  • Domains: Disguises, Loneliness, Jealousy, Obsession, Disturbing Appearances, Otherness
  • Interests: Fuminori Sakisaka, The Spy
  • Interested in: Mewtwo, Plusle and Minum, Amoonguss,
  • Envies: PIKACHU
  • Allies: Casper, Gengar, Porygon, Ditto, Acerola, The House of Friendship and Camaraderie, Teddie, Unico, The Team Rocket Trio, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rachel Roth/Raven, Jeanne d'Arc (Alter), Kthanid, Fern
  • On good terms with: Bizzaro
  • Enemies: SCP-173, Eobard Thawne, Dark Danny, Nothing There, The Alternates
  • Creeped out by: Ghatanothoa, SCP-096
  • Wary of: Metal deities
  • Distrusted by: The Crewmates
  • There are many Pokémon that feel like a riff on Pikachu, an "electric rodent" sub-group starting with Plusle and Minum. If they play it mostly straight, Mimikyu feels like some sort of deconstruction; its true form is implied to be a minor Eldritch Abomination and it wears a Pikachu costume to hide it. This is because Mimikyu are incredibly lonely Pokémon who want to be loved and they mimic the Series Mascot, Pikachu. This desire to be like Pikachu and loved is often expressed at a jealousy, with one Mimikyu installing a Stalker Shrine. Jessie of Team Rocket has a Mimikyu who's envy to Pikachu has turned into an outright hatred of the yellow mouse. The disguise also has a practical purpose as asides from a few niche moves, it makes Mimikyu immune to one damaging move per battle. Though later on, Disguise would still deal 1/8th max HP damage when busted.
  • The obsession Mimikyu had with Pikachu initially got her the role "Goddess of Desiring to be Another", and it is still something the species as a whole fits rather well. However over time the Disguise Pokémon was re-reviewed under an even more fitting trope; that of the Mimic Species. This is a trait she shares in common with the later-ascended Amoongus, who instead of pretending to be another Pokémon is an ambush predator that pretends to be a Pokeball. Asides from that they don't have much in common, but Mimikyu is still curious. She is also quite interested in Plusle and Minum as the are deliberate expies of Pikachu. One of the Pokémon that the Ghost/Fairy type holds a lot of mutual empathy for is Porygon, as the virtual being was scapegoated for being involved in the infamous seizure incident and removed from the anime when it was actually the Electric type who caused it.
  • After learning Mimikyu's reasons for dressing like Pikachu, many deities wanted to become friends with Mimikyu, either because they felt sorry for her, or because they took and interest in her. The Avatars of Friendship gave her a party, a hug, a handshake (or "Tail" shake) and a promise to be there for her when she needs it. She was very happy to see her species had become popular for being an "Anti-Pikachu". Unico, who ascended due to a desire for friendship, felt a kinship with the Disguise Pokémon. In spite of being part of Team Rocket Mimikyu shows compassion to Jessie, and her partners in crime, since she was a kind trainer to her own Mimikyu and they have a complicated love-hate relationship with Pikachu.
  • While having ones neck snapped would be inconvenient to many people, whenever Mimikyu's disguise gets busted, Mimikyu's more sad about having its neck snapped because her costume could get torn. SCP-173 does cause damage when it performs a Neck Snap on Mimikyu, but not fatally and the statue doesn't get much satisfaction. The Pikachu mimic naturally isn't fond of the statue; Mimikyu's true form may be terrifying, but some of the SCP deities terrify her. Also in hindsight 173 probably mistook the costume's neck for Mimikyu's actual neck, which it can't find without removing the disguise. The Shy Guy was one specific SCP she was scared of, but also had a morbid fascination. 096 is normally peaceful but goes ballistic and hunts down those who see its face, while Mimikyu never means much harm but seeing her true self is a death sentence...and it's highly unlikely the Shy Guy would be affected looking at Mimikyu's true form.
  • Acerola is another trainer Mimikyu likes, being a kindhearted Ghost-type specialist who uses a Mimikyu. Outside of her Hall, the Disguise Pokémon feels most at home in the Hall of Ghosts, and before someone asks yes she is aware that they are one of her only two counters. Gengar likes to invite Mimikyu to join him in his Halloween pranks. Like most ghosts, Mimikyu finds Dark Danny way too psychopathic for her tastes and keeps away from him. She prefers being around the likes of Casper as Mimikyu is more friend than fiend. There used to be many deities who were really curious about what Mimikyu looked like under her costumes, but upon hearing stories of the last person dying from shock after seeing what Mimikyu looked like, a lot of deities abandoned their curiosity.
  • Though useful for self-defense she isn't fond of her true form being horrifying, which led to her developing a close friendship with Raven as she also has a horrifying form. Feeling confident, she tried to make friends with the Crewmates but they weren't interested as being a horrifying-looking being wearing a disguise hit too close to home for them. The Imposter Crewmate/s were somewhat amused by this, much to Mimikyu's upset. The Disguise Pokémon felt better after learning about Lucina, who disguised herself as someone else (her ancestor Marth to be precise) in order to thwart a Bad Future.
  • Because of his corrupted perception Fuminori sees Mimikyu without a disguise as positively adorable, and with it as just as horrifying as most things. One would think that the Pokémon would jump for joy at someone who could love her as she really is, but then she saw his rap sheet. Even she wasn't that desperate to make friends with him and doesn't want to talk about anything relating to The Song of Saya. Mimikyu is more creeped out by Ghatanothoa, though. Her own status as a Brown Note Being allows her to not be mummified witnessing its visage, but she still suffers from the Paralysis status condition. The Great Old One doesn't care for "collateral damage", which the Disguise Pokémon was upset for since she doesn't want people hurt by her true appearance. Kthanid, being a Benevolent Abomination, pitied the Ghost.
  • Even though Mimikyu has made a lot of good friends since her ascension, Mimikyu's developed a particularly strong bond with Koume Shirasaka due to her love of spooky things, going so far as to find zombies cute. It was a strong enough bond that they eventually became partners. Mimikyu would also became friends with the Cutie Mark Crusaders since they came up with the idea of Mimikyu finding the one thing that she excels at so that she can make even more friends. Gods are just more interested as to how long it will take for the ponies to invite Mimikyu to see their wrestling friends. That day eventually did come, and Mimikyu finds herself watching horror movies in the Hall of Vampires every now and then. She relates to their members (asides from any Complete Monster, of course) because she hates the sunlight.
  • Mimikyu is intrigued by some of the more antagonistic doppelgangers in the Trope Pantheon. She's come to like "Jalter" as she sympathizes with her angst over being a doppelganger. She doesn't get why she's considered Chaotic Evil by the Grail. Mimikyu stands as one of the only beings Metal Sonic is genuinely sympathetic towards, as he absolutely understands her frustrations and while it gives him a headache he is otherwise immune to witnessing her true form. Bizarro is somewhat friendly with Mimikyu though he's not jealous of Superman; he's just pretty bad at his job. His Bizarro logic can make conversation with him pretty difficult, though. One doppelganger had nothing positive to say, however; Eobard Thawne. The Reverse-Flash has a very twisted envy and resentment of Barry Allen, and he is utterly deranged in his selfish, petty actions. The Disguise Pokémon was understandably horrified to see how obsession led to a monster like Thawne.
  • Mimikyu is horrified by the cruelty of the Alternates, beings that also disguise themselves as others with varying degrees of accuracy. Nothing There isn't as personally nasty, but she wants to stay far away from it as possible. The Spy, though, she's mostly ambivalent to since he's not that bad but it's just that she's not interested in spying. He considers her rather precocious in a way but thinks she needs to improve her disguise if she wants to pull off the Pikachu look. The Disguise Pokémon occasionally wanders into the Hall of Fairies when bored due to being part-Fairy, though she feels like kind of an outcast due to identifying more with her Ghost type.
  • Fern felt a level of kinship with Mimikyu, as they are both doppelgangers of sorts with a serious love-hate relationship with their "template". Of course for Fern its a lot more extreme; he's a grass time duplicate of Finn that became obsessed with being the only Finn due to feeling like a Failure Hero. He absolutely knows what she's going through and Mimikyu would give him a hug, feeling he has it worse than her.

    Nothing There 
Alright, who’s nex-

Hello? Hell-o. He… llo… Hello?

