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Greater Gods

Jareth, King of the Living Labyrinth (Goblin King)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A crystal ball with his labyrinth inside it.
  • Theme Song: Underground and Magic Dance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goblin King, grants wishes without question with less than desirable results, can transform himself into an owl, Unlimited Wardrobe, pants that highlight his package, has many songs in his head, Reality Warper, romantic interest in Sarah
  • Domains: Mazes, Goblins, Crystals, Wishes, Owls, Royalty
  • Heralds: His goblin army, the Fireys
  • Avatar: David Bowie
  • Allies: The Muppets, the Black Queen of Sogo, Tamatoa, Redcloak
  • Enemies: Sir Didymus, King Oberon AKA Nobuyuki Sugou, Kyubey
  • Circumstancial alliances: Balthier
  • Annoyed by: The Nostalgia Critic
  • Opposed by: The Puella Magis
  • Respects: Skarsnik (one-sided)
  • Jareth is the magical ruler of a land of fairies who one day acceded to the reckless wish of a teenage girl called Sarah to take her baby brother Toby away from her. When Sarah tried to recant, Jareth brought her to his realm and challenged her to retrieve the baby herself by venturing through his city-labyrinth or else Toby would become one of his goblins. As he watched her progress, throwing all manner of obstacles in her way, he grew more and more infatuated with her. When he and Sarah had their final showdown, her growth as person throughout her journey allowed her to overcome Jareth's magic and return to her world with Toby despite the king's pleading for her to become his queen. And so Jareth lost and remained as a lonely Goblin King.
  • Being a much beloved villain in an iconic fantasy film made his ascension to the Pantheon pretty much guaranteed, and what else would he ascend for but the labyrinth he's so proud of? His temple couldn't be anything else but his castle surrounded by that very same labyrinth he's ascended for, which is sure to provide some fun for the more adventurous deities.
  • David Bowie lending his likeness to him is a big reason why Jareth is so remembered, and why he has a talent for catchy musical numbers, so Jareth is grateful to the man. Balthier is also noted for resembling Bowie, though it's a coincidence in his case. Sometimes Jareth's goblins mistakenly regard Bowie and Balthier as their masters. Jareth, to his credit, finds this amusing and doesn't hold it against them (both his lookalikes and his goblins).
    • Tamatoa is another noted Bowie-alike, not due to any physical similarities (Tamatoa is a giant crab), but because he also has a preference for glam rock and flamboyancy. The first time Jareth and Tamatoa met, Tamatoa was attracted to Jareth's shiny crystal balls and tried to kill him and take them, but Jareth easily overpowered him while singing a song at the same time. Tamatoa was actually impressed with how groovy and stylish Jareth was and joined him in a duet, and the crab decided he preferred having the Goblin King as a friend. Jareth sealed the deal by creating some crystal balls specifically to add to Tamatoa's treasure, convincing the crab he made the right decision.
  • He rarely leaves his castle without a purpose, but when he does he may be disguising himself as a random goblin so that people don't notice him. If he gets really ticked off, Jareth will reveal himself and summon the Cleaners to squish the offender.
  • Is on somewhat friendly but mostly distant terms with the Muppets, due to them having a shared creator in the form of the Jim Henson Company, and Jareth sees them as similar to his goblins. Being much more powerful than them, Jareth may help them out of some hassle sometimes, but it's not a common occurrence. Kermit would like to cultivate their relationship by inviting him to the show to perform his famous songs someday.
  • While a good number of deities love making jokes about his "package", which Jareth has learned to ignore, the Nostalgia Critic is particularly keen on cracking those jokes whenever they cross paths, to the point where he came up with a top ten. The knowledge that NC has a whole Internet full of dick jokes that'll never run out and will keep the meme alive depresses Jareth somewhat, considering those jokes sometimes eclipse his other characteristics.
  • Nobuyuki Sugou likes to compare himself to Jareth due to how they're both rulers over fairy lands. Although, Sugou is only a fairy land ruler in a video game, and his reign has long been deposed by Kirito. Nevertheless, Sugou has tried to approach Jareth and paint himself as a victim of Kirito and Asuna in order to try and convince the Goblin King to help him regain his power in ALO. Jareth, however, isn't easily fooled and heard the other side of the story from Kirito and Asuna, and was disgusted at what a lying coward Sugou turned out to be, refusing any connection with him. Comparing Jareth's infatuation with Sarah and Sugou's obsession with Asuna also sets his teeth on edge, as Jareth never once attempted to force himself on Sarah and he's more than a little disgusted with Sugou's actions towards Asuna. When it was clear he wouldn't get any help from the Goblin King, Sugou threw another one of his screeching tantrums about being god and how Jareth was nothing, so they're definitely far from chummy.
  • Jareth got along much better with the Black Queen of Sogo, who has a lot in common with the Goblin King such as being flamboyant rulers of cities surrounded by labyrinths, and they also pine for their respective heroines while said heroines don't give them the time of day. At the same time the Black Queen isn't quite as pushy, cowardly or despicable as Sugou, which is a great comfort to Jareth, and he tries to help her in her method of wooing Barbarella. Jareth is considering trying it with Sarah, though it hasn't exactly been a success for the Black Queen.
