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The Poorly Chosen One

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"You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!"
Obi-Wan, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

The Chosen One was destined for greatness, only to trip and stumble and careen off a cliff before they even could.

The Poorly Chosen One was assigned to be the Chosen One of a prophecy or a legacy or some other medium, only for their efforts to fall flat, failing at their task at being the Chosen One. These are inevitable among The Chosen Many. Bad eggs do arise when Chosen Ones come and go. Perhaps The Chooser of The One made a mistake and got the supposed chosen one mixed up, perhaps not. Either way, they were a poor choice indeed.


Not to be confused with The Chosen Zero, where the Chosen One is a loser socially, but ultimately follows the criteria of their chosen-ness. When the apparent Chosen One functions perfectly on his prophetized vocation up until the moment he snaps, see The Paragon Always Rebels.

A Sub-Trope of Unfit for Greatness.

Compare and Contrast The Chosen Wannabe and The Unchosen One, who were not chosen at all but take (or attempt to take) the same responsibility.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Corrector Yui: Haruna was supposed to be the Corrector instead of Yui, but the moment she finally takes the reins, Drosser (the Evil A.I. Big Bad) decides to say "Let's Get Dangerous!" and curb-stomped-slash-corrupted her in her very first battle. It turned out that Drosser had a crush on Yui and decided to manipulate events so she would become the Corrector because that way he would be able to meet her better, fulfill her Magical Girl fantasies... and he was holding back because he didn't wanted to hurt her (bad).
  • As a failsafe, Fox Kids purchased an alternate ending for the first story arc of Digimon Adventure, where it's said the kids were found to not be the Digidestined after all, and were sent home.
  • Happens routinely in The Twelve Kingdoms. Each of the titular kingdoms is rules by an immortal god-king/queen, chosen by a Kirin. Unfortunately, despite the inherently virtuous Kirin always having the best intentions, they DO screw up sometimes, and puts someone on the throne who'll crack under the pressue, turn into a vicious tyrant, or let the kingdom decay while wallowing in base hedonism. Worse, this world runs by Fisher King rules - a poor king leads to natural disasters, droughts and floods, and even monster-invasions. The series starts when the Kirin Keiki tracks down an Ordinary High-School Student from our world to be the new Queen of Kei - after his previous choice ended very, very badly. Considering this track-record, a lot of the kingdom's people are rather worried about this apparent Chosen Zero...
  • Naruto: Jiraiya was told as a young man that someday he would mentor a child of prophecy who would either save the world or destroy it. At first, Jiraiya thought it would be Nagato, a war orphan from the Land of Rain who possessed the Rinnegan, a power once wielded by the legendary Sage of Six Paths, and despite the boy's initial fear of his own powers he matured during his training with the help of his fellow students/orphans/friends Yahiko and Konan. Unfortunately, after their training concluded and they parted, Jiraiya lost hope when he learned they all died during their attempts to reform their country. In reality, only Yahiko died, but something in Konan and Nagato definitely died with him and Nagato became a Dark Messiah as a result. Later, he believed it would be Minato, who despite having no bloodline jutsu was The Ace and became the youngest Hokage of the Hidden Leaf...only for him to make a Heroic Sacrifice to stop the Nine-Tailed Fox. Ironically, the actual chosen one, Naruto, was the one Jiraiya had no thought of it being until shortly before his own death at the hands of Nagato.

    Comic Books 
  • Michael Rhodes in Birthright was believed to save the realm of Terrenos from God-King Lore by a sketchy prophecy that not many people believed in the first place. He is trained as a mighty warrior, but when the climatic confrontation against his enemy happens, he gets defeated and strikes a deal with said dark lord to become his enforcer if he gets sent back to Earth. Doubly subverted when it turns out that the prophecy was never real to begin with and Terrenos was already saved a long time ago... By Lore himself who at one point was a heroic figure who mysteriously turned evil, incidentally making him qualify for this trope.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Smith from Kaboom is believed by a cult led by his presumed deceased father to be their Messianic chosen one meant to rule the world after they destroy it in a nuclear holocaust. Before the cult could get Smith to safety however, the cult's leader sets off the nukes anyway, destroying the planet entirely.
  • In Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, a group of Beta-testers believe that Juni is "The Guy", a player believed to be the one to lead them to the prize. Just as they begin to have doubts about this, The Real Guy appears and takes the lead. Right after he opens the doorway to the fifth and final level, The Real Guy is struck by lightning which One-Hit Kills him instantly (in-spite of his 100 lives). Juni is then reinstated as The Guy shortly after.
  • In the Star Wars saga, Anakin, believed to be the Chosen One, falls to the Dark Side and becomes a Sith. It's ultimately subverted when years later, he's redeemed by his son and kills Palpatine, bringing balance to the Force at last. Though, to be fair, depending on how you interpret "balance", Anakin turning on the Jedi MIGHT have been the entire point. As there were Thousands of Jedi....and only ever Two Sith. Upon Anakin turning, we were left with two Jedi Obi-wan and Yoda, and two Sith, Vader and Palpatine.


    Live-Action TV 
  • In Blackadder, Edmund encounters witches inspired by the ones in Macbeth who prophesy that he, the second son of Richard IV, will be king, leading him to spend most of the series scheming to take over. In The Stinger they realize they mistook him for Henry Tudor.
  • In Game of Thrones, Melisandre believes that Lord Stannis Baratheon to be the Messianic hero of legend prophesied in the R'hllor religion. After managing to convert him and those in his territory, she advices him in various matters, claiming that the failures that she leads him to are all a part of The Plan. It is not until he and his army perishes against the Boltons at Winterfell (even after offering his own daughter as a sacrifice) is it made clear that Stannis was not the prophetic hero that Melisandre hoped he would be.
  • In Legend of the Seeker, Shota turns Zedd young and erases his memory, making him an arrogant youth again instead of a wizened old man. So, when she asks him to name a new Seeker, he chooses... himself, which is apparently allowed. He proceeds to act like a Jerkass and is easily tricked by the Keeper to come to the Underworld. This trope is also a plot point in an earlier episode, where the party happens upon the tomb of an earlier Seeker, who supposedly perished in the final battle, where he fulfilled his prophecy. The truth is, he went insane and started slaughtering innocents, forcing a wizard to cut him down and falsify the the story.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • Trollhunters
    • Unkar the Unfortunate was a Trollhunter who died on his first day, having been torn limb from limb before he could actually do anything his title of Trollhunter entails. His commemorative statue (which is really his re-assembled corpse) is frozen in fear of his pathetic pleas for mercy.
    • Draal is shown to be this in an episode showing an alternate timeline where he became the Trollhunter instead of Jim. While Draal is a tough fighter, he lacks the circle of friends to support him like Jim does, which results in Draal being captured and subsequently killed by the villains.
  • Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda. His mentor Shifu let the pride he felt for his adoptive son blind him to both Tai Lung's growing personal issues and the possibility that he may not be cut out for the title of Dragon Warrior. As a result, Lung grew up thinking he was entitled to the role and when he was rejected, he... didn't take it well. The big twist is that because he was such an accomplished and confident martial artist the actual benefits of the title would have been worthless to him anyway; Shifu had badly misunderstood what it meant.


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