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Vesper: Am I going to have a problem with you, Mr Bond?
Bond: No. Don't worry, you're not my type.
Vesper: Smart?
Bond: Single.

Some people are relaxed in their appetites, and happy to have sex with anyone who's happy to have sex with them; blonde, brunette, redhead. This character, knowingly or not, is a bit more specific in what they're looking for.

The "type" that the character is attracted to can be physical or emotional. Some characters prefer a certain look, while others prefer a specific personality. The important thing is that, from one relationship to the next, the character is consistent in their desires.

When it's pointed out that this type is exactly like one of the character's parents, expect a great deal of Squick to ensue.

This trope is more or less Truth in Television, as many people do have a preference. Taken to an extreme, it can even be classified as a fetish (peruse the extremely specific classifications of pornography for all the proof you can handle on that score).

As a dramatic trope, this can occasionally take the form of First Girl Wins, when the character keeps finding unacceptable substitutes for The One That Got Away. Sometimes the character has a type that just doesn't work, and the Last Girl breaks the pattern and lets him be happy. Sometimes it's comedy. Sometimes it's that the writer is the one with a type and it's Author Appeal.

There are many Sub-Tropes (If the Type in question is already a trope, go ahead and put it under the relevant sub-trope):

List a character here if they're stated to have a type, or if the majority of the character's relationships fit a certain profile (please be more specific than "human"). If it's just You're Not My Type, then don't put it here; unless it goes on to say what the type is, then that's just a rejection trope. If someone's type is "people who remind them of X", it's Replacement Goldfish. May overlap with Serial Spouse, Serial Romeo, and More Experienced Chases the Innocent.

Contrast: Extreme Omnisexual, If It's You, It's Okay, Really Gets Around, Single-Target Sexuality, Situational Sexuality, and You're Not My Type. True Love is Exceptional is a deconstruction.


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    Comic Books 
  • This actually serves to foreshadow The Reveal in American Born Chinese. Jin's first love interest is Amelia, a girl with orange hair and pale blue eyes. The girl he tries to woo as Danny, Melanie, also has orange hair and pale blue eyes.
  • Batman's type is ladies who operate outside the law but have a hidden heart underneath. His two main love interests, Catwoman and Talia al Ghul fit this bill to the T. It's even said they're the only two women he's ever loved.
  • Exiles: Nocturne defines her type by lack-of-type. She doesn't date white men, which means Morph (who is literally white due to his mutation, in addition to having Caucasian parents) is off the table.
  • Gender Queer: A Memoir: Maia says e's mostly attracted to androgyny. This appears to work out mostly as butch lesbians when e begins dating.
  • Green Lantern: John Stewart has a type: alien females. Katma Tui, Merayn and Fatality are all extraterrestrial. In Justice League Unlimited, this trend continued with Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl).
  • The Mighty Thor: If we discount Amora or magical trickery, Thor tends to gravitate towards brunettes with attitude (Jane, Sif, Roz etc.).
  • Rocket Raccoon: Rocket's type is humanoid otters: his lost True Love was an otter named Lylla, and in Rocket (2017) he's instantly infatuated with Otta Spice of Tarka's World which makes it easy for her to manipulate him.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Both of Stephen's partners are antagonistic misanthropes who hate his friends and nearly everything they say is an insult. For most of the series, this is Julie, but he eventually breaks up with her permanently because he realized he's gay. However, the person he ends up with after Julie is even worse than her in terms of personality.
  • Superman
    • Clark Kent has an odd type — women with the initials L.L. His love interests are Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Lois Lane. He lampshades this when he meets his cousin for the first time in The Supergirl From Krypton (1959):
      Supergirl: While you were gone, I used my super-hearing and heard many Earth-girls' names! I thought of a good one for myself... Linda Lee! How's that?
      Superman: Er... As good as any! (thinking) Lana Lang was my girlfriend when I was Superboy, and Lois Lane replaced her when I became Superman! By sheer coincidence, she picked the same initials... L. L.!
    • Also when he first met Lyla Lerrol in Superman's Return to Krypton:
      Superman: I'll bet her initials are "L.L."!
    • Most of women who Brainiac 5 from the Legion of Super-Heroes has become infatutated with are flying, super-strong, headstrong blondes as Supergirl or Andromeda.
  • The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye:
    • Brainstorm seems to have a thing for smart people, with a particular focus on scientists who turn into microscopes, between Quark and his Belligerent Sexual Tension with Perceptor (for bonus points, Quark's design was based on the version of Perceptor in Transformers: Animated). He does get some Ship Tease with Nautica, who turns into a boat instead...but they don't end up together and she is still very smart.
    • Pipes, in one flashback, expresses an interest in comparatively short triple-changers with big chest plates who turn into ocean-going vehicles. He never gets a chance to meet Nautica, who would check off a lot of his tastes, since she doesn't join the cast until after Pipes is killed.
      Drift: I'm thinking more personality, character, temperament...
      Pipes: Yeah, they're all good too.
    • Nickel gets on very well with Roller, who has a very similar build to Tarn, the other person she was closest to in the comic (although that one was never particularly hinted to be romantic).
  • X-Men: Kitty Pryde has a majority of her Love Interests being men with the name "Peter" in some form or another. These include her first crush and later lover Piotr Rasputin (Colossus), British spy Peter Wisdom, and the Star-Lord Peter Quill. In the Ultimate verse, she dated Peter Parker/Spider-Man for a period of time. This gets lampshaded a few times, such as this quote from The Black Vortex event.
    Storm: Kitty, what is the deal with you and Peters?
    Kitty: Oh, who knows?
    Magik: Her childhood hamster was named Peter.
    Kitty: Traitor.
  • In The Walking Dead, Michonne is only attracted to black men. Heath accuses her of also targeting men who are "taken" in order to prove she is better than other women, although her second love interest is a widower and unattached; the more likely motivation is that since there are so few black men to choose from, she goes after any who seem receptive even if they are still officially with another woman.
  • Yorick being attracted to girls with obscure interests is a bit of a Running Gag in Y: The Last Man. Upon learning that a woman named her boat after the ship in Sirens of Titan, he instantly proposed to her.

