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    Animal Crossing 
Animal Crossing, Seat of Peace and Talking Animals (Dōbutsu no Mori, Animal Forest, Smashville)
  • A small village full of wooden houses and trees. Many fossils are buried here, as well as an assortment of dancing dolls known as Gyroids.
  • Symbol: depends on the mayor, but usually a flag with a tree
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Friendship, Talking Animals, Civilized Animals, Fishing, Entomology, Archaeology, Buried Treasure, Interior Decoration, Quirky Towns, Close Knit Communities
  • Domains: Nature, Beast
  • Sacred to: All Animal Crossing deities, Ma-Ti (that Heart power turned out to be useful for something after all!), the Doom Slayer
  • This village has seen many humanoid animals come and go, and there are many like this across the land, but most share the same properties - lots of talking animals, a river for fishing, easily-marked spots for buried treasure, and a tanuki who suckers new human visitors into buying homes from him.
  • Because there are no villains in Animal Crossing, almost everyone gets along with each other, most of the time. The mayor of each town is required by law to have a 100% Adoration Rating to prove his/her trustworthiness and ability to lead.
  • The village can sometimes take on the forum of a large board game, where up to four players try to score the most amount of Happy Points within one month. It's currently known that Isabelle, Digby, K.K. Slider, Reese, and Cyrus will occasionally join in on the games.
  • As of late, the Doom Slayer can occasionally be seen here taking a break from all the demon killing, usually doing activities with Isabelle. He still has most of his gear equipped, just in case any demons decide to invade on his vacation time.

Asterisk, Holy City on the Water
Aerial view of Asterisk
  • A large, artificial, asterisk-shaped city-island based on a crater-lake in North Kanto.
  • Theme Song: "Asterisk War Main Theme"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portoflio: City of Adventure, Tournament Arc, Shining City, Mega-Corp
  • High Priest: Itogami Island
  • Sacred to: Ayato Amagiri, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, Kirin Toudou, The Corpus
  • Unholy to: Anti-capitalists, anarchists
  • Asterisk is a famous city which is home to six educational institutions, which engage in tournaments known as "Festas," in which the super-powered students engage in hand-to-hand combat, which is broadcast around the world for entertainment. The winners of these tournaments are allowed to have any wish they want within reason granted. Ayato Amagiri went there to find his lost sister Haruka and protect Julis Riessfeld in her quest to save Lieseltania and Kirin Toudou went there to find a way to free her wrongly imprisoned father.
  • The Asterisk schools run several facilities dedicated to multiple fields, such as genetic enhancements, weapons development and robots. Many science-oriented gods have been invited to offer their expertise in their respective areas.
  • The House of Commerce has received authorization to use the city to advertise their new products, on the condition that the IEF receives a share of the profits. Any deity that doesn't comply with the agreement shall meet retaliation.
    • Asterisk's ascension was a major boon to the Corpus, who use every opportunity they get to advertise their new weapons and finance the Festas by using their machines as contestants. Reports suggest they are attempting to get more profit at the IEF's expense, but it is unlikely, since it would cost them in the long run and their alliance wtih the IEF has proven beneficial to fight the Tenno. Still, it's only a matter of time before the two conglomerates fight each other thanks to their mutual greed.
  • Many anti-IEF commentators call the Asterisk Festas "glorified prize cage matches", which is not entirely inaccurate, as the IEF is only concerned in their fighters in how much money and political gain they can bring. Unfortunately, the IEF's control over the world is so intricate that an open rebellion against them is implausible; Big Brother would be proud. The only way to oppose them is to subvert their interests using the same system they created.
  • Despite its lively appearance, Asterisk still harbors significant criminal activity, which involves smuggling, corporate espionage, kidnapping and illegal experimentation. Many in the House of Crime are seeking to exploit this. To counter this, the IEF has requested a detachment of Justice gods to keep order and security in the city.
  • Because of it being essentially a pro-capitalist utopia (on the surface that is), it's simultaneously respected and envied by Rapture.
  • Since the city already houses fighting tournaments, several deities have been planning to use the city to house their own tournaments. The IEF is seeking to find a way to turn this to their advantage.

Atlantica, Holy Seat of Aquatic Kingdoms
  • An aquatic kingdom ruled by King Triton off the coast of Denmark.
  • Theme Song: Under the Sea; Isn't It Lovely (Kingdom Hearts II)
  • Symbol: King Triton's palace
  • Aligment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aquatic Cities inhabited by merfolk
  • Domains: Oceans, Kingdoms, Cities, Merfolk
  • Sacred to: Ariel, Melody, Ursula, King Triton
  • Sister Locations: Atlantis, Atlanta, Georgia, Planet Aquatos, the various {color} Pearl Kingdoms, Maraqua
  • Though he's not in the Pantheon as a god, King Triton is the ruler of Atlantica, and only he can decide on whether or not a god can visit Atlantica or attain an alliance. Very few gods, most noticeably Dimitri Lousteau, have managed to get permission to visit Atlantica.
  • Is the only Dominion to have its own Blitzball team. Of course, thanks to being dominated by merfolk, Team Atlantica is considered to be the only team capable of beating the Besaid Aurochs. It's said that King Triton is very proud of the team, especially since his granddaughter, Melody, is the team captain!
    • How does Melody manage to win any match with the Aurochs? She imitates Rikku, which often confuses Tidus.
  • Once a year, a musical composed by Sebastian is held inside the palace, with Ariel often being the star before she permanently became a human. The most famous song performed so far was "A New Day Is Dawning" (with Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy being guest performers), which is about harmony with the aquatic and human worlds. It was also where Sora learned that he's a good singer, and thanks to this, he's now seen performing karaoke at the House of Music.
    • Another musical is set to be performed to celebrate the kingdom joining the pantheon. This time, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle and Murray Hippo are to be the guests, with Mickey Mouse agreeing to transform themnote  so that they'll survive underwater.
  • If it were not for her inability to breathe underwater, Misty would be found in Atlantica, training with her Pokémon, all the time. But still, every now and then, her Gyarados has been spotted swimming around.

    Bikini Bottom 
Bikini Bottom, Divine Setting Where Water Is Air
  • Description: An epipelagic city with buildings made out of metal, located in Bikini Atoll
  • Symbol: The silhouette of a flower in the blue water
  • Theme Song: The Bikini Bottom national anthem
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Water Is Air, Weird Buildings, Littering As Serious Business, Comedic Sociopathy
  • Domains: Underwater, Fish and Other Sea-life, Krabby Patties, Boating
  • Sacred to: All deities from SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Banned entry: Hexxus
  • In Bikini Atoll there is a small island with a palm tree, marking a small city underneath the sea called Bikini Bottom. With a standard population of 538, it's home to the world's most famous sea sponge and the famed Krabby Patty. While a generally happy place, one should be careful of some of its dark humor.
  • While being underwater, it has more in common with human society than should work. Electricity functions the same, weather is apparently a thing and fish walk. Though the rules of physics start to have an effect if you try to point it out like wondering how a fire can work underwater. Or try to write a letter, which will be ruined and chastised at before being thrown in said fire.
  • Somehow has undersea beaches and a Goo Lagoon, which Larry the Lifeguard is in charge of. There are seas of the stuff, and shockingly enough it's sort of possible, due to things like cold seeps and brine pools. Though the real thing isn't something they should swim in. There's also a rumor that the purple goo that occasionally appear there are not pollution, not bubble algae, but jellyfish corpses.
  • Found in the Pacific, but similar in some respects to Atlantica, which is located in the Atlantic. As they're guided by Neptune and Triton specifically, there may be some further relation. Hermes thought its Water Is Air attributes might explain how Zoidberg's house burned down underwater, but that couldn't be the case since Atlanta was in the Atlantic. Or as Hermes himself put it "that raises even further questions".
  • Heavily opposes littering, to the point most visitors see it as disproportionate. Though people like Aquaman have pointed out garbage and pollution is a lot more deadly to underwater life than land life. The citizens of Bikini Bottom are excited whenever he visits, and even Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy want to get his autograph. Hexxus has been permanently banned from ever entering Bikini Bottom for this reason.
  • As Bikini Atoll was a nuclear test site, some have speculated its citizens are mutants as a result of the atomic blast. The fact it has had sentient sea-life since the prehistoric era seems to disprove this, but Negative Continuity makes all this unclear.

Eggmanland, (Un)holy Seat of Deadly Areas (The Crimson Carnival)
  • A maniacal metropolis of machinery built by Dr. Eggman and his mad ambitions.
  • Theme Song: The day and night versions of Crimson Carnival.
  • Symbol: The Eggmanland flag
  • Alignment: Chaotic Sadistic (it has to be with all the spikes, saws, runaway roller-costar carts, armies of technology and supernatural, and other deathly hazards found here).
  • Portfolio: Marathon Level, Amusement Park of Doom, Eternal Engine, Circus of Fear, Lethal Lava Land
  • Domains: Carnivals, Earth, Hazards
  • Sacred to: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Bowser, Dr. Wily
  • Unholy to: Practically everyone else, especially Sonic and his friends.
  • Abandon all hope, ye who enters here. Roller coasters regularly going off the rails, bottomless pits beneath the ferris wheel, open lava pits, free-roaming monsters, and more robots than should even be legal. And the less said of what Eggman used to build this joint in the first place the better.
  • Not a good place for the feint of heart unless they are feeling daring, or even suicidal. Getting though the entire park without being hit is torment in itself.
  • Once every five months the park is opened to all gods who are willing to go through in an all-out race to see who can get the farthest.

