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Wacky Marriage Proposal

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So did he have a plan for if someone actually beat one of his scores?

"I hereby declare you as my wife! It has been set in stone; I will not accept objections!"
Laura Bodewig, Infinite Stratos

Marriage. True love. However you put it, the union between two (or more) people is a sacred commitment that should be undertaken with the utmost seriousness.

Except in TV land! There, a man might propose marriage to a woman by building giant letters out of burning gelatin. He could dress up like a knight in shining armor. However he does it, it's going to be funny while still being serious (if at all).

These kind of wacky marriage proposals even creep into serious dramas to provide comic relief. Also, some Fanfiction writers love to make their proposals as convoluted and wacky as possible — if they aren't overflowing with heartrending Purple Prose, that is.

Sub-trope of Grand Romantic Gesture. Perilous Marriage Proposal is this trope, or when it either occurs in or foreshadows something dangerous happening.


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  • A commercial for Pepsi showed a skywriting plane. All the town came out to watch while drinking Pepsi. It spelled out "MARRY ME SUE." According to legend, there happened to be a woman named Sue in a town near where they filmed the skywriting, who had a boyfriend who had told her that he would never ask her to marry him but if he did, it would be in some big grand gesture; so she assumed he was asking her.
  • One of Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius" ads salutes the "Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy."
  • Defied in one Long Long Man commercial: Tooru had a flash mob ready to help him propose to his girlfriend Chi... but right before they're set to pop up, Chi tells him that she doesn't want a flash mob proposal. Cue Tooru signalling them that it's not happening, then proposing to her in the ensuing chaos.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Delicious in Dungeon, Shuro realizes he's in love with Falin and proposes to her down in the dungeon without dating or even telling her how he felt beforehand. The rest of the cast remark how crazy it sounds but muse on how it might be more common in Shuro's culture.
  • In Dragon Ball, after he wins a Tenkaichi Budokai match against the grownup girl Chichi who he had accidentally agreed to marry years earlier, Goku proposes to her anyway (while still in the ring!).
  • Fly Me to the Moon begins with Nasa asking Tsukasa to date him, and Tsukasa saying that she will... if he agrees to marry her. He says yes, but he faints from the injuries he sustained after being hit by a truck, and she is gone when he wakes up. Two years later, on Nasa's 18th birthday, she shows up with a marriage registration form.
  • The epilogue chapters of Food Wars! reveal that Tamako, Soma's late mother, first accepted her eventual husband Joichiro as "part of her gang" once he impressed her enough with his cooking. Sometime later, she tells him he's graduated from "part of her gang" to "her special someone".
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward invokes the law of Equivalent Exchange when he proposes to Winry. Winry facepalms because it's such an idiosyncratic proposal, but she says yes. Not that her response was any less dorky. She starts by saying that instead of each of them giving the other half of themselves, she'll give him all of her, but then changes her mind and goes with 90%, then 80%, then 70%, then 85%. Then they both realize how stupid they're being and laugh it off. Presumably, a proper proposal occurred later, and the epilogue shows them Happily Married, with children.
  • In Kodomo no Jikan, Rin somehow got her hands on a marriage license (she's 10) and told Aoki (her 23-year-old teacher) to fill it out. For obvious reasons, he refuses.
  • In the epilogue of Medaka Box, set ten years after the main series, Zenkichi and Medaka meet up for the first time in years and reminisce about old times. Then Zenkichi challenges Medaka to one last sparring matchnote , saying "If I win, you have to marry me!" Medaka looks surprised for a moment, then gets a huge grin and says "Alright! But if I win, you have to marry me!"
    • One of these actually caused trouble for Medaka and Zenkichi in the past. During the pair's first meeting at age 2, Medaka solved a ring puzzle for Zenkichi, which caused him to admiringly state that she must have been born to make others happy. Medaka, who at that point was verging on nihilism, was so galvanized by this statement that she proposed to Zenkichi on the spot; being a toddler and not really understanding, he turned her down. In the present, they both have feelings for each other, but they both also think that they've been Friend Zoned, Medaka because she believes that Zenkichi's original rejection still stands and Zenkichi because Medaka treats him more like a butler than a man. Thankfully things eventually get sorted out and they undergo a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Poor Suletta Mercury from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury ended up at the receiving end of two of these:
    • First was after she wins her first duel against Guel; Miorine transfers Guel's Holder status to Suletta... Which apparently makes her Miorine's fiancé, the latter expressly declaring Suletta her "Groom". Cue Suletta freaking out, saying that she's a girl, and Miorine noting that apparently Mercurians are conservative on their views of marriage. Suletta's expression must be seen to be believed.
    • Later on, Suletta ends up winning her rematch against Guel who, upon disembarking his Mobile Suit and ending up face-to-face with her, immediately grabs her hand, kneels, and asks for her hand in marriage. Suletta could only muster an "Eh?" in response.
  • How the plot of My Wife is the Student Council President starts off in the very first chapter/episode: Ui asks Hayato as to when he'll be home later that day, after the Student Council meeting. Fast forward a few hours later, she immediately appears before him wearing a bridal veil and her personal stuff in tow, immediately declaring him as her husband.
  • In Pokémon Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures, the episode "The Professor's New Adventure" has Professor Kukui propose to Professor Burnet with a ring inside a Pokéball. Funnily enough, some fans used this method long before the episode aired.
  • Samurai Flamenco has one with heavy emphasis on the wacky part. Masayoshi, upon realizing Goto feels utterly alone after Sawada deleted his girlfriend's last text, proposes marriage to him, promising to protect him and do everything said girlfriend would have done... while stark naked, shielding Sawada with his own body from him and realizing that he loves Goto afterwards.
  • SPY×FAMILY has an accidental one, where Yor gets caught up in Loid's brawl with the smugglers he just robbed a few hours ago, and decides in the middle of it to take up her suggestion to get married officially. However, he also lost the ring he took from the initial heist, so he makes do with a grenade pin for a ring.

    Comic Books 
  • Played with in the comic book adaptation of the Beetlejuice cartoon. Beetlejuice ends up engaged as the result of a very old and weird law in the Neitherworld, which states that if a man spits his chewing gum into a woman's face, even accidentally, he has to marry her. The fact that he and the lady in question are complete strangers doesn't mitigate the law.
  • In Spider-Man, when Peter first proposed to Mary Jane, he gave her a box of Cracker Jacks with a diamond ring in it (Amazing Spider-Man #182).
  • In The Ultimates, Tony Stark makes Natasha Romanova her own version of the Iron Man suit for her birthday, then takes her on a test flight over her home city, St. Petersburg, Russia, where it's revealed he's paid the city's entire population to stand in a field spelling out his proposal.
  • In the Gold Key Comics adaptation of Yellow Submarine, Rita the Meter Maid arrives in Pepperland to claim Old Fred... in marriage in exchange for an earlier parking ticket on the Sub.

