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They say that where there's smoke there's fire, but this guy doesn't even need the fire where he's going.

"When in mist form, I am invulnerable to physical weapons, blade and claw. I can seep through locked doors and cracks and move swiftly, like a shadow fleeing light."

The power of a creature to turn into smoke. This is a form of Voluntary Shapeshifting, where the subject doesn't just change shape but can turn intangible — in the form of smoke, mist, or gas — while still retaining some coherence and control over the now cloudy body.

This power may have various applications. The most common is invulnerability to most physical attacks. It also allows slipping into tiny cracks to invade any place that isn't airtight. In some case, the cloud can gain very fast movement, maybe depending on the wind. The transformation can double as an attack if the gaseous form is also a Deadly Gas. Poison or no, villains with this power are not above forcing themselves down a victim's airway. It will also probably make the creature invisible if within any cloud or bank of similar-looking smoke or mist.

Turning into a cloud of mist is a standard power for vampires. Not every vampire story features this, however. It tended to be less prevalent in live-action, maybe due to the difficulty of rendering it well with special effects before CGI became the norm, or because it is less known than the classic bat or wolf shapes.

Not to be confused with Smoke Out, although it can sometimes look like it. For beings whose only form is smoke, see Fog of Doom.

A Sub-Trope of Elemental Shapeshifter.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Berserk, Emperor Ganishka is able to turn himself into a giant humanoid cloud of fog with lightning powers. He also (even while in human form) can blanket a city with Ominous Fog that allows him to sense anything that happens in the cloud.
  • Fire Force: Yūichirō Kurono is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who can emit black smoke which he can shape into weapons.
  • Hunter × Hunter: Morel Mackernasey can transmute his Battle Aura into smoke which he can shape into countless constructs such as rabbits, ropes, dolls, rafts, and even replicas of people fully capable of human speech.
  • Bardiel from Neon Genesis Evangelion initially floats around as a storm cloud, infecting Unit 03 when the carrier plane flies through him.
  • One Piece:
    • Some of the Logia users can turn into gaseous elements. These initially come off as quite powerful, but later abilities are unveiled that allow someone to strike a Logia user even when in their intangible forms, and powers such as these are mentioned as almost representing a liability when all that turning into an intangible cloud does is make you a significantly larger target.
    • Smoker actually turns parts of his body into smoke.
    • Mad Scientist Caesar Clown ate the Gas-Gas Fruit. Not only does this allow him to turn his body into gas, it lets him control all kinds of gases, from removing all oxygen in the air to emitting deadly poisons.
  • One member of Demon Card around the beginning of Rave Master can turn into smoke.
  • Kanna from Shaman King uses smoke from her cigarette as her spirit medium.
  • In Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery there is Enenra, a smoke youkai that can burn down houses if left unnoticed for too long.
  • One of the earlier monsters from The☆Ultraman, Red Smogy, a monster made from red alien smog (yeah, Exactly What It Says on the Tin...) who can transform between smog and monster form at will. It does have a Weaksauce Weakness, where its smog form can be dispersed if exposed to water and forced back into monster form, which Ultraman Joneus exploits in the final battle by dragging it into a dam.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering offers several examples:
    • Gaseous Form is a creature enchantment which prevents the target creature from taking damage, but also makes it unable to deal damage as well. This may sound like a bum deal, but its helpful to cast on creatures who you need more for their abilities than as attackers.
    • Urborg Phantom is a creature who can activate this ability at will.
    • Turn to Mist takes it to the next level, temporarily exiling the creature from the game and returning it at the end of the turn.
  • A monster equipped with the Yu-Gi-Oh! card Mist Body cannot be destroyed by battle.

