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    The Monitor 
Mar Novu, Divine Herald of Crisis Crossovers (The Monitor, The First Monitor, The Over-Monitor)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His Monitor spaceship
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Watcher, Guardian of the Multiverse, Embodiment of Positive Matter, 10 Billion Years Old, Cosmic Entity, Thanatos Gambit, First of The Monitor Race, Protectors On A Higher Plane, Good Counterpart, Cosmic Retcon
  • Domains: Monitoring, Positive Matter, Power, Retcons, Crossovers, Space-Time, Sacrifice
  • Heralds: Nix Uotan
  • Allies: All heroic DC Gods, The Endless, Chronoa, The Creation Trio (yes, even Giratina), Whis, Cosmos, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Prismo, Finn and Jake, Arceus, Primus, The Homestuck Kids, Linkara, Eru Ilúvatar, The Living Tribunal, Eternity, Clockwork, Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Present and Future Zeno, Beerus, Eliphas
  • Enemies: The Anti-Monitor (his Evil Twin), Nekron, Darkseid, Krona, Lord English, Doc Scratch, Lord Fuse, The Lich, Merged Zamasu, Majin Buu, The Brainspawn, Don Thousand, Unicron, Sigma, Malal, Amatsu-Mikaboshi
  • Wary of: The House of Vampires
  • After the Super Celestial Perpetua created the multiverse, she created the first inhabitants of that multiverse—her sons Alpheus (the World Forger), Mobius (the Anti-Monitor), and Mar Novu (the Over-Monitor)—to oversee the three realms of the multiverse, which were formed of the three basic forms of substance: dark matter, anti-matter, and positive matter. While Alpheus and Mobius were assigned to supervise the first two realms and were tasked with the function of creation and destruction, respectively, Mar Novu was to govern the last realm and was tasked with observing and protecting the created universes from cosmic disasters. When the Anti-Monitor awoke and began the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was the Monitor who gathered various heroes and villain for the mother of all crossovers with the fate of existence at hand.
  • Expecting to be betrayed by a mind-controlled Harbinger, he used the situation to save the remaining universes at the time. And after ages, he's finally managed to regenerate. He's a distant, higher-up protector of the multiverse, an embodiment of positive matter who's personal strength depends on the amount of positive matter universes. And the pantheon's grander multiverse was so full of the stuff it made him immensely powerful. He is also aware of the likes of Merged Zamasu who wish to destroy the multiverse, and he's ready to take arms against such beings.
  • During his retreat, he became the progenitor to an entire race of Monitors who guard a different universe. Having reviewed the poorly-received Countdown to Final Crisis, Linkara wasn't impressed and summarized them in "We should do something! Should we do something?" The Monitor agreed with him on this and hopes to sort things out with the only active member of these new Monitors, Nix Uotan, and respects how Linkara has defended his own universe from various threats. He was also horrified to learn of Mandrakk the Dark Monitor, and the vampiric nature of these new Monitors. There's a lot for him to clean up.
  • His ilk dwells in Monitor Space, which lies above the Sphere of the Gods and bordering the edge of the DC Multiverse itself. As such, he usually searches for friends and foes in the Main House. He found much in common with Primus-both are ancient, multiversal guardians who have an Evil Twin that wishes to destroy everything. He has also allied with Cosmos, as the Grand United Alliance of Good are an excellent alliance to oppose the Anti-Monitor and his like. Unlike her he is willing to get those from the other alliances(sans the Grand United Alliance of Destruction) if it means protecting the multiverse. Sometimes heroes and villains have to work together for an ultimate threat.
  • Because of his role as Guardian of the Multiverse, he plays an important role in the House of Time And Space. He was curious about Giratina, since it is a god of antimatter yet wishes to protect the positive matter universe of Pokémon. Giratina explained that the two need each other and the Anti-Monitor is an aberration that must be stopped. The Monitor wholeheartedly agreed and was happy to see that antimatter could be used for good. He has gotten along with both the Creation Trio for their role of guardians of dimensions, and their creator Arceus for how they guide the realities below them.
  • Has been making various tuning forks to buffer the defense of the many universes in the pantheon, across both space and time. Chronoa has been giving him advice for where and when to put them, and Clockwork has been helping upgrade them to be better at protecting space-time. While doing this, the tuning forks were being assaulted and burned down by Lord English. His ambition to destroy everything ever and ability to manipulate history using the Stable Time Loop makes him just as dangerous as the Anti-Monitor, possibly even MORE so.
  • The rebuilt Monitor Sphere serves as his mobile temple, containing vast amounts of information. The Admins still have more that he does, though. The Brainspawn have been assaulting it to satiate their lust for all the knowledge in creation, then destroy it afterwards. Whenever they do so he shoots them down, and proved too out of their weight class to stupefy.
  • Has been travelling to the different higher realms in the various multiverses the pantheon has access to. He ended up travelling to the center of the Adventure Time multiverse, and met Prismo in the Time Room. He found Prismo to be very friendly company. There he also learned of the Lich, who considers the Monitor to be one of his biggest obstacles against his goal of destroying all life. The Monitor is proud of how Finn and Jake have managed to fight against this menace.
  • Has some issues with Beerus-he's not exactly comfortable with a Destroyer Deity, much less a petty one like him. However he is about keeping balance in the universe and despises the likes of Zamasu who cause destruction on a multiversal scale. He is also not quite sure what to think of the Zeno for their childishness, but they are ultimately trying to keep order like their Secret Test of Character, so he ultimately sides with them.
  • He is also not quite sure what to think of Eliphas. While he desires order, he is a Knight Templar who has issues in enforcing too much of it. However Eliphas is improving his attitude and he is far more preferable to Don Thousand's desire to spread chaos everywhere. He considers Lord Fuse a major enemy as well for his power to merge different worlds so as to assimilate them to his will.
  • Appears to be unaffected by the various reboots and tweeks to continuity that DC Comics has undergone. This has led him to be aware of those rendered under Canon Discontinuity and the pantheon's various retcons. Malal saw the Monitor's ascension as his golden opportunity to escape the Retconnian, likely the pantheon's answer to Limbo and become the most powerful Chaos God of all. He has been assaulting the Monitor for this reason, who completely disapproves of the outcast for obvious reasons.
  • For their opposition to Lord English, he finds the kid heroes of Homestuck excellent champions for the safety of creation. He considers Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu important allies due to their prior experience with saving the day in massive crossovers. He has also found a kinship with the Living Tribunal, for being the Marvel Multiverse's guardian. The Living Tribunal doesn't think he's as impressive as he should be, but otherwise they are working together to safeguard both their multiverses. He has got to know Eternity as well.
  • Doesn't believe in being overt, and is more concerned with the biggest of threats. He's more about using the various superheroes for a larger goal. It's a philosophy that Eru Ilúvatar can understand, and so does Cosmos and Whis. Following his return, however, he might have to be more active in his goal as the monitor and guardian of the DC Multiverse.

    Lord Vortech 
Vortechius Vortell Vortech, God of Bizarre And Unusual Crossovers (Lord Vortech)
Giant Vortech 
“Welcome to the end of chaos, and the beginning of perfection!”

Greater Gods

    The Genie (Aladdin
The Genie, God of Genies and Anachronistic Pop Culture References (Ascended Cosmic Comic)
Click here  for his live action portrayal.

