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Intermediate Gods

Moro-no-Kimi, Goddess of White Wolves (Moro)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A wolf head silhouette, with two tails pointing out on each side
  • Theme Song: Forest of the Shishi God (shared with Okkoto)
  • Alignment: True Neutral / Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: White wolf goddess, really big wolf, Physical God, adopted and raised the human San, who she'll protect no matter what, ships San and Ashitaka, calmly accepting death
  • Domains: Wolves, Nature, Divinity, Family
  • Heralds: Ichi and Nii (sons)
  • Allies: San (adopted daughter), Okkoto-nushi, Ashitaka, other Studio Ghibli deities, Amaterasu, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Mowgli, Aisling, Spring Sprite, Xerneas, Yveltal, Suicune, Celebi
  • Enemies: Cersei Lannister, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, Lysandre, Firebird
  • Complicated Relations: Baloo and Bagheera, Leman Russ, Balto
  • Moro is a wolf goddess who protected the dwindling forest surrounding a human settlement called Iron Town. A baby girl was once abandoned at her paws by her parents, trying to save themselves from the wolf's jaws. Moro adopted that baby and named her San, who she raised alongside her pups Ichi and Nii. Years later, in a confrontation with the Iron Town people, Moro was fatally shot. She decided that was it for her and awaited her death, even as an army of boar gods clamored for an ultimate showdown with the humans and her children fought alongside them. Moro's last act before the Forest God took her life was to save her daughter from The Corruption.
  • Moro and her fellow giant animal god Okkoto ascended together in time to fight a battle that was going on between San, Ashitaka and most of the Nature Preservers, and several polluters from the Houses of Commerce and Toxicity. The surprising reinforcements resulted in a swift and decisive victory for the Nature Preservers. San spent that night cuddling with her dearly missed mother and brothers.
  • She was never exactly nice to Ashitaka back in the mortal world and still remains relatively aloof from him in the Pantheon, but at the same time she goes on supporting the blossoming romance between her daughter and him. But as any good mother would do, she's made it clear that she'll tear Ashitaka into pieces if he ever hurts San. In the meantime, they fight alongside each other against their enemies.
  • Moro once saw Ichi and Nii playing with a strange white wolf that was surprisingly as big as them. San explained to her that the third wolf was a direwolf, he was called Ghost and he was owned by Jon Snow, a human she was interested in. Moro went to see for herself this boy who could claim that a giant wolf was his pet. She thought that he was like Ashitaka in some ways, and if Ghost approves of him enough to call him master, then it's not her place to contest that. Also, Jon is happy to tell her all he knows about direwolves, and Moro enjoys listening, so they're pretty good friends despite him being human.
    • Moro also likes Jon's half-sister Arya Stark, as the wild and deadly young girl reminds her of San at a certain age. Moro thinks that of all the Starks, Arya is the only one who lives up to the wolf that her family likes to compare themselves to. Probably also has to do with the fact that Arya set her direwolf free. Arya herself likes to hang around Moro and her pack, precisely because they remind her of Nymeria.
  • There's something about Cersei Lannister that really sets Moro's fangs on edge. It's probably that Cersei is like Lady Eboshi, just much, much worse with none of Eboshi's good qualities; Moro thinks the queen has nowhere near the amount of dignity that Lady Eboshi, who the wolf sees as a Worthy Opponent despite everything, had. She's completely willing to fight alongside Jon for a chance at ripping her head off.
  • She likes Mowgli as he reminds her of San, being also a human child raised by wolves. She can be very protective of the boy, even as San thinks he should learn to fend for himself better. Moro thinks the boy already seems resourceful enough, considering he defeated a tiger by himself, he just needs to be distanced from that bear who's planting unrealistic ideas in his head. She sees more eye-to-eye with Bagheera, though she thinks he worries too much sometimes.
  • While Leman Russ piqued her interest for similar reasons to Mowgli, the fact that he fights for humanity puts them at odds. Sure, Moro is not nearly as war-mongering as Okkoto, but she still doesn't think highly of the species that killed her forest. She also wonders if the wolves Leman uses in battle are there of their own will, or if they were enslaved like dogs. Leman himself has a ton of respect for the giant motherly wolf, though.
  • As far as other wolves go, she gets along okay with Sif, even if Sif seems inordinately loyal to a dead human in Moro's opinion. Zinogre looks nothing like any wolf Moro has ever seen, but she respects his strength. She doesn't really acknowledge Wolf O'Donnel as a real wolf though, due to his humanoid stance and customs. Moro bows down to Amaterasu, though this has less to do with Ammy looking like a wolf and more with the fact that she's the top goddess in Shinto. She also takes good care of Chibiterasu when he visits (technically it's Ichi, Nii and San who interact with him more).
    • Aisling easily befriended Moro and her pack through use of her white wolf form. Moro ironically approves of her over most real wolves in the Pantheon, perhaps because Aisling's story reminds her a bit of San's. Also, being a forest fairy, Aisling is comparable to the kodama that lived in Moro's forest.
    • She doesn't really like how Balto went on serving the same humans who mistreated him despite embracing his wolf heritage, but she leaves him well alone for the most part, especially as one of his brood, Aleu, did distance herself from humans. Balto himself looks up to Moro as she reminds him of the white wolf apparition who gave him the resolve to continue his journey.
  • As Moro is a protector of nature, she will often fight in the name of the Spring Sprite, who's capable of restoring wrecked landscapes; the nature spirit has come to love the wolf as one of her "knights". She is naturally at odds with the Firebird and the unnatural, gratuitous destruction it causes.
  • With Xerneas resembling the Forest God of her universe in both appearance and powers, it's a given that Moro would ally with the Legendary Pokemon. However the Forest God ruled over both life and death, so Moro considers that Xerneas, who only gives life, is not complete without the death-bringing Yveltal. Some may say this is a contradiction given what she thinks of the Firebird, but the Firebird is needlessly destructive and Moro understands that Xerneas and Yveltal are two halves of an essential cycle. Given how Yveltal tends to be vilified, the two Pokemon are glad that there's someone capable of comprehending that. For these reasons, Moro despises Lysandre for wanting to control life and death to create his perfect world where most beings are killed and only a few chosen by himself become immortal.
    • Moro has noted striking similarities between herself and Suicune; the wolf-like Aurora Pokemon also fights to protect the forest spirit Celebi, and is capable of purifying water on top of that. Moro's decided that she should give Suicune a paw once in a while.

