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Seizing and ruling ever-growing swaths of territory are this House's specialty. This sub-house takes the form of a gigantic hall showcasing vast empires and prolific rulers, similar to the Victory Wing of the House of Villainy. The denizen's temples lie between statues of themselves and other conquerors, adding to the grandeur of the house. Due to their matching principles, members of the sub-house of Tyrannical Figures often visit here and are considered honorary members.


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    Chou Chou 
Chou Chou, Goddess of Befriending the Enemy and World Conquest (The Undisputed God, The God of Creation, Undisputed God of the Universe, Chouchers, Chouey, Cream puff)
One of Chou Chou's many forms


Greater Gods

    Nicol Bolas 
Nicol Bolas, Dragon God of Multiversal Conquerors
  • Greater God (formerly Overdeity)
  • Symbol: A Gemstone floating between two horns
  • Alignment: Above Good and Evil (so he claims)
  • Portfolio: Agony Beam, Mind Rape, The Most Powerful Planeswalker, The Dreaded, Evil Overlord, Dragon Sorcerer, Xanatos Gambit, Oldest Planeswalker, Sorcerous Overlord, Mind Manipulation, Black Magic, Dimensional Traveler, Complete Monster
  • Domain: Magic; Dimensional Travel; Blue, Black, and Red Mana
  • Allies: Arael
  • Rivals: Dormammu, Alduin, Homura Akemi, Darquesse, Ganondorf, Aizen Sousuke
  • Enemies: Ajani Goldmane, Sorin Markov, Madoka Kaname, Lord Kroak, Azir, Doctor Strange, Merlin, Io, Bahamut
  • Nicol Bolas arrived inside the Pantheon when he Planeswalked into the dimension, having sensed the immense concentration of power that resided in the Pantheon. His arrival was immediately noticed by Sorin Markov, who alerted fellow deities in the Magic Pantheon to his presence.
    • Since then, Nicol Bolas has taken to studying the nature of the Pantheon and the various users of Magic within it.
  • Nicol Bolas is an immensely old and immensely powerful Planeswalker, one of the few still living from the days when Planeswalkers were powerful enough to be considered Gods, even able to create their own days. But with The Mending, Nicol Bolas lost that power and immortality he once possessed, and he set various machinations in place to reclaim that power. He hopes his plans in the Pantheon will lead to that conclusion.
  • Nicol Bolas once dared to confront Arael, desiring to know what kind of powers the Angel possessed. Unfortunately, Nicol Bolas was able to strike up an alliance with Arael (Bolas would never indulge in 'friendship'), because Nicol Bolas shared a propensity for shattering minds with but a touch with Arael.
  • Very few in the Pantheon are able to match Nicol Bolas in terms of magical power, even though his powers are not what they once were. Before the Mending, he was essentially a God within the Multiverse, able to create entire planes which he ruled, immortal, and able to use magic with effects on a Multiversal level. Now, he has lost that power with the nature of the Planeswalker spark changing, but he seeks to regain that power by any means necessary.
  • He has his eyes set on Homura Akemi, as he believes that he could steal her power to restore himself back to his past glory. As such, many of the Good-aligned deities in the Pantheon stand against him and his ambitions, particularly Madoka Kaname.
    • If not, then he can always try to take the Hogyoku from Aizen, and use it to give him immortality and restore his power. After all, such an item is more suited for his hands than a mere Soul Reaper who plays at being a God.
  • He also has rivalries against many of the powerful Evil-aligned magic users in the Pantheon, particularly Darquesse, whom he sees as a dangerous hinderance to his plans.
  • He begrudgingly acknowledges Io as being the progenitor of his own race of dragons, but that only drives Nicol Bolas' ambition to reclaim his powers not only so that he can regain his own strength, but surpass and usurp Io as well. He will have none who are above him, Dragon or otherwise.
  • He has shown an interested in in other deities who can summon creatures and spells to do their bidding through cards, as it reminds him of certain Outer Beings who play as Planeswalkers in another plane of existence.
  • He is aware of the how the Pantheon came to be, as he once hijacked a page on the Magic The Gathering site to explain the rules of the game based on his multiverse.note 
  • Can also be found in the House of Other Dimensions

    The Saint of Killers 
The Saint of Killers, God of Taking Over Heaven (The Cowboy, The Butcher of Gettysburg, William)
  • Greater God (his gun can kill mortal Overdeities)
  • Symbol: His Walker Colt revolvers laying on a pile of bodies
  • Theme Song: "Saint of Killers" by Diablo Blvd
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Kills Anything In One Shot, Nigh-Invulnerable Cowboy, Death Glare, Drawing Guns Faster Than The Eye Can See, Dual Revolvers, The Power of Hate, Rage Against the Heavens, Became Death As A Job By Satan, Killed Satan, Angels And God Himself, Took Paradise To Rest, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Person of Mass Destruction
  • Domains: Death, Bullets, Cowboys, Hatred, Conquest
  • Heralds: Jesse Custer and Tulip O'Hare.
  • Allies: Kratos, Al Simmons/Spawn, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Aleph
  • Respects: John Wayne, Lucky Luke, Jesse McCree, Erron Black, The Man With No Name, John Marston, The Lone Ranger, Most Cowboy and Wild West deities in the Pantheon, Cuphead and Mugman
  • Respected by: Lucifer(SMT), Khorne
  • Enemies: Malevolent gods (YHVH, Fused Zamasu, Darkseid, Bandos, Chakravartin, Kronika, Chuck Shurley , various devils (Dis, Lucifer(Supernatural), The Devil of Inkwell Isles, The Beast, Satan(Shin Megami Tensei)), Light Yagami, Lobo, SCP-682, Ramsay Bolton, anyone that disrespects or provokes him in his presence
  • Opposed by: Asura, Johnny Blaze (though he does respect them)
  • Disrespects: Beerus
  • Feared by: The House of Angels, Satan(South Park), Grimm
  • Complicated Relationship: All vampires and machines in the Pantheon, Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Other relationships: The Love That Moves The Stars
  • The Saint of Killers was an expert marksman who served under the Confederate Army. Though once a happy man, his family died and warmth in his heart with them. After dying he went to Hell for his deeds, but through The Power of Hate proved a better choice as the new angel of death. Rightly feared and capable of killing anything with his guns, he would learn that God had engineered his family's death to make him the Saint of Killers. This eventually led him to slaughter the Heavenly Host, kill God and rest as the new ruler of Heaven.
  • Eventually killed his version of Satan. Depending on who you ask, right after he got his new job or after quite a lot of torment. The Satan of South Park was terrified and isn't going to try and take him on. The Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous wants to complete what his counterpart failed to out of principle. The Saint of Killers is itching to permanently kill, Death Is Cheap be damned, a number of gods, starting with certain devils. There's the Beast, who boastfully mocks he will survive as the thought of him is forever, the Lucifer of Supernatural for his childish megalomania reminding him of Preacher's God, and the Arbiter Satan for potentially standing in the way of him shooting YHVH dead. Also the Devil from Cuphead, since his Devil's Job Offer and dealings remind him of his own devil.
  • Because his hate was freezing Hell, Satan whipped and flayed him to make him feel something else. Didn't work. Ramsay thought he could make it work, something so moronically evil Roose Bolton visibly facepalmed. Khorne was impressed by his sheer hatred, but the Saint doesn't want anything to do with the Chaos Gods. The Lucifer rebelling against YHVH was impressed by his tenacity and icing his very YHVH-like God. Being far removed from the stereotypical devil the Saint hates, he's neutral rather than antagonistic to the head of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Just so long as he never uses him and lets him rest, of course.
  • While the Saint of Killers isn't very sociable and would much rather resting on what used to be God's throne, he does get along with Spawn. Being damned souls and anti-heroes/anti-villains who were made to work under Hell, rebelled and fought against God and Satan, it's not a surprise. He's also friends with Frank Castle given their similar vengeful anti-hero personality driven by the unjust death of their family. The Saint respects Cuphead and Mugman for breaking out of their contract and defeating their Satan, but they don't have much of an opinion on the Saint.
  • The various grim reapers in the pantheon regard Satan and/or God making the Saint the angel of death was a stupid idea and no wonder it got them killed. Most of them aren't as intimidated as the original Angel of Death from the Preacher 'verse and don't respect him holding the position, if they have any opinions. The Saint of Killers doesn't care much about the job either. Except Grimm, who is genuinely afraid of the Saint. Then again, he's not that impressive.
  • If the Saint can kill a God (not an omnipotent one, but still), he could probably kill some of the deities in charge of death. Going after Death of the Endless is out of the question, but reapers with an ability to die? It's thought that he may be the only human capable of killing Shinigami like Ryuk, without exploiting the fact they die if violate their nature by saving human lives. If Ryuk is at all nervous, he doesn't show it. Ryuk personally considers the Saint of Killers really interesting and is fine just watching him.
