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Pity Gandalf isn't in his White version, as the Snow White jokes would write themselves.

"Oh hello, it seems you're forming a fellowship for a noble quest. Well, you can't have one of those without a wizard now, can you?"
The Shame Wizard, Human Resources

The Token Wizard (alternatively called the Token Witch, the Token Magician, Token Mage, etc.) stands out among their Super Team as being the only member of the team in-touch with the supernatural in one form or another. It is handy to have someone with deep knowledge on magic, demonic possession and mythical creatures when a team is facing up against such a threat out of the blue.

As magic is an art that requires less actual fighting and more concentration and scholarly wit, these spellcasters usually act as a Support Party Member, casting Status Buffs on their allies and status ailments on their foes. If the Token Wizards all quit and form their own group, then this makes them a Supernatural Team.

Sub-Trope of Fighter, Mage, Thief, Physical, Mystical, Technological and Token Super. Compare to Court Mage and Military Mage. Contrast Badass Normal and The Team Normal. See also Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards, Magical Girlfriend and The Smart Guy. Not to be confused with Ethnic Magician, though they do overlap.



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    Anime & Manga 

    Asian Animation 
  • In Happy Heroes, any time Huo Haha is working alongside the villains Big M. and Little M., he's the only wizard in the group.

    Comic Books 
  • DC Comics:
    • Zatanna often serves as this for the Justice League of America, being the most consistent spellcaster and magic expert in the team. While Wonder Woman and Aquaman have some understanding of magic due to their origins and powers, neither of them actually specialize in sorcery like Zatanna. Wonder Woman serves this role when Zatanna isn't around as she is the most associated with magic after her.
    • Manitou Raven, Jason Blood, and John Constantine have also served this role for the Justice League.
    • Raven is usually the Token Wizard of the Teen Titans, with the only other spellcasters being Tempest and Omen, and neither started out as having magic.
    • June Moone aka The Enchantress has served this role on the Suicide Squad thanks to her being the only one with knowledge of spellcasting. However, her tendency to get Drunk On Power meant that she wasn't always reliable (Amanda Waller later said she hates working with sorcerers for this reason). When she joined Shadowpact she was technically this as while the other members had abilities of magical origin, she was the only one who was actually a spellcaster.
  • Marvel Comics:
    • Billy Kaplan (aka Wiccan) in the first run of Young Avengers. In a team with Badass Normal Kate, Super Soldier Eli, heavy-hitter Shapeshifter Teddy, Sizeshifter Cassie, speedster Tommy, and robot Jonas, Billy is the only spellcaster, owing to his being the "son" of the Scarlet Witch.
    • Scarlet Witch herself is this for The Avengers. Whether Wanda's powers are purely magical or a mutant power that can be attuned to magic (it changes Depending on the Writer), she is the Avengers' longest-serving spellcaster.
    • During Wanda's disappearance after House of M, Doctor Strange served this role for the Avengers.
    • Not counting the Scarlet Witch whose history with magic is complicated, the first "proper" sorcerer to join the Avengers was Dr. Druid.
    • Nico Minoru of the Runaways. Karolina is an alien with a Flying Firepower powerset, Alex, Chase, and Gert don't have powers, and Molly is a mutant with Super Strength. Meanwhile, Nico wields the Minoru family's Staff of One, which allows her to cast any spell she can think of once. She's also this of the second iteration, where Alex and Gert by then are killed and replaced with the Cyborg Victor, the Skrull Xavin, and the Green Thumb Klara.
    • Magik was this for the New Mutants and presently serves this role for the X-Men. Other spellcasters associated with the team include Amanda Sefton,note  Forge,note  and Pixie.note 
    • Temporarily invoked when the teenage original X-Men spent time in the present day, and Beast took up sorcery to complement his scientific knowledge. He even had a demonic, grey-furred, horned "Beast" form that he involuntarily turned into whenever he used magic.
    • Shaman serves this role for Alpha Flight, though unlike most examples of this trope, he isn't the only one on the team with magic-based powers.
  • Alexandra Cabot from Josie and the Pussycats is not only the Token Evil Teammate of the group, but also wields witchcraft powers, though somewhat less powerful than those of printmate Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Whether Alexandra needs her Team Pet familiar Sebastian to cast spells, or whether her brother, Alexander, is aware of her powers or not is Depending on the Writer. Generally, when Alexandra tries to embarrass or humiliate Josie, or acts as a Josie x Alan Shipping Torpedo, her spells result in Laser-Guided Karma; whenever Alexandra uses her powers to benefit her friends or to thwart the villain of that chapter, her effectiveness is much improved.
  • In the America's Best Comics universe, William "Bill" Woolcott/Promethea and Splash Brannigan are the only known magical science-heroes in the Super Team America's Best, the former being a Legacy of the Chosen and the later being a person composed of magic ink.