    Fan Works 
  • Advice and Trust: During a moment of Anger Born of Worry in Chapter 11 following SEELE's assassination attempt on the Pilots, Misato accidentally proposes to Kaji. She doesn't even realize what she's done until he says "yes".
  • Annventure Annthology: In Annventure High, it turns out the pizza box that Ms. Brown sent Ann to deliver to Principal Fred contains a wedding ring and his favorite pretzel-encrusted pizza, which she had to go to a faraway place to get. He accepts.
  • Batman's proposal to Catwoman in Batman: Anarchy for All, although not "wacky" so much as a Wham Line and cause for Mood Whiplash. After debating how to best pop the question for most of the book, he spits it out as they evacuate a collapsing building, with a real chance of neither of them getting out.
    Batman: Will you marry me?
    Catwoman: You mean, if we live through this?
    Batman: Regardless.
  • In The Beverly Hillbillies story The Big Shindig, Elly May's proposal is interrupted when eavesdropping Granny and Cousin Pearl say "yes" on her behalf. Jethro's marriage proposal to Jane Hathaway happens as Jethro is in bed recovering from a gunshot wound as well as from a stern lecture from Jed Clampett (the long-postponed "long talk" Jed intends to have with Jethro throughout the series).
  • In Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium, the setting's resident popular author - who has issues with being Emotionally Tongue-Tied - pops a unique question. The recipient delightedly observes that it's very appropriate.
    "Will you help me figure out this happily-ever-after thing so I stop writing tragedies?"
  • JTHM fic The Change ends on a rather amusing Marriage Ever After note after the girl proposes to the guy, the guy begs her to reconsider because He Wants His Beloved To Be Happy, and...
    Johnny: She punched me in the gut and told me not to be an ass.
  • Played with in Chaos Born. When Sonic proposes to Amy, he does it the traditional down-on-one-knee way. However, it turns out that he had a backup plan if that didn't work, in the form of having run thousands of miles around the city in order to carve the words "Will you marry me?" into the ground in letters large enough that they can only be read from high altitude.
  • The Contractually Obligated Chaos series has two for the main pairing, the first of which is literally a contract (hence the name of the series). The second is slightly more traditional, in the sense that there's a ring, but there's no actual proposal; he just slips a ring onto her hand while she's not paying attention. As he points out, the contract makes asking her sort of redundant anyway.
  • Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris pretty much ''dared'' each other into a marriage proposal in DC Nation. Considering we're dealing with a Green Lantern and a Star Sapphire, the engagement was pretty much a game of chicken with the altar that would either end wonderfully or blow up in everyone's face. Both parties were pretty much daring each other to back out (and the other heroes were placing odds on which one would back down) up until the judge actually inked the certificate.
  • In Earth and Sky, Applejack asks Soarin' to marry her, and he agrees, while they're in the middle of a Bar Brawl.
  • Empath's lead-in speech to a marriage proposal to Smurfette in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Empath's Wedding" ends up turning somewhat wacky as Empath receives a telepathic distress signal of the Smurflings needing to be rescued, so he quickly cuts to the chase, asks Smurfette if she will marry him, and leaves her with a kiss and some time alone to think about how to respond while he takes care of the distress signal.
  • Eye of the Storm:
    • In the original story, Boba Fett proposes to Liz moments after they've gunned down a group of hostile stormtroopers. They eloped a month later.
      Fett: You're not a bad shot, [...] "You should come on hunts with me.
      Liz: Is that a promise or a threat?
      Fett: Liz Djedovich, will you marry me?
      Liz: [laughing] I'll think about it, flyboy.
    • In its sequel Crystal Blizzard, Austin's Christmas present to Liberty is a pair of socks, which she uses to smack Cody. In the process, they discover there's something inside one of the socks, and when a small box falls out, Austin takes it back and opens it to reveal an engagement ring before asking Liberty to marry him. She happily accepts.
  • In the Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic Flowers of Antimony, one of these takes place at the wedding of the above-mentioned Ed and Winry. The newlyweds hatch a plan to push together the fandom's favorite Maybe Ever After pairing, Roy and Riza, by turning Winry's wedding bouquet into a sort of shot put. She aims the weaponized flowers at Roy's head, Riza instinctively pushes him out of the way before she realizes what she's catching, and Hilarity Ensues. Dialogue later in the story does, at least, indicate that a real proposal was coming soon anyway.
  • Friendship Is Magic: The Adventures of Spike: In the middle of the changeling invasion, Soarin' tells Spitfire they should get married after it's over. Given The Big Damn Kiss she gives him after the changelings are expelled, it's safe to assume she accepted.
  • In the Frozen Turtles sequel Into the Unknown, Kristoff is shown contemplating proposing to Anna with such a plan. However, when he asks Splinter for advice as the only person he knows who has actually been married, Splinter advises Kristoff to keep the planned proposal simple, assuring the younger man that Anna would appreciate the gesture more than anything else.
  • In How the Light Gets In, Dean and Laurel had a decidedly unconventional proposal. He got her grandmother's engagement ring (which was literally thrown at him), but couldn't work up the nerve to actually propose. Eventually, she got tired of waiting and (right after sex no less) asked:
    Laurel: So you gonna lock this shit down or what, bro?
    Dean: {after he stops laughing) Sure, why not?
    • Then they high-fived. He gave her the ring itself the next day at breakfast.
  • In Let's do It Right This Time 10,000 Spells You Should Never Use contains a spell that causes a thousand day-glo parrots to spell out "Marry me, [whoever]".
  • Played with in the Psychonauts fanfic, A Most Special Ring, where Raz tried to do the traditional down-on-one-knee way, only to lose his nerve. Lili, wanting to know what got him so worked up, reads his mind and sees what he wanted to tell her. She immediately says yes, meaning that she accepted before Raz technically asked her.
  • Pretty Ore: Gray and Claire purposed at the same time—Gray with a ring and Claire with a Blue Feather.
  • RealityCheck's Nyxverse has an example that counts more for the build-up to it than the proposal itself — after Twilight's ascension, Prince Blueblood's father gets hers drunk in order to trick him into agreeing to an Arranged Marriage. When Twilight's boyfriend Ink Spot hears about this, he uses an experimental unicorn teleportation network to get to Canterlot and bursts into the throne room in full Griffon armor (loaned from a sympathetic Griffon) in order to challenge Blueblood for Twilight's hoof in marriage. Except, by this point Celestia and Twilight have... convinced Blueblood's father to annul the contract; Blueblood himself is so freaked out that when Ink Spot runs in and challenges him, he forfeits and flees out a window. Ink Spot then proposes with a ring he picked up on the way, and she accepts.
  • In the South Park fanfic, The Misadventures of Cartman and Wendy, Cartman doesn't so much propose as 'demand that [Wendy] legally become his bitch.' Wendy responds by threatening to castrate him if he backs out.
  • In The Racket-Rotter Chronicles, Sinbad proposes to Shark on the head of a giant mutant fish. While using a teddy bear.
  • While the proposal in the first installment of Skyhold Academy Yearbook was perfectly straightforward, those in the sixth installment definitely fall under this trope, although special mention must be given to the one made while the "groom" was under the effects of dental sedation... and didn't even realize who the "bride" was. The story isn't titled Disorienuptials for nothing.
  • In A Thing of Vikings, Hiccup's marriage proposal to Astrid is almost normal by Norse standards. The three parts of the Norse mundr are all present—bride price, dowry, and morning gift. The key word there is almost, because Hiccup, being... well, Hiccup, he spent literally months coming up with insufficiently grand ideas for Astrid's bride price, because he felt that it had to be commensurate with both her value to him and to expectations of the "Hero Of Berk". He manages, though. Upon being rewarded the ransom for King Harthacnut (100,000 pounds silver—in an era where one pound silver is the yearly wage for a day laborer), Hiccup promptly takes Astrid aside and asks her to marry him. When she accepts, stunned, they return to the meeting where the mundr is read, and the announcement of the bride price to her parents is not only the entirety of a literal King's Ransom, it is also regency of Berk's new vassal city, Vedrarfjord. And then, for the morning gift, he not only makes her a gilder-suit and a flaming ax and a fortune for herself, he gives her explicit legal authority equal to himself and his father, the chief.
  • Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite: Geoff proposes to Bridgette while the two are in the middle of surfing. They wipe out and it takes an hour for him to find the ring and start again. Bridgette utterly loved it in spite of the wipeout.
  • True Potential: This is how Minato proposed to Kushina. He wrote "Will you marry me, Kushina-hime?" on the Hokage monument and painted a chibified version of himself on his knees. Her answer was to write "Yes!" underneath and paint a chibified version of herself kissing him.
  • The Unabridged Memoirs of Darth Plagueis the Wise: Anakin proposes to Jabitha in the middle of a war zone, after she's just talked him down from a grief-induced madness which had sent him on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series
    Tristan: Hello, Serenity, you probably can't see me right now, but I'm standing in the middle of a field, it's a very romantic image, by the way will you marry me?
    Serenity: Tristan! What kind of lonely deranged freak proposes to someone on the Internet?!
    Tristan: Little Kuriboh.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Book of Life, Manolo proposes to Maria by making a pathway out of candles to guide her to a tree on the outskirts of town, where he performs a song for her. It does work out, but not in the usual way.
  • At the end of the movie Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, Lelouch comes after C.C., when she tries to leave without saying goodbye. Ultimately wanting to join her in Walking the Earth to watch for those who would misuse the power of Geass, he even decides to rename himself "L.L.", likely due to the fact that he now carries a Code of Immortality as she does. Her tender, tearful smile in response can be taken as C.C. accepting Lelouch's "proposal".
  • Frozen II: Apparently, a standard Northuldra proposal involves standing atop the antlers of two reindeer in the middle of a herd of reindeer, waiting for your beloved to be brought into earshot, and then asking the question at the top of your lungs while flower petals are flung up around you.
  • In Robin Hood (1973), Robin Hood proposes to Maid Marian in the middle of the battle of the archery tournament. She happily accepts and jokingly comments how Robin couldn't have picked a more romantic place.
  • In Turning Red, Mei fantasizes about Robaire proposing to her onstage at the 4*Town concert with a huge "four" shaped engagement ring.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In American Ultra, Mike plans something special for his proposal to Phoebe - it involved fireworks, at least - but he never gets to carry it out as they end up on the run from the CIA. At the climax, he finally proposes while surrounded by a SWAT team and the National Guard; she manages to say "yes" before they both get tased.
  • The proposal(s) at Yankee Stadium in Anger Management. This is Truth in Television, since many people propose at sporting events.
  • In The Banana Splits Movie, during the backstage tour of the Banana Splits show, Thad and Poppy head off on their own to check out the various set pieces. While on the Fleegle's Magic Shop stage, Thad starts livestreaming to all their followers and proposes to Poppy there... only for Fleegle to cut the celebration short by sawing Thad in half.
  • In Deadpool (2016), Wade proposes to Vanessa using a ring pop at the same time she asks him for anal sex.
  • This unintentionally occurs in Downton Abbey: A New Era, where Molesley finally proposes to Phyllis Baxter after many years of Will They or Won't They?. Phyllis has to tell him to start calling her by her First Name only. However, the thing that makes it entirely wacky is that the couple is unaware of one of Film Production's live microphones. This causes the proposal to be heard unintentionally by the ENTIRE house!
