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"Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I Received 100 Cheat Skills"
Toujou Karuna

In Isekai stories, it is common for the protagonist to receive a "cheat" skill that grants them unique or broken abilities.

Common staples of Japanese/Chinese Trapped in Another World Light Novels. Depending on the work, the cheat can grant support type abilities that ranges from granting a major advantage, to outright doing the work for the The Protagonist. These kinds of abilities tend to be either Wrong Context Magic, or a "regular" magic in the native world that's amplified.

As Stock Light-Novel Hero explains, the hero of such stories tend to gain their power not by training, but by virtue of being where they are. As many Isekai stories follow the Role-Playing Game 'Verse, "protagonist gaining skills in a (VR) game" becomes "protagonist gaining skills in another world" due to earlier influence.

Note that it doesn't necessarily have to be a particular skill or ability. Anything that allows the MC to be superior to the regular mortals can be counted as an Isekai cheat. Common examples include vast knowledge that is far superior to the technical knowledge of the world the MC gets reincarnated or transported/trapped in, Power Copying in skill steal novels, extremely high stats/level in RPG Mechanics 'Verse, an item (weapon, artifact, clothing, etc.) that empowers them greatly (and typically belongs only to them), etc.

One common twist to this is that there may be some other characters who possess this kind of "advantage", whether it's a character in the world's setting or another character from the protagonist's native world who also got trapped in this new world. They could either be rivals to overcome, or friends to connect and ally with.

Usually granted during reincarnation, either automatically acquired or granted by the resident God or Goddess during the reincarnation process.

This is rare in Western Trapped in Another World stories, as the focus tend to be "how an ordinary person perceives a fantasy world" rather than the "Deep-Immersion Gaming" style of storytelling of the Eastern kind. If it does happen in a Western story, it will likely be a result of the new world having lower gravity than Earth, rendering the protagonist a Heavyworlder compared to the natives.

The trope's title is meant to reflect the overly long, descriptive nature of Japanese light novel titles.