    Comic Books 
  • In Astro City, it seems like the Confessor is using a standard Smoke Out, but it turns out to be this instead because he's secretly a vampire.
  • In the comic continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dracula cycles through several of his traditional transformations in an attempt to intimidate the Slayers.
    Dracula: You're not frightened?
    [after failing to scare them with a wolf and a bat]
    Dracula: How about now?
    Buffy: I'm not even sure what you are.
    Dracula: I am fog.
    Buffy: Oh. Then no.
  • Fiends of the Eastern Front: Captain Constanta and his vampire brigade are able to turn into mist. They most commonly use this during an attack against the Soviets: you can't exactly stop an enemy when they just seep into your tank cabin.
  • In Flare, this power was a side effect of Marian Press becoming the Blond Bombshell.
  • Vincente, a minion of Generation X villain Emplate.
  • Immortal Iron Fist reintroduced classic pulp era character John Aman the Amazing-Man as the mysterious Prince of Orphans. His most notable ability was turning into a green mist that could still partially solidify and attack people.
  • The Incredible Hulk: U-Foes member Vapor can transform into any known gas, usually the most lethally poisonous she can imagine while invading an opponent's body. Vapor can transform into her fully human state for only brief periods, and is vulnerable to having her gaseous form scattered by strong winds or explosive force.
  • Various genies in Iznogoud use this to enter/exit a bottle. Or a lamp. Or a shoe, in one case.
  • Marvel Comics villain Nitro becomes sentient vapor for a while each time he explodes.
  • One of the Front Line of No Hero has the power to transform into smoke and shoot lightning. Her name is Smoke Lightning or "Smoke".
  • Mass Master of Power Pack could disperse himself as a cloud of his own molecules or condense into a miniature of himself that weighed the same and was more solid. Occasionally victim to an Artistic License – Physics, when comic book writers who only comprehend density alteration as Intangible Man assume that "turn into a cloud" means "turn into a cloud of water vapor" (or in fact, ANY vapor—the power alters the density of the user, not the physical state—i.e., solid, liquid, vapor—of their body's matter).
  • Preacher: Cassidy asks the vampire who acts like a Classical Movie Vampire if he ever tried this. The guy says he did once, breaking both his legs.
  • Spider-Man: Minor villains Knight and Fogg feature Fogg, who has this as a superpower. He doesn't become fully intangible though, seeing as he gets taken down by electricity.
  • The three Mists in Starman (DC Comics) all have this power.
  • In Sun Devils, Myste's entire body is made up of mist, and she gained her powers after her apparent death.
  • Superman: The Brian Michael Bendis run introduces the villain Red Cloud who can transform into a cloud of red mist.
  • The "foglets" in Transmetropolitan upload their brains into clouds of Nanomachines, and take any form they like.
  • WildStorm: Backlash a.k.a. Marc Slayton had this power back in the '90s.
  • X-Men: Amelia Voght of Magneto's Acolytes. She can also do this to other objects, including people. At a range, and the means by which she does this isn't visible; no ray to block or avoid or something. It appears that part of the power is that she has to reform her target, whether it's herself or others - she could conceivably turn someone to vapor and never turn them back, a Game-Breaker power of long-range instant death that can't be blocked, avoided, or resisted, but she's not the type to do that, thankfully. Again, it has been theorized that she has to bring things back eventually, as evidenced by a darker, alternate version of her killing by transforming the air around a victim into whatever her vapor is made of and waiting for suffocation to take place (instead of just willing that the victim go "poof" forever, and having it happen). At any rate, as she uses it, it's essentially a form of Flashy Teleportation.

    Fan Works 
  • Smoke of Pain, one of Mysterious's powers in My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic.
  • Maximilian, being a Boggart, can do this in The Parselmouth of Gryffindor; indeed, that is how Boggarts usually shapeshift — they turn into smoke and then reform into a new shape, and part of his training involved learning how to shapeshift without the intermediate. He can also use this ability to seemingly "vanish" by scattering the particles that make up the fog.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of the few cinematographic adaptations faithful enough to have the title vampire turning into mist before slipping into Mina's bedroom or Renfield's cell.
  • Dracula: Dead and Loving It, being surprisingly well-researched for a parody movie, includes Dracula turning into fog.
  • The Harry Potter films gave Voldemort and the Death Eaters this power instead of Apparition (teleportation), presumably for Rule of Cool purposes.
  • House of the Witch: The witch can turn into a cloud of black smoke, allowing her to move about the vents, and attack the kids.
  • The Mummy (1999): Imhotep doesn't exactly turn into smoke, but can become a cloud of dust and sand moving under its own power.
  • Son of Dracula has vampires that can travel by turning themselves into a mist.