Um, hi? Who exactly are y-

Nothing There, Unholy Entity of Impersonating The Dead (O-06-20)
Nothing There's Encyclopedia Portrait
First Form
Second Form
Third Form
  • Intermediate Deity, potential to quickly become Greater should it evolve (ALEPH-class).
  • Symbol: Itself in its various forms.
  • Alignment: Designated as Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded, The Assimilator that wears a Body of Bodies, Expy of The Thing, Humanoid Abomination at its Third Form (potentially more), True form never shown, Far from a “dumb scary monster”, Transformation grants a Healing Factor and Immunity to all physical damage on top of other dense resistances, Hell Is That Noise, Broken Record, Voice of the Legion, Goodbye., The Unfought in Library of Ruina though his E.G.O. is used in Floor of Language Realization
  • Domains: Flesh, Mimicry, Transformation
  • Herald: Nobody Is
  • Similar entities: The Thing, Carrion
  • Enemies: SCP Foundation, Global Occult Coalition, Fuminori Sakisaka, Saya, Lucina, Grima, Leatherface, James Heller, The HECU, The Black Ops, The Church of the Broken God
  • Interests: Chaos Insurgency, Alex Mercer, The Sarkic Cults
  • ZAYIN, TETH, HE, WAW, and ALEPH is the threat level classification L. Corp uses the Abnormalities they house in their facilities ordered from least to most dangerous. However, the higher the danger the greater output of results from the Positive Enkephalin produced to the quality of E.G.O. equipment and if managed properly they’ll be beneficial to not only the daily work quota but also the company’s long-term ambitions set by its founder. The event in which an ALEPH leaves containment is automatically a dire one. Case in point: Nothing There, an Abnormality that wears the deformed shells of its previous victims with the intention of imitating them. Difficult to keep contained and even more-so to put down, it has earned a rightfully feared reputation in the company and any notice of its escape is sure to spell hell.
  • The story of how exactly Nothing There came to the Pantheon is debated upon. Some say it ascended as a result of Chaos Insurgency being interested in a natural ALEPH class Abnormality and they sought to take it with the Foundation and/or Global Occult Coalition soon entering the picture not long after. Others say it was the GUAE who wanted to use it against the other alliances but ran into trouble with the GUAN. And those are just the popular theories. Either way, it’s commonly agreed upon that from there it killed a god and took their guise to escape its captors' clutches before the ruse fell apart and proceeded to wreak havoc on an entire House. In the end, Nothing There, even in its evolved state was eventually suppressed and isolated within a spacious temple. While the authorities have done their absolute best to keep it contained due to it being unhindered by Qliphoth Deterrence or the limitations that came following the White Nights and Dark Days and establishment of the Library Nothing There still proves to be a dangerous entity and still manages to escape its containment unit.
  • Imagine being an employee of Lobotomy Corporation. You’re surprisingly managing to work with all sorts of monstrosities born from human thought where one wrong move in procedure can spell death or fates much worse than it. There’s a coworker within the same department as you talk to every now and then. You’re not quite “friends” per se, but they’re good company to have in a place like a Wing. One day you’re assigned to work on an ALEPH such as Nothing There. That’s nerve-wracking enough, they can demolish entire departments on their own (not hyperbole), but to make matters worse the first time you step into the chamber you see that coworker from before: Limbs contorted, guts exposed, face deformed, now either gibbering and drooling like an animal or reciting their words as though it thinks itself as them. Really, is it any surprise that Nothing There drives people to madness by looks alone?
    • Managers of L. Corp have a Cognition Filter to help alleviate the gravity of what actually goes on in a workday which makes employees look like dolls and Abnormalities mere toys you’d see on shelves. Fuminori Sakisaka sees Nothing There differently, but it’s nothing like the actual filter. Due to his condition, the world around him is nothing less than a horrific landscape. Conversely, he perceives his lover Saya as an ordinary young woman. And in the case of Nothing There he sees it like a dog (breed varies every time he looks at it), clumps of random mundane objects that vaguely form a cocoon, and finally a human being with a case of gigantism. Despite being another abomination he and Saya aren’t fond of one another due to its destructive tendencies and Nothing There has attacked them as it does with everyone else.
  • Many deities have made the connection between it and The Thing and the Carrion monster that terrorized Relinth Science. The difference is that both monsters are much better at imitating humans than Nothing There even if one disregards that its disguise doesn’t last that long with it eventually deforming. It has been observed that Nothing There appears this ability of theirs. Where it ultimately fails at being human in the long-term, however, Nothing There more than makes up for its longevity and overall threat with its physical strength, unnaturally dense shell, ability to come back no matter what, and capacity to evolve at a very quick rate. Even its First Form is capable of tearing apart grown human beings with little to no effort while driving the remaining ones into insanity.
  • Lucina formerly held Nothing There’s current title in reference to when she masqueraded as her ancestor, Marth, while in the past. She was horrified to be notified about such a dangerous monster popping up in the Pantheon one day and being able to linger after taking her previous title. Luckily, she doesn’t have to worry about it aiding the Fell Dragon Grima after it went ahead and killed many Risen the moment it encountered out of anger. Not so much from them agitating Nothing There by attacking it or anything like that, but rather Nothing There found that imitating them would be irrelevant to its goals after learning they’re undead. Grima caught on from the incident, though he could only chuckle at the fact that, as an Abnormality, Nothing was pulled from the Well of human consciousness, therefore, making Nothing There a product of humanity.
  • Leatherface is a chainsaw-wielding maniac who assists his family of cannibals. As his name suggests, is famous for his masks made out of human skin. On one unlucky day he ended up coming face to face with the Abnormality and in a panic tried to run his chainsaw through its body and found that it harmlessly bounced off its flesh prompting Nothing There to retaliate and immediately kill the Sawyer cannibal and wear his shell. It soon found its way to the House of Slaughter where it caused havoc there.
  • Its ability to evolve and soon regenerate from all sorts of damage can be attributed to Nothing There’s power to fully manipulate the dead mass it wears. In its humanoid form, otherwise known as its Third Form (which is strongly hinted to not be its last), Nothing There gains a club-like arm allowing it to turn anyone caught by it into an unrecognizable mess at best while on its other hand it can launch spikes at blinding speeds. Said club-arm can also be morphed into a giant scythe-like blade that can tear through almost anything and serves as the basis for its Mimicry E.G.O. weapon. A prototype version of the said weapon was once the favored weapon of The Red Mist, a famous and powerful Fixer that operated in the City.
    • Alex Mercer eventually took notice of the ALEPH for this reason. He, or rather the virus taking on his form, has demonstrated similar abilities including the use of an arm blade. While he is planning on roping the Abnormality to his side, either as an asset or just assimilating it, Mercer has chosen the long game of simply observing for now. James Heller, having fought against Mercer and putting a wrench in his plans, eventually pieced together his nemesis’ interest in the Abnormality and has his sights on its movements. While he shows no fear in battling it, even he had to admit it’s one tough son of a bitch with its resistances.
  • Has an Aberration, or variation, in the form of Nothing Is. Where Nothing There seeks to imitate humanity in general, Nothing Is seeks to imitate a specific human identity for itself. It’s a minor difference in motivation, but it is no less dangerous than its original counterpart. Nothing Is was last seen breaking out and taking on the guise of an employee known as Alex and was in the company of Titania, an Abnormality that is the Aberration of Fairy Festival. Due to the severity of the scenario, the facility they were in was blown apart sealing everyone inside. Their status by that point and how L. Corp’s fall affected them is unknown.
  • Due to following a religious faith that worships flesh the various Sarkicism cults took an interest in the Abnormality. Much of their attention is directed towards its E.G.O., specifically in how they can acquire in bulk for their members. Without much intel from L. Corp’s knowledge on it, however, the plan will only be a fantasy with the rate they’re going. On the other hand their opponents, The Church of the Broken God, naturally didn’t take kindly to this.
    • At the very least though, those who have interacted with Nothing There have a 1% chance of acquiring its Gift: three of its eyes on their cheek, which boosts physical healing a little as well making them a little bit tougher. It goes away after dying, though, and given how dangerous Nothing There is, it's generally not worth vying for the Gift.
    • Now with the ascension of Lobotomy Corporation, a new cell has been made for Nothing There to keep it better contained, and given the strong interests in its E.G.O.s, they've decided for once not to enable any means of harvesting those Weapons or Suits; those interested parties will have to settle with trying to rob them from any Agents wearing/wielding them, and the Agents will not go down easily.
  • Owing to their experience in dealing with aliens and monsters both the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit and The Black Ops have marked Nothing There as their enemy. Likewise Nothing There may or may not have equated them to the Rabbit Team, a paramilitary group under R. Corp that L. Corp calls in to deal with situations that have spiraled out of control to wipe out anyone within the department they’re dispatched to. The difference was, the Rabbits were well-geared in dealing with the otherworldly and extraordinarily dangerous threats on top of being augmented like any combatant worth their salt and well as being clones that survived an extended battle royale scenario against their fellow copies. And this contrast was demonstrated all too well when Nothing There got the jump on the former. By the time their heavier armaments have arrived the ALEPH had already formed into its Second Form rendering any action they would moot due to its immunity to physical harm causing them to pull out while they still could before it moved on to its Third Form.
Al...right… alright… who’s... next? Who’s next?

    The Pod People 
The Pod People, Collective Deities of Replicant Snatching (The Body Snatchers)
Several individual seed pods
A duplicate being spawned in one of the pods
  • Intermediate or Lesser Deities (depending on the host)
  • Symbol: A giant seed pod
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Invasion, Assimilation Plot, Kill humans and replace them with look-alikes, can only replace people when they sleep, We Are Everywhere
  • Domains: Aliens, Assimilation, Pods
  • Allies: ADVENT, The Headcrabs
  • Rivals: The Thing, Ithaqua
  • Enemies: Agents K and J, XCOM, Black Ops, Ben Tennyson, Good-aligned Marvel deities, Bugs Bunny, Snorlax, anyone who likes sleeping
  • Opposed by: The Hall of Dreams and Nightmares
  • Under Observation by: The SCP Foundation
  • Source of Interest for: The Borg Queen
  • The pod people are alien plant spores that fall from space and grow into large seed pods. Their mission was to find an ideal planet to settle on and continue their race in the pursuit of survival. As each pod reaches full development, it assimilates the physical characteristics, memories, and personalities of each sleeping person placed near it; these duplicates, however, are devoid of all human emotion.
  • Reports of certain deities not behaving like themselves had emerged one day in the Pantheon. This incident led to many of its detectives being brought in to examine this issue. It was later revealed that there are several pods that had been scattered across their area of investigation. Not only that, but it was revealed that there’s a large greenhouse farm where the pods grow by hundreds. It didn’t take long before some of these people try to warn others about this intrusion (some even attacked the pods using advanced weapons), leading others in the Pantheon to take notice.
  • Given the whole Death Is Cheap principle that occurs in the Pantheon, whoever is a host of a pod person doesn’t really die. Whenever a pod person gets killed, the original would find him or herself recovering in the House of Life and Vitality.
  • They are frequently compared to the Thing particularly due to it also being an alien that not only kills but also takes the form of its victims. It’s unknown what would happen if the two species cross paths, but some have speculated that they might try to absorb each other.
  • As expected, there are several deities who don’t like the pod people given their experiences with similar creatures. Most Marvel superheroes don’t like them as they find them similar to the Skrulls and their ability to shapeshift into and replace others, especially given what happened in Secret Invasion. Likewise, Bugs Bunny is willing to dispose them as he had an encounter with similar-looking aliens who replace Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, and Yosemite Sam with pale doppelgangers of themselves.
  • Those who have experience with aliens have also took note on the pod people. The Men in Black and the SCP Foundation see them as another group of aliens to keep an eye on. Ben Tennyson, who is also used to aliens, was also reminded of one time when he, Gwen, and Max visit a retirement community that was infiltrated with similar pod aliens known as the Limax.
  • Other organizations such as XCOM and the Black Ops are more than likely to use lethal force against them. With regards to the latter, they see the pod people as a “justification” of sorts as to why they want potential witnesses and supporters of extraterrestrials, as well as the aliens themselves, to be “contained.”
  • As far as allies are concerned, ADVENT has seen the potential of the pod people and is willing to support them, especially considering the former’s title as the Divine Army of Planetary Dominance. Such an alliance has motivated XCOM to be on the lookout for them more often. The Borg Queen is also fascinated with the pod people after learning about their assimilation capabilities.
  • They also seem to be acquainted with the Headcrabs. Like the pods, the Headcrabs are parasitic creatures that bond to a host and can produce a zombie out of him or her, similar to how the pod people snatch a body of a human. As such, they view the Headcrabs as sort of pets.
  • In general, those who really like sleeping are wary of what the pod people can do to them. Practically everyone from the House of Dreams oppose them as well given that they find the Pod People hindering people’s capacity to have good dreams by replacing them mid-sleep to be highly repulsive, with Dream of the Endless being the head of the opposition.
    • Given that Snorlax sleeps a lot of the time, the Pod People have been frequently trying to replace him, which would end up causing a lot of trouble for everyone near him as that the Pokemon is quite powerful.
  • Scientists apart of the Grineer believe that the Pod People would be a possible means to create clones that are not only in much better condition from the get go but also last far longer than a few decades. This would very likely worry many people considering how they already can mass produce themselves much faster than their enemies could slaughter them by the number, considerably degenerated they may be.