  • Pierre Curie to Marie in Madame Curie. He couches the whole thing in terms of a math theorem or physics formula; they each work better together than apart. Not sure how true to life the proposal was, but amusing to watch. It's not word for word, but very close to the spirit of letters he wrote after he'd proposed, while she was thinking it over.
  • Greg Focker plans one of these at the start of Meet the Parents, having Pam's students hold up a sign asking her to marry him, before learning that she wants him to ask her father for her hand in marriage, thereby kickstarting the plot.
  • Sherman from Nutty Professor II: The Klumps does this. At first trying to use a mariachi band to help him out but Buddy (who's part of his system after the events of the last movie and occasionally causes "hiccups" in him that force Sherman to talk crass) ruins it. The second attempt involves Sherman using a special spray and fireflies to spell out his proposal. This time he met with success.
  • Our Miss Brooks: In the cinematic series finale, the marriage proposal manages to be heartfelt, in character, and very much atypical. Miss Brooks finds out she's been de facto engaged to Mr. Boynton when Mrs. Davis introduces Mr. Boynton's mother as her new boarder in Miss Brooks' place (so Mrs. Boynton can be close to her son without having to live with Mr. Boynton and Miss Brooks). Miss Brooks then goes to the zoo to meet up with Mr. Boynton. With This Ring comes into play as Miss Brooks finds a ring in a box of Cracker Jack, which is promptly stolen by a female monkey. Nonetheless, Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton leave arm in arm to see how the wallpaper Miss Brooks selected will look in their future home.
  • Brad proposes to Janet in the form of the song Dammit Janet at the start of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • In Anansi Boys, Fat Charlie makes one of these as cover when his homicidal former boss tries to get him somewhere more private. He presents his date with a lime instead of a ring, and because of a series of unlikely events leading up to this, nobody even questions it. (His proposal is also, as we see in the epilogue, quite sincere.)
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo has Reki order Kinji to marry her at gunpoint.
  • Baccano!: Claire proposes to Chane while on top of a speeding train and covered in the blood of their enemies. The very first time they met. Apparently Claire does that kind of thing with lots of girls, but this time it's actually given consideration, and agreed upon when they meet later under different circumstances.
  • Subverted with Greg's uncle and his (most recent) wife in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Someone else, whose girlfriend had the same name as her, proposed at a sporting event with a plane pulling a flag message and she mistook it as being for her. Not only was Greg's uncle not planning on proposing, but he actually was about to break up with her so he could date her sister.
  • The Elenium trilogy features an accidental Wacky Marriage Proposal. The bride and groom possess identical rings, heirlooms of their respective families, and the groom needed to use them both on his most recent mission. When he returns, he offers the bride's ring to her by slipping it onto her hand. Trouble is, he can't tell the difference between the two rings... but she can, so when he gives her his own ring by mistake she's thrilled to tell everyone that he just proposed to her. He's deeply taken aback - not because he doesn't love her, which he very much does, but because theirs would be a May–December Romance and he didn't want to do that to her. But since he can't bear to hurt her either, he goes through with the marriage and they're very happy together.
  • In Volume 22 of High School D×D, Issei proposes to Akeno in the middle of a Rating Game, while fighting Akeno's father Barakiel and with Akeno not physically present. This unnerves Barakiel and contributes to his loss. This is one-upped in the next book when Xenovia and then Irina (the latter following the former's lead) propose to Issei during another Rating Game. When he says yes, they start fighting twice as hard as they were before.
  • Infinite Stratos has Laura proposing to Ichika after a great deal of softening up. By giving him a Forceful Kiss. While wearing her IS unit. In front of the entire class. (See page quote.) Keep in mind that the one saying this is the woman (who was also blushing adorably the entire time). Justified by the fact that she has virtually zero social skills.
  • In Kyo Kara Maoh!, Yuuri accidentally proposes to Wolfram by slapping him for making rude comments about Yuuri's mother. Apparently slapping a noble on the left cheek is the proper way to give a marriage proposal, which no one tells Yuuri about until after it's all done with. And because he refused to take it back (thinking he was taking back his offense at the comments about his mom) it's made permanent.
  • Maoyu: The Demon Queen's proposal to the Hero is a marriage in all but name, but she insists it's just a "Contract of mutual possession for unlimited time", saying that it's like comparing "a common clover and a white clover". The Head Maid points out they're both the same thing.
  • Vin's proposal to Elend in Mistborn: The Original Trilogy. For context, Vin is at present in her underwear, plus as a result of a fight against a major villain about ten minutes ago, she is suffering from Clothing Damage and at least three fairly nasty wounds, one of which is in her boob.
    Vin: Sazed?
    Sazed: Yes, child?
    Vin: Do you know any wedding ceremonies?
    Sazed: I know several. Some two hundred, actually.
    Vin: Which one is the shortest?
    Sazed: The people of Larsta only required a profession of love before a local priest.
    Vin: Elend? I love you.
  • At the end of Paper Towns, Margo possibly proposes to Quentin with a long speech full of various metaphors that ends with her calling him a "good traveling companion." She dodges the subject when Quentin asks her if she really is popping the question, but she's wearing a coquettish grin as she does.
  • In The Quest of the Unaligned, Alaric picks one of the most bizarre places and times on this entire page to propose to Laeshana: In a place outside space-time, right after basically rewriting her soul to transform her from an aesh into an orah. She says yes.
  • Lynn Flewelling's Tamir Triad has one at the end. Courtesy goes to Ki, who finally got some issues sorted out with himself while nearly dying. After waking up he proposes to [Tamír] to "clear things up" after her complaining that she hates sleeping in separate rooms from him and other inconveniences (thanks to etiquette and her being a woman and his queen. Tamír even lampshades it by calling Ki delirious. Which he admits.
  • Vorkosigan Saga:
    • Cordelia's engineering of Kou's proposal to Drou in Barrayar.
    • Miles repeats Cordelia's performance with Baz and Elena in The Warrior's Apprentice.
    • In A Civil Campaign, Ekaterin proposes to Miles while he is being (falsely) accused of murder (of her first husband, no less). His response: "Of course! Now?"
  • Whateley Universe: From To Seal Our Happiness (Part 3), Hugh Wells proposing his future wife, Elizabeth Carson, as she tells it:
    I was at this little bar down in Berlin and he was delivering a batch of his cider when our eyes met and he walked away from the owner, mid-sentence, strolled right up to me and declared, 'You're going to be my wife! You want to fight it or just come with me over to the Justice of the Peace now? I'm Hugh Wells by the way,' and he actually stuck out his hand to be shook!” Liz shook her head. “In all my years of being in the superhero business, I have never met an ego to match Hugh Wells.”
  • The Wheel of Time has Mat Cauthon received a kind of future telling from the series version of The Fair Folk. One of the things prophesied for him was to marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Well when he finally finds out who she is, he accidentally proposes to her due to not knowing the customs of the Seanchan. While they do eventually grow to care for one another, the way it came about was just all over the wacky scale even if it was ultimately destined. Lampshaded by Mat later on.
    Moiraine: You accidentally married the Seanchan Empress?
    Mat: They have odd customs.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Wolf's proposal to Virginia in The 10th Kingdom. Not only does he preface the evening, when Virginia initially tries to weasel out of dinner, by saying he "spent a lot of time planning this spontaneous evening", he: has a song composed especially for her, played by a string quartet on the roof of their carriage (which is filled to overflowing with flowers); rents an entire restaurant just for the two of them, with a meal consisting of 13 main courses; and purchases the most expensive engagement ring he can find — a magical singing ring with a sickeningly sweet cherub face and shimmering, bell-like voice which extols the virtues of their love to Virginia. She turns him down out of outrage when she learns he spent money they could have used to accomplish their goals on the proposal instead. At the end of the miniseries, he tries again, in a much more restrained manner, and she accepts. Even better is after the first disaster, Wolf throws the ring into a river and viewers see it eaten by a fish. At the end, while eating dinner, Virginia cuts open her fish and finds the ring.
  • An episode of Food Network's Ace of Cakes featured a man proposing by ordering a fortune cookie cake with the proposal written on the fortune. Duff shows it off as a cool cake they've been working on, and when it's unveiled, the man fell to one knee. Cue tears.
  • In the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "Fun and Games", Fitz tries to propose to Jemma while telling her about his plan to free her and Daisy, but due to the implant Kasius had placed in her ear Jemma's hearing was turned off. Then Jemma proposes to Fitz while in the middle of escaping from the Kree. As they make their escape they end up bickering over who actually proposed first.
  • Seen in the Alarm für Cobra 11 episode "Die Autobahnpolizei", when Klaus Weller shows off a spectacular way to propose to his girlfriend Tina; he drives down the highway at 230 km an hour with a fake license plate on the car and wearing a rubber pig mask, climbs out the car's sunroof, and perches on the top of the vehicle, pulling back his jacket to reveal a T-shirt with the message in German "Tina, do you want to marry me?" Of course, this causes a spectacular explosive traffic pileup behind Klaus, but he gets away with it unscathed.
  • At the start of Season 4 of Arrow, Oliver was going to propose to Felicity with a ring in a soufflé, but abandoned this idea when his city needed him again. He finally proposes to her in the mid-season finale, as part of his speech at the Star City Christmas tree lighting ceremony. This leads directly into a cliffhanger where she is almost killed.
  • Bones:
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine:
    • The yearly Halloween Episode revolves around the main characters competing against one another to find a certain object by midnight, thus proving themselves to be the smartest person in the precinct. In the fifth season, it's a cummerbund with the words "Amazing Human / Genius" carved into it. Jake's longtime girlfriend Amy is fiercely competitive and spends the episode boasting that she knows Jake so well, there's no way he can get the drop on her. And then she finds the cummerbund...
      Amy: You see, Jake, I'm always gonna be one step ahead of you. You've lost the ability to surprise me. Ya just plain boring.
      Jake: Again, weird take on a very loving relationship.
      Amy: And it's midnight, so I guess I'm an amazing human-slash-genius.
      Jake: Yeah. Although you might wanna read the inscription on that there belt.
      Amy: Why? [she grabs the cummerbund, panicking] Oh, no, what does it say? [reading] "Amy Santiago, will... you... marry me..."
      [A stunned Amy turns to look at Jake, who is now down on one knee with a ring in hand.]
      Jake: Surprise.
    • At the beginning of the Valentine's Day Episode, a guy tries to pull one by bringing his girlfriend up in a plane and faking engine problems so that she will open up the manual where he has written a proposal in. Things go wrong though as the girlfriend soon collapses due to all the stress effecting her broken heart syndrome. Even after the boyfriend is able to land the plane and the paramedics are able to revive her, the girlfriend still says yes to the proposal. She does give her boyfriend a good slap in the face after he puts the ring on, though.
    • Played for Drama in a season two episode where a guy tries to propose to his girlfriend by coming up an escalator and proposing with a Ring Pop, only for the floor of the escalator to collapse and cause the guy to fall. When the paramedics are able to get him out, and his girlfriend says yes, he dies seconds later due to internal bleeding.
  • Burnistoun has a black comedy-filled example of an airport security agent who proposes to a fellow security agent at a different airport. How does he do it? He hides an engagement ring inside the anus of a traveler he did a cavity search on and then tells the fiance to do a cavity search on the same passenger.