  • The Saint hates YHVH for essentially being the same as God in his world. YHVH likewise put him high on his enemy's list due to what he did to God in his world, though He does consider that God pathetic for desiring love and attention while YHVH desires pure order. Then again, He believes in The Evils of Free Will mainly out of a desire to be worshipped and praised. The Saint argues that He doesn't even care about Law and is using it as a front for His narcissistic desires. Given the narrative of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, most agree with the Saint.
  • Has it out for any malevolent deity, particularly if they hide their selfishness under loftier claims. Darkseid is open about being a despot, but that's just more reason to shoot him. And given a radion bullet did him in before the New 52, the omni-deadly guns should work the same. Zamasu is in many ways worse than the God the Saint knows, however also hates said god. Not out of personal or any real moral reasons, but because Zamasu thinks mortals are hopelessly flawed he considers that God's desire for love from them to be the epitome of pathetic and ungodly.
  • Despite his claims Light Yagami isn't a god, but as far as the Saint is concerned he's not much better. Kira felt that the Death Note might be the one thing that'd be able to kill him, however he only knows his first name William. And in the comics' continuity, the Saint's name was never revealed. Not that it could work on the Saint, since the Death Note cannot affect anyone 124 years or older, and the Saint of Killers was around since the Civil War.
  • The only rules to what the Saint can't kill are beings truly exempt from mortality and beings who aren't living in the first place to be killed. Close but not total immortality may work, but certainly not what Preacher's God had when not sitting on His throne. The House of Forms of Immortality are a lot more confidant. Voldemort boasted his horcruxes let him survive(which they may, but only in the Resurrective Immortality sense), and he can just Avada Kedava for an insta-kill. Of course the Saint is a quicker shot and doesn't need to say anything to use his guns, so a conflict between them isn't going to end well for the wizard.
  • The Saint of Killers was hired by the SCP Foundation to try and get rid of SCP-682 once and for all. Predictably, he failed. Whether this is because there really is no way for 682 to die, SCP-682 is not truly alive and thus can't die by definition, or both, the Foundation is trying to figure out. Most think it's the first option and they are in denial.
  • While his twin revolvers could penetrate any shield, armor, or spell to kill almost anyone in the Pantheon (even powerhouses like Godzilla, Chuck Norris, and Saitama), the Death Is Cheap nature of the place fortunately makes it less serious than it should be. Nonetheless, most gods keep a respectful distance from the Saint. The power level to be immune is unclear, however. While some Overdeities like Jiren probably can't survive his Instant Death Bullet, others like the Hadou Gods are so overpowered they might flat out No-Sell the Saint.
  • Lobo was sent for a bounty against the Saint of Killers. The Saint's Nigh-Invulnerable status caused him to fail to kill him the first time, but because Lobo is Barred from the Afterlife even if the Instant Death Bullet bypasses his Healing Factor he cannot be put down, pantheon or not. They kept going at it until Lobo just Rage Quit. He does respect the Saint, however, since he proved so full of hate Hell could not crush him. Reminds the Main Man of how he was so violent Hell didn't want him, or any afterlife whatsoever.
  • Fortunately The Saint of Killers is most often found sleeping in his shrine and usually minds his own business. But if someone is dumb/tactless/eccentric enough to provoke or annoy him. Because he once slaughtered the entire Heavenly Host, every Angel and Fallen Angel deity in the Pantheon steers clear of him. Well, some angels think he can take him because his author's contempt for religion probably means the angels he slaughtered weren't that tough. It still ends badly for them. Whis is powerful enough to prove the Saint is Not So Invincible After All, but even with a code of non-interference bothering the Saint is a waste of both their time.
  • Curiously, all Vampires are immune to his bullets and less surprisingly machines can reboot from his guns too. Even then the Saint isn't exactly a pushover due to his Implacable Man status. This likely is down to being undead and thus killing becomes complicated. The House of Undead and Phasmata is still on eggshells with the idea of facing him.
  • He and Kratos have mutual respect for each other due to their shared Rage Against the Heavens and both being fueled by The Power of Hate. While Asura also shares these traits, he is opposed to the Saint's brutal ruthlessness. Aleph felt similarly, but will reluctantly work with him to take down evil gods like YHVH. Ghost Rider also considers him rather immoral and his Penance Star would probably do the Saint in, though given their similar backgrounds there is some understanding between the two.
  • Understandably the Saint of Killers doesn't trust any full deity, even if they're benevolent. Chuck being Evil All Along hasn't helped. Most of them keep their distance from him. The Love That Moves The Stars was the only one of them not to ignore the Saint. As the ultimate expression of Love, He was deeply disturbed to learn the Saint's God was driven by a desire for love and twisted because of it, essentially the antithesis of Him, and used the Saint for that. So there is pity for the Saint, however until he works to truly repent for his actions he can't be accepted into paradise. The Saint ignores this because he doesn't want to be pitied.
  • He gives Lelouch Lamperouge odd looks when he passes by him due to his Geass being similar to the "Voice of God" of a Preacher he knew back in his world. Also, the Saint of Killers respects most cowboy deities in the Pantheon, giving them a respectful tip of the hat as he passes them by. They find him rather scary and morally questionable, but appreciate that at least.
  • Warhead and Doomguy once blasted him with a barrage of Nukes and The BFG respectively. The cowboy's response when the dust settled;
    "Not enough gun".

Thanos, The Galactic Conqueror (Mad Titan, Great Titan, The Most Powerful Being in the Universe, Son of A'Lars, All-Father, Chins, Dione, Thanos Rex, Master, Masterlord, Overmaster, Avatar of Death, The Outcast, Genocidal Maniac, Captain Genocide (do not call him that), Perpendicular Grape in Need Of Chapstick and a Heart, Madman, Prophet, Survivor, Grimace, One Big Guy, Sire, Crapsack, Son of a Bitch)


Intermediate Gods

Alarak, God of Authority Positions Determined By Power (Highlord of the Tal'darim, (formerly) Fourth and First Ascendant)
  • Theme Song: Unity (shared with all the Protoss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but switches into Chaotic Neutral after hearing the truth about Amon and his "promises".
  • Symbol: The Tal'darim Faction logo.
  • Portfolio: Popular among the characters in LoTV, Dares to fight anyone who opposes him, Brutal Honesty, Blood Knight, Frontline General, Opposite of Artanis, Might Makes Right, Noble Demon, Extremely arrogant and cocky, Villain Respect, Only knows Violence as a solution, Betrays Ma'lash after learning of Amon's true plans, Plans on killing Amon for his lies
  • Domains: War, Brutality, Battles, Retribution.
  • Allies: Really few. Considering his Fantastic Racism, the only allies he's got are the GUAC and the Itazura Griefers (notably Lambdadelta). Khorne could be considered since he's accepted by his standards.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Artanis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jim Raynor] Nova Terra, Alexei Stukov, Sarah Kerrigan, Zargara, Tassadar and all other races in general (especially humans).
  • Worthy Opponent: Verod Rath
  • Rivals: Zeratul, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Megatron
  • Commonality Connection with: Discord, Thaal Sinestro
  • Interested in: Jack Ryan
  • Annoyed with: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Anyone who are considered Abusive Precursors comes into mind, especially The Combine and Amon, Harbinger, the Anti-Spiral, The Old Gods
  • Known as a heretic in the world of the Protoss, Alarak would betray his brothers to worship Amon, a Xel'naga who told them that he was their creator from the start. This would lead to the creation of the Tal'darim, the "heretic" faction of the Protoss. For their kind, it has a Might Makes Right mentality, where the strongest are the leaders. He rose until he was tied as most powerful with Ma'lash. However, when he heard of Amon's true motives and the lies of promise he said, this lead him to resign and ally with Artanis, with the later time allowing him to retake the Tal'darim by killing Ma'lash and taking his position after the battle. This, along with his expertise in combat plus strategy, gave him a good position in the Pantheon.
  • His arrival on the Pantheon has made Artanis proud, with him claiming that with (most) of the Protoss leaders and representatives intact, the race can finally be preserved and in peace. Alarak then questioned how long would this "peace" be kept up. This made Artanis silent, with Alarak responding this:
    Alarak: So much for this peace anyway, back to fighting for us.
    • Ironically enough, he questions the existence of the Main House and the Pantheon as a whole, giving this message as his opinion on its servitude.
    Alarak: "The Pantheon. A conflux of time and space where characters and worlds come together. Sounds like an underwhelming crossover if you ask me. I mean, are you people even trying anymore?"
  • With his extremist views, he feels no sympathy for any race, as he sees his Tal'darim being the superior warriors of the galaxy and not just the Protoss in general. This is why he highly disregards humans in every way. Just ask Jim Raynor during their first meeting.
    • However, he has some "personal" meetings with Nova Terra seeing her as a valuable asset against a certain threat known as the Defenders of Man, even more so on his "experiment" on the so-called Terrazine element. So far, he's still patiently waiting for the next test of events.