Compare Story-Breaker Power, which it might be. Contrast Your Magic's No Good Here, when you become less powerful in another world. Sub-trope of Unique Protagonist Asset. When the Bonus was the norm in the character's home world, but is extraordinary in the other world, it's Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Aura Battler Dunbine, one of the first examples, is an Unbuilt Trope as antagonists summoned from another world share the same merits. When Shot and his partner Zet got summoned to Byston Well, their revolutionary Aura Machines turned once peaceful afterlife fantasy world into a war zone very quickly. Furthermore, their weapons are not limited to just their world. When their weapons get sent back to Upper Earth, warfare additionally spreads all over, leaving millions dead and causing massive political chaos.
  • In Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers, the protagonist Fulio is summoned to another world to help fight the demon king's army, but although the gods are supposed to grant divine blessings to summoned heroes to help them survive in their new world, he doesn't seem to have any special powers. Due to a mistake on the part of the kingdom that summoned him, he also can't return to his original world, so the king gives him a plot of land, house, money, and various supplies. When Fulio arrives at his new property, it turns out to be far from any other humans, right on the edge of a dangerous forest separating the human kingdom from the demon lands. It also turns out the magic bag he was given has a curse on it that attracts monsters, and his weapons are defective. Despite that, he manages to defeat a slime that suddenly attacked him, and when he reaches level 2, he inexplicably gains numerous powerful skills and incredible magic. Through his new abilities, he learns about the aforementioned curse on his bag and manages to remove it. He also learns that the nearby forest is polluted with a demonic miasma that's dangerous to humans, so he uses purification magic that ends up purifying the entire forest, causing him to reach level 367 because he accidentally annihilated every demon in the forest, including a substantial portion of the demon king's army. As the series goes on, the protagonist learns to control his magic better, and also learns new magic whenever it's used against him. It's eventually revealed that the gods messed up and gave the protagonist two different blessings meant for two summoned heroes, and these two blessings synergized in a really troublesome way. The goddess who oversees this world actually intervenes to stop Fulio from using forbidden time magic to save the life of a friend who's too badly injured to be saved with regular healing magic... and Fulio finds a way to block the goddess's interference so he can do it anyway.
  • In Dr. STONE, the "other world" is technically just Earth, but after humanity has been petrified for 3700 years, nature has covered the whole world, making it nearly unrecognizable. Thankfully, most of the major characters who get de-petrified bring extremely useful skills with them:
    • Senku, the main character, is a Teen Genius with extremely advanced knowledge in practically all fields of science. He knows how to make increasingly high-tech items from scratch, survive in the wilderness, identify useful materials, etc.
    • Taiju has near-limitless stamina and strength. He's too kind-hearted to use his strength for violent purposes, but he can easily take care of the large amount of manual labor needed to build up society.
    • Like Taiju, Tsukasa also has enormous strength. Unlike him, he's also a highly skilled mixed martial artist, making him into the group's main combatant and hunter... at least for the short time he's with them, as he quickly becomes the Big Bad.
    • Yuzuriha has amazing manual dexterity. On top of making her a great seamstress, she's also able to reassemble petrified humans that have been smashed to pieces, allowing them to be revived so long as all the pieces are recovered.
    • Gen is The Social Expert, boasting profound knowledge of human psychology. Once he joins the Kingdom of Science, he's able to persuade others into joining his cause, and manipulate or bluff enemies.
    • Hyoga was another combatant with practically superhuman skills similar to Tsukasa. His skill with the kudayari spear makes him practically invincible in combat.
    • Homura was a talented gymnast, which makes her so agile and skilled at traversal and Le Parkour that only the absolute fastest of the "cave people" can keep up with her.
    • Ukyo was a sonar technician on a submarine, and has superhuman hearing to the extent that's basically sonar in its own right. Just by sound he can pinpoint people's exact location at long distance.
    • Ryusui was an expert sailor before the petrification event, and his talent for navigation proves useful when the Kingdom of Science wants to expand or travel to new lands.
  • Dungeon Toilet: Rather atypically for the isekai genre, Yotaro hasn't gained any particular special ability or status since coming to the alternate universe. His only remarkable characteristic is his encyclopedic knowledge of toilets — and that proves a liability far more often than an asset.
  • Happens to four characters in El-Hazard: The Magnificent World. Protagonist Makoto Mizuhara gains the ability to interface and manipulate the technology of Ancient El-Hazard just by touching it, hard drinking teacher Masamichi Fujisawa gains Super-Strength... but only when he's sober (a situation he views very much being a case of Blessed with Suck), and Makoto's Unknown Rival and one of the recurring antagonists Katsuhiko Jinnai gains the ability to understand and communicate with the insect Bugrom while his younger sister Nanami's powers vary depending on continuity. In the TV series she shares her brother's ability to communicate with the Bugrom while in the original OAVs she has the ability to see through the illusions cast by The Phantom Tribe (who don't exist in the TV series, hence the change in powers).
  • I Got A New Skill Every Time I Was Exiled And After 100 Different Worlds I Was Unmatched, is a bit of a subversion. The protagonist, Ed, gets a new skill after he returns from each world that he's been to. Number 100 was "one use only" -and winds up kicking off the main plot.
  • Parodied in the one-shot I Thought an Adventure of Swords and Sorcery Would Be Waiting When I Reincarnated, and Yet..., when the protagonist is offered the skill "Ultra Fasting", which will prevent him from dying even if he starves for a hundred days.
  • Played With in an interesting way in I Will Live Freely In Another World With Equipment Manufacturing Cheat, as all the 5 people summoned to this other world, protagonist Touji included, get a special bonus, but Touji's isn't readily apparent, so he gets literally thrown out of the royal castle with only 5 gold coins and the clothes on his back. As he's bemoaning his fate of being Trapped in Another World, he comes to a fruit stand where he picks up one of the fruits for sale and realizes that yes, he did get a special ability, but it's not obvious or flashy, just very, very valuable as a support class.
  • Jigoku no Gouka de Yakare Tsuzuketa Shounen: After coming Back from the Dead from his trip to Hell, Flare discovers that the flames of Hell have been concentrated within his body. These flames are so hot that they can instantly liquefy metal and reduce underbrush to ash. In addition, his new body is even stronger than his original Charles Atlas Superpower, making him a Lightning Bruiser who can go toe-to-toe even with the angels that have a stranglehold on humanity.
  • Subverted in Reincarnation Colosseum: The main character is reincarnated in another world and receives the Goddess's blessing of the ability "Copy Skill". He believes that his skill "Copy Skill" is a Story-Breaker Power. He is quickly informed that this is not true via three flaws- (1) he can copy a skill but it is only from someone nearby and he does not retain the ability. (2) He can copy a skill but he does not gain the experience or mastery to use said skill effectively. (3) A copied skill does not retain the exact power level of the original skill- a 5 star skill can only be copied at a 2-3 star level. He manages to survive only through unorthodox thinking (of that world) and the outside assistance of an inhabitant of that world.
  • Kiba:
    • The protagonist Zed follows a mysterious angel like being into a portal to another world, where he learns that it is a spirit named Amir Gaul, one of the six most powerful spirits in the world known as the key spirits, that he is the chosen owner of. At first, however, Amir Gaul won't obey him, so to compensate he obtains a powerful new sword and a second spirit called Rambos who is also very powerful though weaker than a key spirit.
    • Zed's friend Noah gets summoned to the same world because he is the destined owner of another key spirit. But unlike Zed, he does not already have a spirit. The only bonus he gets when he first arrives is relief from his chronic illness due to the new world having healing magic that treats it better than the old world's medicine, until he stumbles across his destined key spirit by chance. Sadly, things are far less awesome for him because he first goes through some traumatizing events and then is captured by his summoners and brainwashed into a villain.
  • MÄR: The protagonist Ginta was nearsighted and not athletic in his old world. When he is summoned to another world he has Super-Strength and perfect eyesight. The explanation for this is that the New World has lower gravity, which actually does not explain it at all. However he does not have any magical power at all until he starts training, though this was an advantage because it allowed him to obtain Babbo, who was sealed in a chest that could only be opened by somebody with no magical power. Babbo is a unique living weapon that can be given new transformations based on the user's imagination.
    • It's implied but not outright confirmed that the same is true of Nanashi, who's also implied to be an amnesiac Joker from the author's previous series Flame of Recca, who was last seen getting sucked into a black hole and like Ginta is also way stronger than he looks.
    • Ginta's father also went through the same thing as his son later would and became the Cross Guard's champion before he died in battle.
  • Zig-Zagged in Monster Rancher: While Genki's quick to brag about how he won the Monster Championship back home, he finds that his familiarity with the games is not encyclopedic and does not confer amazing benefits. He is, however, able to fight alongside his monster allies despite not having any special moves or abilities of his own, and proves to be a Super-Strong Child over time, along with eventually discovering how to focus energy.
  • Played With in My Sister and Giant. Being reincarnated into the world's setting is a known phenomenon within that world, and each person that does receives one blessing from goddess. While this would normally qualify for this trope, it ends up being Exploited by the inhabitants thanks to the culture that has formed around it. This can range from very benign methods of benefiting from their cheat skills to insurmountably awful ones for the reincarnated people who aren't careful about who they associate with, as well as developing methods to counteract certain skills.
    • It is also Defied by the main character Hinako, who willingly forgoes her chance at a blessing for personal reasons. This in turn causes another character to gain two thanks to an unused skill slot.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Den series, anyone arriving from Earth to Neverwhere gains a naked Mr. or Ms. Fanservice body, often with innate fighting abilities.
  • Icon is an alien who crashed on Earth. Due to injuries sustained in the crash, his ship's medical program cloned him a new body using the DNA of nearby humans, then "advanced it to the limits of human potential," which basically amounted to him becoming a Flying Brick on par with Superman. On top of that, he's also got access to his ship's technology, which is tens of thousands of years more advanced than Earth's.
  • J'onn J'onzz is an ordinary, if skilled, member of his species. On Mars (when he's not the Last of His Kind) he doesn't stand out as being able to do anything that most Martians can't, but on Earth he's a high-tier superhero thanks to having shapeshifting that gives him Super-Strength and Intangibility as side benfits as well as extensive psychic abilities like Mind over Matter (which lets him fly) and mind reading.
  • The titular Superman from Superman, as a result of growing up on Earth, bathed in yellow sun radiation, ends up with superpowers that he would not have been able to access on his homeworld of Krypton. Subverted, in that the bonus isn't specific to him, but applies to any Kryptonian exposed to yellow star radiation. It is also not permanent. Exposure to certain types of stellar radiation can cause him to be Brought Down to Normal, and he loses a great many of those superpowers if he runs out of yellow star radiation.