    Films — Animation 
  • At the end of Tangled, Flynn invokes this, telling Rapunzel he has a thing for brunettes. In context, it is a reassurance that he loves her for herself alone and not for her yellow hair — since it's no longer blond or magical.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Some directors have a reputation for favouring a certain type of woman as leads in their films. For Alfred Hitchcock it was statuesque, cool blondes like Grace Kelly, Doris Day and Eva Marie Saint. For Howard Hawks it was down-to-earth women who appeared competent in their jobs, preferably brunettes and not too busty. And then there was Russ Meyer...
  • Adam (2019): Casey tells Adam that she's into butch girls, saying masculine woman are the most sexy for her.
  • In Alien: Resurrection, Johner tries to flirt with Ripley, saying he likes tall girls.
  • Below Her Mouth: Dallas appears to like women who have far more feminine looks than hers, since all of those we see her with do.
  • Berlin Syndrome: Andi is apparently attracted to foreign brunette women. Clare fits, along with the Canadian Nathalie from her photos, and we see him chat up a Frenchwoman like this, too. He uses the same line with her as Clare, pretending to get an English word wrong so she can correct him.
  • In the movie based on Jack Weyland's book Charly, the woman of Sam's dreams is practical and pure. He then falls in love with the fun and flirty Charly and realizes that he had the wrong dreams.
  • Colossal: No one remarks upon it, but Tim and Oscar have very similar hair and beard styles. Tim is Gloria's ex boyfriend, Oscar is her childhood friend and possible new boyfriend.
  • Don't Look: When Kelley has Lorena cornered in the basement, he tells her he like a girl who has "a little fight in her".
  • In the spoof film, Epic Movie, it seems one of the main characters, Peter, is attracted to conventionally attractive thin women with large breasts and huge butts. However, near the end of the film, he becomes king, and a parody of Mystique, who is portrayed by Carmen Electra as a sexy seductive shapeshifting slut, finds it hot, to a point where she drags him into a tent to have sex with him. Since she's a shapeshifter, she asks what he likes, and we start to see what his ideal woman looks like... he at first asks for some conventionally attractive features such as a larger boob and ass size, and even brings up the possibility of a badonkadonk. However, he takes it back for a unibrow which he refers to as a "mamabrow". His final request is "big flabby grandma arms", which disgusts her, but he insists, calling them "Bingo wings like a fat blue Britney Spears." She starts to transform into it, which causes him to drool, looking very aroused, and once her transformation is complete, he pulls her down and they start to make out as she has his way with him. Note that earlier on, she changed her eyes yellow, and that her fat transformation replaced her with a different actress, with less desirable features including overall smaller boobs and a smaller ass. He also refused to change her appearance from blue or scaly. So his type is... a fat blue scaly women, with a monobrow, wart, yellow crossed eyes, a decent as best breast and ass size, and flabby grandma arms. He still likes conventionally attractive women, but this was clearly the most attracted he was in the film.
  • In the K-9 films Jerry Lee, a German shepherd and partner of protagonist Michael Dooley, has a thing for poodles. In the third film, K-9: P.I., when Dooley decides to put Jerry out to stud to make some money, Jerry refuses to go along with it until they dress the female German shepherd up so she resembles a poodle.
  • Upon hearing of Kate's profession of market research, Duke Leopold of Kate & Leopold says that research is perfect for the feminine mind and he himself once courted a librarian in Sussex.
  • Kiss Me (2011): Implied as Frida is dating Elina and falls for Mia, while both are olive-skinned, brown-haired women who have slightly similar features. Of course, it's hard to judge from just two examples.
  • Legend (2015): Very manly gangster Ronnie is only seen with camp gay guys, including his boytoy "Mad Teddy", thus indicating he prefers men with this style.
  • Emily tells Oliver in A Lot Like Love that he's not even close to being her type because he didn't make the first move, doesn't play guitar, and was born under the wrong star sign.
  • In Shallow Hal, Hal describes his ideal woman to Tony Robbins.
    Hal: The problem is I'm kinda picky.
    Tony: What do you mean, picky?
    Hal: Well, for instance, I like 'em real young. Like, did you ever see Paulina [Porizkova] in her first Sports Illustrated layout?
    Tony: You're looking for a young Paulina type?
    Hal: That face, but with better headlights. You know how hers have kind of dimmed lately? Heidi Klum's beams would do. And her teeth. Or that Britney Spears girl. She's got great knockers. But she's a tad muscular. Actually, you know what? Her ass would do, too, if she had a better grille. Like Michelle Pfeiffer back when she did Grease. But she'd have to be a little smilier than Michelle. Like Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, before she got Stamosed. But not as skinny. Someone meatier, like Heidi, but without the accent. You know those accents; yah-yah-yah-yah. They really get old fast.
    You know what I'm saying. Someone like that.
    Tony: Don't you think you're being a little bit shallow in the way you look at women?
    Hal: Well, no. l mean, you know, I'd like her to be into culture and shit, too.
  • Paycheck: Both Rachel and the executive Jennings has a brief fling with in the first scene have short blonde hair.
  • Roark Junior, a.k.a. The Yellow Bastard from Sin City has a type: little girls. He says that Nancy isn't his type anymore now that She's All Grown Up... but he's willing to make an exception. Partly to hurt Hartigan, partly because she's The One That Got Away.
  • Tremors: Val explains his preference in women and Earl later criticizes him for it. Val even has a number of pictures taped to his roof of his truck. Subverted in that the woman he ends up with is a petite brunette.
    Val: Long, blond hair, big green eyes, world-class breasts, ass that won't quit and legs that go all the way up!
    Earl: Damn it, Valentine. You don't go for any gal unless she fits your list, top to bottom.
  • Referenced in While You Were Sleeping: When Jack is asked about "his type", he deliberately gives a false answer (blondes) to hide his feelings. Only for his kid sister to relate what his real type is: a general description that easily includes Lucy.

