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Doug and Bridget enjoying a moment without B.L. Zebub breathing down their necks

Hell, Inc. by Jeff Martin is a weekly webcomic about the demons who work at Hell, Inc., the massive corporation in charge of running Hell. The story follows Doug, a low-level office drone, as he tries to eke out whatever happiness he can from the nightmare world he calls home. These attempts at happiness routinely draw the ire of his overbearing boss, B.L. Zebub, who only cares about ascending the ranks of demonic managers until he reaches the hallowed inner circle of Upper Management. Doug's life would probably improve substantially if he could manage to read signals from Bridget, the subject of his hapless romantic interests.

Doug's life is turned upside down when responsibility for the new intern - a damned soul with demonic potential named Sara - is thrust upon him. It turns out being responsible for immortal souls is a really big hassle when they're trying to climb over you on the corporate ladder.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Affably Evil: Sheila the minotaur from Arrivals has a generally friendly and pleasant disposition for a bull-monster demon lady. She also threatens to turn Doug's leg bones into femur harmonicas.
  • Celestial Bureaucracy: Hell, Inc. functions like any large corporation, with micro-managing bosses, expense reports to file, interminable meetings, bland cubicle layouts, temperamental photocopiers and, for the lucky few souls who show potential, the chance at an unpaid internship
  • Demon of Human Origin: Sara the Intern is in the process of becoming this. It is implied that at least most of the fully-fledged demons were mortal at some point.
  • Disposable Intern: it is at least strongly implied at one point that Sara the Intern is unusual in having survived as long as she has so far
  • Extraordinary World, Ordinary Problems: Although many elements of Doug's general surroundings are pretty bizarre and horrific (blood-red sky, using tortured souls as currency, elevator windows look onto the eternal screaming of the damned...), in his day-to-day life he deals with the same petty frustrations anyone working in a typical office job has to put up with
  • The Devil Is a Loser: B.L. Zebub is your classic red, horned demon who works in an organization based around the torture of damned souls and delights in tormenting anyone under him in the hierarchy. He is also trapped in middle management, breaks his work PC by visiting sketchy porn sites on a regular basis and is the frequent target of unflattering drawings and jokes by his employees.
  • Tom the Dark Lord: Although B.L. Zebub is a pretty obvious play on "Beelzebub", most of the main cast of demons have pretty unremarkable names (e.g. Doug, Bridget, Sara, etc)