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Masumi "Masumin" Asano is a Japanese voice actress born on August 25, 1977 in Noshiro, Japan. She is a member of the singing group Aice⁵ with Yui Horie, Akemi Kanda, Chiaki Takahashi and Madoka Kimura. During her earlier days, the characters she voiced would be mostly quite extroverted young girls (might border on idiocy), but over time, much like other seiyuus, her range expands that she also becomes the go-to seiyuu when it comes to cool-headed, smart girls or ladies.

She is also the author of Seiyu's Life! (which now has an anime adaptation).

To everyones surprise she married her old friend mangaka Kenjiro Hata in 2018.

Be careful not to confuse her with Mayumi Asano.

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