  • Was left scratching his head at how Didymus managed to ascend and yet there's still no sign of his beloved Sarah. Jareth sometimes even goes down the list of tropes to see if there's anything available for her. As for Didymus, he doesn't pay him much mind despite his declared hostility, as there's little the fox-like goblin can do by himself against the power of the Goblin King.
  • The Puella Magis are no fans of him due to his penchant for granting questionable wishes to girls who might not be thinking things through, and justifying his actions as good because he was only giving Sarah what she desired. In short, he really reminds them of Kyubey, another seedy wish granter who preys on vulnerable girls. However, and as hypocritical as it may seem from him, Jareth doesn't like Kyubey, as he despises how deceptive the false mascot is, withholding information from the girls and giving them no chance to recant. Thus he also feels sorry for the girls due to what the Magical Girl lifestyle entails for them.
  • As far as interactions with other goblins go, Jareth has sympathy for Redcloak wanting to protect their shared kind from humans, especially paladins. The Goblin King has pledged to support Redcloak in his goal; if he didn't, he'd arguably be failing all of his subjects.
    • Jareth also has a lot of respect for Skarsnik on account of him being a rare smart goblin, not unlike him. However this respect is rather one-sided as Skarsnik doesn't consider a pretty, humanoid boy like Jareth to really be a goblin. The Warlord is even a bit offended that someone as un-goblin-like as Jareth claims to lead his kind.

    The Factory 
The Factory, Unholy Organization Of Horrific Factories (Bright's Proposal for SCP-001, possibly formerly The Anderson Factory)

    The Keeper 
The Keeper, God of Malevolent Architecture
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Dungeon Heart
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Card-Carrying Villain, Taking Control Of His Minions, Villain Protagonist, Losing Spells And Rooms During Departure From Lands, Variety Of Monsters For Minions, Converting Heroes To His Service Via Painful Torture, Taking Every Chance To Be Evil And Cruel
  • Domains: Underworld, Evil, Gold, Magic
  • Heralds: His minions and some lesser keepers
  • Followers: Maximilian, Alexis and Shen Yu
  • Allies: The Overlord, Black Mage, Ali Al-Saachez, The Reaper
  • Enemies: A lot of good-aligned gods, but especially Nanoha Takamachi. For gods not aligned with good, Kecleon Brothers
  • Worthy Opponent: Link
  • Frequent Employee: Eario
  • After invading and ruining a once-peaceful, beautiful and happy country, and even defeating (and humiliating) The Avatar, the Keeper was allowed to ascend to godhood. However, his vile actions (plus the fact that he succeeded) drew him A LOT of ire from good-aligned gods, forcing the Keeper to construct an extraordinarily elaborate dungeon in an effort to stay safe from their wrath. With his skills at dungeon-building, he has stayed safe so far.
  • The Keeper's dungeon is not only full of deadly traps, it is also populated by a large variety of monsters and creatures, as vile and evil as they can get. There's even heroes and adventurers that he managed to convert to his will through torture. There's also imps, but they're harmless and just want to dig in peace. Unless you're getting close to the Keeper's heart.
  • Although he prefers to not get his hands dirty and let his hilarious traps kill heroes for him, the Keeper is also a powerful spellcaster and can and will cast his spells ANYWHERE in his dungeon. For example, he can cast a thunderbolt right on top of someone. And he only has to spend some gold (or mana on occasions) to perform his miracles.
  • Since it gets boring down there when there's no goody-two-shoes running from rolling giant boulders of death, The Keeper has sent adventurers under his control to the surface to spread the word about him having a treasure room full of riches just waiting to be grabbed by someone. As a result, The Keeper never gets bored thanks to foolish adventurers entering his death trap of a dungeon.
  • The Keeper has no physical body or voice other than a floating clawed hand that he uses primarily to pick up his own minions or captured adventurers. To talk, he possesses any of his minions and uses them as his mouth. It's usually an imp though, meaning that The Keeper is often high-pitched as a result.
  • The Keeper has imps running around in the pantheon so that he can keep track of what is going on at the moment. While a good deal of gods knows that the imps are spies, some of them finds them too adorable to do anything against.
  • The Keeper is highly unamused by Nanoha's ability to just blast through his carefully built dungeon. Not only does it ruin his hard work, but it's no fun if you're not going to navigate through his really awesome dungeon!
  • Do not under any circumstances mention the iOS game. Hell, don't even imply that Freemium is great. Last time someone did that, he dropped 20 level 10 Horned Reapers right on top of them and had an imp drag their unconscious body into the depths of his dungeon so that he may torture them. Ever since then, nobody has ever seen them.
  • As much as The Keeper hates heroes, he seem to have a special appreciation for Link, who proves to be a serious challenge to The Keeper thanks to his dungeon exploration experience. So he gets excited when Link decides to show up, so that he may learn from his mistakes and improve his dungeon design. The Keeper has sworn to build a dungeon that makes the Water Temple look like a cakewalk by comparison.
  • The Keeper is probably one of Black Mage's few allies within the Pantheon, likely because they're both villain protagonists. Plus, he finds Black Mage's antics hilarious. That said, if Black Mage tries to stab him in the back (not that there's a back to stab in the first place), he has some countermeasures in place just in case.
