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Western Animation / A Fine Feathered Frenzy

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"I want you woodpecker! Take me lover boy!" *smooch*

A Fine Feathered Frenzy is a 1954 Walter Lantz cartoon directed by Don Patterson and starring Woody Woodpecker.

It follows Woody Woodpecker, once again looking for food. He reads an ad in a newspaper about a wealthy lady seeking matrimony who goes by the name Gorgeous Gal. Woody is enchanted by the millionaire's sexy voice on the phone. Since Gorgeous Gal loves woodpeckers and likes Woody's youthful voice, she falls immediately and hopelessly in love with him. He heads on over to her huge mansion. The two meet: Gorgeous Gal falls even deeper in love and in lust with Woody Woodpecker. He is horrified to discover that despite her lovely voice, Gorgeous Gal is an overweight senior citizen and he is no longer attracted to her.

Hilarity Ensues


Tropes Used by This Short:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Obviously, Gorgeous Gal is this for Woody.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Gorgeous Gal assigns several of these to Woody Woodpecker, never calling him by name. She calls him sweetie, dream boy, cutie pie, darling, silly boy, baby, honey lamb and hon.
  • All Women Are Lustful: Gorgeous Gal becomes more and more attracted to Woody Woodpecker with each passing moment.
  • And Now You Must Marry Me: Gorgeous Gal's reaction to Woody Woodpecker responding to her ad which escalates after she meets him and even moreso after she kisses him.
  • Audio Erotica: Gorgeous Gal's sexy voice on the phone lures Woody Woodpecker to her, performing a siren switch. Her voice remains luring and seductive throughout the film, yet her appearance turns off Woody Woodpecker.
  • Awful Wedded Life: The short ends with Gorgeous Gal getting Woody to marry her... and the look of dread on his face tells us that he is not looking forward to married life with his betrothed.
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  • The Bad Guy Wins: Downplayed with Gorgeous Gal. She is not really evil or antagonistic on her own. She has instantly fallen in love with the young woodpecker and wishes to marry him. Gorgeous Gal is also insanely turned on by Woody Woodpecker and can't help pursuing him. However, she is the main antagonist here due to how she constantly tries to seduce Woody despite his protests. By the end, she successfully captures him and marries him even though he is only attracted to her voice and nothing else. Gorgeous Gal is one of the few people to successfully defeat Woody.
  • Bathtub Scene: When Woody draws a curtain he finds Gorgeous Gal in a bubble bath. She is winking at him and has a shower cap on with most of her body covered with bubbles, yet still keeping her high heels on. She blows bubbles in his face with her massive red lips inches away from his beak. Woody shoos the bubbles away and rejects the offer to kiss Gal and accompany her in the bathtub.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Woody wanted to be rich, living in a huge mansion and having a lot of food. He easily achieves this... but on the condition of marrying Gorgeous Gal who he is not in love with or attracted to.
  • Big Bad: Gorgeous Gal.
  • Big Eater: When not running away from Gorgeous Gal, Woody tries to eat her food.
  • Bump into Confrontation: Without looking where he was going, Woody opens a door and runs through it. On the other side was Gorgeous Gal, puckering her huge red lips for the first time. The male woodpecker bumps into her breasts and stomach. He bounces like he landed on a bed. Gorgeous Gal quickly puts her arms around him. She lovingly stares at him believing he ran into her arms on purpose. Her huge lips kiss both of his cheeks before he breaks free.
  • Butt-Monkey: The short film begins with Woody being kicked out of a restaurant. It ends with him being married to an overweight and elderly woman who is madly in love with him. Woody Woodpecker does not feel the same way about Gorgeous Gal, but she has him trapped with her inside a golden submarine. It was not a good day for him...
  • The Cat Came Back: Soon after meeting Gorgeous Gal in person, Woody pressed a button so the escalator she was on could go up at full speed. This knocked her out of a window and into a cloud. Moments later he went to sit on a seemingly empty chair and Gorgeous Gal appeared out of nowhere. Woody wound up unknowingly sitting on her lap while she gazed at him lovingly. She playfully removes the turkey legs he is about to eat from his hands and attempts to grab him. The rest of the short is like this with Gorgeous Gal turning up wherever he goes for flirting, kissing and inevitably marriage and their honeymoon.