  • CrazyCod: "Why Is Every Woman I Like A Lesbian" is about the singer's attraction to tomboy girls with a sapphic hairstyle, despite the derision of many, even if he has to deny it.
  • Played for laughs in Saint Motel's "My Type"; the singer proclaims that he has very specific tastes, but his type turns out to be "has a pulse and is breathing".

    Myth & Religion 
  • In some Classical Mythology stories, all three of the original male Olympians, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, had married Oceanid Nymphs at some point — Zeus with Metis, Hades with Leuce and Poseidon with Amphitrite — and said nymphs were each God's first wife. Could be seen as a subversion, however, as Zeus and Hades' marriages failed (Zeus due to his own paranoia, Hades due to Leuce dying) and Poseidon later reveals that he doesn't really have boundaries for who he dates.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Kermit the Frog admits to this in The Muppets (2015) in regards to his recent breakup with Miss Piggy and his new girlfriend Denise (also a pig).
    Kermit: What can I say? I'm attracted to pigs.
    • Gonzo is attracted to birds, with a specific fondness for chickens especially, though he has an exception toward penguins, which disgust him. He also likes 'em big, the bigger the better, so Big Bird is a perfect storm for him (which ends with a ticked-off Camilla dropping a flower pot on his head).



    Tabletop Games 
  • In BattleTech, Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, ruler of the Federated Commonwealth first hooked up with Omi Kurita, daughter of Theodore Kurita, ruler of the FedCom's oldest enemy, the Draconis Combine. He then hooked up with Isis Marik, daughter of the real Thomas Marik, ruler of the Free Worlds League, another longtime adversary of the FedCom. This led to joking, both in-universe and out, that Victor's type was "the daughters of my enemies."
  • The Eclipse Phase sourcebook "Panopticon" includes a dialogue between two Firewall agents discussing the profile they've pulled together on a Cartel supplier, including what kind of strangers he picks up at nightclubs. Though the only trait they mention is the fact that he's completely gay, even though some of his dates were sleeved in female bodies.

  • In Avenue Q, closeted Gay Conservative Rod apparently has a thing for guys who are lazy slobs, which leads to some slight angst when he finds himself crushing on his roommate and best friend Nicky, who is straight. Heartwarmingly (and hilariously), Nicky ends up finding him a boyfriend who looks and acts just like him, right down to having nearly the same name ("Ricky"). Rod, fresh out of the closet, is quite pleased with this.
    Rod: Oh sweet suffering JESUS! Nicky and Ricky!? (ecstatically) Ooh, my cup runneth over!

    Video Games 
  • Cyberpunk 2077:
    • While the four romance options V can choose from (Judy, Panam, Kerry and River) differ in looks, style, lifestyle, goals, ambitions and dreams, they're all Hot-Blooded rebels who aren't afraid to aim for what they want, just like V.
    • Johnny Silverhand seems to have a thing for women (or people in general, but mostly women) who defy him: Rogue and Alt are more than happy to lay it on him how terrible a person he can be sometimes, and, depending on the reading, he might also find V attractive, with their relationship being full of bickering, quips and disagreements.
    • All three women Judy fell in love with (V, Maiko and Evelyn), were incredibly ambitious and determined to better their lives by any means necessary, including taking jobs with high risks that fail spectacularly (Clouds' takeover for Maiko and the Konpeki Plaza Heist for V and Evelyn). All three also want to better the lives of sex workers of Night City, though that may a side effect of Judy working in the industry herself as a braindance editor.