Intermediate Gods


Alear, Divine Dragon of Crossovers in one Franchise (Divine Dragon, Divine One, Dragon Child, Lueur, Toothpaste-Chan, Colgate-Chan, Pepsiman/Pepsi-chan, The Fire Emblem)
Female Alear left, Male Alear Right

  • Lesser Deity, Intermediate as an Emblem
  • Symbol: Their sword Libération and The Ring of the Connector
  • Theme Song: Engage, Faraway Holy Land, Keeper of History (Frenzy), When Life Returns
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Evil under Sombron's command or if they fall back under his control
  • Portfolio: Main Lord of an internal Fire Emblem crossover, Dragons Are Divine confused by worship of them, Anime Hair made fun of in and out of universe, Duality Motif, Heroic Red and Blue, Uses Arts and Swords in Divine Dragon Class, Nice Guy/Girl, grounds the party, Magnetic Hero, Monarch on the Front Lines, Libération and Wille Glanz, Amnesiac Hero, Contrasting Sequel Main Character, Once The Dragon for their evil father, Deconstruction of The Ace, Happily Adopted by Lumera, Dies/Incapacitated and is revived three separate times
  • Domains: Divinity, Dragons, Crossovers, Redemption, Family, Death and Revival
  • Followers: Neith, Scottie and Bettie, Tyro
  • Heralds: Their stewards Vander, Clanne, and Framme, their mother Lumera, Sommie, and their Sister Veyle
  • Allies:
  • Interested in: Duma and Mila
  • Respects: Good Parents in general, especially single (ex. Greg Universe) and adoptive (ex.Kirito and Asuna)
  • Pities: Kalibak
  • Afraid of: The House of Undead and Phantasma. The Dovahkiin
  • Enemies:
  • On the continent of Elyos, the people of the land and the Divine dragons were once attacked by the forces of the wicked Fell Dragon Sombrom. Sombron sought to control the thirteen Emblems Rings, which contained spirits known as emblems that granted the user fantastic abilities, and once combined could grant ultimate power. However, Sombron was struck down and sealed by Alear, a divine dragon who was the child of divine dragon monarch Lumera, but not before they were dealt a data blow and were forced into a thousand-year slumber. After awakening, the Dragon Child would awaken and lead the four nations of Elyos once more against the Fell dragon to defeat him once and for all. Afterward, they would succeed their mother Lumera as the Divine Dragon Monarch of Elyos. However, that is not the full story: Alear is only Lumera's child by adoption, and was born as a Fell Dragon fathered by Sombron. However, Lumera's kindness convinced them to switch sides and turn on their father, becoming a true hero. After their awakening, they would also die and be resurrected two times: first as a Corrupted, and the second time as the thirteenth emblem of their world, The Fire Emblem.
  • It was a normal day in the pantheon, with a bright blue sky many considered to be a good omen. It was on this day that many Fire Emblem deities found mysterious altars in their temples. On some of these altars were rings, and on others bracelets. After it was reported that there had been 11 rings and 4 bracelets in the pantheon, these objects suddenly moved on their own, flying out of the temples and to a previously unknown chapel in the House of Religion and Faith. The Fire Emblem deities followed the rings and bracelets to this chapel, where they found an interesting sight. The rings and bracelets opened up a portal through time and space, and through walked Alear, the Divine Dragon of Elyos. This was not the first time Alear had met these deities, as a female Alear had been summoned by The Order of Heroes. However, the heroes such as Marth were confused about why Alear wanted to "Engage" with them, and why Alear seemed to know them even though they had no such memories. Luckily, Alear was now available to explain the full story:
    • In the war between the Divine and Fell Dragons in Elyos's ancient past, the Divine dragons prayed for help through summoning rituals, and these prayers were answered by Emblems, spirits that took the forms of great heroes from other worlds. These Emblems are not the heroes themselves, but carry a similar if a more powerful set of abilities that they can impart to users of their bracelets or rings. Each Fire Emblem deity with an altar in their temple has a corresponding emblem of their likeness that allied with Alear, carried within a ring (for Alear's Elyos) or a bracelet (for an alternate Elyos). Through many trials and tribulations, Alear had come to bond with each of the emblems, so much so that the twelve ring emblems of the main Elyos had decided to use their one-time emergency power to revive Alear as the thirteenth Emblem. After Alear finished telling their tale and cleared up the confusion, these deities decided to become proper friends with the new Lord, as their respective emblems had once done.
  • Alear's temple is a grounded replica of the Somniel, a floating island where they slept for a thousand after the first war against the Fell Dragon. They often invite over friends to swin in the pool, fly wyverns in a shooting game, train in the arena, and enjoy meals together. And it is 'only' by invite, as just like with the old Somniel it is impossible to enter the new one without Alear's permission as Divine Dragon. Alear lives here accompanied by their stewards Vander, Clanne, and Framme, along with their adoptive mother Lumera and sister Veyle.
  • Now that Alear could interact with living, breathing, people instead of incorporeal spirits, they took on the task of strengthening their bonds with the Fire Emblem characters whose emblems they had interacted with in the past.
    • As the first Emblem that Alear met after their awakening and the Emblem that they used under Sombron, Marth was the first deity that Alear visited after they were situated. There, Marth introduced Alear to his wife Caeda, whose voice and role as a Pegasus Knight reminded Alear of a certain fairy-tale lover. Caeda also sternly stated that there will be no "engaging" between Alear and Marth, although the Emblem Marth in his temple is fair game. Alear to find that Tiki was an adult in the pantheon, though still a bit childish as Emblem Tiki was literally a child. Alear learned from Tiki that the pantheon not only had other dragons from Fire Emblem worlds, but dragons of other worlds as well. Alear is thinking about visiting them someday to learn more about their kind.
    • Celica introduced Alear to Alm, her husband and better half. The two then recommended that Alear should meet Duma and Mila, two sibling Divine Dragons whose rule over their respective nations fell into excess. Alear has resolved to meet the two eventually to learn how to become a better ruler but has not decided when. Alear was later surprised to learn about how Alm and Celica's army was the first to fight and seal Grima
    • While Alear knew that Sigurd died and had that his son had to take up the mission of peace and justice, they had not yet met Seliph until they had come to the pantheon. However, the two lords became friends nearly instantly, and spend much time telling each other about their respective adventures. It also helps that Alear became friends with Emblem Lief, who took the form of Sigurd's nephew and Seliph's cousin. Alear was also surprised to learn that dancers in Jungdral could refresh all adjacent allies without needing the power of an emblem.
    • Alear was surprised to learn that Roy did not necessarily have the strength and high survivability as the Emblem they had known but found the same kind heart and determined soul. Alear pledged their support to Roy and assured him that even if he wasn't as badass as the other lords he was no less valuable. Roy also introduced Alear to some of the people he was close to. Alear was glad to meet yet another Divine Dragon in the form of Fae and is impressed by the young dragon's power, and agreed to help supervise her playtime if required. Alear also had the pleasure of meeting the half-ice dragon Ninian and Roy's Father Eliwood, who like Roy are not the strongest but make up the difference in heart. And before you ask, Alear does not have a guess in who Roy's mother is and refuses to pry any further out of respect for Eliwood and Elibe's women.
    • Alear was also glad to reunite with Hector and Lyndis, whose strength and speed were great assets during the war against the Fell Dragon. Alear was also introduced to Lilina, who despite having a different demeanor from her father was no less of a strong fighter, although magically instead of physically. Lyn also introduced Alear to the Tactician, who despite not being very talkative was somewhat friendly. However, some suspect that the Tactician is jealous of Alm, Byleth, and Alear for having the ability to rewind time to save allies from otherwise lethal blows, while they had to avoid deaths with only careful planning and tactics.
    • Alear is grateful to spend more time with Eirika and Ephiram, and especially talk to Ephiram, who was not very present outside of battle as an emblem. As fell dragons are born as twins but are fated to have at least one die, they are glad that these twins are able to continue to support each other into adulthood unlike their own family. They have heard about the rumors of an incestuous relationship but do not believe them. The twins have also warned Alear about the presence of evil demon lords in the pantheon, who they might want to watch out for in their position as a divine dragon.
    • Alear is glad to "reunite" with Ike and Micaiah, who quickly befriended the Divine Dragon but also warned them of two dangerous foes who they should be very careful around: The Black Knight and Ashera, the goddess of order. Alear heeded their warnings, but while they do their best to keep a lookout for Ashera, they feel like they could stand their ground against the Black Knight if necessary. Alear was also introduced to the Herons, and agreed with many others that their singing voice was beautiful.