    Fan Works 
  • While all four heroes qualify as Magic Knights, Naofumi in A Special Kind Of Magic by virtue of being a sorcerer's apprentice is this to the team as a whole.
  • In the Ed, Edd n Eddy Assassin AU, Rolf's weapon of choice is magic—specifically Haitian and West African Vodun (a nice aversion of the Hollywood Voodoo trope). This stands in contrast to the rest of the cast, who use ordinary weapons like guns, swords, explosives, needles and poison.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Among the original line-up of the Avengers, Thor Odinson is the most different among them as being the only one among them associated with magic. In his case, he is a Sufficiently Advanced Alien from a culture that harnesses magical energies. With the help of his hammer Mjölnir, he has the power of flight and command over the weather, and was even able to temporarily connect with the Odinforce. Combined with his Asgardian physiology, he is an incredibly powerful Magic Knight (with emphasis on "knight")
    • In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange fills this role when he, Tony Stark/Iron Man and Peter Parker/Spider-Man are abducted by Ebony Maw. This continues when they are joined by Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis, being the only one among them proficient in magic.
    • Word of God claims that Ebony Maw is also a wizard, making him the only known magic-user to the Children of Thanos and Evil Counterpart to Doctor Strange.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Legends of Tomorrow: Invoked. In Season four, the team has to deal with accidentally releasing numerous magical threats that have long since been locked away for being too dangerous. Whilst having dealt with magic users in the past and had (one current, one former) members who derived their power from magic, it quickly becomes clear that they are hopelessly out of their depth. So Sara turns to her old friend John Constantine, a professional warlock and expert in magical problems.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • The Defenders: Downplayed with Danny Rand. He's not an out-and-out spellcaster, but he's the only one in the group whose powers are magic-based, having Supernatural Martial Arts abilities whereas Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage received their powers from scientific sources. He is also the most knowledgeable of the Hand and their sorcery.
    • Runaways (2017): Not only is Nico the token wizard among the kids like in the comics (though it took until Season 3 for her to fully embrace her magic), but her mother Tina is the token witch among PRIDE, as her husband and Nico's father Robert is just a normal human in the show.
  • While the Ninja Turtles are all regular ninjas adept in martial arts, Venus De Milo from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation is a shinobi. While in Real Life, "shinobi" is just another word for "ninja", here this means she can manipulate chi to cast spells. That's not to say that she's a Squishy Wizard, as she is capable of fighting hand-to-hand when either her magic fails or is unnecessary.
  • In Penny Dreadful, Vanessa is not the only supernatural member of the main cast (Dorian is immortal, while Ethan is a werewolf), but she is the only one to purposefully make use of her magical abilities and knowledge.

    Video Games 
  • Spyro the Dragon:
  • Downplayed in the case of Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts. Goofy uses a shield, meaning he is adept at both offense and defense and is all-around the physical fighter of the trio. Sora is a Jack of All Stats, his keyblade acting as a sword, a blunt weapon, a magic wand and an object that could be used to block attacks, being an unbreakable Cool Sword. Donald Duck on the other hand is the most adept at magic, most useful as both a teammate to use Limit commands and as a White Mage to heal his teammates. This is to be expected from Disney Castle's official Royal Magician.
  • Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising has Jonah Orion, a Blood Ravens Librarian. Of course, in this case, "wizard" means "seven-foot-tall gene-engineered killing machine in Power Armor who happens to use Warp magic".
  • Sly Cooper:
    • Mz. Ruby from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is the "Chief Mystic" of the Fiendish Five, a team of international super-criminals. Mz. Ruby was born into a family of mystics and uses Hollywood Voodoo to commit crimes against "man and nature."
    • The Guru in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves joins the Cooper Gang after they drive out the miners and stop the Mask of Dark Earth and become their primary mystic member, his mastery in the Dreamtime allowing him to the control the minds of others and even bridge the minds between people. Bentley even refers to him as "Telekinetics" in their heist on Kaine Island.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • While all three of the teens in Trollhunters possess magical weaponry — Toby possessing a Lethal Joke Item War-Hammer and Jim possessing the Amulet of Daylight with a Cool Sword and Instant Armor — Claire acts as the closest thing to a combative magic-user (before they find Merlin) the trollhunters possess. Her weapon is a magic staff that can summon shadow portals that she nicked off of Angor Rot, and after she manages to regain control of her body from Morgana, she ends up learning a spell that allows her to call the staff to her on command.
  • In Ben 10, Gwen Tennyson was originally only acting as support to Ben's full-on muscle given to him by the omnitrix. After they manage to defeat Charmcaster, Gwen manages to get ahold of her spell-book, Gwen becoming proficient in the mystic arts. It is later revealed in Ben 10: Alien Force that the reason why she is so proficient in magic is that she is part Anodite, an alien species made-up of and is highly proficient in the use of Mana.
  • Dr. Byron Orpheus from The Venture Bros. is an all-powerful necromancer and wizard. The world established is a Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink filled with super-scientists, superheroes and supervillains born from sci-fi shenanigans. This makes Dr. Orpheus the only magical ally of Team Venture (which is predominantly science-based), eventually joining a Supernatural Team composed of his old friends.
  • Teen Titans:
    • Raven is a member of the titular team and is the only member that has powers that is explicitly magical in nature, with Starfire being born with her powers naturally, Cyborg having gained his abilities through cybernetic augmentation and Beast Boy through genetic experimentation. Aside from essentially being The Antichrist with an all-powerful demon father, she is also expert in a variety of magics, possessing tomes and eldritch knowledge that the rest of the team lacks.
    • Jinx is often referred to as a "sorceress", implying that her powers of probability are magical in origin. This makes her the only member of the Hive with explicitly magical abilities.
  • In The Magic Roundabout, Zebedee is the only main character who can do magic. One episode reveals that fairies exist, but they're still not part of the main team.
  • Arthur: Nadine is the only character who can do magic, justified because she's an Imaginary Friend. Prunella and Rubella sometimes try to do psychic things, but aren't actually psychic.
  • The Loud House: Zigzagged for Lucy Loud, a young Goth. She tries to do magic frequently, and while a portrait of her great-grandmother was seen to smile after she attempted a spell, one game has things floating around her, suggesting she's telekinetic, and she sometimes appears as though she's teleported, she's never proven to be magical.
  • Young Justice:
    • Zatanna is the most full-fledged magic user of the team, though Aqualad does draw power from magic as well, but it's not nearly as prominent in his case.
    • In Outsiders, Thirteen takes the place of Zatanna as the magic user, even being trained by her to do so.


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