  • Cake Boss once had a proposal cake that included figures of the gentleman on one knee, the lady he was asking, and the actual ring. She said yes.
  • In one episode of Castle Martha expresses her annoyance at these claiming that all a woman really wants is a man down on one knee with tears in his eyes and a ring in his hand. Apparently Castle proposed to one of his ex-wives in a hot air balloon, and it was so cold he could barely get it onto her finger because they were shivering so bad. Perhaps Foreshadowing the fifth season finale, where Castle does exactly this for Beckett.
  • An example that turns out to be anything but funny occurs on Desperate Housewives. Bree finally decides to divorce Orson, and Karl plans to propose to her with an airplane banner. Unfortunately, the plane's pilot has a heart attack and dies while flying. His wife, who doesn't know how to fly, crash-lands the plane onto Wisteria Lane, killing several people, including Karl.
  • In one episode of The Drew Carey Show, he proposes to his girlfriend at a Browns game on the Jumbotron. She declines, and it turns out she was cheating and he was the "other man." As Lewis, Kate, and Oswald walk out of the stadium with Drew, they tell him to just keep looking forward, not so much so he'll forget about his ex-girlfriend, but because his brother, Steve, proposed to Mimi, Drew's mortal enemy, via a message on the Goodyear blimp.
  • Deconstructed in Everybody Loves Raymond when Ray puts his proposal to Debra in his sports column and then spends the rest of the episode fretting that by making it public he's removed Debra's choice in the matter. Played straight with Robert's proposal to Amy, where his cop buddies pretend to arrest her and read cheesily reworded Miranda Rights.
  • Frasier did this when Niles proposed to Daphne. Although the build-up throughout the episode was leading to one of these, it was ultimately subverted; it turned out when Daphne arrived at the apartment that she had the flu and a roaring headache, so Niles got everyone out and ended up just proposing to her quietly. Frasier tackling the trumpeter was the best part of that.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:
    • An example Gone Horribly Wrong: Hillary requested that her news anchor boyfriend Trevor would propose in a "special" way so he ends up doing so on live TV...while bungee-jumping off a bridge. He manages to say the words "Will you marry m..." before getting splattered on the concrete. For the record, Hillary was left confused over what he was trying to ask.
    • When Philip and Vivian were on Soul Train instead of unscrambling Bames Jrown as James Brown, he wrote a marriage proposal instead and asked her to marry him using slang from the '70s.
  • Happened on Friends, where Mike keeps on proposing to Phoebe, only to have her deride all of his attempts as "cliche" just before he gets around to it.
  • In the two-part Full House Season 6 finale, "The House Meets the Mouse", Danny tries various unsuccessful attempts to propose to Vicky. At the end of the episode, he finally manages... by rigging a nighttime fireworks display to say "Vicky, will you marry me?"
  • On The Golden Girls, Stan hides Dorothy's engagement ring in a baked potato, which she refuses to eat because she's full. Stan then asks her to stick her finger in the potato, and when she does, she pulls out the scalding ring and dumps it in a pitcher of water. Why the potato (and thus the ring) would still be hot at the end of the meal is unclear. According to Dorothy, his original proposal also qualified - he put the ring in her glass of champagne, and she swallowed it.
  • In Green Wing, Martin proposes to Caroline by having the girls from Human Resources cheer out the message like cheerleaders. When she says no, they chant, "She said no! She said no!"
    • Mac's proposal was to set up a model train set through the hospital with a train ticket and a Hula Hoop in the back carriage. Except Mac never meets her at the arranged time due to him learning that he's going to die. Guy arrives instead because he wanted to know what it would feel like to be in Mac's place. Caroline decides to marry Guy instead - though he eventually lets Mac marry her first.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • At the end of season seven, Barney and Quinn are trapped by airport security because he has a mysterious box containing a magic trick that he refuses to explain. Everyone starts getting reasonably pissed off until he caves and just does the trick. You can probably guess what sparkly jewelry is at the end of it.
    • Ted has a spur-of-the-moment cheesy romantic moment when he hands Stella a stuffed orange kangaroo at an arcade. She's understandably confused until he explains that he had been trying to get the big fake ring, but you know how those crane machines are.
    • Barney in season eight proposes to Robin. He sets up the 'last play he'll ever run', including convincing Robin's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis to fake-date him.
  • I Dream of Jeannie: When Major Nelson finally proposes to Jeannie (that is to say, makes a proposal of his own free will that eventually results in him marrying Jeannie later in the season), he does so by merely introducing her to Dr. Bellows and General Shafer as his fiancé. It Makes Sense In Context, as Jeannie has been willing and eager to marry him since as early as the second episode of the first season.
  • Not as wacky as other examples, but on In Plain Sight Marshall proposed to Abigail by attaching a ring to her target when they go to the shooting range for their one-year anniversary. But then, Abigail is a police detective and it was her favorite range.
  • In one episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie writes a musical called "The Night Man Cometh" with the sole purpose of proposing to the waitress at the end. It doesn't work out.
  • Life with Derek had two of them:
    • In a Flash Back episode, Casey and Derek have such a lousy rapport that they try torpedoing their parents' marriage plans - and succeed. In the end, Casey proposes on behalf of her mother, and Derek accepts on behalf of his father.
    • At their junior prom, Sheldon proposes to Emily in front of the entire student body. He's about to move to Newfoundland with his parents, and is making a last-ditch effort to hold onto Emily.
  • Ted Baxter of The Mary Tyler Moore Show did one of his many marriage proposals to his girlfriend Georgette while doing the news. However, since he didn't mention her name, there was some confusion and several women had answered yes.
  • In one episode of M*A*S*H, Hawkeye tries to propose to his old flame Carleye. The proposal comes out as, "Why shouldn't we? Why couldn't we? Let's just — Let's!" In addition to his phrasing, Carleye then points out that he literally backed himself into a corner (of the tent) in the process. She says no (although it's less about the proposal and more about the continued existence of the factors that led to their original breakup).
  • In the Murder, She Wrote episode "No Laughing Murder", Murray "proposes" to his girlfriend Norma Lewis on live television by announcing to Mack that he's met a girl who wants him to take her on a honeymoon.
  • On Nikita Michael does not intend to propose this way but he is arrested in Hong Kong and a police inspector confiscates the ring. As he is broken out, he grabs a gun from his girlfriend and runs back into the police station to retrieve it which kinda spoils the surprise. Afterwards, he still insists on proposing to her in a traditional way.
    Nikita:"You had me at 'give me the damn Glock'."
  • In the 2013 Christmas Episode of the CBeebies series Old Jack's Boat, Jack tells the story of how when he was a young man, his friend Sailor Sue asked for his help in finding three Christmas presents that had blown away. The presents were a top hat, a bunch of flowers and a gold ring. Once they found them, Sailor Sue admitted they hadn't really blown away, she'd hidden them. The top hat was for him, the flowers were for her, and the ring was for both of them...
  • Petticoat Junction: When Steve Elliot intends to propose to Betty Jo Bradley, Sam Drucker catches wind of it and prints it on the front page of the Hooterville World Guardian. To avoid being scooped, Steve proposes to Betty Jo while she's upside-down working on his plane.
  • Shawn's proposal to Juliet in the series finale of Psych. He juxtaposes sweet comments about their relationship with bickering with Gus. Shawn also says "Will you marry us?" since Gus is pretty much always going to be a part of their lives. It goes Up to Eleven when the ring is stolen and the power trio rush off together to apprehend the thief.
  • The Fab Five from Queer Eye would occasionally "make-better" a guy for a proposal. One notable early example had the guy serve his girlfriend a series of exotic chocolates culminating in a chocolate box with the ring inside.
  • Schitt's Creek: Patrick plans a romantic hike and picnic for his proposal, but an oblivious David whines about the length of the hike and then whines that he's hungry. Patrick gets frustrated and suggests turning around but he steps on a branch. David tends to Patrick's wounded foot, realizes he's been a jerk, apologizes, and insists they finish the hike, even going so far as to carry Patrick part of the way. When they reach a beautiful overlook, Patrick tries to put off the proposal but the still-hungry David insists on the picnic. Patrick has him retrieve a set of gold rings identical to the silver ones David always wears and gets down on one knee. He proposes to a weeping David, who says yes.
  • Scrubs has Turk propose to Carla (who dislikes public displays of affection) by standing on a car in the middle of the city, demanding that the other drivers "honk in the name of love". In a later episode, Keith proposes to Elliot in a normal way... but then Elliot throws a fit because the ring doesn't fit, taking back her "yes" as she wants the moment to be perfect.
  • On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Ricky proposes to Amy at the former's high school graduation ceremony, with the proposal serving as the conclusion to his speech. She accepts.
  • A Smack the Pony sketch features a man who thinks hiding a ring in a cake is far too predictable, so he chooses to hide a World War I German helmet inside the cake inside, much to his girlfriend's bemusement.
  • In The Smoke, a man tries to propose to his girlfriend by hanging a banner from a high-rise building. He slips and ends up hanging from the banner a long distance from the ground. When the firefighters arrive, they locate the girlfriend and it becomes apparent that she would have declined the proposal. However, with all the news stations covering the event, she loves the publicity and thus when the man is rescued she accepts his proposal on national TV. One assumes that once the publicity dies down, she will break off the engagement.
  • Someday or One Day: Wang Quan Sheng's plan to propose to Huang Yu Xuan involved him pretending his car broke down and pulling over, a traffic officer coming in and giving her a fake ticket that says "Yu Xuan, marry him," and several of their friends cheering before he kneels down and presents the ring.
  • Did not work well in Sos Mi Vida. Alfredo hid a ring inside the food, to give her a surprise... but she ate it, and had to be taken to the hospital.
  • Ced's proposal to Lovita on The Steve Harvey Show. First he gets a radio DJ to pop the question during Lovita's favorite radio program but she changes the station and wins tickets to a concert instead; Ced then pops the question on a JumboTron at a Bulls game but Lovita misses it entirely because she is in the bathroom and the screen is shown earlier than Ced would have liked. When Ced does manage to drag Lovita out of the bathroom, the proposal is gone and in its place is an ad for rhinoplasty, infuriating Lovita. Finally, he prepares a romantic dinner for Lovita and puts the ring in a piece of pie. Lovita refuses to eat the pie, saying she's full. Ced keeps asking her to have a bite of the pie. Lovita starts to eat it but then puts the pie down. Steve, having witnessed the whole exchange, gets mad and takes the ring out of the pie and shows it to Lovita explaining that Ced had been trying to propose to her all week. She then says yes.
  • True Jackson, VP does this with Max and his girlfriend. When he gives a normal proposal, she says no because his proposal isn't wacky enough. True goes to talk to her, and tells her that if she loves him, he doesn't have to "propose from a lawn chair suspended by balloons". She decides that that's exactly how she wants him to propose. He is afraid of heights. It still happens.
  • In episode 132 of Two and a Half Men, "The 'Ocu' or the 'Pado'?" (2009; production code 617), Charlie hides an engagement ring in Chelsea's champagne in an attempt to propose to her, but she swallows it.
  • Played with on The Vicar of Dibley. Harry's proposal is actually quite sweet and low-key, at least the first time around, it's Geraldine's reaction that tips it into this category. She assumes he's asking her to officiate his wedding. He isn't.
  • World's Dumbest... has covered a few, such as the stuntman who proposed to his girlfriend while his buddy set him on fire.