    • Kerry fell for Johnny and V, with both of them living wild lifestyles (Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll for Johnny and mercenary life for V) and being more than willing to break the law. Both were also driven by ambition and either died or will die young.
  • In the Dead or Alive series, Zack definitely has a thing for blonde women. After all, his ex-girlfriend Niki was blonde, he often hits on Tina with limited success (also he'd have to get through Bass), and he keeps a picture of Helena in his helicopter.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: The high-class escort in Driftwood really likes the undead. If an undead player character hires them, they'll even have a change of heart about the Honey Trap they're pulling and fight their own friends to help the PC.
  • In Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] has Joshua in this. If his not-so-subtle flirting with Riku is any indication, Joshua appears to have an eye for the brooding, anti-hero kind.
  • The Nightlife expansion for The Sims 2 added Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs, which allow a Sim to have a thing for certain hair colors, life states, fashion choices, etc. In-game, this establishes a Sim's chemistry with potential partners, which can facilitate or complicate things.
  • Played for Laughs in Persona 5 Royal where early on, Joker is having a conversation with Kawakami and she notices that Yoshizawa, a gymnast, appears friendly with him and also notes that he has been spending lots of time with Ryuji, a former runner. She then wonders if the protagonist is attracted to athletic types.
    Kawakami: Sorry, bad joke.
  • As shown in Super Mario Odyssey, both love interests for Mario are authority figures that are way taller than him.
  • Tales from the Borderlands reveals that Handsome Jack has a thing for women who wear nice hats. Not only do all of his flings (Moxxi, Nisha) have hats but he thinks that Fiona's hat makes her hotter.
  • Yakuza: The only two women who ever made a lasting impression on Goro Majima were half-Japanese and had short, dark hair.

    Visual Novels 
  • The second edition of the Hatoful Boyfriend guidebook has each dateable bird asked what his type is. Yuuya bluntly asks "Isn't it nonsense to divide girls into types?" and most have similar non-answers, but Sakuya haughtily insists on someone with upper-class sensibilities (the heroine decidedly lacks those but can get him anyway) and Shuu just says "Ones who offer viscera that are as healthy as possible."
  • Dr. Ayame Yukishita in Kiss of Revenge is very definite about her preference for older men... and when she says older men, she means much older men, in their sixties at the youngest. (Ayame, for reference, is about thirty-two.)
  • Yamato in Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! likes Cool Big Sis figures more than others, which is convenient because they tend to gravitate towards him as well. He notes when going for someone like Mayucchi that they're outside his normal strikezone. For the likes of Monshiro, he's explicitly waiting for her to grow older because he's not really physically attracted to her given her age. That said, the most popular heroines tend to be those like Benkei, Tsubame and Margit who are most definitely exactly his type because he really does have the most chemistry with girls a bit older than him.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, Battler says he likes blonde, blue-eyed and busty girls with feisty and tomboyish personalities who he can joke around with. Beatrice fits this type pretty well, but this is because her true identity Sayo Yasuda deliberately made her this way so she could be Battler's ideal woman.