Eindhoven, Site of Destroyed Product Placement
Top: Eindhoven being bombed by the German Luftwaffe. Middle: The destroyed Philips Electric Industrial Complex. Bottom: A burning Shell Gas Station found in Eindhoven.
  • The Dutch city of Eindhoven, as it appeared in September 1944. Several districts of the city have been damaged by a combination of bombing from both sides and constant Urban Warfare in and around the city.
  • Symbol: The logos of the Philips Electric Industrial Complex and Shell gas station, the latter of which has its "S" fallen off, spelling out instead "Hell"
  • Theme: Eindhoven
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Having at least two prominent locations with real-life brand names getting destroyed, Becoming the site of constant city fighting between the Allies and the Germans, Becoming a flaming battlefield following a surprise German bombing raid
  • Domains: Cities, Product Placement, Destruction, Wars
  • Sacred to: SSgt. Matthew Baker and SSgt. Joseph Hartsock, Pfc. Gary Jasper and Pfc. Timothy Connor, Sgt. Franklin Paddock
  • During Operation Market-Garden in September 1944, the city of Eindhoven would become one of the main objectives of the 101st Airborne Division. With it being part of the greater Highway 69 system, it would the first major crossing point for the British 30th Corps on their way to the most important objective, the road bridge in the city of Arnhem.
  • Fighting in Eindhoven would commence on the 18th of September, with elements of the 101st Airborne's Recon Squads entering the city, tasked with neutralizing German resistance in the city's residential districts. The most notable action would be called the "Kloosterdreef Incident", where Baker and his squad were tasked with destroying two German 88mm artillery guns that ended up firing on several Dutch houses as they advanced. Ultimately, they were successful in taking out both guns.
  • Heavy fighting would also take place in the city's industrial area, particularly the massive Philips Electric Industrial Complex, the main factory of the company at the time. As a result of German artillery fire, Allied air and tank attacks as well as the constant Urban Warfare going on in and around the place, the factory ended up becoming heavily damaged, with several of its outer walls being destroyed. Ironically, the Philips logo located on the roof of the building remained largely intact.
  • The last major fighting in the area would occur on the night of the 18th and the wee hours of the 19th, following a surprise Luftwaffe bombing raid on the city that killed hundreds of Dutch civilians. Using the ensuing chaos and fires as a distraction, German infantry began launching counterattacks, occupying certain areas of the city. The British forces and 101st Airborne, knowing the threat they posed to the Operation, began defending and retaking these German-held areas.
    • Baker, Hartsock, and their respective squads in particular had a string of nasty experiences during this time. For one, they would end up losing two men, as well as two Dutch Resistance members who had been aiding them up until that point. Numerous Dutch civilians would also be killed, either by the bombing, the subsequent fires breaking out, or German patrols suspecting them of collaboration with the Allies.
  • With Hell's Highway already in the Pantheon, Eindhoven had similarly found its way in, no thanks to being connected to no less than five (seven if you count Winters and Spiers) deities who had fought there. Unlike Hell's Highway, which ascended due to its condition, Eindhoven ascended thanks to the damaged Philips Electric Industrial Complex and a destroyed Shell Gas Station.
  • Immediately, members of the 101st Airborne and the elements of the Nazi Forces in the Pantheon begin occupying different sectors of Eindhoven once more, with both factions vying for control of the city itself. Much like Hell's Highway, controlling the city and its river crossing would allow access to more Houses and the various Nazi and HYDRA factories and bases located further inside.
    • Unsurprisingly, the Nazis take control of the city's industrial sector, particularly the Philips Electic Industrial Complex. They hope to use the factory to manufacture vital components needed in many of their advanced weapons and munitions. They also end up restoring the Shell Gas Station found in the city, with the pumps once again being used to fuel trucks, tanks, and other vehicles. Destroying these facilities once again becomes a priority for the Allies, given their strategic importance.
    • The Allies, on other hand, capture the residential areas of the city as well as the city outskirts. These locations are being used by them as staging areas for recconaissance, offensives, target spotting, and artillery shelling of the German-held areas.
  • Many in the House of Commerce were distraught to see Eindhoven, particularly the two aforementioned locations, in its current state, no thanks to seeing photos of the destroyed locations that had surfaced thanks to the House of Knowledge.
    • C.C. in particular felt saddened seeing the Philips Electric Industrial Complex being occupied and used to manufacture weapons of war rather than electronics.
    • Evil deities such as Sundowner, however, see the city as an opportunity for a good business deal or two. He's particularly interested in negotiating with the Germans due to their aforementioned hold on the Philips complex.
  • Notably, unlike most cases of Product Placement where the product name is present strictly for the purpose of advertising, both the Philips Electric Industrial Complex and the Shell Gas Station are actually special in that they're there for being historical and actual locations, with several historical photographs depicting them during the German occupation of the Netherlands.

Equestria, Magical Land of Ponies, and Holy Seat of Amazing Technicolor Populations (Friendship Rainbow Kingdom)

    The Great Valley 
The Great Valley, Holy Seat of Last Fertile Regions
  • A large prehistoric valley and safe haven from carnivores
  • Alignment: Lawful good, the lawful part sometimes to a fault.
  • Symbol: A Tree Star and Roman Numerals
  • Portfolio: The Homeward Journey, Close-Knit Community, There's No Place Like Home, Home Sweet Home, Doomed Hometown, Scenery Porn
  • Domains: Nature, Purity, Safety
  • Sacred to: Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky], Chomper, Petrie, Captain Planet, The Nature Preservers
  • Unholy to: Sharptooth, Hexxus
  • Sister Locations: FernGully, Pandora
  • In a World... full of death and want and predators, the Great Valley, to those who’ve never seen it, is a mythical paradise too wonderful to possibly exist in such a harsh and cruel world. But those who risk the great journey and live are richly rewarded for their faith and hardship, and will find a place inhabited by a diverse variety of herbivorous dinosaurs living together in peace and harmony. Plus one eager little T. Rex.
  • It contains all the green leaves you could ever eat, and all the cool water you could ever drink. Which is good, because after what you have to go through to get there you'll probably need some of that.
  • While said to be a place where nothing bad happens, the valley has been through: two droughts, two floods, two wildfires, a plague, a locust swarm, a blizzard, a bad luck “curse”, a crab infestation, numerous earthquakes and multiple incursions by predatory dinosaurs. Umbrellas are recommended.
  • All peaceful herbivorous gods are granted instant access to the valley and it's bountiful vegetation. With one aforementioned special exception, all carnivores are forbidden unless they are deemed worthy of entry by its inhabitants. Non-vegetarian humans are treated with great suspicion due to their habit of destroying ecosystems left and right.
  • Deities that derive their power from nature or lifeforms are at their most powerful here, while predatory deities are at their most powerful in the Mysterious Beyond that stretches around the valley.
  • Hexxus despises the valley for it's purity from toxins, and constantly tries to destroy it from the outside only to be stopped by Captain Planet and the House of Nature Preservers.

    Halloween Town 
Halloween Town, Seat of Halloween
  • A gothic town full of friendly ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, and other monsters, lead by Jack Skellington, and represents Halloween.
  • Theme Song: This is Halloween
  • Symbol: A Jack-O-Lantern
  • Aligment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Halloween, Monster Mash, Dark Is Not Evil, Big Boo's Haunt, Fisher Kingdom
  • Domains: Halloween, Monsters, Goths, Undeath
  • Sacred to: Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie
  • Sister Locations: Prague
  • Halloween is practically the only day of the year where the entire pantheon will be in a truce. To keep it this way, Jack Skellington requested that he make Halloween Town a dominion. He was allowed, but only on the condition that he does not attempt to take control of any other holiday (again).
  • Although Jack is the one in charge of the holiday itself, Halloween Town does have it's own mayor. Of course, this mayor is a literal two-faced coward who's only reaction to any troublemakers, often the Heartless, is to call for Jack!
    Mayor: Jack, please! I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions by myself!
  • Although the residents of Halloween Town are quite friendly, they won't hesitate to spook anyone who visits them, which has unfortunately given it a bad reputation for many. Because of this, whenever they are present, or up to 5km away, Sora will be transformed into a vampire (complete with a large orange eyepatch), while Donald Duck will be a Mummy (even as Paperinik), and Goofy as a Frankenstein's Monster expy (even as Super Goof).
  • The only resident you should be cautious of is Oogie Boogie, who's the only villain to reside within it's boundaries. Of course, after a certain mishap of a spell back in 2006, Oogie's permanently stuck with short term memory loss, which Jack finds as a fitting punishment.
    • Rumor has it that Neyla is taking advantage of Oogie's disability for her own evil deeds. For this reason, Jack has declared her a Persona Non Grata.
  • Not to be confused with the other Halloween Town.

Hyrule, Holy Seat of Constructed Worlds
Hyrule, as seen during Ocarina of Time 3D
  • A large kingdom composed of lush greenery, medieval towns, forests, lakes, lava mountains and snowy peaks all inhabited by mundane and fantastic races
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Hyrulean Royal Family
  • Theme Songs: Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time Ver.), Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess Ver.)
  • Portfolio: Constructed World, The Good Kingdom, Wide Open Sandbox, Benevolent Architecture
  • Sacred to: Link, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, Ganondorf, Aslan, Harry Potter and his friends, the Stark House
  • Unholy to: Majora, Ghirahim, Demise, Cersei Lannister, the Night King
  • Created and blessed by the three Golden Goddesses, Hyrule stands as a paragon for all fantastic realms in the multiverse. Magic and supernatural events are commonplace. The kingdom has its own long and unique history with many wars and conflicts over the Triforce, spanning across at least three timelines.
  • It is connected to a variety of different realms or universes via magical artifacts and portals, including but not limited to the Sacred Realm, the Twilight Realm, its own direct parallel world Lorule and, to a lesser extent, Termina.
  • In most depictions of Hyrule, the land is shown to be a collection of regions with varying geographies and climates usually linked by a great open expanse of land known as Hyrule Field. Thanks to its enormous size, Hyrule houses several environments suited for many races, both humanoid and non-humanoid, such as rivers for the Zora, lava-filled caverns for the Gorons, forests for the Kokiri and the Koroks and high mountains for the Rito.
    • The most commonly-seen race in the land are the Hylians, who are normally seen coexisting with the aforementioned races in their respective environments. All these races live under the leadership and guidance of Princess Zelda, considered by many to be the best chance for peace in Hyrule, thanks to the blessings of the gods.
  • In the center of the kingdom lies Hyrule Castle, a magnificent palace that can be seen from the outskirts of the countryside. The Castle itself has been seized by Ganondorf a couple times, forcing Link to take it back by force. Surrounding the Castle is a massive town that serves as the economic center of the kingdom.
  • Under Link and Cortana's suggestion, John-117/Master Chief visited Hyrule on shore leave. John was surprised there was no immediate danger to the realm, unlike the constant invasions Earth had endured, and didn't know how to respond to the everyday kindnesses of the Hyrulean people. Some believed that John was too used to war that he didn't know how to respond to peacetime, especially in a world much kinder and nicer than his own. Link promised to do whatever he can to help his friend.
  • Hyrule's ascension was a massive boon for deities from fantasy works. The Stark House considers Hyrule a kinder and more peaceful version of Westeros, Aragorn has entered negotiations with Zelda to allow peaceful trading between Gondor and Hyrule and the Hogwarts deities visit Hyrule on occasion to further their magical studies. Conan frequently visits the Castle Town's finest blacksmiths to have a new sword forged. King Arthur has even visited occasionally to improve diplomatic relationships between Britain and Hyrule. Aslan was asked if he assisted the Golden Goddesses in the creation of Hyrule and only answered with a small laugh.
    • Unfortunately, Hyrule has also gained some unwanted attention from Cersei Lannister, who jealously wants to take over Hyrule because of its prosperity, and the Night King, who wants to destroy all life. Ardyn Izunia and Vayne Solidor have expressed interest in conquering Hyrule. To counter this, Zelda has brokered an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen for to better defend Hyrule.
    Zelda: "I need your troops, Khaleesi."
    Daenerys: "And you shall have them, Princess of Hyrule."
  • Pokémon were allowed to roam the area, living peacefully alongside its native creatures. There have been some disputes between Legendary Pokémon and Hyrulean guardian spirits, but they are easily quelled by Link and Ash Ketchum.