      • In which he was dissapointed and angered; just as Nova arrested the leader of the coalition, Carolina Davis, he planned to destroy her and the Defenders of Man for good, only for her and Valerian engage immediately resulting in huge casualties for the Tal'darim. This has eliminated any good relations whatsoever with the Terran Dominion, for the time being.
    • Same goes to the Zerg, the race that he has been fighting for centuries. While Sarah may have switched into the side of good along with Zagara and Alexei, he still doesn't care. So long as one is a zerg, then he'll consider them at watch.
    • It has been discovered though that his "hatred" for Jim Raynor could be because of this incident. He has since been angry when mentioning this because a.) Raynor is an idiot and b.) His stupidity costed a mothership on his part.
  • His race is known for having huge fights against each other, that most people would think of such as completely immoral. One can argue that the Tal'darim are similar to the Orks (minus the unethical language and tech), with Alarak being compared to Warboss Ghazghkull among all people.
    Ghazghkull: Oy, ain't you a tough xeno now ar ya? Let's go for a fist fite, grot!
    • On the other hand, the Emperor has commented that him and his race are oddly similar to the Dark Eldar. This comment made him completely baffled considering that he compared a race filled with strong, fighting warriors to lustful, culturistic-driven xenos.
  • Apparently, his views on his other Protoss brethren are more or less negative, either too boring or underwhelming in his one eyes. For instance, he finds Tassadar's position as Saviour of the Templar to be pretty disappointing on his eyes. He sees his sacrifice to be pitiful, stating that real Protoss are supposed to fight and live another day, rather than being sacrificial lambs.
    Alarak: You know, I'm starting to wonder if your sacrifice introduced us to being suicidal Protoss.
    • On the other hand, Zeratul for him is nothing more than a word-reading templar since his opinions on the Templar nowadays are rather negative for that matter. His main concern for templars like him, attempting to bore him to death with words.
    Alarak: A Templar? I see. Perhaps you can talk our enemy to death.
  • If you haven't noticed it by now, he's a big dick. Almost all the time, he either berates anyone for even the tiniest of failures or constantly mocks the person who did the least amount of effort on the battle. Worse, once he loses and he retreats, he blames everyone for their loss.
    Alarak: I must leave, and I blame this failure upon you.
    • He's also a sadist by the way, for if one ally near him would perish, his sadism increases and gives him a battle boost. For this, plus the huge dick attitude of his, made him have less allies compared to his other Protoss bretheren.
    • This however landed him into the ranks of the Itazura Griefers, with special thanks to Lambdadelta who introduced and instated him into the group. She finds his his trollish attitude worth the invitation and would help in terms of new trolling sessions with the rest. That said, he is still the most unlikeable member of the entire roster.
    • On the other hand, this got him also recruited into the GUAC for his mighty philosophy with his race. Lucifer has taken consideration to make Alarak their commander for the Morningstar Battalion, as he sees his fighting prowess and strategical expereince to be worth the invite. But that suggestion got shot down after going closer to the cultures of the Tal'darim. Instead, he placed him on the Chaos Brigade, the place where his race are compatible with. He has accepted it but on one condition: he gets to challenge a whole bunch of his army for his amusement.
  • With his encounter with Amon, he has no tolerance to any Abusive Precursors around the Pantheon, regardless of their agendas. Among those on top of his list, the Combine is on the highest of his kill list. So far as to team up with Gordon Freeman, and by extension, the Vortiguants to extinguish the menance. However, if anything goes wrong, he's going to abandon both parties unless he gathers a backup plan. The only thing thats giving him his worries is Amon's inevitable ascension.
    • With his "meeting" with the Anti-Spiral, he has also pledged to kill the same entity, but not without help. After talking with Team Dai-Gurren, he's ready to extinguish another menance. The problem is exactly when can they strike him down.
    • Another entity (or entities for that matter) he met and vowed to destroy are the Old Gods. Seeing them as creatures to be almost far worse than Amon himself, he has also pledged his "alliance" with most of the inhabitants of Azeroth. Ironically though, most of them questioned Alarak's position as N'Zoth's Corruptor Herald. He's confused about this revelation and isn't proud if it.
    • In terms of similarities, this is why he and Sinestro get along very well. For instance, both were pawns of a powerful entity that they sought to kill, both have a Social Darwinist mindset and both employ fear into the hearts of their enemies. Said similarities also has the latter giving him a Yellow Lantern Ring as a gift, with pleasing results.
  • For some reason, he gets a weird feeling everytime he's around Discord. The wyrm also has a weird connection with him too. Maybe it has something to do with either their attitudes or their voices. Then theres also the fact that, one of his attacks is named "Discord Strike".
  • Just as he was searching for worthy opponents, he found one by the name of Verod Rath. Impressed by his fighting style, huge arsenal of swords and affinity with the red and black color, he finds him to be the true worthy opponent. He also likes the fact that both of them are Blood Knights.
    Alarak: Face me, Jennerit Warrior! Your presence enlightens my prowess.
    • He also got into a heavy fight with Megatron after hearing of his mindset being similar to his race's own. Sadly, it almost ended badly for him, since he didn't hurt the Decepticon that easily, and that he would have almost squashed him, if it was not for the intervention of his fellow Protoss bretheren.
    • Khorne has also approved his skills, and sees his presence to be worth the power of the Blood God. He has yet to reply due to his oddity to his "race".
  • Has been watching Jack Ryan just as he ascended. No one has an idea why he would observe him, but if anything said about the Terrazine is true, he might be seeking ADAM as an alternative to new power. Time will tell if he succeeds.
  • "I am Alarak, First Ascendant of the Tal'darim."

    Emperor Mateus 
Emperor Mateus, God of Taking Over The Afterlife (The Emperor, Emperor of Hell, Emperor of Heaven, Trap Master, Nameless Despot)
As the Emperor of Hell 
As the Emperor of Heaven 
  • Theme Song: Battle Scene II
  • Intermediate God, Greater God as the Emperor of Hell and the Emperor of Heaven
  • Symbol: The staff by which he rules.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Heralds: The still-loyal citizens of Palamecia and The forces of Pandemonium
  • Portfolio: The Emperor, later God-Emperor, Usurping the thrones of Hell and Heaven by means of his own death, Trap based magics, Starfall, godly imagery and mentality, Faux Affably Evil, Clever strategist, Pure evil, Only called by his title, Not taking any chances, Doesn't have any faith in humanity, Soul split into his dark and light half
  • Domains: Godhood, Empires, Rule, Heaven, Hell.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Firion, All the other good-aligned Final Fantasy deities, Golbez, Kuja, Jecht, Tidus, Mori Motonari, David Xanatos, Lelouch vi Britannia, Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, Laharl, The Seven Mortal Sins, Black Mage Evilwizardington, The Saint of Killers, The Night Raid,Zamasu
  • Rivals: Melkor, YHVH, All those who have leadership over an afterlife
  • Some people are born with a rare unbidden ambition, one that pushes them to reach higher and higher for all of their life, and even beyond. The Emperor of the nation of Palamecia was one such soul who sought to control the whole world, even enlisting the help of the Legions of Hell to conquer it. His campaign of domination was nearly unstoppable, which eventually resulted in the sole resistance being the Wild Rose Rebellion, formed from the remnant of the conquered kingdom of Flynn. Though things seemed utterly hopeless, they nonetheless managed to finally kill the tyrant... But death couldn't stop his desire. Upon his passing, his soul was split into a 'dark' half, which went to Hell, and a 'light' half, which went to Heaven. Each promptly conquered their respective afterlives, deposing the dark and light forces. After which, the Emperor of Hell returned to the mortal realm with his demonic forces to lay waste to it, only to be defeated by the same heroes who killed him. At the same time, the Emperor of Heaven called upon the souls of those his empire had killed to try to convince them to forgive him, only for those same souls to rise up and slay him. Thus was his evil finally over, or so it was thought.
  • The Emperor, in a state where both parts of his souls were brought back together, was one of the many warriors called upon by Lord Chaos to act as his servants in an unending cycle of battles, which the ambitious human had accepted only with the goal to take control of both his lord's forces and that of their nemesis, Cosmos. While he failed in that and died once more, Chaos once more called upon him in the Pantheon, even managing to get him the title of those who conquer afterlives. The Emperor's ascension was merely the beginning. Upon learning that there were so many seats of power above the thrones he had taken for himself in his own world and that they were involved in a Forever War that spread across the whole Pantheon, he had decided to extends his original plans and to eventually find a way to usurp the thrones of all of the Great Alliances, so that he can become ruler of all that exists.
  • Since Firion is the hero who has slain him twice, it goes without saying that Emperor absolutely despises him and wishes for nothing less than his complete destruction, and it isn't helped by the fact that the rebel hero carry the Blood Sword, a weapon which can effortlessly destroy even the Emperor's mightier forms. The sentiment is very much reciprocated as Firion is filled with rage towards the despot for all the suffering he brought to his friends and the rest of the world. And so, the two are once more staunch archenemies, and the rest of the heroic Final Fantasy have likewise followed the Salamand native in opposing the emperor, especially since a good number of them already were his enemies when they were serving under Cosmos.
