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Rika: Mom, I brought over my boyfriend!
Ichinose: Boyfriend?! We just met a few moments ago.

One character claims that they are someone else's love interest, even though the two are not actually in love, dating, or (in extreme cases) even anything more than casual acquaintances. This character may exhibit traits of Stalker with a Crush, although they will deny that they are any such thing. They will also become a Green-Eyed Monster if they see their "partner" anywhere near another person, even though they have no legitimate claim to the person. The object of their "love" may find themselves dragged out on a date against their will.

This can be Played for Laughs if the character is merely annoying but can be Played for Drama if the character's delusions cause them to harm themselves, the object of affection, or other people.

Can be Truth in Television. The psychological disorder called Erotomania causes an extreme manifestation of this trope wherein the afflicted individual comes to believe that a specific person is in love with them and acts based on that belief. The fixation can be triggered by something as innocent as a smile from the person as they pass the afflicted individual on the street.

Compare Mad Love, Clingy Jealous Girl, Crazy Jealous Guy, Yandere, and Stalker with a Crush. Contrast She Is Not My Girlfriend. See also Loving a Shadow, The Dulcinea Effect, and Fake Relationship (when both are pretending to be in a relationship for ulterior reasons). Can also be used as part of an Operation: Jealousy plot, where Alice claims Bob is her boyfriend to make Charlie jealous. Likely to overlap with Abhorrent Admirer. Subtrope of Mutually Unequal Relation.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Tokiwa from Ask Dr. Rin! plays this trope for drama while he's possessed.
  • A running gag on Black Jack has Pinako proudly claim the titular doctor is her husband and she is his wife. Depending on the adaptation, he himself sees Pinako as either a daughter or just an assistant. This isn't helped by the fact that she's mentally 18, but her body is that of a little girl's because the mass she had left could only afford her that kind of body in an operation.
  • Momiji Oouka from Case Closed was introduced telling herself that she will marry Heiji Hattori. The 21st movie is supposed to focus on her, Heiji, and Kazuha's potential Love Triangle, and she claims he made a Childhood Marriage Promise with her years ago (but turns out it is a misunderstanding).
  • Death Note: Immediately after meeting Light, Misa declares herself to be "his girlfriend". Of course, this quickly becomes a very dark example, considering that Light is a manipulative selfish Serial Killer and how unstable and devoted Misa becomes. Lampshaded in the dub:
    Misa: Light-darling!
    Light: D-did you just call me darling?!
  • Kagura from Fruits Basket insists that she and Kyo are engaged and generally treats him as though he's already her boyfriend, but that's only because she threatened Kyo to agree to a Childhood Marriage Promise when they were children (with a knife in the manga and 2019 anime and with a boulder in the 2001 anime). Even when Kyo denies it and tells her to stop insisting they're a couple, she'll respond with either tears or violence.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: Sweden once said that Finland was "my w'fe", much to Finland's shock.
  • Hoshin Engi:
  • Urabe Rika from Inazuma Eleven claims she is in a romantic relationship with Ichinose Kazuya, whom she always calls "Darling" but doesn't realize he's not interested in her. She also doesn't believe Kogure when he tells her in his usual rude way that this kind of relationship doesn't exist between them.
  • Is It My Fault That I Got Bullied?: Reina Himekawa’s extremely clingy to her crush, Manaka, and tries to justify her usual treatment of Shiori by explaining that she’s in the way of their “relationship”, even though they’ve never dated and only talked to each other a few times. Manaka tells her where to stick it and leaves with Shiori.
  • Cui Yifei from Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse claims to be Yuuya’s wife after he defeated her. She often punches him for hang out with other women and keeps saying there supposed to go on a honeymoon.
  • Marika in Nisekoi not only claims that she's Raku's fiancée but also that he agreed to it when they were younger. When we get a flashback not long after, it's obvious that she's making it up: The closest he got to agreeing to marry her was telling her that he likes girly girls with long hair, after which she grew out her hair and taught herself to speak in an archaic rich girl style instead of her country bumpkin accent. She did get her father to ask Raku's father to have them betrothed, but Raku himself was completely uninvolved in this decision and he never seriously considers going out with her or returning her feelings. Given the implications that she remembers more of what happened ten years ago than anyone else, she seems to be hoping that he'll mistake her for the actual childhood marriage promise girl whose identity he can't clearly remember.