  • The Keeper recognizes the need to have someone clean the dungeon and make sure everything's working correctly, and he can't trust his minions to not mess something up. So he has hired Eario to take care of it during the downtimes, and gets his traps and minions to ignore Eario during work. Eario isn't sure what to make of The Keeper and his lifestyle, but the salary consisting of bags of gold convinces him to take the job anyway. He also has gone on record to say that if there's one redeeming quality about The Keeper, it's that he's a surprisingly decent guy when it comes to work.
  • Sent Barbatos Goetia an offer because of the demigod's reputation. If Barbatos joins his minions in defeating and killing heroes who enter his dungeon, The Keeper will grant him both riches and protection. Barbatos Goetia is taking some time to think about it.
  • Kecleons had somehow set up shops in various parts of the dungeon, selling items to adventurers who find them. The Keeper wasn't too happy to learn about that, and is looking for a way to get rid of these pests without triggering their rage. Until then, he's retorting to sending waves of minions on troublesome Kecleons.

Intermediate Gods

    Latios and Latias 
Latios and Latias, Patron Guardians of Venice Expys (Eon Duo, Eon Dragons, Eon Twins, Guardians of Alto Mare, Lati@s)
Mega Latios and Mega Latias 
Latias's human disguise 
  • Intermediate Gods, Greater Gods if wielding the Soul Dew
  • Symbol: The Soul Dew or the Eon Flute
  • Theme Songs: The Light of Latios (Latios), Search For the Girl (Latias), Soaring the Sky Day and Night (Both)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Latios), Neutral Good (Latias)
  • Gender: Male (Latios), Female (Latias)
  • Ability: Levitate (Both)
  • Moveset: Luster Purge, Draco Meteor, Calm Mind, Surf (Latios) Mist Ball, Defog, Wish, Ice Beam (Latias)
    • Z-Moves: Devastating Drake (Latios); Subzero Slammer (Latias)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Location, Water, Light, Death, Souls, Family, Dragon, and Psychic (types)
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Ash's Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Yu Narukami, Rincewind, The Mob (Latios only), Bianca (Latias only), Tate and Liza, Hoopa
  • Rivals: Mewtwo (Latios only)
  • Enemies: Pretty much any thief in the Pantheon (Latios only, due to bad experiences), Ghetsis, Acnologia, Neferian
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Xatu
  • Fears: Arachne
  • Odd Friendship with: Absol (Latias only)
  • Latios ascended due to his heroic actions during the Altomare Crisis, in which he put his life on the line and ultimately sacrificed it, in order to save the city, despite being horribly injured. Latios had only one condition: his sister comes with him. Needless to say, Latias was over the moon.
    • Due to the nature of the Soul Dew, Latios's resurrection into the Pantheon came with a few unforeseen factors for the dragon, chief among them the realization that he is now among the ranks of the undead: his body is a shell remotely animated by the Soul Dew locked safely away in the Treasury. Despite learning that he's a lich, Latios is only somewhat unnerved by it: as long as he can keep his city and his sister safe, that's all he really needs.
  • Latias acts... strangely around Ash. She's already cheerful and playful, but she gets quite affectionate and blushy around the trainer. Latios isn't sure what to think. Oh, sure, he has nothing but respect for Ash, but first of all, that's his little sister. Second of all, that's his little sister. Thirdly, he's a human, she's a Pokémon. Blurgh. Fourth, and most importantly, that's his little sister. He can't bring himself to talk to her about it, though. Neither can he bring himself to talk to Ash about it, largely because Ash doesn't even seem to notice Latias' amorous behavior, so any attempt to address the subject would get awkward very quickly.
  • Targeted by Ghetsis due to their legendary status. While Ash has done his part to fight Ghetsis off, Latios and Latias are still extremely wary of the man's presence, especially that Hydreigon. Dragon and Dark versus Dragon and Psychic CANNOT end well, and the guardians admittedly don't have a very good track record when it comes to combat. For the moment, they're content to flee whenever Ghetsis comes by.
  • Latios is rather uncomfortable around Amy Rose and Melona. While Melona is infamously a total jerkwad, people are curious as to what he has against Amy. Apparently, something about her seems uncomfortably familiar.
  • Recently revealed to be able to Mega Evolve (even though it wasn't much of a secret). Like Rayquaza and Diancie, they are capable of Mega Evolution without the need of stones.
  • Latios is considered one of most loyal Pokémon to serve The Mob. Because even after he was traded away, he would still respond to the sound of the Eon Flute to give them a lift.
  • They don't know what to make out of Kabutops and Aerodactyl as Alto Mare had endured attacks from giant malevolent ones.
  • The two try to stay away from the House of Insects and Arachne due to their weakness to Bug-types and their bad experiences with spiders.
  • They managed to get the Soul Dew into The Great Treasury in order to amp up protection on the sacred jewel. Considering they foiled an attempt by Annie and Oakley to steal it, they are confident in the Vault's security.
  • Acnologia took "interest" in them and because of their actions as saviors of Alto Mare, considers them both to be insults to dragon kind that will be worth the effort of killing. Their invisibility and super speed prevents a nasty fight with the Dragon King.
