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House of the Witch is a Horror Movie by Alex Merkin.

In a small town there exists this creepy old house that everyone believes to be haunted. No one lives there, and the place most certainly looks like it's seen better days. So why not go in there and have a scare?

One Halloween Night, a bunch of kids decide they're gonna do just that. The original plot was that they'd all go there to check out what the stories are all about, then one of the boys who arrived earlier scares the girls so Shane (Darren Mann) could rescue them and get lucky for it. Thing is, once they got in, getting out kind of seemed like a hard thing to do. Oh, and there's some kind of evil spirit stuck in the house with them.

The film was released on October 7th, 2017.

House of the Witch contains examples of:

  • Creepy Changing Painting: Two of the teenagers find some framed photos on the fireplace mantle. One of them takes a photo off the mantle to get a closer look. During the inspection, the people in the photos' face change into freaky solid-eyes expressions, scaring the kid and making them drop the photo.
  • Facial Horror: Half of Dax's face gets covered in large pustules as the film goes on.
  • Fingore: Taylor sticks her hand in the mirror, and it gets stuck in there. When the others manage to pull it out, one of her fingers was cut off.
    • Michelle gets her fingernails torn off one by one by the witch.
  • Downer Ending: The witch killed all the teens, and managed to successfully take Lana's body from her. She's last seen leaving the premises in Lana's body.
  • Dwindling Party: The kids get killed of one by one as the movie goes on.
  • The Place: The place is a house, and a witch lived there, and haunted it before leaving the place in Lana's body.
  • Super Smoke: The witch has the power to turn into a black cloud. This allows her to move through vents, and invade peoples' bodies.
  • Time Skip: The beginning of the movie shows some guy getting dragged into the house after trying to take one of the address numbers off the front door. Then it jumps ahead one year.