  • Initially, The Emperor once more worked alongside other Final Fantasy villains under the god Chaos, though he naturally planned to betray them just as he did back when they first fought together. However, this alliance was quickly undermined when Kuja and Golbez ended up leaving the forces of evil and joining up with good. This act quickly irked the Emperor, who swore that he would have the heads of the two traitors for this. And there is tension even amongst those who remained on Chaos's side, as he despises Exdeath and Kefka for their plans to destroy the world, leaving nothing for him to rule. Still, he acknowledges their powers and so tries to remain on their good sides so that he can use them wisely.
    • Another 'traitor' he's been targeting is Jecht, and the animosity is very reciprocated in this case, as the Emperor is the one who brainwashed him to the side of Chaos in the first place. By extension, he also is hated by the former blitzball champion's son, Tidus, who also used to fight for Chaos. The despot couldn't care less that his dirty deeds tore their family even further apart, he just hates the thought of losing pawns.
    • Naturally, this meant that he was by extension serving under Melkor in the Grand United Alliance of Evil. However, this changed when he was approached by Darkseid, who sought to recruit the Emperor's cunning and power for the Harbingers of Repression after hearing about his conquests. Seeing that Darkseid's ideal of a dystopia appealed to him much more than Melkor's spiteful evil, the mage monarch accepted the offer to join. Though he kept his ties with Chaos and, as always, he fully plans on finding a way to bring down Darkseid and become the new God of Tyranny.
  • In the Pantheon, The Emperor can split himself into his Emperor of Hell and his Emperor of Heaven halves. While they're both the same egotistical tyrant in the end, his 'dark half' is more openly misanthropic and primarily focuses on laying waste to the world and destroying everything on it, bringing him closer to the ideals of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, and the 'light half' casts himself as a higher and benevolent being, who offers salvation and blessings to wicked humanity, which allowed him to more easily approach the similarly conceited members of the Grand United Alliance of Law. Yet despite those differences, the two have no problem working with one another. In fact, their differing personalities are part of a ploy by the Emperor to take the thrones of the Alliances they're respectively closer to, then unite them to conquer the rest of the Pantheon. Yet both Melkor and YHVH are heard about his exploits, and so are justifiably wary around any of his selves.
    • Hearing of an Heart that was pure evil, even after being purged of its darkness, heavily interested Master Xehanort and his other selves, and the old Keyblade master has approached the Emperor to study it. While the despot doesn't care much for his ultimate goal of purging darkness from people's hearts, he did grow interested in how Xehanort deliberately splitting himself into his Heartless and Nobody to accomplish his plans was much similar to his own successes with his two halves. As such, he has welcomed the latter's attempt to investigate him, and even has been trying to get advice on using time travel to possibly split himself furthermore so that he can have a 'representative' for each alliance. Additionally, since the Emperor of Hell is his incarnated darkness, he can control the Heartless without any dangers, something which he eagerly takes advantage of.
    • Naturally, a good number of deities are horrified by the fact that the Emperor is so nefarious that even his 'good' side is pure evil. On the other hand, Vanitas find the fact that his darkness and light are as evil as the other hilarious and is glad to work with the tyrant on his scheme, something was helped by his tie to Xehanort. However, the three can't help but wonder if the union of his split halves could possibly invoke the X-Blade, something which they are all eager to find out.
  • The Emperor has proven himself to be an expert schemer and in fact was the primary brain behind the Warriors of Chaos during the Dissidia conflict, and in fact was the one that came up with their overall plan. He's also completely relentless in his schemes and seldom gives any chance to his enemies, as was proven by his conquest of the world. Of course, any advice he offers is tainted by the fact that he plans to betray any authorities so that he can be the one to stands above all. He's naturally wary around the likes of Motonari or David Xanatos. Though he refuses to admit anyone could possess a greater mind than his own, he is wise enough to make plans that would protect himself against them. Another deity he has grown wary of is Lelouch vi Brittania, especially after hearing that the young man managed to utterly destroy an empire that had ruled over a great part of the world for a century. Lelouch himself despises the Emperor for reminding him of the worst excesses of Brittania, and so the two have been making their own plans on how to eventually dispose of the other.
  • A lot of deities have noted that he looks very much like the legendary singer David Bowie, and more than a few of them confused the two on occasion. While the Emperor doesn't have much of an opinion on music or on Bowie himself, the fact that he could be likened to a powerless mere mortal like him anger the prideful despot. Anyone who calls him by that name is bound to get into all sorts of trouble with traps later on.
    • He also flipped off when Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black and Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White mistook him as a reincarnated Pissard, who, you guessed it, looked like David Bowie. The battle raged for a long time and by the end of it, The Emperor has come to hate the two magical girls. As for the two of them, while they did recognize that he wasn't actually Pissard after all, they still staunchly oppose his ambitious and tyrannical way.
    • This resemblance to Bowie also got him comparisons to Jareth, especially when it comes to the way they dress. The Emperor, for his part, grew fascinated by the Goblin King's labyrinth and how he can change every facet of it on a whim. And so, the despot decided to strike an agreement with him so that he can study his labyrinth in the hope of modifying Pandemonium and Arubboth so that he can have an equivalent mastership of them. In exchange, he has been teaching some of his spells to the fairy-like being.
  • For a very long time, nobody knew his actual name, as he felt no need to be known by anything lesser than the title that shows his eventual rulership over all. An alternate telling of his tale gave him the name Mateus, but this story also showed him as completely manipulated by Satan and never managing to conquer Hell for himself. Naturally, the arrogant monarch absolutely despised something that made him look like a pawn and so refused to acknowledge it. But it eventually turned out during the wars between Chaos and Cosmos that Mateus was actually his name, though he still never use it.
  • Quite naturally, he has been planning on taking over other afterlives, of which there are many tied to the various gods of the Pantheon. Upon learning about how Laharl managed to become Overlord of his Netherworld by simple martial might, as did Lucifer of the Seven Mortal Sins with Hell, he has been making plans to defeat them and take their realms for their own. Both have already heard of the guy's reputation and are naturally quite against this, which means they're fully preparing themselves to fight him eventually. He thinks of the Hell that the Helltaker visited as quite an easy target, since its greatest demons were easily recruited into a mortal man's harem for pancakes of all things. Yet, unexpectedly, he has shown nothing but courtesy towards the visiting angel Azazel, who was fascinated by the thought of a mortal sinful enough to conquer Hell. He seems more than happy to answer all of her questions and to guide her. In truth, he has learned about she grew powerful enough to take over the place herself in an alternate timeline, and so has decided to deliberately guide her along that part so that he can have a powerful ally.
    • There are others in the Pantheon who accomplished the feat of taking over an afterlife. The psychotic adventurer known as Black Mage managed to take over Hell due to his immense evil, but any thoughts in the Emperor's mind about a possible alliance of convenience were quickly squashed by the mage's stupidly destructive impulses. And so, the despot has designated him as a threat to simply eliminate. Upon learning about how the Saint of Killers took over both Hell and Heaven yet had no interest in ruling himself, he had tried to coax him into his services. He was quickly shot down quite literally by the Saint, who pointed out he was no better than the version of God from his world.
  • Quite naturally, his despotic ways have earned him the ire of other freedom fighters such as The Night Raid, who swore that they would remove his evil forever. The Emperor would scoff at this, but his experiences with the Wild Rose had taught him very well that even such paltry resistance shouldn't be underestimated, and so he has been planning on how to dispose of the assassins.
  • Upon hearing about how a mere mortal usurped the divine positions, Zamasu immediately went ballistics and swore that he would destroy the Emperor and every last one of his accomplishments from reality for the sins of tainting the realm of the gods with mortal wickedness. The despot just laughed at his face, unimpressed by the usual hypocrisy of the Supreme Kai who betrayed his own divine master before exterminating every other deity, then pointed out that they both want to be masters of everything, he's just honest about it.
    • On the other spectrum of tyrannical divinities, the God of Control Yaoldaboth became interested in The Emperor, both because he himself usurped the divinely-appointed role of Igor and because he very much approves of a single empire where free thought is forbidden controlling the entire world. And so, he has approached the mage to offer an alliance, adding that should the latter somehow manage his plans to take over the Pantheon, he would be glad to help him make a world of perfect order. Having very little objections with that as long as he's on top of everything, Mateus accepted.
  • For some time, his plans had been interfered with by members of the Rebel Alliance, who seemed to confuse his activities with that of a man that is also mainly called The Emperor. Curious about this coincidence, Mateus went to meet with Sheev Palpatine, the fellow despot in question. Upon talking to each other, the two quickly became interested in each other plans for total rule and immortality respectively. They rapidly decided to ally together so that their empires can form an unified font, though they naturally both are planning to backstab each other eventually.