  • In the music video for Bon Jovi's "All About Lovin' You", a man throws himself off a skyscraper while his girlfriend watches in terror down below, his fall interspersed with a Good-Times Montage of them together. Then, just as the song reaches the climax, the guy pulls out a parachute—"Will you marry me?" written on its inside in huge letters—and lands safely next to her.

  • Comedy show The Debaters had real-life couple Tim Gray (arguing "For") and Dana Smith (arguing "Against") debate whether or not they should get married, with their families in the audience and an officiate backstage just in case.
  • Savaged in a sketch on BBC comedy show John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme. Two women are heard talking about the various irritating/publicly embarrassing proposals they've received from men (through a megaphone in Trafalgar Square, throwing an expensive ring into a gorge, etc.) when Finnemore's voice breaks in:
    "MEN! DON'T TRY TO BE CLEVER! The men in these stories were hapless idiots, but SO ARE YOU! They all tried to be original! To think differently! DO NOT DO THIS! Be unoriginal! Think same-ily! The acceptable romantic gestures are in order! Flowers! Dinner! Presents of something she mentioned ages ago and then forgot about! A proposal should be somewhere nice, with a ring, private enough for her to say no if she wants to! Men only get away with any variation on these in Hollywood movies, and that's because the same person gets to write What He Does and What She Thinks About It! You don't get to do that! So stick to the stuff that works! AND ALWAYS KEEP THE RECEIPT!"
  • In the Room 101 radio relaunch episode with Desiree Burch as a guest, when she asks for "breaking up by text" to go into Room 101, Paul suggests that proposing in public is the opposite, and she immediately says that can go as well. He agrees.
    Paul: Now, this is something which exists as a video, but of course, this is radio, so here's an audio. Here's the sounds of a man who hired a ukulele group to play while he proposed to his girlfriend in a shopping mall...
    Desiree: No!
    Paul: See if you can tell when she snatches one of the ukuleles and hits him over the head with it.

