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"Crude and slow, clansman. Your attack was no better than that of a clumsy child."
Ramirez, Highlander

Stock phrase. Often used if the character appears right next to or behind an opponent and then ends the battle with a single shot/blow. Most commonly happens in shows where at least one character is capable of Super Speed or Flash Step.


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     Anime & Manga 
  • Bleach:
    • Ichigo against Ikkaku.
    • Also Byakuya Kuchiki against Ichigo when they take Rukia to soul society, first using Flash Step he breaks Ichigo's sword from 20 metres away before stabbing him twice and saying: "you're even slow to fall".
      • The next time they fight, on the other hand, Ichigo Flash Steps up and places his sword to Byakuya's throat while Byakuya is in the middle of claiming to be too fast for him.
    • In the Fake Karakura Town arc, Aizen taunted Ichigo about how much he outclassed him in speed, and even showed off by putting his hand on Ichigo's chest before he could react, commenting this meant he could drive his sword through his heart whenever he felt like it and was just toying with him.
      • In their next fight in the real Karakura Town, Ichigo demands that they leave the city so that civilians won't be endangered. Aizen gloats that a weaker opponent is in no position to make demands...when Ichigo cuts him off mid-sentence by grabbing Aizen's face and dragging him miles out of town before he realizes what happened, revealing that Ichigo is now much faster.
  • Setsuna in Negima! Magister Negi Magi said this in an unimpressed manner to Negi when she found that he wasn't quite focused on the fight.
    • Quintum says this to Tertium Fate during their fight.
  • Also a catchphrase of epic-tier Mecha pilots like Char Aznable and his expies.
  • In GaoGaiGar, Pizza (and later, Soldat J) loves to taunt Guy with this, paraphrased:
    "It is not that I am fast - you are merely too slow."
  • Parodied in Buso Renkin. While fighting in the school, Shusui and Kazuki zip behind each other with the respective taunts "Too slow." and "Oh yeah?!" The twist is, they do so repeatedly, eventually working their way out of the gymnasium entirely and into the courtyard. Kazuki reveals that it was all part of his plan to avoid damaging the school. Tokiko doesn't buy it.
  • Brought up in One Piece multiple times, but the two most notable are Kizaru owning the hell out of Luffy at Marineford while Lamp Shading this fact, and Luffy later performing the same feat against a Pacifista's laser right before stomping it into the ground.
  • In Hellsing, Schrödinger says this word for word to The Major. Schrödinger had, just moments ago, gone from Millenium headquarters to London, gotten shot in the face, got better and went back to the base and sat in The Major's chair in the few minutes it took Millenium's top brass to walk back to the control room. Doc is not amused by Schrödinger's cheek, but the Major is and lets the catboy off the hook.
  • Said by Gopher to Maka in the 64th chapter of Soul Eater.
  • Believe it or not, one of the Cell Juniors in Dragon Ball Z Kai. Like Sonic, they're blue.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Scar say this in his first battle with the Elric brothers. Both of them (neither of whom is at all slow by ordinary standards) rush him and he dodges both at once with little apparent effort. Given that he is a very big man, with the presence and attitude one normally associates with an Implacable Mighty Glacier, he takes them completely by surprise.
  • The first fight in Samurai Deeper Kyo is against a Stone Wall and a Fragile Speedster named "The Wind". Kyo finishes the latter off with the phrase.
  • Speed of Sound Sonic's schtick in One-Punch Man is that he's, well, fast. Naturally, every time he goes up against Saitama his speed is entirely useless, though Saitama never taunts him (and even seems to be unaware Sonic is a villain).
    • Sonic does use the phrase "too slow" when fighting the Sea King.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: In a special bonus chapter, Kenshin has to rescue a kidnapped girl. After taking out the mooks, their leader throws his cape over Kenshin's head to blind him and then tries to run him through with his sword. Kenshin still easily dodges it and says the man is too slow.

     Fan Works 
  • Sonic.exe taunts the player with this line after Tails gets killed.
  • Vs Sonic.exe:
    • Xenophanes's first song is titled "Too Slow", in reference to the real Sonic.EXE's Bond One-Liner.
    • Inverted by Sanic, whose song is titled "Too Fest".
    • Sonic the Comic's version of Super Sonic says this as one of his many mid-song voice lines.

     Live-Action TV 
  • Red Dwarf: "Too slow, chicken marengo! Too slow for this cat."
  • Smallville's version of The Flash often mocks Clark Kent like this, as Clark's Super Speed is nothing compared to his.
  • An episode of Lois & Clark had a new superhero called Vixen come to town. She seemingly made Superman obsolete because she was roughly as strong as him, but way faster. Every time Superman arrived at a crime or disaster only to find Vixen had beaten him to it, she would taunt him for being so slow.
  • The Beast in Angel was too slow to hit Angel, but could smack Faith around just fine.