    Sima Yi 
Sima Yi (style name: Zhongda), God of Unexpected Victors (The Virtuoso With Hidden Ambition, The Ruler of The Jin Kingdom, Rider/Reines El-Melloi Archisorte)
  • Theme Song: The Patient Conqueror
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Seal of The Jin Kingdom
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (With shades of Lawful Evil), True Neutral as Rider
  • Portfolio: What he started out as, Evil Laugh, Gives these out constantly, Quick to shut fools up, The Strategist, The Unfettered, Treacherous Advisor
  • Domains: Retirement, Strategy, Strength, Ambition, Wisdom, Ruling
  • Heralds: Zhang Chunhua (his wife), and the rest of the kingdom of Jin.
  • Allies: Sima Shi, Master Li, Victor Von Doom, Gilgamesh, Gracia.
  • Rivals: Cao Cao, Date Masamune
  • Enemies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, Sun Ce, Lu Bu
  • Sima Yi is one of the most skilled Strategists of China, Originally was apart of Wei until he decided to form his own Kingdom of Jin, Despite the stronger forces of Shu, Wu, and Wei he and his followers were able to eventually overcome them all and be the ones to win The War of The Three Kingdoms.
    • Sima Yi does not know this is what happened at this point and members are going out of their way to make sure that Sima Yi does not find out the fact as to not boost his already large ego.
  • Sima Yi in the Asian scripts, has a mystical motif for his weapon names. In his case, the Qiongqi of the Four Fiends is often referenced due to in one of his strongest weapons, most likely as a foil to his rival Zhuge Liang's motif for the Zhuque/Suzaku (in nod to the location of the Shu Kingdom), and he also has a weapon named after the Suanxing, as not-as-well-known beast that conflicts with the Qinglong/Seiryuu motif in one of the Sleeping Dragon's other weapons. Needless to say, this makes others be even more weary of him due to such motifs.
  • Then he let his sons take over as he decided to retire due to old age, but others say he was forced to retire in some adaptations.
  • Even in The Pantheon he treats it like a place to continue retirement and often lounges around eating Meat Buns and speaking with other people that he considers not completely foolish.
  • Though some have decided to keep an eye on him, some worry that his sudden appearance in the Pantheon is a sign that his ambition is reaching further than the three kingdoms, when the other villains start using suddenly very intelligent strategies it starts putting it all under question.
    • Nowadays, he doesn't seem to associate himself as much with such people, instead actually coming up with ideas and laws to regulate the land to be a better place. However, people won't often let Sima Yi forget the fact he used to be quite the smug asshole (especially with many other portrayals of him), especially during the early years of the war against Orochi. However, people say that he would be no different from Cao Cao in that both of them don't believe in pure birthright traditions without the raw talents and pure wit to back it up, hence both Sima Zhongda and Cao Mengde have been very careful about selecting the right people for the jobs in question.
      • On the topic of betrayal, even in a certain game series called Knights of Valour via its third installment, he even decided to betray the Wei kingdom to serve as a boss for an alternate mystical force. People have often noted him in that series to have pitched laughter while wielding a skull-scepter. Sima Yi himself isn't amused.
  • He has a habit of manically laughing when he is about to achieve something, it seems to be a Sima-family thing as all of them have done it at least once (only Shi). Though in Knights of Valour, people note that his laughter is a bit more high-pitched like a crazy magician of some sort (don't say that to Yi himself of course).
    • Sima Shi in The House of Food can agree to this. On that note Sima Yi is unhappy with his son's position and thinks he deserves more but understands that Meat Buns should be protected and enjoyed.
  • He also has a habit of calling anyone he doesn't like (which is almost everyone) fools and imbeciles. He has an ego that makes him believe that he is one of the few intelligent enough to understand how to run anything and that besides his family and Cao Cao, he will call everyone that whether they like it or not.
    • He is surprised to see Date Masamune in the Pantheon is different from from the one he remembers while even sharing Xiahou Dun's voice. Even to go so far as to call him an even bigger fool then the one he remembers. Though their rivalry has caused Masamune to call Yi and others "Imbeciles" as well from time to time much his annoyance and Sima Yi's amusement.
  • Does not like it when others talk about helping the world through idealism, this is the reason he is not fond of Liu Bei and The Shu Kingdom.
    "Benevolence!? You imbecile! Who wants to live in a world based on flimsy idealistic garbage?!"
    • Ironically, Liu Bei himself agrees he is no different from an imperfect image that Sima Yi despises, since their historical-selves have been recently brought into question.
      • Also does not like it when people bring about the myth that his head can turn around 180 degrees. Many people very close to him will rather you don't snap Sima Zhongda's neck, thank you. Even his supposed rival Zhuge Liang logically dismisses such a myth.
    "Lord Kongming! Is it true that Sima Zhongda can turn his head around 180 degrees...?! Like an owl?!"
    Zhuge Liang: *Chuckles and laughs lightly for a small while, then puts down fan* ""
  • Despite him being in retirement he doesn't like to be told that he is doing so because he is "Old and Unwanted" as he will talk down and verbally destroy someone then physically destroy someone with his array of weaponry.
  • Doesn't like being compared to Lancelot, even if he sounds like him. This ironically enough, also applies to his son, Sima Shi, as well as the aforementioned Orochi and even Chosokabe Motochika (the one from their universe anyway).
    • Also annoyed at being compared to Aizen as he finds him boring, even if they also sound alike.
      • He's also curious if that he wonders if his son Shi will share his soon-to-be-acquired secrets from Toriko in order to make their meat buns quite tastier than before.
  • As much as he'd try to enjoy calling out Sun Ce's hot descendant Sonsaku Hakufu as an "imbecile", Sima Yi instead avoids the hell out of her. Because one moment she'd speak (and she does quite a bit...) he just gets reminded of that wife of his that he feared.
  • Whatever you do, if you're on his side, best not to mention something about dikes in front of him. It generates a very awkwardly hilarious response.
    *Recently* A DIKE?! NOOOOOO!!! CURSE IT ALL TO HELL! *grumbles*
  • People say that he was the heir of a martial arts school called "Dragon Claws of the Western Mountain". Sima Yi denies claims over this 'school' because to his knowledge, there's nothing 'interesting' about 'grabbing and squeezing someone else's balls'. Though he has to admit, it would be a fearsome name.
  • He feels annoyed in that people recall that dumb proverb regarding his style name ("A dead Zhuge Liang scares away a living Zhongda").
    • Fears the day that Zhuge Kongming will possibly ascend towards the pantheon, but it's mainly out of the overblown myths that surround him. "I'm the smarter one historically at the end of the day, dammit! Where's Chen Shou when I need him?!" However, he seems to somewhat get along with Zhuge Liang's Koihime version, Zhuli/Shuri, despite being harsh to her initially.
      • Unfortunately for Sima Yi, Zhuge Liang eventually sent him not a set of female's clothing (since that didn't end up remotely provoking Sima Yi at all in the original novel), but a letter and decisive proofs from Sun Tzu that Chen Shou himself was more partial between the two, and those things that decried Zhuge Liang's myth and overblown superiority came from a realm that seemed to have hots on his Dynasty and Wei's while hating Shu or what was considered 'overrated' by them thanks to Luo Guanzhong, Zhuge Liang being one of them, and resorted to whitewash the hell out of his side. Contrary to what people expected, Sima Yi was furious, he didn't want to win over Zhuge Liang with the help of a hypocritical claim, like the one he spotted on those who spout 'benevolence'. Not to mention that finally reminded him about those days Zhuge Liang stalled his massive force when he had minimum forces, which also happened, according to Chen Shou. He replied back that he wouldn't mind joining forces with Zhuge Liang if it means teaching these imbeciles a lesson, but warns him that after those are done, it's back to them being enemies once again if it must.
    Sima Yi: "This rivalry between us is awkward at best....but it's too late now to turn back. I've had to handle plenty of detractors during my historical life, so this is something I should naturally be prepared for."
  • He has recently reeled in a Spear Counterpart of himself, Shiba'i Chuutatsu, as she was a rather smug asshole and it reminded him of his old days of being a smug asshole. Sima Yi has been teaching her how to be a competent strategist and looking respectable while being smug. Though he also wonders if there will be a Koihime Musou version of himself one day...
  • Recently, there's a drama adaptation that greatly humanizes him to be someone quite loyal to his state despite being initially someone who wanted to politically protect himself and his family (and portrayed by a notable Chinese actor to top it off). It makes people wonder how much stress he actually went through with all the drama between his fellow council members within the Wei state, as well as him recalling the times he's managed to try his best to help the common people over their struggles during those times as well (historically, that is). Regardless, Sima Yi has stated that the common people should not get caught in the crossfire of his scuffles, period.