    Fan Works 
  • In davido747's King of Fakers series, an alternate version of Shirou Emiya keeps being summoned or reincarnated into different worlds. Due to his ability to copy weapons and skills, he becomes more and more powerful each time he goes to a new world. For example, in Reenacting a legend, which puts him in the High School D×D world, he has the various Angel weapons he gained in the previous fic, Date a density, where he was in the Date A Live world.
  • The Dragon and the Butterfly: Downplayed. Besides having a dragon as a best friend, Hiccup doesn't have (or gain) any magic powers upon crashing into the Encanto (although he eventually marries into the Madrigal family). However, his inventiveness, ability to keep calm in dangerous situations, and friendship with a dragon allow him to help the people of the Encanto in numerous ways.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: When Ami arrives in Adushul, she becomes a Dungeon Keeper, making her effectively immortal, increasing her magic capacity, and gaining a place to call home, all at once. She also gets a Horned Reaper, one of the best fighters in Adushul.
  • Fate Revelation Online: The canon example is subverted; quite a lot of the beta testers got themselves killed trying to speedrun the early parts of the game, only to stumble upon the bizarre rules of the [Thaumaturgy Patch] that Kayaba added on official launch. However, since the in-game magic system is based on the real magecraft that secretly exists in the outside world, the few real mages quickly rush to the front of the pack with the skills and knowledge they acquired in the real world. Ilya ends up leading dozens of players to activating their magic circuits and teaching them basic spells (not to mention being the strongest entity in the game when she decides to get serious), Shirou's sword skills and experience in the Holy Grail War render him the strongest player in the game, and Grimlock's traditional magus training makes him excellent at both crafting magic items and solving quest puzzles.
  • If Wishes Were Ponies: Harry gets transported to Equestria at the start of the fic completely by accident... and is turned into a unicorn. Once he gets over the initial shock of living in a world of ponies and magic, he comes to love his life there and is reluctant to go to the human world.
  • Most Kamen Rider crossover fanfiction tends to fall on the Isekai genre, and thus, these fics will have the Rider Belts themselves as the "cheat item" of that story. At times, it is mostly a toy that somehow begins to function like the real thing even if the series the belt is from would require specific prerequisites before they can become a Rider. Either way, the belts grant whoever is using them the suit, weapons, and powers that it normally comes with. It's possible that the ease of this is a way of projecting Power Fantasy.
  • A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor: Through a series of events she doesn't remember, Arturia wakes up in Thedas with the Anchor, which beneficial magic she is uncovering more and more of, which includes being able to close the Hellgates spread everywhere on her new home and knowing every single language she comes across in this new world.
  • New Stars: Clone Trooper CT-5599 (or Maxx) is transported to the galaxy of the Union by accident. While he initially wants to get back to his unit and the Republic, he quickly learns that, here, he's not seen as cannon fodder and is treated like a person (which is far better than what can be said about those in the Republic).
  • Keeping with the theme of the original series, this keeps happening in the El-Hazard fanfiction The Shape of Things to Come. Newcomer Mari initially thinks her power is making the water boil but it's merely a side-effect of her real power, Healing Hands, while Sakura's powers are not properly defined and mostly obscured by her fusing with an incomplete, prototype Demon God. Meanwhile, Makoto, having traveled between Earth and El-Hazard for a second time after recovering Ifurita, gains a second power, prophetic visions.
  • In A Special Kind of Magic, while Naofumi himself doesn't realize it, the sorcery he has been trained in not only gives him an advantage over the other heroes in terms of combat, but it essentially makes him an indomitable wild card when it comes to the internal politics of their world.
  • With This Ring: Upon waking up in universe 16, the protagonist finds that he's wearing the titular orange power ring, "the most powerful tool in the galaxy". Once he finds a way to recharge it, he quickly becomes the most powerful member of the Team, and later one of the most powerful individuals in the galaxy short of immortals like the Maltusians.

    Film — Animated 
  • One segment of Heavy Metal has a nerdy boy get transported to another world and turned into an muscle-bound adult.