  • The Chase: Most of the film revolves around Woody Woodpecker trying to escape from Gorgeous Gal's sexual advances. The original title for this cartoon was also called 'The Last Chase.'
  • Chick Magnet: Woody Woodpecker is often depicted as being one in classic shorts, with quite a few women falling in love with him instantly. Gorgeous Gal is no different but with her it goes even further. Beyond just wanting to make-out with him, she is so smitten that she wants to marry him right away. Being irresistible to women did Woody no favors this time.
  • Chimney Entry: After being reminded that the hormones on high heiress was "...wai-ting," for him in a trophy room, Woody crawled up a chimney. Gorgeous Gal somehow quickly slid down the chimney after him, beak first since her intent was more lip locking with the young woodpecker. He crawled out in reverse and stood in front of the fireplace to see an upside down Gorgeous Gal. She had her eyes fixed on her future lover. Terrified and confused, Woody got the heck out of the trophy room before any upside down smooching could commence.
  • Chubby Chaser: Gorgeous Gal believes that Woody is this. He is not. At all.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Gorgeous Gal seems to really believe that Woody is in love with her and that his attempts to escape are just shyness or flirting.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Gorgeous Gal even had a wedding dress and a priest ready to marry her with Woody.
  • The Dreaded: Gorgeous Gal is this for Woody.
  • Downer Ending: The short ends with Gorgeous Gal marrying Woody Woodpecker even though the last thing he wanted was to spend the rest of his life with her. The final scene shows Woody being trapped in a submarine with Gorgeous Gal.
  • Extreme Libido: Having already fallen in love with her "dream boy" over their initial phone conversation, Gorgeous Gal's original idea was to get to know Woody Woodpecker better over dinner. Once she lays on him on however, she gets so turned on that she abandons those plans immediately. All she wants to do is grab him, kiss him and jump his bones as soon as possible.
  • Eye Pop: Woody Woodpecker does this several times. Particularly when Gorgeous Gal is flirting with him in close proximity and when he discovers she is ready to become Mrs. Woody Woodpecker. Unlike most other cartoon examples, it's done out of revulsion rather than attraction or lust. With the exception of the time Woody's eyes pop in the direction of the pay phone after his initial conversation with Gorgeous Gal.
  • Eyelash Fluttering: When Gorgeous Gal first meets Woody Woodpecker in person she flutters her eyelashes at him and gives him a wink. She flutters her long lashes again when she looks at him through a mirror, leans in close to him at a dinner table and when she spots him through a television set.
  • Fat Bastard: Downplayed. Gorgeous Gal isn't exactly cruel or malicious, but she's hopelessly in love with Woody and will do anything to have him in her arms, even if it's against his will. So she is this from Woody's point of view.
  • Fan Disservice: Gorgeous Gal shows her legs to try to seduce Woody. The result is the exact opposite.
  • Feng Schwing: The entire mansion is decorated with images of hearts and cupid angels to get any man in a romantic mood. It does not work on Woody Woodpecker.
  • Fiction 500: Not only is Gorgeous Gal able to include the money to call her in every personals newspaper ad, her mansion is incredibly huge. She has his and her outdoor swimming pools, carpet you can swim in and her own personal escalator. Her pearls, diamond rings and jewelry are massively oversized. She even owns a submarine made of gold.
  • Forceful Kiss: Gorgeous Gal does this to Woody Woodpecker with her enormous red lips. She grabs him while she is sitting on a couch, holds him down and kisses him on his lips several times against his wishes. Later, she fires her entire body towards him with her lips puckered like a large cupid's arrow. She misses and leaves a gigantic lipstick imprint on the wall.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Just like Woody Woodpecker, Gorgeous Gal has four fingers on each hand. She is never spotted not wearing high heels or sneakers so we do not know if she has two toes on each foot like Woody.
  • Fourth-Date Marriage: Woody and Gal were smitten after their initial coversation and practically decided to marry each other over the phone. Once they did meet, Gorgeous Gal doubled down on her desire to spend the rest of life with him. Woody lost interest and changed his mind. He still wound up married to the lovestruck lady about three minutes later.
  • Gag Lips: Gorgeous Gal's gigantic red lips when puckered.
  • Gold Digger: Woody. It ends very badly for him.
  • Gorgeous Gorgon: Gorgeous Gal's face is actually rather cute and definitely not ugly enough to break a mirror. This may be because any character would look adorable in this art style or that just being elderly and overweight is enough to shatter mirrors in this world. Woody is not enticed by her reflection batting her eyelashes at him so his horrified reaction matches the mirror's.
