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A list of data prevalent for all canon Persona-users in the Pantheon.

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    Persona Skill Glossary 

With so many named skills, it's best to categorize them all in one place.

Basic Elemental Skills

Skill Effect Trivia
Ma- multi-target  
-la 2nd level It's Zionga for Electric, Magnara for Earth, Aques for Water, Psio for Psychokinesis, Gryva for Gravity.
-dyne 3rd level It's Psiodyne for Psychokinesis, and Megidolaon for Almighty, though Megidoladyne does exist.
Agi Fire 2nd-level Multi-target Fire is Maragion.
Bufu Ice  
Garu Wind  
Zio Electric  
Magna Earth  
Aqua Water  
Psi Psychokinesis  
Gry Gravity  
Frei Nuclear  
Megido Almighty  
Eiha Darkness/Curse damage 2nd level is Eiga, and 3rd level is Eigaon. For the P1 cast, it also does periodical damage, but for the P5 cast, it's only solid damage.
Kouha Light/Bless damage 2nd level is Kouga, and 3rd level is Kougaon. For the P1 cast, it also does periodical damage, but for the P5 cast, it's only solid damage.
-on Increases chances of Hama or Mudo's success.
Hama Light Instant Kill Chances of landing depend on weakness/resistance. No effect on bosses.
Mudo Curse Instant Kill Chances of landing depend on weakness/resistance. No effect on bosses.

Special Elemental Skills

Skill Effect Trivia
Abyssal Wings Severe Curse damage to all foes.  
Azure Cessation Medium Fire damage over an area.  
Black Viper Severe Almighty damage to 1 foe.  
Bloody Honeymoon Deal high Water + Light damage to all enemies. May confuse.  
Burning Petals Deals severe fire damage to all foes.  
Cosmic Flare Severe Nuclear damage to all foes.  
Crescent Mirror Huge Almighty damage to all enemies.  
Crimson Sublation Medium Fire damage over an area.  
Cross Fortune Deal high Wind + Light damage to all enemies. May cause status ailments.  
Divine Judgment Large Bless damage to all enemies with 50% chance to Instant Kill.  
Earthly Vortex Medium Wind damage over an area  
Eastern Impact Medium Blast damage over an area.  
Eternal Black Heavy Curse damage over an area.  
Eternal White Heavy Bless damage over an area.  
Foamy Lover Deal high Earth + Light damage to all enemies. May charm.  
Gentle Wave Medium Ice damage plus Freeze over an area.  
Gokuraku Fall Medium Earth damage over an area.  
Guardian Hammer Huge Lightning damage over an area plus Shock status.  
Heat Kaiser Inflict huge Nuclear damage to a group of enemies.  
Heavenly Cyclone Medium Wind damage over an area.  
Holy Light Inflicts small Bless damage to all enemies.  
Hieroglyphein Effective damage against Karma and Fiend order enemies as well as final bosses, otherwise does nothing.  
Lily's Jail Huge Ice damage + Frozen effect to a group of enemies. Can sound like Release Jail.
Mighty Wave Medium Ice damage plus Freeze over an area.  
Niflheim Huge Ice damage to all enemies.  
Nova Cyther Huge Nuclear damage to one enemy.  
Shuuraigeki Medium Electric damage plus Shock status.  
Sinful Shell A bullet made from the Seven Deadly Sins that can pierce even a god. In-game, it does 1 Almighty damage on one foe.
Thunder Inferno Deal high Fire damage to all enemies. May Shock.  
Titanomachia Severe Fire damage to all foes. High chance of Fear.  
Twinkle Nebula Huge Wind damage to all enemies.  
Western Blow Medium Blast damage over an area.  

Physical Skills

Skill Effect
Spin Kick Light Technical damage on one foe.
Rapid Fire Medium Arrow damage over an area.
Tackle Medium Rush damage on one foe.
Bonecrusher Medium Rush damage on one foe.
Flurry Stab Heavy Axe damage on one foe.
Deadly Fist Medium Fist damage over an area.
Fist of Fury Light Fist damage on one foe.
Love Whip Light Whip damage over an area.
Wolf Fang Heavy Two-Hand(ed sword) damage on one foe.
Fiery Fury Deal low Sword + Fire damage to all enemies.
Sonic Bullet Deal medium Thrown damage to all enemies.
Deathbound Heavy Sword damage on one foe.
Heat Wave Inflicts small Sword damage to a group of enemies.
Stun Needle Light Technical damage plus Paralyze over an area
Lightning Kick Medium Technical damage over an area.
Binal Strike Special Physical damage over an area, but renders the user unconscious afterward.
Rainbow Strike Special Physical damage plus Affinity change over an area.
Destruction Smash Heavy Axe damage on 1 foe.
Wing Flap Deal medium Havoc damage to all enemies.
Justice Shot 48% chance to reduce an enemy's HP to 1.
99 Needles Small Throw damage to an enemy.
Wiseman Snap Inflicts huge Thrown damage to an enemy.
Primal Force Severe Physical damage to one foe.
Beast Weaver Colossal Physical damage to 1 foe, user is debuffed with Tarunda.
Miracle Punch Medium Physical damage to 1 foe, high critical rate.
Gigantomachia Colossal Physical damage to all foes.
Mind Slice Medium phys damage to all foes w/ chance of Confusion.
Atom Smasher Phys attack to all foes with chance of Fear.
Mustard Bomb Phys attack to all foes with chance of Enervation (halved strength, magic, and endurance).
Vajra Blast Medium Physical damage to all foes.
Flash Bomb Medium Physical damage to all foes. Low chance of Dizzy.
Triple Down 3 Light Gun attacks to all foes.
One-Shot Kill Severe Gun damage to 1 foe. High Critical Rate.
Laevateinn Colossal Physical damage to 1 foe.
Riot Gun Severe Gun damage to all foes.
Vorpal Blade Deals heavy Phys damage to all foes.