    Film — Live-Action 

  • Am I Actually the Strongest?: After being reincarnated in another world, the protagonist was born with incredible magic power, and can use barriers for just about anything. Creating impenetrable barriers to bolster his defense is a given, but he can also move those barriers around, so he can launch them at enemies as an attack, or ride them in order to fly through the sky. He can create a barrier around himself that boosts his physical abilities, and he can create barriers around injured people in order to rapidly heal them. He can see and hear things from far away by connecting two barriers and sending one to a distant location, then using the other as a screen to view whatever's happening near the other one. He eventually figures out how to turn barriers into portals, effectively teleporting himself and others great distances in an instant. He has no talent for elemental magic, but between his creativity and the unbelievable level of his magic power, there isn't much he can't do anyway.
  • Another Worlds Zombie Apocalypse Is Not My Problem: Mizuha is transported into a world with an ongoing zombie apocalypse and is given the ability to cure the zombie virus by simply touching a person.
    • Mizuha later learns that one drop of her saliva can instantly purify an entire lake's worth of zombie-plague-corrupted water. This leads the populace to give her the rather unflattering (in Mizuha's opinion) nickname "Holy Priestess of Spit".
  • Double Subverted in Ascendance of a Bookworm. Myne originally awakens as a sickly commoner girl, so far down the totem pole she doesn't realize that magic even exists in her new world for at least a year. Later, she indeed discovers that she has magic, and a lot of it. But since commoners don't have access to the magic tools needed to bleed off said mana, or the education to use it, it's slowly killing her. It takes until the fifth volume of the story to finagle her way up the social ladder to the point her huge power reserves become a benefit instead of a curse.
  • Because There Were 100 Goddesses In Charge Of Reincarnation I Received 100 Cheat Skills: As the title implies, Toujou Karuna has one hundred of these "cheats". Full list here. Note that contrary to the title, many of these skills are merely skills, not "cheat" skills, explaining why some of his skills are low-powered and not a traditional example of Isekai cheat.
  • Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus: Skill Structure allows Nagi to do exactly that.
  • Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill: Mukohda is one of four heroes summoned from modern-day Japan to a Medieval European Fantasy world to defeat a powerful demon. While the other heroes gain a sacred sword or powerful magic, he instead has... online shopping, which leaves him disappointed, until he learns that it means he can have goods from Earth teleported to him in exchange for a relatively small amount of the other world's currency, and normal items from our world are considered precious luxuries in the other world. Mukohda's real "Isekai Cheat", however, turns out to be Fenrir, a monster stronger than all the warriors in a kingdom combined who forms a pact with Mukohda after smelling and tasting his cooking (AKA meat cooked in store-bought ready-made sauce), lending his powers to him in exchange for regular meals.
  • Chrysalis (RinoZ): Anthony doesn't have any specific extra skills, but having a human mind in a monster ant body puts him in a uniquely powerful position. Monsters are naturally stronger and more magical than non-monster races, but intelligent monsters are rare and generally have other limitations, eg demons are sapient, but are hardwired to be obsessed with different vices, like greed, or slaughter. The deep Dungeon contains a number of intelligent species, but they can't survive in the weak mana closer to the surface. Anthony doesn't have any of those drawbacks, leaving him free to munchkin the System as far as it allows. Furthermore, ants in particular are workaholic social insects with a firm belief in The Needs of the Many, so he has a colony full of fanatically loyal allies. And they're one of the few monster species capable of independently breeding (exponentially fast, in fact) instead of just waiting for random spawns from the Dungeon, so they can go in a matter of months from hundreds of ants to hundreds of thousands. It's a perfect storm of converging factors that set Anthony up for greatness; with a little bit of guidance from him, it doesn't take long for the Colony to become a new rising power in the world.
  • The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time: Vandalieu Zakkart possesses the unique Death Attribute magic and an immensely large mana pool that surpasses most Gods. He is odd in that he has also been inflicted with 3 curses that hinder him quite a bit.
  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody:
    • Initially, Satou possesses the three-time disposable skill "Meteor Shower" which allowed him to wipe out a whole map of enemies, including the Dragon God, and go from Level 1 to 310 in one shot. He then gets the upgraded version minutes later.
    • Arguably his even more useful ability, "Menu" allows him to immediately copy any ability anyone uses in his presence, including enemies, and also gain the resistance to any elemental attack or debuff used against him. He can master skills whenever he feels like it by spending some of the 3100 skill points he got from leveling up. For example, he can unlock a new language just by hearing a single word, and he can max it out immediately. Each skill has 10 levels of proficiency, with 1 being a beginner and 10 being God-level. A low-tier spell is mistaken for a high-tier one at level 10.
    • If they don't suffice, he also has three other abilities, "Unit Arrangement", "Unit Creation", and "Indestructible", giving him limited control over space, limited control over creation, and immortality.
  • The protagonist of Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life? died a burnout after living her entire life under her family's expectations of her as a Child Prodigy, so she asked that she be reincarnated as somebody totally average. However, the godlike being responsible for reincarnating her horribly misinterpreted her desire, so instead of being average by human standards, her physical and magical abilities were set halfway between the weakest and strongest of all sentient life in her new world, including dragons. As a result, Mile finds herself about 6,800 times stronger than a normal human, but still tries to live a normal life without standing out. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?: Both the teenage protagonist and his mother, being registered as beta testers, get to pick a powerful weapon to start their adventure with. The titular mother, though, gets to wield two and has a monstrous strength stat to deliver her two-hit-multi-target attacks. As other mother characters are introduced, it is implied that all participating mothers are given a perk that grants them outstanding power. It is also implied that somebody is sabotaging the game (which was designed to help mothers improve their relationship with their kids) by giving mothers even more overpowered bonus items that worsen their users' personality flaws.
  • Elcenia: Rhysel is originally already from a Magical Land and retains her Barashin kamai powers, letting her do things that are impossible by Elcenian standards.
  • Subverted in Everworld, where the cast is just as lost and powerless as you'd expect average high-schoolers to be when dragged into Another Dimension where All Myths Are True. The only things they have going for them are the ability to not go in blind (whenever they go to sleep in Everworld, their conscious mind snaps back to the original world, so they can look up whatever gods and culture they've run into) and because they were dragged in with all the possessions they had at the time, they're eventually able to make use of them (by trading the recipe for gunpowder in a chemistry book or by using a CD player as a marketing gimmick to convince merchants to invest in a telegraph). Senna also takes heed that modern technology still works, and drags a bunch of white supremacists with guns to Everworld as her personal army for the finale.
  • A major plot point in The Executioner and Her Way of Life is that basically all people summoned to the world of the series gain some kind of phenomenal power, but one that drives them mad and causes them to lose their memories the more they use them, typically culminating in a Loss of Identity and the destruction of an entire town at the bare minimum. For that reason, they're typically summoned for use as weapons by less savory groups looking to have a Person of Mass Destruction on their side, and the Corrupt Church has an organization of assassins tasked to hunt these people down upon their summon and kill them before they can do too much damage. The plot of the series kicks off because the main character, one of these assassins, finds someone with a gift that makes her impossible to kill normally.
