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The Incredibles is a comic book followup to the movie of the same name, headed by Mark Waid and Landry Walker, and published by Boom! Kids in 2009 to late 2010 when Boom! lost the Pixar licenses, costing the series its ending being published. Marvel Comics began publishing magazines compiling entire arcs, but these were cancelled. The original film's sequel rendered the comics Canon Discontinuity, probably putting the final nail in them ever getting a conclusion.

The storyline itself follows the events of the film and Rise of the Underminer, with more supervillains crawling out of the woodwork now that supers are allowed to work again. Not just singular villains, but entire villain groups who remained mostly hidden have since re-emerged, though when the Confederacy of Crime falls, a newer group rises from the ashes: The Unforgivables, lead by the prematurely aged Xerek (The villain of early drafts of the film).


  • Arc I: Family Matters (Miniseries)
    • Shortly after fighting a villain with a Hollywood Evolution gimmick and new neighbors move in, Bob finds his powers are weakening and possibly going away all together. The family physician Doctor Sunbright recommends Bob take some time off from active duty. But when the rest of the family runs into some familiar foes from Elastigirl's past, Bob has to find a way to save his family on his own and discovers that the mother in the neighboring family was Organa, one of Helen's rogues who specialized in chemical warfare and created an anti-power serum. Her putty minions going out of control and attacking her own family as well, Dash manages to quickly steal a De-Evolution bomb from the imprisoned foe and devolve them, though at the cost of turning Organa into an ape and the family being forced to move away far from civilization.

  • Arc II: City of Incredibles (Issues 0-3)
    • Starting with a Whole Episode Flashback to the night Jack-Jack was born, the family is forced to battle the Confederacy of Crime, a supervillain team searching for an extraterrestrial virus that empowers normals and enhances existing powers. Shifting back to the present, Jack-Jack is kidnapped in a scuffle with the Ungorilla at a mall by the leader of H.A.T.E. a group of henchmen that is growing tired of their roles in life. The Confederacy of Crime also returns to try and get a hand on the baby, leading into a multi-sided conflict between the supers, the Confederacy and the Henchmen. In the end, both groups are taken into custody, the H.A.T.E members are offered a job as NSA agents and the Confederacy imprisoned, though the various villains are offered positions in a new group: The Unforgivables and told to prepare for a jailbreak.

  • Arc III: Revenge from Below (Issues 4-7)
    • When fighting the hypnotic villainess Mezmerella on the rooftops of Metroville, Dash is punished for his showboating behavior in defeating the villain nearly putting Violet in danger and is shockingly depowered by his parents. Between this, and his beliefs in his teachers being replaced by aliens going unheeded, he decides to strike out on his own. Eventually when the Underminer becomes involved and Violet is put into danger of falling again, Dash realizes what he's been experiencing is nothing but a false reality created by Mezmerella's powers. Dash now has to fight his way out of his own imagination and get back into reality.

  • Arc IV: Secrets and Lies (Issues 8-11)
    • Bomb Voyage has come back from retirement and blown up the Eiffel Tower while doing so. The NSA calls in Elastigirl to investigate and partners her up with Mirage, who has become an NSA agent since the events of the film. While the two are constantly bickering with each other, Organa's son Xander has managed to teleport back into town to meet with Violet again, having borrowed some of his mother's gear to do some heroing of his own. The two uncover Confederacy member Tronosaurus Rex is giving himself a new larger robot body. When Dash and Bob get involved, Dash ends up having to keep Violet's secret of Xander coming back. Back in France, Elastigirl and Mirage find the mastermind behind Bomb Voyage was Xerek, who faked the Tower's destruction to lure his old ex-girlfriend to him in some test of character mirroring Bob's story in the first film. But it fails and Xerek is sent to jail, though this only serves to help out Xerek's Evil Plan and allow him to begin his plans with the rise of the Unforgivables.

  • Arc V: Truth and Consequences (12-15)
    • Everseer, a hero who died early on in Operation KRONOS, had a package put together to send to Mr. Incredible and Frozone at the exact time they needed it. The timing places it right during a time when the population of Metroville has been abducted by massive plants and taken underground by the Underminer. Violet and Elastigirl escape their cells and they find that the Underminer is using a new variant on the Omnidroid designed deliberately to invoke the Incredibles. The family is caught in the midst of the staged fight between the Incredibles Omnidroid and a supersized Ungorilla, but manages to bring both of them down and free the captives.

Tropes featured in this work include: