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Greater Gods

    Filthy Frank 
“It's Filthy Frank, muthafucka, it's Filthy Frank, bitch!

Francis of the Filth, God of Hilarious Offensive Humor (Filthy Frank, Papa Frank, b0ssnote , Fransiscus, “Real” Frank, Furanku-Sama, Franku-Senpai, King of The West Coast, Real Frank Sniff, The Pussy Master, Filth, Sir Francis of the Filth, Da French, Da Falthy, French, Dr. Filthy, Professor Filthy Frank, Dr. Marmalade Pigeon Shit, Frank Filthy, Franku Sensei, Anime Hunter, Ultimate God)

Intermediate Gods

    The Kankers 
May, Marie, and Lee Kanker, The Goddesses of Making Women Abusing Men Funny (The Queens of the Cul-De-Sac)
The Kanker Sisters; Marie (Left), Lee (Center), and May (Right)

Peter Porker, God of Toon Physics (Spider-Ham, Spider-Pig)

    The Three Stooges 
The Three Stooges, Members  Gods of Hitting People with Pies (Moses Horwitz, Louis Feinberg, Samuel Horwitz, Jerome Horwitz, Joe Besser, Joseph Wardell)
Moe, Curly and Larry
Curly Joe 

    White Mage 
White Mage, Patron Saint of Brick Jokes
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her robes
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: White Mage, Dude Magnet, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Defeating the Final Boss For the Sake of Joke Whose Set-Up Was Years Ago
  • Heralds: Priest, Shaman, and Healer
  • Allies: Fighter, Warrior of Light, Rosa, Terra, Aeris, Rinoa, Yuna, Cosmos, Amy Rose, Ryu
  • Conflicting opinions on: Black Mage, Thief, Red Mage, Vivi, Garland
  • Enemies: Sarda, Chaos, most of the Final Fantasy villains, YHVH, Zamasu
  • Ascended in recognition of her defeat of Chaos, even if the only reason White Mage and her group defeated the dark lord was to fulfill a punchline to an anticlimactic joke set nine years before (as Black Mage was in disbelief that a party of only healers could go anywhere). And needless to say, both Chaos himself and his vessel in White Mage's world, Sarda, are pretty unhappy about her presence.
  • Aside from Token Good Teammate Fighter, she's not all that positive about the Light Warriors, given they're jerks who caused her much pain, even if indirectly, and still wanted to take credit for the defeat of Chaos if not for her eventually campaigning for the Dark Warriors as the true saviors. Special contempt is reserved for Black Mage, who's not only as evil as it gets, but a perverted Abhorrent Admirer. Still, Red Mage and Thief seem to not have much resentments for White Mage.
  • She's gotten along pretty well with Fighter's original inspiration Warrior of Light, and all the magic women of the Final Fantasy series. Even if her Black Mage forever taints her opinion of him, Vivi is still trying to win White Mage over, and the fact that in her world Garland was a Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who White Mage decided to campaign as part of the true saviors also makes her not fully oppose the version in the Pantheon.
  • Amy Rose decided to go after White Mage hearing she was another girl who attacked with an Hyperspace Mallet, and their similar personalities made them get along, even if their love lives are true opposites (Amy is ignored by the object of her affection, White Mage is disgusted to no end by the guy with a crush on her).
  • Decided to come closer to Ryu for reminding of his former bodyguard, Black Belt, and White Mage has since assisted Ryu on occasion by healing him after fights.
  • Even if she indirectly is the God of her world as Sarda accidentally sent her to the beginning of time, where White Mage ordered the creation of light and matter, the Main House still thinks she's not that much more powerful than the Light Warriors. That being said, being a creator figure makes White Mage an automatic enemy of YHVH.
  • Is well-liked by Cosmos for her defeat of Chaos and being a paragon of good even if the Crapsack World White Mage lived in made sure all her benevolent deeds eventually collapsed. Zamasu argues her world is awful because the universe being created by a mortal breaking the time taboo and declared it beyond saving, expressing his interest in wanting to blow the whole thing up out of disgust. White Mage proceeded to hammer him in the face for being such a prick.

Lesser Gods

    Bart Simpson 
Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson, God of Prank Calls (El Barto, Bartman, Lord of the Chalkboard)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Grafitti with the words "El Barto" (Bart)
  • Theme Songs: Do the Bartman, Bart Goes Downtown; those observant of the Fourth Wall might hear these musical cues
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Good as Bartman)
  • Portfolio: Bratty Half-Pint With slingshots, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, The Prankster, Mouthy Kid, Meaningful Names, Lovable Rogue, Momma's Boy
  • Domains: Mischief, Troublemaking, Children, Prank Calls
  • Heralds: Milhouse Van Houten (his best friend), Santa's Little Helper (his pet greyhound)
  • Allies: Phineas Flynn, Dennis the Menace, Kevin McCallister, Stitch, Homer (his father), Marge (his mom), Lisa (his sister), Krusty the Clown, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Gumball Watterson
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, Princess Morbucks, Stewie Griffin, Eric Cartman, Dolores Umbridge
  • Friendly Rivals: Seymour Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Moe Syzslak, Darkwing Duck
  • Former Opposition: The Robot Chicken
  • Bart was once Dennis' High Priest and later his Co-God. However, Bart eventually decided that he wanted to have his own realm, letting him be unique. After review of one of his most iconic attributes, Bart became God of Prank Calls.
  • Even though they have an intense Sibling Rivalry, Bart was upset to hear that Lisa lost her original spot in the Pantheon, and vowed to try and find a way to get her to reascend. He was very happy to hear that she was being reworked to find her a new domain.
  • Despite the fact that 1. He has known Bart for all his life and has heard him speak frequently and 2. Bart was given his realm specifically for targeting him, Moe still has no idea that Bart's behind the prank calls that plague him. No one wants to tell him though; everyone agrees it'd spoil the joke. Moe, for his Bart, was glad to hear Bart got ascended, but still thinks he's Dennis' co-God.
  • Bart still hangs out with Dennis frequently, and they spend most of their time pranking the older Gods. In fact, they once made Bart's signature phone prank to Moe Syzlak... it infuriated him, but at least they enjoyed like no other. Some of Bart's other friends join in, but none as often as Dennis.
  • All the houses and vehicles have switched to reinforced windows since the sudden spike in "mysterious and coincidental" breakages that happened when Dennis arrived, now they're reinforced even moreso with Bart's ascension.
  • He's glad that one of their followers, a certain Kevin McCallister, joined the Pantheon. He even agreed to help him booby trap a few houses in his spare time.
  • He visits Jeff Albertson's temple frequently. As a former manager, he knows tons of secrets about his store, and if Comic Book Guy is out pestering other deities, he sometimes lets his friends in to see some rare films, for a price of course.
  • Bart once went on down to South Park, where he got along well with the four boys initially. However, when he heard Cartman call Kyle a dirty Jew, Bart immediately confronted the kid, as his personal hero is Jewish. Not one to be intimidated, Cartman told Bart about the last older kid who messed with him, one Scott Tenorman. Since that time, Bart has seen Cartman as a warning of what he could be if he doesn't restrain himself. He still enjoys hanging out with the other three kids.
  • Bart also doesn't get along well with Stewie Griffin, especially after he crossed the line with his dark prank call. Stewie says that Bart is a weakling pretending to be cool, but rumors have it that he may have a romantic inkling towards the spiky haired boy.
  • Bart met Gumball Watterson in detention one day, where they became friends as well given their similar interests and proclivity for getting into trouble. However, while Bart enjoys mischief for mischief's sake, Gumball is more likely to get into trouble due to his laziness or poor planning than anything intentional of his part.
  • Deciding to go out around the Heavens as Bartman one night, Bart ran into Darkwing Duck, literally. From that collision, a great rivalry was born, with both characters thinking they were the better light-hearted version of the caped crusader. Bart says he came up with the gimmick first so he has dibs, while Darkwing says he's done it more consistently and has a better catchphrase (when pressed, Bart will concede the catchphrase is pretty great.)

    Griffin Family 
Peter: Hey Lois, remember that time we were out shopping and Brian shot a terrorist in the foot? Well, then I think I ended getting in a fight with the chicken again and so I ended up in this weird place. cue cutaway gag

The GriffinsMembers , Divine Family of Cutaway Gags (Meg: Megatron | Chris: Chris Gristle (call him that at your own risk)
L - R: Chris, Peter, Stewie, Lois, Brian, and Meg.

    King Hippo 
King Hippo, God of Underwear-Based Comedy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crown
  • Theme Song: His rendition of the Punch-Out! theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Sometimes Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Attack Its Weakpoint, Big Eater, Gonk, Mighty Glacier, Stout Strength, The Unintelligible, Wild Samoan
  • Domains: Royalty, Big Size, Food, Islands, Bosses
  • Allies: Lord Fredrik, Mother Brain, The Rock, The Usos
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Pit, Megaman, Stitches
  • On good terms with: Lilo and Stitch
  • King Hippo is the ruler of the Hippo islands, a place located in the South Pacific where he spends his day eating large amounts of food and sleeping. He is also a boxer, and feared because of his tremendous size and strength. Because of his large size, King Hippo easily took the title for himself.
  • While Hippo is a really tough opponent, he has a huge weakpoint that holds him back. If you hit him in the mouth when he opens it his pants will fall down and then you can lay down a beating on him. And if he falls he is not getting back up.
    • Sometimes carries a manhole on his belly to avoid being hit. More often than not, it tends to fall off and hurt him.
  • Many wonder if he is actually a human being or just an actual Hippo, given that he doesn't talk outside of grunts and roars.
  • His title used to belong to Lord Fredrik, until the latter dropped it and got a new one, allowing Hippo to get a spot. They seem to be on really good terms, especially when DK himself has fought in W.V.B.A. as well. making Fredrik take interest in sabotaging one of his matches.
  • Because of his Samoan descent, King Hippo ended up befriending the Rock and the Usos. While he doesn't quite wrestle, he is interested in taking part
  • Hippo can be usually found in the House of Food eating whatever he likes. He is also a frequent participant of the Gourmet Race, but he has faced a though competition there. He especially has some sort of rivalry with Kirby and King Dedede.
  • Because of his background, he was interested in meeting fellow islanders just like him. He seems to get along with Lilo and Stitch, and even lost a boxing match to the latter once.
  • Sometimes, King Hippo has been claimed to be an evil boxer in another realm and a henchman of Mother Brain no less. While he really doesn't remember all that well, he doesn't get along very well with Megamen and Pit.
    • He has a somewhat normal relationship with Mother Brain, but they tend to ignore each other most of the time.
  • Hippo wants to become the strongest fat fighter in the pantheon and that's why he has decided to challenge others like E. Honda and Rufus to see who is the best.
    • However, he is not very fond of Stitches. Besides the abomination trying to be friends with the King, he doesn't like that he keeps eating his food and leaving a mess in his temple.
  • Whatever you do, don't touch his crown. You might make him angry and he will promply punish you.

Laetitia, Goddess of Deadly Pranks (A Wee Witch, O-01-67, a good girl who did nothing wrong in her life)
  • Lesser Goddess (HE-class)
  • Symbol: Her gifts, red hearts open just enough to reveal multiple eyes within its contents.
  • Theme Song: Abnormality First Warning (LOR ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Creepy doll-like child, Coming off as oddly cute, Red lazy eyes, Deadly Pranks involving her friends, Marionette Motion, Ominous Music Box Tune, Possibly robotic, Hates Being Alone
  • Domains: Children, Gifts, Monsters
  • Herald: Wee Witch's Friends and Gift Wrapped Friends
  • Friends: Arachne, Muffet, The Puppet
  • Rivalsnote : Satoko Houjou, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Bart Simpson, Tomo Takino, Pinkie Pie, Fred and George Weasley
  • Meanies: SCP-1048, The Xenomorph Drone, Aya Drevis
  • Avoided by (they can potentially be friends too, though): Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki
  • Finds quite odd: Alfred Drevis, Monika Drevis
  • From a land far, far away comes Laetitia, an odd little girl. She willingly came to the Lobotomy Corporation to bring joy to such a gloomy place. After all, what's the fun in a place where no-one laughs smiles? And dear Laetitia loves laughters where she's from. Alas, as with all Abnormalities there's a catch. You see, her gifts are actually pranks. The secret to her gifts revolves around her "friends". Laetitia couldn't easily take her many friends with her to the Corporation, but rather than leave them behind this wee little witch chose to wrap them up as a surprise, but she doesn't anyone to know that, though! The idea is that they'll laugh about it when all is said in done, but her pranks involve her friends bursting out of peoples bodies. This little lady seeks to make new friends and is committed to bringing to cheer to the facility and won't leave until that happens, even as the company goes under due to internal conflict and a vast deadly library is established in its place.
  • The wee witch quietly made her way to the Pantheon. She knew not of what it was about at first, only that it was as odd as the facility and library she once stayed that. Certainly, it admittedly wasn't as miserable, but she feels like there's still room for growth! So the little lady got to work into making all sorts of gifts for. It's a big world so it's a little daunting, especially for someone a bit shy like herself, but she's determined to make all sorts of new friends with her heartfelt gifts.
    Laetitia: When you open the gift, you’ll be surprised, like 'WHOA!'
  • Laetitia was pleased to hear there were other pranksters like her in the Pantheon. And there's so many of them! Wanting to blow their socks off, she worked real hard in making many, many gifts to give to them. When morning arrived she had already forwarded her stuff to Satoko Houjou, Sonozaki siblings, Bart Simpson, Tomo Takino, Pinkie Pie, Fred and George Weasley onto their doorsteps. She made an extra by mistake so she ended up handing it to Kenny McCormick. The recipients didn't know what to make of them at first for Laetitia was too shy to give them in-person (plus it was still kind of late, and knocking then would be quite rude). Then A Wee Witch's Friend burst from Kenny's body ripping apart his abdomen and scurried off to sow terror elsewhere. Certainly, their socks were indeed blown off. Laetitia hopes to keep things sporting from here on out.
    Laetitia: How was my prank? It was fun, wasn’t it? Your face says so!
  • She spends her time in the House of Arthropods as that's where many of her friends gather. In fact, she has set up a little workshop there to prepare her little pranks. Some of them can even be found walking around as human-shaped gifts. Laetitia here thinks they can be. They even help her hand out her presents. Ain't that sweet? Too bad her other friends get especially feisty around those with her gifts, but she's sure they'll get along in the end.
    • While working on more pranks she noticed her friends scurrying off to other parts of the House. She didn't want them becoming a bother for the local residents so she took to going after them. Luckily, they didn't cause too much of a fuss for Arachne and ended up becoming friends with her anyways. Sometimes, Laetitia lets them help out with the gift-making, but don't tell anyone else that. What's more, they introduced her to Muffet and the little miss got along pretty well with her too. She quite likes her bakery treats, usually taking at least three each day, and thinks her reasons to raise money is such a nice thing to do.
  • Though a prankster with a truly skewed view on the consequences of her gifts she finds SCP-1048 quite mean for her tastes, even as a fellow prankster. It was a shame, because he acted so nice before and it looked like he could become another friend of hers. Alas, his jokes are far too mean-spirited for anyone to enjoy them, and didn't appreciate him hurting her friends for his amusement involving his family. And though the Xenomorph works a bit similarly to her friends in terms of suprises it doesn't get along with her circle at all. Not one bit. It and the bear-guy might be the biggest meanies she had the displeasure of meeting.
    Laetitia: Friends don’t fight each other. Nopers!
  • Finds the existence of a House dedicated to Laughter a wonderful thing but finds the idea of visiting it a bit daunting. I mean, think of all the many different types of folk who partake in laughter! Who wouldn't be intimidated by that? To prepare for this, she has been preparing a super-duper-uber-mega special present for when she musters up the courage to go there one day. She'll give it, it opens up, they all laugh, and they can be her friend.
  • Much of Laetitia can be seen as quite puppet-like in nature. The cute clothes befitting a doll, skin as perfectly pale as porcelain, the red lazy eyes, robotic-like movements... she's accompanied by a music box track! It's quite unnerving, even with the perception filter in place, though many admit it does circle back to being cute. At one point did the little girl meet a Puppet involved with the Fazbear franchise and got along with it as it seemed like a swell friend to be around. Half of the time spent together is the two making a very special gift that the Puppet wants to give to a certain person in the Pantheon. She doesn't really get what the Puppet is hinting at, but Laetitia doesn't want to ask. That would ruin the surprise, after all, and they've been working so hard on this project of theirs.
    • As for other dolls there lies Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki. The wee miss figured they would be easy to befriend given they both share a similar taste in fashion but it wasn't meant to be. They seem to make an effort to avoid her at all times. Is it because of her pranks? But Laetitia doesn't see anything wrong with them. Maybe it's a little unexpected, but it's just cute suprises that's all. Perhaps she'll give them secretly and they'll see her way of thinking, the first of which going to Suigintou. The wee witch thinks she could lighten up a bit. And Suiseiseki should be able to explain it clearly, being yet another prankster. They'll stop hating her, and then they'll all laugh about it, and then they can even be friends right after.
  • With the ascension of Lobotomy Corporation, a new cell has been made for Laetitia, though given her new companions, she's still allowed to go out on occasion. Agents assigned to Laetitia are instructed to only associate with her and to stay nearby. At least they can switch out at the end of the day without fear of her "Gift" bursting from within.
  • All Abnormalities have acquirable E.G.O equipment and Laetitia is no different. Among the three categories of equipment are weapons and for some reason hers is one of the few which takes the form of an actual firearm (pewpew!). In fact, the witch's weapons is straight up a shotgun. This has made some of the people jokingly ask if she's "packing heat" or something along those lines, whatever that means.
    • The other E.G.O. equipment for the record are a pink suit (that confers decent protection to the mind and body, but leave them more vulnerable to PALE damage), and a hat like her own but with a bell that grants extra mental fortitude. And with L Corp in the Pantheon, they are available to acquire.
  • For some reason, Aya Drevis is quite apprehensive towards her, something about not liking dolls after what happened with her father. Laetitia here tried to give a gift of good will through Maria, Aya's housemaid, but they both got rid of it and Aya went around bringing harm to her friends. Could believe that? How rude. But speaking of her father, maybe it's something with her family. Aren't families usually pretty happy? Things seem quite tense with Alfred and Monika Drevis. But Alfred wants to turn Aya into a doll, something like her apparently, and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that. But Monika wants Aya to grow up to be like her father, which is also looks quite benign but her husband is vehemently against that. It's all so confusing...
  • One time, she was driven to McDonald's by the Forsaken Murderer alongside Child of the Galaxy and Scorched Girl at their request. They are sincerely thankful for the Forsaken Murderer as it was very tasty! She hopes to one day become proper friends with Ronald McDonald because of this. Hm? How did she and the gang manage to find a functional McDonalds? Ask mister Forsaken. He drove them, after all.
  • What’s inside the gift? That’s a secret! It’s boring to spoil it.

    The Red Guy 
Alright, who's ne-

"Hello, It's me, (Insert Name Here)!"

The Red Guy, God of Butt Jokes (Ben Panced, Dr. Laxslax, Officer Hiney, Major Wedgie, The List Goes On)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His own Ass
  • Alignment: Varies somewhat; He usually settles for Chaotic Evil, but occationally he lands on Neutral or even Good.
  • Portifolio: Ass Jokes Galore, Might Be The Devil (And In That Case, Not A Very Good One), Jerkass With Some Softer Moments, Names That Are Butt Puns, Campy Demons, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS RANDOMLY
  • Varying Relationship: Cow and Chicken
  • Allies: HIM, Pony Island's Satan, The Devil Of Inkwell Isles
  • Enemies: The Powerpuff Girls, Phoenix Wright, Billy Kane
  • Annoys: Barbie, Mona, Foxy, Huckleberry Hound, the Doomslayer, The House of Demons
  • Good Friends With: Glitchy's Mario
  • Annoyed By: Beavis and Butt-head
  • Thought Cow and Chicken were weird? Well, they are, but still, you ain't seen nothing yet. One reoccurring character is The Red Guy, a strange, Devil-like figure who assumes different identities (Sometimes not even bothering to do that) and harass the duo endlessly, and is still as much of a Butt-Monkey, if not more, as the duo is. One such notable thing is that he's constantly naked, leaving his distractingly notable Ass exposed, something he loves to call attention towards. Even when he's disguised, he never wears any pants. That, combined with his... general demeanor, makes him quite the memorable character.
  • It was a quiet day in the Pantheon, with everyone just minding their own business, living life to the fullest. And then everybody's pants exploded. Soon, many Gods were left pants less, causing much chaos and panic throughout the Pantheon. It took a surprisingly long while to calm everyone down, and when they were, an investigation was in order. It didn't take long to find the culprit- the victims had just bought new pants from the new Pants Store, just an hour before the Incident happened. And sure enough, the owner, a Devil-like figure, was laughing his Ass off when they got there, just in time for him to realize what was about to ensue. When the beating was over, he, The Red Guy as some called him, was hauled to The Court Of The Gods, where, after 15 minutes of butt jokes and SUDDEN SCREAMING from Red, they decided to give him the title of Butt Jokes, but not before making him promise not to do something like that again.
  • His relationship with Cow and Chicken, who he shares a universe with, tends to change. Generally, he's antagonistic towards them, even attempting to kill them at times, but there are times when he's either neutral to them, or outright friendly with the two. Cow and Chicken, though mostly Chicken, tend to avoid him in general, which, considering his behavior, can you really blame them?
    • The main reason why his relationship with the two varies so much is because he has a habit of changing not only his job, but also his identity, with nobody ever realizing that the red, devilish figure is the same guy that keeps dicking around with them. He even seems to be able to clone himself at times just to fill multiple roles. As one would expect from his appearance, one of said roles is that of The Devil, with the typical deals and offers that this entails. While the gods of The Pantheon aren't nearly as fooled as his original victims are, he still somehow finds himself having a job.
  • If anyone is wondering how he discovered The Pantheon, he was actually the former High Priest for HIM, another campy demon, though HIM is undoubtably more dangerous and evil than Red. Nonetheless, the two get along great, often hanging out with each other on their spare times. There has been times when Red was genuinly spooked by how evil HIM could get, such as the Bad Future he caused once, but that wasn't enough to call off their friendship. It's also given him a new target of mockery in the form of The Powerpuff Girls, and as such can be seen messing with the girls on occasion, much to their annoyance.
  • Other than HIM, he's not very popular with the House of Demons, thanks to them thinking that his general oddball antics give them a bad name, again a notion that's not too far off. Hasn't stopped Red from trying to sneak into the house multiple times, much to the higher ranking demons fustration. He dosen't even really care about being in the house, he just finds their fustration funny.
    • Speaking of demons, the bane of all demons, The Doomslayer, inevetibly found out about there being yet another ascended devil, and initially set out to slay the new god, figuring that he was dangerous. Meanwhile, Red was busy acting as an Ice Cream Man while bouncing around on his butt for basically no reason. By the time the Slayer found him, one look at the Red Guy was all it took to convince the Slayer that killing him wasn't worth it, figuring that he was basically harmless, and left. Hasn't stopped Red from harassing the Slayer as well afterwards, the Slayer often dealing with him by simply just ignoring him.
  • Thanks to New Jobs As The Plot Demands, he often finds himself working alongside other gods with the same job mentality, to their fustration. Such jobs and coworkers include working as a hairdresser with Barbie, delivering pizza with Mona, acting as a traffic cop alongside Foxy, and being a zookeeper working with Huckleberry Hound. All of them had complained that Red only made their respective jobs harder (Mona's job somehow ended with a pissed off Melkor blowing up Mona's Pizza), with Barbie in particular pointing out that Red didn't even have a job application, he just showed up one day and nobody but them questioned it.
  • As mentioned before, one role he likes to play is that of The Devil, offering deals and trying to tempt others to commits sins, such as Smoking. While he isn't exactly as subtle as the usual devilish dealmaker, there nonetheless a good few times where he was close to claiming himself some souls. This trait has gotten him on the good side of The Devil of Inkwell Isles, who thought having another dealmaker on his side could be useful for the times he himself isn't available.
    • Regarding the smoking bit, it managed to get on the nerves of one Billy Kane, someone who is completely against smoking and is willing to beat the crap outta Red if he ever sees him. Reds reaction? To offer him a cigarette when they first properly met. It took a few days for the hole in Reds face to heal, but he thought it was Worth It.
  • Famous lawyer Phoenix Wright was not amused that The Red Guy had once took on the role of a lawyer, thinking that a man impersonating one was a serious crime worthy of court. In response, the demon took it to court, setting up a Kangaroo Court consisting of himself as both the Attorney, Judge and Jury, just to mess with Phoenix. Despite the blatant rigging, Phoenix was not only able to prove himself not guilty, but also turn Red's own clones on him, handily winning the case in the end. While it doesn't stop Red from gaining a grudge on the guy, even he has to admit that the whole thing was impressive.
  • If there's one (Er, two) thing(s) that get on his nerves since ascending, it's the immature duo Beavis and Butt-Head, who naturally found the nude demon to be hilarious and follow him around. At first, Red just thought this was amusing, but after about 2 hours of laughter from them, they started to get annoying for him. He has occasionally used this fascination to manipulate them into doing his dirty work when in a good mood, but otherwise he just tries to stay clear of them.
  • Has found an unlikely friend in Glitchy's Mario, a equally chaotic being fond of stripping at a moments notice. Seeing how Red's fully aware of how uncomfortable people are around the both of them, he quickly befriended the demented plumber for the simple purpose of trolling. The two can usually be seen either A. Dancing naked; B. Sleeping naked; or C. Somehow dancing naked while sleeping naked. As for Glitchy himself, he's admitted that Red was honestly less of a headache to deal with than Mario for the most part.
  • One day, while perusing the Gaming house, he came across Pony Island, a game said to be made by Lucifer himself. After playing the game and realizing how much of a piece of crap it is, he decided to contact Lucifer and offered to help with his game, having experience with games that trap you in (As well as genuinely pitying the poor guy over how poorly made in general the game was). Lucifer accepted the help, and afterwards Red can sometimes be seen conversing and giving tips to the game and its creator. First tip he gave: Make sure the power outlet is far away from the players. Trust him, he learned that the hard way.


    John Captain and Steve 
John Captain and Steve, Gods of Unwarranted Vulgar Comedy (John Captain: Sergeant John "Tankman" Captain, Cap)
John Captain (left) and Steve (right)

  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Tankman on his tank, AKA the Newgrounds logo
  • Theme Song: Tankmen Theme by Arbiter, and alternatively, Ugh, Guns, or Stress
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Making Unneeded Cock Jokes, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Little Moral Conscience In Post-Apocalyptic Settings, Sharing A Voice Actor, Iconic Tank, The Other Newgrounds Mascot, Being The Newgrounds Logo Character (for Tankman)
  • Domains: Vulgar Comedy, Soldiers, Post-Apocalyptic Settings, Tanks, Web Animation
  • Heralds: The rest of the Tankmen, including Bill
  • Allies: The Soldier and Demoman, The Monkeys (Captain Churchill particularly), Lance (Epic Battle Fantasy), The Chosen One and The Second Coming, Hank J. Wimbleton, Skid and Pump, The Crimson Raiders, Tiny Tina, Tanukichi Okuma and Ayame Kajou
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Henry Stickmin Trio, The Peregrine Falcons and The Sparrows Team
  • Odd Friendship with: Suction Cup Man
  • Avoids: Salad Fingers, The Sniper, The Unicorn
  • Annoys: Rose and Jack Dawson, Darkman, Mad Max, Franz Vahlen
  • Disappoints: Colonel Kilgore
  • Opposed by: Fancy Pants Man, SCP-516
  • Enemies: Valkyrie Jäger, The Rebel Army, The AAHW, YHVH
  • Originally, the logo of Newgrounds was just that- a simple logo of a man in a big white tank. But soon enough, the animator behind the logo decided to expand it all into a new world, already in ruin and in unending war. The "heroes" of this desolate world were none other than the Tankmen, a military group of soldiers fighting for their lives and for the sake of fighting itself, with the world in utter anarchy. Two particular Tankmen, John Captain AKA Tankmen himself, and his pal Steve, aren't much different, taking on enemy soldiers and thugs, getting into casual banter with themselves and the enemy, and more infamously, the obligatory out-of-nowhere sexual innuendo.
  • As one of the more popular figures of Newgrounds, they were intrigued by the concept of the Pantheon when the trio of Pico, Nene, and Darnell were ascended. Having come along with them in their attempt to create an unforgettable ruckus in the Pantheon to get themselves noticed, they and the other Tankmen were made into the trio's heralds initially, but it wasn't enough for John and Steve. After a few weeks of planning and researching, they broke into the Court of Gods in order to... do the paperwork for proper application for ascension, surprisingly. It was even complete with a resume with rather questionable feats, from running "The Portal", being a deity of explosions, to out-rapping a streaming reaper. A few hours later, they were almost ready to become gods, but they still had to get the trope for themselves. Eventually, they chose Bottom of the Barrel Joke, fittingly enough, with how infamous they had become for mentioning the male sexual organ in humor, while not exactly relying on such jokes for entertainment, and being well known for it anyway. John himself thought that it would be really memorable in the Pantheon's history books, anyway.
  • The Tankmen take pride in their status as mascots of Newgrounds, even though many consider Pico and his friends as the main face of the site itself. They've had plenty of feuds with each other, most being violent, for such reasons, and sometimes no reason at all. In the end, they do maintain tense but genuine respect with each other, representing Newgrounds in their own ways. While Pico, Nene, and Darnell are at the very most, young adults, if not teenagers or even children, that get themselves into rather mature antics above their usual age, the Tankmen are in a sense more subdued. Sure, they're soldiers in a Crapsack World who regularly shoot enemy soldiers for a living, but they tend to get into rather immature situations considered below their age, which is certainly more adult than the likes of Pico and his friends. Give John and Steve a good opportunity, and they're willing to have more peaceful kinds of fun, even with the enemy.
  • Having been a victim of The Chosen One and The Dark Lord's attack on Newgrounds from a long time ago, John himself killed personally by the latter, The Chosen One expected a rather rough meeting with the Tankmen. When him and John Captain met one day wandering through a city, the greetings were surprisingly lacking in hostility, Tankman stating that he was willing to leave all of that ugly business behind him, and glad that the stick figure has changed for the better. After the encounter, The Chosen One returned back to their temple only to find a note on a table, saying "Now, we're even." Right next to that note was a very excited Zeeky H. Bomb. One massive explosion later, the stick figure had to repair all of the damage caused by the Tankmen's successful scheme. Since then, the Tankmen haven't antagonized The Chosen One further, and the latter eventually decided that getting back at them wasn't necessary, taking the act as their way of putting them on good terms given how amicable the Tankmen have been aside from the incident.
  • As expected from the Tankmen, they take pride in their big white tank, and ever since the time Steve accidentally lost it while relieving himself, they've been much more careful to keep it out of unwanted hands. While John and Steve do get along with Henry Stickmin and his pals, they're wary of Henry or Ellie potentially snatching their tank to use for their own heists, and have warned them that if caught in such an act, they will shoot on sight. Despite how much they've bragged about their tank, it hasn't stopped them from checking out others' tanks, like Captain Churchill's, though they've gotten along further than that since the Tankmen find shooting Bloons to be a fun pasttime. The Tankmen also treat Lance of the Epic Battle Fantasy party well not just for being a Newgrounds character but to check out on the cosmic technology he's gotten from his adventures, for the purpose of trying to get some for themselves. The Metal Slug protagonists are also very aware that John and Steve just want to get their hands on a SV-001, explaining their reasons for allying with them, but decide that their support against the Rebel Army is worth it.
    • When Tankman found out about Franz Vahlen's designs for the Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte, he had some other Tankmen join in to raid Vahlen's temple to get such designs. Learning about how impractically tedious and expensive the design was, on top of how the first prototype of such a tank didn't really go too well, led to the Tankmen mocking poor Vahlen for his failures. Tankman himself made the obligatory compensation joke regarding the size of the prototype, much to the veteran's frustration. For this, he had the Valkyrie Jäger sent out to dispose of them, with not too much success, putting up a fight with the Tankmen but the enemy forces sometimes take friendly breaks to get into all sorts of casual activities, including volleyball but with guns and rubble, bewildering many bystanders of their conflict.
  • By making him a herald, the Tankmen resurrected the late Bill, one of their own who was going to be a dad before his unfortunate end by a headshot. While glad that he was alive and kicking, Bill asked about his wife and soon-to-be-child, only for Steve to answer that the whole Herald thing wasn't able to cover that, and he'll have to suffer being the missing dad, culminating to a Big "NO!" from Bill in grief. Learning of how people mentioning "going to be a dad" around them has led to rather grievous misfortunes, members of the Hall of Fathers as well as those planning to actually be a dad stay far away from the Tankmen. Steve himself also avoids the Hall of Aim and Skill out of paranoia that someone will shoot his head off whenever he has to go to the bathroom, or worse, commit a vile Groin Attack. It's also why the Tankmen don't like to meet up with people with the Sniper, although they do get along with most of the other RED Mercenaries, especially the Soldier and Demoman, especially the former after a trade involving helmets, metal, and a small mini-tank that Tankman occasionally drives around in.
  • John Captain, much like Pico, has a reputation of breaking into rather funky songs within the House of Musicality, which similar to the latter, having developed such skills during his ordeal with someone that Tankman referred to as "a little blue-haired shitface". Tankman only starts such jams primarily to one-up Pico and humiliate the boy on stage, knowing how much it frustrates Pico. Said motivation for getting into Pico's business was to get back at him for shooting down many of his men during Tankman's attempt to rap against the Boyfriend, though others complained that the Tankmen were going to play dirty anyway. John and Steve are also familiar with Skid and Pump, but not exactly from their funking days. In fact, Skid and Pump remember the two soldiers as friendly hobos in an alley. Those who have looked further into their cameo in the kids' mishaps ended up wishing that they didn't.
  • Being a notorious and violent group of soldiers representing Newgrounds, Fancy Pants Man doesn't look upon them very fondly, especially not after their participation in Pico's attempt to kill him. Despite not having much shame in doing so, John and Steve surprisingly hold a bit of sympathy for the stick figure. They've confessed that while they were willing to shoot Fancy Pants Man in the face, their decision was motivated by both being riled up by Pico's statements about what Fancy Pants Man thought of Newgrounds, on top of being really bored at the time. While Fancy Pants Man doesn't really forgive them, Tankman actually hopes that Fancy Pants Man can eventually settle things with the Newgrounds deities, and for Pico and his friends to tolerate Fancy Pants Man a little better, to the latter group's surprise.
    Pico: You mean, you actually want us to make some amends to that guy? You know he despises our love for violent conflict?
    John: Yeah. But as lovely as it is, not every single folk of Newgrounds has to embrace it. We just don't want those people telling us what we can't do. I think that's what's important about our ways, man. Our whole community still admires him and other weirdos that couldn't care less about the violence. We may not be "compatible", but the guy's still one of us.
    Pico: Since when did you get so sentimental?
    John: Had a daydream, and it all got erect from there. Hah!
  • Whenever the Tankmen are out fighting enemy soldiers, the Tankmen always find a way to get into silly mischief, and on occasion, find a way to get them and the enemy in a brief truce to do something considerably more peaceful. Usually, it takes form in finding lost disks and digital copies of old films that they're interested in. And oddly enough, the enemy soldiers never try to take advantage of this and join in the movie spectating. Some of the movies they've seen include Titanic (1997) and Darkman, and it's led to John and Steve following the deities of those movies around and trying to get their attention, which has only convinced those deities, Darkman especially, that those loony soldiers aren't worth staying near.
  • Due to the Tankmen lacking much of a higher authority to answer to, on top of disregarding the meaning of the wars and battles they go through, there aren't many military groups that like to be associated with Tankman and his buddies. John and Steve often accompany the Crimson Raiders since they're one of the few groups that can tolerate their banter and occasional vulgarity, and bringing them along to deal with bandits, which the two soldiers enjoy thoroughly. They even managed to get on Tiny Tina's good side rather quickly, taking her Troubling Unchildlike Behavior very well, and even teaching her a share of vulgar jokes. From time to time, the two Tankmen arrive to play "Bunkers and Badasses", being pretty decent at tabletop role-playing at best.
  • Another group of tank pilots, the Anglerfish Team, were not very delighted about the presence of the immature and apathetic attitudes of the Tankmen, and they attempted to keep away from them. However, Yukari's one little snark at the tank that John and Steve drive around would bring all those efforts to nothing. Despite the long distance, Steve heard their little insult at his tank, and Steve wasn't going to have it. Declaring the Anglerfish Team as their enemies, John and Steve would try to bully Team A around whenever they could, even at petty competitions like racing. The two soldiers never seem to be able to beat the girls at any serious tank-related competitions for one reason or another, though it hasn't stopped their urges to be jerks towards them. It hasn't ever gotten too serious to dramatically threaten the Anglerfish Team outside of tank battles, thankfully. Many are astonished that John and Steve were just reconsidering their own grudges toward Fancy Pants Man a while back and now getting into a petty rivalry with a group of younger tank pilots over a simple insult. All Pico had to comment was, "That's the Tankmen for ya.''
    John: Yeah, Steve thinks that killing you outright is too good for you sissies. You better get ready for humiliating defeat next tournament!
  • Due to their friendliness with Hank J. Wimbleton due to admiring his endless bloodlust, they've fought the AAHW a lot, though whenever more notable figures like Tricky the Clown or Jebus come on the scene, they used to flee knowing that they don't really stand a chance. But at some point, John and Steve remembered that they're essentially immortal in the Pantheon and began fighting them more aggressively, not that it actually benefits them. The Tankmen have ventured into Salad Fingers' domain as well, and having dealt with him before, they know better than to mess around with the guy. They did make a Tankman dummy and left it at his home, which Salad Fingers made into a "roommate", decorated to the point where it resembled a soldier's corpse, creeping out other visitors, including the Tankmen themselves.
  • While they've enjoyed being tourists of many of the Pantheon's landmarks and cities, the Tankmen often hang out or set up camp in the barren wastelands of the Pantheon, where they can freely engage in all sorts of shenanigans, violent or not. They tend to run into Mad Max often due to the fact they wander about in similar places, so the Tankmen attempted to recruit Mad Max or at the very least become buddies. However, while Mad Max doesn't oppose them outright, their immaturity and apathy towards the horrors of war disturbs Max to the point where he avoids any confrontation with them. Max's sentiments are also shared with SCP-516, a tank that frankly does not want to get into all of the chaos and violence that the Tankmen would rather embrace, though given their lack of disloyalty, not that there's any government left in their world to be loyal to, the tank just hopes that John and Steve don't gain a lot of interest in taking SCP-516 for themselves.
  • Colonel Kilgore thought that given their setting of a world stuck in endless conflict and war would be of interest of him, and learning the Tankmen don't care too much for ending war led him to think that he'd like John and Steve, but after visiting and seeing the two playing darts with some soldiers from HYDRA (the organization itself is baffled by the fact that the Tankmen set up a temporary truce with some of their members and that their own men agreed), he decided that the two Tankmen were not worth befriending. Kilgore shortly ended up getting killed by crossfire after the truce ended and the two sides starting shooting at each other again. And since Pico had allied with the GUAC, a notorious figure of said Alliance, Lucifer, visited the Tankmen, with the state of their world appearing as if it embraced the values of Chaos that he desired, though the Tankmen themselves care little for any of the agendas in the Pantheon. What he found was John, Steve, and some other Tankmen shouting vulgar statements at each other, a majority of them being "COCK JOKE" or some variation. Lucifer immediately decided that the soldiers should be left to their own devices, unaware that it was all code-speak for some contest to urinate on one of YHVH's statues just to stick it to him. Given that they've done this with plenty of other statues with little thought about it, those made in YHVH's likeness were no exception. YHVH's archnemesis never got to witness their plan in action, with Steve being the one surviving to successfully perform the act, and getting immediately smited after, though it still got Steve (in)famous for the act.
  • Of all the groups that John and Steve could genuinely and fullheartedly support, the two men joined SOX, led by Tanukichi Okuma and Ayame Kajou among others. Learning of their Japan's anti-obscenity laws where all forms of vulgarity, sexuality, and especially jokes related to sexual organs were banned, John and Steve declared such laws as "utterly dystopian and tyrannical", prompting them to get involved in their movements. While SOX's actions weren't as action-packed or violent as the rebellions that the Tankmen have seen in old movies they've watched before, they don't mind restraining their urges to shoot others' heads off in the name of freedom to make innuendos. Said passion hasn't endeared them to The Unicorn though, whose depravity is too much even for them.
    • While not exactly looking for friends, John and Steve were some of the very few people that actually enjoyed what Suction Cup Man did, to his surprise. He initially ignored the two, though the two cheered him on trying to scale buildings with suction cups and annoying others, finding all of it really funny from their perspective. Even when Suction Cup Man tried to do the same with some of the ruined buildings in the Tankmen's domain, John and Steve were merely amused by the efforts, and his dedication. Eventually, the Tankmen's admiration grew on the guy, and while he never vocally shows signs of friendship towards them, he's begun to accept and take in their respect, and even accepted their invitation to temporarily take him in after he got grievously injured during a scale of one of the Pantheon's taller skyscrapers, though continuing to be as rude as ever when with them regardless.