  • Blood Sucking Fiends: Tommy comes across as Wrong Genre Savvy for asking the fledgling vampire Jody to turn into smoke, but it's later revealed that more experienced vampires can do so.
  • In Castle Hangnail, one of the castle's former masters was a Vampire Lord who could transform into a mist.
  • In The Cloak Society, Misty has this ability, and can turn other people along with her if she's touching them.
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula is certainly the most well-known example of a vampire with the power to turn into mist. The Brides show a similar ability to turn into motes of dust in the light which they use to sneak up on Jonathan Harker as he explores the castle.
  • The Black Court vampire Mavra in The Dresden Files can naturally do this, as Dracula was written to describe their powers and vulnerabilities. When Harry complains that she's late to a meeting she, in a surprisingly human moment for an inhuman character, attributes it to there being a headwind.
  • Oliver Twisted: Dodge has the ability to turn into smoke, and can simultaneously transform another into smoke when in physical contact with them.
  • Saint Dane from The Pendragon Adventure can turn into smoke upon being "killed" (or just at will) and reform elsewhere. So can the other travelers, in the last book. We only see Bobby do it twice, though.
  • In Super Powereds, this is Sean Pendleton's power. Given his focus on intelligence gathering and sneakiness, it's a very useful power for him to have, since he can easily move around places unseen and enter through tiny openings. His Tailor-Made Prison is designed with this in mind. It's completely isolated from the outside world; air circulation, water supply, waste disposal, and food delivery are all done through a system of locked chambers that preclude escape.
  • The Vampire Chronicles: Discussed between the vampire Louis when explaining to the Muggle Daniel how Our Vampires Are Different. Contrary to myth, vampires can't turn into mist, which the Sense Freak Louis deeply regrets.
  • Jack Fleming from The Vampire Files has this as his only alternate form, as opposed to Drac's additional wolf and bat shapes, but with the added perk that his smoke form is invisible — except, oddly, in mirrors. He can still hear when "vanished", but he's blind until he reappears, and while he can move around (like swimming underwater with his eyes shut), he can't touch anything or do anything except brush against people and make them feel really cold. He uses it for evading bad guys and B&E, sometimes simultaneously.
  • Erzebet of the Whateley Universe can do this. It's one of several shapes she can shift into. Unfortunately, she loses her clothing when she does it. And because of the shapes she can take, her family cast her out, thinking she was a vampire. She's not, she's just a limited Shifter.
  • Fog, white supremacist supervillain from Worm, can (as his name suggests) turn into a thick cloud of fog. The fog can damage living tissue (don't inhale any!) and also provides cover for his wife Night, who gains extra powers when unseen.
  • In The Zombie Knight, Xuan Sebolt's pan-rozum form is a cloud of phosphorus-oxide smoke that also wields fire and acid powers. Presumably other servants with gaseous elements could do the same, although Xuan gets extra credit for achieving the effect with a compound of his normally-solid element.

    Live-Action TV 
  • One episode of The Adventures of Sinbad has a villain with this power courtesy of the "Sword of Hades", which would turn him into smoke when unsheathed (thus making him practically invulnerable in combat) while remaining quite solid and dangerous to his enemies itself. Notable for also showcasing the weakness of such a form — the villain is ultimately defeated by the heroes using a giant fan they built overnight to create enough wind to disperse his smoke form beyond recovery.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dracula is able to transform into mist which he uses to dodge attacks, which Buffy decides is cheating when she tries to stake him. Also see the comics continuation above.
  • Half Demon Parker and his brother both have this power in Charmed. It's unclear if this is a standard demonic power or reserved for more powerful demons.
  • Kyle Nimbus, a.k.a. "The Mist" from The Flash is a death row criminal who was in a gas chamber during a Mass Super-Empowering Event. As a result, he has the power to willingly turn into a cloud of poisonous gas and retain movement control. While under this shape he can also move about as fast as the Flash, but it is exhausting and he's soon forced to return to his human form. Barry later learns to suffocate him by rapidly spinning his arms to create a suction vortex.
  • Jeannie on I Dream of Jeannie does this to enter/exit her bottle.
  • The Eneiken Noroshi wielded by Kamen Rider Sabela in Kamen Rider Saber grants its user power over smoke, manifesting as both the ability to manipulate smoke and to gain smoke-based Intangibility.
  • The Man In Black on Lost, otherwise known as the Smoke Monster. It's not very intangible smoke, though.
  • One of the supers-of-the-week in No Ordinary Family has this power.
  • Laas the Changeling from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine can transform into mist — so good that O'Brien assumes someone has tampered with the weather controls. It's implied that most changelings can do this, and can use it to get into any non-hermetic place. (Laas can even creep into a runabout, in space!)
  • This is the main form of demons in Supernatural when they're not possessing humans.

