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Diversity Lane - A Liberal Family Saga is a Political Cartoon by Zack Rawsthorne, about a family of 4 (plus two live-in girlfriends) living on Diversity Lane in Berkeley, California, who have one single goal, motivation and driving force in life: to spread the evil doctrines of Liberalism and Progressivism in America. This means that they spend their entire day burning American flags, attribute every misfortune to global warming, work to get Christianity banned from every level of society while setting up shrines to Barack Obama in their home, forbid their children to use toy-money in Monopoly because it promotes greed, set up racial quotas for their kid's playmates to promote diversity, inviting violent Black and Mexican criminals to live in their neighbourhood, specifically demanding that their children go to summer camps run by gay counselors, blame every terrorist attack on wicked American foreign policy (or global warming) and just generally living a lifestyle that, in the words of the author, is "self-destructive, tormented and a menace to society".


The only standout in this liberal horror-show is the family's 8 year old daughter, Diversity, who has somehow managed to withstand the indoctrination and brainwashing of her evil parents. This means that when her folks are busy driving to global warming symposiums in the middle of snowstorms and getting robbed by minority criminals, she's standing to the side giving wholesome conservative comments on the situation.

The comic has been on hiatus since March 2011 (because apparently the creator couldn't make any money off of it), and is not expected to begin updating again anytime soon.

Characters include:

  • Diversity - 8-year old daughter and oldest child in the family, who unlike her folks is a staunch conservative. Protagonist of the comic.
  • Alex - The Dad. ACLU lawyer who sees the influx of violent criminals into his neighbourhood as a sign of progress.
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  • Allison - The Mother. 4th grade schoolteacher who sees her profession as an opportunity to brainwash impressionable young students into the liberal fold.
  • Jayson - Diversity's 6-year old brother. Unlike her, Jayson has apparently been more receptive to his parents leftist indoctrination. The comic seems to swing between portraying him as simply a helpless victim to his parents browbeating liberal ideas into him, or as just as evil and vile as them.
  • Devon - live-in lesbian "girlfriend" to Allison, and an aggressive PC intellectual, who constantly rails against traditional gender roles in any form. Implied to have ties to terrorism.
  • Sierra - another live-in "girlfriend" of Allison. An old hippie whose high point in life was wallowing in mud at Woodstock. Doesn't spend as much time promoting liberalism as the rest of the family, preferring instead to smoke pot and listen to John Lennon's "Imagine".

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: Most of the information about the characters is nowhere said in the actual comic, but only on the character sheet.
  • Artistic License – Physics: According to the comic, global warming theory predicts that there will never be any snowstorms again, ever.
  • Author Tract: Gee, you think? </sarcasm> Entire comic is a giant example of one.
  • Bifauxnen: If you haven't read her profile on the character page you could read through the entire comic without guessing that Devon is supposed to be a woman. Her unisex name does not help matters.
  • Flawless Token: This is the mindset of the family, as they believe that Blacks, Mexicans, Arabs etc. can do absolutely no wrong, even when they have just been robbed and kidnapped by them.
  • Hollywood Atheist: Well, sort of. The family hates Christianity and the religious right, and seeks to ban the mention of God from all government agencies. They seem to love Muslims however, and Sierra practices some generic far-eastern, crystal-gazing religious meditation. And they pray to Barack Obama.
  • Hollywood Dress Code: In the beginning, Alex dressed in simple, ordinary middle-class attire with a combover, but starting with this strip, he nowadays sports a ponytail and wears sweatshirts with Darwin-fishes and gay rights symbols, because readers apparently missed that he was supposed to be a raging liberal. Devon is never seen in anything but what looks like a creepy black leotard and a sexually ambiguous quiff. Sierra, naturally, is always wearing loose-fitting, tie-dyed shawls, with huge earrings under her shaggy hair and tattooed all over with peace signs and counterculture symbols. Diversity shows her opposition to her family's political orientation by wearing conservative dresses and styling a traditonal bob cut with a bow tie.
  • Informed Attribute: There is absolutely no Les Yay in this comic despite the fact that three of the characters are supposed to be lesbians.
  • Justified Title: Since the comic is about a conservative's interpretation of a family of liberals, one could believe the title to mean something along the lines of "life on Diversity Lane", used as a metaphor. However, Diversity Lane is actually the viewpoint character's name.
  • Only Sane Girl: What the comic presents Diversity as.
  • Pass the Popcorn: "The 'America in Decline' special is starting."
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad: Being aggresive left-wingers, the family is always trying to enforce strict PC standards on their community, such as declaring that a snowman and snow-woman standing together is "blatant hetero propaganda".
  • Propaganda Machine: The fact that Obama (being the newly elected first Black president) is seen on lots of magazine covers and campaign buttons is apparently equivalent to opinion control in the Soviet Union.
  • Straw Feminist: Devon.
  • Strawman Political: Well, duh!


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