    Jura Tempest Federation 
To everyone who went against us, we will bare our fangs and retaliate.
To everyone who lends their hands to us, we will grant our blessing to them.
To our opponents, we will do to them what they have done to us.
In the future, I hope that we can be linked in friendship one day.
—Rimuru Tempest

Jura Tempest Federation, Holy Seat of Civilized Monster Areas (Monster Country Tempest, Jura Forest Alliance)
Its capital city, Rimuru
  • Symbol: Rimuru Tempest's slime form
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Monster Nation, Alliance of Various Monster Races, Nominally Truthful, Pulled Into War For Self-Defense, Egopolis Not By His Choosing
  • Domain(s): Monsters, Nations, Alliances, Demi-Human
  • Similar Places: Monster Metropolis, Sheol City, Midian, The Found Thousand, Droaam, Medina Town, Quelb, Sharom Island, Mt. Ebott's Underground, Skull Valley, Mechanicsburg, Monster Isle, Pottsfield
  • Related Dominion: Halloween Town, The Anur System
  • Sacred To: Rimuru Tempest, all civilized monsters
  • Banned From Entry: Indiscriminate monster hunters, warmongers
  • After being oriented with how the Pantheon works, how to ascend a dominion, and what tropes are available, Rimuru has decided to nominate his nation, the Jura Tempest Federation, for the trope Monster Town.
  • Aside from the slime Rimuru, populating this Federation are goblins, orcs, lizardmen, demons, dryads, treants, elves, ogres, any "evolutions" thereof, and all other kinds of monsters as well as a percentage of humans.
  • Before entering, after it's assured that the visitor will behave themselves in the city, a guide book is provided to them, which will tell them everything there is to know of the Federation. It comes with a lot of pictures in case one is illiterate.
  • One can find clothing stores, smitheries, all sorts of eateries (serving everything from pastries to pizza), training grounds, hot spring baths, a coliseum for events, a school for all age ranges with nearly as much subject diversity as the Elysium Academy, all the usual amenities of a pre-electricity town.
  • The roads are also wide and out of well-made stone, and while there's a chance for Random Encounters, the Federation's security can keep them under control, and it's nothing a standard adventurer can't handle.
  • There's even an underground labyrinth that serves as an attraction for adventurers, and it even has a "tutorial" floor for beginners, teaching about booby traps (and not just your average ones like arrows and spikes, but also things like boxing gloves on springs and even equipment-destroyers), nooks and crannies, mimics, etc. Visitors are also granted bracelets that will revive them and return them to the gates, so Death Is a Slap on the Wrist in there. And you better believe that it will be brutal. Manual mapping is vital, and it can take days to travel a floor. There are even Save Points. Oh, and treasures, of course.
  • Besides the usual gold, there's a point system used by the Federation's workers for purchasing amenities, and there's also a credit card system, though it only operates in Tempest, and like all such cards, there's a spending limit.
  • There's also a theme park planned for non-adventurers to enjoy, but it's still under construction.
  • As a place full of monster species, those who hunt them with no regard of their alignment are naturally not welcome here.
  • Despite also being a populated area full of monsters, establishing a "trade route" with the Anur System proves difficult due to the system's distrustful sentiments on humans, mainly due to 1) not knowing how to establish such between a star system and a terrestrial domain and 2) the Federation's acceptance of humans.

Metropolis, Holy Seat of Shining Cities and Cities of Adventure
Metropolis, as seen in the DC Extended Universe
  • A large, modern city with tall buildings, the most notable of which being the Daily Planet and Lexcorp buildings
  • Symbol: The Daily Planet logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Superheroics, Urbanity, Achievement, Excitement, Hope
  • Portfolio: Shining City, City of Adventure, Cue the Sun, Recurring Location, Hope for Mankind
  • Similar Places: Star City, Central City, Minas Tirith, Theed, Canterlot, San Francisco, New York City
  • Sacred to: Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Regime Superman
  • Unholy to: Doomsday
  • Described as "a shining example of human achievement", Metropolis stands as one of the most prosperous cities in the DC Universe, under the protection of Superman. Its people are nice and optimistic, its streets are clean and its businesses are running smoothly. Despite the criminal presence on it, the Metropolis Police Department has managed to keep it to a minimum; only needing Superman's help when Metropolis is attacked by monsters, aliens or natural disasters.
  • Although Superman is a major factor in the average Metropolitan's attitude, what makes it look like a shining city is Lex Luthor's advanced technology. The irony is not lost on both gods.
  • The most notable building in the city is the Daily Planet, a newspaper considered by many to be the last true beacon of ethical journalism in a world continuously clouded by government censure and political agendas. It is a safe haven for truth-seeker, the foremost of them all being Lois Lane, the best reporter in Metropolis, if not the entire Pantheon. While her husband Clark is no slouch in the journalism department, he is more comfortable with his wife taking the spotlight.
    • Depending on the continuity, the Daily Planet has seen ownership under Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne.
  • Upon hearing the city had been inducted into the Pantheon, Doomsday immediately went on to destroy it again. Thanks to the quick actions of Superman and his allies, Doomsday was forced to retreat before Metropolis suffered any signficant damage. Luthor then offered his services in rebuilding it, enhancing his reputation in the process. Business as usual.
  • Somewhere in the multiverse, a version of Metropolis was destroyed by The Joker, pushing Superman to the brink of insanity and turning him into the ruthless High Councilor of the One Earth Regime. During his reign, Metropolis was rebuilt and Superman promised nothing would harm it again. Even now, Regime Superman attempts to rebuild his Regime in the Pantheon by using this Metropolis as a new capitol.
  • Thanks to Superman's presence, Metropolis welcomes superhero activities of any kind, which include the Marvel heroes, the Power Rangers, the Jedi, the Autobots and so on. Any help in keeping the criminal element in check is much appreciated.
  • Because of how much it reminds them of San Francisco, the heroic Star Trek deities constructed a Federation embassy and a Starfleet base there. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark helped with those efforts.

Mordor, Unholy Seat of Eternal Darkness, Fire, and Brimstone
  • A charred, fiery wasteland barely able to support life, eternally shrouded in dark clouds and with the towering volcano of Mount Doom always present in the horizon.
  • Symbol: The Eye of Sauron
  • Alignment: Evil (varies between Lawful and Chaotic depending on whether it's referring to its rulers or minions)
  • Portfolio: Evil Wastelands, Shadowlands, Dark Red Clouds
  • Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Tyranny
  • Sacred to: Melkor and Sauron. Also part of the merged headquarters of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, along with several other locations.
  • Unholy to: the Fellowship of the Ring (Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, etc.)
  • Similar Locations: certain interpretations of Hell
  • It is said that no one can simply reach Mordor on foot.
  • Ali Al-Saachez considers it his favorite vacation spot.
  • Not to be confused with New Jersey.

    Mushroom Kingdom 
The Mushroom Kingdom, Holy Seat of Platform Jumping

    New New York 
New New York, Divine Seat of Reborn Cities With the "New" Title
A sample of the city
  • Description: A technologically advanced version of New York with tube travel
  • Symbol: The same as Old New York, just with "New New" instead of "New" in the symbol
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Applesauce In the Future, New Neo City, After the End 1000 Years From Now, Balancing Idealism and Cynicism
  • Domains: The Future, Sitcoms, Manhattan, Technologic Advancement, Cultural Stasis
  • Sacred to: Philip J Frynote , Turanga Leela, Bender, Hubert J Farnsworth, Hermes Conrad, Amy Wong, Nibbler, Carol aka Mom and Zoidberg
  • Unholy to: Robot Santa Claus...or more accurately, the former's unholy to New New York and the latter's a threat to them and everyone. Originally unholy to all recognized mutants
  • Similar locations: Tokyo-3, New Hong Kong, New Chicago, New Earthnote 
  • Old New York was one of the greatest cities in America and Earth history, however it's time would eventually come. During the 24th and 25th century a series of alien invasions would demolish the city. Eventually they would rebuild, created a new and futuristic city above the remains. Dubbed New New York, it serves the same role as its predecessor and is home to the crew of Planet Express.
  • New New York is a lot more technologically advanced than Old New York was, however culturally it is more or less the same. Most who were born in Old New York are disoriented at first but soon get used to the city, though not to the speed of Fry. It remains a crowded city where different cultures intermingle, making it a semi-popular visit to those in Otherness.
  • The original New York still exists, however as ruins in the sewers. They serve as home to the mutant populace, however up until recently they weren't allowed on the surface. Applied Cryogenics exists in both New Yorks due to its nature as The Constant and the crux for a Stable Time Loop. It is unclear how travel would work to New York in its prime if it ever ascends.
  • Not the only New New York in the multiverse. the Doctor once visited New New York on the planet New Earth, which was made out of nostalgia for the dead world. Well sort of given there have been 15 New Yorks in the five billion years, but New New York is less than a mouthful. He may have visited the 31st century New New York.
  • Regarded by some as a Crapsack World, but this is debatable as there are many positives. It has been described by the writers of Futurama to not be a utopia or dystopia, but like real life except more futuristic.

