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Just For Fun / Trope Overdosed

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Feeling bored? Here's a challenge: Find a page on this site that doesn't reference at least one of these work articles.

Being Trope Overdosed only really indicates how popular a work is among The Contributors, although Popcultural Osmosis and Long-Runners have a competitive advantage when it comes to that.

This doesn't mean that these works are actually better, just that there's been a lot of troper activity (possibly one really, really dedicated troper) around the work in question. Of course, any work that makes it here is likely to gain more fans.

Not to Be Confused with Cliché Storm or Troperiffic. The inversion is Overdosed Tropes, where a trope applies to many different series. The opposite of Trope Overdosed is Pages Needing Wiki Magic. See also Trope Kilowicked, for when a work has less than 2000 wicks, but still more than 999, and Trope Overdosed Franchises, which lists all works within a franchise combined. See also Video Overdosed.

Works here are listed by category, then in alphabetical order:

  • Omnitroped — 64000+ wicks
  • Trope Supersaturated — 32000-63999 wicks
  • Trope Saturated — 16000-31999 wicks
  • Trope Smothered — 8000-15999 wicks
  • Trope Overloaded — 4000-7999 wicks
  • Trope Overdosed — 2000-3999 wicks
  • Trope Kilowicked — 1000-1999 wicks

The list:

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    Trope Saturated — 16000+ wicks 

    Trope Smothered — 8000- 15999 wicks 

    Trope Overloaded – 4000- 7999 wicks 

    Trope Overdosed – 2000- 3999 wicks 

Alternative Title(s): Trope Overload, Trope Overdose