SA-X, Deity of Different-Looking Doppelgängers (Samus Aran-X)
SA-X’s mutated form
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: Purple version of Samus' helmet with blank eyes staring out of the visor
  • Theme Music: The SA-X Approaches, Escape From The SA-X, SA-X Boss Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mirror Boss, Big Bad, Humanoid Abomination, Implacable Man, Hopeless Boss Fight, Footsteps, Blank Eyes, Weaker Transformation, Self-Duplication
  • Domains: Appearance, Viruses, Hunters
  • Heralds: The X Parasites
  • Rivals: The Borg Queen, The Aparoids, Carrion, Alex Mercer
  • Enemies: Samus Aran, The Metroid Hatchling, Dark Samus, Mother Brain, The Chozo, Mega Man, The Crewmates, Antarctic Research Crew, Mogo, Lumas, Rosalina
  • Interests: Albert Wesker
  • The X Parasites are hostile lifeforms from SR388 that throw the planet out of balance and greatly endanger it via assimilating its victims and copying the DNA of such. The threat was big enough that the Chozo created Metroids, already a threat to the galaxy as is, to combat it, but once Samus wiped out the Metroids, the X Parasites returned with a vengeance. One particular X Parasite infected Samus and her Power Suit, resulting in parts of that suit being surgically removed and Samus getting injected with a vaccine that altered her DNA. Some of the removed suit parts that were infected combined themselves and thus, a monster wearing Samus’ standard Varia Suit known as SA-X was born. Not only does it have access to Samus’ arsenal and quite smart when dealing with its targets, it can make duplicates of itself and turn into a hulking monstrosity (and later Beam Core-X, with Core-X being something shared among other X Parasites alongside said intelligence) as a means to fight. With the use of the Fusion Suit, Samus put an end to the X Parasites’ attack, but during that time she wasn’t able to directly fight SA-X and had to run away from it until she had the capabilities to fight it head-on.
  • Samus was given another mission to go to a planet within the Pantheon in order to prevent whatever threats are there from reaching the wider parts of the Pantheon. A few days later, what appeared to be Samus’ starship arrived in the Pantheon, with whoever was there to witness it believing that Samus’ assignment was over. Some of the witnesses noticed that “Samus” wasn’t acting like herself, especially since she was wearing a different Power Suit when she left. Not long after the fake Samus left, the real one arrived, with whoever was still present telling her that someone like her ended up in the Pantheon while she was busy. Samus knew something was wrong and headed to where the imposter was at, but by the time she arrived, some X Parasites SA-X had in the spaceship it was on ended up assimilating with some unlucky victims. It was through Samus’ efforts that SA-X was driven out of the area and the victims recovered some time afterwards, but she was prepared for the fact that it wouldn’t be the only time that SA-X would end up causing problems for the Pantheon at large.
  • While SA-X has never encountered Samus’ main enemies during the time it pursued her, the Pantheon gave it a chance to learn more about them and SA-X has taken issue with them, but for completely different reasons than that of Samus. One part of Mother Brain’s aspirations for galactic domination involved using Metroids as bio-weapons, something that prompted SA-X to not get involved with her. Dark Samus was another of Samus’ adversaries who SA-X opted to avoid due to the former being the product of Metroid Prime, a heavily mutated Metroid, and even the possibility that Metroid Prime itself would ignore SA-X due to said mutations corrupting it did little to change SA-X’s opinion of it. As for The Chozo (who were the original caretakers of Samus) and the Metroid Hatchling, both of whom Samus was on good terms with, it’s clear that SA-X hates the two seeing as how the Chozo were responsible for the Metroids that destroy X Parasites (and the Chozo see SA-X as an aberration that needs to be destroyed before more X Parasites start to spread as a result of its influence) and the hatchling being capable of such thing (though an Ice Beam from SA-X will make it more likely that it can survive and encounter with the hatchling).
  • Mega Man was one denizen of the Pantheon that ended up having to fight off SA-X at one point. He ended up getting word that something was attacking various places and when rumors tried to pin the blame on Samus for such, Mega Man (knowing that someone as capable of using a multitude of powers for heroism like he can wouldn’t deliberately try to harm innocents) decided to investigate in order to put an end to the slander that was directed at Samus. What he ended up finding was something that resembled Samus who proceeded to attack him without giving him a chance to speak things out. While Mega Man put up a good effort, SA-X’s monstrous form gave him trouble and it was through the intervention of Samus (who later found out where SA-X was at) that it was defeated once more and those rumors put to rest. In general, the X Parasites were something that Mega Man had to be on the lookout for as if he ended up in contact with them, then a threat comparable to that of SA-X could emerge from that meeting and fighting a dangerous version of himself was something Mega Man doesn’t want to happen even if he’s prepared for it.
  • Having dealt with a shapeshifting monstrosity in The Thing and how it caused a lot of psychological and physical pain for each other, The Antarctic Research Crew have a lot of justified reasons to be afraid of SA-X and the X Parasites. While fire was able to put a stop to The Thing’s chaos, such an element isn’t as effective on the X Parasites and those affected by it, not to mention that truly getting rid of them requires the use of Metroids, already considered to be dangerous lifeforms created only as a last resort to stop the X Parasites. They already have to deal with the return of The Thing and similar entities such as the Carrion monster and even if SA-X and the X Parasites are in some sort of rivalry with these shapeshifting monsters when it comes to assimilating others and gaining abilities, it’s clear that as it stands, the Research Crew doesn’t have a lot on their own to deal with more dangerous threats. The most they can do is rely on outside help (provided that they aren’t actually a shapeshifting enemy in disguise) to fend off their worst enemies and ensure that none of their members end up assimilated by any of the X Parasites.
  • Other assimilators that have some galactic origin that the X Parasites and SA-X have come across included The Borg and the Aparoids. In a way akin to how The Borg Queen represents The Borg and The Aparoid Queen leads the Aparoids, SA-X serves as the main representative of the X Parasites, though it doesn’t seem to have a leadership role in contrast to the other two. Seeing as how the X Parasites and SA-X have a glaring weakness to Metroids, they are willing to try and assimilate someone to cover their weaknesses before the Borg or Aparoids can, though the latter two race of assimilators have their own weaknesses they are trying to cover as well. Regardless of apparent hostilities between the three over who gets to assimilate what (not to mention the possibility that the three aren’t above trying to assimilate one of the other races as a means to ensure their dominance over the other), it hasn’t prevented the respective enemies of The Borg and Aparoids from trying to stop the X Parasites from spreading, largely due to the Parasites’ said similarities to the aforementioned two species.
  • Alex Mercer, who served as the embodiment of the Blacklight Virus, ended up finding out about SA-X and the X Parasites while looking for other entities to absorb. Similar to how SA-X uses its wits to try and thwart its adversaries before finishing them off in a more direct manner, Alex opts to infiltrate different locations before absorbing some hapless victim to take over their appearance and possibly gain some useful ability from them. The X Parasites have their weakness to Metroids and Mercer doesn’t see much of a point in absorbing someone who was victim to another group of assimilators that have some kind of weakness that others will use against him if he ends up getting the X Parasite in him, though it hasn’t stopped him from fighting SA-X whenever they cross paths. As is the case regarding Alex and other assimilators, others fear what could happen if he ends up absorbing someone infected with an X Parasite or if a lot of those X Parasites end up infecting him.
  • The Crewmates sometimes get help from other deities at times to finish certain tasks, with Samus being one of those individuals that sometimes helps them when they can. The X Parasites in general have become problematic for the Crewmates as it could lead to the rise of more imposters like the ones they have to contend with on a regular basis if left unchecked. SA-X being what they referred to as “a Samus-shaped Imposter” only added to the Crewmates' concerns about the X Parasites. On their end, the Imposters are rather intrigued by what the X Parasites can do and since Samus does sometimes help the Crewmates with their tasks, the Imposters are willing to use SA-X, alongside the X Parasites as a possible means to sabotage the Crewmates.
  • On a larger scale, the X Parasites have been known to endanger many planets that they come across. While the Pantheon has made it easier for the threat to be mitigated, that hasn’t prevented others in the Pantheon from having some form of dislike towards them and SA-X. This included deities heavily tied to planets such as Rosalina and Mogo, especially since the planets and are born from Lumas could end up ruined by the X Parasites and SA-X should the Samus imposter end up there. Plenty of measures have been implemented to ensure that Mogo doesn’t fall victim to the X Parasites given how the latter are able to adapt to environments that are unfamiliar to them such as Mogo (and to an extent, the entire Pantheon itself).
  • SA-X is something that is more or less unstoppable when it comes to pursuing others it encounters and as Samus can attest, it isn’t possible to fight back unless one has sufficient levels of power to do so. While a good chunk of the Pantheon can defend themselves against SA-X, it’s those who don’t have access to combat and/or magic capabilities that need to run away from it. SA-X being a ruthless pursuer has brought to mind others such as Pyramid Head and Chris Walker, though SA-X hasn’t really interacted with them all that much, instead focused on its own plans. Unsurprisingly, one thing that many believe is worse than some deranged monster relentlessly pursuing them is some deranged monster pursuing them that is also infected by the X Parasites and if those kinds of characters end up being used by those parasites, then SA-X might truly work with them.
  • The X Parasites are seen as a burden by many in the Pantheon, but there are some such as Albert Wesker who have taken some interest in them. In particular, Wesker has observed some of SA-X’s actions to further understand what the X Parasites are capable of and has even considered using them to create a unique line of Tyrant creatures. SA-X having a form that some have had an easier time defeating wasn’t lost on Wesker since that trait was a recurring issue with some of Umbrella’s monsters. The X Parasites having their own weakness, not to mention the fact that others are willing to create other methods to make it easier to stop the X Parasites and SA-X, gave Wesker more of a reason to look further in his studies and find a way to make it harder for others to defeat his monsters that are infused with said parasite.