  • Downplayed in The Faraway Paladin. Thanks to his adoptive parents, Will is incredibly strong, fast, and tough, as well as skilled at using both the Words of Creation and benedictions. But none of these skills are exclusive to him, he just had the benefit of having great teachers.
  • Farming Life In Another World: The deity who reincarnates the protagonist into a new world grants him a wish before he goes — and then ups it to four wishes because his requests are so modest. In order, he gets Ideal Illness Immunity, a peaceful place to live, fluency in the local language, and to live as a farmer. The deity even throws in a magical all-purpose farming tool.
  • Gate: While the main characters from Earth aren't overpowered in and of themselves, the entire point of the series is to show the Japanese Self-Defense Forces curbstomping a civilization with Roman Empire-levels of warfare. In short, their "cheat abilities" are assault rifles, missiles, tanks, aircraft, and modern combined-arms tactics.
  • The protagonist of Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World was given a lot of perks to choose from. Through persistence rerolling his "character" back when he thought it was just going to be a video game, he was able to get the RNG to give him 99 out of a possible 100 "bonus points" that he could allocate toward customizing his "character" with bonus stats, skills, spells, and starting equipment. One of the most important perks he chose was "Character Reset", which lets him go back to his character settings at any time and reallocate his bonus points, so he can optimize his build for different situations, depending on whether his immediate goal is leveling up faster, killing dangerous enemies, maximizing drops from dungeon monsters, or getting the best deal from merchants. Among the perks he's found most useful:
    • The holy sword Durandall, which costs more than half of his bonus points, is his best-possible starting weapon, but by that world's standard, it's basically an Infinity +1 Sword. Whereas a weapon with one skill is valuable and a weapon with two skills is shockingly rare, Durandall has four skills, including 5x damage, Life Drain, Mana Drain, and canceling the incantations of enemy spellcasters.
    • Price Negotiation lets him buy from merchants at a 30% discount, or sell goods to merchants for 30% more money. It seems to work by subtly influencing the merchant's mind so they either come up with some justification for doing him a favor, or just mess up the math without noticing. It doesn't seem to have an upper limit, even working on huge transactions like buying slaves or houses.
    • Appraisal lets him instantly identify a person's name, age, class, level, and equipment. Being able to tell at a glance if a person is a thief or bandit is very handy. Knowing their level before seeing them fight helps him decide how wary he should be of them, and it's eventually revealed that most people in this world don't even have a way to measure their own levels.
    • Warp is a bonus spell that lets him travel anywhere he's been before. People in the new world can learn similar skills, but Warp is better in several respects. Michio doesn't need to be a specific class to use it. It can be used in combat. It functions both inside and outside of dungeons, and can be used to enter or exit dungeons. It can even be used to enter buildings made with "shield cement", a special material that's specifically intended to prevent people from using transfer magic.
    • By stacking perks that speed up the rate at which he gains experience and lower the amount of experience necessary to level up, it takes him days to achieve what would take normal people years. And he can share these perks with party members, too.
  • How Not to Summon a Demon Lord: Diablo possesses his MMORPG Cross Reverie's avatar granting him all of its abilities including his counter-stop level 150. He leveled up his avatar in a video game where Death is Cheap, whereas the fantasy world he's summoned into doesn't have resurrection, so although it's theoretically possible for adventurers to get close to Diablo's level, it's extremely unlikely in practice since you'd have to defeat increasingly dangerous enemies regularly for years without dying once.
    • He also has an assortment of top-tier equipment, most importantly The Demon Lord's Ring, a drop from defeating the Demon Lord of the Brain, Enkvalos, which takes pretty much any magic cast on him and automatically reflects it back at the caster.
  • The protagonist of Now I'm a Demon Lord! Happily Ever After with Monster Girls in My Dungeon dies and gets another chance at life in a fantasy world when a newborn sentient dungeon chooses him to be its master. If the dungeon's core is destroyed, he'll die too, but he receives various perks to help him defend it. He's reincarnated as a demon lord with an incredibly powerful body that will never grow old and doesn't need to eat, but he can still pass himself off as an unremarkable-looking human. He also has various ways of accumulating Dungeon Points, which can be spent on all sorts of things, like expanding the dungeon, installing traps, summoning monsters, learning new skills, or creating all kinds of items, including weapons, potions, equipment, furniture, games, and food. That last one turns out to be unexpectedly powerful when he encounters an ancient dragon with a sweet tooth who agrees to become his ally in exchange for delicious Earth snacks like chocolate, cookies, and donuts.
  • Isekai Cheat Magician gleefully embraces this trope from its title and premise, having its two main characters being transported into a fantasy world with incredible magical abilities.
  • Isekai ni Otosareta... Jouka wa Kihon!:
    • Providing these bonuses is one of the features the hero's gift bestows upon the heroes when they are summoned to another world, granting them much greater physical abilities and magical power than they originally started with.
    • Those that are summoned from another world don't necessarily have to conform to the physical laws of the new world. This is why Akira is able to wield powerful magic, despite the fact that the new world he was summoned into has weak magical power. As he does not need to draw his magic from the world, his magic is not affected.
  • I Shall Survive Using Potions!:
    • The protagonist has the ability to create potions with any effect she can think of, an ability she munchkins ruthlessly. The ability also lets her instantly create potion containers, which she later realizes allows her to conjure up just about anything (expensive jewelry, unbreakable swords, and even a chariot) so long as it contains a compartment holding a potion.
    • The goddess who reincarnated the protagonist also gave her other minor perks that turned out to have unexpected consequences. She was made fluent in all the spoken and written languages of her new world, which even allowed her to communicate with animals. Also, she was originally 22 when she died, and she asked to be reincarnated into the body she had when she was 15, but after a few years, she discovers the goddess interpreted that request in such a way that the protagonist now has eternal youth.
  • In In Another World with My Smartphone, the protagonist Touya gains blessings upon being brought back to life in another world. Two of them are the ability to use magic and his smartphone still being functional in the other world. These are gifts of "God" who really wished to make up for accidentally killing the Touya back on Earth.
    • From the gift to use magic, Touya can use all known seven elements of magic, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness, and Null. For the locals, it is more common to have just two elemental affinities. Three is rarer, and six is totally unheard of. With all affinities, Touya can equip a coat that reduced damage only for magical attacks that are the same element as the wearer's affinities, but doubles damage for attacks from elements the wearer doesn't have affinities for. But more importantly, he is able to gain access and inherit Babylon, an advanced floating magitek facility built five thousand years ago and divided into nine pieces, as only a person with all affinities can activate the teleportation gates needed to enter. As it turns out, Regina Babylon, who also had all seven affinities, had foreseen Touya's arrival and built Babylon just for him. She'd even copied her consciousness into a gynoid so she'd be able to work with him in the future.