  • Mewtwo had showed desire in fighting Latios as it sees him as a threat to its title of the World's Strongest Pokémon and an opponent worth fighting and defeating after it learned that while holding the Soul Dew, he will have raw attack power greater than it in either of its Mega forms. Latios however doesn't want to battle Mewtwo for the sake of it due to his pacifistic nature, and possible complications if the Soul Dew gets damaged during the fight. Despite Latios' refusals, Mewtwo is determined to have a fight with him eventually, even making a few not-so-subtle hints that he may drag Latias into the picture if it means driving Latios to combat. Those nearly worked: Latios had to be physically restrained by Latias to keep him from attacking the Genetic Pokémon in his base form in a blind, seething rage.
  • Latias was surprised and happy upon learning that 'Bianca' was in the pantheon. Bianca was overjoyed at being able to meet a legendary, rushing to the Eon Siblings' temple to meet Latias and immediately knocking her into a fountain by accident. Despite this early hiccup, and Latias being a little disappointed that her best friend hadn't ascended, the two became friends.
  • Latias formed an unlikely friendship with Absol, who sensed the cataclysm of Latias' home before it happened, but but as she couldn't get to the island city, she couldn't do anything to stop it. Because of this, Absol tried to avoid Latias out of shame for some time, but she was pleasantly surprised that Latias bears no grudge against her; Latias even told her she's a true hero for doing whatever good she can even if it means being hated. She became one of Absol's closest friends ever since.
  • They show a bit of concern over a shiny Xatu owned by the Mob that knows Mist Ball, Latias' signature attack. When they asked her how she can pull off (and among other things over whether or not it's a scientist that built a Red Gyarados or is a hustler) Xatu just gives them a blank stare.
  • Since the third Smash Bros. Tournament, they can be summoned via Poké Ball to aid fighters in battle by attacking opponents with Steel Wing. However, most fighters stated that they don't dread their strikes as much as their high-pitched cooing. This probably a factor why they are starting to learn telepathy.
  • One day, a Gaming god entered their temple to fight. The Gaming God was Chuggaaconroy, who proceeded to battle and capture Latias with nothing more than a Nest Ball at full health. The chances of that successfully happening was a very low 0.4%. Naturally, the two are very afraid of him now, after they learned about his other "successful" captures of Legendary Pokémon.


Lesser Gods

    Asterion/The Minotaur 
Prince Asterion, God of Beasts Within Mazes (The Minotaur, The Beast of Minos, Asterius, Asterios, Berserker, Ferdinand, the Kythotaur, SCP-432-1)
His DC Incarnation 
As a Servant 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An eagle-eye view of the Labyrinth itself
  • Theme Song: His God of War boss battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Neutral Good around Wonder Woman)
  • Portfolio: Half-Human Hybrid Because of the Queen's Bestiality (The Gods are to Blame), The OG Bull-Man, True Name Means "Starry One", To Serve Man, Beast in the Maze
  • Domains: Bulls, Monsters, Abominations, Hybrids, Cannibalism, Monsters
  • Allies: Frankenstein's Monster, Piggsy, Rajang
  • Odd Friendship with: Mordred
  • On Speaking Terms with: Miltank, Ferdinand
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Khazrak (but not Gorthor), The Fabrication Machine
  • Enemies: Poseidon, Percy Jackson, Kratos, The SCP Foundation, Zebediah Killgrave, The Big Friendly Giant, Baine Bloodhoof, The Hunter (Bloodborne), The Monster Hunters, Scarface, Hoss Delgado, Jareth
  • Pitied by: The Doctor
  • Opposes: Dante Alighieri
  • Prince Asterion is the monster of King Minos, and beast of the Labyrinth. Known better as the Minotaur, it was placed in the heart of the seemingly inescapable maze of the Labyrinth. Having a taste for flesh, King Minos would have youths and maidens sacrificed to it, and Athenian king Aegeus sacrificed to avert a plague. Theseus would volunteer to slay, and using a trick with string was able to escape after slaying the beast.
  • Has attracted a number of monster hunters interested in the bounty that's been placed on it, or for Scarface an interesting challenge. This has only angered the beast. The Onion has released an article that the Labyrinth is used by the military to interrogate terrorists, which Asterion has revealed in a tell-all audiobook.
  • The Minotaur finds its origins to be rather embarrassing. His mother, the Queen Pasiphe, was cursed to fall in love with a bull the king refused to sacrifice to Poseidon because of how beautiful it was. Through a hollow wooden cow, the shameful deed was done. It's aware of the disgusting details, and has come to sympathize with Mordred since he's the royal bastard of a shameful incestuous union, the complex of which drives his villainy. He seems to get along with Rajang as well, being a vicious minotaur crossed with a gorilla with a far less gross origin to it.
  • His abominable origins and aggressive temperament have some within the House of Beast on edge, however with minotaurs actually being a race in many parts of the multiverse, he feels less shameful about his existence. He's actually relieved to be part of the Trope Pantheon since he comes off as much less out of place.