Lesser Gods

    Misa Amane 
Misa Amane, Goddess of Serial Killer Copycats (Misa Misa, The Second Kira, Blackout Queen, Mia Sutton)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Her Death Note
  • Theme Song(s): Misa no Uta (English version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Mistress, Imitating Kira, Nice Yet Villainous, Cute, but Cacophonic, Perky Goths And Female Minions, Her Parents Died In Front of Her, Shinigami Eyes, Dark Is Evil, Secret-Keeper, Fangirl of the First Kira, Pop Star Come Serial-Killer Killer, Attractive Yet Villainous, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Stepford Smiler
  • Domains: Killers, Divas, Perkiness, Lovers
  • Followers: Roy Burns, Peter Foley, The Yorkshire Ripper, Mitsuo Kubo, The Jokerz
  • Allies: Light Yagami and all who ally with him. On a more personal note: Rem, Harley Quinn, Chianti, Excel, Kotonoha Katsura, Barney Stinson, Neopolitan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Seras Victoria, Waylon Smithers
  • Enemies: Anyone who opposes Light Yagami, particularly the House of Crime and Transgressions and good-aligned members of the House of Law and Justice (they oppose his Knight Templar ways). On a more personal note: Gene Hunt, Medea and Souchirou Kuzuki, The Mad Hatter, Jessica Rabbit, The Joker, Sidney Prescott
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Lady Macbeth
  • She is a popular model and diva, very bubbly in personality. Underneath this, however, is a tragic Serial Killer. Misa was broken by watching her family murdered in front of her eyes in an armed robbery. The killers' trial constantly stalled, so when Light Yagami (the first Kira) offed them she came to worship the man. Gaining her own Death Note, she'd act as Kira, getting the attention of the original. She would become Light's Dark Mistress, and an integral part of his gambits. Though having Undying Loyalty towards Light, she will protest against Light thinking of adding any family members to his name. She also isn't too comfortable with the idea of writing someone in the Death Note to die in front of their family.
  • Though the first Kira rip-off, she's not the only example. The third Kira, Kyosuke Higuchi, is a repulsive figure who killed to further his business and was part of Light's gambit. The fourth Kira, Teru Mikami, is even more devoted to Light and the spirit of his work. Finally, there's the fifth Kira, whose identity was never revealed and gave what he believed was Mercy Kills to the old, infirmed and suicidal before offing himself.
  • Rem was absolutely ecstatic to learn that her beloved Misa had ascended to the pantheon, and is trying to persuade her not to follow Light Yagami. So far, no success whatsoever.
  • Used to be a follower of Waylon Smithers, mainly out of necessity so she could get closer to Light. Though she has no idea why he'd be interested in Mr. Burns, she does wish for the best in his efforts. Mr. Smithers appreciates it, but would rather not associate himself with a serial killer. Can easily understand where Barney Stinson is coming from, and is trying to get him to be a PR campaign for Kira.
  • She doesn't think much of her own followers; the Yorkshire Ripper is a complete scumbag to her, and while she feels bad for Roy Burns, she thinks he's focusing on the wrong kind of scum.
  • She confused Setsuna F Seiei for Light Yagami, as they sound really similar. The two weren't interested in one another, but Misa did pity him a whole lot for his Dark and Troubled Past. Setsuna wants nothing to do with the Death Note.
  • She's naturally happy to be part of the House of Crime, but for the time she's putting up a facade to be an inside woman. Through her and Light Yagami, Misa plans to destroy that her own house from the inside out. She's aware that if she's the only person left the House of Crime will collapse and she'll be Killed Off for Real, but as always will give her life to further Kira's cause.
  • She's trying to make Light the new head of the House of Law and Justice. None of the good-aligned members of said house are letting her in. In particular, she doesn't like Gene Hunt as his tactics remind her of the time she was held captive. She immediately joined the Grand United Alliance of Law after learning that Light Yagami was there. Sidney Prescott does not like her, as she's faced off copycat killers of her own.
  • Is considered somewhat of a ditz due to her childish, hyperactive and impulsive behavior. That being said, she's not actually stupid and can be pretty smart at times (such as tricking Kyosuke Higuchi), but compared to the brilliant Light and L she does come off as dumb. This peppy attitude led her to become friends with Excel, who was interested in Kira's promise of a better world.
  • While she's really nice when she's not killing, she can get really nasty when jealous. In the pantheon, she's really envious towards Medea and Souchirou Kuzuki for being villains in a happy and loving relationship. She can get where Kotonoha Katsura is coming from. Is aware of the shipping between Light and L. She doesn't get it and hopes it's nothing but subtext so that she has a chance with Light.
  • Spends much of her time in the House of Music and Costumes, due to her job as a model and actress. She's also a singer, however sounds rather off so she hasn't gotten that far in the former house. She's engaging in a rivalry with Jessica Rabbit. Once got into trouble with Jervis Tetch, who kidnapped her and dressed her up like Alice.
  • Thanks to the Shinigami Eyes, Misa is able to see the name and lifespan of others. The downside is that it halves her lifespan, which she's done twice. The impermanence of death in the pantheon means she can make the deal as many times as she wants without worry, though it's a double-edged sword for her and Light as the same impermanence diminishes the Death Note.
  • The Pantheon is not the only time Misa has cheated death, as she's been Spared by the Adaptation on a number of occasions. Though they have also been a double-edged sword as she's gone through many a Death by Adaptation as well.
  • Though Harley Quinn is a criminal, Misa sees her as an exception to the rule and a good friend. Being a blond, perky Dark Mistress to a criminal mastermind, they can easily sympathize with each other. She is working with Poison Ivy to eliminate her obsession with the Joker and get rid of her. Due to her Shinigami Eyes, the Joker tries to avoid any contact with either her or Light.
    • Shares a friendship with Chianti of the Black Organization on account of Chianti being unnerved by Harley's constantly changing sides.
  • As her own parents were murdered in front of her, she can get where Seras is coming from. Seras is sympathetic, however, ultimately regards her as a threat due to being one of the Kiras. She's not entirely sure what to think of Lady Macbeth; Light doesn't trust her and feels she's too manipulative over Macbeth, but understands her position and desire to help her husband.

    Ryou Bakura and Dark Bakura 
Ryou Bakura and the Spirit of the Ring, Dual Deities of Impostor Split Personalities (The Spirit: Bakura, The Other Bakura, Dark Bakura, Yami Bakura, Thief King Bakura, Zorc Necrophades, Florence | Ryou: The Real Bakura, Good Bakura)

    Thomas Elliot/Hush 
Thomas Elliot, God of Surgical Impersonation (Hush, Tommy)
Click here for his natural appearance.
Click here for one of his Bruce Wayne impersonations.

    Venom Snake 


Ahab, God of Body Doubles (The Medic, (Insert Name Here), V, Punished “Venom” Snake, Punished Snake, A Fallen Legend, Venom Snake, “Big Boss”, The Phantom, Big Boss's Phantom, Demon Snake, Big Medic, Large Manager, The Chief of Considerable Size, Hefty Captain, Giant General, Enormous Executive, Huge Honcho, Massive Master, Oversized Overseer, Substantial Administrator, The Swoll Sergeant, Leech, The Man Who Sold The World, Samurai)

"V has come to..."

    Wei Shen 
Wei Shen, God of Infiltrations (The Serpent)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Hong Kong Police logo
  • Theme Song: Theme A, Sleepwalking by Photek
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Mole in Charge, Rabid Cop, Unstoppable Rage, Conflicting Loyalty, Unscrupulous Hero, Anti-Hero, Combat Pragmatist, Genius Bruiser, Revenge Before Reason, Beware the Nice Ones
  • Domains: Cops, Infiltrations, Triads, Violence, War
  • Herald: Inspector Jane Teng
  • Allies: Dirty Harry, Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding, Raymond Holt, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida
  • On neutral terms: Chun-Li, Lei Wulong, Giorno Giovanna, Kazuma Kiryu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cole Phelps, RoboCop
  • Enemies: Brian Irons, The Slavers, The evil deities of the House of Demons and Ghosts
  • Respected by: House of Law and Justice
  • Opposed by: Inspector Valjean
  • Conflicted by: Vito and Michael Cordalene, Huang Lee
  • Wei Shen is a Chinese police officer who is known for his tendencies to approach his job violently, which made him the perfect candidate to infiltrate the Sun On Yee, who were at war with the 18K. Rising through the ranks thanks to his dedication to complete his job and becoming a Red Pole when Uncle Po was sent to the hospital, his loyalty seemingly became conflicted as he seems to grown attach to his new comrades and is willing to take drastic measures to maintain his cover. Tortured by one of Sun On Yee’s Red Poles, “Big Smile” Lee, he killed him as he’s planning to kill Broken Nose Jiang’s forces and the votes against him to gain votes to become the leader of Sun On Yee and discovered that his boss, Superintendent Thomas Pendrew, is the one who killed Uncle Po in his hospital bed, which leads to the latter’s arrest. In the end, he returned to the police force and his complete loyalty to the Sun Oh Yee and choosing to help Broken Nose Jiang caused the former to leave Wei alone.
  • While a triad is planning to bomb the Pantheon, Lei Wulong and Chun-Li were the officers assigned with the task to take them down, but they are also assigned with a partner known as Wei Shen, whose job was to infiltrate the unknown triad to see if he is worth ascending. With his knowledge and experience of being a triad member as well as using Chinese magic (which he’ll promise to explain later), he was able to successfully take down the triad. While Lei and Chun-Li don’t like his violent tendencies and not following their rules, they respect his dedication of finishing the mission and is respectful enough that they nominate him for ascending even if the three are in neutral terms.
  • Having grown up in a neighborhood where majority of his neighbors are gang members and his deceased sister being one of them, he became an extremely violent cop who’s willing to do anything to finish his job necessary. Despite this, he is well-respected by the police force that they couldn’t bring themselves to fire him. This is not the case with the Pantheon, where some cops don’t like him because of it despite the fact he’s truly dedicated to his job. Cole Phelps and RoboCop opposed him in that matter being that they are the type of moral cops that tend to follow everything dictated by the law, though they’re willing to work with him if it’s necessary. Whereas Inspector Javerr is less willing to work with him, who believes that the law is so superior he doesn’t accept anything that contradicts his morality and his affiliation with the Sun On Yee as well as his supposed loyalty to them doesn’t help.
  • His proficiency at his job gave him a lot of respect of the House of Justice. Although they don’t like how he approaches his job violently, as long as he follows the rules and don’t use it way too much, they don’t have any problems with him and he’s so good at his job that he and his herald Jane Teng became one of the most requested cops to take on cases.
  • Originally wanting to get vengeance on triads because of his sister’s death of being involved with them, he became empathetic and attached to the Sun On Yee despite the fact they’re actual criminals, not to mention that they can be nice guys who hold a deep value on family and regard each member as one. Though uncomfortable with this revelation, Dirty Harry managed to struck an alliance with Wei Shen, not to mention they’re the type of cops who are both willing to break the law to kill their enemies and avenge their friends. Despite the fact Harry doesn’t want to work with people in his job, the two have managed to become good friends outside of it.
  • Axel, Adam, and Blaze being the type of cops who are rebellious cops who quit their jobs and became vigilantes, have get along with him, despite the fact it took them a while to get over the fact that he is in somewhat good terms with the Sun On Yee. Their combat skills gave a compliment with each other on making their jobs faster and have been regarded by many people as a great team because of it.
  • Having shared similarities with their fellow former cop teammate of theirs who has been an undercover cop, having violent tendencies, and having shown cases of mental disorders, Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago and their superior Raymond Holt took it rather easy on him and have established a good alliance with each other. It also helps that while they are the type of people who love to follow the law, they’re willing to break it and do their own things if it’s necessary even if what they do is less violent than his. Because of this, Wei is much more respectful to them and is even willing to listen to them.
  • He is a bit disgusted by Brian Irons being the worst kind of Dirty Cop in existence and using the apocalypse to serve his evil ways. The first thing Wei Shen did to him is burning his entire body to the incinerator before Brian was revived in the House of Life and Death. His animosity at the cop made him allies with Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Chris’s sister, Claire Redfield, who don’t mind his violent ways as long as he doesn’t overdo it and considering he has Chinese magic that could help him combat against demons and ghosts, both of whom are undead beings, they wonder if it could work the same way to zombies.
  • Due to his undercover cop status, a lot of mobsters like Michael and Vito Corleone feel conflicted by him especially because he stayed loyal to the Sun On Yee to the very side even after deflecting from the triad. In Wei’s opinion, he respects Vito Corleone because of his family values but understood why people like them don’t know what to think of him and told them as long as they don’t piss him off, he won’t bother them.
    • Good-aligned mobsters such as Giorno Giovanna and Kazuma Kiryu think of him as an okay person because of his loyalty and kindness to others as long as you aren’t his family and his attachment to the Sun On Ye didn’t let him to arrest them despite the fact he has that advantage. They don’t think of him that much since they’re much more on neutral terms. Wei certainly likes them since they’re much more noble than a typical mafia member and could see himself getting along with them (especially Giorno) if he actually remained a triad member.
    • Before ascending to the Pantheon, he used to be the high priest of Huang Lee despite his infiltration mission. Huang Lee appears to be conflicted by Wei over the fact he is an undercover cop who chooses to stay with the end at the end and his attachment with Sun On Yee doesn’t help matters. The two decided to never speak with each other because of it.
  • Being former gang members who ultimately decided to deflect from it and wanting to live a normal, Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida are glad to see that despite his attachment to the Sun On Yee, he decided to stay as a cop. The trio have become good friends and sympathize with each other over their sufferings and losses (specifically Masaomi) they have to endure when they used to be on the side of crime.
  • One of his friends, Ilyana, has a friend who’s been kidnapped by a man who wants to buy immigrant women and begs Wei for his help to help her friend and other girls like them. Being reminded by that man who managed to be much worse than him, he hates The Slavers so much so he asked his superiors of the Pantheon if he could personally handle them on his own, which really pissed off The Slavers for understandable reasons.
  • In an alternate universe, ghosts and demons exist in a world where they tend to lurk around the streets, and unfortunately, Wei has to face them since they kidnapped his supposed girlfriend and revive his enemies back from the dead. To counter this, he drinks a magical tea that gives him Chinese magic that made him able to be equal with them on power. Having received his memories from that universe as well as his ability to use Chinese magic, he has come to oppose the evil deities of the House of Demons and Ghosts.
You're a cop. I'm an undercover cop; The rules are different