Healing Skills

Skill Effect
Me- Multi-target (Only for Dia and Patra).
Dia Light HP healing
Diarama Moderate HP healing
Diarahan Full HP healing
Patra Cures Panic, Fear, Distress, Rage, Confusion, Dizzy, Forget, Sleep, and Hunger
Amrita (Drop) Recover from all status ailments.
Salvation Heal all HP and status ailments.
Recarm Revive one ally with some HP.
Recarmdra Revive all allies at the cost of all their own HP (or all but 1 HP for Wild Card Persona-users).
Samarecarm Revive one ally with all HP.
Posumudi Cures Poison on one ally.
Charmdi Cures Charm on one ally.
Refresh Ring Recovers a character's condition.
Prayer Recover a lot of HP for all allies. Usable only in battle.
Soothing Melody Partially restores HP to all characters. Usable only in battle.
Youthful Wind Moderately restores party's HP and raises Hit/Evasion rate.
Energy Shower Cure party of mind-based ailments (Confuse (Panic)/Fear/Despair/Rage/Brainwash (Charm)).
Amrita Shower Party recovers from all status ailments.

Prayer Skills

Skill Effect
Ma- multi-target  
Tarukaja Increase target's (physical) attack.  
Makakaja Increase target's magical attack.  
Rakukaja Increase target's defense.  
Sukukaja Increase target's agility (hit-rate and evasion chance).  
Dekaja Negate all target's buffs.  
Tarunda Decrease target's attack.  
Rakunda Decrease target's defense.  
Sukunda Decrease target's agility (hit-rate and evasion chance).  
Dekunda Negate all target's debuffs.  
Debilitate Decrease all the target's parameters.  
Heat Riser Increase all the target's parameters.  
(Power) Charge User's next physical attack power more than doubles.  
Mind Charge/Concentrate User's next magic attack power more than doubles.  
Tetraja Nullifies one Bless/Curse Instant Kill attack.  
Tetrakarn Repels one physical attack.  
Makarakarn Repels one magical attack except Almighty.  
Rebellion Increases one target's critical hit rate.  
Revolution Greatly increases critical hit rate for everyone.  
<Color> Wall Grants Resist <Element> effect. Red for Fire, White for Ice, Blue for Elec, and Green for Wind.
<Element> Break Nullifies positive <Element> affinities. <Element> only covers Fire, Ice, Elec, and Wind.
Tetra Break Negates Tetrakarn.  
Makara Break Negates Makarakarn.  
<Element> Wall Nullifies negative <Element> affinities for three turns. Cannot be negated by <Element> Break.  
Dragon Hustle Party-wide Heat Riser  
Shield of Justice Shields the party from all damage once.  
Fighting Spirit Party-wide Charge  
High Energy Party-wide Concentrate  
Hyakka Ryouran Party-wide Heat Riser  
Checkmate Party-wide Debilitate  
Life Wall Erect a shield on party to repel 1 (non-Almighty) attack.  

Ailment Skills

Skill Effect
Paral Eyes Paralyzes target.
Petra Eyes Petrifies target.
Poisma Poisons target.
Shibaboo Binds targets in an area.
Makajam Mutes targets in an area.
Mafui Inflicts Mute on one foe. (24% chance)
Dormina Inflicts Sleep on target.
Lullaby Inflicts Sleep on targets in an area.
Marin Karin Charms target.
Tentarafoo Inflicts Panic on target.
Hapirma Inflicts Happy (chance to not act at all) on target.
Poisma Poisons target.
Bind Voice Binds multiple foes
Delyte Inflicts Blind in an area
Pulinpa Inflicts Panic in an area
Candy Voice Charm status over an area
Hypnotic Wave Puts all enemies to Sleep. (44% chance for each)
Summon Spirit Renders all enemies Mute. (20% chance for each)
Balzac Gives Fury (increased attack, but will attack indiscriminately) status on one target. For the P1 cast, this also cures ailments if target is an ally.
Quikka Gives Counter status to one ally.
Wolvaan Gives Beast status (buff all stats depending on moon phase) and Cures ailments to one ally.
Illuzone Gives Illusion status (significantly reduced hit rate) to one enemy.
Fata Morgana Put a group of enemies under an Illusion. (52% chance)
Alluring Mazurka Renders all enemies Charmed. (44% chance for each)
Invitation to Sleep Put a group of enemies to Sleep. (52% chance for each)
Magic Seal Renders a group of enemies Mute. (24% chance for each)
Baptism by Thunder Large Lightning damage (plus 30% chance to Shock) to a group of enemies.
Evil Touch Inflicts Fear on target.
Evil Smile Inflicts Fear on all enemies.
Ghastly Wail Instant Kill enemies inflicted with Fear.
Valiant Dance 30% chance to enrage all foes.
The Man's Way Chance of causing down and dizzy to all foes.
Phantom Show Inflict Sleep (high odds) to all foes.

Passive Skills

Skill Effect Trivia
Fist Master Doubles damage dealt by a fist weapon.  
Angelic Grace Doubles evasion rate against all attacks except Light, Darkness, and Almighty.  
High Counter 50% Chance to Counter a physical attack.  
Apt Pupil Increase critical hit rate.  
Attack Master Automatic Tarukaja on user at start of battle.  
Fortified Moxy Increase critical rate on successful ambush.  
Evade <Element> Triple evasion chance against <Element> attacks. <Element> includes Phys(ical) and Gun attacks as well.
<Element> Amp Strengthen <Element> attacks by 50%. <Element> includes Phys(ical) and Gun attacks as well.
Auto-Mataru Automatic Matarukaja on party at start of battle.  
Auto-Maraku Automatic Marakukaja on party at start of battle.  
Auto-Masuku Automatic Masukukaja on party at start of battle.  
Auto-Tarukaja/Attack Master Automatic Tarukaja on party at start of battle.  
Auto-Rakukaja/Defense Master Automatic Rakukaja on party at start of battle.  
Auto-Sukukaja/Speed Master Automatic Sukukaja on party at start of battle.  
Burn Boost Enhance chance of inflicting Burn status.  
Victory Cry Recover full HP and SP after a successful battle.  
Fast Heal Recover faster from ailments.  
Survival Trick Survive one Instant Death attack with 1 HP left.  
Unshaken Will Immunity against all Mental ailments.  
Tyrant's Mind Strengthens all attacks. Can stack.  
Ali Dance Half the hit rate of all incoming attacks.  
Life Aid Recover 8% of HP and SP after a successful battle.  
Ambient Aid Greatly increase chance of inflicting ailments in rain or special weather warning.  
Climate Decorum Double evasion against all attacks in rain or special weather warning.  
Fortify Spirit Lower susceptibilities to all ailments.  
Firm Stance halve all damage at cost of evasion/.  