    The North (Westeros) 
The North (Westeros), Divine Seat of Harsh Northern Regions
A map of the North by Maester Yandel, from The World of Ice & Fire
  • The coldest region of Westeros, similar to Northern England/Scotland in environment
  • Symbol: Their banner; a greyish-black horse on a white background. Alternatively their lords' family sigil of a direwolf (Stark) or flayed man (Bolton) during the latter's usurpation.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning to Good when the Starks are in charge.
  • Portfolio: Grim Up North, Utmost Respect of Guest Right, Best Served Cold, Values Honor But Can Be Ruthless Like The South, Good Old Ways, Had to Be Sharp
  • Domains: The North, Winter, Honor, Guest Right
  • Current Ruler: [[
  • Sacred to: Ned Stark (Lord of Winterfell), Jon Snow (former king as of the TV series), Roose Bolton, Catelyn Stark, Arya Stark
  • Unholy to: Anyone who breaks guest rightnote . Also on poor terms with Tywin and Cersei Lannister
  • Similar regions: Drachma, Fenris, Northrend
  • The continent of Westeros is a harsh land, but few places are as grim as its North. The largest kingdom on the continent, it is a cold region where people have to be tough, and honor is essential. It's often said that "winter is coming", which with the threat of the White Walkers may take on an even darker meaning. Recognized bastards in the North take the surname "Snow", such as Jon Snow. Though he could be considered a Sand, Waters or even Targaryen nowadays.
  • For thousands of years the region was ruled by the Starks, a family known for their utmost honor even if it kills them. They ruled as kings until Aegon and his sister-wives invaded, leading king Torrhen Stark to kneel rather than have the region ravaged by conflict. Seven hundred years before this they managed to get their arch-rivals of the Boltons to become vassals, up until Roose's usurping in the Red Wedding. Right now Jon Snow has managed to become King of the North, but with his ascension Roose hopes to claim the North back for the Boltons.
  • The most well-held virtue in all the North, even more than the rest of Westeros, is that of guest right. Once you break bread and are under someone's roof, no matter how much the two of you may hate each other, you are completely forbidden to attack one another. Breaking guest right is a sin only equaled (at best) by direct kinslaying, and there will be no mercy to those who break it. The Freys learned this the hard way. Anyone for some pie?
  • The belief in the Old Gods is retained in the North, which has recently led to some followers of Cthulhu coming to the North and being disappointed. Most assume they're talking about the Drowned God and direct them to the Iron Islands. Leman Russ and Arthas can be seen visiting the area due to its similarity to their homes of Fenris and Northrend
  • Asides from the main landmass there are two notable islands. Bear Island is known for having women as fighters, and is open to any bear god in the pantheon. It's even joked that Lady Maege Mormont's children were fathered by a bear. Then there's Skagos, a place of little contact with the mainland and dreaded by them. Said to be a place of cannibals, and a reputation that even Roose Bolton is unnerved by. They supposedly have killer unicorns, which leads people in the North to freak out whenever Lady Amalthea or the Alicorns visit.
  • Despite the name, the North isn't the most northern part of Westeros. A massive ice wall blocks it from what lies Beyond the Wall, which has been guarded by the Night's Watch for 8000 years. You can find wildlings there, but it's not advised to go much further since the White Walkers are there. Now that the Night's King has ascended to the Pantheon, good-aligned members of the House of Fire & Heat have been spending some time there to stop him.
    • Eventually, the White Walkers breached the wall, and invaded the North, and that's as far as they went thanks to Arya assassinating the Night's King during his siege of Winterfell.
  • As of the book series, Roose holds the North, with Stannis en route to attack. As of the TV series, Sansa Stark rules as Queen of the North, and they have become independent from the rest of Westeros, which are now the Six Kingdoms.

    Post-Apocalyptic Metro System 
The Post-Apocalyptic Metro System, Unholy Underground Incarnate (Former Moscow Metro, The Metro; Metro-2: D6)
Map of the Post-Apocalyptic Metro System, with Metro-2 line shown below.
  • The Metro system of Moscow, converted into multiple underground cities in the wake of a Nuclear attack, as well as housing numerous other, possibly unexplored, underground facilities
  • Theme Song: Enter The Metro
  • Alignment: True Neutral, as anyone and anything living there is free game for one or the other
  • Symbol: An old, tattered, and faded map of the entire system
  • Portfolio: Sinister Subway, After the End, Everything that can and will kill you, including the Metro itself, Housing several, possibly unexplored, government and military facilities, Several areas housing supernatural, paranormal, or generally unexplained phenomena
  • Sacred to: Artyom
  • Following The Great War of 2013 of this location's universe, many of the former residents of Moscow fled underground. With the surface becoming a toxic, uninhabitable, and hostile place, the 40,000 or so survivors of the apocalypse were forced to make-do with the narrow and confined Metro stations they are now inhabiting.
  • Several of these city-stations are occupied and/or run by at least four of the most powerful and influential organizations established in this Post-Apocalyptic world.
    • The largest of these is the Red Line, so-called because all their stations are based on one diagonal line throughout the entire system. They have the largest population, and as a result, also have the largest on-hand armed forces.
    • Arguably the most influential of these factions is Hansa, which occupies all the ring line stations. True to their name, their population is mostly composed of businessmen and merchants mostly driven by wanting to make a profit, down to members of their military also driven by greed. They also have a general policy of not allowing non-Hansa citizens into their station, sans Market.
    • Opposing the aforementioned Red Line is the Fourth Reich. Like the Red Line, they are a totalitarian-run state. But unlike them, they are much smaller in both stations occupied and population. They make up for this deficiency by having an entire Elite Army of Doom Troops as opposed to the Communists who prefer to keep the majority of their troops expendable.
    • And finally, there's Polis, home of The Order of the Rangers, and what can be considered as the intellectual capital of the Metro. Like Hansa, they are mostly neutral, albeit in a different sense. The Rangers have a policy of helping any station or person in imminent danger, from whatever threats lay besiege.
    • Most other stations not under any of these factions tend to be independent, and usually specializing in certain products. One such example of Exhibition, a remote northern station known for it's mushroom vodka, and is heavily involved in trading with it's neighboring stations.
  • Aside from these Metro stations, it should also be noted that there is a confirmed second line, intended for members of the Russian government and military, known simply as D6 or Metro-2. This portion of the Metro was discovered by members of the Polis Rangers in an ultimately successful attempt to save the aforementioned Exhibition Station from mutants known as the Dark Ones.
  • Outside of these secure stations, in the tunnels connecting them, are various threats, human or otherwise. The main human threats usually come from hostile factions, usually the Reds or Nazis, especially when they're trying to wrestle control of abandoned or unoccupied stations with each other. Other human threats usually come in the form of bandits, who usually kill and pillage any stalkers, refugees, or caravans they come across, mostly in order to reap a profit from them.
  • Upon its ascension into the Pantheon, many deities become interested in exploring the entire city-sized system, and by extension, its hostile and toxic surface sections. Reasons vary but most of the latter seem intent on making a huge buck out of whatever can be salvaged from the ruins or unexplored areas, such as long-lost weapons from its universe's bygone era.
  • Vladimir Makarov and Imran Zakhaev become interested in the prospect of finding heaps of these long-lost weapons, in the hopes that they can be used for their growing cause and Evil Plan. The discovery of the D6 Military bunker and the presence and firing of still-functioning nuclear warheads during the 2033 of the Metro's universe probably helps.
  • Several of the Fallout deities feel at home in the Metro (being able to live in similar Post-Apocalyptic conditions helps a lot), albeit many of them immediately notice that it has a very different tone to it, and that the technology found there looks nothing like theirs.
  • Many good-aligned Russian deities were astonished at the dilapidated state of their once former Capital, wondering how such a disaster on this scale could have destroyed their once-proud city. Many of them are shocked once they do find out what kind of circumstance befell the place. It also motivates many of them to further oppose the plans of people like the aforementioned Makarov and Zakhaev, as the former's eventual cause of World War III in his universe almost led to a similar result, had it not been stopped by the Ultranationalist leader's own enemies.