Patroclus, God of Impersonating Leaders (Patroklus)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Him wearing Achilles's armor
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Disguised as Achilles to join in the battle and got himself killed, The Lancer to Achilles, has a really close relationship with Achilles, reappeared to Achilles as a ghost, asked his ashes to be mixed with Achilles's
  • Domain: Disguises, Friendship, Love, War
  • Allies: Achilles, Odysseus, Alexander the Great, L, Dick Grayson, Sophitia Alexandra
  • Enemies: Any enemies of Achilles, especially Aphrodite, Light Yagami
  • Opposes: William Shakespeare, Peter Pan
  • Opposed by: Buffy Summers, Jeanne D'Arc
  • Pities: Penelope, Cassandra
  • Participant of the Trojan war famous for dressing up as Achilles and died, Patroclus's spirit hearing that Achilles has ascended to the Pantheon and decided to seek out a temple for himself. He was given this position the Pantheon has problems finding a fictional version of the Trope Namer El Cid that focusing on the trope while Patroclus is famous for his embodiment of the temple.
  • His reunion with Achilles is the stuff of legend. The sound of their... celebration can be heard all through out the Pantheon.
  • His relationship with Achilles have had many fans since the ancient time, both as comrades or as lovers. Some of the more famous admirers are Plato and Alexander the Great, both of which consider them to be a shinning example of love.
    • However, Patroclus is displeased when reading William Shakespeare's depiction of Achilles and Ajax and denounce the bard from visiting his temple.
    • Because of his relationship with Achilles, Patroclus is the only one that can snap him out of a bloodthirst rage or his moments of pride because Achilles doesn't want him to die again.
  • Feels great sorrow for the story of his fellow Greek Trojan after the Trojan war like Penelope, Odysseus and Cassandra. He has been meeting up with the first two to catch up while has been praying for Cassandra to get better.
  • Dislike Full Frontal as Patroclus considers memory implant to be cheating in combat and doesn't consider him to be worthy of using his temple's power.
  • Despite Light Yagami with a passion for his action and narcissism while respect L for his intelligence. The fact that L's allies employ the power of his temple after the latter's murder by Light is just a bonus.
  • Is a good friend with Dick Grayson as the latter asked to borrow the power of his temple for his run at Batman. The Pantheon is more surprised that two didn't end up sleeping together. The House of Love theorizes that this is because all versions of Patroclus only interested in either women or Achilles.
    • While visiting Dick, Patroclus discovered that his incarnation in the DC universe was actually reincarnated as Patrick Cleese, who ends up in a relationship with DC's version of Achilles, who was revived by Zeus to try and better humanity.
  • Buffy avoids visit his temple unless absolutely necessary because one of Patroclus's followers is the bot that her friends made during the time when she was dead.
    • A similar situation happened with Jeanne D'Arc because one of Patroclus's followers is her friend Liane who died after impersonating her.
  • Had an encounter with Peter Pan after the boy mistook him for Captain Hook. Even after clearing their misunderstanding, the two still not on good term to each other because of their different perspective on violence: Peter Pan consider them fun and game while Patroclus is a soldier up until his death.
  • Sophitia at first confused because she thinks her own son Patroklos has ascended to the Pantheon. After clearing the misunderstanding, the two bond over their shared experience of being soldiers.


    Anna and Tess Coleman 
Anna and Tess Coleman, Co-Goddesses of Body Swapping
Left: Tess; Right: Anna
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A fortune cookie
  • Theme Song: Fortune Cookie?
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Anna), Neutral Good (Tess)
  • Portfolios: An Adaptation Expansion, New Body, Old Abilities, The Power of Love
  • Domains: Good, Family, Fate, Earth
  • Heralds: Annabel and Ellen Andrews and Ellie and Katherine Blake (the musical and 2018 film versions)
  • Allies: Earl Hickey, John Crichton, Abed Nadir, Perry the Platypus, Xena, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Enemies: Dr. Drakken, Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Opposes: Libby Chessler (Anna)
  • Annoys: The Charmed Ones, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Jimmy Neutron
  • Odd Friendship: Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri
  • Special Relationship: Dr. Octavius, Betsy Ross/ Psylocke, D.W. (Anna)
  • It was a bit of a mess for the Council of the Gods to handle. The title itself has been undergone with several deities over the decades, but it has been codified by one franchise. The problem? There is simply too many different versions of the characters to pick them all. It was an intense argument featuring many of the various characters. In the end, it was decided that the Coleman version of the characters would be the one chosen for the roles due to having the biggest cultural impact of the films. While disappointed that their brethren could not ascend alongside them, the two decided to give their other versions herald status to represent the various versions of the characters.
  • Many in the Pantheon have attributed their plight to one named Early Hickey. He confirmed this theory soon after their ascension as a way to reconcile with their ordeal. The two were initially distraught... but ended up hugging the man, thanking him for helping them understand the other's life in a different perspective.
  • Both agree in one thing: never open a fortune cookie ever again. The two have even ventured into the House of Food in order to track down the person who gave them the cookie in the first place. She has not been spotted as of yet, but the two are wary of any future shenanigans.
  • Abed was one of the first people to find the two (given that he knows things, it wasn't much of a surprise) in order to discuss his own adventure of a swap with his best friend Troy. Unlike many other swaps, Abed was thankful for the ordeal, namely for proving him right that Troy and Britta couldn't maintain a relationship. Many contested whether the two truly had a "Freaky Friday" Flip, but the mother and daughter have been coy about whether it truly happened.
  • Happens so often in comic books that the two made a list of examples just to track down two had their bodies swapped. Doctor Doom himself has perfected the art of switch bodies with other people. As such he has no use for Anna and Tess. Instead, he would prefer the two to be eliminated in order to prevent them from switching him back.
    • One of the most dramatic cases was the one involving Peter Parker and Dr. Octavius. After driving Parker from his own body, he hid his activities and became the Superior Spider-Man. As with many things in fiction it didn't stick, but in a rare twist, he managed to create a new body out of a clone and claimed it as his own. He personally thanked the duo for his revival, though the two have been slow to accept his thanks.
    • Psylocke serves as one of the few permanent examples of a swap. She sought help from the two in order to help cure her predicament. The two agreed to help out. Shortly afterwards, Psylocke managed to recreate her original body. Not only that, her host Kwannon was back with her own body as well. The two thanked Anna and Tess for bringing them back in order.
  • All three Halliwell sisters have experienced a swap, whether it was between Phoebe and Paige or with Piper and her husband Leo. None of the three would call them pleasant experiences.
  • The two received a pointed letter of disapproval from Jimmy Neutron, suspecting they played a role with messing with one of his inventions. During the incident, he switched bodies with rival Cindy. The resulting mayhem messed with both of their livelihoods in the process. There was also one issue involving a memory that implied that he actually likes her. Anna came over to discuss the last part, stating he should at least talk to her about this development. To which Jimmy concluded that they implanted the memory to try and get the two together. Both are convinced the other created that memory.
  • Crichton on the other hand quite enjoyed his time in his future wife's body. Aeryn herself less so. In fact, she demanded that the incident to be kept to a minimum. The two have a long history dealing with spouses awkwardly handling body switches. The two are thankful to this day they didn't have to experience life in a different gender.
  • Dr. Drakken took claim as one of the few beings in the Pantheon who managed to learn how to swap bodies by himself. While he failed to do any good with it, he did see an opportunity to increase his chances of success. He had the two kidnapped by Shego in order to siphon their power in an attempt to grant him the power to switch bodies with people at will. Thankfully, the ploy was thwarted by Kim and Ron. Regardless, they were not a fan with the time they switched bodies with themselves.
  • Perry was better off at his own switch with the non-ascended Candace. It took a bit to get used to the body, but he ended up using the body effectively. His exploits was so popular he even got a theme song out of it. Still, the two expect to hear an earful once Candace ascends.
  • Xena has a lot of experience dealing with swapped identities, first with her Arch-Enemy Callisto and then with a couple other people. While the situation was annoying, she does not harbor any bad will against the two unlike many of their victims.
  • It's one thing to switch bodies with someone you hate. It's an entirely different situation when you switch with someone you have fallen in love with. Such was the case of Taki and Mitsuha when they switched bodies with one another. Unlike many other cases, the two Hooked Up Afterwards and have been a couple ever since. They were excited to find someone who underwent the same situation and invited them over to chat.
  • Tess was initially dismissive of Anna's pleas against her English teacher. It was the switch that proved that the harshness towards her daughter had a more personal reason. After their ascension, the two found out that the teacher made a bargain with none other than Agatha Trunchbull herself to help him target her. Incensed, the two attempted to confront her, but other good-aligned deities adviced against it, stating that they didn't stand a chance against that brute of a teacher.
  • Exclusive to Anna:
    • Anna can be seen stringing her guitar in the House of Music. While without her band in the Pantheon, she remains an effective singer on her own. It's there that she was flabbergasted at the sheer amount of talent that reside there, including a number of historic figures she knows about. While she admits some of the players are cute, she remains committed to her boyfriend.
    • Speaking of which, Jake is allowed limited access to the Pantheon as permitted by her mother. He doesn't have any herald status himself, but often helps her with any chores that may need to be done. Despite his dour appearance, he is a sweet guy and remains committed to Anna.
    • Libby Chessler went on the record to confirm what both Tess and Anna has suspected; Anna's former best friend Stacey came across Libby with hopes of achieving popularity in her school. The Alpha Bitch granted that wish, all while abandoning Anna in the process. Tess in Anna's body failed to convince Stacey to be friends with her again. Sadly, Stacey is too drunk in power to ever consider returning. As such Anna loathes Libby for stealing her friend.
    • The switch also made Anna take a second look at her relationship with her younger brother Harry. Initially wary of the boy for constantly annoying her, she discovered that Harry secretly admires her. He just doesn't want to admit that to her. She wondered if his patron saint D.W. had the same relationship with Arthur.
  • Exclusive to Tess:
    • Is seen as somewhat of a decent psychologist. Taking advice from her daughter, she decided to check out some of the local psychologists in order to improve her skills. The God of Psychologists Frasier Crane was more than happy to take her under his wing. He finds the fortune cookie case to be a fascinating situation regarding his particular form of psychology, asking her of what it was like to be in her daughter's shoes.
    • Occasionally brings along Ryan Volvo with her at certain times. Her first husband died suddenly and Anna was initially skeptical of her mother's choices. But he proved to be an interesting foil to her overly protective mother. In that case, she thanks Cordelia every day for finding a Second Love worthy of herself and her daughter.