    Myths & Religion 
  • This is a standard power for Djinns, Efreets and other Genies. Turning into smoke is often the prerequisite for exiting from (or slipping into) tiny lamps or bottles. This led to the common representation of Genies lacking legs, the lower body being still vaporous while the upper body is solid.
  • Classical Mythology: Zeus is said to have entered the locked, windowless room of one of his many conquests through the airholes as a shower of gold.
  • Japanese Mythology:
    • One of the traits of the Yuki-onna is the ability to turn into a cloud of mist when they feel threatened.
    • Another Youkai, the chimeric Nue, commonly takes the form of a black cloud.
  • The Draugr of Norse Mythology were known for turning into mist in order to escape their graves.


  • In Metamor City mist is one of the easier transformations for vampires to master, being an instinctive defense mechanism. A fledgeling typically needs five minutes to change, after getting dropped off a skyscraper in Things Unseen Morgan Drauling manages to do it in 21 seconds.

  • Melissa from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues can transform her body, or any part of her body, into smoke, and then reform it at will. She first uses this power to break into a person's car without leaving any fingerprints.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, many Faerfolc can shapeshift and often turn into smoke or mist to disappear and appear in different locations.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Several spells and magical items allow this, notably the potion of gaseous form, the wind walk spell, etc. The spell passage of the shifting sand (3.5 splatbook Dragon Magic) provides the sandstorm shape variant.
    • Also, several creatures have this power, including the aforementioned Genies and Vampires. Some fiends, like the Yochlol or Alkilith, can likewise turn into poisonous gas.
    • In the Fast Play adventure Crypt of the Smoke Dragon, the title monster turns into smoke when it attacks.
    • In the Ravenloft setting, in addition to many vampires' gaseous forms, the wererat Jacqueline Renier is able to turn into a cloud of horrible-smelling vapor as one of her Darklord powers.
  • In Shadowrun, a spell allows you to turn into smoke. It makes you invulnerable to almost every attack, but you can't fight back. Gust spells are one of the only ways to harm a person in this form. Vampires also have this ability by default.
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade, the "Protean" discipline includes the ability to turn into mist. Unlike most examples of this trope, the game explicitly says that vampires can't see or fight like this, and that's it's mostly used for escape or hiding.
  • Vampire: The Requiem:
    • As this is Masquerade's counterpart in the New World of Darkness, a mist-form remains the ultimate ability of "Protean". Exactly how it functions depends on the edition. 1st edition's "Body of Spirit" power makes a vampire intangible, immune to any attack that isn't magical (even dampening fire and sunlight), but incapable of attacking other than through the use of certain Disciplines, like Nightmare. 2nd edition's "Primeval Miasma" makes a vampire intangible, immune to anything other than fire and sunlight, can't explicitly use other Disciplines in this form, and they can feed in this form by sucking blood from open wounds or enveloping a victim and forcibly ripping it from their skin. The first edition format is also slower to take effect, but less Vitae-draining than the 2e version.
    • 1st edition also has the "Choking Cloud" power, the ultimate form of the "Asphyx" Discipline. It's effectively the same as Body of Spirit... just replace "mist" with "mustard gas".
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Equip Spell Card "Mist Body" fits: any monster using it is immune to destruction by battle, though other card effects can still affect it.