  • Megumi "Nodame" Noda from Nodame Cantabile, so much. She actually declares herself Chiaki's wife, and some people take her seriously, but they're actually just neighbors and members of the same orchestra, and Chiaki mostly thinks of her as a pest outside of being a genius pianist. She pretty much hangs around him so much that eventually he stops correcting people that she's not his girlfriend, and even starts referring to her as his girlfriend and eventually they get married.
  • Boa Hancock from One Piece claims to be Luffy's soul mate, despite the fact Luffy has never shown even a passing romantic interest in her. Elder Nyon mentioned that Hancock is under some sort of "love sickness," and whatever it seems to be affecting her pretty badly. She interprets even the vaguest, most nonchalant show of affection or camaraderie from Luffy as a sign that he's her husband and that they are meant to be together for eternity. It's also a hint of her Dark and Troubled Past, which started breaking Hancock when she was just 12 years old — deep down, the powerful Amazon Queen is still an emotionally-stunted young girl... and Luffy was among the first non-females who was kind to her.
  • In an episode of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, Shauna, the Girl of the Week, introduces herself as the girlfriend of Dewford Gym Leader Brawly. Naturally, Brawly knows nothing of this when he shows up, but he takes it in stride.
  • This is the defining trait of the Kuno siblings in Ranma ½: both Tatewaki, and his subsequently introduced sister Kodachi, fixate upon a character that they find physically attractive and promptly declare themselves to be head-over-heels in love with them, regardless of that character's say in the matter. Tatewaki is introduced as this for Akane Tendo, but also becomes this for Ranma Saotome's female form after she beats him up in Ranma's first duel with him. Kodachi, meanwhile, falls head-over-heels for Ranma Saotome after he saves her from a nasty fall... that he inadvertently caused by accidentally hitting her in the head with a kettle whilst they were both Roof Hopping. In both cases, they steadfastly ignore that the objects of their affection repeatedly and vehemently insist that they're not interested in dating them, with Tatewaki in particular routinely being pounded by his two "lovers" for his lechery.
    • Mousse of the Joketsuzoku has a similar deal, chasing endlessly after Shampoo, who makes it clear that his efforts to blame her coldness on her Accidental Engagement to protagonist Ranma Saotome are just his futile effort to deny that she was rejecting him for years before either of them met Ranma.
  • Haru from Reborn! (2004) fell in love with Tsuna after he saves her from drowning in a river. Ever since then, she always proclaims that she wants to marry Tsuna. And she likes to proclaim that she wants to be a mafia boss' wife, not really knowing its implications and that Tsuna is really going to be a mafia boss. Tsuna always shoots her down and Gokudera is really against it, but not because he likes her, mind you.
  • In The Anime of the Game Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love, barely two days after transferring to his new school, Riku Aoba gets bumped into by Tsukasa Kasuga. The girl, being a firm believer in fate, immediately takes this to mean that he's destined to be her man and immediately claims him as her boyfriend, even before they introduce themselves by name.
  • Mizore Yukihiro from UQ Holder! declared Touta to be her husband when they first met. Unfortunately for her, she's the only one in his harem whom he doesn't have any feelings for (as revealed when he accidentally took a truth potion).
  • Lum in Urusei Yatsura may be the most famous example: when Ataru saved the world from an alien invasion by beating her in a game of tag and shouted he could now marry (his then-girlfriend Shinobu, but he didn't say that) Lum decided he wanted to marry her, and started acting like a very jealous wife. Zigzagged in that Ataru does actually grow to reciprocate her feelings, to a degree as the series progresses.
    • Ran is adamant that Rei loves her and she lives in constant paranoid fury of Lum trying to steal him away. In fact, Lum can't stand Rei and would happily give him to Ran if she really wants the Brainless Beauty, but Rei is fixated on Lum and only acknowledges that Ran exists in so far as she consistently gives him food. He does "kiss" her twice in one story, but both times he was trying to lick off smears of anko on her face — the first time from her cheek, the second time from her lips.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rebecca Hawkins started claiming that Yugi was her "boyfriend" during her second appearance and kept it up through the end of the series. She at least managed to make Yugi blush and Anzu jealous if nothing else.