    Raccoon City 
Raccoon City, Holy Domain of Company Towns (Raccoon City, Pennsylvania - novelization location, Raccoon City, Colorado - fanon location)
Raccoon City, during the T-Virus Outbreak, September 1998
Click here for a map of Raccoon City 
  • Description: A Midwestern Town
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Towns, Corruption, Viral Outbreaks
  • Portfolio: A Town Located In The American Midwest That Was The Location Of Several Major Outbreaks in 1998, Leading To Its Nuclear Destruction To Stop The Outbreak
  • Places Of Interest:
    • Raccoon Police Department
    • Kendo Gun Shop
    • Saint Michael's Clock Tower
    • Raccoon Laboratory
    • Grill 13 Restaurant
    • The Various Umbrella Laboratories (Umbrella Chemical Plant, the Training Facility, the Spencer Mansion, and the Dead Factory)
    • The Apple Inn
    • Raccoon University
    • Raccoon Hospital
    • Raccoon Zoo
    • Raccoon Sewers
    • Raccoon Subway
  • Sacred to: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Moira Burton, Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Sherry Birkin, The Wolfpack, Ada Wong, Mr. X, The Nemesis, HUNK
  • Haven For: All undead deities
  • Popular With: The Houses Of Firearms And Explosives
  • Jill Valentine: It all began as an ordinary day in September. An ordinary day in Raccoon City, a city controlled by Umbrella. No one dared to opposed them. And that lack of strength would ultimately lead to their destruction. I suppose they had to suffer the consequences for their actions, but there would be no forgiveness. If only they had the courage to fight. It’s true once the wheels of justice began to turn, nothing can stop them. Nothing.
  • Ominous, dark, and foreboding, the town known as Raccoon City and the surrounding area appeared in the Pantheon. The Pantheon knows well of the events that led to it's nuclear annihilation, and contingency plans are put in place to keep the undead citizens and monsters from pouring out into the Pantheon.
  • The Redfield siblings, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine all claimed that they encountered and gunned down the undead versions of the Bogard brothers, Mai Shiranui and Joe Higashi when they somehow got caught in the Raccoon Outbreak. Terry, Mai and Joe vehemently deny the claim.
  • There are two versions in regarding how Raccoon City was destroyed. The first version, according to Jill Valentine (and supported by Ada Wong), a single tactical nuke air-bursted over Downtown Raccoon. According to the Outbreak Eight, a barrage of thermobaric missiles was what done the town in.
  • If you're brave enough (or have a death wish) to venture into Raccoon City, it has a bit of something for everyone:
    • Aside from the zombified cops, the Raccoon Police Department is the main haunt of both Nemesis and Mr. X. And there's the Lickers waiting to ambush any unsuspecting bastard that tries to sneak through their domain. Akuma could be found stalking the corridors of either the Raccoon Police Department or the Raccoon City laboratory, testing his skills against the undead and Umbrella's bioweapons. Horrified at the loss of so many uniforms (i.e., cops), Kurtis Stryker and Renee Montoya are among several cops who take it upon themselves to ensure that the undead husks of their fallen brothers and sisters are put to rest. And there's Negan, who happily brains any undead cop he finds with Lucille. He did shed tears over the various wrecked cars, as some of them were classics...and priceless. Even Deadshot visits the R.P.D., if only to vent out some steam.
    • For those looking for a challenge, they tend to go to the Spencer Estate, the mansion and lab being overrun wit'''h Hunters and Crimson Heads. That's not counting a bomb-laden Forest Speyer chasing after you and a reincarnated Lisa Trevor hunting for your head. In a rather unorthodox form of family bonding, Vergil and Nero are seen carving a path of destruction through the mansion.
    • There's the Raccoon Zoo, home to such attractions as Oscar the bull elephant, Max the lion and the two lionesses Silfy and Angela. While the zombified hyenas are no problem, due to the fact that they are torn between attacking and running away, it's the undead lions and the undead bull elephant you need to worry about. Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Vixen were absolutely irate upon seeing what the T-Virus has wrought upon the plants and animals within the zoo, especially inside the zoo's Jungle Dome.
    • If you're a Entomophobe (fear or insects), steer clear of the Raccoon Sewers and the Raccoon Subway. The massive Web Spinners have made their home in the former (along with some Giant Roaches), while the latter is home to the Giga Bite, a massive flea who ingested T-Virus blood and grew to it's enormous size. The Giga Bite made its hive in the subway, and birthed numerous Mega Bites, fleas the size of a pickup truck's wheel.
  • Raccoon City is also used as a testing ground for various weapons and vehicles. Both the Peregrine Falcons and the Sparrows are occasionally seen testing out theirs vehicles and firearms, all the while bickering with each other. Doomguy is seen ripping and tearing through the zombie hordes. And when he's not popping off the heads of the undead, Duke Nukem is kicking them off with his Mighty Boot. Duke also took note that most of the zombies coming at him are female.
    Duke Nukem: Even in un-death, the babes still want The King.
  • During the event which decided the fate of two worlds, Rocket Raccoon had heard from Chris about his hometown and assumed that it was a haven for his own kind. "Well, needless to say...its not." But he and the Guardians do enjoy dropping by to polish their skills. However Rocket did manage to kick Chris' ass for leading him on.
  • Raccoon City, surprisingly enough, is a popular haven for the undead deities in the Pantheon. Liu Kang and Kitana can pass unmolested by the undead hordes, as does Scorpion. Olivia Moore, Kan-Ra, Mira Fallegeros, and Jubilee (whilst in Vampire Mode) are several others. But Deathstorm has his own hideout within the city, as he considers it his 'home away from his temple.' Too bad that Alucard and Seras Victoria doesn't share that sentiment, as their handiwork can be seen throughout the city.

Rapture, Holy Domain of Underwater Cities (The North Atlantic Project, The Rapture Colony)
Rapture in its prime
  • Appearance: An underwater city. No, seriously.
  • Theme: Welcome to Rapture
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Freedom, Underwater Cities
  • Portfolio: Art Deco, Company Town, Ocean Punk, People's Republic of Tyranny, Politically Correct History, Scenery Gorn, Scenic Tour Level, Skyscraper/Vice City
  • Location: About 433 kilometers (or 269 miles) west of Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Sacred to: Andrew Ryan (its founder), Jack Ryan (to an extent), Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth (kind of), Sofia Lamb, Subject Delta any scientists lacking in ethics and morals
  • Bane of: Arthur Curry/Aquaman
  • Opposed by: Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson, Jack, James Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, Jonathan Archer, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Douglas Quaid, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Arthur Maxson
  • Banned From Entering: Black Manta
  • I am Andrew Ryan, and I am here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? 'No,' says the man in Washington, 'it belongs to the poor.' 'No,' says the man in the Vatican, 'it belongs to God.' 'No,' says the man in Moscow, 'it belongs to everyone.' I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose…Rapture. A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.
  • The Pantheon Geological Survey has received reports of underwater seismic activity. Nothing unusual, due to the underwater volcanic activity being documented. But in the past couple of days, it has been steadily increasing. Then, a communiqué from Aquaman: an underwater city was emerging from the depths. This was confirmed by Jack, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth Comstock, much to the chagrin of the three.
  • The brainchild of Russian-born industrialist Andrew Ryan (anglicized from Andrei Ryanovsky), Rapture was founded with the best of intentions; a haven from the geo-political, social, religious and economic strife in a post World War II-era. Ryan chose the name Rapture as his goal was to create a paradise free from all the people he saw as "Parasites", a place of true rapture. But as the saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
    • Ryan's goal was to create a society that wasn't burdened by government or religious influence, where one can make their own path without anyone stopping them. The world's "best and brightest," according to Ryan, would be given total freedom to pursue whatever their heart's desire, Rapture valuing logic and reason over outdated morals and traditions. However, isolationism and internal threats would lead Rapture down a path of civil war.
  • Regarding the current state of Rapture, it fluctuates between two general time periods. One is during its derelict state, during Jack Ryan and Subject Delta's time there. The other is during its prime before everything went to hell, and during the events of Buried at Sea, which Booker and Elizabeth are most familiar with.
  • Douglas Quaid pointed out that Rapture reminded him of Mars back when Cohaagen ran the place. Like Cohaagen-era Mars, nothing is free in Rapture. Everything was privately-owned, including the city's resources, public works, even the air. On top of that, there were no social programs for Rapture's lower class, of which pissed Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith off something fierce, given their time in the slums of Midgar. Due to the lack of ethics and moral hindsight, Rapture's business elite was rife with shady business dealings.
  • There was an unforseen consequence with the emergence of Rapture: See the pyramids along the Nile. Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle. Just remember, darling, all the while. You belong to me... As the song plays on the radio, everyone listening turned to Elizabeth in disbelief. The fact that Booker's daughter can sing is a shocker to the deities of the Pantheon. For The Courier and the Sole Survivor, the song reminds them of Begin Again by Vera Keyes. On the flip side, Elizabeth spends some of her time in some of the Pantheon's clubs (in her Burial at Sea appearance) seranading the patrons, her voice bringing even Regime Superman, Apollo and Rhaegar Targaryen to tears.
    • On the other hand, Rapture is where Elizabeth met her end, at the hands of Atlas. After hearing of how Atlas bludgeoned his daughter to death, Booker swore to show Atlas the same courtesy he'd given to Elizabeth, only with a crowbar instead.
  • Commander Shepard and the deified Federation Captains (Kirk, Picard, Janeway and Archer) oppose Rapture's ideals, the latter three due to Rapture's ideals being a perversion of those presented by the Federation. Shepherd sees Rapture as no different than Cerberus. Pray that Jack does not pay the city a visit...
    • Unfortunately for them, she eventually did. "Fortunately", though, she ended up visiting the "derelict" Rapture, and blew off some steam killing Splicers.
  • One can determine the depravity of the scientists who work here by one key factor: none of them honor the agreement made regarding Albert Einstein's birthday; to not do evil on that day. If you're screwed in the head, then Rapture is for you.
  • Eventually, the temporal anomaly stopped upon Andrew Ryan's ascension, and has since turned into a new Rapture, with new rules in order to prevent its collapse from last time. They go as follows:
    1. There will be trading to and from Rapture, so as to maintain a balanced supply and demand and decrease incentive for contraband.
    2. People are allowed to leave or enter as they please so long as they follow Rapture's creed while inside the city. It's not like his city is a secret anymore, so there's no point in enforcing Resignations Not Accepted.
    3. Any who have issues with Rapture's vision will still have to behave themselves while inside, and any who cause trouble in it will be evicted. Invaders, such as the pirate Black Manta, will be similarly fended off.
    4. To prevent the resentment that resulted in Rapture's eventual downfall, the city's (basic) food, health care, sanitation and oxygen supply are not to be exorbitantly charged (cuisines being exempt from this policy), with the last being free and supplied by outside sources. The former three are to be under control by publicly funded social programs, since they're pivotal to Rapture's stability. After all, Rapture still needs blue-collar workers to "clean the toilets" and such.
    5. Rapture will be rebuilt with better materials (for one, not using aluminum frames as it is a lot weaker than steel when it comes to handling stress, which especially applies when underwater), though aesthetics will remain under Andrew's discretion.
    6. Andrew has the right to evict and ban "parasites" from Rapture, but the Court will determine the duration of the ban and whether or not it's indefinite.
    7. No Mad Scientist in Rapture is permitted to use sapient beings as test subjects, since—ethics aside—that would invalidate Andrew's creed.
  • That said, there are still a few anomalous pockets here and there that would take unwary travelers to the old time periods.