    Lennie Briscoe 
Leonard W. "Lennie" Briscoe, Divine Speaker of Evil Lawyer Jokes
  • Theme Song: The Law and Order Theme
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His badge
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Master of the Quip to Black, Cool Old Guy, The Alcoholic, Papa Wolf, Sherlock Scan, Known Only by Their Nickname, ultimately The Character Died with Him
  • Domains: Law, Good, Protection, Guns
  • Heralds: Detective(s) Michael "Mike" Logan, Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis and Edward "Ed" Green (his former partners).
  • Allies: Jack McCoy and Adam Schiff, Phoenix Wright, Judge Dredd, Gil Grissom, Horatio Caine, Christy and Bonnie Plunckett, Captain Holt
  • Enemies: Manfred von Karma, All evil deities in the House of Crime and Transgressions, especially Jack the Ripper
  • Headbutting Heroes with: John Luther, Gene Hunt
  • The folks over at the world of Law & Order were one of the earliest entries into the Pantheon. Lennie and Jack Mc-Coy, together with Phoenix Wright helped make up the court system in the House of Justice. Despite their influence, their clergy did not have nearly as much influence as the Crusading Lawyer did. As the Pantheon grew, their presence continued their retreat until the two simply disappeared. Phoenix Wright hoped that he could bring them back someday. Years later he got his chance. Dr. Grissom and detective Caine both agreed to make their case for the man's return. When the Court of the Gods appeared nonplussed at bringing him back, Lennie made a Lawyer joke that sent the entire courtroom bursting with laughter. In fact, it was good enough for the House of Quirks to open up a spot for him in the Pantheon. Thus the detective was able to regain his divinity.
    • Calls Phoenix Wright "the only lawyer worth a damn." Despite his animosity towards defense attorneys, Briscoe knows that Wright only defends those who are truly innocent unless threatened. His attitude has changed somewhat with the addition of more good-aligned lawyers.
    • It was inevitable that he would butt heads with Manfred von Karma. What makes things more infuriating to him is that the Amoral Attorney is a prosecutor who would stop at nothing to send his defendant in jail, even if they were truly innocent. Lennie only has unkind words to someone who bends the law just to keep his perfect record.
    • Was met with Horatio Caine, a follower of his when Briscoe held the title for Quip to Black. Before the Miami man popularized the quirk, it was the New Yorker that started the trend for others to follow. Nevertheless, he felt that the redhead was a worthy successor for the title and thanked the fellow detective in bringing him back.
    • Judge Dredd did a good job hiding his pleasure in Briscoe's return. He felt Briscoe was one of his hardest working officers, seeing too it that criminals aren't just captured but also properly indicted, charged and sentenced.
    • Things were more rocky when he tried to work with John Luther. The detective has a tendency of using more questionable methods to get his man. This is especially difficult given how often villainous lawyers are able to throw out cases due to this. Lennie has always been a By-the-Book Cop and his coozy relationship with the lines of Rosco disturbs him, even if they make a pretty good team. There is speculation that the two may well be in the same universe since Luther knows about JOhn Munch. Neither detective is interested in delving deeper.
    • Is less cozy with the likes of Gene Hunt than he used to. In the beginning, they would have probably enjoyed exchanging jokes at the expense of Italians and Latinos. Briscoe has since moved away from such jokes.
  • It's obvious that Briscoe isn't liked in the House of Crime, but his show did have a big bit of influence on the genre. It doesn't matter what kind of crime he investigates, it always seemed to involve a dead body. This has annoyed Jack the Ripper over the decades with how often Briscoe's team manage to stumble upon the work of his followers, even unintentionally. It has become a bigger problem when other investigators followed suit.
  • Is never far away without his trusty revolver, even those those weapons have been out of service of the police force for decades. Coincidentally, there isn't a deity based on that sort of weapon. He hopes to find someone worthy of the name.
    • Captain Holt commended the detective for his tastes in weaponry. The two compare revolvers all the time in their coffee breaks.
  • Had a rather destructive bout of alcoholism that led to the death of a loved one. This convinced him to go to AA. In the Pantheon, those services are led by the Pluncketts. They may not be the most stable of families, but both are committed to help the detective get out of his funk for as long as it takes.
  • Unfortunately, his avatar died of cancer, and he would fall along with him. The Pantheon made a heartwarming tribute to his permanent stay. While he is sad to see his original show gone, he is satsfied with the longeviety of its original successor.

    The Ooga Booga 

Alright, who is nex- OOGA BOOGA!

Ooga Booga, Spooky Harbinger of Screamer Pranks (Ooga Booga Witch/Hag)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Composite Character, Insane Proprietor, Limited Animation, Overused Running Gag, No Indoor Voice, Ran over after trying to scare someone in a car and sent to the hospital, Troll
  • Domains: Pranks, Screaming, Spookiness, Fear, Merch
  • Superior: Sr. Pelo
  • Allies: Skid and Pump, Spooky, Crazy Dave, Eustace Bagge, Ao Oni
  • Enemies: Pazuzu, Mickey Mouse, Luigi, The Boos, Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Have you ever been minding your business and suddenly, a seemingly undead and creepy lady jumps out of nowhere and scares the bejeezus out of you? Well, this is basically the MO of this deity, the Ooga Booga. She is supposed to be a witch that goes around her town and scares people for the fun of it, even having movies made by her. The Ooga Booga's nature as a loud and sudden image allowed her to become the representative of thet trope, even if many don't actually find her that scary.
  • Many say that she wasn't really chosen to ascend, she was just here being a general nuisance to random deities who on occassion would get jumped by the Ooga Booga and be victim to her usual antics. So to raise awareness of her rather annoying habits, the court of gods tossed a random title they thought it would never get used and gave it to the Ooga Booga and ever since, her "reign of terror" ended, though she still ambushes people from time to time.
  • Doesn't have many friends, probably because she tends to scare them away with her weird behavior (and the fact that she goes OOGA BOOGA everytime she interacts with someone) but she is still on friendly terms with Skid and Pump who are happy to hang out with her and find her screams very spooky. They have been trying to get her to make other friends but she just keep messing up by trying to scare them away.
  • Given the clear resemblance to Regan MacNeil, Pazuzu is certainly not happy with the existance of Ooga Booga and how she basically made him into a joke. Pazuzu has tried to kill her or actually posses her body but she is pretty slippery and hard to catch.
  • She actually likes to sell merchandise for her franchise, be it plushies or shirts, the Ooga Booga will try her best to get you to buy her products at a good price. And if you don't get them, she'll go to your house!
    (*Knock Knock*)
    Mokey: Yeeeees, who is it?
    Witch:OOGA BOOGA!
    • This business model did net her a friend, the equally insane Crazy Dave who also knows a thing or two about scaring people. At first he thought she was a zombie but warmed up to her after noticing that she wasn't trying to eat his brain. Too bad his plants shoot the Ooga Booga on sight given her close resemblance to the undead.
  • She likes to prey on the scaredy cats of the Pantheon, with her favourite victims being Courage and Luigi. Courage especially dislikes her given how her OOGA BOOGA is so similar to what Eustace does to him and worse, she somehow became friends with Eustace just because he just found it amusing that Courage gets so worked up about the silly witch.
    • Luigi eventually learned to weaponize the Ooga Booga whenever he has to go ghost hunting as he can sometime use the OOGA BOOGA to scare the Boos away. The latter group are also often terrorized by the witch themselves and surprisingly effective at keeping them at bay.
  • The Ooga Booga was given a restraining order so she would stop bothering Mickey Mouse, who she keeps confusing for Mokey Mouse and she still thinks he hasnt bought the merch she was advertising on TV the other day. Unfortunately, warrants do little to prevent her getting close to the mouse and spooking him.
  • Spooky found her the perfect replacement for Specimen 1 and inducted the Ooga Booga to her Haunted Mansion in order to test her lethality. Surprising she managed to kill 8 people with just her OOGA BOOGA but as usual, she is only effective against those with heart conditions.
  • While much more dangerous, the Oni is surprisingly fond of the Ooga Booga given that they employ similar methods. In fact, ever since their unlikely partnership, a lot of deities have dissapeared around the Onis' perimeter and sightings of the Ooga Booga were reported, implying that she merely acts as a distraction for the Oni to surprise attack its victims.
  • A lot of people think she is related to the Troll Face. When asked, she just screams OOGA BOOGA at the one asking the question. (What did you expect?)
  • After a lengthy stay in the hospital, she has tried to avoid scaring people in the middle of an empty road. Cars are said to be a good deterrent against her and while it won't kill her, she will spend several days in the hospital anyway.