    • Alear was glad to meet once again with Lucina, Chrom, and Robin, who were glad to learn that the new Lord was able to defy the odds with the power of their bonds. The three also warned Alear about Grima, the Fell Dragon who had destroyed an alternate future. Alear mused internally that not only would a battle between the two would technically be two Fell dragons against each other, Alear had also explored an alternate ruined version of their world as well. It remains to be seen if Alear being a Fell dragon would allow them to damage Grima more effectively.
    • Corrin and Camilla, along with Azura, the Hosidan Royals, and the rest of the Norhian Royals, came to Alear's temple one day to celebrate their ascension with a large feast along with the other Fire Emblem deities. During the meal Corrin and the royals recounted the story of how Corrin had united both Hoshido and Nohr against Anankos, who was manipulating events in their world as revenge against humanity. Alear was impressed by their tale and asked to be their ally in the future to face even greater enemies in the pantheon, and everyone agreed. Alear is now also vigilant for any signs that the silent Dragon may be concocting another scheme, and vows to stand against whatever it may be. They have also heard of another evil dragon related to words by the name of Aldiun, and now also opposes the World-Eater.
    • Lastly, Alear met with Byleth and found their position as a teacher in Elysium Academy very appropriate. Byleth is grateful that the Emblem Byleth in Elyos improved the main version's image by showing that they do in fact have a personality. Sometimes, the two pour some tea and have a nice chat. Additionally, Byleth has also told Alear about a tournament where fighters from both Fire Emblem and other worlds fight it out, which has struck their interest. It remains to be seen if anything comes of this.
  • No matter whether they appear as male or female at a given time, Alear is always recognizable by their striking red and blue hair, which has led to comparisons with the mascot Pepsiman. Intrigued by these comments, Alear decided to visit the eccentric superhero. They were impressed with Pepsiman's heroic attitude, even though he doesn't actually fight crime all that much.
  • Alear has the dubious privilege of being the only pure-blooded "natural" dragon (as in they were born as one) in the pantheon who cannot transform into a dragon form, as their Dragon Stone was given to their sister Veyle and later broken on their first death. This does not bother them very much, as even without a transformation they can still hold their own in combat, especially as an emblem. This lack of transformation also doesn't bother them very much, as they still have superhuman powers in human form. Despite this, evil dragons such as Tiamat and Acnologia often call them a "fake dragon", which is ironic given Acnologia's true nature. On a related note, they have also heard of The Dovahkiinm, a warrior who kills and absorbs the souls of dragons. For now, they'll stay clear of this draconic human.
  • As they and their siblings were forced to gather the emblem rings for Sombron under the threat of death, Alear does not take kindly to abusive parents who use their children in service of evil plans. This is especially true for villains like Ozai, who used his children as part of his plan to kill the avatar and take over the world, and Darksied, who does something similar but on an even more extreme level. For that reason Alear pities Kalibak, who wants nothing more than to please his father despite being an evil brute. On the other end of the spectrum, Alear respects Good Parents who support their children and help them thrive, especially single parents such as Greg Universe and adoptive parents like Kirito and Asuna ( as Alear was also adopted by Lumera).
  • In their home world Alear was death afraid of corrupted, corpses reanimated by fell dragon magic, despite having to fight them to protect the world. In the pantheon, they are understandably a little afraid to be near the house of Undead and Phantasma, regardless of the alignments of the individual zombies there. On the other hand, the love to be at the House of Beasts and Fauna, and will sometimes adopt some animals to bring back with them to the Somniel.
  • As the emblems of the "main" Elyos were contained within rings, Alear is also interested in other rings in the pantheon which grant power. Alear is impressed by the powers of the Green and Blue Lanterns and their determination in the fight for peace and hope, but has mixed opinions on the Red, Orange, and Indigo lanterns, who for varying reasons remind them of how fell dragon energy took away free will from Emblems. However, Alear respects how all of them set their differences aside to fight Nekron. Alear also heard of another notable ring in the form of "The One Ring" that could grant the wielder great powers. However, after a timely meeting with Gandalf, they are no longer interested in seeking out the ring and have pledged their aid to fight Sauron and Melkor if required. Gandalf is just relieved that the possibility of a divine dragon being corrupted by the ring has been avoided.
  • As not just a dragon but a divine ruler with the responsibility to maintain peace in Elyos, Alear is always looking to meet divine leaders in hope of learning how to be a better ruler. After fitting themself into a very busy schedule, Alear was finally able to meet with Sigmar Unberogen, the God-King of the Warhammer World and swap stories. Alear was amazed by how Signmar was able to restore his entire world after it was destroyed by the forces of Chaos, and Sigmar was also impressed with how Alear betrayed their evil father and came back from the dead multiple times to finish Sombron off for good while being compelled by Love and Friendship. The two also bonded over not being incredibly enthusiastic about being worshipped as deities, but have taken up the position regardless for the sake of doing good. The emperor invited the young dragon to the Grand United Alliance of Good, and Alear gladly accepted.
  • While performing errands on GUAG business, Alear bumped into the superhero Orion, who was also attending to business in the House of Heroism. They started talking to each other, and in time became good friends. When Alear told Orion about how they were in fact born as a red-colored fell dragon and turned against their evil father to be adopted as Lumera's child, Orion instantly recognized the similarity to his own story. Sometimes the two can be seen hanging out around the pantheon.
  • Before they woke up to begin their second and last campaign against the Fell Dragon, Alear received a prophetic but ultimately inaccurate dream of them striking down Sombron. One day in the Pantheon, Alear became interested in why they and other Fire Emblem protagonists had dreams of a similar kind and went to the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares in search of answers. There, they met the Dreamweaver Ysera, who did not have an answer to their question but nonetheless took an interest in the young dragon and introduced them to her other (good)siblings. Alear finds Alexstrasza's desire to protect her children and her story of tragically losing her lovers is remarkably similar to their own mother Lumera, who lost her loved ones during the war against the Fell Dragons. After going from being an agent of Sombron to becoming a real hero and seeing their sister Veyle do the same, Alear is also convinced that Nozdormu can overcome his dark fate, but the Timeless One is not so optimistic, though he does find Alear's use of the Draconic Time Crystal to rewind time as a bit interesting. The three regard Alear as a younger sibling of sorts, imparting their wisdom on how to be good rulers and properly uphold the cosmic balance. Naturally, Alear is also the enemy of the evil Deathwing.
  • As an Amnesiac Hero, Alear finds kinship with Kaban, Dust, and Hal and definitely sympathizes with how Dusts tried to atone for the acts of their Cassius soul component. Alear sometimes visits Japari Park to visit the friends there and is jokingly considered a dragon friend. The divine dragon also finds Hal's tale of finding the will to take control of her own life to be quite similar to the path their sister Veyle took.
  • Due to their respective red-blue color schemes and association with crossovers, Alear is often compared to Spiderman and by extension the other Spidermen. Alear gets along with them well enough but is unsure about whether they should ask Peter Parker about his relationship with Lucina. Alear is also acquainted with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and sometimes eats pizza with them.
  • "Emblem, Engage!"

    Genevieve Dieudonné 
Genevieve Dieudonné, Goddess of Reference-Filled Works (Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné, Geneviève Sandrine d'Isle Dieudonné, My Lady Elder)
Genevieve as she appears in the Setting of Warhammer.
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Poem Script by Detlef Sierck and a copy of her Autobiography, My Life.