    Roswell, New Mexico 
Roswell, New Mexico, Divine Home Of Peculiar Incidents Circa 1947 (All American City-Alien City)
Main street in downtown Roswell
  • Description: A humble city in Chaves County, New Mexico
  • Symbol: Its flag and seal
  • Alignment: True Neutral (usually associated with Lawful Neutral government agents)
  • Portfolio: Roswell That Ends Well, Stock Unsolved Mysteries, Fodder For History Jokes, Government Cover-Ups, Real Event, Fictional Cause, supposed Area 51 connections
  • Domains: American Cities, Rumor and Speculation, Weather Balloons (officially), Cold War technologies (most likely), Aliens, UFOs (unofficially)
  • Roswell is one of the many cities in Chaves County, New Mexico. Settled in the late 19th century, little interest came from it until July 1947, where a suspected UFO hit near it. The authorities investigated this and claimed it was a weather balloon. However enough speculation and announcement of a "flying saucer" immortalized the idea that something unusual went down.
  • In Real Life the weather balloon was likely some sort of secret Cold War aerial technology, but most like to think that it was something alien. The friendlier aliens in the pantheon like to go there in "alien suits" and Roswell appreciates the tourism. The Men In Black don't like it, but given Roswell is already associated with aliens and people think they're just nerds in costumes their involvement might cause more of an incident.
  • Roger claims that he was the alien they carted off to Area 51. Beheeyem is believed to have arrived to Earth in whatever the Pokemon equivalent of Roswell is. America's friend Tony also comes from there.
  • Indiana Jones was involved in the Roswell incident, and later was strongarmed by Russian spies to infiltrate Area 51. He's been banned for trashing the base in his escape.
  • If The Planet Express crew is to be believed, the incident holds some cosmic significance. They arrived in time-travel accident, Bender's broken body was the spaceship debris and Zoidberg was the alien. Most importantly the incident allowed Philip J Fry to become his own grandfather and become the only person who can stop the Brainspawn. Due to Fry's importance in the timeline, most believe Planet Express' account as the definitive example of what happened in the Trope Pantheon.
  • Various beings in the Trope Pantheon have claimed various other events happened there. They include The Harvesters crashing one of their ships, a milometer and other wreckage that gave people Broadband, Quark in time travelling accident, SCP-1051 and God knows what else. It was a really busy day.
  • Roswell is the fifth largest city New Mexico, and home to their military institute. It's a center for irrigated farming, dairy, ranching, manufacturing, distribution and petroleum production. But let's face it, most are only interested because of the Roswell crash.

    San Fransokyo 
San Fransokyo, Holy Seat of Americasia

    SCP- 1678 
SCP-1678, Unholy Subterranean City Of The Gods (UnLondon, the Last City)
An artist's impression of SCP-1678. The entity in the foreground is an instance of SCP-1678-A.
  • Rank: Euclid (beings inside are of Lesser God rank)
  • Symbol: SCP-1678-A, their law enforcement
  • Alignment: Ambiguous, though its SCP file portrays it as Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Underground City For An Apocalyptic Event, The "Bobbies" Can't Be Shot, Victorian London
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: British deities, YHVH
  • Banned entry: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Dr Weil
  • SCP-1678. Object Class: Euclid. A kilometre below London is the Underground City referred to as UnLondon. The city is stylized like London. Guarded by anomalous police, or "Bobbies" as they're known, it resembles Victorian England and both the construction and intelligence behind it, if any, is a mystery. It has only partially been contained by the SCP Foundation, and the Bobbies seem hostile to the organization. Besides the anomalies, it is believed to only be inhabited by anomalous beings.
  • Though looked at with suspicious by the Foundation, all evidence suggests that SCP-1678 exists for the purpose of being an asylum in case of an apocalyptic event ruining the surface. Because of this, the Bobbies and Foundation are willing to team up to keep the GUAD out. Dr Weil as well, because he tried to destroy the Last Fertile Region to force people under his dictatorship. Just what that apocalyptic event is, it hasn't been discerned.
  • After a trip to the far future The Time Traveler has confirmed that SCP-1678 is still active in 802,701 C.E, and isn't interested in letting Morlocks and Eloi in. Or him, though the Bobbies' reason is unknown. It's also unclear if the Bobbies are merely aggressive to Foundation staff or any outsider, and the Foundation doesn't want the pantheon to investigate.
  • SCP-1678-A, aka the Bobbies, look like Victorian policeman bandaged up. They're extremely resilient to damage and bullets, and hostile for motives not fully understood. The House of Justice is investigating how they came to be in hopes of creating loyal Bobbies to service the Trope Pantheon's interest. However the Bobbies will shoot anyone who attempts to analyze them. The Grand United Alliance of Good has the theory they assume the world has ended, so they believe any outsider is compromised.
  • SCP-1678-B, the Eyes in the Sky act as surveillance. They are bio-mechanical surveillance drones that are meant to resemble pigeons, and are relatively easy to capture but difficult to deal in large numbers. The House of Cybernetics & Enhancements has been studying the design and how to reverse-engineer for the SCP Foundation, however they lost control of a flock which went on to wonder in and weird out the House of Birds.
  • The role of SCP-1678-C, the "Wretch", is unknown. They tend to look like old women dressed in rags, and are condemned to their street urchin life. The radio has announced: "Do not pity the Wretch. Allow them to pay the price of their betrayal for all eternity. Remember, citizen: on the day UnLondon rises I shall reward the loyal, but traitors shall be forever damned". The GUAG wishes to rescue them from this fate, however they first must know what, if anything, they did to deserve to their fate, as per the Foundation's wishes not to release some Sealed Evil in a Can on accident.
  • SCP-1678-D is what the primary food supply is referred to. It's a synthetic starch gel with the consistency and taste of porridge, though low levels of fat and protein have the risk of making one dangerously underweight and prone to scurvy in the long-term. Psychological side-effects are increased obedient to authority, diminishing propensity for violence, reduced libido, capacity for fear or panic, and consistently high morale. This has only led to questions on why these effects are in place and if it has anything to do with the apocalypse they're preparing for. YHVH is pleased with SCP-1678-D and wants take UnLondon for the Grand United Alliance of Law, believing its attitude is perfect for His kind of doomsday preppers. Hopefully He isn't planning to cause some apocalypse in order to utilize UnLondon.
  • Because UnLondon is underground far away from the Sun, it might serve as a bastion for an SCP scenario where the Sun's light turns life into a zombie-like Blob Monster. One mortal posits what that scenario may be like. It'd certainly be a good place to hide if the C'Tan start eating and poisoning the Sun, and possibly Sekhment. Some believe that Russian spies discovered its role as a post-apocalyptic asylum, and used this to eventually built an Underground City out of the Moscow Metro system. The Post-Apocalyptic Metro System has its own dangers within the tunnels between the stations like bandits, hostile mutant wildlife and other supernatural threats so if any communication between the two underground locations exists, it'd be really slow.
  • The residents of the Underground has an interest in UnLondon, as they are an underground civilization beneath Mount Ebott. Any attempt at communication with the Underground City has been thwarted by the SCP Foundation, however, and they have pointed out until they can fully understand the SCP the monsters interacting with it would be a bad idea. Whether the residents of SCP-1678 even know or care about the Underground, however, is only known to said residents.

Springfield, Holy Seat of Continuously Variable Geography

Strangetown, the Quirky Town of the Gods
  • Theme Music: Strange Day, Strange Night
  • A sparsely populated desert town with particularly colorful residents. It is known to attract both nightmare fetishists and Conspiracy Theorists alike, along with other weirdness.
  • Symbol: A classical UFO surrounded by a green glow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Alien Abduction hotspot, frequent instances of Anal Probing, Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong and subsequent Mr. Seahorse, an unusally high occurence of Sanity Slippage among residents and visitors, Quirky Town, Weirdness Magnet
  • Domains: Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, Deserts
  • Sacred to: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, Charles Victor Szasz AKA The Question, Agents K and J, Waluigi, possibly Joel, many alien deities, nightmare fetishists and conspiracy theorists in general
  • Unholy to: Lavernius Tucker, Link
  • There is so much that can be said about Strangetown that it is often difficult to summarize briefly. It has many colorful residents with stories involving alien abduction, human-alien romance, science experiments, supposed serial killing, and missing persons. There is also a strange phenomenon surrounding the Town Square in which residents and visitors randomly become "loopy", going on rampages and leaving bright blue "ick piles" in their wake. Many suspect that this is because the hotel is powered by a nuclear furnace in the basement and nuclear fuel rods can just be found lying around. A mysterious hero known as the Ratticator helps to keep the peace in Strangetown.
  • The people of Strangetown are fairly glad that their town has ascended. It's caused a significant boom and more and more deities are coming to stay in the hotel or otherwise just visit.
  • Link is among the deities who visited Strangetown and came to regret it. While staying in Town Square, Link ended up catching the "loopy." He went on a violent rampage, body slamming many innocent bystanders before he could be restrained. This became what is now known as the Serial Body Slamming. Link doesn't like to talk about it, and insists on never coming back.
  • Waluigi is a different story entirely. When he first made his mark on Strangetown, people thought for certain that he had gone loopy. On the contrary, however, Waluigi was acting completely on his own volition. He ushered in what would infamously go down in Strangetown history as the Twerkpocalypse. He unleashed chaos on the town, running around with a stereo attached to his head blasting BEES at full volume as he spread infectious twerking across the land. Though he has been stopped for now, he vows to one day return and bring with him a second Twerkpocalypse on a much more massive scale.
  • Many deities suspect that Joel might have to do with these incidents. So far he has offered no comment on the matter, but he has definitely not denied it either.
  • The Grox can occasionally be seen performing geographical and biological surveys of the area from their ships. They seem to have made enemies out of the Pollination Technicians when one attempted to impregnate a male Grox. Of course the attempt failed miserably due to the toxicity of their species, but they never forgive and never forget.
  • Tucker is afraid to go to Strangetown because of how often males are abducted and returned pregnant. It happened to him once. Never again!
  • Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Agent K, and Agent J keep a watchful eye on Strangetown due to all the often alien-involved weirdness that surrounds the town. The Question contributes to many conspiracy theories involving the area.