  • Loathes Theseus, and by extension Poseidon. This isn't just because Poseidon is Theseus' father, but because he cursed his mother in the first place. In that way, he could be considered a Child by Rape. For this reason he hates Zebediah Killgrave for using his Compelling Voice to make women sleep with him, which has resulted in the Purple Children.
  • The original bull-man, the Minotaur wanted to ascend with Our Minotaurs Are Different but Baine Bloodhoof already had it. Baine doesn't like the minotaur for being a savage cannibal, even if he's the OG. The Big Friendly Giant would rather the Minotaur grow out of it and embrace his human nature, but the Minotaur isn't hearing of it, claiming "What did humans ever do to me? Besides my own step-father locking me in a maze and treating me like an abomination".
  • The SCP Foundation identified the Labyrinth as what's inside SCP-432, and the Minotaur SCP-432-1. Well it's heavily implied, and the author of the document has confirmed it's the case. To prevent him causing a rampage, they made sure the temple was his labyrinth. This enraged him to no end. It hates Jareth to no end for representing the Labyrinth, seeing him as a symbol of his imprisonment.
  • Dante attests that the Minotaur can be found in the seventh level of Hell, with a bull's body and a man's head. It is the infernal guardian for this circle of violent sinners, and managed to bypass him by taunting the beast. The Doctor believes this in inaccurate, and wonders if it is related to the Nimons. Like the Minotaur he found, he pities the condition that Prince Asterion was left in and believes being there is why it is so monstrous anyway.
  • Generally a loner, however Prince Asterion does have friends. Piggsy is a cannibal driven that way by madness, so the Minotaur sympathizes with his condition. He found an accord with Frankenstein's Monster, since he very well know what it feels to be an unnatural creature abandoned by their "fathers". That feeling of being or made unnatural might be why it likes the Fabrication Machine, but it's a tenuous and more one-sided fondness given the Fabrication Machine's goals.
  • It has a more strained alliance with Khazrak. They're both monstrous beast-men, however some of the things that the Beastmen do disturb the Minotaur somewhat. Also it doesn't like how their race uses bestiality to increase their numbers. Still, Khazrak at least has some standards. Gorthor has absolutely none, however, and the Minotaur doesn't want to be near him.
  • Usually a villain, but in the DC Universe he had a change of heart when Wonder Woman spared him. He serves as the chef of her embassy. Though remaining a villain in the pantheon, he does behave around her. However he prefers to be called the Kythotaur and Kythira is where he comes from, instead of Ferdinand. There's another bull named Ferdinand, and in this more placid form the Minotaur gets along with him. It's hoped he could function as a Morality Chain when not so nice.
  • He lets Miltank call him Ferdinand because she's a bovine and she's so nice. She's unnerved by him, but appreciates him behaving around her. The Master of Chaldea also keeps him in check(and refers to him by his actual name). As a Servant, he goes by Asterios and is under the Berserker rank. He looks much better in this form, having a human face but bull horns. Despite being aligned as Chaotic Evil, he's a rather nice and loyal person in this form.
  • Apparently it's also the berserk form of Shadow Labrys that exists independent of Shadow Labrys, after Shadow Labrys became a separate personality of Labrys after she unintentionally stored her data, it became an actual Persona to Shadow Labrys.


    Jack and Annie 
Jack and Annie, Co-gods of Fun Treehouses (Jack the Clown [Jack, by Wolfie aka young Mozart])
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Magic Treehouse itself
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Learning, Adventure, History, Reading, Magic, Time
  • Portfolio: brother and sister working together, enjoying the outside (Annie), question boy and hyperactive girl, meeting up with famous people in the past, cool treehouses, having tons of adventures having fears of spiders (Annie), learning new things with each adventure they go through.
  • Heralds: Teddy (an apprentice mage) and Kathleen (a selkie) (their best friends)
  • High Priests: The Swiss Family
  • Allies: Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, most gods in the House of Knowledge (particularly The Pagemaster), Belle, King Arthur, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, the Doctor, Ben and Saorise, Merlin (their teacher), Morgan le Fay (their other teacher)
  • Enemies: The evil gods in the House of Time and Space and all gods who would abuse the Magic Treehouse's power and every Nazi-related god.
  • Jack and Annie of Frog Creek, Pennsylvania were your normal siblings. Jack was the older brother who was cautious and Annie was the younger adventurous sister. One day, Annie found a treehouse that appeared as if by magic and after the two entered it, Annie found a book of dinosaurs and wished they could go there...and soon they were whisked into the past where Jack made notes about the dinosaurs they encountered. After one adventure, they returned home and soon found themselves going back again and again until they met with the treehouse's creator, Morgan le Fay. Through her, the siblings would go to the past to learn numerous lessons and gather artifacts as proof of their adventures. Later, they would be tasked under Merlin himself for more higher-end adventures through magic realms and even help King Arthur on his journey, all while learning more and more and helping people in the past become the famous figures they'd be.
  • One day, the two went to their treehouse and found a book that showed the Pantheon. Annie touched it and said, "I wish we were there". The wind began to blow and then things became absolutely still. They found themselves crowned demigods in the House of Travel.