  • Alignment: All over the Good Spectrum. Though she's most commonly in either Neutral Good or Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Classical Antihero, Looks as if she is Aged 16, but has lived for Centuries, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Is One of the Strongest Vampires of her Time due to her Longevity and Age, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Is Intrinsically Attracted to Soldiers and Men Dressed in Uniforms, The Empath
  • Domains: Vampires, Attractiveness, Good, Heroism, Adventure, Travel, Control,
  • Heralds: Charles Pennington Beauregard, Captain Kotaski, Detlef Sierck (her husband)
  • Allies: Karl Franz, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Arcueid Brunestud, Rachel Alucard, The Chosen Revenants, Alucard (Castlevania), Carmilla Karnstein, Eric Brooks, Natsuko Yuuki, Mavis Dracula, The Belmont Clan, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Lestrade, Izetta, Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt, Jeanne D'Arc, Nyaruko, The Epic Battle Fantasy Team, James Bond, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Thrall, Hata no Kokoro, Buffy Summers, Spike, Batman, Nick Fury, John Talbain
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vlad von Carstein, Artix Von Krieger
  • Enemies: Count Draculanote , Count Orlok, Mannfred von Carstein, Konrad von Carstein, Nagash, Marlowe Roderick, Quan Chi, The Slavers, Jack the Ripper, Sophie, Shang Tsung, Vandal Savage
  • Respects: Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), William Shakespeare, Vlad III
  • Opposed By: Settranote 
  • Interests: The Bedtime Stories Crew, The Lucky Star Students
  • Interested In: Houses of Theatre and Spectacle and Narrative
  • Job Occupations: Houses of Food and Health and Diseases
  • Unsure Of: Popuko and Pipimi
  • Annoyed By: Dimitri Maximoff
  • Avoids: Hall of Fire and Heat
  • Vampires being bloodthirsty beasts that prowl in the night, hunting for others' blood has been a defining stereotype for what can be described as one of the most fearsome nocturnal creatures in fantasy. However, it has been proven time and again that not every vampire is either inherently evil and incapable of good, if anything, the opposite is true of the latter, and one of the prime exemplars of an ambiguously good vampire is a lady known as Genevieve Dieudonné.
    • Genevieve's story is rather hard to describe, one can even say it's rather tangled in an odd way. This may have something to do with the fact that Genevieve herself is not one individual character, but rather five iterations. All of them have gone through a different sort of hardship throughout their lives, but there is weirdly a large amount of moral consistency about her as well as the fact that Genevieve's origins are largely the same. She was initially an ordinary girl who lived a rather simplistic life, that is until, at the age of 16, she was given a "Blood Kiss" by a vampire named Chandagnac. Because of this, Genevieve herself was converted into a vampire, retaining her youthful looks for eternity whilst also developing standard vampiric traits like a thirst for blood and heightened senses. However, rather than give in to evil, Genevieve managed to hold on to her morality, resulting in her standing out from other vampires by the virtue of being willing to do good and help others out of a selfless desire to do so.
      • In the Warhammer Universe, Genevieve was a girl who came from Bretonnia, and upon being turned into a Lahmian Vampire, she took to traveling with Chandagnac. Some of the places she visited included The Empire, Cathay, and Araby. Along the way, she took lessons in learning how to use magic and fight using martial arts, and she also had to endure being a slave in Araby, in addition to taking up a large list of job occupations, such as being a mercenary, spy, a convent-dweller, an actress (for a single show) playing herself, a wanderer, and an assassin. After years of traveling, Genevieve decided to settle working in a vampire tavern as a wench, until she was given an offer by Prince Oswald von Konigswald of the Empire to group up with her and a group of adventurer to head out and infiltrate a haunted castle occupied by the Ancient Evil Sorcerer, Constant Drachenfels and stop his goal of taking over the world. They succeeded, with Genevieve becoming popular with her exploitsnote  and became a spy and prostitute as employment from the Temple of Ulrich, though she would later face further troubles including being captured by slaves and having to deal with a corrupt part of the Empire with secret ties and allegiance to Chaos. She would later meet a playwriter named Detlef Sierck, whom she would fall in love with and together, they would defeat Drachenfels for the last time. Her reputation for having saved Emperor Karl Franz made her renowned and was known as a heroine and a sheltered residence in Altdorf, though because of her nature as a vampire, she felt that she was a threat and mysteriously left, though she returned, later on, to help Detlef in revoking a sanitation bill known as Clause 17, whose purpose was to incinerate all deceased bodies of the Empire. Genevieve and Detlef would eventually get married and properly settle down in Altdorf.
      • In a world where Dracula was able to defeat Van Helsing and his band of travellers who stumbled upon the Count's domain, convert Mina Harker into a vampire, and succeed in arriving and taking over the United Kingdom, in addition to converting Queen Victoria in an effort to make himself the "Prince Consort", and initiating a Police State in the UK where anyone who dared oppose the Count would be trialed and either imprisoned in concentration camps or executed via impalement, Genevieve, as an affiliate for the Diogenes Club, is tasked alongside club member Charles Beauregarde and Inspector Lestrade with finding "Silver Knife", a hunter of vampires, who turned out to be Dr. John Seward, a survivor of Van Helsing's group whose since been running a free clinic and is treating prostitutes who have been attacked by Jack the Ripper. Genevieve and Beauregard become romantic partners throughout their investigations and they realize later on that Seward was the Ripper all along, who was plotting to spur a riot with vampire supporters and anti-vampire protestors as he feels that he would be given a Fate Worse than Death via vampirism and prolonged torture in case he failed. Genevieve and Beauregard kill Seward out of mercy and also assassinate Queen Victoria in an effort to deprive Dracula of the chance to take over the British Throne, forcing him to flee the country.
  • Genevieve's arrival and presence in the Pantheon spurred some degree of confusion, especially given how she was a heroine in two different settings, though she also happened to have had different iterations elsewhere, albeit with lesser impact. It didn't help that her first sighting wasn't even in the Warhammer World nor was it in the Hall of Vampires where those of her kind would normally dwell in due to its nature of the perpetual night. Instead, she was residing... on an orange farm, writing a collection of literature that includes plays, short stories, and an autobiography simply known as A Life. Many did express some degree of surprise as they wouldn't expect a vampire to simply be living an ordinary life and to mark her presence in the Pantheon by being on a farm of all places. Genevieve didn't mind this all that much, she's quite used to having to deal with those who are aware of her vampiric nature and simply wants to lead a quiet time. Though she does recall moments and experiences that she's had from two different worlds and personally finds it difficult to comprehend this fact, leaving her unsure of just where she exactly came from. It's one thing that she's going to have to find out on her own in a new realm.
    • While she fully intends on a professional career in performing arts and literature alongside doing spywork and embarking on a few adventures as her means of providing for the Pantheon, Genevieve is still quite open in doing a serious of other jobs. Most notably, she applies for working shifts in the House of Food}, working as a tavern wench where she uses her alluring looks and kindly demeanour to attract guests and potentially a deity whom she could have a casual conversation with. Other times, she would have a working slot in the House of Health and Diseases in a clinic providing advice, medical recommendations and treatments for her visitors. While the tavern and the clinic are not too high-paying, Genevieve still feels rewarded enough for what she does. She also admits that she works in a clinic mainly as a way to honor the Ripper's killings and find a way to provide for those who would normally be rejected for help due to their social standing.
  • While Genevieve may look like a petite and attractive 16-year-old girl, she's actually lived for around 600 years old and with a vampire's physical biology of growing Stronger with Age, she's far more powerful than her physique would suggest, possessing superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, as well as having decades worth of practice and experience regarding magic and martial arts that she's learned in her long life. Surprisingly, she's lived longer than Dracula hasnote , which makes Genevieve one of the most powerful vampires in the world, and though sunlight doesn't kill her, she does feel weakened by it, in addition to being vulnerable to physical contact towards fire, which is why she tends to stay clear of the Hall of Fire and Heat.
    • In her centuries-long experience, Genevieve has come to fighting alongside Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years War, as well as working under Francis Drake and Napoléon Bonaparte, albeit when dressing herself up as a man, so it's no surprise to many that she's very knowledgeable about historical events and settings, given that she may have actually lived through them. Then again, in the Anno Dracula world, she was born in Brittany, France, in 1416 AD. In addition to making Genevieve one of the deadliest vampires in the Pantheon, she's also used what she's learned to aid those she sees as allies and family and serve a greater goal than simply feast on blood and terrorize others for amusement. It should be noted that the biological profile of vampires in the Warhammer World state that vampirism doesn't make someone evil, but rather amplifies their innermost and/or most notable traits, and with Genevieve becoming a celebrated heroine who was willing to help others, it can be assumed that she was always a decent individual, to begin with before she was given the Blood Kiss.