  • Grand Dame: Gorgeous Gal. She is a heavy set rich senior citizen. She even owns a pair of lorgnette glasses which is common for the grand dame trope. The description fits her to a tee, with the exceptions of possessing the voice of a young flirtatious female and having lots of energy. Gorgeous Gal can easily outrun Woody Woodpecker and either intercepts him or catches up to him several times during their chase.
  • Greeting Gesture Confusion: Toyed with when a fleeing Woody Woodpecker emerges from underneath a rug and spots the older female woodpecker lying on a sofa. Wearing a red nightgown and smoking with a long cigarrette holder, Gorgeous Gal greets Woody by saying "Hi baby!" Then she puckers her massive lips in front of him expecting a kiss. She believes that the younger woodpecker enjoyed being held down and ravaged by her lips moments ago and would love to greet her with a big smooch. Instead, he ran away in terror at high speed.
  • Has a Type: The ad Gorgeous Gal placed in the newspaper said she wishes to marry a young man. Over the phone she tells Woody that she loves woodpeckers. Since Woody is a young male woodpecker, Gorgeous Gal becomes infatuated with him.
  • Henpecked Husband: What Woody will be now that he's married to Gorgeous Gal.
  • Hot Guy, Ugly Wife: Woody Woodpecker and Gorgeous Gal.
  • Instant Costume Change: Gorgeous Gal does this several times. She quickly changes into different varaints of red and green dresses, a tennis outfit, nothing but a shower cap when she is in a bubble bath and finally a wedding dress.
  • Interspecies Romance: Eluded to as a possibility since Gorgeous Gal's ad in the personals only asked for a young man.
  • Intimate Telecommunications: Gorgeous Gal's seductive voice on the phone. She tells her 'dream boy' she loves woodpeckers, he is the only thing on her mind and that she is 'wai-ting' for him to come on over. This drove Woody crazy. After the telephone call he leaps away landing on his head, sits upright with his eyes bulging out in the direction of the phone booth and he jumps up and down in excitement.
  • Kiss Diss: When Woody Woodpecker accidentally bumped into Gorgeous Gal and wound up in her arms she tried to kiss him on his lips twice. Woody turned his head both times so she kissed both of his cheeks instead. Woody also ran away from her ginormous red puckered lips at every opportunity. Gorgeous does kiss him when she holds him down on a couch and of course there's the inevitable kissing that will take place after they are married.
    • You can briefly see Woody smiling right after he gets away from his sofa smootch-athon with Gorgeous Gal. It looks like he actually enjoyed the kissing. But then he opens his eyes, turns around and takes another good look at the overly turned on overweight senior citizen. He becomes horrified at the thought of what more kissing will lead to.
  • Kissing Warm-Up: Moving her lips back and forth a few times in front of Woody Woodpecker while holding him in her arms, Gorgeous gets ready for their make-out session. She holds him down on a sofa and goes to town on his lips. She performs the kissing warm-up again when Woody's back is to a wall. She flies towards him maneuvering her lips back and forth yet again. She barely misses kissing him and leaves a lipstick mark on the wall that is almost the size of Woody Woodpecker himself.
  • Lady in Red: Worn by Gorgeous Gal twice so she could turn Woody Woodpecker on. Ultimately it doesn't work but Gorgeous Gal thinks it does and continues chasing the 'silly boy' who she just thinks is just being shy.
  • Locked in a Freezer: Averted. Gorgeous Gal does have a walk in freezer where she attempts to ambush Woody Woodpecker. After Woody opens the freezer's metallic door he notices Gorgeous hanging upside down next to large pieces of frozen meat. She motions for Woody to join her but her 'honey lamb' bails.
  • Locked in the Dungeon: The mansion has a dungeon room which traps Woody Woodpecker inside once he enters it. Three gigantic vault doors automatically seal the exit. A portion of the room is decorated for a ceremony and a priest is present with Gorgeous Gal in a wedding dress.
  • Love Before First Sight: Since Gorgeous Gal wanted to meet a young man and loved woodpeckers, she immediately fell in love with Woody over the phone. She called him her sweetie and let him know he was the man of her dreams. He was all she could think about and she couldn't wait to marry him. After she did meet him in person, she thought he was so cute that she lost all ladylike composure. Gorgeous Gal found him to be so irresistible that she couldn't keep her hands and lips off of him.
