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Clara and Alice
ClariS (formerly known as Clara Alice) is a female J-pop duo. Originally they posted covers of songs in Nico Nico Douga since 2009, but their voices attracted the attention of Vocaloid music producer kz, who wrote a few songs for them. In 2010 they became major and their first single "irony" was used as the opening for Oreimo. Since then, their popularity has grown significantly, spawning even their own Nendoroid figures.

One characteristic of this group is that their members have never revealed their real names or faces to the public, as they were minors when they started out, and even now they continue to stay out of the public eye so they can focus on their studies. Thus, in their singles they're represented by illustrations by popular anime artists (the one pictured at the left was drawn by Hiro Kanzaki, the artist for Oreimo, for "irony"'s cover).

In 2014 Alice left the duo to focus on her studies, being replaced by a new vocalist called Karen.

ClariS's current releases:



  • "Birthday" (2012)
  • "Second Story" (2013)
  • "Party Time" (2014) (Last release with Alice)

Tropes pertaining to Claris:

  • Anime Theme Song: Several, as seen above.
  • Anonymous Band: Their real names are unknown since they go by pseudonyms, and their faces are never shown; they wear masks during live performances and are represented by illustrations for promotional material. This is because they want to focus on their studies when they aren't performing.
  • Art Shift: Due to their art being drawn by different artists. In their Clara Alice era, they were represented by redjuice illustrations. After they became big, they've been drawn by Hiro Kanzaki, Ume Aoki, Akio Watanabe and the Madoka Magica animators.
  • Artifact Title: Since Alice is no longer in the group, the name "ClariS", a portmanteau of "Clara" and "Alice", is artifactual.
  • Closet Otaku: Both are. This is one of the reasons they don't want to show their faces.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Clara is pink, Alice is blue, Karen is green.
  • Cover Version: Some of their covers from their NND era include K-On! endings, A Certain Scientific Railgun openings and several Hatsune Miku songs.
  • Meaningful Name: ClariS is supposed to be both a portmanteau of Clara and Alice's name and the Latin word for luminous (which would actually be "clarus")
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: Clara wears moon motifs, Alice wears sun motifs, and Karen uses star motifs.
  • The Unmasking: After a concert in 2017, Clara and Karen unmasked for their dedicated fans under the condition that the fans did not take any photos (a condition that appears to have been complied with for the most part). This was the only known instance prior to 2020 that any of the singers showing their faces to fans. Of course, this all changed when Sacra Music made the decision to officially unmask Clara and Karen for ClariS' 10th Anniversary LIVE event.