    • On a side note, during the one time Sima Yi was there to witness Xiahou Dun's natural death, via the latter's adamant mindset, Zhongda himself cried out "Xiahou're such a pain in the ass!" while weeping for his death. Xiahou Dun himself seems to understand what Sima Yi was getting at due to their state starting to undergo some major changes that should've been accepted. Sima Yi bears nothing against the versions of Cao Zhen and Cao Hong from that said drama, but any version of Cao Shuang is still a number one zero-percent-approval target in his book since he was pretty much one of the reasons the Wei court was going to hell unless someone did something about it. Yet regardless, he was quite upset that even though the current version of his youngest son Zhao was someone who wasn't often motivated, at least he wasn't someone who was constantly trying to screw over people with political scheming much more excessively than he himself would in that drama's second season.
      • Zhuge Liang has expressed being actually genuine in trying to talk to him how to politically resolve issues if only they weren't spurred by their personal destinies. Sima Yi once again scoffs at the idea, but also brings up the fact that "at least in that drama, I completely owned up to wearing the women's clothing you sent me as a taunt; your face in reaction to me unfazing stance was priceless."
        "And you should've seen the look on your face when I also survived that valley trap."
  • Thanks to that aforementioned drama, Sima Yi is nowadays somehow often seen with a pet turtle named "Far Too Anxious", via a Chinese proverb (心猿意馬). God save you if you dare claim that you killed it on purpose.
  • Sometime later, he showed up as a Heroic Servant of the Rider Class using the body of the Magus Reines Archisorte in order to once again challenge his rival possessing the body of Waver Velvet.

    Sun Ce 
Sun Ce (style name: Bofu), God of Young-Aged Conquest (Little Conqueror, Sonsaku Hakufu)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The flag of the Wu army, in the center of a tiger head.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded, Eagerness of Combat, Conquering Large Areas In Young Age, Attracting Opposites For Close Buds, Warrior Prince, Dual Tonfas
  • Domains: Conquest, Combat, War
  • Heralds: Zhou Yu (his best friend), Daqiao and Xiaoqiao (his wife and his sister-in-law).
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Sonsaku Hakufu, Zaraki Kenpachi, Talim, Date Masamune, Litchi Faye-Ling. Amane Nishiki, Makoto Nanaya
  • Rivals: Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Lu Bu
  • Enemies: CATS, Shao Kahn, a lot of evil Gods of Magic
  • Ascended on the recommendation of Alexander the Great, who, upon seeing the Three Kingdoms warlords gathering, and there's no representatives of the last kingdom, Wu. With Sun Ce's record of conquering Wu in such a young age, and his epithet, he's quickly accepted.
  • When he met his 'high school hot girl counterpart', Sonsaku Hakufu, Sun Ce was extremely surprised that he will have an uber hot descendant. But, he'll refrain from hitting her, Sun Ce is still pretty loyal to his wife Daqiao. That, and he sometimes wished his Hakufu-counterpart wasn't rushing into trouble a lot since Sun Ce at least had some level-headed approaches.
    • That being said, he's still a little miffed when he heard about Cao Cao one day trying to include his wife in his harem. He didn't live long enough to hear that back then, though Cao Cao himself is annoyed at how overblown the myth is, while Sun Ce is shrugging as he notices the warlord always slipping away at the mere mention of "The two Qiaos are here!"
    • On the other hand, when he heard about Hakufu's tales in life, Sun Ce was actually surprised on one thing. Maybe he didn't live long enough to see this guy, but one of his brother's latter officers, Gan Ning, was told to be actually a psychopathic ruthless bastard, much like what Hakufu encountered. It was actually something that was taken out of the pages of history. Regardless, Sun Ce actually gave Gan Ning a break, he was pretty sure he'd know and this whole Lovable Rogue/Pirate thing was a mean to atone for such indecent life. Gan Ning himself recalling times of what Lu Meng's mother did for him, was feeling grateful once more.
      • Regarding history, fellow gods were quite surprised in that Sun Bofu himself had some solid ways of dealing with rival warlords with some rather impressive tactics. He may hide a lot more inside of his head than one thinks...
      • In regards to Hakufu, another female counterpart of his named Xuelian/Sheren tends to be freaking him out in that she's in a homosexual relationship with that universe's version of Zhou Yu named Minglin/Meirin. Sun Ce has stated outright in that he does not roll that way for his best friend.
  • He actually had a lot of blast when visiting various Gods from BlazBlue. He's quick friends with Makoto Nanaya for their tonfa combat, nearly mistook Litchi Faye-Ling as the bodyguard of his brother Sun Quan, and once the mistake was straightened out, Sun Ce befriended her and not exactly one to condemn her for her decision. And lastly, on meeting Amane Nishiki, Sun Ce had a deja vu, not only on the similarity of their voices, he thought Amane was the second coming of his sworn brother Zhou Yu. Though Amane's not into strategy (especially the historical Sun Ce's way of thinking), Sun Ce respects him.
  • Once got into a fight with this verse's Date Masamune, who had a lot more in common with him than the one he met in his original world. Sun Ce actually had a lot of fun with this guy, seeing that this Masamune isn't one to worship Orochi. He finds it odd he also shares Xiahou Dun's voice.
  • He's not exactly one to make a lot of enemies, he usually refers them as 'rivals', 'sparring partners', etc. But he'll make exception to Shao Kahn, who he realizes as a threat of every living beings and swore to stop him at all costs. This is different from how Alexander, his 'senior', viewed Kahn.
  • Meeting his brother-in-law Liu Bei has been a bit of an awkward encounter, given Liu Bei's actions following the Battle of Fan Castle. However, after hearing both sides of the story, Ce assured him that he doesn't hold his actions against him, as Ce probably would have acted similarly upon losing one of his sworn brothers as well. That, and while Liu Bei was very infamous for how his historical-self was, the Liu Bei before him right now has changed and will change for the better.
    • Now that his ascension has put the Wu Kingdom into the Pantheon, the Three Kingdoms are now ready to resume their battle. However, the change in setting has made their fight much larger than it used to be. For this reason, Ce has been recruiting prospective warriors into his ranks, as well as trying to get more of his comrades to ascend. With any luck, he can eclipse his old title of "The Little Conqueror", or perhaps he can merely have the three kingdoms join forces for more common threats instead.
      • However, in terms of his brother-in-law relations, having two-new-sworn-brothers-in-law, his wife, and two other two siblings-in-law....his father Sun Jian is going to have a lot on his plate. Sun Ce can do nothing but rub the back of his head with little words to move the mood.
      • Also, he FORBIDS Sun Quan to go drinking with Zhang Fei; the former in historical records is a nasty drunk while the latter's only a drunk in his current + fictional portrayal; Sun Ce has been getting both Zhou Tai and Xingcai's help in trying to get rid of all the wine around them so they won't drunkenly-destroy stuff like crazy.
      • This also applies to Cao Cao's middle son, Cao Zhi, as well. Sun Ce upon realizing they have a third crazy drunkard to deal with has started working on countermeasures right away, all while swearing at the realization. Those three younger siblings in the end, are sure a lot of work.
  • It took time for him to get a little more comfortable towards the good people in the House of Magic, but he does get rather wary against them, considering the last time he got paranoid over this magician called Gan/Yu Ji caused his untimely death. But if said magician is evil, deep down he's kinda glad that he can strike without holding back (ESPECIALLY the Koihime version). And there's a whole bunch of them.
    • However, part of Sun Ce feels a little guilty in that it was possible that his more popular novel portrayal was merely prejudice towards such myths that opposed his people's trust in him.

Talion, God of Storming Castles (Talion of Gondor, Gravewalker, Tark, the Ranger, the Bright Lord, Paindealer, Deathless One, The Ranger from the Black Gate, Dark Talion, Lord of Minas Morgul, the Ninth Nazgûl)
Talion as a human
Talion resurrected as a wraith 
Dark Talion 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God with a Ring of Power
  • Symbol: The broken hilt of a sword, Acharn
  • Theme Song: "Fires of War"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Evil as a Nazgûl
  • Portfolio: Attacking and taking over fortresses of the Dark Lord, Wielding spectral powers thanks to the Wraith, Being a good man despite having sinister, dark powers, Seeing his wife and son killed in front of him and wanting to join them, Being banished from death, The Chessmaster, Fighting along side his army, Turning Orcs to his side, Keeping his son's broken sword, Being forced to take a Isildur's ring, Becoming a Ringwraith, Resisting Sauron's forces from invading Middle-Earth for many years, Falling to corruption, Being free of Sauron's darkness at the last moments of his life, Died Happily Ever After
  • Domains: Anti-Heroism, Warfare, Revival, Bow and Sword, Brainwashing, Dark Sorcery, Necromancy
  • Heralds: Eltariel and Baranor
  • Allies: King Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Shelob, Asura, Link
  • Enemies: Sauron, Melkor, The Witch-king of Angmar, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Ganondorf, Dracula, Zant
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: All good Orc deities in the Pantheon, Legolas, Lord Elrond, Lor'themar Theron, Smeagol/Gollum
  • Opposed By: Eddard Stark
  • Feared by: All evil Orc deities in the Pantheon
  • One mysterious day, around the time of the ascension of the Witch-king, Talion found himself wandering around the Pantheon, looking quite lost. Looking into his situation, the Court of Pantheon were very much impressed with the feats in his journey, specially the amount of fortresses he's managed to take down and conquer that belonged the Dark Lord of Mordor himself. And with some arrangements, he was officially ascended into the Pantheon.