Lesser Gods

    Ladd Russo 

Ladd Russo, God of Bloodstained White Outfits (Boss Ladd)

    Maximus (Tangled) 
Maximus, God of White Horses
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Corona's Crest
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral —> Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: White horse with leadership cred, extremely persistent in chasing Flynn, dog-like behavior, hyper-competent, capable of taking more abuse than a horse should, working with the Pub Thugs to save Flynn, choosing good over law, approves of Rapunzel/Flynn, Silent Snarker
  • Domains: Equines, Leadership, Tenacity, Justice
  • Allies: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Disney princesses, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Black Beauty, Tiffany Aching, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Johnny Appleseed, Applejack, Shining Armor, Jean Valjean, Link, Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, Peach
  • Enemies: Mother Gothel, Master Xehanort, Ryuk, Ganondorf, Bowser, Manny Pardo, evil members of the House of Crime, House of Villains
  • Conflicting Opinion: Inspector Javert, Spirit
  • Evil Counterpart: Fiend White Rider
  • Maximus was the horse of the captain of Corona's royal guard. Very meticulous, he doesn't hesitate in taking over from his human masters if he finds that they're not up to snuff, as demonstrated by the determination with which he chased Flynn for stealing a crown, even after losing his rider. This would lead him to meet the long-lost princess of his kingdom, Rapunzel, and he played an important role in rescuing her from Mother Gothel's clutches. At the end, he was made captain of the guard, and ascended in order to better serve his princess.
  • Beyond his duty to her, Maximus just adores Rapunzel and will do anything to protect her and make her happy, even if that means bending the law sometimes. In fact, Rapunzel is the reason why Maximus can be flexible at all. He has also pledged to protect the other Disney princesses for reminding him of Rapunzel, and after hearing from Sora about the threat that Master Xehanort poses for all princesses.
  • It should come as no surprise that, although they didn't have much to do with each other in the mortal realm, Maximus will not tolerate Mother Gothel coming into the vicinity of his liege. She's the person he chases the most, so he can throw her in jail and make her pay for the crime of kidnapping his princess.
  • Though he is friends with Flynn now (with some vitriol), Maximus still condemns thievery and crime in general and will chase any criminals in the Pantheon as doggedly as he did in the mortal world, but now with an eye for the bigger picture. He wishes Javert would do the same instead of obsessing over someone who already served nineteen years for the measly crime that was stealing a loaf of bread. He tries to make him come around to this point of view whenever their jobs lead to them working together. The effort and his general reasonability makes him respected by Jean Valjean. Maximus also detests Manny Pardo for using his authority as a cover-up to commit murder of both criminals and innocents.
  • Other deities he often works together with include Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Maximus has a lot of synergy with the bunny's scrappy, can-do attitude, and Nick Wilde is like Flynn, which he can get used to; they often give each other a hard time in a good-natured way. There's also Shining Armor, with whom he shares the commonality of being captains of the guard, so they'll often talk about their troubles together.
  • Has been trying to convince the House of Defense to make frying pans standard equipment like he did with Corona's royal guard. This has had little success as most members prefer doing their thing. At least the effort scores him points with Tiffany Aching.
  • Is very hostile towards the White Rider because of him representing a darker form that the White Stallion trope can take: Conquest. Maximus is unrelenting but ultimately benevolent, so being confronted with the darker side of the trope he is deified for causes him quite a bit of angst.
  • When Spirit acts up, Maximus will come running and tell him to stop being a danger to everyone. Spirit likes to tease him by saying that Maximus has become such a pet that he enforces humans' laws for them. This often leads to extensive Stern Chases around the Pantheon where the other deities can't believe Maximus and Spirit don't break their legs several times over. They CAN work together well on occasion though, especially when Maximus opts to be more good than lawful.
  • Maximus gets along much better with the more law-abiding Black Beauty. The peaceful black horse tries to be a mediator in Maximus and Spirit's squabbles, not always successfully since the two are both hot-heads.
  • Due to his love for apples, he's a frequent customer of Applejack's and Johnny Appleseed's, and they're more than happy to be of service to such an upstanding horse. Ryuk, jealous that he isn't as favored, sometimes picks fights with Maximus by stealing part of his stash. Maximus has also very chivalrously offered to taste-test any apple that might come Snow White's way.
  • Gets on well with Link due to him being a just hero and his friendship with Epona. It's the same thing with Mario and his mount Yoshi. Seeing that they themselves have princesses to protect, he aids them against Ganondorf and Bowser. Not without some trepidation against the former, due to his fearsome, giant horse.

Meowstic, Divine Representatives Of Dark Males And Pale Females (The Constraint Pokemon, Nyaonix)
Left-Male Meowstic, Right-Female Meowstic


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