    Annoying Orange 
Orange, Fruit God of Laughing at Your Own Jokes (The Annoying Orange)

    Brody Foxx 
Brody Foxx, God of Yo Mama Jokes
Demetrius: Villain, what hast thou done?
Aaron: That which thou canst not undo.
Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother.
Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.
Titus Andronicus IV.ii

    The Wet Bandits 
"Merry Christmas little fella. We know that you're in there and that you're all alone."
— Harry Lime

Harry Lime and Marv Merchants, Co-Divine Duo of Amusing Injuries (The Wet Bandits, The Sticky Bandits)
Marv (left) and Harry (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Harry's beanie hat
  • Theme Song: Wet Bandits Theme Suite (Scammed by a Kindergaartner, Man of the House, The Attack on the House, We Wish You A Merry Christmas)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with heavy Chaotic Stupid moments
  • Portfolio: Villainous Duo who are Erratic and Rather Cuckoo, Karmic Iron Butt Monkey, Fat and Skinny, Bully and Wimp Pairing, Can Take On a Crap-Ton of Hits and Injuries, Injuries that Elicit Humor, Laughably Evil, Not All Too Bright in their Heads, Villainous Friendship, Vitriolic Best Buds, Always Getting Arrested after being Defeated
  • Domains: Duos, Partnerships, Injuries, Thieves, Comedy, Invasion
  • Allies: The Team Rocket Trio, Rocksteady, Bebop
  • Arch-Enemy: Kevin McCallister
  • Enemies: Kids Next Door Sector V, The Grinch, Susy Hendrix, Edgar and Ellen, Woody, The Three Stooges, Swiper
  • Opposed By: Eve Santaclaus, Hijiri Mochizuki, Clarice, Angela Sheehan, Rudolph, George Bailey
  • Annoyed By: Baby Bink
  • Disappoints: Santa Claus
  • Fears: Robot Santa Claus, SCP-4666
  • Additional Relationships: The Cabot Crew
  • Harry Lime and Marv Merchants are a duo of rascally criminals from Chicago, Illinois, who call themselves the “Wet Bandits”. Both men complement each other with one being the planner and the other being more quick and agile, and both of them being strong enough to impose on others, which helps in their occupation as bandits. On one particular December, the bandits were eager to pick out a house to rub during Christmas, eventually settling for a large house partly because it was then only occupied by a little boy and because they wanted to prove themselves ambitious. However, said kid, Kevin McCallister proved himself to be far craftier and more prepared than anyone his age would be, constantly overwhelming, bruising, and humiliating Harry and Marv with the numerous tricks he laid out in the household. They would almost catch Kevin, only to be knocked out by Kevin’s neighbor, Old Man Marley, and later arrested. They would eventually return to target Kevin again in New York City, now seeing him as their arch-nemesis, only to be met with the same circumstances and results, once again upstaged, mocked, and beaten by Kevin before being arrested for the second time.
  • Though they were defeated by a kid, the Wet Bandits were able to achieve some degree of notoriety in the sense that even with all the abuse and humiliation they went through, they were eventually able to catch up with the kid and almost win, had it not been for the intervention of a third party. It was enough for them to get noticed by the Pantheon and although they had to spend some time in jail, they became eligible to become representatives upon release. Amusingly, neither of the two was interested in becoming "gods", that is until they realized Kevin was considered one in the divine realms for the tale and events that they shared. This riled Harry and Marv considerably to the point where they immediately changed their minds to wanting to become Pantheon representatives just so they could find a way to get an equal standing to their arch-enemy. And thus, their wish was granted... only for the Wet Bandits to realize there was much more than they bargained for. And then they whined and complained to one another, screaming that they wanted to match up with a little boy who was messing with them, not to get entangled with literal dragons, monsters, superheroes, and other literal fantasy stuff, not to mention even more powerful cops and unscrupulous vigilantes who could be willing to kill them for harassing a kid. Though eventually, Harry and Marv would get accustomed to the Pantheon and plan to get back at Kevin at some point... but not before getting themselves into other minor forms of robberies and theft first to pass the time, though Harry would claim them to be "practice tests".
  • Harry and Marv are two of the Pantheon's most infamous burglars. Even before meeting Kevin, they had a reputation for being pretty successful in their work and usually, they do accomplish their tasks, making them a pretty credible threat in the eyes of many. Unfortunately for them, Kevin has been such a black spot that their reputation has been tarnished by their loss to the boy becoming the main defining factor and this is the main reason why Harry and Marv's enmity against Kevin is personal. Individually, both are quite comical and bumbling loons who react to things in an exaggerated tone, though the two are quite different in their core personalities. Marv is more lucid and tends to be the planner of their operations, but has an explosive temper and flies into a babbling rage anytime things don't go his way. Marv is not just dumber, but his head and thoughts end up being in other places, much to Harry's annoyance and he's hyperactive to the point of screaming like a girl anytime he's beaten, scared, or humiliated. Despite their vices, they're both incredibly determined and are not willing to give up easily. If they can rob a place, be it a home, charity, or shop, Harry and Marv will make a move, and as demonstrated by their relationship with Kevin, they remember things all too well to the point where they will take notes on what to do for their next encounter, regardless of whether they misjudge or miscalculate their expectations. Simply put, Harry and Marv are rather scary and effective burglars despite their lack of success in robbing Kevin and they're pretty eager to demonstrate their infamy.
  • Kevin being in the Pantheon elicited mixed feelings for the duo. On one hand, they were furious… because Kevin ascended first and the Wet Bandits felt that they deserved to be in the divine realms ahead of him, but on the other, they were content with this as it meant that Harry and Marv could properly plan their revenge and antagonize the young boy at another time. Kevin was a bit surprised by their arrival, but quickly asserted his confidence and prepared himself to confront and thwart his arch-enemies when the time comes, though Kevin is not above taking potshots at their hilariously drawn out and embarrassing attempts to catch and steal from him, only to get nabbed and whacked hard. Naturally, this led to one of the most intense enmities in the Pantheon and things between the two can get very chaotic during Christmas time as the Wet Bandits often try breaking into the House of Childhood and Adolescence where Kevin usually resides, only for the duo to get intimidated by lots of other deities who are not happy with their attempted intrusions. Kevin himself has staved off Harry and Marv multiple times even outside of the Yuletide holidays, but they aren’t going to back down at all, regardless of their many failures and moments of embarrassment.
  • One day, Harry came up with a plan to one-up Kevin, namely by taking him to court and getting him and his parents convicted, the former for going beyond violence in self-defense and the latter for being negligent of Kevin and being responsible for his destructive tendencies as well as Kevin being a massive jerk. It somehow worked as Kevin and his parents were taken to trial and a rather interesting court battle took place. Marv also played the role of victim, claiming that Kevin’s antics resulted in brain damage and Marv has since had trouble mentally adjusting himself, which ended up gaining a few sympathy points for some as a few of the claims the duo made were legitimate and get Kevin and his family worried. Suffice it to say, the "Lime vs McCallister Case" became one of the most famous in the Pantheon, with lots of arguments in favor of both and though Kevin won due to the Wet Bandits’ already notorious reputation, the duo was able to take solace in that they have some supporters on their side and they’ve made Kevin look bad to some degree. That said, the rumors of Kevin being a "mini-Jigsaw" did leave them a bit unnerved and they felt it was best not to think about it too much.
  • To the duo’s dismay, some children were similar to Kevin, his herald Alex Pruitt included. When Harry and Marv learned about the Kids Next Door organization, Harry thought it was a silly rumor given the absurdity of their concept and existence, but when Marv tried to get into Sector V's domain, they were in for a rude awakening when five kids suddenly burst out of nowhere and smacked, pounded, and blasted the Wet Bandits with extreme prejudice. Needless to say, Harry and Marv weren't expecting such kids to be very chaotic and certainly not advanced weaponry that they were no match for. Twins Edgar and Ellen also pissed the Wet Bandits off, but mainly because it was the twins who attacked first without provocation, pranking and humiliating the duo without any notice, even if the twins also suffered from their pranks backfiring on them a few times. Their enmity towards Kevin remains unchanged though, but Harry and Marv are not happy about having to deal with another bunch of kids just like him, regardless of whether they're stealing or not.
  • Befitting of their occupation, Harry and Marv were very much at home in the House of Crime and Transgressions, content that they at least have a place to relax in without authorities gunning for them. That said, while making friendships was hard, the ones they did make were quite bizarre, such as the Team Rocket Trio and the mutant duo of Rocksteady and Bebop, all of whom share similar habits of wanting to steal and being inseparable from their partner(s). Furthermore, Harry and Marv got to learn about Pokémon from the former and wacky mutant hybrids from the latter, with the duo openly calling their quirks rather “freaky whacks”. Despite their differences, all three parties get along well and intend on doing a big Christmas theft in the future, though no killing is allowed as that's against their standards, even if Harry and Marv remain murderously angry at Kevin. The Cabot Crew was another gang of robbers with horribly inept results, though this was because of a police mole sabotaging the heist as well as each member working poorly with each other and their struggles were not as amusing. The Wet Bandits saw the Cabot Crew as fellow gangs, but not much else despite their similarities whereas the latter found the former to be funny for the most part and they believe they’re tough enough to take on Kevin and succeed where the Wet Bandits failed at, though the duo digress.
  • They don't have the best relationship with the House of Craft, given their reputation as burglary, although the duo don't have much interest there, especially as it's offshoot, the House of Items and Objects simply displayed greater rewards for them. While most members are apathetic to the Wet Bandits, Susy Hendrix proved an exception and took notes from Kevin in regards to fending off the duo if they ever decided on breaking into her domain. Though a blind woman, Susy proved to be rather determined and cunning in her efforts to defend her home and even managed to drive Harry and Marv away on one occasion, though this was mainly because they ended up underestimating Susy for her disability. And of course, there were numerous deities who not only fiercely defended their homes from people like Harry and Marv, but may have inflicted much worse injuries and misfortunes than what either Kevin or Susy could do. This is what caused the Wet Bandits to seriously consider who they could rob and to be a bit smarter in their ideas, even if both of them, especially Marv, remain bumbling and somewhat whimsical.
  • They aren't well-liked by figures who have strong ties to the Yuletide holidays and feel that they deliberately try to ruin what many see as the happiest moments they could invest in. Not helping is the one time they tried to steal money meant to be donated to charity, which led to the two being condemned by figures like Eve Santaclaus, Hijiri Mochizuki, and Claris as the former two tend to plan Christmas events to make others happy and hopeful and the latter desires to make use of her singing career as a way to raise awareness and donations for charities to help others. Those who believe in the spirit of Christmas like Rudolph, Angela Sheehan, and George Bailey tend to keep their distance and don't like the Wet Bandits for many reasons, most of all being an unpleasant pair who want to make others miserable, regardless of whether they committed their crimes on Christmas or not. Buddy Hobbs proved an awkward experience as he was willing to befriend Harry and Marv, hoping that their friendship could improve the two and stop them from being thieves. Even the Wet Bandits were stunned at Buddy’s childish naivety and ranted at how he was missing the point. Buddy would eventually realize that the duo is not willing to give up their life of crime and stopped pursuing them, especially after Santa would come on time to verbally wreck them for daring to harm Harry and Marv for threatening his surrogate son.
  • Santa Claus doesn’t like them for fairly obvious reasons, though the Wet Bandits were pretty surprised that Saint Nicholas was real in the Pantheon. While Santa isn’t fond of Harry and Marv, he keeps his affable demeanor projected at them, happily gifting them coal for their efforts in ruining Christmas, which annoys the hell out of the duo as they feel that if they were bad people, Santa should be taking them seriously and not treat them as a joke, not aware of just how powerful he truly is. On Santa’s end, he thinks that Harry and Marv are capable of being good people, he’s just disappointed at their career choice and their decision to ruin other people’s efforts to have a joyful time at Christmas. The Wet Bandits are also aware of two “versions” of Santa Claus, namely his seemingly robotic version and SCP-4666. While it’s clear they would avoid them due to their extreme antagonism, Harry and Marv do enjoy the idea of “Robot Santa Claus” attacking Kevin and every other child for “being” on the Naughty List whereas the reputation and actions of SCP-4666 creep the two out to the point where Marv has freaked out at the possibility of the eldritch Santa stalking them on several occasions.
  • They have a very interesting dynamic, to say the least. Normally, Harry is the smart and rational one whereas Marv is the weird “cuckoo” who is having his thoughts elsewhere, even when they’re robbing homes. In reality, both are thick-headed and are prone to getting angry quickly, Harry more so, proving that he’s only the “smarter” one in comparison. The two have an odd reputation regarding other villains thanks to their comical nature, with many criminals finding their experiences funny and others finding the Wet Bandits to be an embarrassment. Both stances drive them nuts as Harry, at least, wants to be taken seriously, and their failed exploits being seen as comedy only further drives them nuts. That said, their determination and loyalty to one another is one thing they’re given credit for and most criminals admit that they could take a note from that, but it isn’t enough for the duo to be seen as respected enough. As a result, Harry and Marv make it a point to try to better their reputation from here on out.
  • Even on the subject of durability, Harry and Marv are ‘’tough’’; they’ve survived being crushed, hit face-first multiple times, scorched, electrocuted, caught in explosions, falling from great heights, you name it. Marv himself has been convinced that he’s been blessed with the powers of “toon force”, much to Harry’s bewilderment, thinking that his partner has been getting more deluded since their ascension in the divine realms. Their insane durability and their relationship with Kevin has been compared to the likes of Tom Cat and Wile E. Coyote, with the Wet Bandits being mixed on this; they’re quite happy at the idea of being nigh-indestructible (at least on Marv’s mind), but they’re not happy at being compared to who they see as "eternal losers" either. Marv once mused that if they were in the Pantheon during its warfare period, they’d have survived thanks to their durability no matter what destructive event and attack they stumbled across. These thoughts have been annoying Harry to no end and he’s shouted that being "indestructible" doesn’t change the fact that they still get hurt and scream from whatever hits them.
"Harry, it's our calling card! All the great ones leave their marks. We're the wet bandits!"
Marv Merchants

