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In general, conflict requires the heroes to be on the defensive, and have the possibility of losing. Video Games also require a challenge, for the game to be fun. Some characters, however don't have any challenge at all. This can easily derail the story, and remove any drama. Tropes Are Not Bad, however. A powerful villain gives the heroes a credible threat, and a powerful hero can be fun to watch. Just don't overdo it.

It should be noted however, that overpowered characters doesn't necessarily mean that they are boring, as they can have their overall weaknesses in terms of their powers and abilities, personality, and among other things. An example of an overpowered character with weaknesses is Kal-El/Superman from DC Comics. He may have an incredible amount of powerful abilities, but in truth, he still has plenty of weaknesses to his powers and abilities according to his physiological stature as a Kryptonian. For instance, he is susceptible to not only psionics, chi and magic, but the most prominent one of all is kryptonite.

Contrast Weakness Tropes, Power at a Price and This Index Is Useless. See Power Tropes for general information about powers. See also How to Stop the Deus ex Machina.

Not to Be Confused with Overdosed Tropes.