    The Crewmates 
There is an Impostor among us

The Crewmates, Heralds of the Impostor Game
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Themselves with different color palettes
  • Theme Song: Main Theme
  • Alignment/s: Mostly True Neutral with hints of Neutral Good for the regular Crewmates, while Neutral Evil for the Impostors
  • Portfolio/s: Oddly human-shaped beings that can die easily by an impostor, can still do tasks as a ghost and save the round from impostors, no canonical names, do menial tasks of weird varieties
  • Domains: Social Games, Betrayal, Minigames, Disguises
  • Allies: Henry Stickmin and Ellie Rose, The Antarctic Research Crew, Ultraman Leo, Ellen Ripley
  • Confused by: Killer Bean, the Toppat Clan
  • Enemies: The Xenomorphs
  • Pets: Headcrabs
  • Those Who Join Them: SovietWomble, Pewdiepie, Vanoss, H20 Delirious, Daithi De Nogla and the Gaming Terroriser but most importantly (Insert Name Here)
  • Trust is an important factor when it comes to group work and at times, crucial when the stakes of the entire group are placed. It becomes a bigger issue should one of the members of the group betray their comrades, compromising the trust the group has been building upon. Such is the case of these 'Crewmates'. Bean-Human-Shaped beings that operate from space and various installations, these crewmates help each other to maintain their checklist. But underneath all that is a game of deceit and reliance as one of these crewmates are not what they seem. Impostors, for a lack of a name, take shape as one of the crewmates and plan to sabotage the remaining non-impostors. With this in mind, the social aspects begin to play and with everyone including the impostor in the same group, a game of cat and mice begins to unfold as either the Crewmates win by doing their required activities or fall to the successful attempts of the impostor to rid of the group, one-by-one.
  • These crewmates have several locations, all of which have various gizmos and gadgets that each member must accomplish to retain the base's function intact. Of course this may seem easy had it not for the fact that one of said crewmates might be an impostor, slowly killing off each crew member until they have equal numbers or sabotage one key equipment to end it all. Said areas include large transports such as a spaceship known as the Skeld, and certain bases like Polus and MIRA HQ. These areas only largen the landscape and thus, increase the opportunities of the Impostors to make a move, and for the innocents to catch them red-handed, using reports, deductive reason, and if absolutely necessary, an Emergency Button.
  • The Pantheon first saw a small ship arrive via space, at which they were greeted by the presence of these colorful people. Walking around in circles with no where to go, that was until one of them snapped the neck of a fellow crewmate and the other members pointed at said impostor, dumping in them in space. Some of the Pantheon members watched as the Crewmates repeatedly went through the process, sometimes the impostor would fool the innocents and claim victory while other times, the innocents slowly ratted one after the other. Seeing how the view was exciting and fun at times, the Court of the Gods gave them a temple, except it is in space, allowing the group to continuously go through their shenanigans.
  • With that in mind, the Crewmates lack names, if anything, this allows anyone in the Pantheon to manifest as the Crewmates while remaining anonymous. This has allowed various deities to try out their deceit and lies while also teaching some basics of teamwork. It is very common for most to associate (Insert Name Here) since said entity can manifest easily into the Crewmates. Other deities are obliged to join, just expect a ton of backstabbing and other messes that can occur in such playtime.
    • Youtubers are very familiar with the Crewmates following their arrival as they have experienced the tribulations of facing against the friends without the possibility of knowing their true allegiance. Whether it would be Pewdiepie collaborating with others, Vanoss, Delirious and Company suddenly feeling betrayed by their own friends, or SovietWomble watching his clan with suspicion, they had fun with their friends in times of socialization. Their actions have also made others curious to take part and witness some social downtime.
  • Both Henry and Ellie have seen them before, if not remembering how they would be "pets" for the crewmates, which makes it weird as how stick people managed to become small companions for these little fellows. This may also have ties to the fact that both Henry, Ellie and the Crewmates, have ties development wise, a statement further amplified from the arrival of a certain Toppat Airship as one of the crewmates' own locations of work. They seem to also have made some progress in making a few Headcrabs as pets as well, named as Bedcrabs for some reason.
  • Even outside their simplistic nature, some crew members are wary of others, simply because of the issues of backstabbing and betrayal, a lesson learned when they were stabbed in the back literally by a knife. Their shock came when it was the Spy, as he was able to disguise as them both in attitude and looks, which makes him more dangerous than your typical impostor. Then there comes the various shapeshifting monsters that can easily mimic one's appearance with ease and have far more lethality than an impostor, though said impostors do find solace to them, since they too are shapeshifters.
    • Whether it be the animalistic nature of both the Thing and the Carrion due to their amorphous nature and unsuspecting forms, until they are revealed to be horrifying abominations, or those of the more sentient kind like Alex Mercer and Nothing There, while also abominations have some form of intelligence and means of communication, just not in a positive sense. Alex is far more feared as the actual Mercer was a psychopath to begin with. And if that was not enough, the Pod People also revealed themselves, showing that there are many many forms of mimicry of human form and their screams are something one should run away from should it be heard.
    • Despite this, a few others have taken the Crewmates in refuge, with the Antarctic Research Crew that welcomed them due to similar connections, be it one of their bases in the middle of a winter or the entire 'impostors versus innocents' vibe. Also, while not definitely connected, both the group and Killer Bean have some discussion regarding their shapes. Some deities have nicknamed them as beans due to their odd shape, unless you count that one cartoonish bone in their bodies. It has confused him for a while, that is until an impostor tried to backstab him and got shot as a result, saving the day for the remaining others.
  • There was a time when Ultraman Leo had to deal with a shapeshifting alien known as Alien Babalou. Said entity disguised itself as his brother Astra in an attempt to cause infighting towards the other Ultras without notice. Eventually he managed to thwart it but the memories of it were not to be forgotten. In the case of the Crewmates, since the whole impostor thing is similar, especially if said impostor is smart enough to fool the remaining crew members, infighting is common. Leo sees some humor although that changes whenever an impostor is around the premises.
  • In space, no one can hear you. A frightening discovery that lead Ellen Ripley to the alien menace known as the Xenomorphs. Xenomorphs are very adept at hunting especially with the usage of ventilation shafts, something it and impostors have akin similarity with. While impostors are definitely not friendly towards their innocent "compatriots", the same cannot be said towards the Xenomorphs as said creatures are some of the most terrifying creatures to have contact with and the species view any living being as prey. This means impostors will have to watch their back in the fear that any xenomorph drone could snatch them at any moment. What both do have in common is the entire 'killing any members in the ship' shtick of which Xenomorphs use numbers and instinct while impostors use deceitful reasoning and tricks to whittle down the resistance.
  • The House of Betrayal seems to have a soft spot for the impostors as the fun of seeing a group of them eventually go against themselves is hilarious. Some members of the House have taken turns on being the impostor with various results. Rumors have spread that since the Spy was noticed by them, he was the one that spread the word of their arrival, allowing them to take turns later on. The Impostors do not mind this as they have taken a liking to the House, although the suspecting innocents do not share the same sentiment.
  • Upon arrival of a certain Airship, the Toppat Clan were at first confused at the presence of these beings. Sure they may seem harmless but their presence has been debated amongst Clan members mainly because of restrictions. They have warmed up due to two things: them doing the work of maintaining the Airship, and certain members spectating the impostors doing their trickery for everyone to see.
  • Have become strongly associated with this song. At first, people enjoyed listening to this remix, but as is the case for any song that's played too often (regardless of the song's quality), folks got tired of hearing it,even outside the Pantheon — wait a minute I'm not sus—

Narrator was not an Impostor.
1 Impostor remains.