    Woody and Rottweiler 
Woody and Mr. Rottweiler, Dueling Gods of the Prank Punishment
Woody (right) preparing another prank on Rottweiler (left)

  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Rottweiler's angry expression
  • Theme Song: Neighbours From Hell - Theme Music
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with shades of Chaotic Neutral for Woody, Neutral Evil for Rottweiler
  • Portfolio: Slapstick, Woody Punishing Rottweiler's Misdeeds Through Pranks, Amusing Injuries, Speaking Simlish
  • Domains: Pranks, Karma, Jerkasses, Comedy, Neighbors
  • Heralds: Joe (for Woody) and Mama Rottweiler (for Rottweiler)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Tom and Jerry, Oggy and the Cockroaches
  • Mutually Oppose: The GUAE Trollkaiger, Eric Cartman
  • Mutually Opposed by: Squidward Tentacles
  • Odd Friendship with: The Ooga Booga (Woody only)
  • Fear: Laetitia
  • Complicated Relationship with: Iroque
  • Enemies: Each other, on top of the other's allies
  • Once your usual Nice Guy, Woody would have his day ruined by the stubbornly horrible neighbor of his known as Mr. Rottweiler enough to the point that Woody decided it would be time for some payback. After having Joe get a TV crew to televise his actions, Woody began his revenge by ruining Rottweiler's once lazy and relaxing days by setting up traps and pranks within his house. Due to Rottweiler's overall ignorance, he would keep falling for all of Woody's tricks, sending him into fits of rage for the laughter of the audience. But despite being pranked on repeatedly, Rottweiler outright refused to learn despite getting pranked by Woody all the time, continuing to be a nasty neighbor while Woody continued to ruin his fun. At most, the pranks convinced Rottweiler to take a vacation to escape Woody, but Woody, being persistent, continued to make Rottweiler's life a living hell like with all the individuals that Rottweiler torments.
  • Woody didn't really manage to convince Rottweiler that he should change his ways despite making all of Rottweiler's bad actions backfire on him, but there were other great things that came out of it besides the thrill. Not only did Woody make a decent if risky living pranking Rottweiler and making it a TV show, but that show would reach some greatly entertained deities in the Pantheon. Before he knew it, Woody was ascended into the Pantheon and given the trope of Prank Punishment for his entertaining pranks on a deserving victim. For his first request, Woody requested for his tormentor-turned-tormentee, Mr. Rottweiler, to be ascended into the Pantheon for the same trope, which the gods decided to agree to, and so Rottweiler found himself in the Pantheon, and thought that he was given a deserved rest from being pranked, only to find Woody waiting for him as well. And even worse, many deities who disliked Rottweiler for being a terrible neighbor awaited him too. Even the GUAE supported Woody's pranks for the sake of seeing someone suffer to their laughter.
  • After their ascension, Woody brought Joe into the Pantheon as a herald to continue his televised pranks on Rottweiler, and Mr. Rottweiler had his mother sent into the Pantheon as his herald to make things harder for Woody. Even in the Pantheon, there was hardly a bad day to get steam fuming out of Rottweiler's ears. The good news for Woody was that there were many, many more deities in the Pantheon that would not tolerate Rottweiler's repugnant and cruel manners, who could all easily deal with Rottweiler should Woody be occupied with something else. On the other hand, Rottweiler would be able to find those who could impede Woody's attempts to prank him as well, not to mention that there were a good amount of other deities with similar attitude to Rottweiler that clearly need a taste of his good old tricks as well, though many tougher to deal with than Rottweiler given that they can learn from pranks better and also give Woody a good whooping if they find him, with Woody having little combat capability to stand a chance.
  • Surprisingly, there were those whose Jerkass nature made Rottweiler tolerable for them, mainly Eustace Bagge and Glenn Matthews, the latter being a prankster himself. They rarely get into friendly interactions, but they both can bear with each others' actions, and occasionally hang out together to cause misery for others. The three of them have also gotten themselves into nasty pranks from Woody, and usually Woody manages to get away with it by the end of the day. Glenn Matthews in particular can be troublesome for Woody, since he also knows how to prank Woody, and to predict an incoming prank whenever Woody gets too complacent. It's actually much harder for Woody to deal with The Janitor on his own, but Rottweiler and sometimes Eustace get in Matthews' way, which has given Woody the opportunity to give them the slip. There's also Squidward Tentacles, who doesn't want to deal with Woody trying to pull something crazy on him given that Squidward has his Cranky Neighbor reputation, but he finds Rottweiler to be too much to bear with as a neighbor.
  • Woody found welcoming allies from the GUAG Lolranger team, who not only found Woody's actions to be amusing but satisfying for the purpose of giving people like Rottweiler their just desserts. Although, the fact that he sometimes gets other people involved in it (if only to make Rottweiler's day a little worse) does make them a bit worried about him. Woody himself finds Deadpool to be a bit annoying and his penchant for direct action to be incompatible with his style of pranking. to On occasion, Woody invites one of their members to join in the fun, after teaching them the ways of being a step ahead of the ignorant Rottweiler. Woody dislikes the GUAE Trollkaiger despite the fact that they also love to torment Rottweiler, since their antics make them even worse sources of misery than Rottweiler. While Woody can't really get the better of them due to superior power and experience with pranks, he did help Rottweiler out of his rut when Woody found him hanging over a cliff's edge over a fatal drop due to quite a nasty trap set up by the Trollkaiger on Rottweiler, and Woody rescued his archnemesis neighbor from certain doom. To thank him, Rottweiler beat Woody senseless and punched him into the Hall of Healers for his trouble. While Woody was greatly distraught by how much of an Ungrateful Bastard that Rottweiler was, it did make him take a look at some plans for extra episodes that he initially cancelled for being too harsh on Rottweiler...
  • Looking toward other like-minded pranksters for support and advice, he's informed them of the plethora of Rottweiler's actions and mannerisms as one of the most unpleasant neighbors. From Fred and George Weasley to Mai Minakami to Takino, Woody's expanded list of prank ideas has kept the comedy of his work fresh and the nasty neighbor being unable to see what's coming, though Rottweiler hardly seems to adapt to pranks well. Bart Simpson has been a helpful advisor in particular, with Bart having experience with causing mischief upon his father, Homer Simpson. Woody also wants to give advice to Kevin McCallister seeing much potential from his feats od setting a whole house to deter stubborn house robbers, and setting upon them a huge chain of tricks.
    • Rottweiler has definitely noticed the increasing number of pranksters that are out to mess up his life, and unfortunately there's not really much he can do but try to beat them up if he spots them in his home. Having to deal with more annoying children has also stressed him out, especially Dennis Mitchell who slingshots projectiles on his windows to break them. And trying to shoo away Dennis only gives Woody more opportunities to pull a sneaky one on Mr. Rottweiler. When consulting a therapist about all the people being such nuisances to him, the therapist asked if improving his mood and attitude toward neighbors to be more friendly and considerate has helped him in any favor. In response, he smashed his therapist's head in with his chair, claiming that it isn't on him to be responsible for being bothered by the Pantheon's pranksters, bad neighbor attitude be damned.
  • Rottweiler, like with many bratty children in general, dislikes the South Park Boys, seeing them as vile nuisances. He's also afraid of Eric Cartman having learned of his reputation of being an even more unscrupulous prankster than even Woody. Woody himself disapproved of Cartman's actions, but hasn't decided to set up his signature pranks on him, fearing his retaliation. The same goes with Laetitia, who Woody already knew was bad news. However, Rottweiler didn't get the memo and had encountered walking around near his temple. Normally, Laetitia would give her trademark "gifts" to unaware victims, but Rottweiler made it easier by snatching it right out of her hands and immediately kicked her away to enjoy his new present. When Woody came to visit Rottweiler's home for another prank, he screamed at the horrific sight of a giant creepy spider-like creature bursting out of his neighbor's body, and scrammed out as soon as possible.
