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Kyonyuu Fantasy (released as Funbag Fantasy in the West) is an H-Game that was originally released in 2008, but was finally localized in English in 2016. A hentai OVA adaptation was made in 2012.

Taking place in Eudoria (a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Europe), the game stars Lute Hende, a Brilliant, but Lazy (drop-dead last) graduate of the Knight's Academy in a kingdom full of problems. His life is changed forever after meeting Shamsiel the succubus, where he then deals with problems the kingdom faces, both internal and external, in ways never dreamed of. Along the way, Lute meets up with other gorgeous women whom he charms and gets lucky with.

Has two direct sequels in Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden and Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2.

A second game (actually a Stealth Prequel) set in the same world, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2, takes place some centuries before the events of the first story and follows Ruin Dimidium, a young man who shares a similar situation as Lute, but in the Kingdom of Hillsland.


A third title called Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 involves Julinas, the god of Boobjobs (no, seriously). A low-tier god, he is summoned to the human world to fix a city's desperate problem. A more-blatant prequel, set in the setting's equivalent of Ancient Rome, complete with bickering gods and goddesses.

Most of them have been localized into English, though some side content and Updated Rereleases are in limbo. A fourth title will soon be launched in Japan. Being an eroge, there is a lot of hentai, but there is more to the story than just porn as Lute deals with numerous conspiracies.


The Main Story

  • Funbag Fantasy: The first in the series, it deals with Lute's humble beginnings in Edelleland and his unexpected rise in prestige while having relationships with the special women he meets.
  • Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story: Takes place two years after the first game's events, Lute and his harem enjoy the life of royalty, but not all is well as they must deal with neighboring kingdoms and an organized religion trying to undermine them.
  • Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2: Taking place five years after the previous title, the Edelleland Kingdom is in a frenzy when Lute mysteriously disappears. At the same time, trouble brews in the Kingdom of Hillsland after a certain masked man suffering amnesia washes ashore.

The Prequels

  • Funbag Fantasy 2: Taking places some centuries before the events of the first game. It follows the story of Ruin Dimidium, an unassuming man in Hillsland who rises from being a dead last graduate of the Royal Abbey of Granbury to a man of great worth thanks to the guidance of a royal duchess who can see great things in him that others refuse to.
  • Funbag Fantasy 3: Taking place in the world's version of Ancient Rome, it follows the story of Julinas the God of Titjobs. Starts of as an obscure god, but when summoned to the human world by desperate mortals to solve a crisis, Julinas works to not only gain followers and faith in his godhood, but also to experience the fetish he represents.


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