  • There was a lot of debate as to where these two were going to be placed. Their treehouse was enchanted by Morgan Le Fay and they engaged in magic spells, so some said they belonged to the House of Magic. They had books that could let them travel to different time periods, so some said they should go to the House of Time And Space. They were given riddles and Jack was known to write down facts in his notebook so a third party thought that the House of Knowledge would work. In the end, Jack and Annie stated that they wished to be part of the House of Travel and the Main House agreed, although they later became part of the House of Craft (which they don't seem to mind).
    • Many gods wonder if it has any connection to the TARDIS. The Doctor hasn't said anything, for the most part.
  • Jack and Annie have met up with William Shakespeare and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on separate occasions. With Shakespeare, they played some fairies in a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and with Mozart, they met him as a young boy who would eventually write The Magic Flute thanks to them using the Wand of Dianthus to calm the wild animals that nearly mauled Wolfie. When the two reunited with these gods, there was such a magnificent and delightful time to behold (although Jack was slightly annoyed when Mozart remembered him as "Jack the Clown").
    • Jack cringed when he found Alexander the Great though, recalling the very snarky remarks he made to a younger version of him. Thankfully, Alexander had to admit it was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Annie loves to explore the House of Beast, but stays clear from the Insects sub-house since she's absolutely terrified by bugs (Jack finds it hypocritical, even stating that she has no fear of the likes of dinosaurs, knights, mummies, pirates or ninjas). She also tends to be with Fluttershy when it comes to taking care of some of the animals in the Pantheon.
  • Rainbow Dash has tried to use the tree house once or twice so she could venture into her collection of Daring Do books. Jack and Annie also followed, and the results of their adventure are only known to them. However now that Daring Do is in the Pantheon, this has mostly stopped although the two aren't sure what to think about her lying about most of her deeds.
    • Likewise, Twilight Sparkle comes every now and then to lend Jack and Annie some of her books. She also has gotten to some crazy adventures regarding the treehouse in general.
  • Many malicious Gods have wanted to use the power of the treehouse for their own twisted desires. However, Jack and Annie have stated that while inside the book, no history can be changed (they tried). The two have asked Merlin to enchant the Treehouse so that only the pure of heart can use it.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders traveled here and admired that their tree house could do so much and wanted to replicate the ability to travel into books in their own treehouse. Jack and Annie have advised them that instead that they could have their meetings in their treehouse as long as they DO NOT venture into any of the books because they'd have no idea where they would be at any point in time. They have also politely refused any attempts to befriend the Crusaders' wrestling friends (the first group, not the second one..
  • The Pagemaster once visited them and took great interest in how they were able to enter books with their treehouse. When they explained that it was enchanted by Merlin and Moran la Fey, he decided to apprentice them in his way of magic.
  • Belle comes to their treehouse often to reads stories to them, and to let them borrow her own stories so they could experience the tales that she loves.
  • The siblings are very popular with Japanese-based gods, going to the point that gods in the House of Knowledge have translated their stories and the House of Theater, directed by one Miyuki Hoshizora has made a film detailing their origins.
  • One of the most powerful wands in the Pantheon is the Wand of Dianthus, made from the horn of the legendary unicorn Dianthus that is capable of granting any wish they need and can transform into a musical instrument capable of Magic Music as long as the two create the lyrics for it. However, in wand form it has three drawbacks: the wand can only be used after the siblings have tried their best, it can only be used for the benefit of others, and the wish must be made with five words exactly. The instrument form's drawback is that it can only be used once before it becomes a regular musical instrument. Thus the two will not use the wand unless it is extreme circumstances, like the "Muse Hysteria" incidentnote 
  • The two were excited to find King Arthur in the Pantheon and rushed to his temple, since they helped save Christmas in one adventure, and helped retrieve Excalibur for him in another. Arthur was happy to find these two and has promised to be by their side should the need arise.
    • And the excitement doubled when they found Merlin too, as they are currently undergoing missions from him to spread magic and teaching lessons to many historical people. Merlin is now giving them extra training for the more dangerous parts of the Pantheon.
    • Their meeting with Morgan le Fay when she finally ascended was...complicated, particularly because she's quite different than the Morgan they knew; a kind, wise motherly figure who created the Treehouse. Morgan does have a soft spot for the two and permits them to visit her from time to time. Anyone who threatens to harm them will face her wrath.
  • Upon finding three gods who once boarded the Titanic, they broke down in tears since they were there when the titular ship sank and only had a pocket watch stopped at the time the ship sank into the waters.
  • Various gods looked in shock at how the two once went back in time to bring hope to the British troops before D-Day without the use of their magic and many were shocked at how Jack (driving a bakery truck to get ten Jewish children free, despite being way under-age) had the self-confidence to fool Nazi soldiers and let them be on their way, under the belief that an invisibility spell had been casted. Needless to say, a brief history lesson about the Nazis has made the two really despise them.
    • This got them under the radar of the wrestling god Bruno Sammartino, who lived through the Nazi invasion and nearly died because of it. Shocked that two kids were sent back in time to a dangerous situation, he personally went to Morgan le Fey and told her to never make the kids go through that situation again or she has to take it up with him (even though it's not the Morgan Jack and Annie know). After that was done, Bruno stated that he was proud of the two for their bravery and determination.
  • Befriended Ben and Saoirse since the latter reminded the two of Kathleen (who is also a Selkie).