  • In Ava's Demon, Maggie has one, and Odin's not it.
  • Check, Please!: It's all but stated that Jack Zimmermann has a thing for blondes. All his relationships in the comic have been with blondes, Camilla Collins, Kent Parse and Eric Bittle. It's never outright stated, but very noticeable.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Tedd likes girls with big breasts. He also likes furries. He also likes to experiment extensively with gender bending, and really seems to have a thing for shapeshifting. Put all of these together, and you get Grace.
  • In Fairest Cruelest, Princess Delilah seems to have a thing for redheaded women
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things: The Commander has a thing for redheaded women, and men with undercuts and cybernetic implants.
  • My Impossible Soulmate: Belial likes tall guys and short girls. With a greater emphasis on the latter, if only because she's so tall herself that she has trouble finding guys taller than her.
  • On Or Off: Kang has a thing for older women that are business-minded (at least once in his life, he was dumped because the woman he was dating wanted to focus more time on her career), which is why his interest in Yiyoung comes as such a massive surprise, as he is a younger man.
  • Julian of Pixie Trix Comix (and originally Sticky Dilly Buns) originally identifies as gay, but when he finds himself attracted to the female Kiley, it turns out that hes more interested in a type; slim, more or less androgynous, and maybe tending blond. This may be tied up to his early fixation on his old babysitter, Dillon.
  • Sandra and Woo: Sandra's widowed father Richard appears to have a thing for eccentric women. Hitomi cosplays 24/7 and thinks pouncing like a tiger is an effective method of courtship, while Melody sexually identified as a praying mantis and may or may not have been a serial killer. It really makes you wonder what sort of woman his wife must have been like.
  • In Something*Positive, it has become a Running Gag that PeeJee's type is "gay men," due to her longstanding crush on Jhim and her ex-fiancé coming out of the closet.

    Web Original 
  • From The Blockbuster Buster's review of I Am Number Four:
    ERod: You know, I don't know what it is, but there is something about tiny blonde girls who kill monsters with pointy objects that I find very appealing. (leans back as the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song begins)
  • Empires SMP Season 2: Pirate Joe claims to be "piratesexual" and doesn't give a flip about the gender of someone he's attracted to, as long as that person is also a pirate... which, unfortunately for Princess Katherine (to whom he was a Self-Proclaimed Love Interest), also applies to people he assumes to be pirates who aren't actually pirates.
  • Game Grumps: Arin always gets excited over artsy dark-haired women with dominating personalities, like Dee Vasquez in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Itsumi in Sakura Santa. In other words, they tend to resemble his wife Suzy (something Dan, and the fandom, has teased him over).
  • The Nostalgia Critic gets it bad for curvy, slightly psychotic brunettes who'll dominate him. When doing a list of favorite animated women as Doug Walker, however, his choices are a bit different. He notes that most of the women he chose were nice, but not pushovers, and that he seems to have a thing for Southern accents and workaholics.
  • The Nostalgia Chick: Discussed in her list of Hottest Animated Guys, where she suggests that women tend to be more type-oriented than men. However the dominant type (for the Chick and her viewers) seems to be "bad boys". Elisa, meanwhile, loves stoic guys (like Goliath and Batman) while Nella prefers cute Woobies (like Thomas and Dmitri). There's also a Running Gag that the Chick loves blue guys, like Megamind, Hades and especially Nightcrawler. She also admits to loving characters who start as "lovable curmudgeons" and become nicer over time.
  • From Red vs. Blue: Church and The Director have a kink for hotheaded women.
  • Blake Belladonna from RWBY is seemingly attracted to strength, as that is apparently the connecting thread between all of her love interests (Adam, Sun and Yang).
    • And except Adam (who's Blake's abusive ex), her type seems to be blond Nice Guy with muscle with opposite personality to her as we can see with Sun and her new girlfriend Yang
  • Welcome to Night Vale host Cecil Palmer seems to have a thing for scientists. He is gushing over handsome scientist Carlos from the very first episode, and Episode 67 has a past moments clip of a young Cecil reminiscing over a scientist he met while on a trip in Europe.