  • Ms. Fanservice: While Gorgeous Gal is a source of fan disservice for Woody Woodpecker as noted above, it is quite different for some members of the viewing audience. Some people have become attracted to Gorgeous Gal. Mainly because of her seductive voice but also her cute face, large breasts, lips that look like a human's lips when puckered and her overall flirtatious nature. Aside from viewers she manages to win over, there are those who like large women so her weight is never a problem.
  • Mrs. Robinson: Despite the age difference Gorgeous Gal is madly in love with Woody Woodpecker. Her personals ad in the paper said she desired to meet and marry a young man as well. Since she loves woodpeckers and thinks that Woody is cute she immediately becomes obsessed with him.
  • Negative Continuity: Gorgeous Gal is never seen again and we have no idea how Woody Woodpecker gets out of the marriage. It's possible that he simply outlives her after she romantically ravages him for a set time period. Woody would still be entitled to her fortune after she passes, but he probably loses it to back taxes or one hair brain scheme or another. You can only speculate however, if you even wish to connect this cartoon to other Woody Woodpecker stories. Otherwise, this short can also take place in an alternate reality where Woody Woodpecker never escapes Gorgeous Gal and she forcefully makes love to him for the rest of his or her days. Since Gorgeous Gal never appears again in Woody Woodpecker lore it's yet another possibility.
    • In the 2018 Woody Woodpecker short "I'm With Cupid Stupid," Woody imagines being married to Winnie Woodpecker. There is a ball and chain attached to his leg. A cage surrounds the pair who are dressed as bride and groom. Winnie says "I do." If you wish, you can take this as evidence that Woody Woodpecker was married to Gorgeous Gal and remembers how horrible the experience was.
    • Throughout the years, Woody Woodpecker has stated that he stars in cartoons and films on occasion. If this was such a production, Gorgeous Gal would just be an actress. For the sake of comedy, she probably still falls for him and romantically ravages him in the submarine off camera. Even so, they do not actually get married since the Priest would be an actor too in this scenario.
  • Non-Mammal Mammaries: Gorgeous Gal has very large breasts. Since she is massively overweight each breast is about the size Woody Woodpecker himself or larger.
  • Obsessed with Food: Upon seeing the personals ad in the newspaper which aside from marriage and money promised plenty of food, Woody Woodpecker fantasizes about eating food more than anything else. Gorgeous Gal uses Woody's obsession to her advantage. A table full of food tricks Woody into sitting on her lap and she uses a turkey on a string to lure him into a make-out session like catching a fish on a fishing pole. She later uses the turkey on a string again to lure him to a golden submarine where she grabs him and marries him.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Woody when he finally meets Gorgeous Gal and finds out that she's not exactly what he imagined...
    • Woody when he's locked in a dungeon room made to look like a wedding chapel. He sees Gorgeous Gal wearing a wedding dress and a priest is there ready to marry them.
    • Woody when he realizes he's on a submarine with Gorgeous Gal... and she's still wearing a wedding dress.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Woody Woodpecker opens a door and spots Gorgeous Gal wearing a tennis outfit. She also has a racket and several tennis balls. She joyfully asks the man she loves to play "Tennis?" The Woodpecker runs away.
    • Possibly a bit of a gag since 'Tennis anyone' is a line in cinema that tends to be stated by rich people who are oblivious to the problems of anyone beneath their status. In this case it's more about Gorgeous Gal being oblivious to Woody Woodpecker not being attracted to her or in love with her. She acts as if the opposite is true for most of the short.
  • Ready For Love Making: Ultimately Gorgeous Gal does want to marry Woody Woodpecker. However, there are several instances where she is ready to make love to him on the spot if he wishes to reciprocate or is unable to escape from her loving clutches. Such as pinning him down on a couch and kissing him nonstop, wearing a low cut red dress on a small sofa and motioning for him to kiss her, lifting her skirt after having applied perfume in a small powder room, appearing in a bubble bath in front of him, offering a twosome and constantly reminding her 'dream boy' that she is waiting for him.