    Jack Torrance 
Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

Jack Torrance, God of Breaking Down Doors
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A picture of his head through a door
  • Theme Song: Midnight, the Stars and You
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Protagonist Journey to Villain, Sanity Slippage, Alcoholic Troubled Abuser, Kubrick Stare, Hair-Trigger Temper, possibly a Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Evil, Madness, Axes
  • Guardian of: The Overlook Hotel
  • Superiors: Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick
  • Allies: Dr. Angus Bumby, The Joker, Randall Flagg, Annie Wilkes, Joey Tribbiani
  • Rivals: Axe
  • Enemies: Shawn Spencer, Roland Deschain
  • Opposes: Fraiser Crane
  • Opposed by: Alan Wake, The Simpsons, Carrie White
  • Uneasy Relationship: Johnny Cage
  • It has been noted that lesser deities should avoid the Overlook Hotel at all costs. There has been multiple stories of how tenants have gone mad from the isolation before killing each other. This is especially compounded during the winter when access is limited. Often times, people arrive in the spring to see everyone dead. It is with a heavy heart that the infamous hotel has appeared in the Pantheon, and with it its most notorious guest: Jack Torrance.
    • Jack is a writer who was hoping to find peace within the walls of the hotel. Instead, the quiet only isolated him from his family. In a last bit of madness, he sought to kill his own family to be alone, hence the infamous door busting scene. While most people believe he used an axe, the novel depicted him using a croque mallet instead. Either way, subsequent madmen have busted open doors, walls and other places in his honor.
  • Most writers in the Pantheon are delighted whenever they see one of their works ascend. Stephen King had a more mixed reaction regarding Jack Torrance. While he was the architect behind the book, he was not a fan of the movie. This is due to how the movie version was not how he envisioned both in looks and in tone. This was contributed to the directing style of Stanley Kubrick, who also happens to reside in the Pantheon. The movie director was much more happy to see the protagonist of his most acclaimed movie ascend. This has further strained relations between the two writers.
    • Of course that hasn't stopped any of his creations from taking a liking to him. The most prominent of course is Randall Flagg, who found the entire situation hilarious. While people speculate he played a part in Jack Torrance's demise, the Man in Black has stayed coy on his involvement. Instead, he hopes to recruit the writer on his plan of turning the entire Pantheon to a Walking Wasteland. This also puts Jack in opposition of the Gunslinger. Roland has made it clear he would put a bullet into Jack's face should the two meet.
    • He likes that Annie Wilkes doesn't think he did anything wrong in that scenario. With that said, even he is wary of keeping her within his temple for long periods of time. There's no telling if she would do to him the same thing she did to Paul Sheldon.
    • Carrie does not get along with him, even less since it's implied he is sometimes an Abusive Parent.
  • Outright refuses to believe that he is in need of therapy despite Dr. Crane's pleas. Nowadays Frasier can't approach Jack without being forced to run away from axe swings. Dr. Bumby has had more success simply by calling him a friend. Of course he has more sinister goals in mind, mainly to use Jack's occasional mania to good use.
  • The Radiant Hero Axe felt a bit intimidated by his presence. Not out of fear of battle, as Axe could demolish Jack Torrance with easy, but with influence. The writer is far more likely to be known for his axe-wielding skills. His position is safe since Jack isn't always known for using an axe.
  • Alan Wake was quick to inform the public that Jack Torrance's actions does not reflect those of the vast majority of his flock in any way. Wake knew he had to distance himself as Jack is among the more prominent fictional writers who have ascended.
  • It has been rumored that Johnny Cage also snagged a role for Jack Torrance based on one of his fatalities. Cage stated that the homage did not reflect on a positive opinion on the character. Stephen King considered Cage as still a better fit than Jack Nicholson.
  • The Simpsons peered into one particular future in the Treehouse of Horror and immediately recognized one of the scenarios as that of Jack Nicholson. Though they put the blame firmly on Mr. Burns for that mishap, they want no business in dealing with the family.
  • Unlike most, Shawn Spencer was actually happy to be face-to-face with the hotel that one of their adventures was based on. In fact, he wanted to figure out whether the hotel was truly haunted or not. Gus wisely steered Shawn away from such a dangerous plan.
  • To the Joker (with whom he has a Jack Nicholson connection), Jack Torrance is confirmation to a belief he has held for years: that it only takes one bad situation to drive any man insane. While Jack was unsuccessful in killing his family, the Clown Prince of Crime thinks he still has potential. Namely, he taught the writer how to make better use of his weapons to go about more killing sprees.
  • The only normal deity who likes Jack is Joey Tribbiani, who for being a fan of the source material (down to keeping the book in the fridge!), has paid a respectful visit and arranged to get things sent to the Overlook (beer, dirty magazines, tapes of sports events) to keep Jack distracted and thus less prone to going on a slaughter - "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", after all. In retribution, Jack didn't bother Rachel once she had to spend a night there.
  • Ever since Jack learned that his son Danny might have a reason to return to the Overlook, he has campaigned for his ascension. At most, he served a drink to Obi-Wan Kenobi when the Jedi arrived to investigate the huge disturbance that is the Overlook.