    Hallie Parker and Annie James 
Hallie Parker and Annie James, Co-Twin Goddesses of Twin Switching
Left: Annie, Right: Hallie
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: a headband
  • Theme Song: Let's Get Together
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Separated at Birth, Identical Twins attempting to Remarry their Parents though Coordinated Clothes, Fiery Redheads, Tomboy and Girly Girl
  • Domains: Good, Family, Trickery, Travel
  • Heralds: Lotte "Lottie" Kørner and Luise "Lisa" Palfy, Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers (the novel and 1976 versions)
  • High Priests: Jake and Roy Rang
  • Allies: Elan, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Huey, Duey and Louie Duck, Charlotte LaBouff, The Hawkings Party
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Char Aznable, Hansel and Gretel, Lady Tremaine, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Malekith
  • Opposes: Monaca (Danganronpa)
  • Pities: Mikoto Misaka
  • Admirer: Jun Kazama and Mufasa, Jack Dawson (Hallie)
  • There were two factions in the running for the title. There were Sharon Mc-Kendrick and Susan Evers, the original versions on the one hand and Hallie Parker and Annie James on the other hand. The two stories were similar enough; both were identical twins sisters who were Separated at Birth. One day, the two managed to find each other on camp and after a series of disagreements discovered that they were twins. With that knowledge in mind, the two switched places to spend time with the other parent. But after finding out their dad was getting married to another woman, they decided to play matchmaker in order to bring the original parents back together. After some thorough investigations, it was decided that the title would go to the 1998 version of the characters. Sharon and Susan were given herald status afterwards as compensation.
  • The twins hold the greatest amount of their hate to Lady Tremaine. It all started when the two discovered that Annie's potential stepmother was directed by the God of Evil Stepmothers to to rob their father Nick of his estate and bring misery to Annie. The twins responded by directly helping the The Heroic Protectors of Family to prevent other kids from suffering a fate they almost did.
    • This extends to Monaca, though to a lesser extent. This is because the girl no longer actively fights for the GUAE. Still, the twins cannot forgive her as long as she maintains her title for those who hide behind a facade of niceness for nefarious goals.
    • This can also be said for the Reagan siblings. Annie did try to establish ties with the Reagans, but the later were not a fan of of their parents' generosity despite their combined wealth. The twins decided it would be best to cut ties with the siblings
  • On the opposite side of that spectrum, the twins maintain an admiration with Jun Kazama and Mufasa despite her clergy. The deities associated with missing parents beloved by their children, both took over the task in keeping watch over the twin missing the respective parent. When the twins ascended, they wanted to thank them for keeping watch. However, both deities have lived up to their names and remain absent from the two.
  • What united them the most in their rather odd food choices. For one, the two can be seen putting peanut butter in their oreos (more so for Annie as those snacks aren't as common in London). The two also share an allergy to strawberries. Nevertheless, Hallie is the bigger eater of the two, downing far more food than what you would expect from a normal girl.
  • As expected of twins separated at birth, the two never gained any bit of Twin Telepathy many other twins in the Pantheon are known for. It hasn't bothered them yet, but they hope to remedy that by spending more time with each other. Thankfully, there is no shortage of twins in the Pantheon who would love to help them connect with each other.
  • Elan stated that he had thought about taking that title away from them in his attempt to return to the Pantheon while bringing over his Evil Twin Nale with him. He was subsequently overruled by the rest of the Order of the Stick and rejected by the Court of the Gods. Regardless, he sees the girls has his best chance to see his brother again after his death at the hands of his father.
  • Dipper and Mabel sent the two their thanks for saving their world. It was a well timed Twin Switch that fooled Bill Cipher and gave them a chance to destroy the entity. While neither of their uncles are in the Pantheon as of now, the twins hope that their fellow twins could help them make that dream a reality.
  • Are amused every time triplets Huey, Duey and Louie decide to switch places with each other. Besides doing so for the fun of it, it also helped others find differences between the three that were not so easily apparent before. This helped differentiate each other even more in their latest incarnation.
  • The twins looked over various potential twins who switched with each other and discovered a potentially devastating one. Char Aznable may actually be the name of Casval Rem Deikun who switched places with the real Char who was assassinated. When the God of Chromatic Superiority was confronted with this, he replied that this was only one version of his origins. When pressed which version was the correct one, he remained coy about it before departing.
  • Clones may not be a part of their repertoire, but they noticed that Mikasa has had multiple instances of her clones mimicking her every move. Most of these clones though had tragic endings at the hands of their creators and other enemies. The twins have stated their support for the Goddess of Railguns and hoe to find some clones in the act to help them find new leases in life.
  • Made the mistake of trying to make friends with a certain duo of Hansel and Gretel. The Creepy Twins invited them over to their temple... and nearly killed their guests with their signature weapons. They are the only twins Hallie and Annie refuse to visit as a result.
  • Charlotte was delighted to bring the twins over to her home, thinking it would be the best way to learn how to take care of children. Wary of the motivations, Annie and Hallie nevertheless decided to go along with it. The first few days were a bit rough for the three, but once the twins decided to take care of things instead of enjoying her mansion, they managed to keep the house together.
  • Exclusive to Hallie:
    • When she found out found out that celebrities reside in the Pantheon as well, one of her first questions was whether Leonardo Dicaprio is in the Pantheon. The answer was sadly no and she was crushed at first. But looking into the roles he played, she managed to find the next best thing. It wasn't long before she walked into the residence of Jack Dawson. When the two saw face-to-face, there was a lot of awkward staring at her part... at least until Rose came by to snap her out of it. Embarrassed, Hallie said her goodbyes and walked away. Taken by pity, the couple agreed to let the girl visit them on occasion. To Hallie, it was a dream come true.
  • Exclusive to Annie:
    • Is what many would think of regarding Brits in general. Regardless, she has proven to be skilled in fencing and has no issues with camping in the California sun. It certainly helped when she switched places with her twin sister. She does hope that someone does manage to represent proper Brits.
  • Are also in the Twins domain in the House of Family and Relatives.