  • Big Nate: It's a running gag that Nate, a self-proclaimed KidAnova, believes that casual acquaintance Jenny has a massive crush on him that she's simply repressing, and he's determined to draw it out. He's been trying to make her his girlfriend since kindergarten. But since Jenny wants nothing to do with him and Nate's romantic schemes tend to backfire horribly, he hasn't yet succeeded.
  • The Legend of Wonder Woman: Etta claims the attractive Ace Pilot Lawrence Stone has a crush on her after she flirts with him. At first, it seems to just be more of her loud cheerful proclamations that are unfounded in reality, but later it is revealed that he does actually reciprocate her feelings, though no relationship is started between them before the book's cancellation. Probably because of the reactions and prejudice they would face as a white Texan woman and an African American man trying to date in the 1940s.
  • Peanuts: Sally is like this towards Linus. "I am NOT your sweet Babboo!" Lucy is also sometimes like this towards Schroeder (other times she knows he's not her boyfriend yet, but thinks it's a matter of time).

    Fan Works 
  • Device of Life: Gumi is incredibly confident that Miku will eventually return her affections.
  • A Dovahkiin Spreads His Wings:
    • Robert Baratheon pines after Lyanna, ignoring how she ran away with Rhaegar in order to avoid being forced into a marriage with him. Eventually, he admits that he was more in love with the idea of her, to the point where he questions whether she even existed at all.
    • Petyr Baelish introduces himself to the Stark girls as a "very good friend" of their mother, much to their surprise, as she'd never mentioned him. He's also interested in the notion of Squaring the Love Triangle by "settling" for Sansa, which Ned naturally doesn't approve of.
  • Feralnette AU: During Enough Rope, Marinette surprises the whole class by wishing Chloé good luck in her pursuit of Adrien. When Alya protests that Chloé's just delusional and entitled, Marinette points out that she ships LadyNoir despite how Chat Noir treats Ladybug exactly the same way. Thus, by Alya's own standards and logic, Chloé's "relationship" with Adrien is just as viable.
    Marinette: Ladybug says no to Chat's advances too, but you know, I'm SURE Adrien is just "shy." Or he "secretly likes it," or maybe he's just "playing hard to get." Yeah?
    Alya: ...That's not fair. It's different for LB and Chat.
    Marinette: Oh? Really? You have proof?
  • I See What You Do Behind Closed Doors Miraculous Ladybug: No matter how many times Ladybug rejects his advances, Chat Noir insists that she's just Playing Hard to Get. He feels so entitled to her that he starts dating Marinette simply because he noticed they happen to look a lot alike... unaware that that's because she IS Ladybug. His decision to continue pursuing Ladybug, even after revealing his Secret Identity to his girlfriend, naturally winds up having consequences he really should have seen coming...
  • Mandie's New Target: Mandie sees herself as Danny's soulmate, regardless of his opinion on the matter.
  • In various iterations of the Maribat AU, Lila takes her Celebrity Lies even further by claiming she's dating Damian Wayne. She and her supporters will defend these claims against anyone who challenges them, including Damian himself... as often, they don't recognize him until it's too late.
  • Commonly crops up in Miraculous Ladybug fanworks, as both Chat Noir and Chloé act this way towards Ladybug and Adrien, respectively. A common Fandom-Specific Plot involves taking Chat Noir to task for his Moral Myopia and failure to recognize that he's making Ladybug just as uncomfortable as Chloé makes him in his civilian identity.
  • In A Phantom's Ghoul School Sweetheart, Phanty fell in love with Danny the moment she first saw him, and insists that he's her boyfriend.
  • Phantom vs Aliens: Hot Ectoplasma!: Mandie staunchly insists that she and Danny are soulmates and that he's her fiancé, ignoring how he doesn't see her the same way.
  • Much like in canon, Chloé in Scarlet Lady sees herself as Adrien's girlfriend and goes to... extreme measures if she sees anyone else with him. For his part, Adrien thinks of her as a very clingy annoyance.
  • Song of a Northern Sorcerer: Robert treats Lyanna as The Lost Lenore, insisting that she was his one true love and would have made him incredibly happy had they only been able to get married. Never mind that the two of them barely exchanged more than a few words, or how he freely indulged in whoring after their betrothal... or the fact that she was a Butch Lesbian, meaning she wouldn't have returned his feelings anyway due to their Incompatible Orientation.
  • A Starstruck, Phantasmic Romance has Starfire decide that she and Danny are soulmates, much to his surprise.
  • Those Obnoxious Ghosts: Lum declares Danny to be her husband, ignoring his repeated insistence to the contrary. She also refuses to acknowledge just how much trouble she causes for him, constantly blaming others.
  • To Love Academia: Both Ren and Pikari believe that they're meant to be with Lala. While Ren acknowledges his shortcomings and tries to become someone more worthy of Lala's love, Pikari simply believes he's entitled to her. He completely ignores her insistence that she's staying with Izuku, even attempting to kidnap her.
  • From time to time in The Vinyl and Octavia Series, Vinyl will claim that Octavia is secretly hot for her or something similar.
    "Can you believe this mare, Octavia?" Vinyl laughed. "Just because you'd totally do me, she thinks that we're in a relationship!"
  • Where the Light Hides: Aria has a Stalker with a Crush who introduces himself by kidnapping her and declaring that they're meant to be together.