Navigator Skills

Skill Effect
Healing Wave Party recovers 15% HP when ascending to the next floor.
Oracle Causes one of the following effects: 1. HP restored. 2. SP restored. 3. HP and SP restored. 4. All status ailments cured. 5. HP and SP reduced to 1.
Escape Route Works like Traesto.
Treasure Skimmer Find out if a foe is carrying a rare item ahead of time.
Position Hack Chance to immediately Hold Up the enemy at the start of a fight
Active Support Cast -kaja buffs/Heat Riser, healing, SP recovery, Charge, or Concentrate on party.
Emergency Shift switch out KO'd allies with backups.
Final Guard Nullify a fatal attack once per battle.
Ultimate Support Cast all effects in Active Support.

Other Skills

Skill Effect
Estoma Stop encountering weak foes for a while.
Liftoma Temporarily nulls damage floors.
Traesto Warps user's party to the entrance.
Spirit Drain Steal SP from an enemy.
Life Drain Steal HP from an enemy.
Trafuri Escape from battle. 100% chance of success in normal battles.
Kamui Miracle? Anything could happen… (1) All allies and/or all foes' HP and SP fully recovered; (2) All allies and/or all foes downed; (3) All allies and/or all foes inflicted with random status ailment; (4) Nothing.
Ability Tune Alter the strength and range of another Persona's abilities.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts' Accessory-Exclusive Skills

Skill Effect Accessory Other Effects
Champion's Cup Moderately restore 1 ally's HP and increase Attack power for 3 turns. Ring of Lust None
Bleeding Dry Brush Forms a barrier that can absorb one attack (except Almighty). Ring of Vanity Nullifies all weaknesses on the wearer.
Vault Guardian Increases Defense for all allies for 3 turns. Ring of Gluttony Automatic Tetrakarn and Makarakarn at the start of battle.
Wings of Wisdom Cures all non-special ailments for all allies. Ring of Wrath Automatic Sukukaja at the start of battle.
President's Insight More than double one ally's next magical attack damage. Ring of Greed Automatic Tarukaja at the start of battle.
Gambler's Foresight Increases Agility for all allies for 3 turns. Ring of Envy Automatic Concentrate at the start of battle.
Tyrant's Will More than double one ally's next Physical or Gun attack damage. Ring of Pride Automatic Rakukaja at the start of battle.
Guiding Tendril Down all foes. Only usable during preemptive attack. Ring of Sorrow Recover 8% HP and SP after victory.

Persona Deities:

    Persona-users by Arcana 

Arcana Persona-user
The Fool Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi, Aigis (post-The Answer), Yu Narukami, Ren Amamiya
The Magician Yuka Ayase, Junpei Iori, Yosuke Hanamura, Morgana
The Councillor Takuto Maruki
The Priestess Maki Sonomura, Fuuka Yamagishi, Yukiko Amagi, Makoto Niijima
The Empress Yukino Mayuzumi, Mitsuru Kirijo, Haru Okumura
The Emperor Naoya Toudou, Akihiko Sanda, Kanji Tatsumi, Yusuke Kitagawa
The Lovers Lisa Silverman, Yukari Takeba, Rise Kujikawa, Ann Takamaki
The Hierophant Kei Nanjo, Shinjiro Aragaki
The Apostle/The Priest Zenkichi Hasegawa
The Chariot Masao Inaba, Aigis (pre-The Answer), Chie Satonaka, Ryuji Sakamoto
Justice Hidehiko Uesugi, Katsuya Suou, Ken Amada, Goro Akechi
The Hermit Futaba Sakura
Wheel of Fortune Jun Kurosu, Naoto Shirogane, Labrys
Strength Koromaru
The Jester/The Hunger Tohru Adachi
The Hanged Man Baofu
Death Eikichi Mishina, Reiji Kido (P2)
Temperance None
The Devil Reiji Kido (P1)
The Tower none
The Star Ulala Serizawa, Akihiko Sanada (Social Link with Kotone Shiomi), Teddie
The Moon Maya Amano, Shinjiro Aragaki (Social Link with Kotone Shiomi)
The Sun Tatsuya Suou
Judgment Eriko Kirishima
The Aeon Aigis (Social Link pre-The Answer), Marie
Faith Sumire Yoshizawa
Hope Sophia ver1.37

Note: etc. means they can have any Persona since they're Player Characters in their main games. At least in regards to Persona 3 onwards (having the Fool Arcana), since the playable characters from the games before that can all change their Personas, though only within certain Arcanas.

    The students of St. Hermelin High 
All of them at some point or another played the Persona game and were granted their Personas by Philemon. Well, it's only assumed for Reiji and Maki. Unlike the groups that came after them, they all can take on multiple Personas, but are limited by Arcana affinities, unlike Wild Cards.

Note: Under affinities, Element covers Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth, Force covers Electric, Nuclear, Blast, and Gravity, Light covers Expel and Miracle/Bless, and Dark covers Death and Curse.