    • Zaktan, being made of millions of small creatures called protodites, can act in this manner.
    • The Makuta are armour-wearing smoke. In addition, the Makuta Teridax spends 2006 without the armour.

    Video Games 
  • In Baldur's Gate II, vampires slain in combat turn to a small cloud of mist and fly away at speed. Non-random encounter vampires will fly back to their coffin to reform, where they can be staked and permanently put down.
  • In Battleborn, Kelvin's Sublimate ability allows him to become a cloud of frigid air for a brief time. According to a number of Kelvin's lore challenges, this is actually the state Kelvin had before Miko and others helped him attain a more stable physical form.
  • Castlevania:
    • Being the son of Dracula, Alucard in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night can gain this ability, at first for a split second to go through bars and quick dodging, but can eventually retain this form for as long as he has magic. He can also become a cloud of poison.
    • In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, Alucard has a more complicated version of the same ability... He can turn his entire body solid-yet-gaseous, which turns his dodge into the more standard complete intangibility that allows him to pass through enemies and drain some of their health while doing so.
  • Champions Online:
    • The Ice-set power "Vapor Form" is a sort of panic-button defensive power that can turn the player intangible for a brief period, enhancing defense and IIRC boosting elemental damage dealt.
    • In addition, in the Vibora Bay expansion, the vampire Immortals of the New Shadows faction aren't really killed, unlike other members of the faction. Yes, their body crumbles to dust, but a cloud of mist with a 1/3 full health bar (and utterly invulnerable) flies around for a few moments later before fading; it is implied that they will reform elsewhere later.
  • In the Legend Entertainment game Death Gate, at one point during the climactic final battle, Sang-Drax becomes smoke. If you don't figure out how to beat him, the next turn he will surround you, cutting off access to air. To beat him in this form, you have to use the air storm from the Air Seal, quite literally blowing him away. This is merely a way to delay the inevitable though: eventually, he WILL reappear in his dragon form, and if by that time you don't figure out the final puzzle, you're dead meat.
  • Damned Queen Chesspiece of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening can turn into a cloud of mist that's untouchable until she recollects herself.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • In the series' lore, this is a trait of some vampire bloodlines. Turning into a cloud of mist is an ability of the Keerilth vampire bloodline in Valenwood.
    • Skyrim:
      • As added by the Dawnguard DLC, this is an ability for Vampire Lords during the night.
      • In the Dragonborn DLC, this is an ability of the Seekers, a Cthulhumanoid form of lesser Daedra in service to Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge. Seekers can turn into a cloud of "smoky shadows" which allows them to cover distance very quickly and move into close range with enemies. However, they can still be attacked in this state.
  • Delsin Rowe, the protagonist inFAMOUS: Second Son has smoke as the first power he absorbs. With it, he can fire off projectiles (including a shotgun-like blast), turn into smoke when he dashes and travel through vents. Hank Daughtry, the Conduit he absorbed it from can do the same thing.
  • One power that Kain earns in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and keeps throughout the Legacy of Kain games is the ability to turn into mist to pass through portcullis and grates.
  • In The Lost Crown, the ghostly Ager brothers sometimes manifest as black-clad glowering figures, and other times as billowing ink-black columns of malevolent vapor.
  • Mortal Kombat: The Lin Kuei assassin Tomas Vrbada, a.k.a. Smoke (pictured above), has the ability to conjure and transform into smoke. In the original timeline, this extends even to his cyborg form, thanks to Nanomachines.
    • Mortal Kombat 9: Smoke's ladder ending reveals that the "second" timeline's Smoke is an amnesiac youkai called an enenra, a Japanese smoke monster that lives in bonfires. As a child, Tomas was sacrificed by a cult who intended to summon a demon. They probably didn't count on it being the spirit of the child they'd just murdered coming back to kill them as revenge. In Mortal Kombat X, Smoke or rather, his revenant states that he is no longer Smoke the Lin Kuei assassin, but solely "[an] enenra."
    • Mortal Kombat 1: In this timeline, Smoke's powers are a result of learned practical magic to make up for his lack of innate Elemental Powers like his adoptive brothers Bi-Han and Kuai Liang.
  • Ōkami: The tenth brush god, Kasugami, is the god of mist. Their initial power is generating mist that slows time for five seconds, but you can also unlock the Mist Warp technique to teleport between ultimate origin mirrors.
  • Reaper's Wraith form in Overwatch, in the game itself he retains a vaguely humanoid form but is invulnerable and unable to attack, while in the cinematics he looks more like tendrils of smoke and can slip through small cracks.
  • In Paladins, Zhin's Billow ability transforms him into a humanoid smoke cloud that is invulerable and increases his movement speed at the cost of being unable to attack.
  • In RuneScape, Vanstrom Klause turns into a cloud of mist in the final stage of the boss fight in the quest "The Branches of Darkmeyer."
  • In a StarCraft II cinematic, it is shown that Dark Templar Zeratul's invisibility manifests like this.
  • In the Touhou Project series, this is one of the abilities available to Suika Ibuki, due to her power to control density.
  • World of Warcraft has the Shadow Priest ability Dispersion which turns them into a cloud of purple shadow, rendering them almost invulnerable, unable to attack, and restores mana very quickly.