    • Speaking of, Genevieve quickly became friends with Jeanne D'Arc upon learning about each other's presence in the Pantheon. It helped that Genevieve was a devout Roman Catholic back in the Hundred Years War and still maintains her faith. The fact that Genevieve herself embodies many of the traits Jeanne does herself was also a key factor in why they understood each other pretty well. On the other hand, Genevieve felt bad about a certain girl named Sophie, who was brutally beaten, tortured, and betrayed before, like Jeanne, she was burned to death. Unfortunately, she resurfaced as a deranged madwoman who desired revenge above all else and even sided with the Nazis to enact on her plan. Seeing as her insanity was somewhat similar to that of Konrad, Genevieve made a point to confront and battle her as well as forgo any sort of sympathy she may have had on her. Though on a positive note, this did lead her to a witch named Izetta, upon which the two of them found a sense of camaraderie with one another as they had their own hardships to deal with and were involved in great battles that tested their faith and resolve. The fact that Genevieve was a skilled magic practicioner meant that Izetta could potentially learn a few things from her, though she is somewhat hesitant to mention her role in ending magic in her world. Genevieve, on the other hand, is actually aware of Izetta's full story, but chooses not to fovus on that topic all too much, thinking it's better to aim for the future instead.
  • Genevieve was surprised to hear that the Pantheon was a more welcoming realm for vampires in general, as can be told when there's a Hall centered on them. While there are villainous and evil ones that still insist on hunting and killing people either for blood or to terrorize them out of amusement, there were some who, like Genevieve herself, were actually good people at heart and were not only willing to protect people, but also save their worlds from whatever threat they come across. This prospect felt endearing to Genevieve, who later went on to befriend and sometimes hang around with like-minded vampires like her, such as Arcueid Brunestud and Rachel Alucard, both of whom were formidable individuals by their raw power and have inspired Genevieve to further improve her skills and magic.
    • While Demitri Maximoff isn't malicious and has seen his days fighting against villainous beings from time-to-time, this does not take away the fact that he automatically gets infatuated with female vampires and wants to lull them into his harem. Genevieve was no exception, so obviously enough, she became irritated vary quickly whenever she stumbled across Demitri. Even the several attempts in telling him that she already had a husband fell flat as Demitri couldn't care less about that sort of information and still continues to make romantic advances towards her. The fact that Mavis also had that sort of problem, despite having a human husband, much like Genevieve, is another reason why Genevieve would much rather make Dimitri shut up in more ways than one. Once, they had a fight and Genevieve was able to subdue and knock Demitri unconscious... only for him to show up again randomly, not having learned a thing. She hates to admit this, but Genevieve has since been learning to cope with this.
  • As expected, she continued on with her enmity against Dracula in the Pantheon, and given that the Pantheon was an invitation of several different worlds, she expected as much from that. She was more surprised about the fact that Dracula wasn't just one, but several different incarnations of one idea; the archetypal vampire that seeks to establish a dark order of bloodhungry monsters which he wants to use to Take Over the World. The original template, of course, was the Dracula she would be most familiar with as he was sheltered in Transylvania, although this one, being the original, was killed off before he could have reached London. The other versions were more complex, especially the Lord of Castlevania and the Owner of Hotel Transylvania. For the former, while Genevieve feels sorry for what he went through that strayed him from being good, she still feels as if he is a great threat that needs to be dealt with fast. As for the latter, Genevieve was surprised to learn of a Dracula that wasn't actively malicious for one, instead being someone who chose to shelter himself from humanity, only becoming more open thanks to the efforts of his daughter, Mavis, who wanted to explore the world outside Transylvania and fell in love with a human. The Owner of Hotel Transylvania was eager to invite Genevieve over to his and his daughter's domain where he was surprised to see that he as learning a few things regarding literature and theatre from Genevieve. Additionally, she also came to enjoy Mavis's company as well and has become fiercely protective of her as a result.
  • She was once met up by the Belmont Clan, particularly Simon and Richter. The two of them were actually expecting a foe, but when they actually met up with Genevieve, they were quickly surprised to see that she was a lot more welcoming and polite than they had expected. Simon and Richter did learn about Genevieve's nature as a vampire, but at the same time, a member of that species being benevolent is very rare, so the chances of them thinking Genevieve was innocent was slim. Initially, they departed on neutral terms, that is, when the Belmonts had to fight against Count Orlok over the latter planning an invasion at a designated House, Genevieve became an unexpected aid for the Belmonts, suddenly striking, defeating, and driving away Orlok before he had a chance to enact on his plan. This was what finally convinced Simon and Richter to see Genevieve as a trustworthy figure and with her skills as a spy and information broker being her primary asset when not having to battle. Should the Belmonts need a vampire to assist them in a time of need, Genevieve will assure that she will do her best to be available.
  • She killed Queen Victoria at one point, so naturally, one would expect that she would be opposed by the House of Royalty. However, Genevieve's story told that the Queen was turned into a vampire by Dracula, who wanted to use this opportunity to set himself up as a potential heir to the British Royal Family as a ploy to assert global dominance and subjugate the world into his reign of terror. Assassinating Queen Victoria meant that Dracula had to retreat as the plan was ruined, and her death may as well be seen as an act of mercy. As a result, most concluded that the assassination was justified and Genevieve was instead seen as a heroic figure. The House of Royalty did feel a little uneasy at what she did, as the act of killing a monarch is a massive sin, but ultimately came to understand Genevieve and see her as an ally in need. It helped that she herself was in good terms with Karl Franz of The Empire, who was open enough to give the heroic vampire a residence in his country.
  • She was enticed to the House of Theatre and Spectacle almost immediately after hearing about it. Then again, the fact that she was someone who pursued a career in literature and theatre plays in her free time meant that this was something that was going to happen at some point. She and her husband, Detlef, visit the House quite often and make it as much effort as possible to learn what they stumble across and find a way to have their proposed plays approved and established towards others for them to attend and see. Her interest in literature led to her befriending and getting along really well with William Shakespeare, being eager to read about his works and why they came to be so influential for upcoming playwriters and literary scholars. That, and she feels as if this can be an opportunity for her and Detlef to expand upon their skills and make something in the Pantheon, starting with a tale of their experiences in a whole new realm.
  • Her experience as a spy agent caught the interest of Nick Fury, director of an organization known as SHIELD, whose function was to oversee and investigate conspiracies and supernatural events, something which Fury has been doing for decades. Her nature as a vampire did raise some concerns for him, but ultuimately began to appreciate Genevieve once they met with one another. They maintain contact with a formal and professional relationship with one another; Fury personally sees Genevieve as his best reliance when it comes to investigations and events surrounding vampires, though she would also like to remind Fury that she is open to doing just about any sort of spy work that can be suggested, given that her longevity has allowed Genevieve to see and witness a lot more than an ordinary human would, something which Fury conceded.
    • On a similar note, she also became well-acquainted with James Bond, and the two of them have been keen about helping one another out in spy infiltrations and conspiracy discoveries in case they are in a stingy situation. That said, Genevieve happens to have a infatuative preference towards soldiers and those wearing suits, which Bond certainly fitted the archetype of. Many would assume that they could easily have a romantic relationship in the Pantheon for a brief amount of time, but that never turned up, though Bond did admit to feeling attracted to the vampire. The fact that Genevieve had a loyal husband would have been the reason why they never really made sexual advances towards one another. Bond respected his ally's personal life and decided it would be best that they kept in contact under a professional note, which Genevieve was approving of.
  • While a hero and someone whom many have looked up to, Genevieve admits to her close associates and loved ones that she does internally struggle with her vampiric nature, especially considering that in most worlds that she is familiar with, she would likely be demonized and looked with suspicion by others simply because she is a creature who has to survive by drinking the blood of others which usually results in the death of whoever becomes a victim to it. At worst, she sometimes believes that she may be as bad as Dracula, though her close ones have countered that her service and willingness to help others has helped them see Genevieve for who she truly is; a kind and compassionate woman who wants to help above all else.