Deity Persona Weaponry
Addt. Info

Boy with Earring* Semen Kongou, Amon Ra, etc. one-handed sword and SMG
Weakness Rifle, Electric, Blast, and Gravity, Resist Fire and Ice and Nerve (both)
Weakness Nuclear, Resist Fire and Ice and Nerve ailments, Reflect Wind (Seimen Kongou)
Drain Nuclear, Resist Wind and Earth (Amon-Ra)
Wind skills, Delyte, Makajam, Pulinpa, Spin Kick (Seimen Kongou)
Fire skills, Shibaboo, Shuuraigeki, Azure Cessation, Hieroglyphein (Amon-Ra)

Maki Sonomura Maso, Verdandi, etc. bow and handgun
Weakness Machinegun and Dark, 1.25x damage from Fire, Drain Ice, Resist Wind, Earth, Force, and Nerve Ailments, Drain Expel, Null Miracle (Maso)
Resist Element and Force, Drain Light, Weakness Axe, Arrow, Fist, Rush, and Dark, Repel Nerve Ailments (Verdandi)
Bufu, Dia, Posumudi, Rapid Fire, Liftoma, Gentle Wave (Maso)
Healing skills, Recarm, Azure Cessation, Eternal White

Masao "Mark" Inaba Ogun, Susano-o, etc. axe and shotgun
Weakness Rifle, Element, Resist Electric, Nuclear, and Nerve Ailments, Reflect Gravity (both)
Tackle, Flurry Stab, Gravity skills, Mazio (Ogun)
Bonecrusher, Eternal Black , Earthly Vortex, Deadly Fist, Zandyne (Susano-o)

Kei Nanjo Aizen Myouou, Yamaoka, etc. broadsword/katana and sniper rifle
Null Earth, Light, and Dark, Resist Ailments (Aizen Myouou)
Null Wind, Electric, Light, and Ailments (Yamaoka)
Hama, Candy Voice, Sukukaja, Fist of Fury, Makakaja, Eternal White (Aizen Myouou)
Hypnotic Wave, Love Whip, Diarahan, Makarakarn, Makouha, Deadly Fist, Zandyne, Rain of Arrows, Mahama, Guardian Hammer (Yamaoka)
Yamaoka is the spirit of Kei's late butler.

Yukino Mayuzumi Vesta, Durga, etc. throwing razors and shotgun
Weakness Water and Ice (both), Reflect Fire, Resist Nuclear and Ailments (Vesta)
Drain Fire, Null Nuclear and Light, Resist Dark (Durga)
Nuclear and Fire skills, Dia, Zio, Crimson Sublation, Dormina (Vesta)
Gryva, Eternal Black, Wolf Fang, Gokuraku Fall, (Ma)ziodyne, Sonic Bullet, Fiery Fury, Mamudo, Gryva, Thunder Inferno, Freila (Durga)

Eriko "Elly" Kirishima Nike, Michael, Gabriel, etc. rapier and rifle
Null Fire, Light, and Ailments, Resist Electric and Nuclear, Weakness Water, Ice, and Dark (Nike)
Weakness Spear, Fist, Machinegun, Rush, and Death, Reflect Element, Force, Light, and Nerve Ailments (Michael)
Resist Physical, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Electric, Weakness Nuclear and Dark, Null Ice, Light, and Ailments (Gabriel)
Kouha, Dia(rama), Rakukaja, Mighty Wave, Eastern Impact, Magaru(la), Hama, Rakukaja, Holy Light, Mafui (Nike)
Deathbound, Tarukaja, Makouha, Paral Eyes, Dekaja, Tetrakarn (Michael)
Aquadyne, Refresh Ring, Divine Judgment, Summon Spirit, Recarmdra, Lily's Jail, Heat Wave (Gabriel)
Elly is the only one who has two Ultimate Personas.

Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi Nemhain, Tyr, etc. spear and machinegun
Weakness Rifle, Resist Nerve Ailments (both)
Weakness Fire, Ice, and Earth, Drain Wind, Resist Force and Nerve Ailments (Nemhain)
Weakness Element, Resist Electric and Nuclear, Reflect Blast (Tyr)
(Ma)Zan, Stun Needle, Heavenly Cyclone (Nemhain)
Lightning Kick, Western Blow, Zandyne, Magry, Binal Strike

Yuka Ayase Houri, Frey, etc. whip and handgun
Weakness Rifle and Force, Reist Nerve Ailments (both)
Resist Wind and Earth, Reflect Fire (Houri)
Resist Fire and Ice, Reflect Earth (Frey)
Agilao, Lullaby, Maragi, Love Whip, Crimson Sublation (Houri)
Earth skills, Rainbow Strike, Gentle Wave, Destruction Smash (Frey)

Reiji Kido Bres, Mot, etc. knuckles (boxing) and rifle
Resist All Physical (except Spear), 1/4 Resist Element and Force, Weakness Light, Drain Death, Reflect Curse, Null Nerve Ailments (Bres)
Weakness Axe and Light, Null Tech, Rush, and Element, Drain Death, Null Curse, Reflect Nerve Ailments (Mot)
Twin Slash, Balzac, Eiha, Quikka, Makajam, Eastern Impact (Bres)
Maeiha, Wolvaan, Makajam, Petra Eyes, Deadly Fist (Mot)

    The Persona-users of Sumaru City 
All of them at some point or another played the Persona game and were granted their Personas by Philemon. Unlike the groups that came after them, they all can take in multiple Personas, but are limited by Arcana affinities, unlike Wild Cards.

Deity Persona Weaponry

Tatsuya Suou Vulcanus (Prime), Apollo, etc. two-handed sword
Null Fire, Resist Dark, Weakness Water and Ice (Both)
Resist Nuclear, Light, and Ailments, (Vulcanus)
Null Nuclear, Light, and Ailments (Apollo)
Nuclear and Fire skills, Balzac, Gigantic Fist, Tarukaja, Dekaja, Nova Cyther.

Maya Amano Maia (Prime/Custom), Artemis, etc. dual pistols
Null Light, Dark, and Ailments (Maia)
Weakness Physical, Reflect All Elements (including Almighty) and Ailments (Artemis)
Ice, Water, and Healing skills, Crescent Mirror, Diarahan, Grydyne, Hypnotic Wave, Recarmdra, Tetrakarn.