  • Due to being called into the House of Celebration, he would find a big mess that resulted from Rottweiler ruining one of Pinkie Pie's parties, trashing the whole place and literally kicking some guests out, all because of Rottweiler didn't like having to hear the sound of partying on a peaceful afternoon. After comforting Pinkie Pie, he asked her to start the party again, since Woody had plans for Rottweiler this time. When the commotion of the new party to make up for the last one reached Mr. Rottweiler, the neighbor came back to ruin the party once again. What Rottweiler didn't expect was that Rottweiler's role as the party crasher would change to being the main attraction, and Woody's tricks made Rottweiler into the malicious but harmless clown for the party, which made for a fun night for all of the partygoers, excluding Rottweiler, now a barefoot sobbing mess, from getting pranked by Woody and eating both his sandals in separate fits of rage.
  • While not big on setting up pranks on his adversaries, Jimmy Hopkins did find himself enjoying the sight of people like Rottweiler and other unlucky jerks getting their comeuppance. Woody found great pity in what Jimmy had to go through, and asked him if there was someone that could recieve a good dosage of humiliation. Jimmy had only one candidate in mind, and a few hours later, Gary Smith found himself caught in a rollercoaster of pranks and tricks that mercilessly tore at his smug composure. One Villainous Breakdown later, Gary Smith has been plotting to make Woody really suffer for what he went through.
  • Wallace and Gromit were confused at seeing what looked like some normal people from their world, but Woody explained that they were from a different world where people generally looked similar. After that explanation, Woody had the bright idea of collaborating with them to make inventions that he could use to set up more pranks on Rottweiler. Eventually, they made a few unusual gadgets that were successful in what Woody had planned for the nasty neighbor for the next few days, leading to Woody paying Wallace and Gromit back with stocks of Wensleydale cheese using some of the earnings from his show. Woody had also been startled by Ooga Booga suddenly appearing before him one time, but instead of lamenting or being angry about his current situation, he once again saw another opportunity to torment Rottweiler. The following day, while attempting to install a new fireplace in his house, Rottweiler would be spooked by Ooga Booga herself, and then found himself tripping up on a floor of marbles and right into a pile of coal, which had the neighbor furious, but Ooga Booga disappeared before he could retaliate. And once in a while, Ooga Booga comes by again and again to mess up Rottweiler's composure from time to time.
  • The Pantheon does enjoy Rottweiler receiving the proper justice he gets from Woody, though Iroque decided to meet with Woody one day. She gave Woody the offer of forcefully turning Rottweiler good so that he can't harass Woody anymore, noting that since Rottweiler is nice to at least one person (his mother in particular, despite regularly spanking Rottweiler when a prank affects her), turning him good would be possible since he has at least a shred of empathy. Woody declined the offer, noting that while the option does tempt him, he wouldn't be comfortable of allowing such an action, even on someone like Rottweiler. Woody simply hopes that all the pranks will make Rottweiler choose to be good on his own, though Woody does like getting to prank Rottweiler all the time, and forcefully changing his mind would ruin all that fun.
  • With Woody's show about his pranks on Rottweiler growing popular in the Pantheon, it was inevitable that deities with similar gimmicks would find Woody and Rottweiler to be competition. While Tom and Jerry saw Woody's pranks on Rottweiler as an attempt to steal some of their spotlight at first, they did find everything that the abusive neighbor went through as hilarious. The same goes with Oggy and the cockroackes that he has to deal, who all not only found themselves laughing at Rottweiler's misfortune, but they sincerely feel that Rottweiler is someone that deserves his Butt-Monkey role. Woody decided to give his rivals a turn in overwhelming Rottweiler with their slapstick, and the end result was Rottweiler attempting to chase away all the animals that harassed him, only to get caught in one last rope trap by Woody who saw him coming from a mile away, sending him flying into the sky tied to fireworks.
  • Among Rottweiler's many foul deeds, Rottweiler often peeps on the reputably attractive women on the Pantheon, especially when they're undressing, much of the discomfort of many. He often gets away before he can get spotted doing so however, at least when Woody's not around. But on one unlucky day, Woody set up a rather explosive prank on Rottweiler the day he went into the House of Fanservice Attires, and Rottweiler was caught red-handed. A few minutes later, Rottweiler was getting ping-ponged between Dokuro and Tenko Chibashira who really wanted to show the neighbor how they felt about harassers like him. After the beating was done, Cheems came by in an unusually late manner to bonk him and send Rottweiler to "Horny Jail".
    • Despite that event, Rottweiler hasn't given with finding someone to woo over, and attempted to find some suitable to his tastes by advertising himself. Naturally, Woody took much advantage of this, and had planned to ruin Rottweiler's attempt to find a date. It seemed that Woody had failed when Rottweiler had found a successful match for him to supposedly lust over, expecting a big, thick woman that he could impress. Then the lecherous neighbor found that Woody had manipulated things so that he would end up meeting Granny Goodness, who did fit his description to an extent. After Granny Goodness finished with her usual business on Rottweiler, she considered sending Rottweiler to Apokolips to be a servant of Darkseid, but decided not to seeing the man as too pathetic to provide any productive labor.
  • To say that Rottweiler is bad with animals would vastly understate how badly the House of Beasts and Fauna despises him. He's had a pet parrot (shown in the picture) that he decided to kill off later, and mounting its head on his trophy room, tormented an elephant in India, and bought a pig and kept in a tight cage just to turn it into pork steaks later, to the concern of Babe. Since there isn't anything that explicitly prevents the house's members from doing so, if Rottweiler happens to show up to any of the deities from that house, or any deity that opposes animal abusers, he'll be wishing he was just getting pranked by Woody. But that might change since Woody's planning a big episode for his show where members of each Hall of the House of Beasts and Fauna gets a jab at Rottweiler's heinie. He also doesn't seem to get along with plants either, given that Rottweiler has been bitten by carnivorous plants before, and decided to punch a Pirahna Plant out when he encountered one, earning the ire of all the other Pirahna Plants.
    • Being apathetic to the suffering of animals and critters, he's one of the few people that doesn't mind Rusty's atrocious abuses toward his own Pokemon. In fact, he finds Rusty's endeavors to be entertaining, although Woody seeks to ruin that fun for both of them when he gets a chance. Rottweiler also looks up to Gaston for his vast collection of hunted animals, given that Rottweiler has a more modest trophy room of animals he's hunted with his own gun himself. Gaston's also been warned about Woody, and has been wary of the prankster's presence so he can beat Woody up whenever he finds Woody. While getting attacked by someone like Gaston intimidates Woody more than his nemesis neighbor, such risks are not unfamiliar to Woody, and he still plans to show Gaston how clever he can be.
  • Since Woody is friends with Bugs Bunny, who is part of the Lolranger, Rottweiler had quite the splendid idea of hiring someone who's known to deal with Bugs Bunny to deal with Woody as well. It was actually a good move since bringing in Cecil Turtle to help protect Rottweiler's lifestyle actually took Woody by surprise when Cecil Turtle managed to outsmart and catch Woody, ruining his plans for that day. That said, Cecil does offer a lot for dealing with Woody, and Rottweiler has to pay the proper price or else he'll turn against Rottweiler too. While dismayed that Cecil has become an obstacle in pranking Rottweiler from time to time, Woody's been learning from Bugs Bunny about times where Cecil Turtle had his less fortunate moments, and hopes to outplay Cecil Turtle whenever Rottweiler brings him out to deal with Woody.