  • Through his actions in his series, Talion has shown to be one of the most dangerous foes one could face in all of the Pantheon, seeing that as he not only grew in power to the point of outright rivaling Sauron himself, but has also fought and defeated some of the Nazgûl one on one in a fight, single-handedly reclaimed Minas Morgul from the group after defeating them there, and with some help, taken on and managed to bring down a Balrog.
  • Has been quite an controversial figure in his methods of building his armies against Sauron, spefically with his branding of Orcs, clearly showing his ethnics are not completely straight and narrow. His harshest critics frequently come down hard on him for this, pointing out that this makes him more like Sauron than he'd like to believe. His defenders on the other hand point that he's only done this to Orcs and other creatures of the Dark Lord of Mordor and he hasn't done branding to any other living creature in his world. It is worth noting that when he WAS presented with the choice of branding the Nazgûl form of Isildur by his partner at the time, that was a line he very much WOULDN'T cross and he came to realize this would make him no better than the enemy he was fighting.
  • Due to his unique status and experiences, he has different relationships with each member of the Fellowship of the Ring; nonetheless, he deeply respects each of them and appreciates them for doing what he could not: defeating Sauron, unmaking the One Ring, and freeing him from his cursed undeath and forced servitude to the Dark Lord.
    • Upon learning that Frodo Baggins was in the Pantheon, he made a beeline for his temple and knelt before him to express his gratitude for the hobbit's role in destroying the One Ring. As a fellow Ring-bearer (though of different Rings) with plenty of experience with Mordor and its denizens, Talion expressed amazement for Frodo's immense fortitude in carrying the Ring into the very heart of Sauron's dominion. Unfortunately, the meeting quickly soured when Frodo's Achey Scars began to give him grief, with Talion ashamedly confessing that he stood beside the Witch-king as the latter wounded Frodo on Weathertop. Things only went downhill from there when Talion mentioned working with Shelob, to Frodo's immediate dismay; for his part, Talion reacted with immense confusion to the hobbit's account of getting poisoned and nearly killed by the great spider, as that creature sounded almost diametrically opposed to the shadowy yet helpful ally whose wisdom and foresight Talion came to depend upon during his own adventures. Frodo has forgiven Talion for his actions as a Nazgûl, however, and the Gravewalker has sworn to defend and protect all hobbits everywhere, both in honor of Frodo's deeds and as penitence for his own.
    • If anything, Samwise Gamgee was even harder to win over than his master, mostly owing to his extreme protectiveness of Mr. Frodo. However, Talion found a surprising Commonality Connection with Sam: neither of them like Gollum and only work with him when absolutely necessary. Talion also expressed admiration for Sam when he heard of the hobbit's vicious one-on-one duel with Shelob, having once seen the spider fight six Nazgûl to a stalemate. (Granted, she was wearing the New Ring at the time, but that doesn't make Sam's feat any less spectacular.)
    • Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took were more ambivalent towards Talion, with their major beefs against him naturally stemming from his and the other Nazgûl's harassment of the hobbits throughout their quest. They have expressed appreciation for Talion's doomed but Heroic Sacrifice, however, with Pippin comparing it to Boromir's failed Last Stand at Amon Hen. Talion was also interested to learn that Pippin is a knight of Gondor, and he has expressed wry amusement at possibly being outranked by a hobbit who barely reaches his waist.
    • As a loyal son of Gondor, Talion was extremely glad to learn that Aragorn had been crowned King of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor, and upon learning that he was also in the Pantheon, he rushed to his temple to swear his fealty. After learning of the magical device known as a "video recorder," the Ranger filmed himself kneeling before Aragorn and sent a copy to the Witch-king. He was also intrigued to learn that Aragorn, like himself, was a former Ranger. For his part, Aragorn sees a lot of Boromir in Talion, considering him to be more valiant than wise; nonetheless, he praised Talion's efforts to defeat Sauron and then to stymie his war machine as long as possible and gladly counts the Gravewalker among his knights. The two can often be found sparring, pitting Aragorn's superior skill and experience against Talion's wraith powers.
    • Gandalf has embraced Talion as an ally, despite his deep misgivings about overtly utilizing Rings of Power (especially when fighting Sauron) and mentally dominating enemies; as the Gravewalker points out, he's well aware of those hazards now and wouldn't have forged the New Ring if he'd known back then. The wizard expressed very little surprise at the revelation of Talion's status as a Nazgûl, simply repeating a line that he had once uttered to Lord Denethor:
    • Talion naturally hit it off with Gimli, as he reminds him of Torvin. Gimli might not be as great a hunter, but he's definitely a much better fighter.
    • Talion is mildly distrustful of Legolas due to his experiences with Elves, but he recognizes that Legolas has a different background than either Celebrimbor or Eltariel and is trying to treat him as his own person. Upon witnessing Legolas's archery skills, Talion commented that it may have been Legolas who shot down his fell beast during a scouting run on the Anduin.
  • Was pleasantly surprised to find Shelob in the Pantheon as well, considering the fact that he hasn't seen her since he became a renegade Nazgûl and died before seeing her once again. Likewise, Shelob was glad to have such a reliable ally of hers to have ascended and hopes things don't go the way they did like when she was with Sauron.
  • Sauron was PISSED when he discovered someone such as him from Middle-earth has entered the Pantheon, with Talion being the one that slowed Sauron's progress through Mordor to a halt, which was made worse after he fused with Celebrimbor and became the Eye, when Talion preceded to hold that line for decades. Despite this, he hopes to make him a Nazgûl in order to being him into heel once more.
  • Is uneasy with the idea of teaming up with most elves thanks to past experiences, understandable since he allied with two previously and was left to die by them.
  • On that note, while he very much respects the position Lord Elrond holds both in the house and in Middle-earth, the part elf reminds Talion a lot of Celebrimbor, the closest thing he had a friend when fighting Sauron, who betrayed him and left him to die. Still, the Ranger does recognize they are both on the same side when it comes down to it.
  • Due to his title being all about attacking and doing hostile takeovers of enemy castles, he has made enemies of villains who have many strongholds of their own such as Ganondorf and Dracula. Likewise, Talion isn't happy at finding out there are more tyrants like Sauron in the Houses and is more than willing to deal with them when the time comes.
  • REALLY doesn't like Zant since he reminds Talion too much of that particularly insane Orc who had the bright idea of summoning the Balrog he had to fight.
  • Isn't too happy that he has to cooperate with Smeagol/Gollum once again, at the insistence of Shelob, who has made him her official messenger to Talion in the Houses.
  • Due to the tragic death of his wife and child in front of him and going on his adventure to avenge them, he has found common ground with Asura, who has also had a identical experience.
  • Thanks to his less than honorable ways of dealing with his enemies, Tailon is very much disapproved of by Ned Stark, spelling out repeatedly that his actions were evil, cannot be excused by the cause he fought for and that turning the means, creatures, and weapons against the Dark Lord made him no better than Sauron...which Tailon doesn't completely disagree on.

    Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse 
Wilhelm Strasse, God of World Conquering Nazis (General Deathshead, Totenkopf)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Symbol of The Obergruppenführer beneath a glowing blue skull, vials, and machine parts
  • Theme Song: Deathshead, Kybernetik, Prototype (When fighting his Mech)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Porfolio: Deadly Doctor, A hardcore skeptic of the supernatural, Always learns from his mistakes, Despite not achieving his goals, he always ends up alive and well, His Zeppelin, Always escapes when a situation goes bad until recently, Creator of Advanced Nazi Technology
  • Domains: World Conquering, Technology, Nazism, Happiness, Killing
  • Followers: Frau Engel, Hans Grosse
  • Allies: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA, The Millennium, Skull Face, Sundowner, Lysandre, Nazi Storm Elite, Waffen Infantry and Waffen Officers
  • Enemies: William "B.J." Blazkowicz, Captain America, Alucard, Seras Victoria, Integra Hellsing, Lelouch Lamperouge, The Basterds, Sol Badguy, Booker DeWitt, Hakumen, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Mako Mankanshoku, Asuka Langley, Gertrud Barkhorn, Ichika Orimura and the IS academy members, Cpl. Boyd Travers, Lt. Mike Powell, Lt. Karl Fairburne
  • He is known as "The single most dangerous figure in the entire Third Reich" and his Nazi troops have been able to conquer his world, thus he allows his other Nazi allies to use his world for any and all activities that they are unable to do in the pantheon. That being said, he's considered the Evil Counterpart to Integra Hellsing.