Lisa Silverman Eros (Prime), Venus, etc. knuckles (boxing)
Null Light, Resist Dark and Ailments (Eros)
Weakness Wind, Ice, and Dark, Resist Nuclear and Electric, Null Earth, Light, and Ailments (Venus)
Earth, Healing, Water, and Charm skills, Foamy Lover, Makarakarn

Eikichi Mishina Rhadamanthus, Hades, etc. guitar case machine-gun
Null Dark and Ailments (Rhadamanthus)
Weakness Fire, Resist Ice, Null Water, Light, Dark, and Ailments (Hades)
Water and Dark skills, Tetraja, Bloody Honeymoon, and Marin Karin.

Jun Kurosu Hermes, Chronos, etc. flowers
Reflect Wind, Weakness Electric, Null Dark, Resist Light and Ailments (Hermes)
Reflect Ailments, Null Wind, Light, and Dark, Weakness Earth, Resist Ice, Electric, and Nuclear (Chronos)
Wind skills, Sukukaja, Recarm, Illuzone (Hermes)
(Ma)Garudyne, Wing Flap, Heartfelt Prayer, Magarudyne, Cross Fortune, Samarecarm (Chronos)

Katsuya Suou Helios, Hyperion, etc. single pistol
Null Fire, Weakness Water, Resist Dark (both)
Resist Light, and Ailments (Helios)
Weakness Ice, Null Light, Nuclear, and Ailments, Resist Electric (Hyperion)
Fire skills, Shot and Strike skills (both)
Patra, Zio (Helios only)
Fata Morgana, Heat Kaiser, Justice Shot, Mahama (Hyperion only)

Ulala Serizawa Callisto, Asteria, etc. knuckles (boxing)
Weakness Wind, Resist Earth, Light, Dark, and Ailments (Callisto)
Weakness Earth, Resist Ice, Electric, Nuclear, and Dark, Null Wind and Light, Reflect Ailments (Asteria)
Earth skills, Zan, status effect skills (Charm, Mute, Poison) (Callisto)
Garudyne, Alluring Mazurka, Dream Needle, Me Patra, Twinkle Nebula, Dekaja (Asteria)

Baofu Odysseus, Prometheus, etc. Qigong-infused coins
Null Wind and Lightning, Weakness Earth, Resist Light, Dark, and Ailments (Odysseus)
Resist Physical, Weakness Electric, Null Light, Dark, and Ailments (Prometheus)
99 Needles (both), Wind skills, Illuzone, Invitation to Sleep (Odysseus only)
Soothing Melody, Zandyne, Magic Seal, Makakaja, Baptism by Thunder, Wiseman Snap, Magnadyne (Prometheus only)

    S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives 
This team uses Evokers to summon their Personas, which awoke for them during the Dark Hour.

Deity Persona Weaponry
Addt. Info (if any)

Makoto Yuki Orpheus (Telos), Messiah, etc. one-handed swordnote 
Weakness Electric and Dark (Orpheus)
Resist All Except Almighty (Orpheus Telos)
Reflect Light, Weakness Dark, Absorb Pierce (Messiah)
(Cut +) Fire attacks, Dekaja (buff removal) (Orpheus)
Almighty, Strike, and healing skills. (Messiah)
Unique to even others with the Wild Card ability, Makoto is capable of combining the abilities of two of his Personas to perform Fusion Spells depending on the two Personas he's using.

Kotone Shiomi alternate Orpheus, Messiah, etc. naginata
Weakness Electric and Dark (Orpheus)
Reflect Light, Weakness Dark, Absorb Pierce (Messiah)
Same as above.
Because of the new way Fusion Spells worked in her game, Kotone does not share the same ability to use them the way her male counterpart can.

Yukari Takeba Io, Isis bow and arrows
Reflect Ice, Resist Dark, Weakness Electricity
Wind, Healing, and Revival skills, Charmdi, (Me) Patra, Tarukaja, Marakunda, Myriad Arrows, Primal Force, and Tetrakarn.

Junpei Iori Hermes, Trismegistus broadsword or baseball bat
Block Fire, Resist Light, Weakness Wind
Physical and Fire skills, with passive regen, Tentarafoo, Power Charge, and Counter-Attack.

Akihiko Sanada Polydeuces, Caesar gloves and knuckles (boxing)
Block Electricity, Weakness Ice
Elec, debuff, single target Healing, and Charge skills, and Fist Master.

Mitsuru Kirijo Penthesilea, Artemisia rapier
Block Ice, Resist Light, Weakness Fire
Ice skills (up to Niflheim) with basic Healing, Spirit Drain, Tentarafoo, Mind Charge, Marin Karin, Angelic Grace.
Penthesilea and Artemisia after her have limited scanning abilities and communication power that require special equipment, but still pale to Lucia/Juno's.

Fuuka Yamagishi Lucia, Juno none
Enemy Scan, communications, luck-based health or SP recovery, Healing Wave, and Escape Route.
Is the only intel-type Persona showcasednote  to have sturdy defensive abilities. She also has the longest recorded communications range compared to other Persona-users like her, even noted to be better than Rise's, can bolster it with other Persona-users of her type, and can even communicate across dimensions.

Aigis Palladion, Pallas Athena, etc. finger guns and various armaments
Block Pierce, Resist Wind, Weakness Electricity
Physical and buff skills, Dekunda, Diarahan, and Samarecarm.
After somehow inheriting the Wild Card ability from Makoto, Aigis is just as capable of using multiple Personas as he.

Koromaru Cerberus knife
Block Fire and Dark, Weakness Light
Fire and Curse skills, High Counter, Evil Touch/Smile, Life Drain, and Ghastly Wail.

Ken Amada Nemesis, Kala-Nemi spear
Block Light, Weakness Darkness
Pierce?, Revival, Healing, Expel, and Elec skills, Rebellion/Revolution, Makarakarn.

Shinjiro Aragaki Castor battle axe
Physical skills, Counter-Attack, Evil Smile, and passive regen.

