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Kissing Warm-Up

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She's almost ready for the real thing.

The Kissing Warm-Up is when a character practices their smooching skills alone. It mostly occurs with young characters who have not had their First Kiss. It may involve kissing your hand, the mirror, a stuffed animal, a live animal, or anything handy.

Frequently occurs in anticipation of a make-out party. Can turn into Cringe Comedy if another character catches them in the act.

If the kissing warm up is with a living person, it's a Practice Kiss. If the kiss is with a live animal who is sapient, you may be looking for Interspecies Romance.

Compare Test Kiss. Not to be confused with I Kiss Your Hand.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Minor plot point in Maoyu as the very detailed body pillow of the Hero owned by the Demon King shows that she knew what he looked like way before they met in person. Helps that he finds out through a misfired Pensieve Flashback.

  • In Superstar, Mary Katherine Gallagher makes out with a tree trunk.

  • In Noughts & Crosses, when Callum and Sephy are having their First Kiss, Sephy's internal monologue mentions that she has practised kissing with her pillow.
  • In Xanth's Castle Roogna, Irene surprises Dor with a kiss at the end of the book. She mentions that it was better than the first time because she'd been practicing on a life-size doll of hers. However, she doesn't know that he was having an out-of-body adventure at the time and didn't experience the first kiss.

    Live Action TV 

  • In the aptly titled play How To Kiss A Girl, the main character is advised to practice on his hand, naturally his mom walks in and Hilarity Ensues


    Western Animation 


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