  • In Of Thee I Sing, Wintergreen, for publicity purposes, proposes to Mary in every state on his campaign trail, promising that he will marry her if elected President.

    Video Games 
  • In Avenue Flo, Tony spells out his proposal to Vicky in pepperoni on a giant pizza.
  • One particularly dedicated EarthBound (1994) fan hacked the game so that Lumine Hall would spell out a marriage proposal instead of Ness's stream-of-consciousness being projected onto the wall.
  • In the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, the Warden can find the corpse of a man who, prior to the events of the game, poisoned himself after his attempt at such a proposal went horribly awry and his would-be fiancee dumped him. He tried to lead her on a scavenger hunt that ended with an engagement ring, but she got offended over the wording of one of her clues, thinking he was playing some dirty joke on her.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it's directly stated that there is no requirement for love in marriage in Skyrim, so as soon as you help your local friend out with anything, odds are that they'll be receptive to your proposal.note  How do you propose? You wear an amulet of Mara (the goddess of love and families) and wait for them to notice. If they express interest, you make the arrangements.
  • In the letters section of an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, a man wrote in recounting how he created an original Game Boy tennis game which would display his proposal upon winning, and gave it to his girlfriend for Christmas.
    • Similarly, Ian McConville, one of the creators of Mac Hall and Three Panel Soul, proposed to his girlfriend Jess by designing her a special video game with the marriage proposal at the end of it.
  • Fate/Grand Order has an odd one occur in the middle of the second Lostbelt. The tense atmosphere of the meeting between Chaldea's crew, Ophelia, and Scathach-Skadi gets pulverized when Napoléon loudly introduces Ophelia as his fiancée, confusing the hell out of everyone involved. Turns out he proposed to her when they first ran into each other, during his first infiltration into Scathach-Skadi's castle, and took her dumbfounded silence as a "yes".
  • A good majority of proposals in Fire Emblem: Awakening are examples; from wedding rings inside prank boxes to confession through sword there aren't many cases of a standard question. Most scenarios are also proposals just as soon as the two seem to like each other; the moment two people show any sign of interest, it's instant marriage.
  • Done in Infinite Space by Cico to Kira, where he just grabs her by the shoulders and yells his intentions and about wanting a lot of babies. She ends up slapping him.
  • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm: In episode 2, when the original actress is late, Rachel ropes Chloe into playing the Ariel to her Prospera in the school's production of The Tempest. If you get all the lines right, Rachel will improv a proposal on stage, complete with going down on one knee, using full Shakespearean language. Afterwards, she'll say she meant it, and that she's counting it as real.
    Random Girl in the Audience: Say yes!
  • One substory in Yakuza 0 features a man trying to propose to his girlfriend through the medium of getting her to solve a crossword, which when complete will reveal his proposal. The principle issue being, she's no good at crosswords. She eventually solves it with the help of the player, after which she gets upset and demands that her boyfriend say it to her face, rather than through a puzzle.