     Video Games 
  • BlazBlue: If you hear this fighting Carl there's a good chance he has you in the clap trap and you are about to hear it a lot more right before you die. Ironically, this isn't because Carl is particularly speedy; an oversight makes his throw essentially unbreakable in that situation.
  • Tsubaki will sometimes say this during her fights with Jin in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.
  • Jon Talbain/Gallon in Darkstalkers has the battle victory quote "Torioze!" which more or less translates to "you're too slow!"
  • Dragon Ball Z games will use this, or not, depending on the game. They vary from "Over here!" to "Yikes!" to just grunts or chuckles. Interestingly, sometimes the opposite of this happens and the other character expresses frustration with "Where are you?!" or similar phrases.
  • Hermes in God of War III, constantly.
    "You may have brute force - but you lack speed!"
    "I have the speed of Olympus with me, mortal!"
    "So slow."
    "I will always be faster than you!"
  • Similarly, Heimdall in God of War Ragnarök will taunt "Oh, not even close!" or "No, no, nope!" while performing Nonchalant Dodges and Arrow Catches.
  • Zidane in Dissidia Final Fantasy says exactly that during some dodges—the others get a smug "I'm right here!" Sephiroth tosses out a few more reserved ones when he attacks.
  • Goenitz in The King of Fighters when he does his Hyouga (Icy River/Glacier), and Vice when she does her roll recovery; both in Japanese.
    Vice: Osoi!
    Goenitz: Osoi desu ne.
  • Vanitas in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep says this whenever he dodges one of your attacks. Which is a lot.
    • Also in Re:Chain Of Memories where Riku-possessed Ansem flash-step kills Lexaeus after the latter sent the former flying into the ceiling.
    • Riku sometimes says the quote while using his Shadow Slide counter ability in Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance], which teleports him behind an attacking enemy.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel:
    • In the original Cold Steel, Victor S. Arseid declares this after Rean activates his Spirit Unification power after losing to him and tries to come at him, but misses. Rean nevertheless manages to put up much more of a fight against him after this (in the previous battle, his attacks always did 0 damage), but still ultimately isn't able to beat him.
    • In Cold Steel II, when your party storms the Sachsen Iron Mine, the jaegers that confront them are confused by Angelica's nun disguise and her declaration that the mine is the property of the royal Arnor family and not that of the Rogner family. As they finally begin to figure things out, Rean declares "Too slow!" and the party comes at them. You begin the battle with Single Advantage status, meaning that all of your party members get at least one turn before they get to act.
    • Also in Cold Steel II, when you party battles Duvalie and Blueblanc in the Infernal Castle, after the battle is over, Duvalie gets a second wind, declaring "Too slow!" and barraging your party with a terrifyingly rapid-fire series of attacks that would require desperate measures to overcome if not for the timely arrival of Toval and Prince Olivert.
    • Additionally, "too slow" is a common comment from your characters in battle if they evade an enemy attack, allowing them to counter.
  • In The Legend of Dragoon, during the Boss Battle against Lloyd, he says "Too slow!" if he dodges one of your attacks.
  • [PROTOTYPE]: Captain Cross taunts you with this during his boss fight.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros. Brawl: "You're too slow! You're too slow! You're too slow!"
    • However, it was used already years before in Sonic Adventure 2: Eggman says "Sonic, you're too slow" if you need more than four minutes to reach the final room in Crazy Gadget.
  • Taken from the above example, Sonic.exe taunts you with this line after Tails dies.
  • Played straight by Xenophanes and inverted by Sanic.exe in Vs Sonic.exe.
  • This is one of Raphael's quotes in Soul Calibur 2, and Setsuka's in 3.
  • The Scout in Team Fortress 2: "Yoink! Too slow! I'm a freakin' blur here!"
  • Optimus Prime, of all people, can say this in Transformers: Devastation when pulling off a perfect dodge, though all of the playable characters have their own taunts.
  • The World Ends with You: "So zetta slow" is Sho Minamimoto's Catchphrase.

     Visual Novels 
  • In most of the good endings of Yo-Jin-Bo, Harumoto temporarily incapacitates the heroes by throwing a handful of hallucinogenic powder at them - except for in Ittosai's ending, in which Ittosai simply dodges it with a contemptuous "Too slow!"

     Western Animation 
  • [1] turns serious when Puss, normally an incredible fighter who constantly pulls improbable stunts, is vastly outmatched by a mysterious white wolf bounty hunter who effortlessly dodges Puss's attacks without even spilling his drink ; taunting him with [[Added Alliterative Appeal"Slow", "Sloppy" and "Sad"]] all the while.
  • Bumblebee of Transformers: Animated used this line as well as "Denied!" to taunt Nino Sexton before he became Nanosec.


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