    • Also from his magical gift, Touya can use any Null magic spell and combine their effects, an impossible feat since the spells that make up Null magic are for the most part exclusive to their creators. And that's not even counting the fact that humans can have at most two Null spells in their repertoire. The more magically-inclined fairies can have only up to five. This means Touya can do all sorts of things like create teleportation portals to any place he has memories of, remove ailments like blindness and poison, reshape a shard of a dragon's fang into a modern-day gun, etc...
    • Touya's request to "God" was that he would be able to bring and use his smartphone in the fantasy world. So not only does "God" make it that he is able to recharge his phone with magic, but that the phone will be useful on Touya's adventures. While he can no longer contact anyone on Earth, Touya can still visit websites on Earth, good for looking up information of technology he wants to create and give to his allies. The phone map application has been changed to provide maps of the fantasy world and can be used to extend the range of his magic. And that's not even mentioning that the phone has a direct line with "God".
  • The premise of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level is that the protagonist worked herself to death as an Office Lady and was granted her wish of immortal youth as a witch in a standard RPG Mechanics 'Verse. The overpowered aspect comes from the fact that she inadvertently became the most powerful woman in the world by killing Slimes for pocket money.
  • A much older example, John Carter of Mars has Super-Strength on Mars, which the book explains is because he's accustomed to the higher gravity of his home planet Earth.
  • JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World features two transported Japanese characters—the titular Haru and the nerdy Chiba. Chiba was given strength and a higher skill ceiling, letting him walk the path of an adventurer, but his ego and laziness keep him from truly using it to the best of his abilities. Haru, by contrast, has the greatest cheat of all; she can gain experience from any person she has sex with, and given that she's slept with other seasoned adventurers and the Demon Lord and God themselves, she's immensely powerful and knows it. She just doesn't properly use this accumulated strength until after the death of a close friend.
  • KonoSuba:
    • Aqua, the current Goddess in charge of reincarnation, has been granting these perks to various Japanese individuals to aid them on the quest to save her world from the demon lord. One such example is Kyouya Mitsurugi and his legendary sword. When the protagonist Kazuma is looking through his options, Aqua gets on his nerves so badly that he chooses Aqua herself as his "reincarnation perk", to mixed results, since she's a crybaby wimp with absolutely no combat experience, although she does have god-level powers. She just sucks at using them.
    • It could also be argued that Kazuma's real "reincarnation perk" is simply common sense, which the series repeatedly demonstrates is in frighteningly short supply in the fantasy world, as seen by the likes of Wiznote  and Meguminnote . It speaks volumes that Kazuma is a greedy, selfish jerk and yet is still the most level-headed person for miles.
  • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: Yuna is given an extremely powerful bear onesie with bear puppets on her hands, which give her more power than the average character.
  • Log Horizon has the perks of simply being an Adventurer. Gaining experience at four times the rate as a native of the world, coupled with the ability to come back after death with only a small experience penalty. In addition, Adventurers summoned from Earth arrive in the bodies of their video game avatars, the majority of which are at high levels already, since the MMORPG in question has been running for twenty years by the time the mass-summoning happens. What makes this series unusual is that these perks apply to hundreds of thousands of former Players, rather than it being unique to the protagonist.
  • In No Game No Life, Sora and Shiro are NEETs who are summoned to Disboard, a world where all conflict is resolved through games. Thankfully for them, the duo are experts at all sorts of games, allowing them to quickly rise in the world. They view chess as easy as Tic-Tac-Toe, having memorized 10^120 chess states.
  • The Ordeals Of Regional Knight Hans is about the titular Hans, a knight in charge of a backwater town in a Medieval European Fantasy who has to deal with multiple people with stupidly overpowered abilities and New Powers as the Plot Demands (all of whom are from Japan for some reason) and get them to stop drawing the attention of the large countries who would be very glad to weaponize these new arrivals (whose skills range from The Beastmaster who can convert entire villages of beastmen to his cause, the Pint-Sized Powerhouse who's basically The Hulk as a ten-year-old girl, etc.).
  • Overlord (2012): Ainz Ooal Gown reincarnates in his YGGDRASIL VRMMORPG avatar. He has level 100, unique classes, all of his similarly powerful comrades equipment, their guild base (one of the strongest guilds in-game) is an entire army including 8 other level 100 servants; with absolute authority over all.
  • In Parallel World Pharmacy, Falma is granted the Mark of the Medicine God upon his reincarnation. As a result, he has a nearly inexhaustible supply of Divine Power that is normally limited in one's lifespan, the ability to create anything he knows the chemical composition of or destroy it, as well as "Divine Sight" that allows him to quickly diagnose any illness, substituting for complicated machinery like X-rays, CT and MRI scans. Falma himself lampshades how incredibly overpowered these abilities are, especially in a society that completely lacks any of these things.
  • Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!: Takahiro Satou arrives in a Space Opera world as his own tricked-out Player Character from his favorite Elite Dangerous clone, "Captain Hiro". His actual fighting skills are a result of his gaming experience, though.
  • Every Paragon is gifted with unique abilities tied to their individual Paragon natures in Resurrection Life, but in addition to this they also age more slowly than those around them, gain massive mana reserves, and their physical afflictions like poor eyesight are healed thanks to being in the "flow" of a new reality.
  • Return of the Runebound Professor: When Noah was about to be reincarnated, a demonic figure attacked the goddess of reincarnation, and Noah inadvertently absorbed a very special Master Rune, "Sunder", from him. The Rune expands his soul's magic capacity and grants him unusual abilities. Its passive effect binds his soul to the gourd where he revives if killed. Its active effect lets him split things apart — including monsters, people, and even runes.
  • In The Rising of the Shield Hero, four "heroes", including Naofumi, the protagonist, are summoned to a RPG Mechanics 'Verse and assigned a legendary weapon. This weapon cannot be removed, and the heroes are not allowed to wield any other weapon, but the legendary weapons can absorb different materials (such as those obtained from defeated monsters) to unlock various transformations with different abilities. Naofumi, being the Shield Hero, becomes an extreme Stone Wall who is practically immune to damage from weaker foes, and can use his shield to protect himself against attacks from stronger ones, at the downside of having pitiful damage (it takes him several minutes to defeat a single Balloon monster) while others can one-shot them. At first, he compensates for this weakness by relying on his teammates for offense while he focuses on protecting them. He soon obtains a second Isekai Cheat that propels him above the other heroes: the Curse Series, special shields that offer immense power at the price of causing him to be overwhelmed by his emotions and risking losing control.
  • Saintess Summons Skeletons takes place in a fantasy world where the gods can endow chosen people with a portion of their divine power, turning them into saints who can summon people from other worlds to become heroes. Upon arrival, three hero's blessings are picked at random and the hero is given the descriptions and gets to choose the one they'll keep.
  • Sword Art Online: Kirito's hugely boosted stats in the VR game are explained by his having been a beta-tester for the game, in effect getting a head start compared to other players thanks to having prior knowledge of the first several floors (though he wasn't alone in this advantage and it comes as a nasty shock that several things were changed after the beta and before the full release). The ALO and GGO arcs also has Kirito discovering that the developers used the same engine as Sword Arts Online for their games and his avatar's insane power level carries with him as an unexpected Old Save Bonus, which comes in handy since he's out of his depth in mastering the different mechanics such as flying and magic in ALO or the gun-based combat of GGO.