    • Genevieve met a similar figure in John Talbain, a once-ordinary warrior who was suddenly transformed into a werewolf. While his strength, durability, and reflexes were greatly enhanced and he used his newfound powers to help others and save his world, his new transformation was something he never wanted and to make matters worse, he often struggles to contend against his darker urges to be a ravenous beast. His sullen behaviour towards himself what what caught Genevieve's attention and she made an effort to connect and bond with him. Talbain was caught in surprise by how kind Genevieve was and offered her his thanks. Upon learning that he formerly had a negative perspective towards humanity, Genevieve told him that she comes from a place that's far worse when it came to humans, but that didn't stop her from helping them, and Talbain should continue on using what's given to him to aid others in need. He's since come to see Genevieve as an influential figure in the Pantheon when it comes to doing the right thing and can't thank her enough.
  • She was a victim of slavery at one point in her life, namely in Cathay, though she was able to escape and continue on with her journey and adventure. So naturally, she feels indebted to try helping those who have had the unfortune of going through times of slavery as her way of gratitude. During her time in the Pantheon whilst taking up a spy mission, she caught wind of a plan enacted by the Slavers in a further attempt to capture women to sell off to traffickers to sell themselves a quick buck. She posed as someone to catch their attention and to be shipped off to human trafficking... until she suddenly broke off, freed the other girls that were with her, and directly confronted the Slavers individually. Their utterly despicable nature meant that she had no qualms on showcasing her beastly side, tearing out a chunk of flesh from them, and drinking their blood. She then used their corpses as a warning sign towards other criminals of what would happen to those who did business with slavery and human trafficking. Needless to say, a good deal of lethal vigilantes were impressed by Genevieve's actions.
  • The fantasy adventure experience has been done by Genevieve a number of times and her nature of being a vampire means she can do it over and over without getting tired of it... unless she's heavily damaged by one of her more notable weaknesses, whereupon she could take a long time to fully recover, even years. Though she notes that her story regarding Drachenfels was more forced upon her so that someone could make a play out of it and she doesn't really feel all that accomplished about it, despite playing a crucial role in the Evil Sorcerer's downfall. She does, however, like heroic figures like the Fellowship of the Ring, who took it upon themselves to destroy the One Ring so that they can finally vanquish the threat of Sauron, and Link whose determined nature and tenacity were one of the reasons he was The Chosen One to save Hyrule and bear the Triforce of Courage. Genevieve thinks their tale would make for a great story in a book, and yes, she is aware that this is actually the case for the Fellowship.
  • Genevieve made a few enemies in the Pantheon as they reminded her of Drachenfels in some capacity or another. Chief among them were Shang Tsung and Vandal Savage, a pair of malicious beings who were cursed and took this to their advantage in an effort to prolong their own life with immortality as well as commit a series of heinous acts to assert dominance. The fact that Shang is very liberal regarding stealing one's soul and using this to create a magical disguise as them was not a welcoming thought for Genevieve, not to mention the fact that Shang makes a lot of effort to appear polite and presentable, only to backstab whatever benefactors he may have just to further himself in his goals... or for sadistic kicks. As for Savage, his immortality is sometimes bound to his depravity, claims to have played a hand in orchestrating many of history's wars, and there is a claim that he was Jack the Ripper. Needless to say, Genevieve takes both immortal warlords with serious caution, especially after learning just how devious and manipulative they can get with their own wishes.
  • The Bedtime Stories Crew have had a general fascination for vampires and have made several documentaries detailing about encounters and sights of them in the ordinary world. Usually, those sorts of stories revolve on malicious vampires, so mentions of death and graphical description are expected. Genevieve was a very interesting subject for them, considering that unlike most of her brethren, she opted to be benevolent and aid others because she felt like it, though she does admit that she can be a ravenous monster if she lets out her feral side, which has happened on a number of occasions. The crew were able to formally meet with her and even stage an interview about how it feels to be a vampire, how she struggled to find her place in a world where her kind was ostracized, and how did her exploits as an explorer and adventurer play out. This meeting eventually helped both parties to bcome friends, with the crew being convinced that more people like Genevieve can certainly be needed whereas the vampire is open to talking to the crew and perhaps even work with them to create a story someday.
  • She's all too aware of the amount of references that were acknowledged in one of the worlds she resided in, which made sense as she herself was also a reference, something which she found very amusing. This information led her to becoming acquainted with Sherlock Holmes, mainly thanks to the fact that Genevieve did work with his brother, Mycroft, before he expired of old age, and she's willing to use her spy and combat skills to help out Sherlock's detective work. She is a bit perplexed to learn that Jack the Ripper is also composed of an amalgamation of several different beings, though unlike Dracula, every version known is generally acknowledged to be malicious and Genevieve predictably realized that most versions of the Ripper don't really have a good excuse to murder prostitutes other the thrill of killing someone. Though Genevieve did (and sometimes does) work as a prostitute, this is just a cover for her own ulterior work, and she is willing to make Jack reconsider hunting her down if need be.
    • As someone with an interest in media and archaic media, she finds the concept of references and nods towards different works to be a fascinating element and made it clear that she and Detlef would like to incorporate this into their future plays. As for deities associated with such, Genevieve came to stumble across Nyaruko, who was an anthropomorphisized reference to the Cthulhu Mythos and finds it weird how a manic and hyperactive girl with potent supernatural powers is a humanized version of an incomprehensible beast and is rather approachable once she gets along with someone. Nyaruko personally sees Genevieve as in her words, "a cool lady vampire" mainly due to her kind nature and making an effort to understand Nyaruko's needs and habits.
    • There's also a geek girl who goes by Konata Izumi. Though Genevieve realized that aside from having a strong interest towards pop culture, there isn't much to relate to, as Konata was more heavily into contemporary works like Japanese Anime and Manga and Video Games. Genevieve expresses some intrigue towards them, but otherwise feels more at home with what she used to read back in her home, but is actually willing to spend some time with Konata and better familiarize herself with her interests, to Konata's excitement. That way, Genevieve and Konata can both benefit, and he former finds the latter's hyperactivity and bizarre nature an odd mix between endearing and annoying, but still appreciated her for who she is regardless. That said, Genevieve feels as if Konata's fellow friends can be a bit too overbearing to handle, considering all of them somehow get magnetized by Konata's weirdness, which escalates into a series of bizarre and awkward moments with barely any breathing space, something Genevieve felt would be a headache. On the other hand, she finds herself confused by Popuko and Pipimi; they seem to be cute girls, but their antics and reputation are anything but. Despite this, Genevieve isn't really afraid of them, but wonders what is it about the two girls suddenly doing goofy, yet demented actions just for the sake of their own amusement. Thankfully, not much malicious has come out from it, but Genevieve would rather just keep to herself rather than investigate any further, given that Popuko and Pipimi are incredibly unpredictable regarding how they would act and how they would treat a situation.

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    Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu 
Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu, Duo Deities of Original Crossover Characters

    Saya (Namco X Capcom
Saya, Goddess of Crossover Exclusive Villains
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her rack of katanas and grenade launcher
  • Theme Song: Evil Profusion
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Walking Armory, Is a were-fox, Evil Is Sexy, Manipulative Bitch, Really 1000 Years Old, Crazy-Prepared, Tends to retreat when beaten
  • Domain(s): Foxes, Chaos, World Merging, Weapons
  • Heralds: Dokugozu and Dokumezu (her bodyguards), Sheath, the Katanas and Akatanas, the rest of Ouma, Drei and Eins Belanos, Due Flabellum, Meden Traore, the rest of Oros Phlox (she doesn’t know about the latter four)
  • Followers: Shirley, Solego, Strike, The Mawgu, Abyss
  • Allies: M. Bison, Jedah Dohma, Nemesis, Sigma, Vile, Lord Vortech, Tzeentch, SHOCKER, Tabuu, Galeem and Dharkon, Argalia
  • Enemies: Reiji and Xiaomu and all deities who are allies with them, all of Vortech's enemies, the Avengers, X-Men, and all other heroic Marvel deities, all ascended Kamen Riders, all deities who are also Smashers, Ahri, Tamamo-no-Mae, Yomi, Ran Yakumo, Yukari Yakumo, Madara Uchiha, The Gokaiger, The Space Sheriffs
  • Interested In: SCP-953, Kurama, Nightmare
  • This is Saya, the top agent of a group known as Ouma, which seeks to merge all worlds together and create unbridled chaos by creating a monster called Byaku Shin. Saya has tried many times to accomplish this goal and has usually gained the aid of some of the most famous (or unknown) villains in video games. But every time, her plans are thwarted by Reiji and Xiaomu, who work with the enemies of these villains to take them and Saya down.