  • Running Gag: Woody running through the mansion, only to find Gorgeous Gal in every room. Lots of batted eyelashes, winking, flirting, seduction attempts, puckered lips and kisses awaited the Woodpecker at every turn.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Woody's interest in being married to a rich woman with lots of money and food disappears the moment he sees Gorgeous Gal's appearance.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Gorgeous Gal was so desperately in love with Woody Woodpecker that she chased him around her mansion, across the United States from California to Florida and eventually to a small deserted island. She wanted him all to herself and was not taking no for an answer.
  • Show Some Leg: With her delightfully seductive voice, Gorgeous Gal offers Woody Woodpecker some "Cheesecake?" While seated and wearing a red dress, she lifts up her skirt to show off her legs. Gorgeous Gal is wearing black pantyhose and her legs are crossed, with high heels on each foot. Since her legs are as skinny as toothpicks however, the horrified Woodpecker hopped away in confusion and disgust. Gorgeous Gal most likely chalked this up to a shy boy who was turned on and jumped up and down for joy.
  • Skip to the End: The actual wedding only lasted one second inside a golden submarine. Mostly for comedic effect.
  • Smoking Is Glamorous: Gorgeous Gal can be spotted smoking with a cigarette holder twice. The second time Woody Woodpecker spots her smoking he smiles briefly so it may have helped her lure him to her. Unfortunately he loses interest once again as soon as she shows off her extremely thin legs.
  • Stand-In Portrait: Woody Woodpecker attempts to hide behind a portrait of a rather shapely Caucasian blonde haired woman. After he crosses a pillar, Gorgeous Gal's face is seen sticking out of the portrait as she mimics the woman's expression with puckered lips. Thinking that Woody is just being shy and playful, she looks in his direction and seductively calls him a "Silly boy!"
  • Stout Strength: Gorgeous Gal is fat and strong, crushing Woody as she collapses on him in a determined moment, and carries him and cuddles him easily in her arms.
  • Table Space: Once Woody realizes that he is sitting on the same chair as Gorgeous Gal at the end of a long table of food, he runs all the way to the chair on the other side. With the press of a button marked 'Cozy', the wealthy widow shrinks the table. With the setting now looking more like a romantic table for two, she leans in close and with a smoldering voice, Gorgeous Gal calls out to her "Sweetie!" Now within kissing distance, she bats her long eyelashes at the young bird. Woody throws away the turkey he is about to eat and dashes, only to wind up in Gorgeous Gal's arms and at the kissing end of her lips moments later.
  • The Television Talks Back: On a television screen, Gorgeous Gal appears in black and white from the chest up. She flirtingly asks the Woodpecker with her sexy voice, "How 'bout a twosome hon?" Woody turns the TV off and runs.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: The expression on Woody's face when he realizes he'll have to marry Gorgeous Gal.
  • Through a Face Full of Fur: Happens right after Woody Woodpecker and Gorgeous Gal meet for the first time and she greets him with a wink. Discovering that the youthful and seductive voice Woody heard on the phone comes from a large and elderly bird causes Woody to turn white as a ghost and pass out.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Gorgeous Gal is enormously tall and overweight, compared to the very skinny and short Woody Woodpecker.
  • Trophy Room: The mansion has a room full of game trophies such as a bear skin rug, a tiger skin, a moose's head, a lion's head and other items. This might be a bit of foreshadowing to let the viewers know that whatever Gorgeous Gal hunts after Gorgeous Gal gets. This time she set her sights on making Woody Woodpecker her lover. The odds were stacked against him.
  • Victory Pose: Once Gorgeous Gal takes a good look at Woody Woodpecker she leaps up in the air and clicks her heals in excitement. He was the man of her dreams and she felt like she just hit the jackpot.
  • Wild Take: Woody Woodpecker has several of these as he reacts to Gorgeous Gal's flirting, her puckered lips inches away from kissing him and other sexual advances. His most extreme reaction takes place after she locks him in a dungeon room and winks at her 'baby' while wearing a wedding dress.
  • Women Are Wiser: The rich widow initially fools Woody Woodpecker with the name 'Gorgeous Gal' and her seductive voice, making him think she was a much younger and more attractive woman. Later Gorgeous Gal quickly weaponizes Woody's hunger against him to lead him into situations where she can romantically ravage him. Beyond that, she remains two steps ahead of him throughout the short.
  • Worthy Opponent: Gorgeous Gal is one of the few people who can defeat Woody Woodpecker. She can outrun him, outsmart him, overpower him and has the finances to chase him around the world. Once Gorgeous Gal decided to marry him his fate was sealed.