Labrys Ariadne/Asterius double-ended axe
Block Nuclear, Resist Gun and Light, Weakness Psy (Ariadne)
Block Curse, Resist Fire and Psy, Weakness Ice (Asterius)
Beast Weaver, Apt Pupil, Miracle Punch, Attack Master, Fortified Moxy, Evade Phys, Charge (Ariadne)
Titanomachia, Maragidyne, Burn Boost, Auto-Mataru, Fire Amp, Tetrakarn, Gigantomachia (Asterius) note 
Unlike the rest in this list, Labrys got her Persona in the TV World. If possessed by Shadow Labrys, her Persona turns into Asterius.

    The Investigation Team 
With the exception of one, this Team acquired their Personas through the TV World.

Deity Persona Weaponry
Affinities Glasses
Addt. Info (if any)

Yu Narukami Izanagi, Izanagi-no-Okami, etc. two-handed sword
Null Dark, Resist Electric, Weakness Wind (Izanagi)
Physical, Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind (Izanagi-no-Okami)
Simple, gray, rectangular, few embellishments
Zio, Cleave, Rakukaja, Rakunda, Tarukaja (Izanagi)
Megidolaon, Victory Cry, Angelic Grace, Mind Charge, Agidyne, Bufudyne, Ziodyne, Garudyne, Fire/Ice/Elec/Wind Amp, Myriad Truths (Izanagi-no-Okami)
Yu got his Persona via Izanami rather than the TV World.

Yosuke Hanamura Jiraya, Susano-o, Takehaya Susano-o twin knives or kunai
Absorb Wind, Block Fire, Weakness Electricity square, vibrant orange
Wind and Phsyical attacks, with added Silence and Confusion skills, Hit/Evasion buffs, Youthful Wind, single-target Healing skills, Dekaja, Trafuri, Auto-Sukukaja, Megido, Green Wall, and Makara Break.

Chie Satonaka Tomoe, Suzuka-Gongen, Haraedo-no-Okami greaves (self-taught Jeet Kune Do)
Block Light, Absorb Ice, Weakness Fire oval, bright yellow, thick
Physical skills (attack one, attack all, or Counter-Attack), damage- and crit rate-increasing abilities, Dragon Hustle, single-target Ice skills, Mabufu, Mind Slice, Hama(on), and Tetra Break.

Yukiko Amagi Konohana Sakuya, Amaterasu, Sumeo-Okami steel-rimmed fans
Absorb Fire, Block Electricity, Weakness Ice half-rimmed, thin, red
Healing (inc. status and revival) and Fire skills, Burning Petals, Mudo(on), Valiant Dance, Matarunda, Red Wall, Spirit Drain, Mind Charge.

Kanji Tatsumi Take-Mikazuchi, Dairoku Tenmaou, Takeji Zaiten folded-up chair, shield, or plates
Absorb Electricity, Resist Physical, Weakness Wind black sunglasses, rests on the bridge of his nose
Physical and Elec skills, Regenerate 3, Rakukaja, Matarukaja, The Man's Way, Power Charge, Masukunda, Blue Wall, Atom Smasher, Fast Heal, Media(rama).

Rise Kujikawa Himiko, Kanzeon, Kouzeon none, staff when Himiko is in Combat Form
None pink, oblong, rests on the bridge of her nose
Enemy Scan, communications, item tracking, post-battle recovery, successful fleeing of battles, and strengthening All-Out attacks. (standard form) Combat Form skills can be found here.
Himiko has a combat form for when Rise feels like battling as well. She's also the first one whose Persona is seen opening communications with non-Persona-users (Kanamin Kitchen), though it can be assumed that others can do the same.

Teddie Kintoki-Douji, Kamui, Kamui-Moshiri claw weapon
Absorb Ice, Block Wind and Dark, Weakness Electricity over his costume's eyes
Healing (inc. status) and Ice skills, Marakukaja, Matarukaja, Poison Skewer, Gigantic Fist, Traesto, Kamui Miracle, Auto-Rakukaja, Revival skills, Marakunda, Life Drain, White Wall, Mustard Bomb, Dekunda.

Naoto Shirogane Sukuna-Hikona, Yamato-Takeru, Yamato Sumeragi, Amatsu-Mikaboshi handgun
Block Fire, Reflect Light and Dark (Sukuna-Hinoka line)
Unknown (Amatsu-Mikaboshi)
light blue, second thinnest next to Yukiko's
Physical, Expel, Curse, and Almighty attacks, -rakarn (Reflect) skills, Agidyne, Garudyne, Shield of Justice, SP recovery, Heat Riser, Bufudyne, Ziodyne, Myriad Arrows, and Tetraja, and Mind Charge. (Sukuna-Hinoka line)
Ability Tune (Amatsu-Mikaboshi)
Naoto is one of few Persona-users to have manifested a second Persona not related to the previous one in the form of Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

    Phantom Thieves of Hearts 
This team acquired their Personas via the Metaverse.

Deity Code Name Outfit Theme
Persona Weaponry Catalyst
Affinities Persona Trait
Addt. Info

Ren Amamiya Joker Gentleman Thief
Arsene, Satanael, Raoul, etc. knife and pistol Suguru Kamoshida
Resist Curse, Weakness Ice and Bless (Arsene)
Absorb Curse, Null Bless, Resist All Else Except Almighty (Satanael)
Block Curse, Weakness Bless (Raoul)
Last Stand (Arsene)
Heretic Charisma (Satanael)
Hazy Presence (Raoul)
Curse and Physical skills. (Arsene)
Maeigaon, Megidolaon, Survival Trick, Riot Gun, Cosmic Flare, Heat Riser, Unshaken Will, Victory Cry, Sinful Shell, Black Viper, and Tyrant's Mind. (Satanael)
Phantom Show, (Ma)Eigaon, Ali Dance, Heat Riser, Curse Amp, Concentrate, Life Aid (Raoul)

Ryuji Sakamoto Skull Skeletons/Pirates
Captain Kidd, Seiten Taisei, William bludgeon and shotgun Suguru Kamoshida
Block Electricity, Resist Fire, Weakness Wind Raging/Eccentric Temper
Physical (two with chance of inflicting Forget or Despair) and Elec (with chance of Shock) skills, (Ma)Tarukaja, Charge, Evade Wind, Fighting Spirit

Morgana Mona Cat Burglar
Zorro, Mercurius, Diego curved sword and slingshot Unknown
Block Wind, Resist Bless, Weakness Electricity Proud/Majestic Presence
Wind, Healing, and Revival skills, (Ma)Sukunda, Lucky/Miracle Punch, Pulinpa, (Me) Patra, Evade Elec, Miracle Rush
Being a resident of the Velvet Room, he did not acquire his Persona the usual way.