  • One day in the Pantheon, Reiji and Xiaomu were meeting with each other, when Reiji suddenly experienced a huge bout of pain where his scar was. Xiaomu recoiled in horror, as she realized that could only mean one thing- Saya was back yet again. Sure enough, Saya appeared from a Rift with all of Ouma in tow, uncertain of where she had ended up. As usual, she was quick to make her presence known to Reiji and Xiaomu, but was shocked to find that many of the heroes who had worked with them were also in the Pantheon, and she was forced to retreat after a fight. Quickly managing to ascend under Crossover-Exclusive Villain, Saya and her minions set up a base to resume their plans.
  • Saya was quick to find some of the villains whom she had worked with during her plans, including M. Bison, Jedah Dohma, Nemesis, Sigma, and Vile. These villains were surprised to see that she was back, but agreed to help her with her plans. For her part, Saya is hoping more of them ascend so that she can bolster her ranks further. In particular, she’s wishing for the ascension of the other five major villains who originally took part in her first plan: Astaroth, Yoritomo, Druaga, Zouna, and Grandmaster Meio.
    • From Bison, Saya also learned of the GUAE, and quickly applied to join them. The GUAE accepted her into their ranks quickly, and Saya personally made certain to keep in the good graces of all of the assembled villains. She has no plans to usurp Melkor, but does intend to have him defend her should her plan of merging the worlds come true. If this were to happen, her ideal plan would be to have the entire GUAE attack the GUAG as they approached while she, her heralds, and Byaku Shin observed from their position, and then fight them once they managed to reach them.
  • As Saya’s first plan to merge the worlds primarily relied on trying to obtain the Soul Edge, Saya began having the GUAE try to track it down. They eventually found out that it was in the possession of its rightful owner, Nightmare, but he refused to give the Soul Edge to them, believing that Saya’s plan would destroy the Soul Edge. Thus, Saya and her troops have begun resorting to underhanded tactics to procure the Soul Edge.
  • Though Saya is a powerful agent, she answers to a higher authority- 99, a monster who is the original form of Byaku Shin. He was sealed in an area known as the Abyss of Time, but when the Key of Time, which controls it, was stolen, he and all the others trapped there were freed. Saya merged with him at the culmination of her original plan, but Reiji, Xiaomu, and their party were able to destroy him. Saya has been working to find out where the shards that were created when 99 was destroyed are to revive him, and the GUAE have been helping her in her goal.
  • During her second plan, Saya had to compete with a group called Oros Phlox, who sought to destroy all worlds rather than control them. It got so bad that Saya was forced to ally with her enemies to fight them. The members of this group, alongside the agents of Ouma, have ascended alongside Saya, but they did it in secret and are only doing this to establish themselves in the Pantheon and do not seek to help Saya in any way. In fact, once they find a good trope to work under, they intend to reveal themselves and join the GUAD.
  • When Lord Vortech caught wind of Saya and her plans, he approached her about merging worlds together, as this was also his plan, though with different means of accomplishing it. Saya soon formed an alliance with Vortech, allowing the two of them to become even more dangerous. This naturally put her in the crosshairs of the various enemies of Vortech, but she doesn’t mind that. She’s a more than capable fighter against these opponents, after all- although she is quite concerned about having to fight Batman, knowing he’s one of the most dangerous opponents in the Pantheon.
  • As she’s a very competent planner and was able to change her original plan on the fly when it became apparent that obtaining the Soul Edge was impossible, Saya was quick to ally herself with Tzeentch and gain the aid of his forces. Tzeentch attempted to get the other Chaos Gods to work with her, but they felt she did not exemplify them enough. That hasn’t stopped her from considering to use Archaeon in her plans, and she’s also been trying to trick the other villainous Warhammer factions into working with her as well, with varying degrees of success.
  • Saya’s plans have often drawn the aid of some of Capcom's greatest villains, with the three biggest powers (the Infernal Village, Shadaloo and the forces of Grandmaster Meio) in her first plan working with her on her two subsequent attempts. As a result, when the Avengers and X-Men learned of her presence, they quickly informed all the other heroes from their universe about Saya and what she is capable of. As a result, the Marvel heroes are on high alert should Saya try anything.
  • Being a werefox, many of the other kitsune in the Pantheon feel uneasy around her. Ahri, Tamamo-no-Mae, Yomi, and Ran Yokumo all personally feel particularly uneasy, as she wields no magic but instead elemental katanas and a grenade launcher. For her part, Saya thinks they’re all stuck in the past and need to adapt, as she believes that weapons are the modern day version of magic, and that magic is no longer useful. Saya has also become weary of Ran’s master Yukari and knows she will have to get through her if she intends to merge Gensokyo with the other worlds.
    • That being said, there are two kitsune Saya is interested in. The first is SCP-953, who she wishes to control to attack people with, even though some have tried to tell her it does not like to be called a kitsune. Similarly, Saya believes Kurama is a good source of energy for her plans, but she knows she’ll have to contend with many of the deities from his realm to capture him. In particular, Madara Uchiha has been trying to prevent her from using Kurama, as this would interfere in his plan to use it as well. Saya has attempted to reason with Madara, but he isn’t really interested.
  • Once SHOCKER found out about her plans, they approached her with a request to ally themselves with Ouma. Saya quickly accepted the request, and proved perfectly willing to work with their constant supply of monsters to attack opponents with. It helps that they constantly keep being brought back every time the Kamen Riders meet. That, of course, has put her on bad terms with the Kamen Riders themselves, but Saya is confident that Ouma will be able to handle their desires to fight them.
    • Before long, the Kamen Riders informed the Gokaiger and the Space Sheriffs of Saya's activity. These two are no stranger to crossovers, so they quickly took it upon themselves to help combat Saya whenever she shows up. Saya firmly believes that they, too, will be stopped should they step in to attack and combat her forces.
  • Tabuu also joined up with Saya when she entered Subspace due to his desire to merge all realms with Subspace, allowing her to join up with his many, many monsters. For her part, Saya has been considering rebuilding the Subspace Bomb Factory to help him, and has also been trying to figure out how to make the bombs be operable without ROB units, as once the factory was destroyed, there was no way for Tabuu to make more ROBs, and the one who was secretly the Ancient Minister is clearly on the side of good from now on.
    • She also allied herself with Galeem and Dharkon after seeing their realms and noting they were like what her end game is. She doesn’t really favor either of them, but is leaning more towards Dharkon due to her desire to create chaos. This has also increased her enemies to those who fought against them- including Ryu, Ken, Lucina, Chrom, and Shulk, all of whom Saya has encountered in the past before.

    Warrior King 
Warrior King, God of Crossovers Through Linked Events
  • Intermediate God (was a Greater God when wielding Warrior World’s orb)
  • Symbol: The Warrior World orb
  • Alignment: Lawful Good. Might be Neutral Good now.