    Film - Animation 
  • In Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, Wenlock introduces himself to Princess Annika as her "future husband", much to her outrage. She is quick to reject his marriage proposal, so he tries to force her into it by turning her parents and some of her people into statues and threatening to leave them that way.
  • The Sword in the Stone: The girl squirrel quickly shows interest in Arthur's squirrel form, much to his annoyance. According to Merlin, now that she's chosen him as her mate, it's for life. She's convinced he feels the same way and keeps pestering him with unwanted hugs and kisses while also loyally protecting him from a wolf. Once she finds out he's human, and therefore not in love with her, it breaks her heart.

    Film - Live Action 
  • The French film A la folie pas du tout (in English, He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not) features Audrey Tautou as an erotomanic who displays this behavior towards a happily married doctor who is barely aware of her existence. She takes his rejection about as well as you might expect.
  • Stuntman Mike from Death Proof seems to have this for his victims, but he's a serial killer, and his feelings weren't Played for Laughs.
  • In The Force Awakens, Maz Kanata refers to Chewbacca as her 'boyfriend' (albeit not entirely seriously). What Chewie thinks about the situation remains a mystery as he's preoccupied elsewhere, fixing the Millennium Falcon at the time.
  • In Singin' in the Rain, the in-story main couple are rumored to be together—and Lina goes along with this because she read it in the tabloids. A few scenes are devoted to Don trying to convince her it isn't true.
  • Eddie Brock has this opinion of his 'relationship' with Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3. Gwen comments that all they've done is have coffee together.
  • The romantic comedy When in Rome runs on this trope, with several suitors enthusiastically chasing the protagonist around.

  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts: Shouko claims Yuuji is her husband and not even Yuuji is allowed to say anything to deny it. Considering their shared past, however, things aren't as easy as they seem.
  • Campione!: After she falls in love with Godou, Erica Blandelli is quick to state (in front of his whole classroom, no less) that they are destined to be together, much to his shock. He eventually does reciprocate, though.
  • Kouko was this to Mitsuo at the beginning of Golden Time because they were childhood friends and used to live near each other, she decided on her own that they were in love, and destined to be with each other. Because of this, she had been following him for years to make sure their lives would go perfectly according to the little scenario she had formulated in her mind. He gets her to stop this after a serious talk in episode 4.
  • The Heroic Legend of Arslan has Alfarid, who declares herself to be in love with Narsus shortly after he rescues her from bandits. He's ten years older than her and not interested in the least, but unfortunately for him, Alfarid doesn't really care, and regularly introduces herself as his wife anyway. His efforts to clear up the misunderstandings that ensue are not always successful.
  • Infinite Stratos: After weeks of hating Ichika and even attacking him with deadly force on several occasions, Laura does a complete 180 in personality when she rescues Ichika from a Clingy Jealous Girl, kisses him, and declares him to be her wife. The next morning he wakes up to find her naked in his bed. However, after he gets used to the idea of Laura not wanting to murder him, he treats her much the same as his other love interests.
  • Played dead serious with The White Queen in The Unexplored Summon://Blood-Sign, who sees herself as already being married to Kyousuke, despite the latter hating her to the point of devoting his life to killing her. The Queen refers to their past together as their "honeymoon" and calls Kyousuke's father "Father".