    Visual Novels 
  • Amnesia: Memories' fandisc Amnesia LATER downplays it in Kent's After Story. The heroine is flipping through his notebook and reading all the new recipes he's written down, only to come across a page where he wrote down tips and ideas on how to create the perfect moment for a proposal. Kent tells her to not read it, but she ends up reading it out loud, much to his embarrassment. He decides to go along with it and just proposes to her then and there, and she accepts.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • Lolcat marriage proposal.
  • Rob Malda, the founder of Slashdot, proposed to his girlfriend Kathleen Fent, on the Slashdot front page. She said yes.
  • Improv Everywhere staged a fake version of one of these in a New York City subway car. The random bystanders who helped the young man propose to his girlfriend by holding up signs when she entered the car had no idea that the two of them had already been married for years. A rather important and necessary deception, actually, considering the requirement of a guaranteed heartfelt "yes" for the prank to end happily.
  • One of My Life Is Average's more popular older posts is: "My girlfriend and I read MLIA all the time together. Today I decided to be bold. So here it goes... Kate, Will You Marry Me? MLIA." A few other posters have borrowed the idea as well.

    Web Videos 
  • Downplayed on Kid Farm. While it was considered wacky to everyone else (BJ presented Lizzy with a large stack of mylar balloons as if it were her birthday instead, he asked her to marry him all in one word—"Lizzywillyoumarryme?"—and didn't make eye contact with her during it to boot), Lizzy herself knew what getting balloons meant. Even better, before she could answer for herself, her father preemptively said "She will".
  • The Nostalgia Critic: While beating up a Deadpool cosplayer who tried to grope Hyper Fangirl, Devil Boner slips up and calls Hyper his "fiancée." Since he doesn't have the ring on him, he rips a finger off the Deadpool cosplayer and uses that to propose to Hyper instead.
  • This video sees a Call of Duty: Warzone streamer come across two other players; the first player takes the opportunity to propose to the second player in-game, since Warzone is the first game they ever played together. The second player happily accepts the proposal, and the streamer congratulates them before gunning them both down.
  • During one of his streams, RTGame got a donation message from a viewer whose girlfriend was watching the stream in another room, asking RT if he could ask her to marry them. After reading it out and speculating with the rest of his stream chat as to what would happen, the same viewer sent another donation message confirming that she said yes.
  • In an episode of VlogBrothers, someone gets John Green to propose to their girlfriend for them through the phone. She says yes.

    Western Animation 
  • The wacky (sometimes horrifying) "prom-posals" in Clone High parody this concept— the students stage outlandish events (like flying in on helicopter and teaching a horse fetus to talk) just to ask girls to the prom. The winter prom.
  • The Donkey Kong Country episode has DK attempting to propose marriage to Candy (something he really doesn't want to go through with), resulting in the following exchange:
    DK: Candy, may I have this hand in [gulps] marriage? [kisses hand]
    Candy: Sure, but you'd better ask Bluster; it's his hand.
  • DuckTales (1987): In "Til Nephews Do Us Part", when Scrooge proposes to Millionaira Vanderbucks, he puts his proposal in financial terms. He asks if she'd be interested in a "merger", and she responds hoping that they'd have a "dividend or two". Millionaira immediately drags Scrooge home to meet her accountant.
  • The Legend of Korra has Gadgeteer Genius Varrick proposing to his assistant Zhu Li in a manner reminiscent of his normal commands to her note .
    "Zhu Li? I have something I have to attach before we take off. I need to attach this ring to your finger. Zhu Li Moon, will you do the thing for the rest of our lives?"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. "The Big Mac Question" centers around Big Mac and his girlfriend, Sugar Belle, both with different ways to propose to one another, with disastrous results:
    • Big Mac's plan has him tie different notes to a bunch of apples and scatter them around town for Sugar Belle to find, telling her to meet him for a picnic where he was going to pop the question. But he gives the apples to Discord, who decides to use his magic to bring them to life and tell them where to go. Unfortunately, Discord didn't tell the apples who to give the messages to, so they start popping up everywhere and giving the messages to random ponies. Things get even worse when the apples all join together and form a giant apple monster that rampages through town.
    • As for Sugar Belle, she has Mrs. Cake bake 22 different desserts and place a piece of paper in each one with a different part of her proposal written on them. But Mrs. Cake becomes so stressed out about making 22 things that she mixes everything up and causes the desserts to all taste terrible. Then Spike volunteers to help by transporting the notes into the desserts with his fire breath, which causes them all to burn up.
    • Notably averted in a Meaningful Background Event in the same episode, where Lyra and Bon Bon get engaged to each other in a fairly conventional way. The fact that they're doing this during the above-mentioned apple monster rampage is more a testament to how used to giant monster attacks Ponyville residents are.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In the episode "Lisa's Wedding", Lisa's fiancé tries to put his proposal on a big electrical letterboard saying "Lisa, will you do me the honor of giving me your hand in the holy tradition of matrimo—", before it shorts out. He falls to "Plan B": sending out a cow wearing a sign that says just: "Marry Me."
    • "A Fish Called Selma": When Troy proposes to Selma while screening his old film Muppets Go Medieval:
      Troy (in unison with the film): No longer canst I conceal my love, my wimpled turtledove... Oh Princess fair, wilt thou grant me thine dainty hoof in marriage?
  • Steven Universe: The end of "The Question" has Ruby showing up to the Temple in full cowboy gear on a horse (actually Amethyst) to pop the question to Sapphire.
  • Gorgeous Gal, a fat flirtatious featherless fowl, wanted to marry Woody Woodpecker in the short 'A Fine Feathered Frenzy' after falling madly in love with him at first sight. Her proposal involved trapping him in a room in her mansion and appearing before him in a white wedding dress. There was a priest there ready to perform the ceremony. With her sexy voice, she called out to her "Baby" and gave him a wink and a smile. The woodpecker who didn't want to marry the smitten senior citizen got the heck out of there and swam to a small island. Gorgeous Gal's second proposal was her chubby arm peering out of a golden submarine and motioning for him to come to her with her index finger. She was wearing a giant wedding ring making her intentions clear. Woody tried to run but she grabbed him inside the watercraft and somehow managed to become Mrs. Woodpecker.