  • Portfolio: Royals Who Actually Do Something, Original Generation, The Good King, You Can't Go Home Again, Weird Crossover, Crown of Horns, Heroic Build, Barbarian Longhair
  • Domains: Crossovers, Warriors, Royalty
  • Allies: Chun-Li, Raiden (Mortal Kombat), Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, Altria Pendragon/Saber, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Commander Shepard, Conan the Barbarian, Alexander the Great, Hercules, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Leia Organa, Satsuki Kiryuin, Scathach, Team Voltron, Worf, Urdnot Wrex, Thor
  • Rivals: Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Sephiroth, Professor Hojo, Sheev Palpatine, Sauron, Ragyo Kiryuin, Mateus Palamencia, Wilhuff Tarkin, Gregor Clegane, Aku, Zarkon and Lotor, Melkor, Kronika, Vortech
  • Pitied by: Samurai Jack
  • Opposes: Daenerys Targargyen
  • A strange anomaly to say the least. Thanks to certain executives, four cartoons on the USA Network had to share a crossover between each other. Not a crossover in the traditional sense (Capcom an Midway Games were rivals in the Western market, their lawyers wouldn’t allow this) but a crossover where the shows would be tied in a specific event happening simutaneously. Enter Warrior King, the ruler of the planet Warrior World. Warrior World is at war with a group of unnamed Evil Sorcerors riding dragons, wanting to claim the magical orb of the planet that is said to harness unlimited potential that keeps Warrior World running. These invaders almost capture the orb but it is thrown into a portal across time and space, with Warrior King chasing it soon after. This is the beginning of his series-hoping adventures.
  • Unsurprisingly, it would only take awhile until he managed to reach the Pantheon. Quite impressed with the place, he wandered around until he discovered a familiar face: Chun-Li. Shocked by the fact she is somehow still alive, he approached her with the idea of rekindling their potential romance. Unfortunately, Chun-Li here is not aware of those events (his Chun-Li followed the movie timeline) and asked who Warrior King was. Dishearted, Warrior King was forced to explain who her was to her. Chun-Li realized that he wasn’t lying and struck a friendship with him. They remain friends until now though both aren’t comfortable yet to having a relationship thanks to their unique circumstances. Warrior King cannot catch a break.
  • Was not happy with how M. Bison managed to arrive here as well. The Bison he knows of is just as terrible here as he knew him there. Luckily, Sagat and Zangief are not his minions in the slightest currently though Warrior King is still quite wary of them.
  • Since Shao Kahn was in possession of his orb for a good chunk of time as well (yes, this is the film continuity Kahn), and the warmongering just handing it over to his treacherous subordinate like it was nothing really ticks Warrior King in the wrong sorts of ways. Kahn would like to say he does not need that “pathetic” orb to rule. Warrior King could not tell to be insulted or relieved.
    • Since Raiden made the orb lost again in the first place, Warrior King was slightly pissed at him for not holding onto it. Raiden apologized to Warrior King, if his counterpart knew the Warrior King was searching for it, then he would have just held onto the orb a little bit more for at least a but more since Warrior King arrived a minute too late. Letting go of his anger, Warrior King respected Raiden’s decision for not taking the orb’s power himself and became good friends.
  • The wizard Merlin reminds Warrior King of his magical advisor who sent him on his journey. Merlin then introduced King Arthur to him (both of them), knowing they would find some kindship over the fact they had both failed to save their fallen kingdoms. And to his delight, he was correct.
  • As a warrior (no kidding), Warrior King would obviously find good friendships to pure-unbridled fighters like Alexander the Great, Conan, and even Hercules as good sparring partners. Even they find Warrior King a rather formidable battler thanks to his ages of experience outlasting all of them combined (unless Hercules goes full-on Berserker/Archer). His staff and his cheapshot lazer-belt are a bit infamous in combat tourneys.
    • Got into a rather harsh match against Gregor Clegane, who’s pure ferocity caught Warrior King by surprise. Again, he was able to beat the Mountain with a blast from his belt as a finishing blow. After the matches for today ended, Gregor jumped on Warrior King, enraged to be beaten. However—with his more honed skills—Warrior King was able to defend himself and knock his enemy out, waiting for the authorities arrived. Gregor swore to make sure Warrior King pay for the humiliations.
  • As those who helped finally recover the orb aren’t here, Commander Shepard would have to fill for them, being a Space Marine after all. Shepard think that they are serving as a Replacement Goldfish for Warrior King though realized that Warrior King stuck by Shepard because of their charisma and combat prowess impressing him, making their friendship far less uncomfortable.
  • Knowing what it was like for going on a hopeless journey without end, Samurai Jack and Warrior King found their former situations a whole lot similar. To be fair on Warrior King’s part, he suffered even longer and much earlier than Jack did, making Jack wonder if his rather shorter in comparison suffering made him a Broken Hero, how is Warrior King doing since his travels were All for Nothing.
  • Probable a person who is able to understand Warrior King is Scathach, who also has centuries of experience as well. Just don’t mention her age in front of her. She challenged him to a duel and after managing to disarm Warrior King, Scathach said that perhaps Warrior King to prove his mettle... in the bedroom. Warrior King, extremely tired from the battle, said no. Scathach wonders if her mentioning of her age might have something to do with the rejection.
  • Tsukasa Kadoya went to meet with Warrior King after hearing his dimension-jumping might rival his own. Wanting to see if Warrior King has the mettle as told about, Tsukasa challenged him to a fight. However, since this was immediately after the Scathach battle, Warrior King walked away. Tsukasa still tries challenging Warrior King whenever he can but somehow, Warrior King is always tired from doing another fight from earlier and ditches him. Tsukasa is a bit miffed on being unable to have what he wants.
  • His story of losing his home struck a cord with the Alderaan princess, knowing the pain of having (most) of your people being snuffed out by evil forces. She told Warrior King if he ever wanted to rebuild his kingdom, she would do everything in her power to help.
  • People point to Wreck-It Ralph are perhaps the first time Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter crossed over (though Kano is called the generic name of Cyborg for some reason) though Warrior King beat them to the punch. Though in that case is VERY lenient thanks to not interacting with anybody from the Mortal Kombat tournament.
  • Warrior King is enraged of how Palpatine and Tarkin were willing to blow up planets, leaving their minuscule remaining population who were fortunate to be out of the worlds refugees, something Warrior King cannot experience because for all he knows all his people are dead. He has sworn to take them both to justice for these crimes along with a whole plethora of reasons as well.
  • With the extreme power the orb possesses, some from the villainous lot have expressed interest on taking the orb from Oasis themselves. With Warrior King knowing the dire consequences if they do manage to get their hands on it, has sworn to go against anybody who dare even thinks of taking its power.
    • Hojo truly does want to obtain the orb for scientific purposes... and likely in those said scientific purposes, make an unholy monster like how Sephiroth turned out. Yeah, Warrior King is saying no to that. Even worse is the One-Winged Angel himself and even Mateus Palamencia have become quite fascinated of what the orb’s power will bring to themselves.
    • A real concern Warrior King has is the Zarkon likely has the technology capable of making the orb and endless power source for him to use, as it can be capable of producing as much Life Energy as he wants to make. Warrior King is also keeping his eye out of Lotor too, and while the prince has done nothing in the Pantheon to be deemed an enemy, his past atrocities made Warrior King quite distrustful towards him.
    • Melkor and Sauron’s sources remind Warrior King of the Obviously Evil invaders he had to fight. Warrior King is investigation if the invaders are being backed by Melkor in some way, suspicious after seeing the familiar sight of mages riding dragons going into the offensive.
  • Disgusted by how Ragyo Kiryuin sold out the human race, and even worse— molesting her daughters. As tempting the idea of power is, there is a reason why Warrior King did not become a full-on tyrant. He’s working with Satsuki to take down Ragyo once and for all.
  • Kronika became quite interested in Warrior King, appearing to him with the offer of bringing Warrior World back to a time when it was still a paradise, with no threats from his enemies. Suspicious, Warrior King denied the request, not knowing who Kronika even was. Kronika thought this answer may have come up, so just to see what happens, she sent Warrior King to an illusion of his kingdom being ransacked after he had vanished. Horrified, Warrior King begged for her to stop the vision. Kronika then asked again if he wanted to prevent this suffering done to his people but Warrior King refused despite being traumatized. Until the bitter end, he knows his people must have been strong if he could not be there to be their strength, so he rejected the Titan once more. Disappointed at a potential pawn not manipulable, Kronika left Warrior King to wallow in his sadness.
  • Doesn’t like being reminded of dragons too much, especially if those in charge of dragons order their steeds to start burning down everything in their path. Those factors made Warrior King somewhat loathe Daenerys, even before her Sanity Slippage.
  • Do not expect him to show up as a Guest Fighter at any point. That should go without saying.