  • The Saga of Tanya the Evil: Tanya is an obscenely powerful mage and the only one able to use an equally obscenely powerful Super Prototype magical focus due to a divine blessing. Her/his 21st century knowledge is another powerful cheat in a world undergoing a rough equivalent of World War I. Compared to the standard, Tanya's vision of warfare is very clean and efficient, if rather soulless. Most of this is because of Being X wanting to put Tanya through dire straights in order to awaken faith in it; and planned on causing a World War in order to force Tanya onto the frontlines in order to have her start praying to him.
  • Revealed as a plot-point near the end of Saikyou Juzoku Tensei. After his death, The Protagonist's soul was pulled away from the cycle of Reincarnation, without it getting purified of its personality and Past-Life Memories, into the new world where he reincarnates as a newborn baby. This ended up granting him an incredible amount of magic and the capacity to hold it in his human body, and his magic grew unlike any human in the new world could as he trained and studied, all because he was a soul from another world.
  • In So I'm a Spider, So What?, the whole class of reincarnated students (plus their teacher!) was each given a special skill that gives them Level-Up Fill-Up, a unique skill suited to their personality and a metric truckload of starting Skill Points to spend upon their birth in the new world. These unique skills include such things as being able to create weapons out of thin air, create shadow clones or just being very lucky. Oddly enough however, the protagonist herself is a severely downplayed example: she has a very small amount of starting Skill Points (the smallest of any of the reincarnated students, in fact) and her "unique" skill is simply the upgraded version of a speed increasing ability, one that anybody could acquire with enough effort, albeit one that proves responsible for saving her life several times early on. To add insult to injury, while some of the other students got to be reborn into notable families (including royalty), the protagonist was reincarnated as the weakest spider monster in the middle of the most dangerous dungeon in the planet! This disparity only endears her to the readers even more, however, as the protagonist becomes the most powerful of the reincarnators while they're all babies through sheer hard work, stubbornness and determination, all while the charming spider tries to be upbeat about it.
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime:
    • Rimuru Tempest has Predator, allowing him to copy the abilities and transform into any creature he eats, Great Sage, a nigh-omniscient guide that can tell him almost anything about the world, Pain Nullification, which allows him to Feel No Pain, and the ability to No-Sell most types of attacks (including ice, fire, and piercing attacks). And he is a Slime, so he can regenerate his body and doesn't need sleep, food, water, or even air to survive. All were acquired when the world interpreted his dying thoughts as him desiring these abilities, completely without his realization until after the fact. On top of this, he first appears in a cave filled with magical plants: by eating all of them, he absorbs a tremendous amount of Magicules, granting him a nearly-bottomless supply of magical energy as well as the ability to craft large amounts of extremely powerful healing potions. Towards the end of the series, he gains the ability to access any point in Space-Time without causing a paradox threatening his own existence. He gets so many cheats later that his cheat skills begin to develop cheat skills.
    • People from Earth (and other alternate Earths!) getting transported to the other world is actually a common occurrence, though Rimuru's method of getting there by dying and coming back as a different species is an unusual case. People from our world get a huge magical power boost whether they ended up there by chance or by being summoned, though those who were summoned are not as powerful as the former, and those who were summoned as children are unable to properly use their powers and die unless they bond with a strong spirit to help them control their powers.
  • Another much older example, in Three Hearts and Three Lions the protagonist Holga gains abilities and equipment now commonly associated with a Paladin: the innate ability to fight expertly with a sword, the ability to invoke minor divine powers, armor, a sword, and a Cool Horse. However, his most consistently useful feature ends up being his entirely average 20th century education.
  • Torture Princess: Fremd Torturchen: Kaito Sena's bonus is a result of the process that title character Elisabeth Le Fanu used to reincarnate him. She binds his soul to a golem body crafted out of clay and her own blood, which gives him a Healing Factor similar to her own: as long as he doesn't lose too much blood, he can recover from just about any injury that isn't immediately fatal.
  • Tree of Aeons: Matt essentially gets two bonuses, with excellent synergy. He was reincarnated at the same time as a batch of heroes, so he is able to collect soul fragments every time a hero dies, despite not having the [hero] class himself. And as a tree, he is The Ageless, allowing him to gather dozens of fragments over the years as the heroes come and go. It turns out that the fragments are experience boosters, allowing him to level up dramatically faster than usual, and they also give offensive and defensive bonuses against demons. By the time he emerges onto the world stage, he's well on his way toward demigod status.
  • Warlock Of The Magus World: Leylin Farlier has the A.I chip, basically a super-computer with absurd level of processing capability. Born from the A.I chip he had in life as a scientist fusing with his soul during his reincarnation in a Million to One Chance chance in a world where knowledge equals power, he becomes Master of All and is easily becomes The Ace in 600 years compared to the eons spent by others.
  • A Wild Last Boss Appeared!: The main character reincarnates as his character Lufasu, who was the unofficial Final Boss of the MMO he played obsessively. As the story progresses, it's implied Lufasu was reincarnated into his body back on Earth first.
  • Shin of Wise Man's Grandchild died in an accident and was reincarnated in a new world where he was adopted as the grandson of legendary magic user Merlin, but by the time he enrolls in the magic academy, he is already more powerful than Merlin due to his memories of physics from his old world making him amazing at casting spells, but unfortunately his grandfather forgot to teach him social skills or anything about the world.
  • Parodied in Woof Woof Story; the protagonist doesn't ask for anything magic (he just wants to be a lazy, well-fed housepet) but the goddess gives it to him anyway, because everyone before him asked for something cool and she doesn't want to be unfair. Given that his goal is to live a quiet life, being reincarnated as a giant wolf monster that can shoot lasers out of its mouth is actually pretty inconvenient.
  • In World Customize Creator, the protagonist asks for the power to customize anything he wants, because he had been trying to upgrade his equipment in a video game right before he got summoned to a fantasy world. The power he receives allows him to customize items to different degrees depending on the rarity/quality of the starting material. Not only can he change stuff like color, shape, sharpness, and durability, he can also apply powerful magical effects, like a sword that can be swung faster despite weighing the same amount, a bow that shoots arrows with amazing accuracy, rings that neutralize poison, or armor that automatically restores health and stamina. He can improve the flavor of food, and improve the efficacy of potions. He can make walls and pitfall traps instantly appear out of nowhere. He can take a huge pile of construction materials and assemble it into a fully functional fortress in minutes when it might take a year to construct normally. Combining his unique ability and limited mechanical knowledge, he's eventually able to create cars powered by magic instead of gas or electricity.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Galidor: The protagonist Nick Bluetooth and his best friend Allegra travel to a series of other worlds called The Outer Dimension. The inhabitants of the Outer Dimension possess a power called glinching that allows them to swap body parts with each other. After arriving, Nick discovers that he has a much more powerful version of glinching that doesn't require a partner, allowing him to transform his arms and legs into objects he has previously seen, including weapons and the body parts of other creatures. It turns out he possesses this power due to being a half-human, half-Galidorian, which gives him a uniquely stable body that can hold an enormous amount of glinch energy. Allegra doesn't get any powers, but makes up for it with her martial arts skills.


