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Go on. You know you want to.

An editor finds themself suddenly obsessed with a new movie, book, TV show or videogame. Or, perhaps, the editor has a new trope they think is terribly interesting. Our editor creates a new page for this work or trope (following all protocols, of course), then sets out to zap it into as many other entries as possible with varying degrees of description. Editors will take their new favorite story and place it on as many trope pages as they can, or they'll visit a bunch of works pages and add the cool new trope. They are pimpin' that entry.

To be clear: entry pimping isn't necessarily a bad thing. This is how a wiki like ours gets populated: passionate people share their favorite stories on trope pages and populate the page for that story with as many tropes as possible. Quite a few people get exposed to good shows along the way, and new Tropes can be spread quickly. It is a thing that humans do. The Wiki is appreciative of your hard work.

The important thing is to ensure that you are pimping your beloved show or trope in an accurate way—make sure the trope really does fit when you place it on a work page, and make sure the story really does use the trope when you put it on a trope page. No one on this wiki will ever chide you for entry pimping in this way—if the trope fits, we always acquit.

And if you want to put your entry pimping instincts to good use, all hope is not lost. Some pages have fewer examples than pages linking back to it and could use some of that good ol' fashioned entry pimping.

Alternative Title(s): Entry Pimping