    Real Life 
  • Truth in Television: Websnark.
  • A man and his girlfriend were at a baseball game. Right before the seventh-inning stretch, he receives a "congratulations" text message, and then afterward a marriage proposal from him to his girlfriend lit up on the big screen. So what? Lots of people propose on those giant screens. In this case, it was a prank by a "friend" of his, who even sent the text message. The clincher? She said yes. When the man firmly denied being behind the proposal the girlfriend was understandably rather irate at the stunt. Feeling humiliated, the two began to argue back and forth. The whole thing was caught on camera and broadcast live to the whole stadium and probably several local TV stations. This was actually part of the (ongoing) prank wars at College Humor. #6 to be exact.
  • Richard Garfield had a custom Magic: The Gathering card made and used it to propose to his future wife in a game (His fourth attempt, as the card wasn't drawn in the three previous games they played).
  • This guy hacked a proposal inside Super Mario World. There was a news section about it.
  • A man asked his girlfriend to marry him in a letter published in The Ethicist's column in The New York Times Magazine. Three weeks later, another letter appeared in the same column: "Often your readers' questions are difficult to answer. Not the one from Justin in San Francisco — Yes!"
  • During an improv show at the 2010 Magfest, the performers brought up two people from the audience for one last game, where the performers would move the audience members around like mannequins/props for the scene. During the game, the performer turned the girl away from the guy while said guy got on one knee, then turned her back around. She said yes. Afterward the host admitted that, unlike the rest of the show, they had planned that in advance.
  • Astronomy magazine once mentioned a magazine-sponsored trip to see a total eclipse of the sun where one man proposed to his girlfriend just as the moon had almost covered the sun, i.e., during the optical effect known as "The diamond ring". According to the reporter, she said yes. Nerdy, but oh so romantic.
  • This one here. A man proposes to his fiancée in the middle of fifty synchronized dancers in Washington Park.
  • During Old Spice's video response campaign, @Jsbeals successfully got the Old Spice Man to ask Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin to marry him on his behalf.
  • Upon Neil Gaiman's visit and book signing in the Philippines, a fan sent an email asking if Gaiman would help him propose to his girlfriend...Video here.
  • On a similar note to the Super Mario World hack above: Another guy made a similar proposal by hacking a special new area into Chrono Trigger.
  • Love Letters is an adorable animation short picturing a guy trying (and failing) to write the perfect love letter. When he gives up, the camera backs away to reveal the crumpled pieces of paper spell "WILL U MARRY ME?". The best part? The guy in the animation IS the animator, who used the short to propose to his girlfriend in a movie theater.
  • One couple always did the Sunday crossword together, so he wrote to the New York Times Crossword, and managed to get them to put "Jenny will you marry me?" in the crossword as one of the answers.
  • Comic artist Leigh Gallagher proposed with a special comic he wrote in his blog. She said yes.
  • There was one story of a man who proposed to his girlfriend by.... taking her to Disneyworld and having a huge musical production put on leading up to his question. Another man proposed to his girlfriend in Disneyland... in the middle of a concert held on Christmas 2015. He was even helped by Jason Derulo, who serenaded them with "Can You Feel The Love Tonight".
  • Following suit to the Super Mario World and Chrono Trigger proposals, one person hacked the Lumine Hall in EarthBound (1994) to propose to his girlfriend. The proposal even took place during a live stream!
  • Another nerdy one took place at ComicCon by two Red vs. Blue cosplayers. In front of the Rooster Teeth booth, they were performing some of the RvB skits, dressed as Tucker and Sister (who sort of had a relationship in the show). And then the guy proposed. There's even video!
  • Gary Hudston commissioned professional level designers AND Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS, to create a giant three-stage level in Portal 2 to propose to his girlfriend.
  • This news report about a guy who proposed to his girlfriend in a "job advertisement for a wife". She accepted by "applying" for the "job". Justified in that according to the guy, the girl often reads job advertisement columns.
  • The various nerd conventions, anime, Star Trek, comic, and what have you, are basically a boiling pan of geeky social life for one full weekend. Does this happen when you get a bunch of people obsessed with various fantastical stories, half of whom dress up, in one place? You better believe it happens.
  • This one isn't too special at first, but wait until the end: man proposes to his GF in the autograph line and she accepts. Who is at the front? None other than Sir Patrick Stewart, who congratulates the two and simply states "Engaged."
    • One particular subcategory of this is the masquerades. The couple will book a time slot and usually do some sort of romantic skit before the proposal at the end. One year at Connecticon, this happened twice in one night during the same masquerade (not the same skit, though).
    • One couple met at a Girl Genius booth. Several years later, at the same Con, the guy set up a treasure hunt, with clues leading all over. The final clue led the girl to the booth, where he was waiting, alone with the Foglios, for her. He proposed. She said yes.
  • Dave Roman proposed to Raina Telgemeier in a comic he drew, but left unfinished. It was later posted online, with the ending drawn by Raina herself.
  • Top 25 Marriage Proposals - while some of these are regular ways to propose, a certain number are certainly on the wacky side.
  • A lot of these can be found on the Wedinator here.
  • Timothy Tiah, one of the founders of online blog advertising community Nuffnang, proposed to his now-fiance Audrey, a fellow blogger, using Internet memes on flashcards.
  • During NBC's pregame show for a Thanksgiving NFL game in 1985, sideline reporter Ahmad Rashad interrupted his analysis to propose to Cosby Show star Phylicia Ayers-Allen.
  • This Final Fantasy-styled proposal involving Nobuo Uematsu himself (he's not part of the couple that did the proposal, by the way). It was done during the "Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy" concert in Toronto in late March 2012.
  • It must be overwhelming, being proposed to and learning you live in The Matrix at the same time as seen here.
  • A physicist proposed to his physicist girlfriend in the form of a scientific paper.
  • So you're probably wondering what the deal was with this Angry Birds Friends level from the week of May 6, 2013. You see, a guy contacted Rovio Entertainment for a specially designed level to propose to his girlfriend with. Details here.
  • Rhianna Pratchett's boyfriend proposed to her by arranging for this to be shown at the local cinema while they waited for the film to start.
  • The Wisconsin Marching band always plays "Hey Baby" during their spring performances and sings to the members of the crowd. One of the seniors took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend of 7 years See it here.
  • The girlfriend of an avid Dwarf Fortress player contacted Toady One, the game's creator, with a request to help her propose to her boyfriend. Toady created a special .exe just for the occasion. The boyfriend tells his side of the story here.
  • The Duolingo Marriage Proposal. Duolingo is a language learning site where various sentences are to be translated from/to the language you are learning. For this occasion, all the sentences were replaced with things like "He loves you" and "He adores you", ending with the big question.
  • This is the story of how the authors of Curtailed got engaged. (Mandy created a side scrolling platform game, from scratch, in which Fox must save Mandy from spiders, which has the proposal after the final boss fight.)
  • One of the types of questions for What? Where? When? (A Russian team trivia game) is to guess what is hidden in a black box. Well, during one game in Israel, there was a question where the teams needed to guess the contents of the box from three completely unrelated questions, and the box was nowhere in sight...
  • Thanks to the Level Editor, you can make your own marriage proposal in LittleBigPlanet.
  • For the right price, you can do this in a professional sporting arena while the rest of the audience watches you on the JumboTron.
  • Avid video game fan Tyler Schultz contacted Insomniac Games via Twitter to ask them to put the words "Madison, will you marry me?" in Spider-Man (PS4) in any way they could. Insomniac was immediately open to the suggestion and put the words in the game. Unfortunately, Madison turned it down, left Tyler a month later, and then started dating his half-brother. However, there was more to the story than was being let on.
    Schultz: This might go down in history as the saddest Easter Egg...
  • Hasan Minhaj proposed to his wife when they were both broke. He hadn't gotten his big break on The Daily Show at that point and she was still working on her doctorate. He bought a sunrise hot air balloon ride for them off of Groupon which stuck them with a Wednesday morning with another couple. The other guy was doing the same thing and had gotten them to write "Will you marry me?" in big enough letters for them to see from the sky so he didn't pull the trigger. They got back on the ground at 9:50 but her parents were going to call them at 10:00 to congratulate the two of them. They instead went to the first open restaurant they could find for breakfast and he proposed to her in an Applebee's at 9:55 on a Wednesday morning with his cell phone ringing in his pocket.
  • Paul McCartney helped this lady and gentleman from Albany, NY propose to each other by picking them out of the audience; this was prompted by her holding up a sign that stated "He won't marry me until he meets you" and his answer being "I have the ring and I'm 64". Cue him singing "When I'm Sixty-Four" and proposing on stage, much to her delight and agreement.
  • Serial Killer Ted Bundy proposed to his girlfriend Carol Boone while questioning her during one of his murder trials (he was acting as his own attorney). She accepted and he declared "Then I hereby marry you", taking advantage of an obscure, bizarre, but still valid Florida law that allowed two people to wed in this fashion.


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