    The Once-ler 
The Once-ler, God of Falling From Greatness ("Beanpole")
The Once-ler as an old man, from the movie.
Click here  for the Once-ler in his prime
  • Quasideity (former Demigod)
  • Symbol: A discarded Thneed
  • Theme Song: How Bad Can I Be, Biggering
  • Alignment: True Neutral (formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair, Affably Evil, Went From Poverty To Wealth Back To Poverty, a Villain Protagonist Who Wins, Only To Ruin Himself Via Deforestation, Heel Realization, "Ray of Hope" Ending
  • Domains: Greatness (lost), Corporatism, Big Business, Humbling, Aesops
  • Allies: Ebeneezer Scrooge, Earl Hickey, Robert E.O Speedwagon
  • On good terms with: The Lorax
  • On speaking terms with: Eugene Krabs, Smokey Bear (former foe)
  • Enemies: Hexxus, The Child Abuse Supporters, Exdeath
  • Fears: The Lich
  • Frustrated by: Professor Venomous
  • Once, the Once-ler was the head of a successful company, with him and his relatives harvesting the Truffula Trees for their highly lucrative production of Thneed, a highly versatile project. A nature spirit known as the Lorax tried to convince him to stop his greed and production before it was too late, but the Once-ler wouldn't listen. However the destructive and consumptive nature of his enterprise would lead to too much deforestration, and no resources for his company. He was left destitute, his great achievements left in the dust. However one Truffula seed remains, so despite the destruction of the forest there was hope.
  • The Once-ler stands as a warning on over-consumerism and greed being a threat to the environment. During his time as a corporate businessmen, he was the kind of villain that would've been a Captain Planet villain. However he has sent repented and is no longer a foe of the environment. The Lorax vouched for his ascension in the first place, hoping despite their past animosity he can work to truly redeem himself. Captain Planet was happy to see that he'd learn the error of his ways.
  • Back in the day, he would've been an ally of Mr. Burns and enabler of Hexxus due to his deforestation and unscrupulous business practices. That said, even back in that he was considerably more Affably Evil than Mr. Burns. He does wish that Mr. Burns would realize the error of his ways, and occasionally Mr Burns is nice, but he always goes back to being a miser. That said, he does pity one of the reasons for this is that hatred and bile is the only thing still keeping him alive.
  • It's possible the Once-ler has some sympathy for Mr. Burns because he can relate to his childhood. As Burns was raised by his heartless rich grandfather, the Once-ler (at least according to one source) had an emotionally neglectful family and he was driven to prove himself in their eyes by being successful. Naturally, he is no friend of the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Mr. Krabs is another former ally, and while how villainous he is varies he remains unrepentant on his avarice. However he has experienced the consequence of his own consumerism threatening the environment and he likes to talk about "letting your greed become too great" with the Once-ler. However, some suspect that Mr Krabs is just using the Once-ler as part of some scheme to sell Krabby Patties. His mood tends to vary, after all.
  • Given the Once-ler's past actions, he was not on good terms with tree, flower or nature-protecting deities. This has changed come his desire to be The Atoner, and is working to make amends for them. However he still remains at odds with Exdeath, since he is a Botanical Abomination that seeks to return everything to the void. He is also a foe with his old supporter Hexxus, who is trying to convince him what he did wasn't wrong and bring him back into his fold.
  • The Once-ler's quest for redemption in the pantheon led him to meet the former miser Ebeenezer Scrooge, who was an even more iconic example of a rich jerk that found the error of their ways. He's been aiding the Once-ler into rebuilding his fortunes, with the Lorax making sure he does so honestly. Speedwagon, who went from a hoodlum to a successful businessman thanks to the compassion of one Jonathan Joestar, is aiding him in his quest.
  • Though he used to be on the bad side of Smokey Bear because of his deforestation, the two have buried the hatchet as the Once-ler wants to make up to the forest and helping him would be a good start. He and Earl Hickey also ended up working together, given the Once-ler has learned a thing or two about karma and is interested in Earl's spin on it.
  • Utterly horrified by the Lich, which is to be expected. However his fear was intensified by the fact that the Lich's current existence is a product the Great Mushroom War. Basically, a byproduct of mankind's foolishness and apathy to the environment writ large. Of course, it's not like the Once-ler could do a thing to even inconvenience the Lich, which is even more reason to fear him.
  • Doesn't oppose Professor Venomous like he does the Lich or his enemies, but is frustrated that his fall from heroic grace led to him recovering as a villain. The Once-ler considers his motive for villainy/the same reason he lost his powers (obsession with gaining power) to be truly Sisyphian and it further upsets him he fell into that kind of trap.
  • According to one eccentric mortal, his real mistake, is that he doesn't replace the trees he cut down. True, it takes 10 years for them to grow back to full, but many logging and paper companies do the same for the trees they cut down for their products; that's just good business. Had the Once-ler stuck to his guns, used scarcity to raise the price, and maintained the forest, there would've been less justification for the Lorax's opposition. While it's a fair argument, most still consider Aloysis O'Hare evil. Granted he still did right for his citizens to a point, but he was still a Tyrannical Town Tycoon who had no interest in the trees returning as it'd threaten his business.