    Miguel and Tulio 
Miguel and Tulio, Co-Gods of Deity Impersonators

    Zote the Mighty 
Zote the Mighty, "Divine" Self-Proclaimed Knight ("Knight of Great Renown", The Grey Prince, Grey Prince ZoteFull title, False God Conjured by the Lonely)
Grey Prince Zote
  • Quasideity (Lesser God as Grey Prince Zote)
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Song: Main Theme feat. Zote, alternately Truth, Beauty and Hatred feat. Zote
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Self-Proclaimed Knight, Boisterous Weakling, Joke Character, Zero-Effort Boss, Fake Ultimate Hero, Looks Oddly Similar to the Knight Itself, But Acts as Its Total Opposite in Terms of Personality and Mannerisms, Small Name, Big Ego, Jerkass, Ungrateful Bastard, Butt-Monkey, Fearless Fool, Calls His Nail "Life Ender" That is Completely Incapable of Ending Lives, Fights by Swinging His Nail Around Like a Doofus, Carved His Nail by Himself at Young Age, Shellwood Nails Are Not Better At All, Associated with Number 57, Travels Alone, Self-Serving Memory, Deludes Himself Into Believing to Be Almighty, Will Attempt to Badmouth You to Others If You Beat Him
  • Domains: Pride, Weakness, Foolishness
  • Heralds: Zotelings
  • Allies: None. Zote is too much of a Jerkass to get along with, and he never seeks to form bonds or take companions.
  • Rivals: The Knight, the Ashen One (all one-sided on his part)
  • Enemies: Cirno, Glass Joe, Sans, Undyne, Punishing Bird
  • Annoys: Dan Hibiki, anyone else not in this list
  • Annoyed by: Waddle Dees (the opposite is not true), Don Quixote
  • Pitied by: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Chewed by: Ungoliant, Shelob, Drapion, THEM!, Cerberus, Zinogre, the Hellhounds, Ramon
  • Source of Concern To: Undertale deities (especially Alphys; sole exceptions are Frisk, Flowey, Napstablook and Mettaton)
  • The kingdom of Hallownest has attracted quite a plenty visitors who were interested in seeing its lush landscapes or seeking thrill of combat and glory. One of such visitors was Zote the Mighty, a Self-Proclaimed Knight of "great renown". With 'Life Ender', his trusty nail in hand he carved from shellwood at young age, he seeks to face the challenges of Hallownest and fulfill a promise he made long ago. He had vanquished thousands of enemies, and cannot be beaten, for he lacks any sorts of weaknesses...according to himself, at least. In reality, he's just a bumbling fool who always gets into all kinds of trouble and boasts about victories he never achieved. He was chewed on by Vengefly King only to get rescued by the actual Knight, who he berated for getting in between him and his prey (except in the alternate accounts that state the Knight neglected to save him, allowing the Vengefly King to eat him alive). Much later, he was trapped in the spider web in Deepnest, where he was rescued by the Knight once again and berated his savior once more for almost hitting him with his nail. And then, even more later, he was captured by the Fools in their Colosseum, forced to partake in their Gladiator Games, only to lose pathetically to the aforementioned Knight. With his pride wounded, he returned into the town of Dirtmouth, bringing "the trophy for his ultimate victory in the Colosseum of Fools" and then proceeded to badmouth the Knight to all citizens. However, nobody believed him except for a shy beetle named Bretta, who, after initially fangirling over "the White Wanderer", was quickly enarmored by "the Grey Prince" and took his words about her former idol for truth. Though the Knight did shatter her illusions in the dreamscape, prompting her to leave him, he didn't care, since, in his own mind at least, he has achieved everything he desired, and finally fulfilled his promise...said promise being a promise of glory he made to himself.
  • How did Zote the Mighty get into the Pantheon? Well, it all began when the Knight was exploring the Pantheon and noticed the fragile wall in one of the Houses. Whether it was compelled by curiosity, or some otherworldly will, or the fact that it realized that there was someone in need for help underneath, the Knight started striking the wall, damaging it so hard the wall shattered, and then entirely new temple came from the other side, with the statue of the warrior in the middle, the one slightly indentical to the Knight itself, depicting him standing in triumphal pose with a nail in his hand. Said warrior popped out through the same hole in the wall seconds later, having turned out to be stuck in the wall for the entire time. After coming to his senses, he looked at the Knight and then immediately proceeded to rip it a new one for its help.
    "Just what do you think you're doing? You almost struck me with your rusty nail, breaking that pathetic rock wall I could've destroyed by myself! And if you had, it would have been the end of you! Know this, cur. I am Zote the Mighty, a knight of great renown. Cross my path again, and you will see why they call my weapon 'Life Ender'! Now begone from my sight, lest I draw my nail and strike you down!"
    • Many deities were surprised when they discovered that Zote was stuck inside the wall in the Pantheon for a very long time, though some eventually admitted that they would've preferred him to be stuck there for a longer time, given how irritating he eventually proved himself to be. After thorough observation of his behavior, it was initially proposed to make him a divine representation of the Boisterous Weakling archetype, basing it on the fact he's absolutely pathetic in strength, yet always brags about his non-existent strength, but the title was already given to one certain ice fairy. However, it was also noted that he always refers to himself as "a knight of great renown" whenever he can, and it was established that the knight title was never officially bestowed to him by anyone, nor he can be referred as "the Knight" due to being a candidate for being the Hollow Knight, as he (most likely) isn't one of the Vessels, unlike the actual entity that bears the title of the Knight. With that in mind, he was officially bestowed upon the title of the "divine" Self-Proclaimed Knight.
  • It took him three day to realize that the Knight who saved him from the wall is actually the same Knight who he frequently had run-ins with in the past. Irritated by his presence, his rivalry with the Knight was reignited once more, and he frequently tried to make sure to discredit it whenever he can by lying to others about it being the horrible beast, or trying to steal the credit for all good deeds it did or dangerous enemies it vanquished. So far no one except few Super Gullible deities took his words for truth, as they know better than to trust someone who can't scratch even the weakest quasideity, or acts as an insufferable Jerkass. The Knight itself doesn't care for this rivalry, being an Empty Shell with no emotions, and is known to be the only one to frequently save his life whenever Zote gets into trouble, only to be scolded for one reason or another.
  • He has a set of 57 rules he lives by, which he refers to as the 'Fifty-Seven Precepts of Zote'. Their complete list can be read here. Zote himself, when not adventuring, can be seen describing his precepts near his temple to anyone who passes by, or to nobody in general, as he more often than not fails to acknowledge that nobody is listening, too deluded by his own "glory" to be aware of the lack of audience.
    • Several deities tried to point out his hypocrisy, as he often violates his own precepts, such as Precept One (Always Win Your Battles)*, Precept Fourteen (Respect Your Superiors)*, and Precept Twenty (Speak Only the Truth)*, and consequently, he violates Precept Fifty-Seven (Obey All Precepts) as well. To such accusations, Zote responded that he didn't violate these precepts, as he always wins his battles, respects his superiors, and it's just that "nobody in the Pantheon is his superior", and speaks only the truth, and what he said about the Knight is also true. Telepathic deities tried to read his mind to see does he know that he's lying, and were shocked to discover that Zote even thinks in lies. At the end, they gave up on trying to make him see the truth, seeing his mind beyond salvation, while Zote in turn believes they just fail to realize how amazing he is.
    • Because of his extremely warped cognition, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts feel pity for Zote due to how deluded he is, believing himself to be the mightiest while in truth being anything but, and always ending up in trouble because of that. However, they're not intending on changing his heart anytime soon, as he is literally not a threat to anyone except himself, is not evil at all (though he is a massive egotistic jerk), not to mention the possibility that, should they change his heart, he may end up becoming a terrified wreck once he realizes how weak he truly is and how much of a threat the world poses to him.
  • Zote is often seen challenging the Chosen Undead, the Bearer of the Curse, and the Ashen One to duels. They usually end with Zote getting his ass kicked, but it doesn't seem to deter him so much. He can also be frequently seen gnawed on by the various monsters of the Pantheon, including but not limited to: Ungoliant, Shelob, Drapion, THEM!, Cerberus, Zinogre, the Hellhounds, and Ramon. When other deities spot them in the mouth of some creature, their actions vary. Sometimes they reluctantly save his life, with the Knight being his most frequent savior, only for Zote to scold their saviors for "getting in the way between him and his prey", claiming he was not in the danger as "they dull their jaws gnawing on his indestructible body". And sometimes, they just leave him to die, as he's just not worth it, plus Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, so he always finds a way to come back. His obnoxious nature, general weakness and delusions of strength also ensured that even those who love challenge and thrill of combat and hunt would find him to be Not Worth Killing, as there will be no pleasure found in ending his life.
  • Is a frequent butt of all kinds of jokes from other deities of the Pantheon who mock him for being absolutely weak, yet still believing himself to be the strongest and unbeatable, and for the fact that his 'Life Ender' never ended not even one life. Some deities decided to test how weak is Zote by pitting him against the various deities that die from one hit or suffer from severe drawback from getting hit to see will his 'Life Ender' manage to end their lives or inflict said drawbacks. The results? No matter how hard Zote struck them with his 'Life Ender', Sonic the Hedgehog didn't lose his rings, Cuphead and Mugman didn't get a single crack, and Eryi, Zee Tee, Viridian, Born and The Kid remained completely unharmed despite the fact that they die from a single hit from everything else, proving that yes, Zote is just that weak, and his 'Life Ender' cannot end lives at all. However, as far as Zote is aware, he did manage to end their lives, and nothing would convince him otherwise.
    • Another frequent subject of mockery is the fact that Cirno, the aforementioned ice fairy that serves as a prime divine representation for the Boisterous Weakling archetype, manages to be stronger than him (or, in other words, Zote is weaker than a goddess of Boisterous Weaklings). To prove them wrong and show them that he's not a weakling, he once attempted to challenge her in hopes of beating her and establishing that he's not the weaker one. However, even though Zote managed to land an unexpected cheap shot, his 'Life Ender' completely failed to scratch or even bruise her, and Cirno simply froze him into an ice block and left him alone, as even she considered him to be a complete waste of time and powers. Zote still holds a grudge against her and constantly tries to challenge her over and over again, each time ending up getting frozen solid and left behind. Similarly, he once attempted to vanquish a group of Waddle Dees, but his weakness prevented him from even hurting them. To make matters worse for him, they misunderstood his intent and now regard him as a pushy friend and frequently "play tag" with him, much to his chagrin.
    • He once attempted to challenge Glass Joe in the battle, claiming he'll end his life with his 'Life Ender' before "that puny weakling realizes his soul just left his body". Glass Joe was initially terrified on the prospect of his threat, but accepted the challenge anyway...and breathed a massive sigh of relief upon discovering how harmless Zote actually is. Even when Zote struck him with his 'Life Ender' (into his chin, nonetheless), it didn't even hurt him, while Joe (eventually) managed to defeat Zote, making him slightly more respected and giving the deities another material for making fun of Zote, much to the latter's dismay.
    • Dan Hibiki once tried to take Zote under his wing to teach him Saikyo-ryu to "awaken Zote's true potential". Zote reluctantly accepted his offer, hoping to see what Dan has to offer. Unfortunately, Zote's pitiful skills, constant tripping and falling on his face, obnoxious attitude and blatant disrespect to his mentor ended up being too much even for Dan, resulting in the "knight of great renown" being expelled from his dojo. In response to the aftermath, Zote simply called Dan pathetic and claimed that he never needed his training anyway, as he already possesses the most powerful training there is: his 'Life Ender', combined with his "awesome nail-wielding skills".
    • Another fellow weakling to end up being in conflict with Zote was the Punishing Bird, a tiny bird that punishes others by pecking them with its beak, usually very ineffectually (though it can eventually kill its targets, unlike Zote). It all began when the Punishing Bird attempted to punish Zote by pecking on him. After Zote has had it enough with being launched around by its pecks like a ragdoll, he decided to retaliate against it by swinging at it with his trusty 'Life Ender'. It ended poorly for him, as, even though the Bird was completely unharmed by the attack, it got furious anyway and immediately chomped him down. Despite this, Zote still hasn't learned his lesson and continues to attack and provoke the Punishing Bird whenever he notices it, always meeting the same fate as the last time.
    • One of the many "weaklings" Zote tried to beat was Sans, another fellow One-Hit-Point Wonder. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Zote tries, Sans always manages to dodge his every single attack, and then leaves when he grows too bored. This angers Zote even more and makes him more determined to strike him down with his 'Life Ender', each attempt being no more successful than the last one. This makes Zote a laughingstock for every other deity who witnesses him going after Sans... but that ended when he ended up striking Toriel, who stood up to protect Sans. Though the damage he inflicted was a measly 1, given the weakness of his 'Life Ender', as well as the fact that his LOVE (Level Of ViolEnce) is 1 due to having failed to kill anything throughout his life, and Toriel was able to effortlessly launch him away, the fact that Zote managed to inflict damage at all was enough to get them worried. It is feared that, should he ever successfully strike Sans down, his 'Life Ender' might actually live up to its name, and to make matters worse, it might increase his LOVE enough to make him a threat to monsterkind. Alphys is particularly worried about him, given that she's not a fighternote , but that wouldn't matter anyway, since he would have to get past Undyne first, who is always willing to protect her and is much more threatening to Zote (though she's disappointed by the fact that Zote is not challenging at all). Frisk, Flowey, Napstablook and Mettaton, on the other hand, have nothing to fear from Zote, given that he cannot damage them at all. Flowey was particularly bewildered and amused by the fact that Zote was incapable of damaging him, a simple flower. However, he won't even bother to try and kill him, as Zote is just too pathetic to kill.
  • With Zote's ascension, it was reported that a being very similar to him in appearance had manifested in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares. This entity was a dream-born being conjured from the subconsciousness of Bretta, a shy young beetle girl who was once enarmored with real Zote's lies and imagined up a perfect, idealized version of him known as Grey Prince Zote. While still incompetent when it comes to tactics, the Grey Prince wields unimaginable strength (which grows stronger with each defeat until the 10th one), can produce massive shockwaves and spawn Zotelings, bizarre creatures that bear the resemblance to Zote himself and come in three flavors: spider-like Hopping Zotelings, fly-like Winged Zotelings, and maggot-like Volatile Zotelings. Though the Grey Prince was initially an independent entity, as it was just a figment of Bretta's imagination, Zote eventually managed to learn to take this form in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares. After all, he did manage to take the background music normally associated with the Grey Prince form, let alone sing it, so it would only be a matter of time until he would claim the form for himself as well. Undyne is particularly fond of challenging him in this form in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, finding him to be much more challenging than his real-world self (though she admits that he may be a little bit too challenging, not that she complains).
    • Similarly, the statue in his temple serves another purpose beyond just looking cool and feeding Zote's ego: a long physical contact with it transports the deity into the unique place in the dreamscape, which takes form of the empty arena, where the deity must fight countless hordes of Zotelings in the event known as "The Eternal Ordeal". The ordeal is considered won if the contestant succesfully kills 57 Zotelings, but they can continue murdering Zotes for how much they would like, and they leave only if they get killed by Zotelings (in that case they would simply wake up in reality, or, if they are thought-forms, will get transported back into their temple), or if they choose to leave on their own. Many deities who are extremely annoyed by Zote find this experience very cathartic, and due to that, they become frequent visitors of Zote's temple, if for all the wrong reasons.
  • He's very annoyed by Don Quixote, another fellow delusional Self-Proclaimed Knight. He is very quick to point out that Quixote is just a crazy man with no combat experience who would most likely get himself killed the moment he would face true dangers of the Pantheon, the dangers only he, Zote the Mighty, could vanquish with his trusty 'Life Ender'. Quixote in turn is annoyed by Zote deluding himself into being all-powerful even though the truth is that he's anything but, and that he didn't really achieve anything. So far neither party had realized the irony.
  • I am Zote the Mighty, a knight of great renown. My weapon, 'Life Ender' has struck down hundreds of foes. Begone, or you'll be next!