Ann Takamaki Panther Classy Cat-Burglar
Carmen, Hecate, Célestine whip and machinegun Suguru Kamoshida
Block Fire, Resist Electricity, Weakness Ice Mastery/Pinnacle of Magic
Fire (with chance of Burn) and single-target Healing skills, Concentrate, (Ma)Tarunda, Dekaja, Dormina, Tentarafoo, Ambient Aid, Evade Ice, and High Energy

Yusuke Kitagawa Fox Ronin/Inari Ōkami
Goemon, Kamu Susanoo, Gorokichi katana and assault rifle Ichiryusai Madarame, his mentor
Block Ice, Resist Wind, Weakness Fire Scoundrel/Unparallel Eyes
Physical and Ice (with chance of Freeze) skills, (Ma)Sukukaja, Speed Master, Mind Slice, Counter-Attack, Evade Fire, and Hyakka Ryouran

Makoto Niijima Queen Punk Biker
Johanna, Anat, Agnes knuckles and revolver Junya Kaneshiro
Block Nuclear, Resist Curse, Weakness Psy Gaia Pact/Blessing
Nuclear and Healing skills, Vajra Blast, Flash Bomb, Energy Shower, Defense Master, (Ma)Rakukaja, Evade Psy, and Checkmate

Futaba Sakura Navi/Oracle Cyber Hacker
Necronomicon, Prometheus, Al Azif None corrupted memories of Wakaba Isshiki, her mother
None Explosive/Infinite Scheme
Enemy Scan, communications, after-battle recovery, Treasure Skimmer, Position Hack, Active Support, Emergency Shift, Final Guard, and Ultimate Support.
Futaba's Shadow is a rare example of a Shadow representing positive emotions, namely her will to live and love for her mother. She was helpful, and Futaba had to overcome the negative perspective of her mother. Futaba's also the second one whose Persona is seen opening communications with non-Persona-users (Zenkichi efore he eventually awakened his Persona as well).

Haru Okumura Noir Musketeer
Milady, Astarte, Lucy halberd and grenade launcher Kunikazu Okumura, her father
Block Psy, Resist Ice, Weakness Nuclear Icy Glare/Cool Customer
Psy, Amrita, and Reflect skills, Triple Down, Fast Heal, One-shot Kill, boosted ailment recovery, Climate Decorum, Heat Riser, Evade Nuke, and Life Wall

Goro Akechi Crow Fancy Military/Dark Violent Knight
Robin Hood, Loki laser/serrated swords and ray guns/silenced pistols Unknown
Resist Bless, Weakness Curse (Robin Hood)
Block Curse, Weak Bless (Loki)
Tactical Spirit
Physical, Bless, Curse, and Almighty skills, Attack Master, Fortify Spirit (Robin Hood)
Fortify Spirit, Laevateinn, Megidolaon, Debilitate, Riot Gun, Eigaon, Attack Master, Evade Bless (Loki)
Despite bearing the Wild Card, he can only use two Personas, though his time in the Pantheon has fostered enough bonds that he can potentially use more. Since the Akechi who aided during the Third Semester wasn't actually him, he does not have Hereward. Not yet, at least.

Sumire Yoshizawa Violet Gymnast/Ballerina
Cendrillon, Vanadis, Ella rapier and rifle Shadows in Takuto Maruki's Palace
Block Bless, Resist Nuclear, Weakness Curse Veil of Midnight/Sunrise
Apt Pupil, Vorpal Blade, Kougagon, Sword Dance, Makougaon, Diarahan, Bless Amp, Ali Dance (Cendrillon)
Masquerade (Ella)
Much like Haru before her, her initial awakening was a not complete one as evident by the lack of blood in the removal of her mask. She would later completely awaken her Persona on the 12th of January in Takuto Maruki's palace.

Sophia ver1.37 SOPHIE N/A
Pithos, Pandora twin yo-yos and blasters Shadows in Alice Hiraagi's Jail, Kuon Ichinose, her creator
Resist Bless (Pithos)/Block Bless (Pandora), Weakness Curse N/A
Bless and healing skills, Tetraja, (Ma)rakunda, (Sama)Recarm, Angelic Grace
Despite possessing possessing many Persona-like traits, Pithos is not classified as a true Persona. Sophia only awakened to her true one on August 28th within the Jail of the Abyss.

Zenkichi Hasegawa Wolf Le Pacte des loups
Valjean greatsword and dual revolvers Akane Hasegawa, his daughter
None Fury Mode
Tarukaja, Rakukaja, Sukukaja, Megido, Triple Down, Gun Boost

    Phantom Thieves of Hearts' Persona Traits 

Persona Traits are passive skills exclusive to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. While DLC has Personas from other characters (Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi, Aigis, Yu Narukami, Tohru Adachi, Marie, Labrys, and Sho Minazuki), it's not known if these traits apply to them as well.