    Live-Action TV 
  • One arc on Bones features Angela hunting down her forgotten husband so that she and Hodges can get married. Angela barely remembered the guy, didn't think the ceremony was binding, and wants to close that chapter of her life. When they do manage to get in touch, he comes to D.C. to claim her as his wife. He's spent their time apart building a dream home for her on a tropical island, and he professes to be her soulmate. Angela does kiss him when they reunite and doesn't seem to bear him any sort of animosity, but even after her relationship with Hodges falls apart due in part to his jealousy, she makes it clear that their relationship is over and never ranked as particularly serious to her.
  • He only lasted one Charmed episode, but a fellow half-whitelighter once came to claim Paige as his wife. He'd gotten advice from several fortune tellers that the two belonged together and wouldn't take no for an answer until Paige gets engaged to her actual love interest, Henry, though he doesn't do anything to force her into love or marriage. He seems content with trying to convince her, proving himself, and challenging Henry for her hand.
  • Cheers: During a brief period in season 5, Diane insists Sam is her fiancé and is waiting for him to propose to her after he dumped her (again) for rejecting his proposal. At the season's halfway point, Sam reaches breaking point. Complications and Sam nearly getting sent to jail ensue.
  • Played for Drama and Deconstructed in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Rebecca sees herself as Josh's true love and moves across the country for him — if only he'll dump his long-term girlfriend for her! However, her obsession with him and insistence that they're meant to be causes great damage to her interpersonal relationships and is increasingly implied to be (before it is outright confirmed) a manifestation of deeper mental problems.
  • Erotomania comes up from time to time in Criminal Minds. It's identified by name in "Broken Mirror" in season one. Season three's "The Crossing" also features an erotomanic stalker. Season seven's "Proof" and season eleven's "'Til Death Do Us Part" both feature characters who believe themselves to be in a relationship with their sibling's partner (brothers and a wife in the former, sisters and a boyfriend in the latter), though the unsub in "Proof" at least seems to be aware that it's wishful thinking on his part.
  • Played for Drama on Dexter, when a murder victim's "girlfriend" turns out to be a stalker who killed him in a rage because he didn't return her feelings.
    • Summed up well in the brief song "Romantic Moments": Romantic moments you had that he didn't know were romantic! / Or maybe he did a little, we're not really sure? / But most likely not
  • Played for Laughs on House of Anubis in the second season, when Amber continuously insisted she and Alfie were still dating despite Alfie having broken up with her. This is because she wanted the power over when they broke up and refused to accept that she'd been dumped. Gets a bit less humorous when she uses this "relationship" to make him go into the creepy tunnel for her when she drew the short straw, where he has a claustrophobic freak-out.
  • In Lost Girl's fifth and final season, Tamsin enters into a Friends with Benefits relationship with Bo that eventually leads her to believe that she, not Lauren or Dyson, is the love of Bo's life. Bo tries her best to break it to her gently, but the truth still crushes Tamsin and leads to a severe slump in their friendship, at least for a while.
  • Zelda Gilroy is this to Dobie Gillis in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. She mostly proclaims this status to him due to proximity. Dobie usually finds her annoying and doesn't consider her his type, though they do become closer when she learns to be a bit less pushy and he comes to appreciate the ways she helps him out.
  • Hank from the Midnight Caller episode "Twelve Gauge" is convinced that his ex Arden was the love of his life, but cruelly dumped him. Turns out she was only his physical therapist, and the two were never in a relationship at all.
  • Mimpi Metropolitan:
    • Bambang and Alan have a tendency to act like Melani and Pipin are already guaranteed to be their wives even though they are just friends at the moment, something Prima has to remind them about.
    • In episode 61, Alexi introduces himself to Melani's mother as Melani's future life partner, despite never being any close to winning her over and Melani has a boyfriend at that point. Later on, when Alexi gets rejected by Melani, Alexi shows up the next day as if they had just broke up.
  • The Muppet Show: Ms. Piggy insists Kermit is the love of her life. Kermit's reaction is anywhere between frustration, indifference, refusal, or outright fear. Possibly because Piggy responds to Kermit not reciprocating by beating the crap out of him.
  • C.C. Babcock on The Nanny sees herself as the only woman in Maxwell Sheffield's life, rather than Fran Fine, even though Maxwell sees her as nothing more than his business partner.
  • Outlander: Laoghaire MacKenzie will tell anyone who listens that she and Jamie were well on the way to marriage before Claire showed up and bewitched him, stealing him away. In truth, Jamie and Claire are madly in love and Laoghaire never had any hope of convincing Jamie to pick her instead.
  • Teen Wolf: In the early seasons of the series, Stiles constantly swears that he and Lydia are destined to be together, in spite of the fact that Lydia is in a long term relationship with Jackson and refuses to acknowledge Stiles' existence except for an occasional expression of disgust.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place had Harper dabble in this trope for a few seasons with Justin before moving on to Zeke. She would routinely talk about her (imagined) relationship with Justin and claim that any other girl Justin dated was only a temporary fascination and that he would eventually find his way back to her.