    Web Animation 

  • Elizabeth from Blip has this power, as she's a vampire.
  • El Goonish Shive:
  • In Homestuck, John Egbert demonstrates this ability during Act 6 Intermission 3, while duelling Jack Noir.
  • In The Kingfisher, this seems to be a power of the Kellgren lineage. Patricia is shown using it to move quickly in Theodore's backstory (form of a mist), and Theodore himself uses it in front of Jack. Sombretas can also become a shadowy dustdevil for a short time.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • In "Be Prepared", Elan finds wind walk to be the best cleric spell ever. Durkon isn't so enthusiastic.
    • Later, we have Malack displaying the typical vampiric power of taking a gaseous form.
    • Other vampires later display this power, including the High Priest of Hel, sired by Malack from Durkon's corpse, and his own minions.

    Western Animation 
  • Scorcher from Adventure Time has this power, and can even sink into somebody's throat to make them choke.
  • One episode of Aladdin: The Series had Sootinai, a smoke-based spirit that absorbs fire smoke to become more powerful.
  • Code Lyoko:
    • The Polymorphic Specters can turn into smoke in the real world, and one even uses this shape to clog Jérémie's airways and try suffocating him in episode "Franz Hopper".
    • The Trope Namer: William gains the "Super Smoke" power along with his Evil Costume Switch. This allows him to move very quickly on Lyoko, on par with Ulrich's Super-Speed, to fly, to escape many attacks, to be invincible while using the move, to destroy weapons (like Yumi's fans), to manipulate objects and people (mainly Aelita) and even to No-Sell the Digital Sea. His avatar keeps this power in Code Lyoko: Evolution, even though he's back among the good guys.
  • Inverted in The Dragon Prince, where Claudia demonstrates the ability to create wolves out of smoke (by blowing on some dust that extra materials imply were cremated wolf ashes).
  • In The Little Prince, the Snake can turn into black smoke at will. This means he's completely impossible to confront physically; the Little Prince's efforts are entirely toward thwarting his plans, not fighting him.
  • Misty in My Life as a Teenage Robot has the power of turning into purple smoke to become intangible and Mind Control opponents.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Among many other tricks, Nightmare Moon can turn into a star-filled dark smoke. Her mane has this appearance constantly and can manipulate things.
    • In the two-parter Season 3 episode "The Crystal Empire", King Sombra the evil unicorn appears as black smoke with eyes being his only visible feature. Though, all the way in the end he can get out of the smoke and in his physical form. However, this isn't a superpower so much as having been stripped of his physical form and buried under the ice in punishment for his past badness. He almost got the power to fully restore himself before his flank got kicked.
  • Ninjago: Ash, the Elemental Master of Smoke, can turn his body into smoke to help him evade attacks.
  • Puff, the bounty hunter from Static Shock, is able to turn herself (or just her lower half) into a purple cloud, doubling as Deadly Gas.
  • Zan of the Wonder Twin from Superfriends can take the form of water in any state, including steam or mist. Notably, his Smallville incarnation once takes the shape of a bank of fog.


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