Persona Trait Description
Arsene Last Stand Allows use of ambush-only skills after Baton Pass.
Satanael Heretic Charisma Chance to strengthen magic skills by 50%. Cannot exceed 100% limit.
Raoul Hazy Presence Increases chance of triggering ally's Follow Up attack.
Captain Kidd, Seiten Taisei Raging Temper Might increase allies’ physical attacks by 40%.
William Eccentric Temper May increase allies' physical attacks by 80%.
Zorro, Mercurius Proud Presence Increases effect of allies' healing skills.
Diego Majestic Presence Increases effect of allies' healing skills. May decrease SP cost.
Carmen, Hecate Mastery of Magic May decrease SP cost of allies' magic skills.
Célestine Pinnacle of Magic May decrease SP cost of allies' magic skills by half.
Goemon, Kamu Susanoo Scoundrel Eyes May slightly increase allies' chance to avoid physical attacks.
Gorokichi Unparalleled Eyes May increase allies' chance to avoid physical attacks.
Johanna, Anat Gaia Pact Increase allies' chance of inflicting Burn/Freeze/Shock by 25%.
Agnes Gaia Blessing Increase allies' chance of inflicting Burn/Freeze/Shock by 50%.
Necronomicon, Prometheus Explosive Scheme All-Out Attacks may defeat all foes and restore 25% HP to all allies.
Al Azif Infinite Scheme All-Out Attacks may defeat all foes and fully restore HP to all allies.
Milady, Astarte Icy Glare Decreases allies' chance of being inflicted by ailments by 25%.
Lucy Cool Customer Decreases allies' chance of being inflicted by ailments by 50%.
Robin Hood, Loki Tactical Spirit May decrease SP cost of allies' support skills by half.

    Other Ascended Persona-Users 
These Persona-users don't belong in any of the above-established groups.

Deity Persona Weaponry
Addt. Info (if any)

Tohru Adachi Magatsu-Izanagi handgun
Block Light and Dark, Resist Gun, Weakness Nuclear
Atom Smasher, Maziodyne, Ghastly Wail, Magarudyne, Megidolaon, Power Charge, Heat Riser, Vorpal Blade.
Adachi got his Persona via Izanami.

Marie Kaguya handbag, weather powers
Block Light and Dark, Resist Wind, Weakness Fire
Expel skills, fast status recovery, and Mediarahan.

Takuto Maruki Azathoth, Adam Kadmon staff
Azathoth's, Adam Kadmon's
Currently, as a result of his change of heart, Maruki is not a Persona-user anymore, though the fact he once was is why he's still on the list.

    Metaverse Code Names for Other Folks 
Not all who enter the Metaverse are Persona-users who got theirs here, or even Persona-users at all. For their safety, the following deities take up code names as well when venturing in the Metaverse with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

The Investigation Team

While the Phantoms and Team have brainstormed code names for them once before, it was decided that a new set be selected for their trips in the Pantheon's Metaverse.

Deity Code Name Sidearm Addt. Info
Yu Narukami Sensei pistol Yu chose this since that's what he technically was to his team.
Incidentally, it's one of Ren's choices for Yu's code name, others being Kingpin and Yasogami Wolf.
However, the latter's too long, and the former can implicate Wilson Fisk.
Yosuke Hanamura Ninja pistol Yosuke chose this because his Initial Persona, Jiraiya, was based on a ninja.
Chie Satonaka Dragon pistol Inspired by her love for kung fu movies.
Yukiko Amagi Firebird pistol To complement Chie's code name.
Kanji Tatsumi Weaver pistol It sounds like a tough name while at the same time hinting to his talents.
He's not taking any appending/variation of "Skull"; Ryuji already has that.
Rise Kujikawa ComSat none Based on her Persona having a satellite motif.
"Idol" was too on the nose, and she's not taking variations of it such as "Diva".
Teddie Ursa rocket launcher  
Naoto Shirogane Prince tonfa From her title as Detective Prince.
Since she already has a handgun as a primary weapon, a melee weapon is her sidearm.
Marie Haze summoned hailstones In reference to her original purpose.

S.E.E.S./The Shadow Operatives

While the Phantoms and S.E.E.S. have brainstormed code names for them once before, it was decided that a new set be selected for their trips in the Pantheon's Metaverse. Especially since Labrys wasn't among them at the time.

Deity Code Name Sidearm Addt. Info
Mitsuru Kirijo Empress Evoker Named after her arcana, and based on her usual disposition.
Aigis Gen Seven  
Akihiko Sanada Boxer Evoker  
Fuuka Yamagishi Beacon Evoker She herself wouldn't use it as a weapon, but can pass it to someone who needs one.
Labrys Gen Five pistol  
Yukari Takeba Archer Evoker After the Featherman character she played as.
Junpei Iori Slugger Evoker  
Koromaru Shiba none Named after his breed.
Ken Amada Lancer Evoker  
Shinjiro Aragaki Brood Evoker  

  • Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi are currently illusions and upholding their duties as the Great Seal, so they're not on the list.

The Persona-users of Sumaru City

The Innocent Sin party decided to take up bird names from the Featherman masks they wore once before. The Eternal Punishment party have been convinced to do likewise.

Deity Code Name Sidearm
Tatsuya Suou Hawk  
Maya Amano Swan none
Lisa Silverman Argus  
Eikichi Mishina Owl none
Jun Kurosu Condor  
Ulala Serizawa Parrot  
Katsuya Suou Eagle  
Baofu Magpie  

The Students of St. Hermelin High

No sidearm column for them since they already possess two weapons. Traversing the Metaverse ranks among the special occasions where they make use of their American guises from the Revelations: Persona localization to reduce random enemy encounters and better strengthen their Personas through experience.

Deity Code Name
The Protagonist Boy
Maki Sonomura Mary
Kei Nanjo Nate Trinity
Masao Inaba Mark
Hidehiko Uesugi Brad
Yukino Mayuzumi Yuki
Eriko Kirishima Ellen
Yuka Ayase Alana
Reiji Kido Chris


Deity Code Name Weaponry Addt. Info
Carmen Sandiego Crimson her various tools Confident in her skills, she doesn't feel a need to use a codename, but decides to pick one anyway as a formality.
Garrett   bow and arrow, blackjack, etc.  
Razputin Aquato Diver Psychic powers He dives into mental worlds with his powers, hence his code name. It's also ironic given he can't swim, until much later.

Alternative Title(s): TV World Personas