    Sugar Rush 
Sugar Rush, Seat of Food-based Worlds
Ralph overlooking the dominion from a candy-cane tree
  • A region where the majority of the landscape and structures consists seemingly of confectionery.
  • Symbol: A Sugar Rush arcade console
  • Portfolio: Wacky Racing, literally Tastes Like Diabetes, unrealistic cutesy saturated visuals, a Sugar Bowl Expy of Mario Kart
  • Domains: Sweets, Food, Racing
  • Sister regions: Rainbow Road, Sweet Sweet Canyon
  • Governor: Currently under dispute.
    • Vanellope was the former governor until she left on her own accord.
  • Sacred to: Its inhabitants: the Sugar Rush racers and their fans, as well as the various individuals who maintain the facilities within
  • Unholy to: Ashley, Gertrude
  • Barred from entry: Pac-Man (formerly), Kirby, Kero - pretty much any god with a Big Eater or Sweet Tooth attitude; as well as King Candy.
  • Vanellope von Schweetz's game which ascended when she took her place as Goddess of Ascended Glitches.
  • As soon as one enters this domain coming from the rainbow bridge, their first sight is the vast sweet-based landscape that extends to as far as the eye can see. Most of the "foliage" is made out of candy, the "seas" are made out of taffy and/or chocolate milk and the like, and even the buildings feature elements seemingly made out of confectionery. Its landscape varies from the thickets of its candy cane forest to the snow-covered peaks in its mountains. The majority of its population (mostly humanoid anthropomorphic candies) is concentrated in a central town which this rainbow path seemingly leads into. Landmarks like the Castle and Diet Cola Mountain decorate the horizon. The Racecourse is very visible from the high point of the road of entry.
  • Sugar Rush is a place where the inhabitants race to determine the roster for playing every single day. Vanellope, who had been forcefully Dummied Out by Turbo Racer/King Candy wished to race but couldn't. Ralph found this place and, after an event that nearly caused Sugar Rush to be destroyed, helped Vanellope finish the race and restore Sugar Rush to its proper glory.
  • This domain can be substituted for certain Mario Kart courses following approval via unanimous vote by an ongoing race's participants.
    • Examples:
  • Some of the frequent visitors to this domain include Wreck-It Ralph, as well as Mario and other deities with a notable Mascot Racer game. Fix-It Felix and Sergeant Calhoun have been logging more frequent visits recently.
  • Due to the Cy-Bug incident, Vanellope has asked that many of the Big Eater gods (Pac-Man, Kirby, Kero, etc.) stay far, far away from Sugar Rush.
    • Following Vanellope's absence, the other racers have agreed to restart negotiations to all the Sweet Tooth Big Eater deities to rescind this ban. They agreed to immediately talk with Pac-Man as they noticed he had a a kart-racing game of his own, and was even featured in the arcade installments of Mario's own grand prix. So far, the racers do not mind him coming over to race, though they will keep a sharp eye on him. Talks with the others are to be resumed once the succession crisis is resolved.
  • Likewise, recorded usurpers are also prohibited entry since the same incident was directly related to King Candy. The Racers agree to never rescind this ban, even as a new ruler takes hold. Any individual identified as such will be unconditionally ejected.
  • Its residents have a huge watch on Ashley, since she, aside from being despising sweets, is outright willing to utilize her powers to damage, if not destroy, Sugar Rush.
  • Its traditional monarchy was abolished by Vanellope in favor of a democracy with her as the initial leader and the racers acting as a parliamentary body. Unfortunately, following her absence into a new game, a power vacuum has emerged. During this crisis, expect heightened security upon attempting to visit.
    • As a result, the racers are debating upon the best means to elect their governor. Some of the more skilled ones propose settling this dispute via a race tournament, but likewise, the underdogs would claim they would be left out.
    • The racers have also unanimously agreed to restrict nominations to Sugar Rush's endemic population.

Themyscira, The Land of Women (Paradise Island)
  • Alignment: Generally Lawful Neutral, with aspirations of being Good
  • Portfolio: Amazon Brigade, Amazonian Beauty, Female Only, Warrior Women, Immortality, Nobler Than Their Mythological Counterparts
  • Domains: Warriors, Battle, Feminism
  • Sacred to: Diana, Aphrodite
  • Complicated relationship with: Heracles, Ares
  • Banned entry: Men from Classical Mythology, especially Achilles and Theseus.
  • Themyscira, the birth place of Amazons and the superheroine Wonder Woman. Also known as Paradise Island, it's populated by nothing but women. Fierce women who are trained warriors. Regarded as a utopia, it is governed by Aphrodite's Law, which declared that the Amazons would be immortal as long as no man set foot on their island
  • Yes, many of the Amazons are either lesbians or bi. When it's a island made up of nothing but a single gender with urges, it's going to happen. However, there are some Amazons who are abstinent. Rumor has it they reproduce by kidnapping sailors, but this turned out to be a fake. Besides, without aging the numbers don't need to be kept up as much. The original myths simply have them find willing men as their Chosen Conception Partner, though they didn't have immortality then.
  • Notorious known to not allowing any men into their land. If a man did enter their shores, their response varies; either they do let them go or they kill them. At one point, Queen Hippolyta even banish her own daughter when she brought the Justice League to the island. Nowadays, they are more lenient to allowing men on the island. Though, only if Diana is with them or is extreme emergency. However, is one type of men they will never let in; Greeks. Namely Achilles for killing Penthesilea, and Theseus because one of their sister betrayed them for him.
  • The origin of Themyscira and its Amazons are a bit iffy. Either they are the children of Ares or were the reincarnated souls of abuse women. Another version was said to been created by Zeus to help guide men. Making things more confusing was the fake Themyscira who's Amazons were more violent and fit the classic version of them. Though, the one in here is the real Paradise Island.
  • The Amazons that inhabit it are generally nicer than their legendary counterparts, and claim that the Straw Feminist depiction in myths is historical slander because of sexist Greeks. Men from Classical Mythology claim they're lying and Took a Level in Kindness instead, and they have a tendency to be misandrist. Complicating matters is Heracles. DC Comics suggested he raped the queen as part of Ares' manipulation, but he did end up feeling guilty for it and tried to make up for this. Mythology claims he was either made a Breeding Slave, or both parties were willing.
    • Complicating matters is Ares himself; while usually an enemy in DC continuity, in mythology he's the founder and patron deity of the Amazons.
  • Boa Hancock considers Themiscyra her home away from home, and has managed to forge an alliance between Themiscyra and her own Kuja Pirates. It's believed she may have consciously based her island of Amazon Lily, as it's a female-only island that tends to be a land of beauty. They aren't man-haters, but men are still usually prohibited from entry. Unlike Themiscyra, it's never been made clear why that is. They aren't immortal and go off the island to reproduce, however they only ever conceive females.
  • There are many in the Pantheon who are weary of the island and its inhabitants. This is because many know that the Amazons once attacked America. Nobody wants another Amazons Attack. They're embarrassed about the incident and Linkara is quick to defend them in that it didn't happen.

Toontown, Holy Seat of Towns Inhabited by Cartoons
  • A whimsical town filled with cartoon inhabitants located in downtown LA.
  • Theme Song: "Toontown"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cloudcuckooland, Toon Physics, Rule of Funny, Animated Actors
  • Domain: Funny, Cartoon
  • Sacred to: Many characters from cartoon, but to Jessica and Roger Rabbit in particular.
  • Unholy to: Judge Doom
  • Needless to say, a certain chemical made from turpentine, acetone and benzene called the Dip is forbidden in this town.
  • Judge Doom is also forbidden to visit this town and any access to its paperwork because of his attempt to turned it into a driveway. The Toons in this town especially hate him for trying to destroy his own hometown and killed several members of his own species just for money.
  • Visitors to this place is treated with a pleasant surprise of witnessing Donald Duck and Daffy Duck, as well as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse standing near and interact with each other. Although for some reasons the four of them can only appear with each other at the same time and saying the same amount of lines…
  • Some rumors have it that the town inhabitants know the hunters that killed Bambi's mother due to holding the script that his alternative counterpart is an actor on. Toontown's official denied any of this and forbid anyone from gaining entry.
  • That was right after World War II. It's quite possible that only A-listers can afford to live there anymore with the rest priced into far-flung exurbs in the Valley and the Inland Empire.

Kingdom of Wakanda, Divine Domain of Advanced African Countries (El Dorado, Valkanda)
The Wakandan Capital, Birnin Zana
  • Appearance: A Highly-Advanced Country Located in Africa Sitting on the Largest Vibranium Deposit on the Planet
  • Symbols: The Wakandan Flag. Alternatively. A chunk of Vibranium
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: African Countries, Highly-Advanced Nations
  • Portfolio: Advanced Ancient Acropolis Hidden in the Heart of Africa, Superheroes Hardly Visit Wakanda
  • Capital: Birnin Zana
  • Demonym: Wakandan
  • Sovereign/Sacred To: T'Challa (either in exile or its rightful king)
  • Banned From Entry: Namor (After he flooded the country in a Phoenix Force-induced rage), The Institute, The Think Tank, Ardyn Izunia, High Councilor Kal-El, Reaper, Widowmaker, Doomfist, Kano, Albert and Alex Wesker, Arthur Maxson, the entirety of the House of Crime and Villains
  • Honorary Citizenship: The Monster Hunters, Orisa (and her creator, Efi Oladele)
  • Most people believe that Wakanda is a third-world country. The truth is anything but. Despite its political turmoil, Wakanda is the richest country on the planet, thanks in part to its advanced technologies, and most importantly, its Vibranium depost, considered to be one of two massive reserves on the planet.
    • Depending on who you ask, either there are two factions are vying for control over the country with several of his all-female bodyguards defecting, or T'Challa is ruling his kingdom with a just and fair hand. Some scenarios even have Ororo Munroe as his queen, T'Challa having not dissolved their marriage.
  • So what's all the fuss about regarding Wakanda? Well, it's home to the largest deposit of Vibranium on the planet. Many, many, millenia ago, a meteor of the stuff crashed onto the planet, namely the region in which Wakanda would rise. Thanks to Vibranium, Wakanda is the richest country on the planet (with the price of Vibranium going for $10,000 per gram) ...and a prime target for those who want to exploit it's resources.
  • In one event in which Sigma and Ultron merged their respective realms, Wakanda had merged with Val Habar, a desert port town, thus creating Valkanda. Valkanda is unique not only due in part to being a perfect combination of both locales, but the fact that the Black Panther is also sovereign over the nation. It is because of this that T'Challa has granted the Monster Hunter honorary Wakandan citizenship.
  • Following the Killmonger Incident, Wakanda is now a place of interest for the criminals and ne'er-do-wells of the Pantheon due in part to its Vibranium and it's advanced technology. Fortunately, all attempts to invade the country have all been failures. Doesn't stop the bad guys from trying, though. Case in point:
    • In the one moment when they're not trying to kill each other, the defied Mishima clan (Kazuya, Heihachi, and Jin) all are planning to invade Vakanda. Fortunately for T'Challa, Lars had given him a heads-up should G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu try anything funny.
    • The Heart-Shaped Herb is of great interest to the Wesker siblings, Albert and Alex. Thought to have been destroyed by Killmonger, T'Challa had a stash of the herb inside his temple. Wesker is working on a project with the Progenitor Virus (originally from the Stairway to the Sun, a plant in Africa), and wishes to combine the virus with the herb in order to make a more powerful B.O.W.
    • Remember how Kano wanted to loot Shang Tsung's Island of its riches? Well, Shang's island is now considered to be kiddy stuff after hearing about Wakanda's Vibranium reserve and weapons. Didn't help matters when he also threatened T'Challa's sister. Johnny Cage pointed out to his ex-wife that if Kano gets himself killed, then that's one less headache for all parties involved.
    • The Institute sent several Coursers into Wakanda in order to abduct T'Challa and replace him and his sister with a couple of Synths in an attempt to steal the Vibranium. Bad move, as they were no match for an irate T'Challa and his bodyguards. He sent a letter of thanks to the Sole Survivor for the warning.
    • The desire to obtain Wakanda's Vibranium is so great, that there is a hit on the Black Panther. Both Widowmaker and Deadshot took the contract. Fortunately, they ended up taking potshots at each other, spitting out insults and the like.
    • The Kingdom of Wakanda is at odds with the Brotherhood of Steel, primarily with its current elder, Arthur Maxson. Remember that the Brotherhood's purpose is to preserve (i.e., hoard) technology. Maxson believes that the Brotherhood can subjugate Wakanda with its superior firepower and Liberty Prime. The Courier (and by extension, Veronica Santangelo) disagrees, pointing out that the Mojave chapter had thought the same regarding the Boomers of Nellis Air Base. The Boomers had Pre-War artillery, Wakanda has tech that can curbstomp not only the entirety of the Brotherhood, but also wreck Liberty Prime.