    Video Games 
  • Downplayed in Rakenzarn Tales. The protagonist gets a unique class called Arxus Rogue, which allows him to learn any skill or magic spell, as well as equip any weapon or armor. What makes it downplayed is that this class is technically available to anyone in Rakenzarn if they're willing to put in the time and effort to learn it and they still have to start at Level 1 like any RPG protagonist.

    Web Original 
  • Although I Am Only Level 1, but with This Unique Skill, I Am the Strongest: Satou Ryouta has S-grade in all Monster Drop skills, allowing him to obtain items from defeating monsters to raise his stat.
  • Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover: Kirishima Ran can use Underling Training to mind control women.
  • Himekishi ga Classmate! ~ Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem~: Odamori Tooru has Slavemancer, a Cheat class that can control the minds of others.
  • HP 9999999999: Azora Yuuto, reincarnated as the High King who rules over the demon race, has 9999999999 HP, 9,999,999,999 MP, 99,999 ATK, 99,999 DEF and so many skills the display glitched out.
  • I Got a Cheat and Moved to Another World, so I Want to Live as I Like: Satou Tarou received healing magic and the knowledge to produce potions from a God-like existence.
  • I Have Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can't Seem to Get out of Being Jobless: Ichinosuke's advanced growth rate (a combination of "gains 20x normal XP" and "needs 1/20th the XP to level"), allows him to develop 400 times normal. This combines with his retaining the default "Jobless" job, which levels impossibly slowly (for anyone else), but is broken due to the goddesses involved not expecting anyone to ever keep it.
  • I Made a Slave Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World: Miura Ryouta has "Absolute Charm" allowing him to make any women fall in lust with him.
  • Instant Death: Yogiri Takatou can induce Instant Death. Partially subverted because it is revealed that he had already that power in his original world (which is apparently Earth). He was also hosted - or "contained" - by a sort of SCP Foundation. However, he is a gentle and very quiet guy. His power does not appear on the "statistics" of the world he was summoned to, so he is seen as easy prey but, whatever tries to kill him dies automatically.
  • Isekai Cheat Survival Meshi: Kazusa Yuu obtains the abilities of monsters he eats. He also has a supernatural sense that lets him detect whether something is unsafe to eat.
  • Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Haremu ken: Yuki Kakeru posses an ability that increases his overall ability and growth rate 777 times.
  • Level Up Just By Eating: By eating anything, Kehma is able to gain and experience points and skills as well as level them up.
  • Living in this World with Cut & Paste: Myne possesses Appraisal Complete and Cut & Paste, allowing him to view the skills of others, remove it and add it either to himself or anyone/anything else.
  • Loner Life in Another World: Haruka, an extremely introverted literature nerd, sees the summoning circle under his class and does his best to escape the classroom full of idiots and weirdos before it fires off. This causes him to be late for the summoning, and unfortunately all the bonuses were first come, first serve — and his classmates took all the cheat abilities! Out of pity, the god gives him all of the remaining bonuses, including a bunch of incredibly weird ones like "Loner" and "Corporate Communications." The catch being that they're all cheat abilities, even if they're weird.
  • Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World: Nagato Kazuya can summon living soldiers and military vehicles and technology.
  • Picked up a Demon King to be a Maid: Lin Xiao can get stronger and rise in rank through simply sleeping.
  • In the Quest Den story Shards, you gain karma by causing change in your life (good or evil matters little, but creating and teaching tend to have far-reaching effects, good for karma) and can spend it on improving your next life. Thus Chi starts her new life with a naturally fit body and unnatural mental prowess (Eidetic Memory strong enough to delay-read an entire book, her previous life's memories and mental superpower "Understanding"...)
  • Skill Takers World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch: Yuuto Konoe's Ability Looting (Skill Taker) allows him to steal the skills of others, born from his martial arts style of copying other style's techniques he practiced in life.
  • Using Gacha to Increase My Companions and to Create the Strongest Girls Army Corps: Girl Corps, the game Heihachi Okura was playing, became real in another world, allowing him to summon the characters.

    Western Animation 
  • Bravestarr: In the Poorly Disguised Pilot two-parter "Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century", Holmes gains the ability to shoot electricity from his hands after arriving in the 23rd century.
  • In Captain N: The Game Master, Kevin gains his powers in the form of the Zapper and (incorrectly named) Power Pad (an NES controller). The Zapper was his primary offense, while the controller had movement options: Left or Right on the D-Pad let him Flash Step in that direction, the buttons let him super jump, and the Select button (again, incorrectly) let him Pause the world for a time.
  • Centaurworld is about an ordinary war horse from a Dark Fantasy world getting transported to a Sugar Bowl world populated by centaurs. Her bonus is that upon arrival she discovers she can now talk. She is at a disadvantage because she can't do magic like the centaurs can, at least at first, but she makes up for this with her courage and knowledge of war, which are things the centaurs lack. This ends up being why she decides to stay in Centaurworld at the end of the first season, so that she can help prepare Centaurworld for war with the Nowhere King.. During the second season she finds out that she has the ability to use a very rare form of magic that lets her jump into people's minds, which also leaves them paralyzed while she is inside them.

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