    Video Games 
  • Disgaea:
    • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance: After she sees him dispatch a horde of Lost mooks in the beginning, Seraphina instantly attaches herself to Killia and falls deeper in love with him for the rest of the game. Killia himself is uninterested because he's hung up on Lieze. When Lieze is revived at the end of the game, Killia resumes living with her, leaving Seraphina to continue pining for him.
    • Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny: When she meets Zed, Melodia is very quick to proclaim him her Prince Charming who will live Happily Ever After with her, much to Zed's very vocal protests. Initially, Melodia is disgusted at the idea of having a zombie for a prince, but pursues him because her pride won't accept being rejected by a zombie. As the game goes on, she begins to genuinely fall in love with him, and it's subtly hinted that Zed might like her back, but is A) still hurt by past rejections from other girls, and B) just put off by Melodia's clingy and presumptuous personality.
  • Fate/Grand Order: The Lostbelt version of Morgan Le Fay is one to the protagonist. Immediately upon her summoning, Morgan proclaims that the master will have to work hard as her retainer or serve her as a spouse (denoting the master's gender in the process). However, it gets subverted during bond levels 4 and 5 and during her Valentine scene. She states that she said it sarcastically towards human magi (she said the same of Beryl too), but eventually she notes how ironic it is that her statement turned into truth as she genuinely cares for the protagonist.
  • The King of Fighters: In some continuities, Kensou refers to himself as Athena's boyfriend. Athena doesn't agree.
  • Puyo Puyo:
    • Rulue is absolutely infatuated with and wants to marry Satan/Dark Prince, to the point she genuinely thinks he reciprocates his feelings (he actually loves Arle) and will easily get angry should anyone get between her and her crush.
    • Feli believes she is destined to be with Lemres and also becomes less than happy if anything comes between them, despite Lemres not seeing her in a romantic light.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Amy Rose is this to Sonic. She constantly tries to marry him, flirts with him, and is presented as a Stalker with a Crush in many early 3D Sonic titles. Sonic himself isn't interested in romance, but likes her as a friend.

    Visual Novels 


    Western Animation 
  • Bob's Burgers: In "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene", Courtney Wheeler literally goes up to Gene and declares him her boyfriend. Gene only goes along with it when he learns Courtney's dad is a jingle writer and Gene starts to think he can get a foot in the door into the music industry.
  • Panini is this towards the title character on Chowder. The Distant Finale has them eventually married.
  • The Kanker Sisters from Ed, Edd n Eddy each have a crush on one of the three Eds and will constantly call them their "boyfriends". They continuously bully the Eds with their affections, physically assaulting them and restraining them before showing them in unwanted kisses, making it clear they are trying to force the Ed’s into a relationship with them whether they want it or not.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Chloé Bourgeois considers herself to be Adrien's girlfriend and takes every opportunity to display her affection towards him. Adrien himself regards her as a friend at best — and at worst, a way too clingy annoyance. She pretty much drops this after "Queen Banana" though.
    • Cat Noir is madly in love with Ladybug and makes his feelings very clear. All the time. He's sincere, but Ladybug rebuffs him because he comes across as too playful and because she's committed to another boy - ironically, Cat Noir's civilian identity, Adrien.
    • Marinette Dupain-Cheng is madly in love with Adrien, and considers him "her future boyfriend". She keeps coming up with overcomplicated plans to win him over, has a stash of presents for him for future birthdays years ahead as well as special situations, and tracks their relationship progress with a complex chart of post-its. Fortunately or unfortunately, her inability to just talk to him directly without blabbering incoherently keeps him from finding out.
  • Superman: The Animated Series:
    • In an episode, Superman frees a female Kryptonian named Mala from the Phantom Zone. After a while, she starts getting jealous of Lois Lane and, when a reporter asks Superman and Mala if they're a couple, Mala immediately says "yes" and is enraged when Superman disagrees.
    • There was also Maxima, who wanted to marry Superman and did not quite understand why he didn't want to marry her, being used to always getting her way.
  • On Total Drama, Sierra is definitely the Stalker with a Crush type, first to Cody and later to Cameron (mostly because Cody wasn't around and she kept hallucinating Cameron as him). Aside from putting Cody through hell and getting violently jealous/protective, she once tried to invoke an Accidental Marriage on him.

    Real Life