    War-torn Berlin 
War-torn Berlin, Site of Capital Cities Under Siege (Berlin, Germany, Paper City, The City that Trains Built)
A 1945 aerial shot of the River Spree and the ruined Reichstag building
The Reichstag building, as depicted in Call of Duty: World at War 
The Soviet-occupied Brandenburg Gate, as depicted in Sniper Elite V2 
  • The bombed-out, destroyed remains of the capital of the Third Reich, now reduced to a handful of damaged landmarks
  • Symbol: A large, crumpled and bullet-ridden Nazi German flag
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: A Capital City being attacked by an enemy force, with house-to-house fighting happening on every block, street, and building, Host to a massive, climactic battle between two armies, A dramatic last stand by a dying regime
  • Domains: Cities, Battlefields, Sieges
  • Notable Landmarks: Bellevue Palace, Reich Chancellery Building, Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Bendlerblock
  • Sacred to: Viktor Reznov, Dimitri Petrenko, Sgt. Jack Barnes, Lt. Karl Fairburne
  • Similar Locations: Moscow, Warsaw, Washington D.C., Paris, London, Modern Warfare Berlin
  • Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, and the center of the Third Reich. Once a majestic city with several historical landmarks, and the core hub of the Nazi leadership, it gradually became a ruined mess over the course of World War II. Incessant attacks from the air from both the British Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Force destroyed many of the buildings in the city as early as November 1943. And, by April 1945, the Red Army had begun shelling the city with thousands of rockets and artillery shells, destroying the city even further.
  • Worse was to come. Not long after shelling the city, the Red Army, with 3 massive Army Groups, began advancing onto the city. Despite concerted German efforts to hold them back around the Seelow Heights, the Red Army either bypassed the aforementioned defenses or crushed the units that resisted them, ultimately ensuring that there would be few German defenses left to defend the city itself.
  • With only piecemeal and token forces left to defend Berlin, it was an inevitability that the city would fall. And so it did, on April 30th, 1945, when Soviet soldiers of the 150th Rifle Division captured the Reichstag, and planted the Soviet banner on the roof of the building. Despite this, pockets of German resistance continued both inside and outside the city, either having refused to surrender to the Soviets, or having made attempts to break out and surrender to the Western Allies. These skirmishes would last until the 2nd of May, 1945, when the Battle of Berlin itself would be declared over.
  • The Berlin that ascended into the Pantheon is, interestingly, not the Real Life version of the city as it had appeared in 1945. Rather, it is an Alternate Universe version, specifically from at least three similar universes, based on the experiences of a number of deities who had taken part in the battle.
    • The most notable difference is the presence of a makeshift V2 rocket launch facility as well as an underground V2 rocket factory in the city's outskirts. Of special note is that several of the rockets in both facilities, rather than being conventionally-armed, are instead experimental types loaded with Tabun.
    • Other differences are less noticeable. One of these is the Soviet flag that was raised over the Reichstag. Rather than being a Victory Banner like in Real Life, the flag in question is instead a regular Soviet flag with a yellow hammer and sickle on it, complete with bullet holes.
  • When word reached the rest of the Pantheon about the ascension of a war-torn version of Berlin, many deities who had fought in the city During the War reacted with mixed emotions.
    • Some, like Lt. Karl Fairburne, feel obligated to enter the city once more in the event that there are WMDs still inside the city, or, in the case of Sgt. Jack Barnes, retrieve important German intel that will be of use to other deities, such as to Captain America or even President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    • Others, like Viktor Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko, seek to raise the Soviet banner over the Reichstag once more, and in the process get revenge on the Nazis in the Pantheon by essentially giving them the middle finger. They also intend on helping Lt. Fairburne, now one of their trusted allies amongst the Western Allied deities, fight off Dragovich and his forces should they ever try to get their hands on any Secret Weapon stashes in the city.
  • Johann Schmidt, who had once planned on bombing the city, decided instead to rebuild the former Nazi German capital in his own image. With help from Wilhelm Strasse, who had helped rebuild Berlin in one alternate timeline, this became a reality, with several massive structures replacing many of the ruined government offices. However, without its civilian population ascended, the only structures that ended up rebuilt are the aforementioned government buildings, including the Reich Chancellery and the Reichstag. As a result, many of the destroyed civilian structures remain in a state of disrepair and/or decay, contrasting highly with the much newer and newly-constructed structures commissioned by HYDRA and the rest of the ascended Nazi leadership.
    • Ultimately, this Berlin, like Der Flakturm and Fort Schmerzen before it, becomes an important Nazi German, and by extension, HYDRA, base of operations, if not the most important one, for obvious reasons. In particular, the Reichstag and Reich Chancellery are now completely restored and occupied to the brim with officers and soldiers loyal to the new Nazi regime.
    • As a consequence, security in and around the city is tripled, with numerous checkpoints manned by heavily-armed Waffen-SS soldiers and even The Dreaded Nazi Storm Elites, ready to shoot any unauthorized intruder or suspected Allied agents on sight. These soldiers, now loyal to the aforementioned Schmidt rather than the now long-gone Fuhrer or even Adenoid Hynkel, are armed with Alternate Universe 1960s-era weaponry, uniforms, and communications equipment, courtesy of the work of HYDRA Scientist Arnim Zola and the aformentioned Strasse.
    • While the Reich Chancellery and the Reichstag are the two most prominent structures in the city, it's only that way because everywhere is under constant threat of siege. Aside from attacks from the Grand United Alliance of Good and evil-aligned Soviet forces led by Nikita Dragovich, saboteurs in the Wehrmacht who are anti-Nazi, anti-HYDRA or anti-war in general are constantly vying for important government and military facilities in the area. The most hotly contested ones are the Bendlerblock (War Ministry) and the Niederkirchnerstraße street (the latter being headquarters of the Reich Main Security Office). It is said that whoever controls the Chancellery, Reichstag, Bendlerblock and the RSHA controls Berlin as a whole.
  • This version of Berlin, interestingly, isn't the only one being besieged by Russian forces. In another timeline, a Berlin from the near-present is attacked and latter besieged by Ultranationalist Forces under Vladimir Makarov's command. In this scenario, the roles are reversed, with the Germans (aided by the US) being on then good side, while the Russians are the clear villains. Unlike this ascended Berlin, the final outcome of this battle is unknown, though given that NATO and Russia sign a peace treaty and cut their World War III short, it is very likely that the city would eventually be rebuilt.
    • In another universe, Berlin is said to be a major Neuroi hub, having been invaded and taken over by them when they commenced their Alien Invasion. However, the ascended Berlin, interestingly, does not attract their attention, thanks in no part to the new German defenses installed in and around the city.

Zootopia, Divine World of Funny Animals (Zootropolis)
  • A city divided into multiple districts; all dedicated specifically for animals
  • Symbol: A side view of the city
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: World of Funny Animals, Settings with Animal-Based Puns for Naming (Quite Frequent Too)
  • Domains: City, Animals
  • Similar Location: Busytown
  • Sacred to: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • As one can guess by looking at its name, Zootopia is a modern city that is inhabited entirely by animals, usually of the anthropomorphic kind. At least 90% of the population consists of prey animals, with the remaining 10% being predators. There has been some prejudice going on in that locale for some time, though measures have been made to lessen it.
  • There are multiple districts in this location; each with their own artificial climate zones to fit the environmental requirements of such. Districts that are next to each other and have opposing climate zones have walls separating them to keep temperature between the districts within their appropriate settings.
  • Given how large Zootopia is, it has its own transit system so the inhabitants don't have to walk several miles to go from district to district. By taking the transit, passengers are also given a scenic tour of what Zootopia looks like, and needless to say it's a pretty sight.
  • If someone who isn't an animal visits this place, then they are turned into an animal that is appropriate given their default characteristics. For example, Robin Hood will be transformed into his fox counterpart and the transformation will remain until the visitor decides to leave the domain.
  • Surprisingly, there aren't any primates that have taken up permanent residency in this location. The only primates that residents of this domain come across are visitors, but that's about it.
  • If anyone wants to watch movies such as Pig Hero 6, Wreck-It Rhino, or Meow-ana, then this is the place to go to. Then again, it's probably the only place to watch all-animal parodies of existing films (alongside movies that have not been released in the real world).


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