  • He is currently attempting to correct his Super Soldier Program "The Ubersoldaten" to be invincible and has promised to supply any of his allies with them when they are fully ready. Recently, he has managed to perfect it after reverse-engineering the SPARTAN technology he stole and combining it with the Millennium's vampirification process to create a new iteration dubbed "Ubersoldaten Zwei".
    • Following the Ascension of Ichika Orimura and his harem, Deathshead is now researching on the IS Units and looking to reverse-engineer them to create a new iteration of Ubersoldaten, dubbed "Ubersoldaten Bewegliche Klage", which he describes the new set "the Gundams to foot soldiers". However, it's currently in planning phase since most of the people who own an IS Unit are located in the Infinite Stratos Academy, which is guarded by the members who are ascended. Luckily, though with the existence of Phantom Task, he's currently using that organization to his advantage to gain an IS Unit.
    • Also he seems to covet Laura Bodewig for some reason...
  • He also has continued research on Veil technology and with that he has been able to recreate his Black Sun Zeppelin to carry the technology of The Thule portal.
    • Though not in The Pantheon proper, he has issued the protection of such Technology on his Loyal Bodyguard Hans Grosse, he protects it with body armor powered by The Veil and when anyone attempts to attack The Black Sun Zeppelin he usually announces himself by yelling "Guten Tag!" before fighting.
  • He has also formed a new X-Lab in The Pantheon to do his experiments close to his temple.
    • This has allowed him to create "The Pantheon Monitor", Large machines used to make sure that his Place in The Pantheon is well protected.
    • He also created Prototype Machines known as "The Todesritter (Death Knight) Project", combine the brains of any being to large robots, in a attempt to cross the powerful intelligence of the mind with the obedience and strength of a machine.
    • He created Deathshead Mecha for himself, a giant suit of armor with four chain guns and energy shield powered by electricity.
    • He created his own Kamui after obtaining & researching on Life Fibers and using Kamui creation techniques he obtained from Nui Harime. He named his creation "Shinketsu" note , and hopes to use it against William "B.J." Blascowicz when they meet again. William found out about this and informed Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin of Deathshead and what he would do with Life Fibers. In return, they had a Kamui created, also called "Shinketsu" note , to place him on equal footing with Deathshead.
  • His meeting with Millennium was a welcoming experience for Deathshead especially meeting The Major and The Doctor. Though for a time he did not believe in the supernatural elements of that unit, he soon learned that such things were real after having a run in with Alucard.
    • Though he is happy to let The Doctor help him work on the many things that Strasse has discovered.
    • His new cheery disposition is often the reason he is around Rip Van Wrinkle.
  • He has stressed that while in battle he loves the nickname given to him, He has found that outside of battle when he is personally meeting his allies in his labs he does not like being called "Deathshead" as after The Zeppelin Incident he is now a happy man and would not like being called something so grim in his personal work space.
    "You call me "Death's Head"... I don't like it. I'm a happy man. You see?"
  • He has helped The Red Skull with giving him aid with his new power armored Soldiers to battle Captain America. He especially wants to understand Red Skull's Tesseract Technology and his ties with HYDRA.
    • With regards to HYDRA itself, he finds their going renegade from the Nazis shenanigan to be a dumb move on their part. Having successfully controlled the Nazi party, and by extension, the rest of the 3rd Reich, by himself and without the need for any form of going rogue, this makes a whole lot of sense. Seeing their potential as a world-conquering force, he decides to help the organization's Nazi Science Division incarnation become smarter while also combining their Tesseract-powered technology with his own advanced designs. To this end, he ends up becoming one of the organization's key figures, ultimately resulting in the merging of his own SS Research Division into their ranks. To make it official, he replaces his old Totenkopf logo for the HYDRA skull and tentacles, in exchange for Schmidt giving him a vial of the Super-Soldier Serum.
  • He gleefully loves the fact that he sounds like Harman Smith as he finds that would enjoy playing games with Kun Lan.
  • His Todesritter (Death Knight) Project has made him attempt to see what minds would work for his machines, from human, soul gems, equestrian, Magical Girl, magician, alien and so on. Much to their worries he has found many fresh test subjects to do so. He also made modifications so that such useless things like Love and Friendship would not over power his control over those machines.
  • Is outright perplexed about Schrodinger. He had the Warrant Officer run a very large battery of tests intended to gauge and help understand his abilities... all of which ended up revealing absolutely nothing about the mechanism or origin of the powers, and the Doctor just gleefully insists he keep trying rather than give any hints (Strasse needs to push his boundaries!). As much as Strasse would love to replicate the catboy's powers for his army, he has admitted he has no idea of how they work and no meaningful way of exploring them.
  • Is undaunted by Captain America, the only thing he had to claim whenever confronted by Steve is.
    "You...I've seen you before! I like you...such a resilient specimen. With you I could do great things..."
  • Even after his first run in with Alucard he has claimed to want to see what wonders he could create from him, and has his own Deathshead Mecha to fight him.
    "Your perplex me Count, but you do not scare me"
  • Has nothing but disgust with Booker as he prefers Comstock thinking that one had vision and Booker dwindles his.
    "In the end, we will not be judged by what we have destroyed...but what we have created!"
    • Has shown an interest in Elizabeth's dimensional travelling capabilities.
  • Only has one thing to say to The Basterds.
    "Die, allied schwienhunds!"
  • Like Red Skull, he is a primary target for all Allied deities in the Pantheon. He is especially sought after by OSS agents Lt. Mike Powell and Lt. Karl Fairburne, due to his part in having restored Fort Schmerzen into a German military stronghold, and now housing production facilities for some of his and the Red Skull's new weapons and technology. In addition, he and the Red Skull are also responsible for restoring the once-destroyed Flak Tower that once guarded Essen, Germany.


    Khaled Al-Asad 
Khaled Al-Asad, God of Overthrowing Goverments (The Second Horseman, Allisad, Al-Assad)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A beret with the OpFor symbol.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Awesome McCoolname, Dirty Coward, Co-Dragons, President Evil, Rebel Leader, The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized, Starter Villain
  • Domains: Middle-East, Terrorists, Overthrowing, Nukes
  • Heralds: The OpFor
  • Allies: Imran Zakhaev, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Raul Menendez, Zoran Lazarevic, Reaper, Scar, Azula, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Cersei Lannister, Arcturus Mengsk, Gauron, HYDRA
  • Enemies: Captain John Price, General Sheperd, James Ramirez, Team Metal, Captain America, Kamala Khan, Jim Raynor.
  • Opposes: Americans in general.
  • Khaled Al-Asad became notorious after he publicly executed president Yasir Al-Fulani and declared war to the US. In reality, it was all a plan for Imran Zakhaev to distract the U.S. while the Ultranationalists gained control of Russia while Al-Asad was given power and control of his country. However, the S.A.S. managed to capture and execute Al-Assad after the detonation of a nuke that killed 30.000 american soldiers, which angered Zakhaev. Al-Asad since then found his into the pantheon, thanks to both his collegues Zakhaev and Makarov arranging his ascension.
  • He was not happy that Captain Price was in the pantheon as well. He is still very bitter about how he beaten him up and then executed him.
  • Al-Asad was welcomed by the likes of Scar, Azula and Macbeth because they also did a coup of their own. Although he doesn't consider them worth their time since they won't be useful in the fight against the U.S.
  • Al-Asad also is a big opposer of the West as he believes that they are the true cause of the corruption of his country and declaring war to America. That led to the death of 30.000 soldiers and many more forces that served Al-Asad, all while he hid far away in Azerbaijan. General Sheperd holds a special grudge against him for leading to one of his biggest failures and maybe his Start of Darkness.
  • Considers Kamala Khan to be a traitor for being allied to the west. However, he hasn't really told her that in her face, he wouldn't really risk to be beaten by her anyway.
  • He considers himself a Rebel Leader with a good cause, but he isn't seen in a good light but other deities who are also from rebel factions. Yet, he has allied himself with Arcturus Mengsk given their shared similarities and ideals, while he earned the hatred of Jim Raynor.
  • The OpFor has decided to support his leader after he was deified and thanks to a deal with HYDRA, they now guard the temple of Al-Asad because he has become overly paranoid after his mortal death. Rumors say that his temple has nuclear weapons installed within it, but no one has been able to confirm this.
  • Gauron has decided to aid Al-Asad on his cause provided he offers him a huge sum of money. He has agreed on the condition that he keeps Captain Price at bay.
  • Al-Asad also considered making an alliance with HYDRA in order to get more protection. They also agreed to aid the OpFor in their fight against the West, which made Captain America angry and became bitter enemies with Al-Asad.
  • Often can be found giving encouraging speeches to his followers. But everyone knows that his words are pure lies and that he is a manipulative bastard.
  • "هكذا ابتدأت (This is how it begins.)"